high school

Carter, my ex-boyfriend. I should hate him, but I just can’t bring myself to. We had dated just after the last day of school during our Sophomore year at high school. It only lasted 3 weeks. We completely fell out as friends. During our Junior year, we didn’t have anything to do with each other. We didn’t even look at or talk to each other.

It was until second semester Senior year when we started talking. We were both 18 and it wasn’t exactly by choice; our chemistry teacher made us lab partners, so we were forced to talk. It took awhile, about 3 weeks, but we became fairly good friends once more.

Unfortunately, this reemergence of us as friends led to me falling for him, which was the last thing I wanted or needed. He was a nice guy but a terrible boyfriend. He was a total whore, a guy that “humped and dumped.” He was currently on his 5th boyfriend this school year. But, surprisingly, he had been with this guy for 5 months. I was proud of him and I knew he actually cared for this one.

Carter was also so fucking attractive. He was about 6 feet tall. He had gorgeous green eyes and dirty blonde hair. He was perfectly tanned. He worked out often to keep himself looking so good. He had the most beautiful, sexiest, chest I had ever seen and his abs were something easily worth drooling over.

I smiled at Carter and said hey as he walked into class. He said hey back, glumly, and sat down. Something was definitely up.

The class dragged by, as usual. We took some notes, did a lab, and took some more notes. Finally it was time for lunch and we headed off to the cafeteria together.

“So, Mason and I broke up,” he said, sadly.

“Aww. I’m sorry man. Knew something was up when you walked in,” I replied, trying my best to be comforting.

“Yeah he said he ‘just wasn’t feeling it’. But its alright, I mean, whatever,” he spat.

“Oh stop it!” I said, aggravated. I’m so sick of him lying to me!

“What?” he asked, confused.

“Don’t lie to me. I know you’re more hurt by it than you’re letting on. You don’t have to put up some macho shield for me. Especially since I can see through it. You can talk to me about this kind of stuff, you know. I can be there for you. If you’d just let me in sometimes. I don’t know maybe it seems like I don’t care about you but I really do.”

“I… don’t know what to say. Thank you…,” he murmured, seemingly confused.

“Uhm yeah sure thing. So who’s gonna be your boyfriend in two days?” I spitefully asked.

“Geez way to be an ass,” he told me.

“Don’t even act like that’s not exactly what you’re gonna do!”

“Well.. doesn’t mean you need to say it,” he muttered.

“Whatever. So really who you thinking of?”

“I don’t know. Probably Matt again.”

“Ok seriously. Four fucking times? What the fuck? Do you actually think he’s gonna go for you again?”

“Jesus, what is up with you today?”

“I… nothing.” I had to dodge this. I couldn’t do this. Not today.

“What? Tell me.”

“Its not a big deal.”

“So? Maybe I still wanna know,” he said calmly as he gently squeezed my shoulder.

“I just thought that this time maybe you’d consider thinking of trying someone else again. Whatever its just stupid,” I said bitterly. I looked down at my side. It was hard to look at him.

“I don’t under-”

I looked back up at him. “Christ. You’re so dense! Carter, I just… ugh! You’re so frustrating! I… I don’t know anymore. I can’t… I can’t do this!” I had to hold back the tears trying to gather in my eyes.

“Wait.. Jordan, you… shit.” He must have finally realized.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done this now. I just can’t keep it in any longer. Its been so hard with us being friends again. I’m just an idiot. I thought you were flirting with me in class and I thought maybe we…” I sighed. “Nevermind.”

“Well I mean… I… I /was/ flirting with you. I mean something was starting to stir. I thought you were flirting cause of.. well, desperation. But you’re actually interested in.. me?”

“Of course, Carter. We… need to meet up tomorrow and talk. It’ll be a Saturday and just… I think we need to. Yeah.” I was so scared right now.

“Uh sure that sounds fine. I’ll pick you up and we can go somewhere and talk.”

“Alright,” I said, still pretty down. I watched my feet as we continued walking.

“Its ok,” he said, the closest thing to comfort I’d ever heard from him.

He stopped me in the middle of the quad and drew me in for a hug. I sighed gently as I felt his warmth against me. I squeezed him tightly then let go and backed away. I glanced around. Some of the jackass homophobes had smirks plastered to their faces. He saw it too. “Ignore them.”

“I know. It doesn’t matter what they think.”

We walked into the cafeteria, said bye to each other, and went to sit with our friends.

I felt a lot of things for Mario. Jealousy was the salient emotion that flowed through me as I walked the halls that led to the gymnasium of his private school.

Far from the gunshots and drug needles that surrounded my school, St. Peters Academy was also one of the top high school basketball programs in the country. The glass trophy case, filled end to end with gold, made sure every visitor knew it when they came to a game.

Basketball program wasn’t the best way to describe it. Basketball factory was more like it. They had recruiters that scoured the state looking for 11 year old kids that looked like they could grow into elite high school athletes.

They were good at what they did, routinely sending most of their senior class to college on basketball scholarships, a few of them to Division 1 powerhouses like Kentucky and UCLA.

At St. Peters Academy, there were only 3 seasons. Spring, Summer, and Basketball season. And the playoffs were like Christmas eve for the hundreds of fans that came to watch their team play.

I wasn’t one of them. But I was amongst them, sitting in a sea of red and black team colors, except I was wearing a Blue Jacket. I was there to support my on/off again friend. His team had lost in the playoffs the previous 3 years. He was now a senior. This was his last chance to go out a champion. To cement his legacy. To live up to the potential those recruiters saw in him 5 years ago.

He was one of the most sought after high school players in the country, after making All State and All American by several national basketball magazines. But at a school like St. Peters, championships are the measuring stick for greatness.

Mario stepped on the court to a thunderous roar as people that didn’t know him cheered. Glancing around the gymnasium, I immediately spotted the college coaches who were in attendance for this incredibly hyped basketball game. They weren’t the only people there for something other than enjoying what was suppose to be fun and games.

I could point out the gamblers, who had thousands riding on the game. I could point out the groupies, who were looking for meal tickets. And then there was the press, just hoping they could get the perfect quote or picture.

Everyone wanted something from him, me included.

The game started with St. Peters taking the early lead, with Mario leading the way. Layups. Dunks. Jumpsots. He did it all offensively. I clapped as he scored his points, and thought back to how things used to be.

We were both stars on our middle school basketball teams. We overwhelmed those poor kids that we played, dribbling and driving past them with ease. We’d be winning games by 30 and 40 points by halftime. We won our league three years in a row, and caught the attention of local high school papers, who called us the next great basketball stars in our area.

It was ball that brought us close together as friends.

We balled every day. Before school. After school. Weekends. Summers. Our hobby became our passion, and that passion became an obsession. Though we were friends that always talked about going to high school and college together, and winning championships as a duo, it was only natural that we became rivals. We were the same height. Same position. Same city. There could only be one best player in the city. And we both wanted to be better than each other.

I knew his game. He knew my game. We were intense competitors, often playing one on one matches on the playgrounds that turned into fist fights because of how much we trash talked.

More often that not, I won those matchups. I was just a step quicker. A bit stronger. A tad more skilled. I was the MVP of our AAU team. I was the one that many expected to become a superstar.

The summer before high school changed our fates.

By halftime in the playoff game, Mario had scored 19 points and also had 5 steals. St. Peters was up by 7 and looking like the better team. Mario spotted me before he ran off the court into the lockeroom and gave me a nod. I nodded back. He didn’t smile. He never did on the court. But I could tell he was glad to see me giving him support. He hadn’t exactly given me the same support. But there were reasons for that.

Ball brought us close together. We shared the same dream. Both talked about playing in the NBA, and making enough money to bring our families out of the ghetto. We’d joke about which celebrity we’d end up dating. He always chose Sanaa Lathan. I always chose Gabrielle Union.

We lost our virginity in bunk-beds. Him on the bottom bed with a girl named Cassandra. Me on the top bed with her cousin Tia. When his dad got locked up, me and him took the bus ride four hours away to go see him, skipping school in the process. When my mom and her boyfriend argued late at night, I’d walk across the street to Mario’s house. He’d give me his bed and take the floor.

We were best friends. But things were always more complicated than that.

St. Peters held their lead in the third quarter, thanks to Mario. The opposing team could not guard him, even with double teams. After a beautiful play where Mario dribbled twice between his legs before crossing over his defender and driving to the basket for a powerful dunk, the entire gymnasium erupted. My ears were ringing. I was clapping. I was happy for my friend.

St. Peters went into the fourth quarter up by 9. I tried to watch the game, but I was really only watching Mario. Every move he made was mesmerizing to me, only because I knew them like I knew the back of my hand. I’d watched him practice these moves every day. I’d helped him hone his skills. I’d beaten those same skills in head to head games.

One in particular was that summer where our fates changed. We were playing a game of one on one at the local playground. This was the kind of court where only the most skilled players could play. The blacktop was cracked. The goals had no nets. The backboard was flimsy. There was a double rim, which meant every shot had to be perfect or else it would bounce right on out.

He was trying his usual moves. But at that time, he was smaller than me. Slower than me. He had to be perfect to beat me. And who is ever perfect?

The game got fierce because girls were watching us from the bleachers. We were shirtless, sweaty and exhausted after playing for hours in the 100 degree summer sun. The thick, hot air took a backseat to the tension between us.

He trash talked about my mom. I trash talked about his dad. He called me a bitch after he scored. I called him a punk after I scored. We were trying to get each other off of our game, just to win a game of pride.

I was going in for the game winning shot when he pushed me. Street ball is physical. You rarely call fouls, especially on a game point shot. I hit the hard concrete, and high on adrenaline, jumped up and punched him. He punched me back. We wrestled on the ground before the fight was broken up by a fat dude with a backwards hat.

He had been watching us play. He saw us for what we could be. He said he was looking for players for a 2-week long basketball camp up state. College basketball coaches would be there. A good performance at the camp could go a long way towards getting recruited.

We were only 13, but the opportunity sounded too good to pass up. Fights between us weren’t abnormal, so we got some Gatorade, went to his house and played video games while talking about going to the basketball camp.

High off raw excitement and caught in the adolescent stage of mutual exploration, we kissed each other on the sofa for what felt like hours. I don’t remember much about what I was thinking. It was if I blacked out while we were making out. I remember enjoying it, but feeling confused and guilty when it was over. There was no logical explanation for why it had happened. Two black kids kissing each other for no reason didn’t make sense to me. Trying to make sense of it overpowered the fact that I had enjoyed it. I think he was feeling the same.

He looked at everything but me. I tried to find a subject to talk about. We started talking about basketball camp.

Mario avoided hanging with me for weeks after that. I also found out I wouldn’t be allowed to go to the camp. My mom needed me to help with bills and had gotten me a job as a lifeguard at the pool.

Mario ended going to basketball camp, and catching the eye of both college and high school recruiters. Our paths were altered. He came back from the camp with a scholarship offer to attend St. Peters. His mom saw the benefit, so she enrolled him, and they moved out of the city the next month. I often wonder where they got the money to move, though the mystery isn’t all that hard to piece together.

We’re not kids anymore. He’s 6’2″, 180 lbs. I’m 6’0, 175 lbs. He’s the star for a team that is routinely featured on the front page of the newspaper. I’m the star for a city high school that barely gets a blurb on the back-page of the sports section. My team’s exit from the playoffs was met with apathy. His would be met with tears.

It always amazes me how a crowd of individuals becomes a single entity during a game. Sharing the same highs and lows, cheers and boos. I was surrounded by nervous energy that suffocated the gym as St. Peters lead was cut to 4 in the 4th quarter. I realized Mario hadn’t been playing as well. He was forcing his shot. He looked frustrated. The crowd could sense that his confidence was fading as the score became more and more uncomfortable for the home team.

And then it happened. The visiting team hit a three pointer late in the 4th to take the lead for the first time. It started to sink in that St. Peters could actually lose the game. I looked at the clock. It was only 2 minutes left. Everyone in the building knew the ball was going to Mario. Pressure.

I watched him dribble and shoot. He missed and his shoulders deflated. His confidence was completely gone. The opposing team scored again and went up by 3. Mario dribbled down the court again. His fate in his hands. The emotions of everyone in the building resting in the tips of his fingers. He passed it to a teammate, who made the open shot. St. Peters was now only down by one.

The crowd chanted defense. I became swept into the wave. I cheered for my friends team. I couldn’t stomach seeing him fail. I loved him too much to wish that upon him.

The visiting team missed the shot and Mario grabbed the rebound. Seconds ticked away. People held their breath. I mumbled a prayer to God.

Mario drove to the basket and was fouled with only seconds remaining in the game. He had two free throw attempts. One make would tie the game and send it into overtime. Two makes would win the game.

Mario stepped to the line. I could see his legs shaking, tension swelling beyond belief. An eerie silence overtook the once loud gym. He wiped sweat from his brow and bounced the ball twice before exhaling. I wondered what he was thinking.

Was he thinking about the days we’d shoot hundreds of free throws, practicing for a moment like this? When I’d make pretend to be a broadcaster, commentating on the game.

“Mario Berry, steps to the line. 2 free throws. For the NBA championship. If he makes them, he’s a champion. If he misses, he’s a loser.”

Then I’d make crowd noises. He’d calmly dribble and sink the shots, holding up his arm like Michael Jordan after the perfect swish. He could make 100 free throws in a row. I know he could. I’d seen it with my own two eyes. This should have been routine for him. But practice rarely prepares you for the actual moment of truth.

His first shot bounced off the front of the rim. The crowd reacted in disbelief. Mario looked at the bench of the opposing team, who were celebrating. I knew they were trash talking. And I knew it was affecting him. I knew what made him tic.

He dribbled the ball again. Fans around me held hands. I imagined the ball going in several times. Mario froze for a few seconds, as if he was looking for the courage to release the shot. It finally left his fingers with the perfect flick, from the perfect form.

It landed on the back rim, bounced against the backboard, and spun off to the side, as the clock expired. St. Peters had lost.

I felt nauseous. I was also ashamed of myself for being jealous.

The fans had been cheering him as if he was a God. Now they were booing as if he was a joke. The line was that thin.

“I’m glad he’s graduating. He always chokes,” one fan behind me said as we started exiting the gym.

“He definitely underachieved,” someone else said. “Good player, but never reached his potential. You can’t teach losers how to win.”

I waited for Mario after the game with his mom, younger brother, and uncle. He came out of the locker room with a hat hanging low over his face, hoody up. He hugged his mother. She told him she was proud. His uncle said he played a hell of a game. They tried to encourage him. But there is little you can say to someone who has just disappointed so many people that believed in him.

He turned to me, eyes red from the tears that had been shed. We embraced. I hugged him longer than his mother did. I didn’t tell him anything. I wasn’t going to lie to him by telling him nice things. I just wanted him to know I was there. For better. For worse.

He could have rode home with his family, but he said he wanted to catch up with me. We hadn’t seen each other in months. We got in my car. He started cursing. Pointing fingers, trying to find logic in his defeat.

“Stupid ass refs were blowing calls all game,” he complained. “It shouldn’t have even come down to that, Wesley.”

“Yeah, there were some fucked up calls,” I agreed.

“They were hacking us every play, kid. Every fucking play. And don’t get me started on our coaches. Had us trying to slow it down instead of being up tempo like we were the first half. Its fucking stupid. Stupid ass gameplan that cost us.”

I drove, letting him blow off stream that needed to be released. His diatribe went on for awhile, but when he ran out of people to blame, he exhaled slowly and looked at me.

“Wes, I blew it. I really blew it.”

“You carried that team all season. They wouldn’t have made it this far without you.”

“I have made that shot a million times. A million times. I shoot free throws every day. Every day, just for that moment. And I blew it. In front of the fans. The coaches. The recruiters. My family. You.”

“You ain’t have to prove it to me.”

“Did you see my dad? Over on the left on the gym.”

“I saw him.”

“He left after I missed the shots.”

“I saw that.”

He looked at me. We spoke many things through our eyes. He shook his head and laughed bitterly.

“I bet if I woulda made em, he would have at least said something to me after the game. I dunno why I was excited that he came to the game.”

“That man is lost, Mario. Don’t carry the weight of his flaws.”

“Fuck-um’. Never needed him before. Won’t need him going forward.”

“He’s the one missing out, bruh.”

He nodded. We’d always related to our fatherless homes.

“I’m glad you came through. I really appreciate it,” he said to me, after we’d given his venting a moment of silence.

“No doubt. Even though it’s kinda fucked up you didn’t come see me.”

“I’ve been busy kid. But that’s my fault. I should have been there. I followed it though. Read bout it in the paper. I saw you made the All Tourney Team.”

“Not quite All American,” I said sarcastically, “but it works.”

“You decided on where you going?” he asked.

“I don’t got the offers you have. I’m prolly just gonna end up staying local. You?”

“I haven’t told anyone yet. So keep it between me and you. But I’m going to sign with Georgetown. I want to get away from home. This area. I need to get away from here.”

I listened to him talk about their offense, and how he fit into it, but all I could really concentrate on was knowing he was going to be so far away. It made me reflect on all the empty talk we had as kids about playing ball together in college. The memories reminded me that things had changed so much with us. He was headed to a major college basketball powerhouse. I was likely headed to a division 2 school. I tried to be happy for him, but I failed.

“Mario, why haven you been avoiding me the past few months? I call. Don’t get a call back. No text. I mean, what? I’m pose to be your boy.”

He hesitated before answering. I stared into him while we were at the red light. Our breath was blowing like smoke from the freezing air. His dark brown eyes looked like glass, ready to break at any moment.

“Just alotta pressure man. I just been dealing with alotta pressure. My fault though. It ain’t like I don’t wanna talk or hang with you. You’re my boy.”

“Now you’re going all-la-way out to D.C.”

“We’ll still hang, Wes. I promise that, kid.”

Though we weren’t speaking things out loud, our words had esoteric meaning. We just were afraid to acknowledged the truth. Our high school years found us growing apart as friends, but closer as something else. When we’d hang, we’d end up making out or experimenting with mutual masturbation. Then he’d go months without talking to me, until we met up again to play ball, or go to a movie, and fooling around in the backseat of a car.

It had never gone beyond kissing and masturbation, but that wasn’t the point. There was a sexual chemistry developing between us that we never talked about. Our episodes were never planned, they just happened, as naturally developing as our fist fights.

But there was an aftertaste. It was very bitter, maybe even disgusting for him. He was far from being in a space where he could admit to being bisexual. He was far more reluctant to initiate touching than I was. We would play with our dicks while kissing, and as soon as he’d cum, he was quick to pull up his pants and want to get away from me. It was shameful, and embarrassing, and ugly. But it was something we couldn’t stay away from for too long.

“I missed just chillin with you,” I said, trying not to sound too needy. “I know it will be less of that when we actually do go off to college.”

“Like I said, we’ll do that. You don’t think I miss hanging with you? You’re prolly the only person I can actually talk to about this shit. Someone I know who understands.”

“You talking about ball?”

“Nah, kid. Everything. Ball, and the moments in life where we wait until we play ball again. All of it.”

“You wanna talk about it now?”

“Ain’t that what we already doing?”

“Nah, I mean really talk. Where you got my undivided attention.”

We locked eyes, and he gave me a nod. I found a spot to drive off road, where we could park in seclusion to talk. I kept the car running so I could keep the heat running and we wouldn’t freeze to death.

We talked about the game some more, but I could tell where the bulk of his hurt was coming from.

“I’m tired of thinking he’ll come around,” he said. His deep voice had become weak. Full of anger and pain. “Like, maybe I’ll finally make him proud enough to wanna be there.”

“Were you thinking about that? When you took those shots?”

“It was all I could think about, kid. I had like, visions. Visions of sinking those shots, and seeing my dad run on the court, just proud, man. Like yo, this boy is mine. I know he played ball at some junior college. I dunno if he sees me and sees himself, or if he sees me and sees a paycheck.”

“Maybe he feels jealous,” I said, halfway projecting. “Maybe he sees how much better you are right now than he ever was. Maybe he battles with that. Being jealous of his kid that he wasn’t there for.”

He shrugged. “I’d take jealousy over nothing. I feel stupid for leaving that part of my heart open. Reserving it for him for when he decides to really come around. He got off drugs and I thought, yo, maybe this is it. He moved back to the city, and I’m like, maybe this is it. I become an All American and I think maybe this is it. Wesley, even if this man only came around cuz he saw that I was about to be big time, I’d still accept him in. That’s how fucked up it is. I’d even take that over nothing.”

“Who you tellin? I remember my dad used to beat on my moms when I was younger. I witnessed that shit. 5, 6, years old. Hated him for it. But still would be giddy when he came to my birthday parties. My mom finally left him, but damn if I wasn’t wishing he was still around. Ion think that shit is healthy though bruh. Those muthafuckas don’t deserve us. Gotta accept that shit.”

He nodded and looked toward the foggy windows, deep in thought. He turned back towards me smiling softly.

“Yo man, remember when we skipped school so we could go visit my dad when he was in prison? And they wouldn’t let us in cuz we ain’t have an adult?”

“Yeah. Lucky homie at the front felt sorry for our black asses.”

“Word, kid,” he laughed. “You remember, during that entire hour visiting him. We only talked about ball? That was it. I think that’s really the only thing I’ve ever talked to my dad about in detail. On some level, I think that’s why I put so much into it. Trying to get better. I dunno. Maybe if I reached a level he could appreciate, then he could finally love me or sumthin. Kinda stupid, right?”

A grin was still on his face, but a tear had broken free in his glossy eyes. Before he let it fall, he wiped it away and shook the sadness away.

“It’s not stupid.”

“Thinking that man could love me is.”

“Him coming around because of ball wouldn’t be real love anyway. A real man would love his boy, if he makes the game winning shot or misses every shot. You missed the shot, but guess what? I’m still proud of you. You’ve come a long way since them ass whoopins’ I used to lay on you on the playground.”

I tried to lighten things up with the joke, but his face remained sad. He looked at me deeply. I saw words unsaid in his fragile eyes. It’s a very rare moment when you can catch a man in a vulnerable state, where tears fall like rain. When it happens, it’s shocking. But it’s strangely beautiful. There’s poetry to the sadness.

Tears fell in long lines down Mario’s face. He turned away from me and tried to clean himself up. I grabbed him by the arm so that he could look at me.

“I’m sorry kid,” he wept. “I shouldn’t have left you hanging like that. I’m sorry. I don’t know how to handle it sometimes. I dunno what to do with myself.”

“Don’t worry about it,” I tried to comfort. He wiped away tears and cleared his throat.

When he finally had himself together he looked me in the eye.

“Thanks for being proud of me. It means a lot. You hold me down, Wes. Even when I ain’t holding you down. I know I can trust you. I know you have my back, and that’s hard to accept. Hard to find. But it means everything to me, kid, fuh-real.”

We gave each other a hug. His cheek against my cheek. His body felt nice next to mine, in the bone chilling air. We hugged for a long time. Long enough to communicate our fears and desires with touch alone. When we did pull back, certain thoughts hit me hard. I began to feel lightheaded as I moved in my seat for better position to do what I wanted to do.

I wanted to make him feel good. I wanted him to forget about the pain of the game, and all of the subtext of losing. He was aware of it. His shaking revealed how much this scared him. His breathing grew heavier, as did mine as I started reached for his waist.

He remained silent and still as I worked the belt buckle and zipper. His stomach tightened and his breathing became shallow. I opened the fly and was greeted with the imprint of his hard erection. It wasn’t the first time he’d been rock hard after we embraced but this seemed to be by far the hardest.

Just a single pull of his boxers, and his dick sprang free through the slit. We both took deep breaths at the sight of it.

There are only two types of men. Men that hide their cocks in a public locker-room, and men that don’t. I never hid myself. Mario and I were cut from the same cloth.

This was my first time, but the chemistry with Mario was so strong, that it felt natural when I placed him into my mouth for the first time. There was a certain amount of pain in my jaw as I used muscles that had previously never been used in this way. But I pushed through the pain and took more of his penis into my mouth. He was moaning loudly, even softly whispering for God at one point.

The cold snowy night added emphasis to what we were doing. His penis was so hard and warm, that it was almost like warm dessert in my mouth. The contrast of cold car and warm body made me shiver from the extremes.

I started sucking slowly, admiring the feel of his mushroom head easing down my throat. I came up for a breath, and let the built up juice escape from my lips. When I brought him back into my mouth, I slurped up the juice, and he moaned again. I hungrily enjoyed sucking his dick until he couldn’t take anymore.

When he came, I gagged from so much of cum flooding my throat at once. I did lick a lot of the sweet, warm cum up. He tasted good. Unbelievably good.

He laid back in the seat with his eyes closed for a long time. His penis never really grew soft. Eventually, I took it in my hands and started playing with it. It grew hard again as I slowly beat him off. He kept his eyes closed, but was moaning again.

I went back down for seconds, but this time alternated between sucking him and rubbing his dick up and down with my hands. I didn’t have the neck muscles to give him head exclusively, but when he was about to release again, I opened my mouth wide and he sprayed squirt after squirt of his hot cum into my mouth. I swallowed the entire load this time.

He put his penis away, and zipped up his pants. No words were spoken as I drove away from the secluded off road area.

When I dropped him off to his house, we gave each other five. We weren’t giving each other any eye contact.

“Talk to you later,” I said.

“Word. I’ll be hollering at you, kid.”

He avoided me for two years after that.


Mario came back to the city two summers later. After being a Big East Freshman All American his first year at Georgetown, he had shattered his knee, and was trying to rehab in order to be ready for the upcoming basketball season.

I followed his career. Watched his games of tv. Respected his privacy and didn’t bother trying to track him down. If he didn’t want to talk, I wasn’t going to force him.

We ran into each other at the movies. He was with a date, as was I. We exchanged numbers and he said he’d call me. I was surprised when he actually followed through and called me the next afternoon.

“Sup kid? I was glad I ran into you the other night. It’s been awhile, man. We should hang out while I’m in town.”

We met for lunch that day, and ended up going to a club later that night. Neither of us spoke about the last time we had been together. We’d never once discussed any of the sexual things that had ever happened. It was taboo. Hidden all the way in the back of the closet, like that ugly ass outfit you own, but are ashamed to wear.

Before I had ever sucked his dick, we were friends that had a lot in common. That fact kept us having fun as the summer heat set in. We went to amusement parks, shot pool, went swimming, and played video games, just like the old days. His knee was too weak to play any real ball, but we did a couple of shoot arounds and played horse a few times, me winning each time.

On the 4th of July, we brought home a chick from the club and had a threesome with her. She took him in the mouth. I fucked her in the pussy. It was a weird experience. There was some masculine camaraderie, as we laughed and joked about the experience afterward, but bringing sex back to the forefront of my conscious made me feel a bunch of things that I knew I couldn’t express.

I accepted Mario for who he was. But I also understood him for who he was, and I wouldn’t allow myself to get played again. I’d rather have him as a friend, than nothing.

Before the summer was over, he suggested us flying down to Florida, staying on the beach and fucking as many ‘bad bitches’ as we could. I took him up on the offer, seeing it as maybe the last time we’d get to bond for awhile.

The getaway was typical at first. We hit the beach. Hit the clubs. Brought some chicks back. Hit some blunts. Hit the pussy. Hit the bed.

Fun, but there was a giant elephant in the room that we weren’t acknowledging. We both would walk around the beach-house we rented, ass naked. And every-time we did, there were brief glances that had to send us both back to earlier moments in our friendship.

He didn’t have to say it for me to believe he would often fantasize about some of our most intense episodes of sexual exploration. Whether it be the first time he bust a nut in front of me, or the first (and only) time I sucked him off. I know I was thinking about it when I saw him walking around with his dick slanging everywhere.

A few days I walked around naked, save for a towel or something wrapped around my body. Even then, I could sometimes feel the heat of Mario undressing me with his eyes. At least that is what it felt like.

I couldn’t quite explain myself. I knew I had feelings for Mario. I was attracted to him, but it wasn’t necessarily anything physical. I was attracted to his mind, his personality. Our bond, our friendship, that really made me feel comfortable.

I would lose myself in conversation with him, losing all track of time, and anything else of importance. I really felt like I knew him. His smile. His mannerisms. What made him tic. And knowing a person that strongly created some intense ass emotions. More intense and overwhelming than any emotion I had felt for any of the many girls I had dated.

I was afraid to come to the conclusion that made the most sense. Going to that place meant opening up myself for the pain of losing it. I knew Mario well enough to know I couldn’t express these things without him closing up and fleeing. It wasn’t worth losing my friend over my feelings. So I suppressed them. Kept them dense. Avoided confronting the truth, like scared shitless teens who avoid getting tested for pregnancy because they already know they are. They can feel it deep inside them.

Toward the end of our vacation in Florida, we talked about our plans for the fall. It surprised me when his plans included inviting me to D.C. to see some of his games in person.

“Yeah kid, I can get you a ticket or two. Maybe you can bring a ‘bad bitch’ witcha to watch me play.”

“That’s wassup. I’ll have to come up there and be gone the next day, cuz I got my own season to play.”

“No doubt. You wouldn’t even have to get a hotel. You can stay with me. I got my own apartment up there.”

“Aight man, I’m counting on you. Don’t say you gon do it, and then not do it. I know how you operate.”

“What you talkin bout?”

“Ahh come on, Mario. Don’t give me no bullshit, you know what I’m talkin bout.”

“Nah, I don’t. How do I operate?”

“You’re my best friend one day. And you forget about me the next. It’s been like that since high school.”

“You gonna sit here and act like it ain’t a reason why?”

The way he said that caught me off guard. It made me angry as fuck too.

“What is the reason?” I barked.

“See, there you go. With the bullshit. You know.”

“Nah, I don’t. Tell me what the deal is.”

“I’m just sayin Wes. Y’know. It’s been some crazy stuff. No what, never-mind.”

“Why nevermind?”

“Just, nevermind, kid.”

The end to that conversation stayed with me for hours. Everytime I thought about it, I grew angry. He was implying that I was to blame for him avoiding me. As if whatever there was between us was my fault. It bothered me so much that I couldn’t even go to sleep that night. I felt weird around him, like he was looking down on me. I couldn’t take it anymore. We had to talk about it. Like grown men.

I met him on the sofa where he was watching tv. We small talked about bullshit. I told him we needed to talk about something. He muted the tv and focused on me. He looked worried. He obviously didn’t want to talk about it.

“Ima cut to the chase. I’m pissed off.”


“Of what you said earlier.”

“Which was?”

“You said it was a reason why you avoid me.”

“It is.”

“I’ve never avoided you afterwards.”

“Maybe you should. You don’t feel a certain way afterwards?”

“I do. And I feel a certain way before, in the middle. All the time.”

“What do you feel?” he asked, eyes focused on me.

“Feelings. For you.”

“Like what kinda feelings?”

“I dunno, man. Just feelings. I think about you. Wanna be around you. Wanna know how you’re doing.”

“Are you gay?”


“You’re not?”

“I like women.”

“So why we having this conversation then? I love pussy. You love pussy. That other shit was just some other shit. Lets leave it at that, kid.”

“All I’m saying is, don’t blame me for it. I care about you. Stop making me feel bad because of it.”

“I’m not trying to do that. I care about you too, man. But I ain’t gay.”

” Why it gotta be a label on it? I’m not labeling shit. All I know is I have feelings for you. And I’ve felt it for a long time. The same time all of this shit between us started. Shit you never once stopped from happening.”

“I’m not gay, Wes.”

“Do you have feelings for me? Just answer that. Am I alone in feeling like this?”

“I already told you. I’m not gay.”

His statement was bold and harsh. The kind of thing you say to end a conversation. I went to my bedroom. I didn’t sleep that night. I was too hurt to sleep. A mix of anger and sadness. A lot of loneliness.

The next day, we avoided each other. As predictable as anything in our friendship. I planned to go out that night to drink and possibly fuck the pain away, but while I showered, I heard a noise from outside of my bedroom bathroom.

I peaked outside of the sliding glass door and there Mario stood watching me bathe. He was naked. Intensely focusing on me. Much like previous encounters, no words were spoken as we began to kiss each other. The big difference was both of us were naked, steaming hot water soaking our bodies as our hands explored. His body was strong, unlike anything I had ever touched so intimately.

His tongue was deep into my mouth when our erect penises began touching. He was a bit taller than me, which gave him a stronger presence, and made me feel more fragile and small. It was something I wasn’t used to in a sexual experience. But it made me feel so aware of my humanity. So alive and humble. He squeezed my ass hard as I touched the tip of his penis and continued tonging him down.

He started kissing my neck, before sucking on it. I moaned, feeling bliss sweep over every inch of me as the pleasure of the water complimented his lips and tongue.

Loving a mans body felt so different. The curves weren’t as predictable. The tension in the skin was stronger. The facial hair and masculine moans and muscles were making my legs weak. For once, I felt as if I was loving an equal, not something to be fucked. It was a liberating feeling.

“I do have feelings for you,” he whispered in my ear.

“Do you want me?” I asked, matching his low tone.

“I want you, Wes.”

“Fuck me,” I said, before I could even think about my words.

I was losing my virginity all over again. Being fucked by someone I’d grew up sharing everything with. Now I was about to share my most private spot with him. I felt lightheaded and so unbelievably horny.

His hands maneuvered me into position. I was facing the wall, back turned to him. I was bending at an angle to allow him entrance. I braced for what I figured was going to be extreme pain, while at the same time impatiently wishing for him to be inside of me.

I felt his finger touch my anus, and his other hand helping to spread my cheek. I reached my hands around me and spread my cheeks for him, so he could use his hands to hold me into place. His penis touched against my ass. I closed my eyes. I was being energized by lust.

“I can’t wait to feel you inside me,” I told him.

He exhaled quickly, as if what I said was breaking him down. He fumbled with the process, poking around the entrance before finally getting his penis pointed to the correct destination. He started pushing, and I tried to relax. There was resistance at first. My body’s attempt to hang on to it’s virginity for just a little longer. But I wanted him. I needed to feel the penetration. To connect with Mario’s body. To finally consummate this friendship that wouldn’t die.

Slowly, Mario’s penis entered me. He pushed forward. I pushed back. We worked together in completing the task. The more I took in, the more the pain showered over me. I felt so full, like I couldn’t possibly take anymore of him in my ass, but more of him was steadily being pushed in. I palmed the wall and made weird noises. He was breathing heavily, rubbing my shoulders with one hand, continuing to put his hard dick in with the other.

The process seemed to take forever. But it wasn’t anything I was wishing would be over. I wanted this moment between us to last and count towards something. Even the pain was something I wanted to last.

When he was secure inside of me, he moved his hips slowly back and forth. The movement was orgasmic inside of my asshole. My dick was poking the wall, being denied of stimulation, forcing me to derive all pleasure from my asshole.

I could feel my ass expanding as he grew harder inside of me. His thrust were slow at first, but were picking up in intensity and speed. I was over the pain of it now.

“Smack my ass,” I told him.

He smacked it, and fucked me even harder. As I palmed the wall, he placed his hands over mine. They were just a bit larger. They covered mine. Looking at our hand size difference even turned me on. Plus knowing he was restricting me from reaching down to try and masturbate as he fucked.

He ended up pulling me back from the wall, saying he couldn’t get all the way in me like he wanted. We left the shower, and ended up in the bedroom, kissing like madmen. I mounted him and climbed on top. I could feel the open gap of my butthole. There was a sense of pride I had in giving my anal cherry to Mario. But it wasn’t complete until he exploded inside of me.

He helped me onto his erection. I’d helped enough girls ride me to know what it was at least suppose to look like. But watching someone ride a bike and riding it yourself isn’t the same thing. I used his chest for leverage as I tried to ride him. Still getting used to his length (and my God, the width), and enjoying the hollowing feeling of having a penis deep inside me.

I looked down at my flapping penis and noticed cum oozing out. I was cumming, though I had yet to orgasm. I was focused on that when I felt Mario stiffen. I knew what that was. I rode him quickly, bucking like a bronco, rocking back and forth and side to side as he released everything he had inside of me. Warm cum, shooting so far inside is a feeling unlike any other.

He caught a second wind after moments of rest, and laid me on my back, spreading my legs wide. I looked into his dark eyes. “I love you,” I told him. I felt so free telling him. I’d held it for years.

He smiled and kissed me tenderly. When he was inside of me again, we locked eyes as we writhed against each others bodies. Wrapping my legs around his back, our hands gripped together, made me want to cry as he continued filling me with him. I was out of breath and energy.

He saw this and began stimulating my penis for me as he continued thrusting in and out of what he called ‘his pussy.’ It only took him a few times of calling my ass his pussy for me to shoot long, thick, hot layers of cum all over the both of us, most of it landing on my stomach and chest. He collapsed on top of me in a sticky mess of sweat and sex. We kissed. We looked in each others eyes. We said no words.

We slept after the episode. Got dressed and then went to eat. When we came back to our room we had sex again. He sucked my dick for the first time the next day, and he allowed me to enter him from the back, though neither of us got a release from it. He had more trouble taking me than I had of taking him. I figured we could work on it.

I have taken some poetic license in describing the mother’s and son’s sexual disorder, sometimes known as Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder. It is not the same as nymphomania nor is it as pleasant as I have made it out to be, but then I wouldn’t have a very positive story to tell. If anyone might have a friend or family member who suffers from this disorder, please do not take offense. As with previous chapters and everything I write for this site, all characters and incidents are totally fictious.

Teacher Teacher Part 4

Ione seemed a bit perturbed, or maybe just exhausted, while we were driving to the bar. She was being exceptionally quiet for her and a little agitated. I wasn’t sure if it was because of the anal sex we’d just had in the shower or if she was somehow feeling inadequate because of the tireless snake between my legs.

I looked over at her while she was driving still somewhat in awe that I could not only attract but satisfy a girl as sweet and beautiful as her. She had borrowed a white silk pullover top from her mother’s closet and it clung to her body like a second skin. The hard nipples on her braless breasts were perfectly outlined as the material appeared to slide effortlessly over her smooth skin as she shifted her weight around. The soft material stretched and clung to her ample bosom as well as her tight, athletic torso. The vision was quite, um, titillating.

She chose a hot pink cotton mini-skirt that I had seen her wear before with pantyhose, but tonight she wore no stockings, just her over-the-calf shiny, white, patent-leather boots. It was the typical Brit Mod look of the day and a complete turnaround from the tomboy baseball player I had spent the earlier part of the day with. Not that she could hide her gorgeous body in jeans and a t-shirt, but this outfit definitely showed off all her assets to their fullest.

A slight grin returned to her face as she pulled into the packed parking lot at the bar. The band that was playing tonight was made up of four guys who had graduated from our high school, none of whom I knew that well, but one of which I was sure that Ione had known quite well. However, from our previous conversations this week, I didn’t think I had anything to worry about with past boyfriends. Her smile widened as she looked over at me, eyeing the slight bulge in my black slacks, much as I had just ogled her luscious body.

“Are you ready to rock?” she yelled, obviously excited about what she hoped was going to be a great night.

“I just hope I can keep up with you,” I whispered, leaning in to give her a soft kiss. Her hands wrapped around my head and held me tight as she gave me a deep, passionate kiss. She wasn’t looking for a soft, nice, gentleman tonight.

We hopped out of the car and made our way inside which was even more crowded than the parking lot. The band was already playing with the lighted dance floor jammed with young gyrating bodies. I knew we wouldn’t find an empty table but I snaked our way through the crowd to the railing that looked down on the mass of bodies hoping to be able to spot someone we knew. I moved Ione up to the railing with my hand on her firm, flat tummy and stood behind her to protect her from the clumsy oafs trying to make their way back to the dance floor from the bar.

We both spotted her at the same time, my hand feeling Ione’s sharp intake of breath. Tina was dancing in the middle of the crowd wearing one of her trademark black outfits. The black satin top I had seen her wear before, except this time most of the buttons were undone leaving a lot of glistening flesh exposed. With her miniscule breasts, she could get away with this, but it was still damn sexy. The black mini-skirt I had not seen before.

Unlike the tight skirts she wore to teach in, this one was loose and was swirling upward giving anyone nearby a glorious view of her cute, tight ass even if it was encased in the dark black pantyhose. The black boots with the spike heels went well with her dark eye make-up and the bright red lipstick. She looked like a Napoleonic dominatrix, short but all-powerful. She was dancing with a young, blonde guy but her eyes were scoping out the room instead of being centered on him.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” I asked my voice louder than usual so she could hear me above the din of crowd and music.

“Sure. Yes, let’s get down there.” Her voice started out hesitant but became more firm as she decided to face her fear. Or her hidden desire if it was what I truly believed. She turned and kissed me hard, forcing her ass back against the firm lump that had been pushing against it.

We made our way onto the dance floor and Ione deftly maneuvered us toward the center until we were easily in view of Tina and her swaying hips. As we got closer, I noticed that you could indeed look inside her blouse and catch glimpses of her naked, nearly-flat breasts and the hard, rubbery tips that sat atop them. Guys all around her were ignoring their girlfriends just to ogle this beautiful woman.

When Tina spotted us, she stopped dancing and left her partner alone, scampering over to us as best she could given the crowd and the high heels. She hugged Ione first and gave her a quick peck on the lips and then did the same with me. And right on cue, the song ended.

“Oh, I never expected to see you guys here tonight. I’m so happy. We’re going to have so much fun!” She took both of us by the hand and led us off the dance floor to her table, a large round booth in the back which she probably had reserved every Saturday night. I guess I should have expected to see other teachers at her table, but I was kind of surprised at the mixed bag of characters that she hung out with.

Mr. Howard and Mr. Young were both divorced thirtysomethings which I could certainly see falling under her spell but they didn’t seem her type. Mrs. Kennedy, Mary, was actually a friend of my mom’s and in her early forties but recently divorced when her husband left her for another man. It was a giant blow to her ego but she was still a very attractive woman. A guy coming out of the closet was pretty much unheard of for this era and there was a certain stigma attached to a woman who lost her husband in this way.

I didn’t know if she there trying to hook up with one of the younger male teachers or had Tina hit on her as well? She was very attractive but this wasn’t the typical bar for someone in their forties. Come to think of it, the male teachers were out of place as well, looking more like leering perverts than anyone’s date. They were wearing suits but had removed their ties but still looked out of place. Tina’s youthful appearance and attitude was the only one to fit in with this crowd.

The table had several pitchers of beer already on it with plenty of clean glasses to go around so I poured out two and handed one to Ione. Tina was still standing with an arm around Ione’s waist but she didn’t seem to mind. She was telling everyone about Ione winning the State Championship while her hand was surreptitiously sliding down to the top of her ass. As thin as the cotton skirt was I knew she could feel her hand and the slight blush in her cheeks confirmed it. She took the brew and downed most of it, deftly pulling away from Tina and into my arms.

“Enough about baseball. Dance with me.” And she pulled me out onto the dance floor.

For a high school band, these guys weren’t half bad. They were covering everything from the Beatles to Pink Floyd to Led Zeppelin. We were all out on the floor dancing away but it seemed that everyone was watching someone other than the person they were dancing with. That included both me and Ione.

As much as I didn’t want anything to do with her tonight, Tina looked especially hot tonight when that skirt would flip up exposing her tight little ass. Guys were blatantly forcing their girlfriends towards her so they could get a better look. I was trying to maneuver us away from her but every time I got a little distance between us, there she was again just inches away from Ione. I couldn’t even tell for sure what guy she was dancing with or if she was just mixing with other couples to stay close to us.

I definitely knew which of us her target was and it wasn’t me. Yet I was at a loss as to how to prevent it. I knew Ione was being drawn to her and after Friday night’s outburst, I also knew she was afraid of being labeled a lesbian. But just knowing that she had been thinking about it made me aware that it had been on her mind for quite some time.

I focused on Ione now, watching her ample breasts bounce and sway with the music. Her nipples were stiff points perfectly formed against the white satin blouse. In spite of our earlier escapades, I couldn’t wait to get back to her house and lock my lips around those sweet morsels. I danced a little closer to her and made sure she could see where I was looking. She blushed again but smiled and danced into my arms just as the song was ending.

We were all sweating now from the constant dancing but the band was getting near its break time so they had switched to The Beach Boys ‘In My Room’ to slow things down. Ione quickly folded herself into my embrace like she needed protection, her fingers linking behind my neck as I rested my hands on the top of her ass. I could feel her pointy nipples as they pressed into my chest while I kissed her softly on the neck. She looked over at Tina and then moved to get me in a lip-lock when she knew she was looking.

My boner was now pressing against her tight tummy while we swayed gently to the music. Her tongue darted in and out of my mouth, teasing me to take the lead. I slowly followed her tongue until she was sucking it between her lips. We stopped dancing at that point and just stood there and kissed. Plenty of eyes were on us now and I let my hands caress her hot pink buns while I pulled her tighter to my swollen crotch.

As the music died off, Tina was right there to lead us back to the booth. I had to keep Ione in front of me but fortunately Tina had us sliding into the booth as soon as we got back. The table provided all the cover that I needed. Ione looked a little confused with Tina on one side of her and me on the other side. She was turned on but I wasn’t sure if it was just from the dance or from now being so close to Tina.

Mary slid in next to me bringing a pitcher with her and filling our glasses. We all downed the first drink quickly, parched from all our gyrating under the hot lights. I hadn’t seen Mary on the dance floor and she didn’t look all that sweaty. Since Tina now had all of Ione’s attention, I decided to talk to Mary.

“So, were you dancing? You don’t look all that winded.”

“Me? No, I was just watching everyone and enjoying the music. I especially enjoyed watching you and Ione dance, if that’s what you call it.” She seemed really nervous and out of place but then this really wasn’t her type of place.

“What made you come out here if you didn’t want to dance?” I had a pretty good idea what her response would be, but I was curious if she would admit it.

“Well, Tina can be very persuasive”, she laughed. “And she thought I was too depressed to be alone for another weekend.”

She looked very glamorous in her blue V-neck dress that showed ample cleavage and extended to mid-thigh. I was sure she was wearing pantyhose to help hold in her slightly bulging tummy along with matching blue pumps. Her Chanel #5 just added to the elegant beauty of this middle aged woman. She looked at least ten years younger than 43 years of actual age.

“I’m glad you came. It’s nice to be surrounded by beautiful women.” I smiled, genuinely meaning what I had said, and placed my hand on hers squeezing gently. She may have added a couple pounds over the years, but she had a lovely face and was wearing just enough make-up to not look like a trampy divorcee. Her Chanel #5 with its intriguing aroma a sharp contrast to the Shalimar that Tina was wearing. Ione had come without perfume today, but her fresh scent had been just as intoxicating while we danced.

I turned to look at Ione and she was deep in conversation with Tina, their hands below the table when not taking a drink. I couldn’t tell if they were holding hands or if Tina was starting to advance her seduction already. The other two guys were off near the bar trying to hit up some girls barely out of high school. That was when I noticed Linda and her douche bag husband enter the bar. I had thought for sure they would be spending the day in bed making up for lost time.

“I’ve got to pee before the next set starts,” Ione pleaded. That was all it took for Tina to lead her out the other side of the booth towards the restroom.

“You think you can keep an eye on them for me?” I begged of Mary.

“Of course,” she winked. “I’m sure I can coax something out of my old bladder.” And she was off to join them. It was nice to see her smiling again.

“Where did everyone go?” Linda asked as she slid in next to me. “I’m pretty sure I used deodorant today. Honey, please get me a white wine before you sit down.” Slightly perturbed, he glared at me and walked to the bar.

“The ladies are all in the restroom. The guys are, well, I’m not sure what they are doing to be honest. But what drags you out of the bedroom when he just got home after all those months?”

She moved her hand to my leg, “Let’s just say he needs a break before round two. He doesn’t quite possess your staying power.”

“Does he know about us? He looked pretty pissed at me earlier today.” Jealous husbands tend to make 18-year-old boys nervous.

“He has his suspicions, but given what he was doing overseas, he is not going to bring up that subject anytime soon.” Her hand had slipped into my pants pocket and was now gripping the firm meat that ran down the side of my leg. She sighed.

“You look beautiful tonight. You know I have a soft spot for that red dress. Are you sure this is what you want to be doing right now?” I asked placing my hand on top of the one gripping my now engorged member.

“Seems to me that you have a ‘hard’ spot for this dress, and maybe for the woman wearing it. I just need a little help getting my juices flowing before we get back home. He was pretty quick on the trigger and left me a little high and dry.”

I figured we had a few minutes as slow as the bartenders were and as long as the line was at the ladies room. I unzipped my pants and removed her hand from my pocket into my crotch where she could grip the real thing with no encumberments. She quickly spread my dripping pre-cum the length of my shaft and then started massaging the swollen head. Her breathing was getting deeper and there was a glow in her red cheeks.

I moved my left hand down to the short hemline of her dress and easily slid the material northward as she spread her legs. Her silky underwear was damp, probably from his spunk but I pushed a finger against her slit and ran up until I found her swollen clit. She leaned back and closed her eyes, teeth clenched as she tried to hide her mounting excitement. She squeezed my prick while I diddled her but her orgasm came on so suddenly it surprised both of us.

Her body convulsed as we grasped each other in the dark corner but no one was close enough to witness the deed. I removed my hand and lowered her dress back down but she remained leaning back with her eyes closed and her grip on my cock now easing up. It felt good and I wouldn’t have minded if she finished me off, but I had wanted this weekend to be just about me and Ione and it was already getting out of hand. I looked towards the bar and noticed a glass of wine being poured.

I reached into my pants and helped her hand glide up and down a few more strokes before I removed it and zipped back up. Eddie was back and sliding in next to his wife a look of concern on his face.

“You all right babe? You look a little flushed.”

She opened her eyes. “Yeah, I’m fine. Just a little tired from the long day I guess.” She took the drink and downed a couple gulps. “I’m sure a little dancing will get me back into the spirit.” She smiled at him and he was none the wiser as he smiled back at her.

The girls were now coming back from the ladies room, giggling and all three holding hands. I didn’t know if they were trading stories in there or making plans for later. Eddie was leering at all of them as they approached the booth. Ione looked a bit upset when she saw Linda sitting next to me and scurried a little to make sure she got into the booth next to me. Tina was still holding her hand and followed her into the booth. That left Mary to sit next to Eddie, which he didn’t seem to mind at all.

Ione quickly placed her hand over my crotch and found my hard-on, confirming her suspicions of Linda’s seat next to mine. She gripped it tightly, too tightly to be pleasurable. I countered by sliding my right hand up her skirt to find she had ditched her panties and her pussy was as slippery as it had been earlier this afternoon. A finger quickly slid inside her and she loosened her grip on my rigid staff. Her moist cunt now gripped my finger as she tried to gently rock her hips and move the finger in and out of her lubricious cave.

I was surprised to feel a small hand cover mine and quickly turned to see Tina look at me with a defiant stare. She must have been slowly sliding her hand up Ione’s long, soft thigh thinking she was the one turning her on. I could feel the small fingers slowly rise above mine to Ione’s clit and Ione reacted by letting loose a low moan and gripping both our hands and removing them from her crotch.

Everyone at the table turned and looked at her but then the band began to tune up their instruments to get ready for their final set. Even Eddie had ripped his gaze away from Mary’s cleavage to see what was going on. Ione held on to both our gooey hands trying to defuse the situation as she got her breath back. The teaching firm of Howard and Young decided to grace us with their presence having struck out at the bar.

Mr. Howard was staring at Mary’s exposed breast flesh as he asked, “Mrs. Kennedy, may I have this dance?”

“Well, my eyes are up here, but what the hell.” She slid out of the booth and took his hand as he led her out to the garish dance floor with the flashing lights.

Eddie and Linda quickly followed and I pulled Ione out as swiftly as I could, anxious to get her away from Tina. That left Tina with Mr. Young who had this big shit-eating grin on his face as he extended his hand to her. She grabbed his arm and dragged him out to the middle of the floor and began to gyrate in front of him, shaking her hips as she danced seductively closer. As she got closer to him, her hips started shifting back and forth instead of side-to-side. When she was finally next to him, she quickly turned and began to rub her ass against his crotch in a blatantly sexual way.

He quickly took hold of her hips and began to grind back at her, oblivious to the stares of those around him. They continued to dry hump for almost a minute as the young people around them stared in shocked awe. Then Tina turned around to face him and jumped up wrapping her arms around his neck and splitting her legs wide open to catch his hips. His hands grasped the nylon clad buttocks and began to massage them while they tried to continue dancing. The problem with this stance was that Tina’s hips were up around his waist leaving his crotch area exposed. The loose fitting slacks of his suit were unable to hide the growing desire of the snake inside them.

While the young guys nearby were snickering at his plight, more than a few young girls were staring in wonder at the growing length. Tina was still humping away while he deftly massaged her ass, her breathing deep and her eyes on fire. She leaned in and bit his earlobe as he tried to lower her down into contact with his turgid member. His desperation was evident but as the song ended, she quickly broke free and turned to a tough looking young kid in jeans and a T-shirt and grabbed his hand as she pushed his stunned date over to the horny teacher.

Neither seemed to mind the switch as the young girl tried emulate Tina’s moves by grabbing his hips and grinding into the bulge in his pants while she flung her long blonde hair back behind her. Mr. Howard quickly latched onto her and made little pretense of dancing as his hips met hers.

Meanwhile, Tina was running her hands up and down the muscular young stud she had just picked up while grinding away at him. He too showed little shyness as he grabbed her hips and then stared down into the unbuttoned black satin top. I was sure he had a perfect view of those tiny hillocks and the firm nubs that sat on top of them.

I felt someone bump into us rather forcefully and turned to find Linda and Eddie laughing as they too decided it was time to switch. Ione was more than pissed when Eddie grabbed her hand and then placed his other on her hip as they danced away. He started talking to her and it seemed his flattery was softening Ione’s disposition as she forced a weak smile and resigned herself to at least one dance.

Linda smiled but was having a little trouble dancing in the form fitting red dress. While it wasn’t completely tight around her legs, it didn’t allow her the hip movement that Tina’s dress did. Still, her small but perfectly formed breasts were nestled tightly with just enough cleavage visible to be very sexy. I danced a little closer to her.

“Was the switch your idea or his?” I questioned, my voice raised slightly so she could hear me. I couldn’t help but smile at my beautiful teacher.

“Oh, it was his idea,” she yelled back. “As long as it gets him horny enough for round two tonight, I don’t care.” Her raised voice caught the attention of a few kids dancing near us and you could see the shocked expression on their faces.

I couldn’t stop my erection as I thought about her having sex with Eddie. Her gorgeous naked body writhing under him like it had when I fucked her. It wouldn’t be the same for him. He was used to fucking her or making love, or whatever adults called it once they were married. But for me, it had been different. I had lusted after her the entire school year and then to finally fuck one of the hottest teachers in school was almost on the same taboo level as fucking my mom had been.

There was an extra charge that went through your prick with taboo sex. Like the public masturbation by Lori, it touched nerve endings that would otherwise be dormant. It was like all other parts of the brain stopped functioning except for the pleasure centers. Right now, my brain was telling me to grab this woman and Ione and find a place for the three of us to have sex.

However, I knew that Tina and Eddie were not going to let that happen tonight. Eddie might be a philanderer but no man could ever have enough sex with this gorgeous red-headed bombshell. As the song ended, Linda reached up to give me a quick kiss on the lips. We both looked over as Eddie tried to do the same, but Ione turned at the last second and the kiss ended up on her cheek before sliding down to the nape of her neck. I could see the chills run through her and in spite of her contempt for the man, he had triggered a small electrical charge that got her juices flowing.

I quickly went to her side as Eddie smiled and went back to Linda. Tina was on her way over to us having left her young stud alone on the dance floor. Mr. Howard and the blonde were nowhere to be seen. Mr. Young had left Mary when a young brunette had asked him to dance. I never understood male teachers insisting on being called mister; we still didn’t know their first names.

“Joey, why don’t you dance with Mrs. Kennedy. I’ll stay with Ione and keep the wolves away.” Tina was trying to make it sound like a request, but it was coming out as a demand. And she was the wolf I was most afraid of around Ione.

“It’s Okay Joey. We’ll be fine,” Ione stated, kissing me softly and pushing me in Mary’s direction.

I forced a smile in spite of my trepidation at leaving the two of them alone. But my smile became more genuine as I approached Mary and realized how beautiful and sexy this woman was compared to the young prick-teasers that surrounded her. This was the Mrs. Robinson type of woman that young girls should be afraid to leave around their boyfriends.

As fate would have it, the band went to a slow dance. I couldn’t help but wonder if Tina had paid them to slow things down. She wasn’t beyond orchestrating a sophisticated move like this.

“Would the classiest woman in this place honor me with this dance?” I asked sincerely.

“I would be honored to dance with such a handsome gentleman,” she answered, quickly molding her body to mine.

She pulled me close, her soft, pillowy breasts pressing against my chest as she gently kissed me on the cheek. The soft pressure of her lips and the arousing essence of her perfume quickly completed the erection that Linda had started in me. She pulled me in tighter as she felt my tumescence against her soft tummy.

“Well, I didn’t think I could still have that effect on a young man. I’m flattered.”

“You have that effect on everyman. You just don’t realize it because of the head games your husband played on you. You are a sexy, vivacious woman who deserves a man who can appreciate her.”

“You wouldn’t happen to know of any, would you?” she whispered as her hand came around to feel the hard protrusion between us. “God, I can’t believe I used to babysit you as a child.”

We were at the outside edge of the dance floor and I quickly led her away to a dark corner. She seemed a little flustered that I might try something right there in public where we could be caught. But there wasn’t time to go anywhere else.

I backed her against a wall and slid my hand up under her short dress. I was surprised as I encountered the straps of her garter belt as my hand gently caressed the bare skin of her thigh. I had expected her to be wearing pantyhose because I didn’t think her belly could be that flat on its own. Her breathing became labored but she didn’t even try to resist. She needed this as much as she wanted it.

I kissed her as she unzipped my pants, my tongue working between her soft, red lips. As she wrapped her hand around my granite slab, I found her nylon panties and pushed, forcing the damp cloth between her dripping pussy lips. She lifted her dress with her free hand and positioned my cock where my hand had been, rubbing the engorged head against the hard little nubbin underneath the cloth.

I pushed my hips forward and she met my thrust, still keeping the cloth between our slippery skin. The nylon was soaked as she worked my cock against her clit. It added a special tingling sensation knowing that thin, wet cloth was the only thing keeping me from fucking this glamorous, mature woman. I was right on the edge when I felt her body tighten and her hand gripped my pole and held it in place. She broke our kiss so she could exhale a loud, throaty moan followed by a sharp intake of air. Her body was quivering and her hands trembling as the orgasm tore through body, engulfing her in feelings she hadn’t experienced in months.

I could feel her goo as it flowed out through her panties and down my cock. I had never known a woman who to have this much cum, but then I was still a rookie when it came to sex. The fluid was warm as she smoothed it down my cock and I was tempted to let her finish jerking me off. I was that close.

But I let her bask in the orgasmic afterglow until the music stopped and then quickly suggested we both go to the restrooms to clean up. Even Chanel #5 couldn’t mask the overpowering and sexually stimulating womanly smell of her goo. We kissed softly and then headed towards the lighted signs.

Fortunately I was alone in the men’s room with my cock still hanging out of my pants. She hadn’t bothered to tuck it back in which was probably just as well as the smell would have stayed on my briefs. I stroked my manhood once, feeling the sticky goo, and then brought my finger to my mouth. The aroma instantly sent a charge through my prick but when I tasted how sweet it was, I almost shot my load.

I had tasted several women in the last few weeks and though each was different, the flavors were very similar. That was not the case with Mary. Her cum was so sweet, it was like taking a spoonful of honey. I knew I would have to taste her again.

I washed off my cock and tucked him back in as best I could just as a couple guys were coming in to pee. I dried my hands and met Mary as I exited. I took her hand and led her back to the table wordlessly.

Most of the others were there waiting when we returned as the band announced that they were having problems with one of their amps and would be ending the night early. There were several “Awws” from the crowd but Tina got a smile on her face.

“Let’s continue the party at my place. I’ve got plenty of space and booze.”

Linda was standing with Eddie behind her not so subtly humping away. “I think we’ll pass for tonight but you kids go have some fun.”

I was hoping to use this for our exit, but Ione spoke up first, “We’d love to see your place!”

I turned to Mary and muttered, “Rescue me.”

“I think that’s a great idea. The night is way to young!” exclaimed Mary, no doubt hoping that we could take things a little farther.

It wasn’t even midnight yet so the bar was going to be open for a couple more hours. Most of the kids were just standing in line to get more drinks, having no place else to go on a Saturday night. Yet here we were, exiting the bar to follow this sexy nymph of a teacher to what I expected to be another night of debauchery.

Once outside, Tina started jogging towards her car, her mini-skirt flopping up and revealing those tight little buns to our wanton eyes. This wasn’t quite the weekend I had visualized, but there was no doubt now that it would be a memorable one.

I got into Ione’s car still hoping she would change her mind and go back to her place. But she stared straight ahead at Tina’s car like I wasn’t even there. I guess I was jealous, but I knew, or thought I knew, what was coming next.

“You do know she’s trying to seduce you, right?” I quizzed.

“I’m sorry Joey. I think I have to go through with this or I’ll be questioning it my whole life. Please don’t be jealous.” Her look was pleading as she stared at me with those emerald green eyes.

“I am a little jealous, but I really have no right to be. I’ve already had sex with her. I haven’t been faithful to you so I shouldn’t expect you to be. Let’s just see how it plays out.”

She started following Tina’s car and I noticed Mary pull in behind us to complete the convoy. I was kind of glad the other teachers weren’t coming over. A small crowd would be more manageable and would probably allow things to progress faster.

I scooted over closer to her and placed my left hand on her thigh as she drove. Her legs were a little clammy from all the sweating and I could only imagine what her pussy was like after the sweat and stimulation it had received. It certainly wasn’t going to be sweet. I slowly worked my hand up her thigh as she eagerly spread her legs in invitation.

Her outer lips were swollen and moisture was all around the opening. My middle finger slid in easily and brought a soft sigh as she leaned back in the seat trying to stay focused on the road. I pulled my slippery digit out and straight up to her clit and she moaned.

“Oh shit that feels good. Just be careful ’cause I don’t wanna run off the road.”

I circled around her clit trying to make as little contact as possible. Her breathing got deeper as this teasing seemed to turning her on as much as the direct contact had. I slipped my finger back in her tunnel and brought it back out with some fresh lube to tickle her clit. She was biting her lip now as she tried to keep her eyes on the road. I diddled her clit some more and she pushed back harder in her seat. When her eyes closed I went back down to her pussy and she quickly opened them again.

Tina pulled into her driveway and Ione breathed a sigh of relief as she pulled up to park by the curb. I removed my hand and sucked on my middle finger, the pungent taste causing my already stiff joint to stretch out just a little more. She smiled at me and rubbed the raised rod that had tented my pants.

“Poor boy, maybe just a little more teasing before the real fun starts.”

“So I guess you’re not nervous anymore?” I asked.

“No. I think your talented fingers were just what I needed for some extra courage. I’m horny enough to hump a washing machine right now.” She laughed as she jumped out of the car and sprinted up to the front door with me just a few steps behind.

Mary had parked right behind us and walked up to the door so I waited there to hold the door open for her. She smiled at my chivalry and cupped my cheek before looking down to check out my crotch. Once inside, Tina took charge.

“Mary, there’s a bathroom through that door where you can freshen up. You kids can use the one upstairs in my bedroom. I’ll get some drinks.” We were all off in different directions.

“Wait,” Ione said as we got to the stairs. “I’ve got to take these boots off. They’re killing me.”

She sat down on the second step and held her leg out. I unzipped the shiny white boot on her right leg and worked it off. It took some wiggling but it came off as she raised her leg and pulled back. Of course this gave me an unobstructed view of her wide open pussy and did nothing to calm the pulsing blood that was flowing into my prick.

She set her foot on the first stair and I massaged her calf while keeping my focus on her moistening cunny lips. She moaned quietly as I worked the calf and down to her foot. I couldn’t imagine what it must have been like to dance in those boots all night. I massaged back up to her calf and then her thigh but she caught onto my game.

“Oh no you don’t mister. Not here. Get the other boot off so we can go wash up.”

I unzipped the left boot and followed the same procedure to work it off her foot. Then I calmly massaged her calf and foot before working my way back up to her thigh. She lay back as I worked higher, her legs still splayed in invitation. Well, since I was invited, I leaned forward and kissed the outer lips of her pussy forcing her to emit a slightly louder moan than earlier. Her fingers slid through my hair as her hands gripped my head and held me in place.

I licked up the entire length of her pussy until I got to her clit. The musky scent was overwhelming as I sucked her clit between my lips and nibbled gently. In seconds, she shoved her hips up as her body stiffened, the climax rolling from her pussy to her brain in mere seconds. I felt her body quiver and shudder as the orgasm continued to tease her nerve endings.

Then she slapped me on the side of the head and brought me quickly to my senses.

“Geez, I thought I said not here. Get your ass upstairs now.”

I went up to the bedroom and turned on the light and then just kind of stared. There was a large window facing the back yard with shiny red curtains. The furniture was all new and looked very expensive, including the large dresser and the make-up table (or whatever girls called it now) that had a very large mirror. The mirror faced the bed and I pictured her having sex and staring at herself as someone was pleasuring her.

The bed was huge – king size – and I would wager she seldom slept in it alone. There was a black bedspread on it and I went over to check it and found black satin sheets underneath. I was going to make certain that I got to try them tonight.

I heard Ione’s footsteps on the stairs and quickly went into the bathroom and stripped my clothes off. My boner was at half staff but still pulsing with need. I grabbed a washcloth and started washing my face, arms, cock and ass. Basically I was trying to get the sticky, dried sweat off my body and any hint of sexual sweetness leftover from my little escapade with Mrs. Kennedy.

Ione walked in and gave a little wolf whistle as she appraised my goods. She walked up behind me and brought her arms up from my flat tummy to my firm chest, stopping to tweak my nipples as I had done to her earlier. Amazing how that sent a bolt of electricity straight to my cock. It jumped visibly and she slowly ran her hands back down across my stomach and into the hairy patch above my extended organ.

She stroked it a few times and then began kissing my neck and then down my back. She let go of cock and ran her fingers gently across my balls and down my thighs as her kisses trailed lower on my back. Her hands worked their way around to my ass and she began to massage it and spread my cheeks.

I leaned forward and spread my legs a little more, my nut sack now tightened against my crotch. She licked it, extending her tongue out as far as she could and the shivers went straight to my fully erect cock. She slowly slid her tongue back across that sensitive strip between cock and ass, stopping in the middle to give a soft kiss. I was starting to shake now in anticipation of where she was going next.

Her tongue ever so softly crossed over my asshole and up through to the top of my crack. Her hands gripped my hips as she began a retreat down the crack only this time when her tongue reached that tight bunghole, she bore down trying to force it inside. The pleasure was exquisite and I was tempted to grab my pole and jerk off into the sink.

She went back to my balls and then back to my puckered ass, repeating the procedure until I couldn’t take it anymore and I turned around and grabbed her head, shoving my cock into her throat. She took over half of it deep into her throat and sucked like a vampire drinking blood. I pumped it in and out knowing I was right on the edge. She grabbed my hips again and pulled me forward until I felt my cock slip past the back of her mouth and down into her throat, causing every nerve ending in my body to explode as my seed shot forth violently.

Huge amounts of semen went straight to her stomach and then she pulled back slightly so she could catch the rest in her mouth, squeezing and sucking my cock like a milking machine. Gobs came forth and she swallowed them all, hungry to please me as I had just pleased her. As the pulsing slowed, she grabbed my cock and squeezed and stroked it again, coaxing more of the milky liquid into her mouth.

I finally let go of her head and grabbed the sides of the sink for support, my legs now shaky from the tremendous amount of fluid loss. She was looking up at me and smiling, happy that she had brought me such pleasure.

“Holy fuck that was fantastic,” I gasped.

“Yeah, well just make sure you have some left for later. I think you’re going to need it.”

I felt my cock start to soften which it didn’t usually do right away, but then Ione began to remove her clothes and a little charge kept him up as I watched that soft silk blouse rise up and bring her glorious tits into view. The areolas were swollen and her nipples were hard and elongated. I heard the zipper and looked down as she slid the skirt off, the musky smell of her trimmed pussy wafting up to excite my senses once again.

She grabbed a washcloth and I stepped back to watch as she slowly washed herself. She scrubbed her neck, then went slowly down to her breasts, gently running the cloth across her sensitive nipples and lingering there as she enjoyed the sensation. She looked into the mirror to watch me as I stroked my still hard cock while watching her.

Still smiling, she continued her downward descent, getting as much of the dried swear off her body as she could. She added some more soap as she got to her pussy and then turned and handed me the cloth. I worked it through the small patch of hair and then right between those succulent pussy lips as the low moan escaped her lips. I worked it back and forth through her slit and then between her legs and back to her bunghole. She grunted slightly as the cloth made contact and I remembered our previous shower ordeal.

She took the cloth and rinsed it in hot water and then passed it back to me. I rinsed off her pussy and she turned around so I could do her ass. The hole was red and looked sore, giving me slight feelings of guilt for what I had done, but I placed the warm cloth against the brown bud and she sighed. I handed the cloth back to her and stood up. She kissed me and then rinsed it off again.

She bent over and slowly ran the cloth up and down over both legs, enjoying the show she was putting on for me. She patted herself dry and then quickly slipped the blouse and skirt on like nothing had happened.

“You better get dressed. You’re going to look pretty silly walking downstairs naked in front of two teachers.” She turned and went back to the bedroom.

I quickly pulled my clothes back on and went back to the bedroom to find her sitting in front of the mirror and applying make-up. She added a little pink lip gloss and then picked up a bottle of perfume from the table and placed a drop behind each ear and then up under her skirt. She paused and then added another drop around her navel before placing the bottle back.

I came up behind her and kissed her on the neck, the powerful aroma exciting me even more. My hands came around and cuddled her breasts while I softly kissed her neck. But she gently grabbed my hands and stood up, turning to face me.

“Come on Joey. It’s showtime.”

We got back downstairs as Tina sat on a loveseat with Mary and handed her a glass of white wine. Tina had a hungry and devilish look in her eye as they tapped glasses and sipped the cool liquid refreshment. There were two bottles of beer on the coffee table in front of the sofa so Ione and I each took one and sat down across from them.

“It’s about time you kids got down here. I thought I was going to have to start this party without you.”

“I didn’t realize this was going to be a party,” I lied. “I thought it was just going to be friends having a couple drinks.” My smile told Tina I knew exactly what she had planned.

I gazed at the women across from me curious about the combinations that might occur this evening. Tina had her legs up under her on the loveseat, but with such a short skirt, her ass was in plain view, albeit covered in black pantyhose. All but two buttons were undone on her shimmering blouse and her right nipple was in clear view from this angle. Her heels were gone and her small delicate feet looked very sexy encased in the sheer black hose.

Mary looked refreshed and had obviously touched up her make-up as well. Though she still had plenty of cleavage exposed, the breasts seemed to be sagging slightly until I realized she had removed her bra. Her wide nipples were just beginning to push against the soft material of her dress. The bottom of her dress had ridden up slightly when she sat down, bringing the tops of her stockings into view as well as the straps on her garter belt. It looked very sexy but my eyes continued upward until I saw what looked like hair.

She must have removed her panties while cleaning up and given how wet they had been,that shouldn’t have surprised me. She obviously didn’t trim her pubic hair at all. A little twist and most of her hairy mound came into view. Ione began to rub my leg and I could tell she had the same views I did.

“I thought we could start out by playing a little game. Who can find the weed? You ask questions and I’ll answer. Joey, you go first.”

“Okay, is it in this room?” I asked.

“Yes,” she nodded. “Next question.”

“Is it in a piece of furniture?” I continued.

“Nope. Mary, it’s your turn.”

“Well, is it in a jar or vase of some kind?”

“Oh no. Way off. Ione, sweetie, it’s your turn.” Tina looked excited now as she sat upright and placed her feet on the floor.

“Hmm, it’s in the room but not in furniture or a container. Is it on your body?” she smiled quizzically.

“Oops. Yes it is. Now you just have to figure out where.”

Tina was absolutely glowing now as she stood up and Ione got up and walked over to her. With both girls in bare feet, Ione towered over Tina. She stood just inches away as she stared at her beautiful teacher, her cheeks turning red in embarrassment at having to undress this lovely little sprite with her eyes. Her fingers started to run through Tina’s hair but quickly pulled away.

“Well, you’re not wearing a wig so it’s not in your hair.”

She walked slowly around Tina getting ever so close. With her nose just millimeters from Tina’s neck, she inhaled her perfume and her eyes closed, enchanted by the sweet scent. She was biting her lower lip like she had before when she had naughty thoughts. She came back around front, her fingers undoing the last two buttons and opening the front of her blouse just enough for her to see the tiny tits with their hard little nubbins.

“Well,” she coughed, “nothing hiding in here. Everything is in plain sight.”

As she kneeled in front of Tina, my cock started to throb again. She placed her hands on Tina’s hips and smoothed them down the short skirt until she reached the pantyhose. She placed both hands on Tina’s right leg and ran them slowly down the entire length, even caressing the tops of her feet. We could hear the bristling of Ione’s fingernails as they softly raked over the nylon.

“Well, I didn’t think this was going to be a police search,” Tina smiled nervously, more than a little turned on by Ione’s actions.

Ione just smiled up at Tina, her eyes obviously looking up underneath her skirt while doing it. She moved her hands to the top of Tina’s left foot and then slowly ran them up her leg only this time she didn’t let the skirt get in the way. Her hands continued up underneath the skirt until Mary gasped at the direction this search was going. Ione just smiled at her staying in total control of the situation.

“Tina, didn’t you once tell me you had done gymnastics in high school?” Ione asked innocently.

“Well, yes darling but what does that have to do with the game?”

“Well, you should be able to do a handstand then. Or maybe a headstand if that’s easier.”

Tina barely hesitated as she placed her head on the floor and positioned her arms, kicking her legs straight up. The skirt came flopping down and her blouse toppled down now that all the buttons had been undone. Her ass looked perfect encased in the black nylon with no panties on underneath it. Mary seemed more enthralled by the tiny tits that were now totally exposed to her gaze.

Ione was still on her knees, her face just above Tina’s crotch as she stared at the swollen pussy lips in front of her. Without being asked, Tina did a split, lowering her legs and opening her pussy even more. This time the gasp came from Ione. That gasp also seemed to break Tina’s concentration and she started to lose her balance.

Tina quickly raised her legs again trying to regain her balance and Ione grasped her by the hips to make sure she didn’t fall. Her mouth was now just inches from that mouthwatering pussy and her nostrils flared as she inhaled the womanly scent. Her eyes closed briefly but then her hands went back to work.

She started to slowly roll the pantyhose from Tina’s hips while she held her up. We all watched intently as an inch of flesh was exposed. Then another inch and her navel was bare. Slowly she revealed slightly more flesh, my cock pounding at the tease. It was too late to stop now and Ione knew it.

She rolled another couple inches until the edge of Tina’s dark pubic hair crept into view. Since Tina hadn’t said anything, we could only assume that Ione was on the right trail to finding the weed. She rolled the pantyhose a couple more inches, still trying to hold Tina up as she was now having extreme difficulty focusing on her form. Plus she had been upside down for several minutes now.

That swollen, glowing red pussy was now in view and I moved closer to get a better view of the action. Mary moved over to my side to watch as well. I looked at Mary and cocked an eyebrow towards Tina’s hips and Mary read my mind and moved into place on her other side. We each took a leg and continued to roll up the pantyhose while Ione focused on the juicy red meat in front of her. She was taking deep breaths now as the pussy slowly opened wide to her view, the glistening droplets of moisture evidence of her lustful need.

Losing our patience, Mary and I removed the hose completely and this allowed Tina to do another split her pussy opening wide with nothing to confine her movements anymore. A smile came over Ione’s face as she leaned forward ever so slowly until her mouth was just an inch away from contact with that juicy morsel.

Tina was gasping and I wasn’t sure if it was from the exercise or the erotic excitement of what was happening. She said nothing as there were no more clues needed. Mary and I watched in amazement as Ione kissed the lovely pubes and then stuck her tongue inside. Tina let out a deep, low moan at the contact and appeared to lose all her strength as Mary and I held her up.

As Ione began to slowly rise up, a small plastic bag between her lips was oozing out of the tight pussy. She met with some resistance until Tina relaxed her cunt muscles and the baggie popped out with several joints already rolled inside. Ione sat back with the bag in her mouth as she tried to suppress her shit-eating grin at having solved the mystery.

The baggie was wet with Tina’s joy juice and Ione began to move it in and out like she did with my cock. She was sucking up all the fluid and apparently enjoying it very much. I grabbed Tina by the waist and then picked her up and flipped her around so she was upright. Her legs were wobbly and she reached for me to steady herself. When her hand glanced over my turgid member, she looked down to see the outcropping in my slacks. She blatantly placed her hand back on my tumescence and grabbed and stroked it while Mary looked on. Ione was still preoccupied with giving the bag of pot a blowjob.

With her blouse wide open and a skirt so short it no longer provided protection, Tina removed her clothes and plopped her nude body in Ione’s lap. Ione gazed in admiration at the naked beauty before her, her hand naturally coming up to fondle the tiny breasts presented for her approval. She tweaked the nipples and smiled but said nothing. Tina leaned in and started a slow, sensual kiss and Ione returned the passion as she wrapped her arms around her.

From our vantage point, Tina’s ass was now angled up in the air and beads of excitement were dripping from her pussy. I looked at Mary who was blushing bright red but couldn’t take her eyes off the scene in front of her. I slipped my hand around Mary’s waist and pulled her towards me. She looked at me totally confused about what we should do next. I kissed her deep and hard trying to get her attention off the girls and back on my needs.

She kissed me back, meeting my passion, then ran one hand up my chest while the other stroked the bulging member in my slacks. But she caught movement out of the corner of her eye and had to turn and watch the lovely ladies. Ione had leaned down to take a stiff nipple between her soft lips and was sucking it gently while making low guttural sounds. Tina was breathing deeply, having waited all year for her chance to bed my buxom friend.

I took Mary’s hand and led her to the stairs, having her sit on the second stair. I sat down behind her on the third stair and we now had a side view of the sexy nymphs even though we were several feet farther away from them. As they started kissing again, I slipped my hands down the front of Mary’s dress and massaged the mammoth globes beneath. The nipples were as wide as quarters and now elongating from my touch.

This was probably my first childhood sexual fantasy. At first it had just been about kissing her, but then I had become enamored by the soft, bulging cleavage that was always exposed and I would dream of what it would be like to lay my head on those soft pillows of flesh. Now many years later, I was getting a dream come true by actually caressing the gigantic melons. They were more than I had ever dreamed of as I softly rubbed the huge nipples between my thumb and forefinger.

Mary watched in awe as Tina stood up on the sofa and offered her dripping crack to Ione’s waiting lips. As Ione sucked on an outer lip, Mary moaned softly and leaned back against me, her back now pushing on the encumbrance in my pants. She watched as Ione’s tongue came out and lapped up the juices flowing from Tina’s pussy. Mary placed her hands over mine and squeezed hard signaling her need for something not so gentle.

The effect of our little voyeuristic escapade now evident, I unzipped her dress and she numbly stood up and let it fall to her feet. While some sagging of her breasts was expected from this middle aged beauty, there was quite a bit less than I had expected. While there was no question you could hide a pencil beneath them, her boobs stood out firm and proud with the largest nipples I had ever seen, including in any of the girly mags I had viewed.

The garter belt didn’t hide her flat tummy but her overgrown bush completely obscured her pussy lips. The pale white skin on her thighs led down to the sexy stockings which only enhanced her long, athletic legs. For a woman with so little self-esteem, she kept herself in fantastic shape.

Still standing on the stairs, she began to roll her back against my bulge as I roughly grabbed her ample flesh and tweaked the enormous nipples. She was breathing hard and was losing interest in the two women on the sofa as I nibbled her ear and the nape of her neck. She turned around quickly, her boobs ripped from my hands, and undid my belt and snap. I thought she would tear my slacks as she ripped down the zipper and pulled out my sticky cock. A large spot of goo had leaked through my briefs and the engorged purple head was now glistening with this same lubricious fluid.

She swirled her tongue around it capturing the salty liquid and relishing the taste. She took half the length in her mouth and sucked hard while her hand squeezed the base. I lay back on the stairs and watched as this lovely woman from my childhood fantasies gave me an experienced blowjob. There was a hunger in her as she voraciously attacked my rigid tool, milking me like a horse in heat. I no longer cared about losing Ione to Tina. I wanted to bed this woman and feed the hunger that had evidently been building in both of us over the years.

I regretfully removed my cock from her luscious lips and stepped out of my pants. I pulled down my briefs and pulled off my shirt, taking her hand and leading us upstairs to Tina’s bedroom. I yanked the covers off the large bed before taking her in my arms and kissing her hard and passionate again. She seemed to want it rough so I was trying to change my style and get down and dirty with her.

I lifted one of her gigantic breasts and planted my lips over the enormous nipple. I sucked hard for a few seconds before biting down on it and she gripped my head and held it in place, thrilling at the ache it caused inside of her. My boner now straight up was sandwiched between our bodies and I began to shift my hips up, fucking her surprisingly taut belly. With all the juice escaping from that little eye, it felt liking fucking a juicy pussy. I turned to look at the mirror and she followed my gaze. She was stunning in nothing but the lacy, white garter belt and taupe nylon stockings.

She wanted more and started to reach for my cock, but I evaded her grasp and knelt down for my first close-up of her hairy bush. This was a pubic area that was rarely trimmed if ever at all. The hair was still damp so I knew she had washed it clean when she was in the bathroom removing her panties. I spread the hair until I could find her opening, that sweet aroma now wafting towards my nostrils.

My tongue found the opening and dipped in to taste that heavenly elixir concocted by her mature vagina. Again I thought of the sweetness of honey as it flowed over my tongue and into my mouth. I sucked and drank, ramming my tongue deep inside her bottomless tunnel. I brought my thumb up to find her clit and was not at all surprised to find it proportionately large. I pushed hard on the long nub and then flicked it back and forth while my tongue continued to slide in and out of her.

She grabbed my head forcing me to remove my hand to gain back my balance. She rammed my face with her hairy twat, my nose now taking over the job my thumb had had. As I licked and sucked the large opening, my nose was being crushed against her clit and I was afraid she might break my nose as her hips slammed into my head. She was moaning loudly now and her breathing was clearly labored as her orgasm approached. Until tonight, it had been months since she had gotten off, and now she wanted to make up for lost time.

I was intoxicated from the sugary substance emanating from her body but focused now on making sure she got a climax to remember for all time. I abandoned her elixir of love and moved my lips to her clit, sucking it and slapping it with my tongue in rapid movements. She was grunting now and obviously close, so I took her clit between my teeth and clamped down instead of gently nibbling.

Her body went rigid and her breathing stopped as the ripples of ecstasy coursed through her body. Every nerve ending quivering in delight producing a high that she had never experienced before. Her eyes were glazed over and her body still trembling, but as soon as she started breathing, I sucked her clit again and another orgasm ripped through her body. Her moans could probably be heard by the neighbors, but I was sure they were used to the noises that came from this house of pleasure.

Copious amounts of her sweet cum now dripped down her legs and I captured it with my fingers and rubbed it on my cock. As she collapsed on the bed, her body slid along the black satin sheets. She reveled in the feeling, her hands roaming across the silky smoothness.

I slipped a little myself on the soft sheets but climbed on top of her and began to fuck her loose hole. I moved the angry purple head back to her clit as I had done at the bar and used it to diddle her to another quick orgasm. Her heightened sensitivity was going to bring her dozens of orgasms tonight.

With her body now physically drained, I moved my cock to her soft taut belly and began to fuck it as I tried earlier. Our two bodies together could produce a tighter feeling than I had felt when fucking her pussy. I did this for about ten minutes while we kissed like teenage lovers. Tongues danced between lips as we sucked the excess saliva from each other. I could feel my cock starting that final swell that signified I could no longer hold back.

Mary sensed it as well and grabbed my hips and pulled me higher on her body until my cock was nestled firmly between those soft, generous melons of flesh. She squeezed them together as I humped, the exquisite feeling very similar to fucking a tight pussy. She pulled on my hips until my cock met her mouth and then let me fall back between her breasts. I slowed down until we got a rhythm going where I could slip between her lips on every third plunge. In a matter of minutes the roiling liquid exploded from my cock like lava from a volcano. The milky liquid shot up to her mouth and then her boobs, before I settled back down to fuck that creamy, fleshy tunnel she had created with her melons.

As we both calmed down, she seemed embarrassed by what we had just done and pushed me off her while she rolled to her side afraid to look at me.

“Are you okay?” I asked, with true concern in my voice. “That was fantastic.”

“You’re just a child. I shouldn’t have done that,” the guilt now obvious from her tone of voice.

“I’m a man. My age didn’t seem to bother you at the bar,” I said placing my still hard cock between the soft round cheeks of her ass.

She pushed back involuntarily and I reached around to wipe a tear from her face. I kissed her cheek softly, then her neck, shoulder and upper back. She tried to move her upper body away from my advances but it only served to present her lower body to me in an even greater invitation. I rubbed my cock along her slit and she moaned as she had before.

We were both dripping now and I slid in easily, her pussy tighter now with her legs closed. I started working it in and out and she met my rhythm, desire overpowering the guilt. I grabbed both hips and pulled her to me, her upper body now at a right angle to the action. I saw her hand come down as she reached for her clit and began to diddle herself. I was pumping her hard for several minutes when her body stiffened as that now familiar tingling orgasm overcame her.

I pulled her upper body back up and brought my hands up from her hips to fondle those large melons. I forced her onto her back and climbed on top of her. Her mammoth mams sagged off to her sides but those quarter sized nipples were still within reach and I leaned down and took one between my teeth, biting down hard this time. She grabbed my head and held it tightly, mashing it into her soft flesh. She was a physically strong woman and it seemed she liked her men the same way.

I pried her legs open and slid my granite cock into her crack. I worked it in and out of that little nest that hid her clit. She was moaning now and brought her legs up behind me to force my pulsing manhood inside her waiting pussy. There was no guilt now. She knew she needed this.

I started slamming into her hard and fast. My swollen prick was like the piston on a Rolls Royce as it plunged down hard placing just the right amount of pressure on her clit to build her orgasm slowly. I heard the footsteps behind me and knew we had an audience. It didn’t matter now because Mary was too far gone to even notice. I reveled in the fact we were being watched. Lori had brought out the exhibitionist in me, not that I needed any more stimulation than I had been getting.

I continued to pound away at Mary and she kept forcing her hips up to meet my thrusts as her legs forced my hips down. I could hear Tina moaning in the background and could picture my gorgeous Ione as she fingered Tina to yet another orgasm. Tina let out a yell and now Mary also knew we had company. It was all the extra stimulation she needed as her moans got louder and louder.

I pounded down harder as I felt her body start that familiar quivering. The cum that had been drying on her chest was now mixing with her sweat and running down towards the calamity at our mid-sections. A few more vicious slams and she was screaming and using words I had never heard her use before.

“Oh God yes! Fuck me Joey. Fuck me as hard as you can. Oh, shit, yes, big … fucking… cock! Ohhhhh!”

He body stiffened and her legs squeezed me tight. I still had an iron grip on her elongated nipple, biting it hard to increase her sensations and remove any doubt that our union was because she seduced me. My desire for this woman had begun when I was a child but now that I was a young man I no longer had to shy away from it.

Tina and Ione had joined us on the bed as Mary’s breathing slowed to almost normal even though my petrified log was still inside her. I let go of her nipple and then kissed her gently, allowing her time to bask in the afterglow.

I heard the click of a lighter and looked to see Tina inhale deeply on the joint, but instead of holding it in, she grabbed Ione and exhaled the smoke into Ione’s open mouth. Ione inhaled as much from surprise as anything else, but the burning sensation caused her to cough. Tina chuckled, smiling at her little angel.

“You’ll get used to it sweetie. Everybody does.” And Tina took another toke and passed it to Ione who was more prepared this time and inhaled deeply, holding the smoke in her lungs as long as she could. While the pungent odor was familiar to me, I had never tried it and had a little apprehension that I would probably cough even worse than Ione.

I pulled out of Mary’s wet pussy and sat up next to her. She raised herself up a little and fluffed some pillows behind her. Her huge breasts swayed back to her torso and once again stood out proudly while the other women stared in awe at the size of the nipples.

Ione passed the joint to me and I tried to mimic their actions and inhaled, though not as deeply. Still I coughed, the redness of embarrassment quickly filling my cheeks. I tried again, slowly taking a drag and allowing the smoke to go down into my lungs as they adjusted to the slight burning sensation.

I passed it over to Mary, but she hesitated before folding to peer pressure and taking the stub between her lips and sucking it like a pro. Her nostrils flared as she took a deep drag and held it in. Guess this wasn’t her first rodeo after all. One by one, we all started to exhale, the pungent fog filling the room. Tina handed it back to Mary who took another hit and passed it to me. I took a small hit as the joint continued to shrink.

Tina went over to her dresser and lit some incense, the cherry scent quickly masking the strong pot we had just exhaled. She also brought back a small roach clip and took the tiny stub so she could have another hit, not wanting to waste any. A quick hit from Ione and it was pretty much done. Most of us already had a pretty good buzz from the drinks at the bar, so the mellowing effect of the pot radiated through our bodies rapidly. Several minutes passed in complete silence as our bodies relaxed.

It now seemed perfectly natural to be sitting on this large bed with three naked women next to me and this giant slab of meat rising from my loins. At this moment, it didn’t feel like it was attached to me so I reached down and stroked it sending those familiar tingles through the rest of my body. I laughed out loud and the three lovely ladies stared at me.

“I’m sorry,” I chuckled. “I didn’t think it was my prick. It looked so big that I thought it was floating away from me.”

They all laughed and Tina wrapped her tiny hand around the base. Ione followed with her hand and Mary then wrapped hers around it, leaving just the mushroomed head visible. It looked like they were getting ready to choose up sides for a baseball game and my dick was the baseball bat. Ione obviously came to the same conclusion as she quickly slid her fingers over the swelling knob which made me moan softly.

“Okay,” Ione said, “now you have to try to kick it out of my hand!” And she laughed loudly.

“Or we could just have another joint,” I said bringing my hands down to protect my favorite ‘bat’.

“The night is young so let’s not get too wasted yet. I think we should all get to know each other a little better first,” Tina smiled.

I watched as Tina quickly moved across my body and placed a soft kiss on Mary’s lips. She kept her face just inches away after the kiss, looking for some sign from Mary that it was okay. It seemed very erotic as Mary cupped her cheek and kissed her back with passion, letting her tongue slip out and caress Tina’s thin lips.

As Mary leaned back, Tina quickly kissed her again, her tongue now softly caressing those succulent lips. Her hand came down to massage a large breast while Mary started to return the kiss. Tina crawled over me until she was on the other side of Mary and then looked at Ione. Ione placed one leg between mine and one between Mary’s as she leaned in to kiss the beautiful woman.

Then she leaned over and kissed me like she was trying to compare the difference between male and female kissing techniques. She kissed Mary again, deeper and longer this time before coming back to kiss me. Then she stared at me with those glossy eyes.

“I want to see you make love to Mary. We missed most of it but you looked so passionate together.”

“I’ll second that,” Mary laughed. “I have never been fucked this good before in my life. Stupid husband should have left me years ago and we both would have been happier.”

I smiled at both of them while Tina looked on almost expressionless. As Ione moved away, Mary slid down on the bed and I climbed over her to get into position. My cock was still glistening from her honeydew as I tickled her clit before easily sliding inside her again. I was going to lean down to kiss her, but Tina beat me to it and they were kissing passionately. I started to fuck her, my mind seeing everything in slow motion.

I felt a familiar hand on my ass as Ione began to work my crack while Mary’s hands stayed on my hips, maintaining the slow, steady pace. Ione tickled my bunghole briefly sending a charge through my system but then continued down to caress my swollen balls. She was being gentle but when I felt her soft juicy lips kissing my ass cheeks, I knew where she was headed and froze with my ass stuck up in the air.

Mary seemed preoccupied with Tina anyway, so I waited and was soon rewarded with that extreme sensation of a soft tongue sliding over my puckered brown hole. She continued down to my balls, sucking each one before heading back up to ram her tongue in my ass again. I tried to open my hole but with my stiffened flesh at the edge of Mary’s opening I just couldn’t do it.

When I couldn’t take it anymore, I pulled my cock from Mary’s cunt and turned to pull Ione to me. Her flesh was soft and dry, a far cry from the sweaty bodies that Mary and I had created. I was at a right angle to Mary’s body as I sat between her open legs. Ione was running her hand over Mary’s stocking covered leg as she approached me.

As I kissed Ione I could feel Tina’s hand stroke my cock while she worked her way down Mary’s dripping body. Tina was licking up our combined sweat and when her head was inches from my body, she pulled my cock closer and swallowed half of it while her tongue swirled around the raging purple head.

“Oh my. What an interesting flavor.” And Tina ran her tongue the length of my prick and back to the tip. “Damn that is sweet.”

“If you think that was sweet, you are going to love the real thing,” I laughed, twirling my body out of the way and flopping down on my back next to Mary. Ione had that quizzical look on her face that she sometimes got in class when she didn’t understand a concept.

“Taste her Babe. You are going to love it,” I said, knowing that I had already lost any chance of keeping Ione for myself.

She ducked her head down between Mary’s legs and waited for Tina to look up. As soon as she did, her mouth covered that syrupy pussy and began to lap it up. Mary started moaning loudly again as Ione’s tongue went to work. Tina shoved a pillow under Mary’s ass, making it easier for both of them to attack her. Tina worked the stiffened clit while Ione started pistoning that pussy hole with her tongue. It took mere seconds for Mary’s body to start quivering again, her hands now squeezing her own boobs for a lack of a better place to put them.

With Mary now satiated, Tina rose up and planted her moist pussy over my face and motioned to Ione to sit on the monolith rising up from my loins. I could smell the Shalimar she had been wearing earlier. She must have doused her legs and pussy with it in anticipation of the night’s activities. My tongue snaked out and licked from her clit to her hairless bunghole, enjoying the pungent taste that was such a sharp contrast to the sweetness of Mary.

Ione followed instructions and I felt my cock suddenly engulfed in her tight pussy while I lapped at Tina’s dripping cunt. As Tina rocked back and forth on my face, I could catch glimpses of Mary trying to move into position between the two lovely ladies riding atop me.

She started sucking Tina’s small tits with the long nipples and then switched to Ione’s larger boobs with the swollen areolas and stiff, but shorter nipples. I had to assume that she was continuing this because Tina now had her wet pussy smashed down on my face so my tongue could reach her clit. It was a stretch but one I couldn’t hold when her body started to jerk from the approaching orgasm.

Mary took notice and moved her hand down to help out, her thumb mashing Tina’s bud while my tongue buried itself as deep as it could inside that dark humid cavern. I could hear them kissing now, the unmistakable smacking of lips and soft, quiet sucking sounds when they weren’t dueling tongues. Ione was squeezing her pussy hard in an effort to make me cum but with the distraction of Tina’s pussy, I was able to control my movements.

Ione gave up trying and concentrated on her own satisfaction, slamming down hard on my pubic bone until the tingling started. Her hips stopped and her hands grabbed my hips and squeezed hard as the orgasm rippled through her body. Her strong cunt muscles were squeezing and releasing my cock as her breathing slowed. While her breathing was ragged she grabbed Tina and pulled her closer, Tina’s satiated pussy finally giving me room to breathe. I watched Ione’s arms as they closed around Tina’s back, caressing every little inch as they slowly ran up and down, her nails lightly digging into the soft tan skin.

I had trouble feeling any emotion but giddy happiness as the high from the pot became stronger. Even as I watched Ione pull off me and lay down with Tina on top of her, there was no jealousy, just love and happiness. This was some good shit.

Mary was on my right side now, her head resting on my shoulder while those soft succulent boobs lay across my chest. She was giggling like a school girl instead of a middle-aged teacher.

“God, I can’t believe all the fun I’ve missed out on these last twenty years. Oh, poor baby still has a hard-on,” she giggled again.

She slid her right leg up over my crotch, a delightfully tingling sensation running through the family jewels as the soft nylon caressed them. She continued to raise her calf until it pinned my stiff rod flat against my belly. She then proceeded to slowly and agonizingly tease me as she rubbed her leg up and down the swollen joint causing it to ooze pre-cum in voluminous amounts. She looked up and kissed me as she kept up the teasing, the electric touch of the nylon bringing me back to the precipice I had been on earlier.

I had laughed when she first did it, partially from the tickling sensation but also from the silliness of it. I felt like a puppy humping a girl’s leg. But the more I got into it, the more serious I got and the more I understood why dogs hump anything they can find. I started to raise my hips to increase the contact and she could sense I was getting close.

She rose up and shifted position so she was lying between my open legs. Her soft, tiny feet came up and captured my stiff joint and started to jerk me off. Again I couldn’t believe the electric sensations coursing through my body as my lube dripped onto her stockings and created this exquisite tunnel of love. She was squeezing her feet together even harder now, the arches wrapping themselves around my cock like a glove.

I could feel the boiling lava start to build but then would giggle and calm down for a few seconds. Mary got a very determined look on her face as she squeezed even harder creating this exquisite pain in my hardened staff. The feeling generated by the diaphanous material was like nothing that I had ever felt before. My balls began to contract and I shifted my hips into high gear to get the full sensation of this foot-fuck.

“Oh, shit. Holy fuck!” My body was quivering out of control as the thick stream of boiling hot fluid ran up my pole and shot two feet into the air, with the first gob landing on my belly while the rest of the never-ending stream landed on those beautiful, glossy legs before running off onto the sheets. I was gasping for air while my hips continued to pump up and down trying to prolong the tingling sensations of my orgasm. As the last drops oozed out, Mary squeezed again and forced it to roll off my prick and down to her legs.

Once I caught my breath, I sat up, her feet still holding onto my hard prick. It wanted to soften but somehow the sensuous nylon material was keeping a magical spell on it, willing it to stay hard just a little longer. I could feel the tingling again as she continued to stroke me with her feet while I stared at the hairy pussy that was splayed open before me.

I reached down and spread my cum along the nylons, my fingers now feeling the soft material along with my gooey mess. She moved one foot down slightly to caress the balls again but it continued downward until she was forcing her big toe against my asshole. Again, the tingling increased in my groin from another new sensation that I had never felt before.

“No, I want to do your tits again,” I pleaded. She giggled but moved up into position and laid those precious mams against my belly, easily capturing my stiff pole between them. My mind was fuzzy still, but nature took over and my hips started fucking those tits like it had done it a hundred times before. She squeezed her melons together even tighter and I could feel the vacuum she created as I stroked between them, my speed quickly building to a frenzy. In a matter of minutes, another load of cum was shooting out towards my chest, the musky odor masking the smell of pot.

Mary was giggling again as she started to ascend my body in cat-like movements. Her head bent down and sucked my cock, effectively cleaning all the cum off of it. But she didn’t stop there. She licked my belly and then started to suck up the gobs of semen that had spilled out onto my stomach and chest. When she was done, she finished her ascent and kissed me deeply, stopping only when the giggling overtook her again.

“What’s so funny,” I laughed.

“I first sex I’ve had in six months and I end up giving an eighteen-year-old a footjob and you don’t think that’s funny?” she chuckled.

I laughed at the visualization because of the pot. Had I not been stoned, I don’t think I would have found it amusing as the whole experience had been a profoundly mind-blowing experience. I turned to look at Ione and Tina but they weren’t laughing. They were still making out and looked like two lovers who had been apart for years and needed to make up for lost time.

In spite of the pot, I felt a slight pang of jealousy and the sadness that comes with knowing that our relationship would never be the same, nor would it grow into the love I had hoped for. I had lost her to this tiny minx of a teacher. I had known I would probably lose her at the end of summer anyway, but had been hoping for a couple of months to try and change her mind.

Ah, to suffer the slings and arrows of an unrequited love at such a young age. I knew my resolve was strong and my sex drive didn’t really care where the sex was coming from as long as I was getting a steady diet of it. I would have to see what the next chapter of my love-life would be like. I was sure of one thing. It would not be boring.

I dozed off with Mary on top of me, her pillowy breasts reminding me of my childhood and going to sleep clutching a teddy bear. Ah, the weird things we think about when stoned.

When I awoke, Mary was still on top of me, my morning wood sandwiched between our flat bellies. Mary stirred at the same time and looked up at me smiling. Then her lips curled slightly as her nose picked up the musky scent in the room. As she rolled off of me, I was acutely aware of a feeling of cotton in my mouth and a very sour taste left by the consumption of excessive amounts of beer.

Mary rolled off of me and we both headed to the bathroom. She took the toilet first while I checked in the closet for towels. While getting the towels, I was fortunate enough to find a half-full box of disposable toothbrushes. This only served to reaffirm my assumption that Tina had these wild flings on a regular basis. I grabbed two of the short-handled toothbrushes along with towels and washcloths.

Mary was flushing as I walked over to the sink, my erection still full and not ready to allow me to pee yet. I spent about two minutes brushing my teeth to get that cotton feeling out of my mouth and this allowed my prick to calm down enough for me to pee. As I turned around, Mary was staring at me, well more specifically the snake between my legs. She sighed lightly as I stepped over to the toilet. She continued to stare as the steady stream of yellow fluid drained from my body, sending a little shiver through me like a mild orgasm.

Mary finally brushed her teeth which gave me a chance to stare. Her large breasts hung down as she bent over the sink and her nipples sprang to life as they came in contact with the cold porcelain. While she had a woman’s wide hips, her buns were tight and there seemed to be little excess fat. Women in their twenties would be envious of her body. Yet she chose to hide it while at school dressing in a very conservative manner. While she had made sure I was never in any of her classes, I had heard from friends that she was a stern teacher and didn’t tolerate any joking around in her class. I knew it was a façade because she clearly loved teaching and being around young people.

While I had been admiring her, my morning wood had turned into a long hardened log and I walked up behind her as she spit out the last of the toothpaste. I ran the engorged head against her slit and felt her shiver as she grabbed the sink and squeezed.

“Can we take a shower first?” she asked, turning around to face me. The look on her face told me she wasn’t used to any body odor.

In the shower we kissed, caressed, and fondled every portion of each other’s bodies but never consummated the deal. We climbed out and toweled each other dry with a few well-placed kisses in between, but decided to stay in our aroused state and leave before the other girls woke up.

We stopped at a diner for a quick breakfast and were able to get one of the small booths. I think everyone thought we were a mother and son out for Sunday breakfast while we sat there playing a little grab-and-tickle. She spread her legs wide as I ran my hand up her left leg, the soft nylon creating chills in my body. But when they touched her bare thigh, it brought both of us to a new state of arousal.

She was trying to control her breathing and smile, all the while looking around the diner to see if anyone was watching us. I had to chuckle knowing what a turn-on this public sex was. Her first experience with it was last night in the club, but it was dark and no one could see us and she couldn’t see anyone else. Today we were doing it in the full light of day and it was taking the arousal to a new level for her.

The waitress stopped at the booth next to us to fill coffee mugs and then over at us to see if Mary needed a refill. She just smiled and shook her head no, while I kept my hand perfectly still until the waitress turned away. Then I moved my hand up into her dense forest of pubic hair until I found that moist, slippery slit and pushed a finger quickly inside before she could protest. She coughed, a small piece of toast popping out of her mouth, and then glared at me.

I removed my finger and brought my hand back above the table to pick up a piece of bacon. I took a small bite and then licked my fingers to taste the juice from her honey pot.

“Hmm, honey and bacon. Sweet and salty. What a fantastic combination. I think I should try this more often. Would you like to try it?” I asked offering her my finger.

“I think it is time to go, young man.” She clearly was not amused.

She plopped a ten on the table and started pushing me out. I took the hint and didn’t make a fuss. Once outside, I apologized and she accepted it and smiled. I didn’t try anything else as she drove, sitting quietly sucking her delicious nectar from my finger. She stopped by Ione’s so I could sneak in the back door and get my gym bag with my dirty clothes and then dropped me at my house. She smiled but quickly drove off once I shut the car door. I think she was afraid my mom would see her.

I was a little nervous about going in the house because I didn’t want to interrupt my parents if they were having their weekend sex marathon. It was late morning but I had known them to do it all day long so I felt my apprehension was warranted. Then I heard mom’s voice singing softly in the backyard and walked up the driveway to see her.

“Hi mom. How’s your weekend going?” I asked innocently.

“Hi sweetie. You’re home early. Everything all right?” she asked as she hugged me and placed a soft kiss on my lips, lingering just long enough to send a message straight to my cock.

She was wearing a short white dress with a summer-like pattern of yellow and light blue flowers on it. It exposed about half her thighs when she was standing but much more when she was bent down in the garden. The top was low-cut and straight across revealing a lot of cleavage like most of her dresses. How could a mom be such a sex-kitten even when she was working in the garden?

“Oh honey, Kathy called looking for you. I told her I would have you call her when you got home.”

“Thanks mom. I’ll call her now.”

She was back down on her knees in the dirt and it took all my willpower to turn and walk away. I went in and called Kathy and she invited me over to her place, which was a surprise given our recent talks. But she sounded cheerful enough so I told her I would be right over. I changed out of my dirty, smoky clothes and put on clean underwear and shorts and a tee shirt. I still didn’t see dad so he was either resting or he took off to play golf which would be a rest after what she probably put him through yesterday.

I avoided mom and jogged over to Kathy’s only slightly winded when I arrived. I hadn’t even broken a sweat. I noticed the front door was open so I just rang the bell and opened the screen and walked in. I could hear Kathy’s flip-flops approaching from the kitchen. She was wearing that translucent white bikini with her nipples stiff and poking out the material and was carrying two beers. I was about to say something about how beautiful she looked but she stopped me cold with an index finger placed hard on my lips.

“My parents have gone for the day. I broke up with Jack last night. Me, you, in my bedroom now!” And she turned and headed up the stairs.

I stood there flabbergasted. How could things change so much in two days? I lose Ione to Tina, she breaks up with Jack, and now she wants to be more than friends even knowing that we’re really brother and sister. I quickly locked the door and took the stairs two at a time getting to her bedroom just as she set the beers down on her night stand. I was more out of breath now than when I had run over here.

As she turned around I placed a hand around her waist and pulled her to me, my other hand coming up to caress her cheek as kissed passionately. Her hands were up under the back of my shirt as she returned the feverish kiss, her sharp claws softly scraping the delicate skin and sending those shivers up and down my spine. With the aroused state that Mary had left me in, I would have to be careful not to have a repeat of that night I took her virginity.

I broke the kiss and looked straight into those beautiful blue eyes. “Believe me when I say there is nothing I want more, but I need to know what changed your mind before we do this again. A couple days ago you were saying this could never be and that we would just be friends. So what gives?”

“I missed you,” she said with a tear flowing out of one eye. “Jack is a nice guy, but he’s too nice. And he’s too shy to try anything. And when I try to talk to him about anything on a personal level, he just doesn’t get it. He doesn’t understand me like you do. He can’t console me when I need it. He can’t even cheer me up when I’m down. He’s just…not you.” And the tears began to flow, dripping down and making wet spots on her white bikini top.

I hugged her to me, my arms wrapped tightly around her back until I thought I would squish her. She hugged me back with equal fervor as the tears continued. We stood together like that for at least five minutes until I could feel her sobbing abate. My shirt was soaked but it felt so right to hold her in my arms. I kissed her cheek, and then her forehead as we separated. I reached over to the night stand and grabbed three tissues out of the box for her.

She blew her nose for a couple minutes, needing a few more tissues to clean it all up. She smiled up at me with reddened eyes and I knew we were going to be okay.

“Not really the sexy look I wanted to give you,” she laughed. “Here I am trying to beat out all the competition from the gorgeous women that have suddenly come into your life and I’m crying like a baby. I can compete with Ione but I’m not a mature, experienced woman like Mrs. Taylor.”

“How did you know about Mrs. Taylor?” I asked, concerned that our secret was out and she could get into trouble.

“I’ve known you all my life Joey. Did you think I couldn’t tell when you were acting strange a few weeks ago? I followed you one day and saw you kissing her. Grading papers on a weekend? Your mom may have bought that line, but I certainly knew you better.”

I sat on the bed next to her and wrapped my arm around her again, pulling her close. I kissed her cheek and nibbled her earlobe which got her laughing.

“You don’t have to compete with anyone,” I told her. “You’ve always been my number one and always will be. Even Ione realized it before I did. But there’s something else we should discuss before you decide to take this to the next level.”

“You don’t love me anymore,” she pouted.

“No, I love you more each day, but I have a physical condition that seems to be related to my mom’s. I get sexually aroused constantly and sometimes at inopportune times. I can’t always control it.”

“What’s that got to do with your mom?”

“My mom suffers from spontaneous sexual arousal. At first they thought it was psychological, all in her head, like a nymphomaniac. But now they think it’s a physical problem with her brain and nerve endings and there’s no known cure. She can have twenty orgasms a day. When I have an orgasm, I usually stay hard and can have multiple orgasms several times a day.”

“I’m not sure that’s a problem,” she chuckled. “It sounds pretty much like an ideal situation to me.”

“The problem is now that I’ve had sex with multiple partners, I’m not sure I can stop and go back to masturbating in between making love to you. I’m willing to try it if it means we can be together again.”

She kissed me softly, then a little harder as her tongue worked its way between my hungry lips. Her hand rubbed the lump in my shorts.

“I’ve listened to the stories my parents have told about their sexual escapades so I’ve become pretty liberal in that respect. I won’t be jealous as long as it’s just sexual and you don’t ignore my needs. But don’t sneak around or lie to me about it.”

I nodded in agreement and reached up and untied her bikini top letting it fall forward exposing her perfectly shaped breasts. The swollen areolas and the stiff nips were proof her desire had not waned. God she was beautiful! I kissed her again, my left hand coming up to softly massage her right breast while my thumb made sure the nipple stayed hard.

She leaned back onto the bed to get comfortable and I quickly removed my shirt and lay down next to her, my hand back on the soft round hillock of her breast. We lay there kissing and exploring each other for almost an hour, occasionally taking a break to just stare into each other’s eyes. Our love affair had been a lifetime in the making, so there was no reason to rush it today.

I bent down and took the hard nipple between my lips, sucking it and whipping it with my tongue. She moaned and her hands came up to hold my head like I was baby suckling his mama. I could feel the warmth of her love as she held me but I was ready to take this to the next level. I moved a hand down across the soft, taut skin of her belly and felt her body quiver at the touch.

While my teeth gently nibbled her rubbery nipple, I moved my hand lower and inside her bikini bottoms. Encountering the soft, downy fuzz of her trimmed pussy sent a charge through my aching cock. Her body stiffened slightly as my finger slid slowly through her moist crack, her long fingernails now digging into my neck and upper back where she held me to her breast.

My middle finger explored her juicy opening, easily sliding deep inside her. My thumb found her clit and rubbed it gently bringing loud moans and rising hips. I released her breast and moved back up to kiss her as my passion continued to grow. Her breathing started to quicken until she could no longer hold our kiss, her head tilting back while her hips rose to meet the pressure of my thumb.

I started to whip my thumb back and forth over her clit until her legs clamped around my hand and her voice screamed out, “Yessss! Yes, yes, yes.” She was panting now, trying to recapture her breath as the sublime ecstasy rolled through her body.

We kissed again, first hard and passionate, then softer and more lovingly. I had thought I felt love for Ione these last couple weeks, but it was nothing compared to what I was feeling now. Years of talking to each other about our deepest secrets, the make-out sessions, and my sloppy job of taking her virginity, all flashed before me now as I realized I was ready for my next step in manhood.

I removed my hand from her crotch and stood to remove my shorts. Even though she was still short of breath, Kathy started laughing while looking straight at my crotch. I looked down to see this giant wet spot on my shorts. I had leaked so much it looked like I pissed my pants. Plus my hard-on was pushing out the front of my shorts in an obscene way.

I had to chuckle too as I quickly pulled them down and off, throwing them into the pile with my shirt. Kathy daintily removed her bottoms and added them to the pile. She held this pose, on her side facing me with one leg bent up and her pussy gaping open. Her right hand was still in the air after tossing her bottoms, but it then slowly came down to grip my cock, spreading the copious amount of lubrication the length of my shaft.

When she leaned forward and took the raging purple head in her mouth, I thought I would blow my load right there. Her soft lips encompassed my girth while that sweet tongue swirled around the swollen head. She sucked softly but there was very little movement of her lips just that tantalizing swirl of her tongue. When her hand got in on the action and started to slide up and down, I knew it was too late to stop.

“It’s okay Joey. I want you to cum for me. Please…”

Visions of last night with Ione, Mary and Tina briefly flashed through my mind but quickly vanished as Kathy’s mouth once again closed over my joystick. She sucked gently again and started swirling her tongue around while her hand jerked me off. Looking down to watch this vision of beauty suck my long hard cock was too much as my hands came up to hold her head still. I held my cock in place with just the engorged purple monster inside her as the final swelling began and my joy juice boiled up the chute and exploded into her waiting mouth.

Streams of cum shot forth and Kathy swallowed every bit of it. My body was shaking and my knees were weak as the creamy fluid continued to drain from my body. Kathy was like a vampire now, swallowing and sucking to make sure she got every precious drop of the murky goo. She kept sucking even when there was nothing left to swallow, my cock showing no sign of wilting.

“Umm, you’re still hard. Shouldn’t it be getting soft for a while?”

“Well, that’s another problem that happens with my constant arousal. I don’t always go soft right away.”

“Okay. I’m not sure I would classify that as a problem though.” She started to lean back on the bed and spread her legs.

“No, wait. I think you should control the penetration this time.”

And I pulled her beautiful naked body up off the bed and I sat down of the edge. She understood right away and straddled my thighs, softly nestling her pussy against my tumid member. Her knees rested on the bed while her wet opening stayed poised just touching swollen rod that was waiting for her. Her moist outer lips softly engulfed the purple head until she felt safe to lower herself more. As her pussy sucked my cock inside her, she squeezed her vaginal muscles as if testing my firmness. She slowly sank down until our pubic bones met, our eyes locked on each other while our bodies tingled with excitement.

“Well, big brother, this feels…fantastic.”

Another charge went through my prick when she called me ‘big brother’ and she could feel the extra swelling, her eyes closing as she wrapped her arms around me. My face was now buried in the soft pillows of her perfect breasts and I nuzzled them while she held me.

She leaned back slightly as she started to rise up and I was able to capture one of those swollen boobs. I bit the nipple gently as she lowered back down, feeling her shiver as I filled her pussy again. She continued this agonizingly slow fuck for several minutes as her cunt adjusted to the size of my cock.

Our combined juices now flooding her pussy, she started to speed up our union and my hips rose up to meet her downward thrusts. She was subtly adjusting her position to make sure her clit made contact and her breathing was getting quicker as her nostrils flared trying to get as much air as possible. She found that perfect angle and began slamming down hard on me as another orgasm approached.

I held her hips and continued to thrust upward, going deep inside her and reveling in feeling of her tight twat. The other girls (and women) I had fucked had all been experienced and were easily able to take my girth and length, but Kathy’s young pussy was still as tight as it had been that first night when I couldn’t control my reaction.

I was having trouble controlling my anxious cock again as I felt that extra swelling that precedes an orgasm. But Kathy was very close and I was determined to hold out and not let her down this time. I moved my hands from her hips to her back and lightly scratched as I ran them up her back. I could feel her quiver at my touch and she slammed down hard one last time and held me tight as her body convulsed. Her pussy started milking me and I let loose a stream of cum that splashed against her cervix over and over.

A warmth engulfed us both as the tingling continued for several minutes. We held each other tight enjoying every second of the ecstasy, never wanting this feeling to end. I stayed hard inside her, our combined juices starting to ooze out as our bodies finally began to relax.

“That…was…fucking fantastic!” she squealed in between gasps. “I have never felt anything like that before. That feeling as your cock expanded just before we came…was sensational. Is it always like this?”

“No, at least not for me. This was special. I’ve waited all my life to please you like this. The orgasm itself is always great but it is so much better when it’s with someone you really care for. That’s one thing I’ve learned from all my escapades these last few weeks.”

“I wasn’t sure,” she continued. “After listening to Lori this past year, I was beginning to think sex wasn’t all that great.”

“You talk to Lori about sex?” I asked nervously.

“Yeah, she’s pretty open about it. She said that jock boyfriend of hers doesn’t really do it for her but he spends money on her. But she also said she likes to try some kinky stuff, so maybe he doesn’t like to play along. I don’t know. I know this was great and I want to do it again and again.”

She started rocking gently with my staff still buried deep inside her. I brought my thumb to her clit and started rubbing it, soft at first and then harder. She clutched my head to her breast and I sucked on the hard nipple in front of me. Within a minute she was quivering again, squeezing my prick as she tried to milk it some more. She was sweating profusely now, the salty fluid rolling down her skin and I gratefully licked it off.

The next morning, Colton picked Parker up for school again. He had lunch with Colton and his friends, but this time Shell made other plans. Parker felt bad, like he had ditched his best friend, but she insisted that he go. Parker suspected that she was probably interested in a new guy.

After cheer practice, Parker waited for football practice to finish up. When Colton asked him if he wanted to hang out for awhile, Parker quickly agreed.

Colton drove to the mall and they went to the food court. Colton bought each of them a cherry slushie and they shared a big soft pretzel with extra salt and cheddar cheese to dip it in. They found an empty table and sat down across from each other. As soon as they sat down, Colton stretched his legs out, trapping Parker’s in between.

Parker let out an embarrassing laugh that sounded perilously close to a nervous giggle and Colton smiled at him. Colton had a way of putting Parker at ease. Parker was able to relax and enjoy himself.

After they finished their snack, they made their way through the mall, and Colton obviously had a destination in mind.

“Where are we going?” Parker asked.

“We’re gonna play slot racers.”

Parker looked up at Colton skeptically, but decided to go with it. He followed Colton into the slot racer shop. The store was one huge race track, which zipped and curved all around an elaborate miniature town. The little slot cars were remote operated and they sat on top of the grooved track. Aside from the shop’s clerk, they were the only two in the store.

Colton paid for their time and they both picked out their cars. Parker chose a little red convertible, while Colton went for a yellow muscle car.

“Ready, pup?” Colton asked.

Parker nodded. When the light changed to green and the horn sounded, Parker pulled the accelerator trigger and his car took off.

It was a lot of fun. He and Colton were both laughing their asses off. They shoved each other with their shoulders while talking smack.

When the heat time was up, Parker’s car was a fraction of a second ahead of Colton’s. He jumped up and let out a whoop. “Yes! Eat my dust.”

Colton growled. “Let’s play again.”

“Someone’s a sore loser,” Parker joked.

Colton didn’t reply back, his mind was already concentrating on the game.

They played again, but this time Colton smoked his ass. Parker hadn’t realized how competitive his new boyfriend was, but he should have known. They played three more heats and each time, Colton won. Colton didn’t gloat, but he smiled smugly, clearly pleased with himself.

Parker poked his bottom lip out in an exaggerated pout. “You’re supposed to let me win if you want me to put out.”

Colton stared down at Parker with that intense gaze. “You’ll put out either way.”

Parker smiled. “Are you so sure of that?”

The corner of Colton’s mouth turned up as he struggled to keep a straight face. “Yes.”

Of course Colton was right. Parker laughed and Colton finally broke out in a smile.

Colton dipped his head down towards Parker’s face. His voice was a husky whisper, forcing Parker to move in slightly to hear him. “What if I leaned down and kissed you right here, right now? Would you still let me, even though I just whooped your ass?”

Parker’s face flushed and his laughter turned into a nervous chuckle. He cut his eyes sideways towards the clerk. His tongue darted out over his lips.

“One more game,” Parker whispered.

They played one more game. This time, Colton pulled back at the last second and let Parker win. And when Colton took Parker home, he made sure their on-the-couch make-out session was hot enough to make Colton’s loss worth it.

* * *

Somehow Parker managed to make it through the week. He was more than ready for his birthday party. He couldn’t remember the last time he was anticipating a birthday this much. He wasn’t sure what Shell had planned, but he was excited because it would be the first time that he and Colton would be hanging out together with other people outside of school.

Sure, everyone knew that they were dating. That was apparent on Monday morning and it didn’t take long for the entire student body to know. He went to school with Colton every day, had lunch with him and then hung out after school. After just a couple of days, he seemed to fall in line with Colton’s friends like he was born to the position. And Parker noticed that it was always the same configuration: with Parker always on Colton’s right side, standing in between Colton and big Jed. Trey flanked Colton’s left side.

Parker loved his time spent with Colton. The big guy was surprisingly sweet when the two of them were alone. While in public, he had a bad-ass persona to maintain, but he never treated Parker like he was a side-piece trick. In fact, he treated Parker like he was the most important thing in his world. Parker soaked up the attention like a sponge.

Parker took extra time getting ready for the party. He quickly decided on a pair of jeans that were a little tight in the butt. They also made his package look pretty good. He tried on a bunch of shirts before deciding to go with a simple t-shirt.

After several heavy make-out sessions with Colton, he was pretty sure that tonight, things would be going further. And Parker was so ready. He was eighteen years old now, officially an adult.

Tonight, he was going to get some dick.

And something told him that Colton would be more than willing to give it to him.

“Parker, can you come down here?”

Parker grabbed his phone and headed downstairs towards his mom’s voice, following it into the kitchen.

His mother and father were standing at the kitchen table smiling. “Happy birthday!” they both exclaimed. On the table was a small chocolate cake with a single lit candle and an envelope.

He gave them both a hug. “Thank you.”

Parker leaned down and blew out the candle. The cake clearly came from a grocery store and said “Happy Birthday” on it. It was the same thing he got every year. Parker didn’t really mind. The grocery store cakes were a lot better than what his mom could have made, not that she ever attempted to bake anything.

While his mother sliced the cake, Parker opened his birthday card. It was your standard boring ‘happy eighteen’ card with a picture of a cake on the front and a pre-printed ‘happy birthday’ message inside. But also included was $300 dollars in three crisp one hundred dollar bills.

“Thank you,” Parker said, giving each of his parents another hug.

The three sat down at the table and enjoyed a piece of cake.

“What time is Michelle picking you up for your party?” his mother asked, setting aside her cake after two bites.

“Shell’s not picking me up, Colton is. But she said we needed to leave at 7:00.”

Barney frowned. “Colton?”

“Parker’s new… friend,” Kate explained. She shot a look to Barney that let him know her thoughts on their “friendship” included more than just being friends.

“Have we met him?” Barney asked, looking between his wife and son.

“I’ve seen him around a couple of times this week,” Kate offered.

“His name’s Colton Butler,” Parker added. “His dad is a sheriff’s deputy.”

“Carlton Butler’s son?” Barney grunted. “I’ve heard about that kid. He’s trouble.”

“He seems like a nice young man,” Kate said. “Awfully big, though.”

“He is nice, Mom,” Parker quickly added. “He’s not a troublemaker at all.”

Barney shook his head. “That’s not what I heard. A golfing buddy of mine works in the sheriff’s office and he’s told me plenty about the deputy’s son. Drinking, loitering, cruising, fighting. I don’t approve of you hanging out with this thug. You know, our company handles the Sheriff’s investments. He’s quite wealthy and powerful.”

Parker chose to ignore his father’s boasting since it had nothing to do with what they were talking about. But he was shocked. Where the hell was all of this bullshit about Colton coming from? “That’s not fair, Dad. You don’t even know him. He’s not like that at all.”

Barney was interrupted by his BlackBerry. He looked down at the screen before looking back up at Parker. “We’re not done with this conversation,” he said, pointing his phone at Parker. He got up from the table, answering the phone as he left the room. “Montgomery… Go ahead…”

Parker sighed and turned back to his mother. “Mom, he’s not like that. Honest. I don’t know where Dad heard all of that from, but it’s total bullshit. I’m eighteen years old now and I am not going to stop seeing him.”

Kate Montgomery narrowed her eyes and hardened her voice. “You better watch the way you speak to me, Parker. I won’t take that kind of backtalk under my own roof. Do you understand me?”

Parker dropped his eyes, realizing that he had pushed too far. “Yes.”

Kate reached over and squeezed Parker’s hand and softened her voice. “Now, why don’t you have him over for dinner sometime next week and we can get to know him a little better, okay?”

Parker readily nodded in agreement. If his parents just got to know Colton, they’d realize what a great guy he was. They would be happy for him because Colton made Parker happy. “Okay. That sounds like a good idea.”

“Good. Now put the cake away if you’re finished and clean up the dishes.”

She gave Parker a pat on his shoulder before walking out of the room.

After putting away the dishes, Parker sliced a nice, big piece of cake, wrapped it, and then set it aside for Colton. He covered up the rest of the cake, then went to the living room and laid down on the sofa and anxiously waited for Colton.

As soon as Colton’s car pulled into the driveway, Parker jumped off of the sofa. He grabbed the plastic-wrapped paper plate from the coffee table and pushed his feet into his shoes.

“Bye! See you tonight,” he called out to his parents, not that he expected a reply from wherever they were in the house.

He shut the door behind him and hurried into Colton’s car. He set the paper plate on the seat between them.

“I brought you a piece of birthday cake,” Parker said.

“Thanks, pup.” Colton leaned in and gave Parker a smoldering kiss. “Happy birthday.”


“Where’s your jacket?” Colton asked with his brows furrowed and a frown on his face.

“Oh, I forgot it. I was in a hurry to get out here. Hold on, I’ll go get it.”

Colton shrugged off his hoodie and gave it to Parker. “Here. Put this on.”

Parker pulled the jacket on without hesitation and zipped it up. “I think I have more of your clothes than you do,” he laughed as he bunched up the sleeves.

Colton leaned over and pulled Parker in for another kiss. “I like you in my clothes,” he said with a growly voice. “You smell like me.”

“That was an odd thing to say,” Parker thought.

He lifted the front of the sweatshirt and sniffed. “It does smell like you. It smells good.” Parker leaned in and gave Colton a quick peck on the lips. Before he could pull back, Colton grabbed the back of his head and pressed his mouth onto Parker’s, sliding his tongue inside, kissing him until he became lightheaded.

“I have something for you,” Colton said. “For your birthday. I have more for later, but I want to give this to you now.”

He dug into his pocket and pulled out a friendship bracelet braided with black threads, accented with silver. He took Parker’s left hand and tied it around his wrist next to Shell’s bracelet. He gave the bracelet a gentle tug, making sure it was fastened securely. When he did, the blue bracelet finally ripped.

“Oh no,” Parker moaned. “It broke.”

“Oops. My bad, pup,” Colton said. He balled up the other bracelet and put it in the palm of Parker’s hand.

“It should be fixable,” Parker said as he examined the tattered ends.

“Probably. But would it be okay if you just wore mine?”

Parker studied Colton for a minute. “You broke that on purpose.”

Colton didn’t meet Parker’s eyes. “Maybe,” he mumbled.

Colton looked so cute right then that Parker almost laughed. He was surprised that Colton admitted that he broke the bracelet. But then, that was the kind of person Colton was. Maybe he wasn’t perfect and could use a lesson in tact, but he was honest and loyal. Parker felt it deep in his gut that he could trust Colton, and he could show Colton that trust by returning his loyalty.

“Did you buy it?” Parker asked as he ran his fingers over the new bracelet.

“No. I made it. Jed showed me how.” He smiled proudly.

Parker noticed several imperfections in the braiding and that made it absolutely perfect as far as he was concerned. “Okay. I’ll just wear yours then.” Parker pushed Shell’s bracelet into his pocket, not wanting to lose it. He would put it in his box of mementos when he got home. “Thank you.” He leaned forward, seeking a kiss and Colton didn’t disappoint him.

Colton gave Parker one more intense kiss, then put the car into gear. He looked back as he pulled out of the driveway and sped off, heading away from town.

“Where are we going?” Parker asked. He ran his tongue over his swollen bottom lip. He could still taste Colton on his mouth. His chin tingled erotically from being scratched by Colton’s goatee. And his dick was so hard he could poke a hole through a steel plate.

“To the old water tower.”

“Oh, okay.”

As Colton drove, Parker leaned back in his seat and discreetly pushed his dick into a more comfortable position.

Parker had never been up to the old water tower, but he had heard about it, of course. It was a notorious party hot spot for the popular kids at school.

The old water tower was located on the outskirts of town, up on a hill. It was still in use, but a new, larger, more modern water tower was built several years ago and now fed most of the city.

Colton pulled off the road onto the unpaved gravel tracks that led up to the tower. The chain link gate surrounding the structure was already open. Colton parked in the gravel lot next to Trey’s sports car.

Parker got out of the car and walked around to Colton’s side. Colton grabbed another hoodie from the backseat and pulled it on. He held out his hand to Parker. Parker grabbed his hand and the pair walked to the base of the water tower.

A small campfire was lit, bathing the area in a soft, flickering light. Shell was already there, as were Jed and Trey, plus a handful of the cheerleaders and football players that Parker was friendly with.

Jed was sitting next to a cooler on the tailgate of his pickup truck.

“Hey, birthday boy!” Shell squealed. She ran up to Parker and pulled him into a big hug. She gave Colton a smile. “Hey, Colton. Thanks for coming.” She grabbed Parker’s hand and tugged. “C’mon.”

Parker let Shell drag him over to the campfire while Colton joined Jed at the tailgate of his truck.

* * *

Jed handed Colton a can of beer before pulling his own out of the cooler in the bed of his truck. Jed and Colton tapped their cans together in a toast and drank.

Colton never took his eyes off Parker as he stared at him over the rim of his can. Parker was standing with Shell and Trey and seemed unaware that he was being watched as he laughed with his friends. But Colton had been watching him for a long time now. His boy was fucking gorgeous. His big green eyes and messy blond hair. His happy smile. His tight body. Just catching a smell of him made his dick twitch.

“Congratulations, man,” Jed said quietly. “Parker’s cute. Quite the catch.”

Colton shot Jed a look. “I already warned you once. You touch him, I swear to god, I will fuck you up.”

Jed held his hands up. “Hey, I’m not trying to poach your boy.” He took a drink of his beer. “So, you’re both mating age now. What are you gonna do? Hey. Can you even mate a human? You gotta bite him to mark him, right? But if you bite him, won’t he turn?”

“I don’t know. I need to talk to Dad or Alpha Forrest. I don’t really know how this shit works. I don’t want to hurt Parker. No matter what, I won’t let Dad or Alpha keep me from him. He is my mate. And make no mistake, I will have him.”

Jed downed the rest of his beer, tossed the empty into a pile, and then grabbed another can. “I don’t know how you do it. I can barely go a week before my wolf hormones go into overload.”

Colton laughed. “I have more will power than you do,” he said, tipping his head towards Jed’s empty beer cans. “And it’s not your wolf hormones. It’s because you’re a man whore.”

Jed spewed beer all over the place. He laughed and flipped Colton off as he wiped down his shirt. “Fucker.”

Colton snickered before turning back to look at Parker. “Besides, I know Parker will be worth the wait.”

The truth was, it wasn’t easy at all for Colton. When male wolf shifters go through puberty, their hormone levels spike through the roof. They spend as much time as they can sticking their dick into anything that moves. It was just before Colton’s first change at fifteen that he lost his virginity. He had bedded more than his share of willing partners, mostly male, but there were a few females thrown in the mix. But after finding Parker, he didn’t want anyone else. He physically ached with the need to feel Parker under him, submitting to him.

Colton felt a little guilty for snapping the bracelet Shell made for Parker. But he didn’t want his boy to be wearing anything that came from anyone else. It didn’t matter that Shell wasn’t a threat to his claim. Yeah, it was a dick move, but he wasn’t going to apologize for it.

“Are you sure he’s the one?”

“Yeah. From the very first time I saw him and smelled him. I just knew. You’ll know if you meet yours. You don’t know how hard it was to control myself when he’s near. Whenever I smell him, I want to push him to the ground and take him right there. We were making out a couple of days ago and he accidentally rubbed my cock over my shorts and I almost lost control and fucking shifted. Right then and there, full on furry.”

“I ain’t looking to get mated now or anytime soon.” Then Jed chuckled. “I bet he would have shit his pants when he all of a sudden had an enormous black wolf on top of him, humping on his leg.” Jed and Colton continued to watch Parker laugh with Shell and one of the other cheerleaders. Jed cocked his head to the side. “I bet he’s a virgin. Yeah. Definitely.”

Colton growled deep in his chest, directing a menacing glare at his friend. Jed had a lot of experience taking virgin boy ass. He’d better keep his eyes, hands, and anything else off Parker’s ass.

“Parker’s virgin status is none of your damned business. Don’t make me tell you again.”

“Sheesh, Mr. Sensitive. Don’t shoot the messenger. I’m just saying. Are you gonna tell him… about us?”

“Yes. When the time is right.” He sipped his beer, watching Parker over the rim of his can.

“Just be careful.”

“I won’t tell him anything until after I talk to my dad or the Alpha.”

* * *

Parker had a great time at his party. He was glad that it was just a small gathering, nothing crazy, just people standing around talking.

Colton let him have a taste of his beer, but Parker decided he didn’t like the taste at all. Jed seemed to drink half of the case, but didn’t seem to get drunk. Even if he had a high tolerance to the stuff, if he kept drinking like that, he was going to end up with a huge beer gut.

Jed left right after Trey disappeared with one of the cheerleaders. Jed had said he was meeting one of the baseball jocks for a little “batting practice,” complete with air quotes and a devilish grin. Parker didn’t want to know any more details.

Soon Shell left as well as the others, leaving Parker alone with Colton.

Colton extinguished the fire by tossing sand into the firepit, then held out his hand to Parker. “Come walk with me, pup.”

Parker walked with Colton through the woods. It was dark, quiet and a little romantic.

Colton pulled a plastic zippered baggie out of his jacket pocket and held it open for Parker. “Want some jerky?”

Parker reached in and pulled a piece of dried meat from the bag and bit into it. “Mm. It’s really good. What is it?”

“Venison jerky. Jed’s family makes it.”

Parker gulped his bite down. “Like deer?” he asked with wide eyes.

“Yup.” Colton pulled off a chunk of dried meat and chewed it.

“They shoot deer?” Parker asked. Not that he should be surprised. Jed was a total redneck. Of course he liked hunting.

“No, that’s cheating. They like a more hands-on approach to hunting.”

“Oh,” Parker nodded. “Right. Like bowhunting.”

“Something like that,” Colton mumbled.

Parker took another bite of the meat. “It’s really good, though.”

The boys walked together in silence, enjoying the cool night. The sky was clear and the air was crisp. Parker wasn’t cold, though. Just being near Colton made him feel warm.

They eventually doubled back around and made it back to Colton’s car. Colton opened the back door and the two climbed into the back seat.

“It’s roomy back here,” Parker said.

Colton wiggled his eyebrows. “I know.”

Colton leaned over the front seat and put his key into the ignition and turned on the engine. He set the radio to a quiet level and turned the heat onto the low setting.

He sat back, bent over and reached underneath the driver’s seat and pulled out a small box. “Happy birthday, Parker.”

Parker gave the big guy a quick kiss and pulled the top off the box. Inside was a leather cord necklace laying on a bed of cotton. Parker pulled it out and drew in a surprised breath. Hanging from the leather cord was a small charm: the side of a wolf’s head in profile.

“Thank you, Colton. Is this silver?” he asked as he touched the charm.

Colton’s face twitched. “No. It’s platinum. I had it modeled after my tattoo.”

“It’s beautiful.”

“Here. Let me put it on you.” Colton took the necklace from Parker and clasped it around his neck.

Parker looked down and touched the wolf. “I love it, Colton. Thank you.”

“Looks good.”

“Yeah? I’ll wear it always.”

Colton’s voice dropped an octave. “Good.”

Colton shifted in the seat, easing Parker down onto his back. “Show me your belly, pup.” His voice was deep and husky, sending tingles up Parker’s spine.

Parker relaxed back against the seat and did as Colton requested. He didn’t know why Colton liked his stomach, but he’d do anything that Colton asked. He lifted his shirt and closed his eyes. His breathing hitched as Colton kissed and nipped his belly. His warm breath and the whiskers of his goatee and mustache against his skin was so erotic. And Colton’s head being so close to his crotch had him throbbing in his jeans.

Colton flicked his tongue across Parker’s belly button, then slid up and laid down on top of Parker’s smaller body.

Parker liked the feeling of the bigger boy on top of him. He shifted his legs a little bit, bringing his left knee up so that his leg straddled Colton’s. Colton shifted, resting his groin on Parker’s.

Colton pressed his lips gently against Parker’s while he lightly stroked his fingers through the smaller boy’s hair. “Are you a virgin, pup?”

Parker knew that he was starting to blush, not unlike a shy virgin, but he couldn’t help it. “Yes,” he answered quietly. “Well, I gave a guy a handjob once.”

Colton made a rumbling noise in his chest that sounded like a growl. His eyes narrowed into slits. “Who? Tell me,” he said between his gritted teeth.

The demand made Parker a little uncomfortable and he tensed, though Parker had to admit to himself that the jealousy and possessiveness was kind of hot, as was that growling noise he made. But still. “Colton, that’s not fair. Are you a virgin?”

Colton closed his eyes and breathed in deep and let it out slowly, then opened his eyes. “You’re right. I’m not a virgin, but I haven’t been with anyone since I moved here. Since the time I first saw you, I haven’t wanted anyone else.”

“Wow.” Parker laughed nervously. “I just hope I can live up to your expectations.”

“You will. There’s no need to be nervous. Just do what comes naturally.”

“It happened before.”

Colton frowned. “What happened before?”

“It, the… you know… the handjob. It happened before you moved here.” Parker’s voice shook as he spoke. He turned his head away from Colton. He didn’t really want to go into the details, but he knew that Colton would know that something was wrong just from his voice.

Colton rubbed his nose along Parker’s neck, scraping his goatee down the sensitive skin along his jugular. “What happened?”

Parker paused for a moment, considering. He didn’t want to lie to Colton, so he just blurted it out. “It was the week before school started. Eleventh grade. My gymnastics coach gave me a key to let me swim at the school’s pool. It was pretty cool, you know, because there was never anyone there, so I had complete run of the pool.”

Colton nodded along, but didn’t say anything, so Parker continued.

“Well, one day when I was getting out of the pool, this guy was there watching me. He was one of the popular jocks, and never showed any interest in me before, so I was completely surprised. I don’t even think he’s really gay. Anyway, he cornered me in the locker room shower. He was a little aggressive. I liked it at first, but he wanted too much. After I used my hand on him, he wanted more. I pushed him off me and he lost his footing on the wet floor and I ran.”

Colton had his eyes closed as Parker told the story. His body was tight and tense. Parker nuzzled his nose along the hollow of Colton’s neck. “Are you mad?” he whispered.

Colton’s eyes opened and he pulled Parker back to look him in the eye.

“Not at you. Never at you.” Colton continued looking at Parker. “There’s more to your story. He wasn’t going to take ‘no’ for an answer.”

Parker looked away from Colton’s piercing gaze. He nodded his head slightly, confirming Colton’s theory.

Colton’s fingers turned Parker’s head towards him. “Never tell me who it was. I won’t be able to control myself, and now that I have you, I don’t want to risk going to jail for murder.”

Parker let out a nervous laugh. But he didn’t think that Colton wasn’t kidding. It scared him a little bit to think of Colton being violent, but it also turned him on a little bit. Parker wouldn’t want Colton to get in trouble defending his honor like he was some sort of “damsel in distress”, but he realized that he loved it when Colton got all jealous and possessive and showed his protective side. It confirmed that Colton truly cared about him, and that this wasn’t just some random hook-up.

Colton kissed Parker slowly and deeply, sliding his tongue inside his mouth. Colton pulled back enough to push the hoodie from Parker’s shoulders and to lift the shirt over his head.

“Fuck,” Colton moaned as his hands roamed all over Parker’s exposed chest and stomach. “You’re fucking gorgeous, pup.”

“Your hands feel so good, Colt.” He grabbed the hem of Colton’s shirt. “Take your shirt off, too. I wanna see you, touch you.”

Colton lifted up and tossed his shirt away. Parker rubbed his hands up and down Colton’s muscular chest, feeling every rippling muscle. All that hair on his hard pecs that he had been dying to run his fingers through felt so good under his finger tips. “You’re so sexy.”

Colton laid on top of Parker, pushing his legs apart with his thighs. He began a slow rocking motion, grinding his hard cock into Parker’s, while he kissed the smaller man. His tongue stroked inside Parker’s mouth, aggressively chasing Parker’s tongue, claiming every inch of his mouth.

Colton pulled away and kissed behind Parker’s left ear, making the smaller man shudder. Colton slid his tongue down Parker’s neck, stopping where the curve met his shoulder.

“Oh god, Colt,” Parker whimpered as Colton began sucking at the base of his neck. It seemed to be Colton’s favorite spot and it drove Parker crazy when Colton worked it. Colton sucked and chewed at the extra-sensitive skin, sending waves of pleasure down Parker’s spine, straight to his balls. The big jock never let the dark hickeys there fade away. At least with the weather getting colder, it was easier to hide it.

Colton lifted his head, then lowered it onto Parker’s chest. He took one of his nipples into his mouth and started to flick his tongue across it. It hardened instantly and Parker thought he might go insane as bursts of pleasure radiated throughout his body.

As Colton worked the other nipple, his hand slid between their bodies and unsnapped Parker’s jeans. He lifted up and flicked his tongue across Parker’s ear lobe. His breath was hot inside his ear canal as he whispered, “I wanna taste you, pup.”

As Colton unzipped his jeans and pulled them down, Parker thought this was it. The object of his fantasies, Colton Butler, was going to suck his dick. Parker was going to just die and go to heaven. Right here, right now. He was so aroused, he was scared that he was going to shoot any second.

Colton buried his nose in the nest of dark blond curls at the base of Parker’s dick. His tongue flicked out and tasted the musky flavor. He lapped at each of Parker’s balls and the V of his legs. He buried his nose there, inhaling deeply. “Fuck, you smell so fucking good.”

Parker’s hands moved to Colton’s head. He let his hands rub the short mohawk and the smooth shaved head. “Feels good, Colt.” He tried to pay attention to what Colton was doing. He knew that he’d be doing the same thing to Colton very soon.

Colton’s tongue slid up Parker’s length and his lips captured the crown. Parker knew he wasn’t very big compared to other guys he’d seen online and in the showers at school, but he thought he did alright for a guy of his small stature. He just hoped that Colton was pleased with him. As Colton’s mouth slid down his shaft, enveloping him in wet heat, all concerns about his size disappeared as did any other conscious thought.

Parker bit his fist to keep from crying out. He had never felt anything so good in his life. As Colton sucked, he moved his mouth up and down, his tongue fluttering all over. Then he made a moaning and growling sound that sent vibrations through Parker’s core.

“Oh god,” Parker cried as his body shuddered.

Colton’s free hand moved up Parker’s body. His fingers found Parker’s mouth and Parker took them inside and began sucking and tonguing them, mimicking what Colton was doing to his dick.

Colton pulled the fingers away and Parker felt them pressing into his crack, against his ass. Parker spread his legs wider. He knew he was acting like a total slut, but he wanted to experience everything with his boyfriend.

Colton’s finger slid into Parker’s virgin ass. It burned slightly at first, but the pain was quickly forgotten as Colton’s head bobbed faster and he sucked harder. Colton’s finger began moving in and out, twisting and turning. He wiggled the finger and tapped something inside Parker, making him buck up from the leather seat.

“Colton. Colt,” he warned. “Babe, I’m coming. It’s gonna shoot. Oh my god! Colt!”

Colton didn’t stop, he kept working Parker. Parker bit down on his fist to keep from screaming as he emptied his nuts into Colton’s hot, sucking mouth.

Parker stared up at the roof of the car. He blinked his eyes, unable to process what had just happened to him.

Colton moved back on top of Parker, pinning him down on the seat. He kissed him hard. Parker could taste the last, unswallowed remnants of his load on Colton’s tongue and it drove him crazy with lust. He was dying to experience Colton the same way.

Parker broke the kiss as he reached for Colton’s jeans. “I wanna suck you, Colt. I wanna make you come, too.”

Colton growled in his throat and grabbed Parker. He flipped them over so that Colton was laying on his back. He unbuckled his belt and popped the buttons on his jeans. Parker gripped them and slid them down his hips.

When Colton’s dick flopped up and slapped against his abs, Parker gasped. He knew that Colton was big, but he had never seen him erect.

“It’s so big,” he whispered.

Parker’s hand was shaking when he reached for it. Colton’s dick was heavy and thick and felt hot to the touch. Now that he had it in his hand, it looked even bigger. Colton’s bush was grown thick and, like the rest of his body hair, was untrimmed. The dark hairs spilled down onto his sack as well. He slid his hand up and down, mesmerized by the way the foreskin slid back and forth across the head.

Parker leaned forward and gave the underside of the head a lick, causing Colton to groan. He mimicked what Colton had done, giving him the same treatment, licking his tongue up and down the shaft, then sucking each of his hairy balls.

But Colton was impatient.

“Suck me,” he growled. He grabbed Parker’s head and pushed it down onto his dick. “Take it in your mouth. Suck it.”

The hot head of Colton’s dick slid into Parker’s mouth. His foreskin retracted and Parker tasted the musky sweat underneath. He let out a whimper and closed his eyes as the flavor burst across his tongue. He moved down as far as he could until he was about to gag, then pulled back up, sucking hard as he did so.

He quickly developed a rhythm. His hand stroked what he couldn’t get into his mouth. Colton was right, he just needed to do what came naturally. And apparently giving Colton a blowjob was the most natural thing in the world.

He moved faster, but the hand on the back of his head slowed him down.

“Nice and slow,” said Colton. “There you go. Slow and deep. Just like that…”

Parker slowed his pace. He slid down slowly until the head of Colton’s cock bumped the back of his mouth. Parker choked and pulled back.

Colton groaned loudly. “Fuck… Don’t stop…”

Parker had an uncontrollable urge to pleasure Colton. More than anything in the world, he wanted to make his man happy. He wanted to make him come. And when he came, he was going to let him do it in his mouth and he was going to swallow every single drop.

Colton’s hand gripped Parker’s hair tighter in his fist. Parker could feel that muscular body tensing and relaxing. Colton’s hand pushed his head up and down, moving just a little faster. Parker tightened his grip on Colton’s dick, using more hand motion, unable to take as much with the faster rhythm.

“So fucking good, pup. Don’t stop. Oh fuck, I’ve needed you for so long, baby. I can’t hold back.”

Parker opened his eyes and looked up at Colton. “Mm-hmm,” he consented around Colton’s dick. He didn’t want Colton to hold back. Colton’s brown eyes were so dark with lust, they appeared black. His hand tightened around the back of Parker’s head, holding him, keeping him from pulling off.

“I’m gonna come in your mouth,” Colton grunted through gritted teeth. “Swallow it for me, pup.”

Parker never took his eyes off Colton as he worked his big dick with his tongue, mouth and hand. Colton’s balls drew up tight. His shaft grew even harder. It swelled in his mouth.

“Don’t stop. Keep going. Like that. Just like that. Fuck! I’m–!”

Colton’s body bucked and his eyes fluttered closed. He grunted loudly, muttering curses between his teeth.

Parker felt the head of Colton’s cock pulse against his tongue and a burst of hot, creamy liquid flooded his mouth. He swallowed as the prick jerked and shot into his mouth again and again.

Colton didn’t stifle any of the grunts he made as he came. He came hard and he came loud.

Parker managed to drink all of that thick semen down. No way in hell was he going to let any of it go. It tasted way too good: musky, sweet and salty, with just a tinge of bitterness.

Colton’s body continued to convulse as Parker licked and cleaned him with his tongue.

Colton slumped down against the seat and his body went limp. “Fuuucck…”

Parker finally moved up Colton’s body, kissing a trail up his abs and chest, until he laid on top of that bigger body. “Mmm. I really liked doing that.”

Colton chuckled lazily, his eyes half closed. “Hm. I’m glad, because you’re gonna be doing it a lot from now on. You give good head, pup. Best goddamn blowjob I ever had.”

Parker blushed at Colton’s lewd compliments, but at the same he swelled with pride. He so wanted to make Colton happy and he had done that tonight. Feeling Colton’s hard, muscular body under his made Parker’s dick start to leak. He loved the feeling of all that body hair against his smooth skin. He slowly rubbed his hips back and forth and felt Colton’s cock start to re-stiffen.

“Fuck, I’d love to go another round, you little stud, but I need to get you home,” Colton said with a sigh. “It’s getting late and I don’t wanna give your parents a reason to keep you from seeing me.”

Parker pouted. “I know.”

Colton stroked the back of Parker’s hair. “I wish I could spend all night with you.”

“Me too.”

The two got dressed, pulling on their shirts and buttoning up their pants. They climbed out of the backseat and Colton opened the passenger door for Parker. Colton jogged around the front of the car, but kept going, heading away from the car back to the water tower.

Parker turned in his seat and watched his boyfriend run to the base of the water tower. He spread his legs shoulder width apart, tilted his head back, and let loose a torrent of piss all over the base of one of the tower legs.

Colton slipped into the front seat after he finally finished. Seeing the look on Parker’s face, he simply shrugged. “When you gotta go, you gotta go.”

* * *

Once Colton dropped Parker off, he headed home. He felt damn good. Nothing could ruin his mood.

He didn’t expect to see his dad still awake. The brawny cop was sitting at the kitchen table, still dressed in his brown deputy’s uniform eating a bowl of cereal while reading the newspaper. He looked up from the paper when Colton stepped into the room. “How was your party, son?”

“It was great, Dad. I had a good time.”

“You stay out of trouble?”

“Yeah. I’m gonna go for a run,” Colton said as he began pulling off his shirt.

“Sure. Be careful and don’t be out too late. Also, I need you to take care of the lawn in the morning. I want it done before we go to the pack meeting.”

“I will, Dad. Goodnight if I don’t see you when I get back.”

Colton stepped out on to the back porch and stripped the rest of his clothes off.

He closed his eyes and dropped to all fours. His bones snapped, his muscles reconfigured.

Seconds later, the black wolf tore off into the forest.

* * *

Parker couldn’t sleep. He was just too wound up after his date with Colton.

He went down to the kitchen and poured a glass of chocolate milk, and looked out into the backyard as he drank it. Looking past the pool, he stared into the forest.

The back of the subdivision bordered on a small forest. It was pitch black past the treeline. Shell was always afraid of the woods behind their houses, but Parker liked the woods. They were protected and houses would never be built there. He always liked being outside and he loved to swim at night, when it was quiet and peaceful.

Maybe a swim would relax him. He walked over to the pool’s electrical box and turned on the pump, the heater and the underwater light.

He went back upstairs and pulled on his swim trunks. He grabbed a big bath towel and slipped on his bathrobe and went back downstairs, out the back door. After he dropped his robe and set the towel aside, he descended the steps into the pool.

He hissed as the cool water hit his sensitive areas. Deciding to just go for it, he dropped down so that he was neck-deep in the water.

He closed his eyes and just treaded water for a bit while his body adjusted to the temperature. He moved into a back float and stared up at the sky. As he floated around, he thought back on his date tonight. He could feel his cheeks heating up and his dick started to harden in his swim trunks.

I apologize to everyone for taking so long to post this! The fifth chapter is already in progress!

(All main characters are over the age of 18)

I was in heaven. It was ecstasy, it was pure poetry. I fell backwards onto the bed, pulling Matt on top of me. He was lighter than I expected, and as a result, we tumbled a bit more roughly than I anticipated. His tongue snaked into my mouth, meeting my own. I moved my hand down his body and grabbed his butt, grinding his crotch into mine. I felt that his cock was hard as steel, straining against his pants, rubbing against my own trapped manhood. I started kissing his neck and he let out a small whimper of pleasure. He ground against me again, our legs entwined. He slid his hand under my shirt and up my back in a gentle caress that made me shiver. He moved to pull my shirt off and I leaned forward to help him, stripping off the garment and throwing it to the side. Matt began kissing my neck and chest, working his way downward. He paused at my left nipple, slowly circling it with his tongue before lightly biting it, causing me to inhale sharply, and become even more aroused, if that was even possible. He started to undo my belt and fly, but I stopped him.

“You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to.” I said.

“Haven’t you caught on yet?” he teased, “I really do want to.” He smiled at me as he continued to open my pants. Pushing my underwear out of the way, he grabbed my cock and freed it from the confines of my pants. Matt lightly ran his tongue up the underside of my throbbing erection, circling the head with the very tip of his tongue, causing me to twitch with pleasure. Licking his lips, he took me into his mouth, almost to the base. I watched as his mouth moved up and down on my cock, I could feel him using his tongue to tease my head, which nearly made me to cum on the spot, but he shifted his attention to my scrotum, taking it into his mouth while simultaneously stroking my head with the tips of his fingers. I could feel myself on the edge of orgasm. Matt took me back into his mouth, his warmth enveloping my manhood, his tongue once again tickling my sensitive head, driving me over the edge.

“Ungh, Matt, I’m about to cum.” I groaned. In response, he moved his head down on my cock and I could feel the tip disappear down his throat as I came, my body tensing and my manhood coating his throat with hot cum. I could feel his throat massage my cock as he swallowed. A few moments later, I slipped from his mouth and he smiled up at me, a little bit of cum ran down his chin. Smiling, I leaned forward to wipe off his chin. I kissed him again and pulled him back on top of me, lifting the hem of his shirt, and pulling it off his body in one smooth motion. I stopped kissing him to admire his sleek form.

“God damn, you’re sexy.” I remarked as my eyes traveled over his smooth body. I leaned down, and kissed his chest, nibbling his skin lightly as I did. I traced my tongue down the center of his torso, stopping to make small circles around his belly button, which made him twitch, much to my delight. Sliding my own body down the bed to my face was even with the star tattooed on his stomach, I undid the top button on his jeans. His jeans had a button fly and the remaining three buttons followed suit rather easily. I pulled his pants down, off his legs, and threw them aside. I noticed his underwear, and couldn’t help but smile.

“Rocket ship undies?” I teased. Matt blushed deeply. “I’m just teasing, I think they’re adorable.” I kissed his chest and slid my fingers inside the waistband. This was my first time doing anything like this, so I decided to just try to do what he had done for me. Easing his underwear down over his throbbing hard on, I feasted my eyes on the prize in front of me. It was about six and a half inches long, and about four inches around. Gingerly, I licked it from base to tip, causing him to let out an endearing moan of pure pleasure. I positioned my lips over his head and, circling it with my tongue, I took it into my mouth. The taste was a little salty, not entirely unpleasant and very musky. Taking a deep breath through my nose, I pushed my head down to take the rest of his length into my mouth, while simultaneously teasing the underside with the tip of my tongue. I slowly lifted my mouth off his cock, then swiftly plunged it back down, taking him to the hilt. A thought flashed through my head; maybe I was gay. I was surprised at how little this revelation bothered me. However, my attention quickly returned to Matt and his beautiful cock as he twitched and called out my name.

“David, I-I’m gonna c-cum.” he whispered. I took this as my cue to engulf his cock once again. As soon as the tip of his erection touched the back of my throat, he convulsed and I felt his hot cum flood my mouth. I had no choice but to swallow, otherwise I probably would have choked on it, there was just so much. I felt it on my tongue and considered the taste. It was also salty, but sweet too. It briefly dawned on me that I kind of liked the taste. Holy crap I was gay, it wasn’t even a question anymore. I caressed his softening member as I milked the last few drops of semen from it. Letting his cock fall from my mouth, climbed back onto the bed, next to his naked form.

“David that was amazing.” Matt said quietly.

“I was just returning the favor.” I smiled and kissed his cheek. He looked about ready to pass out. I snuggled up close to him, and he moved to lay on my chest. I hugged him close to me and I felt his breathing slow. After a few minutes, I looked down and saw he was asleep. Smiling, I closed my eyes and drifted off.

The next morning, there was a rapid knock at the door. I woke with a start at the sound and looked around blearily. The light that was filtering through the windows told me that morning had arrived. Remembering the events of last night, I smiled to myself and reached over to embrace Matt. When I realized that he wasn’t under the sheets with me, I jumped up and out of bed, but before I could speculate as to where Matt could be, I heard the shower going in the bathroom. Relieved, I sank back down on to the bed, just in time for the knock at the door to start again, sounding impatient.

“Hold on just a sec.” I called towards the door as I looked around for my pants. Pulling on a set of sweatpants, I headed towards the door and swung it open.

“Hey Dave, about time.” The voice, and accompanying grin was that of Kevin Grey, the goalie for the school’s soccer team. I had met him through some mutual friends, and we were friendly enough, but we didn’t know each other that well. He was holding a soccer ball.

“Hey Kev, what’s up?” I asked, leaning on the door frame.

“Well, everyone on the team heard about you getting picked to be cut, and we all thought it was bullshit.” he said wistfully. “So a few of us got together and got this for you.” He held up the soccer ball. It was a standard black and white practice ball, probably stolen from the equipment room. I looked closer and noticed that there were signatures in black marker all over the ball. I recognized most of the names.

“Is this everyone on the team?” I asked, counting off the signatures in my head.

“Yup, even Coach Conrad signed it.” came the reply. I was genuinely touched. I had thought no one had really missed me on the team, but this ball proved otherwise. “We’ve decided to appeal the decision to the Dean of Athletics.” he continued. “We really want you back on the team.”

“Well, I really want to be back on the team. Thank you for this, really, it means a lot to me. Tell everyone else I said thanks too.” I said.

“No problem man, will do.” He started towards the staircase. “Take it easy, Dave”

“You too, bud.”

Turning back towards my room, I gently tossed the ball onto my bed. I heard the door click shut behind me and smiled to myself again. I quickly stripped off my boxers and moved towards the bathroom. I slowly turned the handle on the door so it wouldn’t make a sound. Stepping inside, I bit my lower lip as I saw the skinny outline of Matt’s naked form through the shower curtain. I grabbed hold of the curtain and eased it aside. Matt had his back to me as he rubbed shampoo in his hair. I smiled for the third time as I slowly stepped into the shower behind him.

Winter is my favourite time of the year. No pollen, good reasons to stay inside, and rain. I love the rain; the pitter-patter on my roof cures my insomnia. I was a typical high school senior. 18, and about 5′ 10. I wasn’t ripped, but I had abs and I was pretty strong. My grades went from C’s to A’s, but everybody thought I was the smartest guy on the block (Back in Elementary school, when I cared, I was.). Post-High school, I wanted to seek a major in psychology, and then I don’t know what. I just knew I liked psych, and was good at it. I was a human lie detector. If you twitched your lip here, or blinked there, I knew your deepest secrets. I think that was my favourite part of psychology – making people transparent. The power tasted good. However, what tasted even better, was something I was going to find out soon.

It was a Friday in late September, and my parents decided to leave for the weekend, leaving me, and my twin sister, Sam, home alone. Sam and I were pretty comfortable around each other and had seen each other naked once or twice when we were young, but nothing passed that. She was tall and so damned sexy. No matter how cold it was, she always wore short shorts, or skirts to show off her tan beauties. Her blonde hair rode her body just to the tips of her nipples. She always left the first few buttons of her shirt undone to hint that she wasn’t wearing a bra. I knew she put out for her boyfriends.

I got up for school at about 6 a.m. as I usually do. Sam had been up for a while and I heard her get in the shower a few moments after my alarm buzzed. I usually didn’t sleep in any clothes when mom and dad were away, and for as long as Sam was in the shower, I had no worries. I hopped out of bed and walked down the hallway to get something to eat. The breeze felt good against my naked skin as I went down the stairs up to the kitchen counter. I grabbed the toaster and a bagel and started getting it all set up. Once the bagel started toasting, I figured I’d go back upstairs and finish any homework I forgot about. Right as I reached the top of the stairs, the bathroom door opened and Sam walked out – Naked. We were right in front of each other, like deer in headlights. Bam! Instantly hard. She was beautiful… and holding a vibrator. Her pussy looked recently shaved, and dealt with, and I could only imagine what was going through her mind. We stood there for the longest time, staring at each other’s body. I couldn’t get the image of fucking her out of my mind.

“That thing’s massive, Derrek.” She said, breaking the silence.

I snapped out of my dream. “Huh? What is?” I said looking around like an asshole.

“Your fucking cock! I thought Don had a huge one, but wow!”

Don was my best friend who dated Sam a couple of months ago. “Well, uhh, I’m not Don, so, uhhh, there!” Great comeback, huh?

“Can I touch it?” She said without even a beat after me finishing my sentence.

“Eh, sure.” I said hesitantly. I mean, she was fucking amazing looking, but she was my sister.

She walked over to it, and wrapped her hand around it and smiled. I was still a virgin, and was a little shell shocked. All of a sudden, she knelt down and shoved it in her mouth. Holy shit that felt good. Her saliva rubbed up and down my shaft as she licked and sucked it. I moaned as her lips tickled my throbbing head, and her tongue wrapped itself around me. Not long after she started my balls squeezed and I shot off rope after rope of cum into her mouth with a yell. I wasn’t sure what to say. “Sorry?” “Thank you?” It all seemed like it was the wrong thing. So, being a male, I just sat there with my mouth agape, as she said “Thanks” and licked up some more cum, before walking over to her room. Right as she was about to open the door, she ‘dropped’ her vibrator, and bent over in such a sexy way that I nearly shot another load off right there. After she left, I just stood there. Dazed. Right as I was about to open my door back up, I could hear a soft buzzing noise muffled by much louder moans.

I continued to get ready for school, a little unsure of what to say to Sam anymore. All I knew was I wanted more. I quickly got dressed and ran back downstairs to finish my bagel because who would let such food go to waste. I hopped into my ’93 T-Bird and Sam climbed into the passenger seat. I popped it into reverse and headed towards school. I noticed Sam was wearing a yellow polo shirt with the top buttons undone and nothing underneath, along with a jean-skirt and matching yellow and white socks. We pulled into the parking lot much earlier than usual. Since we live about 10 miles from the school (via transfer) we have to leave quite early, however, today we encountered absolutely no traffic and got to school almost a half an hour earlier than usual.

“Wow. We got here fast. Where is everybody?” Sam said looking around.

“Sheesh. I don’t know. You’re right. There isn’t a soul around. This is kinda creepy.”

“I know, right? I’ve never seen the school so dead.”

Sam popped open the door and when the seatbelt pulled forward enough, hopped out. Reaching into the back seat for her bag she leaned over reaching across the whole bench. I looked in the side mirror and got a beautiful glimps up her skirt, which had nothing underneath it.

“Derrek, come back here and look at this.”

I snapped out of my fantasy and popped my door open and leaned the seat forward.

“What? I don’t see anything.”

“No. Sit down, you can’t see it from there.”

I sat down on the bench and shut my door. So did Sam.

“I’m so fucking horny! Ugh.” She moaned slipping her skirt off. “C’mon brother!”

“What!? Right here in the parking lot?”

“Yea, C’mon fuck me!” Her wet lips sat there red and pulsing just asking to be fucked. I unzipped and pulled my pants and boxers down, unsure, again, of what I was doing. I leaned over to her and positioned myself so I could fuck her easily. Thankfully Thunderbirds had roomy backseats!

“Uh! Uh! Uh! Oooh yea! Harder! Uh!” She put her hands back on the back windshield and braced herself as I fucked her, forgetting she was my sister. “Ohh! Uhhhhh!” The car rocked gently as I thrust my hips forward.

It was a bit much for me to handle at once. “Oh God, Sam, I’m going to cum!” She dismounted and began to suck my cock as I leaned back over the centre console. I shot another rope of cum into her mouth. “Now finger me! I’m fucking horny!” Knowing a little of what to do from porn, rather than fingering her, I leaned forward and pushed my tounge into her slit and began to eat away. “Oh God! Yeaaa! Uhh!” She began to yell in ecstasy. “I’m cumming! AHH!” Her back arched tightly as she squirted cum into my mouth and on my face. “Yess! Ohh” she moaned as she relaxed. “Ahh. Fuck yea!” She lurched forward and began to French kiss me. “Fuck. That was amazing!” She said as she pulled her tongue out of my lips. She slid her skirt back on and winked at me as she crawled out of the car and went on her way.

End of part 1.

Author’s Note: All characters are age 18 and older. Please be patient with me this is my first submission. The explicit scene is in chapter 4 so if you’re here for that it would be wise to go elsewhere. Please rate and comment below! Thank you for your patience and suport!

***Chapter 1 – How it Began***

The air swirled around my head, my eyes closed. I could feel the eyes of the entire crowd focusing on me. I looked down at the front row, my speech teacher smiled and nodded up at me. With a deep breath, I took one last look around the speech hall. I quickly glanced at my notes, though I didn’t really have to, I was very familiar with the story.

“I want to thank you all for coming here tonight, first of all, and hope that I will be able to keep you awake for the next five minutes,” I said, the crowd responded with a light chuckle,”but it will be difficult with my extremely boring life,” again a chuckle.

“As you probably already know my name is Mark Stowe. I lived a rather protected home-school lifestyle previous to coming to Commitment High School. Nothing could have prepared me for the radical changes that would ensue. Nightmares had haunted me from childhood, things changing, getting left behind, being all alone. I wasn’t allowed to listen to anything but classical music until my Freshman year. Change was always something frightening to me.

“And then, I turned ten years old. My Father had a major stroke and my life turned upside down. Everything went downhill from there. I missed a lot of school from staying in the hospital. That took up six months, but I was able to double up and get back to where I was supposed to be, then things went more or less smoothly until my Freshman year. That was difficult and my home-school tendencies definitely showed. I wrote the Jedi code on all the white boards. From then my Grandfather died, my parents divorced, it came out that my Dad was a pedophile, my Mom moved in with a new abusive boyfriend in New Jersey, my Brother had a child out of wedlock, I got mixed up in drugs and alcohol; my life was a ruin, everything I had feared came true: everything changed, I got left behind, and I was all alone.

“During my hardest time in New Jersey, between catching my Mom in bed with different men, abusing drugs and alcohol, getting shot at and run out of three different houses, and making new friends and losing them within days, there was little room for hope. I would stare at a picture of my class I had with me, it was the only thing that kept me sane in that insane world. I would wander through the woods early in the morning and sing loudly into its depths. Without my Hope I would most likely not be here, or quite possibly not even be alive now.”

When I had finished, tear stroked faces stared back at me. This school was small enough that everyone had heard my story, they all knew what happened afterward. I escaped back to my hometown of Tacoma, and moved into a house with an old teacher in our school. And she wasn’t one of those nice old ladies. Strict and oppressive, I had no freedom or outlet through which to release all of my frustration.

I could see her now, scowling in the back row. Knowing I was going to be going home to that woman was enough to send chills up my spine. At first, she seemed friendly enough, but she didn’t keep up the illusions for long. Soon I was sleeping in the basement whenever anyone came over, it honestly surprised me how many relatives she had that were still living. I was asked like any child, to help participate in the household chores, but somehow whatever she told me to do, it was like trying to do it with a fifty-pound pack on my back.

“I tell you this story, not so that you will pity me, but that you can learn from me and heed my warnings,” I said. Bowing low, everyone began clapping. I stepped off stage and sat down into my seat next to Mrs. Steele, my speech teacher.

“Good job,” she whispered into my ear. I was her favorite student, and everyone knew it, but we had always had a special bond. Public speaking was a common passion we shared. She had a bright smile, and was very much like how my mother had once been. I missed that.

The other speeches followed, and I kept moderately interested. My eyes however, kept drifting to where the girls in my class were sitting. There she was, Rachel. With medium brown hair, brown eyes, a slender athletic build, she was a girl to die for. To most of the guys, she was just a nice girl that could stick up for herself. She did not let anyone push her around. To me, she was perfect. Her bright smile would intoxicate me for hours, a moment when our eyes met was like an eternity in heaven. Never backing down from a challenge she was accused of being a tom boy, but never to her face. In short, I was in love.

All of a sudden everyone was standing up and clapping. The last speech had been delivered. Thankfully today was a half day. We all walked out of the auditorium, and I loitered for a bit saying goodbye to my friends. Then Rachel walked up. I stopped breathing, frozen in place staring into her deep beautiful brown eyes.

“You did amazingly on your speech Mark,” she said. She nervously brushed her hair behind her ear. A couple of my friends were standing behind her, where I could see them, but she could not, giving me the thumbs up. Everyone at school wanted us to get together, but I was afraid of scaring her off before college.

“Thanks Rachel, I’m glad you enjoyed it. So umm…”


“What are you doing after school today?”

At this she smiled and swiveled back and forth on her heel, pretending to be thinking about it.

“Oh nothing, why?”

“Well, would you like to go see a movie and get some dinner with me?”

“What you mean like a date?” My blood was pumping so hard, I felt like my eyes were going to pop out of socket at any time now.

“If… If you want to call it that, sure.”

A very large grin spread over her face.

“Okay then, what time?”


My friends said of the walk home that it was like watching a squirrel hopping along the top of a fence. Well if they had scheduled a date with the girl of their dreams I’m sure they would have acted the same way.

I live on 29th and Davenport, in a moderately wealthy house, with Satan in woman form. Okay maybe not that bad, but you try living with her for a while. I waved to my friends as I walked up to my front door. My hand was on the handle, and I kept it there until I was mentally prepared for the war zone I was about to enter, but I was determined to not let it get me down.

Quickly I turned the handle and ran inside, but after the bright spring day outside it was difficult to see. Apparently Mrs. Horth was waiting for me inside the door. In a mess of backpack, teen boy, and old woman a very high pitched scream came from somewhere in it,

“What the hell are you doing Mark, you need to watch where your stupid ass leads you! Get off me!”

“Sorry ma’am,” I mumbled as I picked up my stuff and helped her up.

“You better be, besides, you have work to do, since it’s a half day I want you to mow the lawn.”

“I just mowed it last Saturday…”

“And now it is Friday,” she interrupted,”and it is time to be mown again.”

“Okay, whatever, I will do it after I change.”

I ran up the old mahogany stained stairs and into my bedroom. The walls were littered with posters of anime characters and other random art of elves, dwarfs, fairies ,dragons, and swords that I had drawn. Public speaking was not my only specialty. Fantasy fiction had always been my favorite genre. I had read the Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien several times as it was my favorite book.

“Aren’t you changed yet, the grass isn’t getting any shorter,” yelled the shrill voice from the bottom of the stairs.

“Just a minute.” With that I threw my backpack next to my desk by my window and changed into some shorts.

Now, I feel obligated to say, that the lawn did need mowing, and it wasn’t that miserable for me. I mean, I had a lot to think about you know? Whether planning the conversation, or wondering if I would get to kiss her. If I should try and put my arm around her, or if that would be going to far. To say I was excited would be an understatement.

***Chapter 2 – The Date***

After mowing, I showered. It was difficult to keep myself from running everywhere, but it was very hard to contain my joy. Little did I know that tonight would bring more excitement, adventure, and fear than I had ever known in my entire life.

I put on some khaki shorts with a flannel design short sleeve button down dress shirt over it. Appraising myself in the mirror in my bathroom, I took note of my relatively fit body. I could bench a good 180 lb. My sandy blonde hair stood out a little over my dark brown eyes. I was a little short only about 5′ 8”. With only a little bit of flexing, I went downstairs. Mrs. Horth I found sitting in front of the computer in the study, hunching forward and squinting at the screen, as if it were some mischievous little elementary student that was refusing to obey.

“I’m going out and will be back later tonight.” I yelled. With a large grin I closed the door behind me, pleased with myself that I had timed the slam of the door to override her shrill complaints. Off I went down the street. I’m not a creep or a stalker, but I knew exactly how to get to Rachel’s house.

On the way I saw Mrs. Nossit watering her garden. Her son Jared was my best friend. She waved as I walked by being a very nice lady with whom I had always gotten along. I noticed her mouthing good luck as I walked by and smiled.

“Jared must have told her.” I mused to myself.

I was almost to her house now. Just around the curvy road, I saw it. A white victorian style house with a beautiful rose garden out front, and a white picket fence. About 30 yards away I started to get dizzy when I realized I wasn’t breathing. After a few deep breaths I began to close the gap between myself and the front gate. I rested my hand on the latch for a few seconds and thought about her family.

She had two brothers and a sister, all older and moved out or at college. Her parents were very sweet, and it was always a joy to talk with them. Rachel told me they liked me very much. Apparently her extended family were in town at the time, and I could tell by the unfamiliar wood-paneled station wagon sitting in their front driveway.

The front door loomed ahead, with light beaming through the distorted glass all around it. Shapes moved around inside, and I heard many muffled voices.

With one last deep breath, I stepped up to the door and reached out for the doorbell. Something was bothering me though. With a quick look around me everything looked normal, but it was twilight. Until I noticed beside me sitting on the swing chair staring at me with black eyes, was a little girl. Her pale face seemed frozen in a frown, she sat completely still.

I guessed this must be a cousin or a niece of Rachel’s so I though I had better make a good impression rather than remain there with my hand and index finger stretched out to the side and my mouth ajar while staring with a nervous and slightly confused look on my face.

“Umm, hello, I am Mark Stowe, I go to high school with Rachel, what’s your name?”

She stood up, and I don’t know why, but I flinched a little bit. What about this girl was creeping me out so much? A little more than a foot away she steadfastly stared directly into my eyes. I felt a little sick as the blood drained from my face.

“I’ll just ring the door bell okay?” She didn’t falter for a second.

I pressed the doorbell and heard a little tune play inside the house. For a moment everything went quiet until I heard some shuffling up to the door. Slowly it creaked open.

“Oh hi Mark, come in come in! Charissa what are you doing out here?” said Mrs. Greene, Rachel’s mom.

“Hi Mrs. Greene,” the relief of talking with someone familiar brought the life back to my face and my smile returned.

The girl walked inside without a sound and went upstairs where she brushed past Rachel. I beamed up and saw that she reciprocated it.

“I’ll be down in a second okay?”

“Sounds good.”

Already I had forgotten all about Charissa, and was wondering what she was going to wear until I was interrupted by Mrs. Greene,

“Please don’t mind my family.” Something was wrong, and I was beginning to be a little concerned.

I peered into the adjacent living room where there sat what I hoped was the rest of the extended family. A large bearlike man, leaning forward with his hands folded, sat in the main armchair next to the fireplace. Very slowly he looked up at me, a tattoo covered half his face. It was a black dragon that had its mouth open over the man’s eye. Which was icy cold blue. Across from him sitting on the couch was Mr. Greene with his legs crossed.

A woman stood by the window, dressed in a black leather overcoat. She was tall with long slick black hair coming down to her waist. She turned around and had a tattoo also covering half of her face. This was a red tattoo of a phoenix that had its beak open over her bright green eye.

I waved and backed out of view. Besides, they seemed very deep in some conversation.

Rachel came running down the stairs in a gray sweatshirt and dark blue jeans.

“Okay I’m ready.”

“Alright, let’s go.”


I never felt so happy and light on my feet. Since neither of us had our licenses yet, we walked into the center of town. We talked the whole way there, joking, laughing, and poking each other.

She looked so beautiful, there were times when I would get lost and zone out in her dazzling eyes. Standing in the city center we looked around and found a cute little italian restaurant to eat at.

After a nice plate of spaghetti and probably the best garlic bread I have ever had, we sauntered over to the theatre, and watched some weird chick movie about vampires and love. I couldn’t really focus on it anyway, but interesting how I laughed whenever she did, and enjoyed the movie just as much.

Holding my arm, we slowly made our way back.

“Hey Rachel?”


“What’s up with your family, they seem a little bit creepy.”

“I’m not sure if I can talk about that.”

“Come on,” I urged her, “I’m just a little worried about you.”


“Rachel, there you are.” We both jumped. It was the bearlike man, who had spoken, his deep voice almost didn’t seem natural. “We were wondering where you had gone to for so long.”

He grabbed her by the arm and started pulling her toward the house. Turning around she formed the word “goodbye” with her lips.

“Sir,” I said beginning to protest. It was obvious she was in pain, and my protective instinct was taking over.

Quite suddenly he stopped and peered at me with the tattoo side of his face. The black lines of the dragon seemed to suck in all the light around me, and the only eye I could see began to glow brighter blue. I lost focus, then everything went black.

***Chapter 3 – Shadows and Hopes***

I came back to, trying to remember what had happened. I remembered taking Rachel back home after our date. Then there was the man, with the dragon tattoo. “Am I on the pavement,” I thought. Finally I opened my eyes to observe my surroundings.

I was wearing the same clothes, but I was lying under some brush. Pine needles were prickling into my back. My head was throbbing and felt stuffy as if I had been asleep all day. Somewhere just beyond my vision, I heard rushing water. Well, one thing is for sure, I wasn’t in Tacoma anymore.

Pushing my muscles to their limit, I lifted myself out of the brush I had been lying underneath. I thought perhaps some water would help me refresh and better assess the situation. The noise led me to a creek. I bent over to splash some water onto my face, but what I saw scared me half to death. Glowing white lines covered one side of my face. I now too had a tattoo, it was of a lion, with it’s jaws open around my left eye which was no longer brown, but a bright gold. When I lifted my arm to touch it, I saw lines on my arm as well.

Yes, I was scared, but at the same time I was quite intrigued. I took off my shirt and saw that after the torso, about on my neck, the lions body turned into a vine and snaked its way down my arm to my wrist.

“Well, this is a little weird.” I thought.

Whistling awoke me from my reverie. It was an upbeat tune. Kind of reminding me of Bob Marley. Candidly the music drifted across the river to me from its origin.

“This,” I thought, “perhaps could be someone who can explain what’s happened to me.”

Great care was given in the crossing, because in many spots the water became rather deep, and some rather rocky and sharp rocks lay hidden in the murky water. The concentration required was enough to clear my mind from the fog I had been feeling earlier. By the time I had reached the other side I felt completely refreshed. The whistling was becoming fainter, so I knew I needed to pick up my speed.

Breaking into a trot, I suddenly came upon a dirt and gravel road. Down each side I could see for miles, or at least until the road curved enough. To my left I noted the source of the whistling, a mounted rider.

I began to sprint, and sooner than I had expected I came up on him. He was wearing a scarlet hood and had a large beard that flowed in the wind behind him. From my point of view, it appeared that his mount had horns.

“That couldn’t be right.” I thought.

“Sir, sir!” I yelled. Before I had time to react, there was an axe right in front of my face, just an inch from my nose. My eyes followed the shaft of the axe all the way up to his countenance. Underneath the hood was somehow an old and yet a young man. His hair was a deep red, with squinty black eyes under his bushy eye brows. A crooked nose looked nearly straight at me.

A very thick brogue poured from his mouth rather quickly, “Whorye!” I had no idea what to say, so I just stared. Awkward silence ensued but different from the little girl in that there was an axe between us instead of still air.

“Well, whorye?” He jabbed the axe into my stomach with a little more force than I had at first expected. The wind was knocked from my lungs and I doubled over.

Finally I got enough to understand he was speaking English and guessed he was asking who I was.

“Mark S…St…Stowe.” I said in between rapid deep breaths.

“Well, Mark Stowe, wha business do ye have wi me tha ye interrup mi journey?” His face lightened up a bit, but his axe still occupied the space between us. I could tell he was examining my tattoo, and probably wondering why I was shirtless.

“I just wanted to ask you a question.”

“Very well, but first ye must answer mine,” he said, his left eyebrow raised suspiciously, “How came ye to bear that mark on yer visage?”

Tentatively I raised my hand to my face, “I am not sure, I fell asleep without it, and woke up with it.”

“I am Gargh, dwarf wanderer from the eastern mountains. How ma’ I be o’ service to ye?” he said with a broad grin across his face. Dirty yellow teeth shined from between his full lips. A smile spread across my face, but only because he put his axe away.

“Well, first, I guess, where am I?

“You are in Dul’Hafor, land of healing and refreshment. Not far west o’ here is Undan’Hafor, city of healing and refreshment. ‘Tis run by the Querthi, and is their last known dwelling. Ha’ ye any other questions tha’ might need mi’ answering?”

Well, I knew something was weird, but this was straight out of a fairy tale. At this point, I had no idea what to do next. I was stuck in the middle of some strange world with dwarves and Querthi, whatever they are, the love of my life is being oppressed by some evil man, and I am unable to do anything about it.

Suddenly I had a thought. “Do you know of a man with a black tattoo much like mine, except of a dragon?”

“How was Jason?” Dawn fished in her purse for her wallet.

“He was an angel, of course!” Amber had flounced in from the living room as soon as we entered the house, carrying a depleted bag of Cheetohs and a Diet Coke, which she set on the counter. “We played games until eight and then I put him to bed. I had to read him Bedtime Bear three times. He uses the funniest voices! He acts so serious and puts on this really cute face and wants to read the lines for Bedtime Bear’s daddy.” She scrunched her flawless features until she looked stern, lowered her voice an octave, and growled, “Bedtime Bear must go to bed!”

It was an uncanny vocal impression of Jason imitating me.

Dawn glanced over at me with a rare smile. “That’s Kevin’s voice he is doing. Kevin reads Jason that story every night.”

“Oh, Mr. Cleft! Do the voice!” Amber didn’t give me a chance to decline. She contorted her voice into a plaintive whine, but she couldn’t entirely banish her natural alto purr. “I don’t want to go to bed, Daddy!”

I didn’t see an escape short of looking like an asshole. “Um…Bedtime Bear must go to bed!” I recited in my Daddy Bear voice, assiduously avoiding any prolonged eye contact with Amber’s large pale blue eyes and generous mouth. Instead, I glanced at Dawn, who didn’t notice my discomfort and was extracting two twenties from her wallet.

“The bed’s too far, Daddy!” Amber continued, with the soft purr in her voice more pronounced than before.

I smiled uncomfortably. The next line in the book was for Daddy Bear to say, “Then I will carry you, Bedtime Bear!” Amber should have been old enough to understand the inappropriateness of prompting me to offer to carry an eighteen year old girl to bed — particularly with my wife standing next to me. It was time for a topic change before she started asking me to tuck her in. “Dawn, are you driving Amber home?”

Dawn didn’t answer right away. “Amber, here is $40 for tonight, and we will see you next Friday night.” She then turned to me. “I have a bit of a headache from the movie. Can you be a dear and drive her home?”

The strain on our marriage forced me to be extra cautious in ever being alone, or appearing to want to be alone, with any attractive woman. Amber wouldn’t have the slightest interest in a thirty year old married father, but I didn’t want the possibility of infidelity even crossing Dawn’s mind. This was a bad idea. I deliberately used a fake smile to show Dawn my honest reluctance. “Of course.”

Amber made the money vanish into the pocket of her tight denim pants. “Thanks for the money, and have a good night, Mrs. Cleft!” She followed me out to the driveway. I was acutely aware of the smell of her perfume once I closed the door to my car. She was wearing a sultry, midnight fragrance more appropriate for highballs during an illicit meeting in a hotel bar than for a drive home from babysitting.

The boys in her high school must have been in perpetual priapic shock. Amber didn’t seem to have the faintest conception of the effect she had, with her big eyes, open smile, effervescent personality, lifeguard-tanned skin, and gymnast physique. I considered yet again that my wife had selected Amber solely to torment me for my sins, but that wasn’t fair to Amber. Few eighteen year olds liked babysitting, but Amber seemed to do it because she loved kids.

“Jason looks a lot like you, Mr. Cleft,” Amber observed as I backed out of the driveway.

“He is a cute kid, so I take that as a compliment.”

Amber stretched her arms in a yawn, setting the pronounced curves of her breasts in sharp relief against the street lights. “You should! My dad never read my stories as a kid. He was too busy at work. Your wife is lucky to have someone so good with kids.” She was looking at me, and the purr had returned to her voice.

My wife wasn’t feeling very lucky this year, but I wasn’t about to reveal my shame to the babysitter. I simply responded, “I am lucky to still have my wife.” The “still” had crept in accidentally, but Amber didn’t seem to notice, extending another yawn into a full-bodied cat stretch. I tried to keep my eyes focused on the road.

We pulled into her driveway, only five blocks away. “I like to know the parents of the kids I sit for, and I think I got to know you better tonight,” she said as she exited the car. The cast to her sunny, pretty features seemed a little smug as she said that, but she just smiled. “Thanks for the ride!”

“Thanks for sitting. See you next Friday.”

“I can’t wait!” She turned and scampered into the house, her blonde ponytail bouncing behind her, pointing like an arrow to a slim waist and a bottom made for holding.

Annoyed with myself, I tore my eyes away and drove home. Amber indeed had no concept of the effect she had on men, and there was little chance of any temptation going anywhere deadly, but this was the very habit I was trying to break. The drunk steers clear of the bar, and the junkie avoids skid row. I needed to avoid attractive women.

Dawn was already asleep when I returned, nursing her headache. She frowned and turned away when I kissed her on the cheek.

I swallowed a bitter taste in my mouth. The entire purpose of these date nights was reconciliation through bringing romance back into our relationship, yet she was still banning me from our marital bed. I was disappointed, but I didn’t blame her.

Stifling my sigh, I headed downstairs to the living room, where I flipped on the monitor to the computer. I didn’t like what I saw.

With a marriage on the rocks, I needed outlets for sexual release that didn’t betray my vows of fidelity. Sometimes it was video sites, but I disliked the lack of story, bad acting, and gynecological precision of most porn. Most of the genre was as sexy as a childbirth video, and finding the few exceptions took effort. I preferred websites that printed erotica.

But no matter my nocturnal diversions, I always made sure I closed the website down before bed. Last night, I had been on an erotica site, and had closed it down as usual, but tonight the website was already up, opened to the same story and the same page from last night’s reading.

Ever since my wife had hired Amber for weekly date nights, babysitter fantasies had been on my mind, and the story on the screen was an unremarkable example of the genre, with the wife out of town, the sitter watching the kid, and the husband stuck in bed with a broken leg. The sitter was far more slutty and sexually aggressive than a real eighteen year old girl would ever be, but that unreality held a certain charm.

Had I forgotten to close the website down last night? I hadn’t used the computer since then, so it was possible, but I always remembered. Dawn wasn’t the most sexually open-minded woman in the world, and with our troubles, the last thing I wanted her to see on my computer screen were fantasies of extramarital seduction.

I must have forgotten. Thankfully, Dawn must not have used the computer today either. She would have said something if she had found this up.

A search on the web site revealed a few other stories fitting my current fetish. In one, the sitter turned out to be a werewolf, but that was okay since the husband was really a vampire and their frenetic doggy-style rutting sealed a cease fire in a millenium-long war between paranormal factions (but wait, the cliffhanger was a surprise attack by a new faction of lesbian sorceresses).

In another, the babysitter tied the wife to a chair, verbally abused her, and made her watch as the sitter fucked the husband. The latter story was disturbingly hot, causing me to ponder the extent of my resentment at Dawn’s sexual punishment. I finished the night off with a pretentious story about a mind-controlling marriage counselor, made a point of closing all browser windows, and shut off the monitor.

It was then that I noticed an orange film of Cheetoh dust and a wet circle of pop can sweat marring the surface of my computer desk.


Dawn went to bed early again, with the excuse that she needed to sleep if she wanted to have energy for our weekly date tomorrow night. They had thrown a new project at her when she came back from maternity leave early last year. Supposedly it was going very well, but she had been putting in long hours ever since. Her frequent absences, as well as the rare opportunities for sex since the pregnancy, had been among the reasons for my fling with Bronwen. No, those things had created the opportunity, but the action and the consequences were my own doing. I couldn’t rationalize that away if our marriage was to recover.

Despite our reconciliation, Dawn hadn’t cut back her hours. She had been promising that it would just be a few weeks more — that her big software project was almost complete.

I would have waited regardless. I wasn’t certain our marriage would survive, but I knew if it didn’t, I would become only an every-other-weekend father, and that was a horror to avoid at almost any price. I peeked in on Jason to remind myself why I had to stay the course. He was cuddled up with his plush blue Bedtime Bear stuffed animal, looking snuggly in his footie pajamas. I kissed him on the forehead, and went downstairs.

Dawn and I had bigger problems than infidelity, demanding work schedules, and a cold marital bed. The simple truth was that she had changed from the woman I married. I had to admit the changes should be considered good ones — she looked better, and her success at work was instilling a new-found confidence she had sorely lacked — but you can’t profoundly change one partner’s personality without changing the entire relationship. I was still adapting to this new Dawn. She had always been sort of helpless, needing protection. I had my own insecurities, and that was part of what had drawn us together. I admired Dawn 2.0 but was seriously doubting whether I still had a place in her life.

I wouldn’t be able to sleep for another couple of hours, and decided to browse through one of my favorite erotica sites, looking for new stories. One title caught my eye: Babysitter Seduction Diary, Part One. Almost all the more recent stories in my “favorites” list involved the babysitter seducing the reluctant husband, and the title was a magnet for my current set of neuroses. It had just posted earlier today, and the preliminary reviews suggested it might not suck. It started with a dateline of six days ago.

Dear Diary,

I am so excited! I found out tonight that he is fantasizing about me, reading stories on dirty websites where a slutty babysitter seduces a husband who isn’t satisfied by his bitch of a wife.

And she is such a bitch. She is so mean to him. He stands close to her and she moves away. He kisses her and she flinches or only purses her lips to give him a dry dead smooch.

I wonder if he has forgotten what a real kiss is like? I so much want to remind him that a real kiss should be messy wet and wonderful and taste like fire and sin. A real kiss would draw his tongue passed my lips, showing him that I want every part of him inside me — inside my mouth, inside anywhere. That is how he deserves to feel.

My mom says they are having problems, and that is why I need to give up Friday nights out with my friends. I didn’t want to do it at first, but their kid is so sweet and the dad is so wonderful with a sexy smile, a kind face, and strong shoulders and arms and a butt so cute I want to eat it. And he is such a good dad! I wish my dad had been more like him, kind and loving and willing to hold me in his arms.

My mom wouldn’t tell me what the marriage problems were, but I heard her talking to Dad about it — that bitch of a wife drove him to seek love in the arms of an Other Woman. The Other Woman wasn’t happy being just the Other Woman (which I can understand! But that is no excuse for what she did) and she ratted on him to his wife. He got caught and now his bitch of a wife is keeping him in line with threats of making him loose custody of his son! That’s how wonderful he is! He loves his son so much he is staying with a woman who hates him, just to be a good dad!

The drive home was so hard. I sometimes catch him looking at me, but he tries so hard not to that his looking away is even sexier than his looking. I looked at his pants and I think he had a hard-on. Or maybe he is just really big. Oh God, I hope he isn’t too big for me! I am afraid it would hurt, but I would bite my lip, spread my legs wide and do the best I could.

I wanted to tell him that I knew he was fantasizing about me, but he seemed so nervous it would scare him, and I knew his wife would be expectign him home right away. I didn’t want him to get in more trouble or make his wife suspicious and make him loose his wonderful son!

I couldn’t think of what I should do. All I knew is that I had been wet the whole ride home, knowing he was reading sexy stories thinking of me. I couldn’t think of anything else. After he dropped me off tonight, I ran up to bed, took all my clothes off, and touched myself while thinking of him, just like I bet he touches himself thinking of me. I imagined myself as his Other Woman. I was soaking wet and I put my fingers… down there… and imagined they were him, taking me. I could be his Other Woman, and I would promise (cross my heart and hope to die!) that I would never tell his wife. I would just want him. I would want his hands and mouth on my neck and breasts, my arms around his strong shoulders, and I would want to feel his tight butt as he took me, loving me, and (I feel I should whisper it in writing because it feels so wrong and right) fucking me.

That’s when I started to get all hot and tingly. I had touched myself before, but it never felt like this. I moved my fingers faster, and the outside of my… you know… started to feel like it would explode, then it did explode, and I exploded inside at the same time! I felt hot all over and my body actually vibrated. The girls at school talked about this sometimes. My best friend said it was like being turned into a Fourth of July firework (she said that’s what the Katy Perry song was about, and the “oh oh oh” is the noise you make when it happens), but I had never felt one. This was an orgasm! I tried to be quiet because mom and dad are sleeping next door and I hoped they didn’t wake up (I hear them doing it sometimes and I don’t complain) but I cried out his name anyway. The second time I cried his name I covered my face with the pillow so I could scream it louder and not wake up my parents.

I curled up in bed, naked and still wet, thinking of him, thinking of ways I could be his Other Woman. We could meet in hotels or in parks. His wife is out of town a lot, and I could volunteer to babysit, and tell my parents I was staying at a friends house, and I could then have sex him all night long, pretending that I was his wife, doing to him the things he deserves.

That’s when I had my idea. I would write up what I was thinking tonight, and what I did to myself, and post it to that naughty website I found by looking through his browser history. Maybe he would see my diary and read it. Maybe he would have ideas of his own on how I could be his Other Woman. I wasn’t sure. Maybe it was to much, but I needed him to know what I thought and felt, and what I did to myself when I was thinking of him.

Good night, Diary. My fingers are still warm from touching myself, and I am crossing them for good luck.

The hairs on the back of neck stood at attention, awaiting orders, and I was sweating and feeling dizzy. There were precious few details, but the story fit almost completely, from the open browser last Friday after Amber went home, to the distance with which Dawn treated me. There were some details wrong about my marital troubles, but the author was repeating rumors, not reciting firsthand knowledge.

It even read as if written by an eighteen year old girl — or at least someone’s idea of how an eighteen year old girl would write. Of course, this was the Internet and it could really be written by a sixty year old guy from Hoboken named Morrie, just impersonating the style. Maybe it wasn’t even a style, but just bad writing. Similar typos, change of verb tense, run-on sentences, and grammar errors were all over stories that were almost certainly written by Morrie and his ilk. The style in combination with the story, however, meant it either had to be Amber or an incredible coincidence.

I scrolled down to read any comments — sometimes authors posted there. Nothing, just a few guys offering to pay her to come babysit them and claiming this was the “Best! Story! Ever!”

The author’s name was Babysittingslut. Subtle. I clicked, but there were no biographical details on the author’s page, and no other stories to her credit. Her join date was last Saturday, and the only identifying information was a black and white, high contrast photo showing the nude lower breasts, midriff, and upper pelvis of a nubile woman.

I leaned back in my chair, letting the blood return to my brain. It didn’t matter if it were really Amber, I decided. I had faced the abyss two months ago, and had chosen to turn away and ask Dawn to end our separation and reconcile, with the promise that I would never be unfaithful again. My fantasies about Amber were just a harmless need for sexual stimulation and gratification while Dawn and I were going through a rough patch. My fantasies were not plans, and I would not act on them. My best course of action was to ignore the story and talk my wife out of hiring Amber again. It was probably too late for tomorrow night, but I could probably concoct an excuse for next week. I just needed to avoid doing anything tomorrow that might encourage Amber, or it could be disastrous for both of us.


The date nights were Dawn’s idea. She felt our difficulties stemmed partly from us not spending enough time together. Her pregnancy with Jason had been difficult, and motherhood had stolen much of the romance from her life. Friday night dates were her attempt to recapture romance, where we would see a movie, walk in the park, or catch a play.

They hadn’t worked so far, but that was my fault. My dalliance with Bronwen had badly damaged Dawn’s trust in me, and I could see the sadness and pain of betrayal in her eyes. I would talk about my day at the office, crunching the latest sales figures, or she would talk about her plans for the next speech pathology conference. It was all boringly unromantic and asexual. We could always talk about Jason, but reminders of our responsibilities did nothing to reignite romance either.

Tonight was no different, We went to a nice Japanese teppanyaki restaurant, walked around the park for an hour, and discussed nothing but banalities, and stories about our wonderful son.

Dawn used to like nothing more than to bare her heart to me, telling me all her hopes and dreams and fears. She had insecurities about her body and her weight even before she was pregnant. When that ballooned while Jason was in her belly, the insecurities were rampant. I would reassure her, we would make gentle love, and I would hold her in my arms until we slept.

She had changed since then, not entirely by my doing. She had eliminated her pregnancy pounds, and kept up her regimen of diet and exercise until she was now more fit than she had ever been. Sadly, her new body was foreign to me. I had not been allowed into her bed in six months, and I spent my nights instead sleeping in the guest room.

I suspected the woman I had married would have looked the other way at my affair, but this new, more confident woman had kicked me out of the house for four months, until my separation from my son had pulled me back with abject apologies. Dawn was a stranger to me now — a leaner, confident, more attractive stranger, but she seemed to block my attempts to know her.

“That’s a new dress,” I observed. “It looks very nice on you.” It did, clinging to her hips, with a swishing skirt that outlined her newly svelte thighs at every step.

Her smile was thin. “Thank you, I dropped another size last month and had to buy a lot of new clothes. I can’t tell if it’s the diet, the exercise, or the stress.” She looked at me as she walked, her sad brown eyes pleading with me to ask the obvious follow-up.

“Work is still rough?”

She looked down at her shoes. “I wasn’t talking about work.”


“Yes, oh.”

That shut down my attempts to compliment her, so I switched topics. “I am not sure Amber is a good choice as a sitter.”

“Do you want to arrange for sitters?” There was a challenge in her eyes now. This was the newer, more confident Dawn. She tossed her long auburn locks in annoyance, and for a moment I saw that this new confidence could be sexy.

I could not answer her challenge, however. The mothers in the neighborhood trusted Dawn far more than me, particularly after the rumors had begun flying, so that was a dead end. “That isn’t what I meant. I am just giving my input. I think she is too old, and is likely to let us down at the last minute to keep some date. Rumor is she is dating some college football player.”

“It’s just a rumor. She hasn’t let us down yet. I don’t think we should punish her for a mistake until she makes one.”

“Isn’t there anyone else?”

Dawn turned to look at me, and I knew I had lost the argument by the steel in her eyes. “No, there isn’t, Kevin. We are a troubled couple, and the mothers tut tut and make excuses for their daughters. Katie is the only one who has been a good enough friend, and I will tell you, she had to order Amber to do it.”

My stomach sank, it was one more confirmation that the mysterious story-writer had indeed been Amber.

“I think these nights are important,” Dawn said. “I am not sure we can get back what we once had, or whether we even should, but we won’t know if we don’t try.”

Are you trying? It’s up to you whether you choose to forgive me, but if you aren’t going to do so, you should just tell me and we should stop pretending.”

“I am trying, Kevin. It’s hard. It’s so hard. I thought I was plain and boring and wondered what you saw in me, but I trusted you. I don’t trust people easily, and this… this…” I saw tears in her eyes. “I just need more time. I am still learning who I really am.”

“You are beautiful. You always have been, but now more than ever.”

She smiled through her tears, but it looked forced.

We returned home early. Jason was still concluding his bedtime rituals, and ran down the stairs for goodnight hugs. I picked him up and tossed him in the air until he squealed, avoiding any eye contact with Amber.

Dawn was annoyed. “Kevin, don’t rile him up. Amber, could I trouble you to read him his bedtime story while I do his laundry? We will still pay you for the full night, so this is still on the clock.”

“I would love to!” Amber exclaimed. “What story do you want, little guy?”

Bedtime Bear! Amba read Bedtime Bear” Jason couldn’t quite say “Amber”.

“Let’s go!” Amber scooped him up and carried him upstairs. Her shorts were a little too short, and I tried not to watch the swaying of her hips, the luxurious curve of her ass, and the tanned, sinuous slopes of her legs as she ascended the steps. I failed.

Jason saw me over Amber’s shoulder, and called out. “Daddy read Daddy Bear! Amba read Bedtime Bear.”

“I think Amber can handle it, slugger.”

Amber turned around and fixed me with a beautiful smile. It was the first time tonight I had looked her in the eyes, and I knew I saw mischief dancing in their azure depths. “Oh come on, Mr. Cleft, you do the voice so well, and it would be sooo special to Jason!”

“Yay! Daddy read too!” Jason was clapping his hands together, and looking at me with adoration.

Trapped, I followed them up the steps. My wife was already in the room, piling up the laundry. I thought I saw her eyes narrow slightly as I entered shortly behind Amber, still resenting me for the tears I made her shed earlier tonight.

“It’s eight o’clock. Bedtime Bear must go to bed!” I began in my gruff Daddy Bear voice, reading over Amber’s shoulder, but staying as distant as I could.

“I am hungry, Daddy Bear!” Amber whined.

“Bedtime Bear can eat a snack,” I said. Amber was wearing the too-musky perfume again, and I could smell her shampoo in her hair. I was standing too close.

Jason pretended to eat. “Num, num, num.” He watched his mother leave the room with a load of laundry.

“Snack time is done. Now, Bedtime Bear must go to bed!” I said.

Amber turned to look at me this time. “The bed is too far, Daddy Bear!” she pleaded with laughter in her eyes.

It was awkward again. “Then I will carry you, Bedtime Bear.”

Jason looked annoyed. “Daddy carry Amba!” Damn, I always picked him up at this part of the book, and he expected me to do it to her.

“Amber’s all grown up and too big to carry, sweetie.”

Jason crossed his arms and made a gorilla face.

Amber was looking at Jason with sympathy. “How about if Daddy just puts his arm around me?”

That seemed to mollify Jason, and I placed my arm around Amber to give a brief hug.

She surprised me by reaching across her chest to hold my hand, pinning it around her shoulder and leaning her head to rest on my chest — imitating the bear cub in the book. I tried to not to think about the warmth of the contact, or her intoxicating scent, and hurried to the next line. “Bedtime Bear must go to bed!”

“But Daddy Bear, I need to brush my teeth!” Amber turned to look at me, opening her mouth in a wide smile, showing off her perfect teeth. Jason clapped in admiration of the live representation of the book’s art. Amber’s face and flawless skin were mere inches from me.

Feeling a flush of heat, I recognized my cue to extricate Amber from my arms. I may have imagined a flash of disappointment from her. “Bedtime Bear can brush his teeth,” I said.

The story continued through tooth brushing, potty break, bedroom cleanup, and bedtime story, until Daddy Bear was so exhausted from putting Bedtime Bear to bed, that Amber, in her Bedtime Bear voice, finally said Jason’s favorite line, “Daddy Bear must go to bed!” Amber scrunched her face adorably in mock sincerity, and Jason squealed in delight.

I managed to avoid additional contact with Amber until I kissed my son goodnight. Amber had leaned over to kiss the opposite cheek, and my nose briefly grazed her hair, taking in one more whiff of her tantalizing scent. She was smiling as she withdrew.

Dawn’s footsteps approached on the stairs, and I walked out to meet her with Amber on my heels, uncomfortably close. “Mr. Cleft, are you taking me home now?” Amber asked.

“I am a little wiped. Dawn, can you take her?”

Dawn looked at me with her brow furrowed in puzzlement of what ailed me, and nodded. Amber followed her down the stairs, but she turned back to give me a little wave and a beaming smile before she turned the corner. I tried not to wave back, but failed again.

I banged my head against the wall, trying to knock the sexual tension and frustration from my brain.

Dawn called from downstairs. “Kevin, make Jason stop that banging and go to sleep!”


I swallowed when I saw the new story the following Thursday night.

Babysitter Seduction Diary, Part Two

Dear Diary,

I think he read my last diary. He wouldn’t look at me when I showed up at his house, and his face got all red every time I walked into the room. It was so cute, but it made me worry he would expose the depth of our true feelings for each other. Lucky for us, his bitch of a wife barely pays him any notice.

I wasn’t a very good babysitter. I set their son in front of the TV for a half hour, and went exploring. He had locked the computer, which was another sign that he read my diary, so I had to go exploring elsewhere. That’s when I discovered that his wife has him sleeping in the guest room! I was wrong, she isn’t a bitch, she’s a… (If I want him to think of me as a woman instead of a silly girl, I need to speak like a woman speaks) she’s an all-out… cunt!

She also must be made of ice, because if I were his wife, there is no way I could sleep in a different bed for even one night. I would be crawling under his covers within minutes of the lights going out, feeling if he was hard for me. My last boyfriend wanted me to take him in my mouth, but I wouldn’t do it, which is why he broke up with me. But I hear most women do that for their boyfriends or husbands, and my mouth is starting to water thinking of doing it to him, as if he would be a delicious ice cream cone that I would take in my mouth all at once. I bet if I took him in my mouth I would like it, and so would he. I wonder how he would feel in my mouth, all hard and wet from my spit? I heard that at the end when the sperm comes out, that most girls don’t like to swallow it, but the boys really like it when they do. I promise myself that if he comes in my mouth I will swallow every last drop, smile at him when I do it, lick my lips and ask for more.

I have heard some girls whisper that guys do the same for them, using their tongue and mouth down there. I wonder what it would feel like if he used his tongue on me? I bet it would be so much better than my own fingers. My fingers can’t nibble or lick or suck, and they are hard and dry instead of soft and wet. Oh my God, I am getting all soft and wet myself just thinking about it.

I had a dirty thought and went into his cunt of a wife’s bedroom. I looked around in her dressers, and couldn’t find much that was interesting. She has such boring underwear, all white or pink cotton. No thongs, or satin bikinis, nothing skimpy, lacey, or see through. If I was married to him, or if I was his Other Woman, I would only wear sexy underwear — if I wore any underwear at all! I would make sure I was ready and sexy for him all the time!

I grabbed a pair of boring white cotton panties, and went back to his bedroom, where he must sleep all lonely and unsatisfied. I took off all my clothes and put on his wife’s panties, and nothing else. She was a size six, like me, and they hugged my waist and crotch. I laid on his bed pretending I was his wife or even his Other Woman, and I thought of all the things I would do. I wonder what his real wife never lets him do? Maybe he will want me more if I promise to let him do all the things she won’t. I have heard some guys like to be in control, and tie a woman up and spank her. I would like that if it was him spanking me. Some like to have sex with a woman in the butt, or have sex in movie theaters, or in a restaurant bathrooms. Maybe if I promised him all those things and more.

My… pussy… was getting even wetter, and I was soaking his wife’s panties, and I touched myself again, thinking of him. I have touched myself every night since I discovered he was fantasizing about me, and I am having orgasms each time. They feel soooo goood, but they are shadows. I want the real thing. I want him touching me, sucking my breasts, feeling my ass, kissing my mouth and sticking his… you know… inside me.

I should just say it. I am a woman. His cock, his member, his dick, his prick. All the words I have heard people call it, I want to feel it moving and spurting inside me.

But for now I only had my fingers, and I used them, rubbing myself through his wife’s panties until I came. When I took them off, they were soaked and smell of me. I got another evil thought and opened up his dresser, and stuffed them way in the back of his sock drawer. His wife has many pairs just like them and they won’t be missed.

They got home early, and I thought it’s funny when he tries to avoid me, but his son insists that he read the story with me. He was nervous the whole time, as if he knew I was thinking of nothing else except pulling him into his bedroom and ripping his clothes off. I think his wife was jealous that the two of us were reading the story together. She came back fast from doing laundery, and jumped at the chance to drive me home. I was disappointed that he wouldn’t drive me home. I was going to suggest that he pull over and I would give him a blow job by the side of the road, giving him a taste of what he could have with me.

I can’t wait until I babysit for them next Friday.

I was in the guest bedroom within seconds, pulling open my sock drawer, hoping and fearing what I would find. They were there, white, rumpled, and still smelling of female musk and a hint of Amber’s perfume. I sat down on the bed, feeling them in my hands. This was no good. Dawn was too smart, Amber was too naive and foolish, and I was too weak. But I loved my son, and still felt loyalty and an echo of love toward my wife. I wanted to take that echo, and build on it, until it became a loud strong voice, and Amber was threatening all that — threatening my relationship with my son.

I didn’t move. I couldn’t banish the image of Amber lying on this very bed, fingering herself through these very panties. I could picture her legs writhing, her hips squirming, breasts covered with a sheen of perspiration as she bit her lip — fluttering lashes and rolled-back eyes, furiously flicking her way to ecstasy. I couldn’t help it. I pulled down my pants and wrapped the panties around myself, and echoed her actions.

Afterward, I went back to my computer, clicked on Babysitterslut’s author page, and sent her a message. “This has to stop.”


The next morning, Dawn was on the phone for a half hour before she hung up. She had been talking to her sister and arranging the logistics for a visit. “Summer is sick and is asking me up to her house for the weekend. Do you mind if I take Jason with me? I am going to leave work early.” She had her laptop bag and Jason’s day care supply bag sitting on the counter, ready to leave for work.

“What about date night?” The dates hadn’t gone all that well, but I knew they were necessary.

“Oh! I forgot. I will call Amber to cancel for this week.” She picked up the phone again, and I heard her leave a message.

I kissed Jason goodbye. His return kiss left peanut butter on my cheek. Dawn gave me her own chaste kiss, avoiding the peanut butter, and they were off. I would miss them, or Jason at least, but a week away from Amber’s temptation was all to the good.

That thought flew from my head when my Google chat dinged ten minutes later.

The message was from “Sitterslut”. I gulped.

Sitterslut: I got your email message asking me to stop. Stop what? Who is this?

Cleftjaw: You know who this is, Amber. You need to stop these diaries.

Sitterslut: Ooh, so you *are* reading them. I wasn’t sure.

Cleftjaw: Yes, now knock it off.

Sitterslut: You don’t mean that. I can tell how you get around me, and I can guess what my stories are doing to you. Your wife just left a message that she and your son will be out of town this weekend.

Cleftjaw: I have my own trip this weekend, and won’t be around.

Sitterslut: lol! I don’t think so. I am going to arrange something. Talk to you later.

She disconnected while I was typing my response.

My stomach sank. There were limits to what I could do. If this had happened last year, I could have told Dawn, and she would have trusted me, but not only had Dawn lost all faith in me, Amber was the daughter of one of Dawn’s best friends. Dawn wouldn’t believe me, and I couldn’t prove what Amber was doing without explaining why I was reading babysitter porn on my computer at night. I would just need to be forceful, and hope I was strong enough to back it up.


Just as I was ready to leave work at five, my smart phone buzzed again with another message.

Sitterslut: Broken Oak Hotel. Room 69. I asked for it and the clerk snickered. I spent most of my babysitting money, and am waiting for you. Want to know what I am wearing?

I ignored it, and got in my car. My phone buzzed again.

Sitterslut: A t-shirt, pants, and socks. Oops. Now just a t-shirt and socks.

I didn’t respond. I considered shutting the phone off, but couldn’t resist knowing what else she might say. To my shame, I kept reading her messages as she sent them every couple minutes. I was risking my life checking messages while driving, and risking the lives of others on the road, but I couldn’t care.

Sitterslut: I have nothing to do while waiting for you except to prepare myself. Just wearing socks now. I would take them off too but my feet get cold.

Sitterslut: You aren’t getting cold feet are you? I didn’t think so. As I said in my stories, I don’t think my fingers are a good substitute for you, but I have nothing else until you get here.

Sitterslut: I am all wet and I have to keep cleaning my fingers off to type. I have already come once.

Sitterslut: um… twice. I am learning to type one-handed. Still wearing socks. You will take them off me when you are hear.

Sitterslut: what are going to do to me first?

Sitterslut: Can you go down on me tonight? No one has done that to me before and I think I would like it. I will go down on you first, and you can fuck me first, of course, as often as you want.

Sitterslut: And I will let you do anything else that cunt of a wife won’t let you do.

Sitterslut: I see you….

The hotel had been on my way home. She had chosen it deliberately, knowing how much harder it would be to drive past her. Broken Oak was a cheap hotel, with doors located right on the parking lot. I was fifty feet away from room 69, staring at the window.

I saw a curtain move, and glimpsed delicate fingers holding it open just enough for someone to peak through. I thought I saw a glint of blonde hair.

Sitterslut: I new you would come. The door is unlocked. Enter and please please please fuck me. I want to be yours.

I closed my eyes and held my head in my hands. What was I doing? Dawn. Dawn. Dawn. Jason. Jason. Dawn. Jason.

Sitterslut: You are just standing there. Are you thinking of that cunt wife who won’t touch you? I will be even better than she ever was. I promise.

Jason. Jason. Jason.

I kept my son’s beautiful face in my head as I drove off in the car, not looking back. The next time the phone buzzed, I switched it off.


A brass band was playing in my head, and my mouth felt like it was stuffed with cotton. I couldn’t see. I fell back asleep.


I was Prometheus, chained to a rock, sentenced to eternal torture for his sins. A buzzard was to be sent once a day to eat my liver, but today they sent a harpy. Harpies were supposed to be ugly, but this one had a flawless tanned face, large blue eyes, a beautiful smile, and perfect, nubile breasts — and she wasn’t eating my liver. Her mouth was instead doing wonderful, mysterious things, and I arched my hips forward to meet her. I tried to move my hands to touch her smooth face, but the manacles held them to the rock wall.

The harpy looked up at me, with my cock in her mouth, and smiled. “Oh you are awake.”

Everything was black again. I couldn’t see, and couldn’t move my hands or legs. I could tell that my body was spread-eagled and naked, and I knew I had an erection, but my head was fuzzy. Coherent thought required enormous effort. “What?”

I was engulfed by her mouth and tongue. I was bathed in pleasure, with a passion and fervor that I had never known, as if someone had just discovered that sucking cock was her purpose on earth, and had embraced her destiny.

“Good. I have been having fun waiting for you, practicing. By your moans, I think I must have been doing good.” The voice was an alto purr, speaking just a foot from my face, but I couldn’t see her.


The bed bounced as she switched positions. My question had earned another fellatial embrace by her warm, wet mouth. Dawn had given up on oral sex years ago, and I felt like I was returning to heaven as Amber stroked me with her tongue. Her technique was far more enthusiastic than my wife’s had ever been.I tried pulling my hips away regardless.

Very first story here. I’m not a writer so bear with me. This is the first few chapters of my first story, it’s a bit long (about 28 pages in Word (this first section is about 4 pages in Word to give you an idea)). It’s also a slow build up so if you want to get to the sex you’ll have to wait a bit. I’ll try to post at least once a week.

In this first bit Jack meets a new friend and their friendship becomes more.

Chapter 1

Jack sits in his math class of his senior year. He got there early, excited for his last year in this prison. He is an average guy, about 5 feet 8 inches, 150 lbs, dark brown straight hair. He isn’t the most handsome guy and he knows it. He makes up for it in being a nice guy, which unfortunately for him doesn’t help in high school. Girls his age usually go for the bad boy and he isn’t that. All through his school years he only had a few friends, Jason and Tom, and never a girlfriend.

He sits in his math class, about in the middle-ish area of class. The seats on either side of him are empty while he waits for class to start. After checking through his backpack he notices other classmates coming in. A tall professional looking woman enters and he assumes she’s the teacher. Glancing up at the clock the teacher sits patiently for the last few kids to enter.

That’s when Jack’s heart races. In walks one of the cutest girls he’s ever seen. She isn’t hot per se but she isn’t ugly either, she was right in the middle – which is actually what he prefers. He notices that the ‘hot’ girls tend to be very full of themselves which turn him off so usually gravitates towards cute/pretty girls. This girl is indeed pretty. He can’t help but stare at her as she walks in rather absentmindedly. He notices the girl turning towards the back of the classroom and he quickly looks away, being too shy to look girls in the eye. He always has the problem of looking people in the eye, especially pretty girls.

Jack barely even notices when she sits to his right and says, “Hi.”

“H-hi…” Jack stutters.

The girl giggles and smiles at him, “hi, I’m new here. My name’s Emily.”

“I’m Jack.”

“Nice to meet you,” she giggles.

“Nice to meet you too,” Jack replies shyly. He glances up to Emily’s eyes but quickly darts away. He hears her giggle, “I was wondering if you could help me out,” she says.

“W-what do you need?”

“This school is sssooo fucking confusing! Oh sorry, that just slipped out,” she giggles, “do you think you could help me find my classes?”

“No worries, sure let me see your schedule,” says Jack. Emily hands him her schedule and he looks over the paper. “Wow, looks like we have four classes together, Math, Science, PE, and English.”

“Oh cool, maybe you can help me get to those classes,” she smiles.

“Um, okay,” he replies rather dumbly. He sees Emily start to say something before the teacher speaks up, “Alright class, settle down, we’re about to begin. Today in class…”

Class goes by rather uneventfully and the two new friends spilt up for their second class. Jack runs off to German class while Emily goes to her Home-Ec class. The two meet up again in Science and sit next to each other. Jack can’t believe that his pretty girl may become a friend. All through his junior high and high school years he never really had any friends who happened to be girls. For whatever reason he had a hard time talking to them, and Emily was no exception.

After their Science class the two had lunch together. Jack was noble and gave a quick tour of the school before lunch started and the two sat together again. They finally had a chance to talk to one another and did so for the entire period. While Emily talked, Jack couldn’t help but notice all of Emily’s beauty. She was an average girl, maybe 5 feet 5 inches or 6, shoulder length blonde hair. He guessed about 120 lbs, not slim, not heavy. He didn’t really know about breast sizes but he guessed maybe a B-cup, which he liked. Actually his preference was a girl’s ass, and Emily had a nice one, it was perfect. Her hips had that perfect heart shape and her tight cut-off jeans certainly helped show her off.

The two learned a lot about each other. She found out that he lived nearby and rode his BMX bike to school. He was in the bands and liked heavy metal. She liked more pop stuff like Lady Gaga, Black Eyed Peas. She took the bus to school and is an only child and lives with her mom.

As lunch comes to a close the two brake off to their respective classes, Emily to Spanish and Jack to Auto class. He can’t wait to see her in Gym, which is next. He wonders all through Auto class if she’s this excited about him too.

Fourth period came to an end and the two friends met up for Gym. It was a rather slow day, understandably so since it was the first day. They went through the class syllabus, just like in all the other classes, and some free time at the end.

Once class ends the two got changed in their locker rooms and head over to the final class of the day, English. Again as before, the two sit next to each other trying to talk when they have the chance.

Before they know it, the first day of school comes to an end. Jack and Emily stand just outside their last class. “Well I’ve got to go to band now; I guess I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Okay, well have fun, see yeah tomorrow!” she says with a wink. Jack smiles shyly and leaves, heading towards the locker room.

Emily leaves as well; she smiles to herself as she walks toward the bus stop. I can’t believe I already made a friend! She thinks to herself. Giddy with excitement as to what the future may hold Emily waits for her bus with a huge smile. After band Jack gets on his bike and heads home.

Chapter 2

Emily sits on the bus ride to school alone. She thinks to herself about her new friend. She thinks he’s quite cute, nice, and considerate. This brings a smile to her face as she steps off the bus and heads to her first class of the day.

“Hey Jack, how was band yesterday?” she asks.

“Hey Em, it was good. We had a pretty good jam session going. How was your first day at school?”

“It was good, not much homework, you know syllabus kind of stuff.”

“Yeah, I hear yeah.” The teacher walks in and begins class. The rest of the day the two friends hang out together when they can before they split up when Jack goes to practice and Emily leaves for home.

For the next couple months the two become close friends.

Chapter 3

Tomorrow’s the day I’m going to ask Emily out, thinks Jack. He’s been mustering up the courage to ask out his friend for just about three weeks now. They’ve gotten to know each other quite well and he’s gotten even fonder of her, not realizing that that was possible. He wrestles himself to sleep that night feeling nervous about his proposition.



“Hi Jack,” replies Emily with a smile.

“Can I ask you something?”

“Sure Jack, what is it?”

“Um, well… I was wondering…”

“If you wanted a date?” interrupts Emily.

“Uh… yeah, how’d you know?” he asks a bit shocked.

“Well, I was hoping you would and I just guessed,” she smiles back at him.

“Oh, haha, so uh, do you wanna go on a date with me?”

“Yes!!” beams Emily, “Of course I will!”

“Really?!” he asks still in shock.

“Yes, silly. I was wondering when you would seeing as we always hang out and I’m not seeing anyone and you’re not seeing anyone.”

“Okay, cool… so how does Friday sound? At 7ish?”

“Sounds great, will you pick me up?”

“Yeah sure.” That was Wednesday.

The rest of the week couldn’t come fast enough for either of them and both were giddy with excitement when Friday finally came around.


Standing on Emily’s door step, “well here goes nothing.” Jack presses the doorbell. After waiting a little while he sees Emily’s mother, Sharon open the door. “Hi Jack, she’ll be down in a bit, won’t you come in?”

“Thanks, Mrs. Jefferson.”

“Oh, come now, you can call me Sharon. I’ve known you long enough.”


“Can I get you anything hun?”

“Uh no Mrs., I mean Sharon.”

“See now isn’t that better? Well then go ahead and make yourself comfortable. Like I said she’ll be down in a bit.”

Jack had been in Emily’s house quite a bit as their friendship grew and he didn’t really mind browsing around the living room once more.

“Hey.” Jack hears. He turns around to see his date, Emily, looking gorgeous as ever.

“Wow!” he can’t help himself say, “oh sorry…”

Emily giggles, “no it’s okay, I was hoping for that response.”

Jack smiles meekly, feeling a bit embarrassed. There she is, his date, standing on the steps in a rather short skirt, maybe down to her mid-thigh, a very suggestive blouse and her hair done up in a wavy, flowing manner.

“You look dashing yourself,” she compliments.

“Thanks, ready to go?”

“Yep,” she smiles. With his arm crooked, Emily snakes her own arm through her date’s and the two walk to his car.

Being the chivalrous kind of guy, Jack opens Emily’s side of the car and lets her in – without sneaking a peek – and closing the door behind her once she’s settled. Jack is unbelievably nervous since he’s never been on a date, which she may or may not have known. But he gets in the car and they head for the restaurant.

The two had a good time talking and eating their meals before heading to the movies. Of course Jack did the honorable thing and opened her doors, adjusting her seat, the whole lot to please her. He really didn’t mind what they saw and let her choose, predictably she chose a chick flick, and he didn’t mind all that much.

During the movie, Jack lets his hand rest on hers and she doesn’t back away, so they hold it there, together. He feels his nerves build up because this is the first time he’s really even touched a girl, let alone been on a date with one. The two watch the movie peacefully and exit with fond feelings for one another.

At the end of the date, Jack isn’t sure if he should kiss her goodnight or not and opts not to; worrying that he might be moving too fast. Emily is a little disappointed but is happy nonetheless with the date. They say their goodnights and leave it at that.

Emily closes the door behind her and sighs with a huge smile while leaning against the front door.

“Had a good time?”

“Yeah mom, he was so sweet. He opened all my doors, did all the right things except he didn’t kiss me.”

“Well he is a good boy, and I can tell he really likes you. Just please be careful, okay sweetie?”

“Yes mom,” pouts Emily, “I really like him too.”

“I know you do hun.”

“I’m going to bed,” sighs Emily.

“Okay, have a good night, love you.”

“Night mom, love you too.”


Driving home, Jack sweats the thought that maybe he should’ve kissed her. “Oh well, I guess… maybe if I’m lucky there’ll be a next time.” He drives home anxiously thinking of the possible future with this girl.

2nd Part of “High School Love.” I should have mentioned in the previous iteration that all characters are at least 18 years of age. This second part is a bit longer and finally gets to the action that I’m sure most of you are here for. Hope you all enjoy!

Chapter 4

Over the course of a month the two go on five dates before declaring themselves as boyfriend and girlfriend. Jack successfully, albeit awkwardly, kisses Emily on the second date. The two hang out as much as possible during and after school as their relationship progresses. During that span, nothing goes past kisses and maybe some light making out. Jack is patient and honors Emily’s request to keep the physical side of the relationship slow. He honors it so much that he doesn’t even allow Emily to give him a blowjob or handjob, which she objects to at first but then she sees his reasoning. His reasoning being if he can’t pleasure her then she can’t do the same to him, he doesn’t think of it as a punishment to himself – like many guys will – but as a way to honor his commitment to her.

Now being November, the school has a dance that the couple attend. They dance the night away, even if no one but their friends, Jason and Tom and Pam, Kelly and Jamie, really know about. After the dance Jack and Emily leave together.

“Hey can you drive up to the lookout point tonight?”

“Sure,” he says. They go there quite often but only cuddle and make out while up there.

They get up there and the full moon is out. The sky is clear and they can see the stars. Jack is very fond of space and its vastness and can’t keep his eyes off the gorgeous night sky that is until Emily speaks up, “Hey Jack?”

“Yeah Em?”

“I wanna… I wanna make you happy.”

“You do make me happy.”

“N-no I m-mean phy-physically,” she stammers.

“I know you do babe, but I won’t do it unless you let me pleasure you.”

“But, I really wanna,” she starts to sob.

“Hey, hey, you don’t need to cry babe,” he says sympathetically. He wraps his arm around her, cuddling even closer. This seems to calm her down. She looks up into his eyes with tears in her own.

“Do you love me?” she asks.

“Yes I do, I truly love you. You are the prettiest girl in the world and I love you dearly, nothing would change that.”

Emily starts crying even more, but tries to sober up, “can you take me home?”

“Sure babe,” he says while rubbing his arm on hers.

Jack takes his girlfriend home and drops her off, telling her goodnight and that he loves her. He gets in his car and leaves for home, Man, I wonder what got into her tonight. It was a great night, we danced like it was just us out there, a beautiful night sky and she cries after I tell her I love her… I think I’ll call her tonight to see if she needs more help cooling down or see what’s wrong.

He gets home and keeps his promise, calling her later that night.

“Hey babe, you alright?”

“Hey Jack, yeah I’m better now. I think it was just the time of the month, that’s all.”

“Oh okay, I was really worried after I dropped you off. You know, I meant all those things I said. I do love you, more than anything.”

“I know you do, and I love you too, with all my heart,” she starts to sob again but moves the receiver out of the way.

“You there Em?”

She chokes back her tears, “Yeah, thanks for checking in Jack.”

“Yeah of course. I’d do anything to make sure you’re happy, anything.”

“I know, well I feel better now, thanks again. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight Em, sleep well.” With that the two hang up.

It still worries Jack that she’s so upset and kind of caught on that she still hadn’t recovered. Hopefully she’ll feel better tomorrow.

Chapter 5

November finishes up and December comes and goes and the New Year rolls through quickly. The couple spend a lot of the winter break with one another and kiss on New Years at the strike of midnight. Emily vows to take the next step in their relationship for the New Year and wants to do it the first weekend school gets back. The first week of school comes and passes and it’s Friday night of the first week back.

As usual Jack and Emily are out together. It is rather chilly so they stay inside the mall to stay warm.

“Hey Jack?”

“Yeah Em?”

“Can you take me back home?”

“Okay,” he says as he glances down at his watch, it’s only 8:34 in the evening. Maybe she’s tired. The two get into his car and he drives them back to her place. Emily’s mom is out of town for the weekend so Emily is by herself for the entire weekend, which is not known to Jack.

They get to Emily’s house soon enough and she invites Jack in. Sine he doesn’t know Emily’s mom is out he is none the wiser when Emily grabs him and pulls him down with her to the couch and starts making out with him.

The two teenagers furiously go at it when Emily pulls away. “Wanna take it into my room?”

“Okay,” he says thinking nothing of it as they’ve made out in her room numerous times. Emily grabs Jack’s hand and leads him up to her room. She sits down and then lies back while he comes over top of her and begins kissing again.

They do this for a while before Emily grabs Jacks hands and place them on her breasts. Jack hesitates, a bit astonished because she almost always bats his hands away if they wander at all. But here he is on top of her, making out, and now lightly squeezing her breasts through her blouse. He feels the soft mounds of flesh and Emily moans at the attention.

“Oh… Jack…” Emily says in between kisses, “Oh… that… feels so… good…” Jack starts to work his way down her blouse and starts to kiss around her neck and upper chest while still fondling her B-cups. He wants to try something, so he starts unbuttoning Emily’s blouse. He pauses after the first button, thinking she might stop him, but she doesn’t so he continues. Eventually all of the buttons on her blouse are done and he pulls it open revealing her perky B-cup bra. He’s quite happy to see a simple pink cotton bra and her breasts heaving in them.

“Why’d you stop?” asks Emily out of breath.

“Sorry, I’m just stunned that I’m actually looking at your perfect breasts.”

“Oh you…” giggles Emily.

“No really, they are perfect.”

“Thanks,” she giggles again, “can I see you?”

“Yeah of course,” he says while taking his shirt off. He has a very lean body and the outlines of a six pack set of abs show. Jack is already sweating lightly already so his hairless skin has shiny tone in the dim light.

“Oh wow!!!” Beams Emily, “You look fantastic!!!”

“Thanks,” he says shyly with a smile. She leans up to kiss him and the two start making out again, this time with more lust. Jack has a hard time keeping his member from showing too much in his jeans and hopes that Emily doesn’t notice it. Emily brushes up and down Jack’s legs and thighs and does feel the tall tale signs of his arousal. She giggles to herself but quickly loses that as the heat of the moment is too intense.

Emily snaps back to reality, in the heat of the moment! She pushes Jack away and he looks at her confused, “What’s wrong?”

“I need to tell you something,” she says worriedly.

“Okay, what is it babe?”

“You… you love me right?”

“Yes, more than anything in the world, I love you with the bottom of my heart.”

“I love you too, but you need to know…”

“Yeah?” he asks naively.

“I… I haven’t been totally honest with you…” she says with tears welling up in her eyes.

“What do you mean, I know everything about you. And I love you, everything about you. The way you always make everything nice and tidy – OCD – you always show your love for me. And honestly you’re the only girl I’ve been able to really even talk to; you’re so down to earth and loving. You’re the most loving person I know, Emily. So what is it?”

Tears start pouring from her eyes as she contemplates on what to say and do. “Okay… I need to show you…” Emily gets off the bed and walks away a bit and gathers her courage. She stands there with her back to Jack as she thinks about the next few moments. “You really love me? No matter what?”

“Yes Em, I absolutely love you! I’d do anything for you!”

“Okay…” she turns around and shows her teary face. Her light make up is a complete mess and she grabs her tight fitting jeans. She unbuttons them and then unzips them. She wiggles herself out of her jeans and pushes them to her ankles before stepping out. Jack smiles seeing Emily’s white cotton panties with cute red hearts on them. He also can’t believe the sight, her hips are gorgeous, the perfect flare to her body. He is still completely puzzled as to why Emily is so afraid and hurt.

Emily sighs and unhinges her bra, letting it fall to the floor, exposing her cute perky B-cup breasts. Jack smiles again at her beauty but stays still and continues to watch his girlfriend. Sighing one more time, Emily grabs hold of the elastic of her cotton panties and bends over to pull them off. She bends all the way over taking her panties all the way down to her ankles before staying there and looking up, “do you love me?” she says with tears.

“Yes Emily, I love you with all my heart.”

Emily keeps her gaze on Jack as she slowly raises herself from the waist. Little by little Jack sees Emily’s gorgeous legs until he ends up looking at her crotch. Still completely baffled by Emily’s behavior, Jack looks at Emily’s crotch. It is completely smooth with no hair. The next thing Emily does is what shocks Jack. Emily spreads her legs just a bit and out pops a tiny cock and balls! He is absolutely surprised by the tiny cock and rather medium sized balls hanging between Emily’s legs. She is obviously aroused, but her small cock stands no more than 2 inches when erect.

“I-I don’t… I don’t understand…”

“I’m not really a girl…” Emily says with sobs of tears, “I used to be a boy, but never felt like one. I always felt like a girl…” Emily hangs her head in shame and continues to cry, unobstructed now. Jack sits on Emily’s bed contemplating what happened in the past couple of minutes and can’t believe his eyes. One of the prettiest girls in school has a penis! Neither of them say anything for five minutes so there is an unbelievably awkward silence except for Emily’s crying.

Jack finally comes to his senses and rises from the bed. He gingerly walks over to his naked girlfriend, but she isn’t sure what might happen so she starts to back away, afraid for her life.

“No wait,” Jack says non-threateningly.

“You’re not going to hurt me are you?”

“No of course not!” he says, “I l-lo-love you…” he can’t believe he’s saying this to, who he always thought was a girl.

“You’re not?” she asks tentatively.

“No babe, I won’t hurt you. Now come here,” he says with open arms. Emily stands there with tears starting to fade away but hesitates for a moment before Jack gestures again for a hug.

“It’s okay; I promise I won’t hurt you… I’m just really confused that’s all.” Emily reluctantly embraces Jack and swings her arms around her boyfriend and hugs him with all her heart. Jack soothingly rubs his arms on Emily’s back as she begins to sob again. He can feel her little erection against his pant leg and wonders to himself what he’s doing. Jack holds her and brings her back to the bed. He sits down and she stays in his arms on his lap. The two quietly talk about how this all came to be.

After nearly an hour of talking, Jack understands why Emily was previously so shy about the physical aspect of their relationship. He accepts her rather quickly, he even surprises himself, and doesn’t let go of her the entire time.

“So that’s why I am the way I am…” ends Emily.

“So… um… does it work?” he asks uncertainly.

“Yes, it works. Like I said, even though it stopped growing, it still functions normally,” she explains.

“Uh… one more thing…”

“Yeah?” she asks. Jack doesn’t hesitate now and plants a passionate kiss on Emily’s lips. During the hour long talk, they didn’t kiss. Actually now that Emily thinks about it, they didn’t kiss since she revealed herself. She pulls away, “so you’re okay with this?”

“I think so; it’ll take some getting used to. But I love you and this doesn’t change anything about me or you.” Emily kisses him again and pushes him onto his back on the bed. Just as before they ran into this new revelation, the young couple passionately make out on Emily’s bed.

Before Jack knows what’s happening he can feel Emily’s hands all over his jeans and fumbling for his belt and zipper. “Wait, are you sure?” he asks.

“Oh yeah, I’ve been wanting to do this ever since I first laid eyes on you…” she moans. With that, Emily has Jack in his boxer shorts with an obvious bulge at the front. Emily pulls away from their make out session and makes her way down Jack’s body, eventually settling at his boxer shorts. She gingerly puts her fingers inside the elastic and slowly pulls them down. She slides his shorts all the way off and is rewarded with a modest 6 inch erect dick. “Oh my! You’re so big!” she praises.

Without any hesitation she engulfs her mouth over Jack’s erect specimen and starts bobbing her head up and down. Emily does this for a short while before pulling off with a loud slurp, “I’ve wanted to do this forever too.”

“Oh Emily, you’re so good, that feels amazing!” Jack moans.

“There’s something else I want to do…” she smiles shyly.

“Yeah, what is it?”

“Well… I’m a virgin…”

“Oh really?” Jack asks having a faint idea as to what Emily is referring to, “Are you sure?”

“Yes, I want you to make a woman out of me!” Emily giggles. Jack doesn’t say anything, but gets up from the bed and switches places with Emily. She lies on her back and spreads her legs, exposing her tiny erect cock. “Take me Jack!” she moans. Jack doesn’t need to be told twice so he scoots forward in between Emily’s legs. He raises them to his shoulders, on either side, and he is rewarded with Emily’s puckered asshole. He marvels at the pink button and takes his cock in one hand and guides it to her most private of places. Emily looks up into Jack’s eyes, “Please be gentle.”

“I will sweetie, I would never hurt you,” he says lovingly. With that he nestles his cock to her puckered hole and begins to push. There’s a lot of resistance and Emily tries her best to relax. After some gentle pushing Jack finally enters her. She gasps in pain at first, “Oh my god!!!”

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah, it just hurt at first, it’s better now,” she smiles. Jack slowly pushes more of his meat into Emily’s virgin asshole. Her asshole grips him so tightly he feels like she might squeeze him off. Emily groans and moans as Jack pushes his entire length into her. Jack positions himself above his girlfriend and is amazed at the spectacle of the warm sensation surrounding his cock and looks down. He sees that Emily is throbbing as well, droplets of precum oozing out of her tiny little cock. He bends down and kisses her passionately on the lips and pulls out gently. She can’t help herself from moaning from the amazing feeling of being so full. “Oooohhhhh, Jack!!!”

Jack pulls nearly all the way out before pushing in gently again. He does this for about five minutes before Emily ushers him on, “Please take me Jack, fuck me,” she whispers. Jack does as he’s told and starts to increase his pace. “I’m not hurting you, am I?”

“No Jack, you’re being great!” she beams, “Now please fuck me! Fuck me like you want to. Make me your woman!” Jack quickens his pace again and he’s having a hard time suppressing his climax. He stares into Emily’s eyes when he notices her hand wander towards her cock. He watches as Emily begins stroking herself, at first slowly but then he sees that she soon changes that and strokes furiously. Taking his cue, he thrusts into her with more meaning. “Ooooohhhhh JACK!!!!!” she moans.

“Yeah baby,” he groans.

“Oh fuck Jack!! Fuck! Fuck!! FUCK!!!!!” Jack’s breathing becomes irregular and he notices that Emily’s is as well. “Oh Jack!!!!! I’M CUMMING!!!!!!!!” moans Emily. Jack looks down to see his girlfriend rubbing her tiny cock madly and ropes of cum explode out of her. Three shots explode out of Emily before he let’s go as well. He shoots ropes of semen deep into Emily’s bowels. He watches Emily shoot out two more loads of cum onto her belly before she’s spent. Jack’s orgasm subsides as well but he stays inside her for a moment. He leans down to kiss his girlfriend, “I love you Em.”

“I love you too Jack,” Emily pants. Jack pulls out his softening cock and rolls over onto the bed. Both lovers lie there panting heavily after their love making.

“That was incredible!” exclaims Emily.

“Yeah? It was,” pants Jack. Emily leans onto her side facing Jack and grabs hold of his flaccid dick. She starts jerking it slowly.

“You wanna go again?” asks Jack.

“Of course!” she giggles.

Jack starts laughing, “Okay, but you’re going to have to give me a sec.” Emily continues to play with Jack’s cock trying to usher it back to life.

After a few minutes of gentle jerking, Emily’s able to get Jack up and running again. Before starting again, Emily takes Jacks manhood in her mouth and gently coats it with her saliva. She licks and kisses Jack’s member before she gets on her back again. Jack understands this and whips around so they are in missionary style again. Emily beams the whole time as she pulls her legs up to her breasts and presents herself to her lover. “Take me again!” She begs, “I want you to fill me up with your love!”

Jack smiles down at his lover and willingly obliges as he takes his cock again and aims at her innocent rosebud. With his semen oozing out of her, he presses his cock to her pink little hole, holding it there for a moment. He looks into her eyes, “I love you so much!” he whispers.

“I love you too! Now fuck me like I’m a slut!” Emily says this as she strokes her little hardon. With that, Jack pushes himself into her. As before Emily can’t open up right away but Jack keeps going at it until his cock slides into her tight asshole. Emily gasps in absolute pleasure as Jack’s warm cock enters her inviting hole. In no time Jack presses all the way into her. His pubic hair gently tickles Emily’s bare ball sack. “Give it to me!” she hisses.

Jack pulls out and pushes in gently a few times before he quickens his tempo dramatically, pounding his lover’s anal canal with little mercy. Emily yelps out in the sudden change and begs for more, “Fuck me!!!” Jack keeps pounding her and pounding her.

“Oh my god! Oh my god!!! OH MY GGGGGOOODDDDD!!!!!!” Emily screams, “DON’T STOP!!!!!!” Jack doesn’t intend to and keeps giving her everything he has. Within a few more minutes Emily whimpers for release, “FUCK!!!! I-I’m C-CUMMING!!!!!!” Jack looks down at Emily’s little cock and sees that she’s spurting her thick seed all over her flat belly. He watches her shoot out four thick ropes of cum before she finishes with a few little spurts oozing out. Jack isn’t finished and keeps pounding her until he finally cums a few minutes later. He moans out in pleasure and erupts his load deep into Emily’s hot bowels. Emily smiles as she feels a warm burst of goo gush into her love canal and sighs contently as Jack slows his thrusts and eventually pulls out.

Emily plays with her semen, spreading it all over her belly before licking her fingers clean. She loves her juices and often drinks her own cum when she masturbates on her own. Jack rolls over onto his back again next to Emily completely exhausted. “That was even better!” he pants.

“I know!” giggles Emily still feeling quite horny despite being nearly spent. With the left over cum she coats her hand and gently rubs herself trying to bring her cock back to life again. The two lovers lie there panting for a few moments before Emily sits up.

She starts tentatively, “Um… Jack?”

“Yeah babe?” He leans on one shoulder looking at her.

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