his first time

I was on holiday in Tahiti with my family. My parents and my two younger sisters and I had joined up with two other families and had booked chalets at a small resort on one of the outer islands. As an eighteen year old it was not the most exciting of holidays as there was virtually no one my own age staying at the resort or in our party of three families.

I had gone snorkeling on the first day and had been so entranced with the reef life that I had stayed out too long and sun burned my back. I should have heeded the advice to wear a t-shirt but I had never been swimming in the tropics before and had shunned the suggestion. I was so uncomfortable that, the next day, I turned down the opportunity to take a boat ride to an adjacent island to attend their weekly market. I planned on just lying around in the shade reading and relaxing. As it turned out one of the other mothers in our group, Mrs Grinta, also decided not to go but otherwise everyone from the three families boarded the old, battered launch and motored off. They would be gone about four hours I had been told.

I was kicking back in our chalet when I heard a knock on the door. It was Mrs Grinta. Wendy Grinta was in her early to mid-forties. I didn’t know her particularly well but our families had been friendly for a number of years. She always seemed quite reasonable and friendly. I beckoned her in. She entered the room and for an unknown reason, casually turned and locked the door. She greeted me and said that she had a lotion that might help my sun burn. “I have used it in the past and it’s very soothing.”

“I would welcome any relief”, I said naively and was a little puzzled by her smirk.

I was already bare chested so she gestured for me to lie face down on the couch. The lotion certainly did feel soothing but it was the sensation of having her hands sliding all over my back that was capturing my attention. We chatted idly about his and that and then the conversation became a little more focused.

“So David, do you have a girl friend?” she casually inquired. I mumbled in the negative.

“So you have never had a girlfriend. I am surprised. I would have thought an attractive young man like you would have no problem finding female company.” She had somehow gone from no present girl friend to never having had a girlfriend. Unfortunately it was true. Although flattered to be called attractive I was a little concerned that she thought I was a total loser with women. I explained that I had gone on several dates with different girls but had not formed any steady relationship.

“So you have kissed a girl then?” I was starting to get a little uncomfortable with her questioning. To compound my discomfort, I had grown a full blown erection as a result of her proximity and massage.

Let me take time to more fully describe Mrs G. She was quite a tall woman at about 5 foot 8. She had a good figure, definitely better than most women her age. She was attractive I suppose but I had never really thought about it in any detail. Her most striking feature was her bright red, almost orange hair. I had no idea whether it was a natural or artificially colored but she did have that pale, almost translucent skin that many red heads have. Her hair also looked sort of wiry; almost afro-like. She was also quite heavily freckled but this was sort of cute in a funny sort of way. She also had a quite a prominent gap between her front teeth which was also somehow quite sexy.

She was now applying lotion to the backs of my legs which weren’t really sunburned but I certainly wasn’t going to point that out.

Going back to our conversation, I assured her that I had kissed a girl on several occasions, a little affronted that she thought me that backward and inexperienced. She was certainly not being backward herself. Her hands were roaming right up the back of my legs until they were almost reaching my bum. She continued her interrogation… “But have you ever had intercourse, you know, sex with a girl?”

Whoa, she wasn’t pulling any punches here! It struck a little bit of a raw nerve that I had never been “with” a woman even though I was eighteen years old. Although I was dead keen to get off the mark, so to speak, the opportunity had simply never really presented itself.

I considered my options. I could lie and make out that I was the real man of the world, I could decline to answer and feel stupid or I could tell her the truth and suffer embarrassment. Her hands had stilled and were virtually cupping the lower part of my buns.

I sighed and admitted I had never had sex. She gripped me tightly and I could feel her finger nails biting into my bottom. “A real, genuine, bona fide virgin” she murmured quietly. “We will have to do something about that.”

The way she said it threw my mind back to the only other odd encounter I had with Mrs G. Her family and mine were on a picnic a few months ago. We were all sitting on the grass and it was a hot steamy day. She was sitting across from me and I couldn’t help but notice that her legs were apart and pointed towards me. I could see a white triangle of panties and could clearly see there were some long dark hairs sticking out from around the elastic rim. I just about choked on my sandwich! He husband noticed her posture and said that she shouldn’t sit like that, that I would not be comfortable with it. I don’t exactly remember his words but I clearly remember her response. She looked me straight in the eye and said “Oh, I don’t think he will mind” and ran her tongue around the inside of her mouth. I promptly stood up and moved elsewhere.

Back to Tahiti, her hands were again massaging my back and legs. On some strokes I could feel what must have been her thumbs coming right up to and brushing against my balls. I was so hard I was aching.

“You poor boy, never having sampled the delights of the flesh. You in your sexual prime as well. Did you know that for women, it’s their thirties when they reach their sexual peak?” I had heard something like that about sexual peaks but, pragmatically, I think I was a little young for my sexual peak and she was a little old but I was in no mind to quibble. I was starting to wonder where this was heading. I couldn’t hope to believe that she and I could, would… She interrupted my rather confused musing.

“Well, have you ever touched a girl’s breasts before?” I thought of the odd accidental brush I had against breasts. The most genuine was when I swimming with an older cousin and I had picked her up to throw her in the water and my hand had, largely unintentionally, clasped her across the bosom. I wondered if I replied no, might she? I replied in the negative.

“Well we can do something about that.” I felt her move behind me and the rustle of clothing. I turned and my jaw dropped, she had removed the sari that most female tourists on the island wore and was now only sporting what I considered to be a very skimpy pair of pale green knickers. There is something about the color green and red heads I believe. She looked great. She lifted her heavy breasts and thrust them into my face. She gave a shimmy motion and I felt like I was being hit with balloons filled with warm water. I opened my mouth and sucked in a mouthful.

“That’s it David, lick and suck, lick and suck.” I was on my back now and one or her hands had roamed down my body to my crotch. She hissed when she felt my hardness. After a minute or so of her massaging the front of my shorts and me madly suckling at her breasts she moved down and started tugging my shorts off. I raised my bottom to help her and soon I was completely naked. She looked at me with a very intense look. Her eyes were sort of flaring and there was a very determined set to her mouth. She lowered her mouth to my cock, all the time staring into my eyes. I felt like I had been plugged into an electrical circuit such was the intensity of the sensation. She was huffing and puffing as she swallowed me, her hands a blur as they flew up and down its length. I was rapidly losing the plot but didn’t know what to do. Should I try and hold on, should I tell, warn her, should I… alas, events, or sensations at least, conspired against me and I spewed up into her mouth. Torrential! She was obviously not expecting my orgasm as she started gagging and coughing. She pulled back and a further two spurts soared up and hit her under the chin. She spluttered some of my come out onto the floor. So wild was her coughing that I saw a small stream of my semen come out of her nose.

“Well that was a surprise. I felt like I had a fire hose in my mouth!” I was greatly relieved as I thought she might have been angry with me. She swirled her tongue around her mouth as though savoring a wine and then beamed at me. “Virgin cum. I knew it would taste different” She wiped her face and neck with her sari and stood. I joined her and we kissed for the first time. I was a little apprehensive as I had just come in her mouth but how could I refuse. As it happened I didn’t seem to detect any untoward flavor. I expressed my gratitude for what she had done.

“I just hope that what they say about the recuperative powers of young men is true.” She gave my cock a little tug as though encouraging it to get back to its former state. At that stage of my life I normally masturbated each morning and knew that I could get hard again soon after. “In the meantime, you can return the favor.” She stood and let her knickers drop to the floor. There was a mad mound of red hair. She had two afros! She sat back on a nearby chair and spread her legs. “Come and have a closer look David. I have a feeling you and my pussy are going to become close friends.”

I was in part fascinated and in part terrified. I knew the theoretical aspects of female anatomy but was somehow intimidated to be confronted by the real thing. I didn’t have a clue what to do. She took my head in her hands and guided me forward. There was a strange almost fishy smell which had me hesitating. Why the hell was there a smell of fish? I gave her a tentative, ice cream like lick. She had a metallic taste, like there was a tang to her. It was not really unpleasant just surprising. She began directing me. Giving me instructions on where, how fast, to be gentle or vigorous. I was also cuing on the sounds she was making. It was the ultimate direct feedback mechanism. I would try something different and her response quickly gave me information about whether she liked it or not. My knees were starting to hurt from the hard tiled floor but I was in no mood to stop what I was doing. The smell and sensations were intoxicating. My tongue was slathering all around her labia, occasionally I darted it in as far as I could reach which brought my nose right up to her clit. Most of the time I was flicking the little nubbin, just as she had taught me. Occasionally I looked up at her while still keeping my face buried in her crotch. Her looks alternated between sheer bliss and a Cheshire cat like look. She began to become more animated and vocal. Her hips were starting to spasm erratically which nearly threw me off my stride. She was hissing between clenched teeth. “Yes, Oh God yes, that’s it, that’s it Yes, Right there. Right there.” Her hips were vibrating now and I was struggling to keep my tongue on her clit. I looked up and saw an incredible sight. I saw a deep red flush move right up her belly to her chest, neck and then face. It was almost chameleon like. She expelled a big lungful of air and slumped back motionless.

I was in a quandary, do I stop? I kept going for a few seconds but then she reached down and, with a hand under my chin, lifted my head up to face her. “What a clever boy you are. Such a quick learner! I am not sure there is much more I can teach you about eating pussy. You are a natural.” I’d been called worse things in my life. In the decades that followed I realized that I did indeed have a talent for cunnilingus.

She looked further down my body down and her face lit up. I was again fully erect. “Oh you clever boy! He’s ready again. Hmmm. What position for your first time? I suppose it should really be missionary. Better to let you get your confidence up and feel that you are in control.” She lay back along the couch and splayed her legs. She gestured for me to come and join her and so I crawled up between her legs until I was lying on her. “This is for you David, just do what comes naturally. Don’t feel that you need to hold back.” She positioned my cock and uttered the words that I will always remember; “Now you are virgin. Push! Oooff! Now you are not!”

I was transported to another level. It was almost a dreamlike state as I reveled in the feeling of fucking a woman for the first time. While I had mentally rehearsed this on innumerable occasions, (read fantasized), the actual act was far more exciting than even, in my most fevered state, I had imagined. I had not, for example, anticipated the sounds. When I really started banging away at her the “schlup, schlup, shlup” sounds were surprising. Although I had come not long before I could feel my juices rising. Her exhortations we not helping either. “Fuck, fuck , fuck, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, urgh, urgh, urgh” It was gratifying that she was enjoying herself as well. By now I was hanging on for grim death. Her legs were cocked up and pelvis tilted back so that I was getting maximum penetration. I went into a last frenzy and then collapsed upon her, totally drained. She made cooing sounds and stroked my head. We lay in each other’s arms for a while and then, seemingly reluctantly, she gave me a wistful smile, a peck on the cheek, wriggled out from under me and retired back to her chalet.

The rest of the ten day holiday was spent trying to find opportunities to be together, or to be more accurate, to fuck. It was too risky to sneak out at night as her husband was apparently a very light sleeper but we did manage to meet at least once a day and although they were powerful sexual experiences, they were rushed. Our best day was three separate screws. We soon figured out that the toilets at the resort’s bar were a good bet. Although open, no one seemed to go the bar before lunch. It had no standing staff member; it was served by the people from the adjacent café. It was just quick, brutal fucking, but as an eighteen year old who wanted to make up for lost sexual ground, this was completely acceptable. We would individually enter, remove the minimum items of clothes items for the deed to be achieved and then rabbit away. She did not seem necessarily that interested in coming herself. It was more the act that she was interested in. In later years I have thought about this but never quite figured it out.

Once, when the rest of her family had gone for a walk to the local shops, she signaled for me to join her. She did this by wearing a particular hat and coming within my line of sight. That indicated that we had an opportunity. I excused myself from my family on some pretext and went around to the back entrance of her chalet. We figured we had about an hour together but so intense was our sexual frenzy that we had both satiated our initial lust within ten minutes. She suggested we have a shower together which was novel for us and I readily agreed. We were having much fun soaping up each other’s bodies when we heard the sliding door of the chalet open. “Wendy, Wendy, are you there?” called the voice of her husband.

“I’m in the shower dear.” She called out, her voice cracking in the process. We were behind a shower curtain that was only just opaque. We heard the bathroom door open. In quick thinking fashion she thrust her head from out behind the curtain and looked out to see her husband standing in the door way.

“We got half way there and I realized I had forgotten my wallet, damn it.” he gruffed. Her hand reached behind her and fumbled for my penis. We were both trembling.

“Oh that’s bad luck dear. Never mind, the exercise won’t hurt you.” She was now tugging on my cock. “You won’t forget to post those letters will you dear.”

He affirmed, shut the bathroom door and then we heard him leave the chalet. She turned to me with a wild eyed look. She was breathing heavily. “God that made me horny. Take me. Take me now.” She was trembling all right, with sexual excitement. I was trembling as well but from simple naked fear. She literally attacked me and was a little disappointed that I couldn’t get an erection immediately. My little man was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. Due to her enthusiastic ministrations and a little of the kiss of life I did get hard again and gave her a royal fuck. I was actually a little rough because I was somehow angry with her. Although she had saved the situation, the fact that she had enjoyed it made me somehow resentful. This irritation led to me taking some liberties I had not yet enjoyed. She was on her hands and knees on the bed and I was banging away quite harshly into her. I started fingering her arsehole, which to date I had not explored. She whimpered a little at my rather forcible entry into her arse and murmured that she had never had anyone touch her there before. I replied that “Maybe I could take this virginity as you had taken mine.”

She rather tentatively agreed. I had two fingers in her now and I could tell she was in some discomfort. I am pretty sure that if it wasn’t for the excitement of nearly getting caught, she would have refused. Anyway I was enjoying being a bit more dominant than I normally was. I could tell that extra lubrication was needed so I let some of my spittle drip onto her arsehole. I took her hand and placed it behind her on my cock and told her to line me up with her little pucker. I firmly grasped her hips. (Doesn’t the pelvic girdle make excellent handholds for doggie style sex!) I started making shallow jabbing motions but she was rearing away from them and there was no penetration at all. I seized her more firmly and bore down on her. Inexorably I forced my way in. She let out a shrill screech and tried to squirm away but I had her firmly pinned. I hesitated for a few seconds with just the head of my cock inside her. She was breathing very heavily, almost gulping in air. She looked around at me with a fearful look in her eyes. For the first time in our relationship, such that it was, I was in control. I grinned at her and gave my hips a mighty flex that buried myself almost completely in her. Her eyes rolled back in their sockets and she trilled a long wailing sound that would easily have been heard outside the chalet. I thundered on until I spent myself in her. She was quite subdued afterwards. I could not help but smirk when I saw her later in the day walking to the bar with my parents for their normal pre dinner drinks. Her walk was different. Not a limp but she was definitely favoring something. I knew it was her butt.

After that encounter her behavior changed. She began inviting riskier and riskier activities. It seemed the danger of detection was as much a turn on as anything else. It was definitely not a turn on for me. I was terrified of discovery but my eighteen year old hormones were difficult to deny. I was being led by my dick. I remember once the phone in the chalet rang. It was Wendy asking if we had any spare basil. The families were cooking a shared meal together. I politely volunteered to deliver the item and strode over to their chalet. I knocked and entered and saw her working in the kitchen. I proffered the bunch of basil like a bouquet of flowers and she smiled at me. “How romantic,” she husked. She immediately sunk to her knees and pulled my swimming shorts down.

“Are you crazy?” I yelped. Here I was with my shorts around my ankles, my dick in her mouth in her kitchen. She didn’t reply but just made some burbling sounds. Her mouth was full. I couldn’t help but get aroused and found my worries drifting away as I got more and more intoxicated with the sensations. She would take time to fondle and suck my balls and even insinuated a finger between my ass checks to tickle my anus. My reverie came crashing to a halt when Mr Grinta pulled open the sliding door.

Not only did the school year come to an end, I also graduated high school, and for the first time have ownership of my life, or so I thought. Eighteen years old and I think I know it all, can do anything I want, it’s my life. Until my so called “friend” decided he needed money to buy pot. We went into the local liquor store to buy a couple packs of cigarettes when out of nowhere my friend Dean pulls out a pistol and sticks up the liquor store. Not only was that my first robbery, but it was also the first time I was on television. By the evening our faces were plastered all over the news and the search was on. The store cameras were very clear as my father watched the news. He looked up at me and I felt the blood rush from my face. I am sure I went white as a ghost.

My name is Adam. I’m 5’8″ tall, thinner build with my head shaved short, as is most of my body hair including my cock and balls. I have green eyes and light complexion. I can now see how first impressions can lead people to stereo type me as a punk. But when my dad looms over me, with his 6’2″ 44inch chest hulk of a man, I feel like I am six years old and shrink down to four feet tall. My dad owns his own construction company and his pure muscled hairy frame is a testimony of how hard he works.

My father leaped from his chair and headed right for me, fire in his eyes. I swear I saw smoke coming from his ears. My mother, thank goodness, realized my father’s mood change and quickly jumped between us. Here was this 5’3″ short woman with flowing dark brown hair, 40C boobs, about to hold off two men from killing each other; or in this case, keeping my dad from killing me. My parents had me when they just got out of high school, so it was really kids raising kids. My parents were just 36 years old, whereas most of my friend’s parents were in their late 40′s.

“What the hell is wrong with you Adam? What were you thinking? Oh wait, YOU weren’t thinking!” Spit flew from my dad’s mouth as he screamed at me. Every muscle in his body seemed to expand like the hulk.

Mom, always the referee, jumped to my rescue, “Tom, calm down I am sure Adam has a good explanation of why he fucked his life up. Adam, NOW would be a good time to start talking and choose your words carefully.”

“He won’t listen anyway, what does it matter?” I retorted back to mom. Not my best come back, and probably the most stupid thing I could have said. My dad closed the gap between us by squeezing my mom’s body against mine. Mom’s big boobs smashed against my chest and I swear I felt her hard nipples poking against me. Such a teenage horn dog, can’t even focus when it’s important. Mom placed her hands on my chest and shoved me away from the two of them, trying to give more distance between the fire breathing father and myself.

“STOP IT, the both of you! Adam try again, this time use your brain.”

“FINE!” I yelled back. My father took a step toward me, “Don’t you dare talk to your mother like that. You’re in enough hot water, and not just with us, but with the police. They will be knocking at our door and if you want any kind of help from us you better have a damn good reason for being so stupid.”

I fell back onto our sofa and started to cry, “I didn’t even know he was going to do anything like that. We went in to buy cigarettes, then the next thing I know Dean is holding a gun on the clerk and demanding all the money. Look at my face in the video, I was shocked.”

My dad looked down at me “But you ran anyway. You’re as guilty as Dean. If Dean would have hurt that clerk, or worse, killed him, you would be going to prison. Fuck! This is one big fucked up mess you put yourself and this family in Adam. You never think how your actions not only affect you but the people around you as well. Your mother and I worked hard to give you a roof over your head, clothes on your back, and food in your stomach, more than a lot of kids get and you show your appreciation by doing this? We can lose it all.”

My mom sat next to me and took my hand, “We have to call the police. You have to turn yourself in and tell them everything. Your father and I will do what we can, but you have to understand there will be consequences to your action.”

I leaned into my mom’s shoulder and cried, my dad flopped down on the other side of me and I felt his big hairy arms envelope the two of us together. We all sat and cried for a while before my dad got up and called the police.

Mom and Dad were right turning myself in was the way to go. The judge looked at the video and did see the look of shock and surprise on my face which helped me in my statement that I was not in on the robbery. It did not take into consideration of the fact that I still went through with it. I received three months home detention with an ankle monitor followed by 100 hours of community service. As far as my parent’s punishment, I had to enroll at the local junior college, which started right after my home detention, and I had to keep a ‘B’ grade point average. My first summer as a high school graduated adult and I can’t leave my parents property without going to jail. Lesson learned.

Two weeks into my home jail sentence and I was already climbing the walls. Dad started a list of things to do around the house. The winter kept us from really getting into the yard work, so everything is over grown. The California summer is already getting hot so that means getting up early to start working and finishing up later in the evening when it was cooler. This worked out fine with me, mom and dad worked all day, Ieaving me free to play during the day.

Monday morning started a new week and a new routine. Mom and Dad were getting ready to leave for work, I threw on some shorts, a tank top, tennis shoes, and of course my nice sporty ankle bracelet was a permanent fixture. I went to the kitchen, grabbed a cup of coffee, and we all said our ‘goodbyes’. I went out to start the yard work. I first mowed the lawn. The sun was beating down on me and I could feel the sweat dripping down my back. I threw my tank top on the porch and continued on mowing the front lawn. I moved to the backyard and started the mower again.

About half way through I started getting a hardon. The vibration of the mower was starting to shake my balls up. Our backyard was very secluded. Our house backed up against a wildlife preserve, so no houses behind us, and the neighbors on either side were far enough away and had no windows facing our yard. With my parents at work I figured what the hell and shucked my shorts and underwear off and tossed them on a lounge chair by the pool. The sun felt great against my naked skin. I finished the lawns and was starting to look a bit pink, so I called it a day and went into the house.

I left my clothes off and looked for some reading material to help me get off. Dad was always a good source for Playboy or Penthouse so I ventured into their bedroom. I checked out his nightstand and found some KY jelly, a leather cock ring, and some nipple clamps. “Oh you bad boy, daddy,” I said out loud to myself as I grinned, but no magazines.

Then I went to Mom’s nightstand, Eureka! Mom had a cock shaped vibrator, various flavored lubricants, another set of nipple clamps, a vibrating cock ring, handcuffs, and some unmarked DVD’s. I thought to myself ‘Holy crap, what are my parents into?’

I quickly grabbed the vibrating cock ring and slid it over my dripping hard cock. I pushed it down to the end of my shaft and stretched it over one of my balls and then the other. I took the control and flipped on the sliding switch. It first felt like a low humming on my cock. I slid the switch up a bit and the vibration increased. My precum was seeping out my cock head. I scooped up the big drop and licked it off my finger. Then I flipped up the switch to half speed. My balls really started to vibrate now and my precum was oozing out like a faucet. I lay on the floor on my back and grabbed the controls, flipping it to full strength. As the vibration intensified my whole body started to shake. Then a realized that my father had this around his big cock, probably fucking my mother at the same time. That was too much and I started to shoot cum all over my chest and stomach. The first shot hit me in the chest, the second hit me on the chin, the next three shots scatted across my chest. My body was going through convulsions like I never felt before. I was gripping the carpet with both hands. The orgasm was so intense it was all I could do to keep from screaming.

As my cum reduced down to a trickle, oozing out and filling my belly button full of white creamy cum, I shut off the vibrator. I lay covered in cum on the floor of my parent’s bedroom. I knew if I stood up I would drip cum all over the carpet. I couldn’t reach anything to clean up, so I did the only thing I could think of, I scooped the cum off my chest and started to eat it. It wasn’t bad at all. In fact the thick cream tasted good. A little tart at first, but it felt so good in my mouth. I scooped a big glob out of my belly button and sucked my finger as if it was a cum covered cock.

I was still horny as hell and my thoughts went to my father and how hot it would be to suck on his cum covered cock. I was hard as a rock again, still horny, and wanting to play more. I finally ate enough cum off my chest to get up and head to the bathroom to finish cleaning myself up. I pulled off the vibrating ring and replaced it with the cock ring in Dad’s drawer. Before I snapped it onto my cock, I ran it under my nose and inhaled the aroma of what must have been a combination of Dad and Mom’s cum mixed together. I wrapped the leather around the base of my cock and snapped it on as tight as possible.

I then grabbed the DVD and headed to the living room TV to see what other surprises my parents have been up to. I grabbed a wash cloth from the bathroom, I wasn’t going to be caught again like before, even though I would eat my cum anyway. I turned on the TV and popped the DVD in the player. I went and sat in Dad’s chair, reclined it back, and hit play on the remote control.

The screen came to life and I could tell this was a home video taken from my parent’s room. I didn’t even know we owned video equipment. The camera panned around the room to stop and focus in on my parent’s bed. I just about blew my load right then, I could not believe what I was seeing. Lying on the bed, naked, spread eagle, and her hands and feet tied to my parent’s four poster bed was my nineteen year old babysitter Pam. Pam hasn’t babysat for me since I was around ten years old. Pam was laying there with her milky white skin, her long red hair flowing over her perky 32B breasts with large pink nipples sticking out. She was a hot vision.

Then I heard a woman’s voice coming from behind the camera, “I leave you alone in my house to babysit my most prized possession and I come home and find you stuffing your pussy full of my dildo. Is that right slut?” I just about fell out of the chair, I moved the chair back to its sitting position and moved closer to the TV. Were they talking about me? The faceless voice continued, “Did you think it was ok to go through my bedroom drawer’s slut?” Pam twisted a bit on the bed, “No Mistress. Please Mistress let me make it up to you.” A figure walked in front of the camera, from the back I could tell it was my mom, but what she was wearing made me get on my knees in front of the TV. There was my mom in a black leather bustier, leather crotch less panties, thigh high black boots, and holding the same dildo I just held in my hand a little while ago.

My mother proceeded to the side of the bed and dragged the dildo up and down Pam’s body. Then my mom turned the vibrator on and touched the cock shaped head of the dildo to Pam’s right nipple. Pam let out a low moan and her head went back making her chest rise up towards the dildo. My mom kept lifting the dildo off Pam’s nipple and touching it back down, “You like this slut? Look at your pussy dripping with cunt juice.” With that mom ran her finger along Pam’s pussy. As she lifted her finger you could tell it was wet. She then placed it on Pam’s lips, “Clean my finger slut, and drink your own juice.” Pam eagerly sucked on mom’s finger, being sure to lick all of her cunt juice off her finger. Then mom placed the head of the dildo against Pam’s pussy lips. Pam pressed forward against the dildo, trying to get it inside her mouth. Mom pulled the dildo back and then started slapping her pussy with it. Pam writhed and strained against her ties. “I’ll fuck you IF and WHEN I want, bitch!” Mom yelled at Pam as she continued to slap Pam’s pussy lips with the dildo. “Yes Mistress, I am sorry for being such a horny slut Mistress.”

Then Mom climbed up on the bed and flung her leg over Pam’s face. Mom was facing the foot of the bed squatting over Pam’s face. Mom’s pussy dripped on Pam’s face. Pam eagerly licked up the drop that fell on her lips. “You like my husband’s cum slut?” with no time to answer Mom slammed her pussy down on Pam’s face, “I know you like eating cum from my pussy, you’re such a little whore. You wish you were sucking my husband’s cock don’t you slut. But you can only drink from my pussy bitch. Now lick my pussy clean.” Pam arched her back and was lapping at my Mom’s pussy. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing or hearing.

I couldn’t hold back any longer and I barely touched my cock before I shot my second load all over myself. I quickly started to feed me my own cum. Pam and I were eating cum at the same time. I even wished we were eating Dad’s cum together. That thought actually made me squirt again. I scooped up my cum “Oh Daddy your cum tastes so good.” I was home alone and felt so horny. I cleaned up and returned all the items to their hiding places in my parent’s room.

Our home was a ranch style home with my parent’s room on one side, then the kitchen, dining room, family room, and living room followed by my room and two spare rooms and two bathrooms. It was like having my own place really. I guess that is how Mom and Dad could have an active sex life without me knowing about it. Also, being an only child, I was spoiled with having my own TV, bathroom, and video games. I had no reason to venture to their room. But I do now.

I could barely get through dinner without looking at my Mom and picturing her all dressed up. This didn’t go unnoticed when I about choked on my food as Dad started the conversation, “You did a good job on the yards son, but what’s with the smirk on your face?” I took a quick drink of my water, “What me? Oh I was just thinking what would happen if I mowed the lawn and stepped onto the front sidewalk by mistake, how fast the cops would come.”

My Mom reached over and slapped the back of my head, “That’s not even funny Adam. If you think you need to worry about your Father throwing you over his knee and tanning your ass that is the least of your worries. I AM the one to watch out if you so much as think of crossing that line again. All’s fun and games but you are still two months away from what little freedom you have coming. Remember our deal, school or the street.”

I looked at her and decided to back down as I bowed my head and in a submissive tone and acknowledged her, “Yes Ma’am.”

Mom did not flinch as she patted my hand, “Now that is a good little boy.”

We finished dinner, cleaned up, and we all headed our separate ways in the house. Mom to her bedroom to take a shower, Dad to his easy chair to watch the news, and I went to my room to play video games before bed. I was playing my video game when a thought ran through my mind, did I clean up all my cum shots? Did I set the TV back to TV instead of DVD?

I panicked and ran out to see my Dad. I love hot summer nights, I just had on my boxers for bed and when I turned the corner into the family room there was Dad wearing only boxers as well. “Hey Dad whatcha watching?” I was trying to be cool as I looked around for dried cum spots. “Hey Adam, just catching the news before the game starts. Want to sit with me and watch the game?” I fell back onto the couch and propped my foot up on the coffee table. I had a perfect view of my Dad, “Ya, sure Dad, maybe for a bit. I am pretty beat from the yard work and I have a lot more to do. I plan on getting up early before the heat hits. I can work until 10:00 or 11:00 before it’s too much.” I just stared at my Dad’s body lying there on his chair. His legs were solid muscle covered in thick dark hair. His flat stomach and washboard abs were also covered in hair so thick you can comb your hands through it. He has a chiseled jaw lightly covered with a 5 o’clock shadow. He had sparkling green eyes, like mine, only to be completed by his dark wavy hair. Dad could easily have been a model. I felt my cock grow and my heart began to race as I inhaled his manly scent. I put my other foot on the edge of the table to block my tenting shorts with my raised knees.

Dad turned to me to speak and then kind of stopped and just looked at me. No, he wasn’t looking at me; he was locked onto my legs. I didn’t think by lifting my legs, to block my hardon, that I exposed my balls. Dad kind of shook his head and asked me “Adam, do you shave your legs? I just realized that you don’t have any body hair like your old man. You must take after your Mom’s side of the family, they’re a hairless bunch. Even your balls look smooth.”

I could feel my face turn flush and my tongue seemed to swell in my mouth when I tried to speak, “Jeez Dad, give a guy a complex, not everyone can be as good looking as you. I have almost no body hair, and what little I do have looks stupid so I do shave here and there. But not my legs or chest, they seem to be naturally smooth.” I dropped my feet off the table and my cock sprang up in my shorts. Dad gave a little chuckle, “Well thank God you got my cock gene. That is an impressive tent you got there. Nice one there son. Chip of the old block, or should I say cock?” We both laughed then I noticed Dad’s shorts begin to tent. Dad reached down and gave his growing cock a squeeze, “They do have minds of their own, don’t they?” Not really looking for an answer from me, he just kind of kept stroking his cock through his boxer shorts.

I so wanted to lean over and take him in my mouth and taste my Daddy’s cock. I felt a surge rush through my body. I started to panic. I was about to blow a load in front my dad, while thinking of sucking my dad’s cock. I got up to say goodnight, “Well I’m headed off to bed, goodnight Dad.” I was surprised when dad pushed his chair forward and stood up, his cock clearly hard in his boxers, as was mine. He stepped closer to me and wrapped his big hairy arms around me and pulled me into his chest and hugged me, “Good night son. We have had a tough few weeks but I am proud of the way you’ve accepted the responsibility for your actions.”

I melted into Dad’s chest. My face pressing into his furry chest, I inhaled his scent from his hard day of work mixed with a little sweat and aftershave. I could feel his big fat cock pressing against mine. His hands ran up and down my back a couple of times before he kissed the top of my head and separated from me. I was a little light headed and I felt my boxers had a wet spot on them. I said good night again and when I turned to head to my room my dad gave my ass a nice swat, “see you in the morning.”

I barely made it to my room, shut my door, kicked off my boxers, threw myself on the bed, lifted my legs up over my head, pointed my cock towards my face, and stroked it three times before I shot hot cum all over my face and chest. I did manage to land two good shots directly in my mouth. “MMMM, daddy your cum tastes so good,” I said to myself dreaming it was Dad’s cum. I licked all of my cum up and squeezed the last big glob from my cock and slowly licked it off my finger.

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