hong kong

I was travelling to Honk Kong for the first time ever. It wasn’t a business trip, but rather my overall fascination with Asian women. Specifically, having sex with Asian women. I had heard and researched online that there were some absolutely amazing escorts in Honk Kong that would do anything with you. As I was not with anyone, having had my fiancée break off our engagement a few months earlier, I felt I deserved to go and indulge in the sins of the flesh. I had money, so taking a few week trip was not out of the question.

The flight was longer than I expected, but I kept myself amused by both thinking about the girls I wanted to have sex with, and reading some xxx rated stories about Asian women. I also fell asleep for a good long while. Eventually we landed at Hong Kong International Airport, and I started the process of customs and getting my baggage. The cute woman at the customs desk asked what I was in the country for. I would have loved to say to fuck her, but that would probably be bad. “Just for pleasure — site seeing, and so forth.”

“Enjoy Hong Kong,” she told me brightly as she stamped my passport.

I went out to the main concourse, and found my luggage at the carousel. I just needed a taxi to my hotel, which I picked in the Kowloon area of Hong Kong. There were supposed to be a good selection of massage and other places like that around it. After getting in the car, the cabbie asked in mostly clear English where I wanted to go. I told him the Eaton Hotel.

“You here on business, or pleasure?” He asked me.

“Pleasure,” I told him.

You call Lily, you want anything,” he told me, and fished a card out. It had a picture of a naked Asian girl turned away from the camera so all I could see was her back and perfect ass. She was looking over her shoulder in a come-hither way. There was writing in both Chinese and English and it appeared her rates were $550HK for a session. Since I thought it was about 78 HKD to 10 US, which was pretty cheap. Sex with this girl for about $80? Wow, I was going to have a good time here.

There was some traffic, but eventually he let me off at my hotel, and reminded me to call Lily. I went into the hotel and up to the counter. My reservation was on file, and in short order, I was up in my room. It was small in comparison to most hotel rooms in western countries, but it appeared clean and ordered. I felt weary from the trip, but elated to be here, and horny as all heck. I jumped in the shower, and scrubbed everything, making sure I even got a finger in my ass to rub some soap around. I wanted to be fresh for the evening’s fun. I’m not a tall guy — standing only 5’7″, and I’m built pretty slight, with light brown hair and blue eyes. I also had, at least what I considered, decent equipment to work with. My balls were tight, not hanging down, and my cock is about 8″ long with a big fat mushroom head. I kept my public hair trimmed and short as it made my dick look bigger.

When I got out of the shower, I considered using the Internet or something similar to find some entertainment, but I also considered the card I was given by the cabbie. I took it out. There was a web site address on it. This was getting better — at least I could see what I was going to be buying. I opened my tablet and searched for the WiFi signal. It was quite strong, and in a moment I had an IP address. I accepted the terms and conditions from the hotel without reading them, and put in Lily’s web site.

It seemed like a fairly well done site, showing a girl — that I assumed to be Lily — in various outfits. I gathered from the text that Google Translate deciphered that you could pick an outfit. I scanned them all. Business woman — pass. Teacher? Interesting, but pass. Dominatrix? Again, pass. Then I saw schoolgirl. In the picture Lily was wearing a knee length pleated gray skirt, knee high white socks, patent black leather shoes, a white top with open blaze, and some form of tie or cravat. Her hair was braided into pigtails and hung down the side of her face. She looked amazingly hot, like an anime show come to life, and what made it hotter — I think — is that she also looked like she was fifteen. I clicked on the image to bring up the complete gallery. It showed her in seductive shots, lifting her skirt to reveal the white panties underneath, one with her legs spread and her shirt unbuttoned — nothing was showing, but it was still awesome. I realized I was hard just looking at these few pictures. Decision made, I picked up the hotel phone and called the number on the card.

It rang twice, and a light and lyrical voice came on the line, “Qing wen nin shi shei?”

I don’t speak any Asiatic languages, so I was at a loss. I decided to barge ahead, “Hello, is this Lily?”

“Ah, English?” the sweet voice said, “You’re American?”

“Yes,” I confirmed, “I got your card from my cabbie on the way from the airport.”

“You’re looking for companionship, maybe?” she said. God her voice, even the accent that sounded so specific to oriental people who learned English as a second language, was such a turn on. I couldn’t help but put my hand around my dick.

“Uh, yes.” What else could I say?

“You come to me, or I come to you?” I almost snickered when she said come. I thought she might have put extra emphasis on the word specifically.

“I don’t know my way around the city. Maybe you can come here?”

“Where are you staying?”

“I’m at the Eaton, room 312.” I realized I was masturbating just listening to her. I took my hand off my cock deliberately. I didn’t want to shoot a load and not be at my best when this girl got here.

“Ok,” she said, “You want for now?”

“Please,” I told her. “Also, I was on your web site.”

“You want me to wear an outfit? Role play?” She dropped her voice on the ‘role play’, and it sent chills up my spine.

“Uh, yes, the school girl?”

“hǎo,” she said then added, “Good. I see you in 30 minutes? What is your name?”

“David,” I told her.

“zài jiàn,” she said, and was gone.

I realized I didn’t discuss money with her, so I checked my wallet. I had just about 5000 HKD. The card said 550. I counted out the money and found an envelope in the room supplies and put the money in there. I put an additional 1000 in the desk just in case. I wasn’t stupid, this was an unknown woman coming to my room. I took all of my valuable — my wallet, passport, phone, and watch — and I put them in the room safe. I then hid the key under the potted plant in the corner of the room. I was wondering if I should get dressed again, or if just the bathrobe I had on was sufficient. I was still trying to decide when there was a light knock at the door. I tied the belt, bringing the robe closed and went to the door to look through the peephole.

Standing in the hallway was an absolute vision. It was definitely the girl in the pictures on the web site, and she was wearing the complete school girl outfit and carrying a book satchel as well. I opened the door.

She smiled at me, “I’m Lily, and are you David?”

“Yes,” I opened the door wider to let her come into the room.

She stepped inside, “Teacher David, I have lost my text book, I am so ashamed.” She looked up at me, her face a mask of sadness, “I don’t have the money to buy a new one. My parents will be so mad with me. Maybe you are kind enough to give me the money to get a new one? I would be most grateful!”

It took me a second to catch on, but then I got it. “How much is it to replace the book you lost?”

Her face lit in a smile, “Five hundred and fifty would cover it.”

“As it happens,” I said, stepping over to the desk, “I happen to have just that amount over here. I was going to use it for myself, but maybe you could use it.” I held it out to her.

“Oh, Teacher, that is so wonderful of you! You have no idea how badly my parents would have punished me. What can I do to thank you?”

“Well,” I said, “You are a very pretty girl.”

She appeared shocked, “Oh,” she gasped, “I couldn’t do that — I’m a good girl.”

I pulled the money back toward me, “I guess then, you will just have to be punished for losing the book.”

She looked like she was considering her options, and started twisting her foot back and forth like she was grinding out a cigarette. “Maybe,” she said finally, “Maybe you will be gentle with me? I’ve never done this before.”

I held out the money, “I’ll be gentle.”

She took the money and put it in her satchel. “Teacher, please, tell me what you want me to do for you.”

Well, I figured, it was now or never, I opened my robe revealing my raging hard on, “I need you to take care of this.”

Her eyes got big, “Take care of?”

“With your mouth.”

She moved toward me, and I caught the slight hint of jasmine perfume. It made me even harder. She dropped to her knees in front of me, and gently reached out to touch my cock. It was all I could do not to grab her head and push it down onto the shaft.

“Teacher,” she looked up at me and batted her eyes, “You tell me if I am doing this right.”

She took me into her tight little mouth. It was hot, wet, and she had all the correct movements of her tongue. It was heaven. Looking down on her kneeling in front of me, her hand pumping and the length of my dick going in and out of her mouth, was a sight to behold. I swear it looked like I was being given a blowjob by a girl straight from an anime movie.

She cupped my balls with her other hand, and looked up at me, “Teacher, am I doing this right?”

I was ready to burst, and I’m sure she could see that on my face. “Yes, perfectly.”

She put me back in her mouth. I knew I was about to cum, and couldn’t help myself from reaching out and putting my hand on her head. Just as I reached orgasm, I pulled her toward me, my cock deep in her throat. I must have spurt three or four times in my release. When I looked down, she pulled back, some of my cum on her lips and chin where it had spilled out. She used her finger to wipe it up and put it in her mouth, “That was a tasty lesson, Teacher.”

She stood up again, and looked me directly in the eyes, “Maybe there are more lessons?” She leaned against me, and took my hands and placed them on her pert little ass. I could feel her hard nipples through her shirt, or at least, I thought I could. She released my hands, leaving them there. She wrapped one arm around me, pulling me close, the other she tangled in my hair, and pulled me into a deep French kiss. As our tongues dueled, I grabbed at her ass, feeling it under my hands. There was too much fabric, but she wasn’t letting me go to take it off. It wasn’t until the back of my knees hit the bed that I realized she had been backing me up.

She pushed me gently, and I sat down, now at eye level with her bosom. “Maybe you can help a girl take off this uniform?”

I nodded, my hands going to the buttons on the blouse, immediately. In seconds the blazer and the shirt were on the floor. She wasn’t wearing a bra, and her pert little a cups with rock hard nipples were in front of me. I latched onto one, and she wrapped her arms around my head, holding me there as she groaned. My hands fumbled and found the way to her skirt buttons, and that fell away. I pushed her panties down to her knees, my fingers tracing over the pussy I couldn’t see. She wiggled, making her panties fall lower, and moved my head to her other nipple as she kicked them off. She opened her legs to my probing fingers. Her slick wetness was there, and completely shaved bald. I ran my fingers along the labia as I sucked her nipple, using my teeth ever so gently. She moaned again, and arched her back. I slid a finger into her and started pumping.

She pushed me back harder, forcing me onto my back, and breaking the contact with my hand and her pussy. She scrambled up and put her legs on either side of my head. Above me was the most gorgeous pussy I had ever seen. The outer labia were completely bald and smooth. The inner labia were pink and glistening. I could see her engorged clit, and just below that her peephole and vaginal opening. I dove in, using my tongue and lips to devour her. Unlike some women, who have a musky taste, she was fresh and clean. I could taste a slight sweetness from her juices as I probed her with the tip of my tongue. I grabbed her ass and hips to lock onto her, and really started attacking her clit. She moaned again and again. She took one of my hands off her ass, and grabbed two of my fingers. It was pretty obvious what she wanted. I maneuvered my hand under her, and as I sucked on her, I pushed two fingers into her. She started making gasping sounds with her moans, and then a small gush of fluid hit my face as she reached orgasm. I tried to keep going, knowing from previous experience that I could give her a second orgasm if she could take the sensation. She couldn’t, and pushed my head away from her cunt. She grabbed a condom off the bed — I wasn’t even aware she had put a string of them there — and ripped it open. She moved aside, and let me get on the bed proper. Then she grabbed my cock, which was hard again, and using her mouth expertly put the condom on. I loved it when girls did that.

She turned away from me and knelt with her ass raised in the air and her head down. This presented her pussy to me, her hand was between her legs, and holding the lips open, “Take me, Teacher,” she begged.

I jumped at the chance. I got behind her, and thrust into her. She was so slight, it was like holding onto a doll. I both thrust and pulled and pushed her onto and off of my cock. She felt fantastic: tight, hot, and slippery. Soon, I found that I was racing toward another orgasm. It made me speed up, my dick a piston, and my balls slapping against her as my tights hit her buttocks with a nice flesh on flesh sound. I groaned and shot my second wad into the condom as it was buried to the hit in her. I stayed that way for a minute, letting my own tremors subside, then pulled out. Fortunately, the condom stayed on, as I had forgotten to grab the rim of it.

Lily smiled at me, and went into the bathroom. She returned a moment later with a warm washcloth, and carefully took the condom off, and washed my dick and balls. She took a dry cloth and dried everything, then placed a gentle kiss on it.

She met my gaze, “You liked?”

“God, yes,” I told her, “You’re wonderful.”

She smiled and sat down next to me, “I’ll call you sāobī. It means nice man. Is that ok?”

What the heck did I know, why would she want a nick name for me? However, I was totally lost in her eyes, “Sure, Lily, whatever you want.”

She idly traced her fingertip around the head of my cock, “Sāobī, I like the shape of this head.”

I would let this girl do anything, and sitting there with her gently tracing swirls around the glans was perfectly fine with me. I was beginning to feel like she could get me hard again. “How long are you in towm, Sāobī?”

“I’m here for two weeks,” I told her.

“You’re on business?”

“No, I’m here to enjoy the sights and culture.” I said, more or less truthfully.

She laughed, a musical tinkling sound, “You’re here to be with Chinese girls, then?”

I blushed a bit, “Uh, well, that is definitely on the agenda.”

“You like my schoolgirl outfit?”

“It is amazing,” I told her, “You look just like you stepped from an anime movie.”

“Ah,” she nodded, “Many Americans like that kind of look.” She glanced at my bedside table. “Sāobī, you played a great teacher, but our time is up.” She hopped off the bed and bent over to grab her stuff, “Unless you want to play some more?”

She leaned down far enough so that she was looking back through her own legs at me, and used her hands to spread her butt cheeks apart, “After all, maybe you can teach this schoolgirl Greek?” She ran a finger up and down her crack and then pushed the tip of it into her ass.

The image was more than enough to get me excited again. “I would love that,” I said, “How much?”

She pumped her finger in and out of her ass, her eyes locked on mine, “Five hundred for the rest of the night.”

God, I couldn’t believe this, this gorgeous and perfect Asian doll wanted me to fuck her in the ass. I’d done anal once before, and it had been great, but the escort had just been in it for the extra money — I’m not sure she really enjoyed it. This girl, however, really seemed to want me to fuck her ass. “Ok,” I found myself saying, “Let me get the money.”

I went to the desk and took out an additional 500 HKD, and offered it to her. She took it and put it in her satchel. “You are a good man, Sāobī.” She took a tube of something out of her bag, and grabbed another condom. She dropped down in front of me, and started to blow me again. She licked up and down my shaft, and sucked on my balls as well. Once I was hard, she used her mouth to put the condom on. Then she opened the tube and squeezed out some of the contents. It was a lube of some kind. She smeared it all over my cock. She put the tube bag in her bag, and then got up on the bed, offering her ass to me.

I didn’t need another invitation. I came up behind her, and instead of aiming for her pussy, I put my dick at the entrance to her anus, right against the little brown crinkle. I pushed, and she opened right up. My cock went balls deep into her ass, and she groaned loudly. He hand came up between her legs, and she started rubbing her pussy and sliding her own fingers in. I started pumping into her ass. The tightness of her pussy was nothing compared to the tightness of her ass. I felt like I was in a velvet vice.

“Oh yes Sāobī, fuck me!” she called out.

I pumped hard and fast, a sweat breaking out across my body as my attention was focused on the sensations wrapped around my dick. She was moaning louder and louder as I pounded her. I was aware in there that she reached orgasm, but I didn’t stop. In fact the shuddering and convulsing of her body just added to the feeling. I shot another load into the condom. She collapsed away from me, and I popped out of her bum. The condom was hanging from the end of my cock, and I could see a fairly sizable load of sperm in it. I was amazed that after three pops, I still had junk to shoot.

Lily dragged herself up, and kissed me on her way to the bathroom. She returned again with the cloths, and cleaned me. “Sāobī, can I have some water?”

I looked around, wondering where it might be, and she motioned to the minibar. “Oh, yeah, sure.”

She opened the minibar, and pulled out a bottle of water. She pulled out a second one and motioned it at me, “You want one?”

I found that I did, “Yeah, thanks.”

She walked back to me, a bottle in each hand, and straddled me hips, her pussy just touching my cock. Behind me she opened on of the bottles and handed it to me, then opened the other. She tossed the caps aside, and leaned against me as she drank over my shoulder. Her pert little nipples against my chest, and the feel and smell of her slightly sweaty skin was amazing. I brought my own water bottle to my lips and took a deep long drink.

“Oh, Sāobī,” she said, “We are going to have so much fun together.”

I finished my bottle of water, and tossed the empty aside. I pulled her back from me and looked into her eyes. She smiled at me. My world spun a bit as I gazed into her eyes. Then it spun a lot. I felt like I was falling backward, or maybe it was forward, I couldn’t tell. All I knew is that her eyes were on mine until the whole world spun away and left me in the dark.

I thought I heard the sounds of voices over a P.A. system, but they were not in English. I also thought I smelled antiseptic. Was I in a hospital? Had something happened to me? I tried to open my eyes and speak. I heard a soft female voice beside me, again, not in English, then felt everything spin again and blackness came once more.

I became aware that my throat hurt, and trying to swallow wasn’t helping the pain go away. My mouth was too dry, that was the problem – so swallowing wasn’t doing anything. I tried moving my mouth a bit to generate some spit, and it didn’t help the issue. I was going to have to get up and get some water or something. I cracked an eye open, and found the brightness too much as light lanced into my eyes. I closed them again, and tried to remember. The memory of sex with Lily came back, then passing out. I must be in a hospital or something, I had vague memories of hospital like sounds — or had I dreamt those? I tried my eyes again, this time bringing up a hand to shield them some.

It was actually quite dim in the room I was lying in. The curtains were drawn, and the only light was coming from a pair of table lamps with soft yellow bulbs in the corners opposite me. The walls were a pale pink, and a single piece of art showing flowers hung on the far wall. I moved my hand to my throat to see if I could feel anything on the outside — even though I knew there wouldn’t be.

My chest moved weirdly, and I felt something shift. I froze. Then I looked down at my chest, and I saw two large round mounds under the gown I was wearing. What the hell? I moved my hands to my chest and felt. Yes, they were connected, I could feel the pressure, heat, and tingle as my hands touched me. Boobs? From the feel of it, big boobs at that. It was definitely something bigger than swelling or any glandular problem I had ever heard of. I lifted the front of the gown and looked at my chest. It was definitely boobs — and big ones.

I heard the door open, and I looked up. Lily was there, holding a large plastic cup with a straw, “Hello Sāobī,” she handed me the cup — which I took, remembering the huge thirst and soreness in my throat.

I tried to thank her, but couldn’t speak properly, my voice was weak and sounded high. I took a drink from the straw. It was some kind of fruit juice, sweet and cold. It tasted great, and washed the dryness from my mouth. It also soothed my throat on the way down. “Thanks,” I said after taking a few long swallows. The voice that came from my mouth was totally wrong. It was higher than my voice, and the pitch was different as well. My eyes must have bugged out of my head.

“Oh, Sāobī,” Lily sat down on the edge of the hospital bed, “So much has changed.” She smiled at me, “You may have noticed your nǎinǎi?”

I looked at her puzzled.

She considered for a second, “Your boobs?”

I realized I was having trouble keeping track of things, and distractions were changing my focus. However, I had noticed the nǎinǎi — or breasts. “Why do I have breasts?” I asked. My voice took me by surprise again. What was wrong with my voice? Now that I heard it again, it sounded like a little girl’s voice. “Any what is wrong with my voice?” I was almost panicking — what was going on?”

Lily took the cup from me, and made a placating gesture, “Calm down Sāobī, I will explain everything.” She reached out to the side table and opened its drawer as she put the cup down. From there she pulled out an accordion file folder, which she opened. “First,” she pulled out a piece of paper, “You were given thirty-eight ‘D’ nǎinǎi — breasts.” She pulled another paper, “Second, our doctor also performed a vocal adjustment — which is why you sound so cute now.” She put those two pages aside, and took out what looked like a car remote, “Third, we also installed a pacifier in your jībā — your cock.”

“What the hell?” I tried to rise, the list of things she said they did were making me angry – why had they done this?

Lily pressed a button on the little remote, and my whole groin exploded into pain, stealing my breath away. It felt like a hot knife was jabbed directly through my cock and balls. I collapsed, trying to cup the area against the pain. She released the button, and the pain vanished, although, as I caught my breath, I could still feel the after affect and a vague redness around my vision.

“Now, Sāobī,” she said, harshness in her voice, “You will listen.” I moaned.

“Good,” she said, “you listen, or I will press this button again. You will not say anything until I am done.”

I starred at her mutely. The pain was gone, but I didn’t want a repeat of it, and her finger was resting on the button.

“From now on,” she began, “David is no more. You are now Tami. Everyone will call you Tami. You will call yourself Tami.” She looked at me. “Say your name.”

I looked at her, she wanted me to change my name? She clicked the button for the briefest second, but pain once again stole my breath. “Say your name,” she ordered.

Pulling some air into my lungs, I breathed out, “Tami.”

“Good girl,” she smiled at me. Girl? Why was she referring to me as a girl? “Now, Tami,” she took out a picture from the folder and held it up. It was of a Chinese girl, but she had been badly beaten, and it looked like there was a bullet hole in her head. It was horrible, and I felt like I was going to throw up the juice. “This was Mi — she was not a good girl.” She put the horrible picture away, and pulled out a plastic baggie that held a gun. I don’t know anything about guns, but this one looked black and blocky, “She was also killed by this gun. This gun has David’s fingerprints on it.” She put the gun back into the folder. “As long as Tami is a good girl, the authorities will not find the gun.” She held up a warning finger, “But, if Tami is not a good girl, we will turn the gun over to the police, and you will go to jail for the murder of Mi. Hong Kong jails are not like American jails — they are much more brutal. Also, the legal system is not what it is in America. With this gun, and an eye witness, you will be convicted and go to jail for the rest of your life.”

I couldn’t believe what she was saying. Was she blackmailing me? Why was she doing all of this?

Lily continued, “We took all of the things from your room — including your passport and wallet. We’ve drained your accounts, and shredded all of your identification. The money we took from you will go against the cost of your procedures and upkeep. New money you earn will go against your tab. When you have paid off the bill, you are free to go if you want.”

Was she telling me I was an indentured servant of some kind now?

“Now, Tami,” she said gently, “I know it is a lot. Let me show you the rest.” She put the accordion file back together and placed it down past the foot of the bed. I had an almost overwhelming able urge to jump her and take the remote, but found that my body was much weaker than I expected.

She looked at me, “I know that look,” she held up the remote. “This is not the only remote. This is one of many. All of the staff here have one. You take this one, and a guard will activate one not in this room. He will see you through that camera,” She pointed to a dome in the corner ceiling that I had noticed but ignored. “Doing something like that would make you a bad girl. Good girls get rewards, bad girl’s get punished.”

Lily went back to the side table and took out a hand mirror, which she held out to me. I gingerly took it from her. “We also did some plastic surgery on your face.”

I looked into the mirror, and the face looking back at me wasn’t mine. I could see where my face used to be, and could see where they had made the changed, but overall I was not really recognizable. The overall effect made me look extremely feminine. If I hadn’t known that I was looking at myself, I would have assumed it was some woman. However, when I blinked, she blinked; when I moved my mouth, she moved hers.

“Now,” Lily took back the mirror, “We need you to get out of that bed. You’ve been recovering for nearly a month.”

I was stunned. A month? I’d been out for a month?

She offered me a hand, “Come now, Tami, time to stand up.” She held the remote in the other hand, showing me quite clearly what would happen if I didn’t obey her.

I nodded, not speaking, as I didn’t want to hear the little girl’s voice come out of my mouth — especially since I could now picture the face saying it. I swung my legs over the edge of the bed, and put my feet on the floor. It was cool, but not cold, and felt a little nice. I took Lily’s hand, even though my first inclination was to punch her in the face for all of this. I stood. I was very shaky, and the way my boobs bounced and giggled as I stood completely changed my center of gravity. I almost went down in a heap on the floor. I stood for a few seconds, clutching Lily’s hand as a life line as I found my balance.

“Good girl,” Lily cooed, “good girl!”

I released her hand and glared at her. If I had daggers in my mind, they would have been shooting out my eyes at her.

She laughed, actual musical tinkling laughter. “Oh Sāobī,” she laughed, “That look you’re giving me is priceless!”

The door opened again, and an Asian man wearing a doctor’s coat walked in. He said something to Lily in Chinese, and looked at me expectantly.

I looked between them, completely not understanding. Lily translated for me, “This is Dr. Wu,” she told me, “He is following up on your care. He wants to do an examination.”

“Examination?” I asked.

“Yes,” Lily nodded, “Please take off your gown so he can begin.”

“I’m not,” I began, but Lily held up the remote, an eye raised. I swallowed. If she turned that on now, I would be on the floor. So, instead I found myself reaching around and pulling on the ties at the side of the gown. It opened and I took it off. I was now standing, naked, in front of not only Lily, but this Dr. Wu as well.

He looked me over, then shined a pen light in either eye, and said something to Lily. She told me, “He wants you to speak so he can hear your voice. Please tell him ‘Hello, I am Tami’.”

I frowned at her and she waggled the remote. So, I turned to Dr. Wu, “Hello, I am Tami.”

He smiled at me, and nodded, then turned to Lily and said something else. She nodded and answered him. He was apparently satisfied, as he turned away from me, and went to the door. He nodded to my and in very accent laden English said, “See you later, Tami.”

I reached for my gown, but Lily snatched it up first, “Not yet. Come see yourself in the mirror.”

She walked to the door, and I saw a full length mirror there, I hadn’t really been paying attention before. I cautiously followed her and peered into the glass.

I had lost weight that much was immediately obvious. I had never been overweight, now I was positively slender. My waist pinched and emphasized my hips — which I swear were bigger than they had been. Also, I saw that the fatty deposits, such as they were, had moved. My butt looked plumper. Overall, I would never have recognized myself with the shaggy hair, the big tits, and the other physical changes. I looked more like a bedraggled and half-starved woman than anything else. The only give away was the limp penis hanging between my legs.

“You’ve been given high amounts of estrogen and HGH,” Lily told me, “It is changing your body shape to be that of a woman.”

Estrogen? HGH? I wondered again what they were doing to me. I had to ask. “Lily, why are you doing this?”

She smiled, “American’s come to Hong Kong to rì — to fuck — Chinese girls. However, many of these men want to fuck American girls as well — and there is a very high priced marked for zhōngxìngrén.” I must have looked confused because she translated, “I think the word in America is transsexual.”

It hit me like a ton of bricks. She was telling me that I had been transformed this way to be a sex slave? “Are you telling me I am a sex slave?”

She laughed again, “It took you a long time to figure that out, Sāobī.”

“Why?” I asked her. I meant why me. Why had she done this to me?

She seemed to understand, “When I met you, you had the right build. I knew you would make a good girl.” She shrugged, “I have my own debt to pay off, and bringing you in goes a long way. As my Sāobī, I get a portion of your earnings against my own debt.”

It suddenly occurred to me that the word she had been using for me — Sāobī — probably meant something else than she had originally told me. I doubted that it meant ‘nice man’. “Lily,” I asked, “What does Sāobī really mean?”

She giggled again, “It translates in English to ‘dirty cunt’.”

I was shocked, “Why do you call me that?”

“When I decided to bring you here, it was my joke on you. If you had known Chinese, you would have known what I was calling you. You didn’t. Also, as a zhōngxìngrén, the only cunt you have is your pìyǎn,” she slapped my ass, “and that is a dirty opening.”

I needed to sit, both from the fatigue I felt, plus a light headed sensation coming from the fact that I couldn’t believe all of the things she was telling me. I stumbled back to the bed and sat down.

She sat down next to me. “It is a lot, Tami,” she said, “But you will be good at it. We will train you.”

“Train me?”

“Yes,” she wrapped an arm around me, “We will teach you to walk, dress, and talk like a good girl. We will also train you to want, love, and need to have men — real men — shove their cocks into your mouth and pìyǎn. You will crave their attention, their orgasms, and their taste.”

I didn’t know what to feel, but it was overwhelming me, and I felt a tear trickled down the corner of my face, “Please let me go.”

“Oh, Tami,” she kissed my cheek, “I cannot. You will learn to love it, I promise.”

There was knock at the door, and a big, burly Asian guy opened the door and walked in. He was at least six two and built like a wall. His long hair was pulled back in a ponytail, and he had a scar on one cheek as well as a couple days’ worth of stubble on his chin, “tā shì hěn hǎo ma?”

Lily sighed, “This is Tāo. You will do as he says.”

I looked at Tāo, “I can’t understand him.”

Tāo motioned to the floor in front of him.

“What does he want?” I asked Lily.

“He wants a blowjob,” Lily told me, “From you.”

I recoiled, “No, no way!”

“You better do it,” Lily warned me.

“Not a chance,” I looked at Tāo defiantly.

He smiled evilly, and pain lanced through me. It continued to lance through me, even after I curled into a ball around my crotch and sobs began to come from my chest unbidden. It was so much pain. Finally, it ebbed away, but I stayed curled around myself, still sobbing from it.

“Xiàn zài jì nǚ,” he ordered.

Lily leaned over me, “Tami, you do this, or he will continue to give you pain.”

I didn’t move. I wasn’t going to blow some guy just because. I could take the pain. “No,” I moaned.

The pain lanced again, sharp as a knife through me. I screamed out. My world became a haze of red. I was aware I was sobbing, tears flowing down my cheeks, and wordless sounds coming from my mouth. It seemed like the pain was going to go on forever, but it stopped suddenly. It was like a weight had been lifted from me. “Xiàn zài jì nǚ,” he ordered again.

Through the tears I looked after at him. He was obviously enjoying this, his eyes were bright and he was leering at me. He wanted me to refuse. He wanted to inflict more pain on me. Still, I wasn’t gay, I wasn’t going to suck his dick. I tried to brace myself for the pain to come, “No,” I whispered.

He pressed the button on the remote in his hand, and my world became pain once again. It didn’t matter how much I shrieked or cried, it continued for what seemed like hours. When he stopped, my whole body was covered with sweat. I could feel my hair plastered to my head, and the sheets of the bed were soaked. I hiccupped and tried to breathe through the snot and mucus all of my crying had generated. I couldn’t see straight, but I was aware that Lily was still sitting on the bed. I couldn’t take any more. I croaked, “Please…”

“You want this to stop, Tami?” Lily whispered in my ear.

“No more,” I begged.

“Then you blow him,” she told me. “You don’t, it will continue. You do, and it stops. Will you blow him?”

I couldn’t take more pain. Anything was better than more pain. “Yes,” I said softly between tears. I hadn’t wanted to give in. I didn’t want to do this, but I couldn’t continue — the pain was too much.

Lily helped me back to a sitting position and said something I didn’t catch to Tāo. She helped me off the bed, and I practically collapsed onto the floor. She helped ease me down to a kneeling position. Tāo was in front of me, his cock already out. He wasn’t that large, maybe seven or so inches. His obvious erection had also pulled the foreskin off of the tip of his cock, leaving the glans exposed. I could smell his sweat already, and it nearly caused me to gag right there. I also realized I had no idea what to do.

“Open your mouth,” Lily told me.

I did, and Tāo guided me onto his cock. He pushed deep into my mouth, causing the tip of his cock to bang into the back of my mouth. I gagged, trying to pull back. I wanted his sweaty taste out of my mouth as well. He let me, but only enough to do another thrust. I gagged again, and put my hands against his thighs for leverage. It wasn’t enough — Tāo was so much stronger than I was. He continued to pump against the back of my throat, with me gagging each time. Then he pulled me right up to his groin, so my nose was buried in his public hair, and I felt like I was going to choke on him. My throat and mouth filled with his semen. I gagged again, trying to cough it out of my throat. It spilled out of my mouth and onto the floor. He let go of me, and I started coughing uncontrollably. His sperm was mucousy and slimy, tasting of salt and sugar. I couldn’t spit it out fast enough.

I heard him laugh, “hào biǎo zi!”

I didn’t look up at him as I heard him zip up his pants and leave the room. I felt disgusting sitting naked on the floor, the back of my throat sore from his cock and from the coughing. His sperm on my chin, my chest, and the floor. It was the most miserable I had ever been in my entire life.

Lily offered me a warm towel, “Come, clean yourself up.” When I didn’t immediately move, she used the cloth on my chin, “Tāo is an ass,” she told me, “he does that to every new girl here. I was hoping he wasn’t working today to spare you that, but what is done is done.” She wiped my chest as well, and I was only peripherally aware as she brushed the wet cloth across my nipples — more than was necessary. They tingled slightly when she did it. I wasn’t used to nipple play, it was outside of things I was interested in, and they used to be mostly not that sensitive. It seems the boob job had changed that. Despite myself, despite my abject misery, I felt a twinge of stirring in my crotch. Not a full erection, but a something. Lily finished, and grabbed my hand. She pulled me to my feet. “Now then,” she said, “Let’s go and get some food. I’m hungry.”

I looked at her like she had three heads, “I’m a girl now, I’m naked, and a guy just raped me, and you want to go get food?”

She shrugged, “If you’re not hungry.”

I realized I was famished. “No, I’m starving,” I told her.

“Good,” she went over to the other side table and pulled out a simple one piece dress. She handed it to me, “Put that on, and let’s go.”

I starred at the dress in my hand dumbly. What was I supposed to do? How was she so blasé about the whole thing? Still sniffling and wiping my remaining tears away, I slipped the dress over my head. It fell to about mid-calf. It wasn’t tight enough to show a package in front, especially the way my boobs held it off me. Lily tossed me a pair of sandals, which I slipped on my feet. Then she led me from the room.

We walked out into the corridor, which looked to be set up as some variety of hospital or something. There were 3 other rooms like mine on the corridor, and a reception desk like area with Tāo sitting behind it. There was one door leading out, and it was obviously locked. As Lily lead us to it, Tāo made some comment, and Lily answered back. There was a buzzing, and she pulled the door open.

We walked through some more corridors, and then into a cafeteria of sorts. We sat down, and a girl came over with tea and some bowls of soup with noodles and beef. It was delicious.

“What happens now?” I asked her after I devoured the food.

“Now,” said Lily, “you learn how to be a girl. You learn how to dress and act as a girl. You have to work and pay back what you owe to the Triad.”

“How much do I owe?” I asked.

Lily considered, “I think about fifty thousand.”

I considered the exchange rate. That was only about $8000.

“I have that much in my bank accounts,” I told her.

“No,” she said, “You had more than that. They took all of it. The fifty thousand is what you owe on top of what they already took. I told you, they emptied all your accounts and maxed all your credit cards before you became Tami.”

“They took everything?” I was horrified. There really was no way out of this for me. I didn’t look like David anymore. I had no passport, no money, and apparently if I left I would be hit with a murder rap.

“Here is how it will go,” Lily motioned for some more food and drink, “You will train. You will become a good girl. You will work and be paid. A good girl can make five hundred to eight hundred per client.”

My mind instantly calculated that at 100 or fewer clients.

She continued, “The Triad gets half for your upkeep – food and expenses. As I am your sponsor, I get half of what is left. You get the rest.”

That sunk in for a second. Here I was treating Lily as a friend, as somebody I could trust in this world — even though she was the one who had done this to me. I should be hating her. To her, I was a meal ticket, a way out of her own mess.

“When you are ready,” the girl came back with more tea and some sweet buns, “You let the Mama San know. She will arrange for you.”

I ate the sweet roll from my plate, “Where do I live?”

“Oh, you live here. Not in the room you were in, but in nice quarters.” She wiped her mouth, “Are you done? I’ll take you there.”

I nodded, and followed her from the cafeteria. We went down the hall and to an elevator, which she used a key card to activate. We went up two floors. “This is your floor, floor 10. When you are ready, they will give you a key card that will let you go to other floors. If you try to go to a floor you do not have access to, you will be punished.”

The doors opened, and it looked like any other hotel hallway. We walked down to room 1021. Lily took out a keycard and handed it to me, “This is your room key.”

I slid it into the lock, which turned greed, and I heard the click. I opened the door. The room behind was a nicely furnished hotel room with an enormous flat screen tv on one wall opposite the bed. The thing must have been 80 inches. “You will find clothing in the cabinets. The sizes might not be right, but you can give back what doesn’t fit.” She turned to go, “You cannot leave this floor, so I would stay in your room. There are guards that come up and down the hallway. Some are nice, others are like Tāo. All of them have remotes to punish you.”

I stood inside the room, starring as she left, and the door closed behind me.

Now what?

The tv turned on, and a woman appeared on it. She was a middle-aged Chinese woman. “Tami? Come in front of the television.”

Curious, I stepped forward and looked at the screen. Her eyes were watching me, so there was obviously a camera in the room somewhere. “Sit,” she said. There was no real place to sit, but on the bed facing the tv. I sat.

“This screen will show your schedule for the day,” she told me. “You will follow instructions, or you will be punished. Do you understand?”

I nodded at her, “Yes.”

“Good girl, Tami. You may have a few hours to yourself. Do not turn off the tv.” The woman vanished. She was replaced by a video of multiple images of girls sucking on cocks. A seductive female voice started saying, “You love cock. You want to suck cock. The only thing that will make you happy is to suck a cock. Feel the cock in your mouth. You want a cock in your mouth.” It went on. Also interspersed in the video were flashes of words. I caught ‘Be a slut’ and ‘be a good girl’ and ‘you want to suck cock’. I’m sure there were more. It was mesmerizing to watch, and I felt my dick getting hard watching these girls suck cock after cock after cock. The words changed, “You want him to cum in your mouth. You love cum. Taste his cum. Swallow his come.” On the screen, images of guys shooting loads of cum into the girl’s mouths. Some of them swallowed, some did not. The words changed as well, “You love cum” and “you want cum”. The video ended, and another one, very similar but with different girls began. I watched again, this time my dick was definitely hard.

At least an hour went by, and I’d seen all of the videos. There were 10 of them, each about six minutes long. Each one with a slightly different female voice. Each one showing girls sucking on dicks and swallowing cum. I’d stopped watching. I’d spent some time figuring out what they had done to me. The boobs felt real. The nipples were super sensitive, and rubbing them sent a tingle straight to my cock. I wondered where all my body hair had gone to. There was none anywhere below the line of my hair. There was no stubble, no chest hair, no public hair, no arm hair, and no leg hair. How was that even possible? I also found the tiny scar below my scrotum where they had obviously inserted their punishment device. I could feel the little hard metal box there.

Maybe another hour passed, with the videos running non-stop. I wasn’t aroused by them anymore. It gave me time to sit and think about things though. I was so definitely screwed. How had a simple trip to Hong Kong to have sex with Asian women turned into this? Would any of my friends or family come to my rescue? How would they find me? What would they think when all of my money was gone and all of my cards were maxed out? One of them would figure out something was wrong and investigate.

There was a knock at the door. I got off the bed and went and answered it. A short, pretty, Asian girl in a flower patterned dress was there. “Hi,” she said, “I’m Kee Kee. May I come in?”

I stepped out of the way, and she walked in. She went in front of the tv, “qí qí jiào; jiāo tǎ.”

She turned to me, “I am here to teach you how to tuck.”

I starred at her, “Tuck?”

“Yes,” she said, “Girls need to tuck their penis away, to look more feminine.”

“I’m sorry,” I said, “what?”

Kee Kee sighed, “I’ll show you.”

She took off her dress in one fluid motion. She wasn’t wearing a bra as her little titties couldn’t have been more than an ‘A’. She was wearing a pair of satin panties, which she hooked her fingers unto, and dropped to the floor and stepped out of. She moved her legs apart, and I could see that Kee Kee wasn’t a girl. She had a small little cock. “Until I took off my panties, you thought I was a girl — yes?”

I looked at her face. She definitely looked like a girl, and I had indeed thought that, “Yes.”

“That is because I tuck. Now I will show you.” She lay down on the bed and patted beside her. “Lie down.”

I lay down beside her.

“Ok, Tami, time to show you how to hide that bulge. Please lie down with your legs bent like this,” she lay with her legs bent.

I did so.

“First,” said Kee Kee, “place the flat of your hand on one testy.” She placed her hand on one of her balls, “and gently lift up and toward your abdomen.” I followed her instruction, and I felt it kind of slide into a pocket or cavity there. “Please hold it in there. Do the same on the other side.” I lifted and gently pushed that testy as well. “Now, both of those are back in the cavity they were in before they dropped. While holding those in, pull the penis down as far as you can stretch it.” I watched her pull her cock, stretching it, “and tuck it back between your cheeks.” I followed her instructions, and when that was accomplished, she said, “Now, take the folds of your scrotum, and wrap it around the penis, gathering the loose flesh as you do so.” She pulled and folded. “Hold all of that there, and put on a pair of panties. Good tight ones work better.” She showed me how she put hers back on, and then stood up. “That will give you a nice flat look.”

She walked me through it one more time — this time she took a pair of panties out of my cabinet of clothing, and had me put them on when I was done.

Kee Kee nodded to the tv, “I’m leaving. Good to meet you Tami.” She walked to the door, as she put her dress back on. Then she left.

I sat on the bed, the porn still playing with the overtones of being a good girl, craving cock, obeying cock, wanting to suck cock. I was wondering why all of this wasn’t bothering me as much as I felt it should. I should be angry, I should be fighting, so, why wasn’t I? The horror of waking up in a hospital with a different face, a pair of tits, and being forced into slavery should — at the very least — been enough to send me over an edge of some kind. Yet, as I sat, listening to voices tell me that I wanted to satisfy men, I was somewhat peaceful. I’d been raped after torture only mere hours before, and it bothered me, but it was not crippling me or enraging me. My mind was a bit fuzzy, but I forced myself to think. I was having a hard time thinking when I woke up. Then Lily had given me something to drink, and I’d felt better — although it was hard to keep myself focused. We had gone to the cafeteria, and I’d had soup and tea. Again, I think I felt fuzzier after I’d eaten. Were they drugging me? The must be. My mood was the result of some combination of drugs. How was I going to fight this?

I’m not sure when, but I fell asleep. When I woke, I was lying on the bed, still wearing the panties that Kee Kee had shown me how to put on. My dick ached and my bladder was full. I shook my head trying to shake away the dreams I’d been having, most of which involved me giving blowjobs. I realized the tv was dim, but a very hypnotic and soothing voice was telling me over and over about being a good girl and sucking cock. In that light, my dreams didn’t surprise me.

I got up and went to the bathroom. My head felt clearer that it had in a while. I thought about the people that would miss me. There was my friend, Mark, he would have expected me back from Hong Kong after the two weeks — heck he had almost come with me. My parents would wonder what happened to me, as would my sister. You couldn’t just make somebody disappear like that — they would push until they had answers. All I had to do was figure out a way to get out and contact them. They would help me with the rest. I was sure, given what I looked like now, that my story would be believable, and an organization like Amnesty International would probably step in as well.

Feeling better, I went back into the bedroom. There was definitely an end to this. My stomach growled, and I was aware that I was really hungry. Well, if they were drugging me, food was the last thing I wanted. It would allow them to continue to administer the drugs. I ignored the feelings went to the window. It had curtains, which I drew back. I looked out at the cityscape of Hong Kong. From here, I could actually see the hotel I had initially checked into. It was night, and the busy streets below were thronged with people and cars going about their business. There was no latch or way to open the window, and besides, I wasn’t about to climb down from the 10th story like some freaky Spiderman. I also wasn’t going to throw myself down to my death either. After watching a whole civilization of people who could save me if they but knew for a while, I turned back to the room fairly melancholy. I decided to distract myself by going through the cabinet of clothing to see what was in there.

It had bras of various colors, textures, and styles. There was a whole drawer devoted to underwear. Another drawer was stockings, garter belts, and other types of lingerie. There were skirts and dresses of various styles and fabrics — most of it tending to the slutty, but a few more elegant pieces. There were also various blouses, shirts, and other types of tops. There were even a dozen pairs of shoes — all of them with at least a 2″ heal — many with 4″ or more. There was nothing I would consider even gender neutral in the mix. I was standing in the room naked, however, not having wanted to re-tuck myself or put back on the frilly panties. So, I took the only thing that made any sense — which was a white cottony bathrobe. It had satin piping, and smelled strongly of roses, but it covered me and fell almost to my knees.

There was nothing else to do, so I went back to the bed and sat down, pulling my knees up and resting my head there. Time passed slowly, and I think I might have dozed off a little bit, so when there was a knock at my door, I practically jumped out of my skin. The knock came again. I got up, and went to the door, and opened it. There was a matronly Caucasian woman there holding a makeup case. She had short brown hair and hazel eyes. She was wearing tasteful clothing in an American style. “I’m Cheryl, and I’m here to teach you about makeup.”

I starred at her for a few minutes. Long enough that she raised her eyebrow, “You going to invite me in?”

“Oh,” I said, “Sorry — come in.”

How could this woman that looked more like my mom than some member of a Triad gang be doing this? Maybe I could use her to get a message out.

She took her case to the small dressing table, and opened it, revealing a large assortment of powders, glosses, perfumes, and lipsticks. “Come over her,” she said, “I want to get through this as fast as possible as I had plans for the evening that were interrupted by you.”

I went over, and she told me to sit down. “Ok, we are going to start with how to apply the basics, and move from there. You have great bone structure, and good features without any blemishes, so I would go lighter on the makeup rather than heavier.”

She went into a fairly long explanation of each thing, and showed me in general terms how to apply it. In all, I would say she was a lousy teacher, but as I really didn’t want to learn how to apply makeup at all — it just pretended to follow along. She applied a hint of blush, showed me mascara, and eye shadow.

“The first thing,” she told me, “that guys notice after your tits is your lips, then your eyes.” She took out a few lipsticks, one a pale pink, the next one bright red, and the final one more of a crimson. “Red conveys a strong sexual overtone. Pink is more feminine or girly. Crimson is almost regal.” She offered them to me, “Which one?”

I’d never liked lipstick at all, on any women, I preferred their natural lip color. The pink seemed to match my own lip color more than the others. “I guess pink.”

She handed it to me, and directed me how to put it on. I did so.

“There, simple enough,” Cheryl told me, “You can always ask for more instruction if you need it later.”

I looked at my made up face in the mirror. I looked like a sexy tomboy as my hair was short, almost pixy cut. She took out a small bottle of perfume, “Rose or hyacinth?” She looked at me. “I think rose.” She spritzed it on my neck and between my breasts. Cheryl took out some of the makeup supplies and put them on the dresser, “Those are for you.”

She looked at me, “Ok, so tell me what each thing I am leaving for you is, and how to use it.”

This was so stupid, but I rattled back what I could remember to her.

My stomach growled again, loudly.

“Dear me,” she said, “you sound hungry. Didn’t they tell you how to get food?”

Food sounded really good, and I was really hungry all of a sudden. “No, not really,” I found myself saying.

“Ok, Tami, watch,” Cheryl said. She stepped in front of the tv, “Hi, could you send some food to Tami’s room? I don’t think she has eaten in a while.” Cheryl looked at me, “What would you like, honey?”

I was not really sure, so I shrugged.

“How about some soup and dumplings?” she offered.

“Sure,” I found myself saying.

Cheryl turned to the tv, “Soup and dumplings would be great. Probably some tea as well.”

A voice cut through the non-stop cock sucking barrage, “rènkě.”

She turned to me, “All set.”

She seemed really nice, and maybe she was the right person to help me, but I didn’t know how to ask her. If she wasn’t the right person, I would get in trouble. If she was, then I couldn’t let the chance slip away. The room was obviously bugged, however, so how could I even ask?

Cheryl finished packing her stuff away, then leaned down to hug me, “Good luck, Tami.”

This was my chance, so I whispered in her ear, “Help me.”

She held the hug a little longer, and whispered back, “With what?”

“To escape,” I breathed.

She whispered, “I can’t, but I can pass a message along if you need me to.”

I practically sobbed with relief, “Please. Could you call my sister?”

Cheryl released the hug a bit, and kissed me on the lips, her tongue pushing into my mouth. I was startled, but responded by kissing her back. This was obviously how she was going to hide our conversation. We French kissed for a few moments, then she went to nuzzle my ear, “I will if you go down on me. Deal?”

I felt a surge of hope. I nuzzled her back, “deal.”

“Come here,” she said, backing away from me and offering me her hand. I took it, and she pulled me out of the chair and toward the bed. I followed her. She pulled me into another deep kiss, and I felt her undo the button on her pants, then she was pushing them down and her panties with them. “Tami,” she ordered, “on your knees.”

For the second time today, I found myself kneeling in front of somebody’s crotch. This time it was, fortunately, a girl. Her pussy was hairy, not at all trimmed like most escorts. This mean she wasn’t one, and was not part of the gang — or at least I hoped not. She kicked off her pants and panties, and opened her legs. She grabbed the back of my head and pulled me forward, “Lick it!”

She smelled good, that musky scent of woman and pussy. I used the blade of my tongue to part her labia and taste her fully. Then I puckered my lips like I was taking a bite of ripe fruit and engulfed her clit. She moaned, mashing my face into her crotch, and did my best to continue as her pubis flattened my nose. I reached up and grabbed her ass for leverage, and moved her to the bed. I pushed her backward, and she sat, they lay down. She put her legs on my shoulders, opening up like a flower to my mouth. I swirled my tongue on her clit, and slipped a finger, then two into her pussy. I finger fucked her while continuing to suck and lick her. In moments, she locked her thighs together on my head and bucked, her fingers tangled in my hair. I pulled back as she released her hold on me.

“Oh,” she sighed, “I needed that.” She languorously sat back up, then pulled me to her for a kiss. “Give me her phone number.”

I kissed her back, then went to kiss her neck, and I gave her my sister’s number. Fortunately, I remembered it, and didn’t just have it programmed into my phone.

Cheryl nodded, “Ok, Tami, I have to go.”

She put her panties back on, then pulled up her pants. She was just finishing straightening herself when there was a knock at the door. Cheryl walked over and let in a pretty Asian girl pushing a dinner cart. She ducked her head to Cheryl and me, then departed. On the cart was a bowl of broth and veggies, a bowl of wontons, and a pot of tea. My stomach growled again. “You eat now, Tami,” Cheryl told me, “If you need me again, ask for me.”

She departed, and I found myself devouring the food. There was some reason I hadn’t wanted to, wasn’t there? When had that changed? I ate all of the food, and drank all of the tea. I was feeling really good. I finished eating, and was having a hard time thinking, so I lay back on the bed. Why had I eaten the food? I knew they were drugging me, but I had agreed to it. Had something Cheryl given me dosed me again? It couldn’t be. I’d gone down on Cheryl, anything I had on me should have transferred to her. The images on the tv swam in my vision, and I was aware of the words flashing inside the images. “Be a good girl”, “Suck cock”, “Be pretty”, “Pretty girls are good girls”. There were more, but my eyelids were so heavy. I fought to stay awake — I felt like I needed to stay awake to fight the drugs. I lost the fight.

Sensation came back to me slowly, and I tried to move my arms. They wouldn’t respond. No, that wasn’t right, they tried to respond, but I couldn’t move them. I opened my eyes, the room swimming before me. I could move my head, and looked at my left arm. It was straight out from my body, and lashed down to something. I groggily looked to the other side. That arm was tied down as well. I tried to move my legs, and I heard chains rattle, but couldn’t move them more than an inch or two in any direction -they were spread apart and also tied down. There was also a wide strap across my stomach.

A man walked into my field of view, “What is your name?”

I tried to think, my mind was fuzzy, making it hard to concentrate. “David,” I said automatically.

I saw him click a remote, and pain lanced through me, bringing a scream and sobs.

“What is your name?” He looked at me expectantly.

My head was clearer, and although my thoughts were not really cohesive, I knew I needed to take a stand at some point — now was as good as any. I hoped Cheryl was going to call my sister. “I’m David.”

He activated the remote again. It was like a knife through my balls. I screamed, clenching against the pain and thrashing in my bonds.

“Your name?”

I was going to resist. “David, you fuck!”

He didn’t show anger, he just pressed the button again, and I howled.


I couldn’t let him win. “David,” I said weakly, my voice catching.

He pressed the button. I screamed and cried.

It went on, and on. Every time he asked my name, I said ‘David’ like a mantra. My body ached from the clenching of muscled and the after images of the pain. Would it be so hard to say something different? Would it be so hard to tell him the name they had picked for me? I knew my name, telling them something else wouldn’t change that — would it?

He looked at me again, “I am going to ask you one last time for your name. Depending on the answer, I either turn this on,” he held up the remote, “until you pass out from the pain, or,” he motioned somebody forward. A beautiful Asian girl, naked as the day she was born. Her raven black hair falling past her shoulders, her perky tits with the dark nipples jutting out like little thumbs, and large limpid eyes. “Or, this woman will give you a blow job.”

“So, I ask you one last time, what is your name?”

I wanted to say David, I really did. I knew this was a carrot and a stick. I didn’t want the stick, I really didn’t want the stick. I knew who I was, and nothing was going to change that. “Tami,” I whispered.

He held up the remote, and I panicked, “I told you!”

“Say it louder — like you mean it.”

“Tami,” I shouted. Quieter I added, “My name is Tami.”

He nodded. “Good girl,” he said.

The beautiful girl stepped forward, and without ceremony wrapped her mouth around my limp dick. She was really, really good — her mouth felt wonderful. Even with the tears running down my face, and the ache in my body, I found myself getting hard in her mouth. I was just about to burst, when she stopped, pulled away and looking at the man next to me.

He looked at me, “What is your name?”

God, I was so close, I wanted her to continue, “Tami,” I breathed.

The girl started again, for a few seconds, then stopped.

“What is your name?”

I wanted to cum so badly, “Tami.”

She put me in her mouth again, slowly, keeping me right on the edge. A little faster, and I would burst, I was sure of it. It felt so good that I didn’t want her to stop — but at the same time, I wanted desperately to cum.

“What is your name?”

“Oh, god,” I moaned, “My name is Tami.”

She stopped again. The man reached up above me, and pulled down a wire with a clasp in it from a pulley system. I had seen it earlier, but hadn’t really been given time to think about what its purpose was. I tried to follow him, but he walked down the table or bed I was tied to. I heard him attach it to something down by my feet. My legs were lifted off the table as the wire retracted. My legs went to vertical, then past vertical, so my feet were almost over my head. It was an awkward position.

The climbed onto the bed or table behind my ass, and pulled my cock into her mouth as she bent it backward toward her. Then I felt her put something cold and hard against my anus. I wanted to clench my butt closed and flinch away from her, but I couldn’t really move. Also, she didn’t do anything else, except continue to suck my cock slowly and maddeningly.

The man said, “Do you want her to finish?”

“Oh, god, yes.”

“Tell me your name.”

“Tami,” I could feel the begging in my voice as I said that.

“Tami,” the man said, “I will let her finish if, and only if, she can put something in your ass. The choice is yours — something small in your ass, or she doesn’t finish. Choose.”

I’d never really had anything in my ass before. Oh god, I really wanted to cum. This girl was amazing. “Ok,” I said.

The girl gently pushed at my anus, and something thin and hard pushed in. My body wanted to immediately reject it, but it wasn’t painful at all, just a weird sensation.

“Good girls don’t cum,” the man told me, “Unless they have a cock in their ass pussy.”

The girl sped up her manipulation of my cock in her mouth, and I could feel her sliding whatever it was back and forth in my ass. There was a burning sensation that went along with that, but it was far overshadowed by her wonderful tongue on my cock. Just when I thought I couldn’t take it anymore, I exploded into her mouth. She swallowed every drop as I cried out in pleasure.

I felt a slight pinch on my arm, but by the time I reacted, I was already feeling pretty drowsy. Great, I thought, more drugs.

I’m not sure where the next few days went. I remembered them, but I didn’t at the same time. I ate, I watched the porn, and then I would fall asleep. I often woke up in the room, strapped to the bed as before. The man always asked me my name. I tried one more time to assert that I was David, but gave that up — the pain was too intense, and the parade of beautiful girls was too tempting. Each time, they would give me a blow job, and just before I came, they would put something into my ass. It became the highlight of my day — otherwise I was in my room and either bored by the porn, or napping. I took a lot of naps.

This seemed to go on for a while. Was it days? I didn’t know. It tried to think, had there been six different girls, or seven? I tried to recall their faces. I thought I could recall at least five, but I think one of the girls had been there more than once.

I woke to find myself on the table again. My arms were tied down, but my legs were free. It was just one of the beautiful girls in the room with me. “What is your name?” She asked in broken English, already climbing onto the bed.

“Tami,” I answered, lifting up my legs and spreading them to give her access to both my cock and my ass. She put her hands on my thighs, and lowered her head to my cock, which was already hard as a rock. I wanted to know, “What is your name?”

She looked up at me, her lips around my cock, and smiled — or at least, as much as she could with a cock in her mouth. She didn’t answer, but continued sucking. I was beginning to get close, and moved my ass so she could put her toy in. She noticed this, and released my cock from her mouth. She stepped off the bed, and came back with a harness, which had an already lubricated dildo attached to it that hung between her legs. She got back on the bed and got into position. This was new, but I wanted the orgasm. She put the cock at my opening, and pushed in. It was bigger than anything the girls had used before, and I felt some pain as it stretched me open. She leaned against me, her hips rocking, and her hand found my cock. She fucked me, her thighs slapping against my ass, her hand pumping my cock. It was really intense, and I felt my orgasm coming. She released my cock, and leaned over me, taking a nipple into her mouth and biting gently. I came, hot spurts of cum coating her chest and dripping onto me. She ran one finger through my cum, and popped it into her mouth. She smiled at me, and pulled out. She left me there, semen drying on my chest. I realized I had reached orgasm just from her fucking my ass. How was that even possible?

This played out two, or was it three more times. It was getting hard to keep track of days. I found myself wanting the girls to get to the main event faster. I wanted the dildo in my ass, as the pleasure it was giving me would bring me to orgasm faster than their blow jobs. I also really liked having their body weight on top of me when they did it. The fill skin to skin contact was awesome.

The porn had switched. It was not only showing girls swallowing cum, but transvestites — or was it transsexuals? Taking guys cocks into their ass. The messages had changed with these images as well — “You want cock in your ass pussy”, “You crave cock in your ass pussy”, “You feel complete with cock in your ass pussy”. I found it mesmerizing, the swell of some of those cocks, and the way the girls were sucking on them. The girls were obviously excited to be doing it. They were also really enjoying cum splattered into their mouths and on their faces. More so, the cocks going into and out of the asses of those transsexuals. They were obviously really enjoying being penetrated like that. I knew the girls I was with were using larger dildos. Were they preparing me for this? Did I want a cock in my ass pussy? I was thinking that I might.

The next time I woke on the table, there were two girls. Each one was already wearing the strapons. I found I was excited by this. The first girl asked me my name, and I eagerly told her, “Tami.” It was becoming a go word. The fun would start as soon as I told her. She immediately got between my legs, and I lifted my legs and ass to give her direct access to my ass pussy. I moaned when she penetrated me. The other girl got over my face, and put the tip of the dildo to my lips. It was obvious what she wanted. I opened my mouth, and took it into my mouth. I’d seen so many videos of how girls sucked cocks that I knew what to do — even though I couldn’t move my arms. One face fucked me, the other fucked my ass pussy. As my orgasm built, I found myself wanting to grab this girl’s ass so I could take the dildo deeper into my mouth. When I did come, I moaned around the dildo in my mouth.

The videos changed again. Now there were videos in there of how to dress like a girl. How to walk like a girl. How to act like a girl. How to attract men with winks and subtle body language. It was like opening a door. I had no idea about all of this. I watched avidly. It also changed now that instead of waking up in the room with the table, the girls would come to my room. They wouldn’t start until I told them I was Tami. They also wouldn’t start, and would leave, if I wasn’t properly dressed like a girl before we started. I had to be clean now [both inside and out] — there had been videos on how to use the anal douche in the bathroom after every time I pooped. I found I was really looking forward to these sessions. I liked being fucked by them. I liked practicing my oral skills on the dildos, and taking them as deep into my throat as I could. I liked licking the girl’s pussies when they let me, and sticking my tongue in their wonderful assholes. I liked it when they would give me a blow job, but only when it led to them fucking me until I came.

I found myself wanting to be a good girl. Good girls dressed in sexy outfits. Good girls smiled at men. Good girls wanted to be adored by men. Good girls like to please men. Men were pleased by girls sucking on their cocks. Men were pleased when good girls swallowed cum.

I wanted to be a good girl.

Good girls want to suck cocks.

Good girls want to swallow cum.

Good girls are sexy.

Good girls want men to look at them, and adore them.

Good girls want to suck cock.

I wanted to be a good girl.

I found myself stretching and waking up. I felt great. Well rested and peaceful. The bed I was in was soft, and I could smell a hint of roses. I opened my eyes and realized I was in my new room and daylight was streaming in through the curtains. The tv was showing scenes of a tranquil forest stream.

I got out of bed – I felt dirty and in need of a shower. First things first though. I stood in front of the tv. “I would like breakfast, please. Anything is fine.” Then I went to the shower. I washed myself all over — good girls were supposed to keep themselves clean. As I was getting out of the shower, there was a knock at my door. I wrapped a towel around myself, and answered it. It was the same girl that brought me all of my meals. She had told me her name was Mia, and she always wished me a good morning now, which I returned. After all, good girls are polite. She left me to my breakfast.

It was eggs, some porridge, juice, fruit, and tea. I ate everything.

As I finished, I saw that there were words in a box on the tv. It was a schedule. I knew that I was a good girl if I was getting a schedule. Only good girls got a list of things to do to be a good girl. The first was to get dressed. The second was to put on makeup. There wasn’t much I could do with my chin length hair — I was growing it out, after all, good girls had long hair.

I wanted to be a good girl so badly. I found a pair of panties, a bra, and a dress. Tucking was second nature now, I could do it effortlessly. Good girls tucked after all. I slipped the bra on. Bras had been difficult, but I’d mastered them. Bras felt nice wrapped around my breasts. I put the dress on. I applied makeup — not too much. As I did so, I thought of Cheryl. She hadn’t been back, and I hadn’t asked for her. Was there something she was going to do for me? My mind held an image of me looking along her body with my mouth on her pussy. That was ok — good girls were bisexual after all. I finished my makeup, selecting the pink lipstick. I was still a girl, only women wore red or crimson. I picked out a pair of strappy sandals with a 4″ heel on put them on. Good girls wore high heels.

Ready, I went in front of the tv.

A middle aged Chinese woman appeared on the screen. I recognized her – I was supposed to call her Mama San. “Tami,” she said, “Are you a good girl?”

I thought I was, “Yes, I am a good girl, Mama San.”

She smiled at me, and I felt my heart warm. She thought I was a good girl too. “Today you get to show what a good girl you can be,” she told me. “Would you like to show us how good a girl you can be?”

“Oh yes,” I told her, “I want to be a good girl!”

“A friend will come to get you shortly. She will take you to a place where you can show us.” Mama San’s face faded, leaving the scene of the river again.

I was really excited. I would prove I was a good girl. Mama San would know I was a good girl. I worried briefly that Sari, Kim, or one of the other girls would come looking for me for sex, and I wouldn’t be in my room. They would be so disappointed. I trusted Mama San though, she would let them know. Still, I felt I should leave a note. I picked up a piece of note card and spritzed it with my perfume. I wrote on it “Dear friends, I am off to do something for Mama San and will be back soon. I am sorry I missed you.” I was trying to learn Mandarin, but I was hopeless at new languages — it seemed nothing could stay in my head for any length of time. That was ok, good girls didn’t need to be smart, they needed to be pretty. I was pretty.

There was a knock at the door, and I bounced to it, and opened it. Lily was there. I remembered Lily. Hadn’t I been mad at her for something? I frowned, trying to remember, I was sure she had done something to me. It was fuzzy, and hard to hold onto. Was it something to do with a David? Who was David? My head was hurting trying to remember. This was important, why couldn’t I remember?

“Tami,” Lily said, “Are you ok?”

“I’m not sure,” I told her, “I think my head hurts.”

“Good girls don’t frown like that,” she told me. “You want to be a good girl.”

She was right. It must have been a dream or something. I had those often. Dreams of being somebody else. That wasn’t possible though. I was Tami, I had always been Tami. “I’m a good girl,” I said, and smiled. Whatever had been bothering me melted away into nothing. I pinned my note to the outside of the door, and I took Lily’s hand. She led me down the hall to the elevator. I didn’t get to go on the elevator a whole lot, so it was really exciting. She held up her keycard, and the door opened. We got in, and she hit the button for the second floor.

I was bouncing. This was so exciting. I was going to get to show that I was a good girl. The elevator stopped, and we got out. Lily led me to a door and we stopped. She turned me to look at her, “Tami,” she said, “This is a test to see if you are a good girl.”

I nodded, “I’m a good girl.”

“Yes, you are.” She smiled at me, “When you go in, there will be two gentlemen in there. You will greet them, you will be friendly to them. You will do anything a good girl would do to nice men — do you understand?”

I nodded, “Yes, Lily, I understand.” I wanted to be a good girl so badly it almost hurt.

“Go on then,” she said.

I opened the door and went in. It was a nice office, with a spectacular view. There were two men here, one behind the desk, and another sitting in front of him. Both were wearing nice suits.

“Ah, Tami,” the guy behind the desk said, “we’ve been expecting you.”

I smiled at him, “Nice to meet you. I am a good girl.”

“I’m sure you are, I’m sure you are,” he got up from the desk and came up to me. He pulled me toward himself, and kissed me, his tongue probing. I opened my mouth, locking my lips on his. Good girls liked to be kissed by men. His friend came up behind me, wrapping is arms around me, and he grabbed my breasts and started massaging them, pinching the nipples which were hard and tender. It felt great. Good girls like having their breasts played with. The first guy cupped my ass and pulled me close. I could feel his hard cock pressing against me. Good girls wanted cock. I brought my hand down, and massaged him through his pants. I could feel his friend against my backside, and I reached back to massage his cock as well. It wasn’t enough, I wanted to taste their cocks — after all, good girls loved to suck on cocks. I dropped to my knees, and unzipped the pants of the first guy, pulling his cock free. It wasn’t big, but I thought it was the best thing ever as I pulled it into my mouth. The second guy freed his own cock, and I switched to that one. It was also great. I loved the feel of the nice mushroom head as it pushed past my lips and into my mouth. I continued to switch back and forth between the two cocks, loving every minute of it. I loved playing with their balls, and knowing that I was bringing them pleasure. I was just about to switch from the second guy back to the first, when he grabbed the back of my head and pushed all the way to the back of my throat. His hot cum filled my mouth, and I sucked it down greedily. The sweet and salty cum was the best thing ever — good girls loved to swallow cum. I sucked him dry, tasting every last drop. I was switching back to the first guy again, when his cock erupted, splashing hot, wonderful cum all over my face. I shoved his spurting cock into my mouth, trying to catch the remaining cum — I didn’t want to be robbed of any. I then used my fingers to scrape it off my face and into my mouth. It was delicious. A small part of my brain, somewhere in the back, was shouting at me that I wasn’t gay — why was I blowing two guys. I was a good girl, however, and I told that part of my brain to shut up. If I could prove that I was a good girl, Mama San promised me that she would let men use my ass pussy. I really wanted men to use my ass pussy, because only when they would fuck my ass pussy, and cum in my ass pussy, would I not only be a good girl, but be a good woman too. More than anything, I wanted to be that. Then I could wear red lipstick, and I thought I would look really good in red lipstick.

Lily had told me when I was a good girl, and a good woman, she would take me out to see the city. She told me there were wonderful things to see, great things to eat, and so many nice men to give me attention. She told me that nice men would pay money to give me attention. I didn’t really want money, but Lily told me that was a good thing.

I was so excited. Lily was taking me to a party tonight. I’d never been to a party that I could remember. I spent extra time making sure I was at my best. I’d refrained from eating lunch, so when I emptied my bowels and then douched, I would stay ready longer. I brushed my teeth, carefully flossed, and brushed out my hair. It was wavy and down past my shoulders now. I was so proud of it, and guys really seemed to like it as well. I put on tasteful makeup and red lipstick. It was still new to me that I was allowed to wear it. Mama San had sent me down to the offices just a few days ago — yes, I was allowed to go by myself — and told to entertain a friend of hers. He was a gruff, tall, American guy who I was introduced to as Mark. As he talked with Master Li, I sat in Mark’s lap. He smelled great, all manly and musky, and I couldn’t help myself from nuzzling his neck and running my hands over his chest.

“I am sorry,” Master Li was saying, “I do not have any information on an American named David.”

That name meant something to me, although I’m not sure what. I almost stopped to think about it and ask Master Li, but I could feel Mark’s erection through his suit pants. I ran a finger along it. I admired my nails, painted a nice robin’s egg blue.

“I’d been told,” Mark said, “That if anyone could help me find out what happened to my friend, it would be you.”

“I will look into it for you, as you have been so generous with your donation. Is this a recent picture of David?” I glanced at Master Li as he held up a photo of a nice looking man. It looked like he had kind eyes. Something about him was familiar, but I couldn’t recall anything. I think I used to have dreams about a guy named David, but those had been long ago, and having strange dreams wasn’t part of being a good girl. “Good. Now, it appears that Tami really likes you. So, please, take her down to your room.”

Mark stood up and bowed to Master Li. I curtsied. Mark took my by the hand and brought me down the hall to the guest wing. Master Li ran a great company, and the good girls got to look after the special clients that liked good girls. Once inside his room, I knew that I wanted Mark to make me a good woman. I turned myself into his arm, and kissed him. He kissed me back. Our tongues dancing, I had my hands all over his chest, then down to his pants. I wanted to see that cock I had felt earlier. I freed it. It was big, long, silky, and hard. Mark was an expert, and he had my dress pooling at my feet in moments, and his mouth on my nipples as soon as he could pull the fabric of my bra out of the way. I reached back and unhooked it for him, to give him better access, then wrapped my arms around his head, pulling him into my bosom. I loved it when guys would suck on my nipples. He sucked hard and bit gently, it was heaven. His hands pushed my panties down, then cupped my ass, pulling me against him. It was now, or never, so I reached down and grabbed his hand. I brought it up to my mouth, and took one of his fingers into my mouth, treating it like a little penis. Then I guided it right to the opening of my ass pussy. He pushed his finger in, his other hand pulling my cheeks apart for better access. It was wonderful, but I needed more. I pulled back from him, and went down to his huge cock, swallowing as much of it as I could, and wrapping a hand around the base and around his balls. I used one hand to pump with as I went up and down with my lips, taking him all the way to the back of my throat. The other hand gently massaged his balls. Balls I was sure were filled with my hot cum reward. The hot cum I wanted in my ass pussy. When his dick was good and wet, I stood, and turned around, holding my ass cheeks open for him. He hesitated for a second, then I felt the tip, and then the whole thing plunge into me. I moaned. His hands locked on my hips, and he used them to pull me back and push me off of his thrusts. It felt so good to have this rock hard cock penetrating me. It was everything the videos had promised.

I felt him explode inside me, and it was glorious. I wanted to taste him, so as he was exploding, I pulled off, and spun to take him in my mouth. I got to taste at least one spurt, but I could feel the other leaking out of my ass pussy. I greedily sucked every last drop from him.

“Wow,” he said, “That was really intense.”

“I hope I was a good girl for you,” I said meekly, secretly relishing that he had made me a good woman as well. Oh, my girlfriends were going to be so jealous that I had done this.

He pulled me into his arms. Such strong arms. I liked having strong arms around me. He led me to his bed, and we sat down. “So, Tami, how long have you been in Hong Kong?”

Were men supposed to talk to me? I wasn’t sure. I also didn’t really know. “A while.” I needed to change the topic, we shouldn’t be talking about me. “I’m sorry your friend is missing.”

“Thanks,” he put his hand on my thigh, “I’m pretty much down to my last straw looking for him.”

“I hope you find him,” I said, hoping fervently that he did. Mark was a nice man, with a nice cock, and I really wanted him to find his friend.

Mark started playing with my cock. Not many men wanted to. I was aroused, so it was hard. I hadn’t reached orgasm, but I had made sure he had cum, so my desires were secondary. “Do you want me to suck it?” He looked me in the eyes.

I did, but I wasn’t supposed to ask, “If you want to.”

“Can you cum?”

I laughed. It was a nice tinkling laugh. “Yes. Although, I usually reach orgasm from penetration.”

Mark, that wonderful man, pushed my legs apart and knelt in front of me. He took my cock into his mouth, and stuck his finger back up me. I relished in the experience, and when I reached orgasm, he swallowed my cum. I was amazed. I didn’t think guys did that. I took his now sperm covered hand — as all his wonderful seed had leaked out of my ass pussy — and sucked it clean. “Thank you, Mark.” I said it, and I meant it.

I stayed with him longer, listening to him tell me about the search for David. It had started with David not calling or coming home from Hong Kong. Nobody seemed to know anything, it was as if David had vanished off the face of earth. They had tried to get the authorities involved, but they came back with the fact that David had checked out of his hotel at the end of a two week stay, and that was the last anyone had seen. Mark had come to Hong Kong to talk to those people that had seen me. He told me that he had found an escort who David had been with at least once, but she had not had much to tell him. David had hired her, she had been with him, and she had left. Mark told me that her name was Lily, and was exactly the kind of girl that attracted David. I was listening and playing with his cock at the same time. I wanted it to be hard again, and it was getting there. I knew somebody named Lily — she was a good friend of mine. I wondered if it was the same Lily.

“Then,” he said, “David’s sister got a call from some woman who claimed David had been taken prisoner by the Triad.” His cock was hard again, so I moved down to tease it with my mouth. I wanted to explore ever vein ridge. “She didn’t give us a name, but we managed to trace the call back to a cell phone belonging to a woman named Cheryl.” His cock felt so perfect in my mouth. I also knew a woman named Cheryl. Maybe I could help him find David. I started licking and sucking his cock while cupping his balls. I took him deep and explored the whole length of him with my mouth. He moaned, cutting off his story. I took my time, enjoying his taste and the feel of him. I could sense he was close, but he pushed my head back, “No, ride me.”

I smiled. Not just once, but twice! I got over him, and lowered myself onto his massive member. I started going up and down, reveling in the feel of him sliding in and out of me. He reached up and grabbed my breasts, his fingers pinching my nipples. Oh yeah, this was the best. I rode him faster and faster, feeling my own orgasm building. When he exploded inside me, his cock thrumming, I came as well, sending a couple of ropes of sperm across his abdomen. I stayed there atop him, looking down at this rugged man, and knowing that he had made me a good girl and a good woman. I could wear red lipstick now.

“Oh, Tami, you are so beautiful!” He told me. I blushed. It was nice to be told I was beautiful, but I didn’t expect men to notice. It must be because I was a good girl. The videos had told me that men found good girls beautiful.

As he shrank, I lay down on his chest, putting my head on it. I could hear his heartbeat. “Could I help you find David?” I knew I shouldn’t be asking, but I liked this man very much. I felt very connected to him, like I had known him forever.

He chucked, stoking my hair, “How would you help?”

“I know a girl named Lily,” I said. I found his chest hair fascinating, and the sweat plastering it down was sexy. I knew I had made him sweat with my body — that meant I was being good.

“I’m sure there are a lot of girls names Lily in Hong Kong.”

“Yes,” I said, “I’m sure there are. I also know a girl named Cheryl.” His flat nipples were so soft beneath my fingertips. I wondered if they were as sensitive as mine were. I wanted to know, so I flicked my tongue across one, and watched it harden.

He made a contented sound, “You’re insatiable, aren’t you?”

I leaned up and kissed him, “I like you, a lot.”

His eyes crinkled at the edges as he smiled, “I’m sure you say that to all the guys.”

“No,” good girls do not lie, “I feel really connected to you. I feel like I’ve known you forever.”

He considered me for a moment, “Really? Do you swear on it?”

I don’t know why, or where it came from, but I spit on my hand and held it out to him, “Fuck.”

He shoved me off him violently, and I fell on the floor banging my head. I started to cry. What had I done wrong? My head hurt so badly. I curled up weeping.

I heard Mark make shushing sounds, and apologizing. He kissed the top of my head, and pulled me to him. “Please, forgive me,” he told me. “I didn’t want to hurt you — you startled me.”

I let him pull me to him, and cradled my bumped head on his shoulder. I was going to have a big bump there. I knew it. “I’m sorry, I didn’t want to startle you — it’s my fault.” My sobs got quieter as he rocked me. Then he offered me a tissue, and I blew my nose and wiped my eyes. Girls weren’t supposed to do this in front of men. I was so embarrassed. “Do you want me to leave?”

Mark helped me to my feet, “No. Would you mind if I examined you?”

I giggled, “Is there some part of me you haven’t seen?”

He looked serious, so I spread my arms and stood in front of him, “Sure, go ahead.”

He started at my toes. I watched him, and realized the polish on one of them was chipped. I would have to repaint them. Maybe pink. Maybe red. Maybe the red would go with my lipstick. When he got to my knee, he put his finger on a small silver line there, “How did you get this scar?”

I frowned. How had I got that scar? I didn’t remember getting a scar there — did I? It was really fuzzy, but there was something, something right on the edge of remembering. I said slowly, “I remember a tree.” The memory firmed up a bit, “I was climbing a tree I wasn’t supposed to, and a branch broke. I fell and cut myself.”

Mark was very, very still, “Was there anyone else there?”

God, it was so long ago, why would I want to remember? Yet, there was an image of a boy there, a boy who had been with me. He had got hurt as well — a broken arm if I remembered. It hurt to remember, but I told him, “Yes, a boy, he broke his arm.”

“My GOD,” Mark stood up, “David?”

“No, silly,” I giggled, “I’m Tami. You’re looking for David.”

“No,” he took my hands and looked into my eyes, “I don’t know how I didn’t see it earlier. You are David.”

I frowned. Why was he calling me David? I was Tami. I tried to associate the name David with me, and it hurt. It hurt a lot. “No,” I was serious, “I’m Tami.”

“I’m telling you,” Mark said, “You are David.”

I pulled my hands free, “I should go. I picked my panties and bra up, quickly putting them on and tucking myself as I pulled on the panties. Then I picked up my dress, and settled it back into place. “I loved our time together.” I walked back to him, as he stood there looking stunned. I leaned up and brushed my lips across his, “Let Master Li know if you want to see me again.” I waggled a finger at me, “But remember, my name is Tami.”

I left him there, and went back up to my room. I was so excited. I was a woman now.

When Lily invited me to the party, it was as a woman. She was taking me out into Hong Kong proper to get there. At 6, Lily came into my room to get me. I was already dressed and ready. She hugged me lightly, “You ready to go?”

“Yes,” I told her, “I’m so excited you’re taking me.”

She smiled, “You are going to have so much fun!”

We went downstairs and to a waiting car. I was initially frightened of leaving the building — I couldn’t remember when I had last been outside — but seeing the car door being held open for me was such a treat. We got into the backseat, and the nice man closed the door. I smiled at him, and he smiled back.

The car wound its way through Hong Kong, and in way too short a time, we were at our destination. It was a single story building that didn’t look like much. It was, however, the first time I could remember being somewhere that was not my building. There was a man at the door here, and he came and opened our door. He offered me his hand to help me out of the car. It was so great.

We went into the building. It had to be the strangest party setup I had ever seen. On one side, there was a bedroom, although it only had three walls. On the other side was an office, and again, it only had three sides. I was taking this in when a scruffy looking man walked up to us, he offered his hand, “I’m Neil. I’m in charge of the filming.”

I shook his hand, as did Lily. “I’m Tami,” I told him brightly.

“Yes, yes you are,” he told me. He handed Lily a big fat envelope.

“Tami,” he said, taking my hand, “This is a filming party.”

“Ok,” he led me into the partial office. “We are going to make a movie, and you are going to be the star.”

Now I was really excited. “Sounds great!”

“In this scene, to start, you are going to lean over this table, and multiple guys are going to fuck you, one after the other.”

“Ok,” I was a good girl, and I really wanted this. “Do you want me to take off my clothing now?”

Neil smiled back at Lily, “She is really good, isn’t she?”

“One of our best,” Lily told him.

“No, Tami,” Neil told me, “The guys are going to do that for you.”

“Ok,” I stood, not sure what I was going to do. I waited. People milled about, and I was wondering when this was going to happen.

Finally, Neil rounded up a few people with shoulder cameras. “Are we ready to roll?”

There were calls of yes from various corners. On queue, a few guys came into the room. One of them looked at me, “What are you doing in here?”

“I’m waiting,” I told him.

He sneered, “Well, while you are waiting…” He and his friend came over and grabbed me. He took me in a rough kiss, and his friend wrenched my dress, ripping it off of me. It had been such a beautiful dress, all he would have had to do was ask me to take it off.

“No,” I moaned, watching the pieces on the floor, a tear welling up.

He slapped me hard across the face, “Oh, yes.”

I stumbled, stunned, tears dancing in my eyes. One of them grabbed me, ripping my panties, the other yanked my bra up, and bit me on my left nipple. It hurt. “Oww,” I said.

“Shut up bitch,” he ordered, slapping me again. Then I was pressed down on the conference table my arm bent behind me painfully, and one of them kicked my legs apart. He spit on my ass pussy, and then plunged into me. I was sobbing, but not from the penetration — which felt good — but from my stinging face, and the cruel way my arm was twisted. I also was really sad about the dress, it had been one of my favorites. The first guy pulled out and shot his cum on my ass and back. The second guy took his place. As he fucked me, he kept calling me a bitch and a whore, and started spanking me. When I tried to use my free hand to stop him, and started begging him to stop hitting me, he just caught up that arm as well, and twisted it up behind me. When he came, he started while still inside me, but pulled back so it splattered all over my entrance. I thought we were done, but more guys had appeared from nowhere. Each one took my ass pussy brutally. I tried to enjoy the feel of their cocks inside me, and the motion, but it was always broken up by one of them slapping or spanking me. I couldn’t help it, tears were streaming down my face, and I was crying as they did this to me. I’d spent so long getting ready for this party, and they were ruining everything.

I heard Neil call, “CUT!” after the last guy scooped cum from my back and slapped me across the face with it.

They released me, and I collapsed onto the floor, pulling my knees up and sobbing. I didn’t know how many men had been in me, but I hurt back there more than I ever had before. I noticed that I was sitting on the floor in a pool of semen, and there was semen down my legs. There was even a trickle of blood. One of them had really hurt me.

“You were such a good girl,” I heard Lily whisper in my ear, “such a good girl.”

“Why?” I blubbered.

“Oh sweetie,” she said, “It was part of the movie. It was just acting. You did great!”

“I hurt,” I complained.

She took my hand, “Come on,” she tugged, “We have to get you set up for your next scene.”

I let her pull me up. I could feel more cum draining from my ass pussy as she led me across the room. I realized that it was down onto my shoes, and had ruined those as well. “My clothes are ruined,” I told her. “They should have let me take them off.”

“I’ll buy you new ones,” Lily promised, “I’ll take you out shopping.”

I sniffled, “Ok.”

I walked stiffly with her to a small bathroom. It had a stand shower and a small sink. Lily pushed me into the stall and started the water, “Let me get you clean.”

She undid her own dress, and hung it on a hook, then stepped out of her panties and shoes. She wasn’t wearing a bra. She joined me in the shower, and gently started washing my body. I pulled her into a hug, and buried my face in her hair, still trying to gain control of myself. Her smell was amazing. It reminded me of something. I had a brief flash of her dressed as a school girl with her hair in pigtails. She let me hug her for a minute, then she pushed away so she could wash me. When I was clean, we got out of the shower, and she handed me a towel. I started drying off. She did too. She was going to get dressed again, but dropped her panties. She bent over to grab them off the floor, and another image appeared in my head. I’d seen her like this before, her ass toward me. I remembered fucking her. I remembered the sensation of pushing my cock into her ass. When had I done that? I heard her voice in my memory calling me “sāobī”. I knew that meant a dirty slut, more specifically, a dirty pussy. Why had she called me that?

“Lily,” I said slowly, “Have we ever had sex? I mean, with each other?”

She turned to look at me, her eyes wide and panicked. What did she have to be panicked about?

“Yes Tami,” she said, “Before you were a good girl.”

“Was I a sāobī?”

She laughed, “It was before you were a good girl.”

The memory was persistent. I remembered fucking her as a man would. That is why I was a sāobī, I hadn’t acted as a good girl. Yet the memory filled me with desires, “I would like to do it again.”

Lily smiled, “If you’re a good girl for this next scene, then we can do that.”

Dressed, Lily led me back out. She brought me to the next room, the bedroom. “Tami,” she said, “This is a bukkake scene. Do you know what that is?”

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