Past encounters


Something new. Been in my head for an age — and partly written. Finished now and working on the rest of the series [of five]. Could be in Sci fi/Fantasy but it is about a Celebrity so here it is. Has anal at end so, if you don’t like that, don’t read that bit!

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No. 1: Cyd Charisse

Where the hell was I?

More to the point – who was I? I certainly wasn’t the guy staring back at me from the mirror. He must have been 6’2″ and, I suspect, was what might have been called in the old days, something of a ‘hunk’. Broad shoulders on a slim physique. Brown curly hair, brown eyes in a wide face. Strong nose, full mouth that seemed on the point of smiling and a square chin. It wasn’t me — but, shit, it was. Well it felt like me — of that I was sure.

And clothes? I didn’t have any clothes like this. I shouldn’t think anybody did nowadays. Nowadays?

Never mind where and who! What about WHEN?

I’d just finished watching ‘The Band Wagon’ with Cyd Charisse and Fred Astaire. She is one of my favourite Hollywood stars of the 40′s and 50′s. A great dancer with, as is said in England, legs that go up to her bum. I’ve been ‘in love’ with her for many a year — too many. Or is it ‘in lust’? I suspect that, when I first saw her in my early teens it was an innocent ‘love’. The sort of feeling I felt for many of the Hollywood goddesses that graced the silver screen before the advent of the idiot’s box in the corner. Now it’s lust pure and simple.

To while away the evening I’d gone to the PC to drool over the many images that I had of her on the computer. One in particular was my favourite. A black and white shot of her in a, I suppose you would say, bathing costume though I doubt she could take it to water. As was the norm in those days for ‘publicity’ shots it wasn’t terribly revealing of the ‘important’ bits but the 3inch heeled sandals showed her marvellous legs off to perfection. She was also wearing her hair in what was my favourite way, short showing her lovely neck and shoulders. Of course the bathing costume accentuated her figure; in particular her shapely hips.

I sat there lusting after this wonderful woman, wondering what having sex with her would have been like when suddenly things went blank. That’s when I ‘came to’ I suppose in this office.

I looked around. It most certainly was not a modern office. Well if it was it was full of ‘retro’ equipment. Phone, intercom, everything looked, I don’t know, fifties I suppose. I walked to the window and looked out.

Deep breath!!!

Well — the when certainly wasn’t 2012! Outside proved that. The cars were enormous and old. Well they weren’t ‘old’ old actually — and they were driving on the wrong bloody side! Shit — this was becoming bloody scary!

Back to the mirror: I felt ‘my’ face. It felt like my face — not the one in the mirror. It was ‘me’. I pinched my thigh and felt it.

What the hell was going on?

I didn’t have much time to think because, just at that moment a door to the side opened. I turned and . . . nearly lost it!

Standing there, as large as life, was Cyd Charisse dressed in ‘that’ bathing costume. My mind registered that it was red and that she looked — well — fabulous.

She looked at me, smiled, and said, “Hi,” rather quizzically.

“Errr, errm. Hello,” I managed rather weakly, “how do you do?”

“Why you’re English,” she said with a laugh, “you sound like David Niven.” Well I probably didn’t really but to an American perhaps I did. I just had time to realise that it was MY voice that was coming out of this mouth before I responded. And, boy, did I respond. I’m not quite sure how I did this but . . .

“And you are American,” I said with a gracious smile. “The beautiful Cyd Charisse,” and, with that, I gently took her hand and pressed the back of it to my lips. “It is a pleasure and an honour to meet you,” I said flashing my best (well, OK it wasn’t mine — was it — I was confused but things seemed to be going well).

She chuckled in pleasure. “You English — you are so . . . formal.”

“Aaahhh,” I said, “but faced with beauty such as yours we have to put on a show.” She laughed again. Oh well, in for a penny, in for a pound (dollar?). “I don’t suppose, no . . . it’s too much to ask . . .” Where was this coming from?

“Don’t suppose what?”

“I don’t suppose that you might find time in your busy schedule to have dinner with me tonight?” WOW!!

“YOU are a very forward young man,” she said with a smile. I could see she wasn’t angry but seemed almost flattered by my attention. I couldn’t understand why — she must have got that sort of attention wherever she went. I had a moment now to take in her beauty. So different from stars of today (sorry, 2012 — heck what day is it?). Her lips were lipstick red, a luscious red that made them beg to be kissed. Her breasts were supported in the costume which was far more solid than one that might be worn today (here we go again!). I could smell her perfume, heady and aromatic, and bloody sexy. I felt my nostrils flare and my cock, forgotten until now, respond to this, thought to be, unattainable woman.

A sort of puzzled expression appeared on her face then, “I think I can manage that,” she said finally after what seemed an age. “I’m staying at a hotel; pick me up at 7:00.” A deep breath, where the bloody hell was I going to take her? I hadn’t a clue where I was!

“I’m new LA,” I said with a confident smile and hoping that I was right, “you book the restaurant. You probably know them well. Book the best mind,” I added with a smile, “if I’m taking the most beautiful woman in Hollywood out to dinner I don’t want to skimp!”

She laughed, “You English! I said you are a flatterer,” and she prodded me playfully in the chest.

A look of feigned chagrin crossed my features, “I only tell the truth dear lady, the truth and nothing but the truth.” This caused an even deeper laugh that pushed so many buttons in my (?) body. Would it be possible? Could all my fantasies come true? Well — you never know. Things were moving on apace!

“I must go and get changed then off to another shoot. I will be ready for you at 7:00. Here’s my address,” she said over her shoulder as she handed me a slip of paper and left by the other door. I watched her walk away on those 3 inch heels. Her arse!!!!! The movement. Jesus Christ, her arse was . . . I don’t have the bloody words.

Look, plain and simple, I’m an arse man. Well, I mean, I’m a ‘woman’ man and I like female arses. I like anal sex so that’s what I look for in a woman. I also like ‘shapely’ woman not the thinner body shape that seems more popular today (look — when I say ‘today’ I mean my ‘time’ — 2012. OK?). Cyd was this in spades although she didn’t have a ‘bubble butt’ so enamoured today it was flatter, more powerful I suppose. She was, after all, a dancer. She has wonderful hips and legs — well I’ve already described them. Watching her walk away was almost enough to give me an orgasm standing there but I held on!

As the door closed I had time to take stock. What was happening? How did I know I was in Los Angeles? Hollywood? I couldn’t figure it out, I just did. Now it was time to do some digging. There was a calendar on the desk. 5th May 1954. Deep breath; eyes closed; calm down!

OK. Calm now. Look in pockets. Trousers first — I was wearing what seemed to be a very expensive suit that fitted perfectly. Money in one pocket – American money. Looked at the coins and knew what they were. How I don’t know but it did. Keys in the other. Seemed to be hotel keys — room 701. They had this big, heavy fob with ‘ROYAL’ stamped on. I hoped there was only one ROYAL!

Jacket next. Side pocket and a set of car keys with a number on. Didn’t recognise it — not surprising — but it looked as if it might be a registration number. Not to worry — sort that out later. Inside pocket contained a wallet. Lots of dollars, hundreds — big bills. An English driver’s licence in the name of Gregory Benson. Well that isn’t my name but the photo was the same as the face in the mirror. Home address somewhere in a good part of London?

Right, time to move on. I left the office and went into the street. Although everything seemed strange I didn’t feel strange. I felt normal. I hailed a passing Taxi and, getting in, said, “The Royal please.” He didn’t bat an eyelid and off we went. Phew! Only one Royal then!

The Royal was a very, very, VERY, plush joint. I was greeted with a cheery smile from the doorman and a, “Good afternoon Mr Benson.” Curiouser and curiouser! As I passed the desk the clerk raised his head, “Hello Mr Benson, no messages.” I nodded thanks and tried to hide my puzzlement. What the fuck was going on?

It transpired that the room was at the top, a penthouse room. Well not a room, a bloody suite of rooms. Lounge, bar dining area, bedroom, a bathroom you could hold a party in, and a great big balcony looking out over a park. Shit — I hope I can afford this — I thought.

Time now to try to get a handle on what was happening. I stripped off in the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror. Well — it didn’t look like me but it felt like me. I touched myself — well what I saw in the mirror — and I felt my touch. The figure I saw was taller than me and slimmer. In fact he looked like a perfect specimen. Light ‘six-pack’, sloping shoulder, strong thighs. Almost an athlete. Add to that the square chin and strong face and I couldn’t help but think that he looked pretty good. So, how did I, me, come to be in this body? And, not to be ignored, how did I come to be in California in 1954?

There was only one explanation that I could think of [other than a dream] and that didn’t really ‘explain’: it was just a possible cause. I looked to my left wrist where the small bracelet was gripping my skin tightly. It was strange and it was the only thing I could think of that might, only might, be the cause. I’d brought the thing in a bazaar when on holiday in Egypt several years before my divorce. I rather liked it which is strange for me because I don’t normally wear any sort of jewellery but this took my eye: almost spoke to me.

A very chunky gold bracelet with bars about half an inch long fixed together by loose gold links. There were five bars and each had a jewel about 1/8th of an inch across. They were all different colours and I liked the way they sparkled. I got it fairly cheaply, the Arab seller giving me a cock and bull story about it being ‘cursed’ or magic. I took no notice and parted with the equivalent of a few pounds — a good price I thought. It was strange really because I simply forgot about it then. It went into my case and came home and then into a drawer. I looked at it occasionally but I hadn’t ever put it on, other than before I purchased it. In truth, I didn’t really know why I had bought it in the first place.

As it happened I fished it out of the cupboard just before I sat down to watch Cyd. I was having a clearout of some old clothes and there it was. I remembered it with pleasure then and slipped it on. It was quite loose and went on easily so I was surprised when I couldn’t get it off again. It was tight to my skin just below my hand and next to the wrist bone. It seemed to have shrunk. The other thing I noticed was that the jewels seemed brighter. I thought that it was probably my imagination and there must be a knack in getting it off so I didn’t take much notice.

Now, standing there in front of the mirror, I did. Mainly because I noticed that one of the jewels seemed dull. The other five were still the same, bright and shiny. I lifted my wrist to examine the bracelet and found that it was even tighter. In fact I couldn’t move or even turn it at all. It seemed to be almost fused to my skin. It didn’t hurt but I became aware of a slight tingling and warmth underneath the bracelet. Ever stranger, I thought. Could it be the bracelet? Was it really magic? Well, to be honest, just now I wasn’t going to worry about what had caused this, just take advantage of it.

Here I was, in Hollywood, circa 1954, a rich, handsome Englishman who seemed to have the ability to charm even the most experienced of women so why not take advantage and worry about the cost later. Slipping on a dressing gown, very expensive silk, I did a tour of the apartment. I didn’t recognize anything other than a photograph of the ‘me’ I was now in my passport. I had a large, and very expensive, wardrobe of clothes and the bathroom was filled with the most exclusive toiletries. I bathed, shaved, and dressed in the smartest suit I could find: combed my glorious head of wavy brown hair and took a deep breath. Picking up the phone I called the desk and asked them to order a taxi. Then I walked down to the foyer to see if I could pick up any hints from a chat with the desk clerk. I had to be careful though otherwise he might just think I was crazy.

I sidled up to the young guy behind the desk. “Hi,” I said with a smile, “nice evening!” It was.

“Sure is Mr. Benson. Not driving tonight?” Phew! At least I could guess that the car was in the hotel car park.

“No,” I smiled, “going out with a lovely woman. Don’t want the bother of driving.”

“You English,” he said with a smile, “how do you do it?”

“Must be the accent,” I laughed. Then an idea, “Any chance of a look at my bill. I might need to exchange some sterling.”

“Sure thing Mr. Benson,” and he ferreted away at the desk behind the counter and, in a few minutes, came up with a hand written bill. “All paid for in advance.” Caught me by surprise really — I was expecting a computer printout! I’d booked in just two days before and the figure was quite high but I knew I had that in my wallet alone and that didn’t include the considerable bundle of bills in my room but that didn’t seem to matter. How the heck could I find out how long I was supposed to stay!

“Thanks a lot,” I smiled then turned as the taxi driver poked his head into the foyer.

“Taxi for Mr Benson?” I nodded and off I went. I handed the driver the paper Cyd had written on and we drove off. It wasn’t far and, when we got there, I told him to wait. He seemed pretty happy to do that. I had noted the room number and in the foyer I used the hotel telephone to ring her.

“Hi,” I said into the very old fashioned handset, “it’s your date, Greg Benson.” We I wasn’t about to use my real name — that could get extremely confusing.

I heard a laugh from the other end of the phone, “I’m glad you told me your name,” she said, “it’s always nice to know who I am having dinner with! I’ll be down in a few minutes.” I found a chair and waited. Well, it was more than a few minutes but the wait was worth it. She was wearing a red dress that dropped to mid-calf; not dissimilar to the one she wore in ‘The Bandwagon’ in the dance routine at the end. It didn’t have the split that that one had but, heck, it was fabulous. It showed off her lovely breasts, her shoulders, and her neck. Three inch heels on her red shoes made her even taller.

I stood and bowed as she approached. “You look devastating,” I said with a smile, “I am honoured.”

She laughed in response. “I could get to like you,” she said as she took my arm.

“I have a taxi waiting,” I said as we left the hotel. Cyd gave the name of the restaurant to the driver and, in a few minutes we were there. He seemed very impressed as I paid him giving me a big smile and a wink. The restaurant was lavish — to say the least. Vaguely Italian in style, it was fairly large but, I was pleased to see, had alcoves with provided a degree of privacy. The maitre d’ seated us immediately and we began a most enjoyable meal.

Cyd was interested in why I was in Hollywood. I, of course, was not aware of any reason until I began to really think about it. “I work for Rank,” I said as my mind provided the information, “at Elstree.”

“Oh, the big Studio outside London?”

“Yes. I’m over to try to pick up some ideas.” I went on to explain and to talk about some technical issues that I, frankly, didn’t really understand. I just seemed to have the knowledge. Cyd listened intently and added comments in appropriate places. I managed, finally, to get her to talk about ‘The Bandwagon’ and Fred Astaire. That enabled me to continue to complement her throughout the meal. She was truly beautiful then — well, to be honest, she was truly beautiful for most of her life but at that time she almost shone. I was becoming intoxicated with her presence and didn’t really want the meal to end but, of course, it did.

As we waited in the foyer of the restaurant for our taxi she turned to me and smiled — a smile which lit up my life — and said, “It’s been a lovely evening Greg, thank you so much.”

I smiled back then I said, “It doesn’t have to end Cyd. Come back to my hotel for a nightcap?” I was, well surprised to say the least. Where had that come from? It seemed that I sometimes worked on autopilot in this fantasy. What surprised me most was Cyd’s response. She looked at me with wrinkled brow for what seemed like an age then smiled.

“That would be nice.” Now I knew I had to remain ‘cool’. Hey, look, I’m a man and she was fabulous. I had wanted to fuck this woman for the best part of 20 years — and had done so many times in my head – particularly after the ‘change’ scene in ‘Silk Stockings’. Here she was, standing next to me, and agreeing to come back to my hotel room.

Well the taxi arrived and I said, “Royal.” She turned and smiled.

“Mmm, I bet you have a nice suite there?”

I smiled back, “Yep, right at the top.”

I was much more conscious of her body on the way back to my hotel. It took about 20 minutes and, for some reason, we sat closer together and I could feel the heat of her next to me. As we got nearer I felt her even closer and her head rested on my shoulder. I wasn’t sure what was happening here or how it was happening, but I wasn’t about to worry too much.

I paid the driver off and got another smile and wink from this guy then led Cyd up to my suite. I opened the door and followed her inside. I couldn’t help noticing, even more so now, the wonderful swell of her hips and the glorious cheeks of her arse: the wide and strong cheeks of a dancer.

“This is lovely,” she said as she looked around the lounge area and flopped down on the massive sofa.

“Drink?” I asked with a smile moving over to the bar.

“Mmm, thanks — just water please.” I found some in the fridge and, as I stood at the bar pouring the drinks, I found it difficult to take my eyes off this stunningly beautiful woman. Desire was increasing as I watched her eyes roam around the room. Suddenly I became aware of the bracelet on my wrist. I seemed to be vibrating, almost humming, on my skin when I looked at Cyd. As I felt this she turned slightly towards me and crossed those gorgeous long legs, displaying most of her thigh. Looking directly at me she smiled. I took a deep breath for that smile seemed to be one of invitation. I joined her on the sofa and handed her the glass.

She sipped the water then placed it on the table. Smiling, she turned towards me. “Well,” she said, “now that you’ve got me here what do you propose to do about it?” I was somewhat taken aback and it must have shown. She laughed, “I thought you English were shy,” she said.

I smiled back, “No, not shy,” I said, “just a little overwhelmed by your stunning loveliness!” She laughed and moved nearer.

“Well you certainly don’t forget how to pay complements,” she murmured as my arms opened and she slipped inside. I kissed her then, her lovely red lips tasting of heaven. Again and again we kissed until, breathlessly, I said quietly but firmly, “I want you!” She pulled away slightly and her eyes met mine.

“And I want you!” she responded.

We stood and embraced again. My hands roamed over her bare neck and shoulders as we kissed and then down her back to her hips. She was pushing into me and I was sure she would feel the solid 8 inches of my erection pressing into her tummy. I wanted to move to the bedroom but I was enjoying her mouth so much and now my hands were roaming over her hips and the cheeks of her arse. Oh glory, that was wonderful! Finally she pulled away again and turned towards the bedroom area.

The bed itself was a massive thing that must have been around 8 feet wide. Cyd stood at the end and, her eyes locked on mine, reached behind and unzipped her dress. With a shake of her body it dropped to the floor and she stepped out of it. WOW! If she looked good in the dress she looked 10 times better in her underwear. Just a little lacy and, for the time I thought, a little racy as well.

She seemed to enjoy my unspoken admiration, almost adoration, as she smiled, “I think you are a little over dressed!” Well I was compared to her so, between us, we quickly put that right and I was soon down to my boxer shorts. Shorts which were making a pretty poor job of hiding my stiff cock! Coming together again, our kiss was long and passionate before we fell back on the bed. I kissed her neck and shoulders marvelling that this was actually happening. Then to her breasts; firm and full. Easing the bra loose I concentrated on her pert nipples. The bra was getting in the way so she rolled face down on the bed. Like this she was breathtaking and, after I undid the clip, she made to roll back. “No Cyd, stay like that for a while,” I whispered. “I want to enjoy your beautiful arse.”

She laughed as she looked back at me, “Arse? You English! It’s my ass!”

“A wonderful arse – or ass if you prefer,” I laughed as I stroked from her lower back to her thighs.

“Mmm,” Cyd murmured with a smile. “You like my . . . Arse?” she laughed. “That sounds so strange!”

I laughed in response. “Yes Cyd, I adore your ass,” she laughed, “I adore all of you but your ass is divine!” I was looking down at her slightly parted legs with her panties stretched across the broad reach of her arse cheeks. It was a wonderful sight and it was having a very obvious effect on ‘my’ 8 inch cock – a very enjoyable effect!

Cyd bumped her ass up and down a few times then said with a smile, “Mmm, that looks very interesting.”

“Its all yours,” I replied as I slipped the boxers off and knelt on the bed beside her. I ran my hands from shoulder to the back of her knees. Back and forth, over and over, as Cyd sighed her pleasure.

I felt her hand on my cock, stroking gently at first then gripping harder. Suddenly Cyd rolled over, pushed me onto my back, and knelt up. Her hands gripped my upstanding erection and she smiled. “This is VERY nice indeed!” Then she bent her head and her ruby red lips closed on the head of my cock!

“Fuck!” I cried as I felt her tongue wash over me and her mouth gently suck. I almost lost it then but took a very deep breath and managed to hold off. I just rested my head back and enjoyed the mouth of Cyd Charisse on my cock. She was a very practised cock sucker! She licked up and down the full length then gently nibbled at the base and down around my balls. I knew then that I was me! I closed my eyes and felt her mouth sucking and her tongue licking my cock. Somehow I was him and he was me. Through the wonderful pleasure of Cyd’s mouth around my erection I made the decision to let it go; be him and enjoy!

“Oh god yes Cyd, suck my cock!” I managed to say breathlessly.

Cyd raised her head and smiled. “Cum,” she said, “cum in my mouth. I’m sure a big strong lad like you has plenty!”

I didn’t know about that but I knew I wanted to fill her lovely mouth with my spunk – but not just yet! I took a deep breath. “Yes,” I said quietly. “Oh yes but . . .”

She smiled. “No buts! I want to taste you.” Then she laughed. “You just want me to keep on sucking your cock don’t you?” I smiled and nodded. “OK,” she replied and bent her head to the task.

For what seemed like an age this gorgeous Hollywood star worked on my cock and balls. She licked the whole length from balls to tip then sucked the head, washing it with her tongue while gently masturbating with one hand and cupping my balls with the other. It was heaven and I was going to cum! Cum in Cyd Charisse’s mouth! Would she swallow? Soon find out!

I really wanted to hold on. I had no idea what this body could do but she was good; very good. “I’m going to cum Cyd,” I managed to say. She just sucked and. As the first pulse shot from my cock, swallowed. That just upped the ante and I blasted four more pulses of cum into her red lipped mouth – she couldn’t manage it all! I wasn’t surprised for it was far more cum than I had ever managed before and now it leaked from between her closed lips. She slid her mouth off my cock, licked her lips, and swallowed.

“My! That was nice. You have nice tasting cum, very nice.” I reached up and pulled her ruby red, cum stained lips to mine and kissed her. My tongue probed and I tasted my cum. The kiss was long and passionate during which my hands roamed her body.

“Nobody has ever done that!” she said with a smile. I raised my eyebrows. “Kissed me after . . . You know.”

“After you swallowed their cum?”

She laughed. “You are a bold one!”

“I do try,” I said then, “my turn now!” She seemed puzzled. I eased her down then, smiling, said, “My turn to taste you.” Surprise registered then as I bent my head and gently bit her cunt through the silk knickers.

“Oh my god!” I bit again and again before closing her legs and stripping the panties off. As was the tendency then she had quite a bit of pussy hair but it was neatly trimmed and very pretty.

“You have a very pretty pussy,” I said gazing down as I opened her legs and knelt between. Again she seemed surprised. I bent her legs and raised her ass up, sliding a pillow underneath.

“What . . . . .?”

I could see her swollen clit; her open, slightly wet, lips and below that the merest suggestion of her anus. A hearty feast indeed! I bent my head and kissed her clit then ran my tongue from there, across her wet pussy lips, here perineum, and across her anus; holding her cheeks gently apart for the latter. Then back up and down again several times. She moaned softly and pushed her cunt up into my face. Finally I concentrated on her clit. First licking round and round and then sucking it gently into my mouth and teasing with my tongue.

“Oh you English bastard!” she groaned breathlessly as her body shuddered and she gushed liquid. I sucked harder and she screamed as one orgasm seemed to flow into another immediately. I didn’t stop, just moved down and covered her vagina, sucking her juices. She tasted fabulous. I pushed my tongue into her, licking the sensitive inner lips.

“Oh my god! Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oooohhhhhhhhhh!” She was cumming again and this time I caught it in my mouth. Wonderful. So now on to her anus; her delightful anus. A tiny star with the slightest suggestion of darkness, it was lovely. I lifted her legs back even more; opening her arse cheeks, and ran my tongue along the valley over and over.

“Oh god, never! Oh my god! What . . . what . . .?” I didn’t bother to reply — it was pretty obvious what I was doing — rimming Cyd Charisse’s arsehole and enjoying every minute of it! I rimmed her for several minutes hearing muffled sounds of pleasure before concentrating on the tiny muscle of her sphincter, pushing with the tip of my tongue. Cyd got the message and relaxed, my tongue slipping inside. WOW, she tasted great! I started to tongue fuck her arse then and, after a few minutes of that, another orgasm rocked her body. I took her through it, tongue in her arse, then, as she came down, moved into position.

My cock was standing proud, 8 inches throbbing with desire despite my recent unrefundable deposit! “I need to fuck you Cyd?” I said making it a question.

She nodded, “Oh yes Greg! Fuck meeeee!” Strangly I had no thoughts of protection or of pregnancy neither did Cyd it seemed for she reached up and pulled my body onto hers. My tip of my cock found its way between her cunt lips and I pushed gently forward. She was no virgin — I doubt that any girl in films could remain a virgin for long in Hollywood in those days — but she was gloriously tight, clasping my cock nicely. My mind kicked in then. I was fucking Cyd Charisse! How often had I imagined doing that and here I was! I guess it was lucky she had taken my first load in her mouth because I would probably have shot it almost immediately. As it was I could hold out for the full enjoyment of her body. I entered slowly, watching her eyes widen as I did so. Halfway in I pulled out a bit then back a little deeper, over and over, until I was buried inside this beautiful woman’s body.

I held myself tight to her, deep inside, then bent and kissed those ruby lips I had so often desired, my tongue pushing between. She kissed back and our tongues danced as I began to fuck her slowly. Slowly at first then speeding up. Driving deep then pulling back. Her eyes smiled up into mine.

“Oh yes Greg. Oh yes. Do that — ooooohhhhh.” I changed the angle slightly seeking her ‘G’ spot — I think I found it for she came then. Her legs raised and gripped my thighs tightly. Her body shuddered and her cunt gripped tightly. I fucked her through it, some way off my own orgasm, and enjoyed the feeling of success in my endeavours! I enjoyed so much watching her face throughout — that beautiful face convulsed in the throws of orgasm — and orgasm wrought by me — well it felt like me!

As she slowly recovered I continued to fuck her but gently now, bringing her on slowly.

“That was so good Greg.” She smiled, “And you still going!”

I returned the smile, “Yes. Let’s move.” She nodded and I slowly withdrew from her splendid clutch. “Kneel,” I said with a big grin, “let’s do doggy!”

“Mmmm, I like doggy! You only want to see my ass,” she laughed, “my ‘arse’ I suppose.” Her pronunciation was hilarious and we both fell about laughing before she finally knelt up. Double WOW. She obviously knew the position. Knees around 15 inches apart, arse stuck out, and cheeks stretched apart. Her cunt and her arsehole were completely available from the rear and I couldn’t resist running my tongue over both several times ending by tongue fucking her arsehole again.

She looked back over her shoulder. “Never had that done before,” she said.

“Like it?”

“Very much.”

“OK.” I bent my head and did it again for a minute or two. Cyd moaned softly and encouraged me with soft “Yes’s” and “Mmmm’s”. “You have a lovely arsehole,” I said finally lifting my head.

It took a few moments for her to recover but then she turned her head. “I think,” she said smiling, “that I may have to break my rule!”



“What rule is that?” She was obviously enjoying the teasing game.

“Weeellllll!” She smiled. “I don’t usually let a guy fuck my ass until I know him really well!’ MY heart skipped a beat or two and I think that my cock nearly exploded it grew so much. “But you! Well you have earned it I think. Anyway,” she laughed, “most of your tongue has already been there!”

“I would love to fuck your ass Cyd,” she smiled at the Americanism, “if you say I can.”

“You can,” she said, “but later.” She was staying! “Right now I want that lovely dick of yours back inside my cunt!” Wow, her language was certainly heating up! I knelt up and aimed my erection at her pussy and pushed forward. I slid in easily and began to fuck her long and deep. I could look down and see my cock disappearing into her and, above, the shallow depression of her anus; an anus now twitching in time with my inward thrusts. I couldn’t resist it. I sucked my thumb, wetting it with plenty of saliva, and then stroked it across her tight star.

“OH FUCK! Yes! Oh yes. Do that. Again! Again. Ooooohhhhh!” Cyd obviously had a very sensitive anus and now I pushed gently, timing each one with a deep thrust into her.

“OH YESSSSS!” Her whole body convulsed. Her vagina gripped my cock like a vice and the muscles on her back rippled. It was too much for me to feel the beautiful Cyd Charisse cumming yet again and with a loud yell I began to shoot my second load into her body. She must have felt that for it seemed to prolong her orgasm bringing a soft cry with each pulse of spunk into her. I was quite amazed at ‘my’ ability for, even as I spurted cum I was sure I could do this again — I certainly hoped so because my next load was definitely for back door delivery!

We fell apart then, Cyd face down and me next to her. “You are some Englishman,” she said with a big smile. “I haven’t had so much fun in a very long time.” I raised my eyes and she must have noted my surprise. “Oh us girls get plenty of sex but not much ‘fun’. The guys around here are more concerned with themselves than with us!”

“Oh,” I replied rather aimlessly. “I rather like to see a woman cum!”

She laughed, “Oh — you ‘rather like’. That’s lovely. I hope you are going to ‘rather like’ doing it some more.”

I ran my fingers down her back and over her arse, trailing them between her cheeks and gently probing her anus. “If you let me have that you can be bloody sure to get plenty more!”

“Mmm, well dear man, I have made up my mind. You can have that as often as you like!” I took a deep breath. Was this more than a one night stand? Of course I had given no thought to when this might end — as I was sure it would. How long was I to live this fantasy? I just hoped that I would be here long enough to enjoy all the aspects of this beautiful Hollywood actress.

She rolled to face me. “I need to use the bathroom for a while,” she said with a smile. “I am full with your cum and I have to get ready!” It was clear then that Cyd was practised in anal sex knowing she needed preparation. This was going to be a fantastic experience. I watched her walk to the bathroom, her arse swaying on those lovely legs, and took a very deep breath. I may not understand what the heck was going on but, boy, was it fun.

Cyd came out 20 minutes later looked refreshed and just as fuckable as before. She was naked apart from the red shoes and she was glorious seeming, for some reason, even more sensuous than clothed. The shoes accentuated the shape of her shapely hips and arse. She twirled a couple of time showing off her body. She wasn’t acting here, it was her real self getting fucked by this handsome Englishman. I had been glancing at a magazine when she came and now I watched as she came and layed beside me. I was soft of course and she mused with a pout.

“Have you lost interest?” she said pensively with a pouty smile. “It looks like you have.”

I laughed, “No,” I said, “just resting and awaiting your pleasure. Should you wish to revive him I am sure that mouth to cock resuscitation would work very well!”

She laughed back. “Oh I do love your accent. If we were not in bed together you could talk to me all day but I wouldn’t want to waste the time!” With that she slid down the bed and her hands gently attacked my cock and balls. It didn’t take long before I was beginning to harden, slowly growing in her hand. “Mmm, good. You have got a nice dick,” she said with a smile, “so nice and straight — and wide! I think it will fit nicely in my ‘arse’!”. I didn’t really know whether it was ‘my’ dick although it really looked just like a slightly bigger version so I suppose I could accept the complement. I laughed as she bent her head and went to work again, sucking, licking, blowing, and stroking. I was pretty soon leaking pre-cum which she sucked and swallowed eagerly. She would occasionally raise her head and look up at me. I just nodded and sighed so she carried on. I did come close once but she noticed and a soft squeeze of my balls put that right.

“Don’t want you going off too soon,” she smiled, “not if you want . . . . “

I laughed. “Enough woman. Swing your delightful arse over my face and let me eat your cunt!”

She giggled — oh the hear a grown woman giggle — and swung around. I was faced with her cunt and arsehole inches away. I did what any red-blooded man would do — I ate her pussy and licked her anus! I [both of us?] always found it difficult to concentrate during a 69. Think about the mouth around your cock or the pussy in your face? I tried to do both and managed reasonably well until Cyd just laid her head in my groin and enjoyed my mouth and tongue. I carried on right through her orgasm after which she rolled to the side and turned round.

“God you have a devil of a tongue!” she said breathlessly.

“I do try madam, I do try!” I responded in my best ‘posh’ accent.

She laughed. “I want to ‘ride’ you!”

I laughed back. “Then climb aboard,” I said holding my standing prick upright. “It’s all yours.” She kissed me then straddled my thighs before lowering her cunt onto my cock. I enjoyed watching her face, such a beautiful face, as my erection filled her body. I guess for a woman this position is pretty good — it certainly seemed so for Cyd as her smile grew wider than a Cheshire cat’s. Soon her bottom met my thighs and my cock was encased in the warm and velvety heaven of a Hollywood star’s pussy.

“Mmmm,” she mouthed quietly, a warm smile on her face, as she rocked gently back and forth. “This is SO good,” she said finally then bent her head and kissed me. Well it was good so I kissed her back and my hands when round to her gorgeous arse, squeezing gently. “Mmmm,” again as she straightened then began to rock harder. The rocking motion turned into a bounce and this beautiful woman was soon fucking my cock with gay abandon. I reached up and played with her tits and nipples, tweaking gently and pulling as she bounced. It wasn’t long before a long groan escaped her lips and she pressed down hard. Her vagina gripped again and her body shuddered.

“Oh my god but that was good!” she said finally as she lay on my body. My hands wandered over her back and her arse as far as I could reach, fingers tracing the line between her cheeks. She smiled, “You really like my ass don’t you? Is it an English thing?”

I laughed, “I don’t really know Cyd but it is a ‘me’ thing. I have lusted after your arse for many years.” As I said it I realised that I had slipped up.

“Many years?”

I laughed it off. “It just seems like many years.” I kissed her again. “I want you there you know, very badly.”

She smiled, rolled off my body, moved to the edge of the bed, and knelt as before although this time her head was down and her back dipped. I quickly stood behind her. “My god Cyd, you are so beautiful like this!”

She looked back and laughed. “I don’t think of myself as ‘beautiful’ in this position,” she said.

“Well you are.”

“Will you lick my ass again; I really liked that!”

I smiled, “Of course. Your wish is my command oh mistress!”

“Before you start, go get some lubrication. There is lotion in the bathroom.” I smiled. She had done this before!

I quickly fetched some lotion and left it in easy reach. The beautiful Cyd Charisse had not moved but watched me all the way back then seemed to settle down into the bed. I resumed my position behind her and savoured the sight before my eyes. My cock, even after two previous calls to duty, was again rock hard and I marvelled at this body that I somehow possessed. In truth, I felt as if I hadn’t cum at all!

I started by licking from the back of her pussy up across her anus over and over. My thumbs gently prised her butt cheeks apart and opened her sphincter to my tongue. Cyd was moaning softly interjected with a little yelp as I rolled over her anus. A long, low groan and a soft, “Oh yes!” followed as I concentrated on licking the tiny hole. I licked round and round, rimming her tight sphincter before rolling my tongue and probing at the centre.

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