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Author’s Note:

This story was written a long time ago, and only recently have I thought about posting it.

As with Opposites Attract, this story was inspired by a roleplay. It’s set in post-revolutionary America, in the Assassin’s Creed universe. A huge thank you to my good friend Kayla for roleplaying this with me and inspiring this story.

All characters are original, any resemblence to real people is purely coincidental. The Assassin’s Creed franchise is owned by Ubisoft.


Sarah was lining up a shot with her bow, preparing to take down the deer she had been stalking for ten minutes when there was a loud cry from the North-East of her hunting blind. The cry startled the deer, causing it to flee from the noise that permeated the forest.

“There goes a few meals.” Sarah sighed with frustration.

Within seconds of shouldering her bow, Sarah noticed that the cry was actually a call for help and she made her way through the trees towards the screaming woman that was making it. In that area of the forest, it might have been a bear attack, bears being common enough there.

Looking down through the branches, she saw a black woman running away from something. Her clothes were slightly torn and her hair was messy, to top off her appearance, she also had a few small cuts and dirty knees.

Then Sarah saw the soldiers. Seven British soldiers were chasing this woman for one reason or another. Knowing how ruthless soldiers could be women, especially black women, Sarah followed them, using the branches and her near-silent steps as cover.

The woman was running towards a box canyon, which would block her escape. Sarah would have to act to help the woman from whatever fate held for her. The rest of her group would hopefully be able to pick up enough meat and hides without her help.

As the woman and her pursuers ran into the canyon, Sarah dropped from a low branch and darted up the hill that the canyon was carved into. Quarter of a mile in was where the back wall was and Sarah was already there when her prey got there.

The woman was sobbing with fear and probably pain as she ran into the natural dead-end. She now had nowhere to go and the soldiers were closing in. realising her plight she turned around, looking ready to fight, though obviously lacking in the skills and confidence to do so.

“Help me!” she screamed. “Oh God! Please help me!”

Sarah watched as the soldiers closed in. She pulled her hood up and readied herself, unleashing her pair of hidden blades. When two of the soldiers made a grab for the woman, Sarah leapt from the cliff-top, plummeting down to land feet first on the soldiers. At the same time, she plunged her blades into their necks, severing their spines and unleashing large, powerful spurts of blood.

The black woman screamed with terror and surprise, passing out from the ordeal while the soldiers readied themselves to fight this new opponent.

“Leave this woman be,” Sarah said, commandingly “If you do not, I will be forced to end your lives.”

The sudden appearance of this hooded woman and the death of two companions didn’t seem to bother the soldiers. They readied their muskets, ready to fire.

Sarah was already in their midst, sliding one of her blades out of the leather vambrace that housed it, holding it like a dagger. She plunged the dagger into the eye of one soldier and her other blade into the chest of the next. Springing the hidden blade back into it’s housing, she drew a tomahawk from her belt and smashed it into the head of a third soldier.

The remaining two soldiers looked to be on the edge of running, but weren’t fast enough. One of them collapsed as the tomahawk got embedded into his skull. The remaining soldier tried to fire but Sarah slashed his throat with her dagger before returning it to where it belonged as a hidden blade.

Barely even panting, Sarah turned and saw the black woman staring at her with fear and amazement in her eyes. Sarah retrieved her tomahawk and dropped her hood so her face could be seen before she walked towards the woman.

“Are you OK?” Sarah asked. “Did they hurt you?”

Still open-mouthed, the woman shook her head. Sarah noted that she was shaking pretty badly. In fact, it seemed she was almost pissing herself with fear.

Sarah ran a hand through he shoulder-length black hair and smiled as best she could, though a lifetime of training to kill and killing had given her a hard expression. She wasn’t up to looking cheery most of the time, even if she was happy.

“I won’t hurt you, I promise,” Sarah said calmly, then held her hands out. “Look, I’m unarmed.”

She almost chuckled at the lie that was intended as comfort. Obviously she was armed. She even had access to a weapon with her hands tied behind her back. She was also strong and fast enough to fight off the largest of men bare-handed if she had to.

The woman merely nodded at the comforting lie and used one of Sarah’s hands to help herself up off the floor.

“What’s your name?” Sarah asked.

“K-Kayla,” the woman said. “I’m Kayla. Are they all dead?”

Sarah nodded grimly. She didn’t like killing, though she knew it was necessary for her to do the work she’d been raised to do. If the Assassins wouldn’t, who would safeguard humanity’s freedom?

“Do you have anywhere to go?” Sarah asked, already guessing at the answer.

Kayla shook her head, confirming Sarah’s guess. Sarah motioned for Kayla to follow her and started leading her to her camp.

On the way back to camp, Sarah explained who she was and what she was doing in the wilderness. She said nothing about the Assassin Brotherhood, as she had no idea who Kayla was exactly, though she could guess based on skin-colour alone. Kayla was likely a slave to a rich white man.

Surprisingly, though, Kayla wasn’t what Sarah would expect in a slave. She was well-fed enough to be skinny, but not anorexic and she had a positive look about her when it came to health and fitness. At least some people were treated right, Sarah thought.

The walk back to her camp was two miles and Sarah and Kayla spent the time calming down from the adrenalin in their systems and Kayla was becoming more talkative, which was a good sign.

She told Sarah how she was a slave to a British officer, a Lieutenant in the army. How he was pawning her off to his men when he’d gotten bored of her. Sarah listened intently, for this was a man that would surely end up on her list of targets at some point or another. He also sounded like the kind of man the world could do without.

When they reached her camp, Sarah was about to warn Kayla of the other three Assassins when they dropped from the trees, hidden blades extended. Kayla jumped and Sarah just held up a hand, signalling that they stop.

“I just saved this woman from some British soldiers who were trying to harm her,” She said. “I killed them about two miles East of here. Go and hide the bodies and cover our tracks as best you can.”

With that the three Assassins disappeared towards the East, leaving the camp to Sarah and Kayla. Sarah went to work around what the others had brought back from their hunts, skinning a few animals and storing the meat for transport back to the Assassin headquarters, which they called “The Farm” so as not to arouse suspicion.

“Go rest,” she told Kayla, noticing how tired she was and pointing to her own tent.

Kayla nodded and slipped into Sarah’s tent with a tired wave.

In time the other three Assassins returned. They informed Sarah that they had done their best to hide the bodies and cover the tracks that would lead anyone else to the camp. Sarah thanked them and let them set about their normal tasks while she went to a nearby stream to wash off the blood on her clothes.

When she got back, the older of the other three Assassins, Adam, came up to her to tell her that he’d made sure their guest was sleeping peacefully. She thanked him and, having been up since before dawn, decided she was going to get some sleep herself now that the sun was going down.

She slipped into her tent and unbuckled her weapons, stacking them in a small pile within reach. She then disrobed down to her underwear before strapping on one hidden blade, just in case she needed it at all. She knew she wouldn’t need it, but she didn’t like feeling she couldn’t deliver a killing blow if she needed to.

She didn’t know that her entering the tent had woken Kayla up until she heard a soft movement. She didn’t think much of it, knowing they were safe, until a wolf howled nearby and Kayla jerked closer to her, grabbing her arm.

“Relax,” Sarah said. “Nothing will get you while the others guard the camp.”

Kayla seemed to accept this, though she stayed close to Sarah as she rolled back over to sleep. Soon enough, the sounds of the two of them breathing softly filled the tent.

In the morning, Sarah rose early, dressing and arming herself quickly and quietly. Stepping into the dappled dawn light, Sarah stepped over to the fire, above which, there was a pot of stew, which was the source of a lovely smell. Adam and his brother, Peter had been on the night watch during the night, and the smell was their dinner and everyone else’s breakfasts.

Sarah scooped some into a bowl and took a small sip of the broth. It was delicious. She was sure it was actually the work of the final Assassin in her group. Antonio was a superb cook. He was Italian and had learned to cook from his parents, who had owned a popular restaurant back in their home town

This made him one of two Assassins not from America, with Sarah having been born into the Brotherhood in England. Both of them spent a fair bit of time reminiscing about their respective homelands.

Before long, Kayla exited the tent and sat next to Sarah. Sarah scooped some stew into another bowl and handed it to Kayla, who thanked her and set about having breakfast.

Sarah explained that the Assassins were on a hunt to provide food and other materials for the larger group that was elsewhere, on the Farm. Kayla nodded in understanding and, while she seemed a little down-trodden to be staying in the area (having attached herself to Sarah), she expressed a desire to help.

“Very well,” Sarah said, smiling. “Let’s go then.”

The two of them stood up and headed off to the West, on the hunt for more animals that were useful to their needs. Sarah found a decent spot where the bushes had recently been gorged on and there were some animal droppings. She reached into her pack and pulled out a few items before handing a pile of bait to Kayla.

“Here,” she said as Kayla took the bait from her. “Scatter this around, I’ll set up the snares and traps.”

Kayla set about to scattering the bait around the area with Sarah following her, setting up the snares and traps that would catch and kill the animals quickly and as painlessly as possible. With that done, she smiled and looked at Kayla.

“Well, that’ll take a while for anything to be caught.” Sarah said. “Let’s take some time to wash. God knows we need it, and it’ll probably be good for you to clean your cuts and wash of the dirt.”

Kayla looked at herself, nodding in agreement. So Sarah led her to the river that she had washed her clothes in the night before.

“Here we are.” Sarah stated, gesturing at the river. “nice, clean water.”

Kayla started undressing, taking off her clothes until just her panties were left, at which point she covered her crotch and breasts. Sarah herself had disrobed, leaving everything on the bank of the river. She had her back to Kayla while she was neatly piling up he clothes and gear. When she turned around, Kayla gasped, looking at her crotch in disbelief. Sarah had a cock and the balls to go with it.

“Oh, yeah.” Sarah said. “Sorry I should have warned you about that, but we Assassins do preach acceptance, so I forget about it.”

“Y-you’re,” Kayla began, before gathering herself. “You’re like me.”

Sarah was a little taken aback and a tiny bit confused until Kayla pushed her panties down to reveal her own cock hanging between her thighs. Kayla looked embarrassed but Sarah smiled warmly, putting a hand on her shoulder comfortingly.

“I can sympathise with any pain it has put you through.” Sarah said. “I used to get picked on for mine. It’s a good thing we promote acceptance of anything for freedom. Including gender.”

Kayla smiled slightly, her eyes watery, as if she were reliving the pains of her past. Sarah squeezed her shoulder gently but firmly, grounding her in the present while at the same time, assuring her that it’s OK

“T-thanks.” Kayla said quietly. “It’s just that…everyone that knows has…picked on me.”

“They did with me, too.”

“What did you do?”

“Beat them until they stopped.” Sarah said, chuckling. “I had the training for that, though.”

Kayla smiled a little sadly in understanding before brightening up and wading into the water, going out to the middle of the river so that the water reached her waist. Sarah joined her in short order, wading into the achingly cold water to join Kayla.

“You really don’t have to deal with being picked on because you have a cock?” Kayla asked, honestly curious.

Sarah nodded as she scooped water up and rubbed it onto her shoulders to wash away the grime. Kayla still looked surprised by the revelations that her saviour was a shemale and that she didn’t take any crap for it.

“Like I said,” Sarah started, “we Assassins place freedom and equality above all else. The only difference to this rule is to our targets, who lost the right to both when they chose their side.”

Kayla came over to Sarah and, surprisingly, hugged her tightly for a second before letting go, looking shy. Sarah smiled, knowing it had probably been a long time since Kayla hadn’t been shunned because of the manhood that was attached to her feminine body.

Seeing there was still sadness in Kayla’s eyes, Sarah held her for a few minutes, gently stroking her hair and back to soothe her. It seemed to work as Kayla relaxed noticeably in Sarah’s arms, nuzzling close to her, head on her breasts.

Though Kayla didn’t seem to realise it, she’d gotten hard from the long cuddle, as had Sarah. Their cocks were now grinding together softly, bumping into each others’ bellies. Kayla looked down and blushed when she finally realised then pulled away and turned around shyly.

“Don’t be shy about it, Kayla,” Sarah said, smiling softly. “It’s normal. Anyway, it happened to me too.”

Kayla smiled shyly, accepting the reassurances that Sarah sent her way, causing her to ease up completely. Sarah drew her into a gently but firm hug and kisses her cheek softly to assure her that she had noting to be concerned about when it came to her looks or sexuality.

“Do you…like me?” Kayla asked nervously.

“Of course I do,” Sarah replied, softly stroking Kayla’s back.

Kayla smiled and looked into Sarah’s eyes, drawing a little closer. Sarah leaned in and softly kissed Kayla on the lips before slowly drawing back. Kayla smiled and the two women kissed again, deeper this time, and groped at each others’ bodies with a gentle passion.

Sarah reach between them and softly grasped Kayla’s cock, rubbing it slowly and gently, feeling the blood pulsing through it in time with her heartbeat. Kayla moaned softly, enjoying the touch she must have rarely gotten from another person as she gently bucked her hips into Sarah’s very loose fist.

Sarah gently pushed Kayla back towards the river bank, making sure she didn’t slip or fall. When they reached the bank, Kayla lay down in the dirt and Sarah knelt between her legs, still kissing her deeply.

Kayla broke the kiss and raised her legs, exposing her tight, puckered anus invitingly. Sarah looked at her questioningly, making sure Kayla was sure, she nodded quickly, smiling happily.

Sarah pressed the head of her cock firmly against Kayla’s tight anus, pressing forward gently, but not softly enough that she wouldn’t make it inside the beautiful black shemale’s ass. After a moment’s struggle, the head of Sarah’s cock slid into Kayla’s ass, causing them both to sigh with deep pleasure.

Slowly, Sarah pushed in deeper until her large cock was deep inside Kayla and her balls against Kayla’s ass. They both moaned deeply as Sarah started thrusting slowly and deeply, Kayla’s ass gripping her cock tightly.

Once Kayla’s ass had relaxed a little, Sarah started thrusting harder and faster, pulling Kayla towards her with every thrust. Both shemales were moaning loudly in the quiet forest, causing birds to take flight from the canopy, frightened by this new noise.

Sarah felt her cock bump against a small lump in Kayla’s ass, causing Kayla to gasp and moan in ecstasy. Sarah was also pleasured further by her cock massaging Kayla’s prostate, her head rubbing against it deliciously. After a few moments of this, Sarah sped up again, moaning and groaning gutturally.

The guttural grunts, moans and groans of Kayla and Sarah reached the apex of their volume, filling the forest around them. The echoes of their love-making reverberated from the rocks and trees, filling the area around them with the noise multiple times with a slight delay.

Sarah reached between Kayla’s spread legs and gripped her cock firmly. She began to stroke hard and in time with the thrusting of her hips, causing Kayla to moan silently, unable to make any more noise due to the amount of pleasure she was feeling.

Before long, Kayla shook with spasms of pleasure, shooting a huge amount of cum onto her and Sarah’s chests and stomachs. Almost immediately, Sarah came, caused by the orgasm-induced squeezing of Kayla’s ass. Sarah’s load burst forth hard and deep, filling Kayla’s ass with hot, sticky cum. After they’d both fired their loads, they collapsed from pleasure, panting heavily, still connected as Sarah’s cock was still in Kayla’s ass.

“That was amazing, Sarah.” Kayla said between deep pants.

Sarah just nodded, not trusting her voice after such a powerful orgasm. Very slowly, she pulled out of Kayla, her cock followed by a small stream of cum spilling out and pooling under them both.

When they’d recovered, Sarah got up shakily and helped Kayla up. They stumbled back to the river and quickly washed themselves, cleaning all evidence of their passionate session before getting dressed.

“We should check the traps,” Sarah said.

Kayla nodded and the two of them headed back to the place they’d baited and left traps. The traps now contained a number of rabbits and hares, a small but useful bounty for food and skins. They gathered the animal carcasses and headed back towards camp.

After storing the small animals to be processed later, the two women heard a large number of voices approaching. The voices were, from the words Sarah could pick out, were unmistakeably the voices of more soldiers.

“Into the tent,” she ordered Kayla, who hurried to obey.

A moment later, the soldiers entered the clearing housing the Assassins’ camp. There were a large number of them; easily fifteen. Sarah doubted her ability to take them all herself, so she decided to engage them in conversation instead.

“What do you want?” She asked loudly, watching them the best she could.

“We’re chasing a fugitive,” the leader said, confirming Sarah’s suspicions. “Have you seen a black woman, raggedly dressed?”

“No,” Sarah said, quick to deny it. She hoped to cause them to leave without bloodshed.

“We’ll determine that,” the officer said, commandingly.

He ordered his men to check the tents, but Sarah drew herself up to her full height and stepped forward challengingly.

“Step aside!” the officer ordered. “Now!”

Sarah shook her head in a resigned way, drawing her tomahawk and springing out her left hidden blade, she dropped into a combat stance. She wouldn’t have done this so directly were it not for the fact that she’d seen Adam, Peter and Antonio slipping quietly through the branches of the nearest trees, positioning themselves to strike.

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