hide and seek

08. Wet and caught.

“Wake up, it’s another beautiful rainy day!”

Damn, how can that woman be so awake so early all the time, Ashley thought upon hearing Jennifer’s voice. Every morning now Jennifer had been the first to wake up, and also the one to wake up the long-sleepers including Ashley.

Ashley turned around, and put her arm around the body next to her, and shook it a bit. “Time to wake up, Phoebe,” she said. But that body felt much smaller than she expected, so she opened her eyes, and was suddenly very awake. “Ruby, you sleeping here? Sorry didn’t notice you coming back.” She quickly pulled back her arm.

“It’s OK, we came back late, couldn’t see anything, so just lay down the first available space that I found. I’m not so big so I fit almost anywhere. You guys were all sleeping already. Well, let’s get up, it’s time for breakfast. I’m so hungry! That was quite a night, those guys are really insatiable.”

After breakfast Ashley teamed up with Phoebe again and together they went for her rock hideout. Just like yesterday Phoebe went in first, and Ashley followed, squeezing herself against Phoebe’s body to fit in the gap and to remain out of sight. It started to feel more natural, not as awkward as on the previous day.

Ashley really started to feel comfortable with Phoebe. It was as if she found a soul mate, in a rather unexpected manner of course, but still she felt like they connected rather well. And the intimacy she felt with the other woman was interesting to say the least, if nothing else they kept each other warm in the cold and rainy conditions.

After standing there for a while she felt Phoebe’s hand move on her ass, squeezing her lightly.

“Hey, what you doing,” she asked, grinning, knowing of course very well what that hand was doing.

“Nothing,” the innocent reply came.

They grinned, and Ashley let her hand slide round Phoebe’s waist.

“Now keep quiet,” she said, “the game is about to start and I don’t want to get caught, or do you?”

She was barely done talking or the horn sounded, and the cheers of the men entering the area was heard.

The girls continued their whispered chatting, joking about the events of the past days, talking about life after the event, sharing their feelings about what happened to them and discussing how to deal with it all.

While they were talking their bodies were rubbing against each other. A little twist and turn, a bit sideways, not much movement was possible to begin with in the narrow gap. Mostly natural movements, but Ashley had the feeling that some of Phoebe’s movements were more than that, and were actually meant to tease her sexually. They both moved much more than the previous day, when Ashley was reluctant to move, not knowing really how to handle the intimate situation.

Ashley was really becoming comfortable with the closeness of their naked bodies, and the feelings it gave her. She actually found she was getting a bit aroused with all the movements going on. Phoebe had one hand on her ass, the other arm rubbing against her breast, her hard nipple must be obvious. It was a very new experience to her. Add to that the whole situation of being virtually locked up with the other girl, both stark naked, with the constant fear of being discovered and used as sex slave – it gave the whole thing a strangely erotic atmosphere.

Ashley had never felt anything for another woman but Phoebe seemed different. She did not know what was going on in her mind, maybe it was just the stress of the whole game they were involved in. Oh well, just go with the flow and see where it ends up, she figured.

The weather was still dark. Not as dark as the previous day but still heavy clouds, and now and then rain would fall down. Everything around them was moist. The ground, the walls, everything. Their shoes were still soaked from the previous day, giving them wet feet. Luckily the rain also meant it was not very hot, as otherwise it could have been unbearable to stand like they did.

The morning passed, and the hunt was on. Having a smaller group of hunters meant there was a smaller chance than before for anyone to look into their hideout. It also meant the men would separate and mostly go about the hunt alone, in order to cover more ground.

Two, three times they heard someone walking along the trail passing by their hideout, and both Ashley and Phoebe stiffened up, holding their breath. Ashley pushed herself closer to Phoebe just to be further out of sight. But nothing happened and they could relax.

The end of the game session approached, and they started to chat again, thinking they were scot free. Yet at that moment they heard footsteps approaching, and held still. The footsteps stopped for a while, then continued, getting closer. Ashley pushed herself hard against Phoebe, afraid of being seen. Then they heard the footsteps walking towards their hideout, and the bush being pushed away. A male voice said, “Peekaboo!”

Ashley felt her heart bouncing in her throat. She couldn’t breathe.

“Oh, no-one here. I though I heard something,” murmured the voice. “Probably just some animal.”

The girls slowly relaxed as they heard the footsteps disappear in the distance.

“I thought you were going to suffocate me,” Phoebe whispered to Ashley.

“Yes sorry about that, it was not intentional, I was just afraid he would see me,” Ashley replied.

“Don’t worry, I don’t mind you doing that. In a way it feels nice, protected and so. And knowing that I’m not the only one who doesn’t want to get caught is nice as well. You know I’m really glad with how you supported me yesterday. That was really sweet, made me feel much better,” whispered Phoebe, and she put her free arm around Ashley’s head, pulled Ashley’s head towards her own, and planted a big kiss on Ashley’s mouth.

Ashley was a bit shocked at first, she had never kissed a girl before, but soon kissed back and started to feel all warm inside.

After a while Phoebe broke their kiss, and whispered, “Thanks again.”

Ashley felt really confused now. But she could not deny that she did enjoy the kiss, the warmth of Phoebe’s soft body against hers, the closeness, but she was very confused having such feelings for another woman. She knew she really had to be careful not to go crazy these days, as she was barely getting to terms with being a prostitute, and in the meantime having feelings for another woman, what she had never had before, much less imagined she would ever have. She actually wanted to kiss Phoebe again, there and then, but her overall confusion stopped her from doing so.

They stood there silently for another ten minutes or so until they heard the horn signalling the end of the session, and they returned to the cabin. The rain had finally settled down, and the sky was becoming a bit brighter.

Back at the cabin the other girls were arriving as well. Ashley and Phoebe took the honours of starting to make lunch. When they sat down they realised there were thirteen of them: just two missing. That was a first for the week, it had never happened that the men could not even find three of them in two hours time.

“Oh those guys will be so frustrated, not being able to find more of us! I really feel for Christie and Eva. They’ll have a hard time,” Judith said.

“Sure… they’ll be very hard… oh sorry you weren’t talking about the men?” Ruby replied, and the rest laughed.

They had lunch together, and after that some went for a nap, while the rest went to the yard for a game of volleyball. After sitting still all morning while hiding some activity is quite important to keep those muscles going.

By the time it was time to get out and hide themselves, Eva and Christie returned.

“Welcome back ladies,” Alice exclaimed when she saw them approaching. “How was it?”

“Rough,” said Christie.

“Busy,” said Eva.

“Man those guys were so unhappy about not being able to find more of us! We barely got to have lunch. We had to eat with a dick in our pussies, so frustrated they were. The horny bastards, they just couldn’t wait.”

“Yeah, and after that they all wanted both of us – twice. Taking breaks to last longer. Ugh, having sex for well over an hour straight with at least two men at the same time is very demanding.”

“Anyway we’d better go hiding, and hide better than this morning, because I really don’t want to be caught again!”

After that final remark from Christie they all hugged each other good luck and set off again for another round of adult hide and seek.

Again Ashley and Phoebe went to hide together. They felt safe there, and Ashley rather enjoyed having Phoebe’s company. Shortly before the horn sounded they entered the tiny space. Ashley put her right hand on Phoebe’s hip. Her left hand was stuck between her body and the rock face, while she was standing against Phoebe’s right side.

“Those men must be frustrated and search extra hard this time,” Phoebe said softly. “Will they come in and find us this time?”

“I hope not. I’ve been caught once so far and hope to keep it at that. But you never know of course, just hope they have a look in the entrance and don’t realise we’re around the corner, like the guy this morning did.”

“Indeed. Three times so far for me. Happy to have been spared for now – thanks to you I must say.”

Ashley smiled, and moved her hand up and down along Phoebe’s waist and hip, feeling the smooth skin and the curves of Phoebe’s body.

Feeling comfortable, she gathered all her courage and asked, “You told me you once did it with another girl, right? I’m curious, what did you do and how was it?”

But before Phoebe could reply they heard footsteps on the path, and the held tight together, keeping dead silent. Ashley had her head on Phoebe’s shoulder, and her nose touched those pretty curls. She could smell the earth and the rain, and the other dirt that had gotten stuck in Phoebe’s hair. A musky smell, not unpleasant. She felt Phoebe’s chest moving up and down with her breath, accelerating as the footsteps came closer and the tension grew.

It seemed the man was checking every bush and looking behind every rock.

This is it, we are going to get caught again, Ashley thought.

The man pushed aside the bush at the entrance to their little niche, looked in, and moved on, not realising there were two pretty girls just around the corner, just hidden from his prying eyes.

It was at least another ten minutes before they could not hear him, or any other search party. Ashley relaxed her grip, and gave Phoebe a little more space. Phoebe started to talk again.

“How it was with another girl you asked? Well… nice, soft, gentle. I think girls are softer and gentler than guys. We kissed, like we did yesterday. We stroked each other, like you’re doing to me now. We rubbed our bodies together like we’ve been doing in here all along. A girl’s body is generally softer, rounder, and girls know exactly where to find another girl’s sensitive bits,” she whispered, talking slowly and somewhat seductively.

Ashley felt herself getting a little aroused by the thought of two women making love. And then she suddenly felt Phoebe move her right arm – the arm that was stuck in between their bodies. It was moving slowly, just the hand and fingers actually had the space to move about, and then suddenly she felt a finger on her pussy.

“You’re really interested, aren’t you,” Phoebe whispered with a grin on her face, obviously enjoying both Ashley’s shocked expression and the wetness of her pussy.

Emboldened Ashley dropped her hand and touched her friend’s bush too. “I’m obviously not the only one,” she commented.

And at that moment they heard footsteps coming closer. Two men approaching this time, searching the area. The girls stiffened up, and stopped their sexual assault on each other. They heard the men talking to each other.

“Damn, those bitches really know how to hide themselves now.”

“Yes, or is it us who suck at searching?”

“Well the sucking I’d rather leave to those sluts…”

“Yeah well we’d better hurry and catch some as otherwise it’s going to be boring tonight, we got only one so far and time is running out.”

“Yeah… but it seems no-one here.”

Then they heard the bush in front of their hideout being pushed aside.

“Damn, empty again.”

“Seems so.”

They heard some rumbling, and before Ashley knew what was going on she felt a hand grabbing her arm. And it was definitely not Phoebe’s hand.

A man said, “Hey, look at that, our lucky day! Two of them deep inside! What a catch. Enjoying yourselves in here, huh? Well come on out, or we’ll have to pull you out. Your choice.”

Ashley felt so shocked, they were found again. She was swearing softly as she crawled out of the hideout, closely followed by Phoebe. They were barely on the path or the men had handcuffed them already.

“Mmm, looking good,” their captor said, stepping closer to Phoebe. “Looking really good. Feels good too. Lovely tits you have. Perfect size.”

Ashley looked at the man standing in front of her friend. He grabbed one of Phoebe’s breasts with one hand, while his other hand went down to her pussy.

“Oh shit, what’s that, you’re wet down there? Soaking wet! And the other…”

He turned now to Ashley, and felt her pussy too. Ashley knew she was really wet, and felt very ashamed of the man feeling her up.

“Yes you too,” he said. “Nice wet pussy. You have nice tits too, a bit small though. Barely a hand full, disappointing. I like them bigger. Anyway what were you to girls doing in there, huh? No need to tell, those wet holes tell the tale. Oh well you may continue that tonight.”

Ashley was in shock. For being caught, for being molested there and then, the man feeling her pussy and even sticking a finger inside when he found her being wet, the shame of it all, having her breasts called small again, and of course that final remark about tonight.

Neither girl would say anything, they just stood there looking at the ground, hands cuffed behind their backs, knowing they had lost yet another round and that they had a long night coming.

The men radioed the rest of the group that they had picked up two in one go, filling their quota. They added that there was still an hour left, so plenty of time to find some appetisers. Ashley just could not get used to that word, and quietly hoped that no-one else would be found and abused that afternoon.

When they arrived at the gate, she saw Ruby was there too. She looked so small under the tall fence. Ashley felt bad. This was going to be a long long evening. She also felt sorry for Ruby who would have her second evening as sex slave in a row.

The next hour they just waited at the gate, talking a bit to each other when there were no men around. Ashley vaguely heard some screams, probably one of the other girls unlucky enough to be found and now being toyed with.

At the end of the session the horn sounded, the men all gathered at the gate, and soon after the bus arrived to take them all back to the main mansion.

The start of the evening was pretty much the same as before. The girls got to wear high heels, and got to serve dinner.

There were only eight men this time, so the work was far less. Of course there were no empty chairs for the girls to sit on, and the table had been replaced by a smaller one, to match the actual number of diners.

Petite Ruby proved popular with the men. Ashley had to admit she was a cute little thing. Typical slender Asian build, slightly tanned skin, she looked like a doll. And being so light weight she was easy to handle by the guys of course. Her breasts were not much more than oversized mosquito bites, with small pointy nipples, and a shaved pussy to complete the little girl look.

Ashley thought she must have a tight pussy, everything being so tiny about her, the guys must love it. It was definitely the closest they could get to fucking a junior high girl, legally. And don’t they all fantasise about that?

Sitting on the lap of one of the men Ashley tried to eat a bit, while being distracted by the feel of a hard dick against her buttocks, her breasts being fondled and her nipples being pinched and pulled lightly. She was more relaxed than the first time, and started to feel aroused already. She realised she had better just have those feelings take over her body as it made the inevitable sex more bearable. They could mess with her body, not with her mind. So she should also let her body mess with itself, get aroused when it wanted, and not let her mind get in the way or let her body mess with her mind.

When dinner was finished, the girls cleared the table, but they were not asked to be dessert plates this time. Instead dessert was served normally. It including ice cream explained why, using a warm body to serve ice cream just won’t work very well.

The men with a girl on their lap suddenly turned into messy eaters, having many accidents with their food, but they would make sure the girls were cleaned up well by licking the spills off of their bodies. Ruby clearly got into the little girl act, and became quite clumsy with her food too. She seemed to enjoy the attention very much, and the men enjoyed her too.

After dessert the second part of the evening started. Their host, William, the only familiar male face to Ashley, got up and led everyone to the next room. No poles on the stage this time, just some mattresses. Ashley was wondering what that was about: she expected to have to perform another pole dance routine.

“Today we have an interesting catch, I would say,” William announced. “One is a really cute Asia doll, and those two,” he pointed at Ashley and Phoebe, “were found hiding together in a rather tight space. When Frank got them out and examined his catch, he realised that both of them were soaking wet down there. And that was not because of the rain, oh no, they had obviously been enjoying each other’s company very much in there. Their hiding place is of course also not a place to hide together if you don’t really like each other.

“No pole dancing or so tonight, we have a much better show to watch. You two ladies, please take to the stage, and continue and finish what you were doing before you were caught. With a little bit more freedom to move, and a generally more comfortable environment I’d say. And please, don’t hold back just because we’re watching you.

“Gentlemen, please make yourself comfortable. During the show this little doll will serve us drinks, and when she doesn’t have anything to do you may play with her a bit. She seems to enjoy that too. Have a great evening!”

Applause sounded from the men.

Ashley was dumbstruck, shocked by what was expected from her: to have sex with Phoebe, on stage, until both of them had reached a climax, and that with all those men watching all their movements. She had never done it with a woman before, and was not sure whether she was ready to do it with a woman to begin with, even if that woman was Phoebe. And then with an audience to boot.

“Hey, what you waiting for?”, “Get on stage, give us a show!” And more words of encouragement from the audience started to sound.

Then Phoebe walked towards Ashley, grabbed her hand and whispered, “Come, let’s just do it, forget that they’re there and enjoy our time together, OK? Don’t worry, just do what feels natural, and the rest will follow.”

Ashley reluctantly followed her onto the stage, still a bit in shock. When they got to the centre of the stage Phoebe turned to her and said, “It’s OK, don’t worry, just enjoy, let your feelings guide you,” and she started to kiss Ashley.

Ashley felt Phoebe’s hot lips touching hers, and kissed back. It was intense. Knowing all the men and Ruby were watching her felt embarrassing and exciting at the same time. She felt Phoebe’s arms wrapping around her, and answered the hug. A tongue touched her lips and she opened her mouth slowly, allowing Phoebe access for a deep French kiss.

13. The fire is back.

“Good morning, good morning, the sun is out, why aren’t you?” The always early, always happy Jennifer walked into the bedroom, waking the long sleepers up.

“Some volunteers needed to help with breakfast, I got some fresh rolls in the oven already, Angel has been very good to us again,” she announced. Alice and Ruby got up to help her, while Ashley slowly woke up from her deep slumber.

She sat up on the bed, and stretched her sore body. After the previous night’s abuse she knew she had to take it easy today and she really should not be found. Which was going to be hard, as it was Friday so the ranks of the men would start to swell, especially in the afternoon.

By the time she got up and walked down to the kitchen, looking to help out a bit, most of the work had been done already. She sat down with the rest of the girls on the table, and started to have breakfast. General chatter sounded, but Ashley was not paying attention to what the girls talked about. She was still thinking of the previous day’s events.

After breakfast, when it was time to leave the cabin and go in hiding, she reluctantly approached Phoebe.

“Phoebe … erm …” She did not know what to say. She never had problems talking to Phoebe, why was it so hard this time?


“Erm … would you … can we -”

“We should go and hide together now,” Phoebe simply stated.

Ashley felt very relieved by the way Phoebe talked to her. It was very matter-of-factly, showing that Phoebe maybe still was not fully over it, but also that she wanted them to stay together.

Silently they walked to their favourite niche. When they went in, Ashley immediately put her arms around her friend, giving her a long hug. “Sorry about yesterday. I really wasn’t trying to cheat on you or anything.”

“I should say sorry too I guess…”


“I didn’t think well. I was so angry of being found, and then saw you hugging her, so intimately…”

Ashley felt her trembling in her arms. Phoebe took a deep breath and let out a loud angry scream. She continued, “I’m so confused, I just don’t know – I love you, you know, really I do, and then I saw you like that…” followed by another loud scream. “Ah, that was nice, I needed that.”

“I understand your thinking. Emily hugging me so tightly to help me warm up a bit. And later you saw me watching Emily… watching people having sex just turns me on, you know.”

“Were you watching me as well?”


“And me wrestling Emily?”


The horn sounded, the morning hunt was on. The girls lowered their voices while they continued to talk.

“Did you cheer for me?”

“No. Honestly, I hoped you would lose. So at least I wouldn’t get another pounding from you.”

Phoebe grinned, “Yeah I was a bit rough on you I guess.”

“That wasn’t a bit. That really hurt.”

“Sorry, I was just angry. I won’t do it again. Can we forgive and forget?”

In reply, Ashley gave Phoebe a long, deep kiss.

Ashley whispered, “Yes, I forgive you.”

Phoebe smiled, and the girls kissed again.

It was a very sunny day, very different from the previous days. With everything still very humid thanks to a few days of rain, it was promising to be a hot and humid day. Temperatures soared, even under the rocks it was getting hot, made worse by the total lack of wind that could have provided some cooling. Both girls started to sweat a bit, having to stand against each other only made them feel hotter. The only cooling they had was the rock they leaned against. They could not leave the place for fear of being found.

Silently they stood there, hugged against one another, listening to the noises around them. A few hunters walked by, one even looked behind the bush, but they were not discovered.

“I’m so hot,” Phoebe whispered.

“I know you are.” Ashley moved her hand up Phoebe’s chest and cupped her breast.

“Stop it, that’s -”

They heard footsteps on the path near them, and froze. Two men walked by. The footsteps continued, and were soon gone.

“That’s not what I meant. Now stop it, you only make it worse.”

Ashley squeezed Phoebe’s breast once more and then slowly withdrew her hand.

It was all quiet again around them. The girls were standing quietly against each other, both feeling rather uncomfortably hot and sweaty.

“So hot, it’s unbearable,” Phoebe complained.

“And it’s only getting hotter. This afternoon we have to find a better place.”

“Sure. I’m hot. Sweaty. I’m dripping.”

“What you trying to say here?”

“Nothing,” Phoebe said innocently. “Just that I’m hot. And dripping.”


They both grinned quietly, and hoped the end signal would sound soon so they could come out and go to the pond to cool down in the water.

Ashley heard footsteps again, and the voices of two men talking to each other. It was too far away for her to hear what they were saying. Some distance away from them the footsteps stopped, and then suddenly she heard a loud voice, “Look at that! Hey blondie, good to see you again!”

“Oh, fuck you!” That was obviously Emily’s voice.

“Yes, that’s exactly what I had in mind,” the man answers. “We still have some time, now come with us.”

“Ouch, you hurt me, let me go!”

Ashley cringed, imagining what they did to Emily. She heard rustling leaves and breaking branches.

“Just come with me bitch, then it won’t hurt a bit.”

“Yeah, right. As if you care whether I hurt.”

“Well indeed I don’t. Now get down and let me fuck those delicious tits of yours.”

“Oh, fuck you!”

Ashley looked at Phoebe, who looked back at her and said quietly, “Glad it’s not us.”

They listened quietly to the screaming girl nearby. Ashley heard the sound of handcuffs being applied. Apparently they needed them to keep Emily under control. From the sounds she heard Ashley made up that the two men were touching Emily all over, getting a good feel of her body. They were likely most interested in her tits, and Emily’s protests told her that the men also liked to pinch her nipples.

A few minutes later another man’s voice said, “Wow, her pussy is really wet, this bitch is really hot.”

Ashley figured he was feeling her pussy up thoroughly, probably sticking a finger or two inside to make sure she is wet there as well.

“Get off of me!” Emily screamed.

Ashley suddenly felt a hand rubbing her own pussy. She jolted a bit, and with big eyes looked at Phoebe, who had a wide grin on her face.

“You’re wet, too,” Phoebe stated, and the rubbing continued.

“Help me with those cuffs,” the first man said. “I wanna put her down there, hands above her head around that small tree. That should help keeping her under control.”

Emily obviously put up a fight, but she is no match against two men and soon enough Ashley heard the click of handcuffs closing.

“Ah, that looks better. Now I can finally give those boobs a good fuck.”

“Oh no you won’t,” Emily shouted. “You bastard, tying me down like this, what’re you thinking?”

The man didn’t answer. Ashley heard some noises that she couldn’t really place.

“Ouch, get off of me!” Emily’s protests continued.

“Lovely tits indeed. Feels good around my dick,” the man said a moment later.

“Lovely sight it is,” said the other man. “You hold her down? I want that pussy.”

“She’s still fighting. I love fierce bitches. These tits are really great.”

“Get off of me, you hurt me, let go of my legs dammit!” she screamed.

“Lovely pussy. No you’re not gonna fight me off again, bitch. Oh yeah, just hold her like that. Perfect.”

“Fuck it, let me go you bastards, didn’t you have enough yesterday or so?” Emily shouted, followed by a loud scream.

Ashley imagined the man pushing his dick into Emily’s wet pussy, like she had witnessed the previous night, while the other one was still sitting on her belly with his dick in between her breasts. Emily’s scream probably meant that he just sunk his dick into her completely in one go. Ashley felt her own arousal growing. A finger entered her pussy. She jumped, as if an electric shock went through her body. She opened her mouth as if she was going to say something but managed to remain silent, and looked at Phoebe with her eyes wide open. Phoebe now had a very devilish grin on her face.

“Great pussy,” she heard the man say, while Emily’s protest screams continued, soon followed by the sound of flesh against flesh, as Emily was being fucked deep and hard.

Ashley felt the finger in her pussy moving in and out, arousing her strongly.

Phoebe whispered, “And a great pussy it is.”

“Wanna switch places?” a man said. “Here, hold her legs. Be careful, she’s a kicker.”

The sounds of people having sex stopped. Ashley imagined the men must be switching places, all the while having to keep a fierce Emily under control.

“Ouch, you hurt me, asshole, I’m not made of rubber!”

“Oh yeah nice pussy, so wet. I love it when they struggle.”

“And great tits indeed. Big and natural, very soft.”

Ashley moaned softly, and put her mouth against Phoebe’s neck to muffle the sound. She was feeling very hot, very aroused. She felt her sweat running off her body. She listened intently to the sounds of the action nearby.

“My hair, fuck, that hurts!”

“Stop screaming and start sucking.”

Suddenly Emily’s screams sounded a bit muffled. Ashley could hear the rhythmic sound of two bodies slapping together, that man must be pounding her really hard now. Intermittently she could hear slurping sounds from the blow job Emily was now forced to give.

Soon after the horn sounded, and the morning session was over.

She heard Emily’s screams stop, she heard the men thank her for being a nice appetiser and that they were looking forward to find her again this afternoon. They laughed at the abuse Emily hurled at them while they walked away.

The fingers in Ashley’s pussy were moving slower, but did not withdraw immediately.

“It’s time to go have lunch,” Phoebe said, matter of factly, as if nothing special was happening.

Ashley looked at her, sweating, highly aroused, “Why you stop?”

“Playtime is over,” Phoebe grinned, and pulled out her finger. “Time for a bath, you’re sweaty. I can smell it.” She pinched her nose with one hand, making a face as if there suddenly was a very bad smell.

Ashley gave her a dirty look, frustrated by being so worked up without being relieved.

The girls left their hideout and walked hand in hand to the pond, and jumped in the water. Emily was there, lying on the small beach at the shore, together with Janet and Sarah. Only their heads were sticking out of the water. The other girls were apparently not back yet, or went to the cabin.

“They got me again,” Emily complained. “The bastards. As if yesterday wasn’t enough for them.”

“We know that already,” Ashley said.

“What, you could hear me?”

“Well with the volume you made…” Janet said.

“Oh, was I that loud? Sorry about that.”

“Don’t worry. I enjoyed it. Ashley too, I believe,” Phoebe said, giving a knowing look at Ashley.

Ashley felt her face turn red.

“Well, at least someone enjoyed it,” Emily said sarcastically. “And besides, I’m happy to see you two made up again.”

They bathed for another five minutes before heading back to the cabin. The twelve of them sat down and had their lunch, after which they played a game of volleyball together. Finally the weather was good for that, so they were all eager to grab the opportunity.

When the morning’s catch returned they all went for a dip in the water to cool down, and then off to hide. Ashley and Phoebe had decided not to hide together this time, as it was too hot for that.

The afternoon passed wholly uneventful. Ashley found a small niche up and over a rock, protected from the sun and just big enough for her to crawl in. She just sat there, feeling rather uncomfortable as she could barely move, listening to the voices around her. She could not really make up what was going on, the sounds were too far away.

When the horn sounded, Ashley had some difficulty climbing out, as her muscles were still sore from the previous night, and stiff from the cramped space she was hiding in. She walked back to the lake for a dip. Phoebe, Judith, Christie, Emma and Ruby were there already. She noticed that the girls, except Ruby, were lying just so that their breasts just came out of the water.

“Hello girls, how was your afternoon?” she asked, while lowering herself in the water.

“Boring,” answered Phoebe.

“Unfair,” complained Ruby.

“Oh, why so?” Ashley asked.

“Well, first of all I was found. About an hour in the game. By then they had caught Jennifer, Eva and Jane already, so the guy who found me had me suck him hard, then he fucked me a bit, but didn’t want to come, just wanted to get horny. He got me horny too, of course.

When he was done with me he sent me off, being a good girl I hid again, and shortly before the end two guys found me and repeated the same ritual. So now I’m really horny and no-one to help me with it.”

“I really feel for you,” Emma said sarcastically.

“That’s not all. Then I come here, and the two of them are there already, playing games: who can stick her boobs the highest above the surface while keeping her body submerged. And want me to join. That’s just unfair, they know I don’t stand a chance. I can barely get my nipples out without breaking the surface elsewhere.”

“Maybe you have a private match with Ashley,” Christie suggested.

“Hey, I’m not that flat,” Ashley feigned being upset. She sat up, and pushed her breasts up in her hands. “Look, a good hand full, nothing wrong with that.”

They all laughed, even Ruby. The girls had some more idle chitchat and after a while made it back to the cabin for dinner.

After dinner Angel visited them, this time carrying a box of cakes for the girls, which were well received. Angel gave the girls a quick status update, and was happy to hear that there were no problems with the hunters, or any other issues. When the cakes were finished Angel left. Some of the girls went for an evening walk, others for a swim, yet others went for an early night sleep.

It was a warm summer night, the insects were chirping loudly. Ashley and Phoebe went for an evening walk together, hoping to be alone for a while. They walked slowly, hand in hand, rather randomly thought the forest.

When they approached a grassy spot Phoebe stopped in her tracks. “Do you hear that?” she whispered.

Ashley listened quietly. She heard a woman moaning softly. A grin appeared on her face, and they slowly walked on, taking care to stay in the darkness under the trees, to have a closer look at. In the pale light of the full moon they saw a smallish figure lying in the grass. She was lying on her back, one hand rubbing her chest, her legs pulled up and spread out a bit.

Ashley recognised the petite figure as Ruby. And realised how Ruby complained that she had sex during the hunt, but the men did not satisfy her, and she was obviously taking care of that now.

Ruby moaned softly. She had one hand in between her legs, the other was massaging her breasts. From the darkness under the tree, and behind a low bush, Ashley was positive they were invisible to the masturbating girl. She and Phoebe were just standing there, looking at the Asian girl masturbating in the moonlight. Ashley really enjoyed the sight, she looked so beautiful. The pale white light on that tanned skin, her hands moving over her body, her soft moans, and her obvious eagerness to satisfy herself.

Ashley felt a brush against her back. She hadn’t noticed that Phoebe carefully moved herself behind her, and was rubbing her breasts against Ashley’s back. Ashley felt her lover hug her from behind. She felt two soft hands rubbing over her tummy, she could feel Phoebe’s breasts rubbing against her back, she felt a patch of pubic hair rubbing against her ass, and Phoebe’s head was resting on her shoulder. It was mesmerising. And all the time she did not take her eyes off Ruby, who was slowly moaning louder. She felt moisture building in between her legs.

The hands moved slowly up from her belly, touching the bottom of her rib cage, reaching the bottom of her breasts before moving down again. The hands moved up along her side, sending shivers through her body. She let out a soft sigh. The hands slowly moved up, all the way to the sides of her breasts, before moving down again to her belly, holding her tight for a moment. Some hair tickled her neck. She shivered again.

Ruby was moving her hand faster, rubbing her breasts harder too. It looked like she was pinching her own nipples but that was hard to see in the pale light and from a distance.

Ashley felt Phoebe’s hands move up again, stopping again when they touched her breasts. She felt the hands move sideways, and they went up around her breasts and on her shoulders. Phoebe’s arms pressed against the sides of her breasts, while Phoebe held her shoulders. Then Phoebe moved her hands down again. Ashley felt them reach the top of her breasts, and continuing to go down. She was breathing heavier in anticipation of her sensitive nipples being stimulated.

Ruby moaned louder, obviously nearing her orgasm.

Phoebe’s hands moved back to her side again, without touching her nipples. She realised her nipples were already hard, and that her pussy was really getting wet. She felt Phoebe’s hands move onto her belly, and slowly moving up again. This time they continued, and her breasts were gently cupped by the roaming hands. It was electrifying, sending jolts of lust and desire through her body. She never imagined how hot it could be to secretly watch a girl masturbating with another woman caressing her body.

Ruby was letting out some pretty loud screams now, and arched her back. She was obviously having her orgasm now.

At the same time Ashley felt her nipples being pinched gently. It sent another jolt of pleasure through her body. She bent her head backwards, pushing her chest forward, and let out a soft moan. She just couldn’t control herself at that moment, she was getting too aroused by the sight of Ruby masturbating herself to orgasm, while being stimulated by her lover.

“Show’s over, let’s go and find a place for ourselves,” Phoebe whispered in her ear. Ashley felt slight disappointment when Phoebe dropped her hands.

Ruby had become quiet now, she was just lying on her back, motionless, except for her chest moving up and down quickly.

Ashley turned around, grabbed Phoebe’s head, and kissed her hard.

“Let’s find a more comfy place, where we can finish off what we started this morning,” Phoebe said softly, and she grabbed Ashley’s hand and they quietly walked away.

It was not long before they found their own moonlit patch of grass, and made themselves comfortable.

“You’re really making it a habit of getting me all worked up,” Ashley said after they lay down next to each other. “That was the second time today.”

“I can’t help you’re such a voyeur,” Phoebe countered, rolling on her side.

“I’m not!”

“Oh yes you are. Didn’t you enjoy watching Ruby getting off?” Phoebe trailed her finger tips over Ashley’s belly.

“She was just looking so beautiful in the moonlight…”

“And I bet you had last night’s images in your mind when you listened to Emily being abused this morning.”

Ashley did not say anything, but she did think back of this morning, and last night. She felt Phoebe’s fingers trail over her belly, over her chest, over her breasts, carefully avoiding her sensitive bits.

“I was thinking of what I saw last night, when I heard Emily,” Phoebe admitted, continuously rubbing her fingers over Ashley’s body. “I guess I’m also a bit of a voyeur. Imagining how she would take a dick between those big boobs of hers. How they held her down to penetrate her. It really turned me on.”

“Same for me. It was almost as if I was watching it directly, having seen her last night. And then Ruby, that’s really a sex animal. Insatiable.”

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