horse riding

‘Wow!’ exclaimed Emma, her eyes wide with amazement. She’d never seen tiny people miniaturised like this before.

They were in Vicky’s bedroom after an hour’s hard horse riding. Vicky held up her two captive sex slaves, one in each hand, for her best friend to examine more closely.

‘Where on earth did you find them?’ Emma asked, fascinated by the tiny wriggling creatures.

‘I didn’t,’ Vicky answered mysteriously, ‘I made them.’

‘Made them!’ her friend exclaimed in amazement. ‘How?’

‘With this,’ Vicky explained, showing her the ray gun. ‘It shrinks things, even people. My step father invented it.’

They both laughed at the small youths squeaking in protest as Vicky’s handed them over for closer examination.

‘What did you mean when you said on the phone to throw my sex toys away?’ Emma said, scrutinising them in fascination. Then just as suddenly, almost before the words had left her lips she said; ‘Ohhhh,’ in realisation, then: ‘No, you can’t mean…’

‘Oh yes,’ Vicky replied sniggering. ‘That’s exactly what I mean.’

She tormented the six-inch boys by scratching them under their chins and whispering; ‘You like making me climax, don’t you?’

Emma laughed, still not quite believing what she was hearing and seeing. She watched as Vicky stripped off her jodhpurs and took hold of the ginger-haired youth, placing him on her dressing table stool. Straight away he tried to jump even though the height to the floor for him was a long way down. Carefully, Vicky held him close up to her face.

‘I still want you to find that carrot,’ she smirked menacingly.

‘Carrot?’ Emma enquired.

‘Yes, these two chauvinistic pigs called me names and took the piss out of my bum,’ came the reply. ‘They said I must have a carrot up there from the way I walk.’

‘Did they now?’ Emma said, her interest increasing by the minute. ‘Now, that’s not very nice.’

Vicky lay on her back on her bed and brought her knees up to her chest still holding the squirming midget. She carefully smeared some Vaseline on his head and proceeded to press it to her anus.

‘I hope it’s not too cheesy down there,’ she wheezed with a grin. The smell must have been exacerbated because of his size.

Emma watched in awe as her friend slowly fed the shrieking, wriggling miniature youth inside her anal passage until only his feet poked out. She couldn’t help but smile at the tiny feet helplessly wriggled as he attempted to escape his imprisonment.

Vicky’s face was a picture of pure bliss. The fantastic sensations coursing through her pleasure zones made her eyes roll in ecstatic mesmerisation. She rolled onto her front and closed her eyes in sheer contentment.

Emma wasted no time. She too stripped out of her breeches and still holding the other terrified captive, clambered onto the huge bed beside her friend. Copying Vicky, she also rubbed some petroleum jelly on her victim’s head, brought up her knees and prodded its head against her rectal cuff. Within seconds her anus had relaxed enough for her to poke him slowly inside her sphincter until only his feet remained outside.

She couldn’t manage to speak; such was the breathtaking sensational feeling spreading over her entire body. The more the small body wriggled and writhed inside her bottom the more her orgasm intensified. Helplessly, she lay there barely able to move a muscle. This was the first time ever she’d experienced such an intense multiple climax.

Both girls made whimpering guttural sounds for several minutes until their hapless and defeated wretches managed to clamber out from their anal imprisonments.

‘Wow, that was so awesome!’ was all that Emma was able to say as she recovered from the fantastic sentience. Picking up the tiny spent body, her body still tingling all over, Emma looked over to Vicky who was also recovering from the sex session.

‘What do you think?’ Vicky asked, wiping her victim’s slimy body with a tissue, cautiously sniffing the cheesy sweaty odour emanating from her victim.

‘That was w…i…c…k…e…d!!! Emma breathed.

‘And just think, we can miniaturise anyone we want,’ Vicky explained.

Emma’s mind was ticking over and her friend could tell what was coming next.

‘Let’s get something to eat then we’ll go clubbing,’ Emma offered.

‘That’s exactly what I was thinking,’ Vicky agreed. ‘Those lads who were beastly to us last week could be in for a big surprise.

They both rolled about with laughter, before cleaning and again oiling their now recovered small captives. They both giggled as they rubbed the tiny heads against their vulvas for lubrication stimulus before engulfing them.

This was a dream come true. Heaven, absolute heaven.

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