My name is Mark. I’m a fairly typical teenager. I’d like to think that my distinguishing characteristics, compared to the average teenage guy, are that I’m a little cuter (so several girls have told me, anyway), I’m in a little better shape (I’m in an essentially all year round track club and do both the 1500 hundred meters and the broad jump), I’m a little smarter (probably the top 33% of my class), and I’m quite a bit nicer and friendlier to everyone.

Soon after my 18th birthday, and shortly before my high school/secondary school graduation, my grandfather on my father’s side died. He was my last surviving grandparent.

My grandfather lived in the same suburb of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, as I do, and we were pretty close. Actually we were friends, unusual considering our two generation gap. I found him easier to talk to and hang out with than my parents or brother.

The funeral sucked, as did the burial ceremony. I was depressed during my graduation ceremony and didn’t really enjoy it, nor did I enjoy most of the class party afterward. I say “most” because there was one unusual event at the party that was real nice.

The class graduation party was at a country club since the parents of fraternal twins in my class were loaded and were willing to underwrite the party at their club with only a minimal contribution from their kid’s classmates. While I wasn’t drinking much myself of course I was the exception. The legal drinking age in Alberta is 18 and many of my classmates were taking advantage of the open bar. One of them was Jen.

Jen is a girl that I had known since we were little. She was always kind of a tomboy, friendly, and easy to like. However she never was cute. When she became a teen her looks were definitely less than ordinary. Her face was homely, her legs were thick and her shoulders and arms big. We remained friends all through school although we never had any relationship aside from being friends.

Jen did have a talent, however, that made her the most famous member of our class. At the time of the graduation party she had just turned 18 but during the last two school years she was on the girls 18 and under Canadian National hockey team which won the world championship both of the years she was on it.

Despite the fact that she was popular (when not travelling with the hockey team) because of her fame she didn’t really have a lot of dates because her hockey body, which I earlier described, is not normally what most guys would consider a sexy body. One feminine feature that she did have, however, was big tits, although they were normally covered by a hockey jersey even in class. I never had really considered myself a tit man, maybe because the tits I had seen live weren’t that great, so I never had any sexual feeling toward her.

Jen was feeling no pain as she came up to me with a half empty Scotch bottle in her hand — how she finagled that from the bartender, I don’t know, or maybe she brought it herself. I was just sitting on a railing on the club deck, observing the festivities, probably with a hang dog look on my face, when she approached. I did notice that she had a thin blouse on that night, however, not a hockey jersey, and there was no way that I could help myself from staring at her big tits.

“Hi, Mark; whatca drinkin’?”

“Hi, Jen, just some club soda.”

“Damn, dude, you should be celebratin’. We finn-ally gotten through hi-hic school ya know.”

“Yes we did, Jen, and I’m damn glad of it. We’ve been going to school together a long time.”

“Ya betcha. So whyn’t ya celebratin’?”

I didn’t want to be a downer and mention my grandfather so I merely said “I guess I’m just not in the mood for some reason.”

“I may have somethin’ thatill get ya in the mood. Ya know I’ve got a secret I’d like ta tell.”

“Oh yeah, what’s that?”

“Ya won’t tell anyone, OK.”

“Promise, I won’t tell a soul.”

“For the year past, hic, I’d wanted to suck yer cockkk.”

That didn’t just surprise me, it shocked me. Jen had never shown any overt sexual interest in me despite the fact that we talked to each other every day that she was in school; but then again her schedule was so busy with hockey that she wasn’t always around having probably done more studying with tutors on the road than she did at our school. Maybe it was the road trips with her dirty-minded hockey friends that got her thinking about sex and since I was someone she had known a long time and since I was always nice to her perhaps her thoughts centered on me.

“Really, Jen?” I rhetorically asked, sure that I was blushing and not knowing what else to say.

“Yeah — I could suckkk it now to getcha in a good mood.”

I had never gotten such a blatant offer before. My wheels turned for a while as I looked at her. She apparently had noticed me staring at her tits, and she apparently really did want to suck me off, because while I was thinking (and probably still staring at her tits) she said “Ya could be playin’ with my titties while I BJ ya.”

So she’s not that good looking, I thought to myself, I’d be nuts to turn down a blow job.

“Hey, Jen, that would be real nice; but where can we go to have some privacy?”

“You find the place, I’ll do the suckin’.”

I grabbed Jen by the hand and led her downstairs, leaving her Scotch bottle on a table. From my vantage point on the railing I thought that I had seen a covered bench on the golf course only fifty yards or so from the club. Since it was night, and since there were few outdoor lights, I thought that that might be the perfect place.

Jen was giggling as we trotted toward the bench. Once there I wasted no time in removing her top, or in taking off my pants and boxers. Although the light wasn’t very good from what I could see her tits looked great, better than any I had seen live before by a long shot, with long nipples and medium-dark areola. Plus they were even bigger than they looked when she was clothed and they had the right level of firmness.

As I sat down on the bench Jen got on her knees between my legs and enthusiastically went to work. My cock had grown to more than half mast as we were trotting over to the bench and she got it rock hard within seconds. I hadn’t had more than a handful of blow jobs in my life but it was clear that this was going to be one of the better ones, if not the best.

I thoroughly enjoyed playing with Jen’s tits as she was sucking my tube. I manipulated a nipple with one hand, and squeezed as much tit as I could get into the other hand — there was some left over. As I was doing this she had virtually my entire cock in her mouth, and was massaging my balls with both hands. As you would expect she wasn’t the gentlest girl I’d ever had handle my balls, but she wasn’t actually hurting them either.

Handling her tits really got me into it and her sucking action was very powerful so I didn’t last too long before I was ready to erupt.

“Hey, Jen — aggh — I’m about to go off — shit yeah — in seconds,” I politely warned her while at the same time unconsciously pinching both of her nipples.

My warning just made her suck harder while she grabbed my ass with both of her hands and shoved me further into her mouth. I fired off at least five or six salvos which she eagerly swallowed. I continued to manipulate her nipples while she tongued my cock until she had gotten every last drop and I was starting to soften. Then she got off her knees and sat on the bench next to me.

I was somewhat out of it but certainly cognizant enough to know that I had to thank her. I put my arm around her and said “Wow, Jen, that was really awesome. That was a fucking great BJ, and your tits are fabulous.”

She got a big smile on her face and then asked “Wanna suck my titties?”

Now I was the one smiling as my lips engulfed as much of her left tit as I could while I massaged her right tit with my left hand. Running my tongue around her long, now rock hard, nipple made me realize that I had really been missing something.

Jen alternately giggled and chatted. I didn’t understand much of what she had to say, although occasionally I picked up a theme about her frustration that her hockey schedule had not allowed her to have nearly as much sexual contact as her raging hormones required. I blissfully kept sucking away, alternating my mouth and hands between tits, and merely humming “Um-hum” to everything that she said.

Apparently Jen was keeping her eye on my cock as I was slurping away because at some point I felt her reach over and grab it as she said “Your dick is hard agin. I wanna suck more.”

WOW, this is strange, I said to myself, I’ve never had a girl even ask to suck it twice, and I don’t remember it being hard enough to suck twice — but then again I never sucked on big, long-nippled, firm tits after a BJ before.

I removed my mouth from her tit long enough to say “Sure,” and like a flash she was between my legs again.

Since I had already gone off once Jen had to work harder to suck me off this time. However, since I got to manipulate her wonderful breasts and since she was sucking like a vacuum pump while simultaneously swirling her tongue, it didn’t take nearly as long as I expected. This time I didn’t feel the need to warn her in advance as I rocketed three or four nice volume streams into her anxious mouth.

After I recovered I told her again what a great cocksucker she was. I handled and sucked her tits some more, we chatted, and then got dressed to go back to the party. We apparently had been at it a lot longer than I thought because the party was winding down, and Jen was sobering up. We stayed together chatting with a few more people before it was evident that the club wanted us to clear out.

Concerned that she might not be sober enough to drive safely I said “Say, Jen, why don’t you let me drive you home. I can bring you back tomorrow to pick up your car. I sure don’t want you to spoil this evening by getting in an accident.” She nodded her head in agreement.

While Jen leaned her head on my shoulder most of the way back she was relatively silent. I hoped that her silence didn’t indicate remorse on her part because I sure didn’t have any. Before she got out of the car at her house she looked me in the eye and with little trace of having had too much to drink said “Mark. This is awkward. I hope you won’t tell anyone what we did tonight.”

“Of course I won’t. I don’t kiss and tell — or suck and tell either!” The latter comment only got a smile, not a laugh. “It’s no one’s business but ours. What time do you want me to pick you up tomorrow to go get your car?”

“You really will?” she asked with a smile.

“Of course — what time?”

“How about 10 a.m.?”

“See you then,” I said and then gave her a quick kiss on the lips and a squeeze of her hand. She blushed and quickly exited the car. I waited until she opened her front door. She turned and waved, and entered.

That night I had a hard time getting to sleep. I had never thought of Jen from the sexual standpoint before, and she certainly didn’t have many features that most guys would find sexually attractive. However she had given me two great blow jobs and her tits were really nice, so I resolved to try and take our sex play further.

When I picked Jen up the next day she had her characteristic hockey jersey and sweat pants on rather than the nice blouse and skirt at the party. However, she did have some makeup on, unusual for her. I greeted her with a cheery voice, but could tell that she was subdued as I mostly carried the conversation on the way to her car. When we got to the country club parking lot I turned off the ignition then she turned toward me.

“Mark, I’m so embarrassed about last night. I didn’t mean to get drunk or to accost you like I did.”

“First of all, you didn’t accost me. Secondly, I hope that you enjoyed yourself enough that even when you’re not drunk we can have sexual contact with each other.”

I think that surprised her because she sat back and obviously blushed as she said “Oh.”

“Hey, Jen,” I said holding one of her hands “we’ve always been friends and you know that I care for you. Now that we’re adult enough to drink, sign contracts, and go into the military is there any reason why we can’t have sexual contact?”

After a long pause as she twisted her nose and lips back and forth Jen replied “Well I’m trying out for the Olympic team and have been told I’ll probably make it so I’m not going to be around much.”

“And I’m either going to college or to the military, I haven’t decided which yet, so I won’t be around much either. Look, I’m not asking for a long term relationship. I’m just asking for some fun with someone I like. You did have fun last night, didn’t you?”

With her first animated statement of the day she quickly shot back “Hell yes!” but then seemed to be embarrassed once again by the intensity of her reply.

Encouraged I continued. “I’ll tell you what. Why don’t we go back to my parents’ house, they and my brother are all at work, and we can try a tit fuck. What do you say?”

Her eyes really lit up when I said “tit fuck,” and after only a short pause she replied “Do you really want to?”

“Hell yes!”


I got to my house first, made sure that my room was presentable, put some lotion in the nightstand drawer, and then let Jen in with a big smile. “I’m sure glad that you made it. My cock is aching for you.”

She giggled.

I chatted her up as I led her to my bedroom. Once there I gently massaged her shoulders as I continued chatting with her and after I sensed her visibly relax I placed one hand on a tit and started gently squeezing. It was clear that she had no bra on. At first she looked down as I squeezed her tit, but after I started squeezing the other one she looked up at me with a contented look. After a minute or so of this pleasure I moved my hands to the bottom of her jersey and slowly pulled it over her head.

Since the light was so poor the night before I hadn’t really gotten a good look at her body, although from what I saw her tits looked great. Now in their full glory during daylight they weren’t just great — they were magnificent! I must have been gap-jawed because with a nervous laugh Jen asked “Do you like them?”

I blurted out something like “Holy shit — those, uh, God — those have to be the best looking tits on the planet!” I was too enthralled to remember exactly what I said. I know that I got an instant hard-on.

As difficult as it was to do, my eyes wandered down from her tits to her waist. Her torso was thick, like you would expect of a hockey player, but not fat. In fact you could see her abdominal muscles. I wouldn’t say that she had a six-pack, but her stomach sure was muscular, not fat.

As I stood staring she undid my pants and pulled them and my boxers off, not easy to do since my cock was sticking straight out. She felt my dick and balls and remarked “Your cock looks real nice in the daylight.”

“It can’t look as nice as your tits do,” I shot back. I put my hands inside the waist of her sweat pants but she stopped me. “These are staying on today — maybe some other time,” she said with a half grin, half chagrinned look.

That was OK by me for what I had planned, but I wanted to be naked so I took off my shirt, socks, and shoes as she giggled and sat on my bed. I laid her down on the bed and immediately started sucking those monstrous exciting globes. As I did that she was milking my cock with one hand but it was getting me too hot too fast so I mumbled, between sucks of her nipples, “You better not stroke my cock or it’s getting off early.”

She just smiled, and put both of her hands on my shoulder.

After a few minutes she was moaning and groaning with her eyes half closed. Her body was too thick for me to easily straddle her and get my dong between her pleasure mounds, so I put a pillow on either side of her torso and knelt on them. I reached for the lotion in my nightstand drawer and rubbed it on the interior of her tits. She really liked that, and she rubbed some on my shaft. Once I was sure that she was properly lubed up I shinned up and stuck my cock between her orbs.

Jen pushed her tits together with her hands while flicking her nipples herself and I started fucking. I went slowly, taking the longest strokes I could, while supporting my body with my hands on either side of her head. Occasionally I would lift one hand up and lightly pinch one of her now rock-hard nipples. She started slightly sliding her body back and forth in sync with my cock reciprocations. It was heavenly.

I couldn’t believe that I was ready to go off so quickly, faster than the pussy fucks I had had with other girls. What I also couldn’t believe was that she seemed to be close to orgasm herself. Another half dozen thrusts, with her tonguing my slit when my dick approached her face, and I grunted and let loose with a massive ejaculation. When the second spurt hit her chin she screamed and started shaking — holy shit it looked like she was climaxing too. I kept stroking for another couple of minutes until we obviously both were spent and then I rolled over next to her.

I had no fucking idea I ever had that much cum in me. It was coating her chin, neck, and chest. “Let me clean you up,” I said looking into her half-open eyes.

“No just leave it for a while, please. I’ve never had cum on me before and it feels good.”

“OK; but Jen, I have a question. Did you actually have an orgasm?”

“Hell yes I did, couldn’t you tell?”

“Well it sure seemed like it — but I didn’t know that a woman could have an orgasm from tit play alone.”

“Heh-heh. Well some of the girls on the hockey team told me that you could, and one swore that she had. But they don’t always tell the truth when it comes to sex, so I only half believed them; but I do now. WOW!”

We laid there talking for another half hour or so while I played with her nipples and other parts of her tits not covered by cum — actually I had no desire to touch my own cum. However, then — observant girl that she is — Jen saw my cock come back to life and started massaging it.

“OK, Mark, what’ll it be? Another tit fuck or a blow job?”

“As awesome as your blow jobs were, that tit fuck was about the best experience of my life. Plus I really enjoyed your orgasm too, especially when you shuddered. Can we try again?”

“Sure,” Jen giggled as she started smoothing the cum which was now almost caked on her body between her tits.

“Actually, Jen, if you don’t mind I’d like to start fresh,” I said, wincing.

“OK wimp,” she snickered.

I got a warm cloth, washed off her chest, neck and chin, applied some more lotion as she pulled on my 9/10th hard cock, and I was soon straddling her again.

This time we got into sync almost immediately, her long tongue nailed my slit every time I stroked up toward her chin, and she not only slid back and forth in a more animated manner, but wiggled her tits back and forth with her hands. God, it felt so good I never wanted it to stop.

I was surprised when after only a few minutes she shuddered slightly and moaned and temporarily stopped licking my slit. I was sure that it was a small orgasm. After a minute or so, though, she recovered and we went back to a really energetic tit fuck. I came almost as fast as I did the first time, with a load only slightly less in volume. As I was blasting her she writhed and gyrated around even more vigorously than during our first tit fuck.

After I softened and rolled next to her we both chortled at the intensity of our orgasms.

“Shit, Jen, you are one wildly orgasmic girl, aren’t you?”

“Hey, I’m a woman now; and you’re one to talk. You groaned louder than a rusty waterwheel and thrashed about more than a beached shark.”

“Oh yeah,” I countered, and reached for her pants.

She stopped me again. “Maybe some other time — if you’re real good.”

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