4: Home Coming

I had returned from my Holiday in the Sun with my boyfriend Marc. The weather had been great and the people we met and played with were spectacular.

When I returned my mom, Kaye, called to see how my trip had been. I was a little busy with unpacking and trying to settle in from a long flight. I had to cut the call short and let her know I would stop by her house and tell her all about it. She was excited to hear I was coming over and couldn’t wait to hear all about our trip.

My mother is a beautiful woman. She is forty-seven years young, with long dark hair. Her eyes are brown with specks of emerald green. She stands at 5’9″, her frame is tone and athletic. Her enhanced breasts are a fabulous DD in size. Her long, lean legs are golden with a light tan as is the rest of her body. She is a photographer by profession and in my opinion a beautiful and confident woman. She taught me to not be afraid of my sexuality and to love life.

After a lengthy drive to my mom’s house in the hills of California I arrived. I pulled into her driveway admiring the trees that surround her home enjoying the beautiful rays of the sun as it kissed my skin. I ran to the door to see her. She opened the door, and I was speechless.

My mom greeted me wearing a short sheer robe that barely covered her ass. A satin ribbon secured the robe. The ribbon along her waist accentuated her waist, while the sheer material gave hints of her curvaceous body. She was more stunning than ever.

I mentioned that Marc would be over later, excited to see him. We embraced, and I immediately new that I would be seeing more of her very soon. It had been sometime since my last visit and she gave me a tour of all her recent additions to the house. We walked up the stairs to the second floor towards her bedroom, noticing her lean legs. An image of me slowly running my tongue up her thighs as my hands firmly grasped her tight ass ran poured my mind.

As we entered the room she untied her robe, tossing it. I swallowed hard as my eyes feasted on her bare body. She looked at me with some disapproval because of the clothing still covering my body. I looked down at myself and saw my green top as it hugged my torso, and my tits, in a provocative manner. My white shorts accentuated my tiny waist and scarcely covered my ass.

My mother said, “You know how I feel about clothes Kimber.”

I knew exactly how she felt because I felt the exact same way. I kicked off my shoes and undid my shorts exposing my freshly shaved mound and round ass. I rolled my tube top off of my body exposing my immense breasts.

“I see you still hate wearing underwear just like me.” We both looked at one another and giggled.

I crawled onto the bed in mid stride. My mother shouts, “Stop right there.” She hopped onto the bed and snapped a high angled photo of me on all fours. She then plopped down and sunk into the king size bed. I lay down next to her and we began conversing about my trip as she flipped through the pictures on my camera. My mom was curious of all the group activities we (Marc and I) participated in. I told her of all the wonderful people we met and played with. I made certain to give a very detailed account of our sexual partners. I knew how her body would respond to such stimulus.

As I continued to explain to her all of the licentious details my mother continued to flip through the pictures on my camera. It was apparent to me she was become aroused. I knew this by the way her nipples had become a reddish pink. Then when she slightly parted her legs I could see her wetness cusp against the lips of her pussy. This made my pussy clench and my own wetness lightly dripped between my legs. Her free hand now began to roam freely over her stomach and slowly moving upwards towards her DD tits. Her hair was beautiful as it laid on her shoulders and chest. I let out a silent gasp. I felt my own nipples begin to tingle watching her reaction to my stories. My mom cupped her one of her tits with her free hand. She flipped through the pictures on my camera with her other hand. I saw her spread her legs slightly as she slowly moved her breast up towards her mouth. I was enthralled to watch her beautiful mouth open somewhat as she accepted her nipple. Her tongue swirled around her areola spreading her sticky saliva about her nipple. My face was overcome with a rush of warmth as I blushed.

My mom set down the camera. She moved her now free hand down her flat tone stomach. She took a moment to put on a show for me as she swirled her finger around her belly button. Her legs opened even further. Her beautifully pedicure feet pointed outward with the graceful movements of a former ballerina. I saw her hand now move up and down the outside of her well-sculpted thighs. Her hand disappeared between her creamy thighs.

She then looked over at me and said, “Won’t you join your mother?” I swallowed hard and my anus and pussy pulsated wildly. I slowly moved over towards my mom. I lay next to her on my side. I intertwined both of our left legs together spreading both of our legs wide open. Both of our cunts were glistening with wetness. She softly rubbed on her clit as I ran my fingers up the middle of her cleavage. I leaned down and circled her left nipple with my tongue. My mom let out a gasp. This made my mouth water and I then began to rub my swollen clit against my mom’s thigh. Her reaction was another gasp followed by a two shallow breaths. I continued to swirl my tongue along her nipples while I continued to delicately stroke my clit against My mom’s thighs.

Her left hand had made its way onto the lower part of my tummy. She mentioned in a low voice how she loved my flat stomach. She then parted my sex open with her to fingers.

She said “Good girl you’re nice and wet for me.”

“All because of you”, I responded.

I move my fingers down her tummy feeling the warmth rising to the top of her skin. I made my way between her legs. My mom’s pussy was gushing with her own wetness. I ran my finger up her inner thigh towards her anus. I teased her rosebud then ran my finger up her slit spreading her wetness. My body was aching for her to insert her fingers into me. But she only would rub my clit with her two fingers sending a wave of heat from head to toe. Our combined breathing had now evolved into moans that seemed to be in stereo we were both in complete bliss.

At the same moment we both leaned in towards one another and kissed. Her mouth opened and accepted my tongue. Both of our tongues swirled and darted in an out of each other’s mouths. Our moans muffled by our kisses on one another. I felt a slight pressure on the mouth to my cunt as mom entered her two fingers deep inside of me. It sent a wave of electricity throughout my body. I responded in kind. As she played with her own clit plunged my two fingers deep into her. Both of us broke away from our kissing as our moans took over. I felt my mom’s cunt clench down on my two fingers and her wetness seeped out of her onto my hand. The gentle, slow, gentle actions of my mouth became wild and feverish as I licked, sucked and nibbled on My mom’s tits. Our breathing became shallow and erratic. Suddenly I felt both of our bodies become rigid simultaneously.

We both cried out, “FUCK.”

I felt her pussy quiver on my fingers and a flood of her wetness squirted onto my hand and wrist. My own cunt spasmed uncontrollably and sent my oily girl cum streaming down my inner thighs.

We both lay on our backs for several moments as our orgasms languished. Our breathing returned to normal and I could feel my own wetness running down onto my anus. I knew this was the same for My mom.

She looked at me with those beautiful dark eyes and whispered, “I love you dear.” My heart fluttered.

She then leaned over me her bare DD tits resting on mine. I felt her wetness drip onto my thighs as she rummaged through her nightstand drawer. Her nipples repeatedly grazed mine sending a tingling sensation throughout my tits.

After a few moments she laid back down next to me. Her right hand held whatever she was looking for in the nightstand. She finally rolled over and looked at me, while she sat next to me and said, “We need a little something more.”

She handed me a dildo it was seven inches in length and one and half inches in width. I accepted it with my left hand. While My mom held onto its cousin. Both were the same size, shape and texture. The only difference was its color, black.

She then lay next to me with her face directly in front of my pussy. She spread my legs open with her hands. I moved my body to meet hers. My mom now passionately rubbed my clit with a circular motion. The warmth between our thighs was overwhelming. My oily girl cum was seeping onto my throbbing anus. I wanted to taste my mom’s warm cunt. I moved my head between her thighs. I immediately savored her sweet motherly juices as they flooded my mouth. As my tongue entered her and my chin massaged against her clit. Her eyes lit up with delight as my tongue swirled wildly inside of her. I felt her hot breath flow over my erect clit sending shivers along my spine.

My mother spread my legs open further and plunged her warm damp tongue into my accepting cunt. She then wrapped her arm around my waist, dildo in hand, and ran the head of the toy between my ass cheeks. She spread her saliva and my wetness onto my tight anus and then slowly applied pressure. She alternated teasing my anus and cunt, lightly applying pressure to either opening. With reluctance my anus gave way to the intruder and the dildo entered me deep. The shaft of the fake cock entering and exiting my ass was exhilarating. I witnessed My mom’s anus pulse violently as she fucked my little ass. I pursed my lips and let my spit drip onto her tiny rosebud. I forced my long tongue past her rosebud and into her rectum. I felt her body become rigid and her breathing shallow. Her anus constricted against my tongue and her cunt pulsed on my chin as she spewed her cum onto my face. She let out a muffled whimper in praise of her pleasure. My mom continued to fuck my ass wildly with the dildo spreading my wetness onto my cunt. She rimmed my pussy with her tongue then drove it into my accepting cunt. Her continued stabbing on my tight asshole caused my body to convulse with frenzy, as I bathed her mouth and face with my oily girl cum. our noises coalesced into a momentous fury of moans.

While our orgasms subsided we each spent several minutes kissing each other’s inner thighs. She moved up towards me and we held and kissed one another. Both of our faces covered in our oily juices and glowing from the pleasure we had experienced.

We heard a noise at the door of the bedroom and noticed Marc standing in the doorway. My mom and I looked at one another and smiled. Marc knew her house rules regarding clothing. He made sure to remove all of his clothes. He had taken his time to watch My mom and I fuck. I could see the longing in his eyes; they seemed to burn through us. His 6’2″ athletic frame was leaning against the archway into the bedroom with his arms crossed. The view of his tall bare body cast an imposing sight. His eight-inch cock lay against his left thigh. With every touch and kiss my mom and I passed on to one another we witnessed his width bulge to hefty two and half inches. This would not be the first time he ravaged my mother’s tight pussy and voluptuous tits.

Marc gradually moved from the doorway towards the end of the bed. With his every stride his cock grew in length and thickness. My mom and I continued our foreplay. We accelerated our passionate kissing as our nipples caressed each other. Her skin was so soft, and warm to the touch. It made me feel an untamed and dirty craving for her to taste me. Not once did Marc remove his hazel eyes from our bare tits and ass.

Once at the edge of the bed Marc reached out his hand and clutched my mother’s ankle. He yanked her down to the end of the bed with her chest and face buried in the mattress and her round supple ass staring directly at Marc’s swollen cock. Knowing what Marc was about to do to my mom’s body set my skin on fire and more of my wetness spilled onto my inner thighs. I tugged at my lower lip with my teeth as I gazed into Marc’s eyes.

Marc ran his hands from her shoulders down to her lower back. He gently massaged both of her soft ass cheeks. My mother purred and let out a tiny gasp. She loves her ass to be played with just like her daughter. Her eyes were locked on mine. Marc held my mom firmly by her hips. He moved his right hand down between her legs. The anticipation was killing me and caused my pussy to clench twice consecutively. Marc began to taunt my moms clit with the head of his engorged cock then parted her sex exposing the mouth of her cunt, not stopping until it rested on her anus. He spread her wetness far and wide.

My mom exclaimed, “Oh…ah, mhmm…your mans dick is so thick!”

My mom pawed at my legs running her long nails into my skin. She then motioned with her finger for me to move closer to her. I gradually made my way down towards her.

My pussy now lay in front of My mom’s face and mouth. The look on her face said she hungered to taste me once again. Both of My mom’s hands, one on my left and one on my right thigh, lightly glided down from my knees towards my inner thighs. Her eyes never broke away from mine until the exact moment Marc’s diamond shaped head began to apply force the mouth of her cunt. He struggled for a moment to enter her. Her tight cunt resisted his massive cock. Reluctantly her cunt accepted his cock. The force of Marc’s initial thrust pushed My mom’s mouth on to my soaked cunt and forcing her to stand on her tiptoes. Marc trusted balls deep as he split her open.

She cried out, “So…thick & veiny …mmmm!”

I perched my upper body up with my elbows this allowed me to feast on Marc and My mom cavorting with one another. Marc’s thrusts were deep, controlled and deliberate. I stared at Marc’s eyes as I slowly moved my hands up my torso. I gradually cupped both of my tits with my soft hands. I pinched and tugged both of my nipples with my thumb and index fingers. Knowing this would drive Marc crazy with lust. He threw his head back his eyes closed and let out a vociferous groan. His stabs to My mom’s cunt became more furious and forceful.

I exclaimed, “FUCK mama harder!” as her tits jostled uncontrollably.

I looked down to see My mom purse her full red lips and drip a torrent of saliva onto my erect clit. The balmy fluid glided down past the mouth of my cunt and pooled at my anus. She looked me in the eyes with a wicked gaze as a string of spit still hung to her lower lip. Marc had slowed his assault on My mom’s cunt, presumably to allow her to taste my oily wetness. My mom then dipped her tongue down to my clit. She licked it once, twice, then and third time. A flood of heat shot up from clit up my tummy and throughout chest sending my nipples stinging with delight. My head swam with pleasure and I tossed it back. My hair falling onto the bed, my mouth agape as a gasp for breath passed my lips.

The raw hedonistic act mated with the pleasures I was receiving made my cunt and anus pulsate repeatedly. Without a word I felt My mom’s hot breath roll over my clit as she drove her long warm tongue into my pussy. Her tongue swirled about touching every inch of my insides. This caused my breathing to become shallow. Her tongue then darted in and out of my cunt. I felt her spit and my wetness soak my anus. To my surprise I then felt a powerful pressure on my anus and cunt. Mother plunged both dildos into my accepting ass and cunt. She alternated the penetration to ass and cunt. Both of her thrusts were shallow and measured. My head flew forward, my eyes shot wide open. Marc smiled as he saw a pleasurable sneer come across my face. I brought one of my tits to my mouth and flicked my nipple spreading my saliva about. I heard Marc grunt loudly as he watched me. I made sure to alternate the tasting of my tits for him. I was enthralled with the sensations to my body and felt my cunt clench hard. I would later know that every grunt from Marc’s mouth was caused by My mom’s cunt constricting on his cock.

I suddenly heard My mom give a muffled shrill. Marc hand forced his massive eight-inch cock into My mom’s rectum. Her sounds from her mouth became louder and more guttural with every passing stab of thick cock.

My mom yelled, “Fuck…my ass Marc!”

Marc alternated fucking her pussy and her ass; his manipulation of her body was calculated and controlled. He fucked her pussy with four shallow and hard thrusts and then inflicting the same punishment to her tight and supple ass.

Marc said, “Kaye, your ass is so tight on my cock.

My mom responded, “UGH…your thickness…tearing…me up!”

Our bodies were glistening with perspiration and the sounds of ecstasy mounted. My mom’s breathing became deep and wild. She continued the double penetration of my holes at a feverish pace. Suddenly, I witness her body become rigid and shutter.

Her moans deafened by her shouts exclaiming, “I AM CUMMING!”

Marc shouted, “She squirted on my balls!”

Then Marc let out a thunderous groan at the very moment My mom was cumming on his cock. He gripped her hips so firmly his fingers dung deep into her skin.

My mom said in a low voice, “Cum in my pussy.”

Marc’s cock throbbed and exploded deep in My mom’s womb. His hot cum splashed onto her cervix. His thrusts gradually subsided to a slow and steady pace as My mom’s cunt once again quivered then clamped down onto Marc’s cock. I felt her arms shiver and saw her back go rigid. Marc simply shouted ‘FUCK!’

My mouth watered at the sight of my husband cumming so deep in My mom. I bit on my tits as My mom lightly nibbled on my clit. A wave of heat rushed from anus, to my clit shooting directly to my heaving tits. I began to cum and my entire body shivered, my cunt quivered as I yelled out, “FUCK, FUCK, FUCK!!” as my pussy exploded firing my wetness onto My mom’s full lips and chin.

My arms felt heavy, my head cloudy and I let myself sink back into the soft mattress. My mom crawled her way onto the bed. She lay next to me we tenderly cuddled and kissed one another. I made sure to lick my wetness from her mouth. Her massive tits lying next to mine as our perspiration mingled. I felt Marc’s seed slowly gliding out of My mom and onto my right thigh. We quietly allowed our orgasms subside. We both looked at the foot of the bed where Marc stood. His body was soaked in sweat, his arms at his side, his breathing was rapid, and his head was tilted back. With every breath his cock pulsed with an up and down action. We were both astonished how he had remained hard. The veins on his cock seemed engorged adding to the brilliant sight we were feasting.

I slowly gathered the energy to move towards the end of the bed. I sat perched near Marc on all fours. My mom gradually joined me. We both had the same idea. We owed Marc some attention. I clutched the base of his throbbing cock with my left hand My mom with her right hand. I could feel his heart rate racing through his cock. Our mouths opened with our tongues extended. We swirled our tongues in a frenzied manner over the slit and head of his enormous dick. I could taste My mom’s wetness still on his cock. Marc’s cock lurched still sensitive to the touch due to his previous cum deep in My mom’s womb. Marc let out a deep gasp followed by a muffled cry. Sweat rolled over his chiseled & hairless body. My mom’s hands and mine began pumping Marc’s hard cock slowly. We took turns licking the sweet pre-cum from the slit of his cock.

He looked down at us to see both of us gazing back at his hazel colored eyes. He touched both of our faces with his hands. He placed his right hand on the back of my head and his left hand on the back of My mom’s. He raked he fingers down our spines slowly then traced them down the crack of our ass. He took great pleasure in rimming both of our anuses. Marc suddenly arched his back hard and let out a prolonged groan. We continued to suck, lick, and kiss his cock.

Aleksandr was not a messy man by any means but lately he had noticed that he was falling down on the job when it came to household tasks. In fact, most days he cursed himself for buying such a large house with nobody else to live in it with him but where he came from size meant money and money was power. Often times he wondered if five bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms was worth the constant upkeep. Tonight was spent just like every night for the past month with him scrubbing the stove and washing dishes until the neon numbers on the clock read 2:26 A.M. Normally it wouldn’t bother him to have to clean his own mess but staying up this late just to ensure his house would be clean and then have to wake up at 6:30 A.M and go to work was driving him mad. “Jesus Christ they’re done.” Those were his last words before climbing the large staircase and collapsing into bed.

-X- Four hours later -X-

His alarm was blaring the morning news in his ear he lazily stretched out an arm and did his best to hit the snooze though it only knocked the alarm clock to the floor and continued to go off. Deciding that an extra five minutes wasn’t worth the hassle he reluctantly left the warmth and comfort of his bed and started his morning routine with a hot shower and a shave followed by brushing his teeth and a thermos of coffee on his way out the door. His drive to work was usually met with heavy traffic though it seemed a bit ridiculous to have such massive traffic jams at 7 in the morning he put up with it for such a large salary.

Parking in his reserved spot he grabbed his briefcase from the passenger seat and shuffled his way inside, coffee in one hand and briefcase in the other. He yawned and politely waved at the receptionist on his way to the elevator.

“Good morning, sir.”

“Good morning, Alice.”

While he waited for the elevator he felt a firm pat on the back and that meant that the obnoxious accounts manager had something to say or knowing him brag about some overly exaggerated one night stand. He nodded lightly to him and stepped into the elevator and hit the 10th button for Nathan and the 20th for him.

“Mornin’ chief! Boy you look beat. Was she good and did you get her name?”

“Good morning Nate…very funny. I was up all night preparing for my presentation and that I can tolerate. What I find insufferable is cleaning house. You wouldn’t think a kitchen could get so dirty from one meal but I’ll be damned. I’m thinking it’s time to eat out of fast food containers and get a smaller place.”

“Nahhhhh don’t do that, chief. Why don’t you just do what I do? Go the lazy route!”

“That would mean….”

“I got this awesome maid and not only does she clean my place like a champ, she’s this smokin’ hot blonde and she has all the right things in all the right places.”"

The bell rang and the elevator doors opened up and Nathan pulled a card from his wallet and gave it to him. He smiled and nodded as a silent thank you and headed up to his office to start work all over again. Sitting down at his desk he stared at the card for a while not really sure if that was the route that he wanted to go. Aleksandr was not a greedy man by any means so money wasn’t an issue but the idea of a stranger coming into his home wasn’t exactly a dream come true. He weighed the pros and cons for a little while longer and finally gave in and dialed the number and the phone immediately picked up.


“Hello…is this Mya?”

“The one and only! Well, the only one on the card. How are you?”

“I’m great. I was wondering if maybe you could find time to squeeze me into your schedule? My house is unusually large and cleaning it is…well it’s too much of a hassle for me anymore.”

“Sure! Whenever you have time I’ll stop by and we can do a walkthrough so I can see what I’m up against and go from there. Sound fair?”

“Are you busy this afternoon? Say around two?”

“Two it is. Now, where exactly am I going mister….”

“Baranova. Aleksandr Baranova. 2401 South Lexington. Green house.”


When Mya ended the call she was more than relieved. Since she had started her business she only had three clients and one was a sweet old lady with a heart of gold but on the other had she had two perverts one who always asked her to do things just to get her to bend over. As degrading and unsettling as it was this a decent paycheck and helping her save up to get a portfolio together so she could get her modeling career off the ground. She needed every dime that she could get, perverts or not. In fact, that was one thing that she was worried about this new guy and if he would be just as bad as the rest of them but that couldn’t worry her so much that she couldn’t do her job properly.

Going into her bedroom she looked through her closet and tried to find something presentable that she could wear and decided on a bright red halter dress with a matching bolero jacket. Slipping into a pair of black flats she went into the bathroom to finish her look with her hair. She tried several different styles and each time she tried a new one there was something about it she didn’t like. From victory rolls, to a chignon, even a simple bun just wouldn’t do. After a quick glance at the clock she realized she didn’t have a whole lot of time and went with a side-swept look.

Climbing into her Jeep she turned the key and just like always, it started right up. She found comfort in her Jeep knowing that it was reliable, safe, and compared to a lot of gas guzzling SUV’s it didn’t hurt her gas budget too bad. Adjusting her rear view mirror just a tad she pulled away and cursed out loud when she found herself in a traffic jam. Each moment was precious and now her chances of getting there early were shot and the only thing she could do now was hope that she could make it to her appointment on time. Mya was always punctual and that alone was admirable in today’s job market especially with her job. After taking several deep breaths she happened to glance down at her phone and saw that he had sent a text message asking if she would mind meeting a little earlier than that. Sliding out her keyboard she quickly sent a message back and said she would. After hitting send she stared at the traffic jam that moved maybe a few feet and just when all hope seemed lost it picked back up and cars seemed to rocket forward. It turned out to be just an accident and police and the fire department were clearing the road of all debris to avoid any further accidents.

Slowing way down when she turned onto Lexington she followed it for a while until she saw 2399 in bright red letters by the mailbox. Right next to that was a magnificent green house that fit the description and the address. Parking on the street her jaw dropped and heart pounded when a Rolls Royce Phantom slowed down and turned into the driveway right at 2401 and although she wasn’t submerged in the world of cars she knew enough to know Rolls Royce vehicles came with a hefty price tag which meant he was professional and she needed to be on her “A game” even though it was just a cleaning job, a job was a job and that was good enough for her. Climbing out of her jeep she made her way up the walk and stood at the bottom step and waited for him to get out. When he did get out, she had to fight to keep her jaw from dropping at the sheer sight of this man. One thing was certain, his deep voice and thick accent matched his size.

“Are you Mya?” He said as he closed his door and activated the alarm on the car that signaled it was active by two light beeps of the horn.

“That would be me, sir. You have a lovely home and this is only the outside.”

“You may end up rethinking this when you see the inside. By the way you look very lovely, Mya. Do you always dress like this when you come to work?”

“Well, not exactly, sir. I’ve always believed in dressing well when it comes to an interview- that’s what this is, isn’t it?”

“You are a very smart girl, Mya. I’ve always believed the same thing in fact, that is what got me my internship that eventually led to a six figure salary and a Phantom.”

Unlocking the door he pushed it open and waved an arm for her to enter first with a smile on his face. “Ladies first, after all.” Mya tried to hide her blush but a faint shade of pink tinted her cheeks as she stepped inside the massive home and he was right, it was much larger on the inside than it looked. Her jaw finally dropped as she made her way through the foyer and a strong hand touched her shoulder and pointed to the kitchen with a light nod.

“This is the room that gives me the most fits.”

“Well I have no idea why.” There was a hint of sarcasm in her voice but it was all in good fun and the gentle smile and chuckle that she drew from him assured her that he understood that she was in fact, making a joke out of it.

“What I need most is the basic things when it comes to a maid. Someone to clean the kitchen once in the morning and again in the evening. The shower needs daily attention to keep soap scum from building, and of course the carpets vacuumed, hardwood swept and mopped, and once a month I like to steam clean. Does any of this sound too much?”

“No sir. I’m glad to have the opportunity. Is that all you need? I don’t mean to interrupt I was just-”

“You weren’t interrupting. This, miss Mya, would be interrupting. You are asking questions and since you are asking I will answer with no, there is more than that but first could I ask you a question of my own?”

“Of course you can! Fire when ready.”

“Would you relax and stop being so nervous? Think of this as a….casual interview. You have the job I can assure you of that I just want you to be the one to make sure that you aren’t getting in over your head. Now as for what else I need I always need to look my best and I have a suit press and I need to make sure my suits are neatly pressed and hanged in my closet and I keep them color coded and I’ll show you what I use for business, leisure, and of course important events. Other than what I’ve said that is all I need. Any more questions?”

“Only two, sir. My first question is do you have a family or anybody else that lives here? My second is when do I start.

Aleksandr chuckled and looked at the beautiful girl. There was something special about her though he couldn’t quite identify it. She looked like a delicate red flower in a patch of grass. Her beauty was vibrant that could stick out in a sea of people. Extending a hand he offered yet another warm smile.

“Everything is kept up but I’ll be having dinner tonight around six so about 7:30 would be appropriate. To answer your other question I live here alone so no worries of anybody else and in fact should you see someone else I’m sure you know to call the police and leave the house.”

Shaking his hand she nodded to let him know she understood and looked around one last time at the marvelous kitchen and drank in every detail. She ran her fingers over the black granite countertops and looked down at the white and black tile floor. “I think we are at an understanding and I will see you tonight at 7:30 sharp. This really is an amazing house. Is there some room filled with chests of gold and diamonds that I should know about?” Alek simply chuckled and led her out of the house and waved goodbye as he headed back to his car and back to work once more.


Returning to work he groaned when his stomach rumbled and he realized he hadn’t gotten a single bite to eat because he was showing Mya the house. He couldn’t help but want some good food but he wasn’t about to leave work just to eat and he wanted her to understand exactly what she was getting into. Groaning when he got on the elevator a hand blocked the doors when they went to close and Nate hopped in with him.

“So did you go ahead and give her a call or what?”

“Yeah, she’s going to be working for me as well now.”

“Is she working for you or are you going to be working her? She’s so hot dude the things I-”

“I’d like one conversation on the elevator to be about something other than sex and how girls look. She has a job to do and I’m sure she’s going to do just fine. I’m glad she doesn’t want extra for the size of the house it is big.”

Watching Nate get off with a rotten look on his face he went up to his floor and groaned once more. He was far too hungry for his own good and it would be a few hours before he would be able to get any dinner in him. He was relieved when he remembered that he had a pastrami sandwich left over from yesterdays lunch and that was something to be eaten with great haste. Sitting down at his desk he had just unwrapped his sandwich when his phone rang and it was Jeffrey the neighbor.

“Did you know that some weird little girl was at your house today? I saw her outside and she just rubs me wrong.”

“Jeffrey I let her in. If you are going to be the neighborhood gossip at least make sure you have your facts straight before you do, alright?”

He hit the intercom and told his secretary that he wasn’t taking calls for the next half hour. He did indeed get to devour his sandwich and though Nate was a little obnoxious about it he definitely was right. She looked truly beautiful and to him she looked like a pin up model and nothing slutty or classless but a beautiful, elegant model that could take your breath away and she definitely did even though he didn’t let it show. Now that he had his sandwich in him and thoughts of her cleared from his mind he decided that it was time to actually get some work done.

-X-four excruciatingly long hours later -X-

Grabbing his briefcase he left the office and said his goodbyes to everybody and made his way to his parking spot he put his briefcase back in its spot and left his prison-like building in the rear view mirror and headed straight for traffic which was surprisingly light, considering he took the back roads and found himself in his driveway with a beautiful blonde pin-up model waiting in her Jeep. Waving to her he watched her hop out and make her way up the walk and allow him to let her in.

“It’s barely six and you are already here? You like to be early, don’t you Mya?”

“Well I was thinking that I could cook you dinner tonight. You sounded so sad when you said you would be eating alone I couldn’t let you do that. So I am going to go in there and make something out of whatever you have.”

“That is…really sweet and kind of you Mya.”

“I don’t like it when people have to spend meals alone. Especially a suave, sophisticated man like yourself.”

He smiled and led her in and she quickly made her way to the kitchen and started rummaging through the fridge. She pulled out the ground pork and the ground beef as well as everything she needed to make spaghetti and meatballs. Little did she know, however, that it was one of his favorite dishes. “You’re not allowed in here, either!” She called out as she started mixing the meatballs together and adding the seasonings.

Between the pasta, meatballs, and making sauce from scratch dinner took her a long hour and a half. She looked over her shoulder and narrowed her eyes when she saw him standing there in pajama pants and a tee shirt.

“How long have you been in here mister peeker?”

“Long enough to smell something really good. I just took a shower…you know that would explain the wet hair and smelling good.”

She put his plate on the table and he took the liberty of pouring two glasses of rich wed wine to go with it. Sitting down he stared at the heaping mound of pasta covered in the rich sauce and golf ball sized meatballs and dug in. She spent the first little bit watching him eat but soon joined in and giggled when his plate was practically gone.

“Now go along and do something while I do all the dishes and get this place spic and span.”

He would do just that but when he got up he took his plate to the sink where she was already rinsing pans. Reaching across her to put his plate in the sink his forearm brushed lightly against her chest and he could have sworn her nipples were rock hard! Going back into the living room he sat down and watched some television but his mind was on her breasts and though he tried not to think about them he was getting hard as a rock.

“Mya I’m going to go up to my room. Lock the door on your way out, would you?”

He didn’t wait for her to answer back he was too turned on at this point. Going into his room he locked the door and put in a DVD that had a strawberry blonde girl on her knees completely naked with a face full of cum. He turned the volume down to where he could hear it but it wasn’t easily heard by anybody outside his room. Sitting on the bed he pulled his cock from the opening in his pajama pants and quickly started stroking his cock furiously though the beautiful strawberry blonde faded and he thought about Mya taking him down her throat. It wasn’t even a full six minutes and he had exploded all over his hand, the bottom of his shirt, and of course his pajama pants.

Panting heavily he froze when he heard her coming up the stairs and he turned the television off and smiled when he heard her heading to the bathroom giving him enough time to change his clothes and then get on fresh ones though he had no idea how to explain why his clothes needed to be washed especially when he already took a shower. Instead of entering she lightly tapped on the door and cleared her throat.

“The dishes are done and I put the leftovers in a bowl for you tomorrow. I’m going to go home now did you need anything?”

“No…I’m fine….you can go on…”

“Are you alright, Mr. B?”

“Yeah…everything is great. You can go home thank you.”


She indeed did go home but the entire way there she couldn’t help but wonder if he had purposely meant to touch her chest by reaching across her or if that was accident. It seemed innocent enough so why should she worry? It wasn’t like he was groping her or trying to have his way with her at the sink or something. So instead of making a big deal she went home seeing as how he was the last visit of the day and took a long hot bath and then went to bed by the time the clock ready 10:30 P.M.

That morning when Mya woke up she got dressed today was a work day so it was a simple pair of blue jeans and a red tee shirt and a pair of tennis shoes. She visited each of her houses and checked off every item off of their lists and anxiously got to Aleksandr’s house and quickly went to work. She worked vigorously until it was time to leave she was surprised by him coming in the door.

“Oh, hello Mr. Baranova. I was just leaving I’ve completed everything you asked and even did your laundry. Is there anything else?”

“You know you are working extra hard and if you keep this pace up you’re looking at a raise. I don’t think you get paid nearly enough, to tell you the truth.”

“Thank you, Mr.-”

“You can call me Aleksandr, or Alek. Pick which ever feels most comfortable for you.”

“Al…right Mr…I mean Alek.”

He smiled and when she went to leave he brushed up against her, this time his hand swung back and brushed against her ass and it felt so firm and all he could think of was her beautiful body uncovered and naked. He went about his lunchtime habits as usual and if it meant getting to see his beautiful maid more often he would come home every day for lunch. He ate his spaghetti and meatballs but for some reason all he wanted was Mya in the kitchen again. Luckily for him, he would get to see her that night.


As she went about her day all Mya could think about was the second coincidence that she couldn’t quite get over. How could his hand just barely brush across her ass today, and yesterday his arm touched her breasts? She couldn’t stop thinking about him and how badly she wanted to just ask him if he wanted her and if he did to just say it. Fortunately for her the rest of her day went swimmingly and she wasn’t held up by anybody other than Nathan who kept offering her drinks and complimenting her. It was clear what he wanted but it was clear to her what he was not going to get.

That night when she showed up he was the one that had dinner going. She could smell savory herbs and chicken in the oven and she wondered if he was going to be the one to put the moves on her for the second time today. Entering the kitchen she smiled when he pulled the chicken from the oven and gave her a wink and pulled the potatoes off of the stove.

“I made roasted chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, and some dinner rolls are in the oven. I have this do unto others thing and when you made me dinner it made me want to do the same for you so here it is. I hope you brought your appetite.”

“This was a clever ploy to get me to do dishes, wasn’t it?”

“Well no but since you are doing the dishes I guess it would be fair to give you a job and some good food.”

“Fair enough and thank you for dinner.”

He smiled and they both sat down and enjoyed a meal together and shared small talk about their day and what he did at work and how she dealt with the pervert known formally as Nathan. They laughed and had a good time and when it was time for her to leave he helped her into her jacket and his fingertips brushed along her soft neck.

“Drive safe and I’ll see you early tomorrow? It’s the weekend so I don’t have to work but I have an errand or two to run so the key is behind the rose bush in a metal box. Let yourself in if it’s locked. If it’s open then come in just make sure to announce yourself. I wouldn’t want to admit that such a beautiful girl was able to scare me half to death.”

“Good night Alek, and thank you for dinner. It was really nice of you.”

When Mya left she couldn’t make her neck stop tingling as she climbed into her Jeep and took one last look at the house and saw him standing in the window with a small glass in his hand she could only assume was filled with some kind of alcohol. What she couldn’t figure out was why she didn’t just ignore the way his subtle flirting but they refused to go away. From the first time his hand touched her breasts, down to her ass, and now her highly sensitive neck and what made it more confusing was the fact that she liked it. He was older than her and though she couldn’t tell exactly how much older he had to have at least ten years on her and maybe that was what it was. Maybe it felt so good because he actually knew what he was doing and how to touch a woman but whatever it was she still couldn’t tell him to stop.

When she got home she set her purse on her dresser and undressed then stood in front of the mirror and tried to see what he saw. She wasn’t completely thrilled with her body though she never thought she was ugly. After being lost in thought for several more minutes she shrugged it off and went into the bathroom for a hot bath with bubbles. Sinking down into the hot water she let out a soft moan when she was submerged all the way up to her neck and had to push the bubbles from her face and lay her head back on the built in pillow before she could finally relax. When she began to think about her newest client her hands slowly started to wander and found her soft, firm breasts and teased her sensitive nipples with slow, light circles. Cupping her left breast she gently massaged and kneaded it while her right hand slipped beneath the water down to her clit and worked the little pleasure button in tight, slow circles. “Fuck…” Her eyes drifted closed as her other hand now snaked beneath the water and a single finger worked inside of her tight cunt and soon added a second while she toyed her clit. Thoughts of Aleksandr filled her head and those thoughts grew darker and darker with every short thrust of her fingers. She could see him undressing her and shoving her onto the bed and taking her just how he wanted to. “Fuck me Alek!” She cried as she worked her clit furiously, desperate to get off and that was exactly what came next. Her hips jerked and every muscle trembled and shook as her orgasm took complete control of her. She hadn’t had an orgasm that massive in a long time and she almost felt guilty for having erotic thoughts about a client.

Once she came down from her orgasm she bathed herself and washed her hair, then it was time for bed. The clock on the wall chimed letting her know that she only had seven hours and she had to be back up so she wisely dried off and climbed into bed and set her alarm for 6 A.M and hoped that wasn’t too early to show up. Though she had other clients she would have to visit that day and get her long list of things done including grocery shopping for herself and hitting the gym she was grateful that it was indeed the weekend and she could afford to sleep in Sunday morning.


Aleksandr slowly walked through the house with a tumbler full of his favorite vodka and looked around at all the work she had done. He could see his reflection in the floors and he never remembered his dishes being so clean. She was truly doing her absolute best at least he thought she was. If this was every day normal for Mya he couldn’t imagine what her top notch would be. He downed the rest of the glass and set it on the counter and shut off all the lights and climbed into bed and relaxed until he could fall asleep. Sitting up after an hour of trying to sleep along with tossing and turning he drummed his fingers on his night stand and turned on the television only to find the menu screen for his porn that he had been watching before. It wasn’t very often Aleksandr watched his bedroom television so he never really paid attention to what was on it. Scrolling through the scenes he found one with a platinum blonde haired girl who in an odd way resembled Mya. Without a second thought he pushed his shorts off and started the scene and started stroking nice and slow. The camera angle switched and she was on her knees looking up at him while she sucked his cock, her hand close to her mouth so she could stroke his cock and suck it and the same time. That was all it took to force him to speed up and it felt so good that he forced himself to slow down until she got on her hands and knees and begged him to fuck her. Once the man on the screen buried his cock inside of her and she started screaming that it was all it took to make him cum. Cleaning up with a few Kleenex he went to the bathroom and put his clothes in the hamper and took a cool shower to clean up and cool down.

After his shower he turned his television off once more and climbed into bed and turned the AC up to get a cool breeze and found himself passed out and submerged in dreamland. As he got more comfortable and sank into a deeper sleep the scene that he had watched earlier started playing in his mind though instead of the little blonde he saw Mya and it was him fucking her senseless and making her scream. It was one of the best nights sleep he had gotten in months if not years.

-X-The next morning -X-

Mya hopped out of bed right when her alarm clock went off and turned it off. The coffee was already brewing thanks to a handy dandy automatic timer that made fresh, hot coffee every morning whenever she wanted it to. Listening to the radio she took out a pair of red satin panties and a matching bra and grinned when the weatherman said it was already 76 and it was going to climb all the way to 92. “Perfect, absolutely perfect.” Grabbing a pair of jean shorts that came down to mid thigh she threw on a red camisole with white trim and got dressed. Deciding to put her hair up in a messy bun she grabbed her purse and practically skipped to her Jeep and cranked up the radio as she left for Aleksandr’s house.

When she did arrive she giggled when she didn’t see a single light on and knew that the “normal” people were still asleep and that gave her the chance to make him coffee and clean so when he got up he could have his coffee and a nice clean house. Turning the handle she huffed when it didn’t budge so she grabbed the key from the little box and let herself in and tucked the key in her pocket. Closing the door gently behind her she flipped on the lights and put in ear buds and went to work, starting with the kitchen.

Dancing to the beat of the song she shook her hips and rolled them around as she got the sink full of warm, soapy water. Giggling to herself when she realized that she had cleaned the dinner mess from the night before and he hadn’t been up for breakfast yet there were no dishes. Leaving the water there for later she grabbed the broom and started sweeping, occasionally playing the guitar on it and having a good time.

“Good morning Mya.” He said as he entered the room. Of course her music was up so loud he couldn’t hear her. Clearing his throat he lightly knocked on the granite countertop and spoke a little louder. “Good morning, Mya!” Now he was getting frustrated. Walking up behind her he tapped her shoulder and jumped when she screamed and clutched her chest, her heart rate instantly shot up and she could feel it beating like a drum in her chest. Snatching her ear buds out she turned to him and tried to hide her dark red cheeks but there was no hiding it.

“Your face matches your shirt. Do you always listen to your music this loud?”

“N-no. Sorry I screamed…you scared the bejeezus out of me!”

“Well if it wasn’t so loud then maybe you wouldn’t be so frightened. Anyways I’m off to run a few errands I shouldn’t be gone too long. If you want there is some left over chicken and potatoes in the fridge feel free to have some. Just leave me a thigh, would you? Thighs have always been my favorite.”

Winking at her he grabbed his sunglasses and headed out the door and Mya couldn’t help but check him out. There was something about a man in a pair of blue jeans that just got to her. She also couldn’t help but wonder if what he said about chicken was a way of flirting with her using his words, after all he was good at being subtle which wasn’t very common with guys. Most were very blunt with what they wanted but Alek was keeping her guessing and that was something she was going to have to get used to. After Mya worked vigorously to get the floors swept, mopped, and vacuumed it was time to see what needed to be done upstairs. Grabbing some supplies she headed up there to see what needed to be done and started in his bedroom, figuring that was a place he frequented more than the others.

She laughed when she saw his bed and how he had tried to make it though it was wrinkled and the pillows weren’t neatly arranged which made the, well, maid in her come out. Taking everything off she fixed the sheets, then blankets, and finally the pillows. She even set out the throw pillows that he seemed to have stuffed in a closet. Spraying all the hardwood surfaces with polish she wiped them all down and bumped the DVD player and shrugged her shoulders. She wiped down the television and didn’t realize that it had turned on until she had went into the bathroom and heard screams of pleasure coming from the bedroom. What she didn’t hear was Aleksandr coming up the steps. He had come home to get a bill off his night stand and walked into the bedroom and saw Mya staring at the screen stunned in disbelief. She saw him and the already red color of her cheeks darkened and tried to hide her embarrassment.

Alek approached her and stood behind her and placed his hands on her shoulders and smiled when he saw her trying to hide the fact that she was indeed looking even if out of the corner of her eyes. Kissing her neck his hands ran down her back and to her hips and his voice was deep as he whispered heavily in her ear. “Do you like this, Mya?” She could barely speak and when she tried her words got caught in her throat. “I know you do…you look very sexy today. Was it the weather outside that made you dress this way or do you just like showing off your gorgeous legs? Or maybe it’s your smooth, creamy thighs? Or could it possibly be your voluptuous, sexy hips? I think it’s all of the above…”

She was lost in the moment but soon pulled herself back to reality and realized what he was doing and pulled away from him. “Stop it, Alek. This is wrong…I mean…I work for you! You’re my boss…” Her words fell on deaf ears as he grabbed her by the shoulders and pushed her back on his bed. Before she could even think let alone react he was hovering over her and his hands were tangled in her hair, his lips pressed firmly to hers and she still tried to push away. “Al..ek…we can’t…you shouldn’t…” His hands retreated from her hair and unbuttoned her shorts and his lust filled eyes locked onto hers. “All you have to do is tell me to stop. That one simple word.” His hand slipped inside of her shorts and dipped beneath the waistband of her panties and he got to feel the shaved, silky skin of her mound. “You’re getting warm…and you’re already wet. You want it…you can tell me no but you won’t.” Her delicate hand wrapped around his wrist and he could see reluctance in her eyes but instead of telling him no she pushed his hand down further into he could feel her already soaking wet cunt. “You promise not to tell anybody?” He shook his head and kissed her and that was all it took. Her hands quickly tugged at his shirt and he pulled his hand out of her shorts so she could get it off and let her explore each and every strong, rigid muscle.

Pushing him back she gripped his belt letting him know exactly what she wanted without having to say a word. Her fingers nimbly unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his slacks. Leaning in she took his zipper in her teeth and dragged it down as slowly as possible. While she was busy unzipping his pants he kicked his shoes and socks off and waited for her to take them down. When she finally pulled them down she gasped when he wasn’t wearing anything beneath his jeans and all nine inches were already getting hard. She looked up at him and gave him this cute, innocent expression. “What am I supposed to do with this? It’s…so big.” He smirked and laced his fingers in her hair and pulled her closer but she pulled back enough to tease him. “What are you doing, Alek? I don’t know what you want…” He growled and pulled her hair a little harder making her whimper. “Open your fucking mouth, Mya.” She parted her lips slightly and continued to stare up at him as innocent as can be. “You mean like this?” His hand tightened a little more and he pressed the head of his cock against her lips and she got the first taste of his precum on her lips and she liked it. “Fine…you’re going to play this little game? I want you to suck my cock, Mya. I want to see those beautiful eyes looking up at me while you swallow every fucking inch like a good little girl.” That, was all Mya needed to hear and little did he know that she was aching to do just that. Wrapping her small hands around the base of him she stroked him nice and slow, adding more pressure as she came up to the head and eased it when she came back down. Sticking out her tongue she rested the underside of his head on her tongue and started to swirl around it, teasing that little ridge enough to make him cry out. Mya loved that sound and she was willing to do whatever she had to in order to make him do it more.

Taking the first few inches in she did just what he wanted and stared up at him. She liked seeing his reaction and know how good it was for him to please him. She remembered what the girl in the movie was doing and placed her hand close to her mouth and stroked him while she sucked, making him even harder and bigger in her small, hot mouth. “That’s….so good Mya. Fuck you’re good at this….mmmm shit!” She took down a little more each time her head bobbed up and down until, much to his surprise, every inch had disappeared behind her lips and she could literally kiss the very base of him and stick out her tongue to lick and tease his balls. Just when she was getting a good rhythm he pulled away, making her pout. He pulled her back to her feet and tugged at her shorts as well as her top until she was down to her bra and panties. Alek shoved her on the bed and pushed her panties to the side, too eager to pull them off and paid no attention to her socks or tennis shoes. Swiping his tongue along her slit he moaned when he tasted that forbidden sweetness for the first time. When he reached her clit it was enough to make her hips lift and grind against his mouth. “Alekkkkk! Please!” He stopped what he was doing and looked up at her and brushed his thumb back and forth over her clit, adding very little pressure to it. “Please what, Mya? What do you want?” Her eyes narrowed at him when he took her game and flipped it on her. “Ffff-fuck me.”

Sitting up he hooked his fingers in the waistband of her panties and pulled them down and smiled when she lifted her hips to help him take them off. Tossing them off the bed he parted her thighs and ran the head of his cock up and down her slit, his teasing becoming merciless as he lifted her legs straight up and closed them around his cock and thrust his hips, every inch of him gliding up and down her tight, hot cunt. “A-ek! ” She didn’t need to beg, he knew exactly what she wanted and when to give it to her. Shoving her legs apart she scooted closer and wrapped them around his waist and reached down to guide his cock inside of her. When she felt him begin to sink in she bit her lip only to scream out violently as he rammed every hot, thick inch deep inside of her. Slowly pulling out of her he thrust back in hard and deep and set that rough, slow pace. Mya reached up and found his strong biceps and dug her nails into them while he had his way with her. This was her fantasy being fulfilled but she never expected it to feel this good. Rolling her hips in perfect unison with his thrusts her hips ground against his every chance she got.

Aleksandr quickened the pace and licked his lips when he watched her firm, perky breasts bouncing each time he slammed inside of her making her claw at his arms and leave scratch after scratch. Every time he buried his cock in her she clenched around him making it feel even better and tighter than it already was. Gripping her hips he angled his with every violent thrust to massage different spots inside of her until he found that one spot. “Right there! Right…mmmm there!” He smirked and started rubbing her clit at the same time, making sure not to move an inch and keep hitting that one sweet spot that made her feel so good. “Alek! So…close! Oh fuuuucckkkk yesyesyes!” Her eyes clenched shut and he could feel it building inside of her when she got so much hotter and then she came for the first time. He moaned when she came all around him and drenched his cock with her sweet, sticky juices. He wasn’t ready to let her relax even a little bit while she had her first orgasm of the night so he continued to pummel that sweet spot and attacked her clit with two fingers making her cum even harder for him. She was trembling and pulled close to her for a hungry kiss.

He smiled when she slowly started to come down and he shook his head and whispered in her ear “This is what you wanted and you are nowhere close to being done.” Rolling onto his back he smiled when he was still deep inside of her. Mya leaned down and placed a light kiss on his lips and started to roll her hips forward and back, clenching hotly around him as she ground every inch of him inside of her. He sat up to guide her and he was taken back when she put both hands on his chest and shook her head. “It’s my turn to be on top.” He couldn’t say he didn’t like her enthusiasm, that was for sure. Laying back he watched her go from rolling her hips to slowly lifting up and sinking back down and started bouncing on him. “Just like that Mya…fuck you’re so…tight and so…so good.!” Hearing him say that made her feel even better knowing he was loving it as much as she was. Crying out when his thumb found her clit she was the one that picked up the pace this time and she was determined that this time he would be the one to cum before her. Trying to push his hand away to keep calm she cried out when he very lightly pinched it but not enough to actually cause pain but surely enough to light every nerve inside of her on fire.

Mya gasped when he suddenly took all that control that she had away from her by sitting up and quickly putting her on her back and Began pounding her as hard as he could, the sound of his skin colliding with hers and his heavy balls slapping against her skin was driving him crazy. Then to make it harder on him she reached up and started clawing his chest and leaving scratches and red marks that would be pleasant reminders of tonight when he woke. Teasing her clit he wrapped his free hand around her throat and held it there, careful not to choke her or squeeze too tightly. He could tell she liked it when her hands wrapped around his wrist and her eyes concentrated in his. “That’s…so fucking good Mya…mmmm…” Hearing the gruffness in his voice she knew he was getting closer and that made her far more eager to make him cum. Just when she couldn’t take it anymore and was about to succumb to a second orgasm she gasped and her mouth hung open when he told spoke the magic words. I’m…gonna…oh god…Mya…here it fucking comes!” Her second orgasm shot through her like a bullet, her hot juices coating his cock for a second time as he exploded deep inside of her and came much harder than he had when it was just a fantasy of her. His hot seed filled her up while her orgasm continued to rock her body and make her clench around him and milk his cock for every last drop.

Aleksandr collapsed beside her and panted heavily and Mya quickly clung to him and kissed his neck and up to his jaw. “That…was…” He panted heavily and tried to think of the right word to say and she whispered in his ear “Incredible.” All he could do was nod and smile at her, his long arms wrapping around her and pulling her back on top of him and stopped only to wipe the beads of sweat away that threatened to roll down his cheeks. “

“You know this won’t be the last time I have you, right?”

“I’m going to hold you to that. I really hate to leave but I have more houses to clean.”

“I’ll be making dinner tonight…”

“I’ll be back.” She used her best terminator voice and got up and wobbled a bit as her body continued to calm down. Slipping her panties back on she slowly got dressed and looked over at him to see him watching. Bending over as far as she could to tie her shoes she wiggled her hips playfully at him and came back up.

“Keep shaking it at me and see what I do to it.”

She reverted back to that sweet, innocent side of herself rather quickly and grinned. “What do you mean? What are you going to do to it?”

Just like that Aleksandr got out of bed and used her hair to pull her back against him and bit down on her neck enough to leave a little bruise, making Mya blush and moan and tremble all at the same time. “I think you enjoy these word games a little too much. I’ll fuck that sweet little ass of yours, Mya. I’ll be gentle at first to break you in…then fuck your perfect little ass until you can’t stop cumming.”

Mya couldn’t do anything but blush and tremble against him and began to speak. “I…” She trailed off, not quite sure of what to say. “I’ve never let a guy in there before. It’s going to hurt, isn’t it? You have to be gentle…” She didn’t get a reply from him but a soft kiss over the spot that he had bit and a tight hug. Mya eased from him and slowly walked out of his room and down the stairs and paused to take one last look upstairs and saw the bedroom door slowly ease closed. Now she just had to make it through the rest of the day without thinking of what was going to take place later.


Once Mya had left he took it upon himself to get a shower. She would be back and he wanted to be fresh and clean. Getting the water nice and hot he stepped into the shower and shuddered when the intense heat of the water rained down on his flesh, instantly soothing his tight muscles. While he rinsed off he couldn’t help but think of her and the amazing sex that they had just had. Naturally his hand found his cock and he started stroking it with the thoughts of his fantasy now fulfilled unfolding. Alek’s eyes clenched shut tightly as he imagined easing into her ass and taking that very special virginity that not many girls were willing to lose and it was the fastest orgasm he had in a very long time. A quick three minutes and his balls tightened and he came hard, his seed hitting the shower floor and was quickly carried to the drain and disappeared.

After a powerful orgasm like that he really felt like a stiff drink would be more than appropriate so he washed up then put a towel around his waist. He made his way back to the bedroom and opened the crystal bottle that he kept “the good stuff” in and poured a glass of the finest vodka he had ever tasted. Dressing in a pair of jersey shorts and a tee shirt he went downstairs to figure out something quick for lunch. After rummaging through the fridge he pulled out everything for a turkey sandwich with the works and then got out a pot roast and vegetables to stick in a crock pot. Tonight wasn’t going to be about cleaning a counter full of dishes but quick clean up so he could have his way with her and make her scream. For some reason he wasn’t just attracted to sex itself but what all it came with- the scratches, bites, and of course everything audible from skin to skin to the highest pitched screams a woman could make. Fortunately for him, Mya was good at all of those and he could tell from the red marks that were still very visible on his chest when he changed. Sipping his vodka he decided to have a little more fun by making tonight a memory that he would be able to keep not only in his head, but on a high definition disc. Setting up his camera in the perfect angle to capture everything he put it on motion sensor mode so that way the moment they came into the bedroom it would record without him having to mess with any buttons. Now that everything was set he could go downstairs to eat his sandwich and take a nap.


Mya wasn’t used to what Aleksandr had just done to her and it was clear as she pulled into Nathan’s driveway and saw him standing outside kicking a soccer ball into a net and then retrieving it. She smiled politely and went inside and quickly started to get her work done. She had just finished sweeping the floor in the kitchen when she heard the door closed and sighed, wondering if he would just go about his business but of course he had to flirt with her.

“Well hey there beautiful. How’s everything going? I was just practicing my moves outside. Nothing big…minor leagues but I can’t quit. They need a genius like me, you know?”

“Well that’s nice. I should be done in a couple hours.”

“Well take your time, Rome wasn’t built in a day. I’ll be in the gym getting my work out on if you need me.”

“I’ll be sure to keep that in mind.”

When he walked away and she heard the door to the basement close she went back to work and shook her head. “Arrogance isn’t sexy, dude.” She put away the mop and switched from her broom to her mop and quickly got everything done but made sure it was all up to the Mya Tuomi standard before calling it quits.

Quickly going back to her Jeep she climbed in and sped off before Nathan could even have a chance at talking to her and went on to her other clients. She was grateful that Mrs. Fletcher was only interested in conversation and she did very little cleaning and Mya felt almost bad for charging her so much for her services when most of the time Mrs. Fletcher did the work. The only reason the 70 something year old called her over was so they could have tea time and share stories and conversation which Mya was always enthralled in.

By the time she was done there it was time to go back to Alek’s and see what he had planned for her and what was for dinner but she had to make a little stop home first. Dropping her keys in the bowl she went to her bedroom and took off her shorts and her camisole and started looking for something more sexy. “Perfect. Simply, perfect.” Grabbing a red dress that came down to her mid thigh she knew it would turn him on and for some reason he loved to see her in red. Adjusting the dress she didn’t bother with any lingerie this time, it would be much easier for him to take off now that she knew she was going to give into him and let him do whatever he wanted with her.

Putting on a pair of 4 inch black wedges with heart detailing on them she dabbed a little perfume on her neck and wrists that had a sweet scent with a hint of strawberry and a little spice to it that she loved. Doing her hair in victory rolls she figured if she was going to do this right then might as well go all the way with it. Giving herself a once over in the mirror she turned off the lights and locked the door behind her as she headed to his house for a night she wouldn’t ever forget.

As she drove over to Alek’s she couldn’t help but think about the one thing he said he wanted from her. She was practically a virgin, making him only the second man she had been with and he would be the first to enter her anally and she could only hope that he would use a more gentle touch and respect that she deserved. She managed to wipe those thoughts away when she pulled into his driveway and gasped when she nearly hit the back of his car she quickly stopped and took a deep breath. “Relax…it’s going to be perfect tonight.”

Climbing out of her Jeep she walked up to the door and knocked and waited patiently for him to answer. She didn’t have to wait very long and when the door eased open she had to bite her lip to keep from dropping her jaw. He stood before her in an all black suit and she could smell the faint scent of his cologne already and it made her shiver.

“Hello Mya, I’m glad you didn’t forget. You look…very sexy. Do you al-”

“Only when I clean for you, Mr. Baranova.” Her voice had that sweet and innocent tone with just a hint of seductiveness to it. Alek pulled her inside and into a kiss, using her back side to close the door as he pressed her against it. “I hope you brought your appetite…” He whispered in her ear only to find himself stunned when she answered not only with her words but with the teasing sensation of her nails along his neck “For food, or for you?” It quickly became a stalemate when he pressed his larger frame against her and smirked. “I was hoping both.”

Alek released her and nodded to the kitchen and for the first time she got to smell what he was making for dinner and blushed when her stomach growled and her face got even redder when Alek turned and raised his brows at her, making it obvious that he heard her stomach practically screaming to be fed.

“I may or may not have forgotten to eat today.”

“Mya! You’re starting to sound like me, you know. Wrapped up in work and forgetting to eat. I’m glad you brought your appetite with you.”

Easing the roast out of the crock pot he sliced it and put a small portion on each plate to start with followed by the carrots, onions, and potatoes. He put both plates on the table and started pouring her a glass of wine when her hand reached out to stop him.

“Alek wait- I have to drive tonight. I can’t.”

“Who said anything about you driving tonight? I wouldn’t mind if you stayed.”

No other words needed to be said than that. Her hand let go of his and let him pour the rich red wine and when she went to sit down he pulled her chair out for her and scooted it in once she took her seat. She used that sweet smile of hers to thank him and waited for him to sit down to begin eating. As usual she told him about what she did and he filled her in on his errands and they ate in peace and he kept making her laugh right before she tried to take a bite.

“Stooooop! At this rate I’ll never get to eat!”

“I’m not doing a thing. I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Yeah. Uh huh. Watch it mister.”

He smiled and went about eating and looked up at her and saw the lust in her eyes even when she tried to hide it. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her dress and the smell of her perfume was now even stronger than the scent of his dinner as he honed in on it. He finished his plate and grabbed his plate and she suddenly glared at him and rounded the table and grabbed it from him.

“You are paying me for a reason. You don’t get to lift a finger.”

Alek growled at her and snatched the plate from her and stood up and gasped when she shoved him back down into his seat and straddled him. Without a second though he kissed her and gripped her hips and snatched her in tight to him, making her dress ride up just a little. Grinding back against him she rolled her hips and pushed the dress up little by little until he could see that she had nothing on under it. Alek couldn’t handle the sight of it for one more second and carried her straight up to the bedroom and hip checked the door open and practically tossed her back on the bed. He tugged his jacket off and fumbled with his buttons when she simply stood up and peeled the dress off her voluptuous, sensual curves and stood there in nothing but a pair of wedges and smiled.

“Do you need some help, Alek?” Her tone wasn’t the same as before, the innocence had left leaving a sultry, sexy voice. She didn’t let him answer and pushed his hands away and unbuttoned it the rest of the way and pushed it open to reveal his strong, bare chest. Pressing kisses to his neck she slowly inched lower and lower until she had to sink down to her knees and look up at him with hungry eyes. Aleksandr didn’t need any help with his belt or his trousers he made quick work of them and she was hungry for his cock and he could tell by not only her eyes but the way she constantly licked her lips. Alek moaned loudly when her hand wrapped around the base of him started to stroke him. “Tell me you want me, Alek.” He could barely think let alone tell her what he wanted but she refused to actually give him any more until he said it. “You’re getting hard for me…you know you want me. Just tell me…I like to hear you talk dirty to me too.” Alek ran his fingers through her hair and smirked. “I think you know how much I want you…I’ve wanted you ever since I saw you, Mya.”

Mya needed no instruction she opened her mouth and took the first few inches of him in and started bobbing up and down, her hand stroking him just like before. Taking him deeper she moaned around him and remembered how much he liked eye contact so she gazed up at him and winked just as she took all of him in her mouth and then came back to the tip of him and went all the way down again. She continued to deep throat him until his hand fisted her hair and in no time at all her victory rolls were curled in his fingers and the hairstyle was gone but she got the desired effect and that was all she needed. Moaning deeper when he started rocking his hips she pulled off of him before he could get used to fucking her mouth she stepped just out of his reach and crawled onto the bed and wiggled her hips at him Climbing onto the bed he pressed his cock against her wet cunt and thrust all nine inches inside of her making her grip the blanket and cry out for him. Pulling back he thrust all the way in once more just to make her scream and started to pound her little cunt, making her writhe and cry out for him and those moans and screams acted like gasoline on an already intense fire. “Fucking…tight…wet…god damn yes!” Spreading her ass open he teased the tight, puckered hole with his index finger, pressing against it and working just the tip in. “Feel that, Mya? Soon…I’m going to fuck you here. Tell me you want it…” Mya gasped when he once again turned the tables on her and used her word games against her and submitted to his request. “I want it…” He shook his head and used his free hand to spank her hard. “You know to use your words by now, Mya.” She looked over her shoulder with the a sultry, seductive grin and gave him what he wanted in full detail. “I want you to fuck my ass, Alek. I want to feel you fill me up and stretch me in a way nobody else has.”

Alek couldn’t take one more minute. He pulled the bottle of lube from the night stand and put a little on his finger and rubbed it around the dark pink star and slowly eased it in and slowly worked it in and out and started fucking hard and fast once more. Hearing her whimper he put a little more lube on his fingers and put some on her asshole as well and slowly worked two in. When she immediately clenched around him he knew he had to take it nice and slow so he waited for her to get more comfortable and pushed them in a little further and slowly started to finger her ass. “Relax, Mya. Rub your clit for me…nice and slow.” She nodded lightly and did exactly as he asked and he continued to pound her little cunt, knowing he was going to have to slow down soon he pulled completely from her making her look back at him with almost pleading eyes and he gave her a warm smile as he started lubing up his cock and she knew exactly what he was coming. His shaft was already slick with her juices but he was going to need lube as well to make it easier on her. Pressing the tip of his cock against her ass she took a deep breath and he slowly pushed in. It took a few nudges of his hips to finally get his head in and he could hear her sounds of pain mixed with pleasure as she toyed her clit. “Allleeeeeek….slow…really slow…” He knew she was going to need to get used to it so he took it as slow as he could and took it inch by inch. Once he was most of the way in he very gently started rocking his hips back and forth and saw how fast she was working her clit and knew that it was still going to hurt her for a little while.

As he continued to rock his hips he could feel her beginning to relax and he loved that. He knew it was feeling a little better and he hoped it even felt somewhat good for her. Looking over her shoulder she gave him a devious grin and she said those three little words that about made him cum. “Fuck me harder!” He gave her just what she wanted and sank every last inch in nice and deep and really started to fuck her. Her body was quivering and she knew she couldn’t hang on but neither could he, and she knew it.

So instead of letting himself cum he withdrew from her ass and took her straight to the bathroom when the thought of shower sex crossed his mind. He had came in there earlier thinking about her so this was more than fitting. Starting the hot water he added cold to keep it from scalding eased back inside of her ass and started to fuck her like he did before, making her screams echo off of the tile walls and the glass. Soon enough the orgasm he had warded off came back with a vengeance but little did he knew she was close, too. He slammed inside of her one last time and that was it. He could give no warning as he seized up and came deep inside of her ass, the sensation was enough to make her cum for him too, her cunt dripping from the intensity of her orgasm.

Both of them slowly sank to the tile floor and let the water rain down on them as they cuddled together and he slowly started to feel sleepy. This was his second orgasm of the day and it had taken its toll. Mya, on the other hand, was already passed out in his arms. Deciding to take her to bed he dried her off and laid beside her and quickly fell asleep. Little did he know that in the morning Mya would wake up early and be gone before he could roll out of bed.

-X-two blissful and sexless weeks later -X-

Mya for some reason was feeling nauseous and queasy and she couldn’t explain it. Finally she broke down and went to the market and bought a home pregnancy test and drove home so fast she could have easily gotten a ticket for at least 30 over. Once home she went into the bathroom and took the test. The next three minutes were the longest in her life and once she got it back she stared at those two pink lines and immediately felt sick. She was in tears as she dialed Aleksandr’s number, the only lover she had that actually came inside of her, and tried not to break down.

Bucky Collins downed the last of his whiskey and collected his chips to cash in. His cousin, Don Lee, who served as his driver and bodyguard escorted the Black Mafia attorney-slash-lieutenant to front door. His leisure trip to the Big Apple had been fruitful. Tonight, his winnings totaled $2,300.00. Don Lee was especially happy as his younger, much smarter relative had promised him 25% plus $100 of any profits earned this evening. Bucky considered it a small price to pay for Don Lee’s muscle and quick shot skills earned from a brief stint in the army.

As they approached the shiny 1973 Lincoln Continental, Bucky informed his cousin that they should pick up some girls – his treat. Don Lee agreed and jumped into the driver’s seat. Bucky tossed his cash-filled briefcase on the rear seat next to him and rubbed his crotch. The radio was blasting Smokey Robinson’s recent hit “Baby That’s Backatcha”. Don Lee rocked his head to the beat as he took a left out of the alley.

The cousins were a year and a half apart, but Don Lee had been held back in school so they graduated together. They were a force to be reckoned with on their small South Carolina town’s football team. With the older Collins boy on the offensive line and the other at wide receiver, they won the state championship their senior year. While Don Lee went off to the Army, Bucky enrolled at Delaware State College. He played football for the Hornets while earning his undergraduate degree. Not happy with being just the first college grad in the family, he then went to law school at the University of Pittsburgh.

“Hey man, go down to 53rd. I saw some chicks out there that looked like they get down. Ya dig?”

“Alright cuz.”

The luxury sedan made its way onto the appropriate street and drove slowly to examine the merchandise.

“Pull over here,” commanded Bucky. He rolled down his window and called out to group of four ladies standing on the sidewalk together. The women approached and Bucky started, “What it is, ladies? My associate and I are looking for a couple of foxes to spoil tonight?”

“So, is this a group thing? Cause that’s gonna cost extra, big daddy,” one of them stated.

“No sweetheart. We’re both going solo.”

“Pick me,” the shortest one begged.

“Yeah! You and Miss Minnie Mouse jump in,” he said referring to a taller girl wearing the Disney character t-shirt.

“That’s gonna be twenty-five a piece.”


“Up front, sir.”

Bucky peeled out fifty bucks and handed each girl her share. “Short stack, you’re back here with me. Minnie Mouse you’re up front.”

The ladies hopped in the car and Don Lee headed off to Hotel Theresa.

Bucky’s friend spoke first, “I’m Champagne. And this is Candy.”

“I’m Bucky.”

“And I’m Don Lee.”

“Where are you gentlemen from,” inquired Candy.


“How old are you,” Bucky asked his new friend.

“I’m twenty-four. And you?”

“Thirty. You ladies do a li’l snow?”

“Yes,” beamed Candy. “It makes sex so much better,” she added.

They came to a stop in the parking lot and each couple retired to their appointed room.

Don Lee stood at an impressive six-feet-four-inches and weighed just a touch under two hundred and sixty pounds. He escorted Candy to the door and gave her a slap on her round bottom. She purred. “I love redbones, baby!”

“Well, you’re in luck. My dad was Puerto Rican.”

“Oh, I got a mamacita.”

“Si papi,” she laughed.

“You’re tall for a woman.”

“I’m five ten. Is that okay?”

“Shole is,” Don Lee nodded.

Don Lee opened the door and undressed down to his t-shirt and boxers.

“Where’s the goods?”

“Right here,” pointed Don Lee.

“Well, let’s get high, papi.”

In the other room, Bucky and Champagne sat on the bed and each snorted a line of cocaine. “Damn, you sexy,” he commented.

“Thanks handsome! How’d you end up in my neck of the woods?”

“Overheard some people saying there were hot girls down that way”

“Well, were they right?”

“Yes ma’am,” he winked

“How tall are you,” she asked placing her hand on his left leg.

“Five eleven. And you?”

“I’m five six.”

“This is some good shit. It’s starting to kick in. Get naked.”

Champagne pranced around the room. Her perky boobs poked out as her blouse was removed. Bucky stood and moved close to her. He bent down to suck on her chocolate tits. As he licked them, his hands began to explore her body. Her skin was soft and smooth. He caressed her curves and moved his hand to her butt cheeks. He squeezed them firmly. Champagne cooed.

She dropped to her knees and unbuckled his belt. She massaged his stiff member as she took off his pants. The dark brown dick stood at attention. Champagne opened her mouth and began to swallow all eight thick inches. Bucky put his hands on her head and thrust himself all the way down her throat. Champagne sucked his tool without issue. It was apparent she had no gag reflex.

“Suck it good,” he commanded.

“Yes sir,” she mumbled.

“You suck dick better than anyone I know.”

“Wait till you fuck me.”

“I wanna fuck you bad,” he breathed

“You will, big daddy.”

Champagne pulled down her shorts and slid off her panties. Bucky helped her up and kissed her passionately then stepped back to admire all of her. Champagne stood proudly and confidently. Bucky loved how sure of herself she was. He scanned the length of her. His eyes locked in on something not quite right. His brain, working slightly slower, finally registered that Champagne had a dick.

“What the hell baby?”

“Oh, you didn’t know, big daddy?”

“Hell no. Never seen no shit like this before.”

“Well, you can still fuck me. It’s way better than pussy.”

“How do you figure?”

“Cause it’s true.”

“I’m not gay.”

“Here’s the skinny. Fucking me doesn’t make you gay,” she informed him. “You picked me up cause you thought I was a chick, right?”

“Yeah.,” Bucky confirmed.

“So, you’re a man and I’m a lady. What’s gay about that?”

By this time Champagne was again stroking his cock. And, Bucky felt himself getting harder. She had a point. She looked just like woman except for that small dangling thing between her legs. He was horny and his reasoning skills were slightly hampered from the snorting earlier. He slapped her ass and said, “Bend over!”

Champagne jumped onto the bed landing on all fours. She wiggled her onion shaped booty to entice the six-foot caramel skinned man. Bucky stepped apprehensively and placed his eight-inch cock at her waiting hole. “Spit on it, daddy,” she pleaded. Bucky slurped and sent a big stream of saliva down to the place where his throbbing member met her waiting hole. He pushed while Champagne spread her ass cheeks apart. As his tool entered her, the warmth and tightness sent chills through his body.

“Goddamn, girl! This shit feels good.”

“Told you so,” she remarked.

Bucky began humping rhythmically. Champagne cooed and begged for more. Her asspussy was getting wetter.

“Oh fuck,” Bucky yelled as he placed his right foot on the bed to gain leverage.

“Give it to me, daddy,” she pleaded.

Next door, Don Lee and Candy could hear the commotion. She looked up from the amazing blow job she was delivering and said, “Looks like your friend is working Miss Champagne’s ass.”

“Yeah, he’s beating that pussy up.”

Candy laughed.

“What’s so funny?”

“Miss Champagne ain’t got no pussy.”


“Miss Champagne is really Mr. Phillip.”

“Stop playing.”

“I’m serious,” she said before going back down on him.

“Shit, that feels good! You got a pussy, right?”

She shook her head no.

“For real? You a man?”

Candy stopped sucking and offered, “Kinda.”

“I can’t believe this shit. My momma said there wasn’t nothing good in New York.”

“Well, your momma never met me.”

Don Lee stood and laughed. “I was ready to fuck you good. But, I can’t fuck no dude.”

“I’m not a dude,” Candy countered removing her Minnie Mouse t-shirt. Her 36C titties plopped out. “Do you know any dudes with hooters like this?”

“No,” Don Lee thought aloud. “You do suck a mean dick. Get up here and let me titty-fuck you.”

Candy complied and Don Lee straddled his feminine friend. He pressed her large knockers together around his seven and a half inch dick. As he slid his member back and forth, Candy flicked the tip with her tongue.

Don Lee could hear the bed knocking against the wall in his cousin’s room.

Bucky now had Champagne square in the middle of the bed on her back. Her legs were placed over his shoulders. He arched his back as he pounded his cock in and out of her extremely wet hole. “You like that boipussy, Bucky?”

The question registered as odd in his mind. “Hell yeah,” was his answer. Even though he wasn’t quite sure what he was saying.

“Fuck me, baby! Fuck me harder.”

“Yes ma’am.”

“I love that big South Carolina dick.”

“Oh you do.”

“Hell yes. Give it to me.”

Bucky settled into his stride giving her long, full, deep strokes with his gorging prick.

Meanwhile, Candy was blowing kisses at Don Lee in hopes that he would pummel her pussy hole with his fat cock. “Let’s get another snort,” she suggested.

After this hit, Candy removed the rest of her clothing and lay on the bed so that her ass was fully exposed and her knees were on the floor. Don Lee studied the round siren calling out to him. Somewhere, his mind told him it was okay to fuck this lady or whatever it was before him. He figured that it must be normal since his cousin next door was doing the same thing.

He eased behind her and worked the head in small circles at the opening of her anus. Candy took him in her hand to guide his missile into her. Don Lee was pleasantly surprised at the snug fit around his cock. He pulled it out partially and thrust it quickly back into her. Candy yelped, “Owww!”

“Too big for you?”

“I’m okay,” she postured. “Just gotta get used to it.”

“Cool,” he remarked working himself in smooth strokes.

The bed creaked under Bucky and Champagne. He felt his body tensing. “You’re gonna make me cum.”

“Shoot it, big daddy!”

Bucky continued pounding and Champagne began to squirm.

“Oh, daddy! I’m cumming.”

Bucky felt a gush of wetness on his dick. His dick swelled inside of her. “Damn you’re fucking wet!”

“Yeah. You just made my ass cum.”

“Shit, you can cum out your ass?”

“Yes sir!”

“That’s hot! Roll that ass over.”

Champagne flipped onto her stomach and tooted her bottom in the air. Bucky got behind her and pushed inside. He slammed in and out of her with amazing speed.

“Oh shit,” yelled Champagne.

Candy was now thoroughly enjoying the pile driver working her rectum. Don Lee dug his hands in her thighs and pulled her into him.

“That ass feels good!”

“That dick feels good, papi!”

“Take that dick!”

“Oh, I love it!”

Don Lee pulled out and stood up. He lifted Candy and turned her towards him. He hefted her up with her long legs hooked over each of his elbows. She placed his dick at her now open hole and slid back down on it. He started curling as he walked towards the wall. He pressed her against it and continued feeding her asspussy his cock. His balls ached each time they collided into her. He leapt, with her still in his arms, onto the bed. Pumping harder, she screamed, “Oh papi!”

“I’m gonna cum!”

“Ooh yes. Give it to me,” she begged.

Don Lee let forth a loud roar as his love muscle released a flood of baby batter. He collapsed on top of her. His sweaty mass of a body drenched and covered her. She licked his ear and whispered, “That was amazing!”

Bucky had gained a second wind it seemed with Champagne’s ass now fully open. She wiggled around to get out from under her, but he pinned her tiny one hundred and twenty pound body to the bed. He was now fully hammering her ass with long strokes.

“I’m about to blow, girl!”

“Ooh yes!”

Bucky’s body tensed. His legs stretched. His butt flexed and his cock shot several large streams of cum deep into the depths of Champagne’s butt-pussy. She sighed with great satisfaction and ran her fingers through his closely cropped afro.

Champagne rushed into the bathroom and when she exited, she announced she needed to get going. She asked for Bucky’s friend’s room number so she could call Candy.

“Hello,” the gruff voice answered.

“Is Candy there?”

“Yeah, hold on.”

“Hey girl!”

“Are you two finished in there?”

“Yeah. Just a few minutes ago.”

“Well, meet me in the lobby in five minutes so we can split a cab.”

“Okay! Bye!”

Champagne collected her clothes that were strewn about the floor. Dressed and walking to the door, Bucky called out, “Write your number down.” She scribbled out the digits on the small pad sitting on the desk.

The next morning, the cousins checked out of the hotel. Ten minutes into the drive back to Philadelphia, Bucky decided to raise the subject. “Was yours a good fuck?”

“She wasn’t quite what I was expecting.”

“Yeah neither was mine.”

“I’m not sure I’d do that again though.”

“Me neither,” replied Bucky as he rubbed the pocket that contained the phone number left for him the night before.

T’was the night before Christmas and… a very naughty mouse was stirring and she did not want a quiet house. When I go t home she left me a package to open. So I opened it to find this very thin, light black fabric which is see through. It is a dress of some sort. Wait here’s a picture…… Oh my GOD!

The dress slips over my head and is held up by a single strap around my neck attached to a loop on each side at the shoulder. The loops hold the fabric open for the entire front of the dress. The fabric drapes down in abundance and curves just under the belly button. (Obviously creating a “play with me” area.) Half the models ample breasts are sensually visible from the side. The dress tightens a little snug around the upper thighs.

Oh what’s this; I open the box within a box to find….. Breasts! What on earth…..you must be in one of your deliciously naughty moods. Oh wait…. ah yes the “fuck me” heels. What ensemble could possibly be complete without them?


Well that note is very specific.

It takes about 45 minutes until you surprise me by slipping out of the closet and up behind your new fully dressed slut.

You coo in my ear as your hand caresses my belly admiring my busty chest in the mirror. My baby likes them BIG that’s for sure. “I’ll be the man tonight and not waste any time you whisper……… have I got something for you baby,” you say as you feel me up in my slinky dress.

We both know what is coming. The look of greed and lust in your eyes shortens my breath and actually scares me a little. You handle me in a way that takes all the personality out of what is about to happen. Ignoring me and concentrating on your little creation makes me feel like a piece of meat for your pleasure. You know I like it but it is also a bit scary. Now your hand slides into my panties and palms my already hard cock. You whisper obscenities in my ear.

I can feel you getting more and more anxious as your body grinds against me from behind. Your hand now fondles my breasts inside my little dress as you have been leading me to the kitchen. I know why too. Ahhh that big counter at just the right height has been magically transformed into a little cushion of blankets and a pillow. You walk me into it as the hard surface touches my thighs. You bend me over as you force my legs apart. The heels hike my ass in the air as I plop onto the counter. I turn my head to the side as you hold it down with one hand. Your other hand pulls my panties aside and a lubed finger is roughly shoved into me so hard I flinch and moan.

I tried not to flinch and moan because I know it turns you on and makes you more aggressive but it is useless. Your finger stays shoved inside me up to the knuckle as you grind it in a circle pulling up on my ass at the same time. It hurts in a nasty way, and you are determined to get as much out of me verbally from 1 finger shove as you can before you move on. As I calm down a bit you pull all the way out and whisper “that was nice”. You stand towering over me and shove it in me again watching my reaction holding my face down. The initial reaction from a hard shove excites you incredibly and you do it over and over observing and delighting in my reaction. Then you start your finger fucking, loosening me with two then three, my whimpering is music to your ears.

I know you will slow down soon and tease me some more, I just have to hold on a little longer…………………………..THRUST! Your whole strap on cock rips me open as the balls bang my ass. I scream in shock over and over as you mount me grabbing my hips with your free hand while you start furiously fucking me using the whole length of your 10″ weapon. You can see my face is attempting to cry and whimper but the screams seem to have priority at the moment so I can’t. You revel in the sensory overload going through my body. “There’s plenty of time to cry later, for now just scream baby,” you say sternly.

Your hands rake my body going from my cock to my exposed breasts. Your thrusts never let up as you grind into me. All the weight lifting and sit ups you have done for your thighs and lower body have made you amazingly powerful and given you a paralyzing hard thrust.

You delight in the power you wield with your cock. After a few thrusts you are ready for what is to come. That’s why you chose the counter and this position… I instinctively struggle wildly to escape but you keep me pinned and pound me furiously hard and fast. This is the critical moment. If you can keep me down you can pound till I am too weak to resist and subdue me. If I can squirm out from under you and get away your fuck is over.

You grab at my wrists as I try to get up, you knee at my thighs as I try to close my legs to stand. It is a surprisingly fierce struggle all the while you bang hard into me. We are huffing and puffing amongst the screams and moans but you feel it…. ah right there……. I weaken and….


You lean over my back as you ride me feeling a huge sense of pride and accomplishment at your conquest. Now you move up on me a little more and enjoy long smooth thrusts.

Tears well up in my eyes, as we both grunt for different reasons. You don’t let up for a good 30 minutes (Damn those aerobic classes). You have really worked your body in ways that give you a distinct advantage when you want to dominate someone with your strap on.

“Keep this outfit Baby, it makes me Horny,” you whisper, “This will begin your collection”.


As usual I love to hear your responses. For you ladies, what outfit would you put me in next and what scenario would you “take me” in? A sexy pic or detailed description is a must. Maybe I’ll write a 2nd installment just for you.

The man and woman sat at their table in the veranda of the hotel awaiting their food. Both eagerly excited to see what would be concocted from their initial orders from the menu. As she twirled her honey colored Pies porter in her fishbowl-sized glass, bored by her companion and the lack of their conversation, her eyes scanned the restaurant looking from one couple to the next searching for a true match made in heaven. The 5-star Tuscan-based restaurant nestled itself quietly in the center of the hotel. Hundreds of rooms overlooked the broad style and finish of the highly eloquent eatery. Reservations were taken months in advance. He had made them several months back as a surprise for their 10th anniversary. Neither knew that the night would fizzle even before they set foot in this quaint hotspot. An argument had ensued in the car about how damn long it had taken her to get ready. He was such a tightass about being to the destination early. She disregarded his complaint and told him to loosen up. He had already hit the red zone for high blood pressure. Upon entering the hotel, he still relentlessly did not ease up. This made for an awkward dinner conversation.

Moving her head, peering at other couples as if she was a surveillance camera sweeping her head slowly back and forth from side to side, she saw no one worth giving her full attention to. Loosing concentration of her swirling motion of her glass, she got clumsy. Some of the sweet Pies porter shot out of the glass and dotted her large chest just below her aquamarine colored pearl necklace. She quickly turned her attention toward him to see his reaction. He was still pissed and unamused. He showed little tolerance for her and just sat there and let the sweet succulent drops slowly slide down between her breasts. She decided to see if he would trash his attitude from the car ride over and playfully follow the descending drops down into the canyon of desire. He did no such thing. He grabbed his cloth napkin from his lap and tossed it across the table toward her, motioning for her to mop herself up. Livid, she tilted her head back and guzzled the rest of her sweet tasting wine in one quick motioned fell swoop.

Announcing, “I’m going to the effing bar to get something a bit more powerful.”

He waived her away without a hint of remorse. With his back to the bar sitting at the table, and her back to him as she approached the bartender, she figured it was time to break out the heavy alcohol to drown her sorrows quickly and effectively. Summoning to the bartender that she would like a doubleshot of Crown Royal and a Martini—stirred with 2 olives—she lopped her purse on the counter and stood there waiting for him to comply. Suddenly, she felt 2 very muscular hands place themselves on her hips and slowly side around to the front of her abdomen and gently make their way toward her C-cup breasts. She smiled and thought that it was about time that he came and apologized for treating her like shit on this very special night. A warm breath nuzzled up to her ear and bit at the lobe and whispered softly to her in a sensual way.

“I can’t believe how sexy you look and how stunning you smell right now. How is it that your husband isn’t even the least bit attracted to you right now?”

She spun around on her right heel and faced him for the second time today. His sexy smile immediately melted her all over again. She had casually bumped into him earlier at the grocery store while purchasing some milk, lipstick, and a nice bottle of Aussie Merlot. He had nothing more than a pack of gum and a mega family size box of condoms. She snorted at the idea that he was arming himself with so many. She figured he would be dating an entire WNBA women’s basketball team tonight. His smile lightened up when he saw her eyes question the box of condoms. That smile instantaneously made her knees melt. That encounter at the store was the first time she had seen him in about 15 years. They had gone their separate ways out of high school and decided to see where life took them. Ironically, life had given them a chance encounter.

Now, staring into his hazel eyes with her own questioning deep blue eyes, she smiled and then spilled out,

“What the eff are you doing here?”

He retorted, “I’m checking you out. I just had to follow you because I couldn’t get enough of your beauty earlier.”

Cracking another smile he confessed the truth. It turns out that his friend was getting married in one of the banquet rooms in this very same hotel. He was being bombarded by single women to dance and that just wasn’t his thing. He needed some space and air and upon walking out of the banquet room saw the last 5 minutes of her interaction with her husband. He dually noted that it looked awfully unpleasant. He snuck a quick look at her again and remarked at how gorgeous she looked completely dressed up. It made her blush and he loved doing that to her. She also didn’t mind hearing sexy compliments about herself that she never heard anymore from her husband.

Looking her over he noticed her liquid satin sky blue colored Donna Karan sundress that was covering only one shoulder. The other shoulder was completely nude and showing off a fetching tan. The dress dipped halfway down her bust line showing off her well proportioned and natural C-cup breasts. Her hair pinned up and giving way to all the secret spots of her neckline. He commented on her aquamarine necklace and said that it added a touch of class to her naughty demeanor.

“What do you mean?” she commented.

“I knew the sexiness you portrayed in high school with the entire line of fancy underwear you wore on a daily basis. Did you forget we once dated? Naughtiness like that doesn’t fade with the person through the years, but rather it strengthens with age. I know what you’re donning under there,” he whispered discreetly.

This caused her to crack a smile. Her heart picked up the pace as his eyes dropped southward to her long and toned tanned legs. He cracked a smile showing his white teeth and motioned without saying anything with his mouth, “Thigh-Highs.”

She laughingly shook her head no and said, “In your dreams.”

He whispered, “I’ll bet you your panties right here and now that you’re wearing nude thigh-highs and not hose.”

She shook her head signifying “NO DEAL.”

“What’s the matter”, he quietly whispered, “Are you afraid of loosing to an old boyfriend and having to dish your undies to the guy you still think about?”

Stepping closer, he faintly whispered even quieter, “Seeing you today in the store reaffirmed my idea of why I never got married myself. I never gave up hope that one day we would meet up again and the sexual chemistry would ignite this burning feeling I’ve got growing down here.”

He motioned effortlessly to his crotch. She so badly wanted to grace it with the tips of her fingers. Her tongue protruded from her mouth and lightly licked her bottom lip. The deliciously naughty thoughts that were being tossed around in her head created a spark of her own. She felt the moistness between her legs growing. She knew she had to stop this before it sent her over the edge and cause her knees to buckle. She stepped backward toward the bar as his hands graced her leg and began moving north to investigate if, in fact, his accusation of her stockings was in fact true. She casually batted his hand away and swung her hips and sidestepped her old acquaintance making her way back to the table empty-handed. The smile that was exploding from her mouth was larger than life. As she sat down at the table facing the bar, she dared not to look up at him again. Her pulse was beginning to level out.

“Where the eff is your drink?” the prick-of-the-night beckoned.

“I slammed it at the bar and decided to come back to apologize to you for being late tonight. I really don’t want to argue on our anniversary. Please forgive me!”

Her husband actually turned away her apology and began going off about her lack of decency and respect for others. His anger flared, obviously not willing to let her actions go. Not believing his temper or words being thrown out at her, she took the abuse and listened to what he had to dish at her. In the middle of his thought, he was interrupted by the ex-boyfriend.

“Excuse me,” looking solely at her, “I’m sorry to interrupt, but I think we went to high school together.”

Her concentration broken now, she couldn’t believe what her ex was doing. It took some major balls to do this—yet he was a master at it.

“Yes,” she gracefully said, “I think I we did. You look awfully familiar.”

Flashing his killer smile that melted her every time, he reintroduced himself to her. She couldn’t believe he was doing this. His confidence was so attractive and sexy. Turning to her dirt bag of a husband, he kindly introduced himself. The husband glared at him before taking notice of his 3-button navy Ralph Lauren suit. His mint lightning-patterned tie coordinated perfectly with it. He donned a slip-on Kenneth Cole midnight black square toed shoe. The husband recognized that this guy was suave and sophisticated. He felt a tinge of jealousy that Don Juan here had once dated his wife—that is, until he noticed his wedding ring.

The husband had to clear the air, “So you’re married?”

The intruder nodded and smiled again. She motioned for him to join her for a few moments to catch-up. The husband did not object. She knew damn well that the ring was a decoy to ease the husband’s mind and place him in a realm of comfort so he could feel better that this showboat was not bringing on competition. He slid into the chair next to the prick and began explaining that he was here for his friend’s wedding. She was diagonal from him and contorted her body to face him head-on. He also added that he would be a guest here tonight at the hotel because he did not know as to what time the wedding would be over, nor the condition he would be in to drive. Her ears and attention swiftly perked at the mention of that important fact. She smiled and he winked at her.

The next few minutes were a blur for him as he began telling the husband about how he and his ex-girlfriend were inseparable in high school. They did everything together. He even mentioned the prom. As he went into the funny story about their prom and how they both ended up getting kicked out of the dance for their lewd conduct of placing “I’m an Asshole” tags on the backs of the head and assistant principals, he felt something beginning to snake itself between his legs and lightly rub around feeling the dimensions of what he was hiding beneath his pants. It was her right nylon encased foot. Apparently, she had slipped off her cream Alfani four inch pump and was irresistibly teasing him beyond his wildest expectations. This lit him up and caused him to rise to the occasion instantaneously. She felt his enormous bulge balloon up and continued to work her magic with her feminine size seven foot. Her smiled never wavered. Since the linen from the tablecloth hung low over his crotch, the husband was never the wiser. A few times, the gentleman’s voice cracked while telling the husband one of his stories due to the ongoing pleasure he was receiving from his reintroduced friend from across the way. She would pretend to laugh at the right times, but secretly she really laughed at how he was handling himself. She knew she could keep this up all night. The question was, how long would he be rising to the challenge? She was so incredibly turned on with his debonair good looks and confidence that was radiating from where he was sitting, that she found herself being attracted to him all over again. She didn’t give a shit about her limp dick husband or his pussy attitude that he brought to the evening. Unknowingly, she began to grind between his legs harder and with more intensity. He looked as if he was going to explode. His face began to twist in an awkward way and he stopped mid sentence on one of his stories.

The husband croaked, “Hey, are you okay. You look effing messed up.”

The gentleman ignored his comment and waived him off as to say he was fine. He casually slid his left hand below the table and gently grasped her foot. She was smiling widely, clearly enjoying this. He figured he would repay her and begin massaging her nylon engulfed foot. He loved the feel of the material. It was so sensuous and silky to the touch. He deeply wanted to know her secret of whether she was still a thigh-high girl or not. His guess was that she still was.

He told the husband that he would finish this last funny story he had to tell about her cheerleading days. He promised to be quick. Glancing over in her direction quickly, he could tell she was enjoying every bit of what he was doing to her. The waves of pleasure were being received fully and with great enjoyment. The look on her face said it all. Her eyes closed, her lips pursed together and her breasts heaving with each heavy breath. He knew he had her.

Suddenly, the husband exclaimed, “What the eff is the matter with you, honey? You look like your ready to climax or something.”

Her foot immediately retreated to her side of the table back into her expensive shoe and her eyes busted open in shock.

“What? What was that?” she said. “Ohh, oh no. I’m okay. I was just reminiscing of the old times.”

The husband didn’t buy it. His suspicions rose. The handsome guy looked at her and asked if she would like to see some current pictures of his wife and kids he had in his wallet.

Skeptically, she agreed. He stood up to take a seat next to her, but she suddenly remembered that he would still be erect and a dead give away to her husband. To deter her husband’s attention from any notice of what the handsome guy might have pointing in his pocket like a pencil, she purposefully reached out and bumped his glass of wine, knocking it over and onto her husband. He was less than thrilled by the chilled liquid cascading down the tablecloth and onto his pants. Instinctively, he pushed his chair back to avoid the wine and stood up. It was too late. He was doused with about 10 ounces of sweet liquid. The look he gave his wife could have killed her right then and there. Excusing himself, he made way for the restroom to clean himself up. He ordered her to get him another drink by the time he came back.

The handsome man sat calmly next to her and whispered, “You’re husband is a naïve and pompous effing prick.”

She nodded back to him, “Yeah, what a way to spend my anniversary. I’m surely not giving him any satisfaction of any kind tonight.”

Placing his hand gently on the bridge of her knee and slowly sliding it north under her light dress to investigate, he muttered, “He may not be getting any, but I’d sure like to rekindle some of this sexual tension between both of us. My God, did I tell you how incredible you look.”

Looking deep into her large blue eyes, he whispered, “You’re more beautiful than ever.”

His hand suddenly stopped at the top of her stocking on her thigh. It answered his prominent question posed earlier.

He smiled and said, “I was right, you haven’t changed a bit. You’re lucky you didn’t bet me, because right now I’d be demanding my prize—your panties.”

He continued to glance in the direction of the restrooms checking to make sure that the prick wasn’t going to steal any of these precious minutes with his rekindled sexpot.

Snickering slightly, she bellowed, “Looks like you’re the naïve one, stud. You don’t remember anything about me from the past other than my love for thigh-highs, because…”

She leaned in close and nibbled on his earlobe and proclaimed, “when I get dressed up, I don’t prefer to wear any panties.”

Melting lower into his seat, he closed his eyes and his lips pressed together and curved into an upward curved smile. With that, his manly bulge grew large again. She then placed her hand on it to further investigate it, while slightly stretching open her legs. He immediately took notice of this and walked his fingers further up her thigh to investigate. What he found was an eye-opening and energetic boost of desire for her. He could feel her honey pot drenched and emitting desirable signals to explore at will. The man’s fingers covered in her juices exuberated great warmth and moisture everywhere. He was loving every minute of it. He decided to take a chance and give her special spot a soft flick with his index finger.

“Ohhhh…do it again”, she purred in his ear, responding with a handful of his pants in her grasp as she began to really clutch his manly loin and pump it this way and that.

Instinctively, he did it again and got glorious reviews from her hand. He applied a little pressure to her nub and began rubbing it in a circular motion. All hell broke loose. Going stiff as a board with her legs, she clutched the table with one hand and squeezed his cock with her other hand so hard that he thought it felt like a vice grip. The blood and circulation flow was completely cut off.

Add to that that she yelped out, “OHHHHHHH……HOLY SHIT!”

All talking in the restaurant ceased instantly. People focused their eyes on the two of them. Immediately his hand pulled away from her sweet spot and went limp. He thought he hurt her and was deducing a way to help.

“What did you stop for?” She bellowed, “That felt effing amazing. He hasn’t touched me like that in years. Do it again, please. I want it again, now.”

He was shocked that that was all it took for her. As couples around them turned their conversations back to one another he skillfully he made his way back to her sensitive area. His pinkie grazed her mound and he took note that she was donning a neatly trimmed one-inch wide landing strip. He loved art displayed in the most intimate areas. He snickered and using his ring finger applied a bit of pressure to her spot. She tensed up again and closed her eyes enjoying the pleasure he was bringing to her. It was taking her breath away and bringing her back to the days when she had regular orgasms without having to think about them. He decided to find out if she would enjoy this experience if he would take it a step further. While his ring finger made circular motions, his index finger parted her lips and entered her ever so slowly. Her eyes cracked open as she turned her head toward him and gave him her approving nod that agreed with what she was doing. A few more seconds of this erotic play and it was over.

Just as the fun had begun, the dick of a husband was making his way back from the restroom. Though he was taking his time, his attention was focused on the hostess and her short black dress in which she was showing quite a bit more cleavage than she should of. The handsome man’s hand retreated from the comfort of her honey pot and slid its way back into his pocket fumbling aimlessly for something. She opened her eyes and noticed immediately why her tight and much needed orgasm would not happen now. Fire burned in her eyes as she glared at the prick checking out the other woman. Quickly she turned to her stallion and tried to tell him that she wanted to finish what had now started up between them again, but she stopped when she felt his hand re-enter under her dress again. He found her garter strap and gently slid something smooth and cool between it and her skin. All at once he removed his hand from the undercarriage of her dress, stood up, buttoned his coat to hide his erection, and placed his hand back into his pocket. Just then the husband made his last turn and advanced on the table. The handsome man thanked the husband for allowing him the opportunity to say hello to his ex-girlfriend. Turning to her, he winked and said his goodbye wishing her luck in the future. He strolled outside of the restaurant and disappeared past the bar. The husband sat down and asked what had happened while he was away.

I feel your hands on my body, but my hands are tied to the corners of the bed. You kiss me, first gently, then intensely, as you slip a blindfold over my eyes and I fall into the darkness. The sensations intensify. You kiss me again, then you lick my nipples and I can feel the sparks flying all through my body; I tense up as I sense you move away, but I can feel your hands again as you spread my legs wide and give a few licks to my already wet pussy. I shudder.

I can sense you move away again, then you come back and start playing with my pussy. You slide a couple of fingers in and it is dripping by now, I want you so much. I feel your finger up my ass and I tighten around it, but you take it right out as I do and then I feel something much bigger on the tip of my asshole. I try to move away but you’re no longer gentle, you hold me down and force what feels like a massive butt plug into my tight ass. I now feel sparks of pain as I’m stretched out, struggling. You order me to keep it in and I can hear you move around the bed and bring your hard cock near my mouth. I try to reach for it but you tease me, with just the tip on my lips and my eager tongue. You kiss me softly but then grab my head hard by the hair, with your other hand on my throat you put your cock into my eager waiting mouth and slide it all the way down, then keep it there,

holding me so I can’t move. The pleasure of having your cock inside my mouth clashes with the pain from my ass as you take your cock out and let me get a breath of air, before forcing it down again, and again, and again as I am aching for every stroke. You finally take it out and let me run my tongue over your balls before moving away, again.

Your hands are on my breasts and you’re about to enter my pussy, I am so happy when I can feel you inside me but you remind me to keep holding onto the butt plug, else there will be some punishment. You fuck me long and slow, then fast and hard and it doesn’t take long for me to near orgasm, I can feel myself falling deeper as my pussy tightens around your cock; I’m begging you to keep going. You let me come but I can’t hold on to the butt plug, you sense that and quickly pull it out of my ass and put it into my mouth, stifling my moans. You fuck me some more until my orgasm is finished, then take my ankles and tie them to my wrists, so that I’m wide open and unable to move. You remind me that there’s punishment to be had, I can’t say much because the big butt plug is still in my mouth. You slap my wet pussy, first gently, then harder, and harder still, as I struggle but I’m unable to move away at all. You finally stop and move away, leaving me there,restrained, wide open and exposed, with feelings of pleasure and pain washing all over my body.

I’m not sure how long you’re gone for, I’m still in the dark but I can hear some voices, yours and someone else’s. Suddenly I can sense there is more light, and it is you with someone else in the room, another man. I feel embarrassed and turned on at the same time, with my legs spread out and my pussy and asshole fully exposed. You take the butt plug out of my mouth but I can’t say anything because your tongue fills me with a kiss straight away. Suddenly I can feel two sets of hands on me, two tongues taking turns in my mouth, on my nipples, different fingers in both of my holes. Yet it is your hands that hold my throat as a stranger’s cock enters my mouth, going deeper and deeper with every stroke. Then it’s you, going down my throat straight away yet only for a few moments before you pull it out and move my head to the other side to suck the stranger’s cock again. You take turns, I’m stupidly turned on again and eager for every moment, yet I don’t know what you have planned for me next.

It is your hands again on my ass, spreading my cheeks, showing me off to the other guy, sliding a finger in and out a few times but it’s not you who is about to enter me there. I’m not in a position to object as your hand is covering my mouth, the same fingers that were just inside me, so I lick them clean as I struggle not to scream out in pain. Once you’re satisfied that I’m not resisting, you let me suck your cock again and lick your balls; the pleasure overtakes me as the pain recedes to the back of my mind and dissipates there. You position yourself so that you’re sitting on my face, your asshole right over my mouth so I lick all over it, around it, and put my tongue inside it as your fingers are on my pussy, playing with the clit hood piercing, intensifying the sensations and I’m close again, I’m moaning hard but no one can hear me, with your ass in my face and the stranger’s cock in my ass. I explode into a mind blowing orgasm and so do you, I can feel you cum all over my tits, and my wide open mouth, eager for every drop, I want to taste you. At the same time the other guy pulls out of my ass and comes onto my tits and mouth as well. Your kiss, you untie my arms and legs but leave the blindfold on for the time being, I am completely overwhelmed and curl into a ball as you walk the other man out and come back, lie down beside me and hold me in your arms until I fall asleep.

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