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You don’t say anything as we reach the bedroom. You shrug off your towel and climb onto the bed, resting your head on the pillow. I take a few seconds and look at you, admiring your still slightly wet torso. You open your eyes and smile at me, then motion for me to lie down on the bed next to you. I snuggle along side you, my head on your chest. I close my eyes and listen to your heart beating with a steady yet somewhat slow rhythm.

I rest my hand on your stomach, gently moving it side to side, caressing you. I am so very relaxed and I soon drift to sleep. You take a few deep breaths and are feeling tired too, but you are still in tune to any noises outside the cabin. As my sleeping deepens, and since it is still light outside, you decide to go and take another look around. Careful not to wake me, you slide off the bed and get dressed quietly, before taking one final look at me you then heading for the door and venturing outside.

My sleep is a little restless and I soon awake. Not finding you next to me, I keep my towel wrapped around me, and get up. I immediately notice my bag on the floor, and smile to myself, thinking how thoughtful you are for bringing it inside for me. I wander through the cabin looking for you, wondering where you might be and what you’re doing. I peer outside the door, and knowing there is no one around for miles, I walk around on the deck, just incase you are out there. I soon notice your boots are no where to be seen. “Figures…he probably went to find whatever is alive out there,” I mutter as I head inside and close the door. I walk to the kitchen and take a bottle of water from the fridge. Laying down on the couch, I stretch out and watch the fire. After a few minutes, I close my eyes and relax, enjoying the solitude.

As I lie there listening to the crackling logs, I grin to myself as I think about when you saw me playing with myself on the couch a little earlier…the fabulous dinner you made for us…our shower. I roll onto my back and pull open my towel slightly, allowing my fingers to gently caress my stomach. I sigh as my hands move slowly up my torso. Before my fingers even reach my breasts, my nipples harden. As I feel the skin tightening, I gently rub each nipple in a circular motion, moaning quietly in response to their extreme sensitivity.

As much as I want to keep playing with them I remember how you startled me earlier. I exhale heavily as I open my eyes and glance over at the window for any movement. I pause for a few seconds before folding my towel back over me and sitting up. Taking a few sips from my water, I opt to get dressed. I gather up my clothes from the various rooms and head back to the bedroom. Rummaging through my bag, I find some outdoor clothes and quickly get them on, then make my way outside.

I take a deep breath, inhaling the crisp mountain air. I walk along the deck outwards onto the dock. Taking a look around, I look up at the mountains surrounding the valley, the snow capped peaks, the seemingly endless waves of pine trees in all directions. I can only imagine where you have gone, and as I am completely unaware of the terrain and what critters call the area home, I decide not to wander too far from the cabin.

The sun has already set over the mountain peaks and it is quickly getting dark, but I still decide to take a few minutes and walk along the path that follows the water’s edge of the lake. Slowly walking along, I can’t help but wonder where you went. For all I know, I am going in the completely wrong direction…and knowing my luck, I probably am. I look over my shoulder and see the cabin is almost out of sight, so I decide to turn around and head back.

As it is getting dark, I quicken my pace, wanting to get back to the cabin before it is too dark to even see where I am going. I stop for a few seconds listening to what is almost complete silence, the only sound being the small waves lapping at the rocky water’s edge. I feel a chill slowly moving down my spine, which gives me an eerie feeling…a feeling like I am being watched. Shrugging my shoulders, I resume walking back to the cabin, but this time with a slightly faster pace.

When I reach the cabin, I walk inside, calling out to see if you’ve made it back yet. Not getting an answer, I peek into each room, just in case you didn’t hear me. I kick off my shoes and take a seat on the couch, staring into the fireplace, watching the flames very slowly consuming the logs. After a few minutes, I lay down resting my head on the throw pillow, allowing my eyes to close, eventually drifting off to sleep again.

I am only asleep for a short time before awakened by the sound of your voice, “Hey Baby,” you say lightly stroking my hair away from my cheek.

“MMmmmm, hey,” I reply sleepily.

You respond by gently kissing my forehead. “What are you doing out here? Why aren’t you sleeping in the bedroom?”

“I woke up a little earlier and since you weren’t here I went for a little walk by the lake.” I moan as I stretch then continue on, “then came back and layed down here…falling asleep wasn’t my intent.”

“Yeah, I know,” you say smiling at me. “I saw you.”

“What…Are you always watching me or something?” I ask you, tilting my head inquisitively.

“I’ve gotta keep an eye on you, Baby…this is your first time up here,” you say with a mischievous grin. “You never know what might be out there. So how was that little walk? See anything interesting?”

Having a sense you are up to something, I don’t answer. Instead I reach my hand behind your neck and pull you to me, kissing you deeply. You immediately respond by climbing on top of me as I lay on the couch. I love the weight of your body on mine, and I wrap my legs around you, hooking my ankles inside your thighs. As you kiss me with your tongue sliding in and out of my mouth, I tilt my hips, pushing my crotch against yours. MMMmmm, you feel sooo good, and I can’t help but moan into your mouth as you continue to kiss me. I feel you slide you hands down and underneath me, squeezing my ass and pulling me up to you.

You immediately move to kiss my neck, knowing how much it always turns me on. I feel your teeth sinking into me as you gently bite me, making each bite harder than the one before it. My hands move up and down your back before my fingers start lightly scratching the back of your neck and running through your hair.

Slowly moving down my body, you slowly unbutton my shirt, pulling it open as you continue kissing me. I arch my back as I feel you nibbling at my breasts. You look into my eyes as you pull the lace of my bra downwards, exposing my hardening nipple to you. I hold my breath as you flick it with the tip of your tongue, teasing me, making me squirm and ache for more. I move my hand to the back of your head and pull you down towards me, wanting to feel your mouth covering my nipple, sucking it into your mouth. To my delight, you respond to me by doing just that. I moan as I feel the suction, the pressure and incredible pleasure of your mouth.

“Harder,” I whisper. “Suck it harder.”

“MMmmm,” you moan as you answer my request. I feel you tugging on my nipple with your teeth, then your tongue flicking over it.

“Ahhh fuck! That feels sooo good, Baby. Oohhhh my God.” I push up against you, my hips angling upwards. You’re so hard that your cock actually hurts as it presses against my pubic bone. You hastily pull the lace of my bra down on the other side, then move to suck that nipple. The attention my nipples are receiving is making me wetter and even more horny to feel you inside me. “I need you to fuck me,” I whisper.


“Please, Baby…I gotta have you in me.”

You release your hold on my nipples and move upwards, kissing my neck, biting me again. Your lips quickly close over mine, your tongue slipping between my lips. I greedily suck on it, my excitement and arousal levels rising rapidly. You slide your hand down between us, pushing it between my legs. You rub me through my jeans, making my pussy hotter and wetter by the second. It is easy for you to feel my urgency and you make a point of slowly massaging my pussy through my clothing.

Breaking our kiss, you look at me grinning, “You want me to fuck you Babe?”

“Yes…oh yessss,” I plead. I lift my hips up and down with your hand moving between my legs, aching for more of you.

You chuckle at my response, enjoying how I react to your teasing, your touch. You move slightly off me, and begin to unzip my jeans, sliding your hand inside them. I close my eyes as I feel your fingers pushing inside my panties.

“Ooooh, Babe, you’re so wet,” you say as your fingers feel my incredible wetness. Pushing your hand further inside my jeans and panties, your middle finger slowly makes its way between my smooth folds and into my warm wet pussy. You tease me for a few seconds then pull your finger out of me. I moan quietly in frustration, but quickly change my tune when you pull at my jeans, working them down my legs to my ankles. I kick them off the rest of the way and lift one leg, resting my foot on the back of the couch.

You climb off me, kneeling at the edge of the couch and smile at me as you slide your hand inside my panties again. I look into your eyes as your finger slips between my swollen pussy lips and deep inside me. You curl it upwards and immediately begin to massage my gspot, making me squirm and moan. I close my eyes and grasp your wrist, pushing against it as much as I can. “You like that Babe?” you ask me quietly.

“Ohhh yessss…ohhh fuck yessss. Don’t stop,” I moan as I squeeze my pussy onto your finger. They always feel soo good, and you always know exactly how to touch me to bring me so close to cumming and so quickly.

You see, hear and feel my body responding to you. Pushing harder with your hand against my mound, I gyrate my hips in rhythm with you. You push a second finger into my pussy making me moan even louder as you slide them in and out of me. You lean down to kiss me, your tongue sliding into my mouth as your fingers continue to move in and out of my soaking wet pussy. Your fingers are making me squirm and I shudder all over in anticipation of cuming. You slowly withdraw them from my pussy and rub them gently over my clit, gradually increasing the pressure on it. My body spasms and my fingers dig tightly into your wrist. Arching my back, my thighs close tightly together. My body stiffens as your fingers on my clit bring me to orgasm. Breaking our kiss you watch me for a few seconds as my orgasm sweeps over me, and you keep lightly rubbing my clit.

Breathing deeply, I slowly come down from my waves of ecstasy. With my mind still in a blur, you take a hold of my ankles and swing them around so my ass is barely on the edge of the couch. You nestle your face between my thighs and place your hands on them, pushing my legs wide apart. I look into your eyes as you suck my clit between your lips and gently nibble on it with your teeth. Running my fingers through your hair, I rock my hips up and down, forcing you to raise your head upwards slightly to keep my clit in your mouth.

With my legs wide open, you kiss my clit then glide your tongue downwards to my swollen and soaking wet pussy. I tilt my hips upwards, making my pussy easier for you to tongue fuck. You quickly dip your tongue as far into my pussy as you can tasting my juices, then suck at me, slurping loudly. I moan as your oral assault alternates between my pussy and my clit. MMMmmmmm, you are making me so close to cumming again, and I push against your face, squirming and wriggling.

“MMmmm, you taste sooo good Babe,” you mumble as you lick and suck my pussy. “So fucking wet.”

I moan as I hear your words. You stop devouring me, then look into my eyes again, “Do you remember what I told you earlier?” you ask as you slowly stand and begin to undo your pants. My eyes drop down for only as second as I see your raging hard cock spring free. Sitting upright, I wrap my fingers around you.

“You said a lot to me earlier,” I quietly reply as I look up at you.

“I told you that you will do what I want and when I want it. I will have you and fuck you any way I want to. And, you will obey me without question. Do you remember me telling you that?” you ask me with a sinister tone.

Stroking your cock slowly, I smile up at you, “Yes…I remember you telling me that.”

You reach down and stroke my cheek. “Yes what?”

“Yes Sir, I remember you telling me that,” I say with an innocent smile.

“That’s better. And now that we are clear, I want you to turn over…knees apart on the couch…hands up on the back.” I let go of your cock and do as you tell me, making a point of arching my back so my ass is pushed back towards you. You kick your pants off and stand behind me, caressing my ass. “MMMmmmmm, good girl.” I glance over my shoulder at you, looking at you stroking your cock. You rub your hand in a circular motion over one ass cheek, and then the other, squeezing each one firmly.

“Are you gonna fuck me Baby?” I ask quietly.

“I am…and then I am gonna fuck this nice sweet ass too,” you reply giving it a hard slap. You grin at me then move forward rubbing the head of your cock up and down my pussy, pushing the just head into me. You know how much I love getting pounded from behind and you make a point of sliding just the head of your cock in and out of me. You spank my ass a few more times, watching as red hand prints slowly emerge on my fair skin.

You slide your cock in just a little deeper, then firmly grab my hips, driving your cock deep into me. Your cock thrusts into me with such intensity and you shove me forward, then pull me back to you. Holding the back of the couch tightly, I push back toward you, taking your cock into me with your full force. Your hands move from my hips over my ass cheeks, your thumb pressing against my puckered ass. I respond to the impending intrusion and clench my pussy and ass tight. You immediately feel the increased pressure on your cock, “Don’t tense up too much Babe…just relax…it will be so much better.”

I close my eyes tightly as you forcefully fuck me hoping you won’t want to have my ass too, but at the same time know it is futile. You have already made it clear to me several times that you have every intention of fucking my ass. You slide your cock out of my pussy then push your thumb into me, making it wet with my juices. Just as quickly as your cock came out of me, you slide it back in my pussy and rub your thumb over my ass again. “Relax Babe…I won’t hurt you.”

I look over my shoulder at you, my eyes pleading with you not to fuck my ass. You chuckle as you look down at me, “Heh Heh…looking at me with those gorgeous eyes isn’t gonna make me change my mind…I am still gonna have this ass.” As you finish your statement, you sink your fingers into my ass cheeks and pump your cock in and out of my pussy. I push back to you, my body bouncing off yours. I squeeze my pussy around your cock, moaning loudly as I feel every inch of you.

I immediately feel the rest of my body becoming rigid, the pressure building within me. “Ahhh fuck…Baby, you’re gonna make me cum,” I moan. You are relentless and fuck me harder and faster. I reach between my legs with my hand and rub my clit, feeling your balls slapping against my fingers. I grab at them, squeezing and pulling on them. I hear you moaning as you ram your cock deep into me and hold it there. I think to myself that maybe if I can make you cum, it will spare me from the violation of my ass from your cock.

You lean over me, your chest and torso pressed against my back. I feel your hands reaching under me, cupping and squeezing my breasts, your fingers and thumbs pinching and twisting my nipples. The angle of your cock driving into me changes with you pressed against me, and your demeanor changes with it. I hear you moaning louder, almost grunting, as you slow down your rhythm fucking me. The added weight of your body makes it difficult for me to hold myself up and I have to let go of your balls from between my legs to brace myself.

“You feel so fucking good Babe,” you whisper in my ear as you slowly slide your cock in and out of me letting me feel every inch of you.

“MMmmmm, yeah…” I moan. “Oh fuck…” I feel you biting my neck and shoulder, and it makes me thrust my hips back against you, aching for more, desperate to feel you pounding into me again. “Fuck me…Oh God, Baby, fuck me,” I plead.

Hearing my plea, you grin to yourself. “I’m gonna fuck your tight ass Babe.”

“Nooo, please Baby…just fuck my pussy…make me cum all over your cock.”

“You can cum all over my cock, but I am gonna have your ass…remember what I said,” you whisper in my ear.

I shudder at your words, knowing you will do exactly what you want with me, and to me, and there isn’t any way I can talk you out of it. You lift yourself off me, and with your cock sliding in and out of my pussy, you begin to work your finger in and out of my ass. I bite my lower lip until I am finally used to the intrusion, and almost as soon as I am, you add another finger. Gasping loudly, I pull myself towards the back of the couch, hoping you will change your mind, but you pull my back to you and continue fucking my ass with two fingers.

“Mmmm, good girl,” you say caressing my ass cheeks. “You’re so fucking tight. This ass is gonna feel sooo good,”

I take a deep breath and try to put the thought of your cock in my ass out of my head. I concentrate on your rock hard cock feeling so good inside my pussy, and I quickly start pushing back against your cock and finger.

“MMMmmmm, that’s it,” you say quietly.

I don’t answer you, and instead I just try to keep my mind on your cock slowly sliding in and out of my pussy. I gradually get used to having your fingers moving in and out of my ass and even squeeze onto them every now and then, immediately hearing you moan appreciatively when you feel the increased pressure.

I keep thinking about your cock in my ass, and at this point, I just want you to fuck me there and get it over with. Feeling a little bold, I look over my shoulder at you, “So, when are you gonna fuck my ass?” I ask playfully.

You look at me for a few seconds with a wicked grin, pushing your cock deep into my pussy and holding it there. Maintaining eye contact with me, you slowly slide your fingers deep into my ass and hold them there.

“Well?” I ask again, almost impatient as to know what you have in mind for me.

You chuckle at my feigned eagerness, “What makes you think I am gonna fuck this sweet tight ass now? Or even tonight?” You sense my unspoken apprehension and to my surprise, you slowly slide your fingers out of my ass. “I am just making sure you remember who owns this pussy…this ass,” you say as you slap my ass cheek hard.

I sigh heavily, relieved for the moment…relieved that you are giving me a reprieve…although for how long, is still unknown…to me. Grasping my hips you push forward, the weight of your body shoving me towards the back of the couch. Bracing myself I straighten my arms and push back against you. Slapping my ass a couple of times, you start to fuck me hard again, pounding, slamming your cock into me.

“Ohhh fuck yeah…” I moan. “Make me cum Baby.”

Your cock feels sooo good, and I arch my back slightly. I reach down between my legs and rub my clit, your balls slapping against me. I thrust backwards to you, my body bouncing off yours, our moans getting louder together. I squeeze my pussy onto your cock, clamping down around it. MMmmmm, you are sooo fucking hard.

“Fuck Babe…you’re gonna make me cum,” you groan.

“MMMmm, yeah…I wanna feel you.” I feel my orgasm rapidly building, my body tensing up as I near my climax. “Ohhhh…I’m gonna cummmm!”

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