Part 1

“I want you to rape me.”

My eyes lifted from the report in my hands and met hers. Her deep brown eyes were wide with fear, and her hands trembled. I’d seen that look before. It was the same look she had the first time she confessed her darkest fantasies to me two years ago. The images that she held in her head, that turned her on so much, were dark and detailed. It was a thrill for me to hear her express them, to watch her blossom in the environment that I gave her, where she was free. Free of judgment, of shame, free of all the reactions that she got from any man she’d dare tell before.

I smirked. “Alright.”

“No… not… role-playing, like we always do. I mean for real. I want you really do it.” Her chest heaved gently with her heavy breathing. I knew why. She was so scared of how I might react to her request. Scared that I would think she was sick. That I would hate her for wanting it.

I watched her eyes as they searched back and forth between mine, waiting for a response. I knew to think this through. If I really did this to her, to a girl a cared deeply about, and it really damaged her… “You understand, that once this starts, you won’t be able to stop it. Not even if you change your mind.”

Her body relaxed with relief. “I know. That’s… that’s what I want.”

I took a deep breath and sighed. “Alright. Here’s how it’s going to go. I’m going to get up, right now, and I’m going to leave. Someone else, a stranger, someone you’ve never met, is going to come into the room. He’s going to do what he wants, and then he’s going to leave. You will never see that person again. Do you understand?”

“Yes. I understand.”


I got up from the couch, walked out the door and shut it behind me. I took a deep breath. Handcuffs… I need handcuffs. My crash bag is in the car. I walk slowly, thinking out the details of what I’m about to do. I step into the mindframe of someone else… someone angry, cold, with no care for what happens. I unlock the car and retrieve my handcuffs, glancing quickly to see if I should grab anything else. By the time I get back to her apartment door, I’m a different person. My hand touches the doorknob and it starts to turn.

Part 2

I slowly opened the door and stepped inside. She must have gone into the bedroom. I walked slowly and saw the bedroom light on with the door ajar. I looked inside and spotted her, sitting in front of her mirror fixing her makeup, as if she was getting ready to go out. Her soft, straight, brown hair dangled gently over her shoulders and this cute little tank top she wore. Looks like she’s nearly finished.

I push the door open and step quickly inside, slamming it behind me and throwing the light switch off at the same time. She jumped and spun around, her hand on her chest in surprise. I don’t waste a moment, in less than a second I’ve crossed the room, grabbed her by the hair and ripped her out of the chair. I throw her backwards onto the bed and she begins shrieking, “No! STOP!” and tries to push me off of her. I laugh as her petite arms hopelessly try to fight me. I grab one wrist and twist it, turning her over and grabbing the other, and then snap the handcuffs onto her faster than she can blink. I turn her back over and take a moment to enjoy the way the her breasts bulge out with her arms restrained behind her back like that. Then I grab her shirt, close to the neck with both hands, and violently rip it open, exposing a sexy lace bra covering her soft breasts. She squirms and shrieks, and tries to fight me with her legs, but she’s just tiring herself out.


I stop and look at her with a confused look. “Who’s Clay?” Her eyes widen as she realizes that I’m not kidding. She mouths the word “no” and shakes her head slowly as she begins to cry. I unbutton the top button on her jeans, and then grasping them with both hands I tear them open as hard as I can. The jeans don’t rip easily, but a tear forms from the crotch down one leg, revealing a sexy pair of matching panties. “Oh, you’re just a dirty slut, aren’t you? You wanted someone to see these, didn’t you? Didn’t you? Well now you’re getting exactly what you wanted.”

I viciously pull her jeans down and start uncovering her legs, and she starts sobbing uncontrollably as exhaustion sets in from fighting me so hard and being unable to stop me. I pull the one of the legs off and throw the ruined pants over the bed, one leg still hanging off her ankle. That’s all I’ll need to rape that sweet pussy of hers. She continues to cry and begs me to stop… at this point I’m worried someone will come by and hear her, so I need to find a solution quick. My eyes settle on her panties. Perfect. I grab them and rip them off her body easily, and then ball them up, making sure that the part that was against her pussy the whole day will be against her tongue, and shove them into her mouth. She struggles at first, but I stuff them the rest of the way in and it muffles the shrieking and crying coming from her. Now I can take my time and enjoy myself.

My hands start traveling up and down her body, molesting her most private places , squeezing her sexy tits through her bra. She needs to be naked. I rip the bra in half down the middle, exposing her hard nipples. I stand up and start to undress. She’s looking away from me now, staring at the wall, pinning her knees together. I walk around the bed and pull my hard cock out in front of her. “Take a good look at this. This is what I’m about to rape you with.” Her crying increases and she tries to squirm away from me, but her time is up. I grab her legs and yank her towards me, forcing her knees apart and spreading that little little pussy open. I chuckle to myself as I note that’s so wet that she’s leaking on the bed covers.

I grab her by the neck to gain better control and position the tip of my cock right at the opening of her pussy. She really starts fighting me hard now, kicking and screaming as best she can through the dirty panties in her mouth, and then, in one long moment I force my cock deep up inside. A high-pitched shriek escapes her mouth and she keeps trying to say something. Please stop doing this, maybe? The tears have been mixing with her fresh eyeliner and it runs down her cheeks and the sides of her face, and I rhythmically thrust my dick deep inside, trying to get deeper and deeper each time, raping her pussy hard and with lots of force. She stops fighting me as there isn’t much point anymore, and her breathing gets deeper, the tears have stopped now. Suddenly her eyes start rolling back into her head, her legs spread as wide as they can, her midsection tightens, and a long muffled scream comes out of her mouth. Her body spasms violently for what seems like forever, and then she collapses and stops moving.

I laugh, slowly and evilly. “What was that, huh? You body betrayed you, didn’t it?” I put my mouth close to her ear and my voice becomes a whisper. “I can do whatever I want to you and there’s not a thing you can do about it.” Her eyes close and a tear runs down her cheek. I slide my cock out of her dripping pussy. It’s time for something else.

Part 3

I look down at my hard, throbbing dick and notice it’s covered with a thin, white mucous. “You really made a mess on my cock, didn’t you? I think you better clean this up.” She knows exactly what I mean, and she turns her head away from me as a long moan comes out of her. I grab her violently by the hair and drag her off the bed and onto her knees. I reach into her mouth and pull the soaked panties out of her mouth, she cries out and gasps with several deep breaths, then slams her mouth shut and turns her head away. “Open your mouth.” She refuses, so I grab her tightly by the hair with one hand, and with the other I pinch her jaw with my fingers. She moans in pain and submits, opening her mouth just enough for me to shove my cock into it. She looks up at me with hatred in her eyes as that cock covered with her pussy slides deep into her mouth. She’s not going to suck it willingly for me, but she’s smart enough not to try anything stupid as well, so she keeps her mouth wide open as I rape it. Each time I thrust my cock in, the tip hits the back of her throat, and she gags and her body convulses slightly. I don’t need her puking on my dick so I enjoy her gagging carefully.

“It looks like I’ve got one more hole to rape you in.” Her eyes widen and she shakes her head back and forth as my cock rides along in her mouth. Suddenly her lips tighten around me and her tongue starts stroking my cock nice and hard, she’s sucking me as much as she can. “Ooooh… I see. You think you can suck me off now so I don’t rape you in the ass?” I pull out of her mouth and take a step back. She swallows briefly and then opens her mouth again right away, squirming forward as eagerly as she can to get my cock back in her mouth. I can’t help but let her have it and let out an evil laugh. I let her suck it for another minute and then step back again. Again she moves forward and anxiously takes it back in her mouth, sucking it hard and fast. I’m not going be able to last long at this rate. I pull out of her mouth one last time. “Nice try, slut, but you’re still going to give me your ass. And that means your panties are going back into your mouth.” The tears start again and she pleads with me not to do it, but I stuff them in her mouth and throw her back onto the bed face-down. I climb on top of her as she tightens her ass cheeks and presses her thighs together. I wrap my ankles between her shins and force her legs apart, grab her hair with one hand, and with the other I guide my cock to her asshole.

Thankfully she had gotten my cock very wet, not to mention all of the pre-cum that was oozing out, so I pressed the tip of my dick into the opening and started thrusting slow and hard, a little at time. She wasn’t fighting me anymore, probably afraid to hurt herself further, but the screaming was loud even through the gag in her mouth. I reached around and clamped my hand over her mouth so the only screams that could be heard would have to come through her nose. Finally her asshole opened up and I forced myself up inside her. She starts sobbing uncontrollably again, and I can feel her tears running down my hand as I thrust in and out of her tight ass and make her take it as deep as possible. I can feel the pressure building now and I haven’t got much time. “You want me to take that out of your ass?” She nods, so I pull out and yank her back off the bed and onto her knees in front of me again. I pull the panties out of her mouth and before she can protest I force my cock into her mouth one final time. She turns her head and tries to get away from it but I grab her head with both hands and force her to stay still while I fuck her mouth. I thrust in deep and a huge load of hot cum blows into the back of her throat, making her gag and choke. I keep coming and coming in her mouth until she’s got a big mouthful of it, then slide my cock out and slap my hand over her mouth. “Swallow it.” She squeezes her eyes shut and makes a face, trying to get away. “SWALLOW IT.” She gags twice and then forces it down. I make her open her mouth to make sure, and then I squeeze the rest of the cum out of my dick and onto her lips and tongue. She collapses back and uses her legs to push herself into the corner of her room, and turns toward the wall. I quickly get dressed, walk over to her and remove the handcuffs, and head for the door without a word. As I look back I see her curled up in the fetal position with her hands over her face.

Part 4

I open the door to Karen’s apartment and look inside. She must be in the bedroom. I step through the bedroom door and spot her, naked and crumpled up in the corner, sobbing softly. She’s covered with sweat, tears, cum, and other fluids and her clothing is torn and laying about the room. I rush to her side. “Karen? Karen? Who did this to you?” She turns toward me, shaking, her smeared makeup running down her face. “I… I don’t know.”

“It’s okay baby, I’m here. This wasn’t your fault. You’re safe now, I’m right here. I’ve got you.” She climbs into my arms and I hold her tight, she presses her face into my neck and sobs gently. I pick her up in my arms and carefully carry her to the bathtub and turn the warm water on. I get in with her and slowly, carefully wash her body from head to toe, kissing her softly all over.


Lee and Max get some good news, and some not so good news. They settle things with the bad guys. Fate takes a hand, while someone out of Rosa’s past appears and causes a crisis. Includes a double occurrence of forced non-consensual homosexual sex. If you find that objectionable, sorry. Otherwise, enjoy. Jb7

A Dish Best Served Cold Ch. 7

Max lay back on the exam table, her feet in the stirrups. Squirming around, looking for a comfortable position, she wondered, not for the first time, “Is this how a turkey feels at Thanksgiving?” A few minutes later, Sue Schnietter, MD, OB/GYN, walked in after knocking, and greeted her.

After a few minutes of catch up and discussing Max’s overall health, the doctor donned her stethoscope and slid the bell across Max’s now significant baby bump. The doctor stopped just about midline and listened carefully. She consulted Max’s file. “You’re about eighteen weeks, is that right? Appetite?”

“Oh, god, Sue, I’m hungry as a horse lately, all the time.”

“Twins run in the family?”

Max laughed. “You might say. I’m a twin, and so is the father, and so were our great-grand-parents.” Sue’s eyebrows raised slightly at her answer. Max saw the mini-reaction and inwardly blushed at her unintentional revelation.

“That would help explain it.” She turned to Max and smiled. “I’ll have Bobbi come in and get the equipment set up to do an ultrasound to confirm it, but I’m pretty sure I heard two heart beats. Would you like to sit up until it’s ready?”

“Yes, thank you, Sue.” She paused, then, “May I ask a question?”

“Of course. Something bothering you?”

“Not really.” she hesitated, not sure now she wanted to ask the question. She took a deep breath and let it out slowly. “The babies’ father is my brother. How much will that complicate things?”

The thirty-something doctor looked at Max, her expression slightly on the shocked side of neutral. She knew such things happened, but this was the first instance she personally had encountered, since she started her internship, thirteen years ago.

She hoped the shock wasn’t apparent in her voice as she answered. “There isn’t any easy answer to that, simply because we don’t have enough solid data to make a prediction. We toss around statistics anywhere from a seven percent chance of birth defects to twenty-five or thirty five percent. The truth is, the lower end is extrapolated from societies where cousins and uncles and nieces are permitted to marry and have children, and from the results of animal inbreeding.

“The upper end is based on what we see when developmentally disabled young women come in after they’ve been impregnated by their relatives. Often the resulting children have some defect, but is that from the incest, from the disabled girl not being properly cared for, herself, during the pregnancy, or from whatever caused the mother’s disability in the first place? Sometimes, it appears to be the result of multi-generational incest. We just don’t know.

“All I can tell you is that the fact you and the father are twins significantly increases the risk of complications; how much is impossible to say. In your parents’ generation, are there any problems you know of?”

Max smiled. “No. Going back three generations, there has been a general problem with fertility, and with reduced resistance to infections, but no identifiable physical or mental defects. On the contrary, we are all healthy, generally; the men, handsome and well built, and quite intelligent.

“However, the family has pretty well bred itself out of existence. With these two, the entire extended family numbers ten. In fact, my brother and I are the only members of our generation.”

“Well, we’ll keep a close eye on the three of you, to be sure. Bobbi will be right in. When she’s set up, she’ll help you back into the stirrups.”

A half hour later, the two women were seated at the desk in the exam room. “You all look healthy enough. It appears that you have a matched pair, one of each. They are both in the high nineties, percentile wise, for size. That’s why I placed a pessary cup over the opening of your cervix.

“I’m sorry to have to do this so early in the pregnancy, but you should restrict your sexual activity, no penetration of any kind below the waist.” The doctor saw the stunned look on Max’s face. “I know that’s a surprise, but with some of the endometrial problems you’ve had in the past, I think it’s best.”

“I know, Sue, it’s just…it’s complicated. I just moved in with my brother a few weeks ago, and made him promise he wouldn’t have sex with anyone but me.” She gave a small laugh. “That was the same week I introduced him to three women I said would be glad to take care of his sexual needs.”

“Max! Didn’t anyone ever warn you about STI’s?”

“I know, Sue, but two of them were virgins, and the third said it had been so long since she was with a man, and it hurt so much to insert a tampon, she was sure her hymen had grown back.”

Sue looked at her, aghast, then laughed. “Still…anyway, there’s always oral.”

Max made a ‘sour’ face. “Mmhmm, I guess. It just isn’t the same. What about me, and my orgasms?”

“You’re probably fine for the next couple of months; but, nothing too strenuous, and no penetration, not even fingers, okay?”

“Okay,” Max pouted, sticking out her lower lip, and then laughed, joined by the doctor, who was shaking her head as she left the room.

Max put on her coat, grabbed her purse and left, thinking, “Well, I know some women who might be happy.”

Max had gone straight home after her visit with the doctor. She hadn’t wanted to give Lee the mixed news at the office. She knew, or thought, he‘d be pleased with the news about the twins. She also suspected he’d be upset about the limits on her sexual activity.

As she moved around the kitchen, she thought she could feel the pessary clamping her cervix shut, but couldn’t be sure. She remembered hearing that ninety-five percent of the tactile nerve sensors in the vagina were located in the first two and a half inches from the opening. She was sure her cervix was beyond that, but she was aware something new was in there.

As she put the casserole in the oven she heard the door to the garage open. A few minutes later, Lee’s arms were sliding around her waist, pulling her to him. His hands slowly drifted up to gently cradle her swollen breasts. “Hi, beautiful; I missed you this afternoon. Everything okay at the doctor’s?”

She turned in his arms to face him, to get a hello kiss before she answered, “Mostly. Some good news, some not so good. Pour us some wine while I finish putting the salad together.”

“That bad, huh, that I’m going to need a drink?” He leaned back, still holding her, to look into her eyes.

“Or that good, so that you’ll want a drink to celebrate. Or, maybe,” she smiled at him, “a little of both. I’d like some sherry on ice, please.”

Lee smiled, and acceded to her wishes. “Fine. In your own good time, and in your own good fashion. ‘Twas ever thus,” he quoted, reminding her how she had usually gotten her own way in arguments with him. She just smiled at him.

Several minutes later, he was back in the kitchen with the drinks, having changed from his suit to a pair of casual slacks and a polo shirt. He set Max’s drink on the counter, next to where she was working. She picked it up and turned to watch him sit down at the kitchen table. “Sue said the twins are fine, but I can’t do anything but oral sex until they’re born.”

Lee’s face broke into a huge grin. “Twins!!” He jumped up and grabbed her around the waist and began to dance around the kitchen. He got about three steps into his impromptu dance and stopped to look at her. “What do you mean, only oral sex?” he asked, that part of her finally statement sinking in.

She extracted herself and sat down. “I’ve had some problems in the past I won’t bore you with, so Sue decided I needed a pessary to keep the cervix closed until it’s time to deliver. She also said no penetration, not even fingers, below the waist.

“I’ve been thinking about this all afternoon, and tomorrow I’ll speak to Thelma and Ashley, and enlist them and Teesha to help you through the rest of the pregnancy.”

Lee dropped to one knee in front of her. “That’s not necessary, sweetheart. I can wait for you…”

She looked at him over her very prominent baby bump. “I know you can, but I don’t want you to have to. With the mess Don caused, you have enough to deal with. With those three ready and willing to help you out, I won’t have to worry about you getting over stressed. Now stop arguing with me. The casserole is about ready to come out. Sit down to eat.”

Lee looked at her. He felt a wave of emotion well up inside of him. “You’re too good to me. I can…”

“Lee, I’ve decided. I know you won’t fall in love with them, that it will simply be sex, no different than drinking a glass of water when you’re thirsty, or having a sandwich when you’re hungry. This way, I’ll know who and when, when you have to satisfy that particular appetite, and on those nights,” she went on, smiling, “I’ll expect you to take care of me. It can only be oral, but in this case, eating is much better than fasting. Okay?” She wrinkled her brow at him, eliciting a smile.

He sighed. “Twas ever thus.”

Her smile widened as she kissed him, then went to the stove and pulled out the casserole.

On her way into her office, Max stopped and exchanged a few words with Thelma, who simply nodded in response. An hour or so later, when she saw her daughter come into the executive area with the mail, she buzzed Ashley and asked her to come to Max’s office. When Teesha got to Thelma’s desk, she was told Max wanted to see her and Thelma.

Ashley was already in the office when the pair of black women entered. Max greeted Teesha and asked them to sit down. She looked at her desk for several seconds before beginning.

“A few weeks ago, I maneuvered the situation so that Lee had sex with all of you. After the first time, you, Thelma, and you, Teesha, were led to understand that it would be a continuing activity.

“However, things happened, and, as you probably know, Lee and I became a couple, with the understanding neither of us would have any sex partners outside our relationship.

“Yesterday, I learned my bundle of joy,” she paused, patting her stomach, “is really a double bundle – - twins. For a lot of reasons, the doctor has decided I need to restrict my sexual activity.

“Rather than add that stress to Lee’s load right now, I’m asking if any of you would be interested in resuming the relationship you had with Lee before I moved in with him.”

“Starting when?” Teesha grinned.

“Girl, you be…” her mother started.

“That’s okay, Thelma. Lee’ll appreciate her eagerness.” She looked at Teesha. “He’s right through that door, Teesha. If you have time, you can start right now,” she said, pointing to the inter-office door to Lee’s office.

Teesha stood up, unconsciously licking her lips. “Uhh, I’m not sure if I have time, but can I just pop in and check with him about when…” Max chuckled and nodded.

The other three women watched as the nineteen year-old hurried to the door Max had pointed to, knocked and opened it to step through.

Thelma simply shook her head and looked at Max. “Is everything okay, Miss Maxine? I know how important it was to you when you moved in to have him to yourself.”

“Everything is fine, Thelma, thank you. We didn’t expect the restriction so early. I’m not even half way yet, but the doctor says the twins are growing so rapidly, they’re almost off the chart for size.”

Ashley broke in. “Is there anything else we can do for you, Max?”

Max smiled at the big blonde. “Just keep an eye on things, and keep me up to date. How’s our recovery going?”

Ashley smiled. Outside the family, due to her buying up stock in the company when it had been dirt cheap, she was the single largest stockholder. “We’re doing fine. Right after we announced the two new lines the stock started going back up. The opening bid this morning was a $50 offer OTC. So far, it’s been unaccepted.”

“Good. What’s Don been up to?”

“Mostly, he’s been quiet, tending to his own business. He’s had a couple of calls this week from Marco, and three or four from that banker.

“He knows I keep track of the market, and he’s asked me to…” She was interrupted by a scream of joy from the office on the other side of the door. Ashley grinned; Max smiled; Thelma’s face went dour and she shook her head.

“Something wrong, Thelma?” Max asked.

Thelma looked at Max, her lips tight, then lowered and shook her head. “What is it, Thelma. Something’s bothering you. Tell me.”

“No; it’s just me. I knew it when it happened the first time. I just hadn’t thought about it until afterward. Then, Mr. Lee, he recognized it, but it didn’t stop him, and when I realized…well, I knew I should have expected it, seein’ how it is with you two.”

“Expected what, Thelma?”

“Them. Teesha is your half sister. Didn’t he tell you?”

“No, my brother didn’t share that tidbit with me. Does Teesha know?”

“No, and I can’t tell her because she’d blab it all over the company. That girl couldn’t keep a secret if her life depended on it.”

“Is she on birth control?” Ashley asked.

“She is now, but it started after their first time.” She winced as another scream was heard through the door, followed by loud feminine laughter. “Ms Max, may I be excused. Much as I’m glad she’s having a good time, somehow it don’t seem right, me sitting here listening to it.”

“That’s fine, Thelma. What should I tell Lee?”

Thelma looked at Ashley. “Whachoo gonna do, gerrrulll?” she asked, smiling and stressing her black Southern accent.

Ashley looked at Max. “As long as it’s with your permission, I’ll fuck that cock every chance I get. Your were right about Don. I hardly know he’s there, and by the time I do recognize it, he’s ready to pull out. He’s not only a nuisance fuck, it’s goddam frustrating after Lee.” Max nodded, smiling.

Thelma shrugged and grinned. “Tell him he owes me for three weeks. At least. And I expect …well, just tell him I’ll be waiting, but he better not be too long.” She got up and walked to the door. “Actually, him bein’ too long wouldn’t be a problem, he jus’ shouldn’t make me wait more’n a day or two.” She turned to look at Max. “Unless you’re gonna be there, too,”

Max smiled. “May be,” she answered, drawing it out to two syllables. “I’ve learned with Lee to never say never, or even probably not, but thanks for the offer, Thelma.”

“Was there anything else you needed from me?” Ashley asked as Thelma nodded and left.

“Yes, if you have a few minutes. I need more information on Don’s activities.”

Max looked at the teenager. “He’s right through that door, Teesha. If you have time, you can start right now,” she said.

Teesha stood up, unconsciously licking her lips. “Uhh, I’m not sure, but can I just pop in and check with him…” Max chuckled and nodded.

The other women watched as the nineteen year-old hurried to the door, knocked, and opened it to step through.

Lee was just exiting his private restroom when there was a light knock on the door between his office and Max’s. He was about to say, “Come in,” when the door opened and Teesha’s face appeared in the opening. He grinned and motioned for her to enter.

Max had told him she was going to ask the women he had been banging earlier if they would resume their relationship with him for the duration of her pregnancy. Evidently Teesha was more than willing.

The mocha colored teen entered the office and closed the door. Lee met her halfway across the floor and pulled her into a loose hug, his arms around her waist, pulling her ass toward him so their groins met. His memories of their last time together stirred his little giant to life. Teesha grinned as she felt it grow and press into her belly.

She slid her hips side to side, caressing his wild thing. “Guess you’re glad to see me, huh, boss man?” In reply, Lee bent down and nuzzled her neck, grabbing a mouthful of flesh and gently nibbling on it. “Oh, god, boss man! You keep that up and I’m apt to lose my job.”

“Oh? And why would that happen?” he asked with a smile, and resumed his activity on the other side.

“‘Cause iffen you don’t stop, I’m about to tear off your pants ‘n’ fuck you right here on the floor. You showed me such good times before, my fingers just aren’t enough anymore. Ohhhh, fuck, boss man! Hurry, please! Fuck me, now!”

Lee picked her up, cradling her in his arms, and carried her to the love seat. He lowered her feet to the floor so she was standing, then sat on the small sofa and began to unfasten the waist band on her jeans. When she began to pull her top off, he stopped her. “That’s my job,” he told her. “You just stand still.” In short order, he had her standing in front of him, wearing nothing but a dark red thong.

He reached out to slide his hand between her thighs, his thumb sliding against the moist garment. “My turn, boss man,” she said, reaching for his tie. When she fumbled his shirt buttons, he moved her hands to his waist and finished unbuttoning his shirt while she worked on his pants.

He was still seated when she was ready to pull them off. He raised his ass from the love seat to help her as she pulled his pants and shorts down. She dropped to her knees to remove his shoes and pants, and stayed there to pay some attention to his erect cock.

She slid her mouth over the crown and began humming, bobbing her head in rhythm with the familiar tune. Lee guffawed out loud when he recognized the tune. He pulled Teesha up off her knees, to kneel on the love seat, straddling him.

“Itsy Bitsy Spider?” he asked with a grin.

“It was the only one I could think of,” she answered, taking hold of his staff and moving it into position. “I wanted to make it good for you. Was I okay?” She began to move up and down on him. “Uuunnnhh,” she moaned. “Damn, boss man, do you have to be so fuckin’ big? How’m I gonna find someone when Ms Max is able to handle you?”

Lee began to thrust up into her, bouncing his butt off the sofa. Teesha began to make a low moaning sound, actually a series of short moans, coinciding with his thrusts, “uh uh uh uh uh uh uh…”

She felt the tension building in her belly. She could swear she could feel every bump and vein on his cock as it moved in her, filling her quim, massaging her vaginal walls, sliding over all her sensitive spots as her clit bumped his pubic bone.

“Oh, fuck, boss man, I’m gonna…uh, uh, unh, unh, unh, unh, unh, unh, ahhhiiieeeeeeee!” she screamed.

Before she knew what he was doing, Lee had her turned and lying on the love seat, her knees up by her ears, draped over his shoulders. He was pounding into her with long powerful thrusts.

She could feel his cock massage the deepest recesses of her cunt, then slide back over a very tickley spot deep within her. By clamping down on his cock, she found, she could not only increase the intensity of the sensation, but also the duration as he pulled back.

She wrapped her arms around him and tried to link her feet behind his shoulders. She reached up to place her lips by his ear. “Fuck me, boss man. Fuck your black bitch cousin. Does that turn you on, boss man, fucking your cousin? C’mon, boss man, fuck me harder, punish my pussy like you punished mama’s.

“Did you know she fucked Mr. C., the owner? That’s when she caught me. Fuckin’ the boss, just like me. You gonna give me a baby, too, boss man? Like my daddy did to mama?

“My daddy’s your cousin; that makes us cousins. That makes this incest, don’t it? You’re doin’ incest with your black bitch cousin, boss man. Do you like that, huh? Fucking your black cousin’s cunt, hard and deep? Oh, yeah! Like that, boss man, jus’ like that! unh unh oh yeaaaaaaaaiiiiieeeee!!!”

Her orgasmic scream set off Lee’s explosion of seminal fluid deep in her sheath. He collapsed on her chest to recover while his spasming cock emptied itself as it flagged. When it finally slipped out of her, Lee raised up and kissed Teesha lightly on the lips, getting a warm smile in return.

With a sly grin, he bent down and placed another kiss on each of her nipples, then pressed his lips to her, between her mounds, and blew a raspberry, eliciting the laughter which drove Thelma from Max’s office.

“Why do you think Mr. C. is your father? Did your mother say something?” he asked.

“No; she doesn’t know I know. Last Christmas, I was getting some wrapping paper from her closet and found a box of old pictures. There were some of her and him, naked. She told me she was working here when she was my age. Looking at her height and his, and mine, it doesn’t take a lot of imagination.

“I don’t blame her, or him. He was a good lookin’ man, ‘n’ he had recently lost his wife, I guess. People got needs. Sometimes there’s an itch it takes two to scratch, ya know?”

Lee grinned. “Yeah, I know, like now.” Teesha grinned and hugged him.

Releasing him, she said, “I gotta get back to work or the boss’ll have my ass,” She gave him a sideways look, “unless you’re willing to vouch for me.” she went on, grinning.

Lee laughed. “Depends. What’ll you give me?”

“Well, last time, you said twice a week.”

“I did? Well…”

“But you weren’t attached then, so I’d understand if you had to cut it down to once, but could it be at the end of the day? This has screwed up my schedule something awful. At the end of the day, I could clean you up properly,” she said, running her tongue around her lips, suggestively.

“Okay. Mondays at four then, or four-thirty.”

“Four-thirty, that’s when the bosses leave, isn’t it? That way, Bill, my boss won’t be here to check up on me.”

“Four-thirty it is, Monday.”

She walked up to him and put her arms around his neck. “Thank you, boss man. I think I’m gonna like doing my white cousin.”

Lee put his hands on her hips and pulled her close. He leaned in to whisper in her ear. “Me, too, cousin.” He slid his hands down to grip her butt. “By the way, did anyone ever tell you, you have a nice ass.” He gave it a friendly swat. “Now get it out of here before I report you for sexual harassment.” She laughed and skipped out the door.

His ‘re-unions’ with Thelma and Ashley were similar, both of them more than eager for his cock. Matters at work took up much of Lee’s time, launching the two new lines–manufacturing the hardware bases for industrial robots and laser-based tools. He had been able to enlist Don’s help in designing an ad campaign, not only in industry trade mags, but also in some of the more scientifically oriented pop magazines.

It had been sufficiently successful that the company experienced enough of an up tick in business to make it necessary to add an evening shift to meet the increased demand. When it was announced and volunteers solicited to work the later shift, Virginia had come to him.

He and Max were going over the personnel roster to see whom they could approach if there weren’t enough volunteers, and how many new hires they might need when Thelma buzzed them and said Virginia Bridges wanted to talk to them. After coming in and greeting them, she sat down and stared at her lap for a long moment.

“Ron would shoot me if he knew I was doing this,” she began. “If you haven’t settled on an evening foreman yet, please consider Ron. Not only is he the senior employee in the shop, he also has the broadest range of experience of anyone else on the floor. There isn’t a machine out there he hasn’t used, if not mastered.

“The only reason he hasn’t asked for the job is that he doesn’t think you’d consider him because he doesn’t have the education he thinks you want; all he has is a GED and a year of trade school.” She paused to look at them, and saw them nodding to each other.

Taking it as a good sign, she continued, “Along with that, I think you should also transfer me to the evening shift. Rick is on top of the problems with the guys in customer service and their lack of follow through. He can handle them, and if there were any problems, we could discuss them at shift change.

“I could supervise the evening crew, which is when most of the problems crop up anyhow, with mostly foreign orders coming in.”

Lee grinned at Max. “Not to mention that if Ron accepts the foreman job, they’d be working the same hours, maybe having time for some skizzling over supper hour.”

Virginia looked at him, her face a map of surprise and shock, and then laughed, realizing he was teasing her. “Lee! How could you…well, knowing Ian, I know how you could, but…”

“Oh, come on, Virginia,” chided Max, “don’t try to tell us you hadn’t thought about it.”

“Welllll,” the older woman answered, with a small smile. “But I’m asking mostly for Ron. He deserves it, and won’t ask for himself.”

“Frankly, Virginia, he was near the top of the list of people we were thinking about. The two ahead of him have already said they didn’t want to work late, so…”

“Thank you, Lee. If Max weren’t here, I’d thank you like I used to thank Ian, but I don’t think she’d like…”

“Show me,” Max interrupted, “and if it’s what I think it is, you can thank us both, if you don’t mind Lee …”

Virginia cut her off by getting up and stepping in front of her to place a kiss on her lips. At five foot six inches, and a hundred and thirty pounds, Virginia was a nicely rounded, feminine woman. At sixty, she was still young enough to want more loving than her husband could deliver with his fingers and tongue. Max’s invitation started her juices flowing.

She stood up from the kiss and moved her hands to her waist to unfasten the waistband of her slacks. She pushed them and her panties down her legs until they fell by themselves to pool around her feet. Dropping to her knees, she pushed Max’s legs apart and slid her hands up under the younger woman’s skirt to grab her panties.

“Lee, as long as it’s my pussy, you do what ever you want to back there while I tend to your sister.” Barely a second later, she could hear the sound of a zipper, then felt Lee’s legs brush against the outside of hers. His hand was exploring her lady, caressing her lips, probing her opening, tapping her clit, while she was copying his actions with her tongue on Max.

Both ladies were moaning with pleasure. Max’s fingers were tangled in Virginia’s hair, pulling her face into Max’s puss. Virginia was doing her best to reach Max’s g-spot with her tongue when Lee invaded her pussy with his eight-inch rod. Her moan echoed in Max’s cavern, setting off the pregnant woman’s orgasm.

The combination of suddenly being filled after being empty so long, the stimulation of her clit and g-spot, and her reaction to Max repeatedly thrusting her cunt into Virginia’s face while her thighs clamped the greying head in place, tripped Virginia’s own orgasm.

Her moan rivaled Max’s in volume and her hips were trying to propel her through a four-minute mile. It was enough to speed Lee to one of the quickest climaxes he had experienced since his early teens. The warmth of his spend on her inner walls bumped Virginia’s climax up a couple of notches, extending it several seconds, milking Lee’s cock of all his spend.

When she finally stopped moving, Lee sat back on his heels, pulling his cock from Virginia’s quim, eliciting a loud groan of disappointment. She felt the tension in Max’s hands release and copied Lee, sitting back on her own heels. Lee’s hands came around her to cradle her breasts as he kissed the side of her neck. “Wow, that was…wow,” was all he said.

She nodded and looked up at Max, who was still sitting with her legs spread, her eyes closed and a wide smile on her face. Virginia watched as Max opened her eyes and, if possible, gave her a wider smile. “Mmhmm,” was all the young pregnant woman said and closed her eyes again.

Virginia looked back over her shoulder to Lee. She half turned on her knees and pulled him to her for a kiss. “Thank you; that was more than good. I wish it could have lasted longer, but it’s probably fortunate that it didn’t. I better get back to work or folks might talk.”

“If you say so. Feel free to come back to…get my input on any problems you might have,” he said, with a sexy leer.

“Just like your father, I swear,” she laughed getting up and pulling her clothes up. “Ron thinks I came up to talk about my department. When you talk to him bout the foreman job, please don’t mention me.” She looked up at Lee. “He knew about Ian, and even arranged for him and me…but I don’t know how he’s going to react when I tell him about today.”

“You’re going to tell him?”

“I have to; he accepts me having other men since he can’t get hard, but I have to tell him. It’s been a long time since the last time, with your father, and the others have always been about our age. Never anyone as young as you. I almost feel like a cradle robber.”

Max opened her eyes, smiling. “More like a cougar, Ginnie.”

The older woman laughed. “Nobody’s called me that since…I can’t remember.”

“Since you, Thelma and Dad?”

The sixty-year-old woman smiled. “Yeah, before she left.”

Max stood up, pulled on her panties and adjusted them around her growing belly. “You’re looking good, Max, very motherly. How far along are you now?”

“Five and a half months. It seems like five and half years, though. The doctor says she’s never seen twins grow this fast. She’s talking about a caesarean about thirty-six or thirty-seven weeks if it keeps up.”

“Don’t let her. Keep them in as long as you can. They’ll be healthier if you do.” Max nodded her understanding.

“Thank you guys, for everything this afternoon. Lee, if Ron isn’t too upset about this afternoon, I might take you up on your invitation, with Max’s permission of course.”

“Just like you and Ron,” Max said. “As long as I hear about it from him first.” She looked at Lee. “Whether or not he has my permission ahead of time.”

Lee closed the door after Virginia, then turned to look at his sister. “Did you mean what you said, ‘as long as you hear about it from me first?’ Like Pete and Rosa.”

“Like Pete and Rosa? Yeah, I think. We’ve created quite a harem for you here, and it doesn’t seem fair to just cut them off when the babies are born. Let’s try not to make it too much bigger, though, okay? As long as you don’t go outside your present group, I don’t even have to know who and when, or even if.

“But, and this is a major but, just like Pete and Rosa, if you do go outside the present group, I need to know it from you before I hear it from anybody else; and you have to promise not to get angry or upset if I have sex with someone else, just like Pete and Rosa, understand?”

Lee looked at her, nodding his understanding. “And like Pete, I can’t think of any circumstance where I would even think of being with someone else. Once the babies are born, I’ll start cutting back with my harem, as you call it. You’re all the woman I want, Maxie. I don’t need anyone else,” he told her, slipping his arms around her waist and pulling her as close as her swollen stomach would permit.

She smiled at him, knowing he was telling her the truth. She reached up and rubbed his nose with her forehead. “I love you, too, Lee. We’ll see. Life and fate have a nasty habit of demanding their say.”

It was the week before Christmas. There was an air of subdued gaiety at Carruthers Machine Tool. Implementation of the extended hours had gone without a hitch and orders were up. Max, Lee and Ashley were sitting in Lee’s office discussing the overall situation. Ashley had just brought up Don and his behavior for the past few weeks.

“He hasn’t approached me for sex but a half dozen times since that day you told him I would be willing to service him.

“Besides that, he’s been taking off in the middle of the day quite a bit, and not returning until the next day. He just tells me if there are any calls, I should handle them. And most Mondays when he comes in, he’s a mess, like he had just driven in from a cat house.”

“Hmmh,” Lee responded. “What‘s he been like to work with?”

“At first, he was okay, polite and considerate. Lately, more like he was before you two got married,” she said looking at Max. “Crude, lewd and loud, not caring who heard what. I’ve heard him on the phone talking to Marco, saying someone will pay back their debt, one way or another.”

Lee and Max traded glances. “Okay, Ash; anything else? Any problems with the rest of the staff?” She shook her head.

“No, in fact they usually come to me instead of Don for instructions. I keep him informed of what I tell them, but all he does is nod and wave me out of the room. He just sits there and watches the stock market ticker on his computer.”

“Do we have any idea how his stock is doing?”

“I’m sort of keeping an eye on his accounts. With the end of the year up tick, he’s only down about fifteen thousand from his last deposits. If the market holds, he’s likely to make it up this week.”

Lee sat up and stretched. “Fine, Ash. Thanks. If you can, keep a closer eye on those accounts. Coming up on the end of the year, Marco may want his money where he can control it directly.”

Ashley stood up to leave. “We on for this afternoon?”

“Uhhh, Christmas party this afternoon, remember? I’m going to have to bug out around one, and probably won’t be back until Monday.”

“Poop! I was hoping…”

“I’ll see you get some extra time with him next week, Ash. I’m afraid taking care of four women is proving a bit taxing on our guy. Give him a couple of days. Monday he should be ready to redefine your world.” Max hugged the big blonde and walked her to the door.

Christmas came and went without any untoward incidents. Lee and Max spent a quiet weekend with Ian and Edie. Pete and Rosa spent the week before and the week after Christmas visiting and introducing themselves to their future families, to the delight of all.

Ashley spent the holiday with her family, and reconnected with an old boyfriend from high school. Thelma and Teesha visited relatives in Rochester for a joyous holiday.

Virginia and Ron spent Christmas Eve with his son, and spent Christmas Day exploring new ways to arouse Virginia using a combination of fingers, tongue, and toys, taking advantage of Ron’s increased interest when Ginnie told him about her experience with Lee and Max.

Don visited his uncle, the Angel of Northport, for the holiday. After an early dinner, they were discussing business, when Marco asked him about the state of his marriage.

“It’s over, Uncle Marco.”

“Over? What happened? I thought you had that girl by the short curlies, panting to get fucked.”

“No, I was wrong about her. I thought she was a good girl, but she turned out to be a real slut. You should have seen her the night we got married. Her tits and pussy were three large hickeys, not to mention the ones on her ass.”

“So you weren’t the first dick in her cunt. Cherries are way over-rated. She should have been a good fuck anyway, then.”

“I don’t know; I was so excited I came too soon, then she just rolled over and went to sleep.”

“So? You fuck her anyway, it’s your right as a husband. They take a vow to obey…”

“No, she didn’t. She wrote her own vows, and promised to help me meet the right people socially. She said she agreed to marry me, not be my lover, and we could have sex twice a month. If I tried to force more than that, she said she’d have me arrested for rape. I checked the NY laws on the internet, and she could do that.”

Marco looked at his nephew, his older sister’s youngest child. Between her puling husband and too much mothering, they had nurtured any balls right off the poor sod. “Well then, it sounds like you’re better off, then.

“Now, how’re my deposits doing? I’ve had some unexpected expenses this month, with the holidays. In addition to the money you’re holding for me, I’m going to need a couple hundred large from that fund you and Patsy keep to cover shortages from gambling with my money.”

He glanced up at Don’s face, to see a look of horror. “What’s wrong, kid? Did you really think you could keep that kind of thing secret from me?” he laughed.

“N…No, Uncle Marco, but it… it’s gone…she…she…she gave it away, to the Riverview Community fund.”

“She? Who? Your fuckin’ wife?” Don nodded.

Marco’s eyes narrowed to slits. “How in hell did she get access to my money?” His voice was harsh, hard. Don recognized the danger signs.

“She must have hacked into my computer at home. That’s where I did all my trading, and kept track of your money. Your deposits are all there.”

“According to Patsy, you guys were down nearly fifty K a month ago. Where did that money come from?” he demanded.

“I was able to make some trades and made up most of it when the market improved. Part of the divorce settlement was that she bought back my stock in the company for twenty bucks a share, and her cousin, the dumb fuck who’s been screwing her, loaned me some, and Patsy put in his share.”

“Her cousin is screwing’ her? What kind of sicko is he?”

“I guess in NY it’s legal, even first cousins. He’s pretty smart. Somewhere between 25 and 30, he’s got his PhD in engineering and an MBA. He hired a real sharp accountant, and they found everything Patsy and I had hidden in less than ten weeks.”

“Good, the smart son of a bitch can watch me fuck the shit out of his girl friend if she doesn’t cough up the money.” He felt his wrath begin to build. Nobody took what was his, especially money.

“She’s pregnant, Uncle Marco, and I think it’s mine.” Don said, a note of pleading in his voice.

“Donny, I wouldn’t give a two-bit whore’s fuck if the little shit was mine. That cunt bitch is gonna give me my money back, or she’ll be sucking a quart of cum off my dick, unnerstand?” Marco’s face was bright red, and he was spraying spittle as he screamed at Don.

It was a few days after the New Year that Max got the call from Marco. Thelma buzzed her and Lee and told them there was a call for Max from a Marco Demare. Max went into Lee’s office and put the call on speaker phone.

“Mr. Demare, this is Maxine Pieters; how can I help you?”

“You’re still using your married name? I thought you were divorced.”

“Since we’ve never met, I don’t know what business that is of yours, but the court order dissolving the marriage hasn’t been issued yet. Until it is, I’m still legally Mrs Pieters. Now, what can I do for you?” she asked, her irritation audible

“You have something that belongs to me. I would like you to return it. Right away, if possible.” His voice was even, business like.

“I’m sorry, and what would that be?” she asked, her tone dismissive.

“A quarter of a million dollars.” His irritation at her tone began to show. “The money you stole from your husband’s bank account, money that belonged to me.”

“Under what stretch of the imagination could you think I’d believe that…” There was a laugh in her voice, as if she found him, and his claim comical.

“Mrs Pieters!” he shouted. Over the speaker came the sound of someone inhaling deeply, searching for control. “Mrs…may I call you Maxine?”

“Certainly, Marco, since you want to be on a first name basis. Go on, you were going to tell me why I should believe the money in my husband’s checking account was yours.” The laugh was still recognizable.

“Ah! Now I see where the problem is. No, not his checking account. This was a special account he kept to cover losses he incurred playing the stock market, with my money.”

“Oh, you mean the money in his preferred customer accounts.” He could hear the sound of recognition, realization in her tone. He breathed a sigh of relief.

“Yes, that would be it, the preferred customer account monies.” He could almost feel himself counting the money.

“Oh, dear! I’m sorry, but I can’t return it. I don’t have it. Don asked me to do something to impress the socially prominent people in town, so I donated a large sum of money to the Community Fund in his name. He’ll have to find a way to return it to you. Is that all. Good-bye.”

“Mrs Pieters!!” Marco screamed into the phone. “No, that is not all! Listen to me, young woman. Nobody takes my money and gets away with it. One way or another, they pay it back.” Max and Lee nearly laughed at the threat. This was the reaction they had hoped for.

“Yes, I’ve heard tales about your ‘unique’ collection methods. If you want to try to collect your money that way, I’m perfectly happy to ‘entertain’ you,” she said, putting a sultry tone in her voice when she said entertain, “but, only you, none of your,” she hesitated, “assistants. I’ll be at my father’s house, the day after tomorrow. About one? I’m sure I can make it worth your time.”

Stunned at her response, Marco heard himself agreeing to her terms.

Immediately after she turned off the speaker phone, Max buzzed Don. “Don, Mr Murphey, my lawyer, says the final papers can be delivered to Dad’s house by noon, the day after tomorrow. Can you stop by and sign them then?”

“Sure. Is that all?”

“Yes, that’s all. See you then. Please don’t be any later than that.”


Her next call was to her father’s good friend, the deputy chief of police, the man she affectionately called Uncle Zeke. She explained there was someone coming to visit her at her father’s house in a couple of days; she wasn’t expecting any problem, but they had a tendency to fly off the handle easily, and had been known to get violent. Could there be a patrol car out front around one that afternoon?

It was two o’clock when the silver Continental turned down Ian’s street. A cul de sac, it led straight to a large brick colonial, fronted by a shared traffic circle. There were five lots around the circle. Ian’s property comprised the three center lots, his house on the middle one.

At first, neither Marco nor Rog, his chauffeur noticed the black and white parked at the front of the traffic circle. “Shit!” Marco swore when he saw it. It had been his plan to simply push his way into the house, followed by Rog, then to call his collectors, keeping Max busy ‘entertaining’ him and Rog until they arrived.

After helping Marco from the car, Rog accompanied him to the door, on the off chance he’d be allowed to wait somewhere inside, to help Marco gain control of the situation. Max opened the door to greet them, and waved to the patrolman standing by his car. “There’s a coffee shop a couple or three blocks south, on Elmdale. Your driver can wait for your call there.” Marco nodded to Rog, who turned and left.

Max held Marco at the door until the limo had cleared the circle. When she let him in, he was greeted by Ashley and Thelma, both nude. Max removed the robe she was wearing, revealing her very pregnant nude body. “This is a no clothing allowed building this afternoon, Marco. These ladies will help you disrobe.”

To his consternation, they were already attacking buttons and zippers. Thelma was on her knees, removing his rubbers and shoes. Before he was ready, he was standing in front of the three nude women, naked as a jay. From somewhere, Thelma produced a long Velcro strap, which was quickly affixed to Marco’s hands, and the tails fastened behind his back in such a manner that his hands were secured right at his navel.

“What the fuck is going on? Let me go! I’ll have you arrested for illegal restraint.” he hollered, his voice squeaking.

“Marco! Marco, calm down,” Max said, soothing him, while the other two fondled his genitals. “You came to get an experience worth a quarter of a million dollars. Just relax, and go with the flow. I promise you, it’ll be worth that and more.” Her smile was disarming. He took a deep breath and nodded.

She led him and the women through the house to the family room. Marco was shocked to see his nephew there, gagged and handcuffed so that he was bent over a hassock.


“Donnie told us you like to have the husbands watch when you collect from their wives, so I invited him to join us. I hope you don’t mind.

“I also invited my cousin, Lee.” She pointed behind Marco, who had to turn around to see who was behind him.

When he turned back around, Max was gone and the other two women were removing the bolsters from a daybed. “Sorry, Marco, but the doctor told Max no sex until after the babies come,” Lee explained.

“But these two ladies, I’m sure will be more than adequate. What’s your preference, vanilla or chocolate.

“Here, just walk on your knees onto the daybed while you decide.” Ashley and Thelma each took an arm and helped him balance on his knees on the soft cushions.

“Ah, umm, that’s a hard decision, but I think I’d prefer to start with vanilla,” he said, leering at Ashley’s bodacious chest.

Lee pushed on Marco’s back, pushing him face down on the daybed. “Sorry, asshole, we’re all out of vanilla. All you get today is chocolate.”

Marco felt the daybed cushions move, then Lee’s legs as he knee walked up the bed until he got to Marco’s ass. Marco felt the beginning of panic when he felt someone’s hands spreading his ass cheeks, and tried to squirm his way free of Lee’s legs, to no avail. Without his hands there was no way to get any purchase to move himself.

He felt Lee’s cock probing his rosebud. In fright and rage, he screamed. Suddenly it felt like a hot poker had been forced into his ass. His scream was cut short when Thelma forced a cock gag into his mouth and snapped the strap behind his head.

“Nnnn! nnnnh! nhnhnhnh!” he screamed, shaking his head, still trying to pull away from Lee, who had dropped all his weight on Marco’s back, to wait for Marco’s ravaged asshole to relax slightly.

When Marco realized that Lee wasn’t moving, he prayed, knowing it was useless, the penetration was the extent of his torture. As big as he was, and as out of shape, movement was difficult, and tiring. Unable to use his hands to aid in his struggle, exhausted, he capitulated and let his body relax.

Sensing the lessening of tension in his victim, Lee began the classic in and out motion, forcing Marco to resume his desperate struggle. Gradually, Marco felt the massive jolts of pain turn to tiny bolts of pleasure, which increased in length and intensity until he was unconsciously returning Lee’s thrusts.

Soon Marco noticed the beginnings of his signals that he was about to come. He started moaning, ‘No, no, no.” past his gag. Sensing what was about to happen, Lee unfastened the gag. He then pulled Marco’s hips up and back, to sit on his heels, driving his cock further into the fat man’s ass, triggering his involuntary ejaculation.

When Marco realized what he was doing, he looked in horror at Don, who was laughing, watching Marco’s tiny dick spewing a mini-torrent of cum all over the couch in front him. “You’re a dead man, cocksucker, if any of this gets out, nephew or not!”

Still laughing, Don nodded, then used his head to direct Marco’s vision to the corner of the room. Marco nearly had an apoplectic fit when he saw Ashley behind a tripod mounted video camera, connected to a computer.

“You fucking bastards!” he shrieked. “Everyone in this fucking house is dead!”

Lee withdrew slightly, then thrust upward, deeper into the recesses of Marco’s bowel, eliciting a groan. “Listen to me, you fat sack of shit. You aren’t going to hurt anyone in this house today, or ever.

“If anything happens to any of my family, Ian’s family, these two lovely ladies’ or their families, this tape will be released to the internet within twenty-four hours, complete with identifying information. Think about that, and what it would mean for you if your ‘associates’ saw it.”

Marco growled, but nodded, seething. Lee went on, “You have money in four accounts with our name on them. You have until the close of business today to move that money. At five o’clock, the passwords on the accounts will change, based on 32-bit encryption. If you don’t know what that means, I’m sure Don can tell you.”

“What about Don? Are you going to protect him, too? Is he still part of your family?”

Don’s stomach turned when he heard Lee tell Marco that he had never been part of Lee’s family, and was now Marco’s problem. “B…b…b…but…I helped you out.”

“You were helping yourself out, prick” Lee spit out, pushing the crime boss off his dick. The big man worked his way off the day bed and walked across the room to stand behind his nephew.

“Turn that fucking thing off,” he ordered, looking at Ashley. “Donnie, just so’s you don’t forget what I’m about to say…” Marco dropped to his knees and lined up his mini-cock with Don’s pucker, and pushed, saying, “You never talk about today, with anyone.”. Don felt something roughly the size of a finger invade his ass. Absent the pain caused by size, it was not an unpleasant experience.

On his end, Marco felt the squeeze of the anal sphincter on his shaft, which worked to force his corona through the inner ring, and against Don’s prostate. His thrusting, however feeble, was enough to trip Don’s climax, causing him feelings of shame. Lee saw the sperm-laden liquid coat the hassock and grinned.

Don’s shame was intensified when Lee pulled his face up and introduced him to Lee’s dirty cock. “C’mon, Don, this won’t be the first, or, judging by the expression on Marco’s face, the last time you eat shit. You aren’t getting released until you clean me up.”

“B…b…But, I…”

“Did you really think you’d get off without getting punished for what you did to Ian and Max, not to mention trying to take over the company. Are you really that dumb?” He pushed his cock into Don’s mouth, past his teeth, until he ran into the back of Don’s throat. “Clean it good, prick,” he ordered, beginning to fuck the face at the end of his cock.

“You should try this, Marco. It’s totally different from getting a blow job from a woman. I can’t describe it. I imagine it’s the same sort of difference woman talk about, between having a man or a woman eat their cunt.”

“Get your ass out of there then, so I can try it,” the fat man growled. When Lee was clear of Don, Marco pulled his cock from Don’s ass and moved to his face. He grabbed a handful of Don’s hair and pulled his face up and shoved his dick into Don’s waiting mouth.

After having Lee’s thickness in his mouth, Don nearly laughed when Marco began to furiously pump his skinny dick in and out of his nephew’s mouth. Don closed his lips tightly around the small member, and even began to quietly hum.

Suddenly he was aware of hands on his ass, spreading his cheeks. When he tried to back off Marco, to ask what was happening, Marco gripped his head tightly, holding him in place, and growled at him.

He felt a pushing pressure as something that felt like a beer can tried to invade his ass. He felt it broach, first, his outer ring, then his inner ring and the burning pain as the muscles were suddenly stretched to their limit. Reflexively, his eyes and jaws closed and tightened as he screamed in pain.

It took several seconds for him to recognize the fact that there were fists pummeling his face and head, accompanying someone else’s pain-filled scream. He pulled his head back, opening his mouth to object to the beating.

The pounding immediately ceased. He opened his eyes and saw his uncle running to take a place behind him. “Get the fuck out of my way,” Marco screamed, pushing Lee out of Don’s asshole. The older man immediately forced his thin dick into the cavernous gap left when Lee withdrew, and began furiously, uselessly, fucking the gaping aperture, forcing nothing but air into the open bowel.

Lee returned to Don’s face and lifted it to drop onto his shit slicked dick, just as the doorbell rang.

A few seconds later, Thelma led a police officer into the room. Lee glanced over his shoulder, immediately recognizing the policeman as an old high school classmate. “Hey, Tommy, what’s up?”

Officer Thomas Davis was a three year veteran of the Riverview Police Department. As he took in the scene before him, he thought he had seen some weird shit in this small town since joining the force, but this had to take the cake.

“Afternoon, Lee. Excuse my curiosity, but what the fuck is going on? Excuse me Ma’am,” he said turning to Thelma, who was standing beside him, still nude.

Lee laughed and pulled out of Don’s mouth. “We’re…ahh…dissolving a business relationship, a fairly contentious relationship, caused by this fellow in the middle. We found out he was working for both of us at the same time, and cheating both of us. So, Mr Demare and I decided to celebrate our parting by…uh…appropriately rewarding him. Right, Mr Demare?”

“That’s exactly correct,” he answered, frozen in place, not sure which would be worse, witnessed fucking another man, or being seen naked by a young cop who obviously knew the man who had engineered his predicament

Tom gave Lee and the fat man a questioning look. He walked over to Don and bent over him to ask, “You okay, fella?” Don lifted his head to look at Tom, then Lee and back over his shoulder to Marco, then nodded.

“I’m fine, officer; I’m fine.”

“Was there a reason you stopped by, Tom?”

“Damn, I nearly forgot, the sight of you all…Mr. Demare,” he asked, looking at the nude fat man, obviously fighting a smile, “does a Roger Hernandez drive for you?” Marco nodded, his eyes narrowing, wary, all his criminal instincts coming into play. “Do you know of any reason why he might attack a woman by the name of Rosa Montero?”

“Rosa? Attacked?” exclaimed Lee. “What happened?”

Tom looked at Lee, questioningly, then back to Marco. “Mr Demare?”

“The man has been working for me for a little over six years. Before that, he had done some time in Attica. Before that, I know nothing about his life. I never heard him mention any problem of any kind with any woman. Is he in trouble?” Marco answered, his voice flat, emotionless.

“You might say that; he’s dead.”

Rog found the coffee shop and then a place to park the Lincoln on the street where he thought it wouldn’t get dinged up by careless parkers. He walked back to the café and entered. He stood in the doorway, surveying the interior, picking a place to sit and evaluating the customers.

There weren’t many; only two of interest, a couple, a cute latina and a blond yanqui, sitting together in a booth toward the back, their heads together, letting the world know they were lovers.

He made his way to a booth on the opposite side of the small café, and ordered a coffee and a fried egg and cheese sandwich. His booth was against the interior wall, so he could sit with his back to the wall, keeping his eyes on the young couple and the door at the same time.

As he looked at the couple, something about them seemed familiar. The woman’s laugh in particular. He thought he recalled seeing the guy in Northport recently, sometime this past Fall, but that wasn’t what was bugging him about them.

The woman…so familiar. Then he heard the yanqui use her name…Rosa! It couldn’t be her! He caught sight of her face, and had a flashback memory, back ten years. This far away from home! Son of a bitch, the little cunt who had told his mother what he had done to her that afternoon.

Because of her, he hadn’t seen his family in ten years. He’d make certain it was her, but if it was, she was going to pay. And pay dearly!

He sat back to wait for them. If Marco was going to be fucking around with the bitch who answered the door, he had all afternoon.

The forty-ish waitress stopped by the booth with the young couple. She thought they were cute, so obviously in love. She noted the sparkle on the girl’s finger, obviously new, and wondered if it had been Christmas or New Years Eve. The cute guy had asked for their check, but since it had been just coffees, she said it was her treat.

They demurred, of course, but when she insisted, they thanked her and got up out of the booth, to start for the door. Rog gave them a three step start, then called, “Rosa? Rosa Montero?”

Rosa and Pete turned at the hail. It took the two seconds for Rog to make up the three steps for Rosa to recognize her rapist. She gasped his name and stepped back.

Pete saw Rog’s arm sweep up and back, then start forward. He caught the glint of light on metal and pulled his fiancé backward and down with his left hand while his right hand made a judo punch on line for Rog’s larynx, connecting solidly, a milli-second before the box cutter caught Rosa’s throat.

The waitress screamed as Rosa dropped, blood spurting from her wound. Acting on instinct, Pete shoved his finger into the small cut, stopping the blood. He glanced at her attacker. He was lying on the floor, his hands to his throat, gasping for air.

“Call 9-1-1!” he screamed to the waitress.

Police, Fire and Ambulance crews all arrived within a matter of minutes, to find Rosa lying on Pete’s lap, his finger still in her neck, and her attacker dying. It took Pete only a few seconds to relate what he knew, and what he surmised, based on Rosa’s reaction. The waitress’s recounting of events supported his, so he and his finger remained with Rosa while she was transported to the nearest emergency room, and Officer Tom Davis was given the job of informing Roger Hernandez’s employer he needed a new driver.

At the ER, Pete was pacing up and down the waiting room while the doctors repaired the nick in the small artery. He saw a doctor enter the area from the surgical suite. “Mr Adams, you’re Ms Montero’s family?”

“Yes, I’m all she has in the immediate area. Her mother and sister live in Florida.”

“Well you can tell them she and the baby will be fine. You did a great job, plugging the cut with your finger like that. Probably saved her life. She’ll be upstairs in her room in a half hour or so, up on the fifth floor. You can ask at the nurses station which room. She’ll be kept over night, but I’m sure she can go home tomorrow.” And as quick as he had come, the doctor was gone.

Back at Ian’s house, the three civilians stood in stunned silence. Lee was the first to respond. “He attacked Rosa? How is she?”

“You know her? How?”

“She works for my business out in Cedar Rapids. How is she? What happened?”

Tom quickly gave the salient points, based on what he had heard the waitress report, and told them that Pete had likely saved her life with his quick thinking, ending with the fact she was on her way to the emergency room at St John’s hospital.

He had tracked Marco through the chauffeur’s uniform and the Lincoln Continental parked down the street from the café. Based on the registration, Pete had told them the owner of the limo was expected at Ian’s this afternoon.

Neither Marco or Don had any information which would help him, beyond what Marco had already told Tom. Based on his stay at Attica, there was hope Rog’s family could be tracked down so his body could be shipped to them for burial.

“Hell,” he thought, “if the woman recognized him, she might be able to help. I’ll suggest to Zeke he send someone to the hospital first thing tomorrow to interview her.”

On his way out, Tom met Ashley on her way to the family room, her arms full of men’s clothing. She flashed him a warm smile, stirring a response in his shorts. He started to say something, but she rushed past him. He turned to watch her bare buns speed down the hall.

She felt his eyes on her and paused, making a half turn. “Tom Davis, right?” He nodded. “I’ll call you, soon,” she promised. He smiled and left the house, feeling better about his job than he had in a while.

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