I was left alone again in that room. It seemed like I was going to spend a bit more time tied to this infernal bed frame. At least this time I wasn’t pulled apart, my muscles straining.

After trying for the umpteenth time pulling at my bonds to make sure there was no hope of escape, I settled down and relaxed. I tried to get comfortable on the frame, but the wired kept sinking into my sensitive skin. The most sensitive was my rear, which had not only undergone a battle with dripping wax, but a serious hammering by a long dildo.

I heard the door open in the front of the room and I looked up. My sexy wife Christie poked her head inside. “Hey dear, what about letting me up now?” I asked.

“That isn’t what I looked in for,” she answered. “I wanted to see if your swelling had gone down yet. It seems it has.” This was in reference to my dick, which despite the scarf tied tightly around it had indeed become flaccid.

Christie came over to the bed and sat on the edge. She took my manhood in her soft hands and leaned over. Opening her mouth, she kept her eyes locked onto mine. She smiled as she placed the head against her sensual lips. Without ever breaking eye contact, she inserted my prick into her hot mouth. Instantly I sprang back into action.

She continued to suck me for several minutes. I began to feel the pressure build again in-between my legs, signaling the impending orgasm. Thrusting my hips, I tried my best to push my pole deeper into her throat.

At the last possible second, she pulled away from me, and despite my cries, wouldn’t touch me again.

“Bravo!” I heard a voice from the door saying. “That was great Christie, I think you had him right on the edge. Look at the way he’s straining.” Now she stepped completely into the room with a digital camera. Taking aim, she proceeded to snap a few pictures of me in my most helpless state, with my long pole, throbbing away, pointing at the ceiling. “I’ll have to save these for a rainy day,” She said.

Then the ladies started to leave. I called out after them, “Please girls. I’ll eat you out again, just let me cum. I’m dying here.” Turning around, Carmel came back to the bed frame where I was lying, helpless. She leaned over and kissed me on the lips. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sweetness of her embrace. Suddenly I felt a scarf again being pushed into my mouth. She quickly tied it off gagging me again.

“You make too much noise for a puppy,” She said and left the room. I was going mad from the pressure in my groin, but couldn’t do a damn thing about it. I heard the girls going back to the kitchen and start talking again.

This time it was a full fifteen minutes before the door opened again. This time it was Carmel. “I won the coin toss, stud,” she said with a smirk. “I get to see how excited I can get you.”

Without another word she came to my bound body and removed the clothespins that were still on my nipples. If I could have cried out I would have as the blood rushed back into them. She proceeded to lick and suck on them, causing me to writhe about. Her hand felt its way down my trapped body until it found my raging erection. She proceeded to stroke me while sucking on my nipples.

“We’re going to keep you on the edge of cumming, puppy, all day long. You’re going to be begging us for a release, and it’ll be music to our ears.”

Then she brought her hand to her mouth and wet her fingers. Reaching down between my legs she brought her slippery hand to my backside. Since it had already received one reaming today, my butt hole was already loosened up, and she quickly inserted first one, then two fingers into my dark recess.

As I moved my hips to her touch, she began to really go to town on my rear. She stopped sucking on my nipples, and moved down to my crouch to give me some more direct stimulation with her other hand. I felt like a bowling ball with her fingers inside me, and her other hand going like it was trying to rip off my cock.

“He’s close,” said Christie from the other side of the room. I was embarrassed to see that she had watched the whole thing and saw how excited I had become from Carmel’s deft handling of my body. My body was quickly becoming nothing but a toy for these two women’s amusement.

And like the last time, despite me muffled grunts, both girls smiled at me, blew a kiss and left me trapped. “It’s time we took a shower I think,” said Carmel as they closed the door.

This time something was a bit different though. I felt that during my last time pulling on my ropes, one had moved a bit. Pulling on my hands I could see that my right one was working itself loose. I tugged and pulled until I finally freed my hand. After that it was a simple matter to completely untie myself and for the first time in several hours stand up.

I stretched to work out the kinks and my first impulse was to grab my clothes and escape. However a different thought then entered my mind. I heard the girls talking in the bathroom and I slipped around the corner careful not to be heard. Carmel had just gotten out of the shower, and went into her room as Christie took her place.

I slipped back into the room where I had been tied up, and took up a few scarves. Then I tiptoed back into the hallway down to Carmel’s room. Looking in, I noticed she was toweling herself off and not paying attention. I came up behind her and before she knew what was happening I pulled her hands behind her back and secured them with the scarves.

“What, how?” She sputtered. Before she could say anything else, however, I decided to do the same thing that they had done to me and gagged her securely with two of the scarves. She tried to struggle, but I had no problem overpowering her and dragging her back to the room with the bed frame. I dumped her onto her back, and just like they did to me, I tied her spread eagled to the bed frame. I had to admit how sexy she looked, naked, and helpless before me. I bent down and gave her a kiss on the cheek saying, “I’m afraid cutie, that the shoe is on the other foot. It’s time I got my revenge. Now don’t go anywhere, I’ll be back soon with your cohort.”

With this I trailed my fingers down her body, making sure to feel her sumptuous breasts and slide my finger across her shaved pubic region, which made her squirm deliciously on the frame.

Even though I didn’t want to leave, I realized I couldn’t leave Christie to roam free. So, I went back to the hallway and waited until she finished her shower. When she stepped out, I was there waiting for her. I didn’t even give her a chance to voice her surprise before I grabbed her and bound her arms behind her.

“How’d you get free?” she asked me.

“I don’t know,” I answered, “I guess your little ‘puppy’ is smarter than you figured. Too bad for you because now I’ll get my revenge on you both.”

With this I proceeded to push her into the spare room where I had already secured Carmel. Christie’s eyes opened wide as she saw her friend tied down to where they had so recently kept me. “I think you two are going to have to get a little more ‘cozy’ as there aren’t two frames for me to use,” I told her.

I maneuvered her to the frame and despite her struggles pushed her down on top of Carmel’s bound body. I made sure to put them in opposite directions, so Christie’s head was even with Carmel’s sex. I then took up some scarves and before Christie could wiggle off Carmel, I tied her ankles to Carmel’s wrists, spread wide on the bed. I then untied her hands from behind her back and fastened them to Carmel’s ankles.

Stepping back, I admired my work and was quite pleased. Both ladies were tied in a spread eagle, one on top of the other. Their naked flesh pressed onto each other. I had to keep a memory of this forever, so I took up Carmel’s camera and took a few shots from all directions.

“What are you going to do to us, honey?” asked Christie.

“I think the better question is ‘what are you going to do to each other, dear. Since you are in such a good position, I figure you should eat each other out. I mean, you really seemed to enjoy having me do it.”

Christie replied, “I’m not doing that,” And Carmel grunted in what I could only assume was something along the same line.

“Okay, I guess then I will just have to find a way to convince you.” I said and picked up the candle that she had so recently used on me.

Lighting the candle I moved it over her shapely backside until I saw a drop form. It fell onto her exposed rear and I saw her jerk against her ties. “Ow!” she yelled. I let another drop form and fall onto her lower back, to which she again jumped and yelled.

I kept this up for several minutes and had to admit the girls were right before, it was fun to watch her twitch. Finally she couldn’t take any more and cried out, “Okay, okay. You win, just stop the wax.”

So saying, she slowly moved her head down to Carmel’s bare pussy. Almost as if it was in slow motion, she steeled herself and extended her little tongue until it hovered just next to Carmel’s lips. With a resigned sigh, she moved her head until she began to eat out Carmel.

I heard Carmel moan against her gag and moved to the head of the bed. While rubbing Christie’s backside, I removed Carmel’s gag from her mouth and told her, “Your turn now babe. Or do you want me to see where I can drop some wax on you?”

I guess with Christie eating her out, she was already excited. She didn’t need to be forced before she rose her head up and began to give Christie some head as well. I marveled at the sight of these two sexy women, bound together and eating each other out. Obviously, they were still excited from before, because they were going to town on each other and in between mouthfuls were moaning and crying out in ecstasy.

This was truly an amazing sight, and I relished every moment. I would reach over and tweak Carmel’s nipples, or spank Christie’s ass every once in a while to help them reach even higher plateau’s of passion.

Now, I still hadn’t had any release for several hours, despite being kept in an almost constant state of excitement. This was obviously my chance. I moved over to the top of the bed and knelt above Carmel’s head. My dick was long and hard and ready to be used, so I positioned it between Christie’s legs and took aim at her tender flesh. I slowly inserted it into her pussy, as Carmel kept licking her clit. The view was tremendous, Carmel’s face under me while I was doing my incredible wife.

I slowly pumped in and out of my wife’s hot box, and could see it was having a very good effect on her. She would raise her head up every once in a while to moan and said things like, “oh baby, do me. It feels so good your dick inside me and Carmel’s mouth on my clit.”

Every once in a while I’d pull out of her pussy and angle my long pole downward. Opening up Carmel’s mouth with my hand, I fed her my meat. She was obviously no stranger to blow jobs as she would suck me with abandon at every chance, slurping up Christie’s juices from my glistening rod.

I finally couldn’t take any more and thrust away into my bound wife’s body with everything I had. She cried out, “I’m cumming, pound me baby!” Needing no more encouragement, I did as asked and went into her as hard as I could. I felt my cum boiling up inside me and with the pressure of a dam bursting I finally came. My hot load spuged into Christie’s box as she was cumming too. I don’t know if Carmel was also in the throes of orgasm, but I could see all three of our bodies were thrashing around on the bed frame.

Finally spent, I pulled out and looked down to see Carmel still eating out Christie. Now she was getting the added treat of my spunk oozing out of her. I climbed off the bed and surveyed the two girls.

They were still eating each other out, obviously not wanting to end their excitement just yet. Both their bodies were glistening with sweat, and with their limbs tied together, their hot, undulating bodies were firmly pressed against each other. Even though they weren’t used to eating each other out, they quickly learned how to turn each other on with their skillful mouths.

As I was leaving them alone in the room, Christie looked up and said, “as soon as we cum again, could you let us up dear?”

“I don’t think so,” I replied. “You had your chance to release me and didn’t. I need a drink now. Besides, you still have two more holes that needed to be filled….”

Then end.

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