halloween party

October 30, 2006, the blaring hip-hop and R&B music blended smoothly with the energy of the hundred costumed bodies at my Halloween Masquerade Ball at the Cipriani in Wall Street. The dance floor was packed. It was hard to move in the club but everybody was having a great time. Photographers from my Goodfella$ magazine ran around snapping pictures and mingled with my guests. I was dressed in a shiny red Versace suit; identical to the one Puff Daddy wore in one of his videos, being an observant. I felt so happy and blessed that the party was a big turnout.

I consumed a bottle of Cîroc at the bar, and decided to hit the dance floor. I danced with two tanned gorgeous women garbed like Angels. We were bumping and grinding like a trio of freaks. I enjoyed every second of it. A light-skinned Goddess clothed in a Cleopatra costume gazed at me. She resembled Halle Berry but a shade darker. I blinked twice to make sure I was not going crazy, and I caught her smiling at me.

I danced to two more songs before taking another drink break. The light-skinned Goddess stood in a dark spot unaccompanied. I developed the confidence to finally walked over to her and have a conversation. Without saying a word, I kissed those soft, wet lips of hers.

“I had to kiss you,” I told her.

“Lucky for you, you’re the only guy I’ll let kiss me in here, Nature Boy.” She replied.

“It’s good to be me right now!” I responded. “I’m happy you know who I am. What’s your name, Goddess?”

“Kandi,” She answered softly.

“Where are you from?” I asked her.

“I’m from Atlanta,”

“Are you enjoying yourself?”

“You know I am.” Kandi smiled.

Out on the dance floor, we laughed a lot, clearly having such a great time. The more we drank and dance, the bolder we got. I had one hand on Kandi’s ass, and the other hand playing with her tits. As I kissed her, I felt her squeezed my dick.

“You are making me so fucking wet,” she whispered in my ear, after licking it. “I’m so fucking horny.”

“I love the sound of that, baby girl. Let’s get off the dance floor and go somewhere more private.”

I led her to a room in the upstairs portion to the club. We were kissing, and the look in her eyes said it all. She wanted to have wild sex with me. Kandi removed my jacket, and then lifted up my tank top. She kissed my mouth, licked my neck, chest and stomach. Next, she had me in her mouth, and gave me one incredible blowjob. I stood there like, “Oh my God. This is so amazing.”

Several minutes later, Kandi stood up and proceeded to stripped out of her costume. Her body was crazy! I think her measurements were 35-26-36. Trust me! She climbed on the table and lay down on the table with a nice smile on her face. I caressed her slender, sexy body with my hands and lips. Then I began working my way down her flat toned stomach. I soon dived into Kandi’s shaved pussy, and ate away.

“Yeah, eat this pussy. Oh, it feels good.” Kandi moaned. “Don’t stop.”

I continued licking and sucking, Kandi giggled and screamed her enjoyment. Her fingers ran through my hair, and she climaxed. As Kandi’s legs were shaking, I shoved my hard dick between her legs and began fucking her. Kandi’s pussy was extremely wet. She moaned with each thrust. I squeezed her round breasts and pumped even faster. The look in her eyes told me I was giving her the best fuck of her life. I felt myself ready to ejaculate.

“Are you going to come for me?” Kandi asked softly.

“Hell yeah,” I answered.

“I want you to come on my face.” She sighed.

In one motion, I pulled my dick from her pussy and the condom off, and I shot a nice load of golden semen on Kandi’s face and breasts. I felt like I was twenty pounds lighter after releasing.

After getting dressed, we went back downstairs and immediately hit the dance floor. We danced nonstop until 3AM when the party ended. We were both horny so we decided to leave together. I said goodnight to all my guests and thank them again for coming out and celebrating Halloween with me. It was great to see that everybody had a great time, and not one fight broke out.

My chauffeur told me that Kandi was waiting for me in the limo. I told him our first destination was going to be her place. I piled into the backseat of my limo and there was Kandi sitting there naked. We could not keep our hands off each other. I was aroused and I pulled my pants down. She instantly deep throated me, which had me in a world of ecstasy. My hands explored Kandi’s most intimate parts. With every kiss and lick she did, the more squirming I was doing.

We did just about every sexual position in the backseat. After a few more orgasms, we arrived in front of the West Side high-rise that Kandi lived in.

“Promise me, you’ll call.” Kandi said.

“I promise.”

She kissed me, and jumped out the taxicab. I watched her walk inside the building and wave goodbye to me. As the taxi driver drove me to my destination, I was thinking to myself, Wow, what a ‘treat’ I just had.

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