her pleasure

**this was written over a 20 minute period over gmail-chat with as a result of a challenge from a friend. We were both bored at work and she bet me that I couldn’t write a story on the spot about a woman taking control of her pleasure. Let me know if I succeeded in the comments!**

“Tell me how much you want me” She said.

She was standing inches away from him. He was helpless. Vulnerable. Completely naked strapped down to the bed. His fingers were outstretched trying to reach her but just the tip of one was able to grace her exposed snatch.

This was on purpose of course. She knew how badly he wanted to feel her soft skin, to see if her lips were silky with wetness.

But no, not yet. Just the sight of his helplessness turned her on so much she was holding back the desire to fuck him wildly right there and now. He was spread eagle and his cock was jutting straight up ready to lift-off. She had to make him think she didn’t care.

The flush of anger got to him. He was not used to being teased, controlled, toyed with in this way.

He tried to say demand his attention, to blurt out how he wanted her to pleasure him like she always did. but was quickly cut off by her grabbing at his hair and pulling it straight back. His eyes betrayed his desire but she cut off that look with the sudden painful shock while simultaneously jumping on top of him and letting her body weight press down against him. She stared into his eyes, and let her mouth hang inches from his so he could feel her hot breath but he still could not do anything about it.

She then let her soft, lithe form melt down into him. Her legs, breasts hips enveloping his conversely hard body

Letting out soft moans, she began to rub herself against him, sliding along all of the nooks that she wanted touched

“you need me” she would whisper in his ear.

And he could not disagree.

Every nerve in his body was on fire from being held so roughly one minute, than being seduced so softly the next.

Saying not a word, she watched his eyes. They seemed to be screaming.

This mass of man and leather straps unable to participate, unable to fulfill his primal male urge to take, to dominate.

It would have been pathetic if it wasn’t so sexy.

Spinning around him, she climbed up and knelt beside his head and pulled it up as far as it would go and kissed him deeply crushing his lips beneath hers, her tongue probing his mouth trying to find his.

She pulled back, and he gasped for air…but as he did she put a nipple into his mouth. His breathless made for the perfect amount of suction

This was not about his pleasure. He could suffocate a bit longer.

He began to resist, he needed air and he was unsure of how to give in to his torment and find pleasure in being used.

“Why do you resist?” She asked him as her nails raked four deep red lines across his chest. “This is about my pleasure at your expense. You know can’t fight it. Why even try?”

“Answer me!” She demand, as her nails dug in making deep C’s into his skin.

He was about to speak, he was about to tell her everything she wanted to hear…

His mouth opened and we was going to tell her she was his mistress, that he was her slave, her toy, her object to be used…

But he didn’t get that chance because as he spoke she stood up on the bed, one foot beside his face, and stood above him straddling him.

The sight of her long, toned legs leading up to her heavenly hole was too much for his primitive brain

Words failed him.

It was like staring up to destiny, to a palace of pleasure, and knowing it was still so far out of reach

“You are my slut, my toy, and I can do with you as I please.” She declared standing over him.

Her voice, harsh and startling, was clear. His gurgle of sound was all he could do to acquiesce

“Fuck me, please” he tried to blurt out.

Poor loser, that was not the right thing to say.

Yes, he wanted her…but he forgot, this was not about him.

With a fast swoop she lowered herself down not his face and pulled his head upward smothering him into her mound. Her ass slapped against his cheeks and his nose bumped against her clit.

Taking hold of his hair again, she began to grind her hips against him. He finally got his wish to see how wet she had become

but in his mind, he thought he would know when his cock slipped into her without any problems….

Instead, his face became covered in her feminine nectar. She made sure to mark her sweet juicy over every inch of skin. His forehead, his eyes, and especially his nose

That light perfect aroma made him dizzy.

“Stick your tongue out and leave it out you slut” She demanded

He did as he he was asked but not to her satisfaction a quick slap to his soaking face and he tried harder. He pressed his jaw open as far as he could and opened his tongue out wide and flat

She angled herself back and tilted his head so that it slotted up between her thighs on a slant.

Rolling her hips forward, she placed his hungry outstretched tongue tip at her entrance, and her swollen pulsating clit flat against the middle of his tongue.

Her quivering hips and the warm gush of fluid that swamped his open mouth gave away the truth of her pleasure.

Finding that perfect spot, that perfect angle, that perfect rhythm she began to roll, rock, and grind onto his mouth.

The pathetic submissive even got into his role…as she grinded backwards, he slid his tongue into his mouth and closed his lips on her clit in a soft suck. As she humped forwards he slid is tongue out and backwards against her folds of flesh, parting them, and finding its way just a few centimeters inside of her.

The rhythm was difficult to keep up…not because it was complex, but because her body was shaking, convulsing, twitching at the pressure building between her legs.

Her trembling thighs squeezed against his head and she began to stiffen, her joints locked in the explosion that was to come.

With the juices dripping down his face and chin, with her unable to continue to grind, the submissive toy boy went to work licking and sucking at her rosebud…now fully swollen and deep red.

Everything was building up to an intensity preventing her from sitting up anymore….then her body took control both hands pinned him down to bed and her legs began to spread wide fully opening her to his mouth.

Then with a gush of watery fire, with spasms that would have broken a lesser woman’s spine, her pussy started to pulsate and twitch with anger and ferocity.

Every muscle froze

Every joint locked down.

He was suffocating under her

But for over a minute her body released wave after wave of pleasure from the tip of clit to the balls of her feet the violent spasms gave way to intermittent jerks until she slumped off of him, spent and satisfied.

Leaving him a soaking, horny mess.

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