“You awake?” Andy asked as he pushed his hard cock against my mouth. Reflexively I parted my lips and engulfed the spongy head.

“I don’t think so” I answered as best I could with a cock in my mouth.

“I tried to wake Pam up” he said easing his shaft a bit further in, “but she just mumbled something and rolled over and went back to sleep.”

I removed the hardon from my mouth and said “And that stopped you?”

Andy stroked his saliva moistened cock. “Well” he started, “she might have been mumbling something about separating me from my balls.”

“What makes you think I won’t just bite them off, you horny bastard?” I said, rolling over.

“C’mon Tommy, I’m so hard it’ll just take a minute.” Andy was starting to beg now.

“Andy I’ve already made you cum three times today. Go back to bed.” He was starting to tick me off.

“That was yesterday,” he said “technically it’s a new day.”

“Is that true? Three times?” Tully appeared, also naked, also erect. You are a horny bastard.” He said to his son-in-law.

“No hornier than you, Tully.” Andy said. “You did your fair share of cumming in the last 24 hours.”

“Yeah, but I’m not harassing the neighbors at 2 in the AM. I jerk off like a normal person when I get horny in the middle of the night” Tully said, demonstrating his late night masturbatory technique for us.

“Argh” I said, realizing that I wasn’t gonna get back to sleep any time soon. I rolled back over on the sofa facing them both. I hadn’t noticed, but I was also experiencing some swelling in the johnson department, a fact that did not go unnoticed by either of the gents.

“You see?” Andy exclaimed, pointing at my growing shaft with his own hardon. “Tommy’s getting horny too.” I joined in on the festivities and wrapped my fist around my cock, stroking lightly.

“How about if you sucked my cock” I said to Andy, “and see what happens after that.”

“That would be the hospitable thing to do, Andy.” Tully said.

“You promise to get me off afterwards?” Andy asked.

I sat up on the sofa and spread my thighs apart. “We’ll see.” I answered.

“OK, fine” Andy agreed and dropped to his knees between my legs. I released my shaft and let Andy take over. He did just that, cupping my smoothly shaved balls and lowering his warm wet mouth onto my cock head.

“Mmm, Andy, that’s good” I said as I leaned back to savor the experience. Andy was licking up and down my shaft, jerking it slowly, nipping and sucking the swollen circumcised tip. He took my left leg and repositioned it a bit and proceeded to press his own hardon against my shin. I could feel the precum dripping out of his cock, moistening my leg as he thrust against it. With my shaft thoroughly slick, Andy began jerking me with his right hand while seriously sucking me. His tongue danced and teased my bloated head, swirled around the super sensitive ridge, his fist and lips working in rhythm to leave no part of my hard shaft unstimulated. “Fuck that feels good” I groaned as I started to thrust my hips to meet Andy’s ministration.

Tully put one knee up on the sofa next to me and leaned in to get a better view of what Andy was doing to me. “That does look good” he observed, pumping his fist up and down his hard cock. Andy was slurping his way along my shaft, leaving it glistening wet for his tight fist to glide up and down. His mouth found my balls, and as I moaned with pleasure his tongue bathed and caressed each smooth orb while he maintained a steady stroke with his hand. Without missing a beat he re-inserted my cock into his mouth.

“Ohhh fuck yes, Andy” I gasped, “Suck my cock…” Andy gobbled the head of my cock while jerking me with long strokes, causing my hips to thrust up off the couch, fucking his mouth as I neared my orgasm. Tully was kneeling on the sofa next to me, pumping his own bloated meat just inches from my face. As I felt the jizz boiling in my balls I grabbed Andy’s head and shoved his mouth down onto my cock. “Aahhh yes” I groaned as my first stream of cum erupted into my friend’s throat. My body arched up off of the sofa as the orgasm hit, my pulsating cock buried deep in Andy’s mouth.

“Mmrph” said Andy as my load continued to spew from my spasming cock.

“Aahhh” I groaned with each spurt. Jet after jet of my thick load filled Andy’s mouth, his cheeks ballooning with each stream of jizz that he sucked out of me. I relented a bit on the pressure I was applying to the back of his head, and held him so his mouth was in place right on the tip. I reached down and proceeded to stroke my shaft as Andy’s mouth and tongue slurped and swirled. Together we extracted every last drop of my load from my balls and deposited it in his hot wet mouth. Finally spent, I dropped my cock and leaned back. Rivulets of my cum leaked from the sides of Andy’s mouth as he continued to nurse and lap my hyper sensitive cockhead until I had to push him away. “Give me a few minutes Andy” I gasped, “and I’ll let you suck my cock again.”

“OK” Andy answered. I had only been half teasing him, but I sure wasn’t gonna tell him that.

Tully, in the meantime, had taken advantage of my nearly defenseless state and pressed his own cock against my lips and I opened my mouth and accepted the short fat shaft. Tully’s cock was soo hard that it was actually throbbing, vibrating like a tuning fork against my tongue. His hot salty pre-cum drooled freely into my mouth. “Yeah Tommy” he groaned, “mmmm just like that.” I was swirling my tongue around the smooth ridge of his cock head and caressing his huge, smooth hanging balls with my left hand. I felt Andy repositioning himself between my spread thighs and looked down to see him kneeling in front of me with his long thin cock pressed against mine. My shaft glistened with a slick mixture of saliva and streamers of my own cum. Andy reached up to his chin, wiped off a glob of my jizz and anointed both of out erections with more of the slippery white spunk. He then proceeded to wrap his fist around the two cocks and jerk us both.

“Mmmm” I moaned onto the hard cock in my mouth. Andy was fucking his fist and the sensation of his cock and hand slipping along my shaft was exquisite. “MMM” was all I could manage again. Tully twisted his torso away from me to watch the proceedings as well, positioning himself as to keep his hardon in my mouth. I didn’t think it was possible, but I felt his cock stiffen just a bit more as I slurped.

“Oh, fuck that looks good.” He exclaimed.

‘Oh fuck that feels good’ was what I tried to say, but all that I was able to say with a thick cock pulsing in my mouth was “Mmrff.” Andy was fucking his fist and my shaft intensely, with a look of sheer arousal in his eyes. Tully turned back to face me and put a hand on my shoulder to steady himself while pistoning his shaft slowly onto my mouth. I cupped my tongue and drew it up and down the underside, occasionally swirling around the thick head. His heavy hanging balls swayed beneath my chin, and as I released his cock to lap his smooth oversized sack, Tully wrapped his beefy fist around his slick shaft. He stroked himself for a moment as I suckled his balls, then pulled back a bit and re-inserted his hardon into my mouth, feeding it to me inch by throbbing inch.

“Aahhh Tommy suck my cock… that feels so fucking good” he groaned. “Make me cum…just like that….mmmm I’m gonna cum…” Without warning he pulled his cock out of my mouth, turned and started jerking off over Andy’s and my cocks. “Mmff mmff mmff” Tully moaned, his fist flying up and down his slippery meat. Andy was jacking his cock hard as well, and as he rose up to meet Tully’s cock with his own, his balls slid along the length of my shaft. With a deep groan Tully began spewing his load all over Andy’s cock which caused Andy to erupt. Both men came all over each other, with streamers of jizz flying between them and onto me like some lust crazed water pistol fight. With their naked bodies straining, each jerked every last drop of cum from their drained balls, moaning and groaning as their tight fists brought spasms of pleasure from their throbbing cocks.

I couldn’t resist the rivers of cum that poured onto my hardon. Just as Tully and Andy’s cocks quieted down, I grabbed my rod and began stroking the sodden shaft like a man possessed. What I really wanted was for Andy, or Tully for that matter, to suck my cock, but I thought that all that co-mingled jizz might be a little above and beyond, so I proceeded to jerk off. The hot slippery lube had my fist flying up and down my erection, and within a few moments I felt my load about to erupt.

“Yeah, Tommy, stroke your hard cock” Tully encouraged, “pump that cum out.”

“Mmm, yes.” I said. “I’m gonna cum…” As I stroked Andy reached down and fondled my smoothly shaven balls, while Tully wrapped a few thick fingers around the base of my cock, pumping in rhythm with my own tempo. My hand squished loudly with everyone’s load lubing my masturbation, and soon I was adding to the mixture. My body strained upward to fuck my cock into my fist. “Here it cums guys…aahhh yesss…” I groaned as my spew began to fly.

“Here, let me finish you off” Tully said as his hand slid up my cock, displacing mine. My cum leapt from my cockhead as Tully’s expert fist stroked me.

“Yeah, Tully, yeah” I groaned, “jerk me off…” Andy was working overtime on my balls, kneading and caressing them as I came. “Ahh fuck that’s good” was all I could say as Tully milked and pumped my cock dry. Just as I thought he had gotten every drop, Tully swirled his fingers right below the head of my cock eliciting another cum producing spasm to course through me. He then offered my cock to Andy, who dutifully engulfed the head in his mouth and licked, sucked and lapped me clean. “Mmmm, fuck yeah Andy….” I sighed as Tully continued to stroke my cock lightly.

After a moment Tully got up off the couch, stretched, groaned and declared himself done. “That’s it for me, boys” he said. “Thanks for the midnight interlude.” Andy continued to bathe the head of my cock with his mouth and I leaned back, eyes closed, and enjoyed the sensation of his warm wet tongue lapping and swirling. I was pretty much done as well, cumming wise, so reluctantly I disengaged my shaft from my friend’s attentions.

“I’m gonna call it a night too” I said. Andy gave my meat one last long wet slurp and laid my half hard cock on my thigh.

“Okay, I guess” he said, getting to his feet. It became apparent when he stood up that he was not quite ready to retire. His thin cock was also standing, jutting straight out from below his abdomen, beet red and veins engorged. I reached out and grabbed his swollen root and tugged him toward me.

“I believe I owe you a blow job” I said.

“Well, not I you’re too tired, Tommy “he started, “I already came once…”

“Yeah, you jerked off. When you woke me up you wanted your cock in my mouth.”

“Well, um, actually, I really just needed to cum.” he stammered

I looked up at my friend. “Do you want your cock sucked or not?” I asked.

“Yes please” he answered.

“Then shut up Andy.” I said, drawing the erection towards my lips.

“Okay” he repeated. He took a half step closer to me, his naked body between my open thighs. I slipped his familiar hardon into my mouth and caressed the hard spongy head with my tongue. I could taste the various loads of cum that had been deposited on his shaft. Tully’s thick salty jizz was the dominant flavor, followed by my own slightly sweeter contribution. Andy had mainly cum on Tully and me, so I could only detect a hint of his smooth creamy spew. I slid my mouth sideways up and down each side of my friend’s cock, nibbling the tumescent flesh with my lips, tracing each bulging vein with my tongue. Andy groaned deeply as I bathed his erection with my tongue. I popped the head back into my mouth, working the beet red tip with my lips and tongue, licking and swirling, sucking, as I took him in slowly and deeper.

“Aahhh, Tommy that feels good” he moaned. “You know just what I like…” I put my left hand on the bare skin of his hip and wrapped my right hand around his shaft and began stroking him into my mouth. “Ohhh fuck yes” Andy moaned as I lapped the underside of his cock head with my cupped tongue. He hunched a bit and placed his hands on my shoulders, slowly fucking my fist and mouth. “Mmmm, Tommy suck my cock….” He groaned, his breath coming in gasps. “Don’t stop…I’m gonna cum in your mouth…” I jerked him a little faster, sucked him a little harder and felt his balls tighten. Suddenly his knees buckled a bit and he fell forward, catching himself on the back of the sofa. I could feel his cock throb in my fist as he began to erupt. Stroking his shaft, I swirled my tongue round and round his spewing cock head. Bursts of creamy hot cum gushed into my tongue as Andy’s balls erupted. I managed to swallow the first few blasts but couldn’t keep up with the torrent that my friend was spewing into my mouth and as a result, most of his cum seeped out between my lips and his cock and trickled down my chin. “Oohhh Tommy, that feels so fuckin good…” Andy moaned as he came.

I wiped some of the hot thick jizz from my face, popped his erection out of my mouth and greased the entire throbbing length of his shaft with it, wrapped my fingers around the sloppy mess and started jacking him hard. “Think you have any more left in your balls?” I asked looking up at him. Andy was still bracing himself against the back of the sofa, staring down at me, mouth open and panting, his naked body trembling and straining.

“Ohhh fuck I hope so” Andy gasped “don’t stop jerking me off….your hand feels soo good on my cock…” I thought that it was pretty hot that I was jacking him off with his own jizz, and I could feel my own cock stiffening again with the thought. It has been my experience that when cum is used as lube on my cock, it originated in someone else’s balls. Unless, of course, I’m engaged in a marathon masturbation session, which happens a lot more than you’d think. I continued jerking my friend off with my right hand as I caressed his smooth soft inner thigh with my left, bringing a gasp of pleasure from my very aroused friend. When I cupped and fondled his smoothly shaven balls he about lost it. “Ohhh Tommy I’m gonna cum again…please suck my cock…I want to cum in your mouth…”

I slowed my pace on his cock and looked up again at my friend. Andy’s face was bright red and tensed with lust. “Please Tommy’ he begged, ‘please don’t tease me…I need to cum soo bad…”

“OK” I said and once again slid the head of his cock into my mouth. As soon as I wrapped my lips around his hardon, Andy began to cum again. Naked body tense and rigid, his cock erupted a nice big gusher of jizz onto my tongue. I simply slid my lips along his shaft, caressing it with my tongue as I went, letting him cum at his leisure. Andy was moaning softly as he pumped his spew into my mouth. There wasn’t the urgent need that defined the first session of his orgasm. There was no urging me on, he wasn’t frantically thrusting or trying to fuck my mouth, but rather seemed to be experiencing a total body release of tension. His streams of spew, while still ample, seemed to be cumming at a more relaxed pace, and I was easily able to accept them into my mouth and enjoyed all the creamy offerings of my friend as they slid down my throat. I continued to suck Andy’s cock as his orgasm eventually slowed, milking his erect penis with my fist to create as much sensation for him as I could, knowing how good that would feel to him. I kneaded his shaft just below the swollen head, and sure enough, one last rivulet of cum seeped out which I lapped up and swallowed.

With a full body shudder and a deep groan, Andy dropped his hands back to my shoulders and slowly fucked my jizz slickened lips. “Mmm, that was good “Andy said after his breathing returned to normal. “I can’t believe you made me cum twice.”

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