Though we were still really strangers, I was getting more comfortable being with him. We had only been together twice since meeting on the Internet a few weeks ago. He was tall, muscular and very dominating in appearance. I on the other hand am a bit on the short side and being so slim I really looked quite feminine when in his presence. The first time we met I was nervous. I’d never had a homosexual encounter before. We talk at length and I told him all about my fantasies of being used by a strong man. By the second time we got together I was calling him Master. He was very dominating, yet he was still gentile and respectful of my boundaries. I had never had anal sex before and he seemed more then fine with taking it slow and waiting until I was ready. I was more then glad to get on my knees and suck on his huge hard cock, which I did, and he called me his bitch as he released his load in my throat. His strong hands made me feel so vulnerable and that turned me on. He put me over his lap spanked me with one hand gripped around my neck. I came harder then I ever had before.

The third time we met he was more aggressive from the moment I entered his apartment. As I walked through the door he grabbed me and said in an intimidating voice “Take off your clothes and get on your knees…now!” My heart jumped as I tried to respond but I was too nervous to speak so all that came out was a whisper. “What was that bitch boy?!” he shouted “I said take it off!” I was frightened by his new found aggression and apparent disregard for my nervous inhibitions. “Yes, yes Master” I finally blurted out. I stripped off all my clothes as quickly as I could and got on my knees.

Before I could turn to see what he had planned next a leash was forced around my neck by his strong hands. He was now naked as well, and fully erect. “Suck it” he demanded as he pulled the leash tight and opened my mouth with the tip of his cock. Each thrust was deeper and harder. I gagged but he did not stop. My dick was beginning to get firm as he called me degrading names and said I deserved to be used.

He took his cock out of my mouth and pulled the leash even tighter. “Get down on your hands” he ordered. “Yes Master” I said and did as I was told. He was now walking me around on the leash like a dog. After a few laps around his apartment and a few more abusive comments he led me into the bed room. “Get on the bed and stick that little bitch ass in the air” he said. Now I was genuinely concerned, I hoped he didn’t intend to fuck my virgin ass as I was not ready to go so far. “But…but…” I muttered. He would have none of my protests. After a firm stinging slap on the ass and another order I was up on the bed lying on a few pillows with my ass in the air.

Before I could inquire as to his intentions, a ball gag was forced into my mouth. I tried to turn around and plead for him to take it slower, but he shoved me back down and handcuffed my hands to the bed post. I was now completely at his whim, even if I wanted the events of the night to stop I could not do anything about it until he decided to let me go. This turned me on even more, yet I was frightened still. How well did I really know this man who had complete control over me?

After several firm spankings which brought me almost to climax he stopped abruptly. He pulled the leash tight once again and whispered in my ear “You want to see what it’s really like to be my bitch?” A blindfold was pulled over my eyes and I felt the cold sensation of lube trickle down my crack and all over my asshole. “Oh no!” I thought to myself “He’s really going to do it!” I tried to shout out for him to stop but it was muffled by the gag. “Now don’t you go anywhere” my master said menacingly and left the room. I was immediately regretting trusting this man and wished to just go home. I didn’t know if I should shout or whimper.

So I laid there leashed, gagged, blindfolded and cuffed to the bed. Though he was only gone for a few minutes the anticipation and dread was more then I could handle. I tried to get free, but it was no use. I accepted the situation and decided I must yield to my master and let him have his way with me, if I was luckily maybe it would be quick.

The door to the bed room opened. I was ready to be used against my will. I braced for the pain of his cock to make me cry, but the reality of the situation was graver then I had imagined. “You ready boy?” a deep voice asked menacingly. It was not the voice of my master. My heart jumped. “Who could that be?!” I wondered nervously. Then it dawned on me when I heard all the footsteps. The room began to fill with the strong, deep voices of men hollering and chuckling at me. They called me names that made it very clear I was their unwilling slave. “No! No!” I tried to scream through the gag. I should never have come! I should never have trusted him! I tried to break free but it was no use, and all the men found my squirming for help to be hilarious. They all broke out in laughter and my master whispered in my ear with the leash in hand “Get ready to be gang raped you sniveling little faggot” My screams turned to tears as I felt the tip of his cock at my asshole. The other men jeered him on and with one hard thrust his cock tore into my ass. My night of pain had begun.

I don’t know how long I laid there as they ran the train on me. It felt like hours. One cock after another, each one feeling bigger then the last violated my tender virgin ass. Some penetrated me slow and deep, forcing me down towards the bed causing my dick to rub against the pillows underneath me. Others fucked me with quick painful thrusts. Some even pulled on the leash forcing me back onto their dicks. Their hands were gripped forcefully around my neck or shoulders. My screams and whimpers were muffled by the cat calls of the men and the violent slapping of my ass. When not penetrating me, the men rubbed they’re cocks against my face and body assuring me that the night was nowhere near being over.

Just when I thought it would never end, the thick cock that was fucking my ass released its massive load inside of me. Then one by one, and some at the same time, the men began coming in my ass or on my back, even on my face. As the train of cocks slowed down, my ass was still burning with pain and my whimpers never stopped. When all of them were done they left the room and I was left momentarily with my violated ass sticking up in the air. Then my master came back. He removed the handcuffs from the bedpost and took off the ball gag. In between sobs I begged for him to let me go. They had each used me thoroughly, and I wanted desperately to get as far away from my master as I could. Without even acknowledging my cries for mercy he grabbed the leash used it to drag me off the bed and walked me reluctantly across the room. I was so certain I would be set free soon, but this was not the case. He tied the leash to the doorknob of a closet and used the cuffs once again to bind my hands behind my back. Dread set in once again as I lay there covered in the men’s cum. I felt dirty and ashamed. “We’ll be back for you later” my master said with calm indifference. I began to weep again as he left me alone in the room. I cried and wondered if I’d ever be set free. All I could do was listen to the men conversing and drinking in the next room. I had to wait there for the gang to come back for me, this time with drunken strength and rage. They would return to fuck me even more violently then before. I was truly being broken into submission.

*********AUTHOR’S NOTES**********

Hello everyone, this is my first one shot release. Short and sweet, hope you enjoy. You can check out my other writings under my profile. Also I LOVE getting comments, both good and bad so don’t be shy to let me know what you think! -Tariel

Azrael cast his fishing line into the savage lake again. The water was so choppy that he doubted anything would come from his efforts. The breeze wasn’t so bad as to prevent him from going out on his boat, but it was making his fishing line go awry as it flew through the air. Azrael tossed his head back in an attempt to force his black hair out of his eyes without releasing his grip on the yellow pole. He sighed in frustration as his hook caught on a large piece of debris he had specifically tried to avoid. He wiped the sweat off his palm onto one of his black pant legs as he proceeded to attempt to salvage his line. The waves continued to pull the drift wood away from him and instead of continuing the battle he pulled out his knife from his pocket. Just as Azrael cut the string, he noticed something white moving on the shore, it was a human figure moving away from the lake and into the shelter of the evergreen trees. Azrael almost tipped the small vessel as he scrambled to the motor, yanking on the cord to get the boat moving. As the engine putted to life he steered it straight toward where he saw the mysterious person vanish.

Azrael hopped out of the boat as he reached the shore and dragged it up the small beach, not bothering to change his wet clothes as he abandoned the small craft to rush into the forest. Azrael wasn’t sure why he was chasing after the stranger, but he was certain nobody occupied a cabin near here this year save himself. The closest town was miles away; too far to just walk, he himself took the road to his cabin then went by horse to the lake. Azrael made sure to come up to his family cabin every summer, just because he was in college now didn’t mean he was going to break his tradition just to pick up some extra summer classes. Azrael found the small footpath leading up the mountain that he assumed the stranger must have taken.

He jogged to try to catch up and soon found himself surrounded by pine and shrubs and tall unkempt grass. The evening sun shone through the canopy, providing him plenty of light to follow the barely visible trail. He didn’t know what force of nature was lighting the fire in his steps, pushing him forward, taunting him to catch up. After an hour of determined hiking Azrael stumbled into an open glen of tall soft grass and wildflowers.

The sun was just beginning to set which illuminated the silhouette of a young blonde man standing before him. The stranger was clothed in only a pair of torn white cotton pants that were ripped to his knees. Though the pants were tattered and only a string held them in place, the cloth was pristinely clean and almost shone in the sunlight. Azrael found himself captivated by the sight of this creature, his eyes roaming across the tone, tan muscles and gorgeous face to finally lock on a pair of golden eyes staring back at his through blonde locks.

A whisper escaped Azrael’s lips, unwilled and without him even realizing he was the one speaking until he heard the sound, “What are you?”

The handsome boy smiled at the question, his white teeth adding even more beauty to the square jaw, perfect cheekbones, strong brow and straight nose.

Azrael blushed slightly at his rude question and quickly amended his words; hoping that the angel before him would not turn his grin into a laugh, “I mean… Who are you?” he took a few cautious steps forward as if he was approaching a wild stag rather than a man.

The stranger smiled at him this time with a softer hint of kindness as he startled Azrael by moving forward deliberately, never breaking his gaze. Suddenly, Azrael had the foreboding that he was the deer as the true hunter began to approach. Up close the anomaly seemed even more breath taking. Azrael seemed frozen where he stood about twenty feet away from the trees. He could try to run for the forest but Azrael thought his chances nigh impossible of escaping the man before him; whom seemed to be perfectly built to chase down and over power any prey. The stranger’s chest was magnificent and perfect and Azrael had the urge to run his hands over the smooth skin – what the hell was that? – Azrael was baffled by that thought. He wasn’t gay and never felt any attraction to men before. He didn’t hate gays or anything, he just wasn’t one of them.

Before he knew it the stranger was standing only a foot away from him. Azrael’s hands shot up in front of him as if to repel the predator with his palms and his mouth opened to let out a yelp; instead, he felt the man’s fingers entwine with his as his open mouth was invaded by the other’s. In an instant Azrael found his defenses abolished along with any memory he had of his Christian parents, republican friends, or his third-year-running girlfriend. All that existed was him, this nature spirit kissing him and the sun warming their bodies.

The kiss seemed to last forever, his hands never released, Azrael lost all awareness of his surroundings as he surrendered his will to this epitome of masculinity. At that moment, Azrael didn’t care what happened to him as long as this creature remained with him. He felt his left hand get released, and before he could protest at the loss of contact he felt himself jump automatically as the bulge in his pants became cupped in the stranger’s palm.

He broke the kiss, looking at the golden eyes with his wide grey ones. He wasn’t sure if he was more surprised by the forward actions of the man touching him or by the fact that he was hard and extremely aroused. While he knew his face was displaying surprise and confusion, the only emotion being shown to him by the stranger was passion.

Azrael felt his right hand released and then a hand gripping the back of his neck and pulling him into a passionate kiss, his crotch was freed from the grasp for a moment as the hand undid the button at his waist and moved within his pants to once again touch his cock.

Azrael let out a little moan as the stranger grabbed ahold of him and began rubbing along his shaft. His boxers gave little resistance to the man’s attacks and he could feel his new companion become even more eager as Azrael’s own moans of pleasure urged him to continue. He felt the hand behind his neck move down his back to just above his ass.

Azrael gave out an embarrassing little “gah!” as he felt the stranger maneuver himself to cause Azrael to fall backwards, only the man’s strong arm around his waist kept Azrael from landing hard. Instead, Azrael found himself sitting comfortably on the soft grass that had been warmed by the sun all day. His pants and boxers became situated so that his dick was free from the constricting fabric.

Azrael looked up into the beautiful face, as the stranger knelt on both knees in front of him, just in time to glimpse the flash of a smile as the man leaned forward and claimed his entire length into his hot mouth. Shivers of pleasure coursed through Azrael as he gasped then moaned as he leaned back, his arms supporting his weight, and he tried to spread his legs wider to allow his partner better access.

The shaggy blonde head began to move up and down, forcing Azrael to toss his head back and buck his hips forward slightly. The man paused to catch his breath and Azrael looked back down to watch. Azrael saw precum leak from his tip and witnessed his companion carefully lick the stream back up to the head and then once again swallow his length.

Azrael squeezed his eyes shut tight; holding the image in his mind for just a bit longer. Azrael knew he wouldn’t last much longer as he placed his left hand on top of the bobbing blonde locks. He thrust forward one last time, and with a shudder of ecstasy, his seed spilled into the hot mouth that proceeded to swallow eagerly. Rope after rope of cum shot down the stranger’s throat as every muscle in Azrael’s body tensed in orgasm. The fact that his cock wasn’t released from its wet prison only turned him on more and as the cum stopped and his body relaxed. Azrael was still hard and wanting more.

What Azrael had thought was an angel at first he now believed to be an incubus. The waves of sexuality the stranger exuded as he stood to strip his solitary piece of clothing was enough to drive Azrael to the brink of madness; willing to trade his soul to this creature in exchange for more pleasure.

For a brief moment, as Azrael sat there gazing at the sculpted body he wondered if that rather large cock, now in his full view, was planning on entering his extremely virgin ass. Fear gripped him as he knew that it would hurt to have something that big in his tight hole but that he would also be powerless to deny this creature whatever part of his body that the incubus wanted.

To Azrael surprise and utter amazement, instead of lifting his legs to position that intimidating organ at his entrance his new companion positioned a foot on either side of his hips and slowly lowered himself to look him in the face, their hard cocks were mere inches away from rubbing together as Azrael’s assailant ran his strong right hand through his short black hair. With his free hand the stranger was able to undo the buttons of his black shirt to expose his pale chest. Azrael wasn’t nearly as strong as his new companion but he was rather tone from all his time with his school football team that he kicked for. Once his shirt was out of the way, the empty hand traced a circle around his bare nipple and then made its way down his body to grab ahold of his cock and placed it at the blonde’s own entrance, slowly the stranger lowered himself down on Azrael’s cock and at the same time his hand grabbed the fistful of hair at the back of Azrael’s head. Holding on tightly to the hair there didn’t hurt at all, to Azrael’s surprise; in fact, it simply allowed the hunter to gain complete control over him. Azrael felt all sensation of freewill flee from his body as he succumbed to every slight desire of this being now fucking him. While it might have been Azrael doing the penetrating, there was no confusion as to who the master was at that moment, Azrael was now a slave to this seductive forest spirit.

Azrael could feel the blonde’s ass loosen with every downward motion he made. He wasn’t sure how long he could last, despite having already cum once. It was so tight and warm that Azrael began to loose track of where he ended and the stranger began, their bodies became one. The pleasure enveloped them both and between the heavy breaths and the sweat now dripping off them both, little moans of pleasure escaped both their lips.

The ride continued, gaining fervor and Azrael reached his limit, “I… I can’t… I’m gonna…” the man didn’t stop moving up and down though and as Azrael’s body began to freeze in ecstasy the stranger also tensed up as Azrael’s seed began to pour into him. Azrael cried out as the ass surrounding his cock tightened its grip on him and caused him even more pleasure. The blonde also cried out in pleasure at the sensation of being filled. The stranger’s own cum shot out, splattering both the bare chest of the strong tan incubus and the pale chest of Azrael’s, pooling around his navel.

As they caught their breath Azrael looked up into those mesmerizing gold eyes. The stranger gazed back full of love and contentment and slowly dipped his hand into the little pool of cum and offered drenched fingers out for Azrael to taste. Curiosity and the yearning in those gold eyes urged Azrael to open his mouth willingly and lick the fingers clean. Azrael could taste the salty seed of his lover and felt him move forward quickly enough to have their tongues dance around the white hot jizz together in a passionate kiss.

As the stranger stood, replacing his discarded pants, Azrael found himself slightly embarrassed at his lustful actions with a man he had never met before. He wasn’t sure what to say now that they were done giving in to pleasure and as he was lost in thought while donning his own clothes. Out of the corner of his eye though he saw the man start to walk away, the sun finished setting and now the moon and stars were their only light, “wait!” Azrael yelled after the stranger, startling them both. The man stopped and looked back at his former prey, “Please… Tell me your name!” he wanted to at least be able to name his only male lover.

The stranger flashed his bright white smile, and his gold eyes sparkled as he said simply before disappearing completely from sight, “You already know it.”


Azrael had resigned himself to the fact that it was the Forest Guardian himself that had seduced him in the woods during his summer break. As school started up again and Azrael found himself once again on the familiar football field and in the musty men’s locker room, he put all that had happened to the back of his mind, refusing to tell a soul. He probably wouldn’t ever see that stranger again but when Azrael found himself alone, or with his girlfriend, or trying hard to study his mind always wandered to that beautiful blonde that stole his soul.

With Halloween now around the corner Azrael found himself at a loss of what to wear, he thought about dressing as the forest god, Herne, but thought he wouldn’t be able to do the deity justice. As he was walking down the hall, once again finding himself thinking about his forest lover, his pace quickening with the heat of his thoughts, felt himself plow into another person as he turned a corner and sent them crashing to the floor.

Azrael was snapped back to reality as he looked down at his victim, it was the science whizz kid from his biology class, Alaric Westing, that topped the whole college in GPA, here fully on academic scholarship. Azrael remembered reading about him in the school paper, plus he knew some of his jock friends that teased him and tried to take advantage of his knowledge. Azrael bent down quickly, apologies rushing out, trying to help the man stand “Oh god, are you okay? My bad, I wasn’t paying attention, Alaric.”

“Now you remember my name?” a familiar voice spoke with a hint of laughter.

Azrael’s head snapped up as he looked into a very familiar and handsome face, a past a pair of glasses into strong gold eyes. Azrael felt his jaw drop as his at-one-time lover smiled at his reaction. This whole time he had been so close to the man invading his dreams, taunting his morals. Azrael found himself dropping Alaric’s arm quickly and instead of fleeing like his mind screamed for him to do he found himself wrapping his arms around the blonde and kissing him fiercely. Azrael felt the strong arms he had been dreaming about wrap around him, holding him close and returning his kiss. Azrael never wanted this moment to end, he would never return to the way things were.

Author’s Notes: The Noxus Universe is an expanse story that has been in the works for 11+ years. The Noxus Universe will consist of a variety of short stories, some erotic some not, revolving around Keith Lynn Montgomery and his lover Stately Michel Donahue.

All characters are well over the age of 18 and all sexual activity is consensual. Use of these characters is prohibited. The characters are original and very dear to me. Please respect that.



SMACK! The stinging blow landed on his ass and echoed in the bedroom.

“It isn’t a punishment if you like it,” his lover growled out and spanked him again, “I can feel you getting hard…”

“I’m sorry,” he choked out.

“Liar,” another spank, “you’re such a bad liar kitten.”

Stately was draped over his lover’s strong thighs like a petulant little child. He was dressed, but his pants had been pulled down to his knees, his ass and the back of his thighs were pink from his punishment. He would squirm and cry out, but his lover Keith was right. Even in his confusion, he was aroused and he was becoming harder and harder by the minute.

The punishment went on and Stately began to think about how he, the decorated Commander of the Royal Calvary, ended up being spanked by his lover. It had started at dinner, when his ex fiance showed up uninvited and unannounced and forced Stately to reveal their past together. He could tell Keith was upset and he could understand why, he should have told him in private. He shouldn’t had to have found out about his lover’s past engagement at the same time the rest of his friends did. Keith hadn’t spoken to him as they ate, even when Stately nudged him telepathically he was ignored. Stately had lost his appetite and excused himself. It wasn’t until he was up the stairs and halfway to his room that he realized he was being followed. He was glad at the time that Keith had left with him, they really needed to talk, but that was before Keith manhandled him, locked the door, ripped his pants down and began to spank him.

“Keith…please….” Stately whispered, tears lining the edges of his eyes, “I’m sorry. I’m not…not lying!” He bit his lip to keep from gasping out.

“You should have told me,” Keith’s large hand made contact and his jade eyes sparked when he saw the cheeks tense up, “I shouldn’t have found out that way,” he paused to rub the skin, hot from the smacks it had taken.

“I…I know,” Stately whispered then yelped when Keith gave him three strong slaps. So strong his tears finally fell.

Suddenly Keith lifted him off and forced his little lover to stand. Stately’s tears streaked his face, falling just as his pants did, the fabric pooling at his ankles. His cock was hard, standing out and flushed pink, it was dripping precum.

Keith looked up from his seat on the trunk at the foot of the bed and saw the tears falling from Stately’s violet eyes. He lowered his eyes to his lover’s leaking cock and lifted his hand, “Why are you weeping?” He asked just as he pressed the tip of his index finger against the wet slit of Stately’s cockhead.

Stately looked down with wide eyes and watched as Keith removed his finger before leaning in to lick the tip of his hardened member.

Keith never took his eyes off of Stately as he laved his tongue over the tiny opening, he flicked it around and drew out more precum. He loved Stately’s cock, it was long and slim, despite his lover’s small frame and would pink up quite cutely when he was hard and ready. Just like now. Even though that spanking had been spontaneous (Keith had even surprised himself with the action), it clearly had a pleasing effect on his lover.

“You know…you weren’t supposed to like it that much,” he smirked.

Stately shook his head, “I didn’t like it.”

Keith reached up and gripped Stately’s cock, “Are you sure about that?” He gave it three hard strokes and watched as his lover trembled, “you loved it, you didn’t learn anything at all,” he yanked, forcing Stately closer. He rubbed the head of the cock over his lips, wetting them then he taunted, “not a damn thing. Instead you let your slutty body take over,” his lover trembled again, but he knew he would, he loved being called names. Keith sighed, “You want to be a slut tonight kitten? You eager to show me just how much of a loose bitch you can be?” At Stately’s sharply drawn breath Keith smiled, “Go then…get dressed for me,” he released his cock, “Don’t take forever.”

Stately stepped out of his pants then left his lover and went into the bathroom. After closing the door he took a deep breath and looked at himself in the mirror. His face was pink, his eyes glistening from the previous tears and his cock was just as hard as it ever had been. He was no stranger to Keith’s sexual aggression, in fact; it was his most treasured aspect of their lovemaking. Normally though, they were already engaged in sex when Keith pins him down and gives him commands. Tonight however had been brought on by hurt and anger and Stately wasn’t sure how to feel about it. Now that they were both calm it was easy to take the next logical step: steamy make up sex. But Stately wasn’t sure if he should be wary of Keith’s reaction, clearly his anger brought out an even more domineering side to him. A side that wanted to humiliate and harm.

Keith ran his hands over his face and let out a groan. He hadn’t meant to be so rough with Stately, he just knew he wanted to convey just how upset he was with him without words. Stately, he knew, would try to talk through the situation or justify his actions and Keith hadn’t wanted that. He wanted to punish him…though he was shocked it had come out as an old fashioned spanking. The first few were pure reflex, but as his mind cleared and he realized he had his lover draped over him like a sack of potatoes he had literally cringed. Then he felt the erection pressing into his thighs. He thought he should be angry, the spanking was supposed to make Stately feel sorry for his actions, not turn him on, but he found he didn’t become upset. Instead he was intrigued so he continued with his slaps, becoming hard himself when he heard Stately trying to muffle his moans. Still though, it bothered him a bit that when he was angry he took to striking his partner. He didn’t think he was that kind of man. He hoped the pet names and the light fondling conveyed the nonthreatening nature he believed he had. He couldn’t bear it if Stately called things off…

At the sound of the door opening Keith looked over and let out the breath he had been holding. If Stately was dressed like this then he had a chance at redemption. A smirk grew on his lips, “Damn…”

Stately smiled back and averted his eyes, he never understood how a man as physically perfect as Keith could be in awe of him. Keith was six foot five with long platinum blonde hair that flowed to the middle of his back. He was muscular, built broad and solid but not so big as to look grotesque or overworked. He had the most beautiful smile Stately had ever seen and the most stunning pale jade eyes. Keith didn’t like his eyes, he thought they made him look like a freak, but Stately thought they were lovely, he always became weak kneed and a little giddy when those eyes swept over his naked body. The way Keith drank him in always made him feel beautiful.

Keith took a deep breath to calm his racing heart. It was rare for Stately to dress for him. They kept it this way on purpose, wanting it to be special and exciting each and every time. Keith swept his eyes over the lean, yet toned frame of his lover’s body. Stately was wearing Keith’s favorite under the bust violet corset that matched his eyes and the small purple panties with the ruffles across his bottom that barely contained his long, still hard cock. Stately began walking over slowly to his lover, his black stiletto heels silent on the carpet. Keith stood and began to undress. He tossed his tee shirt aside and after unsnapping his jeans they fell to the floor. He stepped out of them just as he ripped his boxer briefs away and threw them aside as well. Now nude, he shamelessly walked over to his mate, his hard, thick cock bobbing with the movement.

Stately watched him with pure animal lust. He wanted to drop to his knees and open his mouth in offering, but as it was he stayed stone still, waiting to see what Keith would do.

Keith stopped halfway to his lover, “I shouldn’t have,” it was the best apology Stately was going to get and they both knew it.

“It’s fine,” Stately moved his hand over and the fingers danced along his erection, “obviously I didn’t mind.”

Keith nodded, “I didn’t hurt you did I?”

Stately shook his head and gripped his cock fully and started to stroke it through the underwear.

Keith’s eyes flicked down to watch, “I won’t do it again.”

“Please don’t say that…” it was whispered, but Keith heard it and it thrilled him.

He knew now the shift had occurred. The shift from real life, to the roles they played when they were intimate. They were not roles often used, but when Stately was dressed like this it was the only appropriate step for them.

“Come here,” Keith’s voice was firm. Stately took a step, “No,” he stopped him with his voice alone, “come here kitten.”

Stately lowered himself to his hands and knees then slowly began to crawl towards Keith. He idly wondered what his troops would think if they could see their commander submitting so easily and eagerly to his lover this way. Their fearless, battle scared leader choosing to follow his beloved in women’s lingerie. It would be a scandal, no doubt he would be run out of Noxus and forced to never return. If anyone knew about this side of him he would be ruined professionally. He shivered with a mix of dread at that thought and arousal. There was always something exciting about the prospect of being caught.

Now at his lover he sat back on his knees and reached up with his hands only to have them caught in one of Keith’s. His other hand gripped Stately’s short blonde hair and pulled him close, “Open your mouth baby,” when Stately obeyed his smirked, “you’re so easy,” he thrust h is hips forward, his cock slipping in halfway. He heard his lover moan, “Oh you like that?” He began to thrust his hips back and forth strongly, picking up a quick pace, “Being face fucked like a cheap corner whore? Fuck…you’re practically drooling,” he used the hand in his hair to push him down further until he felt and heard Stately gag, “Open up for me…you can take it,” Stately’s eyes were watering and he was making more gagging noises, “Come on, come on,” Keith urged until finally his darker blonde curls were being breathed in by Stately’s nose, “Yeah, that’s it baby…damn you look so good with my cock in your mouth. Yeah, just like that…keep sucking…louder, let me hear you moan louder,” he closed his eyes and dropped his head back. He savored the feeling of being inside of Stately’s hot mouth and he knew he wouldn’t be able to last much longer, “Fuck…kitten’s about to get his milk soon,” he looked back at his lover and started to pump in and out again. Faster and faster until their joining skin began to make lewd slapping noises.

Stately kept his eyes on Keith, the violet dark with arousal. He loved pleasuring Keith this way, he had always enjoyed this sexual act in the past, but with Keith it was magnified. Keith, already beautiful, took on an ethereal quality when he reached climax and he always reached his best climaxes after having his member licked and sucked. Stately also liked the submissive feeling that enveloped him from being on his knees and having his mouth used, sometimes roughly, by his lover. He felt wanton and sexy so he never complained when his lover demanded this act from him. When Keith stated again that he was close he pulled back and opened his mouth wide. In just two seconds Keith was releasing his passion, some he gathered in his mouth, but most landed across his face and in his hair. He licked his lips and swallowed the essence in his mouth.

Keith was panting, but grinning as well when he spoke breathlessly, “You look so fucking hot covered in cum…” then he knelt and pushed Stately back gently to lie on his back. He took his hips and lifted him, folding him over so his legs were on either side of his head, his hard cock bobbed just inches from his face. Keith spread Stately’s ass cheeks, still pink from his earlier spanking and looked at his twitching, gaping hole. He lowered his head and licked it and felt the muscles try to clamp down on his tongue. He chuckled, “So eager,” then he pushed his tongue against the opening and worked his way inside.

Stately let out a moan as he stared at the erotic sight. Keith didn’t usually use his mouth that often as it was so Stately intended to enjoy this rarity from his lover. Keith lifted his head and looked into Stately’s eyes as he laved over his opening and Stately shivered in pleasure. The tip of his cock became wet and he watched as precum gathered there then began to grow and drop down towards his face. He turned his head away but then heard his lover, his telepathic voice stern.

Don’t you dare.

Stately whimpered, but turned his head back just as the drop of precum landed on his upper lip. Keith was still licking him as he praised Very good. Stately’s lips became more and more moist as precum gathered then dropped onto his mouth. Keith continued to watch him as he licked and tasted him with his tongue. Stately was so aroused he thought he could come from Keith’s oral ministrations alone. Then his pleasure was suddenly increased when Keith began to tease him telepathically, his lover knew his telepathic ability had the strange effect of turning him on so normally they were careful not to use it often. But now Keith exploited it.

Can’t wait to see you come on your own face.

Stately writhed trying to wiggle away.

You’re not stronger than me. You’re not going anywhere.

Stately moaned and opened his mouth to beg.

You love being drenched with cum.

Precum dripped into Stately’s open mouth and he gasped at the taste of it.

Fucking slut, look how sexy you are.

Stately moaned, closing his eyes and shuddering into climax. Keith pulled his face back and drove two fingers into his lover’s twitching hole and mercilessly rubbed his sweet spot over and over again, loving the way Stately cried out and arched his back. With his other hand he aimed his lover’s cock so his cum would land in his open mouth. Stately could barely handle all the sensations, his body was tingling all over, his toes were numb, his ass stretched by Keith’s fingers clinched as heat and pleasure radiated from his prostate. Every drop of cum that splashed upon him felt scorching hot to his skin, the bulk of it in his mouth tasted a little salty and oddly it aroused him more knowing that he was going to drink himself at the end of this pleasurable ride.

Keith loved watching his lover, he relished the fact that he could get him to that point every single time they were together. He slowly removed his fingers and listened to Stately’s gasping breaths as he lowered his hips back to the floor. He looked up just in time to see Stately close his mouth and swallow himself. Keith smirked in approval.

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