Teresa was a tease, I never liked her. I thought she was hot, I’ve been with her, but I never liked her. She’s been to my parties before, she knows the expectations of being a female at my parties, but she always insisted on being the prude. It’s bothered me. She, in and of herself, is an annoying person, but she has the right to be annoying at her own leisure, she is entitled to be a cunt as she sees fit.

She doesn’t, however, have the right to take that annoying cunt act of hers and bring it to my parties.

The last straw was a couple of months ago. One of my clients brought her, and though I rolled my eyes at seeing her, I was glad to see him, he’s always paid me well for my services, and he’s a reliable gentlemen who never makes me feel too much like a whore when I pleasure him. I invited him, Jeremy, to the party, but not Teresa.

Initially I let it go, there were about a dozen of us, and we were having a really good time. The coke was cut and on the mirror, the booze was flowing plentiful, and my better ladyfriends and I were slowly getting our gentlemen for the evening in the mood. I remember vividly, I was on my knees, giving Darryl head, I was getting so wet feeling his thick black cock in my mouth, my head bobbed slowly, he rested his hand behind my head and moaned for me as I sucked him deep into my throat. I was getting into it, and I felt Darryl squirming and about to cum, when…

“Dammit Teresa, if you didn’t want to fuck, why did you come to a god damn orgy?”

Jeremy was apparently making out with Amber because Teresa was complaining. There’s too many people in the apartment, it’s making me claustrophobic. Olivia always brings coke, she’s just asking to get busted. I didn’t come here for all these guys to paw at me. I want to play with the ladies but they get so sleazy when they drink. I would love you to fuck me in public if no one said anything. Don’t cum inside me, I think I’ll start ovulating tomorrow and I don’t want anyone knocking me up.

Just on and on. I didn’t blame Jeremy for getting pissed at her, but I wished they’d have their spat outside and let us enjoy the feeling of drowning in pleasure, in sin, in drunken orgasmic nirvana.

Please don’t misunderstand me. Teresa is one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever known. She’s slender, brunette, with large dark eyes and freshly-enhanced breasts, and because of her recent surgery, her back hasn’t yet adjusted, so she’s constantly walking with her shoulders back and her back arched to compensate. She’s incredibly sexy, and she’s spent a lot of money and spent a ton of hours in the gym to make herself that way. I’ve had the incredible pleasure of making love with her, of tasting her soft pussy, of listening to her high-pitched whimpers when I made her cum, of feeling the firmness and almost spherical roundness of her perfectly new breasts as we kissed.

She’s just really fucking annoying when it comes to these parties. She’s perhaps the hottest woman in town, so I’m not surprised when one of my clients shows up with her, she and I have always shared gentlemen and made lots of money from their lustful generosity. But at some point, her prissiness destroys the eroticism, and it pisses someone off.

So, this time, I had a plan. The moment Jeremy yelled at her, I put it in effect.

“Darryl baby,” I whispered to my gentleman as I raised my head and released his cock from my mouth, “I’ll make you cum so hard if you promise me you’ll cum in a cup.” I stroked his thick, hard, cum-filled cock gently as I whispered, and I watched him strain and listened to him moan for me, knowing he was already on the verge of exploding on me.”

“Nnnnhhhyes Oliviaahhh, nnnhhhhanything you want babyhhh, just finish me and make me cummnnhh.”

I smiled sinfully as him as I returned the head of his cock to my mouth and jacked him off. His fuckmoans grew louder as the pleasure rose in him. I used my drool to lube his cock as my little white hand fisted his large black manhood.

Darryl arched and shook and moaned as his cock thickened and pulsed in my hand and mouth, and with a loud, masculine UUHHNNNGG he started to cum in long, thick ropes of semen.

I tasted the first spurt of mancum and then pointed his cock to a used 52-ounce ThirstBuster cup I had originally purchased at Circle K. This morning it held Diet Coke with a shot of energy booster, this evening it contained Diet Coke with a larger shot of Jack Daniels, and now it was filling with cum. Darryl moaned as I jacked him off, shooting wads of cum into the cup, as if I were milking him, emptying his balls. He gripped the cushions and grunted as I pulled more cum out of him than he thought possible, and even when he fell back and gasped in exhaustion, I continued to fistfuck him, getting the little dribbles out of him. My god, his cock was enormous and so hard, like black steel, I so wanted to sink myself down on it and grind on it, but my desire to teach that cunt Teresa a lesson was slightly greater than my desire to get my brains fucked out. Such a thing almost never happens to me, nothing ever disturbs my need to get fucked deeply and thoroughly by a long, thick, healthy cock; I must have really been pissed off.

“Mmmmhhh, thank you baby.” And with that, I stood up, cup in hand, and started making the rounds.

Teresa apparently went to the restroom, so I had a few minutes to gather more cum from the many gentlemen in the room.

There’s Andres, he just married Jacqueline and they were still “honeymooning”. I adore Jacqueline, she’s a tiny Latina girl with shiny brown eyes, beautiful hair, and tits larger than her little body can handle. She’s a couple of years younger than me, she had a plan for becoming a nurse in a few years, she doesn’t plan on being a prostitute her entire life, and I believe her when she tells me her dreams.

Right now, she’s bent over the couch as Andres fucks her ass. I don’t think Andres is going to last very long. He’s a nice guy, but in over his head with Jacqueline. His hands are on her tiny waist as he pumps her beautiful petite ass full of his cock, he’s moaning almost as loud as she is.

I tenderly pet Jacqueline’s ass as I gaze up at Andres. “Please, baby,” I ask him with wide eyes, my naked body shivering as I listen to my girlfriend’s hot whimpering, “please give me your cum.” His eyes widened at the strangeness of my request, but every man in this room has been with me at least once, he knew I had something good in mind.

With a grunt he pulled out and fisted his cock wildly. Jacqueline fell to her knees and whimpered in orgasm, she rubbing her pussy lips and came on her hand as her ass ached from the hard fucking she just had. I cradled her angelic face and gave her a soft, delicate kiss. Watching us making out on the floor was too much for Andres to handle, and he jerked off frantically, finally letting loose his cum into the cup I had set on the coffee table. His head tilted back as he gave it to me. “Thank you, my love,” I whispered to his wife, knowing her pussy occasionally belonged to Andres, but her heart belonged to me.

I stood up and touched Andres’s rugged face with my fingertips, a more tender Thank-You than a verbal one would be. At least one more good ejaculation into the cup, and I’d have enough mancum to get even with Teresa.

I see Jeremy has progressed further with Amber. She was on her knees, hungrily pleasuring him with his mouth as he enjoyed her, closing his eyes, letting Amber do what she does best. She commands $300 for every blowjob, she’s THAT good at it, and as her head bobbed and she moaned on it, she was coaxing the cum from his balls and making his cock lengthen and thicken.

I sat with Jeremy as my girlfriend sucked his cock, and I kissed his mouth. “Did Teresa piss you off too, baby?” I looked into his crazed eyes as he moaned a yes in reply. In his lust, his hands latched onto my breasts as we kissed and whispered to each other. “Help me get back at her, baby.”

“Nnnnhhh, anything for you Oliviaaahh, nnnhhhh I just wanna cum.”

With that, I knelt next to Amber and shared his cock. I licked the shaft and, simultaneously, frenched with Amber as we both devoured his dick. He squirmed as the pleasure was more than he can handle. He arched and struggled to keep his cum inside him, but I wasn’t having it, I wanted it. I cupped his balls and tugged and squeezed them as Amber and I made out, his cock between our mouths.

Jeremy yelped hotly and started confessing his love for Amber and me as we pleasured him. “Ohhhgod girls, I love you two so very much, nnnnnhhh I want you both so bad.” Apparently the notion that Teresa was just in the other room no longer mattered to him.

“Nnnnhhhh, cum on my tits babyhhhh.” Amber pressed his throbbing manhood between my breasts and squeezed them together, giving Jeremy something to fuck. He moaned as his hips bucked. “MMMmmnnhh, that’s it babyhhh, nnhhh, cum on me.” A few thrust later, and Jeremy’s mind was blown, his cock shooting warm cum all over my neck and chest.

I gazed into Jeremy’s eyes, still moaning as he shot strings of cum all over my tits. “Mmmnnhh, thank you so much babyhhhh”. My Amber took a credit card from her bag and used it to wipe the mancum from my chest, removing it and putting it in the cup.

“Please, girls, please let me fuck you.” Jeremy sounded desperate, but his words quickly returned to helpless moaning as Amber resumed sucking his cock. I got what I needed. Now I just had to set the cunt up.

I went to the kitchen and fumbled through the junk drawer for a moment… Aha, there it is. I pulled out a turkey baster, I used it once when it was my turn to cook Thanksgiving Dinner (it became my only turn, as the feast was apparently so bad, no one asked me to try again). It was long and thick and phallic, and if used under the right circumstances, I believed I could convince someone it was a dildo. I smiled fiendishly as I pulled the rubber hand part off, poured the mancum into it, returned the rubber, and held it in my hand for a moment, feeling its girth, feeling the warmth of the semen inside it. I squirted a little into my hand and thought, this just might work.

I came back to the living room. The orgy continued. Layla had taken over for me with Darryl, and I pouted a little as I watched her bounce on that beautiful black cock of his, that beautiful black cock I had taken the trouble to suck to its full length and thickness, I was wet at the thought of it being inside me. Andres and Jacqueline had resumed their nuptials as she was riding him on the couch. Amber relentlessly sucked Jeremy’s cock as Peter was pumping her pussy from behind. All seemed well, everyone was fucked up and getting fucked, all involved were high and drunk and cumming.

That’s when Teresa came out of the restroom, still clothed, still bitching up a storm. Jeremy, who is that bitch you’re with? Jeremy, I want to go home. Jeremy, I promise to pleasure you in the car if you leave now. Jeremy, I just bought this dress, I don’t want it ripped. Jeremy, I don’t want strange men groping my new tits, they’re still too firm and tender. Poor Jeremy, he just wanted a little pleasure, whether it came from Teresa or not. She may have been the sexiest woman in the room, but she had no idea how able she was at killing the eroticism of an orgy.

“Mmmhhhhteresaaahh,” I said to her on my approach, cutting her off from Jeremy, leaving him to Amber’s capable talents. “I didn’t know you were here, babygirl. It’s been so long.” I could taste her wetness in my mouth, and I shivered a little as I gazed down her deliciously perfect body.

“I’m sorry, Olivia, Jeremy’s taking me home.” She spoke in a beautiful pout, perhaps genuine in her uncomfortability, but as annoying as it was sexy. I wanted to rip that gorgeous black dress off her and molest her in front of everyone, but I remained cool.

Touching her soft face, I said what I had to say to make her stay. “Don’t leave just yet, babygirl, I heard you just had your boobs done. Don’t you want to show them to me?” I arched just a little as I said that, showing her my own implants.

I smiled sluttily into her eyes, and she returned the slutty smile. “Okay, Livie, but in private.” She took my hand and let me back into the restroom with her. I felt her shiver through her hand, she apparently remembered the time we made love, it apparently meant as much to her as it did to me.

She giggled a soft, sexy-as-hell giggle to me as, in the confidence of privacy, she cupped her new fake tits and moaned softly. MMmmmhhh, I remember that feeling, the hot feeling of cupping my new fake tits, the sensation of the implants pressing up against your ribcage, the fullness, the gentle ache, nnnnhhhh I remember it so well.

As she felt herself up, I reached behind her, my mouth so close to hers, not yet kissing her, holding myself back, as I unzipped her dress, letting it fall around her waist. The annoying goddess was topless and smiling whorishly at me.

“What size are they?” I asked, it’s the obvious question to ask.

Teresa took my hands and guided them to her gorgeous chest. “Guess.”

I gave them a firm squeeze and almost came on myself, shivering, choking back the need to moan and cum as I groped them. I watched her as she gave into the groping, tilting her head back and offering a soft gasp.

“36D?” That’s my size, 36D, and I figured they were about the same size. My god, these breasts feel amazing. Why did she have to be so sexy alone with me, why did she have to be so annoying in the party room? Part of me wanted to forget my vengeful plan, give into her beauty, and make passionate love with her again, but I knew if I did, she’d just come back to another party and do the same prissy dicktease shit again.

“Nnnnnnnnho, babyhhh, double D.” She moans her response as she caressed my forearms, encouraging me to play more.

“Mmmhh, I bet Jeremy likes them very much.”

“Jeremy paid for them. But you’re the first to enjoy them.” On one hand, it was hot to hear that, and a little flattering, knowing I’m the first to feel the goddess up. But I felt bad for Jeremy, I know these things cost a lot, he must really love her. Then again, he was letting Amber suck his cock and tittyfucking me a little while ago, love is apparently a relative term.

I rolled her nipples with my fingers and listened to her whimpering reaction. I was literally shaking in lust as she fondles my hands, moaning, making me squeeze them, making me make her cum where we stood.

“Uuuuhhnnn, fuck me Oliviaahh, I beg you.”

That’s when I took the turkey baster, pushed it up under the hem of her dress, and pressed the tip to her soft pussy lips.

“NNnnhhh, what is that Livie?”

“Just a present I had waiting for you, Teresa.”

She released a scalding hot moan as she squirted all over my fingers, giving her just the tip of the baster.

“I’ve wanted you forever, Livie,” Teresa moaned as she slipped into orgasm/confession mode. “You’re the best fuck the gods ever created. I’ll ditch Jeremy if you’ll fuck me.”

As flattering as it sounded, the more she talked like that, the more I felt pity for Jeremy, spending all his money on Teresa so a hot girl could look even hotter, and she’s willing to leave him high and dry. I pushed the baster deeper into her, listening to her, feeling her tremble.

“Nnnnnhhh that dildo feels so good inside me Livieeehhh. Uuuuhhnnh”

I started working the baster in and out of her as she leaned against the vanity. I knelt and kissed her little clit as I fucked her with the plastic kitchen utensil, my fingers on the rubber, waiting for the right moment to squeeze.

Trying to sound as sexy as I could, I asked her, “How much have you had to drink tonight, babygirl?

“Nnnnnhhh, a few shots of tequila, I’m pretty buzzed, why?”

“Is the room spinning?”

“Mmmhhhyes, starting to. The booze and you are fucking me up pretty good.”

I pushed the baster deep into her and stood up, pressing my tits against hers, kissing her deeply as she trembled, overwhelmed by alcohol and orgasm. She was so fucked up and about to be more so.

“MMMnnnhhhhh.” Her hand felt between her legs, and she felt the rubber. She ground her hips against the baster as she held it inside her, giving into me, into the lust, cumming so hard as we made out in the bathroom.

I really did, I almost pulled myself back and ended the seduction, almost pulled the baster out of her, almost left her, but before I could break the kiss and end the magic, I touched her fingers gently as she pawed at the baster, and then, before I could stop her, she gave it a firm hard squeeze and shot herself full of mancum.

“Nnnnhhholiviahhhh, that’s it babyhhh, shoot your cum into me.” Strange to say on so many levels. I supposed she was in some sort of deep hallucination daze, some deep fantasy dreamland, where she had this desire for me to have a cock and fuck her with it, a futanari fantasy starring me.

So I went with it.

I pulled the baster out, about a third of the cum gone from it. “Turn around, babygirl.”

Obediently, she bent over the vanity, showing me her incredible ass, she worked so hard in the gym to make that ass so voluptuous, she was giving it to me so easily.

I put one hand around her waist as I pushed the baster cock back into her pussy.

I wish I could have pulled away from this and watched her get fucked. I gave her several deep thrusts of it, listening to her as she came hard on it. Then I pressed it deep into her body and fondled her clit for a while, making her shake and babble helplessly. It’s all I could do to keep myself from pulling out and devouring her pussy, I know how it feels against my mouth, but I didn’t. I just kept on with the erotic charade, making her whimper in orgasm over and over.

And then I decided to end this the way it was supposed to. “Mmmmhhhteresahhh, squeeze my balls and make me cum.” I had to, knowing she would, alleviating a little bit of the guilt in all this. Without thought, she reached between her thighs as she shuddered in deep orgasmic bliss and touched the rubber handle, massaging it with her fingers. I moaned along with it, going with it, deepening the fantasy for her. I watched as she grasped it and, with a series of clenches, squirted the combination of Darryl’s, Andres’s, and Jeremy’s cum deep into her body.

With that, she fell to her knees and sobbed, completely drunk and overwhelmed by orgasm.

“I’ve needed you to fuck me like that forever, Olivia,” she cried as she curled up on the floor, me standing over her, both of us naked and wet as fuck, only her trembling in orgasm. I watched her for a moment as the fucking and the alcohol finally took her over, and she passed out on the bathroom floor, so full of tequila and cum.

I locked the door behind me as I returned to the living room. I did what I could to forget what I did to her; I did a couple of lines of coke and let Darryl fuck me to oblivion.

About three days later, still in a drug/sex/alcohol-induced funk, I woke up to my cellphone ringing and a very angry Jacqueline.

“Livie, I love you, I want to be with you always, but don’t you ever invite that cunt Teresa over again. She just accused Andres of fucking her when she was passed out and getting her pregnant.”

I have no doubt Teresa will abort the fetus, and I’m pretty sure I’ll get an angry call from her as well. But I also know the annoying cunt goddess will be in my bed again, the next time she’s drunk and needs her Livie to fuck her.

The main room was really bare. The unit was small, with an attached kitchenette-type thing. There was one sofa in a light beige color that came close to matching the whitish carpet, one overstuffed chair in the same color, and a couple of fabric throws for color. That was it, except for a flat-screen TV hung on the wall. There wasn’t even a rug. One single halogen floor lamp glowed, bathing the stark room in something approaching warmth, but otherwise the place barely looked inhabited. There were packing boxes in one corner, magic markered with room names: kitchen, bedroom, bathroom.

Joy sauntered in front of the two men, eyes heavy lidded, swaying and moving her arms gently. She shifted her eyes from Josh to Victor and back again.

Then she flung herself at Josh, shoving against him as he moved forward, nearly tipping him over. She laughed, a loud, unexpected sound, almost braying or mocking. Josh laughed himself, but his laugh was slightly nervous and uncertain; he grabbed her waist and hugged her up to him. She tipped her head back and closed her eyes. He lowered his head and kissed her, and she opened her mouth and came right back, and then they were tonguing each other, sloppily making out in the living room. She pawed his chest and grabbed his ass, clutching hard, and shoved her body against him. He responded by running his hands on her ass in turn, pressing her breasts against him.

She broke away and said, almost shouting, “We gonna fuck or what?” and laughed, head thrown back. She said, for no apparent reason, “Mother fucker.”

Joy turned to Victor and looked, chin turned down.

“You want some too?” Joy winked in such an exaggerated way Victor had to laugh, and he walked across the room to the standing couple, stepping behind Joy; she shoved her ass back towards him, and then the three of them were pressing against each other, the two men making a sandwich of the woman, like in the elevator, with her thrusting and shoving against their bodies and rubbing her hands on them in turn.

Victor reached around and cradled Joy’s large, firm breasts, flicking where he thought the nipples might be, and Joy groaned loudly, muttering sexual curses.

“Come on!” she said, crudely, and shoved Josh away forward, and bashed her hot ass against Victor to back him away.

“Come on!” she stage-shouted, and reached for the bottom hem of her tight, fitted white shirt. Ripping off the top, she revealed a pair of delectable, round and high-set boobs held in a shining white pushup bra.

Josh rolled forward and grabbed Joy’s waist, hooked his fingers into the waistband of her skirt, and yanked, hard. She shrieked with laughter and wiggled out of the garment; the black, stretchy tube dropped down to the floor, and Joy was wavering in the room, shoeless, clad (if that’s the word) in a supremely sexy bra top and skimpy thong panty with a thick back strip that separated her ass cheeks like two perfect globes. She was incredibly hot, especially for a thirtyish woman with a teenage kid.

Victor stepped to her again and tipped her head back, kissing her on the mouth and wrapping his tongue around hers; Josh bent his left elbow and fondled a perfect tit, then lowered his right hand to stroke the soft mound of Joy’s pussy.

She loudly exclaimed: “UUHH!” and then dropped to her knees.

Joy tugged at Josh’s pants, reaching behind her to find Victor’s body as well. She found Victor’s erection contained in his cheap work pants, and giggled, stroking his cock while Josh unzipped and rolled the waistband of his trousers down.

“Oh yeah, let me see your hard pricks,” Joy said, her eyes shining. She ended the sentence with a high-pitched and very loud shriek of delight. The two men complied, both dropping trousers and displaying cocks, directly at mouth level with Joy, Josh in front, Victor behind. She wriggled and giggled, writhing and swaying back and forth on her knees, shifting on the carpet and bracing her hands on her thighs.

Victor took a quick glance at his competition’s unit, and was somewhat unsurprised to see Josh had shaved his crotch completely. He remembered a ‘trick’ from some magazine that said shaving pubic hair made cocks look longer; he supposed Josh had tried it. He unexpectedly found himself comparing, and knew his cock was thicker but shorter.

“Oh well,” he thought.

Joy looked back over her shoulder and caught him looking at Josh’s lower half. She opened her mouth in a wide, lascivious smile, and laughed, a deep, womanly, amused noise from deep in her body.

She said, “…You mother fuckers going to get some or what?” She laughed again.

Josh moved closer to the woman kneeling in front of him, stripping off his shirt to reveal a galloping tribal tattoo all over his chest, complete with unlikely Asian characters.

Josh said, roughly, “You want a dick in your mouth, little lady? You want a cock in your hot, sweet mouth?”

Joy’s expression brightened like a lamp turning on; she said, joining in the game, “Yeah, yeah, I want a hard cock in my fucking mouth.” She dramatically and nastily licked her shining lips, coating them with saliva and humming deep in her throat.

She said, shockingly, “Pump that hot come down my throat.” She waited while Josh stroked his cock, inches from her mouth. Joy said, growling, “Fuck me in the face.”

Josh moved closer yet. “Come on, motherfuckers, DO me,” Joy said, reaching for Josh.

The two men’s cocks poked into the warm air of the room, facing the gorgeous woman resting on her knees, fine legs showing off, joining toned and tanned thighs and ass. Victor wanted to touch himself, but knew he’d better wait. His cock was throbbing so strongly he knew if he so much as waved at it he’d blow, and it was way too soon.

Josh rocked forward first, moving his cock to Joy’s face, and the gorgeous, writhing woman grabbed the base of his cock and shoved her wet mouth over the shaft; she instantly and shockingly deep-throated him, taking his entire cock into her mouth and vibrating her throat. Slurping noisily, she pumped her face over his hard, throbbing penis, groaning and wobbling on her knees. Josh groaned out loud and took a handful of her hair, thrusting in and out, rocking on his heels.

After a few seconds Joy reached up, disentangled his hand, and ripped off him, drooling down her chin and leaving a string of saliva to drip down onto her heaving tits. Josh moved a little and she went back for him, laughing deeply, and covered his cock with her sucking lips, performing magic on him all over again. Josh roughly grabbed her head and wrapped a couple of fingers in her hair; she moaned over his cock and relaxed a little, and he proceeded to fuck her in the face, almost pounding into her, ball sac bouncing some against her chin.

She wriggled and vibrated, shoving her ass into the room.

Victor watched, hypnotized, watching the sight of two attractive people fucking right in front of him; it was like a real life porno movie and he couldn’t believe it. The room felt hot. Then he came back to himself, and moved for the woman.

He knelt behind her, touching her thighs with his, and pawed her body. He slithered his hands on her back, and, moving down, slipped a finger down the crack of her ass and pressing against the bud. Joy pushed her ass back against him, moaning, while sucking Josh and humming deeply. Victor could feel her body vibrating.

Josh fucked the beautiful head below him, moaning out exclamations of filthy enjoyment: “Oh yeah, woman, suck that cock! Suck it! Come on, pussy, get that head down your throat like a fucking whore!”

Victor felt a weird sense of alarm, thinking Joy was being humiliated, but she didn’t seem to object to the words or treatment, so he relaxed and resumed feeling her body. He hooked a finger in her bra strap, pulling gently, and reached around to paw her tits. He heard a very loud moaning and realized she was completely into everything going on.

Josh ripped his cock out of her mouth. Joy’s eyes rolled in her head, and he released her; she opened her mouth, drool trickling down the corners of her mouth, and exclaimed, “Fuck my mouth! Fuck me!” Josh returned to their act, shoving his cock down her throat.

Victor unhooked Joy’s bra, at the same time touching the very junction of her ass cheeks with his cock. The woman pushed back against him, and all he could feel in a blast of electricity was the smoothness of her skin and the warmth of her body.

He let go of the bra; when he did Joy slipped her arms around and let it fall on the floor. Victor, lost and frantic, grabbed the sides of her sexy, beautiful thong, and yanked down. Joy flicked and shifted with her knees while Josh continued fucking her mouth, mumbling dirty phrases and sexual insults. Joy raised one knee, then another.

Then she was completely naked, and Victor palmed her ass and moved in, blind and deaf to anything but the promise of sliding deep into Joy’s body.

Have you ever had a woman worship you cock, as if she totally adored it, loving it more than any other possession on the planet? Have you ever had a woman kneel before you, place her tongue just above your balls and lick upward, along your throbbing shaft to the slit in your purple pulsing head? Then ever so slowly open her mouth, using her lips to caress your head until you feel her hot wet mouth envelope the tip, using her wet tongue to tickle the underside of your shaft as more of your hot cock disappears into her mouth as you watch from above?

Have you ever felt the sensations rock your body as she takes you as deep as she can, encapsulating your cock in hot wet bliss? Only to keep your cock deep and suck while the back of her throat stimulates your oozing head? Then as you think nothing can be better than this you feel her hand push your balls up and roll them in her palm, before slowly talking you out of her mouth while keeping a strong grip on your shaft with her lips, protecting your cock from her teeth?

Have you ever felt the intense sensations as she sucks your head so hard you think you might pass out from pleasure? Or when she moves her hand from your nuts up the wet shaft and begins to slowly stroke your dick using her spit as lube while continuing to suck or lick your head like it’s her favorite lollypop? What about when she grabs tight around your shaft with her fingers and stokes downward so hard you feel it in your toes? Or when she looks up at you with those gorgeous eyes, to see if you are enjoying what she is doing. Or what about her doing all this over and over again until your balls are so tight around your shaft they begin to hurt with want of release?

Have you ever seen the look in her eyes when she knows she has you on the verge of climax? When she slows down her motions to prolong the fun she’s having? Yes, she’s having fun; she’s actually enjoying sucking your cock! Has that ever happened to you? She knows exactly what will take you over the edge but she changes things up instead, worshiping your cock, the hard shaft, the bulbous oozing head, the tight balls covered in her saliva. Your legs begin to shake, you feel the pending explosion building, brewing, boiling to the surface as she keeps you so close to the finale.

Have you ever had a woman pin your aching and throbbing cock between her breasts and fuck it with her tits? Have you ever sat back and watched your head pop through her luscious cleavage as she moves up and down on your shaft with her tits, pressing her breasts together hard to give you the friction you need? Have you ever had a woman, tit fuck your cock and tell you she wants your cum? Actually say, “Cum for me… give me your load, feed me your jizz!” while looking into your eyes?

Have you ever felt the sensation of saliva lubed breasts pressed tightly around your cock as a woman takes you over the limit? Have you ever seen your cock explode as the head appears between her jugs, only to shoot a rope of cum up her neck on to her face? Have you ever felt the contractions, forcing the semen out in plentiful bursts, as she continues to work her cum covered tits up and down your shaft while trying to catch your spurts in her mouth? Have you ever moaned in absolute rapture as she takes your cock, covered in jizz, back into her mouth and sucks while you’re still in the pangs or climax? The extreme sensation curls your toes making you try and pull away from her sucking mouth, but she holds you by the ass, driving you crazy with pleasure.

Have you ever looked down at a woman who has just sucked your cock like it was her favorite thing to do in the world. Her breasts covered in your cum, her nipples hard from the excitement her chin dripping with excess semen she missed? Have you ever felt weak from the unbelievable blowjob you just received and watched the woman search for your load, feeding herself with her hands until she has swallowed all to be found? Have you ever had a woman smile up at you adoringly with a look of lust for more of what she wants from you? Have you ever?

Yeah, me neither.

Chapter 2 – Cast off

I don’t know if she was ashamed of having been so unabashedly seductive, or if she’d found a way to get Paul to help more, or even if she’d figured a way to get by on her own. Regardless, I didn’t see Sandra for several weeks after our dalliance.

One day, as I was returning home from work, I saw her working in her front garden. From the end of the street I could see she was wearing shorts and what looked like a tank top. My balls rolled at the thought of what that shirt must have been struggling to contain. The closer I got, however, the less it looked like a tank top, and the more it looked like a bikini top. As I passed her I nearly hit a parked car as I pulled into my driveway.

I work nearly an hour from home, and hadn’t taken a leak before I left. The semi-hard-on I now had helped restrain the need, somewhat, but I really needed to go. As soon as I got out of the car I made a bee-line for the bathroom. I was hoping to drain my bladder and get back outside before Sandra finished her gardening.

I really had to go, however, and REALLY enjoyed the warm rushing sensation that came from nearly a ½ gallon of 98.6 degree fluid coursing through my semi-turgid prick. By the time I finally finished, I had a full on hard-on. I decided to relax and let the warm full feeling embrace my rod & reel for a few minutes. When I finally relaxed and tucked my schlong back in my pants I figured Sandra was probably back inside. I didn’t bother to zip up, since I was now thinking of getting my swim suit on and taking a dip to cool off.

No sooner had I stepped out of the bathroom, however, and I heard the doorbell ring. It startled me and in the confusion of trying to figure out if it was the front or back door, I forgot my fly was still down.

“Two bells … back door??. ” I thought to myself as I headed for the back door.

No one there… What the … “Bing … Bing …” came the bell again …

“Ah HA!! They pushed the front bell twice”, I thought reversing course and heading to the front door.

As I turned the corner out of the kitchen and approached the front door, I could clearly see two things; One, it was Sandra, and two, it was neither a tank top nor a bikini top … it looked like two swaths of cloth she’d tied behind her neck, draped over her tits, and tucked into her shorts. I was instantly hard again.

Still not realizing my fly was down; I opened the door and fairly gawked at her outfit.

“Hey, ” I said, trying to seem like I was looking at her cast-less leg. “You’re out of the cast.”

“I’m surprised you noticed.” She replied.

I looked up, confused …

“It only came up to my hip. My legs aren’t THAT long.”

I’m pretty sure I blushed …

“Yeah, well, that’s some outfit …” I trailed off as I returned checking her out.

The ‘outfit’ was, in fact, a yellow one piece bathing suit. The front had a very deep ‘V’ neck and came together just above her belly button. It was tied behind her neck and had no back that I could see. With her shorts on I couldn’t tell if there was anything more to it than that.

What I COULD tell was that it must have been a suit she’d had ‘B.K.’ (Before Kids). It was easily two sizes too small. The fabric was stretched to the tearing point by her enormous knockers. The bulge of her boobs spread well beyond the edge of the fabric and pushed out more than an inch beyond the line of her rib cage. The A/C from the house must have given her a chill, because her nipples appeared about ready to poke clean through the fabric.

For some reason it didn’t occur to me that my pants didn’t feel at all restricted. This view would normally have made it painful to be standing up.

” … Hmm, I’m glad you like it. I came over to return the rake my delinquent husband borrowed like a month ago, but given that tent in your shorts maybe I’ll step in and get out of this heat.”

In a sort of slow motion ‘OMG’ I realized she was, in fact, holding my rake and I was, in fact, protruding several inches out the front of my pants.

“Oh My God …”, exclaimed as I spun around and tried, in vain, to tuck my rod back into my pants. “Oh Shit, I can’t believe I … Oh My God …” I was still trying to get it to shrink enough so I could shove it back in and zip up without slicing through it with the zipper.

While I was babbling on about how embarrassed I was, she must have stepped in and closed the door. The next thing I knew she was on her knees in front of me, insisting I had nothing to be ashamed of.

In one clean, confident motion she reached though the gap in the front of my boxers and pulled out my, by now, throbbing erection.

“Hmmm, I wanted to taste this the last time, but that cast made it impossible to kneel down. Now that I can, I’m gonna suck your balls clean through this shaft.”

And with that announcement she began.

Either she was very experienced, or she’d been thinking about it for a long time.

She positioned one hand under my rod, my member protruding between the crotch of her thumb and forefinger, her palm pushing in against my balls. With her other hand she was gently, even delicately, stroking my pole with her fingertips. Her thumb rubbed lightly against my urethra, while her fingers gently stroked the top of my shaft. My purple helmet strained for attention.

I felt my penis swell and stretch and bulge until I thought it was going to pop, and she hadn’t taken me into her mouth yet.

“Oh, fuck!!!” I exclaimed. “Oh, Fuck!!! Oh, FUCK!!!”

“Hmm, dude, I haven’t even started yet.”

“Noooo fffFucking Kidding … Uhhhh!!!” I fairly wailed as my loins screamed.

Without warning she lifted my rod and shoved her nose in under my balls. As she pulled her face out of my crotch I felt her plaster her tongue against my scrotum. Reflexively I felt my ball sack pull up tight as she let her tongue spread wide across my gonads. She paused and looked up long enough for me to observe my fully turgid member stretched out across her face, the tip of my prick oozing per-cum into her hair.

Slowly she began to draw her tongue up my balls, her saliva lubricating the way. I could feel her spit run down my sack and collect in the hair at the bottom of my scrotum. Just as it felt like it was going to drip off, she cupped her hand under my nuts and began to swirl them like two marbles. All the while she continued her slow climb up the underside of my pole.

The swirling of my balls helped them to relax and drop down, long and loose. She tickled the fine hairs in my crotch which tingled as her finger tips gently worked the gap between my scrotum and anus in perfect unison with her mouth.

Her tongue still spread wide, she painted my urethra with her spit. By the time her tongue finally reached my purple helmet, I was completely lost in the ecstasy of the moment. It was all I could do to keep from blasting my load straight up her nose. In that instant, as I was teetering on the edge of delirium, I watched in slow motion as she opened her mouth wide and consumed my cock whole.

I watched, transfixed, as she steadily drew my shaft deep into her throat then, with her tongue again painting the underside of my pole, slowly withdrew my rod until she was practically kissing the very tip. Like a well balance engine her lips parted and slid over my pole as she drew it back in to repeat the motion.

For what must have been minutes, she knelt before my, mechanically bobbing her head back and forth. Each time leaving more spit on the underside of my pole. As she drew my rod in her lips would squeegee her saliva down my cock, until it pooled at the base and ran down my scrotum. After several minutes a puddle had formed in her hand that was still swirling my balls and tickling my crotch. My sack was practically submerged in her spit.

As if the build up wasn’t enough; as if the sensations in my painfully swollen manhood weren’t causing me to struggle to see straight; as if the entire situation wasn’t already playing out in the rawest, most electrically charged erotic scene; as I felt the tip of my rod reach deep into her throat once again, she swallowed.

I became a quivering mass of orgasmic ecstasy. I completely lost all control of my body and knew I was about to explode and spew deep into her throat.

In the split second before I finally did come, I saw something move out of the corner of my eye. Turning my eyes away from the sight of Sandra’s nose buried in my pubic hair I looked back to the front door.

As I felt my prostate expand and draw in the first load of cum, I realized there was someone standing at the door watching.

As I felt my prostate reach maximum volume, I realized (with relief) it was a woman looking in at us.

As my prostate began to contract our eyes met and I recognized her as the single MILF Tina from three doors down.

My eyes rolled back in my head as I felt my prostate violently contract and the base of my member shudder. Hot goo burned my rod as the pressure propelled it up and out of my loins. Like a two stage rocket, my cock expanded to accept the infusion of cum, then contracted to help speed it on its way. My cockhead erupted with such force I heard Sandra sputter as my pole spat cum into the back of her throat.

My eyes stayed closed as my body convulsed from the intensity of that first blast. I reveled in the knowledge it wasn’t over yet.

Again my prostate expanded and drew in yet another load of goo. My eyes still closed, another wave of convulsions ripped through my loins. Over and over my body convulsed and spouted blast after blast of hot goo into Sandra’s throat.

After what seemed like an hour of cumming my prostate finally relaxed. Sandra continued to squeeze and lap at my cock head, consuming every drop she could extract from my rod.

“Oh, FUCK!” I exclaimed. “THAT was, without a doubt, the best cock sucking I have EVER experienced.”

I took a deep breath before I continued, ” I don’t know if it was your expert attention or the fact we had an audience…”

It took a second for it to register; she must have been really enjoying my spunk…

“Well, I must say you do have some really tasty … Wait, an audience??”

As she said this her head spun ’round towards the door. She had a horrified look on her face as if expecting to see Paul standing there. She relaxed when she realized who our audience had been.

She sat back on her heals and said,

“Well don’t just stand there with your cock hanging out, let the poor girl in, for God’s sake.”

I don’t know how I managed it but, cock still hanging out, I let Tina in…

“I saw the rake by the front door,” she said, as she stepped in, eyes transfixed on my still twitching, semi-hard member.

“… didn’t want someone to take it so I … God I hope you’ve got some left for me …”

I was pretty sure I did.

This story is about one particular Sunday when my relationship with Keith went to a very different level.

As Keith and I got settled in our relationship, Sunday became our fun day together. He was a big sports fan; football, NASCAR racing, golf, etc.; etc. and his sports always seemed to be on TV, on Sunday. We would invariably stay at his place every Sunday and enjoy sports on TV, junk food and each other.

Sunday was also the day I would dress up for him in whatever outfit he picked out for me. We had so much fun from Keith dressing me when we went to Gulfstream Park; he started dressing me every Sunday. It became our tradition and I looked forward in anticipation for every Sunday to see what he had in store for me.

I would usually come over to his place around 11:00 AM, if I had not stayed over from the previous night, and he would have something for me to wear laid out on his bed. I would dress in whatever he chose for me and that would be my attire for the day.

Some of the outfits he has chosen for me have been sheer teddies that were absolutely see-through, every variety of Fredrick’s of Hollywood lingerie you can think of, his own tank top t-shirts that couldn’t even come close to containing my tits, very thin, tight t-shirts with Daisy Duke type shorts and a couple of time there was nothing on the bed at all. The first time it happened, I said, “Keith, what am I supposed to wear today?” He replied, “Exactly what I laid out for you.” I said, “There is nothing on the bed.” He said, “That is exactly what you will be wearing today.” So I was naked all day long, which is actually pretty fun, I must admit.

Not even once, did the outfit he picked out for me include a bra. He seems to love my big tits being unrestrained and accessible to him. I like that he likes me this way.

What also happen on Sunday, multiple times, are blowjobs. I love to give head, which I have mentioned in previous stories and Keith loves me to give him head, and Sunday has turned out to be the day we dedicate to this. The first BJ usually happens right after I put on whatever outfit he selected for me. I come out of the bedroom and pose in my “uniform.” He will look me over and tell me what a hot bitch or amazing looking slut I am, (or something to this effect) and start feeling me up, and kissing me, and then he will lead me to wherever he wants me, pull his cock out of his pants and take me in the mouth until he comes; always in my mouth.

The first time each Sunday is definitely about him having his way with me and using me as a toy for his carnal pleasure and as a receptacle for his cum. I just follow his lead and let him do what he wants with me. It is my favorite time of the day and I often orgasm just from his reaction to me. Usually after he is done cumming and I am done swallowing it, he says something like, “Good to see you today Amber, how are you?”

After that, we alternate between watching sports and me sucking his dick, or as is often the case, he watches sports while I suck his dick. Keith gets himself comfortable on the couch and turns on whatever sport happens to be his fascination for the day. I like when it is football, but not so much when it is something else. (I still cannot fathom he thinks watching golf is interesting). I will either watch with him or settle in with my head on his lap or read a magazine on the couch beside him. At some point in time during the afternoon, usually several points in time, it becomes Amber time and my favorite sport becomes the center of attention once again.

Sometimes it starts simply by him getting up and pulling out his dick and telling me suck him. Sometimes he starts rubbing my tits or pussy and then pulls me toward his cock and has me suck him.

However is starts, I have two super favorite ways to suck him, which I think are his favorites as well. My most favorite way is to have him take his pants all the way off, sit on the couch or a chair, while I kneel in between his legs. I like my top to be off when I suck him this way because my tits swing while I am doing it, which he loves and I can occasionally move up and let my hanging tits rub each side of his cock, which drives him crazy. I also like that we can look each other in the eye when he is coming in my mouth, with is absolutely awesome. When I see the pleasure on Keith’s face and at the same time feel his cock twitch and his taste his warm, salty semen on my tongue, I start cumming in wave after wave. Very intense!

My other favorite way to suck Keith is in a chair we have affectionately dubbed “Amber’s chair.” It is an old armchair with big fat, stuffed arms. I sit on the chair and Keith gets up and kneels on the chair facing me, one knee on one arm and the other knee on the other arm. When he is like this, his legs are spread and his cock and balls are right at mouth level for me. I like to put both my hands through his legs and cup an ass cheek with each hand and pull him into my mouth. When he cums I can feel every muscle in his body shudder and I feel like I am part of his orgasm as his semen pumps into my mouth. Again, I cum like crazy.

He has fucked me on Sunday occasionally, but for whatever reason our Sunday sex is 90% me sucking his cock. I guess it is just both our preferences. On average, I will suck him off usually three times during the course of the day, and a couple of times I did him four times. A guy has his limits he tells me.

I really look forward to Sundays. I take time to make my face up, paying particular attention to my eyes and lips. I try to look both pretty and slutty for him. I love dressing in the sexy clothes he picks for me. I love giving him head and swallowing his cum. Sunday is my day with him.

Which leads me to the day that is the focus of this story.

It started out like every other Sunday. I got to his house around 11:30. Apparently the Dolphins were playing some team that was pretty good, because Keith had been talking about this game all week. Laid out on the bed for me was something that halfway resembled a Dolphin cheerleader outfit.

The bottoms were coral (not orange) hot pants, similar to what the cheerleaders wear. The back of them was Brazilian cut with the bottom half of my butt exposed. The top was an aqua colored Dolphins jersey, but it was cut off half way down. When I put it on it barely covered my breasts; it covered my nipples, but the bottoms of my breasts we visible. My entire belly was exposed up to the bottoms of my tits. There was also a pair of white, coral and aqua stockings that pulled up to just above my knees.

‘Oh Boy,’ I thought, ‘this is going to be an interesting day.’ How right I was, but for reasons other than what I thought.

Just as I was coming out from changing, eagerly expecting to be ravished and start the day off right, the doorbell rang.

In all our months of Sundays, the doorbell has never rung.

“Hang tight, I’ll get it,” Keith shouted.

“Hey Man, how are you? Come on in. You ready for today?” I heard. “Let me introduce you to Amber.” Clearly whoever it was, was expected and I was not aware of it.

By this time I had ducked back into the bedroom, as I was not dressed for company.

Keith came into the bedroom with a smile on his face. “Come on out, I want to introduce you to a friend of mine,” he said.

“Keith, I can’t meet a anyone dressed like this,” I replied.

“Amber, you are dressed perfect,” he said. “Besides, Barry has seen you in a much more provocative pose, if you recall.”

‘Barry?’ Then it hit me. Barry was the guy Keith was with the day after he took the “porn” picture of me with the cum running down lips and chin after I had given him head for the first time and could not swallow all his cum. Keith had taken a picture of me with his iPhone and when I call him it shows up on his screen. He was with Barry when I called him, and he had shown the picture to him.

Now he wanted me to meet him face to face!

He could see the look of hesitation on my face. Keith came over to me and put his arms around me and asked me to trust him. He reminded me that I had the same misgivings about going to the races dressed so provocatively, but it ended up being one of the best days of my life.

He pulled my mouth up to his and kissed me deeply and passionately. As his tongue explored and dominated my mouth, he grabbed my half bare ass with his other hand and pulled me tightly against his erection.

He has a way of getting me to do what he wants. : -)

“Come on Amber, I want you to meet Barry.” He took me by the hand and walked me into the kitchen where Barry was getting himself a beer.

“Barry, this is my girlfriend, Amber. Amber this is Barry.”

Barry could have been an NFL player. He was huge and muscular; one of those guys who must work out in the gym constantly. He had short cropped, black hair and was wearing black jeans and a black tank top t-shirt. He has various tattoos down each arm, one of which I remember being barbed wire across his biceps and another was of a naked woman on his forearm. I come across his type in my work as an x-ray technician at a sports rehab center all the time. One of those guys who think they are god’s gift to women. I disliked him immediately. Besides, he was in my space and taking up my time.

As he shook my hand, he smiled and looked me over from head to toe. “Looks like we got our own personal cheerleader for the game today. I love it.”

I did my best to smile.

We wandered into the media room where the TV was. In front of the TV was a long, four-seat couch. Keith sat at one end and Barry took up residence at the other end.

Keith patted the seat next to him and asked me to join him. At first I sat beside him, but I felt like I was in between sports chat between the two guys, so I ducked down out of the way, curled up into a fetal position and lay down with my head on Keith’s lap.

Keith gently rubbed and touched my body with his right hand. He felt my bare legs and butt, my bare stomach and sides and even slid his hand up under my “jersey” and felt my breasts.

I could feel Barry’s eyes on me while he was doing this, so I rolled onto my back, with my head on Keith’s lap and my legs bent and together, forming a sort of barrier Barry could not see me through and I would not have to see him.

Yes, I can be a bitch sometimes.

Keith just looked down at me and smiled, oblivious to everything going on in my head.

Now that my face was looking up at him, he lightly rubbed the sides of my face with the back of his hand. He used his finger to trace my lips and then inserted his right index finger between my lips and rubbed my tongue and teeth. I tighten my hold on his finger with my lips and he moved his finger in and out of my lips, like it was his dick. (I give good finger too!) He was really teasing me.

Then he pulled his finger out of my mouth and went back to rubbing my body. He very lightly rubbed my bare tummy, slowly moving his hand up to my breasts. He pulled the little fabric covering my breasts up to my neck so they were exposed, and rubbed the sides and then started tracing my nipples with his finger. I had goose bumps all over my body and I was starting to get moist between my legs. All this was, of course, hidden from Barry by my leg wall.

After a few minutes, Keith again started rubbing my bare stomach in circles with his hand, venturing lower and lower each time around. He started slipping his fingers under the waste band of my shorts, but he could only get to the top of my pussy as I had my legs bent and together. He then brought his hand out and started trying to get his fingers down between my legs on the outside of my shorts, using his fingers to nudge my legs apart.

With Barry there, I was not budging. I kept my legs tight together and after a few minutes, Keith realized he was at an impasse. I was watching his face intently the entire time he had been teasing me and when he realized I was not spreading my legs for him, he looked down at me with this quizzical look on his face. I just stared back up at him with my jaws tight.

He smiled and then using both hands lifted my head and upper body up so we were face to face. He had my head cupped in his left hand, gave me a little kiss and then whispered in my ear “Amber, spread your legs.” Then he moved my face back from his a short distance and looked me in the eye with a serious look, to let me know this was not optional. Then he slid me back down to where I was laying and started rubbing circles on my stomach again.

This time when his hand got down to my crotch and his fingers started nudging my legs apart, I let them go. He got enough room to allow his fingers to start rubbing my pussy through my pants, which got me wanting more, and at this point, I let my knees fall all the way apart. I looked through my parted legs and saw Barry staring at Keith’s fingers rubbing my pussy. Then he looked up and saw my naked tits with the shirt pulled up to my neck. Then he looked me right in the eye.

I was lying on the couch between two men, my tits exposed, with my legs open towards a guy whom I didn’t even know his last name. At first I felt degraded and humiliated and tears started to well up in my eyes. ‘How could Keith treat me this way?’

But as Keith continued to rub my crotch and I saw the lust in the eyes of both men directed towards me, I began to get incredibly turned on. The same intense feelings I had when I was dressed like a whore at the track returned. I was not being humiliated; rather, I was being appreciated and enjoyed. Keith was so proud of his slutty girlfriend; he wanted to show me off to his friend. I freed my mind of negative thoughts; determined to enjoy the moment, and let the pleasure in.

At that moment my whole body shuddered with such an intense orgasm, both men noticed. “I think Amber likes the game,” Keith smiled. “Yea, me too,” said Barry. “She is beautiful.

“Let’s get some of these clothes out of the way,” Keith said. He pulled my shirt over my head and asked me to remove my pants. I put my legs back together and pushed the waistband off my hips. “Barry, do you want to give Amber a hand with her pants?” “Absolutely,” replied Barry and he reached over and pulled them off my legs and down over my feet. I let my knees open up again. Keith then returned his hand to my pussy and started finger fucking me with two fingers as Barry looked on.

I needed a cock in my mouth so bad. I could feel Keith’s erection with the back of my head, and I reached my hand back and started rubbing it through his jeans letting him know what I wanted.

“I told Barry what a great cock sucker you were and how much you enjoyed swallowing. Why don’t you take Barry back to my bedroom and let him experience you firsthand,” Keith told me.

So I was going to get a cock in my mouth, but not the one I thought it would be.

“OK!” was all I could muster as a reply. I rolled off the couch, reached my hand out to Barry and took his hand. “Come with me.” Off we went to the bedroom, me totally naked with the exception of my Dolphin colored, thigh high stockings and Barry still fully dressed in jeans and his shirt. He let go of my hand and cupped my ass as we walked. “God, you are a sexy bitch,” he said. “I cannot wait to get my dick into your pretty little mouth.”

“Where do you want me?” I asked when we got there. Even though I was horny as hell and about to suck Barry’s dick, I still hadn’t really warmed up to him. It was an odd sensation knowing I was about to suck off a guy I really didn’t know, nor even like, just because I was “told” to. In my heart I knew I could refuse, but I was in love with Keith and wanted to please him. It is my nature to obey.

I was also keenly aware, Keith had asked me to suck Barry because he was proud of how good I was at sucking cock and wanted to impress Barry. I knew even though I may not like Barry personally, I needed to give him a blowjob he would long remember, so Keith would be happy and proud of me.

“How about I sit on the side of the bed and you kneel between my legs” he replied.

I got in my knees by the bed and Barry came over and stood right in front of me and began unbuckling his belt and unbuttoning and unzipping his pants. His erection was very evident and was enormous, even through his jeans. I reached my hand up and squeezed his dick through his pants.

“I have been so looking forward to this,” said Barry as he pulled his jeans and underwear down at the same time. His cock sprang to attention and I was immediately blown away by what I saw. His dick was probably about 8″ in length; the same as Keith’s but is was so much thicker around. In addition, his balls were huge and hung down almost as far as his dick. His entire pubic area was shaved except for a small amount of hair just above his penis. I was not sure I was going to be able to get his dick into my mouth; it was so thick.

He sort of leaned his butt against the bed, spread his legs and invited me in.

I started by kneeling back on my heels with my head about a foot from his dick and fixed my eyes on it. I put a hand on the inside of each of his legs and slowly and lightly moved my hands forward until they were on each side of his big tool. “Your cock is beautiful,” I said as I continued to gaze at it and ran my tongue along my lips. His dick twitched at the compliment.

I moved my head in from the bottom and started with his testicles. I used my left hand to stroke his cock, while I buried my face into his balls, licking and moaning as I went. I cupped his sack with my right hand and pulled his balls towards me, kissing and licking each one. He was moaning and squirming and having trouble holding still. His precum was coming out fast and my left hand was using it to lubricate my stroking. I realized he might cum before I even got that big cock into my mouth.

Shifting gears, I took hold of each of my tits with my hands and sandwiched his cock between them. He took the hint and started thrusting his meat up and down, fucking my tits.

“Fuck, you are driving me crazy,” Barry moaned. “You are so fucking hot. Holy shit! Now get your mouth around my dick you little slut and suck my cock like I know you want to.”

I looked up into his eyes and smiled. He was right, I did want to.

I bent my head down, opened my mouth, put the head of his dick between my lips and pushed that big cock into my mouth. It was huge and stretched my lips to their fullest. I looked up so I could watch him while I sucked him, and at that minute he exclaimed, “I am going to cum.”

I had my mouth stretched wide with only about an inch of his dick in my mouth when he started to shoot his salty load into my mouth. I cupped his balls with my right hand and held onto the base of his cock with my left, while he emptied into my mouth.

He filled my mouth with his sperm. When he was done, he squeezed his dick to push the last bit of cum into my mouth. Then he pulled his cock from my mouth and ran the tip of his dick around my lips. I was still looking up into his eyes with my mouth full of this semen, and then swallowed it and smiled for him, licking his cum off my lips.

“You are a piece of work,” he said. “As good as advertised.”

At that minute, Keith walked into the bedroom. I was still on my knees and Barry stood up and told Keith “She is a fucking great cocksucker. That was the most intense blowjob I have ever had. Thanks for sharing her with me.” Then he walked back to the media room.

Keith came over and stood before me and while he looked down at me, he unbuckled and unzipped his pants and pulled them off. Without saying a word, he took hold of my head and pushed his hard cock into my mouth and started gently and slowly fucking my lips.

While he was pleasuring himself with my mouth, he said, “I love you, Amber. You are an amazing girl and I am so lucky to have you.”

Making time for sensuality in my life is essential for me. I make sure that I dedicate time to it each and every day. It’s a concept to which I’m committed, well, to which we are committed because it includes my man and his efforts as well. I told a few of girlfriends about my nightly evening ritual and they all laughed at me. They all told me that it was too time consuming, took too much planning and energy, that it just wasn’t practical. When my sweetie mentioned our rituals to a few of his close buddies, they all teased him that he was pussy-whipped. Funny thing is, none of them are happy with their sex lives. All of them wish they could have what we have. They just aren’t willing to put in the work.

You see, each and every night, an hour before bedtime, my baby and I retire to the bathroom to begin our ritual. He runs the water and gets it just right, scented with oils and the perfect temperature while I slowly, sensually, seductively undress for him. I treat each article of clothing as a key to his arousal, and with every article I remove, he becomes more and more turned on but still focused on his task. When the water is ready I’ll climb in and watch while he gets undressed. He doesn’t do a corny Chippendale striptease or anything but he makes sure to take his time as well to get my juices flowing. And I can assure you that by the time he slides into the tub with me, I’m well on my way to arousal.

Nestled snugly behind me, he takes the sea sponge and applies the jasmine and vanilla scented bath gel and begins to lather my body. I’m here to tell you, he doesn’t miss a single curve on my thick, brown body. I can feel his erection behind me, pressing into me as he makes me spread my legs and he gently caresses the soft flesh of my inner thighs. His fills his hands with the fullness of my breasts and softly, ever so gently teases my nipples to full harness. I usually just throw my head back and luxuriate in the feel of his strong fingers coaxing me to the very edge of pleasure. By then, I’m usually moaning and grinding and ready for more. But the night is still very young.

Carefully, he will help me stand and he’ll take the shower head to rinse the soap from my body. I have to reach for the railing to keep from falling as he never fails to aim the jet directly at my swollen clit, practically bringing me to the very verge of orgasm. Waiting for me is a warm, fluffy towel and he makes sure to pat away every drop of moisture from my body, well, almost every drop. The moisture that is now flowing from my sacred space, preparing a space for him can’t be merely wiped away.

Once we are both dry, he will lead me to the bedroom and he will lay me down on the bed. He circles me, watches me, he prepares for his nightly prayers. Taking the mango-scented shea butter, he will warm some in his hands until it is melted and in a liquid form. Starting at my collarbone, he will begin to anoint my body with the sweet-smelling oil and massage me from head to toe. His touch is sometimes soft, sometimes ticklish, and other times meant to work out the stresses and strains of my day. He knows every inch of my body by touch: the inside of my elbow, the indentation of my belly button, the crease where my butt meets my leg all the way down to the soft padding on the tip of my toes. There isn’t a square inch of flesh on my body he hasn’t touched or licked.

All of his ministrations are not in vain. He does all of that nightly to prepare for his feast. Shining in the soft candlelight, completely relaxed, I will spread my legs as he kneels before my holy altar. My temple is his place of worship. I have prepared a challis from which he can drink the sweet nectar of the gods. Softly, he spreads my lips and he inhales the scent of my pussy. Content to just luxuriate in my special fragrance for a moment, he will take in all the details of my divine core: the soft lips, the folds of flesh that reveal my pink treasure, the hole that beacons him to come home.

Tenderly, he will take his tongue and flick it against my clit, sending my body into immediate waves of erotic sensation. Gripping the sheets and already moaning, I will lift my hips to his mouth and give him better access. Using his tongue like a sensual paint brush, he will paint pleasure between my pussy lips. He will take his time, adding a finger inside me, fucking me, licking me, sucking me, driving me insane with desire. I am usually crying, pleading, begging him to let me cum at that point but I know that there’s a long way to go.

When my juices are dripping like a faucet between my ass cheeks, my sweetie will usually work his finger in my ass, causing me to curse like a sailor and demand that he fuck me. It feels so fucking sexy when he’s working my asshole, sliding his finger in and out, and he’s licking my clit at the same time. I will grab the back of his head, squeeze my soft brown thighs around his head and try my best to explode in his mouth. I’m usually not very successful. I don’t get to cum until he says I do and there are plenty of nights he will let me calm down and we have to start all over again until I’m begging, pleading, and practically crying, demanding him to fuck me.

Trembling, shivering, and ready for release, I chant, “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” to the heavens. At his breaking point, thick with desire and need, he will push my legs back and mount me. Taking steady aim, he will point his dick, filled with need, to the place he belongs. In a single, slow, deep stroke, he will fill me, take my breath away. Purposed, steady, strong, and hard, he will slide his dick in me over and over and over again. My legs wrapped tightly around him, my nails in his back, my hot breath in his ear, we are joined together as one.

Knowing me better than anyone and sensing when I’m ready to explode, he’ll flip me over and put me on my knees. With my ass in the air, he will begin his final maneuvers. Primal, animalistic, and desperate for release, the sounds that emanate from me at that point are incoherent. A combination of grunts and moans and desperate pleas for release, I will demand my pleasure. “That’s right, baby, see that pussy, that’s yours. You want it don’t you? You want to unload your cum deep in there. Go ahead sweetie, fuck me. Shove your dick in me and fuck me. Ohhh, that’s it. Fuck me.”

With the fullness of my hips in his hands, he will steady himself until he’s deep inside me and thus begins that brief period of space and time where nothing but ecstasy exists. Hitting my spot over and over, deeper, harder, his hand moving around to rub my swollen exposed clit, I climber higher and higher to the point of no return. “Don’t stop, please don’t stop,” I beg until I feel my body start to tremble and the feelings of my orgasm consume me.

The night doesn’t usually end there. I whisper “Cojelo otra vez, papi,” meaning fuck me again, and we start the whole thing over, with me licking and sucking and riding him to his orgasm. Yeah, to a lot of people our ritual might sound time consuming and even monotonous at times but it’s the thing that keeps us secure in our love for one another and our passion burning.

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Believe it or not, and I’m still a bit ashamed of this, but it took me three weeks to do anything. The first five days or so I was so busy masturbating to the footage that I didn’t have the energy or the inclination to think about the possibilities. Then I started to scheme.

I saved the file onto my hard drive. I copied it onto two flash drives; I stashed one at my mum and dad’s place, and one in a place in my flat where it wouldn’t be found. I sent the file to myself in an email, then set up two other email accounts and sent emails from myself to those accounts. In retrospect, maybe I was being excessively paranoid. She wasn’t, after all, working for the fucking KGB, but it was nice to know that whatever happened I would have the footage of her being painfully sodomized by a black guy to hand, if and when I needed it.

By now a week and a half had gone by. In work I hardly looked at her at all, I kept my head down. I wanted her. I wanted both of them, and I’d known that I had an opportunity to get what I wanted the moment Faith got her clothes off in that hotel room. I was scared though.

Faith was a formidable woman. I’m not formidable. I’m not assertive. I’ve been getting professional help to try and build my confidence. I haven’t felt like there’s been much success. I couldn’t see myself going up to her, showing it to her and taking things forward from there. It seemed ridiculous, the idea of me doing that! I didn’t know if I was going to have the bottle. I kept thinking about it, wondering how I was going to do it, what I was going to say. A couple of times I went in there in the morning planning to speak to her but I put it off because I was scared. The more I thought about it the more frightening it got.

I was in on a Friday. Faith wasn’t in at the start of the day. I think she got in just before ten. She had a dress on, a blue dress. She didn’t normally wear dresses. She did look good. Even by her standards she did. I’d seen the dress before but on this day she was wearing boots with it, brown boots that went up her calves. She looked good. I was having to consciously stop myself from turning and staring at her whenever she came out of her office.

Melissa came in about an hour after Faith. They were both in Faith’s office, at the back on the far right. I realized with perfect, crystal clarity, that I could have both of them. I could have them. I wanted them as much as you could want people. I knew I could have them. The fear came on me again, but it was different. It was that gut wrenching fear when you’re petrified but you know deep down you’re actually going to do the thing that’s scaring you, and you want to get it over and done with, to make it go away. Can you relate to that?

Melissa didn’t stay long. That was good, because I wouldn’t have been able to go in there and give them both the news at the same time, that would have been beyond me. Faith was in her office on her own, which was rare. It was a window of opportunity. I turned the volume right down on my phone, I played the file to about a third of the way through, when Ron had started fucking her and she had started enjoying it, and I paused it. I was all ready. I had this yellow sticky note in my hand so it would look like I was taking a phone message in to her. My breathing felt labored. I think I was actually shaking, but I still went in.

I went in to her office. Faith was always really nice to me. I had to put the stuff about the problems I’d been having on my CV, word would have gotten around, so the women there seemed to treat me like a little orphan that they felt sorry for. I quite liked it. She was behind her desk.

Everything seemed greeny-blue in those offices, turquoise. The glass at the front, the chairs and curtains, everything was either green or blue.

‘Hello Tony,’ she said. She was so beautiful. With the nerves and just the sight of her up close I could hardly speak. I swallowed.

‘Hi Faith,’ I said. She had to be able to see something was up, had to. I didn’t say anything else for a couple of seconds.

‘How can I help Tony, is everything ok?’ She said. She was smiling. She looked so pretty.

‘I need to speak to you about something,’ I said. She looked confused, which was fair enough. If I had a problem I needed to discuss I was supposed to go to my line manager, Alan. If not to him then I was supposed to go to his manager, Steve (Steve was alright). There was no earthly reason why I would need to speak to the mighty Faith about anything.

The point of no return was approaching.

‘About what Tony? I’m a bit busy,’ she said. She was still being cuddly, nice Faith, but I realized that wouldn’t last much longer unless I had something good. I had something pretty fucking good.

I unlocked the screen on my phone. She was on the screen, her and Ron. It was paused.

‘I need to show you something,’ I said. I moved towards her, she was behind her desk and I held the phone out and turned it over. I clicked the play button.

‘I’m sorry, you need to show me-’she didn’t finish her question because she’d suddenly registered what was on the screen. Her expression changed, quite dramatically.

‘Can you shut the door Tony?’ She said. It was a command. It came out sharply and abruptly. I shut the door.

‘I want you to give me your phone,’ she said. She was conscious of the people in the next office; she couldn’t afford to raise her voice. She wasn’t being nice anymore.

‘Give me that phone and we’ll forget about this conversation. Ok?’ She said. She’s a strong woman. She put her hand out for me to give it to her. I nearly fucking did; she had that much authority in her voice, and in her manner. Again, I could hardly speak. I had my hands in my pockets; I didn’t want her to see them shaking.

‘I made six copies, Faith. I’m not giving you the phone, or any of the copies,’ I said.

‘Ok… I’m going to have to get the police involved, unless you give me all the copies of that video,’ she said.

‘Faith, respectfully, you wouldn’t be able to prove anything, and I can just upload it onto twenty different porn sites before the police even send anyone down here,’ I said.

She looked up at the ceiling in exasperation. She didn’t say anything. I didn’t say anything either.

‘What do you want from me, do you want money? Is this blackmail, just so we’re clear?’ She said.

‘I don’t want money,’ I said. I was looking her right in the eye. She probably had an inkling, from the off, what my intentions would turn out to be, but the picture must have been getting clearer for her now.

‘Then what do you want?’ She said.

It took me a few seconds to think a way to put it.

‘Ok… If I need something from you, you’re going to give it to me. That’s going to be the arrangement. If you’re good about it, I think it shouldn’t be too bad. If we start having problems though…’

‘What are you talking about? What are you talking about? What do you want?’ She said.

‘Look, if you want me to spell it out… I want sex. From you. That’s what I want.’ I said.

‘I wouldn’t sleep with you in one million years because you disgust me,’ she said. I thought it was well put.

‘You’re going to be on the internet in about eight minutes. I’ll send you links to the sites, you’ll see the video and how many people are watching it. You’re going to beg me to take the clips back off, and you’ll offer me anything I want to get me to take them off. Or… we can just save the time and trouble and we can reach an agreement. How long do you think it will be before someone you know sees it?’

‘You’re a fucking little bastard,’ she said.

‘I want you to work late tonight. I’ll work late too,’ I said.

It took ages for her to respond. She was thinking.

‘Ok,’ she said.

I didn’t get a great deal done that afternoon. No one noticed. I told Steve I was going to work late because I was going to the gym. There wasn’t time to go home and then go to the gym so I’d stay for a bit then go straight there, that was the rationale. Faith was in her office. When everyone else had gone she shut the door.

It took more guts to go in there then than it had before. I didn’t knock, I went straight in. She was working on her computer. She didn’t acknowledge my presence, didn’t look up from the screen. It was an act; you could feel the tension coming off of her. I went around and closed the blinds. It took me a few go’s to figure out how to close them as opposed to raising or lowering them. I was shaking again.

‘Faith,’ I said.

‘Yes?’ She said. She didn’t look away from the screen.

‘Take off your clothes. Keep your boots on. Take everything else off.’

And she did it. She got up and she did it. She had this look on her face as she stripped. I liked her anger, it turned me on.

Her body was incredible, she looked incredible. The dress was on the floor, she took the bra off, took her knickers off. All her clothes were in a pile and she was stood there in front of me, naked except for those boots. She wouldn’t look at me, wouldn’t even look in my direction. She kept looking down at the floor.

‘Come around this side,’ I said. She did. She went to put her arm in front of her breasts, and the other hand in front of her vagina. ‘Don’t do that,’ I said, ‘I want to see you.’ She took her arms away. She was in front of me. She still looked down.

‘Move that stuff off the middle of the desk. I want you to sit on the desk, facing me,’ I said. There was a bunch of things on there. She moved the phone over to the edge, the receiver came off the handset and she had to put it back on. She pushed a couple of cardboard files out the way and this thing she had, to put pens and pencils in. She cleared a space and sat on the table. She had her legs crossed tight. Her breasts were natural. They were fantastic.

‘Open your legs for me, as wide as you can.’

She opened her legs. She was blushing again. She must have felt uncomfortable but I didn’t fucking care at all because It looked more arousing than anything else I’d ever seen. I can’t describe it, even. I got my phone out. I wanted to take a picture. She looked down and saw my phone. She rolled her eyes. She looked up at the ceiling like she was disgusted.

‘Look into the camera while I take the photo,’ I said.

She was shaven, down there. For some reason I hadn’t thought she would be, not entirely. Her legs were wide open. She looked at me and I took the photo. I still have that photo. Nobody could have looked better, no one. Actresses, models- whatever you’ve got, I’m still going to say no one could top her; she was like the queen of everything.

‘Get down off the table,’ I said. It had taken me about two minutes to become completely accustomed to having my orders obeyed. She stood in front of me.

‘Get down on your knees,’ I said.

There was a moment’s hesitation. First of all she went to do it. Then she sort of froze, like she was considering whether she was going to do it, whether she really had to. It was only a couple of seconds. She got down on her knees. Her face was in front of my crotch. I was as hard as I could be. I took the side of her face in my palm; I couldn’t help touching her, caressing her.

She has this cut glass, precise beauty. Every atom of her face seems perfect, like it’s been arranged for perfection, to tantalize you. Her skin was smooth, warm, soft. I was pulling her face upwards a little bit but her eyes were still focused down. She didn’t look so angry now, she looked different. She looked like she wasn’t really there. I took my dick out. It felt like rock. I was worried I’d come before we even got started. The tip of it was a few inches in front of her nose. She looked at it for a split second, then she looked away again.

‘I know this isn’t what you want to be doing, but it’s going to happen. Best things is if it’s quick, I’d assume,’ I said. ‘Close your eyes. Imagine it’s someone else. Put your hand around it.’ Her eyes were closed, then I was in her hand. The skin of her hands and her fingers was soft; it felt fantastic having her touching me. I’d switched the phone camera to video. I filmed her.

‘With your right hand you’re going to cup my balls. I don’t want you to squeeze them or play with them or anything like that, just cup them.’ She did it. ‘Grip slightly harder than that… yeah, that’s spot on. Keep your eyes closed… Now put it in your mouth.’ She pushed her face forward, the tip of my cock brushed against the side of her mouth. She moved her mouth across and took me into her mouth, an inch or so in. I had to concentrate pretty hard to stop myself coming right then. It felt lovely, it looked lovely.

‘We can probably get this done fairly quickly,’ I said. I didn’t even mean it as a joke.

‘Take it in further… Further. I don’t want to choke you or anything but I want to go in further.’ This wasn’t fun for her. I put my hand on the back of her head. I was gentle; I pulled her head slightly towards me. I was about halfway into her mouth. I was happy with that.

‘Close your lips tight around it,’ I said. She did. ‘Now let’s start moving up and down, ok? …That’s great, but slower. Slower, ok? Imagine it was someone else; imagine it’s someone you love. Slower. Up and down. That’s it, that’s great, get the rhythm going. She kept her hand round my balls as she sucked.

Her head was going up and down on me; her face was going up and down. I could feel her lips tight around it, and her tongue flicking against me in her mouth. The only sound was her breathing gently through her nose. I still had my hand in her hair at the back of her head; I was rubbing her, caressing her.

Her lips were tight around my cock. That pressure I could feel as she moved her mouth up and down it, rhythmically, was amazing. She seemed to start feeling the rhythm. Her eyes were still closed. Her head was moving up and down, up and down. I could feel her tongue inside her mouth. This is probably the most attractive, most alluring woman I’ve come across in my life, my cock is sliding in and out of her mouth.

I didn’t want it to end. Her head was still bobbing up and down. Her lips were so tight around it; the warm feeling of being in her mouth was almost more than I could bear. She opened her eyes at one point, just for a second. She was sucking on my cock, moving her head back and forth, up and down. Her eyes opened just for a second, then she closed them again.

I held it off for as long as I could. The pressure built up and built up. The warmth of her mouth, the way her lips slid up and down on my cock in that slow rhythm, there was no way I was going to last long. I told her I was going to come; I couldn’t hold it any more. I came in her mouth. If she’d tried to take her mouth away I probably would have held her head in place, but she didn’t. She took it.

There was loads. I’d never come harder. When it was all pretty much out I pulled away. She opened her eyes. There was a coffee mug on the left side of the desk which she spat into. She went to put her clothes on but I stopped her.

‘Come here,’ I said. She came up to me. ‘Give me a hug.’ I held my arms out. She still wouldn’t look at me but she put her arms round me. I hugged her pretty hard. It felt good, for me at least. I stroked the side of her face. I kissed her cheek. I didn’t have the nerve to kiss her on the mouth.

‘It was lovely. Thank you,’ I said. She didn’t respond, she went back over to her clothes on the floor.

I went to the gym. A guy I knew, Dave, was there. We were both doing squats. He was on the machine; I was using just the barbell. It was a good session. I got back quite late. Interesting day.

Sometimes. . . I tease. Sometimes. . . I love to be teased.

He’s not at all the kind of man I fantasize about. Nothing of my dreams. Just a friend. A silly little virgin. So naive and clumsy. I adore an experienced man. Not a virgin.

After a couple bowls, we went back to my house. I stretched out on my bed to relax, while he perched on the edge. Like some people I know, he just loves my ass. Not that I mind. So the next thing I know, he’s pulling down my PJ bottoms to expose my milky white cheeks. Smack! to my right cheek. And smack! to the other. I moan and raise my hips slightly enticing him to punish me more. The one thing this boy knows how to do, is to spank my ass. I got off the bed to turn some music on, while he stared at my voluptuous derrière. Next thing I know, he’s pulling me down onto his lap, so I teasingly gyrate on his crotch to the music. Giggling, I stood back up and asked if he wanted to get something to eat. He agreed so I started to look for something to wear out in public. Before I can even find an article of clothing to wear, he’s behind me, gently bending me over the bed. Hand connecting with my ass again. Slap SLAP!

The humiliation I felt at being so turned on by this boy, made me cream. My thighs trembled with every slap on my ass cheeks. I was aching for him to kiss the round fullness of my body. I needed to feel a wet tongue sliding down my crack along with two strong hands pulling me apart to expose my lusty virgin asshole to him. Rational thought and lust were at odds in my body. At that moment in time, I craved having a thick, hard cock in my ass, but knew I couldn’t have it. He might’ve been able to provide me with a small butt plug and that’s about it. Then and there I decided two could play this game. Slowly I ground over and

over again into his crotch, thinking of your big strong hands gripping my hips, pulling me back onto your cock. Gently slipping up and down my wet slit. The head of this beautiful cock dipping into my hole to gather the sweet nectar, making me moan in pleasure.

Slap! Another smack to my ass.


Eyes closed, bathing in the simultaneous sensations of fact and fantasy. Gently and slowly entering me as my wetness allows full access. Crashing over and over again in waves of electricity. You build up speed with every trip into my tightness. Grunting and growling as you plunder your willing victim. You grab a handful of my hair and pull as you slam deeply into me.

“Oh FUCK me! HARDER!” I growl out as you ravage my tight little pussy.

SMACK! Smack!

I bite my lower lip as my pussy trembles, pierced by you. Four quick thrusts into my soaked little box and you grab my cheeks tightly. I cry out in pain as you stretch the tender flesh of my ass. A shocking blast of cool air hits my rosebud and my body tenses up. Next, I feel searing hot breath around my crinkled little hole as your lips plant little kisses all over. Your wet tongue darts out and rims my asshole.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh god,” I sigh out as I relax my body for your curiosities.

I rock back closer to you in animal hunger. Taking the hint, you push the tip of your tongue into my darkness. With a sharp tongue, you stab into my ass repeatedly. A raging fire sweeps through my being. You slide your hot tongue as far into my inner space as you can. Curling and wiggling around, while you press your finger to my dripping wet clit. I gasp as another wave ripples through my being. The way you rub

my clit and finger my pussy, while tasting my nether regions sets me ablaze. You decide it’s time for a little more and slip one of your fingers up to replace your tongue. Pushing your way into my ass and slowly retreating. Twisting your finger over and over, corkscrewing past my anal ring.

You breathe into my ear and tell me to relax. . . “I’m gonna get you ready for my cock. Okay, baby? You want my hard cock in your ass?”

I stretch and relax back down again moaning, “Mmmmmyes. . .”

You slather another finger in my cream and slowly slide it in next to the other. Slowly and gently gyrating and parting your fingers to loosen my ass a little for your throbbing cock. The sensations are so intense, my heart is racing and it feels so good it hurts. A few minutes later, I feel a draft as you move away. Your fingers teasingly move swiftly over and into my pussy, only to leave me wanting more. I whimper into the

bed. Then the burning tip of your raging cock. You melt my resistance with your power. You urge the moistened head of your cock to stretch my tiny opening for you. As I exhale, you slowly push your way past the anal ring. Quaking thighs and a tight virgin pussy, make it very difficult to retain composure. You begin to drive your cock deep into me. Stopping every inch or so to let me adjust to the new sensations. You’re just dying to drive yourself into me over and over again. Molten lust about to boil over. You rub more of

my juices on my ass and your cock, then slide back down to greet my clit. The way your fingers slip and slide feels so good as you push more of your thickness deep within my bowels. You begin to pump in and out of me building up speed and intensity. You grip my hips as you slam into me over and over again.

Smack! Smack! A kiss planted upon my left cheek. Another slap. A torrent of lust.

Muscles squeezing around your cock as you thrust. With every moan and growl you utter, I drip some more cream. Your balls slapping against my soaked pussy. The intensity of your cock plugging my ass and your fingers on my clit send me over the edge. My muscles spasm around your thickness as I cum all over your cock and fingers. That is enough to send you over the edge as you squeeze my hips and plow as deep as you can, squirting your seed deep inside me. There’s a popping sound as you pull the head of your cock out. You get a glimpse of my chute before it closes up tight again.

A squeeze of my ass cheeks before another two slaps. SMACK! SMACK!

Reality begins to take over again and I’m left horny as fuck and dying for some cock. Humiliated that I’m so easily turned on. Maybe someday you’ll pay me a visit.

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