hired man

My wife Mary and I have been together for ten years and married for several more and have over time, indulged in numerous exhibitionism, voyeur and swinging fun.

The best part is that we are a perfect match as I, am the voyeur and she the overt exhibitionist with a very high sex drive and a very deep deviancy for graphic and explicit expression of her body.

When we first met, I knew she was a special woman and after dating a while, we became comfortable in expressing our most deep sexual deviants and desires and ultimately began acting them out. Our stories are all true so sit back and enjoy them as much as I am writing and reliving them.

Several years ago, before we moved to our current home, Mary and I bought a new Townhouse in a nice gated development located on a Cul du sac. The property was situated on a vast protected Florida wetlands and wildlife nature reserve that surrounded the back of our building along the inter coastal waterway.

Our building was one of two large units that spanned into a “V” with ours having an sprawling upper loft layout with 15 ft cathedral ceilings that covered most of the 3000 sq ft length of the floor.

Also, the best part was the large multi dimensional deck that we expanded and ran off the back of our family room. The deck was huge and faced the wide open green lush sanctuary and water affording us total seclusion and privacy.

It also allowed Mary and me to indulge in one of our most erotic and fun passions, nude sunbathing as we frequented nude resorts and joined a Swing club that offered a wonderful erotic setting for nude sunbathing and the exhibitionism that Mary craved.

During hottest summer months, Mary would always be nude be it in the house, on our boat, on the deck getting sun, watering her many plants or doing her morning yoga.

Also, her and I would entertain and party with our nudist and lifestyle friends without worry as our nearest neighbors were maybe 40 yards away so it was very quite, remote and was the reason we bought there.

When we moved in, the walls were all primed white but due to the height and size, I couldn’t paint them as I would have needed scaffolding and time to do it so we decided after six months of putting it off to have it finally done professionally.

After taking bids, we settled on one small company owned by two Italians and scheduled the work to be done while I was on vacation. They were nice guys who came to the U.S about ten years earlier and spoke in broken English about how beautiful Italy was.

Mary liked talking to them as she always wanted to go to Italy but never got the time and mentioned that she was half Italian with them commenting on how attractive she was and that she would feel right at home on the Italian Riviera.

The younger one Vippin, piped up that he thought she had Italian blood in her and that she possessed the qualities of the beautiful Italian woman like back home but blond.

Mary was flattered that they thought of her in that way as she always romanticized about being like beautiful Gina Lollobrigida strolling down an Italian street in Milan wearing a sheer, low cut dress while being lusted after by Italian men sitting in cafes calling to her as she walked by.

As they talked, I couldn’t help noticing to my delight, that the one painter Vippin showed a noticeable interest in Mary’s tits and big round ass as he couldn’t keep his eyes off them both as we finalized the arrangements. Granted, she was wearing a tight white spandex halter top and skimpy yoga shorts that rode up her big pussy so no wonder.

With me noticing this, and always thinking for ways for us to have some exhibitionism/voyeur fun, this was going to be a prime opportunity to do so.

After they left, I discussed my festivities with Mary who was really up for it and was very eager to take it further and have some fun. She too noticed him starring at her tits and enjoyed their eyes traveling all over her especially now that she knew how they felt about her.

Mary found them very intriguing and saw that they were true Italian men who were passionate in the way they spoke about Italian women. By the way they were looking at her tits and curves, she fantasized they were imagining how much they would enjoy fucking a rare Italian true blond voluptuous women like her.

At the time, Mary was 31 years old fit and had an hourglass shape and at 5′ 7″ 138 lbs, possessed a 36 D-24-37 succulent juicy body.

She looked forward to the upcoming attention she was going to give and receive and couldn’t wait until they started as she said that she was going to surprise me in what she planned to wear.

On Monday morning they arrived arrived at 7:00 am. The older one Dominic was in his late 60′s and the other who was starring at Mary, Vippin was maybe in his in his early 60′s and both quite fit from doing manual work all their lives. Mary was in bed when they arrived as they started to set up the scaffolding to begin the prep work.

About 7:30, I heard Mary stirring in the bedroom and soon saw her emerge out of the bedroom wearing this small fantastically skimpy outfit that I forgot I bought her from Victoria’s Secret. Seeing her in it for the first time, I smiled wide with my mouth agape and gave her the thumbs up because she looked absolutely stunning.

The white outfit consisted of low rise Brazilian cut boxer sleep shorts that were made of thin gossamer cotton that were very tiny and very loose around the thighs. Actually, they were more like panties than shorts and stopped low on her hips and right at the top of where her tiny “V” shaped pussy hair started!

It also had a matching white scooped low cut ribbed tank top much like a man’s thin sleeveless T that clung to every curve. The top stopped just above her pierced and jeweled belly button and had wide scooped open arm holes that allowed the sides of her luscious 36 D tits to oooooz out from sides. I also bought her these pink 4 inch high heeled bedroom sandals that had fuzzy Mara bu feathers on the top. She looked really hot!

With the shorts being as tiny as they were, their micro size really actuated the roundness of her firm high ass and with her wearing the high heels, it made her legs look exceptionally long and super leggy.

All of her years of yoga gave her a taught body to die for not to mention the flexibility to contort into great positions for fucking.

However, what’s really fantastic about Mary and what sets her apart is the unpretentious way that she carries herself.

At the time, Mary was a 31 year old natural beauty with the looks of a wholesome summer blond college girl next door. Besides her stunning fresh faced good looks, Mary carries with herself with this air of innocence, charm and naivety that is extremely appealing to men but is so far removed and contradictory to the very dark sexual deviant that lurks inside of her that needs to come out.

My heart was pounding as I positioned myself on the couch and watched in amazement as Mary walked from the bedroom and into view of the painters. Glancing towards me, Mary strolled in with this nonchalant gate and air about her as if nothing was unusual even though she was barely dressed in front of these men as she greeted them with a big smile.

As I mentioned, Mary spends the majority time naked while in and about the house so this was more cloths that she normally would have on.

I have to say that this natural ease at which she is comfortable in doing the most filthy things is the result of years of being an exhibitionist and being naked in front people at nude beaches, resorts and swing parties.

Too, her exposing herself in the most graphic ways and in public places has always been a life’s turn on for her dating back to her very early teens so this exhibitionism played to her life long deep seated sexual needs and desires. With me being the voyeur and her the exhibitionist, it makes our marriage a match made in heaven.

When the painters saw her, they both smiled widely and gave her the once over however the older guy Dominic kept his looking to a minimum keeping professional and unfazed. However, the other painter Vippin was more obvious but not overt in his looking and came over and kissed her hand saying in Italian “good morning beautiful lady” which made Mary swoon as his eyes traveled all over her body.

With it being a loft, everything from the family room to the kitchen through the dining room to the living room and deck was open so you were able to see all across from room to room.

The long kitchen counter was right in front of where the younger one Vippin started working so after a while, Mary offered them coffee.

As the coffee brewed, Vippin kept looking down her top or at the sides of her arm holes so I thought I’d make it a bit more interesting. With it being summer in Florida, the day was getting warmer quickly as the heat began rising to the reaches of the cathedral ceiling where they were working.

Always being concerned for the welfare of my fellow man, (ha) I thought about making it more interesting and lowered the air conditioning to a cool 65 degrees and turned on the ceiling fans higher.

Just as I expected, it only took minutes for Mary’s puffy aureoles and nipples to get very hard and much more bulbous as they poked through from her clinging top much to the delight of Vippin looking from above.

A few minutes later Mary announced that the coffee was ready with Vippin quickly climbing down and coming into the kitchen sidling himself next to Mary as she poured him a cup.

Taking the coffee, he and Mary started talking about the color that the walls were going to be and how long it was going to take. As they spoke, Mary was positioned right under the ceiling fan and its cool breeze as she arched her back against the long cold granite counter top.

Now leaning back seductively, Mary allowed him to take her all in while positioning her outstretched arms to the sides, resting them along the long counter. Standing there, Mary was a real vision as her tits were now ooozzing out from the armholes while her hard nipples pointed directly at him.

Too, the gauzy cotton fabric of her outfit was thin enough to clearly see the hard small bumps encircling her dark puffy aureoles and protruding nipples thanks to the cold air conditioning and fan directly above her. As Mary stood with her high heeled long legs crossed at her ankle, he was able to see the distinct outline of her obviously big pussy that was made or fucking.

I was sitting in the family room right off the kitchen pretending to read the newspaper with a hard on as I watched him take every opportunity to look at her each time she purposely glanced away or took a sip of her coffee.

Now fixing a plate of sweets for them, Mary placed it on a small cafe table and told him to have a seat which Vippin did taking his coffee. In the mean time the other older painter Dominic had to leave to get some additional supplies from the local hardware store and would be back in a while making Vippin happy that he was going to be alone.

While Mary turned away making another pot of coffee, his eyes were locked on her ass as the crack and cheeks of her ass were visible and shown through the thin material of her tiny shorts.

At one point, Mary dropped a spoon and squatted down to pick it up exposing her round cheeks even more as the shorts rode deeply into the crack of her ass like a wedgie.

Pouring herself another cup of coffee, she turned back to him continuing the conversation but this time with him sitting, he was now eye level to her pussy and was intensely looking at its size and I assumed to see up the sides of the loose leg opening of her micro shorts…. or so I thought.

Changing position from where I sat, I could now clearly see what he was hungrily starring at.

To my and his surprise and incredible delight, apparently when Mary squatted down for the spoon spreading her legs wide, the slit of her lippy pussy gaped open causing the small leg “in-seam” of her tiny shorts to ride up and to be deeply gobbled up and inserted inside of her wet open hole!

With the center seam of the shorts now embedded and firmly held in her now closed lips and slit, the seam acted like a thong and provided a clear view of her protruding outer lips that were now visibly separated and displayed from both sides of the seamed leg openings …. the perfect extreme “Camel Toe!

However what made it a most spectacular sight was that several years ago when we vacationed at a nude resort in Palm Springs California, we met a couple that were well known tattoo and body piercing artists who did their art on many Hollywood stars.

The woman was bi sexual, beautiful and had numerous exquisite tattoos as well as several genital and nipple piercings that Mary really liked. Throughout the week, of seeing Mary nude and with her legs spread displaying her pussy, the woman offered to pierce Mary, commenting that Mary had beautifully symmetrical labia similar to butterfly’s wings that protruded an inch from between her slit and were perfect for jewelry.

Mary was flattered and always considered it but never found the time to do so, so this was her opportunity to have it done by top notch professionals. The next day, Mary went had both of her labia pierced with two gold rings that kept her labia parted and in full view.

Also at the time the husband wanted to tattoo Mary so she also had a small Stargazer Lilly tattoo that was about the size of a quarter done just to the right of where her slit started. In fact they photographed Mary’s pussy for their library of customers and for their personal collection.

So also now visible to Vippin were the gold rings attached to her pierced labia as well as the distinct shape and the outline of her large mound as well as part of her tattoo … the pussy tri fecta! Watching him closely, I saw that his eyes were locked on Mary’s quite unique pussy and wanted to see more and so did I.

What was really fantastic was that Mary wasn’t aware of what happened which made it even more exciting as she continued to talk and walk around the kitchen.

At one point, he called her over to the table and was showing her color swatches as she stood a foot away from him as he sat directly looking at her pussy lips while she viewed the colors on the table bent over in front of him.

He finally finished his coffee and went back to work as Mary came by me, smiled and sat on the couch facing the direction where he was painting.

In front of the couch was a coffee table so Mary picked up the paper I was reading and rested her high heeled feet on the edge of the table with her legs spread apart wide enough to have the open newspaper in front of her face.

Now sitting with her legs spread wide open, the material released from between her slit as the tiny shorts were again loose around her legs and crotch.

I saw that the wide leg opening of her shorts provided a nice view of her pussy so I motioned for her to discreetly pull the crotch of her shorts more to the side exposing what was now a very wet pink slit.

I stood up to get more coffee and to see how the view was and saw a fantastic display of Mary’s parted wet slit and now visible and engorged pussy lips.

To give him an opportunity to better look, I went down the hall where I was able to see Mary sitting and watched him enjoying the view from afar. After I was gone, he walked back to the kitchen for a glass of water as he stood nearby admiring between Mary’s wide open legs.

Mary later said that she was so turned on knowing he was standing there starring at her exposed pussy that she deliberately kept the newspaper up in front of her face so he wouldn’t stop looking! As he stood there, Mary said that she felt the juice oozing from her pussy that he had to notice exciting her even more.

This first day went well beyond my expectations and couldn’t wait for Tuesday and what it would bring.

They stayed quite late and finished two coats. However, as they were leaving for the day, the older painter Dominic mentioned that he needed to do some follow up work on a previous job so Vippin would again be alone and would be there about about 10:00 am to do the trim work. Hearing that, mine and Mary’s wheels started turning.

With the Vippin coming later, that gave me a chance to set the mood so I planned to make a special breakfast complete with champagne “Mimosa’s”.

Champagne is like an aphrodisiac to Mary and really gets her horny and her juices flowing while making her inhibitions disappear bringing out her exhibitionism fully.

That morning, I woke up early and got things going while Mary showered. Being hot and sunny, I wanted to eat on the deck under the umbrella so I arranged the seating with the best view from inside the house and to position the chase lounge chairs in the optimum locations around the deck.

As I darted around the deck finalizing the setting, I hear behind me Mary clearing her throat for me to turn around.

Turning to face her, my eyes lit up as I see her standing seductively with her hands on her hips, hair done, full make up and wearing my favorite pale pink sheer spaghetti strapped chemise’ that just skimmed below the cheeks of her ass!

Completing the outfit was a matching sheer short robe that she kept open along with 4 inch black patent leather “come fuck me ” pumps I got her from Fredricks of Hollywood.

The material of the chemise’ was really sheer nylon and transparent enough to distinctly see how her bulbous nipples were raised and separated from her tits resembling large pink protruding Hershey’s kisses.

Too, in clear view was the slit of her meaty blond trimmed pussy and her piercing that she changed to jeweled dangles. She looked as hot as I ever seen her and couldn’t wait for Vippin to arrive.

I made omelets to go with the cold Mimosa’s which tasted really good especially being outside. As we ate, I kept Mary’s glass filled and began skipping the orange juice as she kept finishing the champagne rather quickly and went through the bottle being in the hot summer breeze.

After going through the first bottle, Mary quickly started to feel the effects and off came the robe as it was really getting warm. It was almost 10:00 am and we had just finished breakfast so Mary re filled her glass with a new cold bottle and retired to the chaise lounge chair nearby waiting for Vippin as I went inside to pick up.

Now lying reclined in the morning sun sipping her drink, the doorbell rang and I went down to let the Vippin in. As he walked up the stairs, I noticed he was carrying a small white box wrapped with string.

Once upstairs, he asked “where was my lovely wife” as he brought her a little gift. Pointing towards the deck, he spotted Mary and quickly walked over to greet her and give her what he brought.

Watching from the kitchen, I could see him standing over her taking her all in as Mary opened the small box with her smile getting bigger as she exclaimed “cannoles” which she loves.

He bought them from an Italian bakery near his house in her honor of her being Italian which was a nice gesture. Mary was very impressed as she gushed… thank you, raising her arms up giving him a kiss that he welcomed.

Looking at Mary, I thought to myself “Holy Cannoles” as Mary’s chemise’ became even more transparent as her skin was now noticeably damp from beads of sweat as the champagne was coming out of her pours from the Florida sun and rising humidity.

Her tanned tits were now clearly visible as the thin transparent chemise clung to her like a second skin making her appear as if she was topless.

I came on the deck and told him to sit down as I pulled out the chair directly in front of Mary’s outstretched legs as I went inside to get a plate to put the Cannoles on.

With his back to me, I turned to Mary from the patio doors and saw that her face was flushed and was turned on. Too I saw that she was clearly buzzed from the champagne so I motioned for her to part her legs as I watched from inside.

Sure enough, the exhibitionist in her couldn’t be contained and as they talked about the creaminess of the filling of the cannolie, Mary began to slowly slide her reclined and crossed legs off the chair and onto the deck now placing her high heeled feet on each side of the chaise. With her legs now straddling each side of the chair, she provided his eyes a clear path to her pussy.

Now totally enthralled first by Mary’s tits and now her pussy, he wanted to keep the conversation going and the flattery up and began talking about Italy and how open and uninhibited they and Europeans are compared to Americans.

Giving examples on how our beaches weren’t nude and how Italian men have a love for life and a lust and appreciation for beautiful woman as compared to men here, he said that he was happy to see that Mary had the European spirit and a zest for living.

Mary thanked him and agreed that she and I do live the European lifestyle and philosophy and was in fact open with our sexuality as well saying to him that we were in fact nudists frequenting clothing optional resorts in the Caribbean, California and here at home.

Mary laughed and even mentioned that normally she would be nude right now as she loves the feeling of the sun on her naked body. Hearing that, Vippin said that he knew that we were not like most Americans and that she was a special true sexy Italian woman who made his eyes drink in her beauty.

Mary was absolutely gushing in more ways than one as her demeanor noticeably changed and would be up for anything.

Hearing all this from the kitchen and being the voyeur, I watched them for a few minutes and got hard myself thinking of the possibilities and wanted to make the situation and view even better.

I was as turned on as much as Mary and wanted him to see every detail of her pussy so as I brought out the cannoles, I placed Mary’s plate between her spread legs and again refilled her champagne glass leaving them alone so I could watch.

Once again I turned to Mary signaling to her to now raise her legs back up onto to the edges of the chaise and to spread her legs wide open so he could clearly see her pink wet slit. At that point, Mary didn’t need anymore instructions from me as she made sure he saw all of her lippy jeweled pussy. Acting nonchalantly as she does, there was Mary reclined back, legs open straddling the chaise with her trim shaved wet pussy glistening in the sun eating the long cannole savoring it like she was sucking a dick.

Cream from the cannole was on her lips with her licking them while she talked to him as he sat at the foot of her chair taking it all in. Mary said that she could clearly see that he had an impressive raging hard on that was visible through his white painters pants making her hotter.

By now Mary’s skin was absolutely saturated from sweat as her chemise clung completely to her body. Vippin kept pressing the conversation towards a sexual tone with Mary providing equally sexual replies as well as seductively running her hands up her legs coyly.

Picking up another cannole, Mary laughed and said that they were “orgasmic” and that she couldn’t get enough them, laughing and saying that three orgasms in 15 minutes was her limit. Now taking a big bite Mary got a surprise she didn’t expect.

With it being so hot outside, the cream filling of the cannole became liquefied with the consistency of well …. cum. As Mary bit down, the cream filling of the canolle began spurting out of the end running down her chin, onto her tits and down the front of her chemise!

Feeling what happened, Mary sprang up from the chair exclaiming “oh no …. What a mess” while looking down her front. Looking up back at him, Mary joked and said “You know what this looks like don’t you” then saying quite matter of facty… “Oh well …. I’m used to it” making them both laugh.

Watching from inside, it really did look like somebody blew a months worth of cum onto Mary’s tits and frankly, she does enjoy the feeling of cum on her face and having it massaged into her tits so this wasn’t as big deal for her. Still watching, I wasn’t sure what she was going to do but quickly got a most pleasant surprise for me and Vippin.

Mary was standing while still straddling the chaise saying that it was a sticky mess as she tried to wipe her chemise with a napkin. I could see that she was clearly buzzed and was having a hard time standing still while straddling the three foot wide chaise.

Then after another minute of trying in vain to wipe her front, an exasperated Mary said to him, “I hope you don’t mind but I have to rinse this sticky mess off”.

My heart was pounding as my eyes were transfixed on Mary as she stood there with Vippin still sitting all the while looking up her chemise at her spread pussy. I thought it couldn’t get any better as Mary was about to surprise me as well as him.

In one fluid motion, Mary said abruptly ” I had enough of this ” and then grabbed the ends of her chemise quickly pulling it over her head and was now standing there naked in front of him!

Throwing the chemise to the deck, Mary pointed her face towards the sun while running her fingers through her blond hair saying to him “I told you I would be naked by now ” giggling like a school girl.

Seeing her now naked in front of him, the bug eyed Vippin clapped his hands together and saying “Balecimo” beautiful in Italian.

Then Mary did something equally as great and asked him if he wouldn’t mind doing her a favor and hose her off! Vippin eagerly replied with an emphatic … Yes, as Mary said “Great follow me”.

Still in her “Fuck Me” high heels and now naked, Mary knew that her being naked and in high heels was my most favorite thing to see.

My dick was about to burst at this sexy sight and got even harder when Mary started walking to the far end of the deck with him following close behind. Walking with a slow sexy gate, Mary’s full rounded ass rocked back and fourth like a boat in water that was absolutely hypnotizing.

As she was walking to the hose, Mary spotted two small elastic hair bands on a table and paused to create two long blond ponytails on the sides of her head in order to keep the water from getting her hair wet. The blond ponytails were an erotic fantastic touch as it now gave her this childlike look of a well developed 15 year old girl that was extremely sexy.

Reaching the hose, Mary squatted down straddling it between her legs and adjusted the nozzle to the finest setting. Now standing in front of the squatting Mary, Vippin stood peering between her open legs and at her now pink gaping jeweled pussy.

Handing him the nozzle smiling, Mary gave him instructions on what she wanted him to do.

Moving to an open part of the deck, Mary was now ready and positioned herself in front of him. Placing her hands on top of her head Mary said to him eagerly, “OK I’m ready”. Nervously, Vippin pointed the nozzle at her sticky tits squeezing the handle until the fine fog like mist began spraying onto Mary making her nipples spring to attention.

Letting out a pleased ooooooooh, Mary purred that it felt great and began massaging the sticky cream off her tits. The hose had been sitting in the sun all day so the water was really hot like a shower as Mary began rotating all around for him to spray her body all over.

They were right in front of the bedroom window where I was watching in the shadows as Mary looked my way grinning to me with pleasure as she kneaded her wet tits while rolling her nipples between her fingers. Her wet hands kept busy moving up and down between her legs and into the crack of her ass as she now starred right at Vippin.

She was clearly turned on and I wasn’t sure how far she was going to take this but seeing how buzzed and hot she was, her flushed face told me that she was looking to get fucked.

After a few minutes, the hot water started to get cold as Mary’s nipples gradually began turning into darker shades of pink as her aureoles contracted into bulbous plum like rosettes.

Goose bumps began to cover her skin as she began squealing at how cold the water was getting. However she kept telling him to keep spraying her as it appeared that she was getting even more excited as her nipples were now a deep shade of purple, rock hard and a half inch long from her tugging on them.

Finally she couldn’t stand it any longer and shrieked for him to stop! Now running back to the chaise lounge chair soaking wet, Mary quickly lay back down and was now almost fully reclined.

Her skin was still dripping wet from the ice cold water as goose bumps covered her body with her nipples now as dark as purple olives and just as hard. The hot Florida sun was again beating down on her and was breathing heavy from the exhilaration of the cold water and the buzzing effects of the champagne.

The smiling Vippin returned back to his chair in front of her outstretched legs with Mary asking him to fill her champagne glass and to pour himself a glass for a job well done. Doing so, he handed Mary her fluted glass that was filled to the top with Mary downing half of the ice cold champagne quickly.

Now relaxed and drying off, Mary said to him ” Whew… that was fun’, saying with a laugh “I bet you didn’t expect this when you woke up this morning”! He replied “No and that this was turning out to be the best day of his life”.

I came out from my bedroom hideout and out to the deck laughing, saying to Mary “I figured it was only a matter of time before you were naked”! I mentioned that I was on a conference call and overheard her messy dilemma. Too, I wanted to give Vippin the reassurance that it was OK with me that Mary was now naked and thanked him for giving her a hand, joking that I hoped that he wouldn’t charge me more!

I then said to Mary that I needed to go to the office for a little while giving him the “Q” that I was going to be gone and that he would now be alone with Mary.

Mary knew it was a ruse and that I would only pretend to leave and would once again return to my hiding spot.

Mary then smiled and said for me to “take your time … I’m in good hands” as I could see that her wheels were turning. I didn’t know what was going to happen next but couldn’t wait to resume hiding.

Once I apparently left, Vippin quickly began getting the conversation back towards sex.

Staring lustily at her pussy, Vippin boldly began asking Mary about her pierced pussy saying how beautiful it was and that in his 67 years, he had never seen a spectacular blond or let alone jeweled pussy like hers before as all Italian women’s pussies were dark and bushy.

Being a life long exhibitionist, Mary enjoys openly talking about her pussy and loves the attention it gets as she has been told that the uniqueness of her true natural blond pussy is a sight to behold especially one that has been kissed golden by so much time in the sun.

I have to say that Mary’s pussy is so blond,that it appears as if it is made of spun gold threads. Starting at the very tip of her slit, the narrow half inch wide and three inch long close cropped “V” guides your eyes down her slit and to her full and luscious hairless lips.

However, the extreme turn on for Mary is graphically displaying her fantastically protruding labia, unique clit and pink gaping hole. You could tell at her eagerness that she knew this was the perfect opportunity to satisfy to her divalent needs.

Mary could hardly wait and was as excited as an ally cat in heat. She was really turned on that his eyes were now transfixed directly on her bulging pussy lips. With him openly asking questions about her pussy, she wanted to seize this opportunity to further her own exhibitionist and filthy pleasures. Hearing his enthusiastic and positive comments about her pussy and direct questions about her jewelry allowed Mary to reply to him with that coy leading on innocence,”Oh thank you … do you really like it” with him replying an emphatic” Yes very much… just beautiful ”

Mary was still laying with her legs straight out and crossed so being the sexual deviant Mary coolly said to him “Would you like a better look”?. Not waiting for an answer, Mary then raised her legs up sliding them back and wide open for him to see between her legs and at her jeweled labia that were now fully engorged.

Saying to him in a purr “How’s this?” Mary then placed her hands between her legs and began to try to straighten out the two inch long silver jeweled dangles that hung from her meaty pussy lips but was having trouble untangling the dangles so they hung neatly along her parted slit.

Leaning forward, Vippin’s face moved closer between her legs as Mary fidgeted with the silver dangles and was having trouble getting them to hang down her lips correctly.

Faining frustration about the tangled chains, Mary made her move and told him “This always happens …. Wait a sec” and then did one of the most filthy things straight out of Hustler magazine that I love seeing her do as she was completely turned on!

Leaning up on her elbows, Mary turned and reclined the chair back completely flat and then scooted herself back towards the top of the chair.

Now in the perfect flat laying position, Mary then boldly placed each leg over one of the chairs long arms effectively opening her pussy for him to see inside of her pink gaping hole!

The sight was gynecological as her pussy was wide open with her sticky juice now trickling out of her. It was really visually mind blowing and great as it gets or so I thought.

Now being able to easily adjust the silver dangles, Mary moved them to the sides of her now crimson lips. Her hole was wide open and now ooozing juice like a maple tree’s syrup that ran down to the crack of her ass.

Mary was hot as can be and was in the perfect position that she wanted saying to him “Now I got it… Can you see now?” Vippin was speechless as he and I both had raging hard ons from the view before us.

He couldn’t believe his eyes saying to her in his broken English Beautiful, beautiful”. Pleased with his reaction Mary then said lustily to him “I’m glad that you like it Vippin”. Placing his finger tips to his lips he began throwing kisses to Mary’s pussy saying “Magnifico”.

Smiling, Mary then said to him…. “Stop… your making me blush ” really wanting to hear more as she continued to lay with her legs wide open and her eyes closed letting him literally see inside of her drenched scarlett pussy.

Also now in clear view was her throbbing swollen clit that was now protruding out from between her lips like a small mushroom capped dick. Mary has an unusually large and sensitive clit that is an inch long and pokes out from its fleshy home when excited. Too, Mary loves to have it sucked on hard when being eaten and does enjoy a little pain during sex.

I was so turned on that I pulled my dick out of my shorts and began stroking myself hoping that Mary would keep going.

Once again Mary’s hands returned between her legs and began fidgeting with the dangles but this time she slowly began running her fingers over her crimson lips. Mary then began spreading her juice onto her swollen clit working it free from the surrounding flesh. Vippin’s face was red and sweating as Mary was now effectively playing with herself as he watched in a trance.

Not caring any longer, Mary then placed her wet finger tips on each side of her slit and began spreading and massaging her lips open and closed as if to beckon Vippin inside of her. Mary was in her own sexual trance and began rolling her protruding clit between her fingers taking herself close to cumming.

Vippin sat there in awe sipping his drink viewing this scene straight out of a hard core porno movie and didn’t know what to do.

By now the sun was really blazing as sweat was draining from all of Mary’s pours with her skin glistening wet in the hot Florida sun.

Now Mary was going to take it to the next level as I heard her say to him ” I don’t want to burn would you mind putting on some suntan oil all over me”? With that, I knew Mary was looking to get fucked as she was starring hungrily at the now huge bulge in his white painters pants.

Saying to her in his broken English “Absolutely” it will be my honor” as he quickly finished his drink and dropped to his knees next to her shaking like a leaf.

Putting her legs back down, Mary reached under the chair and found the bottle of oil handing it to him saying that she noticed that he had nice big hands and that she would love a foot massage kicking off her heels. A foot massage for Mary is almost like having her pussy eaten as it turns her on really quickly so I couldn’t wait for him to start.

Now kneeling right next to her, Vippin gently reached down and took hold of Mary’s ankle pulling her leg back and to the side now bringing her open pussy back into view.

With her pussy now only a foot away from him, Mary gave no resistance and even pulled her leg back farther again slinging it back over the arm of the chair saying to him “How’s this”. You could see his hands were shaking as he held Mary’s heel in his hand while he squirted oil all over her hot pink toe nailed foot.

Laying back with her eyes closed and hands behind her head, Mary gasped as the oil was boiling hot from being in the sun but quickly purred to him as he began kneading her foot with his fingers sliding between her toes making her wriggle.

Now taking his thumbs, he began working them into the balls of her feet which is her most sensitive spot and the place that turns Mary on quickly. Saying to him “ooooooh yes”, as he pushed his thumbs deeper into the soft pads of her sole making Mary moan loudly saying to him “harder”.

Seeing how turned on she was, he kept the pressure on as Mary writhed in pleasure. After a few more minutes of being stimulated, Mary said to him “now do me all over”. Picking up the oil once again, he nervously asked “where should I start”?

To get past any shyness, Mary said to him “here hand me the oil”. Taking the large bottle, Mary began squirting hot oil all over her tits and stomach saying to him eagerly …”Start Here”.

Not wasting any time, Vippin’s hands began working Mary’s shoulders and arms massaging them the entire length taking his time with Mary saying to him how good it felt. Mary’s eyes were closed as his hands continued to slowly making their way down her neck and to her eager tits that were begging to be touched.

Not being able to stand it any longer, Vippin’s big hands soon covered both of Mary’s well oiled tits as he began to knead them in a slow methodical motion. Mary was breathing heavy and let out a low mmmmmm when he began rolling her hard nipples between his thumb and index fingers.

Vippin began talking to her in almost a whisper saying to her how good she felt and that her tits were magnificent making Mary smile.

Vippin wasn’t holding back any longer and picked up the oil and began drizzling it slowly all over Mary’s stomach and pussy applying it long in circular streams.

Starting at her stomach, he began working his hands along her sides and down her thighs as his hands began kneading the inner soft skin between her legs. Giving him “Carte Blanche” Mary’s legs parted and fell open placing her one still high heeled foot onto the deck as she was now there for the taking.

With her pussy now wide open, his hands moved to her jutting mound that was now covered in the slippery oil. Taking his big right hand, he covered Mary’s pussy as his fingers found their way between her lips making Mary deeply exhale.

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