Gently I’m awaken by the soft glow of the sun as it crawls above the ocean horizon. Still holding you in my arms, we lay naked on a lounger as the waves gently crash upon the beach. For some time I lay there awake looking upon your beautiful naked body under the soft glow of the sun. After the events of last night, I never want to let you go. I’d give anything to stay in this moment and hold you forever. But eventually, you are aroused by the sun. Rolling into me, we embrace and gently kiss as you look me in the eyes and smile at our casual nakedness.

“Should we go take a quick shower before breakfast” you ask while stroking my hair.

Holding hands like teenagers we walk back across the resort towards our room. The entire place is quite as most people are still sleeping off the events of the previous night. The only movement seen as we approach our room is cleaning staff restocking towels, sweeping floors, and making the resort ready for the new day. It is so freeing to be walking completely naked across the grounds, not a care in the world.

Once we reach the room I turn on the shower and get a nice steam going. Standing in the steam, we hold each close letting the water and steam engulf our bodies. Taking turns we wash each others hair, trying to maintain our loving embrace as much as possible. Then you grab the body sponge, create as much lather as you can, and begin to slowly wash me.

After washing my back you instruct me to turn around and continue washing my chest and stomach. Making slow circles you rub the suds in to my skin as you gaze into my eyes. Then, slowly, you lower your hands to my crotch and begin stroking my cock and caressing my balls. Your hands glide up and down my growing manhood, twisting back and forth as you stroke me to a full erection. Over and over your hands slide up and down my cock, stroking me like only you can. Your hands are so magical as they stroke me. You know just what to do to drive me crazy and I love every minute of it.

Then as casually as you started, you release me from your grip and hand me the sponge.

“Now you do me”, you say in a sexy voice.

I start lathering up your front as my hands slide across your beautiful breasts. Caressing the sides and coming up from underneath squeezing them in my hands. Leaning in we begin to kiss as my hands work your sides and your stomach. Once your body is slick with foam I begin moving further down. Slowly my hands slide over your smooth shaven mound until my fingers finally make contact with your moist pussy. Dropping the sponge I begin caressing your ass with one hand as my fingers slide across your slit, gently brushing your clit as I stroke up and down. With each stroke I slide my fingers deeper and deeper into your hole. Stopping at your clit I start to rub your button back and forth causing it to grow and get oh so sensitive. Still embraced in a kiss you begin to melt into me as I rub your clit back and forth, rolling it in my fingers. Suddenly you wrap your arms around my neck, holding our deep kiss as your legs begin to tremble under your first orgasm of the day. With every stroke of your clit your legs twitch again and again as you cum.

Opening your eyes you release me form your grip and come back to the world. “I still need to clean your back”, I say, “we don’t want to leave any of you dirty”.

Turning around facing the window as I retrieve the sponge, you lean against the support beam of the window, giving me a beautiful view of your sexy ass. The tip of my cock tickles your cheeks as I begin messaging your shoulders and washing your back. You sway your hips slowly as I slide my hands up and down your back. It takes everything in me not to just slam my cock as deep as possible into your pussy, but I have a job to do. After a few moments of scrubbing your back I feel your fingers begin to tickle the underside of my cock as it rests between your legs. I can hear you begin to moan as you rub your clit with your thumb and my cock with your fingers. Then I feel your fingers push me up into your wanting pussy. Your warm hole envelopes me as you push back, sliding my cock inside you. Dropping the sponge I grab your hips start to slowly fuck you. Over and over my cock slides in and out of your wet pussy causing a wet slap as our bodies come together.

Leaning over the support beam you accidentally push open the bathroom windows revealing our love making to anyone passing by. Not caring who sees us you begin to scream “Oh god yes, fuck me, fuck me!”

Harder and harder I pump into your pussy as deep as I can. Our wet bodies slapping together as I fuck you faster and faster. As our mutual orgasms approach I can feel your pussy gripping my cock. You begin to scream as another orgasm washes over you. My lust can’t take any more as I slam my cock deep inside, shooting load after load of hot cum inside your pussy. Your pussy grabs my cock like a vice as you scream as loud as you can, alerting everyone nearby of your explosive orgasm.

Collapsing together onto the support beam, I wrap my arms around you as we both try to catch our breaths. Suddenly we hear a round of applause coming from across the pool as our unknown spectators thank us for the show. Over the clapping we also hear Kadien chanting “Amy! Amy! Amy!” We both shyly take a bow and close the window. After cleaning off our soapy bodies we head back to the bedroom to ready ourselves for the day.

After a nice breakfast we join our friends who have already spread themselves out around the nude pool. Right in the middle they have saved two loungers just for us.

For the rest of the day we all enjoy each other’s naked company. Jumping in and out of the pool as the day heats up, taking strolls onto the beach, and even playing naked water volley ball. Somehow the day slips away and the sunset is upon us. We all agree there is no better way to watch a sunset then naked with our best friends as it slowly dips below the waterline.

After dinner it is suggested we all just skip the disco and head straight for the hot tub. No one disagrees and we all settle back into our places around the tub, drinks in hand. Quickly our conversations turn dirty and everyone starts getting playful. Somehow the women separate from the men and become involved in their own conversations and the men chat amongst ourselves.

Eventually I hear all the girls talking about who gives the best blow jobs, each demanding they are the best. Listening to each woman describe her own technique starts getting most of the guys aroused. After hearing Anna demand she is the best John yells from across the hot tub “Prove it”!

“Deal”, she replies back to him. Turning back to the girls she asks “who’s with me”? After a brief discussion you, Julie, Kriss, Jen, and Marina all agree to a contest. Anna says rather than performing for your own men, each should prove their skills on a different man, first to finish their man wins.

“What does the winner get”, Jen asks.

“Something very special, I’ll tell you all later. And the loser has to get them self off while everyone else watches”. Without any disagreement the stage is set for the best contest ever as each guy takes his seat on the edge of the hot tub. Anna takes some paper and writes down each of our names and puts them into an empty cup.

One by one names are drawn. Kriss draws Bill and as she walks by me she whispers “too bad I don’t get to finish what I started last night”. So she’s my mystery girl…

Julie draws Rob, Marina draws Trent, Anna draws Aaron, Jen draws me … and you draw John. I can see the absolute joy in your eyes as you saunter over to him. The image before us is amazing, six guys sitting on the edge of the hot tub, raging hard-ons standing erect, and six beautiful naked women ready to orally pleasure us.

Sitting before you is John, the man of your dreams, in all of his naked glory. You wish you could spend the entire night getting to know every inch of him, but that will have to wait. Right now you have a mission, and you won’t be last. As Anna yells go you grab his cock in both hands and start stroking him up and down. Quickly you take him in your mouth, wrapping your lips around his shaft. Sliding up and down his cock, you take him deeper and deeper with each stroke. After making sure his cock is good and wet you wrap your lips around his head while stroking his cock up and down. Twisting with both hands your tongue dances around his head, flicking the tip up and down.

If only you could stand up and slide his magnificent cock inside your pussy. Your mind drifts to his cock pounding your pussy as your fingers stroke him up and down. Taking him back fully in your mouth your lips slide up and down his shaft. Squeezing his cock your hands follow your beautiful lips up and down as you suck him deeper and deeper.

At the other end of the line I sit with my cock in Jen’s mouth. I find it hard to not watch you as you consume John, but Jen is also doing everything she can to win. Over and over she takes me completely into her mouth, deep throating my cock until her lips rest at the base. It is so amazing to feel her tongue sliding back and forth on the underside of my cock as the tip rests at the back of her throat. Again and again she lifts back then slams my cock back into her mouth. She sucks so hard that as she rises off me I can hear a pop as my cock slips past her lips. I don’t know how much longer I can last as she starts to rapidly stroke my cock, keeping just the tip against her lips.

Looking down the row I see you looking deep into John’s eyes as your tongue swirls around his head and your hands jack his cock at incredible speeds. From his breathing you can tell he is close to exploding. I can see in your eyes how badly you want him to cum, after all these years of longing for him you’d give anything for him to cum. Quickly you take him back into your mouth, sucking, licking and stroking his rod in rhythm to his rising hips. Lost in your world of absolute lust you are oblivious to the other people around you. Over and over your lips slide up and down Johns cock, faster and faster. You know he is about to explode as his legs begin to tense and his breathing quickens. You can feel his cock begin to convulse as his first load of cum hits your tongue. You desperately want his cum, you want to taste him as you continue stoking his cock again and again, sending load after load into your mouth.

Then for visual effect you rise off him while continuing to stroke his cock. With your mouth wide open you send his final spurts onto our tongue and lips, proving to everyone you are the winner.

The sight of John cuming into your mouth is more than I can take. I begin to convulse as Jen takes me as deep into her mouth as she can. She looks up at me as I cum straight into her throat. Sucking harder she rises up and down, milking me as my entire load disappears into her mouth.

As John and I catch our breaths the other contestants in our little game finish one by one. Anna takes Aaron in her mouth and on her cheeks. Julie jerks Rob off onto her breasts. Marina takes Trent all over her chest and neck. Then, finishing last, Kriss lets Bill cum in her mouth.

After a few moments of recovery and clean up everyone settles back into their places. Anna is quick to remind Kriss that she lost the contest, and now it is time for her to preform.

After a little hesitation and encouragement she rises out of the hot tub and sets on the edge, propping one leg on the ledge. Before us sits sexy little Kriss, ample and perky breasts with quickly hardening nipples. Her neatly shaven pussy dripping with anticipation, begging to be touched.

Closing her eyes to remove distractions, we all watch as her hands slowly begin exploring her body. After a few moments she drops a hand into her lap and starts to make small circles around her pussy rubbing her lips against her growing clit. Spreading her lips apart with her fingers, one by one her fingers disappear inside her wet hole.

Opening her eyes she slowly looks across her spectators as her fingers dance across her clit and slip back inside her pussy. Then, making direct eye contact with me she locks my gaze. I don’t know what to look at, her pretty blue eyes or her fingers as they slide in and out of her pussy. With three fingers deep inside her hole she presses her palm hard against her lips and clit. Rubbing harder and harder her breath quickens as she closes her eyes again. Preparing for her oncoming orgasm her fingers withdraw and quickly find her button. Rubbing back and forth, faster and faster her fingers push her closer to cuming. Unable to take any more Kriss throws her head back as a powerful orgasm crashes into her, releasing a gush of her juices from her hot pussy.

Frozen in her orgasmic release, Kriss sits with her fingers still holding her pussy as she tries to catch her breath. Everyone is amazed at the awesome sight we have all witnessed. This beautiful innocent looking woman, naked in front of us, coming down from her post orgasmic bliss. Silently she slips back into the hot tub as everyone gives her a soft round of applause for her outstanding performance.

After a few more rounds of drinks and calming down from the recent excitement, you finally ask Anna “so, as the newly crowned blow job queen, what do I win”?

“I propose another contest, but just for you this time. Do you think you can identify your husband’s cock from a line up”?

“Without a doubt”, you reply.


“Of course”, you say confidently.

“…bent over…”

Then it hits you want she is purposing. Your prize is to be fucked, one by one, by each of the cocks around the hot tub, trying to guess who is who. Overcome by excitement and sudden lust you look my way, for approval. Your eyes beg me to say yes, you so desperately want to be used every man here, especially your dream man, John. I give you a quick smile and wink of approval, silently giving you permission to be fucked as I watch. Giddy with excitement you tell Anna you are game for whatever she has planned.

“Since it is a contest, there should be prizes and punishment”, Anna explains. “You have 2 minutes to figure out who the owner of each cock is. If you guess correct, you get another 2 minutes”.

“And if I’m wrong”, you inquire.

“You have to finish him like you finished John”.


“First you need to get a good look at what you will be guessing. Men, up”! she demands.

You casually walk around the hot tub as your six suitors display their goods. Walking from man to man you give each a good look and quick stroke. Passing by me without looking, you give me a quick look to say thank you.

After carefully examining your slaves Anna instructs you to get comfortable kneeling against a lounger. Retrieving her robe sash again, she softly covers your eyes and says to lie down.

Even blindfolded you can feel the eyes of everyone watching you, naked, bent over presenting your sexy ass to whomever wished to take you. Then you feel your first challenger kneel behind you. The thought of an unknown cock about to be inside you is quickly dashed as you realize it is me. I do my best to fool you by touching you differently, then slowly sliding my cock inside your waiting pussy. You are so wet from anticipation my manhood slides in with ease as I hear you moan. I try hard to somehow fool you, but there is no way I can trick your pussy. You know my feel, you know my pace. You can even recognize my moaning as I begin to fuck you faster and faster.

Wanting to get the most out of my two minutes I start to fuck you harder, pausing as the tip of my cock leaves your hole, then slamming it back into your waiting pussy. Then suddenly Anna calls time as I fuck your pussy one last time, leaving my cock deep inside you.

In between pants you say “If I’m not mistaken, that would be my husband’s cock inside me”.

“Very good”, Anna responds.

“I love you hun, but I’ll take my 2 minute reward later. I want my next challenger”, you say.

Not one to disappoint I leave your tight little pussy and retake my seat in the hot tub. You feel the next contestant take his place as he moistens the tip of his cock with your pussy juices. Sliding up and down your lips he finally slowly pushes inside you. Inch by inch this mystery cock fills your pussy. You’ve never had this one before, you are sure of that. Not as long as mine, but much thicker, his cock stretches your pussy wider than you’ve ever been. In and out he slides, slowly fucking your tight hole. With each stroke you have to take a breath as your pussy tries to accommodate his fat meat.

The two minutes is up way too soon, you want more time with this huge cock inside you. Not positive who he is you guess Aaron. As if to respond to your answer he withdraws his cock then slams it back in. Taking your blindfold off you look back to see Aaron gripping your hips as he continues to fuck you, but now much harder and faster. Driving you closer and closer to your next orgasm.

Looking over at the hot tub you see that Jen has taken position on my lap as a consolation prize. From the look on her face and gyration of her hips you know she is riding my cock as we watch Aaron fuck you. Fondling her breasts as she rides me, I watch Aaron as he fucks you harder and faster. It is amazing to see another man’s cock in your pussy. If it were not for our first contest I’m sure I would have already lost my load inside Jen.

Anna calls time as you are about to cum. Screaming to Aaron you yell “Don’t stop, oh god, fuck me! Fuck me harder! Oh god I’m cumming”! Pounding you again and again Aaron fucks you until your body quakes and you pussy tightens around his massive cock.

Slowly Aaron pulls out, leaving your pussy empty and wanting. But you don’t have to wait long as the next man takes his place at your hole. With one swift stroke you receive your third cock. Not as large as Aaron, but it feels familiar sliding in and out of you. Stopping with his cock fully inside you he starts to rock his hips, rubbing the tip of his cock against the end of your tunnel. The sensation is amazing as your mystery man gently fucks you. Slowly picking up his pace, feeding his cock to your pussy you still don’t know who he is. When Anna calls time, all you can do is guess. “Trent”?

Taking off the blindfold you look back to see your first lover, Rob slowly pushing his cock in and out of your pussy.

“That’s two correct, and your first wrong. Time for punishment”, Anna says.

Sitting onto the lounger you take Rob’s cock in your hand. It glistens with your mixed juices as you dip your head and take him into your mouth. Working your hand and mouth magic it doesn’t take long before Rob is on the edge of cumming. Aiming his cock at your chest you stroke him faster and faster until glob after glob of hot cum lands on your beautiful tits. Giving one last stroke you push his spent cock into your mouth again, making him quiver from the sensation.

Looking at me you see that Marina has taken cues from Jen and is sitting on my lap enjoying slowly fucking me. The sight of your beautiful breasts covered in cum is too much for me as I explode inside Marina, causing both of us to shake in the water.

“I think it’s time for clean up and a drink break”, you declare. After excusing yourself to the bathroom and quickly downing another drink you retake your place leaning on the lounger. In your head you count, you have three cocks left, and one of them is your man, John. As your next man takes his place you beg the world to let it be John. You want him inside you so badly. But again this cock seems somewhat familiar as it slowly pushes past your slick lips. His pace is very quick as he desperately fucks you faster and faster. Clearly this man simply wants to fuck you, and that he does. Faster and harder his cock pumps into you. After his revelation last night, you think this is Trent fucking you. He continues to fuck you faster and harder as his own orgasm approaches. Over and over his hips slap your ass as he buries his cock deep inside your tight pussy.

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