heart of gold

Zach is an independently wealthy entrepreneur with a multi-million dollar agriculture business. He began working with plants when he was 13, and by the time he was 26, he owned one of the most profitable businesses in his city. He made his first million by the age of 19, and never looked back.

Zach was lonely. He had been with a number of women, even been engaged to one lovely lady for almost two years – but his success, or lack thereof with women had become legend in his home town. So he decided the best option was a mail-order bride.

Zach went to a few services, but none of them seemed all that willing to help him find the type of woman he was after. So, he booked a flight and hotel in an eastern nation, and spent a week haunting the bars and cafes for female companionship.

He had just about given up hope when he noticed an ad in the local paper that indicated women willing to marry foreign men who were able to take them back to their countries. Zach was immediately interested, and noted the address of the meeting place.

That night, Zach took a cab to the club and walked inside. It was a seamy place, a combination brothel, sex club, and strip joint. He walked in and looked around. There were a lot of other men, with an equal number of young Asian women hanging off of, or sitting on their laps.

Zach was quickly joined by an absolutely lovely young Asian lass who couldn’t have been more than eighteen. She took him by the arm and led him to a chair at the bar, sat him in it, then she sat in his lap, and Zach felt quite comfortable with this young woman sitting on his semi-hard cock. He knew she could feel it too, because she kept wriggling her warm butt around, shifting position to enable his erection to explore her as best it could separated by three layers of clothing.

As the evening progresses, Zach learned that her name was Kiara, that she had been a prostitute for four years, and that she desperately wanted to leave the country. He liked her, and she appeared to like him, so he decided to take her back to his hotel for the night.

Then he learned how this country worked. He first had to pay the bartender a fee, not much to him, only about $20 and he took Kiara home. Once there, she explained to him in broken English that she expected at least $80 to spend the night with him. Zach wasn’t concerned. He knew that in this country, his money was worth up to 80 times it’s normal value but the concept of having to pay for sex still ate at him.

He agreed, and gave Kiara the money, which she carefully put away into her purse, then turned and pressed herself into him, kissing him deeply. Zach wrapped his arms around her and returned the kiss. It felt so good that he didn’t ever want it to stop.

He broke it off a little while later, and they both gasped for breath, grinning at each other, with Kiara blushing lightly. Zach still held her, but moved one of his hands until it rested on the tight curve of her youthful ass.

She didn’t resist, in fact she pushed back, ensuring that he ended up gripping her ass tightly. Zach squeezed and kneaded her asscheeks, feeling the tight muscle beneath the thin dress aroused him something fierce. He slid his hands lower to the hem of the dress and slowly pulled it up, past her thighs, exposing her ass in the g-string panties. He left the dress rumpled around her waist, and again put both his hands on her ass.

“You like my ass?” She asked him.

“You know I do.” Zach replied, squeezing and working her ass hard.

“I like you like my ass. I like you.”

Zach smiled and slipped one finger under the g-string, stretching it out and let it snap back. She shivered wonderfully in his arms.

“You are a naughty girl, do you know that?” He asked her, caressing her bottom by sliding his hand back and forth across the curve of her ass.

She pressed herself into him. “I your naughty girl, boss.”

Zach smiled again, and slapped her bum lightly. She jumped a bit, but didn’t flinch or move away, and he smacked her again, harder. She winced a bit, but remained pressed against him. He felt his erection growing, and she obviously felt it too, for one of her hands found and traced the outline of his cock through his pants.

“I think my naughty girl needs a good spanking before I fuck her, right?”

Kiara pouted, but nodded, eyes downcast. She knew her role well, having been raised in a strict household, falling into the role of a dutiful woman was easy. She obeyed with no objection, willing to do whatever was necessary to ensure he was happy with her. With any luck, this man would marry her and take her away from living in this country.

Zack pulled out a chair and walked Kiara over to it. He bent her over the back of the char and she placed her hands on the seat, pushing her ass up and ensuring it was nice and round. Zach could see the light pink spot from his slap. He rubbed her ass, thinking how nice and smooth it was then slapped her ass hard. She gasped, but didn’t move. Zach slapped her again, and again, harder each time, until he was spanking her with a full swing on his arm. She began to gasp, then cry out through gritted teeth, but didn’t move, even though her ass was quickly getting very painfully warm and stinging quite badly.

Zach slapped her ass for about two minutes, until he stopped, feeling the sting in his own hand, and looking at her thoroughly reddened posterior. His cock was rock-hard in his pants, and he felt that now was as good a time as any. He undid his pants and let them fall to the floor, along with his shorts. His thick cock sprung out, unfettered now, dripping with pre-cum and arousal.

He slipped his fingers into the thin band of her g-string and pulled it down, letting it drop to the floor. She remained in position, sobbing quietly. He rubbed his index finger over his cock, picking up a mess of pre-cum, and rubbed it over her ass-crack, massaging her pussy, and then pushed it into her. She was moist, but not too wet. Obviously not excited by the spanking. Zach didn’t care. He worked his finger in and out, feeling her beginning to moisten and grow more aroused as he continued the masturbation.

Zach looked at her red ass, and admired the involuntary flexing of the muscles as he worked his finger in and out of her tight pussy. He pulled his finger out of her pussy, and pushed the tip into her little asshole. She groaned, and shook her head.

“Please, I not like.” she sobbed.

“I need this, Kiara. You will obey me.” Zach said, and pushed his finger into her asshole up to the knuckle. She yelped, but still remained bent over, letting him do as he pleased.

Zach wriggled his finger inside her tight rectum, then pulled it back out, until just the tip was inside her. “Kiara, I’m going to fuck you in the ass.” He said. She cried, and shook her head, her shoulders heaving as she resigned herself to this violation.

Zach removed his finger and gripping his cock, pressed it’s wet head against her ass. She tried to squeeze her ass closed, to stop the intrusion, but Zach pressed the head of his cock into her ass. He felt the tight ring of muscle slowly, ever so slowly moving past the head, until the entire head of his cock was in her asshole. She was continuing to cry, shaking her head against the uncomfortable pain and fullness within her bowel.

Zach slowly pulled back, then pushed forward, and another inch of his thick cock slipped into her. He repeated the movement, and got a bit deeper, and then again, deeper. Finally, he was inside her ass as far as he could go, with his balls resting against her pussy and his belly pressed tightly against her hot asscheeks.

“Please, boss. I hurt – I no like.” she cried.

Zach ran his hands over her back, tracing the bones of her spine through the thin dress as he remained deeply inside her ass.

“Shhh, Kiara. I want this. You do as I say, you do what I want.”

He gripped her hips and began to fuck her with strong, swift motions. She gasped and cried with each thrust, but he continued, pumping his cock in and out, pulling it almost out, until just the head was in her asshole, then pushing it right up inside the girls’ tight ass. He felt his cock getting ready to cum, and continued to pump strongly, and when he felt the first rush of sperm, gripped Kiara hard, and pulled her towards him, pushing as deeply as he could as his cock spurted cum into her intestines.

He was gripped by a wave of dizziness and nearly collapsed, bu remained standing as the waves of orgasm rolled over him. It was one of the most intense orgasms he’d ever experienced, and it totally drained him. He slowly recovered, pulling his cock out with a soft pop as her tight ass released the intruder.

Zach stepped backwards and sat heavily on the bed, breathing in gasps as Kiara looked backwards to make sure he was not really close, then she sunk to her knees, hugging her belly and sobbing brokenly.

He watched her for a few minutes, then got up and pulled her to her feet by the dress, tearing it slightly in the process.

“Stop crying, Kiara.” He said. She swallowed roughly a couple of times, but obeyed, although tears still leaked from her eyes, and she had wet streaks all over her oval face.

“Listen to me, girl.” He continued as he pulled the dress off her and tossed it into a corner of the room. “I want you so badly I can taste it. You are mine now. I am going to marry you, take you home, and love you. If you will love and obey me. Will you?”

She nodded. “I-I will obey, boss.”

“Good girl.” Zach said, and hugged her closely, rubbing her sore bottom, and feeling the wetness oozing out of her abused rectum as he comforted his future wife.

Three days later, Kiara was married to Zach, and they journeyed back to his country as husband and wife.

The trip back was memorable as Zach continued to dominate and control his naturally submissive and obedient young wife. They boarded the plane, her first trip on one, with her in a short floral print dress, without underwear. Zach insisted that she never wear underwear, unless she was on her period. They got settled in first class, she in the window seat, Zach beside her, on the aisle. The trip would be sixteen hours long, so they got comfortable.

Once the plane was in the air and level, Kiara calmed down from her initial terror, and began to relax. As it had taken off at night, the stewardesses quickly moved around the cabin, handing out blankets and turning down the lights. Zach undid Kiara’s belt and his own, reclining both their seats, then he turned her so he could slip behind and hold her comfortably, wrapping them both in a blanket. She shifted, knowing what he was going to do, and mentally preparing herself for the experience.

Zach undid his pants and released his cock, guiding it between her asscheeks with his hand. She wriggled herself to give him access, but he pushed forward, and slipped into her pussy instead of her ass. She grunted softly, then bit her lip as his thick cock pushed between her barely lubricated labia and into her cunt itself.

Zach shifted himself in barely measurable thrusting movements, letting his cock lubricate her passage until he could push himself fully into her. He had only fucked her normally once since they had been married, and during that night, he had sodomized her three times, but first had taken her as a man normally takes a woman, cumming deeply into her cunt, and hoping that he had made her pregnant.

Once fully inside, he cupped her small breasts in his hands, and snuggled to her, whispering loving words into her ear as he thrusted in short gentle movements. She began to push back at him as her natural lubricant began to flow, easing the movement and arousing her. They fucked slowly and carefully for about ten minutes, ensuring that they remained quiet, until Zach felt his climax approaching, and pushed himself into her fully, jerking his hips quickly until his cock erupted into her pussy. To avoid crying out, he instead bit her on the shoulder, it triggered her own orgasm, which surprised her almost as much as the bite hurt her. She had not expected to cum – being so used to faking it with a man, she never expected to actually have an orgasm. She bit her own lip and groaned softly, a low, deep groan that rumbled through her and vibrated through Zach, adding to the pleasure of his orgasm.

He relaxed afterward and within a few minutes, fell asleep, followed by Kiara soon after.

Hours later, after they had both awoken for the in-flight meal, Zach noticed that they were virtually alone in the first-class compartment, and after the meal had been cleared, the lights turned down again, he again unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. But this time, he pressed Kiara’s head down, and she kissed his cock, then slowly began to lick and kiss the head and shaft lovingly.

She licked up the sides of the shaft, her long fingers gently sliding the skin up and down as she did so, then pressed her lips to the end of his cock, and sucked as she pulled the skin upwards, causing a shiver of pleasure to run through him.

Opening her mouth, Kiara took Zach’s cock and slowly lowered her head until his entire length was engulfed in her warm, wet mouth. She didn’t move her head, but Zach felt her tongue slowly working it’s way around his cock, bathing it and rubbing all around it, giving him intense waves of pleasure. This girl knew how to suck cock, and she knew how to keep him on the verge without having an orgasm for hours, if necessary.

She finally stopped giving him her internal tongue-bath, and began to move her head up and down, running her lips along the length of his cock, drawing him closer and closer to orgasm.

He groaned quietly as he felt the orgasm hit him, and pressed her head onto his cock as he spurted cum into her waiting mouth. She waited until he’d finished, and his cock grew soft within her mouth, his breathing returning to it’s normal pattern, then she released him from her lips and sat back up, using a finger to catch a thin dribble of his cum that had leaked from the corner of her mouth.

Zach again fell asleep, and Kiara, satisfied that her husband was comfortable, cuddled against him and fell asleep also.

About halfway into the flight, after the second meal, they both got up to go to the bathroom, and Zach decided to have them use the same bathroom. Being first class, the bathrooms were larger, so it was easy for them both to fit inside. He closed the door and locked it, then he waited for Kiara to relieve herself which she did with some embarrassment. He then undid his pants and released his bladder with a sigh of pleasure. once finished, he flushed the toilet, then wiped himself on a piece of tissue and threw it away.

Turning to his wife, he lifted her until she sat on the counter, and lifted her legs, placing them both over his shoulders. She smiled and played with his cock, bringing it into contact with her cunt, and Zach pushed strongly, thrusting into her hard. She gasped with the sudden penetration, but Zach began to fuck her hard and fast, not giving her a chance to really recover.

He thrusted brutally into her, making her head thump against the wall with the force of his desire, and she pulled herself onto him, holding on tightly as he fucked her with an unusual urgency.

With a muffled cry as he kissed her, Zach again spurted cum into her body, and Kiara felt a second orgasm rush over her as she felt his cock pulsing semen into her pussy. Zach held her tightly for some minutes as his cock grew soft within her, not willing to let her go just yet. But he finally pulled out and again pulled up his pants. She pulled out some tissues and pressed them against her leaking pussy, soaking them in the mixed fluids before throwing them into the disposal.

They returned to their seats, and cuddled, falling asleep again, only to be awoken four hours later for another meal. Once they had finished, the cabin lights were turned up, and the in-flight movie began to run. Zach and Kiara watched, but didn’t really care what it was, they both continued to nap until the plane landed at the international airport close to Zach’s home town.

Once they had cleared customs, Zach took his new wife home. His business had given him the freedom to not worry about a lot of things, and to enjoy the luxury of wealth. His house was a sprawling five bedroom ranch-style home of some acres of artfully landscaped garden. Zach had spent two years designing, building, and landscaping the entire property, and it had been featured on many TV shows, had won awards, and had been used as a set for a movie eight months previously.

Zach also liked technology, so his home was filled with the latest gadgets and toys, including an extensive computer network permanently hooked to the internet and world web. Before he had decided to hunt for a bride, he had collected an extensive array of pornography dealing with eastern and Asian women in submissive and disciplinary positions; movies, books, magazines, and many discs full of scanned images from all over the world.

He had also collected a large variety of bondage gear, ranging from padded handcuffs and gags up to whips and riding crops. He never really intended to use them on anyone, but if the need or desire ever struck him, he always wanted to be prepared.

They immediately began to settle down into their new lifestyle. Kiara was happy to let Zach make all the decisions, and she was simply concerned with keeping the house clean, cooking for him, and making him happy in and out of bed.

Not too many days after they had arrived back in his country, Zach came home from his business in a foul mood. One of his employees had used the wrong type of cement on a retaining wall and it had collapsed, causing damage to some cars. Zach was not impressed, and knew his reputation had been tarnished by this incident. Kiara met him by the door, radiant as always in a very short dress, but immediately knew Zach wasn’t happy. It didn’t take long for him to begin berating her, and by the time she had put dinner on the table, she was feeling very put upon and her good mood had also evaporated.

Dinner was a strained silence, with Zach still fuming; he knew that Kiara had absolutely nothing to do with it, but he had to release his frustration and tension somehow. Kiara’s submissive nature simply triggered his anger and he was virtually unable to not take it out on her. But he tried to keep his temper under wraps, explaining to her what had happened and why he was so angry.

After he had told her, Kiara nodded silently, and cleaned away the plates. Then she left the room for a minute, telling Zach to remain at the table. He was rather curious, but shocked when she returned with a leather strap from the collection in his study. She placed the strap on the table, then bent herself over it, pulling her dress up to her waist to expose her bare backside.

“I your wife, Boss. You angry, you punish me, then you not angry any longer. Then we love again.” She tried to explain.

Zach was shocked, but a part of him wanted to hit something, anything, to take out his frustration and know that someone else suffered because he was so angry with what had happened.

He got up, took her face in his hands and kissed her, then picked up the strap and stepped behind and to the side.

Raising the strap, Zach let it fall without any strength onto her ass. It made a dull slapping sound, and she jerked lightly, more from the shock than from any pain. He raised it and brought it down harder. A resounding crack wafted up, along with a yip of pain from his wife. He brought the strap down again and again, harder and harder, letting all his anger focus on the strap, on her rapidly reddening ass, imagining he was beating the errant employee rather than his wife.

He struck her ass again and again, each time letting the strap rest on her for an instant before lifting it up again for another blow. He ceased thinking of Kiara as his wife and concentrated on beating his anger out of her well-reddened ass. He continued hitting her until she finally rolled out of the way and off the table, sobbing and clutching her well-whipped backside.

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