Introduction, written by “Holly.”

The story you are about to read was written by my husband. He searched for a story to share with me that would play into our fantasies but didn’t find anything just right… so he wrote one for me. I thought it was pretty darn good and should be shared. We’d love to hear your thoughts and if it made you a little hot. :)

Holly’s Secret

Where to start? This is not your typical story of girl meets boy, girl fucks boy, girl moves on. It is not even a typical story of girl meets boys, has a wild fuck extravaganza, and then repents. This is my story of all these things and more. You see, I can keep a secret and that is what makes this story different.

I have been married for almost 15 years and to say my marriage is challenging would be an understatement. Don’t get me wrong, we love each other very much but that only seems to get us halfway to real happiness. Family and the business of life usually keeps us pretty distracted though so we continue to move through our days together with a warm affection but not fire in the belly desire or “tear your clothes off and grind on the couch” passion.

Part of the problem is that my dear husband, John, is a big pervert. I knew this going in but as we got a little older and started our family I grew up and he didn’t. You might ask “who isn’t a little pervy?” and I might even agree with that but we aren’t talking about feather up the ass pervy. I am talking about “I want to watch you get gangbanged by the entire wait staff of Chili’s” pervy. Obviously when there is such a gap in sexual expectations it eventually leads to a general dissatisfaction in the relationship itself. Thus we go through life a bit short of all we could be.

After many years of working on the relationship we had found solutions to most of the other issues in our marriage but the sexual disconnect was one that still had to be addressed. That is when I agreed to a safe compromise. I started to flirt for him. Not with him you understand, for him. It started with letting a friend of John’s send me flirty texts which in my mind was harmless but still clearly inappropriate. I have to admit though that his texts made me feel good as he only occasionally slipped into graphic descriptions of his fantasies about me and spent most of his text time telling me how gorgeous and sexy he thought I was. This is where the secret keeping began for me.

John promised to never read the text conversations between us and I did not want to encourage him to escalate this into a real encounter so I never told him about the times that those more graphic messages made me a little wet with the idea of secretly fucking his friend. I wouldn’t do it but the idea of having this little text secret turned me on more than I expected. It was a shame he found a new girlfriend and the texts stopped.

Since the text flirting had stopped we found another compromise that I felt like I could live with. I agreed to go out once a month to a local restaurant with a nice bar area, think Olive Garden but a bit more upscale, and let guys flirt with me. I would then go back home and tell John about the guy’s efforts and whether or not I would have let any of them take me home if I was single. John would get worked up by the conversation and we would end up rolling around naked while I told him about my night. Innocent enough and the only ones that lose are the guys that might buy me a drink hoping to get something for their investment. This was great until I met Mark one night.

It was only the third time for me to visit the bar but I recognized a few folks as I found an open seat and sat down. The bartender was always flirty with the women and asked “What can I get for you, lovely lady?” It made me smile even though I knew he said it to all the women. I should pause and describe myself a little I guess. I am on the shorter side at 5’4″ and carry a little extra weight from the three kids and general love of ice cream. I carry the weight well though and John certainly appreciates my soft curves and generous 36 triple D boobs. My brown hair is always well styled and frames my ice blue eyes nicely.

I was enjoying my second drink and reading Facebook updates on my phone when a smell caught my attention. It was a masculine smell, soapy with a slightly sweet musk. I was about to look around for the owner of the scent when a deep voice poured over my left shoulder. “Double Jack and coke tall, please.” I looked back and saw a smiling face with brown eyes and dark hair. “Sorry about ordering my drink in your ear.” I smiled back and said, “No problem. It is a little crowded in here.” When the bartender delivered the drink he reached across me brushing against my arm and rubbing my silk shirt against my skin. It also brought the rest of his body against me and I got a double dose of his cologne. I love a man that smells good and he certainly did smell good.

As he picked up his drink he stayed in a close position and seemed to take his time moving his arm back enjoying the feel of my shirt on his skin. “Thanks for letting me reach by you. By the way, your hair smells wonderful.” With that he moved back across the room and I got to see the rest of him. He was medium height, not as tall as John but still maybe 5’10″ or so. He was thick though. A broad chest tapering to a medium waist with no middle aged overhang to speak of. He was maybe 35 or a little older but his dark hair did not show any signs of gray yet. He was good looking and I liked the idea of him flirting with me a little.

About an hour, and another two drinks, later the crowd had started thinning a little at the bar and I was startled when someone jumped into the chair next to me. I instinctively looked over and it was him. I must have looked a little surprised because he said, “Sorry to startle you. You have been so into your phone that I thought I would come chat with you. Is that OK?” I told him it was fine but I was getting ready to leave soon as my husband was expecting me home shortly.

He introduced himself as Mark and I told him my name. We chatted about mundane topics like family, jobs and our experiences in the area for a little while until I told him it was time for me to go. Mark pointed out that I had had a few too many drinks to drive home, even though it was a short drive, and suggested that he give me a ride. This was way out of my comfort zone for this little game but I thought about what a great story it would be for John and told Mark that I would let him drive me home but that I was going to text my husband with his details so there was no risk of winding up in his trunk on a dirt road somewhere. He thought that was prudent and we started to leave the bar together. This is when I started to go off the rails a bit.

I did send John the text but the content was a little different than what Mark thought I was sending. “Honey, having a great time and have hit it off with a couple guys that have me feeling really sexy. I will be home in an hour or two.” His response was immediate, “Have a great time sexy! I can’t wait to hear about the guys that all want to get into your panties.” Did I mention that he was a big perv?

I wasn’t really planning anything but I guess I wanted to keep my options open this time. When we got to the car Mark unlocked my door and opened it for me. As I moved to get in he caught my arm and pulled me into him. At first it was just a hug. Our bodies pushed against each other and me breathing in his scent as my face nuzzled into his chest. I looked up to see his eyes without backing away and he leaned down and kissed me. Oh my God I love kissing! His lips were firm and there was the absolute perfect amount of moisture. I felt his tongue push against my lips and I opened them gladly for him. His hands were on my back and as the kiss deepened he ran them up and down my back letting one come to rest on my ass and the other cupping my neck under my hair. He was strong and I could feel the power in his arms and chest as we stood there engaged in a sensuous kiss.

I pulled back from him and caught my breath with his arms still holding me tight. “Wow! That was great but we should not be making out in the parking lot like teenagers. I live near here and God only knows who might be walking by.”

With that he released me and waited for me to climb into the car before closing my door and heading around to get in the driver’s side. As we were pulling out of the parking lot he popped the question. “Would you like to stop for one more drink before I take you home?” “I should really head back. You know that my husband is waiting. After that kiss I am not sure it would be a good idea to tempt myself any more tonight.” He looked at me for a long moment as we sat at a traffic light. “I know you’re worried about being seen by someone so we could stop off at my house. It’s on the way and you have already told your husband about me and the ride so it’s not like we could get into too much trouble.” I knew I should say thanks but no and I started to but the short time in his arms and the powerful scent of him had already aroused me, I was really wet and could feel my face was flushed. I said OK. God help me, but here we go!

As we got to Mark’s place there was already a car in the driveway and I asked him if he had two cars. He told me that after his divorce he found out he didn’t like living alone and had invited a buddy to share the house with him. His friend, Wayne, worked early though and would already be asleep as it was almost eleven by then.

The house was unremarkable but it was clean and, like Mark, it smelled great. Mark leaned in and gave me a brief kiss, it did not even occur to me to pull away this time, in fact it was too brief for my taste. He moved to the kitchen area and made us a couple drinks while I sat on the couch. When he returned and placed the drinks on the coffee table he sat close to me and held my eyes with his. “I am really glad I met you tonight, Holly. It’s a shame you’re married but you’re so sexy I don’t know if I even care. You are gorgeous.” I don’t tell this part to be vain but to reinforce how sweet Mark was. He was wooing me and it was working. He leaned in and started to kiss me in earnest. I reacted on instinct, and lust, leaning into him until I was kind of halfway on top of him and my breasts were crushed against his chest.

His hands began to wander again and this time they both found their way to my ass. He first stroked his way up and down from the tops of my thighs to the small of my back. The heat was rising and I was lost in it now. We continued our kissing as his lips moved over my neck and shoulders and one of his hands stroked up my side until it came to my right breast. When he bit my neck a little harder and simultaneously found my nipple a low moan escaped my lips. He somehow got the top two buttons undone on my blouse and slid a hand in to cup my tits through the bra. I leaned back meaning to invite him to explore a little more but he misread me and pulled back thinking he had crossed a line. “What do you want to do, Holly?” he asked in a deep but quiet purr. “Whatever you want me to do,” I said with total honesty and a touch of innocent submission.

With that comment I realized I was out of control and a deep part of my brain, way deeper than the wife part or the mom part or any other self-regulating sensible part, was now running the show. Mark smiled and stood up. He took a drink and held his hand out to me. I took it and he pulled me to my feet. It sounds corny but I was his and wanted to let go completely. He was in control now and he knew it. He started to kiss me with those soft lips as I felt his hands at the buttons of my blouse. He broke our kiss and turned me away from him so that he was now pressed against my back. I felt his lips on my now bare shoulder laying a path of warm moist kisses along my shoulder and up the side of my neck.

My blouse was subtly moved off my shoulders and fell to the floor. I was concentrating on the kisses across my shoulders and neck which were having the desired effect. I was so ready! Mark pushed me forward so that I was slightly bent at the waist and my ass was pressed against his as yet to be seen erection. He unclasped the bra that we both wanted off. I kind of shrugged my shoulders allowing the bra to fall away from my breasts and hit the floor on top of my blouse. I was now half naked with a man I had only met a few hours ago and my husband was at home waiting to hear stories of how I had been a reluctant flirt. Holy shit was he in for a surprise!

Mark stroked his hands up and down my back then pulled me up and reached around me to cup my breasts. He slid his palms over my almost painfully hard nipples and another moan slid past my lips. He did not pause but reached for the top on my jeans and unbuttoned them the entire time keeping his erection pressed into my ass and his lips returning to my neck. “If he was this good at the buildup,” I thought “I wonder what the sex will be like?” This thought was immediately followed by, “What the hell am I doing here and how did I get here?”

My jeans and panties seemed to disappear without my involvement. I am sure I helped in some way, lifting my feet or a shimmy of my hips but to me they were there one second and the next I was naked in this strange living room with Mark. He turned me to face him again and pulled me into him for another deep kiss. My breasts pressed against his rough shirt and I was keenly aware that I was naked and he was still fully clothed. I reached for the buttons of his shirt and started to undo them but his hands rose to grip mine and moved them away. He moved me back against the couch and I sat looking up at him. He removed his shirt revealing a nice flat stomach and a broad muscular chest. He was not a gym rat but he was gorgeous and I loved the light sprinkling of chest hair. I reached out and ran my hand over his stomach and across his chest. His skin was hot to my touch. He kicked off his shoes and began to remove his pants.

I was not sure what to expect since I had only felt his cock against me from behind so far. As he dropped his pants and underwear in one motion I was staring at a pleasant surprise. Mark was not huge, this is a true story and not one of those stories about a guy with a horse cock, but he was also not going to be embarrassed in the locker room shower. He had a normal amount of pubic hair, I hate the pre-pubescent look of a totally shaved pubic area. His dick was not overly veiny either. It was about seven or eight inches long and fairly smooth with a nice thick head that seemed to smile at me as it pointed up toward the ceiling saying “Hello! Will you be my friend?” I was feeling more than friendly, I was feeling down right ravenous at this point.

Mark leaned forward a little and wrapped his right hand around his cock and his left around the back of my neck under my hair. He pulled me forward and I may have surprised him a little by how fast I took his dick into my mouth. He tasted as good as he smelled. I love sex but mostly I love pleasing my partner and what guy doesn’t like his cock to be sucked by a hungry mouth? I reached out and cupped his balls as I ran my tongue up and down the shaft. He was rock hard already when he removed his pants and I was afraid he would not last long if I did too good a job so I gave him a few long strokes with my hand while keeping the head of his dick in my mouth. He moaned and ran his fingers through my hair pulling it slightly as he did. After maybe 3 or 4 minutes of this treatment he pushed me back so that my feet were on the floor and my back was against the couch cushions. He knelt between my knees and seemed to take a moment to just look.

His look almost had a physical aspect to it. It was that intense. He reached out and took my left nipple between his fingers as his eyes devoured my body. He stared at my pussy for the first time. I keep a neat house down there and my excitement was evident with the swollen state of affairs. The neat “landing strip” accentuates the smooth lips and makes everything look inviting. I was on display for Mark as his other hand stroked up my thigh and for the first time he touched my pussy. His fingers played over the lips, which were already parted and waiting for attention, I shuddered a little. He found my clit without slowing down much and as he rubbed across me I felt my hips involuntary rise to meet his touch. Oh my god was I ready!

Mark leaned forward and brought the tip of his cock to my moistness. I lifted my hips again and he was in me. He felt so good. He only slid in the tip first then oh so slowly pushed forward until he had no more to give. We moved together as he thrust into me. He leaned forward as he thrust with just his hips and we kissed. I closed my eyes and felt the fullness inside me as I breathed in the scent that got my attention only a few hours ago. This was a delicious treat for all my senses. I was already close to cumming but wanted more.

I broke our kiss and moved away from him lying on my back across the couch. I looked Mark in the eye and invited him to join me by dropping my knees apart and opening myself to him. He was back inside me in a heartbeat. He started to move faster and the hard fucking was driving me crazy. I seldom cum without being on top but he had just the right angle and the feel of him slamming into me crashed over me without warning. I screamed out as the waves of orgasm flooded my mind and body. I shook under him and he only slowed down when I started to recover a little and wrapped my legs around him to prevent such deep strokes. He got the hint and pulled out of me. “Roll over,” he said in an urgent deep command. I complied and presented my ass to him with my elbows up on the arm of the couch.

Mark must have liked what he saw and was back in my pussy before I had completely settled in. He was even deeper at this angle and I was on the edge of the pleasure or pain line. My swollen pussy and clit were over sensitive by now from anticipation and the huge orgasm that had already happened. Mark ran his hands in my hair and pulled gently but with enough force to tip me into the pain side of the line for a moment. When my head came up and I cried out, I don’t know if it was pleasure or pain that made me cry out, I opened my eyes and there he was. Wayne was watching us.

I must have made a different noise, like “Oh!” because Mark broke his rhythm and stopped with his cock buried all the way in me. We kind of froze there for a second waiting for the shock to wear off I guess. I have been with two guys in the past and loved it so I decided it was OK with me if Mark could handle it. “You can get closer,” I said to Wayne and Mark must have been fine because he resumed his stroking from behind me. Wayne edged into the room and came up beside us on the couch. He was wearing these cute flannel boxers with no shirt and I could tell from the tent preceding him that he was excited by what was happening. Excited by seeing me. Seeing me naked with my tits swinging beneath me as Mark continued his assault of my pussy. Wayne reached out with one hand and took hold of my right tit as it swung into his hand. OMG! What the hell am I doing?

Wayne started to squeeze my breast and pinch my nipple between his fingers. I could feel my orgasm building. This was going to be one for the record books. Mark must have felt me getting tenser, or realized from my cries of “Oh God fuck me! ” or whatever was coming out of my mouth that I was almost there. He sped up at the same time I arched my back and came face to face with Wayne’s dick just inches away from my lips. As my orgasm shook me to my core and the room got hazy around the edges Wayne pushed himself into my mouth. He was a little bigger than Mark but still within reason. I sucked him into me as far as I could while shuddering from the adrenaline surge of my orgasm. It felt like it lasted for 5 minutes but I am sure it was like 30 seconds in reality.

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