With her with her hands handcuffed behind her back and lying on the left side of the bed in her bath robe, the single sudden gut dropping thought occurred to Jeff:

What is the end of this?

“Jack, please don’t rape me. You don’t want to do this. If you proceed, there’s no good way out of this.”

“I know” admitting to her and himself that the thought just hadn’t occurred until a few moments ago.

“So, let me get this straight. Please, just bear with me, Jack..”

“Okay, ask away.”

“You see me at the gas station. You like what you see. You help a damsel in distress and then you simply decide you’re going to go fuck her regardless of the consequences?”

“I’m married, for God’s sake, Jack! I’m fucking married!” as she finished, she elevated her voice at him mildly. He just sat there on her makeup table stool with his elbows on his knees, shaking his head up and down.

“I know. Pretty fucked up idea, right? That’s not exactly the way it played out in my head, but close enough.”

“What did I miss, Jack? The part about you wanting to fuck a married woman or the part about you raping me and going to jail until your 45 year old?”

“Well, when I took you to the car, I couldn’t help but notice everything about you. You didn’t shy away from me when I put my coat on top of us; you didn’t seem to budge as my legs and half-hard dick rubbed the bottom of your bare ass; when you turned around, you sure didn’t mind being nose to nose to me, with your tits touching mine, and with your hand on my thumping heart.”

“So, is it my fault you’re here, Jack?”

She leaned back with her neck arched back and touching the head board, “Jack, Jack, Jack. I was flirting with you, not wanting you to crash my house and rape me.”

“So, are you telling me, if I never did this and I saw you in town or at the store often enough, that some sort of relationship would eventually happen, with you and me, even if out of sight, making love?”

“Jack, again, I’m married. Happily married.”

“Well, let’s see. What happens if I just walk out the door? You call the cops…”

“I won’t…”

“Yes, yes you will!” he demanded. “And then, if I do take advantage of you, you’re going to call the cops…”

“Yes, I will.”

“You know, some guys who do this end up killing the bitch to keep her mouth shut…”

“Jack! You bastard…” she screamed!

“Look, I was just running my mouth…” he interrupted! “And besides, you’re not a bitch and I’m not one of those monsters]\.”

He sat on the bed right up against her, knowing she couldn’t go anywhere, but not trusting her without the cuffs on *and* behind her back.

“Here’s the deal. I’m sort of in a fix, wouldn’t you say?”

She acknowledge him just by nodding her head in silence and looking at her feet. She knew she what already is a bad situation, could be a real bad situation. But, for some reason, she was calm about it by now.

“Look, you didn’t mind me being closer than this an hour and a half ago.”

She looked up at him in confusion, not understanding why he didn’t understand how, at the absolute very least, this is extremely awkward and would get him stoned to death in about 80 countries. She seemed resigned at that point. To get it over with and to move on in her life, somehow. She understood he meant her no ill will, that in his contorted and contrived way of thinking, this was his way of being able to touch elegance, something for which his normally shy and quite nature didn’t allow.

By now, he’s touching her lips with his index finger with his face an inch away from hers. “Remember, your finger was on my chest?”


When he pulled at her lip with his teeth, she sighed. He couldn’t tell if it was fear, resignation, or lust. He could tell, the way the conversation had gone, that she had some sort of feelings, if nothing more than liking the way he looked when they were at the store. He could just feel that vibe off of her.

With extreme trust, he slipped his tongue into her mouth and she didn’t really push it back, attempt to bite, or take it. Then, all of a sudden…she let him in.

He stood up, knocking his shoes off and taking his pants off, while pulling his shirt up, up, and off. Naked he stood. 6’1″ and a trimmed 20 year old. Not a six pack, but absolutely not an ounce of fat, either. His pecks showed his alertness with his nipples stiff. Her eyes flowed down to his waist and then his dick. It was a solid 5 and a half inches. Really nicely formed, almost as good as a dildo, she thought.

Thinking to herself, she had to admit, if it was going to happen, if she was actually going to be raped at any point in her short existence, this is about as easy for it to happen, so far, as possible. Jack, sat back down beside her. He looked right into her eyes as his hand cupped her perfect C-cup right breast. It was as if he could see the “permission,” if you wanted to call it permission. He could see she was either resigned, at this point, or about half willing. He couldn’t help but think to himself, maybe by half way, she’ll be begging; and then how “wishful thinking”had got him this far in trouble, maybe trusting himself is not what he should do anymore.

Her hair was incredible. She had just finished fixing it. He could smell how fresh she was as he leaned in for another touch of her lips with his and touching her ribs and tracing down to the loose knot for the rob. He gently pulled the knot loose and exposed her incredible breast for the first time and then glancing down, he could see her washboard tummy leading him down to her bare pussy.

He grinned.

She braced herself by taking a breath and holding it as his lips touched her right tit.

She noticed her left tit, how it was erect and the nipple was hard as a brick. She was in as much horror as humor. She couldn’t believe her body was betraying her like this in these circumstances. It made no sense, but her hormones were starting to rage; or had her hormones been raging the whole time and she didn’t even recognize it. At that moment, mentally checking herself, she sort of just moved her legs, cocking her left leg out and bending her knee, pulling her foot to her other knee. Horror or humor, but her slit was not moist, it was wet.

He had her robe pulled down in the back, totally exposing her front. She was gorgeous. In the morning light, with the ambiance coming through the closed shades, it threw an amber colored hue on her olive skin. As he kissed around her neck, he took the sheets from under her and threw them back out of the way.

“These handcuffs are going to get seriously in the way, aren’t they?” she groaned…

“Well, you let me deal with that inconvenience.” Then, at that moment, he thought, they aren’t coming off, but they can come loose long enough to get the robe off of her.

He had her roll over and after explaining what he was doing, summed it up, by explaining “I don’t want to hurt you, but I will. Don’t *make me* hurt you.” She just complied, knowing he was much stronger and faster, that at this junction, it was going to be much easier just to do it. After getting the robe off, he quickly locked her hands back together in the cuffs, as if she had the strength to do something about being free for that moment.

After rolling her back, her tits still up, nipples still hard as bricks, his dick just has hard as a pipe, he took his dick in his hand and traced it over her left tit, her breathing became heavy.

“If I didn’t know better, I would almost say you’re enjoying this, ma’am.” and with that, tracing his dick on her neck. She said real quietly, “I told you to call me Sarah.” It was almost sultry, but almost choked up, but she said it.

He heard it, but he decided to file it back for the time being. Not to think into what she said too much. But, on the surface, it sure sounded like she made the same statement with the same intent, flirtation, as at the gas station. He nearly came all over her neck and chest just thinking about it.

She was doing all she could to keep from grinning a little, but she kept her face straight and humble.

He kissed down her stomach as she laid back on the pillows, still with her hands behind her. Then, she opened her legs to him willingly and the scent of sex was in the air. He knew he had something going, she was soaked. He licked cum all around her pussy, deciding to go for the kill later, while kissing all the way up her legs to her knees. She was enjoying it, but as he stared at her from the knee, she didn’t let him know it. He moved up her leg and while licking between her pussy and her leg and then down between her anus and her pussy, he could hear her whimper.

She realized she was absolutely hot. Uncontrollably hot, but somehow she had to figure out how to control it. All she knew, was his tongue was on her asshole and his finger was on her clit and she was about to explode. She wondered if, in the passion and confusion of it all, had she mistakenly let him know that she was going nuclear on him. She had no idea, but she had lifted her body in such a way that gave him the ass. He was all over it. She loved it when her husband licked, nibbled, caressed, and ate her ass as if it were a pussy. Jack was working it just like that, too. He was taking half her ass cheek in his mouth, tasting nothing but her incredibly luscious skin and cum from her pussy. At 25, her skin was taut and he was taking it! He loved how her ass cheek curved all the way back around and joined up with her leg. It was a delight in and of itself for him to kiss and caress that spot. She was more of a playground than that dress ever let on at the gas station!

In one move, he flipped her over on her front. She didn’t let him know it, somehow which only God could understand, but she had already cum, drenching her pussy, anus, and crack. He didn’t hear her cuming, so he just figured the excess wetness was the way things worked. Her hands were uncomfortably behind her, but his quick work had overcome the pain.

He sat straight up his knees and putting his hands on her hips like they were handle bars, raised her to her knees, but her head stayed down. He took his dick and slowly traced the crack of her ass. It was drenched in cum. He was starting to figure things out on her part, but he still was clouded by his judgement. He spent, to her, what seemed forever, before she spoke up…

“Jack?” Wait a second, listen.” she whimpered.

“Yeah.” as he braced for a discussion with her of whether or not he was going to actually fuck her or not.

“Listen to me.”

“Okay. Shoot.”

“Jack, don’t read too much into what I’m about to say, but this will go a whole lot better if your dick is real slick.”

“It is slick. Slick as snot!” He snorted.

She sort of let a small giggle out, laid on her side and said, “If you’ll put the cuffs up front, I’ll give you a blow job” He was blown away. Flattened.


She had both hands up front and cuffed, sitting on the edge of the bed, her back arched and her right hand slowly pumping Jack’s dick. That moment, Jack knew that either she was an incredible liar and he was about to get his dick bit off in her mouth or she was starting to apprehensively like this.

“Don’t bite me, Sarah.” he said in a very serious, authoritarian tone.

“I guess you will have to trust me on that one, Jack.” as she took the tip of his dick in her mouth. Just the tip, taking her tongue and licking the cum hole vertically in her mouth.

Then, two inches of the five.

In a moment of clarity, it occurred to her, that Jack’s cum was actually almost sweet. Still salty, but nonetheless sweet. She cupped his balls as she took his cock fully into her mouth, reaming it back and forth. With her mouth, she guided the ship of his body with his rudder onto the bed and they completely swapped positions with her kneeling, gorging herself on his cock, and then sucking his balls with reckless abandon.

It was that very moment, that she let herself go and be known to him. It couldn’t be hidden another second.


She was in it at this point. As far as participation, there was no going back. She reached farther back and licked, slurped, and then sucked the bridge between his anus and his balls. He was shaven, almost to a fault, and she loved it.

He lifted himself just enough to give her access and she tongued his ass and anus, biting him just like he had bitten her. As she moved back to his balls, his hands moved from his face to her head. He was flush with lust, hardly being able to take it another minute as she climbed his nearly six inch cock.

She worked it like a champ!

She then took the head, raking her teeth across the finely tuned skin,and with her thumb up his ass and the other hand holding the bottom of his dick like a ring, she knew he was about to explode. She could taste the cum changing in flavor as he became more and more exposed to her.

She released her pressure on his lower shaft and he released a generous load as she reached forward with her mouth to envelope his cock, nearly going all the way with it. She took the load and with it dripping down her chin profusely, looked up at him as another wave hit him which shot cum on her tits. She gave him a look that could freeze any lover in his tracks. She was attached to him now. There was a bond about which both she and he could not do anything.

He fell back to the bed, groaning in pleasure. Still in cuffs, she moved up his stomach and chest, kissing, stopping at his tits for a short suck and then placed the cum laden lips and tongue into his mouth, with his cock throbbing against her ass cheeks and pussy.

She pulled back after a few seconds saying, “If I’ve got to get drunk on it, you might as well join me.”

At this point, he knew she was in charge. Cuffs or no cuffs, he was the one being used now. She put her tits in his face and pulled his head to her and forced him to lick and then suck the cum off her tits.


“Good enough? Anything you want. Anything.”

With her tits licked clean and then a spot on her belly, she turned around on his head with herself facing toward his feet and put her ass right in his face. She didn’t have to tell him anything; he just went to work. She bent over and continued to suck and pull his cock.

Then out of nowhere, he rolled out from under her and both of them sat up on their knees in the bed, tit to tit, kissing. Tasting themselves. She loved it. The taste of her own pussy always exhilarated her. She was always shy to admit it to her husband, but she lapped Jack’s lips and chin like it was candy. He turned her toward the end of the bed with the mirror in front of both of them.

There needed to be no lubrication. This was one technical rape that there would be no damage. She was panting as he took his dick in hand and traced it up and down her ass and pussy. As he stopped and circled the honey hole, all of a sudden, she threw her ass higher and pushed all the way back with one thrust, slamming his big dick her in hole; both of them letting out sighs of relief.

At first, he simply stroked her gently, a little at a time. Two inches here, three inches there, back to two inches, and then he started slamming her. Jamming his dick into her pussy as she screamed in pleasure, he took one leg and put his foot down on the bed to get a better angle as she increased the projection of her ass and he was absolutely going to town on her.

She was holding on to the sleigh bed rail for her life! As his long cock slammed against her G-Spot at the end of her canal, she started to feel it boil in her. She knew she was close to the end of the first round. He slammed and slammed and then out of nowhere, he stuck his thumb in her asshole and she exploded on him!

She screamed bloody murder.

After giving her a minute to get straightened out, he was rubbing her ass cheeks, and he couldn’t help but bend over, taking her ass in his mouth like a sandwitch! She loved it.

As soon as she could catch her breath, he was already up, tracing his cock on her anus and then back to her honey hole.

“Have you ever had anything up your ass more than my thumb.”

“Yeah…” she said, literally still out of breath.

When she said it, before she could complete the word, he had the head of his dick in her anus. Her husband had done this to the point that her anus was loose enough for this not to hurt. In fact, he was to the point that he could simply fuck her in the ass, almost as good as fucking her in the pussy, but Jack’s dick was an inch and a half longer and a little more girth to go along with it.

“Be careful. We can do it, but be careful because you’re bigger than he is – I can already feel it.”

“Yes ma’am…”

“Jack!” she bemoaned in a playful way.

He eased himself into her and as he stroked her anus, she took it like a dream. He was slow, gentle, and she was literally about to cum by the tenth stroke! He had her in a rhythm of cuming. Sensing that she had obviously been well pleased, he pulled his dick out, noticing not a hint of corruption.

“What is this about? It’s almost like you were prepared for me to break into your house and rape you.”

She smiled as she laid in the bed with him stroking his dick. “When I was in the shower, I fingered my ass clean. I can take care of myself, you know?”

“Yes you can. You sure as hell can…”he said, as her handcuffed hands grabbed his cock and balls for one last ejaculation coming all over his belly. Not as much as before and a lot less material, she reached over and licked it off of him.

“Damn, boy. You taste good.”


He stood at the doorway to her bedroom, ready to walk out.


Turning around, “Yes, ma’am?” he replied.

“The next time, I’ll lock the door.” The smile on her face was all he needed.

He slid the key card in the slot of the room 1202 at the downtown Marriott. He opened the door and there she lay on the bed.

She was dressed in a peach baby doll outfit. His cock jumped in his pants and it didn’t go unnoticed by her. He shut the door behind him and bolted it shut behind him.

They met halfway between the door and the bed. He wrapped his arms around her and then they kissed. Their tongues exploring each others mouths.

Her hand slid down to his throbbing cock and she ran a finger over the cloth covered hard on.

“So is this how you always get when you see me on line?” She asked as she pulled away from his mouth.

“You have no idea sweetie!” He said with a sly grin. “You look so sexy in the outfit!”

“You don’t think it makes my ass look to big?” She asked him.

He took her by the hand into the bathroom and had her turn to the side and look at the mirror.

“This ass is perfect Cindy!” He said as he grabbed both sides of her hips and dry humped her ass.

“You so horny!” She giggled.

He opened his pants and let them slide onto the floor along with his boxers. He raised the hem of the baby doll and rubbed her smooth pussy.

She moaned as his fingers grabbed a hold of her pussy lips and slid them toward her clit. His fingers rolled over her clit and pinched it hard.

She moaned. “OUCH!”

He leaned in toward her

“To hard?” He asked

“Yes but I like it!” She said almost breathless.

“Then you are going to love this!” He said.

He opened her pussy lips and slammed his cock in to the hilt. Her cunt felt so warm on his hard cock. He felt it squeeze him and he moaned and pulled back a little, then slammed it all the way in again.

“OH FUCK YES BABY SO NICE!” She screamed as he ramrod her hot cunt. His balls slapping against her.

He kept pumping in and out of her; her cunt grabbed a hold of him. He started to feel her body tense up and shake.

She started to shake harder and soon she was coming over his dick. He wasn’t far behind and filled her up with his spunk!

She kept coming and he kept pumping her. Once they were truly spent, they took a quick shower and dried each other off. Then they went to bed turned on the TV and watched a movie. Or more like the TV watched them.

When they woke up she started sucking his nipples, biting them and pulling on them. Then she kissed down his body, took his balls in her mouth and bit them

“OUCH CINDY!” He yelped.

“Oh poor baby did I bite you to hard?” She giggled.

“Yes.” He said with a sad face.

“Let me kiss it and make it feel better!” She giggled again. She started to lick his balls gentler this time and then his shaft. Soon she was taking his 6 inches all the way down. He grabbed her shoulder length brown hair and face fucked her.

She knew him and she knew his release point. She stopped sucking his cock and then pushed him back on the bed. She opened a drawer in the nightstand and pulled out a silk scarf.

“Oh are we feeling a bit kinky? ” He asked.

“We might be!” She said with an evil grin on her face. This was what he saw before she tied the scarf around his eyes.

He read her rummage around the night stand drawer again and heard a faint click. Then he heard another click.

She grabbed his hands and he felt the cold steel wrap around his wrists.

“You are mine to do what I want now Mark and there is nothing you can do!” She laughed evilly in his ear.

“What the Fuck Cindy! He bellowed.

“Shut up and lay back and enjoy the journey!” She said.

She attached some clamps to his nipples and he moaned. She slapped his face. He felt his cock jump when she did this.

“Ah so you do like it rough don’t you boy?”

“No, no I don’t ”

You lie; I saw how your cock moved when I put the clamps on you and when I slapped you. You are a little pain slut! She said as she tugged at the chain attached to the nipple clamps. “NO!”

“Keep on denying it but your cock doesn’t lie!”

She laughed as her hand stroked his cock. When she got his cock nice and hard she stood over him and then slowly lowered herself onto him. He slipped inside her moist pussy once more. She rode him hard and fast. Slamming herself onto his cock.

Her cunt squeezed him harder and harder and she knew it wouldn’t be long until he popped.

“You can’t cum until I tell you too boy!” She faked a growl as she slammed back down onto him. It wasn’t very long until her cunt squeezed him hard and her juices flowed out of her.

She kept riding and riding till she was spent. She rolled off of him and lay next to him.

“What about my fucking cuffs” He asked

“Do it Yourself, I am off to shower again! ” She said and heard her bare feet running into the bathroom.

How the fuck am I going to do that? He screamed.

She ignored him and took her shower. She came back out dressed in her jeans and t shirt. She slipped on her sneakers and kissed him goodbye.

“Thanks Mark for a wonderful time!” She smiled and head to the door.

“Cindy wait, are going to unlock these cuffs?”

“Nope!” She laughed and slammed the door behind her.

“Bitch come back here damn it.” He shouted as he struggled against the metal restraints.

He started to panic. “Shit what if the maid comes in to clean the room. I am so fucked. How will explain this to the folks back home.

He wasn’t sure how long he had been there cuffed to the bed but he heard the door latch click open.

He remained still not sure who was there. He could hear them rummage about the room. He finally couldn’t stand the silence anymore

Hello who is there please?

No answer.

Then he felt someone breathe on him and remove the nipple clamps! Gentle hands lifted his head and removed the blind fold.

He breathed a sigh of relief as he looked at Cindy’s pretty face.

“You came back?”

“Yes silly, you know I wouldn’t have left you in such a compromising position. “She stroked his face.

“So are you going to uncuff me Cindy?”

She reached up and opened the cuffs.

“Oh did I neglect to tell you, these are trick cuffs!? She said and showed him the release switch

“You are a brat sometimes “He told her.

“Yes but you love me ”

“My dear you know you never have to ask.”

He kissed her.

When Kate and Brad had seen the house, the cellar had been the selling point. When looking around the house they had opened a heavy door and gone down a flight of stairs into a typical looking basement, apart from the fact that just behind the stairs there was a heavy barred door and a few steps behind this door what could only be described as a jail cell. The cell was about 10 foot square, solid stonewalls on three sides and bars at the front, and the ceiling was an old heavy brick arch.

Kate had walked in first. She pushed open the heavy barred door and walked down three steps into the sunken cell. She walked over to the far side and looked up to a small barred window in the far wall.

“Wow!” she cried, “a real cell, imagine the possibilities!”

Brad followed her into the cell, at once feeling a sense of helplessness as he looked up to the solid brick roof.

The estate agent stayed outside the cell, “The previous owners had this security installed to protect a valuable wine collection,” she explained.

Once the agent had walked back up to the main house, Kate ran back up the three stairs until she was outside of the cell and pushed the heavy door closed behind her with a surprisingly loud clang.

“You’re my prisoner now!” she giggled.

Brad walked over to the bars and due to the height difference between the inside and outside of the cell found his head level with his partner’s waist. “Nice legs, sexy” he smiled as he reached his hand through the bars and up the back of Kate’s thighs, underneath her skirt.

Two months later and the house was theirs. After having drunk a glass of champagne in the empty main bedroom, Kate ran downstairs to the basement, followed a little more slowly by Brad. When he arrived at the cell he found her standing outside with the door open and a large padlock in her hand.

“Let’s give it a try!” she giggled as she took his hand and led him inside and down the stairs. Giselle-like, she jumped back up the three stairs, outside of the cell and closed the door behind her. It took her a moment to slide the padlock in place, behind the heavy metal cover designed to stop the lock being cut off, but it delayed the inevitable by only a few moments. The padlock clicked shut and Kate withdrew the key.

She stood close up against the bars just above where Brad was standing. Her flowery skirt barely reaching half way to her knees.

“How does that feel?” she purred as she reached through the bars for his hands that she then placed on her butt.

She was a sexy woman, but right now from this angle and from behind the heavy steel bars she looked even better. She turned around, pulled her skirt up and pushed her black silk knicker clad butt into Brad’s face. She let her skirt fall back down enclosing his head inside. She waited a few moments more until he was really turned on before walked away, leaving his face push hard up against the bars.

“I’ve some unpacking to do” she smiled as she walked away from the cell. She stopped at the second barred door at the bottom of the stairs that led back up to the ground floor, swung it shut and locked it with another padlock. There were now two locked barred doors between him and her butt. He watched in disbelief as her cute butt disappeared up to the ground floor.

“Kate, babe, come back” he called hopefully as he started to pull pathetically at the locked cell door. He heard the heavy wooden door at the top of stair shut with a jingle of keys that almost certainly meant that Kate had further sealed his fate by locking that door too. A couple of seconds later, the lights went out leaving him in near darkness.

Kate had released him an hour on so later, but that had been the first of a number of times the basement had played a part in their games and lovemaking.


It was May, and Kate had arranged a girl’s holiday with friends from university. Kate raised it one evening. “Why don’t you spend the week that I’m away in the cell?”

Brad laughed, and then returned to the paper.

“No I mean it, it’ll be a challenge and you’ll really be able to say that you’ve done time!” she purred.

Brad quickly thought for some good reasons why he couldn’t do this.

“What about showering and the toilet?” Brad asked,

“There is water and drainage in there already” she replied.

“What about food, or what about if I get sick?” he continued. “No problem, I’ll ask Emma to call by each day” Kate replied.

He thought about this. Emma was stunning, with a fantastic figure, the idea of spending some time in her custody might be fun.

“And I’ve already asked her and she’s on for it” Kate continued persuasively.

Brad thought some more. Some time with Emma and anyway it wouldn’t take long for both of them to get bored and for Emma to let him out. It started to look interesting.


It was Saturday morning and things were ready. The cell was prepared with water, a few clothes and necessary toiletries, Emma had arrived and most importantly she looked fantastic in short white cotton shorts and top. Brad willingly walked into the cell and watched as Kate closed and locked the barred door.

Kate unzipped a small pocket on the back of her jeans and dropped the key inside, not that there was much room in her figure hugging jeans that appeared to love her pert butt as much as he did. Kate zipped up the pocket and tapped herself on the butt, “That key will be very safe inside there” she smiled.

Brad looked concerned, “But Emma will have a spare for safety?” he checked.

“No honey” Kate purred, “I have the only key to the cell. Emma will have the key to the second barred door, the door leading down into the cellar and the house front door, just in case you are thinking of escaping”.

The girls laughed. Brad didn’t, how could he talk Emma into letting him out if she didn’t have the key. A week in the cell really would mean a week in the cell! Shit!

A taxi tooted and Kate kissed Brad before running back up the stairs. Emma stood the other side of the bars holding a bunch of keys.

“This should be interesting” Emma said as she looked around the cell and also at the selection of cuffs and other toys lined up just outside.

“I thought you would have a key to this door” Brad said looking toward the heavy barred door that stood between him and any hope of freedom.

Emma smiled, “Yes I know. But I don’t. Kate was insistent that that key stayed with her. Maybe she doesn’t trust us.”

Emma looked stunning and those tight white shorts were to die for. Her accent was a touch upper class, but he didn’t mind, in fact in a way it was sexy. But sexy or not, there wasn’t much Brad could do from behind the heavy bars.

Brad’s thoughts were still with the white shorts as Emma blew him a kiss and walked back outside the second barred door. She closed it behind her and stood there for a moment as she worked out how the padlock worked and used it to secure the second door closed.

“You don’t need to bother with that” Brad said dejectedly, “I’ve no hope in getting out of this cell”.

“I know” Emma smiled, “but I quite like the idea that I’ve got you under lock and key as well”. And she obviously liked it a lot because she then climbed the stairs back to the ground floor and deadlocked the door at the top of the stairs as well.

The jingle of keys finally ended and all was quiet in the basement. And it stayed that way until Saturday evening, when Emma rushed back down to the basement, unlocked the outer barred down and came over to the cell. She was on her way out with friends and was wearing the sexiest little black dress that Brad had ever seen.

He looked up at her from where he was sitting on the cell floor and from where he also could see that her skimpy black panties were also very sexy.

“You look great” Brad said honestly.

“Thanks” she smiled, “big night out on the town”

“Can I join you?” he asked ironically.

“Sure, let’s go!” she teased, as she threw a small loaf of bread and block on cheese down into the cell.

“Sorry, had no time to cook” she smiled as she grabbed her keys and ran back out in her high heels, making sure to lock the doors as she went.

This whole experience was getting painful for Brad. He sat on the stone floor eating dry bread and thinking of the countless guys who were no doubt trying to chat Emma up. He couldn’t blame them, he would be doing the same if he hadn’t let Kate lock him up. Shit!


Sunday. Brad had to wait until almost noon the next day for his jailer to return. The white shorts were back, and this time they had brought him coffee and croissant. They talked, and Brad was relieved to hear that she hadn’t met anyone interesting the night before. She was pleased to see her captive without his shirt on. “Nice abs” she smiled as she admired his toned body.

When he looked up from his coffee Emma was holding up a pair of handcuffs she’d chosen from the array of toys.

“Maybe you could demonstrate how these work for me?” she smiled”.

“Do I have a choice?” he asked.

“Not unless you want to go on a strict diet for the rest of the week” she giggled.

Brad reached his hands through the bars, cleverly putting them both through the same gap in the bars.

“No, hands either side of this bar” she corrected, wise to his trick.

It took her a while to work out how the cuffs worked but she learnt quickly and soon she had tightly locked and double locked them around his wrists. She then squeezed the keys into the front pocked of her shorts.

His wrists were locked to the bottom of the bars, which meant that he had to kneel. Together with the height difference between the inside and outside of the cell, the result was that her long tanned legs towered above him.

“Until this evening then” she smiled down at him.

“What! You need to unlock these cuffs first” he said rather alarmed.

“Why?” she asked innocently.

“Because, because” was all he could manage.

“As I thought,” she giggled, “have a nice day.”

The cell had water, books and a bed. Now that she had cuffed him to the bars he couldn’t reach any of these ‘luxuries’. He looked at the hinged cuffs that she’d locked on his wrists. He looked around for something that he might be able to use to pick the locks, but there was nothing. He poured the remains of his coffee over his wrists and tried to slip them out. It worked in the movies; but it soon became evident that Emma had locked the cuffs tighter than the regular movie baddie. An hour later and with very sore wrists Brad finally got the message.

Brad was awoken from his daydream by a rattle of keys in his ear. He opened his eyes and saw two shapely legs crouching down right in front of him.

“Silly me, I left these in my pocket when I left this morning” she giggled as she jingled the handcuff keys in front of his face.

“That’s fine, it didn’t inconvenience me” he replied.

“Oh good” she giggled.

She sat down crossed legged on the floor in front of him, her short summer dress lying easily over her legs. From where he was he could see right up her skirt less than a meter away from him the other side of the bars. He was trying hard not to look up her skirt. She knew, and she was going to enjoy this.

“Let’s play cards” Emma smiled as she started to shuffle a pack. She dealt the cards on the floor just in front of her crossed legs.

“Is it too much to asked you to let me out of these cuffs first?” he asked.

“Yes” she smiled as she took the keys and dropped them between her breasts.

Emma won the first hand and picked up the winning cards and rested them inside her skirt up against her thigh.

Emma saw him watching her. “You looked up her skirt, too bad, you lose” she giggled.

“Arrh” Brad exclaimed, part laugh, part cry.

Emma started laughing too.

“This is impossible” he complained.

“I’m sorry” she laughed, “I know how you feel about me and I just couldn’t resist teasing you.”

“Please, please, please take these cuffs off” he begged.

She retrieved the key and slowly took off the double locks and opened the cuffs. He rubbed his red sore wrists.

Emma then produced a bottle of wine and two glasses, filled then both and passed one through the bars to Brad.

“This must be better than the average prison” she smiled.

“You’re certainly better looking than the average prison guard” he replied.

Two hours and a bottle of wine later Emma picked up the handcuffs again and asked, “Have you ever spent a night handcuffed to these bars?”

“No why?” he replied.

“It could be fun” she smiled.

He could see where this was going, “Why would it be fun to spend the night kneeling on this hard floor with my hands chained up when I could be asleep in a bed?

“Because it would be me that locked you up and it will be me looking after the keys” she purred as she ran the key up and down the inside of her thigh.

“I don’t see it” he insisted.

“But you haven’t tried it yet”

“But I won’t sleep a wink”

“I’ll lock your ankles together as well if you prefer” she giggled.

“Not really”

“Just handcuffs it is then” she concluded.

“Hey, I haven’t agreed to that”

“Its not really your decision”

“Its my wrists”

Emma reached through the bars and took hold of one of his hands, “Just let me handcuff you for five minutes”.

“I’m not falling for that” he insisted, although knowing that the way she looked right now she probably could make him do pretty much anything she wanted.

She crouched down and pulled Brad’s head up to the bars and kissed him on the lips. While she kissed him she reached down and secured the cuffs around one wrist and then the other. With his wrists secured, she turned her attention back to his lips.

“Wow!” she said as they finally parted. Staying right by the bars, she stood up, pushed her long blonde hair out of her eyes and started to play with the keys. He looked up, looking right up her skirt. His eyes moved up her legs and fixed on her black panties. So beautiful, but yet so out of reach; she was the ultimate tease and she knew it.

“Five minutes are almost up” he reminded her, jangling with shackled wrists.

“Five minutes?”

“You promised”

“Did I, silly me, I don’t remember”

Emma crouch down to inspect the cuffs, “They are quite tight” she smiled.

“Please don’t leave them on all night” he begged.

She looked into his eyes and smiled as she saw real concern. “Please do it for me” she whispered as she kissed him again”.

His emotions were now all over the place and he didn’t know what to think.

“It been a lovely evening” she finally said as she stood up, picked up the empty wine bottle and glasses and walked out, locking the doors as she left. After she locked the final door she flicked a switch plunging the basement into darkness.

The night passed slowly for Brad. His knees, his back, his wrists hurt. He kept changing positions trying to ease the pain. By the morning he felt terrible. His body hurt, he was tired, dehydrated and couldn’t stop himself fantasizing about his captress.


Monday. A small amount of light was coming in through the tiny barred window was the only way he could tell it was morning. It had certainly been the longest night of his life. He finally heard footsteps on the floor above him. The lights came back on, keys jangled in locks and finally she walked in wearing blue jeans that totally hugged her figured.

“Good morning, did you sleep well” she smiled as she deliberately turned around to show off her jeans.

“No” he replied, “Did you?”

“Yes” she smiled.

“Please take these cuffs off” he begged.

“I’m sure you don’t mean that” she smiled as turned her back to him and patted the back pocket of her jeans, “I think the keys are very happy in here, don’t you”.

He had to agree that if he was a key, the back pocket of Emma’s jeans would be a nice place to be.

“And I’m not sure I can get them out, these jeans are a bit to tight.

“This is so frustrating” he admitted.

“I know,” she giggled.

With the cuffs still locked on, she crouched down and started to feed him the coffee and croissants that she had brought with her. After breakfast and another ten minutes of begging later, she finally unlocked the cuffs and released Brad back into the relative freedom of his cell. They chatted some more and then she left, of course locking all the doors as she went.

Emma returned early that evening with food and more wine. They talked some more and made out as best they could through the bars. Brad ran his hands over her toned body, up her legs and under her short skirt.

“Umm” she purred, “if I had the key to your cell, I might even be tempted to let you out. Buy, hey I don’t and anyway there’re a few more things I still like to try while you’re locked up. And at least I can be sure that you’re not going to say no” she giggled.

Emma turned her attention back to the rack of toys. “Kate insisted that I use some of these to make for a proper incarceration experience and to keep things interesting for you” she smiled.

She then turned back, paused a little embarrassed, “There is one thing that I’ve always wanted to try and right now you are the perfect guinea pig.”

“OK?” Brad said hesitantly.

“I’ve always wanted to gag someone with my knickers” she smiled.

“I won’t be much good at kissing with your panties in my mouth”

“That’s OK, they’ll be plenty of time for kissing afterwards.

The thought of putting her knickers in Brad’s mouth had been turning Emma on all day. She’d been wriggling around, feeling her knickers underneath her jeans and thinking of how those same knickers would be stuffed into his mouth.

Emma took a chain from the array of toys and padlocked it around Brad’s waist. She then padlocked the handcuffs to the back of the chain and then proceeded to lock and double lock the cuffs around Brad’s wrists. His wrists were now securely locked behind his back.

“Good, that’ll keep your hands nicely out of the way” she smiled as she reached under her skirt and started to pull her knickers down her long tanned legs. “

Open wide” she purred as she stuffed the back silk into Brad’s mouth. She made sure his mouth was closed before wrapping duct tape around and round his head until the bottom half of his head was completely mummified.

He tried to tell her that she’d done enough tapping, but “mmmmm” was all that he could say.

She was enjoying this, “You do know where those knickers have been all day, don’t you?” she asked. “Wrapped around my butt, and inside my tight jeans. And there wasn’t much ventilation in there” she giggled. She pulled a white pair of knickers from her handbag and started to put them on, “Just preparing tomorrow’s gag” she joked.

“Well given that I can’t talk to you or kiss you then I guess I may as well leave” she smiled.

“Mmmmm!” he tried again, this time with more desperation. Surely she wasn’t going to leave him like this all night. But she had already reached the outer barred door and was busy padlocking it shut, and a few moments later she was gone.

Brad pulled at the cuffs, although he knew from experience that once Emma had locked you in cuffs that there was very little you could do until she decided to let you go. He rubbed his face against the wall in an attempt to remove the duct tape, but that didn’t work either. He was determined that he wouldn’t be spending the night with her panties in his mouth, although it soon became clear that he would.

He lay down on the bed and before he knew it he was asleep.


Tuesday. Brad was woken by the sound of Emma running her keys along the bars of the cell. He struggled to his feet, which was easier said that done with hands cuffed behind his back.

“Good morning” she smiled.

She was wearing her white cotton shorts and top and looked fantastic. He looked and felt terrible. His mouth was parched, her knickers having soaked up ever last drop of moisture. His jaw ached. His arms and shoulders ached from the cuffs and his wrists were cut from his failed attempts to get free.

“You look good” she giggled.

“Mmmm” he mumbled back.

“I’ve brought you some breakfast” she smiled as she put a bag on the floor in front of him.

“Mmmmm” he said again.

“Oh silly me, I left my panties in your mouth” Emma giggled as she beckoned him over towards the bars of the cell. She ripped the tape from his mouth with one quick pull and he quickly spat her underwear out onto the floor.

“Ouch, that was really uncomfortable” Brad complained.

“Shame” Emma smiled back, “you look so good with my panties in your mouth.”

Brad rattled his hands that were still manacled behind his back, “Any chance of you letting me out of these?” he asked politely.

Emma smiled, “Why don’t you see if you can get out of them on your own.”

“I can’t” he replied exasperatedly, “I’ve been trying to do that all night!”

Emma giggled. Brad was usually very cool and Emma loved to see him flustered.

“OK” she finally relented, “come over here.”

A quick turn of her key and he was free of the cuffs. They sat down and ate breakfast together, either side of the bars.

“I really did like seeing you gagged with my underwear” the blonde repeated, “it was fun knowing that they were stopping you saying a single word. I think we’ll do that every night from now.”

“No way” Brad replied, “please!”

“Kiss my feet” Kate suddenly ordered.

Brad obeyed immediately.

“That was nice,” she purred after a few minutes.

“Thanks, so no more gagging then, “Brad asked.

Emma giggled, “Wrong. Kissing my feet was sweet but it won’t get you out of your nightly sojourn with my panties.”

Brad spent Tuesday in relative freedom. He read books, slept and generally recovered from the night before. However that evening Emma returned with other plans.

She walked over to the cell carrying a large heavy box inside which was a steel mask that was designed to totally enclose someone’s head. There were small holes by the mouth and nose to keep its victim alive. It opened on hinges at the back and locked at the front with two padlocks, one around the neck and one roughly by the victim’s nose.

Her skirts seemed to Brad to get shorter by the day. This one was pink, flared and barely covered her butt. From where Brad was slumped on the floor on the cell, he could see everything. She crouched down next to him, deliberately leaving her legs slightly apart.

“Have you ever been locked inside one of these?” Emma asked as she unlocked the padlocks and opened the mask.

Brad looked concerned, “No” he replied. How could such a sweet woman have such an evil mind.

“Well tonight’s your lucky night” Emma giggled as she passed the mask through the bars and padlocked the top of it to one of the horizontal cell bars. The mask hung in the air a few feet from the cell floor.

“Guess where your head goes” Emma purred.

Brad sat down with his back against the bars and slowly positioned his head inside the open mask. Emma reached through the bars to close the mask and then locked it with the two padlocks.

Inside Brad couldn’t see, smell, or barely hear anything, it was eerie. A few minutes later Emma unlocked the padlocks and let him out.

“How does it feel?” she asked.

“That’s scary” Brad replied, “It’s as if the world has stopped and you don’t exist. You really feel helpless.”

Emma giggled, “Wow, that is quite something coming from a guy whose been locked up in a cell for half a week.”

Brad continued, “It really felt as though my life depended on those keys to let me out.”

Emma was smiling, “I know and I’ll have those keys.”

The two friends ate dinner together and talked until almost midnight. Brad knew he would be talking no more when Emma stood up, reached under her dress and started to pull down her black silk knickers.

“I guess that’s all for tonight” he replied.

“You guessed right” she purred.

Emma slowly pushed her knickers into his mouth and taped them in place. Brad duly sat down with his head inside the mask. Emma closed it, locked it and pocketed the keys. And that was all Brad saw until morning. Emma walked back home without her underwear thinking all the time about Brad and what she would do with him next.


Brad had no idea what time it was when he heard foot steps and keys jangling. The sensatory deprivation had left him totally disorientated. Emma sat down with her legs through the bars, one either side of Brad’s neck. She tapped on the steel mask.

“Can you hear me in there?”

The warm soft feel of Kate thighs felt lovely around his neck after a night surrounded by cold hard steel. He ran his hands up and down her legs. She enjoyed the feel of his hands and sat there tightening her grip around his neck.

“Shame you haven’t got the keys for these padlocks” she purred as she played with them in her hands.

The padlock keys were in the back pocket of Emma’s white shorts and she could feel them underneath her as she sat on the hard floor. She then saw a small piece of wire that Brad had unsuccessfully used to try and escape from some cuffs earlier in the week. She reached for the wire and put it into Brad’s hand.

“I’m going to leave you in that mask until lunchtime” she announced, “but to give you a chance I’ll give you ten minutes to try and pick the locks with this wire.”

Brad was desperate to get out of the mask, which was starting to play with his mind, and quickly inserted the wire into the padlock to tried to force the lock. The wire was sharp and as he couldn’t see he kept cutting himself.

Emma sat there with the mask between her legs smiling as she saw how desperate he was to pick the locks.

“How’re you doing?” Emma asked.

Another five minutes and the padlocks were still firmly locked. Emma pulled the keys out of her pocket and ran them up and down her legs.

“You’re running out of time” she warned.

Emma had had her fun, she picked up the instructions that had come with the padlocks and read out the selling material about how the security features. On hearing this, Brad dropped the wire on the floor, “You bitch” he wanted to say had he not had a mouth full of her underwear.

Emma giggle, “It was so cute seeing you try to get out” she purred as she tucked the keys safely back inside her pocket.

It wasn’t until Emma returned at lunchtime that she finally unlocked the padlocks and let Brad out of the mask. Brad seemed totally disorientated and it took a few minutes until he spoke.

“You bitch” he finally said.

“Come here” she ordered.

She reached through the bars and pulled him closer to kiss him. Despite the ordeal she’d put him through he kissed her back.

Wednesday evening she returned with some food. She was wearing a tight black cocktail dress and was beautifully made up.

“You look amazing” he said.

“Thanks, posh cocktail party with the firm of lawyers that has offered me a job” she replied.

“I can’t believe you’re going to be a lawyer” he replied.

“Why not?”

“Maybe a jailer would be more appropriate” he suggested.

“I can do more than lock people up you know” she replied.

“I’m sure you can, but you do it so well”

Emma laughed, “Yes, you are certainly getting to see my cruel, sadistic side this week.”

Emma then produced from her handbag the one thing that Brad had been dreading, a chastity tube.

“I’m sure you know what this is” she smiled.

“Yes, I know” he replied.

As instructed he pulled down his trousers and let the blonde fit the device around his balls and dick. It was a tight fit. He watched as she produced a padlock, slipped it in place and padlocked him in.

“Does it feel nice?” she asked.

“Tight” he replied.

“It’s suppose to, silly,” she giggled as she slowly and deliberately dropped the small key between her breasts.

“This bra is pretty tight” she explained, “Hopefully it’ll hold the key in place. Otherwise your cock will stay behind bars at least until Kate returns.”

Brad looked at Emma, she looked so good with the tight dress hugging her perfect figure.

“I’ll be back later to check on you and of course to pop these in your mouth” Emma purred as she ran her hands around her butt.


Thursday. Brad woke up with hands chained behind his back, gagged with Emma’s panties and still wearing the chastity tube. He struggled to his feet and walked over to the bars. There was no sign of his captor and so he sat down on the floor and waited, there wasn’t much else he could do.

She didn’t arrive until almost midday. She unlocked the outer barred door and strolled in wearing her jeans and top.

“What a party” she exclaimed.

“Mmmmm” he replied.

Emma continued to describe the party and the people she’d met, almost forgetting that Brad was still gagged.

Finally she remembered and pulled off the tape and also unlocked his wrists. The two had breakfast together and Emma explained that she was going away for a couple of days. She would be back on Saturday and would pick Kate up at the airport on the way back.

“That’ll be 48 hours all on your own, I hope you won’t miss me too much” she smiled.

Brad was actually relieved. While he loved spending time with her, some of the restraints she was using on him hurt.

Emma left enough food by the bars for the next two days.

“Can you unlock the chastity tube before you go?” he asked.

“Why, are you going to be having sex before Saturday?” she asked.


“Well then I may as well leave it on” she replied.

“But what if I want to ..” he left the sentence unfinished.

“Want to what?” she smiled.

He could see that she was enjoying this. She patted her pocket to try and find the key, finally locating it in her back pocket. She handed him the key.

“Of course, if you want me to keep you in chastity for the next two days you can always put the key back in my pocket,” and she turned around so that her denim clad butt was resting against the bars.

She looked so sexy that his head spun. He ran his hands up and down her jeans before pushing the key right inside her back pocket. She immediately turned around, knelt down and kissed him.

Saturday morning as usual Brad heard keys rattling and Emma’s footsteps on the stairs leading down to the cellar. However this time he also heard female voice and laughing. As the outer barred down was unlocked he saw both Emma and Kate.

“Hi honey, how are you” Brad said.

Kate ran over and kissed him through the bars, “It great to see you again” she smiled.

“How was your holiday?” he asked.

“Fantastic, how was your week?”

“An experience” he replied.

“You look great” Brad said as he looked at his girlfriend’s tanned body.

“Thanks” she smiled, “you look pretty good yourself, considering.”

Kate tapped the back pocket of her jeans, “I’ve brought you a present” she giggled as she unzipped her pocket and pulled out the key. “A whole week under my lock and key” Kate purred as she slipped the key into the keyhole and unlocked the cell door.

She swung the door open and ran into the cell to hug her boyfriend again.

“You may need this” Emma smiled as she handed Kate the key to the chastity tube through the bars. Kate took it and quickly unlocked her boyfriend.

Emma watched on, “Maybe I should give you some privacy” she giggled.

“Thanks” Kate said as she continued to kiss Brad.

Emma paused as she was walking out, “Would you like me to make sure you’re not interrupted?” she asked as she started to pull the cell door closed.

“Yeah, why not?” Kate replied as she lay down on top of Brad on the small metal bed. They were both fully engrossed as Emma locked them in the cell and walked back up to the house. She sat in their kitchen drinking a cup of tea and playing with the key in her hands. She was feeling jealous of Kate and Brad’s ‘kinky’ lifestyle.

A good half an hour later Kate and Brad were lying on the bed together.

“I can’t believe that we’ve let someone else lock us both in here” Kate said.

“She’s probably robbing us as we speak” Brad joked, now quite accustomed to being under Emma’s lock and key.

Emma finally returned and unlocked the cell. Kate was the first to walk out at which point Emma quickly swung the door closed and locked it before Brad had a chance to react. By the time he had, the door was locked and the key was in the pocket of Emma’s very short denim shorts.

“Hey, I’ve done my time” Brad complained, “Kate, tell her to let me out!”

Kate looked around and smiled, “Umm, it seems to me that Emma’s done a good job of keeping you out of trouble so far, so maybe another day won’t hurt.”

“What!” Brad replied.

Kate walked over to the bars and kissed Brad, “OK Em, I’ve got to go to town today, so he’s yours for another day if you want, tonight though, he’s mine.”

Kate kissed Brad again and left the cellar.

“You bitch!” Brad said to Emma.

“Hey, Kate’s entrusted you to my care today, so I thought we could have a little more fun.”

Brad was starting to fear his increasingly sadistic captor.

As instructed, and almost out of habit, Brad did as he was told and let Emma padlock a high security chain around his wrists and then around his waist so that his hands were held tightly in the small of his back. She then took another high security chain and padlocked it around one ankle, and then the other ankle with only a couple of inches of play between them.

Brad watched helplessly as the padlock keys slipped into the back pocket of her shorts. However now Emma also had the key to the cell. She walked over to the cell down, unlocked it, walked inside and locked it behind her.

Emma was athletic, slim and shorter than he was, but his restraints meant that he was helpless against her. She walked over to him and he shuffled backwards away from her. She sat down on the bed and watched as he shuffled over to the door and tried to reach the key, which was still in the lock, with his chained hands. Emma watched as he finally managed to turn the key by using his mouth. She followed him as he shuffled up the steps and towards the steps leading up from the cellar.

“Where are you going?” Emma asked

“I’m finally getting free” Brad replied.

“How are you going to get out of those chains?” she asked. “You’ll certainly attract attention walking down the street like that. And anyway, I don’t think your local locksmith will be able to do much against those padlocks.”

He stopped and thought.

Emma tapped the back pocket of her shorts, “I have the keys right here” she purred, “maybe you ought to stay with me?”

He knew he had no choice and slowly and reluctantly hobbled back into the cell.

Emma looked at him; bare top showing a well toned upper body and jeans. She had fancied him all week and the fact that he was locked in the cell was as much a frustration for her as it had been for him. Now was her chance, probably her only chance.

She followed him inside the cell, threw her arms around his neck and started to kiss him. Initially he tried to resist, but he was a guy and she was stunning and soon his natural instincts took over. She pulled down his jeans and pushed him backwards on the bed. With Brad still securely chained, they made love time after time.

Brad looked over to where Emma’s shorts were lying on the other side of the cell. He could see the padlock keys sticking out but with hands still chained and with Emma’s naked body lying on top of him there was no way he could reach them.

“I’ve been wanting to do that all week,” Emma purred.

“Do you often make love to men in chains?” he asked.

“No, but I may start” she giggled.

“Have I now earned my freedom?”

“That was really good” Emma smiled, “but I want to do one last thing to you.”

“Will I be able to get out from it?”

“No” she smiled.

Emma then laid Brad on the floor of the cell and sat astride him. She first brought his feet up to his back and padlocked the chain around his feet to the chain around his waist so that he was hog chained.

She then took all of the pairs of handcuffs and leg irons that were outside the cell and locked them tightly around his already chained hands and feet. She then took the chastity tube and padlocked it tightly in place.

“How does that feel?” she asked while still sitting on his chest. In this position she couldn’t resist sliding a little further forward so that she was sitting on his face. She used his nose to bring her to orgasm for one final time before stuffing her panties into his mouth and tapping them in place. He knew the taste well.

She slid her shorts back on before standing above him, one foot either side of his head.

“What a lot of keys” she smiled as she jangled a large key ring. “I’m going to lock you in the steel mask and then leave you locked up in the cell for the rest of the day. I’ll drop the keys around to Kate this evening and then she can do with you whatever she chooses. And all the fun this week can be our little secret.

And so Emma padlocked him inside the mask and left him locked in the cell. The keys made a bit of a bulge in her back pocket as she walked down the road, but nobody would guess what they belonged to. That evening she gave the keys to Kate and that was the end of that.


Kate never knew what Brad and Emma had got up to that week and certainly didn’t know that they’d made out together. Brad, however, knew all too clearly what had happened and couldn’t stop thinking about it and dropping comments into conversations with Kate.

“That week really had an effect on you,” Kate remarked.

Brad thought for a moment, “A week is a long time, to be locked up, particularly under the care of someone as sadistic as Emma.”

Kate thought about asking what Emma had done to him that week, but thought better of it. She had entrusted her boyfriend into Emma’s care and so she couldn’t really object to anything that the blonde had done to him. However that said, whatever it was she’d done to him had made a lasting impression.

Kate smiled to herself, there was one very easy way to find out what Emma was like, and that was to take part herself.

“Why don’t we ask Emma to play jailer again, but this time with both of us in the cell?” Kate asked one evening.

“That’s probably not a good idea.”

“Why not?”

“I don’t know what she might do, given another chance.”

“Then let’s find out together,” Kate smiled.

Saturday Morning

With all parties in agreement, the next weekend they entrusted themselves into Emma’s care. Emma was dressed ready for work in a white blouse, mid-thigh length black skirt, stockings and high heels; she looked stunning. She stood and watched as Brad and Kate walked down the few steps into the cell. She swung the door closed behind them and secured it with the padlock.

Kate was more apprehensive that she’d thought she would be. She had always thought of Emma as a friend, an equal. The two women were both attractive and intelligent, and had at times been mistaken for sisters, but now with the bars separating them Emma took on a whole new sense of power and indeed beauty.

Brad had experienced this feeling before, and the sense of helplessness was familiar. Because the cell was set three feet down, Emma appeared to tower over the inmates, only adding to her presence.

They had agreed that Emma could do anything to them as long as it caused no permanent damaged and the more interesting the better.

“Are you guys sure that you’re OK with this, you know the power I have over you?” Emma checked one last time. Kate and Brad both nodded.

“Good, because I’m going to give the key to the cell door to a girlfriend who will be overseas for the weekend, that way there will be no cheating.”

Emma left them and returned twenty minutes later, “OK as we speak the cell key is tucked inside a cute little brunette’s pocket and will very soon be 30,000 feet somewhere above France. There’s no way you’re getting out until she returns, so we may as well have a little fun.”

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Natasha waited, kneeling in position at her masters feet. Natasha had been with her master for three years now and in those years they have constructed a very close connection. Being her master, he adored her dearly. However, if she ever stepped out of line, he is more than happy to put her in her place. And tonight will be an example of how he does so.

Natasha was told to serve drinks at her master’s party that night and made a fatale mistake. As she was handing a guest a drink, another walked behind her and grabbed a handful of her ass and caused her to spill all of the Champaign over the guest she was attending. And her master was so furious with her that he ended the party early and now is staring at his slave.

“Natasha,” Her master started calmly. “You have disappointed me tonight. What do you think a suitable punishment would be for your behavior tonight?”

Natasha kept her eyes low as she answered him. “What ever punishment you wish for me to have master.” She replied. Master smiled at her.

“Smart decision girl. For the first part of your punishment I think a nice spanking is required, don’t you agree?” He asked her.

“Yes sir, it sounds like a wonderful punishment.” Natasha replied.

“I’m glad you think so. Now crawl to me and get over my lap.” Master said as he went over and sat on the foot of the bed. Natasha slowly made her way over to his feet and soon was over his knee.

“Now Natasha, you know the rule. Count every hit out.” He said As he brought his hand down on her left cheek. She winced at the blow but didn’t cry out.

“One” she counted. He then slapped her again. They continued this way for the next twenty spanks. Master rotated between hard and fast hits, to slow and hard spanks. By hit thirty, Natasha had tears running down her pretty face.

“Please stop master. I’ve learned my lesson. I’ll never spill a drink on another guest ever. I promise!” She pleaded out to her master. Even though her face was stained with tears, she was incredibly turned on by this. She could feel her pussy pulsating with need, and how wet it was.

Master stopped his assault on her ass and ran his hand across it and down to her panty covered pussy. Be then starts massage her there. “Mm is my little slave getting turned on from her punishment? I don’t think you’ve truly learned your lesson.” He said as he took his hand away from her panties.

“Get down and please my cock slave.” He ordered her as he pushed his dress pants and boxers down to his feet. Natasha took his cock into her hands and ran her finger tips along the head. Master growled in pleasure.”That’s a good girl. Give your master pleasure.”

Natasha moved his member in the other hand and started to play with his balls. She squeezed them gently, as she used her tongue and slid it along the length oh his cock.

“Ugh, yeah that’s a good girl. Now take me in your sweet throat.” He moaned out as he ran his through her hair. She did as she was told and started to take him into her mouth until his cock hit the back of her throat.

Moaning, he gripped her hair tightly in his fist and starts to give her hard short thrusts, fucking her face. “Mm baby I’m going to come in your mouth and give you all of my hot cum. And your going to drink up every bit aren’t you?”

Natasha moaned sexily around his cock, giving him the answer he wanted to hear. Hearing her sexy moan he fucked her face harder and said, “Get ready slave. Take my cum!” Master said loudly as he starts cumming deep with in her mouth, never stopping until he was fully drained.

“That’s a good girl.” Master said as he finally let her face up. “I’m very proud of you. I think you have learned your lesson now, and ready for your reward for not complaining any the whole time of your punishment.”

With that being said, master stood up and changed position with Natasha. He pushed on her chest, making her lay flat onto the bed. He then slowly took of her panties, dropping them to the floor.

“My sweet slave. Your pussy is so nice and hot for me.” Master says as he licked the inside of thigh, teasing her.

“Oh master please lick my pussy.” Natasha begged him. Her master always loved it when she begged him. He slowly ran his tongue up her pussy. Letting her fill the heat of his tongue. “Oh yes master.” She moaned out.

Master, let his tongue run down her clit, to her ass whole, teasing the ring of it. Then moving up to her entrance. He forced his tongue deep into her pussy causing her to whine in delight.He then started to move his head back and forward towards her pussy. Letting his tongue please his slave.

He watched as Natasha thrash around in pleasure, arching herself more and more to him, feeling herself getting close to coming. “Oh master! I’m coming.” She yelled loudly with passion as she started to come.

Master slowly took his tongue out of her wet pussy and started to kiss his way up her body, reaching her face. She closed her eyes exhaustedly as he did to. “On no you don’t my slave. The night has only just began. You have a long night ahead of you.” He said beaming as he felt himself start to become hard again.

Natasha opened her eyes after she clamed down and looked at her master. “Whatever you wish master.”

Master smiled at her and motioned for her to move up, and until her head rested on a pillow. He then stood up and went over to the bedside table and picked up two pared of hand cuffs. Grinning, he made his back to Natasha.

He took one of her hands and locked on hand in one cuff, and attached the other cuff to the bed rail, and the same for the other. He then crawled onto the bed, where he was hovering over her. “Are you ready to be fucked my sweet slave?”

Natasha could fill her pussy juices running down her thighs at his actions. “Yes master. I’m ready to take your cock. Please give it to me.” She responded, arching herself to him.

After giving her a long sensual kiss, Master then rammed his whole member into her tight pussy. He could feel her walls squeezing him as he repeat his actions. “Master!” His beautiful slave moaned out to him in pleasure.

Hearing her moan was music to his ears, which caused him to fuck her harder, giving her short fast thrusts. “Oh Natasha. Your so nice and wet. I’m going to cum in you so hard.” He said as he fucked her even faster.

Natasha circled her legs around his waist, letting him go deeper into her, and bump her clit. “I’m coming!” She screamed out loudly. Feeling her come around his cock triggered his orgasm. He gave her hard thrusts until his orgasm subsided.

Pulling out of her, Master looked down at his sleepy slave. “Rest now my slave. You have earned it.” He said to her as he uncuffed her hands. Natasha, not objecting, followed his orders and was soon sound asleep in her masters arms.

The full moon was shining cheerfully through my window as I fell asleep that night. It’s silvery light bending through my water bottle and shining on the rails of my antique wrought-iron bed before falling across my face, bathing me in its gentle luminescence.

It was the loss of that light across my eyes the roused me, awakened me, from my erotic dream. The same dream I always have; the one that makes me cum before I’m even completely awake; the dream that even now has my pussy dripping and longing to be filled.

As I slowly blink my eyes open, I am aware of a change in the atmosphere of my bedroom; of something added rather than missing. The moonlight reveals you standing over me outlined in stark contrast. I take in your aggressive stance, black clothes and ski mask and quickly come to only one conclusion; you’re here to rape me.

As I come to my senses enough to gather a scream in my throat, your hand quickly covers my mouth. You lean down next to my ear and whisper in a harsh voice, “Don’t scream, don’t make a sound and I’ll make this good for you too. Scream or call for help, and I’ll make you wish you didn’t have a sweet pussy for me to fuck. Got it?”

I can barely think beyond shakily nodding my head in surrender.

“Take your panties off” you growl at me, your hand is still firmly over my mouth as I wiggle my panties down over my hips and legs, “and hand them to me.” You roll them in a ball and, finally removing your hand, you shove them into my mouth. “Now take your nightie off.” You say in the same growl.

Once it is out of the way, you take both of my wrists in your one, very large, very strong hand and pull my arms up over my head. You tug something out of your pocket; it’s handcuffs. You click a cuff over my wrist, loop the chain around the bedrail and click the other cuff onto my other wrist. You pick up one of the fat, decorative pillows from the neat pile beside my bed and add it to the one already under my head. I’m not very comfortable with my head at a 45 degree angle, but you don’t seem to care.

You reach down and take hold of my nipple. You look me straight in the eye and twist, pulling upward at the same time. I cry out in pain, and yes, a little pleasure. You stop and lean down to my ear again, “You like that, bitch?” I think you smile, I think I hear it in your voice. “Yeah, you like it. I’ll have you moaning like a whore before I’m through tonight.”

Now that I am completely at your mercy, you pull something else out of your pocket. You stroke my cheek and say, “I’m going to blindfold you with this sleep mask and I’m going to fuck you. But before I blindfold you, I’m going to show you what I’m going to impale you with, think you’re ready to see it?”

My eyes are as wide as saucers; I nod slowly.

You reach down and pinch the other nipple, pulling and twisting upward. I cry out in pain (and pleasure?) again.

“Slut.” You say as you pull the zipper down on your jacket and slide it off revealing a black tank. Your moonlit outline becomes more defined. Your shoulders are impossibly broad and your torso tapers to a flat, well-defined stomach.

I get the feeling I know you from somewhere.

The tank follows the jacket and the hills and valleys of your chest and abs are set in sharp relief. My mouth waters a little as I involuntarily take in a sharp breathe through the panties. I pray you didn’t hear me.

My prayer is not answered.

Your head jerks up to my face and I feel like your smiling again. The ski mask is very frustrating. I want to see you in spite of myself. I’m about to be raped, and my body is betraying me by revving up for it! What is wrong with me? Am I psychotic?

“You want to see more don’t you?” You jeer at me, making me feel ashamed of myself; ashamed of my lust, my obvious need. “You want to see the cock that’s going to fuck you, don’t you slut?”

I just stare at you with my big, blue eyes. I can’t reason out the way I’m feeling.

“Answer me!” You half yell at me.

You yank the panties out of my mouth roughly and put your ski masked face in mine again.

“Yes.” I squeak out in the smallest voice possible.

You pull and twist both nipples and I really do scream out in pain. You shove the panties back in my mouth, and move your mouth to the closest nipple and swirl your tongue around it before pulling it into your mouth and sucking on it. With one hand you squeeze the other breast and gently roll the nipple between your fingers. I’m confused and aroused by the rapid switch from pain to pleasure.

Your hand caresses my stomach as you move your mouth to the other breast and devour it with your lips and tongue.

Your hand slips lower.

“Wow, not even a landing strip.” You say as you slide your fingers over my already swollen, completely hairless lips. You slowly slide your finger up and down over those lips until they open like the wings of a butterfly. You feel my wetness already, one swipe over my inner lips and I open to your gently probing fingers. I am wet enough that one finger glides in easily as your thumb begins to softly rub my soft pink nub sending a wave of pleasure through me.

At the same moment, you bite my nipple; hard. I yelp in pain and moan in pleasure as you slide your one, now two, fingers in and out of my pussy. I can’t help myself; I tighten my velvet walls around your fingers. You move over and bite the other nipple; harder.

My pain and pleasure are complete and your thumb strums my clit like a well-tuned guitar. You curl your finger up inside of me and stroke my g-spot. I arch my back frantic to keep the connection between your mouth and my breast knowing that I’m about to cum harder than I ever have. But, just at that moment, to my utter dismay, you stop and straighten up.

You are standing over me again, silently reminding me who is in control. I’m frustrated and, frankly, angry. I’m angry at my rapist for not letting me cum. I am sick.

You, however, are smug. Standing there, standing over me, knowing how close I was and reveling in my misery.

You move to the end of the bed and sit with your back to me. Oddly, I feel shut out. I’m not sure what you’re doing until I hear the thump of a shoe hitting the floor. After the thump of the other shoe dropping, you stand and turn back to the bed. At the foot of the bed, you slowly unsnap and unzip your jeans. Your cock springs out unrestrained by boxers. You let the pants drop and step out of them.

It’s dark at the bottom of the bed so I can’t really see what’s in store for me until you come around to the side of the bed again. I take in another involuntary breath in at the sight of your beautiful cock.

You climb onto the bed obligingly bringing it closer to my face for a better look. You are perfect, from the 8 inches plus in length, to the 2 inches plus in width. The drop of precum on your perfectly mushroomed head is like the cherry on top of a sundae. I can’t wait for a taste….but wait this is against my will right?

You must be reading my thoughts because you establish dominance once again. You have the sleep mask in your hand again and you pull it over my head and effectively cut off my sight. I hear you breathe a sigh of relief, and realize that you have taken off the ski mask.

The fear peaks in me again as I recognize that not only am I at your mercy, but I can’t see anymore. I have no idea what you are going to do next. Incredibly, the fear increases my desire. My body is quivering and my heart is dancing in my chest with anticipation and terror.

I feel the bed move as you either sit or lean on the side of it. Another quick movement and you are straddling my chest. You whisper, “I’m going to take the gag out, remember what I said about screaming or yelling for help. Promise to be a good girl?”

Maybe I would have shaken my head ‘no’ if I’d known at the time what you had in store for me. But I foolishly nod in assent.

You pull the panties out of my mouth and hold my water bottle to it so I can quench my thirst. When I’m satisfied, I shake my head slightly spilling water down the front of my neck. The liquid is cold and in my heightened state, the shock is delicious.

I feel something press against my lips, rubbing against them and making them wet from its own lubrication. “Open up” you say. But instead my tongue darts out of my mouth searching for a taste of your precum.

“I always knew you were a whore!” You whisper gruffly, your outburst buried in your pleasure.

Somewhere in the back of my mind a warning bell goes off again. “Always knew” that’s what you said. You know me! The trick is to figure out how you know me.

I am licking your perfect mushroom head and taking just that bit into my mouth while I do it. I lick you just under the rim of your head and spend a little bit of time tonguing your “vee”. I think this is making you crazy, but you pull up and put your balls to my lips. I lick and suck each one eagerly until you are making guttural, ecstatic noises. You reward my good work with an even bigger taste of precum. Sweet!

You guide the head of your cock into my mouth again, but you only stop there for a second. You slide out, and then back in a little further. You keep doing this until you are buried in my throat and I am forced to swallow around you. You slide back out just before I run out of air and give me a chance to take a big breath. I open my lips for you again and you slide back in; your cock feels like heaven in my mouth. Your soft skin and your hard cock are almost my undoing.

Of course you’ve read my mind again. “You want to suck my cock whore? Maybe you’ll like this way better.” And just so I don’t forget who is really running the show, you hold still and with a hand on either side of my head, you rock my head back and forth over your cock, literally fucking my face. It’s slightly uncomfortable, but not painful and I quickly adapt to your rhythm. My lack of discomfort seems to piss you off, and you fuck my face harder before surprising me with your ejaculation.

The first spurt hits me square in the back of the throat making me gag slightly, but I’m ready for the next one and put my tongue into your slit to encourage you along. Your cum spurts out onto my tongue, and I swallow rapidly before moving my tongue back up to the tip in anticipation of more to come. I swallow everything you have to give until you slide your cock out of my mouth.

You collapse beside me for a moment your fingers tracing lazy circles around my nipples. You start talking; well whispering, but it so nonchalant it’s like we just met in the grocery store or something.

The grocery store! Were you the guy who helped me with my groceries the other day? I was wearing an awfully short skirt and I know I gave you a bit of a show when I bent over to retrieve my “accidentally” dropped keys.

You’re right, I am a slut.

I realize that you are again reading my mind as I tune into what you’re saying.

“…knew you were slut, but I had no idea it would be like this! I haven’t even fucked you yet. You’re dying for it now aren’t you? I could take the handcuffs off and you’d lay there and spread your legs for me, wouldn’t you?”

Your hand has never stopped moving, the lazy circles around my nipples trailing little loops down my stomach and lower. More circles now around my pussy, now you brush the back of your fingers over my mound.

My legs are slightly open and you give my legs a nudge apart. Not far enough you decide, so you move down and pull my legs apart with your hands. “So wet. I can see from here how wet you are.”

I moan as you dip your finger down to the opening of my dripping pussy. You use my own juices to once again violate me with your fingers, first one, and then two. Your thumb works its magic on my clit again, bringing me to the brink.

You stop again, laughing at my obvious frustration.

“How much do you want it, bitch?” you chuckle. “Beg me to lick your pussy.” You kiss my inner thighs and all around my pussy; everywhere, except my pussy.

This is making me crazy, but I don’t want to give in. I still have some power, right? Wrong. Your kisses are making me crazy and you keep stroking my mound and teasing me with your fingers. I shake my head no, but I’m weakening. I’m starting to not care if I have any power. I just need to feel your tongue on my pussy. Now the need is overwhelming.

“Yes! Please lick my pussy!” I somehow manage to yell and whisper at the same time. I know I can’t be louder than you, and I know that you have to lick my pussy or I’ll die. I know you’ve won again.

My hips are bucking slightly in anticipation. You’ve stopped kissing my thighs and I feel your weight shift on the bed. You are now between my widely spread legs. I can feel your breath on my thighs as you lean in to kiss them once more. This time, you work your way up my thighs to the one spot I’m dying for you to kiss. You run your tongue up one side of my pussy and down the other.

“I love your bare pussy lips. So soft and slippery.” You hiss.

I can barely contain myself now. Your tongue is exploring every inch of my pussy. You slide it into me causing me to gasp and moan softly as you mumble something I can’t quite catch…”so….fucking….good”.

I think that’s what you say anyway. Maybe that’s just what I’m thinking. My mind isn’t really functioning so well right now; my whole being is focused on what’s happening between my legs.

Your tongue has made its way to my clit and is doing a magical tap dance on it. I am writhing, making my wrists red from pulling on them. I want my hands on your head. I want to grab you by the ears and ride your face. I have no control over this, no control at all. That realization is what sends me over the edge and I’m cumming. I’m cumming so hard and so loudly that you have to stuff the panties back into my mouth to shut me up.

You don’t let up on my pussy, your fingers are flying in and out of me, your tongue still torturing my clit until I cum again. This orgasm shoots an electrical current through my body making me scream into the panties over and over again.

You climb up over me and press against me, holding most of your weight off of me with your elbow. You pull the panties out of my mouth again. You stroke my hair back and kiss me for the first time. Tasting my pussy on your lips is incredible. Your kiss is light at first, then more demanding as your tongue claims more of my mouth.

These wondrous kisses distract me from the fact that you are stretching my legs up and apart by hooking one of my legs over each of your arms at the crook of the elbow. With my arms restrained above me and my eyes blinded, this position re-establishes your complete dominance over me. You’ve given me pleasure, but you still have more to take.

You reach down and position yourself at my entrance, lubricating your cock with my cum by rubbing it up and down just inside my petal pink lips. You start slowly and my wish that you’ll be gentle seems to be coming true.

I abruptly realize that you’ve stopped what you were doing, there’s some shifting going on and you let go of my legs. After another movement, the sleep mask is ripped off my head. I’m blinking in the moonlight trying to get my eyes to adjust. You have taken hold of my legs and I’m stretched wide open again.

As you come into focus, I see that you’re wearing the ski mask again.

“I want you to look me in the eyes when I’m fucking you. Got it? Look directly into my eyes the whole time. Don’t look away. I’ll keep the panties out of your mouth if you can be quiet; get too loud and they go back in.” You command through the mask, your voice more muffled now.

When you look down to guide your fully-engorged cock to my wet and willing pussy, I look you over and take in as much as I can before you catch me.

Your build once again seems familiar to me. I know I know you. Your hair is a little long and from the piece I can see peaking out from under the edge of your ski mask its dark brown or black. Your skin is a medium brown, but from your tan lines, it’s obviously from the sun.

Why are you so familiar?

The very head of your cock rests just inside my pussy, you look up into my eyes and relish the surprise in them as you slam into my slick, hot hole. I take you in to the hilt without thinking. I open myself up and let you in completely. I have no choice and as I look into your eyes you see the surrender there, the capitulation, the complete acceptance that I have no power here, no control, that I am yours.

“I’ll be back, you know.” You say gruffly as you slowly slide in and out of my tightening pussy. “I’ll be back to fuck you again, whenever I want. Do you understand?”

I am staring into your chocolate brown eyes, noticing everything about them, committing them to memory.

“Do. You. Understand!”

Startled, I nod as you thrust into me again, unwilling even now to say it out loud. But you’re not letting me off that easily.

“Say it!” you demand in perfect time with another hard thrust.

“I’m yours to fuck whenever you want.” I moan back to you. “I’m all yours.” I say it, and as unbelievable as it is to my own ears; I mean it.

You’re fucking me hard now, pistoning in and out of me like a jackhammer, spreading my legs further and further apart almost splitting me in half. Once again the pleasure and pain blend into exquisite torture. I can feel you pounding against my womb; you’re in me so deep. My pussy is clenching around you, grasping you as tight as a fist.

Like you predicted, I’m moaning like a whore. I’m incoherent, trying to be quiet but loudly whispering “Fuck me!” over and over again.

“I’ll fuck you whore, I’ll fuck you whenever and wherever I want.” You underscore every few words with an answering thrust.

“Yes, yes I’m yours! Fuck me now, just fuck me now!” I scream/whisper. You’ve got the panties in your hand and you’re ready for me as I start to yell “Oh yes! Fuck me!” louder and louder. The panties go unceremoniously back into my mouth and I scream “Fuck me!” through them.

“Look at me!” you whisper urgently and I snap my eyes back to yours. “Don’t look away again, understand?”

I nod my head not breaking eye contact.

You are a man possessed looking deep into my eyes making it impossible for me to look away. I can feel my climax building with each thrust of your cock into me. I’m so physically restrained now that all I can do is resign myself to enjoying being fucked by you; my body is completely open to you. I have no way of stopping this even if I wanted to and you are bringing me closer to cumming with each powerful thrust.

I no longer care if I’m being raped or not, nor do I care who you are. I just care about being fucked like never before. My brain has gone back to caveman times and I’m completely immersed in the pleasure of feeling this meaty cock stroke in and out of me again and again. My body has it own mind and I cum in crushing waves. I’m screaming my primal release into the panties stuffed in my mouth. Your eyes are drilling into mine and I keep eye-contact with you through my entire orgasm.

The walls of my pussy are quivering now and you just stop, still in my pussy enjoying the aftershocks of my incredibly strong orgasm. We’re still staring, bright blue eyes into bottomless brown. I am not the first to look away.

Slowly you let my legs go one by one. You move off me and I’m surprised how quickly I miss your weight and warmth. I watch you bend down and get your pants, admiring the view when I hear the jingle of keys. You’re going to free my hands! I can’t wait to touch you, to feel your skin under my fingertips.

You replace the sleep mask and deprive me of my sight again. You uncuff one wrist and order me to turn over. I do and you cuff my wrist again. I am again deprived of touching you.

Last August, less than two weeks after I turned eighteen, I found the door unlocked. There was dust in the hallway, and a weird smell was lingering in the air.

I thought we got robbed. I snuck in, instantly nervous to the point of trembling. It struck me, too, that my mom was supposed to be home today – I knew she called in sick for some reason or other. Now scared for real, I called out to her, but got no answer.

I looked inside… and stumbled upon her – alone, face-down on the coffee table in the living room, with her hands and legs handcuffed to it, her pale chubby naked ass up in the air because of a pillow tucked under her tummy.


She moaned. I ran towards her and saw she was gagged and blindfolded. There was no hope that she haven’t gotten fucked. Even at a glance, she was taken in all ways a woman could have been. Semen was on her face and hair, mixed with make-up, streaming down her cheeks and chin. Trying not to touch the spunk, I undid the leather belt and pulled the gag out of her mouth.

“Mom, what happened to you?!”

Mom spat out a mouthful of drool.

“Please. Untie me… ok? Dear, please.”

I hastily pulled at the handcuffs. Then I noticed a key on the TV stand, grabbed it and tried freeing her hands, but the key did not fit. I ran around, trying cuffs on her legs, shocked at the whip lines all over her back and her bottom. Semen was drying on mom’s lower back, slowly leaking between her ass cheeks. Her cunt, resting in a hairy puddle of goo, was red and gaping, white and yellow spunk caked inside and around it.

“Oh god, don’t watch,” she said, but I already saw it.

I was trying to unlock the cuffs.

“Mom, have we gotten robbed?”

“No, untie me.”

“Mom, what happened?!”

She yelled at me. I jumped to the cuffs again, and it worked – her right leg was free. Mom stepped off the table, shifting her weight. I tried the other lock, but the key didn’t fit. I whimpered.

“Where are the keys?”

“I don’t know.”

“Mom, where are the keys? I can’t take these off… mom!”

“I don’t know”, she said. “Maybe left in the bathroom.”

I ran there. Across the slippery floor were pieces of mom’s underwear. Her bra lay whole in the corner, but her panties were in pieces. I saw stockings – with crotch ripped, and stains all over. On the floor, on the sink, in the shower were used condoms. There was piss in the toilet and on the floor. Lipstick was all over the mirror, with pink fingerprints, lip stains and wide vertical smears.

Having found no keys, I returned to the room and looked all over it. My thoughts were rushing. Was she forced? Why did she call in sick, though she wasn’t? I imagined someone putting a thick cock across my mother’s face, balls covering her mouth entirely, and spilling on her forehead, letting it fly over her head and onto the table where her fringe had sponged it. Was that before or after they whipped her? When mom was getting punished, was they fucking her, too? Was someone enjoying her cunt as he whipped her? Did she scream? For some reason, I imagined mom say “Fuck me, fuck my ass, sodomize me.” I kept looking for keys, but they were nowhere to be found.

“Mom, I have no idea where the keys are,” I said, walking towards her. “Mom… mom, are you ok?”

“I’m ok,” she mumbled.

“Maybe we should break the table.”

I knelt near it. Now her pale ass was under my nose. Maybe I did it intentionally. Red slap prints were raw, yellowish semen has dried up in streaks. Her ass was chubby enough to bubble out prettily. Her free leg was stretched, making her ass asymmetric; I could see a bit of her pussy. I couldn’t see well from behind like that, but I’ve already seen it when mom was on all fours.

“What are you doing over there?”

“Trying to break the table,” I said.


I grabbed it and pulled. With mom’s weight on it, it was harder than I thought.

Finally, the wood broke. So, mom was free.

She stood up almost instantly. She lost balance and had to grab at me, dirty as she was. Blushing, she left for the bathroom.

“Mom, what happened?” I said, following her. “Mom, are you ok?”

She absent-mindedly touched my hand.

“I’m fine. Go outside.”

“Mom, what happened?”

She waved without looking.

“Mom! Are you fine? Mom, tell me what happened.”

“I am fine. Look… go, I need to dress.”

She stuck two fingers in her mouth and cleaned her stomach.


I grabbed her wrist. She stood still.

“Mom, what happened?” I said, almost crying.

“Nothing happened,” She snapped. “I got a dildo fucked into my ass. What, you afraid I was raped? I wasn’t. Now I need to do something, so get outside and stay there.”

“Yeah, you weren’t?” I yelled. “And what happened? Is this how you do it? Is this how you whore yourself? Yeah, felt good? Is that your piss on the floor?”

“Mister Jerry A. Fischer, go outside – and stay there for half an hour,” my mom said, rose her hand and slapped me across the face. Then I saw her feel sorry. She added, “Please, dear, I love you. Dear, I’m fine. Please go outside.”

She turned to the sink. She was nude. Her body was smelling of sweat and semen. Breasts and ass had squeeze and slap marks all over them, and wet spots of dirt. She was getting whipped, fucked and chained when I was at college, and probably loved it, or maybe she didn’t. But I also remembered that she was my mommy. She was in control, knew what’s best for the both us.

So I did as she said, and tried forgetting.

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