One month ago today Mary was raped in her dorm room by Tom, another student who lived in a house off campus.

She had gone a date with him, and it ended in her dorm room. They were making out and moving into some heavy petting when she asked him to stop. She was not a virgin, but she was certainly not the kind of girl to give it away on the first date.

Mary asked Tom to stop but he did not. He roughly rustled her out of her clothes while removing his own. She again started to protest, and he shoved her own panties into her mouth to gag her. She put up only a slight struggle as her laid her on the bed and fucked her in the missionary position with no condom. When he was ready to finish, he pulled out and sprayed all over her stomach.

Tom got dressed, and said he’d call her, Mary said nothing, just laid there in silence.

That was a month ago. Mary spent some time crying, some time wondering if it was somehow her fault, or even if in someway she wanted it. When the dust settled, Mary had decided she was going to exact her revenge.

She went to Tom’s house; in her purse was a blindfold, a pair of hand cuffs, a dildo, a bottle of lube, and a strap-on harness. Her plan was to seduce him to the point that he would allow her to blind fold him and cuff his hands to the bedpost, and then when he was helpless she was going to fuck him up the ass with a strap-on.

Mary knocked on the door of the house, and after a moment Tom answered. “Oh hey, uh Marie right?” Tom said not expecting to see her.

“It’s Mary actually,” she made her way into the house without being invited as she spoke. “I have been thinking about you, you never called Tom.”

Tom was not expecting to see this girl again, but since she was here in his house he figured he would run with opportunity, but first he had to run some damage control. “Oh yeah Mary, I was going to call you, but I just got so busy with classes, but you’re here now and that’s what is important.”

Mary knew what he was trying to do, and played along; after all he was playing into her game as well. “Do you have your own room in this house Tom; I think we could use some privacy.”

Tom smiled, he knew what she was here for, in his head she was just a repeat customer, he had no idea what she had in mind. “Of course, right this way,” Tom said as he put his arm around her and lead her to his room.

Once in the room, behind the closed door, Mary was no time. She placed her purse with all her supplies on his bed, and removed her shirt as she turned to face Tom, she was wearing no bra. Just as she suspected the sight of her bare breasts distracted Tom, as he grabbed him by the belt and drew him to the bed.

Tom planted a kiss on her lips, she allowed it. She had to get him to a point of vulnerability. She undid his belt and pants, and slid his pants and underwear to the floor, Tom stepped out of them. He was pleased how aggressive and open Mary was as opposed to last time, he already had a full erection.

They sat on the bed, and Mary placed her hand on Tom’s dick as she said “I have something I want to use this time, it’s in my purse.” She started to reach for her purse, but Tom did as well.

“Come on baby, you know I don’t use condoms,” Tom said with arrogance in his voice as he reached into her purse before she could, only to feel something metal. He grasped the unknown object and pulled it out of the bag, revealing the handcuffs Mary had brought.

Mary afraid her plan was falling apart, she was flustered as she said “Yeah those, I want…”

Tom cut her off, “it’s ok baby, I know what you want, you want it to be like last time.” He took her left arm and put the cuff tight just above her elbow and pulled it behind her back, and then Mary instinctively brought her right arm behind her back for Tom cuff just above the elbow.

Mary did not know why she did, why her body betrayed her like that. She certainly didn’t mean to put her arm back like that, it was completely subconscious, maybe she did want this.

With her arms cuffed behind her back at the elbows it forced her to push her chest up and out, Tom grabbed hold of her breasts and began to play with her nipples.

Mary said with a moan, “No Tom, wait I…”

He cut her off again, “Don’t worry Mary, I know a lot of girls like it like this, no need to be embarrassed, I’ll give you what you need.”

Tom moved his attention from he breasts and undid her jeans, and pulled them off her body along with her panties.

Mary was now completely nude on his bed with her arms restrained behind her, this was not how she had planned this, she was so supposed to be in control, but worst of all she couldn’t help but be immensely turned on.

This did not go unnoticed as Tom put his hand on Mary’s pussy and felt how wet it was. A smile grew across his face and he said, “I see you’re ready for me.”

Tom wasted no time, he position Mary’s body to the edge of the side of the bed and plunged his dick into her and began to fuck her.

Between her moans and grunts Mary said things like, “Tom, no…” and “Please you…” she couldn’t complete a thought, her body was betraying her. She wanted him to stop, and yet she didn’t.

Tom thought her protests were all part of the game, he had been with girls who had rape fantasies before, and figured this was no different. Even as Mary begged him to stop, he knew this is what she wanted as he fucked her harder yet.

All of the sudden the door to the room opened and one of Tom’s roommates walked in, “Hey man, can I borrow a… Whoa! Tom sorry, I didn’t know.” He started to back out of the door.

“Jeremy wait, come here.” Tom spoke to his roommate without ceasing his stroke into Mary. “This girl is way into it, she’ll do whatever.” He addressed Mary, “You don’t mind if he joins us do you, he could use a blow job.” As he said the he used the broad side of his thumb to rake over her clit as he thrust his cock into her pussy.

She couldn’t help but moan a guttural “No.”

“There’s a good girl,” Tom said as he rolled her over, careful not to hurt her arms.

Jeremy noticed the cuffs, “Whoa dude, she’s cuffed?!”

Tom laughed and reassured his friend, “Don’t worry man she’s into it, she brought ‘em in her purse.”

“Really?!” Jeremy said with shock, “What else does she have?”

Jeremy turned over her purse on the bed, spilling out the remaining items. Mary’s face turned a deeper shade of red. This wasn’t how this was supposed to go. Out of context the items in her bag made her look like a sex crazed fetish nymphomaniac. Mary knew she wasn’t, but it occurred to her that this whole time she hadn’t protested.

Jeremy slipped the blindfold over Mary’s eyes, and lifted her by the shoulders. With her arms behind her back she could lift her head up of her own volition. Jeremy touched the tip of his cock to Mary’s lips and she began to suck his cock. As this happened Tom reentered her pussy.

With her mouth and pussy getting fucked and her arms restrained behind her back while blindfolded, Mary was getting immensely turned on. She had come to terms with it, that night a month ago, she could have kicked Tom out, but she didn’t. Today she could have enacted her plan, but the moment she saw those cuffs all she could think about was them being used on her.

Lost in her thoughts she failed to notice Tom grabbing the bottle of lube, and it wasn’t until he was pouring it into her spread butt crack that she became aware of it. As he continued his work in her pussy she began to thumb her asshole loosening it, preparing it for his cock.

As Jeremy exploded into her mouth he took one of his hands off her shoulders and placed it on the back of Mary’s head, forcing her to swallow his load. He gently lowered her top half onto the bed, making her ass rise up slightly.

Tom figured it was time to make his move and withdrew from her pussy and touch the head of his cock to Mary’s now well lubed asshole.

Mary panting and moaning said “No Tom, please don’t I’ve never…”

Tom pushed his cock into her, shutting her up, and he said “Don’t worry Mary, I know what you want.”

He cautiously increased his stroke, careful not to speed up too soon. But once he was comfortable he began to fuck her up the ass with gusto.

“Hey Jer, I’m almost there, why don’t you take care of her.” Tom asked his friend.

“Yeah man, no prob, I suppose I owe her,” Jeremy said as he reach between Mary’s legs and found her pussy and began to manipulate it.

Mary couldn’t believe his competence, Jeremy looked like some average frat boy who wouldn’t know shit about how to please a woman, but he was playing her pussy like a fiddle.

It wasn’t long before Mary had an orgasm, the contraction of her cumming made her anus tighten and loosen. Which felt amazing on Tom’s cock, he too was ready to cum.

“Beautiful man, that didn’t take long at all, I told you she loves this shit,” Tom said to his pal, and he withdrew from her ass. “Get her on her knees, I’m gonna cum on her tits.”

Jeremy lifted Mary, who said nothing as she allowed herself to be put on her knees. With her chest jutting out because of her elbows cuffed, it made the perfect target as Tom rubbed his cock aiming at her breasts. “Beg me,” he commanded

Mary moaned the words, “Please Tom, Cum on my tits, I need you to.”

Tom let loose, he came like a fire hose all over Mary’s chest

Jeremy laughed as this happened, and then excused himself to clean up. Tom put his dick to Mary’s mouth who sucked on it as his erection faded after his orgasm, she cleaned the cum off his penis.

Tom grabbed her hair behind her head and gave it a pull. “That was great honey, you can come by any time you want for round 3.” He let go of her hair and gave her head a bit of a push. He took the key to the cuffs from the pile next to her purse and undid the left cuff. And placed the key in her hand. “I’m gonna go take a shower, you can let yourself out.”

Tom exited the room, Mary stood, looked at herself in the mirror, her naked body, pussy red and throbbing, breasts covered in ejaculate. She didn’t know what to think of herself. She came here for revenge on the man who raped her, and ended up giving herself to him once again.

She dressed after barely cleaning herself, grabbed her purse but left all the toys. She quickly returned to her dorm room, and frantically masturbated thinking of what had just happened. After bringing herself to orgasm, she fell asleep in her bed to dream of what she would let Tom to do her next.

She awoke to a knock at the door, she through her rope on and answered it. It was a woman in a trench coat. “Are you Mary?!” the woman asked.

Mary, tired and unsure what was happening, simply replied “yes.”

Without warning the woman slapped Mary across the face making her stumble back into her dorm. She followed her into her dorm, closing and locking the door behind her.

“You think you can fuck my boyfriend and get away with it bitch? Tom told me all about it.” The woman opened her trench coat, she was nude under it save for the strap-on dildo that Mary left in Tom’s room. “He told me how you like it rough. Well you’re in luck missy, cause I am about to make your fucking dream come true.”

The woman approached Mary.

To be continued…

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