Justin was exhausted, sweaty and horny too. He’d spent his entire morning doing something most twenty three year olds dread. Shopping with his mother!

His mom wasn’t just any normal mother. She was forty two, but she looked like she was in her twenties. She had flowing blonde curls, they fell almost to her waist. She usually wore it up, in a tight bun or braid. Today though, it cascaded down around her. She was short, barely five two. She weighed about one twenty five, soaking wet. Her tits had to weigh atleast ten pounds each! They were huge and still very perky. She had a tiny waist and junk in her trunk. She was every young boys dream MILF.

He wasn’t just a normal son either. He towered over her tiny frame. At six three, he was taller than his father. He had dark shaggy hair and he’d grown a beard that made him look older than she was.

It was a combination of all these things that made their trip so easy. Justin had a place of his own, just across town. His mother had informed his father that she was visiting friends in another town. She’d packed a bag, picked him up and drove the hour to the hotel they’d reserved for the weekend.

He was a gentleman, paying for a room for the weekend. They’d arrived early on Friday, freshening up before they went to a French restaurant she’d been dying to try. Over the romantic meal, she’d held his hand. Whispered softly into his ear, nuzzling her face into his neck. Anyone watching would have assumed they were lovers, not mother and son. She’d teased him all night before falling asleep with her head on his chest. Her kiss promised more to come.

The next morning, they’d gotten up and showered together. She’d massaged him, pumping his member with her hand. The soap flowing over them, he’d cupped her breasts. Pulling her against him, he’d cum all over her stomach.

She’d spent so long dressing before the shopping trip. When she’d emerged from the bathroom, she looked like his sister. She wore a skin tight black dress, hugging all the curves of her body. Her breasts weren’t confined and he didn’t see a panty line, so he assumed she wasn’t wearing anything under the dress. Her legs were smooth, silky and accented by the four inch stillettos she wore. Her nails were freshly manicured and her toes were pedicured.

The make-up she wore was soft, sweet and innocent. Her hair fell loosely around her waist, making her seem smaller than she was. As she took his hand, he noticed the ring she wore. It wasn’t her wedding ring, but a large diamond. When he asked her, she smiled, “Today, I’m going to be your fiancee!”

They’d spent the next six hours in many different stores and shops. She’d tried on bikinis at the Beach Bash Bonanza. His favorite had been a slinky red one that barely covered her nipples. She’d posed for him in the dressing area and he’d snapped a few photos for mastrubating later.

She’d went to Fredrick’s for lingerie. It had been his favorite store because he could imagine just about anything in the store on her body, right before he ripped it off to make love to her. The shop’s clerk had been delighted to learn of their “engagement” and had given them an hour in the fantasy room.

The fantasy room was a private bedroom, built to allow customers to try out toys and equipment with their spouse. This particular room was decked out in a sensual theme. It was red and black with a heart shaped bed. Mirrors on all sides and above them.

She’s worn atleast fifty outfits in there. They’d even brought in racks of clothing for them and a big box of goodies. He’d picked out satin boxers, a police woman’s outfit for her and handcuffs. She’d spent most of her time bouncing on the bed, posing in barely there outfits for his camera. He’d gotten atleast a hundred shots already!

She’d bought a surprise for later, he’d been constantly hard ever since. They’d gone to Tiffany’s to look at jewelry. She’d tried on rings, necklaces and bracelets. Between her pressing her chest against him and locking tongues with him, the older woman at the counter was red faced. He just smiled, complimented his “fiancee” and played the game with her.

They’d gone to a quiet, intimate restaurant for lunch. They’d fed each other, cuddled in the booth and drank wine. He’d played with her hair, she’d fondled him under the table. Still, he was so hard. It ached and he couldn’t wait to return to their room.

After their intimate lunch, she insisted on a few more stores. After so many outfits, she led him to a shoe store. She tried on stillettos and heeled boots in every style and color. Choosing a pair of black boots with studs and a six inch heel. She’d only ever worn a four inch.

To her they were slutty hooker boots, to him, they were fucking boots. He begged her to wear them back to the room. She teased him a little before finally relenting. His eyes didn’t leave her backside as she sauntered out of the shop.

Finally heading back to their hotel, she began her teasing again. As they turned off the main street, she bent over, revealing her bare ass. He’d slapped her ass and she’d continued on. Reaching their hotel, he’d had to cover himself with her packages. His cock was so hard he felt like it was going to rip through his pants.

Entering the elevator, she pressed the roof instead of their floor. Then she unzipped his pants, releasing his hard cock. She knelt before him, taking him into her mouth.

His cock was enveloped by her warm mouth, she ran her tongue along the underside. Tracing the veins that were pulsing with his want for her.

Suddenly the elevator slowed, he quickly covered himself with the packages, turning slightly to her. She cuddled close and began to stroke him as an elderly couple got on the elevator.

Three floors of standing in an elevator with his mother stroking him while two other people stood a foot away. When they got off the elevator, she dropped down to suck him again.

This time she got all of him into her mouth, gurgling as he tickled the back of her throat. She rocked her head back and forth, his back arched, about to fill her mouth with his seed.

She stopped as quickly as she’d begun. Putting his cock away and zipping him up. Just as she did, the elevator stopped on the roof.

She pressed the basement button, letting the door shut again. She perched in the corner, lifting her legs up on the handrails. Spreading herself, revealing he was right about the panties. She dropped her fingers to her slit, rubbing herself.

That was all it took. He lowered his mouth to her sweet nectar, suckling as much as he could out of her juicy hole. She pressed his face against her, bucking her hips to meet him.

He lapped and drank her juices. Slowly tracing letters and shapes along her clit. She was on the brink of orgasm when the elevator slowed. She got down quickly and stood against her “fiancee”.

The men made polite talk with Justin. When they found out he was engaged, they ribbed him about his beautiful lady. They exited six floors later, heading to a meeting.

His mother lifted herself back up to the rails. He went back to tasting her. Slipping her clit between his lips. Teasing her with his tongue. She arched her back and began to cum. Her sweet juice dripping from his chin.

The elevator chose that moment to slow down. She was still shaking from her orgasm. He quickly lifted her down and pressed the button for their floor.

As the doors opened, he pinned her in the corner and kissed her. He kept his lips locked with hers the rest of the way to their floor. When the elevator dinged at their floor, he lifted her up. She wrapped her legs around his hips and kept their lips locked. He swooped down and gathered their bags.

Exiting the elevator, they didn’t even stop to breathe. Just outside the door to their room, he dropped the packages and unzipped his pants. He let his cock spring free.

He pressed her back to the wall, shoved her dress up and stuck his cock deep inside his mother. He pumped in and out, she rocked on his cock. Steading herself with his shoulders, she was able to ride him.

They made love right there against the wall in the hallway. Fucking his mother in plain site of the entire floor. That made him hotter, made him explode.

She shuttered with orgasm, juices soaking him. His cum filled her pussy, dripping off of them both. He set her down, gathered their bags and pushed the door open.

When he headed inside, he saw his father lying on the bed. He figured out he was fast asleep, helped his mother sneak into the bathroom to change and gathered their sexual fantasy items and snuck out.

He’d fucked his own mother with his father ten feet away inside the room. He couldn’t wait to get inside her again. He dropped their bags at the end of the hallway and went back to the room.

He opened the door quietly and entered the bathroom. She stood their, naked and beautiful. Protesting, she pushed him back to the door, “Your father could wake up at any minute. You have to go.”

He insisted, locking the door and kissing her. She smiled, “Okay, but we have to hurry. I don’t want him to find you here. There will be too many questions.”

He kissed down her neck, gently biting her skin. She could feel his cock harden against her stomach. She ached to have him inside her again.

The thought of her husband laying just outside the room while she fucked their son made her absolutely hot and bothered. She needed fuck by him.

He sucked her tits this time, fingering her sloppy cum hole. He rubbed her clit, sucking nipples one at a time. She breathed against his ear, moaning quietly.

Finally he couldn’t take it anymore, he bent her over the sink. Her cheeks spread, he entered her from behind. Sliding easily inside of her, then back out enough that his tip could slip across her clit before reentering her. She pushed back against him each time, hoping to keep him deep inside her.

He moved faster and faster, gripping her hips as a guide. He pushed her harder against the sink, grabbing a fistful of hair and pulling her up to him. He leaned over and bit her neck. “Does my little whore like being fucked while my dad’s a few feet away? Does she like being filled with her son’s cock while her husband’s in the next room?”

The dirty talk was enough, he was about to explode again. He sat back on the toilet, pulling her into his lap. She climbed on him and bounced up and down. Teasing her clit with his short prickly pubic hair. Soon she was on fire and his cock exploded deep in her. Putting her fire out and filling her with his seed again.

He quickly dressed and snuck back out of the room. As he closed the door behind him, he heard his father say, “Is that you woman? Where the fuck have you been?”

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