Nan was a wreck for weeks after that day. She had buried her mother, while her mother had set our course in life. Her mother had been a chairperson on the Sorority House board. She was also the Protector, she found out she was dying and called on the creature’s that watched over the house. She asks the creature to give me and her daughter that powers she never took. Now I had powers that I had no idea the scope they ran. I know that women are attracted to both me and my wife, I am the only man she will let touch her. I can control others with my mind; I can make men fight just by thinking it. I can take the quietest meekest man and make him a killer; I can do the same with women. I also can make them the best fuck in town for someone I owe.

The trouble started when April come in saying someone had paint-bombed the house on campus. I would have to run onto the campus later today to see about taking care of the mess. About an hour later, Mina, Esther and Bethany came in crying and covered with egg that some other students had at thrown at them. “What the hell? These girls have not done anything to deserve this. Nan, are we going to have to get mean to stop this?” I ask.

“No, we are going to treat them nicely. The fall semester is coming up. We will recruit new girls and show them that our girls are not sluts.” Nan said.

The four girls come down after cleaning up. Nan talked to them, “We will recruit as many new girls as we can. We will work out of the campus house, but will show them this place as our palace. Remember they must be eighteen to come out here, other than that we don’t care. You know the power in this house will reshape them into the best body they can have. This house feeds on the sex supplied by you girls, just like the old house did. When we moved the charter out here the power come too. When the fall semester started we will move the charter back there. I think this year we will attract more girls than in the past. We have a male protector now.”

I headed into town; I was going to the campus to check out the damage on the house. I had tried to go alone but Esther and Mina insisted that they come too. I have a hard time turning the two of them plus April and Bethany down when they ask anything. As we were going out the door, Rita come up and asks if she could ride with us. Rita had become something special to me, Nan knew that I had ended Rita’s dry spell. The four of us took the F-350 into town, on the campus the students that stayed the summer glared at us.

“This is not right.” Rita said

“Yea, something is going on, something is making these people turn on us.” I said just as an egg hit the windshield. I pulled into the house driveway. Someone had filled balloons with neon paint and thrown them at the house. I got out and walked around the front of the house. The front wall under the porch roof and the front wall above the roof and the shingles on the roof were all neon green and pink. I looked around, no one was out, and I tried to sense anyone that could see me. I found no one in the area. I waved my hand across in front of me and the paint disappeared. That was easy; I went up to the door; that is when I noticed that the jam was splintered. Someone had broken in, I stepped inside I looked around no one here.

“You can come in.” I said.

Rita, Esther and Mina come inside. We had taken everything out of the house. We were here to see what we needed.

“We will need new furniture and furnishing down here.” Rita said.

I waved my hand around the room. Things popped in place out of nowhere. New stuff with the price tags still on them. I checked the tags, “They come from Ashes furniture store. Wonder where that is, seems I have stolen some furniture.” I said.

I done the kitchen, all the bedrooms — four beds to a room, bathrooms and the basement become the master bed/playroom, all the rooms were furnished. I repaired the front door. With all that done, I went down to the playroom. I want to do a few extra things down here. First I made the window so light could come through but no one could see in, I sound-proofed the room. The master bed took one end of the basement’s open area. While I was down there I thought I would try it out. I called all three women down. They all come down the stairs; they had with them two women I didn’t know.

“Ernie, this is Gloria Pallen and Faye Crites they are from the college here to check out the house, to see that the house is furnished and ready for the girls to move in.” Rita said.

“This house looks ready, nice new furniture, clean floors, the kitchen is stocked, and that fits the bill.” Faye said.

“I have a question?” Gloria asks.

“What is that” I ask

“Why the over-sized bed down here? She asks.

“This is mine and my wife’s bedroom. We like space in our bed to move around in.” I said.

“For what, what is it you do on the bed?” Gloria asks.

“Really, what do you do in bed beside sleep?” I ask.

Gloria smiled then blushed, “Oh yea that”

“Would the two of you like to join us for a romp?” I ask.

“What? Have sex with the four of you?” Faye said.

Rita walked over to Faye and kissed her. The woman didn’t back away; she put her arms around Rita’s waist. Esther and Mina moved on Gloria, she just let them strip her clothes off. I stepped over to Faye, standing behind her I rubbed her back, I removed her jacket, then her top and finally her bra. She had nice firm tits, not to large and not small either. Rita bent to suck a nipple; I massaged the other one, pinching the nipple. After a minute or so I unzipped her skirt and dropped it to the floor. She had a garter belt with dark stockings, she wore no panties. Rita left for a moment, returning with a package of baby wipes. She started cleaning Faye’s pussy and ass. I had Faye bent backwards with her head spun around to kiss her; I had a tit in each hand. She seemed to enjoy what Rita was doing to her. Once Rita was satisfied that Faye was clean enough, she took Faye’s clit between her lips. Faye moaned softly, I released her and started kissing and licking my way down her back. I kept going down past her waist. I spread her ass cheeks, licking her crack, it was nice and clean. I found her asshole, licking it. She wiggled back into my tongue. At the same time I reached up between her legs to finger her pussy, I found Rita’s fingers already there; I forced two more fingers into her pussy with Rita’s fingers. Faye gasps.

Rita and I performed for her till Faye cried out, “I am cumming” I stood picked this tall thin woman of middle-eastern decent up, carrying her to the bed. I walked up the steps and onto the mattress. I lower her to the mattress, she was on her back. I knelt over her head, I offered her my cock, she wrapped her lips around it and sucked, her tongue moving around and over the head. Rita was back sucking Faye’s clit and fingering her cunt. I now had a handful of Faye’s long blonde dyed hair, holding her head up so I could force more down her throat. Faye took it well, she didn’t choke or gag. I wasn’t near blowing a load so I pulled out and got beside Faye.

“Rita flipped around so she can taste you too, get on your side.” I wait the few seconds it took, I moved in closer to Faye. I reached down and fingered wet pussy, taking her juices to lub her asshole. Faye said, “Not there” I focused my mind into hers. Fays said, “Fuck my asshole with that cock.”

I got her lubbed again; I pushed my cock into her ass. She screamed, “Yessssssss” I pushed deeper, hard and fast. She begged for more. “Don’t be soft on me, I like it.” She screamed. Rita still had her fingers in Faye’s cunt pumping away and sucking and licking her clit. I had one arm over Faye pinching her nipples. A few minutes later, Faye screamed, “I am cummin again.”

I pulled out, grabbed a couple of wipe to clean my cock. Once I was ready I pulled Faye up onto her hands and knees. I pushed my cock into her pussy, she opened up to me. Faye cried out, “cummin again”

I fucked her for a long time, she cum so much she didn’t care if the world knew or not. She just passed out. I pulled out of her. I looked at the other group, Esther, Mina and Gloria had formed a triangle sucking each other’s pussies. I moved to Gloria, I pulled her from the triangle, I pushed my cock into her mouth, and I was on my knees holding her head to my cock by her black hair. She sucked my cock hard, moving her lips up and down the shaft. She lifted her hand to my balls gently toying with them. I took my time with her face, tiring of this I moved between her legs, I picked her fleshy ass up and forced my cock into her pussy. She wrapped her legs around me, my thrust were re-enforced as she pumped her legs with my body. We went at it for what seemed like hours, Gloria yelled, “Oh hell, ram me hard, shove that thing out my mouth, Fuck me, don’t stop, I’m cummin.”

I continued to fuck her and she continued to cum. She finally lay back relaxed; I pulled out and flipped her over. I spread her ass cheeks, positioning my cockhead at the entrance of her ass, I pushed with a quick thrust, and I went all the way in. She screamed, “Damn you could have greased me first.”

I said, “Where would the fun in that be.”

“Bastard” Gloria said.

I fucked her ass till she came again and again, she cum so hard the last time, I let her pull off and crawl away.

“We are going to be here a while long. Gloria, Faye you can stay or go.” I said.

They looked at each other and said together, “We will stay”

That night I sat on the porch in the shadows waiting. About eleven that night, four young men walked up to the house. One of them drew his arm back to throw something.

“You better think twice before you do that.” I said.

They all froze in their tracks. “Who said that” one of them said.

“Me the house” I said.

He threw balloon anyway, before it hit I stopped it in midair and returned it to its owner. The balloon burst covering him in watered down neon green paint. With a little help the others smashed their balloons on their own heads. They ran off; they would be back. The students walking by the house glared and snarled things. They were just down right mean about it. I didn’t know what it was. Something had caused them to turn on the Sigma Lambda Theta house (Slt). Some have added a u to the three letters calling the sorority Slut. The girls know better, the young women of the sororities across the country work hard to keep their image clean. That is why the protectors have the ability to know when someone is lying or trying to hurt the sorority. This order of Sigma Lambda Theta was created with the power of an alien race, giving their members the gift of aphrodisia, the want to satisfy their man. Something was threating the peace of this house, maybe the whole sorority nationwide.

The night exploded into bright yellowish-red flames. Someone had just firebombed the front of the house. I stood and moved my hand across the flame and it was extinguished immediately. The front of the house was not even charred. This had just taken a turn for the worst, paint bombs were one thing, and a fire bomb was war. I quickly scanned the area for the bomber; they were standing down the street, wondering why the house wasn’t burning. I called to them mentally, “Come to me, come to the house.”

The three young men marched up the steps. They turned to face me.

“Butt headed assholes, why did you firebomb this house?” I ask

“We were under orders to destroy this chapter of the SLT’s.” the tall one said.

“Who issued those orders?” I ask.

“It came down from the national office is all I know. What fraternity are you with?” I ask.

They were all from different houses. If the orders come from all three fraternities, we were going to have a rough time till it got straightened out.

“Did each of you receive orders from your main house?” I ask.

“No, I was the only one with the order, these two are my friends.” The tall one said.

“What is your name?” I ask.

“Walter Parkerstone” He said.

“Walter, take your friend here and go back to your house. Tell the chain of command that I will fight back if this keeps up. If I have to burn every other house here and there, all houses will be my target. If they draw blood first, I will find each man of each house and bleed him dry.” I said, “Now go”

They ran off the porch and down the street. I called Nan, “Hi Hon, we have a problem.”

“What kind of problem?” She asks.

I told her what had just happened and the threat of war I would declare.

“I will call the elders together right now. They need to know this, if it is coming from that house’s main office. The elders might be able to find out who or what is behind it. I will stay alert here, with the wall it will be harder to get to us. Another thing is that if they attack here the college can’t hide it. I don’t think they would risk that.” Nan said.

“You’re probably right there, but that still leaves this house at their mercy. I am going to spend the night here, they have tried twice tonight I am not sure if they will show but if they do I will be here. Rita, Esther and Mina were inside asleep, I was still on the porch, I heard something, and I checked my watch. Two am, I heard the clacking of high-heels, within minutes there young women started up the sidewalk to the porch. Two were redheads and one a blonde; they stopped and smiled at me. I scanned their minds; I wanted to know why they were here at this time of the morning. What I got was they were bait for rape charges. I called Rita and girls to me. Witnesses that I didn’t do it, was needed, I also had Gloria and Faye.

The three started ripping at their cloths and scratching their skin. Rita was at the window with a video camera recording all of it. When they were done, I said, “We have that on video recorders through the security cameras and one hand-held. There are five women inside watching through the windows. Now go back and tell them they will not disgrace this house.”

I called Nan, “Hey, Good morning, I have had no more attacks since the girls. What I need is some sleep, could you send some more of the girls here. They can keep watch while I rest, I won’t be able to relax but maybe I can sleep some.”

“Can you generate a shield to protect the house from attack?” Nan asks.

“I can but I don’t know if I can maintain it and sleep too. If it fails and the women here can’t tell, then we’re all in trouble. Tell you what, set the security systems there and bring everyone here, bring the charter too. We will just stay here till we know what is happening.”

“That sounds reasonable; we will load our stuff and supplies and be there as soon as we can.” Nan said.

“Bring Rita’s, Esther’s and Mina’s stuff, just bring everything out of their personal areas. I will return there later to get the things I need.” I said.

“Right, later” Nan said.

“See ya” I said and hung up.

I was still setting on the porch when the Dean of Admission walked onto the property, she was young for the position but she done a good job. She asks, “May I come onto the porch?”

“Yes” I said and she climbed the six steps to the porch deck. “What can I do for you, Ellie?”

“You’re Ernie, the man of the house?” She said.

“I am the Protector and repairman for this chapter of Sigma Lambda Theta. You know what has happened here over the past twelve hour?

“Tell me that you’re removing this chapter and I will have your firm ass in my bed.” I sneered.

“No, nothing like the, but I have heard thing that makes it sound fun. Some of the other houses seem to think your pimping the girls out.” She said.

“Ellie, how dare you even think that, I am still house mother here, and no such thing is happening?” Rita stormed out the door.

“Rita, if they are not having sex for money, what are they doing. The college spies have seen some of the girls here this summer out with men, old men; married men supposedly spend the night with them. Hell, it was reported that some of them were with Alumni from this house, and they were not sleeping. How do you explain that?” Ellie said.

“Yea, the girls date older men and married men and even a few women, what the hell does that have to do with the house?” Rita said.

“What do they do on these dates?” Ellie asks.

“Hell, I don’t know, the men they are out with are the spouses of past member of this house. That is not against any laws and rules of the college.” Rita said.

About that time, four more women stepped onto the property; they were slightly older than Ellie, maybe mid-forties.

“Ellie, what have you found out?” the redheaded one with silver streaks said.

“Ellen, just that they are not selling the girls for sex, but letting them go on dates with the men of past members.” Ellie said.

“If they are running a paid escort service with the house members that should be enough to have them removed from campus.” Ellen said.

“No, they are nothing of the sort, they help the former women of the house with things, like housework, tours of the city, drivers, things like that, there is not sex involved unless the girl offers it on her own. If I catch on that any of them are selling their bodies, I suspense their privileges to do anything but go to class.” Rita said.

“Then why are several of the other house’s Fraternity and Sorority alike trying so hard to shut you down?” Another woman said.

“Maybe because our Alumni give us more money to live on, keep the house up among other things. We are doing nothing wrong.” I said.

I stood there looking at the five women in their mid-forties wondering when they had last been laid. “Ladies, will the five of you like something cold to drink? Come inside and some of the girls will tend to our needs.” I said.

“Something cold would be nice.” The skinny black woman said.

All seven of us when into the house, I lead them to the livingroom. They were seated among the four couches that circled the inner part of the room.

“Ladies, are any of you married?” I ask.

“No, we are all divorced and trying to focus on our careers.” Ellen said.

“I am seeing a man but he is younger.” The black woman said.

“What is your name, dear?” I ask.

“Wanda” She said.

“Is it serious, Wanda?” I ask.

“No” she said.

“What about you others?” I ask.

They all said no.

“What do you do for sex?” I ask.

They just stared at me, like I ask them if they were virgins. I stepped into their minds freeing them of their restrains.

“I can’t speak for the others but I try to pick up men in bars.” Wanda said.

“That or get one of my students in the sack.” Ellen said.

The other three agreed. I looked at each other then, I stood, “If the five of you will follow me, I will show you something. I lead them downstairs to the playroom.

“Take your clothes off” I commanded.

They looked at me, then at each other. Ellie was first to act, she unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. I was as the others followed, the all were beautiful women, and none of them were much overweight, but rounded and full within a size of what they should be. Five sets of tits, all nice yet different. Ellen is a redhead she is the Dean of Women, Wanda is a black woman she is the head coach of the women sports, Ellie is a blonde she is Dean of Admissions, Cece is brown haired brunette she is the Dean of Education and Sandra has black hair she is Dean of Housing. Within minutes the five of them were bare, I looked at them closely, and I touched them, cupping their breast, groping their asses, even sticking my fingers in their pussys. They stood there. It had been two hours since I had talked to Nan. She came down the steps to find these five women letting me fondle them.

“What have we here?” She asks.

“They seem to think we should move the chapter off campus grounds, if that happens we lost the charter. I am going to show them what I can do to stop that.” I said.

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