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There is always tension in an office. The cubicles, the sweat, the pounding of keys and the desperation of the nine to five set. Dagny could have easily escaped it. It was cooler and brighter in her office, with the light streaming into the open room, not filtered and stale like in those tiny white-collar cells. These were her drones, not her people. She was the elite, the crème de la crème, the CEO and the Lord God to these people. She could feel the sweat pour off the stiff-suited men and lipsticked women as she walked past their cubicles.

Dagny loved to walk past the workers. There was something about the fear and weakness that gave her a rush of adrenaline. Even so, they disgusted her. They were just all so pathetic. They had never had huge contracts that hinged on them, didn’t dine on five star meals daily, never managed millions of dollars, never fired a man twice their age and worth twice the assets. They would live and die like this. She wouldn’t.

She stopped at the entrance of a cubicle. She had no idea what the name plate said, or what position it was for. It was lowly, clerical, and something that had more managers between Dagny’s position and it than she could imagine.

It was the person inside the cubicle that interested her. A homely looking girl, bent over a stack of papers, large horn-rim glasses sliding off her nose frequently and needing to be pushed back up. Her clothing was the lowest end of women’s professional wear that you could get. Polyester with weak shoulders and a blouse far too clingy for anyone to respect. Dagny entered the cubicle and coughed.

The mousey girl looked up in fear, “Oh! Ms. Freeman! W-w-what can I do for you?” The girl stood quickly.

Dagny looked disdainfully at her. “Tell me, is it common practice for young ladies in this office to neglect to wear shoes at work?” The girl blanched.

“I’m so sorry ma’am! They were just off for a moment, it’s been a long day for me.” She went on all fours to retrieve them from under the desk. Her black nyloned ass poked out of her pencil skirt, Dagny had an enviable view of a superb heart-shaped ass and the perfect preview of pussy. She didn’t get where she was now by passing up opportunities.

Dagny stepped forward, landing her glossy spiked heel square on the girl’s spine, sprawling her on the floor face down. The girl squealed at the sudden pain. Dagny swore she could feel the little thing’s heart pulse faster through her black stilettos.

Several times the girl tried to rise and several more Dagny shoved her spike forcefully into her spine. When she let up, she left a perfect filthy print of her pumps on the girl’s shirt with a small drop of blood at the heel. The girl whimpered like a beaten dog.

“Tsk tsk. What manner of training did you receive, child? I’m certain they didn’t teach you to flash your ass at ME, of all people.” In a choked tone on the edge of crying, the girl blurted out an apology unintelligibly. “No, no. If you want to get a promotion so badly you’d expose yourself…”

Dagny sat on the girl’s back, lifting her head by her messy bun. She curled one hand around the girl’s throat while the other one dove suddenly down the front of her blouse. Dagny bent her head down to the girl’s ear, and as the CEO twisted a nipple in her hand, she softly said, “If you ever want a job in the corporate world again little one, I wouldn’t do anything to my displeasure.” She bit the miserable girl’s ear, drawing both blood and tears from her employee.

The blouse ripped cheaply as Dagny’s hand explored the girl’s breasts. They were full and large, but soft. A very feminine attribute that contrasted with the girl’s plain and almost masculine face. Dagny could feel herself get wet. She was astride the girl like a hobby horse, and so she was sure the girl could feel it.

Dagny ground the girl’s face into the coffee-stained office floor as she reached over the girl for the neglected heels. Just as cheap as the rest of her outfit. “Well these are no good!” Dagny exclaimed, “How worn and pathetic these shoes are. You can’t go slutting around for a promotion in these! Maybe you should try my shoes on.”

Dagny stood up, dragging the girl up with her by the hair, squealing like a stuck pig. Other employees heard them, of course, but they kept their eyes on their work and ignored the cries of the young girl. Whatever was going on they decided it wasn’t worth their sad careers. None of them would report this, afraid that Dagny would make their lives hell. She had done it before, without hesitation.

She bent the girl over the desk, shaking the walls of the cubicle. Breathing frantically, the girl was almost in hysterics. Dagny paused to wallow in the anxiety before reaching down to slip off her own heel. Her hand slipped up the girl’s perfectly round ass, before slowly rolling down her nylons and panties to mid-thigh.

Dagny ran the long edge of the heel spike across the girl’s slit, surprisingly wet and dripping down her thighs. Unable to restrain herself, Dagny let out a lustful and predatory groan. The girl sobbed and turned her head, and Dagny could see her profile. Her face was crimson in embarrassment, her eyes closed, as if that could block out this humiliation.

“Try a real woman’s shoe on, bitch!” Dagny snarled. She shoved the girl hard into the desk, and in one thrust the heel of Dagny’s shoe disappeared up her ass. A scream pierced the office. One that everyone must have heard.

Dagny’s hand on back of her head kept the girl on the desk as she tried to jerk up and escape the pain. The other hand ground the heel even harder into the tight hole. Dagny laughed wickedly. She left the heel dangling out cruelly, and used her other hand to insert three fingers roughly into the girl’s still wet slit.

She pumped hard, while her own crotch pressed the heel even deeper into the ass bent over in front of her. The girl was crying, but around the sobs were pants of lust.

“If you like getting fucked so much, maybe I should just demote you to janitor. I pay you, come for me whore.” The girl did. She arched her back and screamed not in pain, but with desire, as her ass quivered against Dagny.

Dagny ripped out the heel, drawing some blood, and stepped away. The girl sank to the floor on her knees, unable to stand. Curling into a fetal position she shuddered non-stop, her nylons still around her thighs and her skirt pulled up to her waist. Dagny stood over her, watching her employee like a vulture.

“Fucking whore.” She spat out. Eager to make a miserable thing even more pathetic, she grabbed a plastic cup of cold coffee, unspilled on the desk, and tipped it over the girl on the ground. The coffee plastered the hair to her face, making her look like a drowned rat. The girl lay there, giving no response.

Turning to face the rest of the office, Dagny barked, “Give this girl a promotion!” Dagny turned and left the cubicle, marching briskly, uncaring about the wet, sobbing, quivering mess she left behind. It was good to be the boss.

After our first attempt to get Emma pregnant was aborted in favour of having further attempts in the future, what I expected to happen, happened.

Firstly, and most obviously, they confirmed she was without child. Secondly, Emma had a heavy attack of guilt.

I’d expected it, because she’s a good, honest, loyal person – and she had, in effect, cheated on The Boyfriend. I’d have been stunned if she hadn’t been upset. I was a little surprised that she hadn’t felt the need to confess – I was partly relieved (less trouble and hurt for everyone) but partly disappointed (if they’d split up, I was still hoping she’d come to me).

What this all meant was that she was really unsure about doing it again. I mean, even properly. She asked me to give her some time and space so she could get her head straight, which I duly did.


I remember the first time I knew there were hidden sexy depths to Emma. I mean, I knew from the first second I saw her that she was gorgeous and hot, but she’s such a sweet girl that it can be difficult to imagine her doing anything naughty. She kept that part of her well hidden.

This was several years ago, when we hadn’t known each other that long, and our friendship was still blossoming. We were talking about my upcoming duties as usher at my sister’s wedding, when she mentioned that she had been bridesmaid at her friend Cathy’s wedding. I had never met Cathy, but Emma had told me she was a tiny redhead with big fake tits and a pussy piercing. She sounded hot.

“Oh my God, you should have seen the dress Cathy wanted me to wear! It was so inappropriate.”

“What was it?” I asked.

“It was literally just a bright pink latex tube dress, y’know, with no straps or anything, and was about this long.” She held her hands about two foot apart.

The mental image of that dress was hot; but the mental image of Emma in that dress nearly blew my mind. But it was to get better…

“As a bridesmaid dress? To a wedding?” I asked.

“I know! I couldn’t wear that in front of her grandparents and everything, God, that would be so wrong. On a night out, maybe…”

BANG! My mind did explode this time. Just the possibilty that this pretty girly-girl with her exquisite curves and sweet smile would consider dressing like that at ANY time – that was enough for me. That became my newest favourite fantasy.


Two months passed without a word from Emma until, finally, she rang me up:

“Hiya, it’s Emma.”

“Hello you, how are things?”

“I’m ok thanks, I’m just here with The Boyfriend.”

“Cool,” I reply, reading her hint that we need to be careful how we talk.

An awkward silence, that I break: “So…”

“We’d like to try again,” she blurts out. “If you don’t mind, that is?”

“No, of course, if you want to. When were you thinking?”

“Well,” she said, all business, “how about this weekend?”

“Sounds good. What time shall I be there?”

“We were talking and, because The Boyfriend’s got to work this weekend, we thought maybe Saturday after lunch through to Sunday afternoon?”

I was surprised. “You mean, stay overnight?”

“Yeah, if that’s ok with you? We thought there’d be more chance of me getting pregnant if we did it, er, more than once, y’know?”

“Yeah, that makes sense. Let’s do that.”

“Thank you,” she said, and I could hear the relief in her voice. “We really appreciate it.”

“No worries. I’ll see you Saturday.”

Yes yes yes yes yes!


During my Wednesday lunch hour, I decided to ring Emma when I knew The Boyfriend wouldn’t be around. After I gave her a minute to get out to her car so we could talk in private, we discussed the preparations…

“How are you doing?” I asked.

“Alright, thanks. You?”

“I’m good, thanks. I’m looking forward to the weekend.”

“Yeah, about that.” Her tone immediately had me worried. “Look, what we did last time was wrong and I want to do it properly this time, ok?”

This wasn’t a shock, but was still disappointing. “Yeah, ok.”

“Thank you. We should do it as we agreed the first time around, no kissing or anything.”

“Ok,” I reluctantly agree, “although I thought this was an opportunity.”

“What do you mean?” she says, warily.

“There must be things you want to do that The Boyfriend doesn’t, so I thought you could try them with me.”

She’s flustered for just a second, and then finds her words: “Oh my God, we can’t do that!”

“Why not? Have you got some kinky fantasies you’re not telling me about?” I tease.

I can virtually hear her blush on the other end of the phone. “It’s not that, it’s just that that would be like cheating again, and I don’t want to do that.”

“I don’t think it’s cheating if these are things he doesn’t want to try,” I tried to rationalise.

“We’re not doing it. Besides, you might not want to do the kind of things I might want to do.”

“I’ll try anything with you.”

“Oh God. Look, I’ve got to go. I’ll see you Saturday.”

And with a click, she was gone, leaving me with a dialing tone and a whole herd of thoughts rampaging through my mind. Are her fantasies really that kinky? I hoped I’d get to find out.


This reminded me of my favourite lunchtime phone call with Emma, from a couple of years ago…

“My costume arrived today,” she told me.

“Oh, for your cousin’s party? What did you go for in the end?” I asked.

“Little Red Riding Hood. Only it’s a bit little-er than I thought.”

I closed my eyes, trying to picture her in a tiny red dress. Oh God. “Yeah? So what’s it like?”

“It’s a red dress, bascially, with some white lace edging and apron, and a black bustier and black frilly skirt, but… it’s a bit short.”

“There’s nothing wrong with showing a bit of leg – you’ve got great legs.”

“Yeah, but you can see my underwear.”

Damn, this costume sounds hot. “What, you mean like if you bend over a bit or something? Nothing wrong with that either, maybe just wear some frilly knickers or something…”

“No, I mean you can see my underwear even when I’m standing up. You can see like half my arse.”

The idea of Emma showing herself off like that had my dick straining my trousers.

“Oh wow,” I said. “I want to see it, can you send a pic over?!”

“No!” she screeched, embarrassed.

“Look, you have like the best bum in the world, you shouldn’t worry about it.”

She sighed. “I think I’ll wear leggings under it or something, they’ll go ok with my heels.”

“Which ones?”

“The black ones with the open toe and the little bow, y’know?”

“Nice. Yeah, you could do that. If you’re not happy with it, why don’t you change it, get something else?”

“The party’s this weekend, there isn’t time. Anyway, I do like it and I want to wear it, it’s just a little shorter than I expected when I ordered it, that’s all.”

“Ok. Well, it sounds really nice.”

“Yeah. I wanted to go for something a little sexier.”

“Well it certainly sounds like it’s that. I’m sure you’ll look incredible. Don’t forget to get some pictures!”

She laughed. “We’ll see!”

That weekend, I watched Emma’s page of everyone’s favourite social website until pics were posted – and I wasn’t disappointed. Even with the black leggings she’d decided to wear, she looked ubsurdly fucking hot. I don’t know how any of the other guests managed to keep their hands off her.

She had an eye-catchingly deep cleavage (unusual for her to put her perfect titties on display), which gained a day-glo yellow straw wedged between them part way through the evening. God, how I’d have loved to have been that straw!

But the best pic was of Emma’s cousin, looking horny in a tight white nurse’s costume, bending over; and Emma behind her, her own legging-clad bum barely touched by her dress, spanking her cousin’s thong-clad arse. The cherry on top – the look on Emma’s face that showed how much she was enjoying herself.

I whacked off five times that day to those photos.


So today’s the day.

As Emma said she wanted to do it properly this time, I’ve decided to play it cool. I’m banking on her horniness taking over once we get started. If it doesn’t, then maybe I’ll start suggesting we change it up a bit…

I arrive at Emma’s place a little before 2pm and the door swings open before I reach it.

I’m slightly underwhelmed. It looks like she was even more serious than I thought. She’s wearing a pink Tinkerbell t-shirt and the same frilly white skirt from last time. Her feet are bare, and she’s not wearing any make-up. She still looks gorgeous, but it’s like she wants me to think she hasn’t made an effort for me this time.

“Hi,” she says, and even her tone is more serious. None of the shy playfulness of last time.

“Hello you,” I say as I follow her into her home, dumping my bag by the door.

“Can I get you a drink or anything?” she asks.

“No thanks.”

“Well…” she seems a little uncertain about herself. “I wasn’t sure if you’d want it, but I got you some viagra. Y’know, just in case…”

That’s unexpected, but at this point I’m willing to take it as a good sign – it must mean she wants a lot of sex, right?

“Thanks, but let’s see how we go first,” I reply.


With no further talk or ceremony, she strides up the stairs and into her bedroom without looking back to check if I was following.

She didn’t need to check. Of course I was going to follow.

I got in the room and she was perched on the bed, avoiding my gaze. “You want to get started?” I ask.


I pull down my jeans and she interrupts: “What are you doing? Clothes on, remember?”

“You’ve seen it before, and they’ll only get in the way. It’s ok if you want to keep yours on, but I’m gettin’ nekkid.”

My attempt at lightening the mood didn’t work, and just elicited a whispered “Oh God,” from Emma. I’m finding it easier and less awkward the second time around – it doesn’t seem like she is.

I sit on the bed next to her. “Are you ok?”

She utters a curt, “Yes,” and shuffles away from me. “Let’s just get started. Lie down.”

I shrug and do as she asks, my dick not even semi-hard.

“I could do with some, er, inspiration here,” I say.

“Well what do you want me to do?” she asks indignantly.

Baby steps, I tell myself. “You could try dancing a little bit, maybe?”

She sighs, heavily. “I’m not going to play stripper for you.”

Damn. “I didn’t say you had to take your clothes off, I just said dance.”

She sighs and puts some generic pop crap on her stereo – I don’t care what it is, I’m not really listening, it’s just a beat for her to move to, and she does, hesitantly. It’s really obvious that she’s uncomfortable.

“Try to relax. We’re friends, I’m not going to do anything you don’t want me to, ok?”

She grins appreciatively, but just a second later, frustratedly throws her hands in the air.

“Oh God, I didn’t want to drink this time…” She takes a bottle of vodka that she’s got hidden away beside her bed, and takes a quick swig of it, wincing slightly at the strong taste. She offers the bottle to me but I shake my head no. Like last time, I want a clear head to enjoy this to the max.

“Do you always keep alcohol by your bed?” I ask with a cheeky grin.

She shakes her head as she takes another, longer swig. Immediately, and quicker than the alcohol could have worked physically, she starts swaying her hips with more confidence.

A twirl. A leg kick. Tantalising glimpses of the upper parts of her thighs. I start stroking my cock, gently, wanting her to know that it’s working, but to encourage her to go further.

Another gulp of vodka. The moves get slower; more sensual. My dick is hardening.

She tugs at the hem of her t-shirt, lifting it a little; then again, higher. She rubs her hands over her bountiful breasts and I groan. She hears it and looks at me – and flashes me that naughty smile I was getting worried I might not see today.

She glances at my dick that’s about two-thirds of the way there, and suddenly lifts her t-shirt off, tossing it away.

My mind melts… she’s not wearing a bra… she stands in front of me with her gorgeous globes and beautiful butterfly tattoo on full display.

I stare – my jaw’s gone slack; my dick’s gone hard. Rock hard.

“You’re perfect,” I whisper as she crawls toward me.

“We’ll have none of that,” she says as she straddles me in reverse cowgirl, letting her skirt cover our crotches. I feel her delicate hand grasp my hot rod. “Let’s put this to use, shall we?”

There’s no teasing; no playfulness. She points my dick at her wet hole and lowers her herself, firmly and deeply onto me. My pole jerks involuntarily, jumping for joy at being back. At being home.

“Oh…my…God,” she moans.

Remembering my plan of playing it cool, I underplay my response: “Feels good, huh?”

“Even better than I remember.”

She raises herself, then forces herself down until I bottom out. We both groan at the electrifying sensation, and I wonder if my plan of not jacking off earlier was wise – my thought was that I didn’t want to waste an orgasm on a tissue when I could enjoy it with Emma now – but already I can feel the excitement growing quicker than I expected.

She begins bouncing on top of me in short, quick movements, and I can feel her milking me with her hot pussy.

“It fits so perfectly,” she pants. She stops bouncing and instead rolls her hips, exploring how my dick feels from every angle. “It’s like it was moulded for me.”

She spins around to face me without my dick leaving her soaking hole, and resumes her short, quick bounces. Her slender fingers run down her body and under her skirt, and goes to town on her clit.

Now with her perfect tits and sexy tattoo in view, I’ve got little hope of holding back for long. In fact…

“I’m gonna cum.”

“We’re gonna make a baby! Tell me when.”

I grab her by the thighs, meet her movements with a few thrusts of my own and grunt, “Now!”

Our moans are in perfect harmony as our orgasms strike in unison. I can feel my cum pulsing into her, and her walls thrumming on my pole. I hold myself deep in her, savouring every millisecond, every perfect sensation, as she collapses forward onto me, burying her head into my shoulder.

Slowly and gently, I return to Earth. Emma keeps jerking on top of me, and I envy the length of her orgasm. Until I realise the jerking has sped up and become more rhythmic. She’s crying.

“Hey, hey, what’s up?” I ask, genuinely concerned. I stroke her hair, trying to console her.

She lifts her head and sniffs, trying to stop the tears. She stares, not into my eyes, but into my soul. Then looks away… is that embarrassment? Shame even? Why??

“When I convinced The Boyfriend it would be better for us to have sex more than once at a time, I argued that we should probably do it regulalrly over like a week, y’know, to be sure. We said we’d see how a weekend went first,” she said. “The idea of doing this every day for a week…”

She sobs. I lovingly wipe a tear from her cheek, and I feel her relax on top of me.

“Can you take me to the emergency clinic for the morning after pill?” she whispers.

Stunned, I search her face for any sign that she isn’t serious.

“Are you sure about this?” I ask. “You may not get pregnant anyway, but…”

“I don’t want to miss the opportunity.” With complete determination and a twinkle in her eye, she says:

“I want to do what you said. I want to do the naughty things I can’t do with him.”

She smiles at my slack jaw and wide eyes and, before I can find any words, she kisses me, lovingly, with increasing passion until she’s writhing on top of me, my hands exploring and grasping her peachy bum.

She gives one last wiggle, then stands and shimmies her way to her wardrobe, swinging the doors open.

“You’ve got a fetish for heels, right?”

I shrug. “I like them, I don’t know if I’d go so far as to say…” She smiles at me, knowingly. “Yeah, I guess,” I confirm.

“Why don’t you pick some for me to wear while you eat me out?” she winks.

I leap off the bed and cuddle her from behind, cupping and squeezing a breast. “You’re the best, you know that, right?”

She shrugs and moans as I tweak a nipple and glance into her wardrobe. For a girl who doesn’t wear heels very often, she’s still got a decent selection.

“What, no thigh-high boots?” I tease.

“I’m not a hooker!” she protests.

“No, but do you have any idea how much money you could make if you were?”

She elbows me in the ribs and playfully pushes me away.

“I’m gonna buy you some,” I say.

“No you’re not!”

“Yes I am, and you can wear them with this,” I hold up her Little Red Riding Hood costume, “and the world will explode from too much sexy.”

“You want the world to explode?” she grins.

“No, but what a way to go.”

“Pick some shoes,” she says, “and I’m going to teach you a lesson.”

“What kind of lesson?” I ask.

“You’re going to lie down and I’m going to trample all over you!”

“Oh no,” I say, ” only Little Red Riding Hood in thigh-highs can do that.”

She pauses, surprised. “I was only joking.”

We’re suddenly serious. “But you want to do it, right?”

She nods.

I smile. “Like I said, I’ll try anything with you.”

“Oh God.” She leaps into my arms and kisses me, hard and with lots of tongue. I grab her bum tightly, feeling my dick start to stiffen, never wanting to let go.

She pulls herself away from me. “Now hurry up and pick some shoes or I’m going to pick for you. I’m dripping here.”

I tear my attention to her wardrobe and the shelves stuffed with shoes. I quickly ignore a third of them that are clearly more “sensible” (for work etc) and scan the dressier majority. Peep-toe, strappy, platform, hidden-platform, kitten heel, high heel, round-toe, pointy-toe, black, blue, yellow, pink, nude…

…silver. There they are. My favourite pair that I’ve seen her wear a couple of times before. A classic pump in silver with a pointy-toe and approx 4-inch heel. I love it when she wears these.

I pick them up and Emma smiles. “I knew you’d pick them,” she says with a naughty grin.


“I’ve seen you looking when I’ve worn them before. A girl knows when she’s being looked at.”

I shrug, and she puts one hand against my chest to steady herself as she slips the sexy shoes on her petite feet. Immediately she’s taller, and I feel closer to her somehow so I reach for her but she spins from my grasp and perches on the edge of the bed.

“You have to do something for me now,” she purrs, and she slides her skirt down her long legs, kicking it off in a flash of her silver shoes.

As she sits back with her legs spread lewdly wide, I see her gash for the first time today and gasp as I notice she has shaven herself completely clean. Just as I had asked her to.

“I did it this morning. You said if I did, you’d never stop.” She grins invitingly.

I run my fingers over her puffy mound, delighting in how smooth and wet she is. I bury my face in her crotch and she squeels with glee as I cover my face with the clear liquid dripping from her steaming cunt. It occurs to me that I’m also slurping my semen, but I’m so horny that I just don’t care and, honestly, mixed with her juices, it doesn’t taste too bad.

I take a breath. “Actually, what I said is that I’d never stop if you got a piercing down here.” I nibble gently on her clit, and she shudders beneath me.

She looks down at me – long blonde hair loose over her face, lidded eyes, pouting lips, and fingers pinching her nipples – and I’ve never seen a sexier look from anyone.

“I might just do that.”

I get on all fours and kiss her foot in its sexy silver shoe, running my tongue over it and around the stiletto heel, then up her leg, all the way up to her pussy and her clit, and I jam two fingers into her tight hole, slamming them in and out as hard and fast as I can.

“Tell me a fantasy… one of your fantasies,” she mutters between gulps of air.

I’d better not start with the filthier ones… “I want to cum in all your holes.”

I can’t call this a dream anymore…it finally did happen…not exactly as written, but close enough…

I welcome criticism, however, if you are going to be negative, be constructive. I will delete those critics who choose to rant, be vindictive or complain about the context of my writing. If you don’t like what I write, or want to rant…write your own story…

I dreamt about you…about your body, about how I touched you…aroused you…made love to you…about how you responded to me…about how you gave your body to our mutual pleasures…

Would you like me to share my dream with you? Would you like me to share how you looked to me? How I felt as I gazed on you beauty? How I felt as I touched you and seduced you?

My dream started with me walking up to your door. I saw myself knocking on the door in the middle of a bright spring morning. The sun warmed my back as I waited impatiently for you to come to the door. But once you opened it for me, the wait proved to be worth it!

The first thing I saw was your smile. It lit up your face touching each of your eyes as you looked at me. Your makeup was exquisitely done, not too much, but enough to enhance the innate beauty that is there. Your eyes shone as you looked at me from under their dark lashes. My heart leapt in my breast as I caught the look of absolute lust there.

Your full lips were coated in bright red lipstick. My first coherent thought was what would your lipstick look like on various parts of my body!

I didn’t have time to say do or say anything before you stepped back and told me to come in.

I turned to look at you as you closed and locked the door. You stood back against it giving me my first completely unobstructed look at you. You were dressed all in black. A black vest with a zipper down the middle that is open to the middle of your breasts. A tight black skirt with black nylons that encased your long legs and black high-heeled shoes completed the outfit.

I raised my head to look once again at your face. Your lips were slightly parted with just the hint of a shy smile. God it felt so wonderful to have such a beautiful woman as you want me, to have you ask me to come and share your day with you.

I leaned forward and pressed my lips gently against yours. Our first kiss of the day was tender, but heartfelt. I was surprised by the taste of strawberries on your lips. The taste gave me a bump in my groin and I felt myself begin to stir down there.

I pressed my hands against the door behind you and my body against yours. You pushed back against me, feeling my beginning arousal. Our kiss became more passionate and intense.

I moved my mouth to tickle your ear. I slid my tongue around your jaw line and moved down over the exposed portion of your chest. My mouth found the zipper on your vest and I pulled it down… to discover that you aren’t wearing a bra…

I pulled the zipper down to the middle of your stomach, leaving only a couple of inches in its track still closed. I ran my tongue up your stomach, through the cleft of your breasts and back to your mouth. This time, when I pressed myself to you, you hold me tightly within your arms, pulling me hard against you.

I slide my knee between your legs and press it hard into your crotch. You moan into my mouth. Hearing your pleasure makes my heart sore and causes my cock to twitch. You feel the movement against you leg and giggle lightly into my mouth.

I kneel down in front of you and pull open the last of the zipper. My head slips inside your vest and I kiss my way up to your breast. I lick your warm skin, making circles around you nipple that get smaller and smaller as I go…soon I trap the nipple in my mouth and suckle on it softly. Your hands play with my head as I work the nipple in my mouth. You sigh contentedly as my mouth plays with you. I move to your other nipple and pull it quickly into my mouth, sucking a little too hard making you gasp as I do so. You pull my head from your breast in mock anger, but soon allow me to latch onto it once again. I move back and forth between your breasts, taking my time to enjoy them for several minutes.

My hands are not idle. They move down, and then up your legs and delightfully discover that you are not wearing pantyhose, but rather nylons as my they find the warm, soft flesh at the tops of the welts…my hands continue moving upwards, carrying your skirt with them.

I can smell the incredible aroma of your sex. It is strong and intoxicating. My hands move upwards to clutch the cheeks of your ass and suddenly I discover why your scent is so strong…as you are not wearing panties either!

I slip to my knees and move my head down to kiss you legs above your stockings. You shiver at the touch of my lips so close to your sex. My hands pull you towards my mouth. I snake my tongue out to touch you just above your sex. I feel your body shudder once again. I push my head into your crotch and lick and suck at your seam for several minutes as you whimper and moan above me. Your hands caress my head as I play with you. Eventually you push me away and ask what you can do for me.

I stand up and ask you to take of my shoes and socks. I watch as you kneel before me and take them off. I then tell you to take of my pants. You smile up at me as you hands move to my belt. You still haven’t figured out how to open my belt. I laugh gently and open it for you. You smile as you unbutton and unzip my pants and move them down and off my legs. I ask you to keep going and your hands move up to remove my underwear.

My cock is standing up proud and strong when your hands move back up my legs. You caress my cock and balls giggling softly as you feel it pulse. You tell me how eager my cock feels for the touch of your hands. I tell you it’s not your hands that it is eager to touch!

You laugh and ask me what is it looking for? I tell you it is looking for something warm and wet. Again you laugh and this time give the head of my prick a nice gentle kiss.

You ask me is that what is looking for? I tell you, that while it is warm, it isn’t very wet. You smile and open you mouth to take me inside it. I growl and let you know that my prick is somewhat happy now that it has found a part of you that is warm and wet…

You say “only somewhat” as you move to take me back into your mouth. I tell you that my prick is dreaming of other warm, wet parts of you. Your giggle is muffled by my being in your mouth. My prick is discovering just how warm and wet your mouth can be…very…very…wet…and very…very…warm…

I love the way you work your tongue around my manhood. I love the feel of your mouth as I push myself in and out of you. The hungrier he gets, the deeper you take him in…and the wetter he becomes.

While you are sucking me, your hands travel up to my shirt and begin to unbutton it. Soon you are pulling it off me. I stand naked before you now, my hard cock in your mouth. For the first time, I can see all of my cock as it slides in and out of your mouth…it is coated with the bright red of your lipstick. The sight causes my cock to lurch in your mouth. I growl deep in my gut.

Grabbing you shoulders, I pull you up and spin you around, bending you over. You place your hands against the door. I unclip and unzip your skirt sliding it down to the floor. You kick it away as I move between your legs and easily slip my cock into your body. You gasp and I groan as I enter you.

I begin to move slowly, but you want none of that as you push back harder and faster against me. Our speed and strength increases as we fuck in the Fourier. My hands move along your delicious ass, feeling your cheeks and rubbing your thighs gently as we move together. I love the feel of your ass as it pushes back into my hips. The soft cushions of flesh press against me again and again as we move together, heightening our responses.

I slide my hands along the sides of your body slipping under your open vest to cup and feel the weight of your breasts. I heft your tits and pull on the nipples causing you to shudder as my cock moves within you. Suddenly, I feel your cunt gripping me in waves and you ask excitedly if I can feel it. I know you are cumming and I let you have your orgasm.

After you finish, I pull myself from inside you. My crotch is soaked with your juices. I slip my hand down to touch you there to see if you are still wet enough to play and find that you are still more than ready.

I pull you into the living room and sit you on the arm of the sofa, slipping your vest from your body. I push you backwards until your shoulders are on the sofa and your ass is still on the arm. I pull your hips to me and sink my hard cock back into your body.

Your nylon-clad legs wrap themselves around me. I feel the hard leather of your high heels against my ass as I push in and out of you, moving faster and faster, harder and harder, until you have another strong orgasm.

I pull you up into a sitting position on the arm of the sofa. Your legs are still wrapped around me as I kiss you gently, my hard cock still within your body. I can feel your heart racing as we kiss.

You push me away and stand up, pulling me around to sit on the arm of the sofa. You kneel between my legs and take my cock into your mouth. You lick and suck me for several long minutes, your hands touching and tickling my balls at the same time. I ask you if you want me to cum. You ask me if I am ready to? I tell you I could be, but that I know you don’t like the taste. I ask if you are ready to go upstairs then for some more play.

We smile at each other and you stand up and grabbing my cock, pull me behind you as you move to the stairs. I have no choice but to follow, it hurts if I resist too much…lol.

We move up the stairs and, as we come to the first landing, I push you down onto your hands and knees. Standing on a stair below you, I am at the perfect position to just move forward and…

I enter you slowly and we spend several minutes just enjoying each other as we fuck. Soon you tell me your knees are hurting and I pull you up and into my arms. We kiss. Then you take me by my cock once more and start up the stairs to your room.

We hug and kiss our way to your bed, where you push me down onto my back. Once more you move between my legs and begin to lick and suck at me. I ask you if you want to do it by the numbers? You do not understand, so I explain that the numbers I am thinking or are 6 and 9. You laugh and turn around so that we can each use are mouths on the other.

You sling your leg over my head and I bring my lips to the welt of your nylon-covered leg. My hot breath baths the skin of your thigh above the welt as I bring my lips higher to touch the softness there. I kiss, nibble and nip my way up the back of your leg to your delectable ass. Now my tongue comes into play as I swipe it broadly along the crease of your cheek and your leg, moving inward slowly. I brush my breath over your sex but do not touch it with my mouth.

I love to look on your sex. To see it when it is swollen with excitement, to see it red with lust, to see the wetness running from it when you are horny.

You twitch as you feel the heat of my breath between your legs and try to press backwards toward me, but I move over to the other cheek and kiss my way down the inside of your thigh to the welt of the other stocking. You sigh and giggle around my cock as I tease you. I move back up to the juncture of your legs and this time bring my lips to kiss the lips I find there…you moan softly as I touch your heated centre.

I suck your nether lips one by one into my mouth. I know how much you like the feel of this when I do it…I know how it makes your growl and shiver in lust. I take you lips back into my mouth but his time I use my teeth on your lips, pulling them and scrapping them. I know you are close because your hips are moving faster and faster as I tease you.

Finally, I take you clit into my mouth and suck on it. I feel you shudder and shake and know that you are very close to cumming. I flick my tongue over your clit and feel your ass begin to rise and I know you are ready. I take you clit back into my mouth and suck on it hard are you explode into my mouth. I love the feel of you when you are cumming, how you shake and shiver, how you move to keep yourself touching me intimately on your sex, yet try to pull away from me because it is so sensitive.

I feel myself beginning to come close. Once again I warn you and ask if you want me there or elsewhere? You groan but move yourself off of me and swing to sit over me placing your hot sex against my cock. It is wet from your mouth, but soon it is wet and much more slippery from your sex.

I enjoy the feel of you rubbing yourself against me as you move back and forth on top of me. You reach down to kiss me and as you do so the angle to your sex changes and the head of my penis slips inside. I groan into your mouth and push with my hips sending my manhood deeper into you until I hear a whimper coming from you as it reaches as far as it can.

Since you are on top of me, you set the pace for the both of us. You move to suit yourself as roll and bounce gently on top of me. My body is getting more and more excited as you move towards another orgasm. My body is racing to catch up to yours but all to soon you cum again and collapse on top of me. It is too late for me to catch up to you but I don’t mind.

I sit up with you pulling you into my embrace and giving you tender kisses as your body comes down from it’s high. Your legs are cramped beneath you in this position so you move them behind me. We are sitting together with my hardness still inside you as we kiss gently. Your body is still moving and soon begins to build toward another release of pleasure.

I hug you tightly to me as you move against me, urging yourself toward your newest release. You kiss me hungrily as your body moves faster and faster. Soon enough you clench tightly against me and moan into my mouth as you cum hard. I hug you throughout your orgasm as your sex squeezes my cock strongly. I am so close to cumming but once again your orgasm subsides before I achieve my needed release.

I lay you down on your back and move between your legs. I tell you I have to cum now and am going to fuck you for me…you tell me you are ready for me…

I move into you easily as you are still open from your last orgasm. I lean down and kiss your nipples, taking first one then the other into my mouth. I move up to kiss you gently as my movements become stronger and harder.

I move my arms under your knees and push them back, giving me more access to you. Soon my thrusts begin to achieve their desired affect as I feel my balls tighten. My hips are slapping forcefully against you as I pump myself in and out of you with stronger and stronger thrusts. The loud sound of our flesh slapping together reverberates off the walls of the bedroom.

I feel the tension mounting in my nuts as I move closer and closer to my release. I ask you if you are ready and you tell me you are and I tell you that I will come soon. I thrust for a couple of more minutes until I feel myself tipping over the edge. With a deep groan I tell you I’m cumming and let go inside of you.

My orgasm is strong. I feel myself shoot several loads of cum into you. My orgasm leaves me weak but I keep myself up on my hands and knees to kiss you once more. I roll over on my side and take you with me, my hand rubbing you back gently as we quietly kiss.

You reach down to feel me and discover that I am already starting to get hard again. You laugh and tell me that you are not quite ready for round two but your kisses are getting hotter every time you touch my lips…round two is not too far away…

Will was nervous as he waited patiently outside his boss’s office. He had been told to report to her when the office closed business for the day. He lightly rapped his knuckles on the door, and waited for a reply.

“Come in!” said the voice, abruptly.

Will walked in to the large plush office, and stood in front of Jenny’s desk. She was standing in front of a filing cabinet, reaching for something in the bottom drawer. Forty something, Jenny had a mane of curly raven hair cascading down her back, and a curvy hourglass figure, that Will had lusted after ever since he had joined the company. She had a reputation for being aggressive in the workplace, and her strikingly attractive looks enhanced her dominant personality.

He noticed that as she bent over, her short pencil skirt rode up her thighs, revealing a glimpse of stocking top. True enough, that day she had elected to ware sheer black stockings, and a deep purple satin suspender belt. Her legs were shapely, and looked gorgeous, finished off with an impossibly high pair of glossy black stilettos.

Will’s cock began to stiffen in his pants. He thought Jenny was incredibly horny, and often fantasized about her. He imagined himself walking over to her and ripping off her skirt, then taking her from behind as she bent over the drawers.

“Jesus!” he thought to himself, his cock throbbing madly now as his mind snapped back into reality. He had no idea why he’d been summoned to her office.

“Sit down Will, we need to have a chat.” said Jenny, sternly.

He calmly sat down, crossing his legs, trying not to make it too obvious that she was turning him on. Had she been bending over like that on purpose? Were her heels higher than usual? Will wasn’t sure, but he was getting the feeling that she was deliberately trying to arouse him.

Jenny paced slowly around the room behind him, her heels clicking sexily on the hardwood floor, before eventually settling in her chair. She sat staring at him for a moment, and then spoke.

“I’ve noticed, Will, that you’ve been paying me more than a little attention recently.” she said, slowly licking her lips.

“I…..er…..uh…..don’t know…..uh…what you mean……?” Will stammered.

Jenny, sat bolt upright, her full round breasts, which were encased in a purple satin bra, pressed hard against her thin white blouse. She had the appearance of a headmistress, who was about to chastise an unruly pupil.

“Oh, I think you do, Will.” she said, very slowly.

Jenny stood up, and walked to the door. Without looking behind, Will heard the click of a lock, and the sound of her window blinds being closed. She approached him from behind, running her hands over his shoulders, and down his chest.

“You’ve been very naughty, Will,” Jenny purred in his ear, “I think you need to be reprimanded!”

“Oh God!” exclaimed Will, squirming in his seat. His cock was now straining for release, “I’m sorry Jenny, it’s just that you’re so, well………hot!”

“You like working for me, don’t you Will? You like to make your boss happy, whatever it takes, don’t you?” she asked, “well, if you want to carry on working for me, you have to do exactly as I say.” Her hands continued their journey over his chest, down his stomach and into his lap, feeling his hardness.

“Oh Will!” Jenny ridiculed him, “are you getting hard for me?”

Will sat motionless, not knowing what to do or say next. Jenny released her grip from his crotch, and stood with her hands on her hips, her full ripe breasts jutting out.

“Will, you’re pathetic. Stand up and take off your clothes, all of them!” ordered Jenny, “if you want to keep your job, you’ll do it!”

This was crazy, thought Will, but he did as instructed. He reluctantly removed each item until he was down to just his boxer shorts, which barely contained his thick, throbbing cock.

“I said everything!” Jenny shouted, sternly.

Will let out a little sigh, and slipped off his shorts. His erect cock finally released, it jutted out from his groin, a dewdrop of pre-cum forming at the tip. His eyes were fixed on the opposite wall, and could feel his face flushing with embarrassment. Jenny walked in front of him, giving his cock a little squeeze.

“Will, you do surprise me, what a magnificent cock! It’s probably wasted on a worm like you however…………” she said, trailing off as she walked to a store cupboard behind where he was standing.

Jenny opened the cupboard door, and after rummaging around for a moment, returned with a reel of strong black tape. She grabbed his hair roughly, pulling him downwards.

“Get down on your knees before me, just do as I say!” she snapped.

Will fell down to the floor on his knees, as ordered. Jenny quickly applied some tape to his mouth, before taping his ankles together, and his wrists behind his back. She then walked around the room, looking very satisfied with herself. She unbuttoned the top three buttons of her blouse and released her creamy, round breasts from the bra, exposing them to Will. She pulled and fondled her dark nipples, gasping with delight and sending shivers down her spine. Will mumbled, complaining through his gag, it was pointless though, he was now just a pawn in her little game.

Jenny went to her desk drawer and fetched a twelve-inch wooden ruler. She then proceeded to smack his naked butt cheeks with it, over and over again until the skin was red raw. Will screamed behind the gag as she thrashed him hard and long, the pain intensifying with each stroke. She then dug a stiletto heel into his burning buttock, making him squeal with pain. She grabbed his hair again and pulled his face close to hers.

“Oh what’s the matter Will, your boss getting on your case today?” she laughed, taunting him. “If you’ve been having dirty thoughts about me Will, then you need punishing, just like your colleague!”

Will was puzzled, what did she mean? He had no idea, but was about to get the surprise of his life. Jenny went back to the walk-in cupboard and opened the door. This time Will was facing towards the cupboard, and could see inside. His eyes went wide with shock. Standing in the cupboard was his work colleague Daisy.

Daisy was naked, and had been bound and gagged with the black tape as well. She had a panicked look in her eyes as she saw Will, naked on the floor. Will had always fancied Daisy too, but it was common knowledge in the office that Daisy was gay. Jenny grabbed hold of Daisy’s short blonde hair and dragged her petite figure out into the office. She was made to kneel down, side by side next to Will.

“Daisy and I have been having fun this afternoon, haven’t we Daisy?” she said, wickedness creeping into her voice, “you see Will, you’re not the only one who seems to have a crush on me!”

Daisy mumbled through her gag, shaking her head. Her face was crimson with embarrassment, as was Will’s. She had been crying and her mascara was streaked down her face like rail-tracks. Her butt-cheeks were red and sore too, from a sound thrashing from Jenny’s wooden ruler, and she had sore looking welts covering her small, pert breasts. God knows what Jenny had done to her, Will wondered.

Jenny walked over to her desk and perched herself on the edge. Pulling up her short skirt, it was immediately obvious that she had been wearing no panties. She revealed her smoothly trimmed pussy lips to her subordinates. Licking a finger, she parted her puffy pink lips and shoved it deep inside her. With her other hand, she began gentle circular motions on her clit. Will and Daisy couldn’t take their eyes from Jenny’s cunt. Jenny had an enormous clit, freakily large, which no doubt was now throbbing as hard as Will’s cock.

“Mmmmmmmmm!” moaned Jenny, as she inserted yet another finger into her moist crack. Her fingers glistened with her juices. Squelching and sucking noises emanated from her cunt, and her wetness was soon dripping down her hand and wrist.

“See how much I’m enjoying this, bitches!” she laughed, wiping her fingers all over Daisy and Will’s faces.

They looked at each other, shocked at what was happening to them. Surely Jenny couldn’t get away with this, could she? What if the other people in the office found out? Jenny reached behind Will’s ass, feeling for his cock. It was still hard as she pulled it through, backwards between his legs. Pre-cum was dripping in sticky strings from the end, down onto the floor.

“Oh my Will, that will never do!” said Jenny, “good thing I have a slut here to clean up your cock!”

She ripped off the tape from Daisy’s mouth, which left her gasping for air. She then grabbed Daisy by the neck and forced her behind Will’s ass, directing her to suck his cock. Will felt Daisy take him in her mouth, and gave out a little whimper of delight. Daisy’s mouth was full of cock, something that she certainly wasn’t used to. However, she moaned and groaned, tasting his man-meat, savouring the drops of pre-cum that leaked out.

“My goodness Daisy, you do surprise me!” exclaimed Jenny, “you’re taking to sucking cock very well, but then you are such a little slut, aren’t you? Now you can lick Will’s ass for me, go on, get your tongue right in his hole, you dirty little bitch!”

Daisy followed Jenny’s orders without any hesitation, probing deep into his ass with her hot tongue. Her afternoon with her boss had obviously taught her who was in charge. She lapped and licked at his ass-hole enthusiastically, while Jenny watched avidly.

Jenny then picked up her handbag, and looking through it, found two large rubber butt plugs. She removed Will’s tape from his mouth, which prompted him to try and speak.

“Jenny, I….” Will was unable to finish his sentence, as it met with a stinging sharp slap across his face from his boss.

“Shut up bitch!” shouted Jenny. She roughly shoved the butt plugs into Daisy and Will’s mouths. She was going to abuse and humiliate them both, and was going to enjoy every second of it.

“You’re my bitches now, and I’m going to have some fun with you both!” she said, an evil grin forming on her lips.

Right now, thought Will, he and Daisy were both utterly helpless, and Jenny was most definitely in charge. His cock was still rock hard and his mouth was now full of rubber butt plug. He thought he might gag from it, as Jenny had shoved so deep into his mouth.

Saliva drooled from both their mouths, as they were struggling to contain the plugs. Jenny pulled out a bottle of lube and a pair of elbow length black latex gloves from her handbag. She then plucked the toys from their mouths, each of them sighing with relief.

Jenny put on the long rubber gloves, and after giving the plugs a coating with the lube, reached behind Will and Daisy and began working them into their ass-holes. Will had never felt anything like it before, a mixture of pleasure and pain, as his ass tried to accommodate the toy.

The plugs were on the large side, and it took some time before they were fully inserted, past their strained sphincters. Daisy cried as the plug was pushed deep into her ass, tears running down her cheeks. Will’s body tensed as the widest part of the plug was slipped through his hole. Finally both of their tight butts were full of black rubber, filling and stretching them, giving them an experience like they’d never had before.

Jenny was feeling particularly nasty, and standing in front of them in turn, lifted her skirt again to reveal her hot, wet, cunt. Kneeling on the floor, Daisy and Will were at the perfect height to service their boss’s pussy with their tongues. Jenny grabbed Daisy’s head with both hands, and thrust it into her crotch. Daisy’s tongue darted in and out, lapping and sucking at Jenny’s wet hole.

“Oh…oh…yes…oh…yes…YES!!!!” Jenny grunted, as Daisy’s hot tongue invaded her.

Will watched on with amazement, as Daisy licked out her boss’s cunt. Then it was his turn to perform. Jenny grabbed his head roughly, grinding and squirming her wet cunt-lips into his face. He could feel the large bud of her clit throbbing in his mouth, like a small cock. She was close to climaxing now and pressed harder into Will’s mouth. His tongue worked hard, fucking her pussy with it all the time.

“Oh my God, oh my God! Aieeeeeeeeeeeeaaahhh!!!” she squealed, loudly.

Suddenly Jenny’s orgasm exploded inside her. Juices gushed from her pussy, drenching Will’s face. It was like geyser erupting, her girly cum showering all over Will. Her face contorted as she came, crying and screaming. Her body jerked and quivered while she tried to maintain her balance on her high heels. Legs trembling, her climax finally subsided. Will had to gulp down air, trying to recover from Jenny’s assault on his face. His face was drenched with her juices, until Daisy went to work, lapping at him, until he was dry.

“That’s it slut, clean up my bitch for me!” she giggled.

Daisy licked at his face, tasting and sucking Jenny’s cunt juice. His cock was on fire now, and he was desperate for sexual release. Will couldn’t believe how bizarre this had all been, but he had no idea that things were about to get even more extreme. Jenny re-applied tape over their mouths, gagging them again, and then knelt on the floor behind the pair of them.

She began working the butt-plugs in and out of their assholes, loosening them for something bigger. Daisy moaned and cried each time the plug was repeatedly pushed in, and then pulled out. There seemed to be no end to Jenny’s perversity, and Daisy thought she might die with pleasure. Jenny finally removed the plugs, leaving their butts gaping wide open.

“Let’s see how my bitches look with a fist up their ass!” Jenny squealed.

She smothered lube all over her latex-clad hands, and forming fists, gently pushed against their asses. Her small hands slipped easily into their greasy holes, right up to her slim wrists. Jenny began to simultaneously fuck them, slowly at first, then faster and harder. Will and Daisy gritted their teeth as they endured Jenny’s vicious anal assault.

Their poor butts were ravaged over and over again. Daisy’s cunt dripped juices down her inner thighs constantly, while Will’s cock leaked pre-cum all over the floor between his legs. Jenny finally stopped, leaving her subs exhausted, but she wasn’t done yet, as she still had plans for them.

“Will, you’re going to fuck Daisy!” Jenny smirked, “isn’t that what you’ve always wanted?”

Daisy and Will glanced at each other, panic-stricken. She dragged Will by the hair, manhandling him until he had shuffled into position behind Daisy, who was on her knees, ass high in the air, with her head resting on the floor. Will’s cock was standing to attention just inches behind Daisy’s gaping ass. As he was still tightly bound, Jenny grabbed Will’s cock and guided it into Daisy’s rear passage. His thick cock completely filled her ass, plundering her sore hole, causing Daisy to gasp with lust.

“Now fuck her, Will, fuck the little dyke, ream her ass out for me!” Jenny laughed.

Will, began thrusting, banging at her ass wildly. It was difficult for both of them to move because of their restraints, but they soon worked into a jerky rhythm. They were fighting for breath as their mouths were still gagged, and sweat dripped from them with their exertion. Their thighs slapped together, as he buried his cock into her ass again and again.

Jenny spanked Will hard with the wooden ruler again, “Faster Will, fuck her deeply for me!”

Will responded, intensifying his thrusts, battering at Daisy’s ass. Jenny wanted to join in and reached into a desk drawer and pulled out a strap-on dildo. Quickly fastening the leather straps around her, she lubed the bulbous head of the rubber cock. Moving behind Will, she spread his cheeks wide apart as he continued fucking Daisy’s ass.

Jenny pushed the head of the massive dildo hard against the entrance to Will’s ass. With his rhythmic movements aiding her, it suddenly entered him. Jenny grabbed Will’s hips, and started to thrust deeply into him. The three of them were now interlocked anally, grinding and pounding in wild abandon. Jenny fucked Will, while Will fucked Daisy, their lustful cries becoming louder and louder.

Daisy was the first to cum, her very first anal orgasm, and it nearly tore her apart. She shrieked and wailed behind her gag, her body convulsing violently. Will came next spurting his hot seed deep into Daisy’s butt.

“Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnffffffkkkk!” he grunted and sighed as he filled her wrecked ass-hole with his sticky cum. Lastly Jenny came for the second time, the leather strap of her dildo stimulating her aching clit as she fucked Will hard.

“F…F…F…Fuuuuuuuuuuuck!!!” she stammered, her body thrown into spasms, jerking and shaking as her climax ripped through her. She eventually shuddered to a halt, totally spent. Jenny pulled the thick dildo from Will’s ass, leaving it gaping and pulsating from her brutal fucking.

Will withdrew his cum-covered cock from Daisy. Her ass-hole contractions caused his hot sperm to dribble from her, running down all over her pussy lips. Jenny stood up and took off the strap-on tool before tidying herself up. She left a pair of scissors on the desk, and walked towards the exit, leaving Will and Daisy to cut themselves free.

“Make sure you clean this mess up bitches, I want the place spick and span before tomorrow morning, or there will be hell to pay!” she ordered, before exiting the room.

Part 2, is a continuation of my lightly fictionalized account of my experience with a much younger, sexy girl that I guided into being a highly sexed, deliciously dirty bimbo. Like the first chapter, the story bounces back and forth between the first weekend I met “Emilee” and later, about six weeks into our relationship. Any resemblance to real people is not entirely accidental.

After pulling my neighbor’s 19 year old daughter Emilee out of the club, back to my house and having my cock deep in her hot mouth and tight, teen pussy, and feeding her a load of cum, I finished her off by eating Emilee’s hot, wet, freshly fucked little pussy until she had a hard and messy girl cum with her hands clutching my head and her hips humping my face. I lightly licked her quivvering little sex until she calmed down then kissed up her body to her sweet lips so she could taste herself on my lips. We kissed gently and softly for a few minutes but I knew she had to go home before we both fell asleep. If she did, we’d wake up in the morning and she would have to sneak home in the daylight. It was safer to get her home now at 3AM and continue our fun another night.

I got off the bed and put on some gym shorts, a tee shirt and offered to drive her home. She had gone to the club in a friend’s car and assured me that her parents didn’t wait up for her on nights she stayed out late if she texted the parents around 11:30 or midnight to let them know she was alright so I could drive up to her house and let her out. I let Emilee change back into her clothes. She surprised me by folding up her clubbing outfit, pulling a little peasant top and rayon skirt and flats from her purse and going into the bathroom to change.

She walked out of the bathroom 5 minutes later, her face washed and cleaned of makeup and the more conservative clothes on. “It’s in case my dad is up. I don’t dress in clubbing wear when I leave the house or come home. It saves me an argument.” she said with a smile.

I helped her grab her things and we went into the garage and I got into the car and Emilee bucked up and adjusted the leather passenger seat as I waited for the garage door to open.

Three minutes later I was four houses from hers, at the other end of the neighborhood I live in. I stopped the car and pulled her to me, kissing her lips softly.

She murmured “sixty seven.” and added a giggle at the end.

“Yes, nine hundred and some more to go.” I agreed. “Do you have Bump on your phone?”

“Yep. Hang on.” she said as she fumbled for the iPhone in her purse. “Ok, I’m ready.”she said as we ‘bumped’ and I got her contact info.

“I’ll call you soon. When do you work at the shop today?” I asked.

“At ten. I work till five.” she said.

I’ll call your cell at work. I don’t want to cause you any trouble with mom and dad.” I said smiling.

“Text me at work. I can read my texts there. Yea, sure you don’t. I know what you want. You want another night like tonight.” she said.

“I do. And I think you do also. Don’t you?” I asked, hoping I had won her over a bit.

“Um, yea. I do. It was even hotter than I thought it was going to be. You, you sort of made me go home with you, but I.. I.. I want you to MAKE me do it again.” she admitted.

“You liked not really having a choice, didn’t you?” I said smiling.

“Uh huh.” she said sheepishly.

I smiled. “Go home, we will talk later.” I said and she gave me a quick kiss and was about to open the car door but I had a final thought.

I gently grabbed her arm, “Not yet. Kiss my cock goodbye too.” I said and she shyly smiled and moved her head down to my lap as I pulled the elastic waistband of my lacrosse shorts down. My cock was swelling again and she grasped the shaft and gave it a lick and a kiss.

“Thank my cock for a good time.” I suggested.

“Mmmmmm, thank you for a good time.” she said with a giggle.

“Kiss it some more.” I encouraged and she planted kisses on the head of my engorging cock.

“Ask my cock for another fuck soon.” I said as she planted her soft lips over the whole head and gave it a wet, soft kiss.

“Will you fuck my pussy soon Mr. Cock? And my mouth?” she added as she looked up at me and swirled her tongue around the stiff head.

“I think that can be arranged.” I said with a groan, knowing I really shouldn’t pull her head down and fuck her mouth right this moment on the chance that her dad or mom was waiting up for her and saw my car. I pushed on her head and felt my cock slide into her accepting mouth as I pumped her head up and down on my shaft a dozen times, then pulled her head up and kissed her lips. “Go. Before I fuck your mouth again and take you back to my place for more fun.” I said.

“Uh huh, ok.” she said reluctantly and I saw the same look in her eyes that I had when I was fucking her, that far-off, sexually stimulated look we get when our endorphins are flooding out brain. She pulled on the car door handle and in moments was out of the car, walking to her house, leaving me with a hardened cock and a short drive home. I watched her walk around the side of her house and go in the kitchen door. Then I turned the car around and drove the half-mile home thinking about how I would make the next time even hotter for Emilee.

My Bimbo Slut Emilee woke at 7 and got up from my bed, kissed me, said “See you in a few hours.” slipped on some tight yoga pants and a lycra jogging bra and left my house. I got up a few moments later and drank the coffee she made me before leaving and I got in the shower. Thirty minutes later I was dressed, in the car, heading for the golf course.

I arrived at Bridge Hills Country Club right at seven forty five and got a bucket of balls for the range, practiced my full shots and then went to chip and putt. Emilee and my two golfing buddies arrived about the same time, at eight thirty, our fourth was a few minutes behind. Emilee was smiling and for the second time ever was wearing her new golf-inspired ‘uniform’. During last week’s game, my golf friend Steve had told the other two guys about me and my evolving relationship with Emilee. Of course the story Steve told sounded outrageous to them. He had seen Emilee and I eating dinner last week and he described her as a platinum blonde, very young little spinner, dressed super hot in a silver sequined minidress and silver 6″ fuck-me heels and practically sitting in my lap when he saw us together. I had admitted all of it to be true and after much discussion, and agreement by the guys to chip in $50 each, I had promised my golf buddies that Emilee would serve as our forecaddy next week. To prepare, I took the money and bought her a new outfit and took her out on the course last week so she could learn the duties of a forecaddy and basic golf rules. Of course the appeal of a blonde, hot bimbo as a forecaddy wasn’t her help in finding errant shots or putting away our clubs in our bags, or bringing our putters to us on the green. And she wasn’t going to be any help reading putts or determining the lie in the rough. No, while I expected Emilee to help with putters and putting clubs back in our bags, she was there primarily as gofl-themed, blonde, pretty, hot eye-candy. I wanted her to bend over at the waist to fix divots and tend the flag so she could retrieve the ball from the hole. She was there to look sexy, show off and bend over in a tiny skirt. And in that regard, she was well suited to her purpose.

I resisted the strong urge to replay tonight’s conquest of Emilee in my head while jerking off and cumming again, and instead, I went right to bed. I slept soundly that night, woke up around 7:30 and met my buddies for golf at the course. I was in a good mood despite my few hours of sleep and the guys could read my happy attitude even as my golf game suffered a few more mis-hits than usual. On the 7th green, Steve brought up my sunny disposition. “You got some new pussy last night, didn’t you?” he said quietly to me. “I know you don’t talk about your personal life too much, but I can tell when something is up, and you are way too happy after missing that last fairway. You got your dick wet in some strange.” he said quietly on one side of the green while our playing partners were chipping from the greenside rough on the other side of the putting green so our playing partners wouldn’t hear.

“Yea. I did. A little spinner. Pulled her from a downtown club, Ultra-Bar, last night. And I’m looking forward to a second helping soon.” I added.

“Nice! I drove by there two weeks ago. They had hotties lined up down the block waiting to get in.” he said wistfully. “Sometimes being single sounds fun, but I know its not all fun. Before I met Jane I had lots of lonely nights alone.” he said

“I hear you. It can be tough.” I said agreeing with him.

My Emilee greeted my two playing partners and stood nearby while we practiced our chipping and putting. I saw the guys frequently look up from the green to take another look at my Emilee. To head off any trouble or complaints by other members, I had cleared the idea with Derek, the club President and with the course super, Bill. I brought Emilee around the previous Tuesday and introduced both men to her and then asked if she could forecaddy for my group on occasion, including this Sunday. I didn’t hide my intentions to show off Emilee’s best game, insisting she wear the outfit we had bought with her Sunday forecaddy debut in mind. The club President and Super both met Emilee and she looked amazingly hot, wearing neon pink golf shoes, with baby pink, white and lime green argyle knee socks that ended above her knees and displayed her firm, slim bare thighs that didn’t end until the lime green pleated miniskirt and her thighs met just below her ass. She wore a cropped pink sleeveless collared top that was a size too small, tucked into her skirt and caused her unbuttoned front to stretch open and display her firm tits. Her nipples poked right through the thin acrylic material like erasers. She wore her platinum blonde hair in two braided pigtails with pink and green ribbons at the ends. She wore big sunglasses and wet-glossed neon pink lipstick that looked amazing with her bronze, tanned skin. Not showing yet was her pink thong with a golf ball and the words ‘Birdie Hole’ underneath.

Steve’s talk about being single got me thinking, in reality, I wasn’t finding it tough at all, there seemed to be a plethora of sexy women in this town who liked to fuck. And at my age, I could choose from a wide age range of attractive women just by changing venues. From the wine bar where the Real Housewives type mid-thirties or early forties MILF with a personal trainer and a plastic surgeon on speed dial to the girls like Emilee who hung out to the Ultra-Bar and other places where college-age hotties who wore the trendy platform fuck-me heels and scraps of cloth tied together into micro-mini dresses. Obviously Emilee fit the latter description and I had fucked her last night. Her residential proximity to my house and knowing her parents presented both a problem and special opportunity to play up the potential danger of the situation. And danger can be a powerful aphrodisiac.

We stopped at the turn and I texted Emilee. ‘Meet me at the Uptown Square Mall. 5:45PM Tell parents you will be home by 11:30′

I grabbed a sandwich and headed back outside and drove the cart to the 10th tee. My phone vibrated and I looked. ‘OK, I’ll be there. The mall seems a strange place to work off 50 more kisses ;-) ” she wrote.

I watched Paul tee off, texting, ‘Shopping first, then we will deal with what you owe me ;-)

Her response was nearly instant. ‘Shopping! Awesome! K, where at the Uptown? It is big.’

‘Ill be sitting on a bench, outside Forever 21. Don’t be late.’

‘K, see ya then.’ was her reply.

Since all four golfers occupied the seats of the carts, our forecaddy would have to stand and ride on the back of the cart and hold onto the roof or sit in a golfer’s lap. I elected to start us with Emilee standing behind the bags, holding the roof rails, figuring it might be better to save the lap rides for later in the round. We got in the carts and Emilee stood on the back of my cart and grabbed the two handholds on the roof and away we went. Later I heard that the guys still on the putting green got a great look at her thong because her skirt rose up in the breeze when I took off.

Emilee proved to be a very good forecaddy and I had made one change to her outfit, substituting a pair of pink, platform wedges with 5″ heels for golf shoes. They just made her legs look miles longer and sexier and rounded off her tight ass. She excelled at showing off and teasing the guys, hugging them when they made a good shot and giving them a cheek kiss when they holed out. And she did more than that for me, pressing into me and planting a wet, hot kiss on my lips after I holed out my putt and sitting on my bulge as we rode along in the cart the last eight holes of the course. And Emilee must have bent over a hundred times and showed us her tiny thong under that tiny neon green skirt. She was fast becoming an exhibitionist under my tutoring. It helped that I had promised her a new pair of designer high heels if she flashed her ass 100 times in 18 holes.

After the golf match was over, Emilee gave each guy a soft kiss on the cheek and thanked them for the $20 tip they each gave her on top of the $50 they chipped in to me. We left the course and Emilee and I went into the clubhouse. I checked the locker room and when I found it momentarily empty, I pulled Emilee inside and we went to the back, turned a corner and stopped where there was a small area of lockers at the very back, partially hidden from the larger locker space. The little area had about 30 lockers and a door that led to the private, handicapped shower stall. I pulled up Emilee’s skirt and removed her thong and sat her down on a chair as I removed my golf shoes and socks.

“You are going to suck my cock right here. If anyone comes into the locker room, we will go into the shower room until they leave, understand?” I said.

She was quivering with excitement, “Yes daddy, get in the shower room if someone comes in. I understand. Can I suck your big cock now?” she said looking up at me.

“Was I a good little golf slut for you and your friends?” she said while unbuttoning my shorts.

“Steve kept grabbing my ass when I kissed him. Showing off for your friends was much hotter than I expected it to be. It got my slit all gooey and wet” she said before engulfing half my cock into her hot, eager, experienced mouth.

Ahhh, Emilee was now an expert at sucking my cock, she loved doing it and had listened to all my coaching and instructions and had taken the lessons to heart. I stood back and luxuriated in the feeling of being in her mouth as she sucked up and down on it. She moved her right hand in concert with her lips bobbing up and down my shaft. As she sucked, she worked me deeper and deeper into her mouth as her lips sunk deeper and deeper down the shaft of my cock, my hands in her hair, grabbing those two pigtails. I was getting into it, letting her fuck her mouth onto my cock as I held gently onto her braids and enjoyed the immeasurable pleasure Emilee could give with her mouth. I was being taken nearly to the root of my cock by my little teen, cocksucking exhibitionist. I was about to feel her hot lips at the root of my cock when we heard muffled voices and the door to the locker room open and “yes, her skirt flew up, everyone got an eyeful.”. “Really, and you said she was blonde.” the other man said.

Emilee spit out my cock. “Fuck, that’s my Daddy.” she whispered and stood up, and practically ran to the shower stall area and pulled the wooden door closed. I moved quickly to follow her, opening and closing the door, not checking to see if the men were using the toilets or were going to come deeper into the locker room and change.

“Fuck, that’s my dad, he was saying he was playing golf today, but he didn’t say where.” she said with her eyes wide.

“Your dad is not a member here. I think that is Miles with him.” I whispered.

“Miles? I don’t know a Miles.” she said.

“Miles works for Caldwell Realty. He sells houses.”.

“Daddy is going to sell ours soon. Wants to get a smaller place and a beach condo.”

“Tell me later, suck my cock now.” I said and pulled her lips back to my big head and she did what I asked, slipping her lips over the tip even as her little body was shaking with excitement and fear. I reached out and clicked the lock on the door and felt her resume her blowjob but trying to stay silent. I heard the two men talking for another few minutes, but it was too muffled to hear the words. They were in the toilet area, taking a piss before their round. Damn, I had narrowly avoided exposing the secret Emilee was still keeping from her dad.

“Your dad almost saw you sucking on my cock you little bimbo. Maybe I should have let him see his pretty daughter eagerly gobbling my older cock in the men’s locker room.” I said as I kept my hands on the back of her head. Her response was to suck harder and go deeper on my cock, twistimg her head sideways a bit and sliding the head of my cock into her teenaged throat.

She knew I probably wouldn’t expose her secret that way, but the thought of it was exciting to her.

“Yes! I’d want him to see his deep-throating daughter pleasuring my cock like this, eagerly sucking me to the root and sticking her tongue out to lick lower. Her eyes were locked on mine as she struggled to get the tip her tongue onto my cock base. Her eyes were wide from the excited thoughts I was planting in her mind.

“should we keep our secret from him longer, or plan something to reveal our secret?”. I let up on her head with my hands and she slid my cock from her mouth.

“Keep it a secret. Please! Don’t tell him. I promise I’ll be a good bimbo.” she said as she set to work on my cock again in the shower room. She went down on my cock a few times then paused,

“Is Daddy gonna fuck his bimbo? Your bimbo’s pussy is on fire. Put your big, thick hose in your bimbo’s tight little cunt and feel how wet she is from showing off to your friends.”

“Admit it, almost getting caught by your father has your little pussy soaking wet, doesn’t it?” I teased as I held her head and face-fucked her mouth for a few strokes.

“UhhhhhhhhHuuuuuu” was all she could say with her mouth full, but I was right.

I pulled out of her mouth, helped turn her around and bent her over the little changing bench and tugged down on her lime-green skirt and then on her thong panties. I saw the little clit hood piercing hanging between her waxed smooth, pink lips and felt a surge of animal lust for this girl. My mind was filled with thoughts of deep-seated needs that have driven humans for thousands of years. I saw a fertile, young doe, ready, willing and available and I wanted to rut my cock deep in her pussy, to pump my big tool into her hole and shoot my sperm into her fertile belly. Basic animal lust programming. And I acted on my thoughts, sliding the tip of my cock deep into her awaiting slit. She groaned and felt me fill her young pussy.

“This is what you were made for. To be fucked, to be bred, to feel so good filled with my cock!” I said in her ear.

“Yes! Fuck your babydoll. Cum in me, fuck me deep, use me!” she cried as I pumped into her.

“I’m going to fill you with cum, shoot a load deep in you. I’m practicing for when I decide to breed you and have you carry my baby.”

“Fuck! Not now! Don’t make me pregnant yet. I am on the pill, like you told me. I want to be your hot bitch for longer. I like how you make me dress for you. I don’t want to be pregnant and have a big belly yet.” she said panting as I filled her over and over again.

I had to work out of town for a few days several times a year and used this time alone to experiment with my longtime fantasy, Cross-dressing. In the last couple of years I have frequently been working in a town where my wife’s very rich friend lives and she offered to let me stay with she and her husband. This produced a complication because I was no longer able to spend my evenings a little stoned dressed up in hotel rooms watching porn and fantasizing. They are a great couple though, good fun to spend time with, rich beyond belief (due to a dot com explosion he was standing right in front of) and very generous. I was welcome at their house at all times. Their sons had grown up and left home and most evenings we would go out for dinner or just stay in and watch a movie or TV.

The week in question though, they were both going to be pretty busy. He was out of town all week and she had dinner engagements on two evenings. That meant that having spent Monday evening together, I went to work on Tuesday morning in the clear knowledge that she would not be back until late that evening. I would have all evening to dress up and tease myself. I wouldn’t allow myself to cum until she was just about to arrive, I could have two hours of edging myself.

So there was time for some fun after all I thought. Having not planned on this I had nothing to wear, so I stopped in at a shoe shop and bought a pair of size 11 killer heel sandals in a very lurid pink. I found a nice bodice and thong panty set at a chain store and off I went to play.

When I got back to the house I wasted no time getting ready, I showered and dressed in my new things teasing myself all the while. I had no stockings. I would look and feel sexier if I had some. Feeling very daring, I opened the bedroom door and walked through the house to their room. The sound of my heels clicking on the floor was a real turn-on. I stopped by their bedroom door to stroke and tease myself again. When I was hard and desperate, the feeling or orgasm approaching I slowed my hand and tucked myself back into my thong panties, then I opened the bedroom door and took in the surroundings. I loved it, it was a little more feminine than our bedroom at home. I smelled her perfume, sprayed some on my neck.

I went through her drawers looking for stockings but trying different items on as I went. She had some really sexy lingerie and once I found some sheer black holdup stockings and put them on I had a little fashion show, strutting around in front of the full length mirror. I put on some makeup. dug deep in all of her drawers, found some pornographic novels and some toys in a night stand. I found some Viagra too and remembered a story she had told my wife about making her previous husband take some because he wasn’t giving her enough sex. I took a Viagra pill and got aroused all over again realizing how much this woman loved sex. I looked for her sexiest dresses and outfits, held them up in front of the mirror, stroking myself, teasing myself again. I was in heaven, her wardrobe was extensive and some of the clothes were really sexy. I’m a small man, but she is smaller still and little I picked out could fit me without either ripping seams or looking absurd, but I did find a cute mini skirt and a stretchy, sexy blouse that covered all of my upper body and with my bodice underneath, made me look like I had boobs. I put on lipstick, fluffed my overlong hair to make it look as feminine as possible and knelt by the bed holding one of the two dildos by the base, sucking and licking it, taking it deep into my mouth. It had a suction cup base so I stuck it to the mirror and positioned it as if it were a real live dick. Then I went to work loving it and slurping on it as if I were a real life slut.

It had been half an hour or so since I took the Viagra and the erection I had was straining at the cloth of my panties. I stroked it lovingly as I sucked the one on the mirror. I was so hard and so close to cumming, it was heavenly. I could hardly bare to stop.

Something in the open draw drew my attention: A tube of lube. I took it out and lubed up the big fake cock. I spread a little lube around my hole and backed up to the mirror. Slowly and gently I eased back onto the big fake cock. it felt wonderful the way it spread me and slowly forced its way into me. I gasped as the head popped in. Paused for a moment then gave a long low moan of desire as the fat shaft slipped deeper as I pushed back onto it. I dared not touch myself as I focused on the big shaft, I was so close to cumming, I had been edging myself for over two hours and this just felt so good. I worked my hips back and forth, thrilling with the sensation. I strained for release in my panties, a wet stain appearing at the end of the outlined thick shaft. I worked my hips on the thick cock buried inside me, trying to get the angle just right. It felt so good and I was so close to cumming there must be a way to get that cock to make me cum without touching myself. I was bent over, my hands on my ankles, my ass bouncing off the mirror, taking the full length of the dildo in my ass, moaning “Yeah, Yeah, fuck me, fuck my pussy.” when I heard the garage door below me and froze.

Fear coursed through me. I panicked. I frantically put stuff away as best as I could in her bedroom, thanking the fact that I had been putting things away as I took them off and ran on noisy heels back to my own room where I stripped off the shoes and quickly cleaned off the makeup. I was wiping off lipstick when I heard her call out. “Hallo, You upstairs? I’ve got something to show you!”

“Yes, I’ll be right down.” I called back, panting.

I threw on sweat pants and a sweatshirt, relying on their bagginess to cover up my feminine attire, and headed downstairs.

I was in the large lounge when she came down the hallway. She was obviously a little drunk, I wondered idly about how safe she had been driving. She walked up to me, “You look flushed, Sweetie. What have you been up to?!” She said with a grin.

My heart sank, as I realized that the Viagra flush had hit as well as my own guilty embarrassment. “Uh, just working out a little.” I answered unconvincingly.

She flopped down on the sofa. “Get me a drink, Sweetie, and come and see what I have here. A bloody Mary for me and something strong for you too.”

I went off to get the drinks, a feeling of dread whelling in me. Why was she calling me sweetie and what did she have to show me and why was it important for me to have a strong drink?

Back in the lounge she had the TV and surround sound on and was playing music to it from her phone. “Come sit by me.” She patted the sofa beside her.

As I sat down she groaned: “That was the most boring meeting ever. It took three double gins to get through it. Fortunately though, I found some wonderful entertainment on my phone, thanks to you.” She grinned playfully, reaching out and stroking my cheek.

Her hand felt obvious and alien on me. This was one of my wife’s closest friends. Her hand rested on my shoulder, fingers moving in a gentle caress.

“What, playing solitaire in a board meeting?” I asked, trying to ignore the obvious. Her fingers had rubbed over the straps of my corset and even through the thick fabric of my sweatshirt she must have felt it. Her grin turned to a smirk of satisfaction; she looked like the cat that got the cream.

“Nooo Sweetie, something far more interesting. Look.” She was playing on her phone and soon the images came up on the big screen TV.

First it was a picture of the driveway, then the patio at the rear of the house. “We have a fabulous security camera set up. I don’t think I’ve ever told you about it. Look it even records if there’s motion. There’s you coming home.” She said with a giggle as we watched my image as I walked up the driveway to the house. The quality was really good; you could even make out the name on the big pink shoe bag I was carrying. “Pretty bag.” She giggled.

I was uneasy. All this giggling was not good, she was either way drunk or she was plotting something.

“The little runts kept stealing from their daddy.” She carried on; she detested her two step-sons. “So…. We added a camera inside too!”

The image changed to her bedroom. I froze. My heart pounded in my chest, my stomach felt like it was about to come out through my throat. I opened my mouth but nothing came out. I was sweating and I was shivering. I was beginning to stammer an apology when she slapped me.

“SORRY!” She screamed. “You fucking will be when I’m done with you!”

“Please!” I begged “Please don’t tell…”

“HA!” She shouted. “Who? Your precious little wifey? Your boss? Your family? Your friends? WHO?” Her cruelty was astonishing.

“Anyone.” I mumbled. “I’m sorry, I’m so so sorry. I…..”

“Shut up, bitch!” She cut me off again, standing over me now, swinging another vicious slap to my face before closing her hand on my throat. “I own you. I can ruin you any time I want. I’ve always thought it was a waste, a little pervert like you married to her. She has never made the most of the opportunity. But you can be fucking sure I will!”

She looked down at me with a look of total domination. “I realized this evening that the slave I have always wanted is mine. I OWN YOU!”

She reached down and pulled off my sweatshirt, then tugged on my sweat pants. I had no will to resist. I was shocked and scared and frozen in dread. She stepped back and looked at me, a sneer painted to her lips. I was revealed in all my submissive glory: Panties, and bodice in hot pink and her own sheer black stockings covering my legs. I was so ashamed. The image on the screen flickered behind her as I danced and paraded. She stood in front of it, the picture of dominance in short skirt and heels and a tight black blouse. Rage and total authority infused her, she was the complete dominant bitch.

I was totally consumed by dread. Totally, except for a little glimmer of relief. Relief that a lifelong secret was now out in the open. And hope, hope that this cruel bitch would think twice before creating embarrassment to one of her closest friends.

“Yes!” She exclaimed. “The little pervert in all her glory! Don’t you look pathetic!” She glared down at me “Don’t ever think I wont ruin you. I fucking own you. You are going to do everything I demand. I don’t care if it hurts your pretty little wife or humiliates your family. I don’t care if you lose your job or your friends. I can ruin you and if you ever deny me anything…. I WILL ruin you! I will fucking ruin you out of spite. You know I will. This is my chance to have a real slave and you WILL NOT DENY ME ANYTHING!”

“Oh god, please.” I whimpered.

“Shut the fuck up, slut.” She said coldly, grabbing me by the throat again, squeezing tightly. Leaning in and putting her face in mine. “You will do everything I ask, without hesitation. You will not whine or beg or complain. You will not speak unless I require you to and you will call me Mistress, or M’lady. IS THAT UNDERSTOOD?”

She released my throat her eyes wide with fury, and I gasped: “Yes.”

She slapped me hard.

“Yes, mistress.” I corrected quietly, ashamed.

Her eyes were wild with a gleeful satisfaction. A euphoric smirk of triumph on her face, she said “That’s right, bitch. I own you.”

She reached down and ran her fingers through my hair. The caress was unexpected but her fingers tightened and she pulled my head towards her until my face was under her skirt pressed firmly to her panties. The smell of her arousal was intense and surprising. She ground her crotch into my face and a groan escaped her. My lips touched the soft satin and it was wet, her arousal was intoxicating. I moved my head, trying to kiss and suck on the lips of her pussy. “Ohhhh, fuck, yesss. I own you.” She groaned above me, as my lips found her clit and closed on it.

Her fingers tightened in my hair and she held me there for a second, a little gasp, then she pulled my face away.

“There will be benefits to your obedience and there will be punishments for you too.” She smirked, eyes wide and glassy, as she held me inches away from her hot pussy. “And you will probably enjoy both, little pervert that you are!”

She turned and looked at the screen. There I was in full glorious slut mode pushing my ass back onto the big pink dildo, lust all over my face. She dragged me forward and held the back of my head to her crotch, grinding her pussy against me as her hands constricted my throat, her nails digging in deep and painful.

I was struggling for air as she gloated: “I own you. I fucking own you. You will not deny me anything. You are mine.” I could feel the hard nub of her clit against my scalp, even through the fabric of her panties.

She pushed me down and I lay gasping for air. “Do you understand the shit you are in?”

“Yes, Mistress.” I gasped.

“And are you quite clear on what I require of you?” She grabbed my throat again, her red, defiant face in mine.

“Yesss.” was all I could get out of my constricted throat.

She slapped me again. A hard stinging full force blow to my face.

“Yes, mistress.” I implored

She softly ran her fingers down my hot red stinging cheek. “If you behave yourself I won’t have to be so mean to you. Perhaps we can even have some fun together.” She ran her other hand up my stocking clad leg and up the tender flesh of my inner thigh. Her fingers ran over the front of my panties, I was hard, intensely so.

“Mmmmmm, not all girl then!” She purred. “I am fucking enjoying this. And I am going to love having my very own pervert slave-girl. You can enjoy it too, sweetie if you choose to.” Her fingers teasing me through the satin making my hard cock even bigger and harder.

“Don’t ruin it for us both. I have fantasized too long about an opportunity like this. It can be delicious if you let me have my way. Your dirty mind and my imagination are made for each other. Your prissy wife and my square hubby, for all their wonderful qualities, could not conceive of the joyful depravity we can revel in together. Give me what I want and I’ll make sure you won’t regret it. Don’t ruin this.” Her words softly playing my mind as her fingers caressed the length of my cock, dread and desire fighting in my head.

My body betrayed me as my hips lifted up to her hand, desperate for her touch to intensify. “Ohhhh, if only it were that easy! Sweetie, you are going to have to work hard for your rewards.”

She chuckled. “Nice that you are so well hung through! It will be so much more fun knowing my slave-girl has a big toy for me to play with. This is no clit, the only word for it is cock. A big hard cock!” She gripped me, squeezing tightly. “I was worried that you might be disappointingly small. Such a relief! This might be what saves you.”

All the time her hand was squeezing and rubbing my shaft through my panties. Her eyes locked on mine, piercing any armor I had left. Her hand speeding up as her knowing look told me she knew I wanted it.

My hips began to rock, and her hand gripped me tighter and rubbed faster. Her fingers stroking over the sensitive head, coaxing me. “That’s it, sweetie. Let yourself go. You wanted this too, didn’t you?”

“Yes, mistress.” I moaned as she raked the length of my cock with her nails. My hips writhed with the intensity of desire, and her hand gripped me tightly again, resuming her stroking.

“You won’t deny me anything will you, sweetie?” She cooed as her stroking brought me higher. The fingers on my face caressing my lips. My mouth open in desire.

“No, No, Nothing, mistress.” I replied in a desperate cry as my body rushed headlong toward release. She slipped a finger between my lips, fucking my mouth rhythmically as her other hand tormented my aching cock. Groaning and writhing below her, the pent up desire from edging myself for two hours blurring my mind as I embraced the new reality of my most hidden desires freed by her. The words tumbled out in a mess of groans and cries of passion when her fingers left my mouth. “I will do anything you want, Mistress. Ohhhh. Ahhh. Yesssssss. You own me, Mistress. Ahhhh, Ahhhh, Ahhh. I won’t deny you.” I was on the brink of cumming and she seemed a goddess to me.

“Ohhhh you are going to make me very happy, Sweetie.” She said, gently lifting her hand away from my straining hardness, focused intently on my face as the excruciating torment of unrealized release tore through me showed in gasps and groans of desire.

“Mmmmm, look how desperate you are.” She purred, as I sucked frantically on her offered fingers, my hips bucking up in a vain attempt to find the hand that might provide release, the hand that she had now slipped between her own legs. “Delicious.” She murmured through lidded eyes, touching herself in blatant pleasure over my torment. “I’m going to enjoy our playtime.”

She watched me ride out the waves of desperation, aroused by the torture she had produced purely by removing her hand from me, and as my breathing and writhing slowed she whispered into my ear. “Obedience and loyalty will always be rewarded.”

She moved upward and squatted over my face. She pulled her thong panties to the side, exposing her hairless glistening pussy as she lowered it to my lips. Greedily I feasted on her. My tongue slipping easily between her glorious lips, lapping through their length as she moaned above me. She tasted wonderful and my desire to satisfy her consumed me. I lapped at her feverishly, fucking my tongue as deeply into her pussy as I could; loving the sounds of her moans.

She moved, resting on her knees. “Good girl.” She murmured. “Wifey said you like eating pussy.” Then, “Ahhhh, fuck, yesss,” as my tongue found her clit. It was pronounced and hard and every stroke of my tongue over it made her gasp. I lapped at it harder, and faster; her moans becoming a continuous stream of sound. She rocked a little over me but I held fast to her pussy, my tongue never stopping its rapid torment of her clit. I felt her climax build and lashed her clit with my tongue over and over, worshiping her in the most intimate way I knew. She cried out in gasps of pleasure. “Fuck, yesss yesssssss. I fucking own you. Yesss yesssssss. You’re all mine.”

She laughed and her laughing grew into high gasps of pure dominant pleasure as my tongue drove her over the edge. “Ahhhh! Ahhhh! Yesssssssssss! Yesssssss!”

She continued to ride my face, thrilling in aftershocks as my tongue continued to play between her lips. Her body quivered gorgeously above me as she continued to moan gently, soaking up every drop of pleasure.

Finally she rocked back on her haunches, away from me, saying: “Fuck, you are good at that Sweetie.”

Her hand reached back and felt my cock. I was still hard, her arousal was infectious, her orgasm incredibly erotic and my body showed clearly how horny she made me. “Ha!” She laughed. “You even get turned on eating pussy!”

My head swam with desire and tortured desperation as her fingers again stroked my shaft. It was so completely overwhelming, I reveled in it, in its thrilling urgency. Her free hand slipped inside my bodice, playing with a nipple as she watched me calmly. I was climbing to my peak again and she watched me, smirking at my wantonness. Coaxing my body towards the orgasm I so desperately needed.

Suddenly she gave me a hard stinging tweak bringing me clearly back to earth. She rose up above me. “Now go and put those pretty pink shoes on and meet me in my bathroom. We are going to get you prettied up. I want you to look the complete girl slut, all except that fabulous cock!”

I stood and walked, a little unsteadily, to the stairs.

“I’M FUCKING LOVING THIS!” She shouted after me in a gleeful cry. “I OWN YOU! I FUCKING OWN YOUR PRETTY LITTLE ASS!”

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