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Yet another request for a best friend who’s obsessed with Hal Holbrook!

Suddenly Single is a 1971 TV movie and a pretty obscure and corny one at that. Holbrook’s character is a newly-divorced 38 year old guy who returns to the singles scene and ends up out of his depth…and attracted to two women, the sensible Evelyn, divorced mum of 2, and Jackie, a 23 year old with a penchant for older guys.

So after watching it I figured the bland plotline needed spicing up…what better than for Larry to make the most of his newly single status and enjoy a threesome with Jackie and Evelyn?


Three weeks had passed since Larry Hackett became officially divorced. The mild-mannered pharmacist was still getting used to being back on the singles scene. Ten long years of marriage to Joanne had left him decidedly rusty when it came to chat-up lines and flirting. The last couple of years had been miserable ones, filled with arguments, seperate beds and nights spent sitting in silence.

“What the hell have I got myself into?” He paced up and down the pharmacy for the millionth time, much to the annoyance of his work colleague, Marlene.

“Jesus Larry, if you keep that up much longer the carpet’s gonna be threadbare in here.”

He turned round to see his friend and fellow singleton Conrad.

“Are you stalking me full-time now or what?”

“I have spies everywhere buddy,” Conrad joked. “Seems like you’re in need of a chat. I hear you’re getting on swell with that chick upstairs who works in real estate.”

Larry groaned. “Can’t keep anything secret from you can I?”

“No chance of him doing any work around here today is there?” Marlene interrupted.

“Afraid not,”Conrad replied. “Right, come on you, we’re heading to the diner. I wanna know every gory detail of last night…”

Larry reluctantly agreed. Anything for a quiet life. Conrad had been a long-time friend but discretion wasn’t something he was noted for. He had a feeling his private life would soon be broadcasted round the neighbourhood faster than a rat up a drainpipe.

“So what’s your problem?” Conrad asked as he tucked into an unappealing soggy cheeseburger with greasy fries. “Any other guy in your situation would be over the moon. Hell, I’m totally jealous! How do you do it? You’ve only been back on the shelf for a few weeks and you’ve got two women lusting after you!”

Larry took a sip of his coffee. “I wouldn’t put it quite like that! I’ve just taken Evelyn out for a couple of meals, that’s all.”

“And Jackie?”

“Jackie…well she’s…”

“A bit of an eye opener?” Conrad suggested.

He nodded. “I know it’s the 70s and we’re living in more enlightened times and all but holy cow, she’s certainly an independent one. She does her own thing, a free spirit and all.”

“Sounds like my kinda woman!” Conrad grinned. “I like the idea of a chick taking control. If I were you I’d take the plunge and go for it!”

“She’s fifteen years my junior for God’s sake. I’m not sure I should…I mean if anyone saw us together they’d assume we were father and daughter.”

“Larry, you’re a nice guy – too nice and too conventional. It’s time to round off some of those square edges. You’re both consenting adults so where’s the harm in that?”

“Well I can’t see Jackie tonight…I promised Evelyn that she could come over.”

“This would be the same apartment that used to belong to Jackie?”

“Umm, yeah.”

“Pretty clever of Evelyn to show you that apartment, knowing that it was inhabited by a young, single woman. Almost as if she was setting you up.”

“No way!” Larry spluttered. “She was just doing a friend a favour. Jackie had wanted to be rid of that apartment for ages.”

“Whatever you say, buddy.” Conrad smirked, an idea already forming in his mind. He checked his watch. “Jeez, I’d better be going. Got a little bit of unfinished business to complete. Hope you have one hell of a night, Larry. Oh and I want a full report tomorrow!”

“Sure, you got it.” Larry replied, wondering why his friend had made such a sudden excuse to leave. Same old Conrad, always like a big kid. He finished his coffee and wondered about Evelyn. In theory, he was better suited to her.


Jackie had been intensely attracted to Larry Hackett ever since her old friend Evelyn had introduced her to him a fortnight ago. Whenever she thought about him she soon became moist between her thighs. She had the hots for the pharmacist real bad and couldn’t deny it. Larry was everything she desired in a guy all wrapped up in a single package – older than her, attractive and intelligent. He also displayed a vulnerable side that was endearing – he was obviously out of his depth when it came to returning to the singles scene. Now, after an interesting phonecall from one of Larry’s friends, Jackie had made up her mind that she would give him a night to remember…


Later that night…

“What do you miss most about being married?” Larry asked as he poured Evelyn another glass of wine.

“You mean before the arguments? Oh the cuddles I guess, the reassurance, the kisses. Sitting together and just watching a movie.”

He smiled. “Yes, me too. I can’t remember when Joanne and I stopped doing those things. Things had been so bad between us for such a long time. I shouldn’t have let it drag on for as long as it did. It had stopped being a marriage in 1968 I guess. More of an endurance test than a marriage.”

Evelyn nodded, in quiet understanding.

“Oh I’m sorry, our exes are the last things we should be talking about.”

“Don’t worry about it,” she replied, reclining on the settee and crossing her legs, causing her pale blue dress to ride up slightly. Larry stole a few quick glances when she wasn’t looking. Evelyn had really glammed herself up tonight. This was the first time he’d seen her wear such a low-cut dress and boy, it suited her. She was approaching 40 but could pass for 30. Evelyn had pale skin, long smooth legs, a full luscious figure, neatly permed hair and a sweet, angelic face. Her round facial features, full crimson-red lips and deep emerald-green eyes would surely captivate any man. Her husband had been such a fool to lose her, Larry thought. Still, one man’s loss is another’s gain.

Evelyn knew that she was being noticed, and she loved it. Moving things on to the next phase would be challenging, but the thrill of it excited her like nothing else had in a very long time. The thought of making love to Larry whilst someone else was watching – and vice versa – was already making her wet. Dear God, what the hell was happening to her? Such things had never crossed her mind in her entire life. A slight smile came to her lips. She figured Larry hadn’t thought about those kind of things either.

There was a knock at the door.

“I’ll get it,” Larry said. “Really hope this isn’t Conrad,” he muttered under his breath. He opened the door.

“Hi Larry.”

“Jackie…what are you doing here?” he spluttered, glancing back at Evelyn.

“I thought I’d surprise you and call round. You don’t mind, do you?”

“Um, well…I. Not at all, come in!”

She sauntered into the lounge. “Oh hi Evelyn! Great to see you!”

Larry closed the door. Marvellous. That was his cosy night with Evelyn ruined then…though he couldn’t deny he was delighted to see her too.

“Have some wine Jackie,”Evelyn smiled, gesturing for her to sit on the couch. “How’s the modelling going?”

“Same old, same old. I can’t believe the bucks some people pay just to have photos of my funny face.”

“Don’t sell yourself short. You’ve got a lovely face.”

“Horsefeathers!” Jackie laughed back, sipping wine. “Thanks all the same though.”

Larry hadn’t expected the two of them to be enjoying each other’s company like this. Evelyn was noticably frosty around her younger rival when she’d spotted her and Larry chatting at the gym last week. Hmm. Even after a decade of marriage, he still hadn’t fully figured out women, it seemed.

“Larry, come join us!” Jackie smiled, patting the centre of the couch. He duly agreed and sat down, sandwiched between the two women.

“This is cosy, isn’t it?” Evelyn grinned,slipping her arm around Larry.

“Sure is,” he replied, growing gradually more uncomfortable as Jackie stroked his thigh.

Larry tried to focus on the television, but couldn’t stop his mind from wandering as Jackie continued to massage his thigh. He didn’t know if she was intentionally or unintentionally teasing him, if she was trying to seduce him or just playing games. He had no idea what the 23-year old’s motives were with her brazen exposure, or whether she even realised what she was doing to him. Slowly, unwillingly, his eyes were drawn up from the movie he had to finish and he was staring at Jackie. Every movement she made, every look that crossed her face…. it all seemed indescribably interesting to Larry. He couldn’t put his feelings into words that would do them justice. Suffice to say, he was absolutely spellbound by her.

Jackie could see that Larry was slightly on edge as she continued to stroke his thigh, and was relieved. She was as nervous as hell, her heart thumping away inside her chest at a mile a minute and she was sweating from every pore of her being. But Jackie had planned everything through well in advance and was determined to succeed. She was not going to accept failure as an option in this endeavour. Time for her and Evelyn to put their plan into action.

Larry was moderately handsome with pale blue eyes, and a thick head of dark brown hair that was greying slightly. He was tall and of slim build, yet had a tightly packed muscular frame – his recent workouts at the gym were really paying off.

“You comfortable Larry?” Evelyn interrupted as he rubbed the back of his neck.

“My neck, it’s a bit stiff. I think I overdid it in the gym yesterday.”

“Jackie, why don’t you massage his neck?” she suggested.

“What a good idea!” She jumped up and pulled a stunned Larry to his feet. “Hey wait, you don’t need to do that,” gulped.

“Nonsense, you’ll feel much better after a dose of my healing hands. Now just relax.” She stood behind him and Larry could feel the adrenaline pumping through his veins and knew that his heart was thumping away at a reckless pace. He had to wipe his hands on his pants to get rid of the sweat. At least, Larry thought with a weak smile, she and Evelyn aren’t facing me. Then there was no way they could’ve missed the bulge in the front of his pants that his rapidly growing erection was making.

First off, Jackie took things slow, gently pushing into the flesh of Larry’s bare neck with his fingers. Then she began to find herself working into her task at hand, pushing in harder with her fingers to try and loosen up the pharmacist’s taut neck muscles.

Jackie groaned with pleasure as she continued her massage, which didn’t help Larry’s state of arousal one bit. It sounded almost sexual to his ears. She was increasingly confident that he was being lulled into the moment, getting off on the close contact and intimacy of the massage. The feel of his smooth silky skin and taut muscles was intensely arousing, that was undeniable. The entire situation was getting the Larry horny in ways his ex-wife had failed to do since the early years of passion in their marriage.

His eyes opened suddenly as he felt a pair of hands on his chest. Evelyn was standing right in front of him. She smiled sweetly at him. “Why Larry, you’ve gone quite red…”

He opened his mouth to speak but she quickly prevented that by planting a kiss on his lips. Lust threatened to overwhelm his senses, and slowly he felt his resistance to his urges slip away. His hands seemed to be operating on their own accord as they slowly unfastened the buttons down the front of Evelyn’s dress. Finally, he let himself go. To hell with it, he thought to himself.

At last, his hands slid up over the upper rises of her breasts and into her bra; he finally cupped Evelyn’s firm, round tits. As he did this, Larry leaned down and slid his tongue into Evelyn’s right earlobe. She shuddered at his actions and groaned as he tweaked her nipples.

“I’ve wanted this so badly for so long,”Evelyn murmured, grinding her hips against his aching cock. “Oh God Larry, now please!”

For the moment, Larry had been so precoccupied with Evelyn, he’d forgotten that Jackie had been right behind him, but she gave his ass a familiar squeeze to remind him.

“Go on Larry…thrill her,” she whispered to him. “I know you can. You’re a virile man, I know it. You did read that book I bought you didn’t you?”

“Uh…I skimmed through it.” Wait…what? He struggled to take in what she’d just said. “You planning to watch?”

“You damn right I’m planning to watch. And I’m going to enjoy it too. Because once you’ve finished with Evelyn you still got me to deal with.”

Larry needed to regain some sense of composure but there was no time, so he moved her backwards toward the dining room table. Oh boy…

The look in Larry’s eyes made Evelyn’s stomach jump with lustful desire. Her panties were literally soaked through with her pussy-juices, and she could feel the wet stickiness squelch between her thighs as her legs pressed together. Shit, when was the last time she’d felt as wet as this?

Larry fumbled around and unzipped his pants as Evelyn heaved herself up onto the table. Jackie was immensely turned on by every single aspect of what she was witnessing. She could feel her pussy tingle and become moist with her arousal. She shifted positions as she stood, her face furrowed in determination. Seeing her watching, Evelyn smiled.

“Jackie, come over here,” she said.

Once she was standing right before him, Evelyn gave another order. “Get down on your knees.” To Larry’s utter amazement, she did exactly that, right in front of his bulging member. Larry’s jaw dropped open. He never expected Jackie to submit like this.

Evelyn hiked her dress up around her waist, revealing her soaking white panties to Larry’s eager gaze, slid them to one side and then began to finger herself. His eyes widened as he watched her do this. He cautiously reached across with one hand to slide one of his fingers into her delightful wet womanhood. He blushed, having never touched a woman intimately like this before. Sex had always been a chore to his ex-wife.

“Jackie, why don’t you give Larry some assistance? He’s doing all the hard work here,” Evelyn said to her younger observer.

“You got it,” she replied, licking her lips in anticipation as she began stroking his cock before running her tongue up the shaft. “Mmm guess you don’t need that book after all. You’re the real deal!”

As Jackie was busily deep-throating him, Larry switched his attention back to Evelyn, who was fingering herself madly. With new-found confidence, he yanked her hand aside, then drove two fingers into her pussy, and rapidly a third, making her cry out in pleasure.

“Oh God Larry!” Evelyn screamed out as she orgasmed, her pussy muscles squeezing his fingers as she flooded his hand with her juices. Larry kissed her mouth passionately, nibbling, licking and sucking his way down her neck, sliding his tongue across her bare chest. Slowly, lovingly, he gently kissed her hardened nipples.

Meanwhile, Jackie continued sucking off Larry, her mouth delightfully assaulting him so much, he was threatening to climax already. He could feel her fondling his balls as she took the entire length of his cock into her mouth. At the same time, she had unzipped her jeans and was fingering her clit. All three seemed to be competing to give each other the most pleasure, and Larry wasn’t done with Evelyn yet. Determined to make her scream some more, he leaned in and slid his tongue into her tantalising wetness. She was so hot and tight, her swollen clit was erect, and she grabbed the back of Larry’s head, pressing it against her womanhood. Damn, she was almost suffocating him. He continued eating her out, and from her yells, he figured this was as new to her as it was for him. Her juices flooded his mouth as she climaxed a second time.

“Wow, you’re good Larry,” Jackie smiled as she released his cock. “Don’t wait to long though…remember I’m still waiting,” she added, urging him to hurry it up and finish it with Evelyn.

“Patience Jackie,” he panted. “I can’t leave a job half-done.”

He slowly eased his swollen, throbbing cock over to the entrance of Evelyn’s pussy. Then, with one big lunging thrust forward, Larry drove into her to the hilt, slamming his balls hard against the lower part of her crotch and asshole. Evelyn arched her back and let out a cry of joy as Larry thrusted hard. Jackie alternated between massaging Larry’s balls and rubbing Evelyn’s clit.

Finally, Larry lost control, and came deep inside the divorced mother’s pussy, flooding her with his seed. It had been years since he’d come as hard as this.

“Oh God…yes! Holy shit! Yes!” Evelyn screamed.

With sweat running down his forehead, Larry gently withdrew, feeling his prick softening slightly, however Jackie had other ideas. A quick jerk of his shaft had him rock hard once more and ready for the second round.

“Mr Hackett, I believe it’s my turn now?” she grinned, leaning against the table with her ass in the air and bracing herself to withstand Larry’s hard thrusts.

“You talk too much Jackie,” Evelyn gasped. “But let’s see if you can take Larry’s cock as well as I did!”

Sure enough, Jackie was soon yelling at the top of her voice as Larry plunged into her shaven pussy at full speed. He leaned in and kissed her neck as he fucked her from behind. Her pussy was tighter than Evelyn’s had been and he loved the feeling of pounding this sexy younger woman like this. Soon enough he felt himself cumming a second time.

“Oh, fuck yes! That’s the way, Hackett!” Jackie yelled, digging her fingernails into the table so hard, they blanched..

Evelyn was amazed at Larry’s stamina, which had completely taken Jackie by surprise. It was satisfying to see the mouthly little mare silenced at last!



After their exhaustive threesome, Larry flopped wearily on the couch with Jackie and Evelyn snuggled up against him. All three were worn out – Larry most of all. As he fell into a blissful sleep entwined in the arms of the two women, Jackie looked up at Evelyn and winked.

“Think we could get together and do this again sometime?”

“Sure! Evelyn smiled back. Only next time, can we invite Conrad too?”

The End

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