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I’m a handyman. I have my own business, It doesn’t make a lot of money, but I enjoy the work and I enjoy meeting people as they say. I particularly enjoy meeting housewives and single women.

Some women just want a bit of company. Some just want a bit of fun. Sometimes they just need a bit of coaxing. Then I have my regulars.

One regular is Annie, a woman in her mid 40s who is a lot of fun. She likes to play out some interesting games and I quickly discovered it was worthwhile just going along for the ride.

The last time I did a job for her, fixing a piece of skirting board that had come loose, I had finished the job and as I was bending over to pick up a screw driver; I felt the crack of a leather strap across my backside.

“Shit” I said “what was that.”

“That was your leash” she said.

“My what?”

“Your leash. Here, I think it’s time we put it on.”

With that she reached for the buckle on my shorts and undid it with ease, followed by the zipper. She let the shorts drop to the floor and cupped her hand on the crotch of my briefs giving a little squeeze to my prick which was still soft because I was completely taken by surprise.

“Hmm, not as big as l remember, but we’ll soon fix that” she said as she pulled down my briefs and eased my prick and balls out to hang over the elastic. Then she grabbed by balls in one hand and started to massage them gently while she pulled on my prick with slow deliberate strokes, squeezing hard as she pulled to force blood into it.

She was good with her hands so it didn’t need much forcing. I stiffened up quickly in response to her fondling.

As soon as it had swollen up to a respectable size she eased up on the stroking, settling into a gentler action. She had beautiful hands. They were quite plump, so her fleshy palms and fingers felt like soft padded cushions enclosing my prick. She continued gently massaging my balls and stroking my prick until it was rock hard and she was satisfied that it wasn’t going to get any bigger.

She pulled off my briefs and my shirt so I was completely naked. Then she took the leash and strapped it round my prick and balls, and fastened the catch underneath, pulling it tight so they were bunched up together.

She dropped the leash between my legs and pulled it up behind me so it pulled my prick and balls hard down between my legs to point backwards “Now l want you on your hands and knees. You’re my new pet dog. Buster l think l’ll call you and if you don’t behave, you’ll get a smack with your leash.”

I dropped to the floor like a good dog and she pulled the leash to keep me on a tight reign. That was borderline painful as it pulled my prick back between my legs and almost up my arse, squashing my balls between my cheeks.

“Time for walkies.”

I felt a slap of the leash on my backside and I knew what that meant so I started crawling round the room on all fours. She kept the leash tight, so I didn’t go too fast. After a couple of circuits she pulled me to a halt.

“How are you going down there?” she said reaching down behind me to inspect my prick and balls, still tethered tightly with the leash. “we don’t want to pull them off, do we?”

My prick was still rock hard and she gave it a few strokes, pulling the skin right up over the tip. Then she gave my balls a squeeze and ran her finger between my cheeks and over my arsehole. That felt good.

A slap of the leash across my buttocks signalled we were on the move again. This time she directed me to the patio doors, which were already open, and out into the back yard, which I knew from prior visits was a fairly private place so we wouldn’t be overlooked. I didn’t really want the neighbours watching my performance.

I scuttled across the pavers, which were hard on my knees, and onto the grass which was better.

We did a circuit of the lawn with a couple of stops for inspection of my privates supposedly to make sure they weren’t suffering too much but really just as an excuse for her to play with them, stretching and fondling, making sure that my prick didn’t go soft.

On each occasion a strong slap across the arse with the leash signalled we were on the move again.

“OK Buster” she said “you can have a rollover on the grass now. I know you like that.” So I dutifully rolled over on the grass while Annie sat on a garden bench. The grass felt good. Slightly damp.

I imagined what it would feel like for a dog on a hot day after a long walk on a leash. What felt good also was the fact that my prick & balls weren’t being pulled back between my legs any more. They were hanging free but the leash was still on. I didn’t dare take that off.

I stopped rolling around and lay on my stomach looking over at Annie. Her legs were spread just wide enough that I could see her panties underneath her skirt. They were cream with a small floral print of some sort.

“Come to mummy” she called and clapped her hands together. I jumped up onto my hands and knees and romped over to her, taking great care not to kneel on the leash as I went.

As I did so she spread her legs wider and placed her hands on her knees. I got as close as I could, crouched between her legs and nuzzled into her crotch, sniffing hard and taking in the sweet smell of her pussy.

“Oh you naughty dog” she said “you mustn’t do that’. But she made no move to stop me. I started to lick her thighs and bury my snout into the soft flesh between her legs. I knew that what was inside those panties would taste so sweet, but as a dog I was going to have difficulty getting them off.

I took her panties in my teeth and started pulling at them, twisting my head from side to side. She lifted her buttock a little and I was able to pull her panties free and to the side just far enough to get my tongue around them and into the treat inside.

Her pussy was juicy and fragrant just as l knew it would be. I continued to lick it for a while moving up and down from the soft flesh of her pussy lips and opening to the hard knob of her clit. She was clearly enjoying it.

After a while she said “OK Buster, time for you to do your stuff. Mummy wants a doggy fuck.”

She stood up from the bench and turned her back to me. Then she slid her panties slowly down, bending over as she did so, tantalisingly exposing her arse to me. lt was pale and plump and very appealing.

Her pussy was quite hairy and I could see a few hairs and a little pink flesh peeping out from between her legs. lt was a beautiful sight.

Then she picked up the leash again and got down on her hands & knees, herself in a doggy pose. The canine in me was immediately excited.

She pulled the leash between her legs, leading me, or more precisely my prick, towards her pussy. But I was still on my hands & knees so it was my snout that hit her pussy first.

I nuzzled in, burying my snout deep in the moist folds of flesh, in amongst the hair. I licked her clit, pushing hard against it with my tongue. She shuddered a little with each lick.

Then I ran my snout up over the edge of her pussy and onto her arse which was also rather hairy. My snout carried a good deal of pussy juice with it which I smeared up and down then I started licking at her arse. The combination of sweet pussy juice and arse aroma was delightful, but it didn’t last long. I felt a tug on the leash.

“Come on Buster,” she said in a less forceful tone than the before, “mummy wants that doggy prick of yours inside her”. lnside you where? I thought. Sniffing and licking her arsehole and the sight of that, now glistening and juicy was very tempting. But we hadn’t done that before and I didn’t know if she was ready for it, so I decided to wait a while.

lnstead I crawled up close to her and rubbed my prick up against here pussy lips to get it lubricated before l slid it inside the warm flesh of her pussy. With a couple of slow short strokes I worked up to a full penetration, with my prick deep inside her.

She voiced her appreciation of having a large doggy prick filling her pussy and then reached between her legs to grab my balls.

I put my front paws on the small of her back to steady myself and started a deliberate stroke in and out of her juicy pussy, watching it as her pink flesh folded in with my prick on the way in and clung to my prick as I pulled it slowly out.

She let go of my balls but pulled on the leash instead. This now sat underneath my balls, dividing them. lt was a bit uncomfortable as she pulled rhythmically on the leash with each stroke, urging me harder up inside her.

The combination of the pulling from the leash and the sensations of my prick sliding in and out of her pussy were amazing. I had to slow down or I would have come.

I dribbled some saliva onto her arsehole so that it would run down onto my prick and help to lubricate it. Some of the saliva stayed on her arsehole so I used a finger to rub it around a little.

Then I slipped the finger gently into her arse. She let out a low moan which told me that I was onto a winner.

I dribbled a little more saliva onto her arse, pulled my finger out and stirred it around a little before slipping the finger back in, this time burying it up to the second knuckle.

Then I set up a bit of contrary motion, finger fucking her arse while my prick fucked her pussy. Finger sliding in as my prick slid out. Finger sliding out while my prick pushed in. She seemed to be enjoying this because she stopped playing with the leash for a while.

After bit I figured it was time to move to the next stage . I dribbled a little more saliva onto her arse and stirred it round with a second finger. Then I pulled the first finger out half way to allow me to ease the tip of the second finger in.

Then easing alternate fingers in and out so her arse muscle stretched and contracted, but gradually pushing both further in. All this playing with her arse was getting me really worked up, not to mention having-my prick sliding leisurely in and out of her pussy.

At that point I had to pull my prick out and clench hard or I would have come. So instead I used my other hand to massage her clit.

I could tell from the noises she was making that she was getting near to coming, and she seemed to be enjoying my fingers playing with her arse judging by the way she was moving, .pushing back against my hand.

I slid my thumb inside her pussy and kept up the stroking on her clit. In a few more seconds she came with a huge shudder and some muted moans (not wanting the neighbours to hear I guess). Her arse contracted hard, gripping my fingers initially and then relaxed a little.

Now I couldn’t hold back any longer. I pulled my fingers out of her arsehole, dribbled a bit more saliva, gave my prick a bit of a squeeze at the base to stiffen the tip and pushed it up against her arsehole.

l slipped it in without too much difficulty. She moaned a little but seemed cool with it and it felt great. I knew I wasn’t going to last long as I started to stroke it in and out of her. Her arsehole was still pretty firm.

I put the fingers that had been in her arse up to my nose and sniffed them. They smelt perfumed and succulent. It turned me on even more to think that my prick now smelled the same.

I reached down with my other hand between my legs from behind to stroke her pussy again but she said no, so I concentrated on enjoying the experience of having my prick buried in her plump, pale and somewhat hairy arse.

I pushed in and slid out as slowly as I could in order to savour the experience as long as possible and every now and then I sniffed that beautiful aroma from my fingers.

lt wasn’t long though before I exploded inside her. I quickened the pace and pumped for as long as I could before pulling out in time to see the last dribble of cum mingling with the brown juices oozing from her pale arse’

I was tempted to bend down and lick it off, likeI imagined a dog might, but instead I just rubbed my softening prick up and down in it.

I was interrupted by a tug on the leash. “Bad dog. Dirty dog” she said. “l’ve a good mind to lock you in your kennel for doing that.” But I had the strong feeling that there might be a repeat performance before too long.

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