The town, like most near the center of the world, was on the Bosphorus. It lay near a full days ride north of Istanbul. I’d come with a small troop of no more than ten, as I did whenever I left the city walls.

I’d just been appointed special assistant to the grand vizier of the Sultan, and had only been back in the safe structure of the Empire for less than half a year when my first appointment called me to the town of Rumeli. Leaving the confounds of the palace seemed wonderful after months of confinement and training. My job was a special one, and maybe one of the best jobs ever created in the history of the world.

I found myself head recruiter for the Harem, which had just been retrofitted to accommodate a dozen or more apartments. Vacancies were a common occurrence during those days, as the Sultan mistrusted his Black Eunuch’s often.

I never had the final say on who would enter as a servant for the Queen mother, or for the pleasures of the great Sultan, but I had the ability to present his greatness, the foundation of our world, with a selection of beauties from around the Empire.

We arrived at dusk and the sleepy town with a stone fortress had but few lamps lit. The moon was up, though the sky maintained the swirl of indescribable beauty of dying daylight. I thanked Allah for the chance to witness such grandeur, and for the second chance at life he’d given me during battle in the lands to the east.

Our commotion startled the town. It wasn’t often they had visitors from the palace. A man appeared with torch, and offered a place to hobble and feed our destriers. I thanked him and offered him a silver piece which he greedily took. I asked him if there was a suitable place for the soldiers to set camp for the night anywhere but the fort. He sent for his son who showed us to a clearing above the flowing black Bosporus. A few barges were anchored near the shore and their lonely pilot lights twinkled like lost stars. The air smelled fresh, clean, nothing like the sweet pungency of the city.

“Is there an inn where I may stay?” I asked the son. He told me no, but agreed to show me to a house where I could stay.

He led me to a small wooden house in the center of the town. A single road had been cobbled through the town, along the road a row of houses were built up, on the other side of the road small wooden piers jutted out into the water where two dozen fishing boats bobbed on the night water.

The man who owned the house was a retired Janissary spearman. He lived alone and was named Fidan.

“I am special assistant to the Vizier to the great Sultan, here on official business in the good of the Empire. I require lodging for the night, if it may be possible I can compensate you a gold piece for your assistance in the cause of the Empire.”

Old Fidan didn’t want any compensation and said he would have me for free out of love for the Sultan. Still, without his knowledge I left a gold piece on top of his ragged counter when I departed.

“I have me a small room, separate from the house. My son lived there before he went on campaign. My maid still keeps it. You may stay there for as long as you wish.”

I thanked him and told him I would need a single night and no more. He didn’t ask me what had brought me to the town, but accepted my presence as if he did this every month for the Sultan. We exited the back door of his house and walked a few paces through a manicured garden and grove of walnut trees. A small hut sat under the walnut trees and he opened the door, showing me the room. A single bed and desk, and a birch table with three chairs. There were windows on every wall with wooden shutters closed and locked from the inside, closed for the mosquitoes, he assured me.

“I’m here to enquire about a woman.”

His eyes opened wide, then he grinned. “Semet?”

“Ah, you know of her?”

“All the world does, my friend. A suitor comes by each week for a chance at her.”

“But, her father?”

“Her father indeed. He requires more than just money. The other day a Kapikulu commander stopped by after hearing of her beauty in the land of Crimea. Half a bag of gold the father turned down. Said the man didn’t look to have a future.” Fidan shook his head. “It will be tough going for you, but you come from the Palace, that may persuade the old man, if you have gold.” He showed his rotten teeth.

“Ah, Semet isn’t for me. I come on behalf of the great Sultan, may Allah bless him. All news makes it to the palace and to the ears of our great one. It is not only in Crimea that her beauty is known. It is said that her eyes put emeralds to shame, and that her skin glows the color of snow.”

“That is true, but not many get to see her. Her father keeps her locked away in the house, for even the men of this village have fallen victim to her qualities.”

“Where can I find the father of Semet?”

“Why he is my neighbor, and I know him well. Here, rest a bit and let me fetch him over for tea, then I will leave you to talk business.”

“No, I’d like to pay a visit to his house.”

“Come with me.”

I left my sack of belongings on the bed and followed the hobbling old soldier to the house built beside his own. It was a three story home with a gable roof and cracked facia. The shutters were closed, but the light from lamps exposed the joints of the wood. I knocked on the door of the home and heard the scrambling of footsteps.

“Who goes?” Asked a voice from within.

“It is I, Special assistant to the Vizier to the Sultan, here on business for the palace. Here are my credentials.” I pulled out a rolled parchment, freshly imprinted with wax and gold.

The door opened and a man ten years older than myself showed his face. His beard hung to his chest and his eyes were that of coals fresh pulled from the bowels of the Earth. He looked me up and down and saw my dress, which calmed his brow. He seemed to know why I was there, looked at the credential and nodded, then turned his head and called for his wife to boil water.

He sat me down on plush pillows over worn carpets. The room looked well furnished for being located so far from the center of the world. I could tell that this town saw many vendors from abroad by the mesh of styles his furniture contained.

“May Allah bless this occasion. What brings an emissary of the Sultan to tiny Remuli?” The father asked when he’d returned with a steaming tray of tea. He set the tray down and poured three glasses full, then handed the burning glasses to us, which I manipulated easily with my fingers.

“The Sultan has heard of your daughter, the beautiful Semet, and he wishes that he may meet her in the Palace. I’m here in his place, to see if the rumors of her enchantment are true, and if so, to offer you what may befit a man like yourself, for her, so that she may live in the Palace.” I finished what I had to say and took a sip of the tea, waiting for the father to speak.

The father acted as if he hadn’t heard me, but stared forward as if in deep thought. I began to worry that I may not have been clear enough, and cleared my throat about to say more, when the father spoke:

“So, the Sultan wishes for my daughter to live in his harem, is that it? And you, sir, are going to whisk her away in the night for a few gold pieces?”

“Sir, it is the greatest honor one could have, for your daughter to be chosen by the great ruler of our Empire. Allah has surely looked down on you and bestowed a gift. Imagine now, if the Sultan does like her, then she may conceive children and your grandchild may one day become governor of a province, or greater still, if your daughter is bestowed Queen Mother, well, imagine the riches you’ll have then. And you may be the grandfather of a future Sultan.” I saved this last line for last, and laid it on him slowly, letting my words sink in.

As expected his eyes shone, I saw hunger in them and I knew I had him.

“A hundred gold pieces for a visit to the palace, and if the Sultan likes her, may Allah shine his blessings onto him and the Ottomans, then another two hundred pieces. If not, if by some unfortunate reason, he doesn’t like what he sees, well then I will return her to you safe, and untouched, and you can keep the hundred gold pieces.”

The father’s breath quickened and he drank the contents of his tea in one gulp.

“And you, assistant to the Vizier, you must see her? I keep her from all men, you know. I don’t like when men see her, they drool like dogs, and it makes me uncomfortable”

“I am no dog. I need to see her, my eyes are in the place of our Sultan’s, may Allah bless him. It is my job. Our foundation of the world pays me to be his eyes and decide for him that he will like her. My reputation is on the line you see, if I bring him girls that he will not like, it will be a disgrace to me and my family. If I touch a girl that is to be brought to him, then, I will be executed. I am a good believer and would never do you dishonor. You can be assured that Semet will be safe with me.”

He stood and asked for me to produce the money.

“I can’t, until I see her and she passes my examination. How old is she?”


“Very well. She’s been in good care, never married?”

“She’d been under my care. Semet, Semet.” He called out, his eyes locked on my own. He scared me. I knew he wouldn’t hesitate to kill me if I disrespected his daughter, no matter if I were the Sultan or not.

“Father?” The voice rang out like the chime of a delicate bell; a chime that struck to the core of femininity.

“Come down here daughter, there is someone I would like you to meet.”

Footsteps and the creaking of wood followed as she came down the stairs and appeared from the shadows into the yellow light of the gas lamps. She came from behind where I sat and when I turned to look at her, her eyes struck me like two saucers of shining green moonlight. Instantly they turned away from me and she focused on an object on the wooden floor.

“Semet, remove your veil.”

“Father? But we have a guest–”

“Semet.” His voice was as stern as an officer of the brigades. I won’t deny that it was magnificent to hear her ordered to show her private face.

A flick of her thin white wrists and I saw why life is wonderful.

Her nose was small and pointy, sharp looking and perfect for her eyes. Her lips were two pink pillows, slightly parted and showing the whites of her teeth. Because her eyes were so large, and her lips voluptuous, her nose may have looked even smaller than it truly was. Her head covering was blue, and it covered her hair entirely.

She looked intelligent and shy, uncomfortable in the presence of a strange man.

“Semet, this man is from Topkapi Palace.”

“You are?” She asked, again her voice took me hostage, and combined with her powerful looks, rendered me speechless for the first time in my life. I noticed she wouldn’t hold eye contact with me.

“I’ve come to take you to the palace. The Sultan, may Allah bless him and the air he inhales, wishes a visit with you. Our Emperor wants for you to live with him in the Palace, Semet. He’s heard of your…”

Her eyes lit up and she opened her lips some more, showing her small even teeth. She looked to her father, who had returned to his stoic self, then back to me. There was more than just life and youth and femininity swimming in her giant emerald eyes, there was the sexual creature of sweet innocence, hidden and exposed and gone.

“Vizier, you were saying?” Her father asked.

“Semet, I need an interview with you. After that, if all goes well and your father agrees, we will be heading to the Palace so that you can live there, with the great Emperor, may Mohammed, Allah’s one and true prophet, praise him.”

“Here’s your interview.” The father told me.

I pulled from inside of my cloak a heavy bag of coins that I’d had strapped around my shoulder by a leather belt. The father followed the bag with his eyes and I put it down beside the steaming pot of tea. I pulled at the hemp knot and it opened up, leaning to one side and a single coin rolled out of it and to the ground. The father knelt down and examined the coin, then bit it. He saw the fresh stamp of the Empire and looked at me in astonishment.

“You are no liar. Gold. Allah is the one and only god and Mohammed is his prophet.”

“May I have a private interview with Semet, to make sure she is right for the Sultan?”

“Isn’t this an interview enough? You wish to see her in private? Is that it?”


“No. Impossible.”

“I am acting in the place of the Sultan. What I speak to Semet, may be interpreted as his own words. And the Sultan has instructed me to speak only with Semet. That’s the way this works my friend. I mean you and your daughter no harm, may Allah hear my words and judge me by them.”

“Here is another room, you may interview her here in my house. I will be in this room. You and her in that room.” He stood and slid open a wooden door that led into a cramped, ill lit room. Bundles of cloth towered along the walls. There were several crocodile skinned books in a neat stack. To sit, two plush pillows. He brought a lamp and set it down on the floor.

“I will be right outside the door Semet. Don’t be afraid to call for me.”

I nodded and led Semet into the room. When Semet passed, I noticed she was smaller than I’d first though. The top of her head passed only to mid chest, though I am taller than most men. A faint waft of lavender entered my sinuses. Her presence as she passed was that of a delicate feline, not a woman. I closed the door behind us.

In the light of the room I saw her figure from behind. She wore a robe of red cotton. Her shoulders were small and frail. Her back tapered from her shoulders to an unbelievably thin waist, where she wore a belt of the same material keeping the robe closed.

Below this tiny waistline, her hips swelled out seductively. Her buttocks were shapely. Each cheek onion shaped and fleshy. This was the legendary behind I’d heard sailors speaking of in the Istanbul coffee shops.

She must have felt me staring because she turned suddenly and caught my hungry eyes on her backside.

I nodded and cleared my throat, “Uh, sit, Semet.” I said. She sat on the pillow. The lamp in the room was old and the glass yellowed and black, making the light a dull orange in the room.

“This is the first time I have been alone with a man since I was a little girl. I’m sorry if I’m uncomfortable.” She said, not to me, but to herself. She looked around as if she had just been born into the world a few minutes ago.

“So you do want to go to the Palace?”

“Yes. I would love that. Is it possible…the Sultan himself would find me attractive?”

“I believe he would.”

“How wonderful it will be to meet him. Is he handsome like they say?”

“Women find him likable.” He was well past his prime. “Your age?”


“And you’ve lived here in Remuli all your life? What do you do all day?”

“I clean, and sew garments for my father. We sell knitted caps at the pier for the merchants and fishermen who pass through. He owns a barge and he makes money by floating quarry to the city.”

“Have you had many suitors?”

“My father receives visitors all the time…some ask for my hand in marriage.”

“It seems the entire Empire knows of your beauty.”

“There was one fisherman who used to live here. He’s been in love with me since as far back as I can remember. He’s told all the others, and they tell others, and my father says all down the Bosphorus they speak of my beauty.”

“So you think you are beautiful?”

She looked away from me and covered her mouth as if she’d accidently told me a secret. “Everyone says so.”

“You are, Semet.”

“May I see your hands?” I asked.

She showed them to me. I was sitting across from her on the other pillow and took the hands into my own. They were cold and slender. Tiny in my rough, battle worn hands.

“Your teeth? Can you open your mouth please.”

She opened her mouth and I peered into the tiny wet opening between her lips. Her small tongue quivered and aimlessly flinched. Her innocent tongue stirred blood to my penis and I felt my manhood awaken. I tried my best at ignoring the fact that lust had been stirred in my loins.

I leaned close to her, so that my voice would be a whisper. I had the feeling that her father was standing just on the other side of the door, maybe even watching, if he knew of a slit in the wall.

“I will need to feel around in your mouth, to test your teeth. Is that alright with you?”

She nodded four very quick nods, her shy eyes never staying on me for long.

I turned the lamp down so that room became engulfed in shadows, just in case the father was watching us. Semet sat silently on the pillow before me. Both of us were sitting, me crossed legged, and her with her legs swept to her left side. We were half an arms length away from each other.

“Open up, Semet.” I kept my index finger pointed upwards, showing her what she was going to have in her mouth for the next few moments.

Her perfect lips parted and I felt the warmth of her mouth. My finger penetrated past her teeth, and I felt them rub slightly on the top and bottom of my finger. I held it that way for a moment and her tongue, so young and anxious, flicked my finger by accident. This stimulated me to no end.

I saw her face, her eyes closed as she concentrated on my finger in her mouth. Her head covering on either side of her face. I imagined my finger was my penis. What a tight fit it would be in her mouth. She could barely open up for my finger. I pushed in deeper to the back of her throat and she gagged, but not before I felt the snug tenderness of her throat.

She coughed and I saw her eyes become watery, thus I removed my saliva laden finger.

“I’m not yet finished, Semet.” I told her and she nodded, clearing her throat with fragile cough.

In my finger went. Her pretty mouth accepted my finger in a slow push. Her breathing became rapid, short hot bursts against the top of my finger. She was nervous and didn’t like my finger in her tiny mouth. Yet this fact turned me on, and made me want to prolong the fingering of her luscious facial opening.

I gently began to fuck her mouth with my finger. She sat there, innocent, as I slid in and out of her mouth. This was indeed her first penetration of many by me. This first time held significance for me because she had no idea what I was doing.

I could only imagine what she was thinking.

“Very good Semet, now close your lips around the finger.”

Her pillow like lips closed down gently, feather like, yet firm enough to cause friction. Now it was easier to imagine my cock in her mouth. Her eyes were closed. Her chin pushed out towards me to meet my finger. Her lips were puffed out as they smothered the finger pushing in and out of her slippery mouth.

I pulled my finger from her and wiped it on my robe. I saw her tongue dart around her lips, licking the excess saliva she’d created.

“Good enough?” She asked nervously. I could see she was afraid to have me say anything bad or critical.

“Now, I’m going to ask you some things that you must answer correctly. This all depends if you get to go and see the great Sultan.”


“Have you ever been with a man before?”

“No. Never.”

That was it. That was all that was required of me to ask her. All of my training from the Grand Vizier, and the Head Eunuch had been to make sure they were the most beautiful virgins; that was all. The Sultan liked good teeth, and womanly hands, she had both of those. This was the turning point of my life, where I began to betray the Empire who’d nurtured me, and gave me opportunity to prove my love to Allah on the battlefields to the east, and let me live in the domain of the Sultan. Instead of leading her back to her father to pack for the morning ride to Istanbul, I decided I wanted to see her in the flesh.

Was it possible, that in my position I’d be able to see the most beautiful woman I’d ever laid eyes on, naked? Could I expose the innocence of this woman and spoil a gift for the Sultan? Could I do it and live with it?

At that terrible moment, Semet smiled at me and fidgeted her fingers nervously, as if to prove she had no idea that I was burning with desire for her.

“Now this will be hard, Semet. I know your face is beautiful. That is plainly evident.” I paused and she smiled at me. “But I need to see if your body is as beautiful as well.”

“Vizier?” Her voice changed pitch and she appeared frightened.

And with that I was a traitor. How easy it was to delve into the side of evil. I suddenly regretted my words. It was as if I’d plunged a dagger into the flesh of the Sultan. Allah would never forgive me.

Like a good Muslim, she told me: “Only a husband is supposed to see the body of his wife.”

I was worried she’d bolt and tell her father. They’d lynch me, and if not, word would spread to the soldiers and I would be arrested, executed.

“I must see your body and check for imperfections…for the…Sultan, bless him. It is my job to make sure you are the right woman for the Emperor. Now you must trust me. Should I tell your father you don’t wish to live with the Sultan–”

“No…” Her words cut off as abrupt as the ledge of a cliff. Her mind churned. She was unsure, yet determined. “See that latch on the door, drop it.” She told me.

I looked to above the sliding door and saw a brass stop that would prevent anyone from opening the door from the outside. I quickly stood and dropped the latch, then sat back down, crossed legged waiting for her body to be exposed to me.

She stood, and for a moment hesitated, then untied her belt and pulled the robe open. Underneath she wore nothing, she let the robe drop, letting me take in her body. She shivered, yet it was not cool in the room. Shame swelled over her, it reddened her cheeks.

Her breasts were small mounds and defiantly erect. Pink nipples pointed to the ceiling. She folded her arms quickly covering them from me. Her stomach was flat and her pelvic bone swelled outwards gracefully to support her gigantic butt cheeks. Between her legs a small patch of black hair puffed out. Her mound looked very small, barely visible under the growth of her womanly hairs. The fronts of her thighs swollen from the flesh they encompassed.

“Now turn, Semet. Show me your backside. Very good.” I said, my mouth had filled thick with saliva by then.

Her butt cheeks were like swollen globes of butter. A razor thin black line ran through the middle of the round flesh and represented her crack. She shifted her weight and the left globe popped out at me and flexed. What I would have done to run my tongue over that flesh, and my hands, and my penis. I wanted nothing more than to squeeze that succulent meat.

“Now, Semet, will you bend over. Hands on your knees.”

“Are you sure we need to do this?”

“It’s part of the process, Semet. I’m sure you feel uncomfortable, as do I. This is a difficult job for us both, but we must do what’s called for. You are half way done, and wouldn’t want to do all this for nothing, right?”

She turned her head and looked at me. Those gigantic eyes took me in and I could tell she was looking to see that I was serious. I nodded at her, trying my hardest not to let my joy show.

She bent over like I’d asked.

Even now if I close my eyes I can see Semet’s innocent body before me, her skin bare and tight over her womanly curves. Her two butt cheeks before me, bare. Between her legs, like the parting of clouds exposing a beam of radiant sunshine; a fertile mound with two lips peeked at me from under two very succulent cakes of meaty flesh.

“Is that it?” She asked, facing away from me.

“Very well, Semet.”

She stood up and stooped down to pick up her robe, her arm over her breasts. Her face was bright red now and she would not look at me, always keeping her head to the side.

“So, I can go to the Palace then?”

“That’s what you want, isn’t it Semet?”

“Yes, I’d like very much so to go there and meet the Sultan.”

“Good. You’ve passed the examination, and I’m sure you’ll have a visit with the Sultan.” I noticed I’d spoken quickly. The sight of her naked backside had left me out of breath.

“Is that all?” She remained standing while I sat. “Can I go?”

I stood up and went to her. She turned her face away from me. I put a finger under her chin and lifted her face so that she looked at me. Her beauty once again charged through my eyes and down into my lungs. Below her veneer of innocence I saw sexuality brimming, boiling deep inside her.

We stared at each other for a moment. My face had become a hands width from her own. I pushed gently my erection into her stomach. How it felt so wonderful to have my throbbing member up against her youthful body. I placed my hands on her wide hips and I pulled her into me. My penis stabbed at her and I knew she felt it. Her body went rigid, like a sail snapping tight in a afternoon wind.

From her hips my hands traveled back to her fleshy butt. Yes, they were magical, her buttocks were made for pleasure. My hands rubbed downwards from the small of her back and felt the swoon of excess flesh hanging from her backside. With a hand on each rotund cheek, I gave a squeeze.

Only Allah, praise be his name, knows how her flesh gave in to my fingers. Only the Sultan and myself can attest to how delicate and full her backside is.

She didn’t resist, or push me back, or change position. She remained as still as a doe sighting a hunter. It was as though this touching of her bulging property must be done. For as long as she’d owned those plump cakes, no man has ever enjoyed them, and now, for the first time in her life, she was bringing a man pleasure–and I saw this realization in her eye, in her face–I saw it flash like a crack of lightning, then disperse into the depths of her green eyes.

“Can I leave now?” She asked.


Her father stood outside the room. His arms were folded and his brows seemed to have lowered. On the table a dagger lay for all to see.

“Did she pass inspection?”


Then he looked to his daughter Semet. “Tell me, has this man wronged you in any way? Did he touch you Semet?”

My breath caught in my throat. My forehead wet instantly.

I looked to Semet and our eyes caught for less than a moment.

Her mouth opened but no words came out. Her face was red, redder than ever. The evidence of my wrong doing written over her face. I braced myself, holding my breath, waiting for it to come.

“No, father. He didn’t touch me.”


We left early in the morning, just as the sun was rising. Semet’s father offered to arrange a ride for us down the Bosporus to Sariyer. From Sariyer we could easily take another ferry to Istanbul. I agreed to this because of two things. For one, I could be alone with Semet, away from the soldiers. And secondly, I knew the owner of an inn that overlooked the Bosporus in Sariyer. I knew he would allow us to eat there.

I gave the soldiers my horse and told them I would meet them at Topkapi in a few days. The captain seemed alarmed that I would be a few days, since I was taking the fastest route back, but I assured him it was because I had another lead just outside of Sariyer.

Semet came into my presence that day wearing a black robe, and a green silk veil under her eyes. Her makeup was done, and her eyes were lined in thick black paint that only intensified her exquisite eyes. She didn’t dare look or speak to me, instead remaining like a silent shadow following her father and I.

Her father led us across the street to a wooden pier where three old sailors sat smoking. He introduced us to the men, and kissed Semet on the forehead goodbye.

“I assure you she will be safe.” I said, shaking hands with him.

“I trust you. May Allah bless your journey a thousand times.”

The captain carried the small leather pack that Semet had brought with her and set it along one of the seats. I saw that the boat was loaded with bundles of bright cloth in the middle of the vessel. The pilot house remained in the front. There would be no need of sails with the flow of the tide the captain assured us. He eyed me for a bit, probably not accustomed with my dress, probably wondering who I was with the beautiful Semet. But he asked no questions, which I admired.

I helped Semet aboard and enjoyed our touch of hands as she leaned her weight into me. There was a bench seat aft of the boat where we settled down. The morning was chilly and neither of us was dressed for the weather.

I sat beside her, our legs touching.

“Are you cold, Semet?”

“No.” She still didn’t look at me directly, and I wondered if she was upset. I figured it was because she was leaving home for the first time. Her entire life was about to change. Her sheltered existence ceased to end last night when my hands caravanned the flesh of her buttocks.

I reached over and took her hand into mine after we’d gotten underway. She didn’t offer me any resistance. At the rear of the boat the captain could not see us. She sat watching the light traffic on the water. Many small fishing villages dotted the banks, much like her own little village.

“I’ve never been this far from home.” She told me.

“Don’t worry. Your life is just beginning now. A life of unparalleled luxury. Allah has looked down upon you Semet.” I wanted her now more than anything. It was then, that morning, that I decided I would take her divine behind for my own in Sariyer. For now, I had to keep my intentions sincere. So I remained quiet to allow her to dwell on her thoughts, which seemed to overwhelm her.

After two hours we docked in the town of Sariyer. It was much closer to Istanbul and much bigger than Remuli.

“Is Istanbul this big?” Semet asked me when we stood upon the wood dock.

“No. Istanbul is ten thousand times the size of this town. Come Semet, let us eat. For now you must play the role of my sister. We are not married, and you are not to be with any man but a family member. Can you do this?”

“Of course.”

“Good. We won’t mention that we are on our way to the palace, because if the wrong people overhear there could be trouble.”

It had been a while since I set foot in the gorgeous town of Sariyer. Most houses were set along the steep banks looking over the water. We passed through a small fish and spice market. I couldn’t help but catch many eyes staring at Semet; especially after she passed. The men were sexually abusing her rear end with their eyes, not hiding their looks from anyone, including me.

I looked to Semet and saw the wonder in her eyes. To come from a sleepy village along the edge of the Bosporus to this must have been quite a shock. I was trying to rush through the market, but now I thought I’d linger and allow her to take it in.

“Anything you like, I will buy it for you.” I whispered in her ear.

We neared a silk stand, from which many fine garments hung.

“I like these.” She said to me, reaching for a pair of white silk pants. I doubted she would fit into those, but my, how would her behind look in them? She would only be able to wear such clothing in private. “I love the material. Feel it, it’s as soft as feathers.”

I noticed a crowd had surrounded us. Most were legitimate buyers, but a few, I knew, were there to admire Semet.

I reached and touched the pants. They were very soft. I leaned into her. “I think the Sultan might enjoy these as much as you.”

When I looked to see her reaction I noticed she looked a little distraught. Behind her a man had approached. He looked to be with his wife and child, but the wife was leaned over the makeshift table admiring the clothes as Semet and I were, and the man lingered a bit back. His face was forward, staring at what his wife was touching, even commenting on what she picked up. But I looked down to Semet’s rear and saw that he had an erection sticking out from his cloth pants. The man looked to be rubbing the tip of his penis against the bulging left butt cheek of Semet. He was rocking back and forth, side to side, as if nothing were occurring.

Semet’s black robe wasn’t tight fitting, but it hung tightly over her backside as she was pressed against the table of goods.

I watched him as he put his right hand down beside him and slyly cupped the right butt cheek. He then moved directly behind her and I knew his cock must be up against her crack. I watched as Semet browsed the clothing, she seemed to be ignoring the man secretly getting off on her buttocks.

“Do you see anything else, Semet?” I asked her. I don’t know why, but watching this stranger rub his erection on her aroused me.


“How about these scarfs?” I pulled two scarfs from the table.

“Yes, those are nice.”

I looked back to the man and saw him rocking against her, humping her ass. I paid for the pants and scarfs, and led Semet from the crowd. The man quickly backed off, but not before he saw the tip of my dagger press against his belly.

“Semet, has this man been bothering you?” I asked. The man quickly put his hands up. The crowd parted as they saw what was occurring. This was my worst fear, causing a scene, but it needed to be done.

She didn’t answer me, but held onto my arm, which drove me over the border to pleasure. “Let’s leave.” She urged me in a whisper. Her voice was sweet, and I could once again smell her fragrance as she leaned into me.

“Next time I’ll cut it off.” I told the man.

From then on Semet clung to my arm. My heart was pumping from the near combat. Not since I’d left the Army had I felt that sensation, and combined with the alluring Semet, I felt I was floating along through the market.

“Are you okay, Semet?” I asked, leaning into her.


“What was he doing to you?”

“I…I don’t know. He was rubbing me.”

“If it weren’t for you I would have killed him.”

“You’ve killed before?”

“Yes. A long time ago.”

She hugged me even tighter and I felt the soft flesh of her breast push into my arm. We walked like this until we arrived at the inn. It was a way from the center of town, and up a steep incline along a grove of Judas trees, which were covered in pink blossoms. The inn, which the was built from wood, stood tall along the forested dirt lane. I couldn’t believe how fresh it smelled near the inn; a combination of sea air from the Bosphorus and shadowy breezes from the forest.

I entered the inn and saw a few men sitting around a water pipe. I smelled coffee and my spirits rose. A cat lounged near the door and didn’t bother looking at us as we entered. The man I knew greeted us. He was a squat man with a large beard and belly and shining bald head.

“May Allah’s peace be upon you.” He said when he saw me, clapping hands together.

“And upon you peace.”

“Are you here to stay? I have the most pleasant room available on the top floor.” He glanced to my companion and I saw his eyes flash.

“Well, I wasn’t planning on it.”

“And who do we have with you?”

“My dear sister, Selen.” I dare not use the name Semet, for fear her legend would spur tales of a stay with me.

“Ah, Selen. I had no idea you had a sister my friend. Well, there are two beds in the room. It has a lovely balcony looking over the water and a private basin for bathing. Last month the general accountant of Navy stood there. He loved it.”

“You’ve talked me into it. I should have known better than to deal with a man as charming as yourself. Allah has blessed you.”

“The room is made up. I’ll lead you to it.”

He took us up a flight of creaking stairs, three floors up and to a heavy door which he unlocked with a ring of keys. When I stepped in the room I saw that it was truly as lovely as he had proposed. A large window was open and looked out to the lazy Bosporus. Two beds were against the wall, covered with plush pillows and silk sheets. To the left a small hall led to a tub adorned with silver trim and blue and white tiles done in the pattern of classic Ottoman design. A Koran lay at the foot of the bed.

“Shall I send coffee?”


Then he scurried off and I shut the door. With the sound of the door closing I felt a change stir in my loins. I was alone with the lovely Semet. I took off my outer robe and threw it to the bed. Then I walked out to the balcony and found two chairs and a small table. A water pipe sat on the table, with a case of tobacco beside it.

“Come and sit beside me, won’t you? Let us enjoy this day and celebrate your new life with the Sultan.”

She came and sat beside me. I watched as her eyes lit up as she took in the sight of the busy strait. The sun was still low and gave sharp shadows to the world. There was a knock at the door and I retrieved the coffee from the waiter. He handed me a silver plated tray with two brass cups filled to the top with steaming brown heaven. I carried it out to the balcony and set it down.

Semet looked at the beverages. “What is this, coffee?”

“Yes. Here, drink up Semet. This is truly a gift from heaven.”

“But my father says coffee is a sin, like alcohol.”

“That could be said, but views are changing. In Istanbul, as you will find, there are many coffee houses. In the past they were illegal, but coffee is accepted where you are going, and you must be prepared to drink it if the Sultan asks.”

“Will he ask me to drink coffee?”

“He may. He may ask you to do many things that you consider a sin. But in the palace, this is common, and Allah will forgive all, because of your situation.” I took a sip of the wonderful brew and savored the flavor on my tongue. It had been a week since I indulged.

She removed the veil from her face. I saw her pick up the brass cup and hold it to her nose, then take a sip.

“It tastes very strong.” She commented. “But I like it.”

“So, I was thinking. We must prepare you for your visit with the Sultan. You don’t want to act strangely and displease the Sultan. He has a very short temper.”

“Like what?”

“Well, you must do what he says, no matter what he asks of you, even if it sounds strange, or may be uncomfortable to you. You must do it at all costs. Do you think you will be up to that?”

“Yes–well, I’ve always done what I’ve been told to do. I try to be a good believer and do my best at things.” She took a long sip of the coffee.

“But you will do what the Sultan asks of you?”

“Yes. Whatever he asks I will do, and do it better than any other girl he has met. He will love me more than all the others.”

“And with the matter of sex, are you ready?”

“I must lay with him, is that what you mean?”


“I will I guess, if he so asks it of me.”

“And you know the secret spots to please a man?” I swallowed the saliva that was rising to my mouth now. My penis was near fully erected. My excitement washed over me and renewed my desire for her buttocks. I decided I would take her anally. That way she would remain a virgin, and only myself and her would know that she had been penetrated by my penis and taken my seed. I would also have her take my penis in her mouth and swallow my seed.

“No.” She looked at me full on for the first time that day and I felt I might drown in her shining green eyes. “Would he be mad if I didn’t?”


“But how could he…if I have never known a man?”

“Ah, Semet, you are astute. The thing is, he has been with many woman before, and for many years, and because of that he has become accustomed to experienced women. He will want the tightness that your womanhood will be, but you must be able to stand out among the others like you said. First impressions are lasting ones…if you want I can help you.”

“Can you? How?”

“I can teach you, if you are willing.”

She drank her coffee and I noticed she was done with her cup. “I would be.” She said this quietly, as if she were admitting a crime she’d committed.

“Good. You know we must tell nobody of this. Not a word of this can be spoken.”

“Of what?”

“Of our staying in this inn, of me teaching you. It must be a secret.”

“That’s fine.”

“Good. Now what do you know of sex and pleasure?”


I grabbed her chair by the leg and pulled it over close to me. It came easy enough, and soon our thighs were touching. Her body became rigid and she stared straight ahead at all the passing traffic of the Bosporus. There were many small fishing boats, and large barges loaded with quarry, and vessels of war laden with troops heading to the Black Sea. Across the water a small Asian village sat lonely under brown cliffs dotted with the green puffs of trees.

“Your first lesson, you must be comfortable with our touch. See how your body went stiff? You must remain relaxed at all times.” I put my hand on her thigh and rubbed the thickset flesh.

“Look at me, Semet.” I demanded. She turned and suddenly we were face to face. I leaned towards her and our lips touched. I let my tongue run across her full lips, then I forced it into her mouth. It ran into her teeth and she opened up a bit more. Tenderly, I moved my tongue over her smaller one. She flexed her trusting flesh with mine and we mingled together, swirling as one. Her mouth was very wet and tasted of coffee. Her lips overwhelmed my own, but they were pleasurable to have against me, like slippery pillows.

Every now and then I would lick around her lips and take her huge bottom lips into my mouth and suck and flick my tongue over it. Then I pulled away.

She turned away and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand.

“See how we used our tongues? That was a kiss, a sensual one used by lovers only. Did you truthfully like it?”

It took a moment for her to respond. Her face, so full of elegance and vigor, was hard to read. She looked out towards the Bosphorus, which I noticed was a good escape for her from my intense looks at her.

“Yes. At first I thought it was strange, but I enjoyed the sensations very much.”

“So your touch grows my penis. Do you know what a penis is?”

“You use it to make make children.”

“That man in the market, he rubbed his penis on you, did you know that?”


“Where did he rub you Semet?”

“On my…butt.”

“Yesterday, I pushed my penis against you. Did you feel it? When my hands were on your butt, my penis grew, and I pushed it against your stomach. Did you feel it?”

“A little.” Her voice had become shy.

“Feel it now, Semet. With your fingers.” I leaned back and through my robes my erection could be seen. I untied my belt and opened the robe, then my trousers, so that my penis was now visible to the world. The cool air hit my cock, and I looked down at it. It pulsed and the bulbous head was very red from the need to be touched. Two veins rain across the back of the shaft, and my pubic hair surrounded the base near my testicles. It must have been quite a sight for her. How many erect penis’s had she seen in her life? Probably none. Little did she know that she was about to be abused by this penis.

“Touch my penis Semet.”

She stared down at my manhood, then looked up to me. I nodded and took her hand and placed it over my manhood. Her small fingers were cold as ice as they ran across the shaft. The head of my cock was in the center of her hand as her fingers dangled over my erection.

“I like the way it feels.” She said as her innocent fingers explored me. She tested the strength of it by gently squeezing with her finger tips. “It’s very hard and long. What should I do with it?”

“Squeeze it, and move your hand back and forth in strokes. Every touch brings me much pleasure.”

Semet did as she was told. I couldn’t help but smile at her furrowed brow as she worked diligently at jacking me off quickly. She was taking this very serious. I moaned a bit and she stopped.

“Does it hurt?”

“No, it feels wonderful my darling. Keep it up.”

She started once again, slower this time. Her eyes glancing at mine to make sure she wasn’t hurting me.

“This is what goes inside me, when I lay with the Sultan?”


“No…it will never fit. Are you going to put this inside me?” Her eyes grew large with worry and she stopped touching me.

I couldn’t take it anymore. My want for this forbidden fruit reached its peak and I stood up. I grabbed her hand and led her into the room with me so that we were both standing near the bed. I dropped my robe completely, followed by my trousers. I was completely naked now. My throbbing cock was swollen and ready for her mouth.

I sat down on the bed. “Remove all of your clothing.” I told her.

She obeyed me. Dropping the black robe to her feet and for the first time I saw her silky black hair. It hung to her hips, and was tied with a satin bow just behind her shoulder blades. The light coming in from the balcony reflected off her jet black hair, and gave her body a magnificent glow.

Semet pulled off the white blouse that she wore under the robe, and her pink tipped breasts came into view. She slid black pants down over her wide hips and ample butt cheeks. When she bent over to drag them off her feet her breasts and thighs shook deliciously. My little virgin stood naked in the center of the room and looked at me, waiting for another command.

I grabbed a pillow from the bed and walked to her, dropping the pillow on the ground. “Kneel on this. Now, you will take my penis into your mouth.”

She dropped to her knees, stumbling, and catching herself, then straightening up. She brushed a few strands of hair away from her forehead and behind her ear. Her eyes, I noticed, were locked in on my swollen cock.

I’ve been lucky enough to receive pleasure from women’s mouth several times in my life. I’d say ninety percent of the time the woman needs prodding to perform the act. But Semet, without a word, grabbed the base of my cock and opened her tiny mouth wide, placing the head inside.

The sudden change of temperature made me close my eyes. Her eyes were closed and her lips gently closed around my the head of my penis. And like that she was no longer pure.

“How far can it go down your mouth?” I asked. She scooted her head forward, the bulb of my cock disappearing behind her stretched puffy lips. Unhurriedly, her compact mouth expanded to accommodate my angry erection. She swallowed once or twice taking down excess saliva in her belly. “Deeper. Deeper. Yes, that feels great. Now suck. Harder.”

Her cheeks hollowed and I felt pressure. Her tongue wiggled a bit, more pronounced now that she was sucking. Her lips were at the base of my shaft and her eyes were red and watering.

“Look me in the eyes, Semet. Never take your eyes from mine.”

Her great big green eyes, accented with black eye liner, stared up at me. My cock was more than halfway in her mouth. I placed both hands at the sides of her head and held her gently. She began to use her tongue to rub my shaft from the bottom. And with that, I began a small humping motion with my hips. Holding her head tightly, I pushed in and out of her mouth, forcing her lips to drag against my smooth shaft.

Her eyes winced and watered if I went too deep, but she maintained eye contact with me like I asked of her. Using the great friction she created with sucking, and the soft rubbing of her tiny tongue along the bottom of my shaft, she created one of the most pleasurable experiences I’ve ever known.

I looked down her back, past her bare olive white shoulders, down her perfectly sculpted spine, and to the small of her back, where her body transformed from petite fragility to fleshy dangerous curves. Her buttocks were formed like two white cannonballs side by side.

I removed my cock from her supple mouth with an audible pop. How it shone brilliantly, dripping wet with her saliva. She was breathing hard. Down her chin a small river of saliva ran.

“My mouth hurts.” She said.

“Open up, stick that pretty tongue out.” I tilted her head back. She opened her mouth like I asked and her pink tongue wandered out. I dropped the head of my cock on it, slapping her tongue and lips, then pushed it into her mouth just barely, teasing her. She wanted to close her lips around it, but I pulled it out just as she did so. Her small tongue chased after it. Her eyes pleaded for me to give her more cock.

“Tell me you want my penis in your mouth.”

“What–” I grabbed a hold of my cock and slapped it across her face, leaving a wet red mark on her cheek. Her eyes widened in shock.

“Tell me, Semet. Tell me you want my penis in your mouth.”

She licked her lips and wiped her young pretty face with her arm, blinking her eyes up at me.

“I want your penis in my mouth.” She said. Her voice had changed. It was no longer thin and fragile, but dense and warm; covered with her first taste cock.

I held my penis to her lips and she took me into her mouth. Her gentle tongue danced across my round cock head while her plush lips massaged me. I felt myself about to unload my seed.

“Now Semet, very soon you will feel me shoot seed from my penis. You will need to swallow it. It’s bad luck to let any go to waste.”

With her wet eyes concentrated on my own, she tried to speak, but her voice came out muffled since my penis was stuffed into her mouth. I removed it.

“Your seed?”

“Yes. Open your mouth Semet and point the tip of my penis on top of your tongue. Yes, like that, now jack it back and forth quickly, like I showed you.” With each command, she obeyed. Sticking her tongue out flat and grabbing my cock with two hands. She lay the head of my cock on her wiggling tongue and jacked my penis up and down, all the while her wide eyes were beaming on me.

My she was strikingly gorgeous, if I may emphasize it for the thousandth time. She looked so lovely holding my erection on her tongue and milking it into her quivering mouth. I encouraged her by telling her how great of a job she was doing and this seemed to please her, making her hands move quicker. Her pink tongue couldn’t remain still and it wiggled restlessly around my shining head.

Her submissive stance on her knees, naked, sucking the cock of a man who wasn’t her husband, a stranger; a man she’d met last night–and at once, because of her small fingers wrapped deliciously around my throbbing cock, and her warm feather like tongue tickling my head, I came.

I felt the release from my stomach and it flowed downwards to my loins and out my shaft. A glob of white seed ejected onto her tongue and splashed upwards to her nose and upper lip. She wasn’t ready for it and her head went back a little. Her brow furled, her eyes closed.

“Don’t waste it. Don’t waste it.” I said.

And she put the cock back on her tongue just as another shot pushed even more thick sperm into her mouth. I came again. Shot after shot until I was spent. My cock tingled now as her tongue lapped at the head. Her hands kept pumping though nothing would come out. I let her milk the last drops of seed from my penis until I could take no more.

“I’m done Semet. I’m done.” She stopped what she was doing and gulped my seed down. She made a sour face, then licked her lips. There was sperm on her fingers and she licked the white substance off her hands. Her hands cleaned her nose and she licked that clean as well.

“I liked it.” She told me smiling.

“Go to the bed Semet.” I helped pull her from the ground and she sat on the bed. I pushed her down so that she was stomach down. “Get on your knees.”

She obeyed, so that she was on all fours. Her vagina peeked itself at me from between her chubby buttocks. My face went to her virgin lips and I took in her scent. She was definitely wet. Her hairs stuck together from her juices and her lips looked swollen. I stuck my tongue out and as softly as I could, licked a long stroke down the length of her lips. Her hips jolted as she felt my tongue touch her delicate fruit. Yes, she was soaking wet. With a simple push, my tongue slipped past her lips and into her velvety hole.


I pushed deep. Jabbing and jabbing my tongue into her, back and forth, side to side. The rocking motion drove her wild and she gripped the sheets with clenched fists. Her swollen clit was like a polished bullet. I sucked it. My tongue flicking over it until she was turning her hips side to side and up and down, trying to throw me off of her fertile sex.

She moaned and grunted. Her lovely clit was the center of my attention. It didn’t take long to make her climax. My tongue swirled over and over her nub and when the moment came she screamed out and her body convulsed; tightening up and up and up and then she came crashing down. A flood of her juice cascaded from her vagina and she fell limp to the bed.

Using my wet fingers I circled the small rosebud between her cheeks. The tiny hole flexed and nipped at my finger, pulsing almost at my touch. I circled the hole with the tip of my finger, enjoying the firmness. I gently scooped up some of her excess juices dripping down the back of her thighs from her vagina. The warm liquid was slippery on my finger and I used that juice to push against her small resisting entrance.

It fought my finger. The small ringed entrance opened a bit and I slid in her warmth. What a great sin I was committing with this unmarried woman. I couldn’t believe she was allowing me to do this to her.

“Oh.” She moaned deeply.

“Shh, shh, shh. Relax my Semet, relax. Allow me to penetrate you as the Sultan will. You must be ready for him.”

“Oh umpphhh…ahhh.” She answered me, words unable to form in her sperm saturated mouth. “It hurts.” She said.

“I know, but soon it will feel pleasurable, you must trust me.” I answered her. “You must do this for the Sultan and the entire Ottoman Empire. This little ass of yours will soon have my penis in it. You must show how ready you are to serve.”

She grunted in response. Her long black hair was a mess over her bare back and around her head. I felt my penis beginning to renew its lust with every stroke in and out of this beauty’s backside. Her fleshy ass jiggle as she turned and moved trying to accommodate the intruder into her virgin ass.

There was a woman I used to meet with in Damascus that showed me the joys of anal sex. Her ass was not as big as Semet’s, but she was a great teacher and showed me how much tighter and pleasurable the rectum can be than a woman’s vagina. She taught me the gentle touch that the ass requires before it is mounted and violated. And so I remembered this woman’s words as I opened up Semet’s beautiful pink bud with my raking finger.

“Semet, you felt how I put my finger inside of you. I want to see you do it now to yourself. Here, reach up between your legs and place your finger inside your ass and move it back and forth as I did.” I pulled my finger from her tender opening and watched as my innocent Semet did as I instructed.

Her thin fingers were much smaller than my own, and they moved in a hesitant, nervous manner between her legs, up and over her swollen pussy. Her index finger found her sweet treasure and pushed in. She gave a small moan as her own finger pushed into her ass. I used this time to play with her gigantic fleshy backside; shaking the cheeks and watching them move of their own momentum.

I crawled over to where her neck was pushed into the plush pillows and her head was sideways, her eyes shut tight and her bottom lip being bit by her teeth.

“Yes, wonderful Semet, you are doing an amazing job. Surely the Sultan will be pleased with you.”

“Am I?” Her eyes opened up and her beauty beat against my senses.

“Yes, my sweet sunrise.”

I kneeled down and placed my soft cock near her mouth. I saw her eyes follow it, her brows furled. She gave a small moan and I remembered that she was fingering herself. Without a word of encouragement, her tongue left her mouth and touched the crown of my penis. Her tongue whipped around with the elegance that the feathered quill of a scholar might have.

Her sweet licks began to breathe life into my cock.

“Semet, I’m going to put this into your butt. At first it might hurt you, but you have to fight through the pain and soon you’ll experience the most exquisite pleasure known on this Earth.”

She nodded to me, the head of my cock pleasantly nestled between her succulent lips. Her eyes told me that she now trusted me, after giving her an orgasm. She pulled her lips from me and licked them.

“Do what you must to prepare me.” She answered. “I can suck your penis all night and drink all the seed you have to give.”

“You may well do that my darling, but for now, it will be your ass that you must give to me.”

“Very well, I’m ready.”

I went to her rear and peered down between the cushiony cheeks to her small hole that I was soon to spread wide. My cock was sopping wet from having been in her mouth. Using my thumb behind the head of my penis, I pushed it up against her small hot asshole. The head was nearly three times the size of her hole. I began to doubt that my penis would fit. Steadily, I gave her pressure and she moaned…then I felt a slip as her ass gave and stretched and took the tip of my penis into her furnace. She screamed.

I waited while she calmed down, but her breathing had turned into constant moans and grunts. She turned her head side to side and moved her arms up to the sides of her head grabbing into the pillows.

“That’s it Semet. You are doing a great job. You must take it.”

Her ass was like a tiny sucking biting mouth. I gave another push and her ring opened wider and more of my penis came under the boiling pressure of her sweet clenching bowels. I wanted her to relax and get used to the pain, so I rocked a back and forth, trying my best to loosen her grip. I wanted nothing more than to push deeper into her, but doing so would have caused her great pain.

It took some time, but I worked my cock into her. In a little, then out a little. A push there and a pull here. The slightest movement was picked up by her and transformed into a guttural moan. She’d adjust her hips and her ass cheeks would rock side by side, jiggling around my cock. Each push soiled her innocence. After a few long minutes I had my cock entirely up her stiff ass.

Her rectum was a slippery tube of muscle that contracted almost constantly around me, giving a massage with every push into her. I saw how her muscled ring puffed up around the base of my penis, trying to squeeze me out.

Soon I was able to build up a slow, yet powerful rhythm of pushing my erection deep into her, holding it tight so that her puffy vaginal lips were rubbing against my balls, then withdrawing my shaft in her vacuum like hole.

Each thrust made her give a sharp moan and twist of the body. I had to hold onto her voluptuous hips as she tried to buck me off of her or move so that I didn’t penetrate so far up her backside. She would turn, but I would hold on tight. She would pull forward away from me, but I would grab her hips and hold her steady, always feeding her my rock hard manhood.

Her ass cheeks rocked and swayed with my thrusts, moving by themselves. They had a life of their own she carried so much extra flesh on her gorgeous behind. The sound of our skin slapping together filled the room. My balls smacked onto her slick wet sex like the pendulums of the empire’s time keepers. Watching her delicious butt cheeks oscillating by the accord of her anal pounding hypnotized me, made me delirious with lust. At that moment, I had no wish at all of turning her into Topkapi Palace for the Sultan. No, I wanted to take her away someplace on the other side of the empire where I could enjoy this young sweet ass day in and out for the rest of my life.

A few minutes more of this ravaging and it seemed her ass had been broken in. Her constant moaning had quieted down from painful shocks, to maybe, pleasure filled moans. Her firm rear hole had softened to a more vaginal feel. I pulled out of her backside and looked down to my penis, now a deep red from the fucking I’d given her.

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