Livinia had spent her afternoon auctioning off goods, visiting the hunter trainer, tending to her stabled pets and trading various supplies with merchants. Now though, after an exhausting day running about doing excruciatingly menial tasks, she was curled up on a bench seat by the common room fire of her inn. She had a steaming hot bowl of vegetable soup. Even though her dinner was lacking the tough chunks of meat she normally liked to eat, she enjoyed the flavor of the fine spices and vegetables she often went without whilst questing. When she was out exploring the world she made do with salted meat, hard bread and cheese, so the vegetables were a welcome taste indeed.

With a satisfied sigh Livinia drained the last drops of her soup and put her bowl back down on the rough wooden table. She knew that it would be best for her to get an early night because she had decided to return to the Twilight Highlands on the morrow. As long as there were still forces out there to be fought she could not afford to remain idle for long. Nor did she want to. She thoroughly enjoyed the feeling of chasing down her enemies, longbow in hand, watching them fall against her might. Plus, she needed something to distract her from the strange thoughts circulating through her mind about her recent relationship change with Belcarm.

Livinia got to her feet and yawned, reaching up high and stretching her limbs towards the roof. She turned and made her way to the stairs that led to the lodgings, nodding and smiling to various other patrons as she went by- there were a lot of adventurers in Orgrimmar, so it was inevitable that she would always see familiar faces wherever she went in this city.

“Where do you think you’re going?”A gruff voice boomed from behind her as a heavy hand fell onto her shoulder and clasped it. She shrugged out of the hold and whipped around, ready to tell the Trogg to back off. Instead, her mouth fell open in shock before pulling into a huge smile.

“Kalendras!” She gasped, and then threw herself at the massive Tauren that had stopped her. As she wrapped her arms around him she buried her into his chest and sighed longingly at his familiar smell.

“Hello Nitawa Kee.” He said in that deep husky voice that was uniquely his. Nitawa Kee, the Taur-ahe words made her smile. Translated into Thalassian they meant Little One; it was something he had been calling her for as long as she could remember. The sound of those words filled her with memories of their childhood. However, she knew how their meetings always turned out, and considering her interactions with Belcarm the previous night and that morning, her cheeks flushed.

“I didn’t know you were in town… and you haven’t returned any of my letters over the past month!” She said eyeing him over carefully, he always told her when he was coming to Orgrimmar. He knew that she was mostly based in the Orcish city, so it was often their best chance to catch up.

“Sorry Nitawa Kee,” he said with a frown “I was stuck in Thunder Bluff attending to some family business… I wanted to reply but I was very busy.”

“Are your parents okay?” Livinia asked, voice changing quickly from pouty to concerned. He smiled at her and nodded.

“They’re fine. Nothing to worry about.” He said and she smiled back at him.

“Nice robes.” She added, placing her hands over the rough cloth. His muzzle quirked up in a smile.

“Only just got ‘em.” He puffed his chest out with pride.

Livinia was just about to ask him where he got his new gear from when she was knocked off balance as a disgruntled Orc pushed past them.

“Hey!” Livinia called after the big oaf, but he kept walking. She made a rude gesture at his back and Kalendras’s amused laughter brayed through the room merrily.

“Why don’t you come up to my room so we can catch up?” Livtha asked as she spied more people trying to get through the narrow corridor they were occupying. Kalendras nodded and motioned for her to lead the way. Her earlier concerns about her relationship with Belcarm completely fled her mind at the excitement of having Kalendras back.

Livinia climbed the steps two to keep up with Kalendras. When they reached the landing he stopped and waited until she stood beside him and she led him past the rows of shut doors. Towards the end of the corridor Livinia stopped, reached down into her silk bodice and plucked her key from between her breasts.

“Lucky key.” Kalendras grunted under his breath, making Livinia laugh and roll her eyes.

“I’ve got nowhere else to keep it.” Livinia said with a shrug “Fine dresses like this don’t often come with pockets.” She said. The druid turned his big brown eyes on her again and gave an appreciative nod. Her dress was the colour of deep green emeralds and clung to every curve of her body like a second skin before it reached her hips and flared gracefully until it hit the floor. She had a delicate gold chain wrapped around her waist that clasped in the center and fell three quarters of the way down her legs. Her hair fell in fiery red waves around her body and her pale skin glowed with the contrast. Livinia slipped the key into the hole and the lock clicked. When she replaced the key into bodice Kalendras pushed the door and held it open for her.

“You do look good in dresses,” Kalendras said as she stepped through the threshold, “But as I’ve always said- you look much better in your armor. Makes you look… dangerous.” Livinia laughed and went over to sit on her bed and took her shoes off whilst Kalendras stood just inside the door.

“So where are you staying?” She threw her boots across the room and looked up at him. Luckily for him the architects at Orgrimmar were skilled in creating lodgings fit for all races. He was huge. He towered well above her when they stood side by side, her height and half again, and he was easily twice her width. Though Livinia knew he was small for a Tauren he still seemed incredibly large to her. His entire body was covered with a coarse silvery-grey fur that she had always loved to play with. Now, at the age of twenty-five his horns had truly reached their adult length. They jutted out of his head, thick and dangerous. His beard fell in a long plaited rope from the chin of his muzzle like mouth. He was, by deed and age, an adult in the Tauren culture. However Livinia only two years his junior, would still be considered a child by the elves.

“I’m staying here, actually.” He replied slowly, breaking eye contact with her. “Really?” She said excitedly, it was rare that they met up and even rarer that they were staying anywhere near each other “What room?”

Kalendras cleared his throat loudly before continuing.

“The one directly under yours it seems.” He replied, voice rough.

“Oh! How convenie-” Livinia stopped suddenly as cogs clunked into place in her head. “Ohhhh!” She finished, face going a deeper shade of red than her hair. She and Belcarm had become very loud last night, she should have known that the entire inn would’ve heard them. Though if she had known Kalendras was right below them….

“Yes…” He said, snout wrinkling in distaste. “I’d know the sound of your climax anywhere.”

Livinia buried her head in her hands and had to bite her tongue to stop herself from apologizing. She had no reason to be sorry for her interlude last night. She and Kalendras had been friends for a long time, almost her entire life, but they had never made much of a commitment to each other. They met in Silvermoon City, where his parents were envoys for the Taurens and her mother and father were prominent Blood Elf politicians. They had spent years running around the picturesque city and going to the same social gatherings. Their parents had become comrades of sorts, so it was inevitable that the two became friends.

Being a true Tauren, the time soon came when Kalendras had felt the call of the wild and made the difficult decision to leave Silvermoon, and Livinia, behind. His parents had sent him off to the Cenarion Circle with pride shining in their eyes, pleased with the knowledge that their son was going to become a Druid. Livinia’s parents had been completely different. When she announced that she wanted to become a Hunter and an adventurer, just like Kalendras, her mother had been horrified. Her mother had then insisted that Livinia start her studies so that she could carry on the family’s political career. Livinia hadn’t been pleased about that. Instead of following her parents’ wishes like an obedient child she had used any spare time she had between lessons to sneak off to the Hunter trainer in Silvermoon.

It was five years after Kalendras has left Silvermoon City before Liv managed to free herself of her parent’s reigns. At the age of twenty-one her trainer had decided that Liv’s talents were better spent in service of the Horde. Livinia had expected a fight when she told her parents. Instead, her father had rolled her eyes and told her that she was free to go. Her mother had laughed and said that they knew she’d be back in a few months anyway. Livinia was pleased to go. Over the past five years Kalendras had travelled back to Silvermoon at least once every six weeks or so for a visit. She loved when he would come home, and used his tales of adventure to live vicariously through him.

Six months into her life as an adventurer she had run into Kalendras one day while she and Belcarm were in Thunder Bluff. Belcarm had to report to the Death Knights, leaving Livinia free to catch up with Kalendras. The Tauren had grown considerably since he had left Silvermoon and towered over her with ease. Livinia had blossomed also. Her body had been honed by her adventuring, well-shaped by years of wielding the weapons of her craft. Her breasts had swelled as she aged and had become full and firm. They had spent the night just outside of Thunder Bluff, both drinking far too much ale whilst talking about their childhoods. When the torrential rain hit they abandoned their campfire for the shelter of an ancient tree and huddled closer for warmth, the ale in their bellies and the fire in their loins made them both woozy with lust. They rutted on their damp dirt, in the pouring rain, as he broke through her virginal barrier. That was the first and only full night they had ever spent together. Ever since then they had often sent suggestive letters to each other, and occasionally had been able to rendezvous in the flesh. Their meetings were always passionate and swift, both drawn inexplicably away from the other due to their responsibilities and oaths. Their sexual encounters had been much the same; rough, wild and spontaneous.

“So… you heard everything, huh?” Livinia asked breaking out of her reverie. She watched as the Tauren nodded.

“Yes,” He replied gruffly, crossing his thick arms across his broad chest “And I think everyone else in the inn did too.”

“Surely we weren’t that loud?” Livinia gasped.

“I heard a group of adventurers talking about it in the common room this morning… They seemed to be quite impressed by your theatrics. Said they wouldn’t mind taking a turn and making you wail like a banshee.” He said, his dark eyes glaring at her. Her cheeks were hot with embarrassment, but even so she could not find it within herself to regret the previous evening. All of Kalimdor could have heard it and she would still do it over again given the chance.

“Well…” Livinia said, breaking eye contact with her oldest friend, it certainly made for an akward conversation.

“Who was it?” Kalendras asked suddenly.

“Oh… no one.” Livinia said with a dismissive wave.

“I don’t believe that you’d rut with ‘no one’.” Kalendras growled, crossing the room to stand in front of her.

“Come on Kal, surely you know that I have had other lovers. I know you have.” Livinia said shifting on the bed awkwardly.

Even though there was a part of her which was undeniably attracted to the Tauren, and wanted to deepen their relationship, she knew better than to expect that he would go without intercourse for the vast amount of time between their trysts. Apart from Belcarm, Livinia had enjoyed the satisfaction of a few other lovers in her years of travel. Not any was nearly quite as satisfying as the Paladin, after all they were usually just hurried drunken romps, but nevertheless the more she thought about it the more that she realized she had thoroughly enjoyed Belcarm’s attention.

“I realize you might have other lovers. But never before have you had one while I listened on from below.” He said.

“If I’d known you were there….” Livinia stopped herself before she said anything else, she didn’t want to lie.


“Well… I didn’t know you were there, okay?” She snapped angrily. He had no right to be interrogating her.”What does it matter anyway? We’ve never even pretended to be committed to each other beyond our friendship. Why does this bother you so much?”

“Just tell me who it was.” Livinia crossed her arms over her chest and let out a puff of indignation. “It wasn’t that Belcarm fool, was it?” Kalendras snorted. When Livinia’s silence continued he turned to inspect her more closely.

“Please tell me you didn’t let him put his pathetic little cock inside you!” Livinia turned and glared at her friend.

“KAL!” She snapped, angry at his sudden possessiveness, “I could’ve let Arthas himself fuck me and it’d be none of your damned business!” Kalendras let out a low growl that hummed through the room, and Livinia could tell his anger was rising.

“That smarmy git has been after you for years now, I told you that before.” Kalendras grunted and Livinia threw her hands up in the air.

“Apparently so,” She cried, “Yet here I am- the last to bloody know about it!” Now she was thoroughly annoyed. It was one thing for him to ask who she had slept with, but it was well out of line for him to rage on about it. “You were gone for so long, Kal! You always are! What did you want me to do? Sit around like a happy little peacebloom and wait for your return? Make do with a shared night once every blood moon?” She glared at the Tauren and he had the decency to look away. “I have been travelling with Belcarm for nearly five years, you know. You are not the only friend I have!” She watched as his face set into a dissatisfied sneer. “What’s your problem?”

“I came to Orgrimmar so that I could join your guild, Liv.” Kalendras said “I talked to Kahora a few weeks ago about it. I am going for a run with him tomorrow.” Livinia’s jaw fell open in surprise. She and Kalendras had both known that they were walking very different paths, they had known that since their first coupling. They had said, way back then, that if their paths merged then perhaps they could consider the possibility of a relationship, but Livinia hadn’t expected it to actually happen- especially not so soon. She had become used to their strange, casual relationship. She wasn’t completely happy with it, but she was unwilling to give up her adventuring and she would never even contemplate asking Kalendras to make such a sacrifice, so she had come to believe that it was the best they’d get.

“You’re done with the Cenarion Circle?” Livinia asked, amazed. He had worked hard to climb the ranks of the prestigious Druid organization. The fact that he would be willing to leave it was a shock to her.

“Yes. Well, sort of. I’ll still be affiliated with them so long as my actions with the guild don’t cross any of their ethical lines.” Kalendras explained, she could tell from the tension in his voice that it wasn’t an easy decision for him.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Livinia asked softly, bringing one hand up to stroke the soft fur of his neck.

“It was supposed to be a surprise. I wanted to make sure that your guild mates and I worked well together before I told you… I wanted to join your guild because you are in it.” He said, his words set her cheeks aflame and made her stomach flutter nervously. He reached out and put his massive hand on the side of her face tenderly. “These rare meetings once every other month are not good enough anymore Livinia. I want you as often as I can have you, and if it means leaving the Cenarion Circle then I am willing to do it.” He told her. Livinia couldn’t believe it. After all of these years. The words sounded strange to her, even though she had been fantasizing about for them for so long. She should have been happy, she should have been completely and utterly ecstatic, but an image of Belcarm flashed in her mind and she couldn’t celebrate Kalendras’s news

“Oh Kal, I didn’t know! No wonder you are so angry about…” A shadow crossed his face and she realized that she shouldn’t have brought it back up. Now, judging by the flash in his eyes, his anger and possessiveness was back in full force.

Livinia let out a loud gasp as Kalendras’s huge three-fingered hands closed around each of her arms and lifted her off the bed and up to his eye level.

“You’ve never screamed like that for me before.” He breathed and Livinia felt a nervous roiling in the pit of her stomach. She broke eye contact and refused to meet his eyes. “Why?” He demanded, giving her a shake. So that is what it was all about.

For this Livinia had no answer. At least not one she was willing to tell him. He was right, she couldn’t deny that. Even though their encounters were undoubtedly satisfying and exciting, it had been different with Belcarm. There were impracticalities that had to be dealt with when she made love with Kalendras. For one, he was massive. His sheer size meant that she could never feel more than a small amount of his body against hers. And also- the size of his nether regions was an issue as well. He was, at most times, a painfully large fit for her. They were restricted to positions where his enormous rod wouldn’t enter her too deep and plunder her till she cried out in pain. There was also the issue of his muzzle. His mouth was not like hers at all, which meant that kissing was off the cards. The most he could do was use his rough tongue to lick her. While he knew how to use his tongue quite artfully, their couplings lack the intimacy that came from being close to one another and the gentle kisses and surprising nips that Belcarm had shown her.

“I want you to scream for me.” Kalendras said, deep throaty voice reverberating off the wooden walls of the room. With a jolt, he dropped Livinia on to the bed, the sudden impact making her cry out. The next instant he grabbed her by the hips and flipped her over so she was face down on the mattress. The sound of delicate silk being torn filled the room as he ripped her dress in half from top to bottom, exposing her scant undergarments.

“HEY!” Livinia cried in protest, trying to turn around. He put a hand on her back and kept her pinned to the bed. “This is my favorite dress!”

“I’ll buy you another.” He grunted before tucking a finger between her knickers and her arse and ripping off her panties in one hard pull. He let out an appreciative hum as he ran his fingers over the soft skin of her arse. Keeping on her to keep her down he used the other to rid himself of his belt, robes and undergarments. Livinia turned her head and looked back at him over her shoulder, he felt her tense beneath his hands at the sight of his rigid rod in all its naked glory. His lips curled in satisfaction at seeing that expression of shock on her face. It didn’t matter how many times she had seen him naked, she was still always taken back by the sheer size of him.

“He’ll never fill you like I can.” Kalendras growled, taking himself in hand and stroking his length slowly. Livinia bit her lip and shook her head, letting him know that he was definitely right.

Livinia’s already oversensitive core thrummed with anticipation when Kalendras fell to his knees behind her. Due to his size, Kalendras was able to kneel on the floor and still have his erection perfectly positioned while she was on the bed. Each of his hands gripped a thigh and he pulled her down the bed so that her legs were hanging off the end and her feet touched the floor. Although, instead of pressing himself inside her, he lowered his head level with her body and used his strong hands to spread her arse cheeks.

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