her first time

This is my first attempt at writing an erotic story so apologies in advance.


Maggie always got the guys. In the 12 years we had been friends nearly every guy I showed even a remote interest in somehow ended up in her bed. She was the tall, beautiful, outgoing one, with large breasts and I was the short, awkward, flat chested one with an extra five pounds around the middle. The fact she screwed so many of my crushes was never a big deal in our friendship because I didn’t have a chance with most of the guys anyway. At least not until our sophomore year when I met Mike.

Mike and I hooked up at a fraternity party (he totally seduced me) and we dated for almost six months. He was only the second guy I had sex with and he was amazing in bed. He gave me my first orgasm, he stirred intense fantasies inside of me and I was deeply in love with him. When he ended the relationship I was heart broken. In my sadness I made the mistake of confiding in Maggie – it was probably my fault that two weeks later she was sleeping with him – I shouldn’t have mentioned how good he was in bed.

Anyway, Mike is a sad story but that is just background. The summer after our Sophomore year Maggie was dating a guy named Eric. He was pretty much the opposite of her type – a skinny, computer science nerd that was still a virgin. They had been dating for two months when she confided in me that they still hadn’t had sex. Every time they tried he would lose his erection while trying to put on a condom. She confessed she was sleeping with other guys too but had made it the goal of her summer to be his first – his penis as she described it was the biggest she had seen (and she had seen plenty).

One hot August night Maggie was having a big party at her apartment. She was wasted and hanging on Eric all night until my ex-boyfriend Mike showed up. When he came I was a nervous wreck of anxiety and hormones. Getting back together was still all I thought about, but that night I was willing to do anything just for him to screw me. My attempts at flirting with him were in vein because within minutes Maggie had dropped Eric and was doing her thing giggling and leaning on Mike.

The five beers I drank magnified my emotions, my heart was pounding and I was fighting hard to not burst into tears. Eric was clearly upset too and after brooding for a few minutes he sullenly walked out of the party. It was only a matter a minutes before I would break down crying so I quietly followed him outside. He was standing next to his car. We both had some idea how the other was feeling and there was no need for words. He offered me a ride home and I excepted.

My place was fifteen minutes away and after five minutes conversation started. He said he was to going home to play video games and be depressed. My head was still spinning with emotion, and I didn’t mean it as a come on but I invited myself to join him.

It wasn’t until we were alone in his apartment that my head started to fill with curiosity and sexual tension. For thirty minutes we sat quietly on the futon in his bedroom playing Call of Duty – the only words between us related to our strategy in the game or to bemuse an embarrassing death.

The apartment didn’t have air conditioning and even with the open window we were both sweating. Eric paused the game and offered to go get me a beer from the fridge. Instead I asked for something non-alcoholic and cold. When he left the room I started getting really nervous – I didn’t want to make a move and humiliate myself but I desperately wanted to feel his touch. I felt guilty that I was alone with my friends boyfriend and getting hornier by the minute, but she was probably getting fucked by the love of my life at that very moment. Frustration, sadness and bitterness hardened my resolve – I had never seduced anyone but Eric was going to lose his virginity to me tonight.

When he came back with a beer and sat down I seized the moment before I lost my nerve and just leaned over and kissed him. His lips were soft and full and his breath had a hint of mint. We were both in an emotional state and as his hands began to explore me all of my sadness washed away and replaced by an intense feeling of intimacy with him. He was a great kisser, he adjusted his style and movements to me and when our tongues first touched it felt electric.

The intense make out session went on for what felt like forever. His hand was under my yellow cotton tank top but I could sense his shyness to explore bare skin. It way outside of my personal comfort zone but I pulled my tank top off over my head and unclasped by ‘barely b’ sized bra. He reciprocated by lifting his t-shirt off and lowering the inhibition with his hands. He cupped by small breasts and gently circled my left nipple with his index finger. Both nipples responded by hardening and he kissed down my neck and used the tip of his tongue to trace where his hand had touched. He looked up into my eyes and told me I had perfect nipples.

My body was ready to explode. I motioned him to move his face up to kiss me more and as he did I reached down unsnapped his shorts, lowered his fly and pushed them toward the ground. His huge penis leapt up like a spring loaded kids toy and I felt it hit my leg. With our lips interlocked it was hard to get a good look but out of the corner of my eye I could see the biggest cock I had ever seen (or imagined). He moaned as I gripped his tool with my hand – my fingers couldn’t fit around its thickness.

It is embarrassing to admit but I had never given oral sex before. I broke our kiss and whispered that I wanted to go down on him. He didn’t object and sat back on the futon his hard cock pointing straight up past the belly button to his lean abs. As my mouth approached him there was a manly smell but it was somehow intoxicating. Gripping him loosely I gently licked the length of his long shaft. His skin was smooth with bulging veins and he had a small foreskin which was alien to me. After briefly exploring him with my tongue I moved my head to the top of his shaft, opened my mouth as wide as I could and stretched my lips around him.

He felt like warm, silk covered steel in my mouth as I strained to move my mouth up and down his shaft. I could only take in a few inches of his manhood but his moans and soft words of encouragement told me I was doing ok. He placed his hand below my jaw and guided my mouth off of his shaft and back up to his lips. His kiss was intense and appreciative as he firmly pushed his tongue deep into my mouth. His hands fumbled with the zipper on my white shirt and finally succeeded in getting it open enough to slide my shirt down to my ankles. His hands traced over my panties as his kiss ravaged me.

His kisses stopped and we just looked into each others eyes. I could see his eyes were filled with desire and uncertainty over what he was supposed to do next. I let me eyes glance down to his rock hard shaft and gave him the best provocative smile I could muster to let him know it was ok to proceed. He reached over to the end table next to the futon and pulled out a condom. It perplexed me how the regular sized condom I had used with two other guys was going to fit him. My boyfriend had never wanted to use them but the idea had kind of grossed me out. At that moment a condom felt wrong, and I didn’t want anything to jeopardize the moment.

As he opened the condom I placed my hand on his. I was straddling him, I leaned close to his ear and told him I had never felt a man bare inside of me and I really wanted to feel him. His eyes looked eager and seemed to validate the intense intimacy I was feeling. I stood up, slid my pink panties down and then I returned to straddling him on the futon. His hand gripped the bottom of his shaft and he offered it in the direction of my very wet entry.

My body strained to accommodate him as he entered me. I lowered myself down a little and I could feel every cell of his bare skin moving against mine. The feeling was incredible and it was impossible to imagine having a condom between us. My eyes teared up a little bit as I reached the halfway point on his swollen shaft. It felt like there were a million tiny rips where I was stretching around him. His hands were moving all over my body and found their way to face and tilted my head to kiss me. I wanted to feel all of him so I let my weight push me down until I was full. The head of his penis inside of me pushed against spots I had never felt and as I carefully moved up and down on him shockwaves were running up and down my spine. Being on top wasn’t something that I was used to but sliding up and down rhythmically I could feel an orgasm building inside of me. I had only cum during oral sex and this felt entirely different. The pleasure was flowing in waves from the inside out and each wave was bigger and stronger than the last. Eric was thrusting in time with me and the sweat was dripping and mixing as our steamy bodies rubbed against each other.

“I’m going to cum soon” he announced almost as if in shock. Involuntarily I heard myself gasp “me too” as our thrusts intensified. The sweat and other bodily fluids between us made sliding up his shaft easy but as the pleasure of it flooded over me, my body craved shorter and harder strokes. It was if he read my mind as we both shortened our thrusts together – I leaned back impaled by his huge tool as a tidal wave hit me. The shockwaves in my spine all hit at once with no break and spread out through all my limbs to my fingers and toes. I threw myself forward kissing him as every inch of my body convulsed and twisted uncontrollably. His hands grabbed my hips and pulled me tight to him pushing his manhood to new depths inside me. His thrusts were erratic as he started to moan uncontrollably out bodies shuttering together – I felt new wetness between us and his stroked slowed to a stop. My body was flooded with a euphoric tingle as we both went limp together.

We laid there sweaty and panting both trying to re-gain control of our exhausted bodies.

Chapter One

She was naïve and he was experienced….in more ways than she could imagine….

18 year old Heidi Jenkins was checking her new outfit in the hall mirror when she heard the taxi pull up outside the house. She grabbed her purse and shouted,

‘Leon, I’m going now!’

Leon came into the hallway.

‘Are you coming back here tonight?’

Heidi smoothed her hair with her hand and shrugged.

‘Doubt it. I’ll call if I am but I’ll probably go home.’

‘OK.’ Leon said, ‘Remember; no more than two drinks.’

Heidi rolled her eyes, ‘Don’t worry Leon, I don’t even like drinking. Does my hair look OK?’

The taxi beeped its horn outside.

‘Yeah, it’s fine. Now go win some money.

Heidi smiled at him before rushing out of the door and getting into the cab.


A half hour later, the taxi pulled up outside Andrejes Casino, a fairly large establishment on the outskirts of Atlantic City. Although she was legally too young to gamble, Heidi had discovered that a large pair of DKNY shades and some stilettos could get you in anywhere if you knew how to wear them. Coupled with the silky black Armani dress she’d bought with a month’s wages she was scarcely surprised when the doorman hardly glanced at her phony ID before ushering her into the brightly lit reception.

Pausing at the trade booth, Heidi handed the $1000 in her purse to the blonde lady behind the glass. She smiled inwardly at the way the woman uncomfortably looked at Heidi’s shades, obviously wondering who on earth was under there. Her job however, told her not to ask questions and she smiled welcomingly at Heidi as she handed her the chips and wished her a good night. Heidi smiled back and thanked her before making her way to the bar where she ordered an OJ on the rocks. She wasn’t going to have a real drink yet or it’d mess with her mind and she’d lose her talent at the tables. It had happened once before and Leon had been so angry with her for wasting his money that he’d slapped her face before telling her to get out of his house and never come back. She’d cried with anger at herself and begged him to forgive her & let her try again which he did in the end and now here she was, determined to win for him.

Heidi sat down on a barstool and sipped her juice, swirling it around her mouth, enjoying the cool citrusy freshness. Her eyes took in the well dressed people, gambling or simply strolling around. They were all so beautiful. The women even more so, with their sexy dresses and curvy bodies, their feminine perfectness and all their experience. They were all at least five years older than Heidi and their age shone from them. They knew how to flirt with men and then get rid of them with a flick of the wrist if they weren’t good enough. They could pick and choose, go home with whoever they wanted simply by dropping a sly word into a conversation. Heidi sighed to herself longingly as she watched them all. She’d never really been happy with the way she looked. Her nose, she felt was too big; her legs not long enough, her butt too much on the large side and her breasts far too small. Despite the compliments from her friends and family, Heidi knew they were just being nice. She was hardly a girl anyone would want to take home. She was just ordinary. Yes, she was intelligent, had a great sense of humour and an easy disposition but what was the use in those qualities if nobody approached her to witness them? She drained the juice in her glass and made her way over to a roulette wheel. Time to perform.


27 year old Jim Mitchell stood in his usual corner of the casino, his eyes flitting shrewdly around the room as he debated on which table to join. His typical attire of dark suit and white shirt had been attracting attention all evening from the new players, though the regulars were quite used to him by now. A woman who looked to be in her early twenties approached him with a confident smile, her tight pink dress emphasising the hugeness of her enhanced breasts.

‘Hey.’ She said, in feigned shyness, mascara coated eyelashes framing her bright blue eyes. ‘Are you here with someone?’

Jim faked a smile. ‘Yeah, my girlfriends over at the bar, getting me a drink.’

The girl’s smile faded and she took off without another word clearly in search of an equally good looking target. Jim sighed. He was sick of all these bimbos, coming in here with everything on display. They could barely gamble let alone seduce him. He needed someone new; someone fresh, someone innocent, someone with no ulterior motives. Someone like…..her. His drifting gaze was suddenly targeted towards the long haired girl who had just finished a game and was moving to a new table. Yes, Jim thought to himself as he took in her lean figure, the shades hiding her expression. He could already visualize kissing those softly determined pink lips, pulling that dress away from that body…


Heidi smiled to herself as she finished her game of blackjack. She had just amplified her winnings to $7000 after merely two games sparking a feeling that this was going to be a pretty big night. She was pondering over which table to approach next when her cell began to ring in her purse. Pulling it out, she hurried up onto the roof, into the open air, the cool breeze comforting her as she answered the call.

‘Heidi, I hope you’ve got good news.’

It was Leon, straight to the point as usual.

‘Hey Leon.’ Heidi replied, ‘Yeah, it’s going OK so far.’

‘OK?’ asked Leon

‘Well, great actually.’ Heidi said, smiling, ‘I’m 7 up.’

‘Good.’ came the reply. ‘Listen, I’ve got a mark for you. One of my mates just confirmed he’s at the same place you are. His name is Jim Mitchell. I need you to beat him. Badly.’

‘A mark?’ asked Heidi, panicking slightly ‘What am I supposed to do? What if he’s an expert?’

‘He’s not.’ was the brisk reply. ‘He’s a cheat. He stole 30k off me last year at a casino in Ibiza. Right under my fucking nose and all. Just watch him closely. You’ll beat him. Don’t worry kid.’

‘But I don’t know anything … what does he look like?’

‘Tall, dark hair, cut short but wavy, dresses dark, with a white shirt. Got it?’

‘Leon, there’s loads of guys who fit that description. ‘

‘Uh, brown eyes, kind of broad, well built. Just ask around for him, he’s a regular. But don’t let him know who you are or that you’re connected with me or we’ll lose him. Just act like a regular punter. OK?’

‘I guess so. What was his name again?’

‘Jim or James Mitchell. And hurry up. Call me when you want to be picked up.’

The line went dead. Heidi closed the phone and stuffed it back into her bag. Leon made it sound so easy. As if she could just seek out a total stranger and beat him in a game of…of……of what? Leon hadn’t even said what she was meant to play him at! And if he was a cheat she might not even have a chance of winning. Heidi opened her eyes wide and leaned against the railing, looking down at the cars below. It was almost a quarter past 12. Friday night. She had work tomorrow as well. Half of her wanted to forget about the whole thing: go home, forget Leon, and forget gambling, concentrate on studying and working her way up to a promotion. But in her heart she knew she couldn’t. She loved gambling, loved the feeling of danger as someone flipped their last cards over, loved the thrill that coursed through her when she made a heavy wager and she loved winning. Loved the adrenalin rush she got, loved making Leon pleased with her. The money wasn’t really a part of it to Heidi. The whole experience was what she loved which was why she never argued as she handed every last cent over to Leon following a night on the tables. He had coached her after all. Granted she’d been a good player to begin with but he had taught her all those little tricks, how biting your lip in that special way could give you the advantage you needed, how leaning back could either make or break a game and how going in low could set your opponents up. The list went on and Heidi was grateful for it. She was grateful for it all really, minus the mood swings, the stubbornness and of course, the crazy ideas. Like when he’d told her not to bother with college. She’d had great grades and had disappointed her family and her teachers when she’d made the decision to go straight into work. Heidi still never really understood Leon’s reasoning behind that certain scheme but didn’t have the courage to ask in fear of what sort of temper he’d erupt into. Lost in her own thoughts, she didn’t notice the time slipping away until someone touched her lightly on the shoulder. She jumped, startled, and spun around to see a tall figure in front of her.

‘Sorry.’ said the man, ‘I didn’t mean to frighten you, I just wondered if you were OK. You’ve been stood here for ages.’

‘I’m fine.’ Heidi replied guardedly ‘I was just thinking about stuff.’

The stranger smiled. ‘I do that myself. Get lost in my own thoughts. I’m always away with the fairies.’

Heidi smiled in spite of herself. She could hardly imagine this tall muscular man fluttering around with fairies. The idea was ridiculous to say the least.

‘What’s your name?’ asked the man.

“Heidi.” She couldn’t help being impressed by his dress sense. The initial shock had faded to be replaced by flattery. How could this tall handsome guy want to talk to her?! She adjusted her sunglasses and smiled up at him,

‘So what’s your name?’

‘Jim.’ The stranger replied.

Heidi’s heart skipped a beat. No way! Was this actually Jim? The Jim she had to play? She looked up at him. He was exactly like Leon had described only Leon had failed to tell her how good-looking the guy was.

‘Is something wrong?’ Jim asked, looking at her warily.

‘No, I’m fine.’ Heidi replied, ‘I just know a lot of Jim’s. What’s your surname by the way?’

‘Mitchell.’ He replied. ‘Please tell me you don’t know another Jim Mitchell?’

‘No, I don’t’ Heidi replied with a smile. ‘Do you want to go downstairs?’

‘Sure.’ Jim replied. ‘I’ll buy you a drink.’


Jim followed Heidi down the flight of stairs and then took her over to the bar. He’d lost sight of the pretty girl earlier and was relieved when he saw her on the roof. And now things seemed to be getting even better. They were talking compatibly and unless he was very much mistaken, she seemed fairly interested in him. He found the sunglasses a distraction though. He would have liked to take them off to see what colour eyes she had, to see the rest of her face but he didn’t know how she’d react and he didn’t want to alienate her on what seemed like a good build up to an even better night.

‘What are you having?’ he asked as they sat down next to each other at the bar.

‘I’m sticking to fruit juice.’ Heidi said with an apologetic smile.

‘Aw, come on.’ Jim said, ‘One drink won’t do you any damage will it?’

‘I guess not.’ Heidi said, ‘But I really shouldn’t’

‘You really should.’ Jim said, ‘Come on, what’s it to be?’

He watched as she paused, furrowed her brow before smiling, ‘Fine, I’ll have a Malibu. But just one.’


Jim drained his glass and waited for Heidi to finish. He loved the way she put her lips demurely to the glass before tipping her head back slightly, her slim fingers leaving prints in the condensation as she replaced it on the bar.

‘So,’ he asked, ‘Are you here to gamble?’

‘I guess so.’ Heidi said, ‘Why? Do you want a game or something?’

Jim chuckled wryly, ‘I’d love to but I have a feeling you wouldn’t stand a chance against me.’

‘Let me win then.’ Heidi said matter-of-factly, smiling as she led him to the poker table.


Wouldn’t stand a chance?! Who did he think he was, Heidi thought to herself in annoyance as she sat down at the poker table. He was probably planning on cheating or something, she fumed. Half of her was annoyed at herself for taking such an instant liking to this stranger but the other half was pleased, happy that she’d managed to secure a game with this guy. For Leon obviously. He deserved to get at least some of his money back didn’t he? She decided to call him in a while, update him.


Jim leaned back casually in his chair as they begun playing. Maybe he should let her win, make her more at ease with him, charm her a little. He let her take the first couple of hands. She was a pretty good player. Unlike the others, he could see through her little tricks and it amused him that she had all these experienced gamblers on a leash. Half of them weren’t even concentrating; they were staring at her, ogling her body as if they were good enough for her.

‘Heidi, you’re thrashing us.’ Jim said.

She smiled, but didn’t reply, focusing intently on the game. He decided to get rid of the other three guys by going in going in high, faking his confidence, until they folded and wandered off to the bar.

‘Do you want to carry on?’ he asked Heidi. She was about $15,000 up and to her, he guessed that was quite a lot.

‘Yeah, sure.’ She said nonchalantly, ‘I’ve just got to make a quick call.’

She took her phone and went back upstairs. Jim waited a while and then followed suit. He could do with a little fresh air himself. He spotted her in the same place as before, talking quietly on the phone. He wandered a little closer to get the gist of the conversation. Was it a boyfriend? Was she already taken? He was a couple of metres away when he heard what she was saying clearly and then he knew exactly what was going on.


Heidi ended the call and hurried back downstairs. Leon wanted her to win as much as possible so she hoped Jim hadn’t left in boredom. Luckily, he was at the bar, waiting for her.

‘What do you say to another drink?’ he asked looking directly at her. He seemed slightly colder than before, she thought, but didn’t let it bother her as she hurriedly agreed, eager to start playing again. She waited impatiently for Jim to finish his beer and it seemed like hours before he casually followed her back to their table.


The alcohol seemed to have had a bad effect on Heidi as she fumbled with her cards, betting a shed load of money on cards that were nothing. She didn’t even bluff it out. Jim watched her in a mixture of amusement and annoyance. So this was Leon Jackson’s bitch was it? He’d had enough of that bastard and his little cronies but now here was his girlfriend, robbing him blind. He could hardly believe what he’d heard her talking about. Of all the girls to be attracted to… He was pissed off and determined to make Leon pay. After a few casual hands he started to up his game, becoming more ruthless as the stakes got higher. He had new drinks brought over to the table and in her panic Heidi drank more, her concentration getting even worse. Jim smiled inwardly. She didn’t have much money left and he was going to take it all, everything she had.


Heidi put the glass down, her hand shaking slightly. She wasn’t drunk, just shit scared. Everything had gone wrong. She only had about $500 left and she could imagine just how annoyed Leon would be. She bet the last of her money and drew three new cards. Oh God, they were all wrong, so completely wrong. She folded instantly. That was it. But Jim didn’t seem to have finished.

‘I’ll bet all I have if you want to go another round.’ He offered. Heidi blinked. That was $230,000. It didn’t occur to her how much she could lose as she nodded, determined that this round would be a walk in the park.

It wasn’t. As she looked at her cards, she realised how stupid she’d been. It wasn’t a game any more. She had to get it all back. But she lost again. She looked up at Jim in desperation. She needed it back. Leon would kill her.

‘You’ve lost a lot of money Heidi.’ Jim said.

‘Please,’ she asked in desperation, ‘Give me one more chance. To win it all back.’

‘But you’ve nothing to wager.’ Jim said.

‘You can have…..my watch…..or my necklace, they’re gold.’ Heidi said fumbling with the clasps.

Jim exhaled in disgust, ‘What would I want those for? I need something better.’

‘What do you want?’ Heidi said, her voice quivering, ‘Anything. Just tell me what you want.’

Jim paused, rocked back in his chair before leaning forward.

‘You.’ He whispered. ‘If you win this hand, you’re home and dry with almost a quarter of a million dollars but if you lose, you come back to my hotel room tonight.’

Heidi’s head suddenly cleared. She knew exactly what he was talking about.


Jim sat back in his chair. He was going to shame her, make her do everything he wanted, and he was going to enjoy it. He imagined Leon’s face when he heard that his sweet little bitch had been at it with Jim Mitchell. It would be revenge, nothing more, or so he told himself.

‘Well, are you going for it?’ he asked Heidi, whose lips were trembling slightly as she tried to think of a way out. A crowd had begun to form around the table as they heard of the deal and they began to urge her on.

She nodded, shakily and they murmured with excitement as the dealer began the final hand. Heidi had never been so scared in her life. She fumbled with her cards as Jim stared at her, his face stony, angry almost. Heidi looked down at her cards and her worry faded instantly. She smiled; straight flush. Oh thank God, how lucky. She’d won. Oh thank God.

‘Do you want to discard any?’ the dealer asked them both.

Jim drew one more card, discarding his other down onto the table, as Heidi sat waiting.

They looked at each other impassively and then Jim jerked his head motioning for her to show her cards.

She flipped them over with a triumphant smile as the crowd murmured appreciatively. The dealer began moving Jim’s chips across the table but as Jim flipped his cards over, he stopped, as Heidi gasped in horror. Ace, King, Queen, Jack, Ten. All of hearts. The crowd went wild as they took in Jim’s royal flush. It was practically impossible to have the two highest hands in one game, especially when the stakes were so high.

‘Well, well, well.’ Jim whispered.

He rose from the table, as the crowd looked on in stunned surprise and offered his hand to Heidi.

‘Come on then.’

She ignored him, getting up, steadying herself on the edge of the table.

‘Keep the money.’ He told the stunned dealer, as he led Heidi out of the casino and into the car park. He unlocked his Lamborghini and opened the passenger door.

‘In.’ he said in a voice angry enough to make her get into the car without protest.

A moment later he got into the drivers seat and started up the engine. He glanced across at her pale face. “Seatbelt.”

Heidi didn’t move, terrible thoughts running through her head. How nasty he was going to be to her, what he was going to make her do…. How he’d force her, and how Leon would find out…how long her ordeal would last….how he’d shame her…make her body respond to his….as he silently laughed at her, laughing at how cheap she was….

“Seatbelt.” Jim repeated impatiently, “If we crash, I’m not cleaning up the mess.”

Heidi didn’t speak and he sighed, reached past her, pulled the belt along, brushing purposefully along her breasts, watching as she stiffened. He paused there, back of his hand resting on her slight chest before she pulled away, back against the seat, silently refusing to look into his eyes. Her trembling hands snatched the belt from him and she clicked it into place, staring blankly out of the windscreen.

Jim moved away from her, started the car and reversed out.

‘So, Heidi, what on earth do you think Leon is going to say when his little pals tell him what happened to you?’

‘Leon?’ Heidi mumbled.

‘Oh come on, Heidi, I’m not that stupid. I heard you on the phone. Leon wanted you to humiliate me but it all went a bit pear shaped didn’t it?’

Heidi sat in stunned silence; how dumb could she have been?

‘So, it’s you and Leon, huh? Together?’

‘What’s it got to do with you?’ Heidi steeled herself to say. ‘You’re worse than him. At least he’s not a cheat.’

‘A cheat?’ Jim asked in mock surprise, ‘You believe that? You think I cheated tonight?’

‘No, but…’

‘Listen to me Heidi. I have never cheated,’ Jim said as he stopped at the lights. ‘Your Leon’s just a downright sore loser. What the hell are you doing with him?’

‘I’m not with him…’ Heidi began

‘I know what he’s like, Heidi. He will ruin your life.’

‘And you’re not ruining it?!’

‘You’re better off with me tonight than with him.’ Jim said softly, ‘I know what sort of a man he is. Leave him. Forget him.’

‘I can’t.’ Heidi said, close to tears, ‘Why are you acting like you care?’

‘Because I do care.’ Jim said. ‘When I first saw you tonight I liked you. And when I realised you were connected to Leon it pissed me off so bad, that I went on a revenge craze. You shouldn’t be mixed up in this.’

“I shouldn’t?” She looked across at his handsome face, “Then please Jim….please….”

“What?” He was focusing on the road, “What, Heidi?”

“Let me out.” Heidi whispered, “I’m sorry, OK? But, I can’t do this. I’m not that kind of girl.” She swallowed hard as she noticed his hand moving on the crotch of his pants, “Please. Please. You’ll never see me again, I swear…..I just….”

“You just what?” Jim glanced across at her, “This isn’t about the poker anymore Heidi. This isn’t about the money, the flirting, the cards, and it isn’t about Leon either. It’s about you. And me. What we want. And I want you.”

Heidi rested her elbow on the armrest and leaned her aching head on her hand. So many thoughts were running through her head….money, guilt, excitement, passion…”What if I don’t….don’t want you?”

He shrugged, “Well I won you. Fair and square. Besides, imagine it Heidi. I’d make you feel so good, better than any guy you’ve ever had before. I’ll do everything it takes to make you feel good. You’ll be screaming my name, touching me. I’d touch you…..everywhere.” His eyes noticed her slim legs press together instinctively, “Everywhere, Heidi. Everywhere. And you’d love it.”

Heidi was silent as he drove up to the hotel. He stopped the car at the foyer and tossed the keys to the bellboy. Heidi got out of the car in a daze and followed him into the entrance hall. Taking her by the hand, Jim led her into the elevator. As the doors closed he turned to look at her before pulling off the sunglasses she’d been wearing all night. He gazed into her eyes for a second before kissing her hard on her soft lips. For some reason she didn’t quite comprehend, Heidi kissed him back, her amateur mouth entwining with his as he held her by the waist. She hadn’t kissed anyone before, never been this close to anyone but it felt so right. Jim was little more than a stranger, but kissing him, inhaling the smell of his cologne and his skin, feeling his hands around her waist, made her feel so damn good that she didn’t care.

They broke apart as the lift came to a halt on the 5th floor, staring into each others eyes and then Jim turned and took her down the corridor to his room. When they were in, he flicked off the lights and locked the door, his heart pounding in anticipation.

He reached for Heidi again, but she pulled away.

‘Please Jim, don’t do this.’ She begged, ‘I can’t. Leon will kill me.’

‘Forget Leon,’ Jim said, ‘Forget everything. It’s just you and me here tonight. You can do what you want.’


‘I’ll take care of Leon for you, sweetheart. He won’t hurt you. Are you involved with him?’

Heidi shook her head slowly. It was true. Leon had never made a move on her and nor she on him. She wasn’t with anyone.

‘Good,’ Jim said softly, his cock getting hard in his pants, ‘So, me and you, yeah?’

‘Is…is….this for the poker? You won me?’ Heidi asked, stepping back.

‘God no.’ Jim said. What did she think of him? ‘I’m not like that. I want this because I like you, not for payment.’

He stepped forward, pulling his jacket off and tossing it onto a chair. He kicked off his shoes and then took off his socks, watching her as she looked on.

‘Relax,’ he said, ‘It’s all right.’

He could feel his cock getting even harder now and he decided not to remove his trousers just yet even though his zipper was straining. He undid a few buttons on his shirt before pulling it off, revealing a torso like the ones Heidi had only ever seen in fitness magazines. He was impossibly toned, his biceps taut, the odd vein visible on them. So fucking muscular Heidi thought to herself.

Jim sat down on the bed.

‘Come on sweetheart. Don’t be afraid.’ he said softly, ‘I won’t do anything you don’t want.’

Heidi didn’t move standing in her heels and dress, clutching her purse. Jim got up, walked to her and tilted her head up to his so their eyes met. Then he kissed her again, slowly, sensually until she responded, allowing him to probe inside her mouth with his tongue. He broke away and whispered, ‘Take off your heels; they must be giving your feet hell.’ She obliged, tossed her purse onto the chair and reaching down, pulled the shoes off and placed them carefully on the floor before straightening up again. Jim gently took off her jewellery and laid it on the windowsill before turning back to her.

He bent slightly and kissed her neck, his hands slipping round to the zipper on the back of her dress. She stiffened as he began pulling the zip down, her hands gripping his biceps but she didn’t stop him and in a few moments the dress was on the floor around her feet and she was in her underwear before him. He picked up the dress and put it on the chair with his things and her purse.

He stood back for a second and just looked at her. She was so perfect. Even better than he’d imagined. She was slim, her waist narrow, stomach flat, her thighs smooth and slender. Her breasts were smaller than average but perfect for her slim frame; they were full and round, standing pert with soft, dark coloured nipples.

She was wearing white cotton panties, so beautifully innocent. Jim felt a warmth like he’d never felt before, as he began unbuckling his belt, his eyes feasting on Heidi as he anticipated how good this night was going to be.

Heidi watched him, her heart pounding. It was quite clear what they were about to do, yet she felt….out of her depth. Maybe she should tell Jim this was her first time. But she didn’t want to embarrass herself. She was worried. She had no idea how to have sex. What was she meant to do? Would it hurt, like it said in books or would it be OK? Heidi stood, shivering slightly, thoughts running around her head as Jim pulled down his fly and dropped his pants to the floor.

His erection was almost painful, contained in his tight boxer shorts. He looked down and could see the shape of his cock, protruding, bulging, and trying to break free. He looked up at Heidi and smiled reassuringly as she looked at his cock as if it were some dangerous animal, her hands clenched tight at her sides. Jim took a step forward and she stiffened, stepping back, as if she were afraid. What is she scared of? Jim thought to himself, hasn’t she seen a cock before?

Heidi kept stepping back until she was bumped up against the wardrobe. What was he going to do to her with that monster? He came closer, his hand cupping his swollen hardness until he was centimetres away. He kissed her again, and again, his hands going behind her, cupping her round ass, lifting her up so his engorged dick pressed against her little white panties. He heard her cry out slightly, as he pressed harder, the heat from his groin warming her. His mouth against hers he whispered,

‘I’m not going to hurt you Heidi.’ their eyes met. ‘You can tell me to stop anytime; I won’t do anything you don’t want.’

He kissed her once more and she responded, her lips moving with his. He pressed harder against her, his chest pressing against her breasts, as her hands went around his neck. Slowly, he carried her over to the bed, their lips still locked. He laid her down breaking away from her mouth and kissed her neck, down her throat to one of her breasts which he kissed softly before moving down to her stomach, down her thigh and then up again, pausing between her legs.

Oh God, Heidi thought as Jim paused there, his breathing hoarse with lust. He pushed his mouth up against her panties, and she gasped,

‘No Jim, don’t.’ He paused for the second time, inhaling the scent of her cunt.

‘Why not?’

‘It’s dirty.’ Heidi said shamefully, her eyes squeezed tight shut.

‘You smell so good,’ Jim muttered, pulling away, moving back up her body and kissing her hard on the mouth, his hands pulling frantically at her panties until they tore.

‘Jim!’ Heidi gasped as she realised what he’d done

‘Who cares?’ He grunted as he pulled at his own boxers, kicking them off, finally releasing his erection. His mouth was at her ear now, his solid chest against her hard nipples,

‘Spread your legs.’ He whispered, his fingers finding the place he needed to go. He positioned his cock at her opening and began to push, his breathing all over the place, as he forced his way into her tight hole.

‘Fuck, Heidi, you’re so tight.’ He gasped as he pushed harder. Heidi’s eyes were shut tight, her yelps of pain almost agreeing with him. Jim gave a sudden hard ram and Heidi screamed out loud as he broke her hymen and filled her suddenly with his eight inches of hard cock. She threw her head back at this enormous intrusion into her tight passage and gasped in pain as he paused there.

‘Heidi?’ he asked in surprise. ‘You’re a virgin?!’

She didn’t reply, her eyes closed tight, gasping as the sharp pain began to subside,

‘Heidi?’ Jim enquired again.

She opened her eyes, ‘Not any more.’ She whispered, as they kissed again.

‘Does it still hurt?’ Jim murmured his brow furrowed.

It did but Heidi shook her head; she didn’t really care. ‘No it doesn’t.’

‘Wrap your legs around my waist.’ He whispered and she did so.

Jim pulled almost the full way out and then pushed back in, his cock pulsating. Long, slow strokes, in and out, in and out he said to himself, as he slid from her tight passage. Her eyes were closed again, her mouth issuing little gasps of pain or surprise, Jim didn’t know which. He began thrusting faster, slamming back into her, making the bed shake slightly. Her hands came up and gripped his hard biceps, her nails digging in slightly as she clung to him. Jim could feel her legs sweating against him and he could see the light sheen of sweat over her beautiful face. He pulled up, supporting himself on his hands, her fingers still clinging to him and began to go even harder, grunting like an animal.

‘Yes,’ he gasped, ‘God, Heidi, you’re so hot.’

Heidi wrapped her legs tighter round his waist, the feelings of his cock making her gasp, as she breathed erratically.

‘Open your eyes.’ Jim instructed, ‘Watch me as I fuck you, baby.’

Heidi forced her eyes open, meeting his intense brown stare, his face a picture of concentration. He was sweating profusely, grunting but always gazing into her eyes, the perspiration on his handsome face shining in the moonlight. Heidi felt drugged, stars in her head as Jim fucked her hard and fast. She could feel her pussy getting wetter and wetter, and she knew what was about to happen. She felt her hips begin to move with his, lifting up from the bed; every time his cock disappeared into her, their hips touched. They were both slick, sliding against each other in ecstasy: It was amazing.

Jim loved the sensations. He’d never felt such passion when fucking anyone else, had never enjoyed it so much. Heidi’s pussy began to clench around his cock and he knew she was about to orgasm. His eyes continued to stare into hers.

‘Don’t look away.’ He gasped, ‘I want to see your face as you cum.’

He was moving at top speed now and it was just seconds before she screamed, her orgasm tearing through her, her pussy compressing down onto his hard dick as she shook, moaning in pleasure, her eyes rolling back. Jim came simultaneously, his cum shooting up into her pussy, his cock spasming deep inside her, his balls emptying as he roared triumphantly.

‘Yes, oh, fuck….’

He thrust in a couple more times before slumping down on top of her, their sweat mingling. After a few minutes of silence he began slowly pulling his cock out of her.

‘That was fucking amazing.’ He whispered, rolling off her. They lay there a few more minutes, until their breathing became regular and then Heidi slowly stood up.

‘Where are you going?’ Jim asked looking at her in surprise.

‘I seriously need a shower.’ she said, running her fingers through her hair.

‘Yeah, me too.’ Jim agreed, forcing himself out of bed.

Heidi followed him into the bathroom. He turned the light on and they blinked in the fluorescent brightness. Jim looked down at his cock. It was covered in blood and cum; the same liquids that were drying on Heidi’s legs. He turned on the water and they stepped into the shower, the warm stream cascading down onto them, washing away the sweat and other residues on their bodies.

Jim began soaping Heidi, running his hands down her shoulders, over her breasts, down her thighs. She sighed, leaned back against him and he dropped the soap, hugging her from behind. The small of her back was pressing against his dick and he began to get hard again, his breathing rough. Heidi straightened up and he touched her pussy, stooping, running his hands along her slit, fitting his cock between her ass cheeks. She sighed, continued washing and he began prising her ass apart, rubbing his dick along the crack. Heidi jumped as he made contact with her anus and pulled away,

‘No Jim, not there, please, I can’t…..’

He pulled her back to him

‘Don’t worry sweetheart. Remember what I promised. I’m just touching.’

She leaned back against him in relief, the water cleansing them both for a few more minutes and then they stepped out, drying off with the towels on the radiator. Heidi pulled her long black hair into a ponytail with an elastic band and walked back into the bedroom.

She looked around for her clothes.

‘What are you doing?’ Jim asked, watching her, his cock still hard from the feel of her in the shower.

‘I should probably go home.’ Heidi said, picking up her dress.

‘No, not yet.’ Jim said, ‘Stay a bit longer.’

He took the dress away from her and put it back on the chair, kissing her, pulling gently on her damp ponytail.

‘What do you want to go home for?’

He pulled her back over to the bed and pushed her down, kissing her furiously, drops of water falling onto her from his hair.

‘We’ve got plenty of time Heidi. Why don’t we have a little more fun?’

He moved around, nibbled at her ear, licking it, his cock getting harder by the second.

He wanted her again and again and again.

‘Let’s go once more.’ He whispered, ‘In a different position.’

Heidi looked at him uneasily. ‘What position?’

‘Don’t look so scared.’ Jim whispered, ‘Get on all fours. You’ll enjoy it, I promise.’

He straightened up and pulled her up. She clambered onto the bed on her hands and knees and looked around at Jim who had moved behind her.

‘Like this?’ she asked.

‘Yes, exactly like that.’

He looked at her from behind, her knees bent, ass in the air, tits beneath her and groaned in utter pleasure. This was the best night of his life.

He ran his hands down her back and over her ass, feeling her warmth; he slid a finger down her slit and felt the wetness. She was ready for him. He rubbed up and down her slit until she was all wet and then slid a finger into her tight entrance. She shifted slightly at the intrusion and he added a second finger making her gasp. He pulled them out, satisfied and began stroking his dick until it was rock hard. Without warning, he thrust it, with one heave, up into her hot little pussy, grabbing her tiny waist to stop her form moving. She screamed, more out of shock than pain, and then gasped as the feeling of fullness set in again, her tits heaving beneath her.

Jim smiled to himself as he began fucking her with slow steady strokes, calming her down.

‘How do you feel baby?’ he asked, his hips connecting with her ass every time he went deep inside her. ‘You OK?’

‘Yeah,’ Heidi gasped, between moans, ‘I’m fine.’

‘You mind if we pick up the pace a little?’

She shook her head and Jim began thrusting harder, faster, clinging to her hips.

Heidi’s fingers were gripping the bedspread, as Jim hammered her from behind. It felt so wonderful, she thought, as she gasped, her heart pounding away inside her. Jim was enjoying it thoroughly. He reached around and touched Heidi’s engorged clit.

He began rubbing it, making her gasp even louder. He was running his fingers along, and pinching every so often, still fucking her hard and fast. He looked down at his cock drilling into her pussy and thrust even faster. He could feel another orgasm building inside him and he wanted to cum with her again. He rubbed her clit, harder, faster, until she was moaning.

‘Yes, Jim!’ she cried out, ‘Oh yes!’

Jim was caught up in his own pleasure.

‘Come on,’ he muttered, urging his orgasm on. He could feel the sensations beginning deep inside him, ‘Come on!’ he growled to himself as he fucked harder and faster his hips slapping into her ass cheeks every other second.

He could feel Heidi’s orgasm descending on her, could tell by her strangled moans, as she tried to push his fingers away from her throbbing clit.

‘Jim!’ she screamed, her body sweating furiously, ‘Oh God, Jim! Please!’

Her fingers were scrabbling at his hand, trying to pull it away from her but he was too strong and he fingered her until she bucked, screaming, her pussy clenching around his dick as she came hard and fast, almost crying with the force of her orgasm, her body shuddering uncontrollably. Jim groaned as he felt his own pinnacle coming and he gripped her waist again as he slammed into her, spurting his cum inside her, one, two, three, four times until his balls were empty and his cock slowly softening. Gently, he pulled out of her and crawled onto the bed slumping next to her as she collapsed.

Heidi couldn’t believe what had just happened as she lay there, exhausted. Jim groaned, put his arm around her bare shoulders and kissed her tenderly on the lips, his fingers stroking her skin softly, his leg draped over hers. Heidi kissed him back, limbs heavy with weariness. She opened her eyes slowly to see him gazing at her, his warm brown irises fixated on her own. She broke the kiss and smiled at him as his hand fell to her waist, snuggling her in close, warming every element in her body. Her eyes began to shut uncontrollably but just as she was about to drift off, a harsh sound begun.

‘What…?’ she muttered as she propped herself up on one elbow.

Jim got up slowly and walked round to the chair, picked up her purse and handed it to her. He sat down, pushed her hair out of her eyes.

‘Who is it?’

She pulled the phone out and pressed the green button.


‘Heidi, where the hell are you?’

Heidi’s mouth dropped open.

It was Leon.

Love, Sex and Money — Chapter Two

‘Heidi?’ Leon’s voice came down the line again, loud and clear.

Heidi stared at Jim speechless, her fingers gripping the phone.

‘Can you hear me?’ Leon demanded.

Heidi licked her dry lips, ‘Yeah,’ she whispered

‘I thought you wanted me to pick you up.’ Leon said.

‘Oh, uh…yeah, I got a lift home.’ Heidi replied, squeezing her eyes shut, praying he didn’t know what had happened.

‘You could have told me.’ Leon muttered. ‘Anyway how did the poker go? How much did you win?’

‘I, uh, erm, look, my uh…., I’ve got to go…I’ll call you later, yeah?’

Heidi hit the red button before Leon could respond and switched the phone off, her hands shaking as she shoved it back into her purse.


Leon stared out of his windscreen in disbelief, still holding his phone to his ear. What the hell was wrong with that girl? She’d left him waiting for her call and now she’d hung up on him? What was going on?

He dialled Mike’s number hoping his friend could shed some light on the situation, seeing as though he’d been in the casino all night.


Jim watched as Heidi pushed past him, trying to find her clothes and shoes, smoothing her hair.

‘Who was that?’ he asked nonchalantly.

Heidi looked at him for a fleeting second then turned away, ‘My mom. She was wondering where I was. I should be at home.’

‘Really?’ Jim said, getting up, and pulling on a clean t shirt.

‘Yeah.’ Heidi lied, searching frantically for her underwear.

‘So, uh, you live with your parents?” Jim asked, as he put on a pair of boxer shorts.

‘Huh?’ Heidi said, ‘Oh, uh, I don’t. Where the hell are my pants?’

Jim picked the scrap of white material up from the bed and held it out to her.

‘They’re torn.’ Heidi said in panic.

‘Well, yeah.’ Jim said, ‘I tore them, remember? You can wear my boxers if you want.’ He held out a pair to her and she hurriedly put them on, without thinking, anxious to leave as soon as possible.

‘Why are you in such a rush?’ Jim asked, ‘It’s 4 in the morning.’

‘I told you.’ Heidi said, ‘I need to go home.’

‘That wasn’t your mom, was it?’ Jim asked as she smoothed down her dress.

Heidi straightened up and looked around for her purse.

‘Yeah it was.’ She said, not looking him in the eye. ‘Who else would it be?’

‘I don’t know.’ Jim said coolly, ‘Leon perhaps?’

Heidi turned away, looking at her reflection in the mirror. Then she crossed the room and picked up her purse before heading to the door.

‘You’re going?’ Jim asked, ‘Just like that?’

‘Yes, I’m going.’ Heidi said, ‘Just like this.’

‘Don’t you want a lift?’ Jim asked, picking up his jacket and feeling for his keys in the pocket.

‘No.’ Heidi said shortly, as she opened the door, ‘I can manage.’

‘It’s Leon isn’t it?’ Jim said abruptly, ‘it was him on the phone, wasn’t it?’

Heidi stared at him for a couple of seconds, her hand on the door and then she shook her head.


‘So you’re leaving a hotel room at four in the morning of entirely your own accord?’

‘No, I said, my mom…’

Jim walked across the room and slammed the door shut.

‘Will you just stop it?’ he shouted.

Heidi shrunk back against the wall, terrified as he towered over her.

‘Stop what?’ she whispered.

‘Stop acting like everything’s fine. Talk to me Heidi. I can help you.’

Heidi shook her head, fighting back tears, ‘No you can’t Jim. You’re so nice but you can’t do anything. You don’t understand.’

‘I do.’ Jim whispered, ‘Please Heidi, trust me.’

‘I can’t. I have to go.’

Heidi pushed past him and walked out of the door, down the corridor and into the lift, her hands shaking as the doors glided shut.


Mike was making out with a girl whose name he didn’t know when his phone began to ring in his pocket.

‘I’ve got to take this.’ He said apologetically to the girl who was too drunk to care.

He pressed the green button.

‘Leon, what’s up?’

‘What’s up!? What happened? Heidi has gone all weird, wouldn’t talk to me properly. What happened?’

Mike smirked to himself, drunkenly.

‘Oh right yeah.’ he paused, recalling. ‘Yeah, she lost. Really badly. Went home with that Jim guy.’


Leon couldn’t believe his ears.

‘She was trying to win it all back and he gave her a chance but she was out of money so he said she could wager herself in. He got a royal flush and took her to his for the rest of the night.’

Leon’s mouth was dry, the blood pounding in his ears.

‘She went?’ he croaked out

‘What else could she do? Everyone was watching.’

Leon hurled the phone out of the car window and watched it hit a mailbox. He gripped the steering wheel, his entire body shaking. Jim Mitchell. That son of a fucking bitch. Who the fuck did he think he was? He’d gone way too far this time. Heidi belonged to Leon, everyone knew that. Leon shut his eyes tight. He was going to kill that bastard.


Heidi got out of the cab in front of her apartment and walked up the stairs, letting herself in. She showered, for longer than usual, the worry in her head amplifying as the water soothed her body. So much had changed in the last few hours. She stepped out of the shower and went into her room. It was 5 am. She decided not to go to bed though every bone in her body disagreed with her. She took out her work suit from her wardrobe and slowly got dressed, before going through to the kitchen and eating a bowl of Cheerios. She’d bought them for when her sister came over to stay but right now she didn’t care how high the sugar percentage was, they tasted damn well good.

Sighing, she washed her bowl and picked up her bag, emptying it and putting in the things she’d need for work. She glanced at the kitchen clock. It was only 6am. She decided to leave anyway and walked the mile to the train station getting the earlier service. A half hour later she was buying a coffee from the stand in reception, killing time, before heading up to her office. She already knew it was going to be a long day.


Jim was still sat on the edge of the bed, his head in his hands. How could he have let her walk away? Pacing the room, he decided to not go to work today. He had too much on his mind. Being the CEO, he could do what he wanted, right? He stripped, and walked into the shower. He had to find her. First stop, the casino, someone there must know something about her.

He dressed hurriedly and grabbed an apple from the fruit bowl, pulling on his jacket. He left the room and went out to the parking lot before driving to Andrejes. It was a quarter to seven but there were still people milling about. He went to the bar and called over the bartender.

‘Simon, that girl, here last night, do you know who she is?’

The man looked at him, wearily amused, ‘There were hundreds of girls here last night Jim. Any details?’

‘Long dark hair, wearing sunglasses, I was having a drink with her…?’

Simon furrowed his brow as he thought for a moment.

‘Heidi?’ he asked.

‘Yes! Do you know anything else about her?’

‘She’s here about every month or so. Very polite. Always nice to me, not like these other ones. Her surnames something like, uh, Jenkins, I think. You could ask at the trade counter. Oh, better still, ask Leon Jackson, he’s always around with her.’

Jim smiled, strained, ‘Thanks mate.’

‘No problem.’ Simon said with a grin as he continued polishing the glasses, watching his friend rush off.

Jim went back into the foyer to the trade booth.

‘Hi.’ He said to the blonde lady there, ‘I’m looking for details on a Heidi Jenkins, you got anything?’

The woman looked at him tiredly.

‘We don’t give out personal details.’ She said looking away.

Jim pulled out his wallet and pushed a few hundred dollar bills under the glass.

‘Come on,’ he said, ‘Please, you have to help me.’

The woman took the bills and glanced around, before putting them in a stack of papers.

‘OK’ she whispered, ‘What’s the name?’

‘Heidi Jenkins.’

She tapped into a keyboard and then turned the monitor around to face him.

‘We scan all the ID’s. This is hers. She was here yesterday.’

Jim looked at the image on the screen. There was a photo of Heidi, smiling out of the screen. DOB 18/9/1990, name Heidi Jenkins, Address, 28G Waterfront Residence, Atlantic City.

He scribbled the address down on a piece of paper the woman handed to him.

‘Thanks.’ He said, as the woman pulled the screen back round towards her. ‘Thanks so much. You have no idea how much this means to me.’

He turned and strode back to his car, tapping the address into his Satnav. If this didn’t work, nothing would. He pulled out of the parking lot.

‘Turn left.’ The neutral female voice said. Jim turned left.

An hour later, he pulled up outside a block of apartments. Stepping inside to the porch, he looked at the names next to the bells. E, F, G Jenkins. He smiled and pressed the bell. No response. He tried a couple more times but there was still no answer. She must have left, or been asleep he thought to himself. He’d come back later.


Leon was pacing across his kitchen as Mike, Josh and the others watched. The atmosphere was tense. They all knew what a temper he had and they all knew it wouldn’t be wise to speak. Leon grabbed a bottle of Budweiser from the refrigerator and pulled the top off, taking a long swig. It was empty in a couple of minutes and he took another before walking out, out of the house, slamming the door.

He called Heidi again, using Mike’s mobile but her phone still wasn’t switched on. She was probably at work he mused. An image came into his head of her behind a desk and he smiled. Then it was replaced with an image of her naked, being defiled by Jim Mitchell, moaning as that son-of-a-bitch hurt her, and he felt sick, his head pounding. How could this have happened?


It was 9pm when Jim set off back to Heidi’s apartment. He’d found her forgotten jewellery on the window sill and took it with him to return to her. She must be home by now, he thought. Or she must be awake. He stopped at an off license on the way and picked up a pack of Stella’s. The roads were quiet and he was quite relaxed as he drove, telling himself he could work something out with her. How could she not want his help? He swung into her parking lot for the second time that day and went and pressed her bell. Still no response. What the hell? Maybe she knew it was him and wasn’t opening up on purpose. He stood there for a few minutes, debating with himself and then hit a couple more bells, slurring into the speaker,

‘Lost my key.’

The door clicked open and he walked in quietly, the Stella’s in the crook of his arm. He paused at the bottom of the stairs as a couple of people opened their doors, apparently looking for the drunken slob who’d lost his key. When they’d gone, he started up the stairs, taking them two at a time. Her apartment was on the third floor and he tapped on the door gently, not wanting to alert the other residents of his presence. There was no response. He tried the door before glancing at the lock. It was fairly simple. He dropped to his knees and pulled out a biro and a paperclip. Hanging out with the wrong crowd in senior high had had its advantages. After a few minutes, the lock clicked open. Jim opened the door and stepped inside before turning into what must have been the living room. He flicked on the lights. It was sparsely finished with a sofa, an armchair, a coffee table and a bookcase. There was a small TV on a stand in the corner and an entertainment centre with a CD cabinet next to it.

Jim looked around the rest of the apartment. It was pretty much the same everywhere. clean and tidy, fit for purpose. He set the Stella’s down on the coffee table and popped one open before walking over to the CD’s and examining them. Most were current pop music, there was a bit of Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Rihanna, Katy Perry, lots of Eminem. There was rock, he smiled as he noticed Cross Road: The Best of Bon Jovi and some Paramore. There were The Killers, some of their singles and two albums; Sam’s Town and Day & Age. There was some Queen and then he noticed David Bowie: Diamond Dogs. He pulled it out and slotted it in to the CD player, skipping to Rebel Rebel and pressed repeat, turning the sound up. He sat down on the armchair and waited, drinking his beer and soaking in his all-time favourite song.


It was 9:34 when the train screeched to a halt and Heidi stepped off. Work had been OK but she hadn’t been able to concentrate. She walked the distance home, deciding not to go to Leon’s. He’d left countless messages and texts on her phone and though she knew she couldn’t avoid him forever, tonight she couldn’t be bothered.

She hurried the twenty blocks to her apartment, not even noticing it was unlocked and slammed the door behind her, locking it. All she could think of was her warm bed. She didn’t have anything to do for the whole of tomorrow as it was a Sunday. Man, she could snooze all day. She dropped her purse and took off her shoes before freezing as she realised that music was pounding out of the sitting room. She crept to the door and looked around it, only to see Jim drinking beer sitting in her armchair, in her apartment as if he owned it.

‘What the hell are you doing here?’ she asked in a hoarse whisper.

Jim got up, a hard, determined look in his eyes. He didn’t speak, just kissed her hard on the mouth, his hands creeping up her shirt, feeling her soft skin. Heidi impulsively kissed him back, needing him, her heart pounding as his fingers scrabbled at the buttons on her blouse. She felt her own hands clawing at his shirt, pulling it off; wanting to feel that hard muscle she knew was underneath, her nails scraping his chest.

And then as she felt his dick, hard against her stomach, she was pulling off her own trousers, desperate for that amazing release, wanting him inside her. But he was moving too slow, still kissing her mouth, hands caressing her naked shoulders and arms. She pulled at his belt buckle and he laughed, hoarsely, his lips against hers as she struggled with it, her fingers sweating. His hands came down on hers; guiding them, until the belt was loose and she could pull his trousers down, her fingers brushing against his purely male organ making him groan in lust, pushing her down onto the sofa. He broke away, and they stared at each other for just a moment before he pulled off her underwear, sliding his long fingers along her wet opening. She watched as he kicked off his boxers before he knelt on the sofa, in front of her, his fingers running in and out of her cunt. He looked down at her, wrapping his free hand around his dick before he slid a third finger inside her, making her buck up slightly, gasping. With a wicked smile he forced his fourth finger in, making her scream at the intrusion.

‘Jim! Don’t, that hurts!’

He withdrew his fingers, grabbing her wrists and wrenching them above her head, his mouth on hers again, kissing her, his tongue almost down her throat. Slowly he began to push his fully erect dick into her tight opening, his chest pressing down on her nipples as he gasped for breath.

His free hand stroked her body, fingers trailing down her cheek, down her neck, squeezing those beautiful, firm tits, his hands marvelling at the flatness of her toned stomach. She groaned as he filled her, his enormous dick stretching her and then he released her wrists, reached down, grabbed her knees and pulled them up, folding her in half, opening her wider to him. Heidi closed her eyes as he pulled almost fully out of her, before slamming back in with force, making her cry out in pain and pleasure. As her moans rose in pitch, he began going harder, faster, slamming into her as she writhed in pleasure. He could feel her tight walls resisting him and that just made him want it more, her cries spurring him on as she orgasmed, shouting his name, bathed in sweat. He didn’t stop though. Over and over again he thrust his cock into her, his mouth on her neck, his breathing hoarse.

Finally he could feel that unstoppable orgasm creeping up on him, his teeth clenched; he began to go at maximum force, opening his eyes as Heidi cried out, in panic.

‘JIM! Oh, God, Jim!’

He smiled at her confused brown eyes.

‘I know baby, this is fucking amazing.’

But she wasn’t looking at him; her eyes were directed over his shoulder at something, or someone he couldn’t see.

‘Jim! Get off!’ He slowed his plunges, turned, and looked over his shoulder only to see Leon standing there, a can of beer in his hand, a look of fury on his face. Oh shit.

With a groan of desperation, Heidi pushed Jim away, grabbing her clothes, trying to hide her body from Leon’s shocked gaze.

‘Leon, I’m sorry! I don’t know what I was thinking! It was an accident!’

Leon smirked in spite of himself. ‘What? You tripped? Fell? Landed on his dick?’

Heidi was breathing hard, still feeling the tremors inside of her, ‘Leon, I can explain.’

Jim had pulled his boxers back on.

‘You don’t need to explain anything to him Heidi.’ He put his arm around her shoulders. Heidi wriggled away, sensing Leon’s rage.

‘Yeah, he’s right.’ Leon said, walking over to Jim, ‘He’s the one who needs to fucking explain.’

Without warning his fist shot out, catching Jim clean on the jaw, knocking him off balance.

Heidi screamed as Leon raised his fist again.

‘What the fuck do you think you’re doing?’ he demanded, his green eyes full of anger. ‘Using her to get back at me? What sort of an ugly fucker are you?’

‘It wasn’t like that Leon!’ Heidi said desperately, pulling her shirt and underwear on, ‘He likes me!’

Leon looked at her, his eyes full of pity.

‘No Heidi. I’m sorry, but I know this motherfucker. He doesn’t want you; he just wants to piss me off. I’ve seen guys like this before. Go and clean up. I’ll talk to you when I’ve sorted this dickhead out.’

Jim had straightened up, ‘You watch your mouth.’ He said, and then, ‘Don’t listen to him Heidi. He’s just jealous. I do want you.’

‘Jealous?’ Leon said in disgust, and Jim could smell the alcohol on his breath. ‘Heidi’s like a daughter to me! Why the fuck would I be jealous? You’re a sick pervert; she’s barely half your age!’

He threw another punch at Jim, who swerved at the last moment, his own fists clenched.

Heidi pushed him away, facing Leon, ‘Please, Leon, I’m sorry. For everything. The money, now this, I didn’t mean to make you angry. Don’t do this.’

Leon stared down at her, ‘Are you defending this bastard? I swear to you, you have no idea what’s going on here. You’re just a kid; you don’t understand! Get out of my way!’

Heidi stood her ground. ‘No! Leon, stop it, you’re drunk. You don’t know what you’re doing! Please just go! Go now!’

Leon looked at her dumbfounded. ‘You want me to go?’

Heidi nodded, slowly, fearfully and Leon shrugged,

‘OK, fine, you stupid bitch. I’ll go. But when all this ends up pear shaped, don’t bother running back to me, because I don’t give a shit any more.’ He drained his beer and slammed the empty can down on the coffee table, his eyes flashing. ‘Some friend you turned out to be.’ He walked out, slamming the door behind him.

Heidi, turned, looked at Jim before frantically dressing and racing out after Leon.

Jim stared, sitting down on the sofa, running a hand through his hair. Now what?

Love, Sex and Money — Chapter Three

Jim sat on the sofa, his head pounding, jaw throbbing from where Leon had struck him. It was with an insane desire to laugh that he realised the CD player was still on and he got up, turning it off, pulling his trousers and shirt back on.

The door opened and Heidi came in, her face wet with tears.

‘He’s gone,’ she said in a choked voice, ‘Drove off.’

Jim shrugged, ‘So? What do you care, you’re better off without him.’

Heidi looked up at him in disgust.

‘Maybe you should go.’ she said. ‘There’s no point in you being here now. We’re done.’

‘I’m not going anywhere.’ Jim said, folding his arms.

Heidi gave a forced laugh.

‘Uh, that’s not your choice. This is my apartment and I want you to leave. So leave.’

‘Not going to happen.’ Jim said, ‘Not until you talk to me.’

‘I am talking to you.’ Heidi said.

‘No, I mean really. Tell me what’s going on, and tell me why you don’t want me.’

‘I can’t be bothered.’ Heidi said, sitting down, her head in her hands, refusing to look at him.

‘What are you on about?’ Jim asked. ‘You can’t be bothered?! You’re really annoying me now. Stop messing me about.’

Heidi glared at him, ‘I’m not messing you about! You’re the one who marches uninvited into my house and refuses to leave. You piss Leon off and now he’s not going to talk to me. I don’t want anything more to do with you. If I hadn’t met you, my life would be so much better. Can’t you just go as suddenly as you came?’

‘No I can’t just go.’ Jim said, ‘And it’s not as if you just bumped into me in the casino, is it? You were looking for me. You could have told me to leave you alone then, couldn’t you? Oh no, sorry you couldn’t, because your precious Leon was desperate to humiliate me, and instead of washing your hands of him, you go back to him again. What is wrong with your mind girl? Here I am, offering you a way out and you throw it all back in my face!’

They glared at each other for a moment and then Heidi spoke again, her voice trembling, ‘You don’t know what you’re talking about Jim. You think it’s so easy for me to just say no and walk away; you have no idea how deep I am in it all. You think I wouldn’t want to be with someone like you for the rest of my life? I would but I can’t because….because…Leon has been so good to me, all these years…… and he’s nice really….I can’t…..I’m sorry Jim…..I can’t.’

She buried her face in her hands, sobbing, her shoulders shaking violently. Jim stood there feeling like an utter shit. He walked over to the sofa and sat down next to her, pulling her into his arms.

‘Don’t cry, sweetheart. Please, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you.’

He held tight to her shaking figure, stroking her hair, whispering soothing words until she was still. He kissed her on the head and then softly on the nape of the neck, his fingers brushing the side of her breast but she pulled away.

‘I’m so tired Jim. Please, I want to go to bed.’

He sighed, released her, watched as she walked out, heard the water in the bathroom as she cleaned her teeth. She reappeared a few minutes later with some blankets.

‘You can stay here if you want. Do you want the bed, or are you OK with the sofa?’

‘I think I’ll manage here.’ Jim said with a grin, taking the pile of blankets.

Heidi gave him a small smile before disappearing down the corridor, switching off the light in the hall. He heard her moving around for a couple more minutes and then everything was quiet.

He got up and pulled off his shoes and socks. Next his jacket and shirt. Usually he slept nude but had a feeling that it wouldn’t be wise so kept his boxers on. The couch was far too small for his frame so he lay down on the floor instead, staring at the digital clock on the bookcase until his eyes closed.


He woke up at 11 the next morning. Everything was quiet. Stretching his stiff limbs he dragged himself up off the floor and into the kitchen. He washed with cold water, too lazy to dress and went down to Heidi’s room. He stuck his head around the door. The curtains were drawn; it was silent apart from steady breathing and the tick of the clock on the wall.

Jim closed the door and went back down the corridor. He sighed, went to the kitchen and made some toast. He had some himself, then put a tray together and took it to Heidi’s room. She was still asleep. He set the tray down on her desk as an idea formed in his head.

Dropping his boxers, he went over to the bed and pulled her pants down. Gently he parted her legs and licked her slowly, tasting her. He heard her mumble in her sleep and licked, slowly, rhythmically until she calmed down. He could see her clit, and he licked it, licked up and down her wet slit, tasting the very depths of her. He began running circles around her clit with his tongue, making it hard and swollen before pushing his rough tongue into her cunt, in and out. He could feel her moving slightly as she was about to wake up, and he held onto her hips as he sucked her clit into his mouth, one of his hands now pushing up to her cunt. He pushed a finger into her, now sucking both of her pussy lips into his hungry mouth, and squeezed another finger in. Heidi had woken up now and was moaning, trying to drag herself away from him, saying things he couldn’t comprehend. He began finger fucking her now, and her hips rose up as he sucked harder, the beginnings of a monster orgasm descending on her. He sucked her hard clit into his mouth once more, and heard her whimper as her legs started to sweat. He curled his fingers inside her tight cunt, finding her spot and then she came, hard, screaming, fighting him to release her, which he did after a few more licks. She was writhing and moaning wildly in pleasure for a few more moments until it faded away and she lay, gasping for breath.

Jim lay down on the bed and pulled her round so she was straddling him, her legs spread over his hard dick. He reached down, flicked her clit a few times, positioning his rock hard cock at her entrance before pushing slowly into her. The small bed creaked as he began fucking her, she gasped, throwing her head back. He reached up, pulled her t shirt off and fondled her tits, playing with the nipples as she bounced around on his cock, her moans filling the air as he thrust deeper and deeper into her tight cunt.

‘JIM! Urrgghh! Oh god, yes!’ Heidi was screaming as Jim held fast to her hips, moving her up and down his cock, until she came, screaming, her pussy clenching around him.

Jim continued fucking her, thrusting upwards, her juices making them slide easily together. Heidi was holding onto his muscular thighs between her legs, hanging on for dear life as he fucked her mercilessly, making her orgasm again and again, until her mind was a blur.

‘JIM! Stop!’ she screamed as she clenched around his thick cock again, squeezing it hard. Jim continued fucking her, driving his cock into her again and again, her hips moving with him, her moans getting louder and higher, her nails digging into his legs.

Finally, he began moving erratically, grunting louder until he roared, delivering gush after gush of hot spunk into her tight pussy as she screamed, almost passing out.

Jim grunted as he pulled his limp cock out of her, pulling her down to lie on top of him, as they both gasped.

‘Jim. You are one hell of a guy.’ She whispered, kissing him before rolling down next to him.

‘God.’ Was all Jim could say as he dragged himself up and got the breakfast tray.

‘Here you go, sweetheart.’

Heidi looked at him in astonishment. ‘You’re so sweet.’

Jim smiled, slightly embarrassed. ‘So, what are you going to do?’

Heidi looked at him questioningly. ‘About what?’

‘Leon. Do you still want to talk to him or what?’

Heidi gasped, ‘Oh God yeah. He’s probably calmed down now. I’ll call him, apologise. That’s OK, right?’

Jim sighed, contemplating, ‘OK, fine, but bring the phone here and put it on loudspeaker.’

Heidi nodded and was back a minute later. Jim pulled her into his lap as she called the number and put the volume up.


‘Yes Leon, it’s me.’

‘Is Jim there now?’

‘Jim? No, no, he went ages ago.’

‘Did you do anything with him?’


‘Did you sleep with him again?’

Heidi flushed, ‘No, no, of course not!’

‘I’m glad to hear it. Anyway why are you calling?’

‘I just wanted to say I’m really sorry Leon. I didn’t know Jim and you hated each other like that and I hope you’re not annoyed.’

‘Well, I’m not annoyed at you obviously but who does that dickhead think he is?’

Heidi felt Jim stiffen as he heard the insult.

‘I don’t know Leon. It doesn’t matter though, he’s gone now.’

‘Son of a bitch.’ Leon muttered and Heidi jumped as Jim made a grab for the phone.

She shook her head at him furiously and he settled down, glowering.

‘…thinks he’s something special.’ Leon was saying.

‘Yeah,’ Heidi said soothingly. ‘Anyway, so we’re OK now, right?’

‘Course, sweetheart.’ Leon’s voice softened, ‘I’m sorry, really I am. I shouldn’t have yelled at you like that. You weren’t deliberately trying to hurt me. Look, don’t worry about the money, I’m just glad everything’s cool between us. Look, come over later, yeah? I’ve got something to give you.’

‘Oh uh OK. What is it?’

‘Nothing much. I just want to see you really.’

‘OK see you then.’

‘See you kid.’

The line went dead. Jim glared at her. ‘You are not going over there.’

‘Why not?’

Jim scoffed, ‘That man can’t be trusted. You can’t go there alone.’

‘For God’s sake Jim, what’s the worst he can do? He’s my friend.’

Jim looked at her sadly. ‘How can he be your friend, when you’re so different? He’s disgusting and you’re so lovely.’

Heidi shrugged, ‘He’s nice underneath.’ She said, ‘You just have to know him.’

She got up, walked out of the room and into the bathroom. After showering and dressing she dried her hair before going into the sitting room where Jim was waiting. He’d showered too and was wearing the same clothes as yesterday.

‘So, I’m going to Leon’s OK?’

‘It’s not OK but I guess you have to.’ Jim said grumpily.

Heidi smiled, kissed him on the cheek. ‘Are you staying here?’

‘Yeah, if you don’t mind. I might go out for a paper but otherwise I think I’d rather be here than at the hotel.’

‘OK, cool.’ Heidi put on her shoes and picked up her bag, ‘See you later then.’

‘Bye.’ Jim said. A moment later, the door slammed shut. He heard her going down the stairs and sat down on the sofa. It was going to be a long wait.

‘Hi Heidi.’ Leon pulled her into a tight hug as she entered his house. It was oddly quiet.

‘Hey Leon. Is anyone else here?’

‘No, I got rid of them; I didn’t want anyone disturbing us. So, are you hungry?’

‘No, not really.’ Heidi replied as she followed him to the dining room.

She sat down on one of the sofas while Leon went to the kitchen and returned with a bottle of wine.

‘Oh, no, Leon. I don’t want anything to drink.’ She said quickly, but he’d already gone back to the kitchen, returning with two glasses and a corkscrew.

He closed the door and sat next to her, opening the bottle and pouring the drinks, pushing one into her hand. They drank, Leon swallowing it all, Heidi sipping at it before setting her glass down. Leon leaned back, turning sideways so he could look at her.

‘Relax,’ he said, running his finger down the side of her face to her chin. ‘I won’t hurt you.’

Heidi smiled at him and he smiled back, ‘Leon, I’m really sorry about Jim. He shouldn’t have been there.’

Leon’s face darkened when she mentioned his name and his voice was tight as he said, ‘I don’t want to talk about him.’

‘Me neither.’ Heidi said hastily, sensing the danger in the air. ‘Anyway, Leon, anything new going on?’

‘No, not really.’ Leon was still frowning, looking down, his hand absentmindedly stroking her hair.

‘So, uh, didn’t you say you had something for me?’

Leon looked up, his distracted green eyes snapping back to reality.

‘Oh yeah, hang on.’ He got up and went out of the room. Heidi heard his feet pounding up the stairs and some clanking about upstairs. Heidi sat back and sighed. Who was this man? In the three years she’d known him, she still knew very little about his life. She looked around at the pictures on the wall, the same pictures that had hung here as long as she could remember. Leon’s moods changed so much but it was weird how his house remained the same through all the times, good and bad.

She heard Leon coming back downstairs and turned, putting a smile on her face.

He held out a rectangular cardboard box. Heidi looked at him questioningly. He sat down next to her on the sofa again.

‘Open it.’ He said and she could feel the heat and smell the wine on his breath as she turned the package between her fingers.

Filled with curiosity, she pulled off the lid. Inside was a framed photograph of Leon and her. It must have been taken without them knowing because neither of them was looking at the camera, they were both laughing, clutching at each other.

Memories came flooding back….

It had been over three years ago, Heidi had left home, sick of her step father. Since her real father had died, Pete had been on the scene, trying to control her and her little sister. Her Mom had been withdrawn, confused at how cruelly her loving husband had been ripped out of their lives and in her confusion she had made the grave mistake of marrying Pete, the first man to show her attention, the man who really wanted the money that Heidi’s dad had left behind. At the first possible opportunity, he had packed Mary, Heidi’s sister off to their grandma’s, a place she was glad to go. Better to be at her doting grandmother’s than at home, where Mommy always cried and Pete always shouted. Unfortunately, Heidi’s grandmother couldn’t afford to keep both her granddaughters with her and so Heidi was alone at home, in the middle of a dysfunctional family. Pete had been a right bastard. Always trying to act like her father, telling her to do her homework, taking away her phone, stopping her from talking to friends. Her own father had been a saint, now here was this cheap imitation, acting like he cared when the only thing he cared about was money. Heidi spent all her time rebelling against him, acting up, and hoping he would go. But he wouldn’t. He stayed, making her life a misery, until one evening she realised he would never budge. It would be her who had to leave her childhood home at just 14, finding her own way in the world and so she’d left. One rainy evening with a schoolbag full of clothes and all the money she could find. Her mother didn’t really seem to care when Heidi told her she was leaving and so she’d gone. It’d been fun at first, staying over at friends houses until it dawned on her that she couldn’t keep on doing that for ever. She got herself a paper round and made do, sleeping in bus shelters. But it was when her bag was stolen and she was on the verge of returning home that she’d met Leon. He was so kind, so funny, so warm, and so generous. He listened to why she’d run away, comforted her. And he’d let her stay with him. She hadn’t believed that there were such lovely strangers in the world until she’d met him. There were lots of people at his house. Men, women, nobody as young as her though. And he’d got her a job in a supermarket so she could save up for her own place. He was always so friendly, he gave her food; let her have a whole room in his house. All for free. Then one night she’d played cards with him and it was from then that he began to take a real interest in her. He’d take her out with him, show her casinos, and demonstrate how to play new unfamiliar games. It must have been around that time that the photo was taken. Leon was always making rude comments about the stuck-up snobs who looked down on them or about anything that made her laugh. She could vividly remember his green eyes sparkling as he made a joke about a fat man who’d called Heidi a ‘dirty street child’. She’d been shocked that people could be so rude and was about to cry when Leon muttered, ‘Bloody hell, he’s got more tyres than Michelin!’ He could always make her laugh, always cheered her up….

Heidi felt the tears prickling in her eyes as she remembered the times gone by, the photo in her lap.

‘Leon.’ She whispered, ‘Oh, Leon. You were so kind and so funny.’

When had it changed? Why did things have to change?

Heidi felt Leon’s arm go around her shoulders and she smiled. It was exactly like the night they’d first met. She was crying in a bus shelter when his car had pulled up. He hadn’t spoken just hugged her. It was the first human touch she’d had in months and although her poor, poor father had told her to never ever get into a car with a stranger that was exactly what she’d done.

‘Thank you Leon.’ She whispered, ‘I’d forgotten how good it was.’

Leon sighed, ‘It was great wasn’t it? Where did I go wrong?’

Heidi shook her head, almost blinded by tears, Leon holding her close to him.

‘Here, finish your wine.’ he said, handing her the glass. Heidi drained the liquid as Leon watched. She put the photo into her bag too and smiled at Leon who looked down, ashamed.

‘I’ve been so awful, haven’t I? Controlling you, not letting you do anything you wanted. I’ve been blaming you for things like the gambling. I’m always shouting, poking my nose in, and embarrassing you, drinking.’ He looked up at her. ‘Why are you still here? Why did you stick with me?’

She took hold of his hands, ‘Look, Leon, I forgive you, for everything. I know you’re a good person really and there’s no need for you to be like this.’

Leon smiled, his green eyes meeting hers.

‘You’re such a good, sweet girl Heidi. I don’t want to lose you. I don’t want you to go. Let’s watch a film or something, like we used to.’

Heidi knew Jim would be waiting for her but she didn’t have the heart to turn Leon down and they settled down to a Spiderman.

Halfway through the film, Heidi could feel herself getting drowsy. The wine hadn’t been such a good idea she thought to herself as she closed her eyes. She woke up to a dark room. It was warm, the TV was off and she could feel Leon next to her.

‘Leon?’ she asked.

‘Sshh.’ He whispered, and to her shock she felt him tilting her face up to his as he kissed her.


She heard him moving around and then he turned the light on. It was already 8.30pm, Heidi noticed with a jolt.

‘Oh no, Leon. I should get home.’

‘It’s OK, love, you can stay here tonight.’ Heidi felt panic coursing through her, as Leon came to kiss her again.

‘Leon, please, you don’t understand.’

‘I don’t want to understand.’ He said.

Heidi suddenly noticed that the wine bottle was now empty. As were four beer bottles on the table. Oh God, oh God.

‘Stay the night with me, babe.’ Leon whispered, kissing her neck, his hand moving to her waist.

‘Leon, I can’t.’

‘You can.’ He kissed her on the mouth again. ‘Remember how we loved each other all those years ago?’

‘Not like this Leon.’ Heidi said frantically, ‘I loved you as a friend. The best friend in the whole world.’

‘Best friend?’ Leon asked, ‘Can’t I be best lover? Let’s go to my room. Come on. It’ll be so good.’

Heidi stared at him, ‘Leon, I can’t. I’m still sore from Jim yesterday, it’ll hurt too much. You don’t want to hurt me do you?’

Leon pulled her to her feet, ‘I can be gentle.’ He whispered. ‘Gentle, so you won’t feel a thing.’

‘No Leon, I can’t. I have to go. Please.’

Leon watched as she picked up her bag.

‘You don’t want me?’

Heidi looked at him; his eyes were full of tears.

‘Leon, you’re drunk, you don’t know what you’re talking about. Listen to me. You go on up to bed and I’ll come and see you tomorrow, OK?’

Leon was standing motionless. Heidi kissed him on the cheek. ‘Go on. I’ll phone you tomorrow, first thing.’

‘Do you promise?’

‘I promise.’

Leon sighed, sadly, as Heidi walked out to the hallway.

‘You don’t hate me, do you?’ he asked quietly.

‘No, Leon, I don’t. I’ll never forget how kind you were. That’s enough to make up for anything you’ve done.’ She smiled, turned, and walked out into the night, waving as Leon slowly closed the door.

It was 9pm by the time Jim buzzed her back into her apartment. As she walked through the door, he was there, in front of her, his face a picture of concern.

‘Oh thank God, Heidi. I was so worried, so scared. I didn’t know whether to come and find you. I didn’t know where you were, what had happened. Why did you take so long? Oh God, I’m so glad you’re back.’

Heidi stood, slightly bemused as he wrapped her in a bone crunching hug; she could hear the pounding of his heart.

‘So you’re OK? What happened?’ He led her to the sitting room and they sat down on the sofa.

‘Oh, it was fine, Jim. He gave me this photo from ages ago and he was being really nice to me. I’m going to go and see him again tomorrow.’

Jim looked shocked. ‘What? Why?’

‘We both remembered all those years ago when we met and he…he’s not a bad guy really, Jim. He just drinks. He can be really nice.’

Jim let go of her hands, his eyes confused. ‘So why did you take so long?’

‘I didn’t want to make him sad. We watched a film and I kind of fell asleep. What’s wrong?’

Jim had stood up, the worry in his eyes had gone, to be replaced with something that looked like anger.

‘What’s wrong?! I’ve been sat here, worrying my ass off, while you’ve been watching movies with the guy who’s been controlling your life! You shouldn’t care about him, he’s a nasty piece of work, when are you going to get that into your head?!’

Heidi looked at him, perplexed, ‘But I told you, Jim. He’s nice deep down; he just gets angry sometimes when he drinks. Don’t be like this. He’s not a bad guy; he’s just a bit lost. He needs help.’

‘And you want to help him? Go around every day, hold his hand, and cuddle him?

Well, what happens when he has a drink and hits you or worse? What are you going to do then?’

‘No, he won’t, he’s changed.’

‘Overnight? It’s all an act Heidi! You’re falling for his mind games, hook, line and sinker. Why can’t you understand? He’ll never be happy unless he has complete control over you! He’s evil!’

‘Stop it Jim! Listen to me, please. Leon isn’t like that. He’s genuine, I could tell. He was so upset…’

‘Yeah, as if! Tell you what, you might as well go and live with him, seeing as though that’s what you clearly want! Look after the poor bastard, might as well give him what his ultimate goal is. You!’

‘No, Jim, he doesn’t….’

‘Are you telling me, that for the full time you were with him today, he didn’t try it on?’

‘He was drunk….’

‘I knew it!’ Jim was red in the face, glowering down at Heidi. ‘The slimy little bastard!’

Heidi stood up, touched his arm, but he pulled away, ‘Jim, stop it. Please. You have to understand.’

‘There’s nothing to understand. I’m going. I try to help you and you just don’t care. You don’t even know how to take care of yourself. You’re pathetic, always running back to that sleazy excuse of a man! You might as well go and sleep with him seeing as though that’s the only thing you missed out today. I hope to God, I never see either of your faces again!’

Without a backward glance, he marched out of the door, slamming it behind him, the sound echoing through the flat. Heidi stood, stunned, before collapsing into the sofa, her eyes brimming with tears.

Love, Sex and Money — Chapter Four

It was freezing. Heidi had put her old fashioned oil heater on full power but still she shivered beneath the duvet. It was Monday morning, 5am. Dragging herself out of bed, she stripped and showered, before getting ready for work, her flat eerily silent. Eating a banana, she picked up her bag, put on her winter coat and locked the door behind her. It was barely September, yet the sky was dark as she walked out of the apartment block and down to Leon’s house. A promise was a promise.

The house looked quiet but when she knocked on the door, it swung open almost instantly and Leon stood there, wearing a dressing gown. His face was tired, hair rumpled but eyes bright green as he smiled and ushered her in.

‘I thought you’d still be asleep.’ Heidi said, standing in the hall.

‘No, I got up about half an hour ago. I knew you’d be here early if you were going to work.’ He smiled, ran a hand through his tousled hair. ‘Aren’t you going to sit down?’

‘No, I haven’t got much time. I just thought I’d check in on you, make sure you were OK.’ She took in the dark shadows around his eyes.

‘I’m fine. Look, I’m sorry about last night. I didn’t mean to…’ He shrugged

awkwardly, not meeting her eyes.

‘It’s alright Leon. I know, you were drunk, these things happen. Look, I know it’s hard, but you’ve got to stop drinking, get yourself together.’

‘I know, I know.’ Leon shifted uncomfortably. ‘I need a focus; I drink because my life’s not going anywhere. I just keep going over the same things in my head and I can’t stop. I think I’m going to start working again, you know. Clean up a little. Find some real friends, a girlfriend even.’ He smiled wryly, ‘If anyone wants me.’

Heidi laughed, ‘Come on Leon. You’re barely 30, you’ve got a lot going for you; who wouldn’t want you?’

Leon smiled involuntarily, ‘Really?’

‘Yeah, of course. Look, I know this really nice girl at work. She’s single, fun, doesn’t drink, pretty, I’ll set you up on a date if you want.’

‘No, don’t do that! I have to sort my life out first. I’m doing my CV today and, uh, I was, uh, wondering, would you, um, check it over for me?’

He looked at her hopefully. ‘I haven’t done it for a while, I’m a bit rusty.’

‘Of course I will! Oh Leon, I’m so glad you’ve changed. I knew you were a good guy.’

He smiled, embarrassed.

Heidi touched his arm. ‘I’ve got to go now. Do you want me to come over after work, or tomorrow to check it?’

‘No, I’ll come to yours in a couple of days, when I’ve finished it.’ Leon pulled her into a warm hug. ‘You’re such a good friend, Heidi. I don’t deserve you.’

‘Oh shut up.’ Heidi said, unable to hide a smile. ‘OK, see you later. And keep off the beer.’

‘Don’t worry, I will.’ Leon watched as she turned and walked down the path, a smile lingering on his face. He couldn’t believe how good he felt about himself.

It was 10am, and Heidi was behind her desk at work, the radio on. There was so much paperwork, so much to do, her desk was full and her telephone wouldn’t stop ringing. She tried to get her head together but all she could think of was Jim. Was it really all over? Just like that? Maybe Leon had been right. Maybe he had just been using her. A knock on the door interrupted her thoughts.

‘Yes?’ she asked.

The door opened and Emily, one of her co-workers came in. She sighed, dropped herself into one of Heidi’s chairs and grinned.

‘Oh God, I had the best weekend ever!’ she said, stretching her legs. ‘I met the most gorgeous guy in the world and he wants a second date! I knew it was a good idea to wear those heels!’

Heidi smiled, ‘Great. What’s he called?’

‘Jason. Heidi I’m telling you, he is so hot! He has the loveliest blond hair you can imagine and he’s tall, but not too tall, just in between and he’s so well built…Oh, I love him!’

Heidi grinned as Emily sighed in happiness before looking at her.

‘So, how about your weekend? Did you finally meet someone?’

Heidi shook her head and Emily sighed in mock exasperation.

‘Oh, Heidi. You’re young, hot; you need to get out more. I’m telling you, there’d be guys queuing up to buy you a drink.’

Heidi shrugged, ‘I don’t know. I don’t really want someone right now.’ Apart from Jim, she thought to herself.

‘Okay.’ Emily said, ‘But 20 years down the line when you’re old and boring, don’t blame me when you’re all alone.’ She grinned, ‘Anyway, are you coming out to lunch with me and Tina later? There’s this new sandwich bar that’s opened just across the road.’

‘Fine.’ Heidi forced a smile as Emily smiled and left her office.

She turned the radio up and Eminem’s ‘Space Bound’ blared out, drowning out the insistent ringing of the phone. She shut her eyes and leaned back, her tired limbs almost absorbing the lyrics:

‘…my body aches when I ain’t with you I have zero strength. There’s no limit on how far I would go, no boundaries, no lengths…..’

25 miles away, Jim Mitchell was sitting in his regular seat at a meeting with a board of directors. He couldn’t understand what they were saying, he didn’t even care. He knew it would be the same as every week and they’d take care of it all themselves. He just had to show his face to make sure that they knew there was someone at the top. He was tired; he’d had a restless night. Tossing and turning, dreams fading in and out of his mind until he’d forced himself out of bed. As childish as it seemed, he wanted to see his mother. Talk to her, see what she thought. He knew she’d understand; she always did. He just wanted to know what he was meant to do. All he could see when he closed his eyes was Heidi, her beautiful, innocent face. He could still feel her soft body against his, could still hear her moans in his ear, but they were just memories, nothing like the real thing. And putting the lust to one side, he felt….incomplete. Before meeting her, his life had been lacking that one thing and when they looked into each others eyes, he felt whole again. But without her, it was worse than before. There was a great gaping hole in his life. He needed her. Needed to see her, simply to look at her and hold her to him and never let her go. But he’d ruined it all. Why did he always have to open his big mouth, why couldn’t he have just….

‘Jim?’ Someone had asked him a question.

He straightened up, shook his head, trying to clear his thoughts, ‘I’m sorry?’

‘Is that all OK with you?’ the man repeated.

‘Yeah, yeah, that’s fine, perfect.’ Jim said, ‘No major changes, right?’

‘Yes, it’s all just routine.’

Everyone rose from the table, shaking hands until they’d all finally gone. Jim walked the short distance to his office and slumped down in his swivel chair, putting his feet up on the desk. Reaching for the phone he tapped in his mother’s number and waited as it rung.

His mother picked up a couple of seconds later.


‘Hey Mom, it’s me.’

‘Jim! About time you called!’

‘Sorry Mom, I’ve been busy.’

‘Yes, I know. How are you dear?’

‘Well, I need your help Mom.’

‘A girl?’ his mother queried.


‘I hope it’s not another of those gold diggers.’ She said sternly.

‘No, no, listen Mom. I met her a couple of nights ago and even after a few days, I can’t live without her.’

‘So what’s the problem?’

‘The problem is, I can’t stand one of her friends. You remember me telling you about that gambler called Leon Jackson?’

‘Ah yes,’ his mother said, ‘The great feud. Well, he’s her friend is he?’

‘Yeah, and he’s such a prick Mom. I can’t stand him but she won’t give up on him. She says he’s really nice.’

‘Well maybe he is.’

Jim scoffed, ‘Yeah, as if. We can’t stand each other and I kind of had a go at her last night because she’s always helping him out but now I feel like….’

‘Like you should have acted like a man?’

There was a pause.

‘Look, Jim, dear. He’s her friend; she’s known him longer than you. They might have known each other for years. She’s not going to wash her hands of him if you ask her to. You’ve known her for what, two days?’

‘Four, actually. OK, three. But what am I meant to do?’

‘What do you mean?’

‘Well, I yelled at her, told her I never wanted to see her again.’


‘What about Leon?’

‘Jim, love, it’s like playground scraps all over again. You’re both grown men. Go and talk to him. Sort out your differences. He’s a human too, he has feelings.’


‘But nothing. There’s no way you’re going to get the girl if you’re at loggerheads with her best friend. Go and talk to him. Communication, Jim. How many times have I told you this?’

‘OK, fine.’ Jim said grumpily.

‘And when it’s all sorted, I want you to bring her around.’

Jim groaned, ‘Aw, Mom, you’ll scare her away.’

‘Don’t be silly dear. I’ll just make sure she’s good enough for my favourite son.’

‘Mom, I’m your only son.’

‘Goodbye dear, call me again soon.’

‘Bye Mom.’

Jim put the receiver back down and sighed. As much as he hated it, his Mom was right. Again. He reached for a pile of paperwork his secretary had left on his desk. It was going to be a long day.

It was 6.30pm when Leon opened his front door. There was a hint of surprise in his eyes as he took in Jim, but then he stepped aside, and his visitor walked in .They stood for a minute in the hall, looking at each other uncomfortably, almost sizing each other up but then Leon led him down the hallway into the sitting room. They sat down, across from each other.

There was a pause.

Jim cleared his throat.

‘Leon, I, uh, I think it’s time we put, we….put aside our differences.’

Leon looked at him. ‘Why now?’ he asked coolly.

Jim shrugged. ‘I’m not going to lie to you Leon. I know you don’t believe me, but I’m in love with Heidi. I want to spend the rest of my life with her. It’s not going to work if you and I carry on at each other.’

Leon was silent for a couple of minutes, looking at Jim before he sighed, leaned forward, ‘Really? You love her?’

Jim nodded.

‘Because I swear Jim, if I let his happen and you hurt her, I will actually kill you. She’s like my daughter; I don’t want to see her suffer any more.’

Jim nodded, ‘I promise you Leon. I love her. I’d never hurt her. She means the world to me. I can’t think of anything but her.’

Leon looked at him, almost unsympathetic. ‘You can say all this stuff Jim but actions speak louder than words. I know I’m hardly one to lecture you but time will tell how genuine you really are. As long as you realise that and you stick to your word, I haven’t got a problem.’

Jim leaned forward, ‘I’ll prove it to you. Don’t doubt it Leon.’

Leon shrugged, ‘Fine then.’

Jim raised an eyebrow. ‘And…us? We’re cool, yeah?’

Leon forced a smile. ‘I guess so. I know I’ve been a pretty big shit recently Jim, but forget it all. We’re cool. There’s no point in us just putting each other down all the time.’

They rose simultaneously, shook hands and Jim smiled.

‘Wow.’ He glanced at his watch. ‘I’ve got to go. Flowers to buy.’

He turned, walked out of the sitting room door.

‘Orchids.’ Leon said and Jim turned back in surprise.


‘Green orchids. She loves them.’

Jim smiled, slightly surprised, ‘OK, thanks mate.’ He walked out of the front door. ‘See you around then?’

Leon grinned, ‘Yeah, see you Jim.’

It was 9:30pm when Heidi walked in through her apartment door, exhausted. What a day. Work, work, work. She couldn’t wait to settle down in front of the TV and eat something. But, wait, what was that smell? It was a heavy, sweet scent and it was everywhere. She realised with a rush, that the door had been unlocked. Surely…

She turned into the sitting room and gasped. Green orchids were everywhere, adorning every piece of furniture, leaving no room for anything else. They were beautiful. And in the middle of the room stood Jim. Heidi was speechless, she just stared.

‘I just wanted to say I was sorry.’

Heidi picked up a flower and gazed at it. ‘How did you know?’

Jim shrugged. ‘Leon.’

Heidi looked shocked, ‘Leon, but I thought….?’

Jim smiled, ‘I went around. We sorted everything out. It’s all good now.’

Heidi smiled, her eyes full of tears. ‘Oh Jim, they’re beautiful.’

She dropped her bag to the floor and walked over to him. ‘You’re amazing.’

Jim smiled, bent, kissed her on the mouth and pulled her into him. She kissed him back, hard, passionately, tears flowing down her cheeks.

‘Oh Jim.’

He smiled scooped her up and carried her to the bedroom, lying her down on the bed.

‘Don’t move.’ He whispered. ‘I want to do everything for you.’

He pulled off his own clothes and then slowly undressed her, kissing every part of her body, tenderly, until she too was naked, shivering slightly in the cold room. Jim pulled her to her feet and sat on the edge of the bed, pulling her onto him so they were facing each other, her legs on either side of him. They kissed repeatedly, tasting each other, Jim grinding against her until he couldn’t take it anymore. Slowly, he began to slide into her, holding her slim form tight against him. She moaned as his dick stretched her, it was so big, so big. She was holding onto his broad shoulders, fingers digging in slightly as he pushed, his breathing shallow, his hands gripping her lower back.

‘So tight.’ He grunted through clenched teeth as she gasped, her body tensing up at the enormous intrusion.

‘Relax.’ Jim whispered into her ear, pulling her against him so her chest was pressed to his. ‘Just relax, it’s OK.’

A tiny moan, escaped her lips as she clung to him, his dick now fully inside her, his heart pounding as he shifted on the bed.

‘Ready?’ he asked and she smiled at what a gentleman he was.

‘Yes.’ She whispered, her voice barely loud enough for him to hear.

He pulled out and pushed back in slowly, making her moan as she wrapped her legs around him. He pushed in and out again, slightly faster now, his lips finding hers, their tongues entwining. He went faster and harder, making her gasp, his hand moving up to fondle her perfect, firm breasts as he thought about how lucky he was, how good this was.

She was moaning against his lips, her eyes shut tight, her hair everywhere.

‘Open your eyes.’ Jim whispered, and she did, staring into his as his dick pounded in and out of her.

Jim wrapped one arm firmly around her, his other hand travelling between them to her throbbing clit. He began thrusting his penis as deep as he could into her, making her moan every time he fully slammed in, his skilled fingers now wreaking havoc on her clit. He felt her judder as an orgasm tore through her, making her scream, her eyes closing, her head arching back. Still, he didn’t move his fingers, now slamming as hard as he could, the bed creaking at the effort.

‘Jim!’ Heidi moaned, a bead of sweat trailing between her oh-so perfect honeyed breasts, ‘Please, stop!’

Jim continued regardless and she reached down, grabbing his thick wrist, trying to pull his hand away. He laughed between groans as she whimpered, her body convulsing, over and over, her fingers scrabbling with his, both of their hands wet with her juices.

‘JIM!’ she screamed, ‘Stop!’ Her fingers were slippery against his, her body writhing as another powerful orgasm made her legs tremble and her pussy clench down hard on his enormous cock.

Jim felt a tightening in his balls, his thrusts became irregular and he felt that wonderful feeling as he came hard inside her hot pussy.

‘YES!’ he roared, ‘Oh My God, Oh Heidi, oh fuck yeah!’

He shot into her three times, rolling her abused clitoris between her fingers until she orgasmed again, moaning with him, her body shaking violently. Eventually, he pulled his fingers away and held her to him in a tight squeeze, stroking her hair as she gasped. She unwrapped her legs from around him and pulled herself off his enormous cock, collapsing onto the bed behind him.

‘Jim.’ She moaned, rolling over, ‘Why do you never listen?’

Jim laughed hoarsely. ‘You don’t really want me to stop.’

Heidi smiled, burying her head in a pillow, ‘I’m starving.’

‘Is that all you can think about?’ he said in mock disgust. ‘We need a shower.’

‘Separately,’ Heidi said firmly.

Jim’s face fell.

‘Seriously Jim, the way you keep going, I won’t be able to walk.’ She hauled herself off of the bed and into the bathroom.

15 minutes later she was washed and dressed, sitting in front of the TV. Jim came into the room, wearing his shirt and trousers.

‘Do you want to go out for food?’ he asked.

Heidi looked at the clock. It was almost 10pm.

‘Now?’ she asked, raising an eyebrow.

‘Yeah, why not?’ Jim said, ‘Put on a dress, we’ll go to a restaurant.’

Heidi shrugged, ‘It’s late. I’ve got work tomorrow.’

‘Call in sick. It’s not hard.’

Heidi got up, ‘Fine.’ She disappeared into the bedroom and came out a few minutes later wearing an elegant, red, knee length dress which set off her dark hair wonderfully.

Jim looked at her admiringly, ‘You expect me to control myself?!’

She rolled her eyes. ‘Come on then.’

Jim grabbed his jacket, switching off the light. Heidi locked the door behind them and they went out into the car park, settling into Jim’s car.

‘So,’ he said, ‘Where do you want to go?’

Heidi shrugged, ‘I don’t really eat out much. I’ve never been to any places around here.’

‘Really? You’ve been missing out on a lot.’

15 minutes later he pulled up outside a large, glass building which was brightly lit, the car park full.

‘I think you have to put in a reservation.’ Heidi said as she took in the carved wooden tables and immaculate waiters.

‘Don’t worry.’ Jim said, leading her to the reception ‘They’ll get us a place.’

Heidi looked around. All the tables were taken by gleaming couples, dressed magnificently, the woman with designer dresses and glittering jewellery and the men in tuxedos.

‘Jim, I don’t think this is a good idea.’ She whispered but suddenly there was a waiter beside them, leading them to a secluded two seated table where they sat down next to each other at the back of the room, looking across at the rest of the people.

Jim ordered for them putting his hand around her waist, pulling her close to him, their legs touching underneath the table.

They ate, talking, about anything and everything from music to education and hotels to theme parks. Jim’s arm moved upwards, around her shoulders, his fingers brushing the top of her breast until she pushed it away, looking worriedly at the people on the next table.

The waiter came by and cleared their plates from the main course, pouring them some wine. Jim took a sip, smiling at her as he touched her leg under the table, his hand concealed by the table cloth. They talked as they drank and Heidi felt Jim slowly run his fingers up and down her thigh, pushing her dress up slightly. She ignored him for a while and they carried on with their conversation until his wandering fingers suddenly forced their way upwards, brushing her underwear. She gasped,

‘Jim! What are you doing?!’

He smiled, ‘Shhh. Don’t make a fuss. People will look at us.’

His fingers slid under her panties, touching her entrance.

‘Jim, get off!’ Heidi hissed. ‘The waiter’s coming!’

Jim smirked, his fingertips gently grazing her clitoris, stimulating it, arousing her.

He pinched it slightly, and her thighs tensed, ‘Jim, get off me!’

The waiter had arrived at their table and put the desserts down.

‘Is there anything else you need?’ he asked, looking curiously at Heidi who was staring resolutely down at the table, her cheeks burning red.

‘No thank you. That’ll be all.’ Jim said, pushing a finger into Heidi’s tight hole, feeling her jump slightly.

The waiter hesitated, his eyes fixed on Heidi but eventually he walked away, looking over his shoulder once or twice.

Jim’s fingers were plunging into her pussy now and Heidi reached under the table, grabbing his wrist.

‘Please Jim, I’m going to come.’

Jim smiled, pulled her into him so her face was pressed against his chest.

‘Come then. Come for me baby. I want to feel you come around my fingers.’

His thumb pushed down on her clit and she gasped, breathing in his warm scent as his fingers began rubbing her sensitive button, twisting it painfully.

Heidi’s thighs were shaking now, her looming orgasm making her sweat as Jim chuckled softly in her ear.

‘Come for me Heidi. Come as much as you like. Then I’ll take you home and give you the hardest fuck you’ve ever had. Come on, don’t hold back. No one’s looking.’ He kissed her ear, ‘Come on babe.’

He felt her lift slightly from her chair as his words set off her orgasm. She moaned into his chest, shaking, her legs sweaty and trembling.

‘Oh God Jim!’ her moans were muffled into his shirt as she shook in his arms, his fingers still playing with her until she wrenched them away. They broke apart, Heidi still trembling slightly, crossing her legs, refusing to look at Jim as she pushed her dessert around the plate. Jim smiled to himself,

‘I’d eat that if I were you. You’re going to need all the energy you can get.’

Heidi ignored him.

A few minutes later the waiter was back, clearing up the plates, smiling at them as Jim left him a large tip.

‘Come on then.’ Jim said, stretching, ‘Let’s go home.’

He put his arm around Heidi’s waist, leading her out of the restaurant and through the car park.

‘You’re sulking, aren’t you?’ he said, as they got into his car, ‘What’s up?’

Heidi glared at him.

He held up his hands in mock surrender, ‘OK, fine, maybe I shouldn’t have risked embarrassing us like that but, you have to admit, it was hot.’

Heidi was still looking cross but he could see the corner of her mouth lift up mischievously as she relived her orgasm.

‘There!’ he said with satisfaction, ‘I know you wouldn’t be mad for long.’

He leaned forward, covering her mouth with his own, pulling her closer to him.

They kissed passionately, Jim’s tongue sliding around her mouth until he paused.

‘Oh God,’ he moaned, against her mouth, ‘I can’t wait.’ His cock was already firing up for action in his pants as he pushed a hand up her dress. ‘Heidi, I can’t wait.’

She didn’t respond, kissing him again so he wouldn’t speak until he grabbed her hips, pulling her to him urgently.

‘Jim!’ she gasped.

‘I can’t wait!’ he groaned. He opened his eyes, gazing into hers as she stared at him.

‘I need you now.’ He whispered, ‘Back seat?’

Heidi’s mouth dropped open.

‘What, here? In your back seat?’ she asked, shocked.

‘Fuck yeah.’ Jim muttered, climbing over the gear stick until he was sitting there, his arms reaching for Heidi, pulling her onto him.

‘Are you serious?’ Heidi asked, as he began to grind against her, pushing her dress up.

Jim didn’t respond immediately, his fingers fumbling with his belt buckle until he looked at her, his hair tousled, eyes shining.

‘Dead serious.’

Love, Sex and Money — Chapter Five

Jim grinned at Heidi’s shell-shocked face as he pushed her dress up, creasing it, feeling her soft smooth skin.

‘Jim! We can’t!’ Heidi’s eyes were wide in apparent fear.

‘Why not?’

‘Someone will see us!’

‘No-ones looking’ Jim muttered.

He lifted his ass up slightly off the seat and pulled his trousers and boxers down, taking his engorged dick out, wrapping his hand around the rigid length. He pulled Heidi down onto him, kissed her again.

‘You ready for this baby?’

‘I can’t believe you! You’re crazy!’

Jim shrugged, ‘Crazy for you maybe. Now are you ready?’

Heidi gazed down at him for a moment before nodding, ‘OK, but make it fast!’

‘Jesus woman! Don’t rush me!’

He pulled her hips closer to him and pushed her damp underwear to the side, sliding his fingers along her wet slit.

‘Right,’ he manoeuvred his dick to her entrance, pushing her thighs further apart on either side of him.

Heidi groaned as he began to penetrate her.

‘I can’t believe we’re doing this.’ She leaned her head back, her long hair hanging down her back as Jim gave a sudden push and launched his entire dick into her tight cunt.

She screamed, ‘Fuck! Not that fast!’

Jim didn’t say anything, his rough hands clinging to her waist as he lifted her on and off his cock, thrusting at the same time.

‘Oh God, yes.’

He could feel the adrenalin rushing through him coursing towards his plunging dick, making him harder and harder as he pushed into Heidi’s beautifully tight pussy, his lips moving up to her tense neck.

Heidi was moaning, her hands gripping Jim’s arms, looking nervously out of the tinted windows.

‘Hurry up baby!’

Jim groaned loudly, ‘For God’s sake, give me a minute!’

He pushed into her harder and faster, so fast that he felt like a machine, drilling mercilessly into this gorgeous girl, drawing delicious moans from her slender body. Heidi began moving with him, at the same pace, drawing reactions from herself she had not thought possible.

‘Oh Jim!’ She felt her legs weaken as an impossibly powerful orgasm descended on her, making her shake, gasping, ‘Jim! Oh God, Jim!’

‘Fuck yeah,’ Jim was grunting, sweating as he shoved into her repeatedly, ‘You like that, baby?’ He felt her clench down hard on him and shouted, ‘Oh fuck, I’m cumming!’

He was as good as his word; he came heavily, pulling her close to him as he thrust into her for the final time, his cock pulsing as if it had a life of its own.

‘Oh Heidi, baby, that was hot!’

Heidi was pulling herself off him, pulling her dress down over her body, adjusting her underwear, crawling back into the passenger seat. Jim just sat there for a second, amazed at this extraordinary girl; how could she make him feel like this?

She turned, glancing nervously out of the window, ‘Come on! Let’s go.’

With a grin, Jim climbed back into the driver’s seat.

‘I’m taking you home.’

Heidi shrugged, ‘Yeah, I know. Step on it.’

Jim smiled, ‘Not your home. My home.’

‘But where do you live?’

‘You’ll find out when we get there.’

It was a long while later when Jim parked up in his driveway. They hadn’t spoken much with the radio on and Heidi had soon fallen asleep to the sound of Snow Patrol. Jim turned the car off, looked at her motionless form. Damn it, she was so beautiful; he could have looked at her for hours on end. With a sigh, he pulled himself out of the car and went around to the passenger door.

“Heidi.” He whispered, “Wake up baby.”

She didn’t move. He could hardly blame her. It was one in the morning. She’d had countless orgasms during the last couple of hours and he wouldn’t be surprised if she slept for the whole day. He shut the door and went over to the house. Unlocking it, he went back to the car, scooped Heidi up in his arms and carried her upstairs to his bedroom. Removing her shoes, he lowered her gently onto the bed. After locking the car and the door he undressed and showered before lying down next to her, covering them both with a sheet.


Heidi woke up, blinking at the light pouring into the room. The bed felt odd, the room felt different. She sat up; there was no one else there. Where was Jim? She knew this had to be his house because she could see his jacket hanging on the door, saw his shoes lined up, but where was he? She realised she was still wearing her dress and got up, smoothing it. She felt weird. Walking sleepily over to the window, she looked out. There was nothing. Fields and trees stretched as far as the eye could see. There wasn’t a single human being in sight.

“Jim!” she called out. There was no answer.

She pulled off her dress and underwear and went into the en suite, switching the shower on. What was going on? This was Jim’s house, wasn’t it? Well it must be. She groaned; let the warm water cleanse her body as she washed her hair, hoping there’d be a hairdryer hanging around somewhere. She realised with a wicked thrill that she was meant to be at work right now. She should probably call in. Stepping out of the shower, she towelled her hair until it was reasonably damp and pulled on a robe that hung there. She walked back into the bedroom and reached for the phone that was on the bedside table. Tapping in her work number she told them she couldn’t make it in.

Now what? What was she supposed to wear? Where was Jim?’

She opened the door and looked carefully around it. “Jim?”

Nothing. What the hell? She walked around, checked in the multiple bedrooms and bathrooms before heading down the stairs.

“Jim! Where are you?” Still no response.

There was no one in the dining room, the sitting room, the kitchen, the study, the gym, the library. Not even in the cupboard under the stairs. What? She couldn’t even find a hairdryer.

She trudged back up to the bedroom and looked in the wardrobe. Men’s clothes. Shirts, jeans, suits, t shirts, shorts. Damn. She pulled out a Batman shirt. She had one just like this, only much smaller. With a sigh, she pulled off the robe and put on the t-shirt. She pulled on a pair of beach shorts, tightening them as much as possible, until they were only slightly loose. She looked ridiculous in the full length mirror, but it couldn’t be helped. Her hair was uncomfortably wet. She ran her fingers through it in annoyance. The alarm clock read 11:30am. Where had Jim gone?

She slumped down on the bed in annoyance. He’d left her in this enormous but woefully under equipped house, in the middle of nowhere, with nothing to do. Damn him.


Jim pulled back up outside his house at 12:15. He wondered whether Heidi would still be asleep. He smiled at his Mom as she got out of the car.

“I don’t want to be disappointed Jim.” She said. “She’d better be nice.”

“Don’t worry Mom, she’s great. I’ll just go and tell her you’re here.”

He ran up the stairs and went into the bedroom. Heidi was lying sideways on the bed, wearing his clothes. Oh fuck, he’d forgotten to pick hers up. She must have woken up after he’d gone, he realised.

‘Heidi!” he gave her shoulder a little shake. She blinked, disturbed,

“What? Who…?”

“It’s me baby.”

She shook her damp hair away from her face, “Where were you?”

“I went to pick up my Mom. She wants to meet you.”

Heidi sat up suddenly. “What?! Your mom?!”

“Yeah come on. She’s downstairs.” He grabbed Heidi’s hand, pulled her up off the bed.

“I can’t see your Mom. I’m not even wearing proper clothes. Why didn’t you tell me?!”

“It doesn’t matter. She won’t mind. Come on.” He pulled her towards the door.



“I don’t want to.”

Jim turned in surprise, “Why not? She’s really nice.”

“She won’t like me. She’s going to ask me weird questions.”

“Oh come on.”

He half dragged her down the stairs and pushed her into the sitting room.

“There!” Heidi stumbled in to see an elegant old lady sitting down. “Mom, this is Heidi. Heidi this is my Mom. OK?”

He sat down on the sofa next to his mother and smiled.

“Why don’t you sit down?”

Heidi sat awkwardly on the opposite sofa and forced a smile.

“I’m very pleased to meet you, Mrs, uh, Mrs Mitchell.”

Jim’s mother smiled, ‘You too, dear.” Heidi could sense her taking in the oversized t-shirt and shorts and was mortified. What must she think of her? She crossed her legs awkwardly.

“So, Heidi, where are you from?”

“I, uh, Atlantic City.”

“Oh yes. Jim’s always there on business. That must have been how the two of you met. Where did you meet?”

Heidi gulped, “In….in…a….um….casino.”

“Really? That’s very nice. So you live in Atlantic City? Do you live alone?”

Heidi nodded, “Yes.”

“And you work there?”

Heidi nodded again, nervously. Jim grinned at her.

“What type of work are you in?”

“Uh…I guess you’d call it advertising, marketing, you know.”

Jim’s mother nodded, “Yes.”

Heidi smiled, waited, there was an awkward pause.

“So, what about your family?”

Heidi stiffened, “What about them?”

“Well, do they live near you, or….?”

Heidi looked at her, and then her eyes flew to Jim before focusing down on the ground. Jim looked at her questioningly.


She cleared her throat “Well, uh….”

“Jim, dear, why don’t you go and make us all a nice cup of tea? This poor girl looks starved.”

Jim groaned, “Do I have to?”

“Yes.” His mother’s gaze was fixed on Heidi, who was looking resolutely at the carpeted floor, chewing her fingernails.

Jim glanced at her, then back at his mother. A meaningful look passed between them and he got up, went to the kitchen.


Heidi looked up, “What?”

“Your family.”

Heidi’s face was drawn, “They, uh, I’m not sure really.”

“Well, don’t you keep in touch with them?”

Heidi looked up at the ceiling, “Well, I have a sister. She lives with my Grandmother quite far away. In Maryland.”

“Oh, that’s nice. What about your parents?”

Heidi shut her eyes. “I haven’t talked to them in a while.” She said.

“Oh, why’s that?”

Heidi felt like bursting into tears. Jim’s mother was so kind, her voice so soft and coaxing. She wanted to tell her everything, get it out of her system, but her lips wouldn’t move. She thought of her father and felt the tears prickling. She blinked them away.

“I don’t want to talk about it. I’m sorry. I don’t want to.”

She risked a glance at Jim’s mom who looked concerned but nodded.

“That’s OK dear. So, what do you think of Jim?”

Heidi shrugged, “He’s nice. Kind, funny, you know.”

Jim came back with a tray of tea and handed her a cup. Their eyes met for a fleeting second and she looked away. She didn’t really know much about this man at all, and here she was, being introduced to his mother. He was full of surprises; that was for sure.

“So, how long have you known each other?”

Heidi frowned. “Five days, I think.” She realised how pathetic it sounded as she said it and took a gulp of tea, only to have it go down the wrong way. She tried to cough discreetly. Jim sniggered.

“Shut up dear.” His mom said to him. Heidi snorted before realising how unladylike she sounded. She straightened up.

“Five days.” His mom mused, “Well, he’s clearly very fond of you. It usually takes months before he agrees to let me see his girlfriends.”

“Really?” Heidi said, “So, uh, how many girlfriends has he had?”

Jim’s mother rolled her eyes, “I lost count years ago. There have been plenty. Most of them gold diggers.”


“What? It’s true.”

Heidi’s smirk was not quite hidden by her teacup and Jim glared at her. “How many boyfriends have you had, Heidi?”

“Jim! You can’t ask such a question.” His mother frowned.

“It’s quite alright Mrs Mitchell.” Heidi said, “You’re my first actually Jim.”

Jim looked at her, shocked, “But I thought….”

“Don’t you remember?” Heidi said, looking pointedly at him, “The first, uh,” she looked nervously at his Mom, ‘The first time….we….in the, you know…..hotel….” she tailed off.

Jim shrugged, “Yeah, I know that. But hadn’t you even like been on a date, or kissed another guy?”

Heidi shrugged. “No.”

His mother smiled, “Don’t look so surprised Jim. Not all people are as immoral as you.” She caught Heidi’s eyes and twinkled at her mischievously. Heidi bit back a smile. She ran a hand through her hair and realised it was still damp. She must look horrible. She smiled nervously,

“I’m really sorry. I have to go to the bathroom. I’ll just be a minute.”

“That’s fine.” Jim’s mother replied, “Take all the time you like.”

Heidi walked quickly out of the room and into the downstairs loo. She looked at her reflection in the mirror. Her long hair was damp, slightly curly, a bit of a mess. She smoothed it down, washed her face and dried it with the hand towel. She leaned against the wall and waited for a while.

Meanwhile, Jim’s mother had turned to talk to him. “I’m impressed!” she whispered. “She’s lovely.”

Jim grinned, “I told you!”

“She’s so polite, so good natured. And so gorgeous. She’s perfect. But I think you need to talk to her about her dress sense.”

Jim smirked, “They’re my clothes; she doesn’t have any here.”

His mother nodded, “Well, that explains it. Has she talked about her parents at all?”

“No. Didn’t you get anything out of her?”

“No. She closed up. You should have a go, but don’t be too pushy. You don’t want to lose her.”

Jim nodded. “So you’re happy, right? Do you think I sh…”

The door opened and Heidi paused in the entrance. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to disturb you. I’ll…”

Jim’s mother shook her head, “Nonsense. Come and finish your tea.”

The three of them talked for a while longer until Jim’s mother announced that she had to go. She had a dinner party she had to attend. Jim drove her home, leaving Heidi alone in the house again. She sighed, switched on the TV. Well, that had gone better than expected.

She was engrossed in an old James Bond movie when Jim returned.

“Hey. You hungry?”

Heidi looked at him, “Yeah, half starved.”

Jim chuckled, “You always are. I’ll get us something.”

He came back half an hour later complete with a homemade spaghetti Bolognese. They ate in silence, before Heidi washed up the plates, Jim drying them.

“So, what did you think of my mom?”

Heidi smiled, “She’s great, really nice.”

Jim grinned, “I told you. She likes you too, you know.”

Heidi smiled but didn’t say anything. Jim put the plates in a cupboard and they walked back to the sitting room.

“I missed work.” Heidi said.

Jim shrugged as he sat down next to her on the sofa, “So what? It doesn’t matter.”

Heidi looked at him, “So are you taking me home today? I’ve seen your Mom and everything, but I should probably not miss another day.”

Jim sighed. ‘Sure. I’ll take you home tonight. I thought you would’ve wanted to stay though.”

“You mean you want me to stay.”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

He bent his head, kissed her mouth.

“You know, my mom was saying what a weird dress sense you had.”

Heidi laughed. “I actually have a smaller version of this t shirt at home you know.”

Jim smiled, “I bet you look very nice in it.” His lips were grazing her neck as he tugged at the front of the shirt, “But this one…”

“What about it?”

Jim straightened up. “It’d look much better on the floor.”

Heidi rolled her eyes, “Is that the best you can do?”

Jim didn’t say anything, just pulled it off over her head.

He gazed at her naked chest for a moment, “There! Much better!”

Heidi laughed, covered her breasts with her arms, turning away from his shameless gaze. He grabbed her by the waist, turning her around to him.

“Come on! How many times have I seen you before?”

Heidi shrugged, pulling her knees up to cover herself. Jim groaned, pulled at her legs until they were play fighting, thrashing around crazily on the sofa. Eventually Jim had her pinned down; her arms held tightly above her head, her legs pinned down with his own. Try as she might, she could not squirm away as he bent, kissed her breasts, laughing softly.

“You can’t win.” He said with a grin, as she scowled at him.

He released her, pulled off his own clothes and dropped them in a heap on the floor. Damn, he was always ready for her.

“Take those off.” He said, motioning at the shorts and she did, dropping them to the ground so she was as naked as him. They kissed, pressing against each other, Jim’s erection hard against her stomach until he sat on the floor. He grabbed her hips, pulled her down so she was above his cock and ran his fingers along her slit. “Damn.”

He lay down, his cock brushing her throbbing clit and was about to push into her when,


Jim groaned, “What?”

“Don’t you have a condom?”

He chuckled, “It’s never bothered you before.”

Heidi frowned, “I had to go to the pharmacy for ‘morning-after’ pills at lunch the other day and it was kind of embarrassing.”

“Well, who cares if you get pregnant? Don’t you want to have kids?”

Heidi looked at him incredulously, “Yeah someday. But not now. I’m only eighteen.”

Jim looked at her, shocked, “You’re 18?!”

“Yeah, why?”

“I just thought you were older, 20 at least. How did you get into the casino?”

“Fake ID. Leon made it for me ages ago. Wait, how old are you? I thought you were about 22?”

“Hardly. I’m 28 in two months time.”

Heidi groaned, “Damn! You’re an old man!”

Jim scowled. “I don’t have a condom. And yes, you’ve been hooking up with a pensioner.”

Heidi leaned down, kissed him, “I don’t care. You’re my pensioner.”

Jim smirked, rolled her over on to her back, so he was above her “I am one energetic pensioner. Now are you ready?”


He smiled, kissed her, pushed her legs apart and rammed his entire dick into her with a mighty thrust. Her scream of pain and moan of pleasure were mixed into the sexiest sound Jim had heard in his entire life.

“What was that?!” he said, pausing, buried deep inside her. Heidi lay there, still breathless.

“I have no idea.”

Jim grinned and began thrusting in and out of her.

“Damn,” he said, “You’re so tight. Just like the first time.”

Heidi groaned, “Yeah, I know.”

She wrapped her hands around his neck, and pulled him down for a long kiss, their tongues entwining, his hands on her breasts as she moaned against his mouth.

He began to pound harder, making her hips lift from the ground to meet his. He moved his position so he was kneeling up and brought her legs up to his shoulders.

“What are you…uh….oh, that feels good.” Heidi groaned as he hammered into her from this new angle, his balls smacking into her buttocks. She felt his fingers go down from her breasts to her clit and she moaned in appreciation, lifting herself to meet his fingers. He brought her close until her legs were shaking before moving his fingers down to her asshole. She jumped as he brushed against it.

“Jim! Don’t! I can’t!”

He remembered the first night in the shower and pulled away, “Sorry baby.”

He placed his fingers back on her throbbing clit and massaged her to a slow, drawn out orgasm. She moaned loudly, fists clenched either side of her as she sweated against him, her legs bucking. He grabbed her thighs and held them steady as he thrust into her hot cunt, feeling the inevitable clamping of her walls around his dick.

“Oh fuck.” He said, “Oh….yes.”

He slowed his pace, wanting to enjoy every last second of his orgasm as he came inside her.

“Oh, damn, Oh Heidi, FUCK!” he blasted into her for a final time as she squeezed around him, draining him, until he was sated and gasping. He rolled over next to her.

They lay there a while, didn’t move.

“Oh Jim.” Heidi’s voice was soft, “How do you do this to me?”

Jim turned, kissed her quivering mouth, “I don’t want you to go.” He said, “Not tonight, not ever. I was going to ask you in a while but…I might as well ask now. Will you move in with me?”

Heidi’s eyes flew open and she straightened up, looking at him in shock. “What?!”

Jim smiled hopefully, “Well?”

Love, Sex and Money — Chapter Six

Heidi stared at Jim in disbelief. “Are you serious?”


“You want me to move in with you after five days?!”

Jim looked at her. He didn’t like the way this conversation was going.

“Well, only if you want to.”

Heidi put the ridiculously oversized Batman t-shirt back on. “Jim, my whole life is in Atlantic City. I work there, my apartments there, my friends are there. I can’t just pack up and move here. What is this place anyway?”

“It’s Linwood.” Jim replied, ‘It’s close enough.”

Heidi sighed, “No it isn’t. I’m not trying to be rude Jim but this is a crazy idea. I barely know you.” She pulled the shorts on. “We see each other enough anyway.”

Jim groaned, lifted his weary self up from the floor. ‘But I want to be closer. I hate breaking into your flat to see you. Why don’t you quit your job?”

“Why would I do that?” Heidi asked in shock. “It took me ages to get it and I love working there. Most of my friends work with me. I can’t quit!”

Jim held his hands up in surrender. “Fine. I knew it was a dumb idea. I guess we can spend weekends together.”

Heidi walked over to him. “It wasn’t a dumb idea,” she said, “It’s just unpractical. Maybe in the future.” She reached up on her tiptoes and kissed his sulky mouth.

He smiled, “Yeah OK. I guess I have to work too.”

He finished dressing, “So you want me to take you back home?”


Jim sighed as Heidi went to get her shoes. Damn it, why did they have to be so far apart? He picked up his keys as she came downstairs and they walked out to the car.

They chatted as they drove along until the conversation faded and the radio took over. Hours later, as Jim pulled into the apartment block car park, Heidi sighed, taking in the concrete building.

“What’s up?” Jim asked.


He followed her up to her apartment and hovered in the doorway, taking in the orchids that were still scattered around.

“Do you want a drink?” Heidi asked, as she closed the curtains and flicked on the light.

“No, it’s alright, I’d better get back.” He kissed her and half turned before stopping, “Hang on, I need your number.” Heidi nodded, picked up her bag and pulled out a business card. She scribbled on the back before handing it to him.

“There’s my work number.” She flipped the card over, “And there’s my landline and cell. What about you?”

Jim fumbled in his pocket, brought out a scrunched up gas receipt and a pencil and scrawled his details on the back before handing it to her.

“Right. Guess I’d better get going.”

Heidi nodded, “Sure.”

They paused, awkwardly, and then Jim leaned down, kissed her again before walking out, closing the door behind him.

Heidi sighed, took off his clothes and walked into the bathroom. After a long shower she decided to go straight to bed. Lying in her small bedroom, wrapped up in the duvet, she felt an odd sort of emptiness inside her. She already missed him.


The following evening, Heidi arrived home after work. She hadn’t heard from Jim but wasn’t really surprised. It had only been a day. She ate her dinner, put on an Eminem CD and settled down to read a magazine. It was a few minutes later as she sang along to ‘No Apologies’, that her buzzer sounded. She went over to the speaker.

“Who is it?”


“Oh, hey. Come on up.”

She pushed the button, unlocked her door and in a few seconds Leon was in front of her.

“Hey kid, how are you doing?”

“Great. How about you?”

“Yeah, not so bad.” He listened to the music for a minute.

“You still into this?”

Heidi shrugged, “Yeah. Don’t you like it?”

“Nah, it’s great. No apologies, no suckers, I’m not sorry, you can all sue me, y’all could be the cause of me.”

Heidi laughed, “Shut up! Your singing’s worse than mine!”

Leon scowled, “Whatever. Anyway, turn it off.”

Heidi pushed the pause button. “Hey, sit down. What’s up?”

Leon sat down in the armchair, “You were gonna check out my CV, remember?”

“Oh yeah. Where is it?”

He handed her a folded piece of paper. Heidi scanned it. “Looks good. Where are you wanting to work?”

Leon shrugged, “Got a few addresses. I don’t want to say in case it goes wrong, you know.”

Heidi smiled, “Yeah, I….” She was cut off by her cell sounding in her bag.

Leon looked at the clock, it was almost 10. “Who’s that?”

Heidi shrugged, hit the green button.


“Hey baby it’s me.”

“Oh, hi! How are you?”

“Alright, I guess. Bored though. Missing you.”

Heidi laughed, secretly pleased, “Well, we’ll see each other in a couple of days. You can hold out that long can’t you?”

“Yeah I guess. I just get annoyed, thinking how we’re both alone when we could just be with each other.”

“Yeah, me too.” Heidi noticed Leon’s green eyes watching her. “So, see you soon then?”

“Yeah, course. OK, bye then.”


Heidi put the phone down.

“Was that Jim?”

She looked up, “Yeah, You two are cool now, right?”

“Yeah, guess so. Is he treating you properly?”

“Obviously! Why wouldn’t he?”

“Just making sure. He’ll have me to answer to if things screw up.”

Heidi sighed, “Chill out Leon. He’s nice, you’re nice, just get along. He’s a good guy.”

Leon smiled, “Sure, whatever makes you happy, kid. I guess I’d better get going.”

“Already? Don’t you want a drink?”

“No. I’m sobering up, remember?”

“I meant coffee.”

Leon chuckled, “No, I’ve got stuff to do. See you soon, yeah?”


Heidi saw him out and locked the door. Walking over to the CD player, she hit ‘play’. The sound of Eminem’s crazy attitude, soothed her, made her feel less alone. Was she in love? What was love? How could she be in love with a guy she’d met under a week ago? She sighed, listened to a couple more tracks before heading to the bathroom. Time for another lonely night.


Jim called again, the next day. Heidi was at work, sifting through a mountain of paperwork, her desk cluttered, when the phone rang.

“Who is it?” she asked the receptionist

“A Jim Mitchell.”

“Oh great, put him through.”

She waited a while and then heard Jim’s voice.


“Hi, What’s up?”

“I just had this great idea.”

“Oh yeah? What’s that?”

“I have this friend. He has a house in AC but he moved a few months ago. It’s pretty big, close enough to where you work, close enough to your friends, it’s great. He says he’ll let me have it at a discount. And we can move in, in like a week. It’s not so good on the inside but we can….”

“Whoa, Jim.” Heidi stopped him, “What are you doing? We’ve known each other for just 6 days! You can’t buy a bloody house for us!”

There was a short silence, and then, “Well I’m sorry for trying to make us both happy. You don’t have to shoot me down so quick you know.”

“But for God’s sake Jim! You’re rushing things. We can’t move in together! I know I said it was about the distance but I’m not ready. I don’t want to be dependant on somebody else. I like having my own place; I like the fact that I do things on my own. Yeah, I want to be with you, but not 24/7. Will you please stop being so intense?! I can’t handle it!”

She slammed the phone down before he could respond and shook her head. What the hell?! She resumed working on the paperwork, the anger inside her subsiding.

It was after lunch that she began to feel guilty. He was just trying to make her happy, wasn’t he? She should have let him down gently at least. Damn it. She was preoccupied for the entire afternoon, not even understanding half the routine tasks she was doing, and was glad when the clock ticked around to 5.30.

She arrived home in a bad mood, annoyed at herself, annoyed at the world in general. Walking through her apartment door she was barely surprised to see Jim sitting there, waiting.

“I’m sorry.” They both said simultaneously.

“No really, Jim. I shouldn’t have been such a bitch. I didn’t think properly. I didn’t realise how much effort you were putting into this.”

Jim smiled, “You know, I can wait. A couple of weeks, maybe even months. I figured that if we rush things and it goes pear shaped, I’ll only have myself to blame. Might as well go slow; make sure everything’s perfect, right?”

Heidi smiled, “Right.”

She leaned down above him and kissed him gently on the mouth. “You’re so sweet Jim. I’m sorry.”

She felt his hands pulling her down onto him, “It’s OK, baby. You can make it up to me.”

Their lips met again, over and over, until they were kissing passionately, gasping, as their lips twisted each others. Jim’s hands were all over her, running down her back, on her legs, up under her shirt, along her arms, in her hair. She could feel his emotion as he fiddled with his pants, his spare hand on the back of her neck, drawing her closer to him.

He lifted his butt off the armchair as he pushed his pants down, holding on to Heidi as he guided her trousers off her so they were around her knees, her legs either side of his.

Heidi’s lips dropped to his neck, she could feel the rough stubble, could smell his familiar scent, wanted him so badly,

“Oh Jim,” she moaned, “You’re so good.”

Jim was stroking her hair, feeling her flat stomach, holding her tight as he began pushing into her. He felt the resistance of her tight walls and he moaned, his face buried in her neck as her hands found their way under his shirt, tentatively feeling the hard muscle, the flawless skin.

“Yeah, touch me Heidi. I want you to feel me.”

He slowly pushed further and further into her tight passage until he was buried to the hilt, Heidi’s whimpers over. He pulled out, his hands moving round to her butt, holding her tightly as he pushed in and out repeatedly, his teeth biting playfully at her neck, then her earlobe.

She moaned in pleasure as he slammed into her, pausing every so often, so he could change angle, his breathing gruff in her ear. She kissed him over and over, loving him, loving how he was making her feel, loving his rough mouth, his half whispers.

“Oh, yes baby, move with me.” Their hips connected at each thrust, Heidi was sweating under her blouse and she pulled it off, Jim’s eyes immediately taking in her body, his hands leaving her butt to caress her chest, feeling every millimetre of her. The sight of her made him feel even more passionate and he upped his tempo, pushing into her fast and furiously.

“Oh Jim!” she moaned, “Yes, oh god yes.”

Her pulse was racing at the exertion, she felt her heart might beat right out her chest but she didn’t care, she just wanted the release she could feel creeping up on her. She wanted to be happy, united, wanted to make Jim happy.

Jim’s lips had moved down to her shoulder, he kissed it, his lips trailing over the smooth skin, his hands dropping to her thighs as he felt them surrender around his own.

“Come on baby.” He muttered gutturally, “Come for me. I want you to come around my dick. Come on.”

Heidi moaned at his words, trying desperately to keep control but then she felt her orgasm bursting out from within her, making her moan and whimper, her legs going limp, sweat breaking out all over her, her pussy clenching down over the invasion in her hole.

Jim grabbed her waist, his hands slippery with sweat as he felt his balls clench, tighten, ready for his own pinnacle.

“Oh fuck, Damn, Heidi, oh fuck this.”

He came inside her, hard and fast, his hot cum shooting up into her waiting body, his lips finding hers, kissing them gently, her arms holding him tight. Heidi pulled away, tried to put into words what she was feeling but she couldn’t. Jim smiled,

“I know baby. I feel the same.”

He kissed her again and then released her, pulling his dick out as she got up slowly, pulling her pants back up. Jim just sat there, immobile, before he dragged himself up and dressed. Heidi turned, looked up at him and their eyes met. They didn’t move, just stood there, gazing at each other, as if each knew what the other was thinking. The phone rang, disturbing the heavy emotions in the air, bringing the two of them back down to reality. Heidi dragged her eyes away from Jim’s and crossed the room.

She picked up the phone, “Hello?” her voice was hoarse and she cleared her throat.

“Heidi sweetie, it’s me Nana.”

Heidi smiled, she hadn’t heard from her grandma since her last birthday. She shook her head, concentrating on the warm voice, “Oh Nana! It’s so nice to hear from you. How are you? How’s Mary?” Mary was her younger sister.

“Oh, she’s fine. She’s in bed right now or I’d let her talk to you. How are you dear?”

“Oh, I’m fine. Everything’s going great. Work’s great. I’d call you if anything was up, you know that. How are you?”

“I’m fine sweetheart. I just wanted to remind you of Mary’s birthday. She’s eleven next week and I think she’d really love it if you came over for a weekend or so.”

Heidi groaned, “Oh man! I’d completely forgotten! It’s the 17th isn’t it? So you want me around on the 17th and the 18th right?” She asked, looking at the calendar on the wall.

“Yes dear, if you can make it. We’re just having a little party. Cake, presents, a few of her friends are sleeping over.”

Heidi noticed Jim watching her intently and turned her back to him, lowering her voice, “Are Mom and Pete going to be there?”

Her grandma sighed on the other end of the line, “Not that I know of. They haven’t called once. Every time I try to call, Pete picks up and says he wants nothing to do with any of us.”

“He said that to you?!” Heidi hated that son of a bitch.

“Well, words to that effect. Don’t worry about it dear, the three of us and some of Mary’s friends will be enough, OK?”

“Yeah, I guess so. They’d ruin it anyway. OK, see you Nana. Oh, hang on, what should I get her?”

Her grandmother laughed, “Well, she’s fallen in love with that actor, you know the Twilight one.”

Heidi rolled her eyes, “Oh man, not her as well! I was thinking more of a dolls house!”

“She’s eleven, Heidi! I’m sure you’ll find something perfect. OK, I love you darling, see you then.”

“Tell Mary I love her. Bye Nana, love you.”

The line went dead. Heidi sighed, ran a hand through her hair, how could she have forgotten Mary’s birthday? She turned and was shocked to see Jim still standing there, his scruffy brown hair accentuating his stubble.

“Who was that?” he asked.

“My grandma.” Heidi said, “It’s my sister’s birthday next week.”

“So are you going to go and see her?”


Jim looked directly at her, “Who’s Pete?”

Heidi shrugged, “My Mom’s husband.”

“What, you mean your stepdad?”

“I don’t call him that.” Heidi said shortly.

Jim frowned, “What, so are your parents divorced? When did it happen?”

Heidi looked away, “I don’t want to talk about it.”

“Why not?”

“Because there’s no reason to.” Heidi’s voice was neutral, her body stiff.

“So where does your real dad live?”

“Can you just let it go?”

“It’s only a question.”

“I don’t know. I don’t like to talk about my family.” She looked around the flat. Looking at everything but him. “I’m going to go and buy some milk.”

“What at this time?”


“I’ll come with you.”

“No! Can’t you take a hint?! I want to be alone!”

She turned, picked up her jacket, her bag, put on her shoes and walked out. The sound of the door slamming echoed through the small apartment. Jim sat down, stunned.

Why wouldn’t she just talk to him?

Love, Sex and Money — Chapter Seven

Jim sat in the armchair, drumming his fingers. It had been 15 minutes since Heidi had walked out. Where was she? He got up and went to the kitchen. There was a full bottle of milk in the refrigerator as he’d known there would be. Why on earth was she so sensitive?

He heard the door open and then close again. “Heidi?” He walked out into the hall. It was her.


She seemed OK. “Look, are you alright? I didn’t mean to…”

“I’m fine.” She said brightly. “Do you want coffee or something?” She hung up her jacket. “I don’t even know why I drink so much coffee; it’s kind of like a bad habit, do you know what I mean?” She took off her shoes and put her bag down. “I just get up, drink coffee, go to work, drink coffee all day, come home, and have more coffee. And if it isn’t coffee, it’s tea.” She was waffling and she knew it. She just didn’t want him to start asking questions about her parents. She went into the kitchen and put the kettle on, still talking about anything and everything. Jim followed her. She didn’t look at him. She could tell he was nervous, he didn’t know what to say and she just wanted him to keep quiet. He knew what she was doing. Keeping away from the one thing he wanted to know about, and she hoped he would take the hint and lay off, act like nothing had happened.

“And then Emily was telling me about her new boyfriend and she was saying something about his hair and I didn’t even know that men styled their hair and stuff. I thought it was just girls.” She poured water from the kettle into two cups and spooned instant coffee in. “Do you want milk?”

There was no reply. She turned, looked at him and he stared back. “Jim? Do you want milk in your coffee?” She forced herself to look him in the eye, silently pleading for him to just act normal. He sighed, shrugged, “Yeah. Milk. Great.”

She stirred both cups, handed one to him, then went into the living room and turned the TV on. Jim sat down in the armchair. He didn’t know what to say. He watched as she went out of the room, came back a moment later with a laptop, sat on the couch and turned it on. She looked at him. “You can change the channel if you want.” He sighed heavily,

“Heidi.” His voice was meaningful, full of purpose.

“Jim, just leave it. Please.” Her eyes met his and he shrugged,

“Fine. Great.”

He flicked to the news. There was something about MJ’s doctor. Who gave a damn? He watched Heidi out of the corner of his eye as she tapped away at the keyboard. There was silence for about 15 minutes, save the drone of the blonde newsreader. He couldn’t take it. He leaned back, looked across at Heidi.

“What are you doing?” he asked.

She didn’t look up. “Amazon.” She said, “Trying to find a present for my sister’s birthday.”

“How old is she going to be?”


He nodded. “I remember when I turned eleven.” He hesitated and took a deep breath, “It was the day my dad walked out.”

Heidi looked up sharply, “Your dad left you?”

“Yeah.” He exhaled, looked across at her shocked face. “Don’t worry about it. He was a crap father even when he was around.”

“Why did he go?”

“He argued with my Mom. I didn’t know it at the time but he used to cheat on her. A lot. They were yelling at each other. It was in the evening. He had come home late, hadn’t picked up my birthday present.” He laughed bitterly, “And my Mom asked him where he’d been.” He sighed, “He mouthed off a bit and then….he just left. Walked out. Out of our lives.”

Heidi shut the laptop, “Have you seen him again?”

“Yeah. He got in touch with me. We see each other like once a year.”

“What’s he like?”

“I don’t know. Just a normal guy. He’s Jewish, if that means anything. We don’t have a lot in common.”

“Do you have any brothers? Sisters?”

He nodded, “One sister. Jasmine. She’s a couple of years older than me. She’s alright. Married, a couple of kids.”


She paused. Jim looked at her. “What’s up?”

She shrugged. “Nothing. I’m just surprised.”

“Why’s that?”

“I really don’t want to sound like a bitch but you don’t seem like you come from a…you know…that kind of family.”

“What, a broken one?”


“I wouldn’t say it’s broken. I reckon it would have been worse if my dad had stayed you know. Mom was great. She was amazing. I mean, she raised us properly, you know what I mean?”


“She gave us everything we needed. Not like material things but support, love, enough to make up for a dad and more on top. If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t be so rich, so comfortable.”

“She was nice, I could tell.” Heidi hesitated “How come you are so rich anyway? I mean, your car, and your house and everything, you’re not even thirty.”

Jim smiled, “I guess I got lucky. After college I started working for this guy. He was great. He had a manufacturing business. It was small while he had it and then he retired, offered to sell the whole thing to me. Quite cheap too.” He smiled at the memory. “I bought it and somehow it just went crazy. I don’t even know what happened. I just changed a few things, spent more money on advertising and then one day I woke up, looked at the bank statement and it was insane. There’s a lot more factories now. Everywhere. After all the hard work, it’s kind of taking care of itself.” He smiled, “And the money just keeps coming in. Can’t really ask for more.”

Heidi smiled. “That’s brilliant. I love stories like that. Like that Apple guy. Awesome.”

“It’s just luck really.”

“You’re too modest.”

Jim looked across at her. “You’re so beautiful.” He said, “I don’t think you realise how gorgeous you actually are.”

She blushed, “Stop embarrassing me.”

Jim stood up, took the laptop away from her and put it on the coffee table. “You shouldn’t be embarrassed.” He murmured, “You should be happy. You know I’m crazy about you?”


He nodded, sat down next to her, put his arm around her shoulders. She wriggled away.

“Hey. What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. I just prefer seeing your face.”

He laughed, “Come back here.” He pulled her into his lap and she sighed.

“Now what’s wrong?”

“I don’t like sitting on you. I feel dumb.”

“Oh will you just shut up and kiss me? I’m trying to get you in the mood here and all you can do is complain about the seating arrangements.”

Heidi laughed, “Seating arrangements?! Where did that come from!?”

Jim didn’t reply, just grabbed her chin and kissed her on the mouth. She sighed contentedly, “You taste like coffee.”.

“So do you. Now shut up.” His mouth devoured hers passionately, his hands pulling her closer into his body as he leaned back on the couch, enjoying the moment. His fingers moved up, ran through her silky hair, smoothing it, as she shifted her position, wrapped her arms around his neck. He reached down, pushed a hand up under her shirt and she squealed, pulling away,

“Damn, that’s cold.”

Jim pulled her back, “Warm me up then baby.” His stubble felt so right, prickling against her face, his hard body was so solid, so comforting, and it made her feel safe; nothing could hurt her when he was around. He pushed his hands up the back of her shirt now, warming them against her back, his kisses preventing her complaints, as she half heartedly tried to pull away. He paused for breath, gazed into her soft brown eyes.

“Oh baby. I wish you could trust me.”

She furrowed her brow, “I do trust you. What are you talking about?”

He didn’t smile, “You don’t open up to me. Like earlier when you went off. You can tell me about yourself you know. I won’t judge you. I’m not like that. You don’t have to hide anything from me.”

Heidi sighed, “I’m not hiding anything. I just….it’s complicated.” She looked at his gorgeous face. He looked so serious. “I’m sorry Jim, but it’s not because of you as a person. I don’t talk about my family to anyone. It’s just….I don’t know.”

Jim smiled, stroked the side of her face, and tucked her hair behind her ear, “You can talk.” He whispered, “I told you about my family. My dad’s a lying, useless Jewish prick. You can’t get worse.”

“Don’t be racist.” Heidi whispered, “You’re ruining yourself. I know lots of nice people from other religions. Most Jewish people are dead nice.”

Jim laughed, “I’m not anti-Semitic or anything. It’s just, how I describe him. My uncles were OK and they were Jewish. I guess I’m pretty much half a Jew myself because of my dick.”

“What are you on about?”

“No foreskin. Don’t tell me you didn’t notice?”

“Well, I’ve never seen another dick so I wouldn’t know.” She smiled, “Who cares anyway? I think it’s a …. very nice dick.” She bit her lip.

Jim laughed, “I’ll bet you do.” He kissed her again, “You know, I’m kind of getting impatient. I just want you. So much.” His hands, finally warm, found their way up her shirt and cupped her breasts. He paused a moment, smiled to himself, before kissing her neck. The smell of soap, perfume and her smell, that pleasant natural one; got him even harder.

“Heidi.” His hands were squeezing her breasts gently, his thumbs brushing across her hard nipples, “Damn Heidi. I just want to fuck you. So bad.”

She laughed hoarsely, “Akon.”

Jim sighed in frustration, his cock straining against his trousers. “What are you on about?”

“Haven’t you heard it? Akon. That dirty song; I Just Wanna Fuck You. It’s featuring someone, I can’t remember who though.”

Jim’s hands withdrew from her body and began unbuttoning her shirt, “Can you just get in the mood baby? I don’t want to know about Akon, I just want to feel you on me.” He pulled the shirt off her shoulders and looked for a long while at her chest.

Heidi laughed, “My face is up here you know.”

Jim grinned, “Yeah, I know.” His hands ran down to her waist. “Do you want to go to your room?”

“Yeah, I reckon it’d be easier.”

Jim grabbed her thighs and carried her out of the room, down the corridor and into the bedroom. He placed her gently on the bed. She sat up, watched, as he pulled his shirt off. “Man,” she whispered, “I never get tired of seeing your body. How come you’re so fit?”

“Fit as in, ‘I want to fuck you’ fit? Or fit as in, physically well built?”

She laughed, “Both.”

Jim grinned, “I work out a lot.” He paused as he began unbuckling his belt.

Heidi waited, “Why have you stopped?”

“I want you to do it. Will you?”

Heidi sighed in mock exasperation, “How lazy are you?! You can’t even be bothered to take your own belt off!” She moved to the edge of the bed and quickly undid the contraption. “There. Do you want me to take your pants off too?”

Jim smiled, “Now you’re getting the idea.” He watched as she fiddled with the button on top then paused, her hand trembling slightly as she took in the protruding bulge that made his zipper strain. “Go on.” He whispered, “There’s nothing to be scared of.”

Heidi didn’t reply, trying to get the courage to pull the bloody fastener down. It was something so simple. How many zips did she open and close every day? Her jacket, her bag. But this one had so much more significance. She shut her eyes, grabbed the zip and pulled it down, her hand brushing involuntarily against his dick.

“There.” Jim let out a sigh of release. “Come on baby. Take my clothes off.”

Heidi groaned, “You sound like a fucking creep. Can you just shut up?”

“I would if you got a move on. We’re going to be here all year at this rate.”

Heidi grabbed the front of his trousers and pulled them down. Now for his boxers. Great. “Can’t you just do it yourself?” she asked, “This is daft.”

“No it’s not. You should be comfortable around me. I take your clothes off just fine. You have every right to take mine off.”

“Yeah, but you’re the guy. That’s what you’re meant to do.”

“Sexist. Just get it over with. It’s quite simple. You take hold of the material and you pull down. That’s down, you know, towards the ground.” He laughed.

Heidi scowled, “You’re such a dickhead.”

“Go on then.”

Heidi took a deep breath. “I don’t even know what I’m stressing about.” She muttered, “It’s just a dick.”

“That’s right. Come on Heidi, I can’t wait any longer. I need to fuck you.”

“Fine. Fine.” She grabbed hold of the black fabric and pulled, freeing his dick. Jim groaned, reached down and wrapped his hand around it. He kicked his pants and boxers off from around his feet.

“About time too. Now, finally.” He pushed her down onto the bed. “Don’t be scared baby. It’s just me. You know me. I’m not going to hurt you.”

“I know.” Her soft pink lips reached up, kissed him gently on the mouth and he sighed.

“You’re so delicate.” He kneeled up, pulled her pants and underwear down together and dropped them on the floor, “There. No hesitation. Did you notice the speed?”

Heidi laughed, “I get the feeling you’ve done that manoeuvre a lot of times before.” She looked into his eyes, “Am I right?”

“Guilty as charged. But I can honestly say that I’ve never enjoyed it as much.”

“Whatever.” She kissed him again, harder this time and he sighed. She was so good, so warm, comfortable, beautiful, and so innocent. He loved everything about her. Not just her damn-well perfect body. Her hand was around the back of his neck, the other trailing down the side of him and he groaned in appreciation. The light touch of her fingers was so welcome, it got him so horny. He reached down, between her legs and touched her, gently. She was wet. He was hard. There was only one thing left to do. He knelt up, guided his dick to her pussy.

“Are you ready?”

Heidi sighed, “Ready as I’ll ever be.” She looked into his eyes, “Jim, I just want to say, you’re….” She shut her eyes, “I…”

“What is it baby?”

“You’re such a decent person. You don’t have to stick around, putting up with all my crap. I sometimes say stuff without thinking but you’re still here. Six days. You don’t even know anything about me.”

“I know all the important things. You’re kind, loving, a good friend. That’s all that counts really.” He sighed, pressed the head of his cock up against her entrance, “I just feel something about you Heidi. I don’t know what is it, but it just tells me that you’re right. I’ve never had that feeling before and I’m not just going to ignore it. So you’re stuck with me.” He pressed harder against her, “Anyway. You ready?”


He slowly pushed, watching as his dick disappeared, inch by inch, into her wonderfully tight yet inviting pussy. She was so warm, it felt like heaven. He leaned down, supporting himself on his hands and looked down at her breathless face. “Jim, you’re so…big.” She moaned as his mouth brushed her cheek, then her hair, her ear, his lips pulling at the lobe. Heidi gasped; her lips moved to his neck, traced over his Adam’s apple, her teeth grazing the skin. He stayed there for a moment, deep inside her, inhaling her sweet smell before straightening up, running his hands along her warm, flat stomach, down to the top of her thighs. His dick was pulsing inside her, he needed that release, he needed to orgasm with her, inside her, needed to hear all the sounds. Slowly he pulled out, and then pushed in again. Slowly. Again and again. Heidi moaned at every movement, her soft pink lips apart, her hands gripping her own thighs. Jim smiled. It just seemed to get better every time. He took hold of her hands, leaned forward, and guided them to his chest. Heidi opened her eyes and smiled, stroked his hot skin, admiring the creases, the hard immovable muscle. Jim groaned,

“Damn that feels good.” He increased the tempo of his passage in and out of her body, his hands caressing her smooth thighs, his breathing hoarse with passion as her small hands touched his chest.

“Jim.” Heidi was looking at him, her face concerned, her teeth clenched as she tried to control her body.

“What is it?”

“What time is it?”

Jim shook his head, “I don’t know baby. It doesn’t matter.”

“I have to go to work tomorrow.”

Jim sighed, “Is that all you can think about?!” He twisted around, looked at the clock on the wall. “It’s 10 past 8. Happy?”

Heidi moaned as he thrust into her, “Yeah, what day is it?”

“Wednesday. 7th September. 2011. AD. Got it?”

Heidi moaned again, “Oh God, yeah, sorry, I just wanted to know.”

Jim thrust into her, hard, leaning forward so her palms were pressed hard against the muscle she’d been appreciating. She moaned loudly,

“That feels fucking good Jim. It hurts but it feels amazing.”

“Does it feel better than work?” Jim asked, pounding into her hard.

She nodded, gasped, her nails digging into him as he firmly grabbed hold of her thighs and began driving in and out of her, hard and fast. He grunted, muttering incoherently to himself, as he felt the sweat prickle out on his face and back, his body’s natural attempt to cool him down. He was so hard, so close, this was so fucking hot! Heidi was moaning loudly, trying to keep quiet, but finding it impossible as he leaned further forward, stared into her eyes.

“Look at me.” he muttered, “I need to see your face.”

He was slamming in and out of her, one hand moving to touch her clit, a smile breaking out onto his face. Heidi shook her head,

“No, Jim, don’t. I’m so close; I just want this feeling to last.”

Jim’s hair was damp with sweat; he removed his hand from her pussy and brushed the strands from his face.


He was grunting like a madman, his stomach aching with need, he could feel himself getting closer and closer. He thrust in and out of her frantically, changing angle, making her cry out as he hit her sweet spot, over and over, bringing her close, so damn close, that she thought she would pass out with the tension until it was one thrust too many and she went wild. Moaning, gasping, struggling for breath as she came, so hard, so fast, clenching around Jim’s dick, making him grunt hoarsely as he shot inside her, emptying everything within him, his sweat dripping from his face onto hers. And then it was over. They lay there, panting, Heidi trembling slightly, Jim still deep inside her. She was hot, sticky and above all, content. Jim sighed,

“That was mental. Mental and crazy. And amazing and the best sex ever.”

Heidi groaned, “Can you get off me? I’m crushed here.”

Jim laughed, “Sorry baby, I didn’t realise.” He rolled off her sweat covered body, his dick slowly reappearing, an overflow of cum trickling out of Heidi’s pussy.

She sat up, “Jesus, I feel so….well-fucked.”

Jim laughed, “I know what you mean. You want to shower first? Together?”

“No, I’ll manage alone.”

She pulled herself off the bed. Jim watched as she disappeared out of the door. He sat up. He should have been tired but he’d never felt more alive in his life. It was surreal. Heidi wasn’t like anyone else he’d been with. She was so young yet so mature, and there was something unexplainable that just drew him to her. He wanted to make her happy, wanted to impress her, needed her in his life. She wasn’t like any other girl. He pulled himself up off the bed and looked around the room. It said absolutely nothing about her. The walls were painted in that standard magnolia colour, the ceiling a plain white. A brown carpet, cream curtains, no posters. He looked in the wardrobe. Blouses, t shirts, tank tops, skirts, nothing particularly out of the ordinary. He looked at the dresser. There were a few perfumes, not much make up at all, and it was all neatly arranged. He sighed, walked out, went into the sitting room and pushed ‘play’ on the CD player. Nicki Minaj blared out;

‘Should have sent a thank you note, you little ho….’

Damn, he hated this crap; how could Heidi stomach it? He stopped the CD and went to get a drink of water. A couple of minutes later, as he was examining the calendar on the kitchen wall, Heidi appeared.

“You can go shower now.” She said with a smile, avoiding looking at his naked body.

Jim smiled, “OK.”

He came back to the sitting room 10 minutes later to see Heidi back in front of the laptop. “Still looking for a gift?”

She nodded, “And I do not want to get her a figurine of Robert Pattinson, no matter how cheap they’re going.”

Jim smiled, “Why do girls get obsessed with movie stars anyway?”

Heidi shrugged, “I don’t know. Boys do too. Didn’t you ever get obsessed with that girl from Transformers?”

“I don’t really watch films.” Jim said, “Unless I feel like a break from reality.”

Heidi frowned, “When would you feel like that?”

Jim laughed, “I’m talking crap. I don’t even know what I meant. Forget it. Do you want to go out?”

Heidi looked at the clock. “Quarter to nine? I think it’s a bit late.”

“You’re not a kid. You don’t have a bedtime. Come on. You haven’t even eaten since you got home. Look at you; you’re wasting away as we speak.”

Heidi wrinkled her nose. “I don’t want to go out. People look at you funny in those posh places. And I can’t be bothered changing into a dress.”

“We’ll go to a bar. Come on, we’ll be out for an hour at the most. You can go as you are. Don’t tell me you’re not hungry.”

Heidi shrugged, “OK, but only if you help me find something on this stupid thing for my sister.”

Jim sat down next to her, peering at the screen, “Well, what is she into?”

“Twilight, apparently.” Heidi leaned back as Jim took the laptop off her and sighed, “There’s nothing special. Nothing she’ll love.”

“It’s the thought that counts.”

“Yeah, as if anyone believes that. You should have heard the bitching at work last Christmas.”

Jim laughed, “If all those girls were real friends, there wouldn’t be doing any of that. Anyway, why don’t you go out this weekend, buy something from a real shop?”

“I don’t have time. OK, I do, but I won’t find anything.”

“Make her something?”

Heidi laughed, “Nothing’s worse than a homemade birthday present. What would I make anyway?”

“A cake?”

“Nana always makes the cake.”

“Well call her and tell her you’ll do it.”

Heidi hesitated for a minute, debating the idea.

“OK, that’s actually not a bad thought.”

Jim smiled. “Sort it out on the weekend. Now come on, let’s go.”

He closed the laptop and put it down on the coffee table. “You know any good bars around here?”

“I do actually.” Heidi said with a grin, “There’s one just around the corner, we can walk.”

“Fair enough.” Jim followed her out of the apartment and watched as she locked the door. “You should get a better lock than that you know. Anyone could break in.”

“You’re the only one who feels the need to break in.” Heidi said, “You should be locked up, you criminal, you.”

Jim laughed, “I’m serious. This area’s dodgy enough as it is.”

“Hey.” Heidi said as she led him down the stairs, “This is a luxury apartment you know. Waterfront Residence. The clue’s in the name.”

Jim snorted. “I’ve never seen any water around here. Apart from rain.”

“Neither have I.” Heidi laughed, “It’s not bad though. The neighbours are alright. And it’s not lonely.”

Jim took her hand as they walked out onto the main road.

“Well if you’re happy here, it’s OK isn’t it?”

Heidi smiled and they walked the rest of the distance in silence until they reached the destination. She pushed open the door and went over to the bar, Jim behind her. The bartender came up to them but Jim turned away, looking funnily across the room at a table before turning hurriedly back around.

Heidi looked up at him. “Jim, what’s up?”

He shook his head, “Nothing. I, uh, just remembered.” He looked at her “I don’t really like this place. Can we go somewhere else?”

Heidi frowned, “You could have said before. There’s not another bar for like half a mile. What’s wrong with you?”

“Nothing. I just….I don’t like it. Please.”

“Seriously Jim, what the hell? We’re not going to be here long; you said yourself. Just chill out, have a drink.”

She turned back to the bartender, “I’m sorry. Can we get a beer and a plain orange juice?”

“Sure love. On the rocks, right?”

She nodded, “And do you have some sort of a menu?”

“Coming right up love.”

She grabbed Jim’s hand, “What if that guy heard you? I don’t like this place. He would have been well offended.”

She dropped into a stool at the bar and looked up at him, “Will you sit down? What’s wrong with you?”

Jim sighed, “Please Heidi, can we just go?”

“No! Just park your butt on the stool. You’re the one who wanted to go out in the first place. Besides,” She lowered her voice as the bartender brought their drinks over and handed her a menu, “I know you like your beer. Just chill out and drink it.”

Jim looked around nervously, “Fine. Please just hurry up though.”

Heidi smiled, picked up the laminated menu and scanned through the items. She was pretty hungry. Soup sounded good, or maybe something equally warming.

“What are you having?” Jim didn’t reply, he was too busy staring pointedly in the other direction. She nudged his leg, “For God’s sake Jim. You have turned from amazing to annoying in less than ten seconds. Have I done something wrong? Turn around, for-”

She was cut off by the sound of a voice, “Jim, is that you?” She turned to see a tall blonde woman standing next to her.

Jim turned, his face a picture of resignation, “Katie.”

The blonde laughed, “I knew it! You haven’t called me back for like a week.” She sat down on the stool on his other side and looked past him to Heidi, “He’s impossible isn’t he?”

Heidi smiled warily. The woman was gorgeous. Toned in all the right places and curvy in all the right places too. She looked oddly familiar. “Sorry, do I know you?”

The blonde laughed again, “I doubt it. I’m Katie Wormald. I used to work with Jim. Who are you?”

Heidi smiled, “I’m Heidi Jenkins, Jim’s….girlfriend.”

Katie frowned, “I’m sorry, what?”

“It’s a bit loud in here isn’t it?” Heidi leaned forward and repeated herself, “I’m Jim’s girlfriend.”

Katie shook her head and looked at Jim, “You’ve already moved on? I knew that hooker wasn’t going to last.”

Jim groaned, “For God’s Sake Katie! Can you ever keep your mouth shut?!”

He turned, looked guiltily at Heidi.

She frowned, “You dated a prostitute?”

Love, Sex and Money — Chapter Eight

Jim sighed, “Look, I know it sounds really bad.”

“Yeah, it does.” Heidi was glaring at him.

“But she wasn’t a proper hooker.”

“What, so she worked part-time?” Heidi was clearly not happy.

Katie laughed. Jim glared at her and she held her hands up in surrender.

“Hey, don’t give me that look. She has a right to know.”

“Yeah well I could have told her myself.”

Katie shook her head, “You never would have and you know it.”

Heidi was staring at Jim in disbelief, “She’s right. You wouldn’t have.”

Jim shrugged, “Well, it’s all in the past; there’s no need for you to know.”

Heidi’s mouth dropped open. “What sort of person are you? God knows what diseases you could have passed on to me.” She dragged her stool back slightly as if she was afraid of catching something from him.

Jim shook his head, “I never slept with her. I’m not that dumb.”

“Well why did you go out with her then?”

He shrugged, “She gave pretty good head.”

Heidi scoffed, “What the hell?! Jim, I don’t even know who you are!”

“No, listen to me Heidi. It meant nothing. Nothing.”

“What, so you just went out with her for no reason at all? You must have felt something!”

“I felt sorry for her. She was in a bad situation so I just spent money on her.”

“And got a couple of blowjobs in return?!”

“No, that was just….I don’t know. Look, I’ve been with more women than you can imagine Heidi. Just because she’s a hooker, doesn’t mean she’s not actually a person. You can’t just judge people.”

“I’m not judging her. I’m judging you. If you felt sorry for her, you could have just helped her out anyway. You didn’t have to…do stuff with her.”

“I know, but what can I say? I was tempted. When I first met her, I never knew what she did for a living. And then, when I found out, I didn’t want to just end it because of who she was.”

Heidi sighed, ran a hand through her hair, “How long did it last?”

“A couple of weeks. We were just friends really. We still are. She’s got a proper job now, she’s a nice girl. Really Heidi, it’s nothing to worry about.”

“Why were you acting weird when you saw Katie then?”

“I was just being dumb. I didn’t want you to think I was some creep. Come on Katie, tell her I’m a nice guy.” He looked hopefully at Katie

She shrugged, smiled at Heidi, “He is. Most of the time.”

Heidi took a sip of her orange juice, “Fine. Now can you chill out and just drink your beer. Do you want a drink Katie?”

“No, I’m fine. I’d better be getting back to my boyfriend anyway.” She winked, “See you guys.”

Jim turned, “What, so you’re just OK with it?”

“Well, I can’t do anything about it. There’s no point in just yelling about it. Besides I’m starving.”

Jim smiled, “You have nothing to worry about Heidi. Really. You know, it was a pretty stupid thing to do but I…I’ve changed.”

Heidi wasn’t even listening, she was trying to catch the attention of the bartender who came over and took her order.

“Heidi, listen. It wasn’t even a proper relationship. I was just hanging out….”

“Jim just shut up. You don’t need to justify yourself, you don’t need to make excuses. I’m fine with it. It was just a bit of a shock. You should have said yourself.”

“So you’re OK with me dating a prostitute?!”

“Yeah. You were helping her out. You got her back on her feet didn’t you? What, do you want me to get annoyed?”

“No, but you’re amazing. Any other girl would have run a mile.”

“Yeah, well, if I tell you to get lost, who else is going to pay for the drinks? And who’s going to walk me home?” She laughed at his bewildered expression, “I’m just messing. When I think about it, it’s no big deal really. A lot of women only go out with guys to get something. Not necessarily money, but a job or something.”

“So why are you going out with me?”

“I’ve nothing better to do.”

“So you’re not here for the money?”

“If I wanted money, I’d ask Leon. Money’s not everything you know. I didn’t even know how rich you were at the casino. You know, before I figured you were the guy Leon wanted, I kind of liked you. You were hot.”

Jim smiled, “I can’t believe you’re so cool about everything. It’s amazing.”

Heidi grinned, “You’re daft. You shouldn’t get so worried. Everyone has a couple of skeletons in their closet.”

“Do you?” His eyes met hers and she looked away.

“Nothing major and nothing I really need to tell you. Besides, you don’t get to ask the questions; you should be happy I haven’t walked off.” She turned back round as the bartender put a bowl of soup in front of her, “Anyway, why aren’t you eating anything?”

Jim shrugged, “I’m not hungry.”

They didn’t talk for a while, Jim sipping his beer, Heidi spooning up the tomato soup and then Jim turned, looked at her.

“Does it annoy you that I’ve like…been…with other women? Because I’m your first boyfriend, so don’t you feel, like, you could have been with someone…like…”

“What, I would have wanted to be someone’s first girlfriend?”


She shrugged, “Not really. When I thought about having sex for the first time, I didn’t want it to be with a virgin. That probably sounds odd but I just like wanted someone like you, because you’re more experienced, you’ve probably been with virgins before, you wouldn’t laugh at me if I made a fool of myself.”

“You were scared, weren’t you? That first time?”

“Scared? I was terrified.”

“So why did you do it?”

“I don’t know. It just felt….right. You seemed so kind, so thoughtful, I knew I was safe.”

Jim smiled, “It must have been love.”

Heidi dropped her spoon into her empty bowl and finished her orange juice, “Call it what you want. Did you think you were in love on your first time?”

“No. It was a drunken encounter at a birthday party when I was eighteen. I didn’t even know what I was doing. Hell, I didn’t even know her name.”

Heidi’s mouth dropped open, “Oh my god! That’s awful.”

Jim smiled sheepishly. “You ready to go?”

She shook her head, “If you weren’t so damn gorgeous, I don’t know what I’d be doing with you.”

She got up as Jim paid the bartender and then they walked back to her apartment in comfortable silence.

Jim paused at the main entrance. “I guess I should leave you here.” He said, “My cars in the parking lot, I’d better get going.”

Heidi paused, “Are you going home?”

“No. I’m going back to the office. I’ve got a lot of catching up to do.” He smiled wryly, “So, uh, when do you want to meet up again?”

Heidi didn’t say anything and then, “I’m going to sound really stupid and obsessed but I get lonely when you’re gone.”

Jim smiled, pulled her in for a kiss, “We’ll see each other soon.” And then, “You’re the one who doesn’t like the idea of living together.”

“I don’t want to move out of here.” Heidi said, “You can come and live with me if you like.”

He laughed, “What? In this tiny place?”

“Just a thought.” She pulled away from his warm embrace, “Anyway, I’d better go to bed.”

“Yeah. I’ll call you.” He watched as she let herself in and then walked slowly over to his car. They’d met just six days ago, but he’d never felt so much affection towards any other girl in his entire life. The longest time he’d dated one girl was about six months and that had just been a bore. He couldn’t imagine ever being bored with Heidi around. She understood him so well, she was so sweet, so innocent. Oh God, was he in love? That was a crazy thought but he couldn’t imagine life without her. Maybe he should move in with her? She’d probably said it as a joke but maybe it’d make her realise how serious he was, how much he wanted to be with her. He ran a hand through his hair as he thought of the paperwork awaiting him in the office. Driving to and fro from AC was so much hard work, such a waste of gas…


Heidi was humming along to Jason DeRulo’s ‘It Girl’ on the radio when her office door swung open. She looked up and grinned. It was Tina and Emily. They made themselves comfortable in her chairs and watched as she continued sifting through paperwork.

Tina cleared her throat and Heidi glanced at them, “What do you two want?”

“I saw you.” Emily said, “Last night. At the Booker’s. With a guy.”

Heidi blushed, “He’s just a friend.”

Tina and Emily giggled, “So why are you so happy? You hate Jason DeRulo and here you are smiling your head off.”

Heidi shrugged. “OK, fine. He’s my…boyfriend.”

Emily leaned forward, “OMG, Heidi! He’s so hot! You looked so good together! What’s his name?”

“Jim. We met on Friday.”


“And what?”

“What’s he like?”

Heidi looked at her excited face, “Emily, give me a break! I barely know the guy.”

“Yeah, the way he was looking at you? I think you know each other a whole lot better than you’re letting on. Heidi girl, we are so happy for you!”

Heidi smiled in spite of herself, “Thanks. You two are so sweet. Look, I’ve got to finish this crap but we’re still on for lunch, yeah?”

“Obviously!” They chorused. Tina smiled, “We want to know everything.”

“Yeah, whatever.”

Heidi smiled to herself as they left and then sat down in her chair. Oh God, life was so good right now. She had a great job, great friends and now a great boyfriend. This was just awesome.


Nine hours later she was in her apartment, Snoop Dogg blaring out of the radio as she surfed the internet. The buzzer sounded and she frowned, went over to the speaker.

“Who is it?”

“It’s me, Jim.”

“Oh. OK.”

She switched the radio off and opened the door to him a moment later. He smiled distractedly as he walked past.

“What’s up?” she asked as she slid the chain back into place and followed him into the sitting room.

He paced up and down, taking his jacket off and putting it on the couch. “I had the crappest day in the history of the world. Seriously, this totally random company is trying to poach all our clients. I mean, I’ve never even heard of them. And their prices are so bloody low. They must be making a loss or something. I don’t know what their game is but their FO is like the shittiest guy, …”

Heidi walked over to him, “Jim, just chill out. It’s OK. You’ll sort it. You know you will. Just relax; you’re getting worked up for no reason. Did you get any sleep today?”

He sighed, “Yeah, I got a couple of hours. I just feel so…I don’t know.”

Heidi went into the kitchen, made him a cup of tea. “Just leave it. Forget it. Sort it tomorrow. Look, sit on the floor.”

He frowned, “Why?”

“Just do it. Over here.”

Jim sat in front of the armchair and she sat down behind him. Slowly, she ran her hands down across his shoulders, “Just relax.” She moved her hands in firm circles down from his neck, around his shoulders and he sighed,

“Oh baby, that feels good.”

She felt him become slightly less tense and applied more pressure, as he emitted a long drawn out groan. “Heidi, that feels so good. Where did you learn to do this?”

She paused and then, “I used to do it for my dad all the time. He was a hard-worker too. He’d come home after a long day and I’d do his shoulders. He liked it because I had little hands.” She smiled to herself at the memory.

“Just like this?” Jim’s question interrupted her thoughts.

“Yeah. Just like this.”

He sighed, “You have no idea how good this feels baby. I can see why your dad enjoyed it.” He hesitated as her hands continued working his muscles, “Do you still…talk to him?”

Heidi sighed. “Jim, I was thinking today. I just hate having this thing weighing over me so I’m going to tell you something but you can’t say anything until I’ve done, OK? And don’t start saying you’re sorry because you can’t be sorry for something that wasn’t your fault, because that’s just stupid isn’t it, being sorry when you haven’t even done anything and then saying sorry and-”

“Hey, hey, Heidi, chill out.” Her fingers had dug into him hard and he took hold of her hands, “Just calm down baby. Take all the time you want, I’m not going to say anything.”

He released her hands and she resumed the massage, “OK.” She gritted her teeth and stared at the back of his head, “I don’t even know where to start.”

“Start at the beginning.”


Jim leaned back against her legs and waited.

I can do this, Heidi told herself.

She took a deep breath. “I grew up here. In AC. About fifty miles from this apartment actually. I had great parents, great school, great life. My dad was amazing. He came from nothing and he made this whole life for our family and, he was a good person, you know. I had a little sister, a cat, a couple of goldfish; it was just a great life really. And then I got older and things changed but I still had that family, the same support. I was a teenager but things were as good as you could expect.” She paused, “It was just a normal Saturday evening. I was 13. Me, Mary and Dad went to see a movie. It was some stupid animated one. We watched it, came out of the cinema and it was dark. We went over to the car and this man came over. My dad told us to get in the car so we did. And this man started arguing with my dad and people were just walking along, minding their own business. They didn’t care. And then the guy pulled out this knife and he just…he just shoved it in. Then he grabbed my dad’s jacket and ran off.” She paused, took a breath, and then continued, “We got out of the car and Dad was lying on the floor. He was already dead. And Mary didn’t even know what had happened. She thought it was a joke. She was like ‘Dad, get up! You can’t sleep outside.’ All I could see was the blood. There was so much. It was on the floor, everywhere, his shirt was soaked. And then the police came and later they arrested the guy but what’s the point? It was too late. What did he want? $500 to buy a gram or two of cocaine?” She hesitated, her hands still soothing Jim’s shoulders, “It’s not fair. Why couldn’t he have killed some other guy? Someone who wasn’t important. Someone with no family, no responsibilities. Dad didn’t deserve to die. It’s not fair.” She could hear the childish whine in her voice and she hated it. She blinked away the ever present tears. “Why couldn’t he kill a drug dealer or a rapist or someone?”

Jim didn’t speak. He didn’t know what to say.

“And then, my Mom blamed me. It was me and Mary who’d wanted to see the movie, it was us who’d got him killed. She got married a month after his funeral. Can you believe it?” Her fingers dug hard into Jim’s skin and her voice became full of contempt, “One month. She never appreciated him. He did everything for her. Then she married this utter loser and Mary gets shoved to Nana’s and I’m left with the two of them. So I left home, lived on the streets for a while before Leon took me in. He was what I needed. A less polished version of my dad. Less responsible too, but everyone has their faults, right? And I got a job, got this apartment and then got a better job. I haven’t spoken to my Mom since I left. I don’t want to.”

She sighed, “Now you know.”

Jim swallowed, “That’s horrible.” He said, “I’m sorry, and I know I’m not meant to say that but what else can I say?” He turned, looked at her, “Baby, I know how hard it was for you to tell me that and I really appreciate it.”

Heidi nodded. “You want more of a massage?”

Jim shook his head, “You don’t want to talk about it anymore?”

“No. I’ll just start crying and that’s pathetic and stupid and dumb and I really need to shut up now.”

Jim touched her leg, “It’s OK to cry.” He said, “It’s good for you.”

Heidi blew out a long breath, “I’m fine.” She said, “Really. It’s been long enough. Just don’t talk about it. Change the subject.”

Jim smiled, “OK. Uh, so what cake are you going to make for your sister?”

“I don’t know. What do you think?”

Jim heaved himself up from the floor, “Well, I’d want chocolate but I don’t know. What does she like?”

Heidi shrugged, “Are you OK now? About the business thing?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.” He hesitated, looked down at her, “Heidi, I did something crazy today. You’re not going to believe it but I was thinking of you all night and then I just made this decision because I wanted you to know how much you meant to me.”

Heidi raised an eyebrow, “What have you done?”

“I moved head office to AC. Not physically yet but we’ve got a building here and everything should be done in a week.”

“What?! You moved your business here to show me that you liked me?!”

Jim squatted in front of her, looked into her eyes, “To show you that I love you.” He whispered. “And it’s no big deal. It’s not going to cost much.”

“What about you? Are you moving to AC?”

“Yeah. I’m going to buy a house. It’s under a mile from here.”

Heidi’s mouth dropped open, “Jim, you can’t be serious. You’ve known me for seven days!”

“It’s enough for me. Please baby, move in with me?”

She laughed in disbelief, “This is crazy. I’m making you do all this stuff, what if it all ends in tears?”

“It won’t. Please?”

“I don’t know. I don’t like the idea of living in your house, with you spending your money on me. It makes me feel like a gold digger.”

“But I know you’re not.”

“I know that you know. But what would other people think? I’ll move in with you, but only if you let me pay for half of everything. I’m not living on your money.”

“That’s daft.”

“It’s up to you.”

“You can’t afford it.”

“I’ll find a way. Anyway, what are you doing now? Going?”

“Now? Well, I had this really good idea of returning your massage. It made me feel so good. I just want to work down your entire body.”

Heidi raised an eyebrow, “My entire body?”

Jim chuckled softly, “Every last millimetre. Can you imagine? My hands all over you, touching every last part, until you can’t take it anymore?”

“What happens when I can’t take it anymore?”

Jim leaned forward, kissed her softly, “I think you know. Come on; let’s go to your room.”

He scooped her up in his arms and carried her to the bedroom. “Take your clothes off.”

“I don’t need to be naked, do I?”

Jim grinned, “If it makes you feel any better, I’ll do the same.”


They both stripped and Jim turned, his eyes passing over her body. “Lie down on the bed.”

She sighed, lay down and then felt his hands on her back, easing the tension, rubbing her softly, down along her spine and then up again until she groaned, “Damn, that feels good.”

His hands moved down to her butt, and she pulled away, “I don’t need an ass massage.” She said with a grin.

Jim laughed, “Fine.”

He moved down to her legs, his thumbs pressing soothing circles around her calves and then moving up to her thighs getting close, so close. She bit back a moan as he reached the crease at the top of her leg.

“You like that?” his voice was husky as his fingers trailed between her legs, feeling the heat at her centre. He waited for a response but none came so he gently touched his forefinger to her slit.

She moaned, “Jim.”


“Fuck the massage.”

He laughed out loud as she turned over, sat up and kissed him hard on the mouth. He gazed into her beautiful brown eyes for a moment, sat on the edge of the bed, and then wrapping his hands around her waist, pulled her into his lap.



“Look at me.” Her eyes met his and he kissed her again, “Heidi, I love you. I really do. I’ve been thinking about what the hell we’re doing and somewhere along the way I figured that you’re the only girl I want. Ever. I know I’m older than you, I know we’re different in quite a few ways but baby, I need you. And I sound pathetic and weak but I’m not afraid to admit that to you because you understand. If I said that to some other girl she’d laugh. But with you, I really need you. It’s not just the sex either. There’s something about you.” His eyes moved across her face, to her raven black hair, down to her beautiful mouth, “You’re the one Heidi. The only one.”

She gazed at him for a moment and then her eyes filled with tears.

“No,” he whispered, “No Heidi, Don’t cry.”

She blinked, “I’m sorry, but I’m so happy Jim.” She took a deep breath, “I love you. I was thinking to myself, maybe everyone feels like this over their first boyfriend but I was talking to my friends and then I realised. I actually love you. I don’t care about your ex girlfriends or anything. I just care about you. And I want you.”

She breathed out, leaned forward and kissed him again, pressing her breasts against his chest as his hands held tightly to her lower back.

“You’ve changed my entire life Heidi. In one week. If it’s not love, what can it be? No other girl has ever made me feel a fraction of what I’m feeling right now. Before it was just about sex, going out, having a good time. With you, I have a good time wherever we are.” He smiled at her expression. “You’re great Heidi. Absolutely wonderful.”

“I don’t know what to say.”

“You don’t have to say anything.”

His hand took hold of hers, guided it down to his hard cock and he ran her fingers along it. She looked surprised, “I never knew it was that smooth.”

Jim laughed, “You’re so innocent. So sweet.”

She smiled, “I was. You’ve corrupted me.”

His hand pushed hers harder down on his cock and he moaned at the pressure of her fingers, “I’m going to corrupt you even more. Just you wait.” He ran his spare hand down the side of her face, “But tonight, I just want to go slow, OK? I want to show you how much I love you.”

“That’s fine by me.”

She let out a soft sigh as his hand touched her wet slit. “Your fingers feel good Jim. So good.”

He stroked her gently, encouraging her softly to continue feeling his cock until he came close and then he pushed her hand away. His own hand left her clit, instead taking hold of his hard cock and gently lining it up to her entrance.

“Slow.” He said, more to himself than her and they both looked down, watched, as the tip of his cock disappeared into her. Heidi let out a sound, a moan that continued until he had placed himself fully inside her and then she kissed him, hard on the mouth.

“Slow baby, slow.” Jim’s face was taut with concentration as he took hold of her hips and pushed her gently down his thighs until just the tip of his cock was left inside her.

Heidi moaned as he repeated the process, then she leaned forward, trailed her mouth down his neck, up to his ear, kissing him softly, gently, her soft cheek against his stubble, her breathing hoarse in his ear. She reached up, ran her fingers through his soft brown hair, pulling at it slightly as she held back the moans that threatened to burst from her throat.

“Jim, how do you do this to me?”

Despite the slow pace, she was sweating, her hands grasping his shoulders as he slid in and out of her, his thighs supporting her weight.

“I just want you to feel good.” He whispered.

“Do you feel good?”

“Better than ever. You know Heidi; you’re so tight, so tight. I don’t want to hurt you.”

“You never hurt me Jim. You’re perfect.” Her long hair brushed against his biceps as she buried her head in his neck, her body trembling as he moved leisurely out of her, tenderly caressing her waist, her thighs, her breasts.

“You’re so beautiful.” He murmured as he felt her soft skin, “So damn beautiful.”

She moaned in response as she felt her entire body shudder unexpectedly, and Jim stroked her back, “It’s OK baby, it’s all OK.”

He paused for a moment, buried deep inside her, and she moved her hips, wanting him to continue. He smiled to himself and resumed, feeling her arms tighten around him, her body press harder to his.

“Jim.” A breathless moan escaped form her throat as her body convulsed around his, just before she came. She let out a low moan as she melted against him, shaking, content. Jim sighed as she clenched down on him, holding him in place as he orgasmed too, shooting hard into her, his teeth clenched as he emitted a soft growl.

They didn’t move, just held each other for a long while. “I love you.” Jim whispered, “Did you enjoy that?”

“Yeah.” Her voice was muffled into his shoulder and then she straightened up. “Imagine if we’d never met.”

Jim smiled, “I would have wasted my life away. Now I have a focus.”

“Are you going to let go of me?”

He was still holding her tightly by the waist and he gently released her. “Tonight was amazing.” He said, “The worst day turned into the best one.”

Heidi shrugged, “Funny how that happens.”

She disappeared out of the door and a couple of minutes later, Jim heard the water running in the bathroom. He stood up, looked out of the window at the lights outside and smiled to himself. Life was just getting better and better.


Half an hour later they were both washed and dressed. Jim put his jacket on. “I’d better get going.”


“No. I booked a hotel. Need to get some sleep.”

“You can stay here.”

He smiled, “Thanks but I’ll be fine. You know, I want you to think seriously about the house. Our house. Don’t worry about the money crap you were on about earlier. I just want to know if you’re ready. OK?”

Heidi hesitated, “Fine. But the money thing’s not crap, you know. I don’t want to live off you. It doesn’t feel right. We’re meant to be equal.”

Jim shrugged, “Fine. If that’s what you want.”

“Will you drop me at Leon’s? I need to talk to him about something.”

Jim looked surprised. “OK, if you want. Does he know you’re coming?”

“No, but he’ll be fine.”

They walked out to the car and a couple of minutes later, Jim pulled up outside Leon’s house. He leaned across, kissed Heidi softly on the mouth, running his fingers down her cheek. “Bye then.”

She opened the door and stepped out, “Bye.” She shut the door softly.

He watched as she ran up the path, knocked and Leon opened up. She waved at the car and Leon looked across. Jim raised a hand and Leon nodded in acknowledgement before he drove away. Leon turned back to Heidi.

“Come in then; you’ll freeze out there.”

She followed him inside to where a couple of people were playing cards at the kitchen table.

“Leon, I need to ask you something.”

He grinned, green eyes sparkled, “Ask away.”

“It’s a bit weird.” She looked pointedly at the guys at the table.

Leon nodded, led her through to the dining room, “What’s up?”

She paused, “I know this is odd but Jim and I might….. move in together.”

Leon looked surprised, “Already?”

She nodded, “I know it’s quick and I know you don’t like him much but we got to thinking and I reckon it’s best.”

Leon met her eyes, “You really like him don’t you?”

She nodded and he sighed, “Whatever makes you happy.” He looked at her and smiled, “I’m happy for you. Really. So what did you want to ask me?”

“Well, he’s rich and he wants to buy the house but I don’t like the idea of living on his money if you get what I mean so…. I was wondering if I could just get a loan off you? I’ll pay you back, I swear, within a couple of years.”

Leon smiled, “I’ve been waiting for this day.”

Heidi frowned, “What?”

He nodded, “I have. You don’t need to borrow money from me, kid. You’ve got enough yourself.”

Heidi shook her head, “I’ve only got about $15,000 in the bank and that’s not enough.”

Leon crossed the room and looked through a drawer in the bookcase before he turned back around holding a folded piece of paper.

“I wasn’t as bad as you think.” He said with a grin. “All that money you won at the casinos, I didn’t keep it. I saved it. For you. Your winnings means your money.” He held out the paper to her, “That’s the latest bank statement. It’s in my name because I couldn’t open it in yours but all that money is yours. Every last penny.”

Heidi frowned, “But Leon, I lived here for free. You gave me food, everything. I can’t have this.”

Leon laughed, sat down on the couch, “You did your bit. As I recall, you were the only one at the time who did the washing up, the gardening, everything. You earned your keep. Not that you needed to, but you did. Now just accept it. It’s yours.”

Heidi sighed, “Leon, I — “

“Look Heidi. I’m rich enough. I’ve got enough. That money is yours. You have to have it. You made it.”

Heidi sighed, “OK.”

She unfolded the piece of paper and glanced down at the closing balance. She blinked.


Leon laughed, “I’d say that’d buy you a couple of houses wouldn’t it?”

Heidi shook her head, stared at the figure, “I won all this?!”

“Over the years. There’s interest too you know.”

She looked back at Leon’s amused face, “Bloody hell, I’m rich.” She looked at the numbers again, “Seriously, I need to sit down.”

Leon laughed, “It all adds up, doesn’t it?”

Heidi shook her head in disbelief. What the hell?!

Love, Sex and Money — Chapter Nine

Heidi sat alone in her sitting room, the day before Christmas Eve, pop music pounding into her ears, as she flicked through a newspaper she’d picked up at work. Snow, snow, snow. The various Christmas cards she’d received were propped up on the mantelpiece, just the way she liked. It had been a crazy three months. After all the big talk from Jim, the declarations of love, the wanting to move in together, the amazing sex, he’d simply disappeared. A text message left on her cell stated,

‘Going on a business trip for a bit. Jim.’

That was it. She’d tried calling him but to no avail. And she hadn’t seen him for three whole months. She didn’t know what to think, what to do about it. Was she meant to just sit there and wait for him to turn up at her door again? Leon didn’t seem to think so and he’d told her as much over a late night game of Scrabble. He’d come around to keep her company and hadn’t felt the need to keep his opinion to himself:

“Heidi,” he said, with a touch of sympathy, when she admitted she had no idea where Jim was “He’s a player. To be honest with you I don’t think you two are going to last.”

She didn’t say anything.

“You’re getting carried away because he’s your first boyfriend. Just chill out. Take some time out and think about what you really want in your life. He’s almost my age. He’s going to want to y’know, have kids and stuff. Do you want all that?”

There was silence.

Leon sighed, “Look kid, at the end of the day it’s your decision. It’s your life, right? I’m just saying, you’re eighteen. Do you want to spend the rest of your life tied down to an old man?”

Heidi sighed, “I…yeah.”

“Just think about it. Properly. He’s in a whole different world. You’ve only known him to be turning up at your place, taking you out but there’s his life too. I’m guessing he works late, has different friends, people you might not get on with. He’s been AWOL for three months already and look at the state of you.”

She nodded. “Yeah, I know.”

“And it’s not just that. He filled your head with that bullshit about living together. Think about it kid. You won’t be independent anymore. Every time someone asks if you want to go out you’re gonna have to think twice. Step back and think, “What would Jim say?” I don’t think it’s good for you.”

“How’s that?”

Leon exhaled, looked at her “You’ve just started out in your career. You want to make something of yourself. And with Jim having the job he has, there’s not much chance of that.” He paused, “Before long he’ll want to get out of it.”

“No he won’t.”

“Yes he will. You’re not going to last kid. You’re in different leagues altogether.”

Heidi sighed, “But Leon, we love each other.”

“Yeah, I’m sure he’s said that plenty of times. Heidi, he knows how a girl’s brain works. Every time I see him he’s with someone new. I think he’s got carried away to be honest.”

“Thanks (!)”

Leon sighed, “Look Heidi. Forget him. Leave him. It’s never going to work. You’re nothing to him.”

Heidi scowled, “Gee thanks Leon. You really make me feel good.”

“I’m just telling you how it is.”

“No you’re not. You just have this stupid pathetic grudge against him. I thought you’d sorted yourself out?”

“I have. I’m trying to help you.”

“Help me?! You just can’t stand him!”

“I can. I…want what’s right for you kid.”


“Really, Heidi. He seems nice now but I…just slow down. You’re waiting on him to come back and sweep you off your feet and take you to paradise but it’s not going to happen. You can’t just kill time, believing he’s going to come back.”

Heidi sighed, “I can if I want.”

“It’s all going to go wrong, I’m telling you.”

Heidi groaned, “Leon, say this was some other guy, a guy you liked, a guy you were friends with. Would you be saying all this stuff?”

Leon paused and then, “Yeah, yeah I would.”

“No you wouldn’t. You and Jim could really get on if you gave him a chance.”

Leon sighed, “Heidi, you’re making a mistake.”

“How would you know?”

“I know what’s best for you kid. Look, please just listen to me.”

“You’re just not happy because it’s Jim.”

“Fine!” Leon said, standing up suddenly, knocking the Scrabble board off the coffee table, “Fine! Yes, I’m not happy because it’s Jim. And do you want to know why, Heidi?” He didn’t wait for a response, “Because he is with a different girl every single time I see him! He’s not the settling-down type. He just sees you as a young, pretty piece of ass that he can use and then dump a couple of months down the line when someone better comes along! That’s what guys like him do, Heidi! He thinks you’re pretty, you let him do stuff to you but sooner or later he’s going to get tired of being with the same woman over and over again. He’ll get bored kid and then what’s going to happen? You think he’s going to stick it out?” He laughed bitterly, “No fucking way! He doesn’t care about how you feel, he just cares about himself. Listen to me Heidi and say no. He’ll just use you and then he’ll abuse you. You understand me? For God’s sake kid, he’s been gone for three fucking months. Has he called? Has he even left a message? He loves the fact that while he’s off wherever, you’re sitting here, waiting for him to come back. What business trip?! You’re so gullible! He’s probably gambling like an idiot in Vegas, sleeping with any woman who comes his way, safe in the knowledge he has a girl waiting on him. You understand me?”

Heidi didn’t say anything.

“It’s pathetic.” Leon ran a hand through his hair and looked at her pitifully, “Heidi, listen to me. I’m trying to take care of you. Yes, I never liked Jim. But he’s gone. Three months and no word. And you’re wasting your life away. You’ve got the whole world in front of you; you can do what you like. I never thought I’d say this but get someone. A boyfriend. Someone your age that you can have fun with. Not Jim. He’s too old for you. Don’t let him screw up your life.”

Heidi had sat there, listened to what he had to say, and nodded along, trying not to believe him but it made sense. Jim was selfish. He’d gone off, left her to sit and wait for him. It was ridiculous.

She pulled out her headphones, tried to erase the pain Leon’s words had caused as she studied an article on ‘How to have the Perfect Christmas’. And then her buzzer sounded. She frowned, looked at the clock; quarter past eight. Who on earth would come around in this weather? She dropped the newspaper onto the table and went into the hall, pushed the button,

“Who is it?”


Heidi stared at the speaker. She could scarcely believe her ears.


“Me. Jim. Let me up, I’m freezing my butt off.”

Heidi swallowed, pressed the button and unlocked the door, watching as he came up the stairs, and stepped past her with a smile. She locked the door absentmindedly, looked up at him and went into the sitting room.

“Hi.” He followed her.

She looked at him for a couple of seconds and then turned around, dropped herself into the armchair. He looked just the same. His tousled brown hair, cheerful eyes, he just looked, amazing. And she hated it. After the weeks of waiting, wondering where the hell he’d been, he was here, and she had nothing to say to him.

Jim smiled, “So, you happy to see me?” He rubbed his hands together, tried to warm up as he sat down on the sofa opposite her.

“Yeah, sure.” Heidi didn’t look at him.

“Heidi? What’s wrong?” He frowned, “Hey, look at me. What’s up?”

She shrugged, “Nothing. Everything’s fine.”

Jim narrowed his eyes, “You mad at me?”

Heidi rolled her eyes, “Now why on earth would I be mad at you?”

Jim shrugged, “I don’t know. You tell me.”

She met his eyes then, “Where have you been Jim? You just disappeared. Out of my life for three months. And now you stroll back in like everything’s normal.”

“I left you a message.”

Heidi scoffed, “One message. I thought you said you wanted to spend the rest of your life with me. You said it Jim. Not me. I didn’t make you say it. You go on with this whole big talk about houses and moving and love and you get my hopes up and then you just disappear.” She sighed, looked away, “I thought you’d gone.”

Jim frowned, “Where would I have gone.”

She shrugged, “I don’t know. Away. Off with another girlfriend. I know they’re easy to come by.” She scowled, “You couldn’t even be bothered to call.”

Jim sighed, “I’m sorry, OK? I…it was just this business thing which had to be sorted. I should have said properly. But I’m here now, aren’t I?”

Heidi scowled again, “Woo hoo. You don’t really care do you? You just think I’m cool with everything, you can go AWOL for as long as you like and I’ll be sat here like a bloody fool, hopelessly in love with you.”

Jim shook his head, “No, I don’t. I totally care for you Heidi. Seriously, I love you.”

She shook her head, swallowed the tears which threatened to fall, “Yeah, whatever. You know, Leon was right. You just pick and choose whichever girl you like.”

Jim frowned, “So that’s it huh? Leon? He’s been around here? He’s been filling your head with this crap?”

Heidi scoffed, “You think I can’t think for myself? Leon’s my friend Jim. He’s just looking out for me. He’s here when you’re not. And he’s a lot nicer than you.”

She stood up, crossed the room and looked through the window at the snowy sidewalks below, her heart pounding. She wanted to hate him, wanted to tell him to get the fuck out of her life and not come back but she couldn’t. He had her hooked and she couldn’t stop herself melting at the sight of his beautiful face.

Jim watched her. It amazed him how just one look from this girl could make him feel like total crap. She turned, leaned back against the window and looked at him.

“This guy at work asked me out you know.”

Jim nodded numbly. He forced himself to keep his face straight while his stomach began cart-wheeling inside him.

“What did you say?”

Heidi shrugged, “I had a crush on him for ages. Before I met you. I thought he didn’t like me but I guess I was wrong. He’s called Jon.”

Jim nodded again, “Yeah. So, what did you say?”

She hadn’t answered his question. The seed of doubt flourished inside him. Was that it? She’d met someone else and she wanted out?

“I told him I was very flattered. And I said yes.” She looked at Jim with a sad smile. “Leon said it’d be good for me. Forget about you, date someone new.” She ran a hand through her hair. “We went to the movies last weekend. ‘Puss in Boots’. Antonio Banderas. It was great.”

Jim swallowed hard, “You….you went on a date with him?”

She nodded. “Yeah.”

She looked at him unwaveringly, aware of how just how much she was hurting him.

“It was great.” She said again. “We had the most amazing time.”

Jim stood up, “Good for you.”

Heidi shrugged, “And then I brought him back here.”

Jim turned sharply, looked at her, “You did what?”

She shrugged, absentmindedly rearranged the Christmas cards on the mantelpiece, “He came in. Had a drink. I wanted….” She sighed, “I wanted to….”

Jim crossed the room, touched her arm, “Please Heidi, tell me you didn’t.”

She looked up into his desperate eyes, “I thought you were gone. Forever. I thought I could move on. He kissed me. I kissed him.” She took a deep breath, “And then he started messing with my clothes.” She shook her head slowly, “It felt wrong. I felt…cheap. Dirty. I told him I couldn’t.”

Jim exhaled slowly, “Good.”

Heidi pulled away from him, “Yeah, good. He called me a slut. A tease. And then he went.”

She shook her head, “I was a fucking tease. I was leading him on. And it was your fault. You just disappeared, what was I meant to do?”

Jim touched her hand, “What do I have to do to make it up to you? I know I should have called, I know I should have let you know that I was…still in for this. But I took you for granted. I thought you’d understand. You were always so cool with everything. I’m sorry, OK? Hey, look at me.” He sighed, “Come on baby. Give me a break. I’m here now, right? It’s Christmas.”

Heidi pulled a face, “You can’t just expect me to let you off because it’s Christmas.”

Jim smiled, “But?”

“But….” Heidi exhaled, looked up at his handsome face, “Jim, what are you doing with me?”

He frowned, “Huh?”

“You’re so much better than me. And I know you’re going to tell me to shut up but why do you like me? I’m just an average girl.”

Jim shook his head, “You’re so much more than that. You’re smart, funny, you understand me. You’re beautiful.” He touched her hair, “So beautiful. And so damn sexy.” He breathed in through his nose; let his eyes wander over her body, “Forgive me Heidi. I never knew. I never meant to hurt you.”

Heidi looked at his sincere face, and nodded. “I know. I just… I’m new to this Jim. I’m scared. What if you find someone better?”

Jim shook his head, “It can’t get any better than this. I’m on top of the world. I…I need you Heidi.”

Heidi smiled, “I knew you’d say that. I’m trying to be pissed off Jim, but I can’t be.”

“Good.” He smiled at her. “I need you in my life. And I need you now. You’re so fucking gorgeous; I want to make you feel good.” His spare hand dropped to the front of his jeans and he pressed against his erection as she looked on, “I’m sorry, I know I should be making you a cup of tea and apologising on my knees but you get me so hard Heidi, it’s ridiculous.”

She smiled, “It’s OK. It’s been ages. I’ve missed you. Missed your hands, your mouth, the way you make me feel. I don’t mind….just….let’s just do it.”

“Really? You’re happy to?”

He wrapped her in a warm hug, his strong arms going around her, making her feel safe, loved, complete.

Heidi broke away, pulled her woolly jumper off and dropped it on the floor.

Jim watched her and hurriedly pulled at his shirt until he’d uncovered his smooth torso. Heidi sighed as she stepped out of her jeans and panties, leaving them in a neat pile on the floor. She sat back on the sofa, pulled her knees up to her chest and waited, shivering slightly as Jim removed his own jeans. He pulled his boxers down. Heidi looked at his dick.

“What’s up?”

She shook her head, “It’s…weird.”

“How’s that?”

“I dunno. It’s just so…big.”

“That’s generally taken as a compliment.”

“I know but it’s really huge. Are most guys that size?”

“I don’t know.”

He pulled her up off the sofa and drew her close to him, so their bodies were pressed together. Heidi could feel his warm skin against hers, all the way down her body and she leaned into him, loving the feel of his muscles, his strength.

“You’re such a…man.” She murmured, “You’re a complete man.”

Jim laughed and dropped his mouth to hers, their lips locking together, uniting for the first time in ages. Heidi ran her hands down to his ass.

“You don’t have any fat on you. Everywhere’s just hard muscle.”

Jim laughed again, “I’m gonna get bigheaded if you carry on like this baby. You’re not so bad yourself.”

“Really? Be honest Jim. Seriously. I always think that my butt is too big, my chest isn’t big enough, my nose is too big. What do you think?”

Jim looked at her, “I think you need to get your self-esteem up. You’re gorgeous. Perfect. I love every inch of you. Your nose is perfect, your butt is perfect and…” he held her at arms length, gazing at her chest “Your breasts are perfect. I don’t want you to change ever. You’re thin, beautiful, god Heidi, I just love you.” He pulled her back into his solid embrace, “Don’t forget it.”

He dropped his hands to her butt and let his palms glide slowly over her buttocks. He sighed, “Perfect.” His lips enveloped hers again and she kissed him back.

He was so good to her. So warm, so kind, so comforting. She dropped her hand between their bodies to the erection pressing against her stomach. Slowly she ran her shaky fingers along it, curiously, almost as if she were discovering it for the first time. Jim groaned, pressed harder against her hand and she gulped, let her fingers go around it, feeling how hard it was, how thick.

Their lips parted and she opened her eyes, looked into his, “How does this thing fit inside me?”

Jim laughed hoarsely, “We were made for each other.”

Heidi rolled her eyes and he pushed her back onto the sofa so she sat down, letting go of him. He dropped to his knees in front of her and pushed her thighs apart, gazing down at her sweet moist entrance.

“Baby, I want to taste you.” He felt a sudden urge to put his mouth on her pink skin, lick the juice flowing from within and experience her, every last drop of her.

Heidi shook her head, “Please Jim. Can’t we keep it straight?”

He pouted, “That is straight. It’s not exactly anal is it? Please baby. I just want to see how good you taste, how sweet you are.”

His eyes latched onto hers as he slid his hands under her ass and lifted her to his mouth. He put out his tongue and let it dart over her clit.

Heidi gasped, “Jim, I…”

She wriggled away from him, “Baby, I’m sorry, I can’t.”

“I’ve been there before.”

“Yeah, when I was asleep. Please Jim, just let it go.”

He sighed, “Fine. At least I still get to fuck you.”

He was disappointed but didn’t want to push her. She just needed to be ready. It was better to wait than to regret it later, wasn’t it?

He pushed her legs up so her knees were bent. “Here, hold onto your legs.” She gripped her shins as he knelt up on the sofa, bringing his erection to her displayed entrance.

He looked at her naked form, “You look so beautiful.” He whispered, “God, so damn beautiful.”

He put his hands either side of her, leaning against the back of the sofa as he began pushing into her. He kissed her again, their lips gripping together as he stretched her tight hole. She moaned, tensed up, almost pulling away and he stroked her cheek, “It’s OK.” He whispered, “You’re fine. Loosen up. Let me make you feel good.”

Heidi shut her eyes tight as he slowly slid further inside her passage, “Oh god.” She moaned, “Oh god.”

Jim smiled at her concentration as she let out a little cry of pain, her fingers digging into her legs.

One final push and he was in. Completely in. “There.” He whispered, “That wasn’t so bad, was it?”

Heidi opened her eyes “You make it sound like I’m a kid getting an injection.”

Jim laughed, “Fuck, that’s an unlikely simile. You are getting an injection.”

Heidi laughed, “A needle’s usually a lot thinner than this.” He felt enormous inside her, enclosed in the tight confines of her dripping passage. She could feel him hot, pulsing and ready for action.

Jim smiled, kissed her again as he began to slowly thrust in and out of her, gripping the back of the sofa for balance. He gritted his teeth, his dick throbbing as he knelt precariously on the edge, moving in and out of her soft cunt, loving every sound that came from her sweet throat.

Heidi moaned, holding her legs tight as Jim’s face hovered somewhere above her. He always felt so big, so wonderfully big, stretching her so much. She moaned as he slammed into her with a sudden, unexpectedly forceful move.

“Jim. Jim.” Her fingers were prickling with sweat, she felt mad for doing this when she was supposed to be annoyed but he’d looked so hopeful, so excited, she couldn’t turn him down. And she was enjoying it herself. The harder he went, the better it felt, his dick soothing her aching pussy every time he hit that spot deep inside her. She couldn’t put into words what she was feeling so she just parted her lips and let the moans pour out. She opened her eyes, and he swam in and out of focus above her. God this was crazy! She forgot the rest of the world, forgot work, forgot Leon, forgot Christmas, and just concentrated on holding her legs tight against her perspiring breasts so Jim could do exactly what he wanted to her body.

She felt him move slightly as he adjusted his weight to one hand and brought the spare one to her face, pushed her hair off her sweaty forehead, stroked her lips, her cheek, her chin. He felt the dampness on her shoulder, drew a line between her breasts and stretched legs, still thrusting in and out of her.

“Jim!” he reached her navel and touched it, sparking that funny feeling inside her, making her flat stomach break out in a sweat to suit the rest of her body. His single finger trailed down, further down until he reached her mound. He ran his finger over the bare skin, running little circles until she lifted her ass and pressed desperately against his hand.


He touched her swollen clit and she almost pulled away, it was so ridiculously sensitive.

“Heidi? Shall I…?” He didn’t know what she wanted. She’d pressed up to him so urgently but now pulled away. He gazed down at her slick body, moving up and down in rhythm with his thrusts and he smiled at her beautiful expression. God, he loved this girl. Loved her more than words could say. He couldn’t even show it. He slammed into her harder, not caring that his arms and legs were crying out in protest, not caring that he had so many things to do. He just wanted her to know how much he felt about her. He wanted the emotions that were boiling inside him, the love, the laughter, the joy, the admiration, he wanted them all to pool down into his dick so they could be released inside her beautiful body. Oh lord, he needed to come. He needed it.

“Jim!” the word was barely decipherable between the moans, the grunts and the sound of skin slapping into skin.

“What is it baby?”

“Touch me. Please! I need you to.” God, yes. His finger was still roaming her damp mound and he brought it down to her clit for the second time. He touched it, gently at first, letting her get used to the feel again and then he began moving faster, slicking it up and down, side to side, loving every cry and moan that she uttered.

“Jim, god Jim!” she was close, that much was clear. He didn’t know how long they’d been at it, it felt like hours; all he knew was that he needed to come with her, inside her, so she’d feel what he felt. She had to know how much he loved her. She had to feel the passion burning in his taut stomach, had to feel the very fire in his soul that burnt intensely every time he looked at her flawless face. His fingers slicked against her sensitive clit harder and harder, faster and faster and then he felt her shudder, her body begin to surrender to him as she bucked, screamed out his name, over and over again, her slender frame shaking violently, her cries echoing in the small room. And as she clenched down hard around his blazing cock, he came with her, his spunk shooting up inside her soft sweet body, filling her, as he grunted, his eyes fixed on her face.

“Dear lord.” It was over. He was done. He slumped down, rested on top of her, his chest pressed against her cheek, his nose in her hair. It was a few minutes before he spoke.

“Heidi?” He straightened up, looked at her face. She opened her eyes, “You OK baby?”

“Oh god. I’m a bit sore.” He raised his eyebrows in concern as he gently pulled his limp cock out of her glove-like embrace.


She sighed, slowly let go of her legs and groaned, watching the cum leak out. “Not that sore. That was crazy Jim. Better than ever.”

He smiled, “Really? I just wanted to prove how much I love you.” He got up off the sofa and stretched, “Man, that was bloody awesome.”

Heidi slowly stood up, her legs still weak, “You don’t need to prove it Jim. I can tell.” She reached up, kissed him, “I’m just gonna get a shower.”

He held onto her arm as she made to walk away and she looked at him “What is it?”

His brown eyes passed over her naked body, the slight sheen of sweat on her skin, her mussed up hair, the small trickle of white liquid on her inner thigh.

“Jim? What is it?”

He sighed, swallowed hard, “You’re beautiful.” He whispered, “So fucking beautiful. I’m sorry Heidi, I really am. I tried to call, I swear I did but the lines were so messed up. I know it’s no excuse.” He sighed, “God baby, I love you.”

Heidi smiled, “Thank you.” She kissed him again, “You make me feel so good. I’m so happy Jim.”

He smiled, “Me too baby. I don’t deserve you. You’re so sweet, so innocent, so pure.”

Heidi shook her head, “Don’t say that! You’re perfect for me. Exactly what I want. Exactly what I’ve always wanted.”

Jim grinned, “Really?”

“Yes. Just don’t leave me sat here on tenterhooks again.” She sighed, “Leon’s going to be dead happy to see you.”

Jim groaned, “Who cares? We’re happy.”

He watched as she walked out of the room. Thank god she’d let him back in. Thank god.


Heidi woke up at seven the next morning to see Jim standing in the doorway of her bedroom. It felt good to see him there, just standing there, smiling at her, his wonderful body all on display, save the parts concealed by his boxers.

“Hey.” He crossed the room and sat down on the bed which creaked in alarm at his weight.

“Get off fatso. You’re going to break it.” Heidi slipped out from under the duvet and stepped into her slippers, watching in amusement as Jim lay down, hands behind his head.

“I’m not fat. You said yourself, it’s all muscle.”

Heidi rolled her eyes, “Sure. What are you doing here anyway?”

Jim pouted, “Am I not welcome here?”

Heidi laughed, “No. But seriously, it’s Christmas Eve! Aren’t you supposed to be seeing your family?”

Jim got up off the bed, “You’re practically family.”

Heidi laughed, “No, I’m not. What about your Mom?”

Jim shrugged, “I’m going over tonight. We all spend Christmas at hers. You’re coming too.”

Heidi frowned, “What? No, that’s your family thing, I can’t be there.”

Jim laughed, “Yes you can. Unless you have other plans…? You going to see your family? What do you usually do this time of year?”

“Not much.” Heidi turned and scrutinised her reflection in the mirror.

“Not much?!” Jim asked incredulously, “You must do something.”

Heidi sighed, “I tell my grandma I’m spending the day with my friends. I tell Leon I’m spending the day with my grandma. And I sit at home.”

“What?!” Jim looked at her in disbelief, “You sit here alone? On Christmas?”

Heidi shrugged, “Leon goes to see his family. I went one time but I didn’t like it. I don’t really like Christmas at all.”

Jim shook his head, “Heidi, I’m confused.”

She turned, rummaged in her wardrobe, “I just compare it to when I was a kid. We used to have so much fun with Dad. And it feels wrong to enjoy myself without him.”

“So you do nothing?” Jim shook his head, “Baby, he wouldn’t want you to be unhappy. I know it’s never going to be the same without him but you can still make an effort, can’t you? Look, come and spend the day with us. Me, my mom, Jasmine and her family. You’ll have a good time, I swear. And if you don’t, you can just drink it all away.”

Heidi forced a laugh, “You’re a bad influence.”

Jim smiled, “You can’t be alone on Christmas.”

“Fine.” She began brushing her long hair, “Fine.”

Jim grinned, “We’ll have a blast, I promise you.”

Heidi smiled, “Sure. What are you doing today then?”

Jim shrugged, stretched and yawned, “I’m giving you your first Christmas present.”

Heidi groaned, “You got me something? Jim, I didn’t buy anything for you.”

He laughed, “I didn’t expect anything. I don’t deserve anything. Hell, being back in your life is the only thing I wanted. But I got you a couple of things.”

Heidi sighed, “A couple? Jim, please don’t spend all your money on me.”

He crossed the room, kissed her hard on the lips, “It’s my money. I can do what I want with it.” His eyes twinkled as he looked into hers, “Now get freshened up and changed. We’re going to mine.”


It was almost ten in the morning when Jim eventually parked his Range Rover up in front of his house. He turned the engine off and they sat in silence for a minute or two, looking at the snow covered surroundings. He sighed,

“Come on then.” He looked at Heidi.

She pulled a face, “It’s cold out there.”

Jim laughed, “We’re not going to sit outside. The house is warm. Move it.”

She slowly undid her seatbelt, pulled her hat down tightly over her ears and stepped out onto the driveway, the snow crushing soundlessly underneath her boots.

Jim locked the car, led her over to the front door and soon enough they were in the warmth.

“There!” He hung her coat up in the hall and smiled, “I have a feeling this is gonna be an awesome Christmas.”

Heidi looked at him, “Why’s that?”

He laughed, “As if I need to say. Come on, let’s have elevenses.”

“Elevenses?” Heidi smiled as she followed him into the kitchen, “It’s ten.”

“Ten-ses, then.” Jim opened a few cupboard doors, whistling to himself as he tossed a packet of bread at her, “Toast that.”

Heidi scowled, “Hey, I’m the guest. You should be doing everything.”

“Ha!” Jim laughed, “House rules. You don’t help, you don’t eat.”

Heidi sniffed in disgust, “That’s a stupid rule.”

Jim laughed at her sulky expression, “Don’t eat then. I know you must be starving, you didn’t even have breakfast.”

He crossed over to the refrigerator, “You want orange juice? Pineapple?” He looked across at her, “Or just coffee?”

“Coffee.” She looked around the enormous room, “Where’s the toaster?”

“In that cupboard, right there.”

Five minutes later, after being forced to make coffee while Jim did the eggs, Heidi slumped down at the table.

Jim looked at her in amusement, “What’s wrong with you?”

“I’m tired.” She tried to hide her smile.

“Tired?” Jim sat down across from her, took a gulp of hot coffee, “Ah! Fuck, that’s hot!”

Heidi laughed, “Well obviously.”

Jim sniffed, “Go on then, eat. You helped, so go ahead.”

Heidi reached across the table, took his plate and started eating as he watched incredulously. “Mmm…” She sipped his coffee and smiled sweetly, “Thanks Jim. You’re so good to me.”


After losing the friendly argument over who was washing up, Heidi dried her hands with a smile. Maybe Christmas wasn’t going to be so bad this year. She pushed the impending memories of her family to the back of her mind and went in search of Jim.

“Hey, where are you?”

He appeared in the doorway of the sitting room, “Here. What’s up?”

Heidi shrugged, “Nothing. What am I meant to do now?”

Jim raised an eyebrow, “You finished washing up? You didn’t just stick it all back in the cupboards?”

Heidi wrinkled up her nose, “No. That’s gross. Only a guy would do that.”

Jim laughed, “Fine. Good. Now, um, yeah.” He looked at her for a second and smiled, “I have a new house rule.”

Heidi sighed, “What? The guest does the vacuuming? The guest does the laundry? The guest mows the lawn?”

Jim frowned, “There’s snow on the lawn. Anyway, no, it’s a good rule. I just invented it.”

Heidi rolled her eyes, “Even better. The guest stands around waiting for the host to come up with new rules?”

“No.” Jim smiled, an almost wolfish smile as he took in her expression. “The guest doesn’t wear any clothes.”

Heidi’s mouth dropped open, “What?! Are you insane? It’s like minus ten degrees outside!”

“Well, you’re not outside are you? You’re inside.” He shook his head, “You don’t have to be so over dramatic. I’d gladly do the same.”

Heidi scoffed, “No. No way. I’d rather go home and watch Judge Judy.”

“Oh, come on!” Jim pleaded, “Seriously, you should take it as a compliment.”

“A compliment?!”

“Yeah.” Jim pulled off his shirt, walked back into the sitting room, “Or we can just have sex. It’s up to you.”

Heidi rolled her eyes, “Wow! What a choice!”

Jim laughed, “You’re so cynical! Come on Heidi. I’m a guy!”

“Uh-huh. I think that I did actually notice that.” Heidi sat down on one of the sofas as Jim dropped his shirt to the floor and began undoing his jeans. “I haven’t made my choice yet you know. I don’t know why you’re stripping.”

Jim smiled, “Because I already know what you’re going to say.” He looked at her, “Come on, take your clothes off. They’re coming off either way.”

Heidi scoffed, “You are so arrogant! I can’t believe you! You’re in my life for barely seven days, you disappear for three months, I find it in my heart to forgive you, you bring me back here, force me to cook and clean and now you just assume that I’m going to have sex with you.” She paused for breath, “Talk about self-righteousness.”

Jim grinned, “I love it when you get all angry.”

Heidi tried to stop herself smiling as he crossed the room and pulled her up off the sofa, laughing as he did so.

“I love you sweetheart.”

She grinned, “Sweetheart? Never heard that one before.”

Jim smiled, “It’s my last resort. Please Heidi.” He kissed her softly on the mouth, “This is going to be a great Christmas.” He whispered, his eyes looking meaningfully into hers, “I promise baby.”

His hands moved to the bottom of her sweater and she pushed him away, “I can do it myself.”

Jim nodded, “Fine.” He pulled his boxers down, left them on the floor as he sat down on the sofa, watching expectantly as she undressed hurriedly, not wanting to linger over any one part. Within a minute, she stood in front of him, completely naked, her eyes fixed uncertainly on his as he smiled at her.

“You’re so beautiful.” He murmured, “So fucking beautiful.”

He adjusted his position, half-lying on the sofa, his legs bent at the knees, his eyes never leaving hers. Reaching forward, he pulled her down on top of him, one hand securing itself on the back of her head, the other on her ass and they kissed furiously¸ their naked bodies pressing together. Heidi felt him move uncomfortably so she adjusted her position, moving one leg between his, her pussy pressed hard against his thigh. She moaned as he pulled her head to the side, still kissing her furiously, his other hand moving to her ass, his fingers trailing across it. She moved her own hand to the back of his head, settling in between his bent legs, feeling his erection lurking between them.

“Heidi.” The word came out as a gasp, “You drive me mad.”

His brown eyes flicked over her face, her parted lips her beautiful eyes and he pressed his mouth to hers again, unable to elucidate what was going on inside him. Her skin was so soft, so smooth, her ass so firmly round, her legs so silky in comparison to his.

He could feel the heat of her cunt against his thigh, and that just made him harder, made the blood pound more fiercely inside his ear drums.

“I need you!” The words burst from his mouth as they parted, gasping for breath, “Now Heidi, now.”

“You’ve got me Jim.” Her eyes were looking into his, she seemed almost confused.

He hesitated, “You OK?”

She exhaled, “Fine. You’re amazing Jim.”

He shook his head, released her grip on her and reached down, pulled her leg over his so she was stretched across him, “You ready? You OK?”

She moved up so her face was above his and nodded, her hands moving to his shoulders, gripping hard as he found her wet entrance and began pushing in.

“Oh god, oh god.” The regular pain begun and she screwed her eyes shut waiting for him to go in all the way before she slumped down, pressed her mouth to his again and let the feeling of fullness settle.

“You good baby?” The concern in his lust drenched voice made her smile and she kissed his neck in response, her flat stomach pressing against his, her breasts squashed against his muscled chest.

Jim grunted, moved his hands around to her ass and held on tight as they began moving together, sliding in and out, on and off each other.

“Oh baby. Heidi.” his breathing was ragged, uneven, his voice a hoarse whisper as he felt her gasping against his neck, her soft lips kissing him, her moans muffled. Her slim fingers moved to his face, exploring it, the hard line of his rough jaw, the prominent shape of his nose, his eyebrows, his mouth, lips. His teeth came out, nipped playfully at her soft fingertips and she yelped, trailed her teeth across his neck, straightening up slightly, looking into his eyes as he continued moving in and out of her. Her long dark hair hung down, brushing against him as her eyes shut uncontrollably, a soft yelp issuing from her sweet throat as he pushed harder. His hands roamed her butt, as he subconsciously decided to stay away from her asshole, his fingers moving instead to her narrow waist, going higher and higher until they reached her firm chest. Heidi moaned, her own hands moving from his shoulders to his biceps as he began moving faster, his fingers digging into her soft flesh, exploring, pinching her hardened nipples. Another aching moan escaped from her throat and he pinched harder, until it was almost painful, his lover’s eyes squeezed tight shut as she leaned on his chest.

“Oh god!” He was pulling at her nipples now, groping her breasts in his hands, marvelling at the firmness, the softness, his eyes fixed on her beautiful face. He was thrusting hard up into her, his hips lifting from the sofa every time he slammed fully inside her narrow entrance. She moaned again, arched her back, and faced the ceiling as he went harder, faster, his hands moving down to hold her waist steady.

“Oh god, oh Jim!” she was gasping, her legs sweating against his, her hair hanging down her back as she felt herself get closer and closer, Jim’s hand moving furtively to pause between her legs.

“Look at me!” His command was an uncompromising grunt, as his fingers made contact with his dick, drawing moisture from the pool up to her clit. “Heidi, look at me!”

Her head dropped back, her eyes opened, looked into his intense gaze as he began stroking her, slowly at first, gradually increasing in tempo. She gasped out his name and he shook his head, silently demanding eye contact as he brought her closer and closer to orgasm. Her slim thighs shook either side of him as her hand came out, grabbed his wrist, trying to help her keep control. She cried out again as she felt his rough fingers move skilfully against her, knowing exactly how to get her to release. Her hand left his strong wrist, moved down to his fingers and she scrabbled with him, feeling her own wetness, trying to wrench him away. His eyes stared into hers, “Don’t look away.” He muttered gutturally, “Your face, I…” He broke off as his provocative fingers combined with his hard thrusts, finally sent her over the edge as she moaned loudly, her eyes dragging away from his, her mouth sucking in oxygen as she bucked around his cock, both of her hands now struggling with his. She clenched hard around him, her thighs crumbling as she slumped, her sweat slicked body coming to rest on his as he reached his own climax.

“Fuck! FUCK!” His hand finally left her sensitive clit as he gripped her waist, shooting his hot load straight up inside her, again and again, until he was empty and breathless, his heart beating at an impossible rate. He lay down; let himself relax as he wrapped his arms around Heidi, holding her close, his dick still buried deep inside her. Nobody moved for a few minutes. Jim’s hand moved up, stroked her hair as he opened his eyes, let out a long drawn-out sigh of appreciation.


Her hands were trapped between their hot bodies and she slowly lifted herself off his warm bulk, freeing herself, gently moving up along his muscular thighs so he eased out of her.

“What a mess.”

She manoeuvred herself off the sofa and stood on the carpet, subconsciously rubbing her waist, where Jim had held on so hard. She looked down at him.

“Jim? You OK?”

He was staring at the ceiling but as he turned to look at her, he smiled, “I feel amazing.”

She smiled, “Good. So are you gonna lie there all day?”

“No.” He heaved himself up off the cushions and kissed her hard, “Let’s go and shower.”


The rest of Christmas Eve was spent in idyllic enjoyment, each simply enjoying the others company. They cooked, laughed, managed to have fun fully clothed as they watched Home Alone, fast forwarding though the boring bits. Jim felt happier than he’d ever been before. Heidi was such a genuine girl. There was none of the fake laughter at his pathetic jokes, none of the constant mushiness. She was just herself and he loved it. He loved her. He couldn’t wait to introduce her to Jasmine and the kids, couldn’t wait to make her feel like part of a family. Because that was what she was missing. Too resentful to talk to her own Mom, too guilty to have fun with her sister and Grandmother, she needed to feel included. It was clear to him, suddenly crystal clear, that she’d never found peace after her Dad’s death. She couldn’t even look him in the eye when she talked about it, couldn’t speak about it for too long. Now, as she laughed at the kid on TV, she was happy because it was all OK. She wasn’t reminded of her dysfunctional family, wasn’t thinking about her father lying six feet under the ground, she was just being a normal eighteen year old.

He smiled as the credits rolled onto the screen and she pressed the off button on the controller, turning to smile at him.

“That was fun.”

He nodded, “Yeah.”

She frowned, “What’s wrong with you, Mr Serious? You’re looking all sombre like you’re having some profound thoughts.”

Jim laughed, “I’m an intelligent man, young lady. It’s normal for me to be doing some deep thinking.”

She rolled her eyes, “Yeah, when you’re watching two dumbass criminals having their butts kicked by a kid?!”

“Yeah.” He smiled at her again before glancing at the clock, “I reckon it’s time for bed, and,” he grinned, flashing his white teeth at her, “Time for your first present.”

Heidi sighed, “I don’t want a present. I’m not a baby, you know.”

“Believe me, I know.” Jim stood up, “It’s not a proper present, it’s more of an….idea.”

“Yup, heard all those before.” Heidi said with a grin, “Don’t tell me. You want to move in together before you go off on a world tour for half a year.”

Jim gasped, “Would I ever do that to you?!”

Heidi rolled her eyes.

“No, seriously, come on, it’s upstairs.” His hand wrapped around hers and he pulled her up off the sofa. Half a minute later, they were in his bedroom, Heidi looking out of the window, as he rummaged through a jacket pocket. “I got it yesterday.” He explained, “It’s nothing much. I’m saving the proper one for tomorrow.”

“I get two presents?!”

Jim turned, “See? You are excited! Oh, come on, where have they gone?!”

Finally he turned around with an envelope which he sat down on the bed with. He patted the space next to him, “Come on.”

Heidi sighed, “Why do I have to sit there?”

Jim laughed, “So when you see what it is and get really happy, I’ll just turn around and ravage you. Simple, really.”

Heidi stepped hesitantly forward, “What if I don’t get happy?”

Jim laughed, “Then you’d be an ungrateful cow. Come on, I’m dead excited!”

He pulled her down next to him and passed her the envelope, “Open it!”

Heidi lifted the flap, glanced at him, before pulling out the slips of paper, scanning the writing, “Oh my god!”

Jim laughed, “I knew you’d be happy!”

“We’re going to Vegas?!” Heidi shook her head, “My God, you are the worst influence in the world!”

Jim laughed, plucked the papers out of her hand and dropped them onto the bedside table, turning to kiss her hard on the lips, his hands sliding smoothly under her clothes, “And you love me for it.”


Christmas morning arrived with a fresh blanket of snow and Heidi was rudely awoken by the sound of a newsreaders weather warnings. She brushed the hair from her eyes, smiled at the memory of the previous night and looked up to see Jim, fully clothed, watching her.

“What time is it?” She wrapped the duvet around herself, shielding her naked body from his shameless gaze.

“It’s half past seven. And we need to get a move on.” He pulled the duvet away from her and she brought her knees up, hugged them to her chest.


Jim laughed, “We’re going to Mom’s remember? I’ve been up for an hour getting everything sorted.”

Heidi groaned, “Why didn’t you wake me?”

He shrugged, “You looked so peaceful. I reckon I tired you out yesterday.”

“Hmm…” Heidi dragged herself off the mattress, “Do I have to go?”

Jim sighed, “You sound like a kid. And yes, you do. It’s going to be fun, I swear. You can meet Jasmine and her husband, Callum, and their kids.”

Heidi ran her fingers though her hair, “That’s the point. It’s your family. Not mine. I’m not…welcome there.”

Jim laughed, “Bull. Sure you are. I already told Mom you’re coming and Jas, well, she’ll be cool with it.” He looked at her uncertain face, “Baby, please. Come on, get showered and we can get going. It’ll be great!”

Heidi forced a smile, “Yeah, great!”

Jim watched as she made her way into the en suite and heard her turn the water on. It was going to be great, wasn’t it? He crossed the room, picked up her second present from the top shelf of his wardrobe and put it in his jeans pocket, a slight feeling of uneasiness settling over him. He hoped to god that this Christmas was going to go the way he’d planned.


It was just over an hour later when Susan Mitchell heard the doorbell ring. She smiled to herself as she hurriedly shut the oven door and washed her hands, before making her way down the hall to the front door.

“Just chill out Heidi, I swear you’re….”

Jim stopped talking as the door swung open and his mother wrapped him in a bone crunching hug, “Merry Christmas dear.”

Jim smiled, “I’d hug you back Mom but I’ve got all this stuff for the kids.”

Susan released him, looked at Heidi who was standing behind him nervously and smiled, “Heidi! Oh, you look beautiful! Come in, come in!”

Jim snorted, “God, Mom. You like her better than me!”

Susan rolled her eyes, “Can you blame me?” she laughed at Jim’s expression, “Oh you daft boy. Come on, I love it when my house gets filled with young people!”

Heidi hadn’t spoken and Jim looked at her, “Aren’t you going to say anything?”

She gulped, “Oh. Sorry.” She looked at his Mom, “Happy Christmas Ms Mitchell. Thanks for having me over. I didn’t want to intrude or anything but…”

“Oh, nonsense dear.” Susan shook her head, “The more the merrier. At least Jim won’t be sitting here with no-one to talk to. And you can call me Susan. Or Sue.”

She ushered them into the hall and Jim put down the bags he was carrying to unzip his jacket. Heidi just stood there.

“Heidi?” Jim poked her, “Take your things off.”

She jumped, “Huh? Oh, erm…, yeah.” She fumbled with the buttons on her coat as Jim watched in concern.

“Baby? You OK?”

She scowled, “Yeah, fine. For gods sake Jim, give me a break!” She bit her lip, “God, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to snap. I just….I’m just nervous.”

“Hey.” Jim paused as his Mom tactfully went down the hall, “It’s OK. Just enjoy yourself, OK?”

She nodded jerkily, “Yeah, yeah, sure, I can handle it.”

Jim smiled and followed his Mom into the kitchen, “I’ve got a present for an old lady!”

Susan hit him with the tea towel, “Old lady, indeed! Go to your room!”

They laughed and Jim wrapped her in a hug, “I love you Mom. Thanks for everything.” He looked into her bright brown eyes, “Everything.”

She smiled, “I’m so proud of you Jim. You’re a man. A proper man.” She frowned at the sudden look of uncertainty on his face, “Jim? What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” He smiled, “Just nervous about Heidi.”

“Don’t worry. It’s going to go fine, I know it is.” She squeezed his arm, “Anyway, where’s this present you were speaking of?”


Heidi stood in the hall, watching quietly as Jim laughed with his Mom. Thoughts of her own family were thankfully interrupted as the doorbell rang again and there was a sudden commotion as two small boys charged in, clutching remote-controlled cars while arguing loudly. They stopped short as they noticed her and turned back to their harassed parents who were struggling through the door.

“Oh George!”

Jim came out of the kitchen as he heard his sister’s tired exclamation and grinned.

“Jas!” He wrapped her in a hug as her husband crowded in behind her, dropping numerous bags on the floor. Heidi plastered a smile onto her face. It was going to be a long day.


It soon became clear to Heidi that Jim’s family had a very traditional Christmas. She made her way through the introductions, the hugs, the stupid mistletoe, the crackers, the enormous meal and found herself actually enjoying it. And then, to get a little bit of time to herself, she insisted on doing the washing up, stacking up the numerous plates and loading them next to the sink. It had been OK so far. Jasmine, Callum, and their two boys were as nice as Jim had promised. Funny, welcoming, they couldn’t have made her feel more at home. But she’d overheard Jasmine talking to Jim in the hall, a snippet of their conversation catching her ear as she made conversation with Callum “….she’s only eighteen Jim! You’re being selfish!” She tried to pretend she hadn’t heard but one look at Callum’s face told her he’d heard too and she swiftly turned her attention to the children, not knowing what to say. And now here Jasmine was, carrying more plates though, smiling at her as if everything was OK.


Jasmine hesitated and Heidi looked at her, “What is it?”

“Nothing. You having a nice time?”

Heidi smiled, “Yeah, thanks.”

“Good.” But she didn’t leave, “You and Jim, uh, you’re great together.”

“Oh, uh, thanks.”

There was another awkward pause.

Heidi put down the plate, “Jasmine, I know what you think. I’m eighteen, Jim’s twenty seven, it’s not right and…”

“He’s twenty eight.” Jasmine was looking suitably nervous. “And I’m not saying it’s not right. Look, Jim’s happy, you’re happy. But I’m just an interfering cow. Look, I know you heard what we were talking about earlier, right? But I was wrong. You suit each other perfectly. Don’t let me screw it up. I just get ….” She sighed, ran a hand through her blonde hair, “I just want you to get on, OK? Jim likes you. He’s never had a girl around for one of these family things before and I just don’t want him to get hurt.”

Heidi nodded, “I know. I’m sorry. But we’re OK. We’re good. Don’t worry about it.”

Jasmine nodded, “I’m sorry Heidi. I judge too soon but I can see you’re a nice girl and I’m really sorry if you thought -”

She stopped talking as Jim came into the kitchen and turned to the door. “Anyway, I’d better go make sure the kids haven’t killed each other.” And she was gone.

Heidi resumed washing the plates as Jim sat down on the countertop, “You OK? Jas hasn’t been scaring you off, has she?” The question was asked lightly but his eyes were nervous as she looked at him and smiled,

“No. Quite the opposite.”

“Good.” The nervousness was replaced with clear relief, “You having a good day?”

“Yep.” Heidi put down the last plate and dried her hands, “Great.”

“Good.” Jim stepped off the countertop and stood behind her dropping his chin to her shoulder as they both looked out at the flurry of snow adding to the already covered garden.

“It’s beautiful.”

“Mm-hm.” Jim’s head turned, and he kissed her gently on the neck. “We’ll stay over here tonight. Too dangerous to drive.”

Heidi sighed, “I don’t have any other clothes.”

“You won’t need any.” He kissed her again, “Will you?”

Heidi shrugged, “Guess not.”

She was watching a bird which was pecking about in the snow, subconsciously aware of Jim’s hand taking hers, pressing it to his jeans.

“Feel that?” His voice was a husky whisper, “See what you do to me?”

“Hmmm…” Heidi sighed, leaned back into him, “I know.”

The bulge was undeniable and she didn’t know what to think about it.

“Should I be flattered?”

Jim laughed, “I don’t know.” His hand released hers, leaving it on his jeans and he reached up, cupped her breasts.

“Perfect.” He pushed his hips forward, pushed harder against her hand; an ominous growl rising in his throat as he felt himself get harder and then Heidi pushed him, urgently, as the door swung open.

Jim stepped hurriedly back as Callum walked in and stopped short, “Oh God.” It didn’t take a genius to work out what had been going on, “Whoa, sorry guys, I was just gonna get some wine. I’ll just…”

“No.” Heidi turned around, “It’s OK. We’re good. Come on, let’s go.”

She was out of the kitchen like a shot, leaving Jim leaning against the wall, hot and looking uneasily at his brother-in-law.


Callum shook his head, “Forget it. Seriously, it’s no big problem. Where’s the drinks?”

Jim ran a hand through his hair as he crossed the kitchen and took out some glasses. A little alcohol would probably to him a world of good.


The rest of the day passed enjoyably, the plentiful beer and wine making up for the sometimes awkward conversation. They all sat in the sitting room, a roaring fire warming them as Jasmine flicked through the TV programmes, looking for something to quieten the children. And they talked. About everything. Christmas, snow, schools, hairstyles, work, even politics. Callum, Jasmine and Susan were easy to talk too. They weren’t pretentious, they were just normal people. The conversation flowed as fast as the wine and it was only when Callum gave a stifled yawn, that everyone realised it was past midnight.

Soon enough they were all going upstairs, saying goodnight, laughing at how the time had flown and before she knew it, Heidi was alone in a guest bedroom, gazing out at the snow, waiting for Jim.

She felt his breath on her ear before she felt his hands enclose her waist, pulling her into him. She leaned back, sighed in blissful happiness, looking out across the blanketed city.

“That was the most perfect Christmas. Ever.” His hands moved lower, stroking the skin between her jeans and shirt.

“Right. You made me happy Heidi. More than you know.” His lips dropped to her neck and he kissed a soft path up to her jaw, “You’re perfect. You’re just… amazing.”

Their lips met, slowly, almost hesitantly, as Heidi turned to face him, running her hands up his arms.

“Thanks.” Her brown eyes were soft as she looked into his, “Thank you Jim.”

He paused, “For what?”

“For making me come here. You were right. It was great.”

She kissed him again, hands sliding behind his neck and he tried to relax, tried to be confident as he slipped his hand into his pocket.

“Heidi.” The word came out hoarsely, as he swallowed, took in her beautiful face, “I was going to give you your second present.”

Heidi laughed, “Leave it. Do it tomorrow.”

“No!” She looked surprised at the urgency in his tone, “I…” he took a deep breath, tried to steady himself, “Now, it has to be now.”

Heidi tried to hide her confusion, “Um, OK. Whatever you say.”

Jim tried to smile, tried to tell himself it was going to be OK but he’d never been so scared in his life. He should have left it to another day, he thought uneasily, but he needed her. He had to do this, had to make sure that this really was going to be the best Christmas of his life

“Close your eyes then.” His attempt at a jokey tone partially succeeded and Heidi smiled, squeezed her eyes shut, blocking out Jim and the rest of the room.

Jim hesitated, his hand still deep in his jeans pocket as he toyed with the gift.

“Heidi, I, uh…” He didn’t know what to say. He swallowed hard, “Heidi, you’re the only girl I ever want. You hear me?”


“And um…” he scratched the back of his head, “I come so close to losing you time and time again over stupid, pathetic things and I was doing a lot of thinking while I was away. Lying in bed, thinking about my life. How I’m doing, where I’m going, what I want.” He sighed, “There’s something about you baby. You’re….you’re different to all the others. There’s this thing about you that makes you funny and sexy, and smart and beautiful all at the same time. You make me good. And I can’t lose that.” He shook his head, looked at her shut eyes,

“Heidi, I can’t lose that. You’re like a….a…drug.”

Heidi snorted, “A drug?”

Jim forced a laugh, “Yeah….Look, before I met you, right, my life was OK. With you, I’m just on this terrific high all the time. You make me feel so good. And it’s not just the sex. Talking to you, having you around is the best feeling in the world. And when you’re not here, I’m on a low. Like the last three months have felt like shit. Seriously Heidi, I need you. No other girl, I need you.”

He breathed in sharply, pulled the ring out of his pocket and dropped to his knee in front of her, “Which is why, I have to ask you. I can’t lose what we have, baby. I need you.” He shook his head, an insane desire to laugh flaring inside him as he looked up at her beautiful face, “Heidi, sweetheart, will you marry me?”

Heidi’s eyes flew open as her jaw dropped at the sight of him in front of her, “Marry you?!”

Love, Sex and Money — Chapter Ten

Heidi collapsed down onto the bed in mock exhaustion as Jim looked on in amusement. The flight back from Las Vegas had been jam-packed due to the holiday season and the snow hadn’t made things much better. But here they were finally were, home at last.

“I just want to sleep forever.”

Jim sat down on the windowsill, “You enjoy yourself?”

“Yeah.” Heidi rolled over, looked across at him, “It was great.”

Jim smiled, “Good.”

Heidi lay down, stared up at the pristine white ceiling. It really had been brilliant. Ever since Jim had come back, she’d had the time of her life. First the awesome Christmas, then the week away. She brought her hand up, looked at the sparkling ring on her finger and smiled. After turning down Jim’s proposal, she thought he would have been angry but he’d taken it quite well considering how hopeful he’d been. But then again, it had been a crazy idea. And after agreeing that she was admittedly too young, and they hadn’t known each other long enough, he’d insisted that she keep the ring anyway as a ‘we-might-get-married-in-a-couple-of-years’ gesture. That had been Christmas night and then they’d spent hours just snuggling up together, talking and talking until they realised it had suddenly become Boxing Day and it was time to get up. That seemed to have happened a lot lately, Heidi thought with a small smile. They never seemed to actually sleep at night, just talk and have sex. Not that she was complaining. Jim was wonderful. Her ideal man she thought, before rolling her eyes as she realised how daft that sounded. But he was. He actually listened when she talked, really seemed to care about what she had to say. It had unnerved her at first, the way he’d watch, his intelligent brown eyes simply taking her in as she told him something but now she felt totally comfortable with him. Aside from the time in their hotel room, Las Vegas had been everything she’d ever dreamed of. Everything there was sophisticated; the city was simply dripping with luxury. Not a single thing had been a disappointment, from Mandalay Bay to the gorgeous views of the Strip from the floor-to-ceiling windows; Vegas was completely faultless. It really was the entertainment capital of the world. And being there with Jim? Well that was just the icing on the cake.

“What are you thinking?”

Jim’s warm voice cut into her thoughts and she propped herself up on one elbow, looked across at him. “How much more time have you got off? From work?”

He pulled a face, “About another week. Why?”

She shrugged, “Just wondering.” And then she lay back down.

Jim watched her with a smile. Heidi, lying there, on his bed, after he’d just spent the best part of four weeks with her. All in all, Christmas and New Year had been the best he’d ever had. And it was all because of her. He remembered how foolish he’d felt on Christmas night as she did her best to reject him gently but suddenly it didn’t matter anymore. Just being together was enough for him, just having the best time in the world. Like the beginning of the New Year, lying in their suite in THEhotel, gazing into each other’s eyes as the clock struck midnight. She was so beautiful, so innocent and so damn perfect.

“And what are you thinking?” Heidi dragged herself off the comfortable sheets and sat up.

Jim shook his head, “A lot of things.” He hesitated, “You have really enjoyed yourself, haven’t you?”

Heidi laughed, “Free first class flight to Vegas, free amazing hotel in Vegas, free food, what was there not to enjoy?”

Jim shrugged, “Me.”

Heidi laughed again, “Look at you and your insecurities! Seriously Jim, I’m the one who should be feeling that way.” She crossed the room, “If you hadn’t been there, it would have sucked, is that what you want to hear?”

Jim smiled, “Yes. Exactly.

“It would have.” Heidi said, “And I mean that.”

They looked at each other for a second before they both smiled.

“You are one hell of a girl Heidi.” Jim said, unable to stop grinning, “You really are.”

“Yep. I know.” She leaned forward, pressed her lips to his, “So, what are we doing today?”

“Today?” Jim smiled, “We are going out.”

“What? Where? When?”

He grinned, “Well tonight. A get together.”

Heidi frowned, “With who?”

Jim shrugged, “A bunch of people. Friends, friends of friends, you know what I mean. We usually get together around New Year, make a night of it. But this time, you’re coming.”

“Me? Out with a bunch of old guys?”

Jim grinned, “Yep. And before you say anything, yes, you have to come. And no, we can’t avoid it. They’ve been texting me non-stop. And they want to meet you.”

Heidi scowled, “Great.”

“Yep, great.” Jim said, “So, if you’re tired, you might as well go to sleep. And for once, that is not an innuendo.” He smiled, “Unless you want to take it that way.”


Heidi smoothed the new dress down and examined herself in the mirror. The black silk had been one of Jim’s many extravagant purchases while they were away. She only had to look at something and he’d be urging her to try it on before insisting that she looked wonderful and saying that he’d be offended if she didn’t let him buy it for her. For the first time in her life, Heidi had actually found herself avoiding designer clothes shops. But despite her best efforts, her suitcase contained more than ten brand new, ridiculously expensive items of clothing, all neatly packaged up. And she had to admit; they were all stunning.

“I knew it’d be great.”

Jim was standing behind her, looking at her reflection. Their eyes met and she smiled, “It’s lovely.”

“Damn right.” They stood a moment longer, just looking at each other in the glass before Heidi sighed.

“I guess we’d better get a move on.”

Jim smiled, “Well you sound enthusiastic.” He paused, “You don’t mind coming, do you?”

Heidi shrugged, “They’re your kind of people. I don’t know anyone. I’m just going to stick out.”

Jim laughed, “No you’re not. Everyone brings dates; there’ll be loads of new people. And all the normal people are mostly nice.” He took her by the hand, “Besides, you’re there with me. It can’t be boring.”

Heidi smiled in spite of herself as they walked out to the car, a sense of nervous anticipation rising in her stomach, “I hope it’ll be good.”

Jim opened the passenger door for her, “When you look that hot, baby, it’s bound to be good.”


“And this is Xavier!” Jim finished with a grin.

The dark haired man grinned at him, “And are you going to bother telling me the name of your latest catch?”

Jim laughed, “Yeah, sorry. This is Heidi.”

Xavier smiled at her, “You look like you’re having the time of your life.”

“Really? You can tell?”

Xavier laughed and Heidi smiled one of the few genuine smiles she’d spared all evening. Jim and her had arrived at the party an hour ago and in that time she’d been introduced to way too many people. The names and faces spun around in her head, the odd noticeable person earning a memory in her overloaded brain. And Xavier was one of those people. Messy hair, face creased with laughter lines, dressed to impress and with five cups of fruit punch balanced in his arms, he wasn’t easily forgotten.

“He’s an old friend.” Jim explained, “We’ve quite literally known each other since we were in diapers.”

Xavier laughed, “That’s embarrassing.” He looked at Heidi again, “You want a drink? Only, I’ve got too many.”

“Yeah, sure.” She took one of the proffered cups and sipped, trying to act like it was something she did every Saturday night.

“So, you guys up for a game of poker?” Xavier handed Jim one of the cups, “Shaun and Julian said someone had a pack of cards.”

Jim shrugged, “Yeah, in a bit. I’ve still got to show my face to a couple of people. So, how have you been?”

“Not bad. Can’t complain. How about you?”

Jim shrugged, “Same old.”

Xavier nodded, “So, when did you two meet?”

“A couple of months back.” Jim said vaguely. “Over in Andrejes actually.”

Xavier smiled, “Very romantic.” He winked at Heidi. “Right. Well, I’m gonna try and score with that Jenna. You guys come over to the bar in like half an hour, right?”


And they were alone again. Heidi smiled, “He was nice.”

Jim nodded, “Yeah, he’s great.” He looked down at her cup, “Here, finish that then I can show you some other guys.”

Heidi looked at the almost-overflowing paper cup, “All this?!”

Jim laughed, “Yeah. Go on.” He drained the contents of his own cup and set it down on a windowsill, watching as she swallowed. “Come on, hurry up.”

Heidi sighed, finally finished the alcoholic juice and took his hand, resuming the whole procedure of smiling and making polite conversation, until she felt like throttling the next person who asked her how old she was.

Jim appeared to feel the same way as ten minutes later, with a sigh of exasperation, he tugged her over to the far side of the room and leaned against the wall.

“God, this is getting annoying.”

Heidi didn’t say anything, watching as someone hit the music and the mingling crowd began dancing, absorbing the top hits of 2011 as they laughed at each others atrocious moves.

“You look so damn hot tonight.” Jim whispered, his lips brushing her hair as Bruno Mars’ voice echoed around the room.

Heidi sighed, “You think?” She turned, looked into his eyes, “Let’s go home then. If you want me so bad there’s no point in hanging around here is there?”

Jim chuckled, “Nice try baby. There are still a lot of people I want you to meet.”

“Aw, come on!” Heidi stretched up, kissed him softly on the neck, “I can see them some other time. It’s getting late.”

Jim shook his head, “We’ll be out of here by midnight.”

“That’s past my bedtime.” Heidi said teasingly, “I’ll be way too tired to do anything other than sleep.”

Jim watched as her fingers trailed down across his arm, her touch agonisingly light as her teasing brown eyes watched his expression. “What are you trying to do to me?”

Heidi raised an eyebrow, “Seduce you. Am I really that bad at it?”

Her hand left his arm, hovered uncertainly in front of his crotch. She was just about to drop it, drop the whole seductress act when Jim’s fingers grabbed her slender wrist, pulling it forward, pressing her hand to his pants.

“Oh fuck.” he muttered as Heidi’s eyes met his in alarm, “Fuck it Heidi, how do you do this to me?”

Heidi opened her mouth to respond but before she could say anything his mouth captured hers in a kiss burning with desire. She half-gasped as his fingers intertwined with hers and he spun around, pressed her up against the wall, kissing hard.

“Fuck.” He broke away, his face millimetres from hers as he stared searchingly into her eyes, breathing hard. “You have no idea what you do to me.” He whispered, “I just want you so bad.”

And then he was moving, his hand pushing on the small of her back as he wove through the mass of people, propelling her along without delay, straight out of the crowded hall. Heidi’s triumphant smile turned into one of confusion as he hurried her past the building’s exit, and further down the corridor.

“Jim, you’ve gone past….”

“I know.” They’d reached the end of the passageway now and he stuck his head around the door of the male restroom before ushering her in, pushing her towards the cubicle on the end.

“Oh god.” Heidi was breathing hard, stumbling backwards into the stall, Jim pressing urgently against her until suddenly they were in, the door banged shut and she found herself pressed up against it. Jim’s mouth was merciless on her own. Her head was spinning; the recent alcohol and lust messing with her senses, her brain trying to regain control as Jim’s hands roughly caressed her, making her even hotter, even more dangerously excited.

“Jim, stop it!” She hissed, “I was just messing about. I didn’t mean it. Please, baby, can’t you wait?”

“No.” Jim’s strong hands grasped hers, pinning them against the door, “What can I say Heidi? You successfully seduced me.” His mouth latched onto hers again, his tongue forking around her mouth, tasting the alcohol she’d barely finished drinking.

The audible sound of the restroom door opening made them pause in the middle of the frenzied make-out session and Heidi stared into Jim’s eyes, recognising the animal-like desire that flared inside him. She shut her eyes, not daring to speak as his mouth moved to her neck, his hands down to her chest.

Oh god, oh god. A toilet flushed, there was a brief waft of heavy aftershave, a man clearing his throat, a tap, and then a stomach-churning moment later they were alone again.

“Jim, we can’t do this!” Heidi pushed half-heartedly against his solid chest, as he bunched her silky dress up around her waist, his hands moving forcefully down over her ass, pressing hard.

“No, no, Jim, please.” She was torn between rationality and desire, desperate to feel her lover’s welcome touch but terrified of the risk, her mouth trembling as she felt herself get wetter and wetter.

“Jim, stop.” The command was barely a meaningless whisper, as she leaned her head back against the door, her body welcoming his, desperate to feel his hard muscle.

“Stop?” Jim’s voice, dripping with lust and a hint of amusement captured her attention and she opened her eyes, looked into his, “You want me to stop?” His fingers were suddenly teasingly gentle as he brushed the top of her thigh, earning a tiny moan from the back of her throat. Heidi gazed at him helplessly, let her eyes drop to the ridiculously hard bulge in his pants, and heard herself gasp as his fingers curled around the base of her panties. “Tell me baby.” Jim’s voice was huskily arrogant as his spare hand unbuckled his belt in a swift movement, “Tell me you don’t want this. Because I sure as hell do.” His finger moved softly along her pussy lips and she breathed in, hard,


He raised an eyebrow, “What is it baby?”

Her eyes moved down to his boxers again and he planted a soft kiss on her trembling mouth, “Just let it happen Heidi. No-one’s gonna know.” His finger pushed between her lips and his mouth curved into a smile as he felt the pool of warm liquid, felt how much she wanted him.

Heidi breathed in sharply, felt herself press hard against Jim’s invading forefinger and knew she couldn’t fight her own desire. She leaned forward, kissed him hard on the mouth, heard his groan of longing and loved him for it. Her hands moved cautiously underneath his black t-shirt, marvelling at the hard muscle, spurred on by his gentle encouragement as their lips locked and his finger moved faster, in and out of her passage.

“Oh God!” his scent was heavy in her nostrils, clouding her brain as she felt his hand adjust, another finger joining the previous inside her as his thumb found its place on her clit. “Jim!” She was gasping against his hard mouth as his fingers slicked rapidly in and out, his thumb moving at the same pace and then another finger, (or was it two?), stretching her, making her cry out loud in the silence of the restroom as his free hand softly stroked her hair.

“Shhh…” And then, just as she felt she couldn’t take it anymore, just as her sweaty hands gripped hard to his biceps, he stopped. There was a frantic fumbling of fabric and then his hands moved behind her, cupped her firm ass, lifted her up to his level and she felt the head of his cock, poised at her slippery folds, ready to enter.

“Jim…!” Her mind was still reeling from the unexpected absence of orgasm and the change in position did nothing to ease the confusion until Jim slammed hard into her, burying himself with one meaningful thrust. Heidi cried out, stared into his determined eyes before their lips impulsively locked as one again, bodies pressed hard together.

They broke apart, gasping, and then Jim began moving, in and out of her, hard and fast. “Fuck….fuck….” his hands held tight to her slim waist, fingers digging in as he concentrated on his merciless thrusts, “So….tight…” He clenched his teeth, paused for a second as he adjusted his position before plunging again, with renewed force and determination.

“Oh god!” Heidi threw her head back, leaned it against the door as she tried to absorb Jim’s frantic pounding. He was so big, and he was going so deep, spearing right inside her, grunting louder and louder. She momentarily forgot where they were as her entire body shook, she heard Jim’s exclamations of pleasure as he thrust with such ridiculous force, pulsing inside her as he held her body to his. She cried out again, buried her face in his neck, clenching around him, as his hands held her in place, forcing her to ride out the orgasm until he slammed for the final time, eventually shooting his load deep inside her.

“Fuck.” His hands slackened their grip on her waist and she sank down unsteadily onto the floor, her dress falling smoothly back into place.

“That was insane.” Jim murmured, his brown eyes passing over her, “So damn good.”

Heidi was too breathlessly amazed to respond.


Nobody seemed to have notice how long they’d been gone, Heidi thought distractedly as she sipped the Bacardi and Coke, the welcoming coolness soothing her. Suddenly, she didn’t mind so much about having to be introduced to all these people, she could ignore the daft remarks and the barely concealed nudges as Jim said how long they’d been together. None of it really seemed to matter. The people were polite enough (or drunk enough) not to ask how old she was, and all in all, everyone she was introduced to was bearable. It was all good.

They joined Xavier and a couple of other people at the bar after a while and it was from there that the evening took a turn for the worse. The light-hearted game of poker was in full flow; Heidi was looking at her cards, trying to decide whether or not to discard that damn ace when Xavier groaned out loud. Everyone looked up in concern.

“What’s wrong?”

He sighed, “We’re being invaded.”

Heidi turned, looked over her shoulder to see a blonde girl approaching them. She frowned, “What’s so bad about her?”

Xavier shook his head, “Wait and see.”


Everyone’s smiles seemed to have faded by now, even Jim’s, in fact, he was looking decidedly peaky.

“I don’t get it. She’s just a girl.”

Heidi tossed the ace face down onto the bar and drew another card, just as the woman reached her side.

“Hi, guys!”

Heidi winced. Man that was a loud voice.

“Hey Gemma.” That was Xavier, pointedly not making eye contact with the woman, instead staring at his cards with a bizarre intensity.

“Hey Jim!”

Jim half-squirmed as Gemma ran her scarlet-nailed fingers through his hair, ruffling it. “How have you been?”

He sighed, pushed her hand away, “Fine.”

Gemma seemed to notice Heidi for the first time, “Who are you?”


Jim straightened up, “Yeah, Heidi’s here with me. She’s my girlfriend.”

“Your girlfriend?” She looked at Heidi again, “Her?”

“Yes.” Jim said shortly, “Is there anything you actually wanted?”

Gemma paused, “Some guy over there was looking for you.”

“Huh?” Jim looked in the direction she pointed, “Who?”

“Adam.” Gemma finally said, “Yeah, Adam. He sounded kind of urgent.”

Jim’s stool scraped backwards and he looked at Heidi apologetically, “I’ll be back in a minute.”

Xavier rolled his eyes, “Great. How are we meant to play without you?”

Gemma sat in the now vacant seat, “Don’t worry, I’ll play for him. You don’t mind, do you Jim?”

“Well, actually, I do.” He let out an exasperated sigh as she looked at his cards, “Oh, fine.” And he was gone.

The game suddenly seemed a lot less fun than it had been before and before long it was over, a guy called Shaun bought everyone drinks with his winnings and Xavier and the others began talking about baseball.

Gemma turned to Heidi, “I used to date Jim. We went out for ages. He was totally into me.”

Heidi smiled, “Really? That’s….nice.”

“Yeah.” Gemma picked up Jim’s glass and sipped from it, “He moves around a lot you know. With girls I mean.” Her blue eyes ran over Heidi in an almost superior fashion, “So, why’s he going out with you?”

Heidi frowned, “What do you mean?”

Gemma laughed, an artificially fake laugh, “Well, no offence but you’re not the best looking if you know what I mean. Jim usually goes for girls like….well, like…me.”

Heidi didn’t know what to say, so she just sipped distractedly from her glass.

Gemma continued. “Jim’s such a nice guy though.”

“Yeah.” Heidi noticed Xavier watching them and sipped at her drink again.

“He’s so good-looking. He deserves better.”

Heidi swallowed, “Uh….what do you mean?”

Gemma laughed again, sparking an emotion of pure annoyance which Heidi did her best to control, “Better than girls like you.” Gemma said thoughtfully, “He dates way too many gold diggers.”

Heidi stared, “Are you saying….?”

“No, of course not! I’m just…..you’re what, twenty?”

“Nineteen, next month.”

Gemma looked stunned, “Nineteen? Are you even allowed to drink?”

Xavier cut in, “I’ve been drinking since I was fifteen and nothing happened to me.” He took a gulp of beer as if to prove his point. “Besides Gemma, it’s none of your business how much she drinks.”

“I don’t even drink much.” Heidi said, wary of giving the wrong impression, “Just occasionally.”

“Yeah, sure.” Gemma looked at Xavier with disapproval, “So what happened to that girl you were dating? Didn’t she decide she was a lesbian?”

Xavier laughed, “Yeah, so? At least she wasn’t going after other girls boyfriends.”

Gemma scowled, “You turned her off men for life Xavier. How crap a boyfriend were you?”

Xavier looked at her for a second, “At least I don’t try to be something I’m not.”

“What do you mean?”

Xavier laughed out loud, “What do I mean?! What I mean is that you are a piece of pure plastic, girl. Seriously, how many new noses have you had? How much did your latest boob job cost?”

Heidi looked at him astounded.

Gemma opened and closed her mouth as he continued. “I suppose you don’t even know how much all your silicone parts cost because point is, the only gold digger in this place is you. Your latest boyfriend foots the bill, doesn’t he?”

Gemma finally responded, “That’s really not nice Xavier.”

Xavier laughed, “Don’t make me out to be the bad guy here! You’re the bitch, pouring poison into that poor girl’s ear as if you’ve got half a chance of getting back with Jim! Guess what Gemma, you’re over this time, because he knows what kinda girl you are and he’s found the person he wants to be with. So maybe it’s time to find a new millionaire to get your claws into.”

And with that, he turned around and resumed his conversation on the Middle East with Shaun.

Gemma looked stunned. Heidi couldn’t help feeling a slight bit of remorse for her.

“He didn’t mean all that.” she said as nicely as she could, “I’m sorry.”

Gemma looked appalled as she turned to look at her companion, “Don’t you dare feel sorry for me!”

Heidi swallowed, “I…uh….I just thought….”

Gemma laughed, “You just thought you’d scored didn’t you?” She shook her head in contempt, “You’re nothing you stupid bitch, you got that? Jim’s not gonna stick it out with a kid like you! Look at you! You’re nothing! Don’t for a second think you’ve got one over on me by acting like this sweet angelic little thing because I swear, within a couple of weeks, you’re going to be over. And you know why? Because you’re rubbish! You’re a cheap little slut!”

Heidi’s mouth dropped open, “I was trying to make you feel better.” She said as civilly as possible, “You don’t have to pour out all this…mean stuff.”

Gemma scoffed with derision, “You know why I’m saying all this? You want to know?” She didn’t pause for a response, “Because you think you can get everything you want by sleeping with a rich man. But you can’t!” She glared at Heidi venomously, “And you can drop the wounded princess act, cos no matter how hard you try, you and Jim are soon gonna be over. You’re no good for him! You’re just like this stupid little bitch that he plays around with and when -”

“Shut up!” Xavier turned in surprise as Heidi rounded on Gemma, “I don’t care about anything you’re saying, OK? Just leave me alone!”

And now people were turning, looking at what had caused the outburst. Heidi felt momentarily ashamed for not having kept quiet but her embarrassment was short lived when Gemma slapped her across the face. Hard.

Heidi couldn’t believe her sensory receptors. “Did you just…slap me?!”

“Yeah.” Gemma was loving every minute of the confrontation, “Why, didn’t you feel it?”

And she slapped her again.

“Go on then.” She goaded as Heidi raised a hand to her stinging cheek in disbelief, “Hit me back. Or are you too ladylike? Too stuck up to give the bitch a taste of her own medicine?”

Bloody cow. Heidi was too pissed off to be rational as she picked up her glass of alcohol and tossed the contents over Gemma.

“Oh my god!”

Before the girl could retaliate, Heidi snatched Xavier’s glass of beer and emptied that over the shocked blonde’s head as well.

“Oh my god!”

Xavier hid his smirk as Gemma turned to him, “Do something then!”

Heidi placed the glass down on the bar, feeling slightly ashamed of herself, but pleased nevertheless. God, that bitch was annoying!

“Right.” She heard Jim’s voice before she felt his fingers on her arm, “We’re going. Move it.”

Heidi looked up at him, “Huh?”

“I said it’s time to go.”

Heidi stared at him, shocked at his quietly controlled tone, “Jim, it was her, didn’t you see? She hit me!”

“Get your coat.”

She swallowed, looked at Gemma who was trying to dry her hair with tissue paper, looked at Xavier who couldn’t stop laughing and then she allowed Jim to lead her out of the room, out into the parking lot.

She took a sideways glance at his expressionless face and felt her heart sink to her stomach. He didn’t look at her, didn’t even say anything as he unlocked the car and jerked his head, motioning for her to get in. She slid onto the smooth leather seat and looked across at him.

“I’m sorry Jim. She was such a bloody cow, she wouldn’t shut up! I know I overreacted but I swear I’ll make it up to you.”

Jim didn’t reply as he pulled out onto the road.

“Jim, please. I’m sorry. I didn’t…”

He reached forward, hit the button on the radio and turned the volume up until all she could hear was the sound of David Guetta drumming through her thoughts. Fuck. She didn’t dare try and talk again, knowing she’d screwed up all the friends he’d wanted to meet, single-handedly ruined everything. He was driving fast, speeding along the deserted Saturday-night roads, suburban houses whizzing by as he floored the accelerator, eyes fixed on the road ahead.

“Where are we going?” Heidi couldn’t remember the road they were riding along. The music was either too loud, or Jim was purposefully ignoring her because he didn’t even glance her way as he carried on the journey. And then he swerved, pulled up on the kerb of a deserted side street and switched the engine off. The sudden silence was deafening, the beat of the music replaced by Jim’s controlled breathing as he turned to look at her.

“Get in the back.”

“What? Why?”

“Just do it.”

Heidi frowned, looked into his eyes, tried to read what he was thinking before she shook her head, and did as he requested.


Jim turned, and Heidi didn’t quite comprehend what was happening. One minute she was thinking of some way to cheer him up and the next minute she found herself squashed up against the seat by just under 200 pounds of pure man. She gasped as his mouth covered hers, his lips rough and hard, his hands tearing at her dress, pulling it away from her body before doing the same with her panties. He released her from his furious kiss, and stared into her eyes with an intensity she’d never seen before. For some strange reason she felt almost afraid as he gazed at her.

“Heidi, I want to taste you.” The request was abrupt, tinkering on the edge of arrogant, and Heidi felt a shiver of fear run through her, but somehow, instead of pulling away, she nestled closer to him, the spark of terror descending to her clit, arousing her.

Nobody spoke and then, “OK.” The reply was barely a whisper.

Jim grasped hold of her chin, tilted her face to look into his, “You sure?”

Heidi hesitated and then nodded, not trusting herself to speak.


And then he was kissing her again, as hungrily as before, his mouth on her neck, moving down over her shoulder as he pushed her onto her back, looming over her.

“Oh god!” Heidi’s fingers dug into the leather seat as he reached her breasts, his tongue coming out, licking the hardened nipples, making her feel exquisitely aroused. His teeth closed around one peak, and he pulled, heard her soft cry before he released it, moved to the opposite one and repeated. Further down he travelled, lips moving over the smooth, flat skin of her stomach, tongue dipping into her navel before he reached her pussy and paused. His hands came down, held tight onto her slim thighs as he lifted her legs up, leaning forward slightly.

“You ready?” The question was a rough gasp.

Heidi didn’t reply and his tongue came out, brushed wetly across her smooth slit. She gasped, forced herself to stay in the same position as her clit screamed for attention.

Jim pushed his tongue between her pussy lips, brought it to her tight hole and held it there, soaking up the moisture. She smelt so good, so fresh, so innocent. His eyes flicked to her tensed up face, her anxious eyes: god she was beautiful. He slid his tongue up into her passage and she gasped as he began pulling it in and out rapidly, his fingers digging into her ass.

Heidi moaned, felt the rush of moisture pour from within, the exquisite sensations produced by Jim’s tongue motion coursing through her. “Ohh fuck!”

Jim pulled his tongue away at the exclamation, looked directly into her eyes, making her stomach flip and squirm inside her. She couldn’t look away from his almost angry determination as he resumed work on her tight hole, thrusting his tongue in and out in frenzy before pausing, parting her lips with his fingers and looking at her throbbing clit. He breathed out purposefully, watched as she stiffened momentarily, expectant of his mouth on her.

She gasped, moaned, and then he descended, licked her hard button gently as she pushed up to him, practically begging for more. Her thighs twitched either side of him but she controlled herself, stopped them from wrapping tight around his head as he licked and sucked alternately, drawing her closer and closer to her inevitable orgasm.

“Yes Jim. Oh thank you. Thank you so much.”

Her gasps of gratitude were barely audible but Jim heard and gave it to her hard, his experienced tongue flicking and pressing until her body shuddered and she let herself moan out loud, out into the privacy of the car. She writhed, squirmed under Jim’s mouth, the folds of her pussy pressing harder into his face until the graze of his teeth across her clitoris sent her flying over the edge, into utter heavenly bliss.

“Oh god Jim!” Her limbs felt like they were on fire, her body finally releasing itself for the fist time in what felt like ages, her pussy flowing rapturously. Jim watched her in appreciation, her slim form twisting on the seats, her breasts sweating as she screamed, bucked wildly against his mouth as he moved back to her hole.

She pulled away instinctively, suddenly a bundle of delicious sensitivity but he didn’t let go that easily, repeatedly licking until she cried out again, pulled desperately away from his hungry mouth and rolled onto her side, pressed her legs hard together, withdrawing the last volcanic tremors from inside her body. She lay there for a good few minutes, sweating all over, feeling her juices travel across her outer pussy lips as she gasped, unable to believe what her lover had just done to her.

“Good, huh?” Jim’s hand dropped between his legs, fingers soothing his hardening bulge, “That’s just the start baby; I’m going to give you so much more.”

Heidi didn’t know what to say. “Jim, I thought you were mad at me.”

He laughed hoarsely, “Mad at you? For standing up for yourself? For telling that bitch where to go? Baby, I was proud of you. And it turned me on.” He hesitated, ran his fingers gently down her cheek, “She didn’t hurt you that bad, did she?”

Heidi smiled in relief, “No, it’s fine. I thought you were really annoyed.”

“No.” The sound of his zipper opening seemed incredibly loud and Heidi swallowed hard as she looked into his eyes.

“No Heidi. Not annoyed. Just turned on. I can’t believe what you do to me. I’m going to fuck you, so damn hard.”

“What, here?” Heidi laughed nervously, “You sure?”

A car drove past, its headlights lighting up the awkward scene.

“Shit!” Heidi gasped, wrapping her dress around her body, “No, Jim, we can’t. Not here.”

Jim was about to protest when another car drove by, “Fuck. You’re right.” He climbed back into the driver’s seat, “We’ll hit your place. That’s OK, right?”

“Yeah, yeah, sure.”

She jumped as the car reversed jerkily back out onto the main road and Jim began speeding along, glancing at her in the rear view mirror as she did her best to dress in the back seat.

“Leave it.”

Heidi rolled her eyes, “And walk into the block naked? I do have neighbours.”

She ran a hand through her messy hair and sighed. “What a night.”

Jim chuckled hoarsely, “It’s not over yet baby. Nowhere near.”

Their eyes met in the rear-view mirror, and she bit her lip, “Really?”

“Yeah. We’ve got hours.” Jim’s hand dropped to his erection, “We’ve got hours.”


Thirty minutes later, the car pulled up outside Heidi’s apartment block. Jim switched the engine off.

“C’mon then.”

Heidi sighed, fumbling in her purse for her keys as she stepped onto the concrete paving slabs. She walked over to the building, opened the entrance door and waited, holding it ajar for him. “Some time today would be nice.”

Jim smiled, hurried across the parking lot but with a mischievous grin Heidi let go of the door so he had to sprint in order to catch it.

“You little…”

“Crap!” Heidi ducked as he made a grab for her and raced up the stairs, jamming her key into the door as Jim gained on her. Just as her key clicked home, his hands grabbed her waist,


Heidi squirmed, “Fuck!”

They stumbled through the apartment door and it shut behind them with a resounding bang. Heidi stopped, looked up into Jim’s eyes before he bent, kissed her softly, his eyes twinkling.

“It’s late.” She whispered as he broke away.

He laughed, “Past your bedtime?”

“Yeah.” Heidi pushed past him and went into the kitchen, “You want some coffee?”

“Sure.” Jim said, picking up the heap of mail on the floor, “But aren’t we meant to be…y’know…all over each other?”

Heidi laughed as she put the kettle on, “Yeah. But there’s always time for coffee.”

“Right.” Jim said, “I guess I am kinda thirsty. Here. ” He handed her the stack of letters.

Heidi sighed, “Great. An enormous pile of bills to welcome me home.”

Jim laughed, “It’s weird how bills never get lost in the post, isn’t it?” He walked across the small kitchen and looked in the refrigerator before emerging in disgust, “Do you eat anything other than apples?”

Heidi laughed, “Course.” She crossed the kitchen and peered past him, “See? Carrots, orange juice.” She paused as she pulled out the bottle of milk, “Crap, this must be off by now.”

Jim sighed, “I’m starving. And all you’ve got is rabbit food. No wonder you’re so thin.”

Heidi smirked as she dropped the milk into the bin, “Rabbit food? Since when do rabbits drink orange juice?”

“Juice is a beverage, not a food.” Jim closed the door in annoyance.

“Alright Mr. Smart-Arse.” Heidi opened the freezer, “If you’re hungry, I have ice-cream. Lots of ice-cream.”

Jim smiled, “Now we’re talking.”

He caught the tub she tossed at him, “I knew you were an ice-cream kinda girl.”

Heidi snorted, “Yeah, sure. How did you know that?”

“I just did. The same way I knew you were a chocolate kind of girl.”

Heidi snorted again, “All girls love chocolate. And that is a shameless hint.” She laughed, “Check the side cupboard.”

Jim smiled, “So which order are we doing this in? Coffee first? Ice cream first? Chocolate first? Sex first? Or all at the same time?”

Heidi laughed, “God, imagine that!” She shook her head, “We’ll go ice-cream, coffee, chocolate and then sex. That way I get to keep tasting the chocolate when we make out.”

Jim smiled, “I couldn’t have put it better myself. That is if you’re sure you don’t want to do it all simultaneously…?”

“I’m sure.” Heidi said with a grin. “Absolutely sure.”

“Fair enough.” Jim glanced at the ice cream, “Vanilla? You really are my kinda girl.” He peeled back the lid and tasted, before sighing in appreciation. “Mmm. Well, we’re sorted. Where are the spoons? Or do I eat with my hands?”

“With your hands.” Heidi paused, “Do you mind having black coffee?”

“No, it’ll do. Where are we eating? Here? Sitting room?” He glanced around, “Or…your room?”

Heidi picked up the mugs of coffee, “No.” She said firmly, “Not my room. I’m telling you Jim, food and sex is a total no-go zone. Especially since I’ll be the one cleaning up.”

“I’ll clean up.” Jim said hopefully, as Heidi picked up a couple of spoons, “I promise.”

Heidi shook her head, “Maybe some other time. Sitting room.”

She led the way, set the coffee down on the table, and dropped herself onto the couch as Jim followed. And they went from there. Sharing the perfectly flavoured ice-cream, talking about which people had been nice, which ones had been boring, skating around the topic of Gemma, concentrating on the more positive aspects of the party. The drinks, the games, the friendly people. Soon enough, the ice-cream tubs were empty, and they moved on to the now lukewarm coffee as the conversation somehow turned to shoes, Jim talking about teenage years and Converse, Heidi about Jimmy Choo’s and other ridiculously expensive accessories. It was brilliant, Jim thought to himself, as he listened to her opinion on abstract art, it was brilliant how they could just enjoy themselves doing normal things. Eating together, talking. He’d never had a better conversation over coffee. And as they moved on to the chocolate, the chat never fading, he let himself relax, stopped thinking about saying the right thing, just said whatever came into his mind. Heidi was doing it too, he noticed, she was letting her guard down, saying how she really felt about current affairs, her legs draped over his, her beautiful brown eyes drawing him in as she gave her view on the euro zone crisis. So smart, Jim thought admiringly, as she told him what her solution would be, had she been head of the IMF. So wise for her years, yet so innocently oblivious as to how damn sexy she was. Eventually, the talk faded and they were left staring into each other’s eyes, the emotions pure and unadulterated in the air as Jim pulled her to him, kissed her hard, his hands stroking her bare arms.

“I can taste the chocolate.” Heidi whispered mischievously, as she pulled away, “My plan worked perfectly.”

“Course it did.” Jim’s eyes were dark with desire as she licked a smear away from the corner of his mouth and he shook his head, tried to stop himself from going too fast.

“Right.” He scrunched up the foil from the chocolate and stood up.

Heidi frowned, “Where are you going?”

Jim shrugged, “Shower. Don’t want to put you off with the sweat from earlier.”

Heidi smirked, “Good idea.”

She smiled to herself as he disappeared out of the room before glancing down at the cups and wrappers on the table. On a normal night she wouldn’t have been able to sleep with a mess like that, but tonight, she just couldn’t be bothered. Jim was here, and that just brought everything into context. Why tidy up when you had the most beautifully intellectual man in the world in your shower? And he wanted her. It was crazy, she thought to herself, as she went into her room and changed, he actually wanted her. She pulled on a t shirt and hit the answer-phone button, sitting on the edge of the bed, listening to the various amusing messages from her friends and sister. She made a mental note to call them all back, Mary especially, as the machine beeped again and the room fell silent.

Jim appeared in the doorway and cleared his throat. Heidi looked up; he was naked. She swallowed, not knowing why the sight of his totally free body unnerved her but then she smiled.

He crossed the room in an almost overconfident fashion, his brown eyes flicking over her t-shirt and panties with constrained amusement, his hard skin still wet from the shower. He didn’t speak, just looked at her and then he was drawing her firmly to her feet, reaching down, pulling her shirt off in a single fluid motion.

His eyes roved across her naked chest as the air hardened her nipples into tender points and then his hands came out, cupped the firm flesh, squeezed gently, as she let out a ragged breath. He paused before his hands travelled south, his forefinger tracing around the top of her panties until with a sudden rough movement he tore them off, barely acknowledging Heidi’s slightly fearful gasp. He dropped the ruined underwear onto the floor and took hold of her hand, placing it forcefully onto his dick, wrapping her fingers around it and holding them there. He closed his eyes for a moment, calmed himself, told himself to take it easy as he began guiding her touch up and down his hard length.

“Are you scared?” Heidi looked up as he pushed her hair back, his eyes looking into hers, “You’re not scared of me are you?”

“No.” Her trembling fingers gave her away and she looked down at his erection before swallowing, “Maybe a little.”

“Oh? Why’s that?”

Heidi shrugged, watching her hand move along his silky skin, “I’m not usually scared of you. Just sometimes.” She paused, looked up at his dark expression.

“Keep doing that.” He nodded at her immobile hand and she resumed running it up and down. “Sometimes? Like when I’m rough with you?” His hand let go of hers. “Or do you enjoy that?”

“I don’t know.” Heidi’s voice was barely a whisper, “I get scared before we do it but during, and after, it….it feels great.”

“Good.” Jim let out a soft groan, encouraging her to move her hand faster. “Baby, you think girls like Gemma are a threat?” He held his breath as she contemplated for a second.


“What? You do?” Jim was shocked.

Heidi shrugged, “Well she was gorgeous.”

Jim snorted, “Looks aren’t everything. Personality’s what counts. Besides, you’re the most beautiful girl in the world. She’s well….cold hard plastic.”

“So why did you date her in the first place?” Heidi bit her lip as Jim’s eyes darkened.

There was a long pause, accentuated by the sound of his heavy breathing. And then, “I was killing time. Here, move your hand faster.”

Heidi stared up at his uncompromising expression, her hand absorbing the heat from his cock. She gasped as he reached forward, pushed his forefinger between her pussy lips and paused, his eyes daring her to pull away as he lightly stimulated her clit before withdrawing his finger, bringing it to his mouth and licking as she watched.

“What’s wrong?” he asked, “You think I’m dirty?”

“No. No.” Heidi swallowed hard, “No, not really.”

Jim breathed in hard as her fingers tightened around his length, “Well you’re wrong.” He whispered huskily, “I am dirty.”

Heidi felt a delicious shiver of delight course through her body, as he pulled her to him in a sudden rush of desire.

“I’m going to fuck you so hard.” He murmured into her ear, “You forget everything else, you hear me? It’s us. Only us.”

He pushed his skilled fingers between her legs, and watched her strained expression as they drifted tantalisingly over her pulsating clitoris.

“This isn’t even the start Heidi.” His breath was warm and heavy, “Oh god, I’m gonna give you everything I’ve got.”

Heidi shivered as her stomach cart-wheeled inside her, Jim’s words and touch arousing her infinitely as she continued pumping his dick. Experienced fingers pushed into her dripping passage, stretching her before he pushed her hand away from him, pulled her down onto the carpet and guided her to all fours. And then his hands were manhandling her breasts from behind, he was pressing on the small of her back, encouraging her to present herself to him as he pushed her legs almost painfully wide apart and slotted his fingers neatly back up into her snatch.

“Oh God!” the word was a mixture of pleasure and harassed confusion as Jim’s hands moved so quickly, leaving no part of her body untouched before they rested on her waist and he sank his blazing cock deep into her tight hole.

“Oh GOD!” he felt bigger than ever as he stretched her, gripped her narrow waist with his rough hands and began thrusting in and out of her as if they were on a time limit.

“You like that?” he panted the words out between thrusts, one hand moving up to caress her breast, to pinch at the hard nipple, to squeeze it until it was almost painful.

Heidi yelped in response, felt his relentless hammering increase in pace as he demanded an answer to his question.

“Is it good? Tell me!”

Heidi gasped, “So good, ohh God! Ohh fuck!”

“Right.” His voice came out as a hoarse gasp, his hand moved from her breast to her clitoris and she cried out as he made contact with it.

“Shhh. It’s OK.” His thighs crashed repeatedly into her ass and she loved the solid bulk, the contrast between their bodies. He was so hard, so firm, and so big, all over.

“Harder.” He muttered coarsely and she bit back a scream as his cock slammed into her even more forcefully than before, crashing into her resisting walls, his hand holding her waist in place as he fucked the life out of her.

“Oh god….” She could hear someone wailing, screaming, moaning and begging for more and then she realised it was her, she’d lost control of her body; it was Jim’s to do with as he pleased. And he was fucking it unrestrainedly, banging her tight pussy, his fingers digging into her soft flesh, frigging her sensitive clit.

“Oh God…..Jim….god….” She was almost sobbing with sheer pleasure and then, unbelievably, she felt him change position, thrusting into her even harder, even faster than he’d been doing before. She felt her arms were going to give out from beneath her, they couldn’t support the weight, couldn’t support the violent fucking she was receiving. Jim seemed to realise it too and he moved his hand and wrapped his entire arm around her waist, making sure she wouldn’t collapse as he continued his barrage of mind-blowing thrusts.

His thumb pressed hard against her engorged clit and she screamed even louder, not caring that it was past midnight, not caring that her neighbours would be able to hear every last moan and grunt.

Jim’s mouth was on her ear, “That’s right baby. Let it out, all of it.” His teeth bit teasingly at the lobe, loving every tiny part of her. He was feeling light-headed as he fucked this girl so damn hard on her bedroom floor. And it wasn’t the fact that he was having hard sex, it was the fact that it was Heidi; it was her cries that made him go faster, it was her body he was holding in his arms. Not some silicone doll, but a real girl, a girl with personality, a girl who he honestly loved. Being with her was a real relationship and this, he thought, as he speared into her, this; was real sex. And it was damn well incredible sex. His guttural moans combined fluently with her yelps as he felt her body shudder, writhe, as he slammed repeatedly in up to his balls, continually hitting her sweet spot and then he felt the inevitable shaking spasm. Heidi’s slender body jerked, almost violently, before she slumped, moaned a long drawn out cry of pleasure that tore through the quiet of the still apartment, her abused pussy compressing hard down on her lover’s penis until he finally shot his thick load straight up inside her. They orgasmed simultaneously, let their pleasure and emotions boil to the surface, releasing all the crazy emotions of the night. It was here that they were united, as two passionate lovers with eyes for only each other and not another damn care in the universe. Jim breathed in the scent of perfume and sweat, allowed it to fill his nostrils and pool in his mind before he collapsed on top of her. He pressed against her, sweating, gasping, pushing her slender form hard into the carpet, before finding her breathless mouth and kissing it passionately. He rolled off her and they both stared at each other.

“That was….” Heidi couldn’t describe how she felt as she melted under Jim’s gaze.

He shook his head slowly, “That’s how much you mean to me baby. I swear to god I won’t let anyone get in our way, you hear me?”

Heidi nodded, basking in the post-coital tenderness as they dragged themselves up off the floor and lay on the small bed, arms wrapping around each other.

“I mean it baby. People hate the fact that we’re happy but I don’t give a crap. As long as I’ve got you Heidi, my life’s good.”

Heidi pressed a finger to his lips, “Shh. I know Jim.” She traced the tip of her finger around his mouth, “I know because I feel exactly the same way. You don’t need to make excuses. You’re too good for that. You’re too good for any of the bitching and jealousy. Just be yourself.”

Unable to conjure up an equally loving response, Jim closed his eyes, pressed his mouth to hers, showing what he felt through the meaningfully slow kiss. He wrapped her tighter in his arms, pulled her into a solid embrace as they both drifted away, their subconscious dreams negligible on the real wishes already granted.


“I never knew Sleeping Beauty snored.” Jim ducked as Heidi threw a pillow at him.

“I don’t snore.” She mumbled, scratching her nose, “Do I?”

“That’s the thing.” Jim said, opening the curtains, “You’ll never know.”

Heidi lay back down, “I don’t snore.” She yawned, “What time is it?”

“Just gone nine.” Jim was searching her wardrobe. “You got any man’s clothes?”

Heidi sniggered, “Yeah sure. The shirts are on the top shelf and the cufflinks are next to them.”

“Huh?” Jim turned to look at her before realising she was joking, “I’m serious.”

Heidi sat up, “I think I have one of your t-shirts.”

Jim had already found the Batman shirt and accompanying shorts. “Well, they’ll have to do.” He dressed hurriedly.

Heidi frowned, “Why are you in such a rush? You’re not going anywhere are you?”

“Well, you have no food in this place and I’m starving.” Jim ran a hand though his hair, “I’m gonna go pick up some milk and bread. You got any change?”

Heidi smirked, “I guess the convenience store doesn’t accept hundred dollar bills does it?” She dragged herself out of bed, “My purse is somewhere in the hall. And there’s money in the kitchen drawer.”

“Right. I’ll be back in like ten minutes.” And he disappeared.

Five minutes later, Heidi had just finished showering and putting her bathrobe on, when the buzzer sounded. She smiled, hit the button and waited at the door.

But it wasn’t Jim. She felt her heart drop to her stomach as Leon reached her floor and grinned.

“Hey! How are you doing?”

Heidi stared before swallowing hard, doing her best to regain he composure as his green eyes took in her outfit. “Hi Leon. I….just….overslept.”

Leon grinned, “That’s OK. You been having a good holiday?”

“Yeah, yeah, great.” Heidi paused, “You want to come in?”

Leon frowned, “Well, if it’s not a problem….?”

“No, no, course not!” Heidi stepped aside, “No problem.”

Leon smiled as he stepped past, “You’re looking good.” He remarked, “Much better than the last time I saw you.”

“Yeah.” Heidi shut the door and followed him into the sitting room, “Well, I guess it’s been a while.”

She watched as he looked around the room. It was with a terrible sinking feel that she noticed Jim’s jacket, thrown so casually onto the armchair. Shit, shit, shit. Leon sat down on the couch,

“What’s up? You’re looking kinda nervous.”

“Nervous?” Heidi gave the most anxiously fake laugh of her life, “No, I’m good. So, did you want to say something?”

She crossed the room and sat in the armchair, hiding Jim’s jacket from view. She winced as the keys in the pocket poked her.

“And now you’re looking constipated.” Leon shook his head and laughed, “You sure everything’s OK?”

“Yeah. So how’s work going? You get that promotion?”

Leon shrugged, “I don’t know yet. Hopefully.” He sighed, “I haven’t seen you in ages. I thought you might still be away with your family.”

“No. So, how was your Christmas?”

And he was off. Telling her about his homosexual second cousin, his awkward encounters under the mistletoe, how the pudding burnt and so on. Heidi tried to concentrate, murmuring and nodding in all the right places, laughing when he paused, her eyes flicking between him and the clock until he asked her a question.

“So, you think I should go for it?”

Heidi didn’t miss a beat, “Yeah, course! Why wouldn’t you?”

Leon leaned back, “Well, she’s my sister’s friend. If it goes wrong, they might fall out.”

“Wait.” He had her attention now, “A girl? What’s her name again?”

Leon sighed impatiently, “Hilary. I knew you weren’t listening.”

“I was, I swear! What, so you kissed her?”

Leon looked vaguely embarrassed, “Well, kind of. She kissed me, actually.”

Heidi looked thrilled, “Wow! Is she pretty?”

Leon rolled his eyes, “Obviously. I’m kinda shallow you know.” he laughed, “No, she’s alright. And she’s really smart and I was trying to tell….”

He trailed off as a muffled ringtone blared out from Heidi’s direction. “Is that your cell?”

Heidi felt slightly sick as she stood up, fumbled in Jim’s jacket pocket and pulled out the offending Blackberry.

Leon looked puzzled, “I thought you didn’t like those things.”

“I don’t.” Heidi let out a sigh as Leon’s eyes took in the two empty mugs on the table, the empty ice cream tubs, the man’s jacket in her hand.

“Heidi, whose is that thing?”

“It’s mine.” Heidi spun around to see Jim in the doorway, a resigned look on his face, a bag of groceries in his hand. “Leave it Heidi. It’s probably Xavier.”

The device went onto answer-phone and Heidi dropped it back into the jacket, her hand shaking slightly as she sensed Leon’s confusion.

“Him?” Leon stood up, “Heidi, what the hell is he doing here?”

Love, Sex and Money — The Finale

Jim took a gulp of chilled lemonade before leaning back in his chair, a small smile playing around the corners of his mouth. Leon was watching him, green eyes analysing every last move, brow slightly furrowed as he contemplated his next move. Jim sighed in mock-boredom and drummed his fingertips on the polished oak table before taking a final glance at his cards. Leon’s eyes narrowed and then he jerked his chin forward,

“Go on then.” He nodded at Jim’s cards which lay face down on the table, “Let’s see how hot you really are.”

Jim smiled, “You sure? You’re all done? You don’t need a couple more hours to decide what – “

“I’m done.” Leon scowled, “We’ll see who’s laughing when you’re buying the drinks next weekend.”

Jim smiled again, “God, after all the poker I’ve played, all the thousands I’ve gambled with…this is like the most important game of my life. And all that’s riding on it is six beers.”

Leon finally smiled, “I know what you mean.” He nodded at Jim’s cards again, “Quit stalling. Show me.”

Jim couldn’t hide his grin, “Well, I guess there’s no need to prolong your agony.” He flipped his cards over and grinned at the shock on his opponent’s face, “Sorry Leon. But I read you like a book.” He shook his head, “You’re too easy! You might be able to beat Heidi and all your friends but me?” He leaned back and stretched contentedly, “I’m in a class of my own.”

Leon sighed, “You are.” He muttered grudgingly, “I hate to say it but you really are.” He toyed with his cards as an almost sympathetic Jim looked on. “You see,” Leon began turning his cards over, one by one, “Only problem is…” Jim’s jubilant grin faded slightly as Leon uncovered his hand.

“No.” he muttered in disbelief, “That’s…hang on…” By the time the final ace was flipped over it seemed their expressions had swapped places.

“…..I’m in the class above.” Leon concluded as Jim let out a cry of pent up frustration. “Better luck next time.”


It was late by the time Heidi unlocked the door to her apartment. Jim was still complaining, claiming that he wasn’t on form, saying that he let Leon win until she eventually told him to shut up or go home. It was a couple of seconds before he realised she was serious and took the wise decision to keep quiet.

And he didn’t mention the poker again. The evening progressed comfortably, takeout pizza and beer making up the menu as Rush Hour played on the TV, the volume just low enough to suit the mood. Watching the movie didn’t seem to be the main priority though, Jim thought to himself, as they talked late into the night, discussing anything and everything until eventually they’d both had one beer too many and the conversation was replaced by a pack of cards. Blackjack seemed to be the only game they could manage though and it wasn’t long before the cards ended up in a heap on the carpet, the TV was turned off and all too soon, the night descended.


Heidi woke to the sound of her alarm clock beeping insistently. Her face was buried in Jim’s neck and she groaned, tried to clear her head of the early morning fuzz which had come courtesy of the previous night’s alcohol. Flashing red digits told her it was half past six. And it was Friday. Which meant work. And since she’d already changed her hours to take Saturday’s off, there was no chance she’d get away with staying home. Reluctantly, she dragged herself away from Jim’s warm body and shut the alarm off.

Jim stirred, “Hey.” Yawning, he propped himself up on an elbow and watched as she stepped out of bed. “Where’re you going?”


“Aww…” Jim groaned, “Come back here. Take the day off.”

“You know I can’t.” Heidi sighed as she picked up their clothes from the floor, “I’ll see you tonight though.”

Jim groaned in response.

Heidi ran a hand through her hair, “Don’t you have work?”

“Yeah.” He rolled over, “I don’t have to get in till eleven though. You’re meeting me there, right? Half six?”

“Yeah.” Heidi didn’t have the heart to force him out of bed, “Look, I’ll leave my key here. You lock up when you’re going, OK?”

“Sure. Whatever.”

Heidi left him to it, showering and dressing as quickly as her body allowed. Half an hour later, Jim still hadn’t moved a single muscle. Heidi left the key on the bedside table and shut the door softly behind her.


The mirror in the elevator was dirty. A days worth of fingerprints obscured Heidi’s reflection as she checked to make sure she looked just about presentable. Content, she leaned back against the cool metal wall and smiled to herself.

Friday nights with Jim were always worth looking forward to. Full of excitement, heat and good old-fashioned fun. It didn’t really matter where they went, whether they were alone or with friends; they always managed to have a great time. And then they’d have the whole weekend to catch up on each others news and just chill out together. Perfect.

The elevator stopped all too soon on the fourth floor and she stepped out, made her way across to Jim’s office.

“Hey.” She poked her head around the door before stepping inside and shutting it softly behind her. “You still working?”

Jim gave a non-committal grunt before looking up, “Sorry.”

“It’s OK.” Heidi dropped her bag down onto one of the chairs and went to look out of the window, “How long’s it gonna take?”

Jim sighed, rolled back his swivel chair and went to look in one of the endless filing cabinets which lined the magnolia painted walls, “Just a couple of minutes. How was work?”

“Not bad.” Heidi gazed down at the cars and buildings, “You know, when I got my promotion, I thought it just meant more money and status. Now I realise it kinda means more work too.” She looked at him, “Know what I mean?”

Jim didn’t answer, engrossed in some file. Heidi turned back to look at the busy traffic below, imagining how much fuel was being burnt to keep the city alive. The cars, the lights, the noise, it was all running along so efficiently and with such ease. Heidi couldn’t imagine it any other way. The whole system had been engineered to complete perfection and it worked amazingly.

“Oh yeah.” Jim glanced in her direction, his voice interrupting her thoughts. “Your mom called. At your apartment. This morning.”

Heidi frowned and turned back to look at him, “Huh? My mom?”

“Yep.” Jim didn’t seem particularly bothered. “Said her and Pete were having some birthday party.”

Heidi looked suitably bewildered, “But I haven’t spoken to her in years. She doesn’t even have my number.”

“Hmm.” Jim sat down in his chair again, and began looking through another file.

“Well what did you say to her?” There was a somewhat jumpy edge to Heidi’s voice.

“I said you were at work. And that you’d go.” He glanced up, “To the party, I mean.”

“What?” Heidi stared at him disbelievingly, “Jim, you know what things are like with her!”

Jim didn’t respond, too busy tapping numbers into his keyboard and flipping through stacks of paperwork. Suddenly, she hated him. Arrogant bastard. He hadn’t even looked up; he was so absorbed in gross profit and sales variances.

“Jim? For god’s sake!”

Finally he turned. And smiled. “Record sales.” He confided with a grin, “Good, right?”

“No!” Heidi cried out in frustration, “Not good! Jim, why the hell would you say that to her?!”

He sighed, waiting for a spreadsheet to load, “I wanted to make things right.”

Heidi shook her head, trying to think of some way she could make him believe what a mistake he’d made. It was all so screwed up. She was going to have to go to this godforsaken birthday party, make small talk with Pete of all people, act like everything was OK, when it wasn’t. Everything was so wrong. “I can’t believe this.”

“Me neither.” Jim was grinning at the computer screen again.

“Right. I’m going.” Heidi picked up her bag and turned around, hardly daring to believe how unconcerned he was.

“Whoa!” Jim’s undivided attention arrived a few seconds too late. “Heidi, wait. I was going to…”

“Save it.” It was the only two words she could manage without her voice trembling. As if she needed him anyway. He was just an annoying, selfish…interfering…

His hand grabbed her arm, “Heidi, c’mon. Seriously, just chill out. You’re not leaving.”

“Yes, I am.” Her fingers closed around the door handle.

“Where’re you going?”

“Where?” Heidi shook his hand off, “Home.”

“You can’t.” Jim’s calm voice didn’t suit the conversation. He sounded…relaxed. What the fuck?

Heidi looked at him in confused exasperation. “Why can’t I?”

“Because I’ve got your key. Since this morning.” Jim shrugged almost apologetically. “And I won’t let you leave like this.” He leaned against the door, “Heidi, sit down. Hear me out.”

“I don’t care what you’ve got to say.” Heidi glared at the front of his shirt, “This is ridiculous.”

“Sit down.” Jim’s voice was quietly assured. “Give me five minutes.”

Heidi somehow knew he wasn’t going to budge. “Fine.” She sat on the edge of the desk and focused studiously on the hard-wood floor.

Jim sighed, “Heidi, I agreed to it because I care about you. I know that you miss her. You won’t admit it but you do. What person wouldn’t miss their mom?”

Heidi scowled, “I don’t. How many times do I have to say that to you? I don’t miss her, I don’t want to see her, and I don’t want anything to do with her!”

Jim sighed, “Heidi, you’re just too proud.”

“Proud?” Heidi glared at him, “So now you’re just gonna insult me?”

“I’m not insulting you.” Jim crossed the room and tried to take hold of her hands, “You think that what she said to you, and what she did was wrong, right? Blaming you, getting married. But you feel bad too, don’t you? Just leaving like you did.” He sighed at her stubborn expression, “Heidi, there’s no pride when it comes to family. You can’t lose what you have over old issues. Look, she’s made an effort. She wants to be a part of your life. She’s hoping you’ll forgive her, or at least accept her. You’re never going to get another dad. But you can still get your mom back. I know you miss her.” He shook his head as she made to protest. “Don’t lie to me. I see it in your face. In your eyes. Give her a chance. If it goes wrong, fine. But you’ve nothing to lose. She’s your mom Heidi. She raised you.”

Heidi pulled a face, “But…”

“No buts.” Jim’s voice was firm as her eyes finally met his, “As arrogant as it sounds, I know I’m right.”

There was a pause. “And if it screws up?” Heidi’s voice was quietly accepting. “You’re coming too, right?”

“If that’s what you want.” Jim ran his finger down her cheek, “It won’t screw up baby. It’ll be fine. You know it will.”

“Am I supposed to thank you?” Heidi looked momentarily ashamed, “This should have happened a long time ago.”

“No. It shouldn’t have.” Jim pressed his mouth to her forehead, “We might never have met. Everything could have been different. I could still be searching for the meaning of my life.”

Heidi couldn’t hide her smile, “OK, that sounded way too corny.”

“It did?” Jim lifted her chin and looked deep into her eyes, “You still mad at me?”

Heidi sighed. “No. How could I be?”

“Good.” His mouth dropped gently onto hers, tongue probing softly. “I hate making you unhappy.”

Heidi kissed him hard, “You don’t.” she whispered, “Well, hardly ever. You make me smile, Jim. Everything’s just fallen into place with you. Leon’s become as nice as he used to be, then work sorted itself out, and now my family’s… almost there. It’s like you waved a magic wand or something.”

“I know.” Jim said quite seriously.

“You know?” Heidi looked mildly amused, “You’re meant to say something equally loving. Not ‘I know’.”

He laughed hoarsely, “God Heidi, I would but all I can think about is how much time we’re wasting.” His mouth dropped to her neck as he kissed a path to her ear, “You are so beautiful.”

Heidi smiled, “And you have such a one-track mind.”

“And that,” Jim concluded, his hands sliding under her shirt, “Is why we are so perfect together.”

Their mouths met simultaneously, tongues moving in an impassioning frenzy as Jim’s hands found their place on her chest, groping hard, pushing her down to lie on the cold mahogany, his hands moving to her waist, pulling her down and closer to him. Heidi felt her stomach flip as he pressed hard against her, the heat from their bodies fusing, making the raw desire almost unbearable.

“Come on, come on….” Each of them were struggling with the buttons on the others shirt, Jim finishing first and then pulling off his blazer as Heidi’s hands finally stroked his bare chest, her delicate touch leaving him even harder.

“You…” His hands had dropped to the waistband of her trousers, his mouth to one of her nipples, and she cried out as his teeth pulled before being replaced by the soothing swirl of his tongue, his intelligible whispers exciting her even more.

“Jim…” Heidi ran her hands down to his belt, tried to undo the buckle between their bodies as Jim moaned, pulled her further towards him so he could tug her trousers and panties down.

“Ah…” The cool rush of air on her inflamed pussy reduced her excitement only momentarily, as Jim’s fingers moved in, brushing along her outer lips as he straightened up, unzipped himself with his spare hand and looked down at her, breathing hard.

They paused for a moment, simply staring at each other.

“You are so goddamn gorgeous.” The words fell from Jim’s mouth, his fingers suddenly urgent again, pressing against her clit, making her gasp as he bent down again, kissing her furiously, their mouths twisting, tongues thrashing. Heidi moaned hard, her body clenching as his fingers pushed into her entrance, moving in and out, finding her spot.

“Oh god Jim!” She pushed against his hand, tried to hold his fingers there but then he’d pulled away and his hands were gripping her legs, pulling them around his waist as his cock hovered tantalisingly at her entrance.

“You ready?” He was kissing her neck, hands moving up to her waist as he held on tight, all set to go.

“God, yes.”

Heidi gasped out loud, tensing as he thrust in with one smooth movement, burying himself entirely, slamming between her tight walls, the action issuing waves of pleasure throughout her entire body. “Oh god….!”

Her hands were gripping the edge of the desk, knuckles white as Jim began pounding into her, eyes fixed on her face. “You are so fucking hot.” His teeth were clenched, eyes daring her to look away as he throbbed inside her, the sweat breaking out on his chest as he tried to keep control. “You are just….the best.”

Heidi moaned out an incoherent response, her heart pounding inside her, her eyes fixed helplessly to Jim’s, the emotions almost electric between them. His right hand was on the move again, travelling roughly over her body, making her wetter and wetter, regardless as to where it strayed, settling finally on her pussy, his fingers moving rapidly and expertly. His eyes were still fixed hungrily on her face, his mouth open slightly as he sucked in air, fuelling his thrusts as he tried to keep control, tried to make it last.

Heidi pushed up urgently against his hand; he was rubbing hard, all over, his fingertips sending little tremors through her but it just wasn’t enough, it just wasn’t the right place, he was driving her insane.

“Jim…please…” His finger finally fell to her clit, attaching itself to the hood, just hard enough for the bud beneath to pulsate with exquisite pleasure. “Oh god…oh god….” Heidi’s hands moved to his arms, fingertips digging into his biceps as he began rubbing, his finger moving in time to the rhythmic thrusts.

“Fuck…fuck…” It was with a sense of delirious abandonment that Jim realised he hadn’t even bothered to lock the office door, effectively risking his entire reputation for the sake of this crazy animal fuck. Anyone could have walked in. But being buried deep inside Heidi’s flawless body, knowing that she was feeling just as good as he was, made the gamble more than worth it. It was bloody crazy, Jim knew that, but these unexpectedly precious few minutes were exceptional and he was determined to get as much out of them as possible. Which was why he slammed repeatedly in with renewed resolve, feeling Heidi’s body tremble and shudder under his touch as they kissed again and again, absorbing each others heat, seizing the moment and owning it, making it unforgettable.

Heidi’s mind was a whirl of crazy thoughts, her brain reeling into overtime as the pleasure surged through her body, Jim’s fingers and ceaseless plunging doing nothing to help the confusion until finally it was all just too much, his intelligible grunts sent her hurling over the edge, the pleasure heaving through her body in an enormous wave, making her cry out unrestrainedly, her hand pushing his fingers away from her as she clenched hard, bringing Jim to an almost identically heightened sense of absolute pleasure.

“Shit…” It was a drawn out groan of success that issued from his mouth, a sign of complete satisfaction, as he released, shuddering slightly before he leaned down, kissed Heidi hard on the mouth, and finally relaxed. God, life was good.


“A picnic?” Heidi turned to look at Jim in surprise, “That’s new.”

“Well, yeah.” Jim watched as she resumed organising the bookcase in the corner of his living room, “I think it’ll be fun.”

It was Saturday morning, the sun was up and Jim didn’t seem to want to waste it.

“Are you sure?” Heidi heaved an illustrated copy of The Arabian Nights to the top shelf, “I thought picnics were like a thing for mom’s and kids. Not businessmen.”

Jim crossed the room and helped her shift the final stack of books, “I’m not a businessman.” He said, “Not when I’m with you anyway. Besides, anyone can have a picnic.”

“I know.” Heidi slumped in the armchair, “It’s just not very…you. Not very masculine.”

Jim laughed, “OK, so let’s say it’s a hike. That’s masculine enough.”

Heidi grinned, “Yeah, but now you sound like one of those nature enthusiasts with those boots and scruffy beards.”

“You are so hard to please.” Jim pulled her out of the armchair and sat down himself. “So are we going or not?”

“If you really want.”

And so it was decided. It was hardly a conventional picnic though, Heidi privately thought, as she retrieved a blanket from the garage while Jim tossed cans of Coca-Cola and assorted junk food into a bag.

“Don’t you want some fruit?” She asked pointedly, trying not to imagine just how high the calorie-count of all the provisions was.

Jim looked up, “Fruit?” He rummaged around in the refrigerator before emerging with a lone tangerine which he dropped unceremoniously on top of the processed items.


Heidi raised an eyebrow, “Is that it?”

“Yep.” Jim zipped up the bag and grinned at her, “Let’s go.”


Half an hour later and the sun was most definitely up, shining down on Lockwood Park, rays of light peeking through from between branches and leaves, the ground warm and dry. Flowers had pushed up through the grass and stood proud, an assortment of colours, yellows, reds and vibrant pinks adorning the pathways.

“Here.” Heidi stopped in a grassy clearing and turned to Jim, “This is perfect.”

She dropped the bag of food on the floor and looked around, “Hey, put the blanket out. The bag will hold it down.”

Jim frowned, “The blanket? I didn’t bring it. Didn’t you get it out of the car?”

“Huh?” Heidi looked at him, “You expect me to carry everything? You’re the one with the muscles!”

“Great.” Jim sighed, “I’ll go get it. Five minutes.”

And he was gone.

Heidi sighed before she lay back on the bare grass and gazed up at the sky, the light breeze tickling her face and bare limbs. Trust Jim to forget the blanket, she thought wryly, her mind slipping back to the prior day’s conversation. So now they were going to that birthday party. She felt a strange sense of relief in the fact that finally, after all the years of ambiguity, she was actually going to have some sort of contact with her mom. Would it work out? Heidi knew that she needed Jim there. Not because she was weak but for anyone, it was good to have some sort of support. Maybe that’s how Mom felt, a little voice whispered to her. Maybe that’s why she just got married when Dad died. She needed someone there to help her through it all. To Heidi, Pete had seemed like an absolute ass but there was always an explanation. For everything. Mom had only been like 37. She still had a load of life left in her. And she didn’t want to be alone. Shit. It was all a lot easier to understand now that Heidi actually sat back and thought about it. Grief affected people in tonnes of different ways. Of course Mom had always loved Dad. And Pete didn’t replace him. He was just there to help mom get through, right?

Heidi sighed, glanced at the box of Krispy Kreme donuts poking out of the bag, and smiled to herself. For a moment she let her mind slip into the forbidden zone. Would Dad have approved of Jim? He’d jokingly banned her from dating until she was like 30 but something instinctively told Heidi that he would have actually liked this man. She imagined how different things would have been, had Dad still been around, but then she wiped the thought away. Dad was gone. Things were different. And while she’d never know what life would have been like without that fateful night, life right now was good. And she had to live it.

With Jim, anything was possible. It was incredible, she thought, watching a secluded plane travel through the clouds, it was incredible how everything just slipped into place. Jim and Leon for instance, the way they’d forged a path through their disagreements to actually get along, find that they were analogous in more ways than they’d guessed. Had they done it for her? The thought made Heidi smile slightly but she didn’t dwell on it. Whatever the reason, she was glad. They’d each swallowed a good helping of damn-pointless pride and were virtually friends. It was crazy. Just crazy.


“So this is it.” Jim said, dropping the last of the litter into the bag, “My super-manly attempt at a picnic. What do you think?”

Heidi shrugged, “Not bad. I’m still slightly worried though.”

Jim frowned, “About what?”

Heidi smiled mischievously, “I just get concerned you’re not macho enough. Not man enough for me.”

“Not man enough!?” Jim laughed incredulously, “I’m as manly as a man gets. Haven’t you seen my muscles?”

Heidi smirked, “What muscles?” She laughed as he made a dive for her. “Too slow!” She laughed again, “You can’t even catch me…..ah, shit!” She wriggled as his hands closed around her waist, pulling her down onto the grass, his fingers scrabbling under her t-shirt, tickling her mercilessly.

“Get off!” she squealed, squirming, almost helpless with laughter.

“Am I man-ish enough?” Jim asked teasingly, his cold hands taking advantage of her vulnerability.

“Yes!” Heidi tried in vain to release herself from his ruthless grasp, “You’re a man, OK?! Please Jim!” She finally relaxed as his fingers stopped moving, “I’m sorry.”

“That’s OK. I know you’re just playing.” His hands were still under her shirt and he trailed his fingers across her perfectly shaped breasts. “You can make it up to me though. Let me prove how much of a man I really am.”

Heidi laughed, “You need to prove it?!”

“Stop.” Jim’s mouth dropped onto hers, “Enough already. I’m gonna get insecure at this rate.”

Heidi squirmed nervously underneath him, “Jim, let’s go.”

“Huh?” He looked at her in surprise, “Go where?”

“Back to your place.” She wriggled out from beneath his body and stood up, brushing grass off her clothes.

Jim stood up, “It’ll take ages.” His fingers toyed with the hem of her t-shirt. “I can’t wait that long.”

“Well, you’ll have to.” Heidi said as firmly as possible, “What, you want to just do the whole jack-rabbit thing out here? We’d probably get arrested or some family will have their peaceful stroll interrupted and…and…Jim, stop staring at me!”

Jim didn’t say anything, his eyes moving over her body, down from her face, pausing briefly on the swell of her chest before continuing down to her waist, hesitating on the shorts. “You are so damn sexy.” He gave a sudden tug at her shirt, surprising her, allowing him to pull it off in one clean move, his eyes taking in the sight of her tightly curved body, his hands moving forward instinctively to admire the smooth skin.

“Jim!” Heidi shivered slightly and snatched her shirt back, “For christ’s sake! Anyone could see us! I’m going!”

She made a move, straightening out the black polyester but he grabbed her by the waist, drew her to him, “No you’re not. Relax baby, it’s me. Me and you. Alone.”

His lips devoured hers and she couldn’t help herself, she returned the passion, allowed his tongue to search her mouth, his hands to drop to her ass.

They broke apart, “What’s wrong with going home?” Heidi asked breathlessly.

“Why do it inside when we can do it out here?” Jim motioned at the trees, the spring flowers blooming along the nature-forged paths.

“It’s beautiful.”

“Damn right it is.” He ran his forefinger down her cheek, along her neck and across her hard nipple. Heidi breathed in sharply,

“Jim. I still think…”

He didn’t pause, his brown eyes connecting with hers, mutely silencing her, as his finger progressed south to her navel.

“How much do you want me?” The question was asked teasingly and Heidi’s lips parted as she stared at his angular profile, “How much Heidi?” His finger traced a line from her navel to the waistband of her shorts, “Tell me how much you need me baby.”

She took a shuddery breath, “I don’t know.” Her eyes stared into his as his other hand tightened its grip on her firm ass.

“You want this, right?” his voice had changed from the soft tone she’d heard all day. It was lower, rougher, and almost primal.

She nodded impulsively, “I…”

His finger slipped down into her shorts, past her underwear, coming to rest on the bare skin.

He took a breath, “It’s going to be good Heidi. I swear it’s worth the risk.”

She let out a soft moan as his eyes stared hungrily into hers before moving down, taking in her lips, her swanlike neck.

“Please.” The word came out as a whimper.

“Please what?”

Heidi’s eyes gazed helplessly into his, her mouth unable to form the requests that her body was screaming for.

Jim smiled wolfishly, “You’re so sweet Heidi. Say it.”

She shook her head, “I…”

“I know, I know.” His tone was understanding but his finger remained on her outer lips, running back and fro, taunting, teasing.

“You are the worst.” Heidi gasped in awe, “You are just…unbelievable.”

Jim didn’t say anything, his spare hand moving to the front of his jeans, his eyes fixed on hers, daring her to stop him, daring her to stop the whole scenario which was quickly unfolding in front of them. Heidi didn’t stop anything. She reached up, her hand securing itself on the back of his neck as they kissed, their mouths interlinking as they stumbled backwards, trying not to trample the flowers underfoot. Breathless, they ended up against one of the old cherry trees, the trunk thankfully smooth and warm against Heidi’s back, her heart pounding as Jim’s mouth found hers again, his murmurs folding into the invigorating kiss.

Heidi broke away for a second, glancing around the area, wary of possible passer-bys witnessing their primal lust, suddenly aware of just how exposed she was. Her eyes dropped to the front of Jim’s jeans and then, almost on an impulse she asked the question that had been hovering in her mind for some weeks now.

“Can I give you a blowjob?” Her hand came out, her mind rejuvenated by the sudden reckless attitude which consumed her as Jim stared, the most part of him insanely excited.

“Don’t tease me.” His eyes were fixed on her face, as her fingers ran lightly up the denim at his crotch.

“I’m not teasing.” Heidi’s voice was calmer than she’d expected, “I’m serious Jim.”

“Really?” He sounded dubious, “You’re not just trying to make me happy?”

Heidi rolled her eyes, “It’s not all about you Jim. We met like six months ago. I’ve already made you wait long enough.”

“I know.” Jim tried to control himself. “But I’m not complaining. You take all the time you need.”

“Oh for gods sake.” Heidi unbuckled his belt, gripping it hard to try and stop her hands from trembling, “I’ve had enough time. It’s not like you waited before having sex with me is it?”

Jim looked slightly ashamed, “I didn’t know it was your first time.” His hands closed around hers, “Heidi, I don’t want us to regret this.”

“You make it sound like we’re doing a parachute jump or something.” Heidi looked up into his face and smiled, “Jim, just chill out. Look, I initiated it, OK? Stop worrying about me. Just…enjoy yourself.”

“OK.” Jim held his hands up in mock-surrender, “If you insist.”

Heidi smiled, “I do. And don’t act like you don’t want it. I’m not stupid you know.”

She finally succeeded in undoing his pants and stood back as he stepped out of them, pulling his shirt off simultaneously, leaving himself completely naked.

“There.” Jim smiled and dropped the shirt to the floor as Heidi made to pull hers back on.

“Leave it.” His hand came out and took the material from her, dropping it back onto the grass. “You look better without it.”

Heidi shrugged, “Right. Whatever makes you happy.”

She dropped to her knees in front of him and swallowed hard, hesitating for the slightest of seconds. Jim’s face was a picture of excited expectation, “Open up.”

She parted her lips slightly, let out her tongue and ran it along his smooth skin. Jim let out a small grunt at the first contact and she looked up at him, “Am I doing it right?”

He nodded, eyes fixed to her naked body, “Perfect. Perfect.”

Reassured, Heidi licked up and down the engorged length, her unskilled tongue travelling around his balls before descending towards the swollen head.

“That’s right.” Jim’s breathing was shallow as he watched her pointed tongue move around, flickering in response to his shortened breath. Her small hand came out, grasped the base of his erection holding it in place as she worked on the head, covering it with saliva as he moaned in appreciation. She caressed the tip for a short while longer before stretching her lips into an uncertain O and taking the head into her mouth. Jim watched breathlessly as she pleasured him and his hands subconsciously travelled to her head, fingers entwining in the dark hair, holding her there as her eyes flicked up to meet his.

“Suck it.” The words rasped instinctively from his dry mouth as her hand began stroking the base, her slim fingers noticing the lack of hair, the care he’d taken. She sucked on the head of his dick, felt his grip on her hair tighten and he grunted as her spare hand gripped his muscular thigh, her mouth pleasuring him inconceivably.

Yes, he’d had head in the past but nothing like this. Nothing like an amateur doing their utmost best to please him, nothing like the satin feel of his lover’s mouth, the inept fingers. It was, he thought, as he grunted and swore between clenched teeth, the most welcome surprise he’d ever had.

“Heidi, you’re amazing. So good…” the word trailed out to an aching moan as he closed his eyes and tilted his head skywards as she released his dick and moved her attentions to his balls, sucking them.

“That’s, that’s…” Jim was at a loss for words. He’d expected her to fumble innocently, expected to be left disappointed but this was, this was….insane! He grunted appreciatively as her teasing lips moved back to his thick cock and sealed around it, moving up and down, sucking hard, and determinedly. Her eyes met his and he saw a glimmer, a glimmer of joy that she was doing it right, that she was making him feel good.

“Baby, that’s so good. You have no idea…”

Her mouth moved further up, eyes closing as she concentrated on taking more of him in. She felt Jim grip harder to her hair, moving her up and down and the utter excitement of it all aroused her. The unfamiliarity of the entire situation made her feel exhilarated, she didn’t care what she was doing; it was all just too good. Her mouth moved further up his throbbing pole, she now had at least two thirds of it in and by the sound of the guttural moans reaching her ears, Jim was enjoying himself.

“Baby…to the throat, throat, now.”

Heidi looked at him in surprise, releasing him from her warm mouth.

“Just one little push.” Jim’s eyes were dark, as her hand continually massaged him and he didn’t let go of her hair, “You’re so good Heidi, so damn good.”

She stared up at him, her eyes twin pools of liquid desire, the soft brown colour warming his soul, urging him to push into her mouth again. “Come on baby, just hold it there.”

She paused, swirled her tongue around the head, felt him stiffen, and moved further up, her spare hand squeezing his balls.

“Up, up!” The urgent encouragement excited her as she continued her path up his throbbing trunk, forcing herself to open her throat and attempt to swallow him entirely. “Relax, relax, you can do it.” The lustful encouragement spurred her to let herself go, let down her defences until his eight inches was packed into her mouth and throat. Jim groaned loudly, swore at the top of his voice before she couldn’t take him anymore and released him, both of them gasping for breath.

“I couldn’t….” Heidi wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, “It was….” She shook her head, made to reattempt the feat but Jim pulled away, drew her to her feet and kissed her softly.

“It was amazing.” he reassured, pulling her over to the picnic blanket, “Absolutely amazing.”

“Really?” Heidi knelt down, facing him, still slightly breathless, “You’re not just saying that?”

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