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Chapter 2 – Pushing the Paladin’s Limits

“Why exactly do I need to wear this ridiculous outfit?” Jezelle protested as she tugged at the robe’s drooping sleeves. Since their departure from Alensted this morning Juste had made her wear the garb of a Lumarin acolyte. While the succubus didn’t mind the wardrobe change, she couldn’t help but feel dirty in it, and not in the way that she loved, either. It was all a part of the Paladin’s plan, she knew.

“It’s only fitting that someone who has bound themselves to war against the darkness should dress appropriately. Besides, it would raise questions if a Paladin of Lumaris was seen journeying across the continent with a common trollop.”

She rolled her eyes and entwined a lock of brown hair that had fallen from her habit around a finger. “Because we can’t have people thinking that a holy paladin is off having illicit encounters. Such actions would surely tarnish the honor of his order.”

He responded under his breath, flush creeping across his cheeks, “What happens in the battlefield and in the boudoir are separate matters.”

“Not to a succubus,” she said, folding her arms and leaning back in her chair, smirking. “You know, as far as I can tell, you and I aren’t so different.”

That was only partly true, as she’d discovered during their journey so far. Despite her best efforts, Jezelle was unable to rouse an encore performance from her companion. She may have been displeased with the situation her master had put her in but she was still a creature of lust and desire. Not that there was any need of sustenance after how he’d fed her the night before, but it was something the succubus enjoyed nonetheless. It was much like the meal they were about to have.

“Would you keep it down?”

“You forget that I can still do everything I could before, except feed. You act like everyone else can see through my glamour. Succubi are the masters of fitting in. It is only when we choose to be seen or heard that we are.”

“Still, it would be much easier if you would just play along and try to fit in like a normal person,” Juste responded, now folding his arms in turn as he tried to gather his composure.

“Where would the fun in that be, master?” The succubus grinned as she slipped a foot from her sandal and drew it along his thigh. Since learning of his dislike of her advances, Jezelle had made it her mission to take advantage of every chance she could to molest him. One way or another she would teach him the error of his mistake. The redness returned to his face at her provocation, but before he could protest she gave his area a playful squeeze with her toes. The paladin gasped in a mix of pleasure and shock instead and backed away.

“I… I told you not to call me that!” He swallowed hard and visibly.

The succubus licked her lips at his discomfort, leaning forward over the table to show off her ample bosom as best she could in the modest robe. It was quite amazing what a well placed cinch could do. “But master, I’m bound by oath and by spell to do your bidding. Isn’t a devoted little slave all you wanted?”

“I… well, no, but…”

“I swear,” she laughed, “If I didn’t know first hand you could fuck like a beast-half, I’d swear you were as new to this as a maiden.”

Jezelle had quickly come to learn that Juste was quite a bit more resistant to her charm than he had originally let on. It was almost as if there was another person sitting with her right now. The young man she’d journeyed with was quick to change the subject any time she broached it. Perhaps he was in his cups that eve, full to the brim with liquid courage? Or maybe he truly separated business and pleasure as he claimed. Regardless of the reason, Jezelle determined she’d find out one way or another. Juste stewed silently in his timidity, relief coming in the form of their wench. With practiced skill, she served the pair their meal.

“Anything else I can get for you?”

The young male shook his head, but the server didn’t even notice, for all her attention was on Jezelle. Their eyes had met for a brief moment and the succubus smiled a deviant little smile. “Not at the moment, but… perhaps later?”

“Of course, m’lady.” The wench curtsied with excitement in her eyes.

Jezelle tore into her meal like a fiend, quite literally. Though the illusions she’d cast on herself hid her true nature her physical form wasn’t actually affected, leaving her claws as threatening and effective as ever. Though she carried herself quite elegantly at all times she seemed to completely abandon manners and courtesy. Juste again looked about worriedly as she made a scene that seemingly went unnoticed.

“I tol’ you,” she said through a full mouth, “there’s mmothing to worra abou’.”

“Would it kill you to be a bit more couth? Everyone else may not be able to see you, but I still have to.” Seductively, she sucked the roast chicken’s juices from her long fingers. “When there’s an actual threat of me being caught, I’ll behave. I promise I wont embarrass master in front of his friends.”

He just shook his head and went about his own plate. In contrast to Jezelle’s animalistic approach to eating, Juste ate his meal quietly and with care. As the indentured succubus ate, she couldn’t help but eye the girl who had served their food. A plot began to form in her mind. Jezelle was determined to find out what Juste’s deal was, and knew just how to do it. It took a while for the waitress to finally meet Jezelle’s eyes, but all the demon needed was an instant to cast her glamour.

It wasn’t long before the unsuspecting woman returned to the couple with a pair of steins in hand. “Begging your pardon, m’lord”, but the barkeep sent these over for you,” she said.She held the large drinks just below chest level, as if to emphasize her already ample breasts. “Says to always treat you paladins right because they’re always helpin’ people. He owes your order for savin’ his daughter years ago. We don’t often get heroes here, so if there’s anything you need…”

The paladin watched her, carefully avoiding the provocative display as she bent over to set down the steins. Between her supple bottom and her hanging teats this seemed to prove difficult to him.

Jezelle was quick to start into her beverage, but watched the other two intently from behind her glass. He thanked the lady curtly and remained steadfast in his honor as she leaned over him to grab his dirty dishes. His discomfort was palpable as her bosom blatantly brushed against him. The girl lingered a moment with her eyes on Juste before excusing herself.

After breathing a sigh of relief he caught Jezelle staring at him. “What?”

“Nothing at all, master,” she lied. The whole situation with him kept getting more and more interesting. She wasn’t the only temptation he ignored. Thankfully, he didn’t seem to notice the slight enthrallment she had lain on the servant. Trusting as ever. Jezelle took a deep, cleansing breath to rid herself of nerves as the blushing woman caught her eye again. They exchanged smiles. The serving girl’s grin was shy but intrigued; Jezelle’s was deceptively innocent.

Thoughshe’d been completely satiated the night before, her desire was being roused by her master’s unwillingness. It was one thing to seal and bind her to his will; it was another to not use her like the worthless slave she had become. It was enough to fill her mind with thoughts of fornication. A pang of disgust ran through her at the thought of how much she wished he would ravage her. The rest of her meal was rather dull, though as far as she could tell Juste didn’t seem to mind the peace. The evening crowd started to pour in and the wench was taken from Jezelle. With little else to occupy her attention the succubus turned to the paladin once again.

“Where are we going?” she asked idly as she gnawed the last bits of meat from bone.

“South,” came the reply. “To the capital, more precisely.”

“Why, so I can go join your order of sheep?” she snickered.

“I wouldn’t use those words, but yes.”

“You can’t be serious,” she said. Her expression was incredulous; her voice, flat and unamused. Suddenly his insistence on her wardrobe made more sense.

“The only way one can fight in the name of the light is to have been blessed by it.” Jezelle crossed her arms and sat back in her chair. “There isn’t anything more special about the light than there is any of the other fae lords. Do you really think by having me say your words and swearing to your lords that I’ll become a paragon?”

“No, but it’s a start. You may be my familiar now, but humans are different than your kind. I still don’t fully trust you. At least by doing this it’ll show me your devotion.”

The little fool wasn’t as stupid as she had begun to think. Despite what he thought, she had little choice in the matter. As his familiar she had to obey whatever her master ordered. Deep within, a minute part of the succubus didn’t seem to mind. There was a flicker of pleasure she felt when ordered and commanded. It was different than the pleasure she derived from her hunger, but it felt like if she gave it a chance she could like it. Jezelle squelched the feeling as much as she could and glared at the paladin defiantly.

“Won’t doing something like that be incredibly risky, master? And not just for myself.”

“It is.”

She knew as well as he did what would happen if their union was discovered. While Jezelle didn’t plan on getting caught, if Juste did she would be forever stuck as she was. Being fed up enough with his plan that she cared not to argue, she started to think of other things. With sultry enthusiasm, she acted as if she was conceding. “Very well. Whatever my master asks of me, I shall obey.”

Juste looked at her with an uncomfortable shyness while she shamelessly tried to seduce him. When their eyes met he quickly looked away. Juste perplexed her, truly. For all his youth and vigor he certainly was bashful, especially considering what they’d already done together.

Her ruby eyes — masked by enchantments so that only Juste could see their unnatural colour — stared lustily at the young paladin as she rested her head on her hand. “Master, if this humble one may ask something…”

Juste took a slow drink, hesitating. A subtle tightness showed around his eyes and betrayed his apprehension for what questions his unpredictable thrall might pose. After a moment, he nodded.

“How would you like me tonight?” Jezelle asked. She bit her lip coyly, knowing it would set him off.

Despite his mental preparation, the question seemed to catch him off guard; Juste began choking rather violently on a mouthful of ale. He managed to avoid making too much of a mess of his table and attire, though his dignity was surely damaged. As soon as he could muster enough breath to do so he stammered, “In your room, of course.”

“My room?” asked Jezelle, tilting her head in confusion. Despite her contempt for the young warrior and her current circumstances she still wanted to fuck. Juste nodded in affirmation as he wiped up what spilled drink he could. “Even with us bound it wouldn’t be proper for us to share a room. A man and woman can only do such a thing if they’re united in the light.”

The succubus rolled her eyes and sulked. “But I’m not a woman!”

“Exactly!” he said harshly. “It would be even more dangerous then.”

Jezelle folded her arms and assumed an unhappy expression. She wouldn’t press the point, but neither would she let him go without knowing her disappointment. “Very well, master; as you command. It is my pleasure to serve you any way you require, even if it is not at all.”

He seemed unsure of her sudden cooperation, but took her at her word that there would be no more issues. Jezelle felt she was really starting to figure things out. Her righteous captor’s reluctance seemed to stem from personal belief more than anything. Juste had probably spent most, if not all, of his life in servitude to the light, which could explain his chaste and proper attitude towards her — barring their first encounter, of course. Her theory seemed incompatible with the events of the previous night, but it was her only starting point. She would simply have to be patient in putting together the pieces of the puzzle that was Juste.

“Our rooms are right next to each other, but I expect you not to try anything,” Juste declared as he stood and tossed her a key.

“You have my word, master. Are you off to bed already?” She inquired.

“Aye. We’ll depart tomorrow morning after we break our fast, so be ready by then.”

“I shall.” She smiled.

With that the paladin left her to her own devices. The moment he disappeared from sight up the stairs Jezelle was quick to searched out the barmaid. There was no way in hell her bed would be cool tonight. If her master wouldn’t take her then she would find someone who would. Besides, it would make for a good test of what enchantment the paladin had sealed her with. When she spotted her target, Jezelle locked eyes with her and sent a subtle command through her glamour. The woman was before Jezelle in short order, another draught of ale in hand. “‘Ere you go, m’lady.” she cooed almost obediently. “Will there be anything else?”

The hopeful air the girl carried pleased Jezelle well. The alluring fiend drank deeply from her fresh stein. It felt good to be desired the way she’d come to expect. Her lack of success earlier in the day had begun to irritate her. With a sigh of contentment, she commanded, “Your name, to start.”

“They call me Gretchen.”

“Well, Gretchen, I am Jezelle. The pleasure is all yours I assume. What time do you get off tonight?” “Whenever m’lady allow it… ,” she replied, anticipation clear in her eyes. A subtle blush welled up on her smooth cheeks.

“Cute, but not what I meant. Lucky for you, I don’t need you to be that bright. You can drop the formalities as well.”

“Oh!” Gretchen realized her mistake, completely unfazed by the slight. “I finish at 11.The owner says I’m not experienced enough to handle the overnight crowd yet, but…”

As the young lady began to twirl her crimson locks playfully and drone on about her life, Jezelle glanced at the clockwork abomination that hung on the wall. It took her a few moments to decipher when the girl meant. Most of demonkind had little to no use for the technology of the mortal races. The few that did were written off just as mad at the humanoids. The clock might have been more convenient for telling time if she actually understood it, but steam and clockwork was something Jezelle struggled to grasp even the basics of. The demon determined that it was probably still a few hours until then, but made no difference in the end, she would get what she wanted eventually. Without a care for what the girl was saying, she interrupted Gretchen. “Very well,” said the demon. “I shall require drink until you are done. If you can see to that, I will ensure your gratuity is quite…” Jezelle let her voice trail away, plastering a seductive smile on her face before continuing, “sufficient.”

Gretchen smiled eagerly and offered a sultry curtsy. “As you wish, mistress.”

* * *

Tongues lashed violently as Gretchen pressed the robed succubus to the wall. Despite her efforts to pace herself, she couldn’t wait until they reached Jezelle’s room. Jezelle’s hunger sparked and smouldered within her at the prompting of Gretchen’s uncontrolled lust. Bountiful bosoms heaved together as the servant started to breathe her passion heavily. The succubus didn’t mind at all, but she didn’t wish to cause any trouble for her master. Jezelle doubted that any of the inebriated patrons of the inn would truly mind the display of two beauties entwined amorously, but the fact that one of them was, for all intents and purposes, a holy acolyte of Lumaris would almost ensure a scandal for her master.

A wave of her hand dismissed the flames of the candles illuminating the hallway. She tried to break the kiss with Gretchen only to find her attempt met with the serving girl’s surprisingly intense refusal to cooperate. Gretchen latched onto Jezelle’s lower lip, trying to pull her close once again. With an assertive look, Jezelle cowed the young woman and took her hand, dragging her farther into the darkened corridor. People rarely questioned two lovers in the dark. Gretchen followed, silent and obedient, as she directed the focus of her mouth to the guiding hand of her mistress. Once adequately cloaked in the shadows, Jezelle ran her fingers through the ruby curls of her slave. The succubus gripped the silky locks in her hand and drew her in once more with just enough force to cause a gasp of pleasure.

“Ooooh! Mistress you’re so rough,” the wench purred like a kitten as she sought her lover’s lips.

“Does it not please you?” Jezelle questioned with a smirk and a raised eyebrow. She didn’t expect an answer, what with Gretchen’s tongue so preoccupied, but she didn’t need one. Being able to read all of her partner’s lusts and desires was something all succubi did naturally. Normally it was used to bring her partners to the epitome of climax so she could best feed off of them, but it served her just as well now. With Juste having sealed her, Jezelle needed to find out how extensive her new limitations truly were. If her abilities were as locked as the paladin insisted then she would need to make the best use of what energy she had. It hadn’t cost her much to entice the young woman. Not only did the waitress seem to enjoy the company of women, but she’d been eying up Jezelle all evening, even without the influence of the demon’s glamour.

“A bit of a freak, aren’t you?” the succubus panted as Gretchen’s tongue left her mouth and trailed down over her neck and collarbone. “Wanting a taste of the light’s forbidden fruit… Allow me to indulge you.”

She grabbed a fistful of red hair and pushed Gretchen down to her knees while lifting the skirt of her own robe with the other hand. Needing no instruction, the mortal nestled into the smooth thighs and began to lavish Jezelle anew with kisses. Gretchen’s full, painted lips left a rosy trail as they sought the wetness her partner’s humble undergarments concealed. Her hands were nearly as eager as her tongue in removing the linens, rabidly pulling them down. The garments were yanked away and tossed aside without a care.

Jezelle felt a flash of coldness as her sensitive arousal met the cool air for a few startling seconds. She shivered, but it didn’t last as Gretchen’s warm mouth assailed her loins. In only a few short moments Jezelle could feel her appetite being sated; the interplay of Gretchen’s slick tongue and ragged breathing against the wet folds of the beautiful fiend’s sex was astoundingly gratifying. The suddenness of the assault caused Jezelle to let go of her skirt. She gripped the wall, bracing herself for the pleasure. A deep, throaty moan escaped her lips. Being hidden beneath Jezelle’s vestment didn’t seem to deter Gretchen in the slightest.

The sensation started to overwhelm Jezelle as fingers probed her slit deeply. The demon squirmed in ecstasy, putting a hand to her mouth to stifle her moans, and spread her legs as wide as she could manage.Gretchen took full advantage of the additional space. With one hand Gretchen fingered Jezelle to the knuckle, soon adding a second finger, then a third, as her other hand explored the deliciously soft skin of her mistress’s legs. She stroked with tender fervor, moving her attentions to her inamorata’s voluptuous rump. With a strong grasp she groped and pulled her lover closer. The longer she slurped at the succubus’ snatch, the more intoxicated she became with the aphrodisiacal nectar, and the more fervently she ate. The hungry girl lapped at every bit of the succubus that she could reach as if her life depended on it.

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