hand cuffs

“Jen?” Rick asked as he handed her a g-spot vibrator. “I want you to hold this firmly on Alicia’s clit. Turn it on high.”

Jen repositioned herself and slowly parted Alicia’s hair and placed it on her clit.

“Ohhhhh….” Alicia moaned and immediately moved her hand cuffed hands to the vibe.

“No!” Rick said sternly. “Put them back over your head or I will secure them there permanently.”

“Alicia,” Rick said softly as he knelt next to her helpless body. “Be honest. You enjoy being tied up and feeling vulnerably, don’t you?”

“Yes,” She whispered.

Rick brushed the hair away from her face and kissed her softly on the lips. “Ah, honesty. Is that what you fantasize about when you masturbate?”


“Ever fantasize about being with another woman?”


“But you want Jen to fuck you with that vibrator, don’t you?”

“Oh yes!”

“Slide it in Jen, but just a little, then hold it there.”

Jen slid it up and down parting her little labia, then sliding it in just a little.

Alicia arched her back, then tried to force her ass down to receive more of the vibe, but Jen held it firmly in place. “Jen, please?”

“Alicia? Do you like to suck cock?”

“Yes, but ‘m not that good at it. I love the taste of cum, but I always gag.” “Have you ever had anal sex?”

“NO! My ass is an exit only!”

Rick gave Jen a nod and she began to work the vibe in and out of Alicia.

“Yes, yes oh fuck…”

“Don’t let her come, not yet.” Rick told Jen as she vigorously began to fuck Alicia.

Alicia’s back arched as Rick yelled at Jen. “Pull it out, NOW!”

Jen pulled the vibe out quickly as Alicia whined. “Noooooooooo.”

“You’re not ready to cum yet dear,” Rick said, then kissed Alicia hard. “We are going to shave that pretty little pussy though,” as he tapped her bush. “Jen will, won’t you?” He asked as he reached over and tapped Jen on the ass.

“I will?” Jen asked.

“You will, or I’m not going to give this thing any attention, at all.” He said as he slowly slid a finger deep into Jen.

Jen pushed back towards Rick as he withdrew his wet finger. “oooooo….”

Rick unlocked Jen’s one cuff that bound her to Alicia’s spreader bar. “You will find everything you need in the bathroom. I want new blades in the razor and the trimmer is in the second drawer. Can you handle that?”


“And you better not even think about touching yourself, right?”


“Okay,” Jen agreed as she made her way to the bathroom.

“Alicia, Alicia, Alicia,, why do you want to hide this pretty little pussy of yours, huh? Rick parted her hair and began to taste her juices. “Mmmmmm.”

“Don’t stop, oh, yes,….. yes Rick, Oh, oooooh…….”

Rick stopped, his goatee covered from her wetness, “I love the way you taste, but I have a small gift for you.” Reaching in the brief case, he retrieved a small remote controlled egg. It was approximately three inches long and one and a half inches in diameter. “Here we go< " He said as he parted her lips and pushed the egg in completely until Rick's fingers could barely touch it anymore. Alicia pushed towards him as she felt the fullness inside. As he began to pull his two finders from deep within her, Alicia's reflexes were to stop him. Her hand cuffed hands immediately found their way between her legs grabbing at Rick's hand, but she was too late. "Noooo....."

“Do I have to secure those hands above you, huh?”

“No, I’m sorry.”

Jen, where are you at?

“Coming!” She yelled as she exited the bathroom.

“I trust you didn’t touch yourself?”

“No, but I wanted to,” Jen said giggling. “I don’t know how much longer I can take it.”

“You worry about shaving Alicia and I’ll worry about touching that wet little pussy of yours. Now down on all fours, and spread those knees wide. That’s right,”

As Jen got organized, laying out a towel and grabbing Rick’s beard trimmer, Rick knelt behind Jen. He tapped on Jen’s pussy, “Wider.”

Jen complied as Rick began to part her labia. “I have a toy for you too. Alicia already has a remote control vibrating egg deep inside her, now it’s your turn.” Jen’s toy was slightly different. Measuring only one inch in diameter, the vibe made up for it’s width by being six inches long. “That a girl,” As he slid it to it’s full depth.


Rick slapped Jen’s ass, “You better be trimming down there.”

The trimmer immediately turned on and Jen began to carefully remove the unwanted hair. Alicia lay there motionless as her best friend finished with phase one of the procedure. Jen shut off the trimmer and set it aside. She carefully picked up the towel full of hair and handed it to Rick.

“Thank-you,” Rick said as he grabbed the towel. As Jen spread the shaving cream up and down around Alicia’s swollen pussy, Rick walked to the bathroom disposing of the hair and retrieved a warm washcloth. “One thing you two should know about your vibrators. They both work off one remote and up to one hundred feet away.”

Just then, both girls felt their vibrators activate deep inside them. Jen immediately reached back with her un-cuffed hand to touch herself as the vibes both shut off.

“Nooooo,” Alicia cried out.

“Jen? No touching!”

As Jen moved her hand back to Alicia, Rick turned the vibrators back on. “That’s better. If you do what you are told, you will be rewarded. Disobey me, and you will be punished. Do you both understand?”

Very softly, Rick heard two mumbled yeses.

“What?” Rick asked as he slapped Jen on her ass.

“Yes.” Jen cried out.


“Yes.” She said as she moaned with pleasure.

“Jen? You like being spanked, don’t you?”

“Oh yes, I’m a bad girl.” Jen giggled.

“I bet you like anal sex too, don’t you?” He asked as his finger encircled he forbidden hole.

“It hurt when I tried it.

“Sex is not suppose to hurt, my dear. Although there can be a fine line between pain and pleasure. How are you coming on shaving that pussy?”

Jen slowly shaved a little at a time until the razor became plugged. “Rick?”

Rick got up and grabbed the razor from Jen. He returned shortly from the kitchen with a bowl of warm water. “Here you go. Now where was I… Oh yeah.”

Rick located the anal lube from his case and dribbled a small amount on Jen. “Rick? What are you doing?”

“You just worry about what you are suppose to be doing.”

Jen continued to remove every last bit of hair from Alicia, then washed away the remaining shaving cream.

Alicia ached from the attention. The vibrator had a constant slow vibration that seemed to keep building inside.

“Now, that’s pretty,” Rick said as he peaked around Jen at Alicia’s almost perfect pussy. Her lips were now open wider and her clit was now very prominent. “Alicia?” Rick asked as he knelt next to her. “You have been a good little slave. I think that you are ready to cum for me, aren’t you?”

“Oh yes, pleeeeease?”

“Jen. I want you to lick Alicia’s little pussy like you would like to be licked. Understand? Make her cum and I will make you cum. Now!” Rick ordered as he slapped Jen hard on her already reddened ass.

Jen began to lick Alicia slowly, passionately exploring her inner lips, then sucking on her small labia.

Rick began to slowly insert his index finger into Jen’s tight little ass hole.

“Nooooooo,” She moaned.

Rick slapped her ass hard. “Does this hurt?” He asked as he began to finger her tight hole slowly.

“No.” She whimpered.

Rick slapped her ass again. “Then shut up and make her cum!” He continued to finger fuck her ass slowly exploring her deeper and deeper until Jen began to moan. “That’s right, just relax.” He said as he rubbed her back with his other hand. Without warning, Rick removed his finger. “You need something bigger.”

“What?” Jen cried out trying to see what Rick was doing.

Rick slapped her ass again. “Eat her!”

Rick found the biggest of the three plugs that he had in his case and lubed the end. “Just relax.” He rubbed her back softly and very slowly began to push the plug into place. He would work it in and inch, then stop. Pull it out a little, then pushed it in deeper. Jen began to moan deeper as she arched her back. The plug was approximately five inches long and two inches in diameter at it’s widest point. “Oh, look at that,” Rick said as the plug inserted itself fully. “You like that, don’t you?”

“Oh God, yes, yeeeees….”

Rick got up and walked next to Alicia’s head. She watched him closely as he pulled down his boxer briefs exposing his throbbing cock. He knelt next to her head and guided His cock to her lips. “Suck it!”

[Author's Note: Thank you to MissAires for your editing help and ideas. Thanks also to N. L. A. for your help and support. I am considering turning this into a series depending on the response I receive. Enjoy!]

I saw you through the lunch-time crowd, across the bar. Sitting with your poor, unsuspecting girlfriend. Relaxing, slightly drunk perhaps, definitely smug, checking out all the cute girls with your girlfriend right there next to you. Poor woman has no idea what kind of jerk-wad you are.

I had seen you around town several times now. Admittedly it took me far longer than it should have to figure out how I knew you. But each time there was a definite spark. And I knew by the surprised look on your face that you felt it, too.

Today I watched you for a minute, unsure if I really wanted to pursue you, knowing you would be trouble. My staring caught your attention, and you looked my way with interest. Clearly you recognized me, as I did you, yet again.

We had met via a mutual friend a few months ago. When the conversation turned to ropes and sex on the beach you were clearly interested, though our mutual friend was completely oblivious. Our eyes continued to shoot sparks at each other throughout the remainder of the night, but we were the only two aware of the palpable chemistry. I told our friend later I suspected you would have been eager to join us in a three-some, but he just laughed it off. But I was right, wasn’t I?

When I saw you today, saw the recognition and need in your eyes, I knew you would still be interested. I made my decision quickly, and opted for the (somewhat) direct approach. I finished my drink off and approached you at the bar.

“Travis?” I queried innocently, laughing at the further surprise on your face. “Hi! How are you? This must be your girlfriend?” I turned to her openly, “Hi, I’m Aurora. Travis helped a few days ago with our boat engine. Well, helped temporarily, at least. I’m having the same problem again,” I turned back to him with my pouty face.

“Ah, yeah, Jill, this is Aurora. Remember, I told you about the engine that was clogged the other day?” Smart boy. I’m glad you caught on quickly. That will make things so much easier. Jill nodded submissively. Whether she remembered such a story or was just agreeing out of habit, I’m not sure.

“Are you going to be around later? Do you think you could take a look at it for us again? Jim’s pretty helpless with problems under the hood,” I pouted, making up a boyfriend to ease the story across.

“Yeah, sure. I need to take Jill in to work. Can I meet you back here in an hour?”

“Sounds good, thanks so much. It was nice to have met you, Jill.”

When you returned to the bar one hour and 15 minutes later, I was not happy. You approached me at the bar with a smile that faltered a little at my angry expression. “Buy me a drink.”

“Ah, sure,” you motioned for the bartender. “I was more than a little surprised to see you here. Though truthfully I’ve been coming here a lot, hoping for just that.”

My expression never changed, so after a pregnant silence you turned to the bartender and ordered two more drinks before turning back to me anxiously.

“You are late,” I accused calmly.

“Yeah, I, uh, like I said, I had to drop my girlfriend off at work, you know?” you stammered nervously.

“You know why I’m here?”

“Yeah, uh, well, I think so..?” You’re so nervous, I try very hard not to smile.

“You remember what I’m into?”


“You know what I want from you?”

Deep breath, nod.

“Then I want an apology.”

Deep, nervous breath. “I’m sorry.”

“You’re sorry for what?”

“For being late.”

“Mistress,” I prompted with a whisper, pushing you.


“Now, put it all together…”

Deep breath, swallow. “I’m sorry I was late, Mistress.”

“That’s better. Now say it on your knees,” I licked my lips enticingly, secretly wondering how far you would go in this bar filled with people who knew you, and knew your girlfriend.

You glanced around with a slight look of panic on your face. I casually took a sip of my drink before meeting your pleading eyes. I simply stared back, coldly, one eyebrow raised, daring you. A nervous moment passed before I decided you needed some more incentive.

I gave you a slight smile and licked my lips again, leaning into you. You visibly relaxed with a smile, hoping it was over. “Travis,” I purred into your ear, my hand gliding along your thigh. “You’re here for the same reason I am, right?”

Deep breath, nod.

I smile and lean closer, my hands lightly brushing, teasing, the bulge in your pants. “You want this, right? You want me to take control?”

Your breathing increased noticeably as I massage your growing member a little more firmly, before nodding. I continued my massage for a few moments before stopping abruptly and straightening up.

“Then I want a real apology.” Cold as ice, once again.

Deep, shaky breath. You glance around again before nodding to yourself. You slip down on your knees as quickly and discretely as you can muster. “I’msorryIwaslateMistress,” you rush.

Not up to my usual standards, but a big move for you.

“Pay the woman,” I nod to the bartender, “and let’s go.”

You moved so fast I was afraid you would fall over jumping up and reaching for your wallet. I tried to take another drink, but you slapped a bill on the bar and grabbed my hand to dart off. I could only laugh at your enthusiasm.

“Do you have somewhere we can go?” I ask, trying to slow you down a bit.

“Yeah, we can go to my place.”

When we reach the parking garage I push you back against the wall and lean my body into yours. You try to lean down for a kiss, but I won’t allow it. I tangle my fingers in your hair and pull your head back firmly against the wall. You initially resist for a moment, forcing me to again pull your hair, not gently, back to the wall.

(Little did you know that not only am I experienced in restraining people in my personal life, but professionally as well. In fact I was an instructor, in my past life. I know very well how to control another person’s body, and how to use my own to do so.)

I slowly lick my lips, flashing my first of three tongue rings. My eyes burn into yours before I move my gaze down to your lips, slowly leaning forward. Impatiently you try to lean forward again, straining against my unyielding fingers. My body locks down, frozen against your struggling, not giving up an inch. You give in with a sigh, making me smile, before bringing my lips to meet yours.

My tongue comes out slowly, teasingly, and again you struggle to make it more. But that only causes me to pull back, much to your frustration. I only smile again. Your arms come up and pull me toward you, but I just shake my head.

My hands find yours and I push them up by your head, against the wall, at the same time I grind my hips into yours, feeling your hard cock between our bodies. Your eyes partially roll into the back of your head before you lean forward again for a kiss, making desperate grunting noises that really get my juices flowing.

“You sure you’re ready for this?” I query.

“Oh, yeah,” you moan, thrusting against me.

“What do you call me?” I ask, still rolling my hips into yours.

“Yes, Mistress,” you hiss between clenched teeth.

“You drive, I’ll follow,” I say, releasing your hands and walking to my car.

I’m sure we make record time to your place as we careen around corners, speeding along the narrow, treacherous island roads. When we arrive you quickly usher me around the property to your unit. You nearly attack me as I walk through the door.

“How much time do we have?”

“She’ll be working till around 10,” you say into my neck, merely slowing your lips and tongue as they work their magic.

“Good,” I say pushing you away. “Show me your room.”

You sigh before leading me through the living room, kitchen, and down a narrow hallway. As we enter the bedroom my eyes are instantly drawn to the large bed in the middle, perfectly situated on an old brass bed frame.

“Perfect,” I smile to myself before turning back to you. “Now, strip.”

You barely hesitate as you quickly remove your clothing, looking again nervous. I merely smile and take a step forward. I reach a hand out to touch your chest, and you reach for me at the same time. I slap your hands down and step closer, grabbing your hair and pulling. There is no wall to stop you this time as I viciously pull down sharply until your back arches and your knees buckle in an attempt to ease the pain.

“I have not given you permission to touch me, yet, boy,” I sneer down into your face. “Understand?”

“Yes, Mistress,” you answer, hands raised in front of your body like you would do for the police.

“Now,” I release your hair and take a step back, “on your knees, boy.”

You sink down quickly, looking up at me nervously. “I want a real apology for making me wait today. I don’t appreciate the disrespect.”

You are getting into your role now, and bow your head. “I am sorry, Mistress, for being late. It was very inconsiderate of me. It won’t happen again, Mistress.”

“Very good. Now, kiss my foot,” I order, sliding my left foot toward you. I am wearing black, strappy heels and am very much looking forward to seeing what your mouth can do for me.

You bend over awkwardly and plant a small kiss on the top of my foot before straightening up and looking into my eyes. “Did I tell you to stop?”

“No, Mistress,” you reply, and start to bend over again before I stop you with my fist in your hair again.

“Think of this as an audition. Let me see what your mouth and tongue can do to bring me pleasure.”

You smile at that before I release you back to your task. Now you understand what I’m looking for, and set to your task with vigor. You start with gentle kisses, tiny licks. Your eyes flash up to my face and I give you a slight smile and a nod in encouragement.

With that your hands reach out and caress my foot and ankle, your lips traveling up, still slowly, seductively. You’re good at that, and I start to get into it. My eyes want to roll back in enjoyment, but I fight it, keeping them locked onto your bowed figure.

“Very good, boy,” You look pleased with yourself as I step back and sit on the bed. “Now, last time we met we discussed using ropes. You remember that, don’t you?”

I could tell by your twitching cock that you did. But you answered anyway, “Yes, Mistress.”

“Have you ever done that before?”

“Uh, once before, with a girlfriend who didn’t know what she was doing. She wasn’t really into it, either.”

“You’ve thought about it before, though?”

“Oh yeah,” you smiled, then caught yourself, “I mean, yes, Mistress.”

I had to smile at that, you were so clearly dying for this. I would enjoy torturing you. I reached for my bag and watch your eyes flash as I removed each item and placed them on the bed. Ropes, handcuffs, my flogger, a small leather-covered paddle, some items no doubt you do not recognize yet, having never experienced this before.

I decided I was too impatient for the ropes at present, and picked up a pair of handcuffs. “Stand up,” I directed, walking behind you.

You complied without hesitation, a very good sign. I slid one metal cuff onto your wrist, slowly clicking it shut, before pulling your other arm behind you and locking the second wrist.

I let my hand gently trail down your back, fingers gently brushing, before my claws came out, bringing goose-bumps to your skin. You are under my control, and I reveled in my powerful state. Getting more into my role I scratched down your back now, leaving beautiful red trails where my nails have been.

I place a scarf across your eyes, tying it behind your head before stepping back in front of you. Your breath is trembling, but you remain still. I scratch my hand across your chest, teasing your nipples. Then I dig in, hard, scratching my way down, down your torso, then pull my fingers in, leaving only one to continue stroking down your semi-hard cock, giving it a small slap down when I reach the tip.

I watch your face, your lips slightly parted, drawing in ragged breaths. I open my hand and rub my palm gently along the underside of your cock, feeling it harden with my attention. The muscles in your legs twitch occasionally as I continue teasing. You are not accustomed to giving up control, and I imagine you are putting forth considerable effort to remain stationary.

Curling my fingers around your still hardening cock I stroke you up and down a few times, slowly, enjoying the heft of your cock in my hand. I continue stroking your cock with one hand, and use the other to grasp your balls, circling my fingers around the base. I tug down gently at first, gauging your reaction as I increase the downward pressure.

You can tolerate quite a bit, your mouth parting more, breaths coming in sharply when I begin to twist and even crush your balls in my fist. I watch your eyebrows pull together as a moan escapes your lips sending a shiver straight through to my bones. I stop stroking your cock and slowly withdraw my hands, feeling your hips push forward to maintain contact with me.Instead I walk my fingers up your torso and chest and back behind your neck and head, drawing your mouth down to meet mine.

You kiss me urgently, our tongues dueling for dominance. You try to press your body into mine but I am careful to avoid contact. I break the kiss with a chuckle, while you give a desperate sort of gasp.

I reach over to the bed and pick up my flogger, tracing it gently over your body. “Are you enjoying yourself, boy?”

You swallow hard before answering, “Yes Mistress.”

“Are you ready for more?”

You hesitate, not sure how to answer me. “I think so…”

I walk around behind you again, trailing the flogger along your skin, letting you feel the soft suede leather straps. With my hands I caress your butt cheeks, before squeezing and pinching, loving your reactions.

I realize your hands are going to be in the way of my flogger, and consider my options. If you had been a little more experienced I would simple have told you to lift them out of the way, and could trust you to keep them in place. However, not having felt before the pain I am about to cause I couldn’t trust that you will be able to resist trying to cover yourself.

I decide to collar you, locking the soft black leather with a small padlock. Then I wrap a belt around your wrists and loop it through the collar, pulling your hands up and out of the way before securing it. I stand back for a moment, watching your shoulders and arms flexing. I’m not sure if you are testing your bonds or merely trying to adjust to the new restraint.

I take a step back and start in with the flogger, very gently at first, warming up. I used a circular motion, making contact rhythmically. I gradually increased the force of the blows over the next few minutes, watching your skin grow from pink to red to scarlet. I wasn’t sure if you noticed the increase until you began squirming, then downright trying to wiggle out of the way of the blows.

After a few minutes I stopped, needing a breather myself, and watched you sag in relief. I watch you breathing deeply as I removed my sundress. Your head turned, and I felt you must be trying to listen for me, to determine what was coming next.

I stepped up behind you, letting you feel my skin against your own, wrapping my arms around your torso. Your abused ass is warm against my stomach, a reminder to both of us what had happened.

“You did very well with that, boy. I’m impressed. What did you think of my flogger?”

“Is that what you call that? Didn’t hurt as badly as I thought it would.”

I chuckled, “That was just the warm up.”

I reach up and remove the belt from your wrists, leaving the collar in place. I stepped back and get the key so I could unbuckle one of your wrists. I bring your fingers forward to touch my panty-clad pussy, let you feel the wetness though the material. “See how warmed up I am, boy?”

“Yes Mistress,” you breathe, letting your fingers wander. I allow you to pleasure me for a few moments while I contemplate what to do next. I only let you touch me through the panties, though, removing your hand as soon as you try to reach beneath.

I lock your wrists in the cuffs again, this time in front of your body. You sigh, but let your hands drop in front of yourself, making me smile. Reaching up behind your head I pull you down to me for another kiss. This one is gentler, more lingering. You fingers caress my bare skin as I lean into you.

I break the kiss, but maintain our body contact as I push the scarf out of your eyes. “Are you doing OK?” I ask honestly, openly.

You smile slightly before answering me, “More than *OK*.” You emphasize by thrusting your hips into mine, your cock stiff between our bodies.

“Just checking,” I smile back, giving you a peck on the lips and pushing your mask back into place.

Now I step away, breaking our body contact. I take two steps back and sit on the bed. “On your knees, boy,” I order, back in control again.

“Yes Mistress.” You sink to your knees swiftly, without hesitation. This is truly a good role for you, that of submissive. You present a much stronger persona, but I can easily see your true role shining through.

“Crawl forward, boy. Come to me.” You do so, a bit awkward with the cuffs, but without question or hesitation. You stop when your hands encounter my feet. You get the idea and begin to caress my thighs, drawing closer to my pussy. I watch you lick your lips and lean your head forward getting excited. I slip my shoes off and use one bare foot to massage your erection.

You moan, sending shivers through my body. I pull your head forward, watching your tongue come out to lick and kiss along my bare skin, stretching forward to reach my panties. You nose my pussy, breathing my scent in deeply, your moan again sends shivers through my body.

I lean back and lift my hips to slide my panties down. You realize what I am doing and use your cuffed hands to assist me. Your draw them down my legs, then run your hands along my skin again, feeling your way upward.

“Please Mistress,” you ask unexpectedly, “May I look at you?”

You are so sweet and polite, how can I refuse? I pull the scarf off your face. Your eyes flash to mine in thanks for the briefest of moments, before focusing on my lower lips. You stare at my shaved pussy, reaching your hands out to gently caress, before leaning in again bringing your face in closer. You lick and nibble so gently I am in ecstasy.

I lean back on the bed, raising my legs to put over your shoulders. That’s when you really go to town. And – DAMN!- you’re good at that! You suck and lick with just the right pressure, teasing with your fingers, soothing as well.

In no time I am moaning, dripping wet, so close to orgasm it’s driving me crazy. You know just what to do for me. Your tongue focuses on my clit, licking and sucking still, while first one then two fingers fuck me rhythmically.

“Oh, God,” I moan twisting my fingers in your hair, pulling you hard against my pussy. I am never quiet when I come, and you certainly have me going wild. You moan with me, deep into my pussy, sending me over the edge.

I come buckets, dripping all over your face, and you continue lapping at my sopping pussy, sending shock waves through me each time you brush over my clit. Once the shock waves stop I release your head, letting you sit back and take a deep breath. You lick your lips, savoring the taste.

I bend over and lick my juices off your chin, also enjoying the taste. We kiss again, deeply, sharing the musky taste. I sigh contentedly, causing you to smile this time. I smiled slightly at you before pushing you away to stand up.

“You’re very good at that, boy. Thank you. Stand up.” You did so as I continued, “Now I want you to close your eyes and hold on to the collar.”

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