“You said you’d take me by the grocery store for what you wouldn’t let me go with Mom to get yesterday.”

Not realizing that his mother’s boyfriend, Pete, was just going to let him off here to do the yard work himself, Rick couldn’t help letting his confusion and irritation show.

“Got this job at the other side of town that just got called in, Rick. You can walk home from here after you mow this guy’s lawn and trim those hedges over there—although neither job looks like it needs doing real bad. Tell me what you want from the grocery store and I’ll pick it up for you when I’m finished cross town. This double pay will do us real well.”

“No, thanks,” Rick said. “I’ll get it another time.” It was nonsensical for him to reject the offer, and Rick knew it was. But it was the only rejection Rick was able to make toward this man who should be his father figure but who was banging both Rick’s mother and Rick—with each one of them addicted to what Pete gave them.

Rick watched Pete drive off in the truck after Pete told him not to worry about payment for this job—that the guy had prepaid—and then he restarted the mower and tried to remember where he’d left off on the front yard. Pete had been right, the lawn didn’t look like it needed to be mowed; Rick could hardly tell where he’d mowed already and where he hadn’t.

He did a few more rows, which brought him back to where he was looking directly at the front porch—and then he stopped dead in his tracks, taking his hand off the throttle and letting the mower die.

“Take your T-shirt off and continue mowing,” the man on the front porch said, a man Rick recognized and was surprised to see here. “There’s $20 extra in it for you—money you don’t have to report to anyone.”

“Why?” Rick asked, both confused and belligerent.

Doug Groton, Rick’s photography teacher, was standing at the top of the steps, at the edge of the covered porch. All he had on was a pair of short shorts. He was holding a camera in one hand and was leaning against a post and giving Rick a half-sneering smile.

“Because I want to photograph you in action. I want to get young muscle shots, the way they expand and contract when being worked. It’ not like I haven’t seen you undressed before.”

“This yard doesn’t really need to be mowed,” Rick said, standing there dead in his tracks. “You’re wasting your money.”

“Not if I get some good photos out of this. You have no idea what they’ll pay in galleries for interesting specialty shots. I supply a special gallery where photos like ones of you mowing a yard will sell like hotcakes.”

“The yard doesn’t really need mowed,” Rick repeated doggedly.

“Then if you’re interested in making another fifty and come inside after I’ve gotten these shots for a more private photo shoot, no one will know you weren’t spending the whole time you’re here mowing the yard, will they?”

“You didn’t need your yard mowed, did you?”

“Bingo. But you should give me points for tracking down your friend’s lawn service.”

“He’s not my friend,” Rick said.

“Does he fuck you?”

Rick said nothing. So, Groton didn’t really need for him to answer.

“Does he fuck you good? He looks like he’s hung low and he looks strong enough to go all day. I’d like to get some specialty photos of him too. And of the two of you together—and not just mowing the yard.”

Rick said nothing. There was nothing much he could say.

“Do you want the $20? It’s not like men don’t mow their lawns without their shirts on. What’s the problem with that? I’ll bet every kid mowing a lawn in Baltimore today is doing it shirtless. I’m surprised I even had to ask. And I won’t bite—even if you want the fifty and come inside for an hour or two.”

Rick did want the twenty—and the fifty too. And he was much too naïve to even think about his photos being sold in galleries like Groton was hinting they would be—or have any inkling how paltry what Groton was offering to pay him was against what the man could make with multiple copies of the photos.

Inside the house, in Groton’s basement, Rick was awed at the professional equipment and staging area Groton had set up down there. Once again the velvet-covered dais, like in the night school building, but here there was a dark blue velvet drape behind it as well and a brocade chaise lounge on the dais.

“You want me to strip completely down? I don’t know―”

“What’s the problem? You’ve already done it for the photography class.”

“But I was permitted to―”

“Don’t be silly. I’ve already handled it. For fifty I’m going to want you to jack it off.”

“While you are taking photos?”

“Yep. Both video and stills. But I’ll tell you what, if you are that shy and will take just $30, I have a mask you can wear. Nobody you know will see these anyway. These will just be art shots. You’ve seen my photographs. You’ll look good.”

“I don’t . . .” Rick just ran down, and Groton didn’t fill in the blanks for him. Rick really wanted that extra $50.

But after nearly a minute, Groton said. “Hey, I won’t even touch you—unless you want me to—and then I’d add money to the pot. I’ll just take some pose-shot stills and then I’ll let you do yourself while I video and take other stills.”

“I don’t know if I can.”

“I’ll help you. I’ll lead you into some fantasy talk that will help you. It’s not a problem. I’ve done this before. So, do you want me to bring out a mask?”

“No. I’ll do the $50 shoot.”

“Do you want me to help you get those shorts off.”

“No. You said you wouldn’t―”

“Well, the clock’s ticking. So, if we’re going to do this, you need to strip and get up on that couch.”

For a half hour, as Rick posed this way and that, as Groton instructed, the only sounds in the room were the clicking of the camera and Groton’s breathy expressions. As the shoot went on, Groton became increasingly hands on with setting the poses. But it happened so gradually that Rick didn’t object until Groton was sitting beside him while Rick was stretched out on the chaise and had a hand encircling Rick’s cock. Groton’s gaze, however, was plastered to Rick’s face through the camera lens in a close-up.

“Hey, you said you won’t—”

“Another $20? These are going to be great shots—of your facial expressions as I’m masturbating you—except you can’t come. We just want you worked up big for the video. It’s no more than I did with you in my car. Just relax. I won’t fuck you—unless you want me too. Just a hand job and not all the way. For an extra twenty bucks.”

Rick sighed and tried to relax, which wasn’t easy with the camera in his face and Groton muttering how nice he was and what a natural model he was.

“Now,” Groton said at length, when he thought he’d gotten the length out of Rick’s cock that he wanted, “for the video.” He popped up and went behind one of three cameras and turned it on and made adjustments and then went to the other two in succession, so that they were all rolling film.

“What do you want me to―?”

“Just lay back and masturbate and respond to my questions—hold it as long as you can, but then go ahead and let it fly. And don’t hold back on your reactions. Just like you were alone and thinking the things we’re talking about. Natural, but be expressive too. Nothing phony, though. You’re sweet and young and hung and cut and have a great face. That’s what will sell. Unblemished berry-brown body. Worth top dollar.”

Rick took his cock in his hand and started to slowly pump.

“You like being fucked by black men? Black men with muscles and long, thick cocks?”

“No,” Rick answered quickly.

“Nothing phony, son. I can see your cock liked the question. I think we both know that big black stud nails you. And that gang leader Tony too. And how many in his gang? You like ethnic? You’re half Hispanic too, aren’t you?—the better aspects of Hispanic. There, see, you can get harder. Relax and let true arousal take you. That black guy you work with. He pins you to the floor with a big one, doesn’t he?”

“Yes,” given reluctantly, after a pause.

“And you want it despite some reservations. Right?”

Another pause and then a “yes.”

“What is it? The blackness? The muscles? The big cock? The domination? The fact you shouldn’t be doing it but know you want it?”

After some thought, “All of that, I guess.”

“What are your fantasies of being taken?”

“My fantasies?”

“Yes. Like athletes. Black athletes. Muscles, big cocked . . . you continue with that, if it’s something you dream about.”

Rick didn’t respond right away, but Groton could see that he was giving the question some thought, so he stopped crowding the young man. At length, Rick started talking in a dreamy voice.

“Just coming off the field. Hot and sweaty. On the bench in the locker room. Him tonguing the sweat off me.”

“Yes, yes, go on. And then fucking you on the bench?”

“Yes, yes. But then moving on, on the field this time, jersey and shoulder pads still on but each of us naked below the waist. On the bleachers—nearly dark, but not quite, my ankles on his shoulders. Too much, almost too big, but he just . . . continues . . . ohh, sorry, you said to try to . . . but―”

“No, that’s just fine,” Groton said as he moved around shutting down cameras and turning off spot lights. “That was a very nice ejaculation. And now that you have the hang of it, start thinking of another scenario as you rebuild.”

“Again? You didn’t say―”

“I didn’t say just once. But just one more this afternoon. Then I’ll give you, what, $90 for today, isn’t it? Then you can think it over and think of other fantasies of yours and I’ll pay you $50 for each climaxed session then. How does that sound?”

“Just one more today, and you’ll give me $90?”

“If you don’t think about it too long, I’ll make it $100 for today’s work. How much do you make in two hours for mowing people’s lawns—plus the manual labor under the hot sun?”

Twenty minutes later, Groton clicked the cameras and lights back on.

“Have you formed another fantasy.”

“No, not completely. Something perhaps about running through a meadow—pursued.”

“By one or several?”

Rick closed his eyes and contemplated.

“No, continue stroking, please. Always continue stroking through this. One or several. Several, right? That arouses you—more than one.”

“Yes, several.”

Now it was Groton’s time to contemplate. But only for a moment. “Have you seen the movie Deliverance?”


“Gave you a hard on?” And then, without waiting for an answer, “You are being chased through a meadow.”

“Before that,” Rick now took over the story as he stroked, the mention of the movie Deliverance having influenced his thinking. “I’m driving down the line of mountains, wanting to cross them, and have turned into a road I think leads to a pass. But it doesn’t, it just goes farther back in a fold in the mountains, into a small valley. I’ve made several turns and now don’t know which way to go. I stop at a log cabin that has smoke coming from its chimney. It’s beside a meadow. I get out of my car and go up to the door and knock.”

“And the man who answers is nearly naked,” Groton says. “You have caught him fucking another man—all men from the mountains—and there were other men watching.”

“Yes, yes,” Rick said. “Wait. I’ll go on but I need to stroke slower, I’m about to―”

“Yes, don’t stop, but you can fight for control.”

After a brief moment, “I start to say I’m lost. But then I see the expressions on their faces and realize what I have walked into. I turn and begin running. One of them dashes out of the door—a big bruiser of a man—and cuts me off from reaching my car.”

“Yes, yes. Go on.”

“I turn toward the only avenue they give me—out through a gate in a fence running alongside the cabin.”

“And into the meadow.”

“Yes, into the meadow. I am running as fast as I can. But they are men of the mountain, used to the hard life. Barefoot, but all running faster than I am.”

“But they don’t catch you right away.”

“No, they are teasing me, toying with me. Leaving an avenue that I think may allow me to escape. But closing the gap, circling around me, getting closer and closer.”

“And then?”

“And then I drop in exhaustion and they are upon me like vultures. And tearing at my clothes. Laughing as they strip me naked. Tearing my clothes like I’ll not need them again.”

“And that terrifies you? That they don’t care if you won’t have any clothes after this? Like maybe you’ll have no need for clothes?”

“Yes.” It was a mere whisper.

“And are they saying anything to each other while they’re doing this?”

Rick paused for a moment, but then he continued in a small, hoarse voice—obviously close to coming. “Yes, they are joking with each other on how each is going to take me. And . . . and . . .”

“Yes, and?”

“And the big bruiser is telling them that they need to go in order of size, smallest to largest, which would put him last. That they need to stretch me progressively.”

“And they do take you in succession?”


“And you can feel them inside you?”

“No. I feel nothing like that. It’s a dream. I have no feeling sense. But I know what they’re doing. Their faces are close to mine. I can see in their eyes what they’re doing to me.”

“And the big bruiser is last and has a monster cock.”


“You don’t feel it, though?”

“No. But he makes me watch—down the line of my body—while he stuffs it in.”

“But that’s not all, is it Rick? You haven’t come. There’s more.”

“Yes,” Rick said in a faraway, breathy voice.

“More than one takes you together, both cocks churning inside you, don’t they? . . . Ah, yes, that was a nice one. Even nicer than the first.”

Groton moved around his cameras and lights, turning them off, and humming in self-satisfaction.

“There’s a shower in through there. I’ll have your money when you come back. You are a delightful model. All you have to do is decide you will do other sessions and we’re in business.”

* * * *

Rick was so deep in thought as he walked home from Groton’s house, his fist wrapped around the five crisp twenty-dollar bills in his shorts pocket, that he didn’t hear the low-rider 1959 Chevy Impala glide up beside him.

“Where ya’ goin’? Come inside. We’ll take you home.”

Rick turned and backed up a step. “Can’t be seen with you, Tony. You know that. I’m on probation. No hard feelings, but can’t be seen with you.”

“Ah, com’on, climb in. Nobody will see you. Course they might see you just standin’ out there and talkin’ with me. That’s what could get you in trouble. Hidden in here won’t get you in trouble. It’s safer in the car than out.”

“Tony, please . . .”

“Forgotten me already? Used to be all I had to do was tell you to spread your legs and you were all over me. Nope, you can start walkin’ again”—which is what Rick had turned toward home and started to do—”but I’ll ride right along beside you—for the whole neighborhood to see we’re together again. Com’on, you need some of what I can give you again. Climb in. We’ll let you loose far enough from home that no one will be the wiser.”

“Please, Tony . . .”

But when the back door of the Chevy opened, Rick shrugged, looked around, and climbed aboard.

There were two Latinos he didn’t know in the backseat, and as he entered, the one sitting beside the door he entered pulled him right on across and sat him down between them. They each had an arm around his shoulders and their free hands were feeling and unbuttoning and unzipping before the door was completely shut and the Chevy glided off into the street.

Tony turned in the front passenger seat and gave Rick a sharp look. “Don’t do that, Rick. Just stop struggling. This here is Hosea 1 and over there is Hosea 2. That’s all you need to know. They’re suppliers of mine and I’ve been tellin’ them what a sweet ass you have. Favor for favor. You just cooperate and maybe I don’t cruise in your neighborhood so much. No one sees us together; no one tells your probation officer.”

Then, as Rick settled down, Tony turned to the driver and said, “Find a nice quiet neighborhood. Not much activity, trees meetin’ overhead. We’ll open the sunroof and let Rick enjoy the view.”

Rick didn’t get to see the view, though, because as one of the Latinos lapped him, the other was on his knees and pulling Rick’s mouth down to his cock. Then they reversed positions.

“Oh lookee here,” Tony said from the front seat as they were driving back to Rick’s neighborhood. “Where’d you get $100. Been whorin’ down in the harbor?” He held Rick’s shorts in one hand and the roll of twenties in the other.

“I earned that. Put it back,” Rick said.

“Oh, snappish are we? I was thinkin’ on taking you back to the garage for a little party, but I’ll just take this instead. And you won’t see me around for a while. That sound good to you?”

Rick mumbled that it did. There wasn’t much else he could do. He was in despair, though. Not only was he out money he needed to get out of Baltimore, but he saw now that Tony wasn’t finished with him—and would be a threat as long as Rick was under probation not to be seen with him.

And at the same time, he was frustrated, because all the time the two Latinos were fucking him, he was wishing that it was Tony—and, worse, Pete. He had thought he had escaped that addiction, but he realized now that he was wrong. He knew now that as soon as he went off probation he’d be right back in Tony’s garage and bed—if Tony would have him. Now, more than before, getting out of Baltimore was his only out.

That night, as he lay in bed, listening to his mother’s squeals and moans as the headboard of Pete and her bed just across the wall from Rick’s own bed beat a steady rhythm against his head, Rick thought about how he was going to get more money. By the time the house had gone quiet, he realized that the only way short of stealing it was to go back to Groton’s house for more sessions.

Late in the night, he was awakened by the groan of his mattress as Pete’s heavy body lowered on his.

“Pete . . . no,” Rick murmured as he felt the hand at the waistband of his sleeping shorts, pulling them down and off his legs. And then knees and heavily muscled thighs were pushing between his legs.

“You want it. You know you want it,” Pete whispered in a gruff voice. “Give it to me. Open to me.”

Thick fingers were invading Rick’s channel, and he moaned and began to move his hips in involuntary surrender. This was another reason he had to leave Baltimore. Pete was right. Rick wanted him.

The light by his bed went on.


“I thought something special tonight. I want to watch it goin’ in—and out and in again. And I want you to watch it too. You’re gonna love watchin’ it work.”

Rick moaned.

Rick felt the grip of Pete’s fists on his ankles, and he groaned has his legs were raised and hooked on Pete’s tight-muscled shoulders.

And then as Pete’s cock head fumbled at Rick’s hole, Rick reached down with both hands and guided the cock home. Pete laughed a deep, throaty laugh and thrust home, as Rick reached up and grabbed for the brass rods of his headboard, trying to pull it toward him so it wouldn’t bump against the wall in rhythm to Pete’s thrusts and reverberate in his mother’s room. Pete slapped Rick’s legs off his shoulders and cupped his buttocks and lifted his pelvis so Rick could look down the line of his body and see the thick, three-quarters buried cock. Rick moaned again as he saw the shaft moving in and out of him.

Then he closed his eyes and fantasized about being on the bleachers on a football field in the twilight and a young, black, hung, muscled, athletic stud fucking him to ecstasy.

Spying on people is a laborious task, especially when it is done properly. I got up early on Monday morning to watch the Martinez family begin there day; Mr Martinez left first for his consultancy job, followed by the classy looking Mrs Martinez driving Maria and two younger boys to school. Using their phone numbers I tapped into Maria and her mother’s respective voice-mail accounts, and accessed the source code embedded in their SIM cards, giving me the ability to block or redirect phone calls made to particular numbers. I also broke into the Martinez family home to inspect their alarm system and the contents of their bathroom waste bin. There were no bloody tampons or pads, but there was a receipt for a new box of tampons dated just over a week previously. Using this information I had a rough idea of their ovulation cycles.

I also kept in contact with Maria, playing the part of stand-in boyfriend, who surprised me by inviting me to stay over at her house on Friday night. Her father would be leaving in the morning for San Francisco and would be away all weekend, and her mother would be working late also. Not only would Maria save me the trouble of breaking into her house, but I could nail both mother and daughter in one night. Better still, Maria was forbidden to have any guests over without her parents’ permission, so one visitor was the maximum she could get away with. The coincidental timing was almost too good to be true. Maria’s two brothers would be the only other males in the house, certainly a risk, but an acceptable one given that they were only fifteen and twelve. I readily accepted Maria’s invitation.


I had my nap in the late afternoon before meeting Maria in the early evening. She met me at the door in a backless party dress with hoop earrings and high heels, looking very pleased to see me. She looked like a model instead of the 18 year old, teenage princess that she was, and I went instantly hard at the sight of this sexy young Latina.

“About time you got here,” she said with a sultry grin, “come inside.” ‘Yes please’ I thought, following her into the house. It wasn’t nearly as big as the Ziegler home but it was still worth a few million on the property market. I followed Maria up a grandly carpeted staircase and down a hallway to her bedroom. Having let myself into the house earlier that week, I had already been down this hallway before and, as a consequence, already knew the layout. Her parents’ room was directly opposite hers, with a bathroom at their end of the hallway and her brothers’ bedrooms at the other end of the house who shared their own bathroom. My targets were at one end and my obstacles were at the other end.

Maria ushered me into a room half the size of Zoë’s Ziegler’s bedroom but almost identical in layout. There was a queen sized bed in the middle with wardrobes and dressers lining the walls like adoring subjects. Piles of clothes were scattered across the floor and the aroma of a freshly delivered pizza bathed the room. Maria gave me some pizza and illegally helped herself to a beer, tossing one to me as well.

“Mom won’t be back until one or two in the morning,” Maria informed me, “and Jorge and Juan will wear themselves out playing video games, so it’s just you and me tonight.”

“Good to know,” I smiled in anticipation, downing half my beer, “how come Zoë can’t make it?” I enquired casually.

“She’s been grounded,” Maria replied, not sounding terribly disappointed, “ditching her community-volunteer work to go bowling. Like her mom didn’t see that coming. She could sneak out, though.”

“Won’t her mom see her on camera?” I asked in my fake American accent. Maria snorted.

“They’re all fake,” she said, finishing off her beer, “they’re just for show, to make people think they’re being recorded. Still, they haven’t been robbed yet, so it must work.” I thanked god for gossipy teenagers and the valuable cats they idly released from their bags, “but she’s probably too scared of her mom to try. Kat can be a mean bitch when she wants to be.”

“She looks like a hard-ass.” I remarked, my mind briefly going through a list of other adjectives that could be applied to Katrina’s rear.

“She is, that woman has one hell of a temper,” Maria continued to expound with typical teenage enthusiasm, “When Zoë told her she wanted to take a year out instead of going straight to college, she actually threw a vase at the wall. She only calmed down when Zoë promised to do community service of some kind over the summer. Now she’s gone and broken her promise.”

“Why doesn’t she want to go to college?” I pressed, determined to mine this seam for every detail it was worth.

“I think she’s just lazy and doesn’t want the pressure,” Maria answered bluntly, helping herself to more pizza, “she’s just like me. That’s probably why we’re best friends.”

“That would explain the vibrator I saw.” I remarked casually, finishing my beer.

“Oh, that’s hers, not mine.” Maria pointed out hurriedly, “but yeah, we’ve had some lesbian adventures together.”

“She doesn’t like boys?” I asked.

“Oh, she loves boys,” Maria replied, “she’s just never been able to get one. I don’t wanna trash talk her, but her attitude to sex is totally fucked up. She got her cunt pierced as well as her belly, which, IMHO, is one of the sluttiest places to get pierced. But she doesn’t want her cherry popped until she’s in a ‘deep’ and ‘committed’ relationship with some knight in white. She simply can’t make up her mind about it.”

My mind was taking Maria’s thoughts about her best friend with a pinch of salt, but my body was charged with arousal. A teenage virgin with belly AND pussy piercings; this was probably too good to be true, but still worth fantasising about until I could find out for myself. Apparently I was fantasising about it a little too much.

“Are you getting hard from this?” she demanded, feigning disapproval. I shifted a little in a futile effort to conceal my boner.

“A little bit, yeah,” I admitted.

“Whose pussy are you thinking about? Hers,” Maria uncrossed her legs, displaying her lack of panties “or mine?” I put down my food and marched over to her with masculine determination. She yelped as I swept her off her feet and planted her on a dresser, fiddling with my trousers to release my raging hard-on.

“Hold your horses, sweetheart,” Maria wrapped her slender legs around my waist and pulled me closer in, also preventing me from getting to my belt, “no rubber, no sex.”

“Seriously?” I exclaimed, my inner alpha raging to be set free.

“Hey, you basically raped me back at Zoë’s house,” Maria answered resolutely, “I’ll be lucky if I don’t get pregnant, and the way you fucked me last week I may already be carrying the your baby. But as much as I enjoyed the way you took me, I don’t want to make it more likely.” Releasing my waist, Maria reached into a drawer and pulled out a condom, shoving it into my chest, “and hurry up, I can’t wait to feel you inside me again.”

I reluctantly obliged. I could have just raped her then and there, but last week was an act of opportunity with no one else around. If her two brothers heard her scream, or if Mrs Martinez came back from work early to find me raping her daughter, it would be all over. I had to take them when everyone was likely to be asleep; so I had no choice but to bide my time with Maria.

Maria watched me pull down my trousers and boxer shorts, idly playing with her moist slit as I did so. I opened the condom wrapper and rolled on the rubber; it was just the right size for me, making me suspect that Maria had bought it especially for me. Maria stopped playing with herself and slid her arms over my shoulders and around my neck as I lined up my rubber-sheathed cock with her dripping teenage sex, sliding it into her in one thrust.

Maria inhaled sharply through gritted teeth and her head lolled back as I filled her once again. I began to pump her with restrained but firm strokes. This would be a delicate balancing act; I had no intention of spilling my valuable seed into a rubber sock, so I would have to give a convincing enough performance that I could fake my orgasm.

“I know you can do better than that.” Maria admonished me, giving me a disapproving scowl. I grabbed her hips and hoisted her effortlessly off the drawer, making her yelp in surprise and excitement. From there I carried her to the bed and dived down onto the covers. Maria locked her high-heeled feet behind my back and hugged me close as I pumped her more aggressively, “that’s more like it.” She panted.

I kept my strokes long but forceful, fucking a fine line between a good performance and not building up my rutting to the point of ejaculation. Maria seemed pleased enough with my efforts, moaning like a horny teenager and digging her painted nails into my shirt. The sensation was rather reduced through the condom, not as exciting and visceral as having my manhood rub up and down the length of a wet vagina. Maria didn’t seem to mind, at least.

Maria unlocked her ankles and pressed them against my thighs, using her hips to try and shift me to one side. I rolled with her until she was on top and straddling me, something I almost never let women do. Maybe Leah would enjoy it when her belly got too big.

Maria hiked up the hem of her party dress over her hips and began to roll forwards and backwards; undulating her hips like a belly dancer. Maria might be a cheap tart, but at least she was no amateur; her boyfriend was a lucky guy. She rocked her hips faster and faster, slipping one hand under my shirt and using the other to run her fingers through her hair.

I held down the growing pleasure in my groin, determined not to orgasm until the condom was gone. Maria let out a sustained yowl of ecstasy as she brought herself to orgasm, rocking like a porn star in heat, and making it harder to control my own growing pleasure. If I let her keep this up, I might blow my load into the condom; I took a hold of her waist and rolled her onto her back again, pulling up her dress to reveal her belly piercing.

“You do like to be in charge, don’t you?” Maria gasped dreamily as I resumed my fucking, building up to a feigned frenzy. Maria held on for dear life, moaning aloud without shame as I finally reached my fake climax. I grunted hard, forcing my cock as deep inside her as possible, feigning the orgasm to the best of my ability. As it happened, my fucking brought Maria to a second orgasm at the same time, so she was too lost in the throes of teenage pleasure to notice anything different.

“Nice,” Maria cooed, gliding leisurely down from her climactic high, “almost as good as when you attacked me.” Grimly accepting my blue balls, I slowly pulled out of Maria’s slick pussy and clambered off the bed, affecting a post-coital masculine swagger towards the door, and making a show of removing the empty condom from my hard-on.

“The bathroom’s down the hall.” Maria said helpfully, teasing her empty snatch. After reaching the bathroom and disposing of the condom in a sterile plastic bag which I could smuggle out of the house and destroy later, I returned to Maria’s room.

Together, Princess Maria and her illicit lover dined on the finest beer and junk food Beverly Hills had to offer before she inserted herself into my arms and performed an erotic grinding dance up and down body to the tune from some hideous genre of club music which closely resembled the sound of a machine being tortured for information, referred to innocuously enough as ‘dubstep’.

By 11pm, Maria was getting drowsy from the drink. I had drunk some beer with her out of courtesy but needed a sharp mind for the night, which was only just beginning for me. I helped her to bed, knowing that she’d eaten enough food to stop the alcohol irritating her stomach, the cause of the dreaded hangover. I didn’t want her to get sick whilst I fucked her.

Maria insisted that I come to bed with her and we both stripped down to our birthday suits for bed. I wasn’t tired at all, and 2 years in the SAS had given me the physical conditioning to only need 4 hours of sleep a night. I nonetheless played the role of dutiful lover, allowing Maria to snuggle with me and drift off to sleep in my arms, even as I plotted to rape her mother.


It was not until one o’clock in the morning that Valentina Martinez arrived home from work. I slipped out of Maria’s bed and tiptoed over to the door as I heard Mrs Martinez walk down the hallway towards this end of the corridor. Through the keyhole I caught a glimpse of a beautiful Latina in her forties strutting down the hallway in a pair of flat bottomed heels and a sexy black dress which accentuated her sylph-like body. She looked more like a high class model than a typical MILF, wearing a pair of gold earrings and a necklace with a crucifix nestled in her cleavage. It wasn’t as ample as Katrina Ziegler’s rack, but it was good looking nonetheless.

I absorbed all of this at the closest distance I had yet been to Mrs Martinez before realising that she was heading straight for Maria’s door. I leapt to one side as the door knob turned quietly and the door opened a few inches. Mrs Martinez peered in to check that her daughter was in bed before shutting the door again. Hiding behind the door, my presence in the house was still a secret.

As the sound of Mrs Martinez entering her bedroom reached me, I took out a pair of gloves from my pocket and put them on. Before I did anything, I had to get rid of as much evidence of my presence as possible. I wiped down my beer cans as thoroughly as possible using a cloth I had brought with me before placing the cloth inside the same plastic bag as the condom.

I wanted to impregnate mother and daughter in one night, but it would be too risky to shuttle back and forth between their rooms. Furthermore, I would have to wait up to an hour before I could be sure that Valentina Martinez had gone to sleep. Now that Valentina had checked to see that Maria was asleep, the best way for me to pass the time as I waited to attack her was to fuck her daughter.

My balls were brimming with potent seed and my cock was hardening already in anticipation. I put the bag down and climbed back into bed with Maria. She had rolled over onto her back and was sleeping peacefully. Under the covers, I slowly spread her thighs to give me access to her shaven pussy, then slid forward and pressed my lips to hers. A quiet, reflexive gasp escaped Maria’s mouth as I ran my tongue up and down her snatch, which was moistening in response to my ministrations. I kept a firm grip on Maria’s thighs as I ate her out, vigorously French kissing her increasingly wet cunt.

Maria let out a low yelp of pleasure and her hand shot out and gripped my hair, forcing my head down between her legs even further. She was clearly awake and enjoying this. I withdrew a little and teased her clit with the tip of my tongue, sending the teenage princess wild. She was just mindful enough of the need not to make too much noise, but she was still bucking like a female bronco as I worked my mouth on her. Maria arched her back spasmodically as her orgasm washed over her, gripping the sheets in her fists and allowing me to take hold of her hips as I drove her over the edge. Now was the time to strike.

Still naked, I crawled forward until I was on top of her, planting one hand on her pierced belly and using the other to line the head of my throbbing erection up with her dripping love-mouth. In her orgasmic state, Maria barely noticed as I slid my cock into her depths, the bare flesh of my manhood caressing the inside of her well-lubricated love-tunnel.

Shifting into a push-up position, I began to thrust into Maria. My strokes were short and sharp, going for intensity rather than depth. This needed to be a quickie; the more thorough job would be reserved for Mrs Martinez. Maria didn’t seem to care, and gripped my shoulders hard, digging her nails into the skin of my back as I rutted her. She wrapped her legs around my waist and I could feel her shifting her hips in opposition to my own movements. A flash of realisation evidently broke through her sexual reverie.

“Are you wearing a condom?” she asked me between strokes.

“No.” I said bluntly. Why bother with deceit when I could overpower her with the truth?

“Wait…stop,” She said in a low, breathless voice, “you need… to put on…a condom!”

“Can’t stop now!” I grunted, thrusting into my teenage conquest faster and faster as my own orgasm began to build in my groin, “your pussy feels so much better without a rubber sheath covering my dick.”

“Por favor,” Maria begged, delirious with pleasure, “I don’t want to have a baby yet.”

“You’ll look beautiful with a pregnant belly, Leah.” I said in response.

“What? Who’s Leah?” Maria demanded, still lucid enough to notice my slip up.

“Maria,” I grunted back, cursing myself for such a stupid lapse, “I said Maria.”

“I don’t…believe…Unngh!” Maria came a second time, cutting off her jealous reply, and I wasn’t far behind. The churning in my prostate reached an unbearable blue-balled point of no return, and I thrust my groin into Maria’s with muffled snarl of pleasure, partially mindful of the fact that my victim’s mother lived across the hallway.

My pent up seminal fluids, which had been building up for almost a week, burst into Maria’s feminine depths like water from a fire hose, bathing her cervix in my potent seed. Maria shuddered as the feeling of my semen saturating her love-canal cascaded with her second orgasm. I had just enough presence of mind to cover her mouth, stifling any cries of ecstasy that might have alerted my next victim.

I held myself inside Maria, ensuring the conception of our mixed white-Hispanic child. I revelled in the feeling of breeding this spoilt teenage girl against her will, asserting my masculinity over her. She would blossom into a beautiful, mature woman by the time she gave birth to our baby; and when she did, her life would gain true meaning.

“You’ll look beautiful with a baby bump, Maria.” I whispered in her ear, more to make up for my earlier mistake than to reassure her.

“Fuck you,” Maria murmured back, clearly pissed at me.

“You already have.” I quipped. She punched me in the shoulder.

“You know what I mean, you dick.” Maria answered sulkily, “Now I’ll have to break up with Miguel, because there’s no way I can convince him our baby is actually his.” I slowly pulled out of Maria, confident that my juices were deep enough inside that they wouldn’t spill out, “at least our kid will have a macho stud for a father.”

“That he will,” I concurred with an undertone of masculine conceit, clambering off the bed and searching around for my clothes. I had left them in a specific pile and put them on again, stuffing the plastic bag into my zip pocket, “I need to go before your mother comes back.”

“If she hasn’t already,” Maria said in agreement, “You are by far the best screw I’ve ever had,” she told me wistfully, snuggling back under the covers.

“Good to know.” I answered, heading for the door.

“I’m still coming after you for child support, though.” She threatened soporifically, “and maybe…occasional…sex.”

“Very good to know,” I murmured quietly to myself before opening the door.


The day before, I had greased the door hinges whilst the Martinez family was out, so not the faintest squeak was heard as I opened Maria’s door and peered out into the hallway. The lights were still on and there was no one in sight. I slipped out of Maria’s bedroom and shut the door behind me, moving stealthily over to her parents’ bedroom door. In the not too distant past I would have watched my intended victim get ready for bed, and then wait an hour until I was sure she was asleep. If she came out the door to head to the bathroom she would scream and I would have to flee; but you can’t plan for everything. All the measures I could realistically take to pull off tonight had been taken before I left for the house, so all could do was stand and wait.

A mid February breeze swirled around the soccer field as evenings arrival brought with it cooler air and threats of stronger winds. Most of the team had already gone into the locker room to shower and change clothes, but Mike had been ordered by Coach Bracket to run a lap around all four practice fields for using foul language.

Even though they were eighteen year old seniors, and old enough to vote and go to war, the faculty never let a curse word go unpunished. Mike couldn’t believe how much it perturbed the staff when the students cursed, even the most benign words were forbidden. He thought it silly, yet this was a very conservative school and was right along the bible belt.

Mike knew this was once a small town and had only began to explode in population in the last decade. For the first time in a very long time folks actually wanted to move here. With the new population growth it had brought with it not only people from near by towns and cities but also many immigrants from across the far southern border.

Some of the towns folk seemed to be bothered by the immigrants, but Mike could care less about where you came from or how different you looked as long as you acted like a decent human being, well then he was fine with you.

Looking around the area Mike didn’t see Coach anywhere and thought about walking the rest of the way back to the locker room. After giving that thought a brief review he decided against it. Mike preferred to honor his punishment, being the honest young man he was.

Hell, he was tired but they had an important game next week and he figured he needed the extra workout since he hadn’t kept up his physical exercises over the last few months.

Not that Mike wasn’t in good shape, he had a good build to him with toned muscles and very strong legs. He wasn’t too tall or too short and was proportioned well. He kept his dark hair spiked with gel most of the time. Many of the ladies often smiled and whispered about him when he passed by.

A few years ago he was a cross country runner but his close friend John had talked him into joining the soccer program. After his first practice, Mike had fallen in love with the game and never looked back. He had a natural ability on the field and had become one of the teams star strikers.

Finally completing his long jog around the fields he arrived at the entrance to the locker room. Mike paused a moment and put his hands on his knees leaning over for rest and a breather. He was more tired than he realized. Staying up all night playing video games was probably not a productive choice and he swore to himself that tonight he would go to bed at a decent time.

The door to the locker room opened and John came out, he had changed out of his uniform and wore his street clothes. Brown hair just struck out from the sides of his cap, which he wore backwards.

He commented to Mike, “Finished with your penance? When you gonna learn that Couch is cool, but not that cool?” Both chuckled.

“Damn man, I’ll never understand this schools intolerance to powerful language! You headed home or are we going to do something? It’s Friday!”

John thought for a moment then answered, “I think tonight is dead, but tomorrow is that Valentine’s party over at Julie’s house. You going?”

“Not sure, I don’t really know her or her crowd that well. How about you?”

Smiling, John said, “Well, I only know Julie through Sarah, but I like Sarah and some of the team will be there anyhow. Besides, who cares if you know anybody, I’ll be there and lots of hot ladies will be there. You like meeting new people don’t you? New ladies?”

Mike couldn’t keep from smiling back, “You know I do! But is this like a real party or are her parents going to be there? That would kill it for me. No party is a party if parents are there.”

“Hell no! Her parents are out of town. This is the real deal. So what do you say?”

Without having to think about it Mike answered, “I’m in. I’m freezing. I’m gonna go change, maybe hit the shower. You wanna meet me at the cafe in fifteen, twenty minutes?”

“Sure. See you there bro!”

Mike hurried into the locker room, he had started to shiver from the frigid air that was turning his sweat soaked uniform into an ice blanket. Greeting him was that familiar musty and stale odor that locker rooms across the world shared.

That warm air surrounded Mike and the smell, as it always did, was welcomed into his lungs and it sent exhilaration through his veins. The invisible, scentless pheromones that lingered in the comforting warmth began tickling the back of his mind.

As he made his way to his locker Mike heard the water was on in the showers. He really needed to take a shower before heading to the cafe, especially after his extra run. But despite his nice physique he was shy about showering with other guys. He had done it a few times but usually decided against it. He wasn’t sure why exactly he felt uncomfortable about it, although in the back of his mind he knew. It was sexual.

Mike wasn’t gay or anything, but he couldn’t help but find himself trying to fight the urge to look at the other guys. He really liked women, yet when he was showering with team mates he couldn’t stop himself from glancing at their cocks. And he liked looking at their cocks.

That alone had made him uncomfortable in the showers, but more than that he couldn’t help think that maybe the other guys were also trying to look at his cock. That made Mike very uncomfortable. He wasn’t too self conscious about his cut cocks size, which was average, but he had seen bigger ones in the shower that made him a little insecure.

And there was that one time. Mike had been showering with three other guys and he couldn’t help but get a full erection. He had turned away from the others and hurriedly washed the soap off his body and headed to his locker as fast as he could. He had seen other guys get hard in the shower too but he was not eager for others to see him that way. Would they think he was gay?

He would like to believe that his fascination with cock was just hormones, curiosity or something, anything else besides what he knew it was. He liked looking at cock. In fact, Mike found he had been fighting the urge to fantasize about touching someones cock for some time.

He had noticed that when he watched porn he was as turned on by the man’s cock as much as by the hot porn star. Lately he had even started watching tranny porn. And he liked it. He tried to push the disturbing thoughts aside as he passed by the showers.

Mike had decided he wasn’t even going to look in the shower as he passed it, but he couldn’t help himself. The urge, the hope that he might get to glimpse a cock was too strong. In the shower was only one person, in fact he noticed that no one else was in the locker room at all. It was just him and the person in the shower. The person had his back to Mike but he knew immediately that it was Eli, the new guy on the team this year.

Mike hadn’t spoken much to Eli, he seemed to be very shy, but that may have been because he was from Mexico and while he spoke perfect English, this was a predominately white school. Maybe that made him feel like an outsider, but he seemed like a nice guy.

Also, Mike remembered that last week he had over heard some of his team mates joking about how feminine Eli looked with his thin figure and long dark hair and commenting that he should be on the girls team instead. He had noticed that Eli heard them and seemed hurt by their laughter.

For the first time, as Mike stood staring at Eli’s perfectly round slender yet plump ass, he realized that Eli did in fact have a feminine physique. Mike had found himself looking at Eli before, out on the fields, and thinking he was kind of girly.

Mike felt his cock begin to respond to the sweet image before him and he found himself unable to turn away. Eli had just finished rubbing shampoo in his long beautiful hair when he slowly turned around so he could wash the shampoo out.

Mike’s heart skipped a beat when Eli’s eyes locked with his own. Mike was frozen from embarrassment. Even so he couldn’t help but notice Eli’s half erect uncut cock. Eli betrayed a small smile and his uncut cock began to grow, rising from the dark patch of pubes that glistened with moisture. Then he placed his head under the shower head and began rinsing the shampoo out. Mike finally got control of his body and mind and quickly darted away toward his locker.

When Mike got to his locker he could barely open it with his shaking hands. He pulled out his clothes and sat them beside him on the bench. He was burning up now and tore off his jersey and shoved it into his locker.

His mind was racing with thoughts. What had just happened? Why did Eli smile like that? Mike found he couldn’t get the image of Eli’s fine body, and that beautiful smile out of his head. Beautiful smile? Yes, Mike had felt a shiver when he saw that smile.

It was after the smile that he had truly realized that Eli’s naked slender body was not like his own, Eli had curves in places most men didn’t, but women did. And the cock didn’t detract from that fact, it had only made Mike enjoy the view much more.

And that smile, he looked so much like a women standing there in that shower, his long wet hair and fine sharp features had sent trembles through Mike’s body. Eli’s smile seemingly had infected Mike with pure animal lust. He tried to decide what to do, would he get in the shower or just change and leave?

Mike left his clothes on the bench and headed for the restroom which was on the other side of the room. Past the shower. He would have to walk past the shower again. Did he really need to piss or did he just need an excuse for one last peek? He didn’t care, he really did need to use the restroom now probably from the nerves.

Taking a deep breath, Mike headed for the restroom. He had decided he would not stop and stare again but would just try to peek out of his peripheral vision. Yet as he began passing the shower he felt his stride slow. He couldn’t believe what he was doing. He kept telling himself he wasn’t gay and that this was just to satisfy a hormone driven young man’s curiosity.

He began passing by the shower and with a quick glance he saw that Eli was again standing with his back to him. Mike felt his feet refuse to move. He stood there again staring at Eli’s amazing shining ass. Mike couldn’t believe that he was looking at a guy, how could a man have such a wonderful ass and perfect legs. Mike shook his head and headed to the restroom again.

He went in and pulled out his fully erect cock. It was difficult to piss in the urinal with his dick aiming to the heavens. He finished pissing and with Eli still in his head he began stroking his hard cock. He was so turned on right now and with every stroke he swore it had never felt so good before. Mike hadn’t planned on doing this right now but found he wasn’t able to stop.

The nude picture of Eli in his mind was now talking to him, telling him how much he needed Mike’s cum. Mike was imagining Eli was on his knees sucking his cock, taking it deep into his mouth.

Then Eli’s image stood up and turned around, and bending over showing that nice perfect ass, he begged Mike to fuck him, to fuck him hard. Mike imagined his cock sliding deep into Eli’s ass, pounding it harder and harder as Eli begged him for more. Just as Mike was about to climax he heard the shower shut off.

“Oh shit,” he said to himself as he clumsily tucked his cock back into his shorts.

Mike was getting more nervous with every second that passed. How could he face Eli after being caught staring? What would he say? He decided he would wait in the restroom until he heard Eli leave. The locker room was quit, all Mike could hear was the pounding of his own heart beat.

Several moments went by and he never heard any sounds from the locker room. He couldn’t figure out what Eli must be doing. Then Mike’s heart dropped as Eli came walking into the restroom, only a towel wrapped around his waist.

Eli’s tanned chest sparkled and his damp, dark, long hair hung loose and teased the sides of his face and brushed against the tops of his shoulders. Long brown nipples stood erect and a slight bulge pushed at the towel from underneath. He too had a nervous look on his face.

His eyes seemed to focus on Mikes bare toned muscular chest for an instant as his small shy accented voice broke the silence.

“So, here you are. I was wondering where you went.”

Mike noticed how feminine Eli’s voice seemed and then stuttered a reply, “Uh, oh, yeah, well I had to piss really bad.”

His own voice sounded foolish in his ears, but he didn’t know what to say. Also, he was still standing at the urinal. Not knowing what to do and unable to continue to look at Eli he spun around and pulled out his dick and tried really hard to piss again.

Nothing would come out of his now half hard cock. He felt like a fool standing there. Just when he decided he would just put it away and leave, Eli stepped up to the urinal next to him.

The restrooms used to have barriers separating the urinals but due to the fact that some immature students couldn’t keep themselves from vandalizing them, they had been removed and not replaced. Eli stood next to Mike and there was nothing between them but the heavy nervous sexual tension.

There Mike stood, cock in hand, next to a gorgeous guy and he was at a loss at what to do and he still couldn’t force a drop of piss out. Eli lifted his towel up and seemed to have trouble getting something out too.

Mike was trying real hard to keep his face forward, but his eyes were trying to get a look at that nice uncut cock. Mike didn’t know why, but he had to see that cock up close. He turned his head slightly to the right and pretended he needed to clear his throat.

Eli responded, “You pee shy too?”

Mike was surprised by the question, “Uh, yeah. I guess that’s its.”

He had been able to see Eli’s cock but for only a second. It was still half erect and looked wonderful to Mike. His own cock became fully erect again and he knew Eli would see it but he couldn’t stop it from happening no matter how hard he tried.

Just as he decided he would just say bye and head for his locker, Eli gasped and his towel fell from his waist and to the floor. Mike instantly without thought looked over and Eli was turned facing him, his uncut cock was fully erect and the head was exposed.

Mike noticed the aesthetically pleasing shape of Eli’s cock and he felt again that shiver of desire go through him, from his head to his toes. Then he looked away again apologizing, “Sorry, you startled me. I didn’t mean to look. I’m not some gay pervert. Er, sorry.”

Eli giggled, “That’s ok. You already saw me in the shower, its no big deal. Its just a penis. We both have one.” he laughed.

Mike laughed too, nervously. He noticed out of the corner of his eye that Eli turned away from him and slowly bent over to get his towel. Mike turned to watch.

There was something about the way Eli was doing this, bending over really slowly and keeping his legs, which were about shoulder length apart, as straight as he could.

Did he want Mike to see this? His heart shaped ass was cocked out and his cheeks were slightly spreading from the position allowing Mike a glimpse of his only slightly hairy asshole.

Mike’s eyes moved down a bit taking in the great view, he saw Eli’s balls were nice and full, swollen even. Perhaps Eli was ready to blow a load just as Mike was.

Damn, Mike was almost drooling from this wonderful sight. Then it happened again. While still bent over, Eli looked back and right into Mikes eyes. Mike could only imagine the look on his own face, he felt as if he must have turned white as a ghost or red as a blazing hot flame.

He looked away, then put his cock back into his shorts and started for the door saying, “Damn, I’m running late! I’ll see you at next practice.”

“Wait!” Eli called out, Mike stopped but didn’t turn around as Eli continued, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable. I thought maybe you were interested. Never mind. Look, I don’t really have any friends here. You won’t tell any of the guys about this?”

Mike turned around and seeing Eli had replaced the towel around his waist, he answered with a clear head, “Shit man, don’t worry about it. I apologize for my behavior. Hell, I was just curious I guess.”

Eli smiled, “Thanks,” His voice seemed to get more melancholy as he continued, “I am gay Mike. In places like this it can make for very lonely times. If you are okay with having a gay friend, would you be my friend?”

Mike’s heart dropped. He didn’t have any gay friends, or any he knew of, but Mike personally had nothing against gay people. He answered, “Sure, we can be friends.”

“Thank you Mike,” Eli walked toward Mike, who was unsure why. He saw that Eli had a strange gait, almost a seductive saunter. Eli stopped short of Mike and reached out his small hand which Mike took in his own.

As their skin touched, Mike felt electric excitement flow through him. Eli continued, “To new friendship. Maybe you could walk with me to the bus stop?”


They both headed to the locker room without another word, both going to their lockers to change. Mike’s head was spinning with all that had transpired. What the hell was happening to him? He felt strange, like when he met a new girl he liked. And was in love with.

That thought made him puzzle over himself. Love? No, he was just having a new experience and he didn’t know exactly how he was supposed to feel. He could only smile to himself and giggle over the whole thing. At worst he made a fool out of himself, at best he’d made a new friend. A very interesting friend.

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