NOTE: To previous readers of the series, two minor changes have been made to two names. As both names are mentioned only once or twice before the changes are not story altering but could cause confusion hence this note. Teena Crescent is now called Tanya Crescent and Cloe Brook is now called Cloe Garcia. As I said only their names have featured so far so I hope this does not effect anyones reading pleasure. Thank You.


Tanya Crescent is 18 years old and at five foot three she is a pretty little thing. She keeps her raven hair cut a little above the neck line and usually leaves it free hanging on either side. Her bright blue eyes and peachy skin tone match well her prim nose and small mouth which almost always has a smile on it. She is not overly slim but she has curves in all the right places, small but obvious B cup breasts along with shapely legs. She has that air of innocence around her that drives boys wild and she knows it; she uses it to her advantage to get what she wants but without being slutty.

At school she had a modest group of friends and though not exactly in the popular crowd, they were a long way from being the rejects. She was the type of girl every boy wanted but could not have. There had been a number of boys who had tried to win her affections but none had succeeded. At the time she was more interested in her studies. She was polite and helpful, and did not annoy her teachers, simply enjoying her time at school and getting a good education.

After graduating, during the summer between school and college, she went with her friends to France for a month and came back not only tanned, but also rather enlightened in the exciting world of sex. It marked the beginning of a new Tanya; gone would be the innocent and studious Tanya; now was the time for boys and fun. For teachers and parents, college was where boys and girls went to learn how to be men and women. Tanya agreed in part with this; her view was that it was where boys and girls became men and women. To her newly sexually-active self, college was nothing more than a feeding ground. Oh she promised herself her grades would be unaffected but who said she could not have fun all the while?

But Tanya had to admit, there was one guy she had had feelings for throughout the years, even when she was not interested in boys. The worrying part was that it was her cousin, Brecon Storm. She had not been sure herself if this was the case having not experienced feelings like this about anyone else up till now, but since her trip to France and having experienced similar feelings for the boys she met on holiday, she had put two and two together. She had always known that she enjoyed spending summers with him, either at her own home or his parent’s home on the other coast while they were growing up. She had always looked forward to him coming more than her other relatives and she would do anything he asked and never complained about him. Now she knew why and thought it was probably the reason she had never given much attention to other boys during high school.

As fate would have it, Brecon’s parents had been killed in a car crash over a year ago and, unable to support himself at the time, he had moved in with her, her sister Faun and their mother Loren, which meant she got to see him more often than ever. She had enjoyed this before her French trip but when she got back and knew how she really felt about him, she had found it hard living together and not knowing what to do about it. To complicate matters, he had started the year before at the college Tanya now attended, so she could not even escape him there. She knew if things kept up like this she would have to do something, but what?

It was September, Sunday the 14th at 5.30am. Tanya lay awake in her room. Everything was still around her and so quiet she could here the clock tick-tocking away to itself in the kitchen below her room. She had only just woke, no alarm needed as she had developed this routine over a number of months now. She slipped noiselessly from the bed, the silky duvet falling away to reveal the fact that she slept naked. She stretched, arching her back, tippy-toed as she reached toward the ceiling. Next she bent, supple legs straight and touched her toes. Feeling relaxed and completely awake now, she turned to her dresser, plucked a pair of panties from the slightly open draw and slipped into them. Next she donned a t-shirt lying on the chair next to the door. The cool fabric rubbed her sensitive nipples, already hard from the morning chill, stirring something between her legs. She took a deep breath and cracked open her door.

Sticking her head out onto the landing, she checked for noise. There was none meaning no-one else was up yet. She slid silently along the wall, avoiding the boards that creaked, past the bathroom and round the corner and along to his room. Listening carefully at the door and hearing nothing, she slowly twisted the well oiled handle and pushed the door open just enough for her to view the bed. Brecon lay sprawled across it, the light duvet wrapped around his midriff and feet but leaving his upper body and legs exposed. Tanya stifled a giggle, lest she wake him; she always found him in the weirdest positions. At times they prevented what she was up to but that didn’t matter; she also enjoyed watching him sleep.

She moved into the room, leaving the door open in case she needed to make a quick exit. She tip-toed to the bed and crouched down beside him. He looked so peaceful in sleep, unlike the slight but persistent mope he adopted when awake, like he was eternally preoccupied by something sad. Tanya knew it was to do with his parents. She lent across him, her chest almost touching his stomach as she took hold of, then peeled back part of the duvet. She had not been surprised, when first she started doing this, that he also slept naked; a lot of guys supposedly do.

Now before her, his already hard cock was on show. She knew it was only morning wood but she liked to think it was her actions that caused such a display each morning. She had recently came to the conclusion that a guy’s penis was not the ugly monster kept tucked away as a lot of girls she knew thought of it, but a beautiful instrument of pleasure. She liked how soft the skin was, its curves and the general shape of the thing, and she loved how hard they felt erect and the many ways in which one could be used to pleasure a girl like her. An added bonus about Brecon was that he kept his clean shaven; she didn’t like guys with exceptionally hairy packages.

She lent forward once again, bringing her head almost in contact with it. She breathed gently on the very tip and grinned as it twitched and Brecon let out a soft sigh. She brushed her dry lips on the sensitive head, barely touching it and was rewarded with a jump and a louder moan. She dare not do anything more at this point for fear of waking him, but someday, somehow, she would taste his cock properly and she knew she would love it. Moving further up his body, still making no contact, she rested her lips briefly against his before silently leaving the room.

Ten minutes later she lay in bed, naked once more, and listened as his alarm went off. 6am, the same every morning. After the alarm was shut off, she heard him stumble about his room, opening and closing draws as he dressed. She could tell he was trying to be quiet and found it amusing that he was less than succeeding. His door opened and closed, then he was away down the stairs and out the front door. She knew he was off for his morning run and wouldn’t be back for an hour or more.

Beneath the duvet, already wet fingers once again found her entrance and went beyond and she worked herself to thoughts of how he must look. She saw his muscular legs pumping back and forth as he pounded the road, saw his chest heave as he concentrated in putting his all into what he was doing, saw him work hard so he would coat his toned body in sweet tasting sweat that she would love to lick from him. She took the image and translated it to him in bed with her, pounding her instead of the road and came for the third time since returning to her room, the juices joining the steadily growing wet patch between her sheets. She fell asleep, exhausted, her fingers still at her dripping pussy.

Tanya woke but kept her eyes shut and smiled, warm and not quite ready to get up yet. She felt fuzzy all over and she liked it. It took her a second to work out why; ah, of course, she was still buzzing from earlier. The memories widened her smile into a grin and she rolled onto her side, curling up tight as she thought of him pounding her again. It sent shivers down her spine. She would have to have him soon, she decided. It was getting unbearable; at first she had only been his voyeur once or twice a week, but now she had to see him — see it — everyday. She had even started finding ways to see him during the day while he was awake.

She finally opened her eyes as the images of Brecon’s naked form dissolved and she gained full consciousness. She flung back the covers and crossed to her dresser in one fluid motion. She plucked fresh panties from the draw — the others had been soaked by the time she got back to her room — and pulled them on. She regarded herself in the full length mirror. Her well proportioned if a little rounded body gave her no end of pleasure; she knew by now just how to use every aspect of it to her advantage. And she planned to do so with Brecon today.

Grabbing her woollen housecoat off the back of her door, Tanya left her bedroom and headed left along the landing to the spiral staircase that would take her into the rear of the house. When she reached the bottom she glided along the corridor to the kitchen. As she entered she stopped, surprised. The place was deserted; Brecon would usually be home about now, eating breakfast. She knew her mother, Loren, would not be back till Tuesday as she was visiting with a friend up near the university she had driven Faun to yesterday, but for Ewan not to be back from his run by now was weird.

The whole place was black granite, stainless steel and scratchproof glass, filled with all the latest modern appliances and kitchen accessories. Tanya always thought it was far too space-age but that was her mother’s taste; the rest of the house, save bathroom and bedrooms, was the same. The house still retained its original features like fireplaces and ceiling beams but even those had been stained to match.

‘Well, it’s almost space-age,’ she smiled to herself as she caught site of Jinx in her tattered, plastic dog-bed in the far corner from Tanya.

The dog had noticed Tanya too and, after a good stretch, padded over, looking for attention. Teena bent at the waist reaching out a hand to scratch Jinx’s ear but the sizable Border Collie ignored it, instead passing beneath the hand and shoving her nose into Tanya’s crotch within the open housecoat. Tanya had left it open on purpose, hoping to march into the kitchen and give Brecon an eyeful, before covering up, playing the innocent ‘didn’t know you were here’ act. It would have got his attention.

Now she regretted that decision. The dog took several long sniffs and then began to nuzzle Tanya’s panties. Tanya’s breath caught for two reasons; first that the great, wet nose was exceedingly cold and second because of just what it was rubbing against. The whole incident took only the time it takes to cough but Tanya was caught off guard. As soon as she realised, she turned Jinx’s head aside. She found it disconcerting that the dog always knew when she had been pleasuring herself.

Straightening, she quickly tied her robe and moved to the double sliding doors on her right, opening them onto their acre of land that served as both back-garden, overgrown wilderness and exercise area. Jinx took off immediately after a distant rabbit but Tanya stopped at the edge of the patio. Usually if not in the house, Brecon was out here, but not today. It was mysterious but she would get it from him when he got in anyhow; she was good at that. With a satisfied smile, Tanya nodded to herself before going back in.

Tanya spent a couple of hours filling her time with household chores and meaningless channel surfing in the lounge. She planned to stay there till Brecon came in so she could catch him; the forward stairs and the rest of the house could only be accessed via the lounge. She was going over how she would act and what she would say when she heard Jinx barking aggressively out back. A male voice answered and the dog’s tone changed to happy.

‘Curse it all, he must be coming in the back!’ she thought.

She leapt from the couch and strode quickly to the kitchen, hoping to be first there, but Brecon was already getting a bowl out of the appropriate top-cupboard. He was topless and had his back to her. She could see his exposed skin was glistening with sweat, even though the towel and t-shirt by the door were obviously drenched. He turned then but her eyes did not leave his torso.

“Oh, good mornin’, Tanya,” he said, a little surprised as he had not heard her approach.

Tanya stirred from the images of running her tongue across his body and met his eyes.

“Hmm? Oh, Brecon. Yeah hi,” she managed to say.

“Actually,” he chuckled as he moved to sit at the breakfast bar, “I said good mornin’ but I guess hi will do.”

“What?” Tanya was still a little confused.

“Never mind,” he shook his head as he reached for the cereal boxes.

Finding the one he wanted he opened the work top fridge they kept the milk in and fished out the blue lidded kind. How the women could drink the green one he did not know. They were so against full fat he had to buy his own. Still, at least he knew there would always be milk when he needed it, not having to share and all that implied. He drowned his cereal and began to eat. Looking round suddenly he found that Tanya was still standing in the doorway. Now she looked like she was staring into space, though.

“Hey, cuz, you gonna just stand there all day?”

For the second time, Tanya was disturbed from her planning of how to get him in bed. She shook her head and came and sat opposite him.

“Sooo?” she asked as she slid onto the stool.


“Where’ve you been? You’re back late.”

“Oh, I was just at … ,” Brecon caught himself.

He had been about to say ‘Jenny’s’. Knowing that she knew none of his friends were called Jenny, that reply would have led to far too much probing from Tanya and he did not want that out yet. In fact he did not think it should be out at all, especially not to someone else who went to the same college. He quickly thought of somewhere else to say.

“Just at where?” Tanya asked when he did not continue.

“Just at the river,” Brecon stared her straight in the eyes as he said it.

“You ran all the way to the river?” Tanya’s expression was sceptical.

“Yeah, that’s why I’m late, had to sit down for awhile and get my breath back before I could head home.”

The river was at least two miles away so it seemed plausible to him but Tanya still seemed doubtful.

“Why the river? You don’t usually run to the river.”

“Yeah, well, today I did,” he said, a little peeved now.

“But why?”

“Jeez, Tanya, just let it go, aright!?” He replied heatedly, “You asked where I was so I told you, ok!?”

Tanya nodded slowly, regretting that she had annoyed him.

Brecon sighed; he did not like fighting with her. He tried to get her back onside by changing the subject.

“So, cuz, what you up to today?” He asked.

“Fuck all,” Tanya replied, leaning back in her seat, letting the gown slip open a little, enough to show she had no top on.

She had recovered quickly, simply looking bored now he noted.

“Same, though I do need a shower first,” he said as he went back to his cereal.

Tanya was disappointed that he appeared not to have noticed. She slumped a little, but took comfort in the mention of a shower as it provided an opportunity.

“Well when you’re done, leave it running, I need one too,” she said, laying the bait.

“Why? I’ll be using the one in my en-suite so you can get one at the same time in the main bathroom.”

She looked away, her neck flushing. She felt so stupid, having forgotten for a moment; Loren had given Brecon her room when he moved in so the ‘Man of the House’, as she called him at times, had his privacy and the three women shared the bathroom on the landing. They even had a downstairs toilet for guests. Tanya was running out of ideas and almost missed the fact that he had got up. She looked round but he was only at the sink, rinsing his dish. He moved to leave the room and she pouted. The look disappeared quickly when he turned back toward her.

“Bring Jinx in will you, she’s barking like mad,” he turned to leave. Over his shoulder he said, “Oh and if you’re not gonna dress properly, don’t come near me when you get the cold.”

Tanya brightened a little. She had not noticed Jinx’s barking but at least he had noticed her absent top. It did not sound like he was interested yet but it was a start. She went to call for Jinx and after the dog was in, she crept through the lounge to the front stairs. His room occupied the front of the house and she listened for noise from his bathroom. When she heard the door creak open, up she went, silently, ghost like. His bedroom door was shut as she reached the landing but a quick flick of the wrist had it open without a sound. She waited a moment, expecting to hear him call ‘who’s there?’ but no alarm sounded.

She cracked the door open and looked in. He was not in the room and steam was drifting out of the partially open en-suite door. Sliding into the room, like earlier that morning she left his door open and tiptoed across the floor. She stopped at the door and looked through the gap. Even with the air vent on and the window open she knew the shower created too much steam, especially at the ‘turn skin bright red’ heat he liked it at, hence the open door. It provided the perfect view of the shower from where she stood; part side on, part behind, giving her a great view of his profile but at the same time his firm butt cheeks.

If not for the steam Brecon would have seen her straight away but it had clouded the mirror above the sink to the point were nothing was discernable. She knew from experience he always faced into the water, except to rinse his hair but he invariably had his eyes closed at the time. Right now he was lathering up his back in that awkward way you have to but it did stretch his back muscles in ways that made them ripple beneath his skin, making Tanya sigh with longing.

Slowly, her hand slipped under her robe and pulled her panties down enough to allow her fingers access to her pussy. Two fingers slid in straight away and she fucked herself slowly as she watched him now lather his ass cheeks, watched him run his fingers across his butt wishing it were her hands there instead. Just then, he rinsed off, dipping under the water and letting it stream in rivers down his hot, toned body. Tanya gasped aloud, knowing he could not hear her thanks to the shower; her fingers were moving faster now.

After shaking the water from his head, Brecon bent to pick up the shower gel, awarding his secret audience a full view of him from behind, his legs spread just enough to reveal the silhouette of his penis between them, half erect from the heat. He straightened, resuming his former position and squeezed a generous amount of the gel into his right hand.

Tanya knew what was coming next and her other hand automatically dropped to her groin from the breast it had been tormenting. Her finger tips found her clitoris just as his hand wrapped around his shaft. She could not actually see it from here but she could tell by the way his arm was crooked and the movements it began to make. As he slowly began to massage the gel up and down his length, stroking it to fullness, she began to rub her clit at the exact same speed, matching him move for move.

Brecon was remembering how he had pounded Jenny earlier at her home. He had arrived unannounced but not unwelcomed. They had not even bothered going upstairs. She had been wearing only a housecoat, similar to the one Tanya had been wearing so openly; the unbidden thought arose before he could stop it. He pushed it aside and returned to Jenny.

He had pulled her to him, kissed her roughly, then spun her round, bent her over the back of her armchair, pushed down his pants and pounded her pussy till she screamed his name in ecstasy. He had been meaning to leave it at that, so as to get back without raising suspicions about where he had been from Tanya and Aunt Loren but then he had remembered she would not be home and Tanya would not care. But Tanya had cared, his mind said. Annoyed once again at the interruption, he quashed the thought. He wondered why his mind kept coming back to Tanya, it did not usually. Probably because she was the last person he interacted with so she would be first on his mind, his mind answered.

Whatever, he was still stoking his pipe and his thoughts quickly returned to the further hour or more of love making and cuddling they had done before he had decided he really must go. He kept playing the scenes over and over in his mind, including the other night, as he pumped faster and faster. He reached that point were he had to steady himself, leaning forward with one hand pressed against the wall, his elbow locked and water cascading over him. He could not see but that did not matter now. His arm was getting sore from how hard he was stroking himself but he was nearly there.

In his mind he was fucking Jenny hard but just as he was about to explode, her face changed to that of Tanya. He shot string after string of hot cum against the shower wall, his eyes wide with shock, knees weak not just from the pleasure of release but also from the realisation he had just came to thoughts of his cousin. What the fuck was going on? This had never happened before; when he thought about a particular girl or woman, she remained that same girl or woman till release, she did not change and certainly not into his family members!

While worrying about this, unbeknownst to Brecon, not five feet away Tanya had came too. She was propped against the doorway, breathing heavily, her vagina leaking around her still embedded fingers, the juices catching in her panties which meant Brecon would never know. Soon as she was able too she pushed herself upright and, smiling weakly as he hosed down the wall, waddled from the room, closing the door quietly behind her. She made it too the bathroom and got herself cleaned up. She would need fresh panties again but she did not care, that had been the best shower voyeurism yet and besides she had plenty of spares.

She tried a few more tricks with him through out the rest of the day, taking full advantage of her mum not being around. Loren would have seen through her daughter in an instant but Brecon was either dense or really not interested. Tanya flopped into bed that night with a pout clouding her pretty face. She had decided that today would be the make or break day and obviously it had not been made, so by all rights she should give up but instead, it had only deepened her resolve that one way or another she would get him at some point. With that happy thought, she rolled over and went to sleep, looking forward to her alarm.

It was 10am the next day and Tanya sat in class, sore and grumpy. Her alarm had failed to go off so she had missed Brecon that morning. He had already left the house by the time she managed to drag her ass out of bed less than half an hour before college was due to start. She had managed to get a lift from a friend, a lift that worsened her mood because her friend did nothing but complain about having to come so far out of her way just because Tanya could not be bothered to set an alarm.

She had not seen Brecon so far thanks to their year difference and it was pissing her off. Her sexual energy needed a release and so far today there had not been time. Her work sat untouched in front of her as she stared out at the grey day outside, the weather matching her mood, preoccupied with thoughts of her gorgeous cousin. Just then the tutor announced they could take a break for fifteen. Tanya was determined to see Brecon so she packed her stuff up and left the room, as several others had done, presumably off for a fag or snack. She wandered along the landing before heading down to the next floor were she knew Brecon would be this time on a Monday.

Bingo. There he was stood at his study room door, chatting with his friends Ewan and Shantel. Ewan was a head shorter than Brecon and of Asian descent, all dark hair and olive skin, attractive but playing for the wrong team. Shantel was African-American, a real tomboy, though her figure was that of a model. Tanya decided to play it cool, as if she had not seen them. Looking straight ahead, she sauntered down the corridor. Just as she thought Brecon had not seen her he stepped in front of her. His spicy smell reached her before his words and she drank it in.

“Hey, Lazybones, see you managed to get here anyway,” he said giving her shoulder a playful dig.

“No thanks to you,” she complained in mock rebuke, returning his dig with a harder one, “You could’ve woke me.”

“You looked like you needed it,” he replied.

She flashed him her best smile, “Well, no harm done I’m here after all.”

She turned to the other two and uttered a ‘Hey’ of acknowledgement to their presence before locking her gaze back on his beautiful eyes. That is when she noticed something different about them. Up till now, there always appeared to be a degree of pain and sadness in them. It was still there, but he looked more alive than usual, happier. She wondered what could have happened.

“So?” Brecon asked.

Tanya shook herself, suddenly realising she had been staring at him.

“Sorry, lost myself for a sec. Anyway, if I’m to get a drink before class resumes I better get to the canteen quick. Catch you later, Brecon. Ewan, Shantel, bye.”

She turned the corner of the corridor and then pressed herself against the wall to listen.

“I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again, Tanya’s got it on for you, man.”

That was Ewan to Brecon.

“Give over Ewan, she’s my cousin and my friend, nowt more,” Tanya’s heart skipped a beat; he did not sound fully convinced, “What makes you think that anyway?”

Her heart skipped another beat. He would not ask if he was sure, would he?

“She just gives off that kind of vibe, you know?”

“What ya talkin’ about, man, what vibe?”

That was Shantel.

“The kind of vibe a girl gives off when talking to someone they LIKE.”

“Oh, an ‘ow would you know what dat ‘vibe’ feels like?” Shantel again.

“Hey, am gay, I have a deep connection to feminine feelings.”

“Oh yeah, well am actually a woman, an I didna feel no ‘vibe’.”

“Yes but your practically a boy, so it doesn’t count.”

“Hey! Just ‘coz am Bi and a Tomboy don’t make me a man!”

Tanya slinked away. She knew how this would end. The two of them would rant for a bit then Brecon would help them settle the argument, he always did. Tanya was more concerned with what Ewan had accused her of. Was it that obvious? Did she really put out some ‘vibe’? Whatever, she would just be more careful in public but it did not change anything.

Later at lunch time, Tanya was sat in the canteen at the table across the room from where Brecon always sat with the other two. She had always had a great view of him and the other two always had their backs to her so never noticed her looking. But today, Brecon had not entered at the same time as them. She had waited for awhile but he still did not appear. Having finished her lunch, she excused herself from her friends and headed over to the table.

Ewan and Shantel were getting on fine now. Moving round so they could see her, she asked where Brecon was because she needed his iPod for during art. The pair knew about the arrangement so neither thought anything of it.

“He said Miss Montana needed to see him during lunch. Said they needed to go over the extra credit stuff she wants him to do, you know, what with him being top of the science class and all that,” Ewan told her.

“Thanks, guys, guess I’ll catch him just before class then.”

“See, even she thinks you’re a guy!” Ewan teased, to which Shantel replied by throwing a handful of vinegary chips at him.

Tanya smiled as she walked away. Outside the canteen however, she stopped smiling.

‘Extra credit work? That’s not like Brecon. He’s already beyond the others to hear him talk, why would he want to do more?’ she thought, ‘There’s something strange about this. I’m gonna go see him right now.’

She headed off in the direction of the science block. The playing field was empty thanks to the dreary weather and the downstairs of the science block was just as deserted when she entered. She marched up the stairs but moved quieter when she got to the next floor. Something was telling her not to barge through the door and she wondered why. She crept up to the door of the practical room and peered through the small slit window. She did not see anyone at first and swept her gaze towards the middle of the room.

Sat on a workbench, back to the door, she saw Jenny Montana, the practical science tutor. Her head was tilted back, it was obvious her shirt was open and she had no trousers on. Her arms and legs were wrapped around someone who had their face pressed to her chest; Tanya’s line of sight was blocked but she had a sickening feeling she knew exactly who. Just then, Jenny flopped backward onto her elbows and Tanya felt her hopes crash around her. Facing her, topless between Jenny’s legs, stood Brecon. His chest was heaving and his face was lit with the most sexual expression Tanya had ever seen; full of love and lust, an expression she had hoped to see him have about her.

Neither had noticed her pale face at the door and just then Jenny raised her hips and took hold of her panties and Brecon began to undo his jeans. Tanya fell away from the door, knowing what would happen next and she really did not want to see that. Hot tears pricked at the corner of her eyes, but she wiped them away. She was not so much upset about seeing Brecon with someone else more with herself for thinking it possible he would be hers.

She ran from the building, across the field and only stopped when there was no further point to run to on campus. She felt better now after the run, drained of all emotion except one; calmness. It surprised her; something had changed in her. She thought she would be raging or jealous or upset, but no, only one thought was blazing in her mind; she now had exactly what she needed to bed Brecon. Yes, she would still have him and she smiled an evil smile. It would happen tonight after college. It might be the only time but she would make it a night to remember.

She laughed aloud as she smiled a knowing smile and sauntered back toward the main building, off to her next class.

It was 5pm when Brecon stepped off the bus outside his Aunt’s house. It was the last on the road for a mile or so and the bus had already vanished by the time he got to the front door. Brecon was feeling a little down. Tanya usually caught the same bus he did on a Monday but she had not and he had missed her company. Her friend she usually sat with on the bus said she had not seen Tanya since mid-afternoon, so he had assumed she had came home early but the house was dark and silent, made darker still by the black clouds outside. It was too quiet, the kind of quiet were you know something weird is about to happen.

“Tanya! You here?” he called out, on the off chance, but the house remained silent.

He did not like this. He brought up the lights in the front room via the dimmer switch but there was nothing out of place. The lumpy sofas, armchairs and hard chairs were empty. Shrugging he crossed slowly towards the kitchen, hoping a drink and some food might help. There was enough light to see by to get to the fridge so he simply strode to it.

“Hello, Brecon.”

Brecon jumped out of his skin, crashing sideways into the counter top furthest from the dining table were the soft voice had come from. Even as he tried to get his breathing under control, he peered into the darkened corner of the room. Someone was definitely sat at the table; a small, feminine someone from the silhouette.

“Tanya, is that you?”

“Who else?”

Brecon sighed with relief. He pushed himself from the counter and moved to stand across from her across the table. From what he could see, she had her legs drawn up and was staring at him.

“You gave me such a fright you minx.”

She just stared.

“Tanya you ok?”

“Am I ok? Am I ok?” she repeated, parrot fashion, “No, Brecon, I am not okay, but I will be.”

“Ok, you’re scaring me now, Tanya.”

“Well, seeing you scared is better than seeing you about to fuck your tutor.”

Brecon’s blood ran cold. He simply stared at the shadowy figure before him.

“Oh yes, didn’t I mention I was at the science block at lunch time, looking for you? Well, I found you, or more I saw you, saw you with Jenny Montana. I wonder what Mum would have to say if she knew? Wonder what the college Dean would say?”

Brecon dropped into the seat beside him. Though his heart was hammering his sense of reason was calm. Everything was not lost; she would have grassed him up by now if she was going to. Obviously she wanted something for her silence; he just needed to find out what.

“You won’t tell, I know it.”

“I won’t if you give me what I want,” she said quietly.

“Name it and if I can I will.”

“No, Brecon, you WILL give me what I want, or I WILL tell,” she said much more forcefully, “You must swear, SWEAR that you will and then I’ll tell you what I want.”

‘Jeez, it must be something big,’ he thought.

Brecon sat silently considering it. Other than to point a finger at him on two occasions, Teena had not moved so far. She simply continued to stare at him from the shadows. Finally, he decided there was not really another option.

“Ok, I swear on my life I’ll give you anything you want, now tell me.”

He watched as Tanya unfurled her legs and stood, moving slowly round the table toward him. As she came nearer he could make out that she was wearing that housecoat again, the one so similar to Jenny’s. She did not stop beside him as he thought she would but moved behind him. He froze when he felt her arms drape over his shoulders and wrap across his chest … he hoped this was not going were he knew it must be. Her breath tickled his ear as she whispered to him.

“What I want, Brecon, is you.”

For the second time that night, Brecon’s blood ran cold. He leapt out of the chair, almost dragging her with him and put the table between them, gripping the back of the chair she had previously occupied. From this new position, with the light behind Tanya, he could see through the housecoat and knew she wore nothing beneath. It occurred to him then, as most things often do at the weirdest of times, that perhaps this morning’s incident in the shower and Ewan’s words were a warning or premonition of tonight’s events. As many of us are given to do so when panicked, Brecon was concentrating on something other than what was really going on. Just now it was the funny fact that she was gripping the back of his chair, almost perfectly mirroring him. Just then he realised she was talking and thought it best to listen.

“… back on your word! You swore remember? I want you and you swore I could have what I want!”

“Yes, but I didn’t think you meant me, Tanya! God’s sake I’m your cousin!”

“So? That’s not as close a relation as brother and sister; it’s actually more accepted for cousins in a lot of places!”

“My Dad was your Mum’s brother! That’s still pretty damn close! And that’s truer of 2nd or 3rd not 1st COUSINS!”

“It’s always been you I want, always! I just didn’t know it till I came back from France. Please, Brecon, you swore!”

“I … I … well … it’s just not right, is it? Come on Tanya, you can’t be serious?”

“How much more serious could I get? I’m naked! I made you swear! And I’ve been watching you for months now!”

“Watching me? In my sleep or awake?” this was said more calmly, in a curious tone.

Sometimes, even when we know we should be angry or upset, when a new point is uncovered we forget and just want to know more despite ourselves. This was one of those times.

“Both, only a little at first, now daily,” Tanya replied, quieter too.

“But why, Tanya? Why me? I’m your cousin,” he pleaded.

“I can’t help who I’m attracted to, who I love,” she began to sniffle.

“You can’t love me, I’m your cousin,” Tanya noticed he seemed to be trying to convince himself more than actually speaking to her.

“Well,” she said, flopping into the seat, “I don’t know if I love you in that way or not, but I love you as my cousin and I know I like you far more than a cousin should. What is it? Do you just not like the look of me, am really so unattractive that you have to keep hiding behind that same excuse?”

Tanya began to cry and suddenly Brecon was hugging her to him.

“Tanya,” he pleaded as he held her, stroking her hair and rocking her to try and calm her sobbing, “No, of course I find you attractive, what guy wouldn’t? If we weren’t cousins you would definitely be a girl I could date but we are and nothing will change that. Is there nothing else I can do, anything at all, to keep you from telling?”

Tanya shoved him away.

“I’ve told you what I want and you have refused me even after swearing!” she said, angrily wiping away her tears, “You’ve made it clear you won’t co-operate so fine, I guess you must suffer the consequences!”

She was up and out of the room before he could fully grasp her meaning. When he did he ran after her. He stopped in the doorway across the room from where she stood holding the house phone. He could see his Aunt’s number was typed in and Tanya’s thumb was on the dial button.

“Will you fuck me?”

“Tanya, please!”


“Even if you do tell, what’s to stop me telling everyone what you’re doing right now? Trying to seduce your own cousin by not telling on him with his teacher?”

“Which do you really think is worse? So I may go to some stupid counselling sessions or summet, but you’ll lose college and Montana will lose her job, think on that!”

“You can’t do this!”

“WRONG ANSWER!” and she pressed dial.

“OK!” he said, slumping.

“Ok what?” she said as she walked towards him.

The phone was ringing now.

“Ok, I’ll give you what you want.”

Tanya’s eyes narrowed.

“Prove it.”

The phone continued to ring.

Brecon slowly undid his jeans, took hold of them and pushed them down his thighs. The sudden chill caused his cock to twitch. Tanya beamed and hit the hang up button. His cock was already semi-hard.

‘Probably from the sight of my semi-naked body,’ she thought.

She licked her lips as she tossed the phone aside and came to stand before him.

“One condition though,” Brecon said.


“No kissing. We just fuck and that’s it, over, never spoken of again. I give you what you want, nothing emotional.”

“Fine, but in that case you had better fuck me like you mean it, if I’m not satisfied we go again till I am, ok?”


Tanya lowered herself to a crouch, her face on level with his groin.

“Wait this wasn’t part of the agreement,” Brecon said trying to back away.

His jeans where still around his thighs and so he could not move quickly enough before she had taken hold of his butt with one hand and the other wrapped itself around his stiffening member. At her silky touch it expanded rapidly to full size and at the first breath and feeling of her tongue against the head, his knees buckled and he had to grasp the doorframe for support.

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