hidden camera

All characters are 18 years of age or older


Lawrence was beside himself with worry. He watched Elisabeth displayed on the large screen and felt nauseated by his shameful betrayal. She would never understand. He had demanded that Randy return the thumb drive and the photos but his boss had laughed at him. In desperation the young husband threatened to tell his wife everything. Randy had invited him to do just that pointing out that the email with her photos had come from Lawrence’s own desk to Randy’s and the collection of her purloined underwear in his desk drawer had all been provided by Lawrence himself.

“But this … this, this is like pornography…” he pleaded. “She looks like a total slut on that tape.”

“Yeah she does, but don’t tell me you didn’t like it,” Randy chided. “You knew the tape was rolling and you didn’t have any trouble shucking and fucking the little cunt.”

Lawrence winced at Randy’s description of his unsuspecting wife, but he knew it was true. Making her perform that way and knowing someone else was seeing her doing it was exciting for him in a most shameful way. Even the thought of the humiliation she would feel if she ever knew turned him on. But deep down he feared the consequences of losing her and knew he had to put a stop to his boss’s ever increasing demands. He tried to sound decisive and uncompromising.

“It has to be over now. I can’t do anything else,” he whined waving his hands. “What else could you possibly want? I’ve done everything you’ve asked!”

Randy smirked. He froze the frame on screen as Elisabeth orgasmed the first time.

“I want some of that,” he stated emphatically. “I want the little cunt wrapped around my cock.”

“That’s impossible!” spat Lawrence. “You’re crazy.”

Randy looked at the shaken husband and dramatically shook two white tablets onto his desk blotter. “Not impossible at all,” he grinned.


Lawrence watched his wife towel dry her long hair. Her breasts shook with the vigorous rub and he marveled at the guileless innocence of his wife’s naked body. Her nipples danced invitingly on quivering globes and then disappeared behind the curtain of damp hair as she leaned forward and shook her tresses out. She looked the picture of innocence, not the horny little cunt that his boss had called her.

The recollection made Lawrence look guiltily toward the clock radio that had allowed Randy access to their most intimate moments. He swallowed hard as he thought of how mortified Elisabeth would be if she knew anyone else but her husband had witnessed her private performance. The thought stirred his cock.

The hairdryer fluffed her dark raven mane as she tamed it with the circular brush, coaxing soft waves to frame her pretty face. She paused for a minute to lower her arms and take a long pull from the steaming cup of herbal tea he’d brought her.

“It must be my taste buds,” she called out over the noise of the hair dryer, “it tastes a bit off. Maybe it’s been in the cupboard too long.”

For a moment Lawrence was afraid she wasn’t going to finish it. But with a shrug, she drained the china cup pursing her lips at the odd taste. A few more practiced passes with the brush and her hair fell softly over her shoulders. He watched her bend down to let her breasts seat in the satin cups of her bra then reach behind to fasten the little hooks. She rummaged in her underwear drawer for the matching panties and then muttered when she couldn’t find them. A pang shot through Lawrence’s gut as he pictured Randy pawing them and lewdly sniffing the crotch the day after she’d worn them last. The man hadn’t even the decency to put them away when Shelley brought them coffee.

Lawrence knew the secretary had seen them and she’d doubtless noted the deep red flush that had taken over his face as well. “Just go. Just go!” he was thinking, hoping she’d leave quickly. But she didn’t. She hovered around exchanging knowing glances with Randy and maintaining a cheerful smirk that had Lawrence shifting uncomfortably until the door finally closed behind her.

“Does she know anything?” Lawrence had hissed in frustration.

“Would you like her to?” Randy chortled when Lawrence glared out the window, too uptight to even respond. If Shelley did know what was going on there was no guarantee that Randy hadn’t told others as well.

Elisabeth’s voice dragged his thoughts back to the bedroom where she continued dressing. “Do I look okay?” she asked.

“Beautiful,” he muttered, scarcely wanting to acknowledge how good she really did look. Lawrence’s guilt peaked once again on the knowledge that it was Randy she was unknowingly preparing herself to meet.

She seemed a little wobbly as she put a hand on the wall to slip into her high heels. Lawrence could see that her pupils had begun to dilate.

“That tea…” she giggled and took his arm unsteadily as he led her out the door.

By the time they reached the hotel, she was noticeably mellow. Her cheeks had an unnatural flush and her movements were languid. The ingrained modesty that would have kept her knees pressed tightly together as she exited the car had left her and she gave the parking valet an unobstructed view up her dress as she slid out.

The maître de was expecting them and he led them through the crowded lounge to Randy’s table. Randy’s – and Robert Valdez’ and Ted Rolling’s table!

Lawrence was stunned to see two of his work rivals sitting alongside his boss and smiling smugly as he and Elisabeth approached the table. He looked hard and questioningly at Randy and the man’s gloating, self-satisfied grin sent a chill through his gut.

Elisabeth was leaning against her husband, tucked in the security of his long arm, uneasy in the company of the other men without really knowing why. She appeared to be a little bit drunk but Lawrence knew it was entirely the pills he’d crushed into her herbal tea. She’d had no alcohol as yet, but it would take very little drink to turn her from mellow to jello.

Randy was on his feet holding the chair next to him motioning for her to sit down. Lawrence reluctantly surrendered her hand. He sat away from her in the only other chair available. Randy solicitously helped her slide in close to the table and she seemed oblivious to the man’s hands lingering possessively on her bare shoulders. The young husband’s uneasiness grew when he caught the disquieting wink his boss exchanged with the other two men. It was clear that something was afoot between the three of them.

Lawrence hoped that it was mere coincidence that the two assholes he trusted least just happened to be here at the same time in the same hotel lounge, but the likelihood seemed remote. He looked across at Elisabeth trying to catch her eye but his lovely wife was turned toward Randy listening to his bullshit. She didn’t see Ted Rollings trade the nearly empty glass in front of her for a full one. Nor did she catch Randy’s conspiratorial nod. They were all in on it. He was sure now.

Elisabeth’s second drink was hardly finished when Randy proposed a toast and handed her a glass of white wine. Her husband could see that she was already struggling to focus and expected the plan was to get her totally shit-faced. Her pupils were already fully dilated and Lawrence suspected there was more than wine in the glass she was given. It took her a long time to answer even the simplest question and her voice seemed strained, her words slurred.

He watched Randy take more and more liberties, trailing his hand across her back, letting it fall onto her thigh to play with the growing expanse of leg that was showing. Lawrence could feel the other two watching him to see if he’d react. It was humiliating for him to sit by and say nothing while Randy played the role so obnoxiously.

The hem of Elisabeth’s dress had migrated above her stocking tops and Randy trailed his finger across the bare skin that was showing. “Don’t you to wear a garter belt with those?” he asked her facetiously. Elisabeth looked down at her own lap as if trying to comprehend what she was showing. She made a half-hearted attempt to cover herself and mumbled “They’re thigh highs. They stay up themselves.”

“What about your panties?” he asked. “Do they stay up too or do they come down easily?”

Elisabeth looked bewildered by the question but Randy got the laugh he wanted from Ted and Robert.

“Well?” he pressed as if the question had been serious. “Tell us about your panties Elisabeth. Do you ever take them off for Lawrence’s friends?”

She looked toward her husband, her eyes pleading for his support. Lawrence could tell that his wife wasn’t comprehending. She knew it wasn’t right to be talking this way but her thoughts were plodding and confused. Randy’s voice seemed hollow and disconnected from his grinning face. In her struggle to focus on what he was saying the rest of the dining room shrunk to a microcosm and she was only vaguely aware of other people.

Randy was easing her dress up as far as it would go and Elisabeth seemed unable to gather her thoughts to stop his progress. “Oh, oh, oohhh! Look at those,” he clucked lifting her dress to show her panties to the other two grinning men while she clung to his wrist in dazed disorientation. Robert quietly fished an ice cube from his glass and dropped it on the bare skin above her stockings. She squealed in surprise and unthinkingly spread her legs to retrieve the melting ice. Randy’s hand had cupped her sex before her sluggish thinking could object. Her panties were already damp from the attention he’d been paying to her thighs and he easily pressed the moist fabric into a noticeable camel toe.

Elisabeth moaned in either protest or pleasure but Randy’s sure fingers found her clitoris and the pleasurable distraction stilled any delayed objection from her muddled brain. For the moment, the pleasure center overruled her rationale thought and Lawrence was astonished to see her legs open wider on their own. The silky crotch of her peach-colored panties darkened quickly as her sex responded with an abundance of lubrication. She was holding Randy’s wrist with both hands now but not to push him away. Clearly the pleasurable sensations overwhelmed any lingering need for modesty.

Lawrence had never seen her respond with such abandon or get hot so very quickly. His surprise was answered when Randy turned to the other two and grinned broadly. “That stuff in the wine really worked. She’s as hot as a firecracker. She’ll do anything we want.” His hand worked steadily between her legs rolling her clit between his fingers and making her pant with arousal. Her panties were soon soaked through and wet enough that his teasing and touching made squishy noises as he played in her private place. With a knowing wink at Robert and Ted he asked her to take her panties off.

As confused as she was, she still had enough common sense to show some reluctance. A second request brought a moan of uncertainty from her, not a refusal, but a bewildered plea for the last shred of her modesty.

“Can’t you feel that they’re wet Elisabeth?” he badgered, knowing she wasn’t able to connect the dots in her mind. “You shouldn’t sit there in wet panties,” he admonished, pushing the hem of her dress up higher onto her tanned belly. “Just take them off while nobody’s looking,” he chuckled, amused that her befuddled mind was struggling to sort out right from wrong.

Lawrence slunk down lower in his seat grateful that their table was shielded from other patrons by a row of bushy plants. Still, he worried that someone would overhear or pass by and see what was going on so near to them.

“Take them off Elisabeth. Take them off now,” Randy went on with more authority in his voice. The other two joined in the coaxing.

“Nobody’s looking,” Robert assured her facetiously.

“Yeah. Quick, do it now! Lawrence is right here and he doesn’t mind,” Ted chimed in.

Randy had a grip on the bunched up fabric of her skirt and was tugging it up at the back until she was sitting directly on the faux leather seat exposing all of her panties and the bare flesh above her stockings. “Tell her to take them off,” Randy growled, looking at her husband.

Lawrence couldn’t say the words but, to his shock, he watched his wife lift her bottom off the seat and tug the peach nylon and lace down over her buttocks. Her thighs scissored to let the delicate garment pass over her knees and she lifted one foot at a time to pull her panties completely off. The dark ebony curls between her legs were a shadow in the dim light below the table, but wedged in between Ted and Randy in their dark corner of the restaurant, her bare bottom was hidden from the view of other customers.

Randy retrieved the panties and spread them out on the table. They were not as wet as he’d led Elisabeth to believe, but her mesmerizing scent clung to them. A giddy Randy shamelessly pressed them to his nose before handing the lacy treasure to the other two to let them appreciate her intimate scent as well.

It was alarmingly obvious that Randy wasn’t going to be content with just having sex with her himself. He seemed determined to show off his control over her and her hapless husband, making her embarrass and humiliate herself and her spouse in the process. Elisabeth was too far gone to notice or object and Lawrence was in no position to intervene. He knew he was powerless to thwart Randy’s plans without unleashing consequences that would surely cost him his job, his security and his wife.

Ted and Robert were delighted. They would have been content to pour drinks into Lawrence’s wife until she passed out, but Randy wouldn’t hear of it. He wanted her just the way she was, coherent but helpless. He could see that the pills he’d had Lawrence give her had slowed her thinking and he knew the white powder they’d been slipping into her wine would make her horny as hell. She was a fox and they were going to enjoy her.

Elisabeth took Randy’s arm as they left the bar with Ted on her other side. Robert had the room key and led the way to the elevators with Lawrence trailing behind. There was no way for him to stop the inevitable without implicating himself in what led up to them being there in the first place. The distraught husband lagged a few steps from the rest, not wanting to appear to be part of their group but not wanting to be left behind either. He slipped into the elevator as the doors were closing and rode in silence while the others took charge of his wife. She seemed aware of their inappropriateness but unable to assert her objections. There was a time delay as her brain processed what was happening and her normal moral filters were incapacitated by the warm fog that permeated her perception.

When Randy kissed her deeply, Lawrence could see Elisabeth’s open-mouthed acceptance of his boss’s tongue. While not oblivious to her husband’s presence, she seemed not at all concerned that he was watching. The crudity of Randy’s language seemed acceptable to her and the liberties he took touching and fondling her in front of the others didn’t appear to offend her. In that moment, it seemed to Lawrence that she surrendered to it willingly and it was only when his own guilt welled up that he had to accept that her inability to resist was because of him. He had delivered her to this moment beginning with that very first vacation picture in her bikini that he’d let Randy sneak under his blotter. Every step of the way from that day to this he had hoped it would end; each demand would be the last and Randy would let him live and work in peace.

The hotel room was unremarkable with an-over stuffed couch and chair in a sitting area, a credenza, a TV and king-sized bed against one wall. But, standing on a tripod at the foot of the bed was a video camera that dispelled any thoughts of future deniability or that this was intended as a once-only occurrence. Lawrence’s stomach sank. He wanted to shout Stop!! and rescue his wife from what Randy had planned but the realization that he was in too deep squelched the idea as soon as it formed.

Randy was enjoying being the ringmaster in the sexual circus he controlled. It had gone beyond using Elisabeth sexually now. He wanted to humiliate both the young married woman and her husband. Enjoying Elisabeth sexually would be great, but doing it in front of a helpless Lawrence made it even better. There seemed to be no restraints on his exploitation of them as he had proof of Lawrence’s complicity that would keep him in line. Every step further that he took drew the young husband deeper into the quick sand of culpability.

Elisabeth stood unsteadily in the middle of the room unsure as to why they were there. There weren’t enough places for all of them to sit unless someone was going to sit on the bed. All of the men except Lawrence were taking off their jackets and ties and Robert was fiddling with a camera. She wanted to sit down in one of the chairs but Ted kept her standing until Randy called out to her to undress.

She felt the zipper on her dress being lowered and made a clumsy grab at preserving her modesty. The strapless bodice with its built-in bra sagged quickly from her unrestrained breasts and she clasped the top to her chest in an ungainly save. Ted’s hand had cupped the cheek of her behind and was fondling the firm flesh while she struggled to process what was happening.

“Take your clothes off Elisabeth. Show the boys what you’ve got,” Randy ordered again.

She stood dumbfounded until he barked at her sternly “Get your fucking clothes off!”

Helpless and confused, her glazed eyes met her husband’s looking in vain for his intercession but when Randy prompted him to, he slowly reluctantly gestured for her to proceed. Hopefully she won’t remember any of this he thought.

With shaking hands she found the zipper on her dress and drew it the rest of the way down. Somewhere, deep in her addled psyche, she knew it was wrong, but she felt compelled to do as she was told. The garment slipped off her arms and drooped down onto her belly. The cool air of the room felt like an alien caress that brought goose bumps out on her exposed flesh. Her nipples were already distended into little acorns. They throbbed with a sensitivity that she could feel all the way to her privates. Ted’s hand immediately groped her ample breast and, tweaking hard on the nipple, made her noisily catch her breath.

Lethargically, she pushed the bunched garment off her hips and stepped out of it as it pooled around her feet. Her long legs looked beautiful in dark stockings. The pale smooth skin above called attention to the triangle of dark hair that nestled between her shapely thighs. A momentary flicker of self-consciousness crossed her face and her hands lingered awkwardly in front in a belated attempt to cover her pantyless sex.

Randy’s eyes glittered with smug satisfaction. Her body was even better than he had imagined. Having her undress in front of them while her husband looked on was a special kick. The kind of innocent naïveté that she exuded as she obediently took off her clothes whet his appetite to humiliate them both. His fingers rolled a small vial of liquid in his pocket. The powder in her drink made her mellow, but he knew a few drops of angel fire on her clit would make her wild.

“Shake your tits for us.” Robert encouraged and the young wife rocked her upper body until her breasts jiggled and swayed for the camera.

Ted had already undressed and stood behind her pressing himself against her buttocks as his hands took possession of her breasts. She drew her breath in sharply when he pinched hard on her distended nipples and her hands covered his in a silent plea for him to be gentle.

Lawrence heard her squeal and stood to intervene but a look from Randy made him retreat to the overstuffed chair.

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