I was totally exhausted. There were scratches all over my face and night was too dark for walking but I couldn’t stop. I knew that Jareh’s body would have already been found. I had been walking for hours and I was trembling all over. Forest was quite scary as well. There were many boys who wandered through forests for days but I definitely was not one of them. It was new and difficult for me. Suddenly I felt that my feet got wet, I looked down and saw a stream. Being extremely thirsty, I immediately squatted to drink water but I felt strange headache and after seconds I was just lying in the stream, totally unconscious.


When I woke up, everything was a bit vague. All I could see was candle’s light and a wooden wall. I realized that I was lying in a bed which increased my wonder and fear even more. I tried to move but that made my headache even worse. I looked around and I started observing every detail. Vagueness was gone and now I could see everything but that didn’t change my amazement.

All I could see was a simple bedroom. Walls were wooden and room was lightened by small candles. I got up and started seeking for a weapon to somehow defend myself. There was nothing that I could use as a weapon. My heartbeat got crazy when I heard steps from another room. Someone was moving towards me and I realized that I was totally unprotected. I quickly climbed into bed and I pretended to be asleep. Door opened with a loud creak. I was lying there, moveless and breathless.

“I know you are awake. I heard your footsteps.” I heard a deep voice. I slowly opened my eyes and saw a big man standing in the shadow. He slowly started approaching so that I could see his face.

He was huge. He was wearing simple clothing but his appearance was quite significant. Candle’s light was proudly showing off his beautiful dark brown hair and eyes. His strong jaw and dark eyebrows increased his masculinity. He was 6’5″and 270 lbs, which made him much bigger than me. His body structure also differed from mine very much. He had powerful thighs and shoulders. He was mature and gruff but perfect for his age. I thought that he would be in his early 40s. Despite being a bit overweight, you could easily see his strong muscles and exercised body. In other conditions, I would definitely be attracted to him but at that moment all I was capable of was trembling in fear.

“Don’t be scared. I just found you in a stream. I took you home and helped you recover. You seemed to have high temperature.” He sat next to me. “I’m glad you are awake.”

I was silent like a fish.

“I’m going to sleep now. I will be in the next room. If you have any problem, do not hesitate to address me.” He understood that I was too scared to talk and added with a laugh. “I may look scary but you should not be afraid of me. I’m just the man who decided to help you. ”

He stood up and left me alone. No sooner had he left the room, he returned and smiled nervously.

“I forgot to mention the food. I have rabbit’s meat and some vegetables. They are on the table. You can eat, whenever you decide to.”

I realized that I was suffering from terrible hunger and I decided to accept the proposal immediately.

“Thank you for everything. Food would be quite nice right now. I’m extremely hungry.” I understood that it was quite rude to immediately ask for food but I was too hungry to think about manners. In addition, I tried to be as polite as I could while requesting.

“Come on, then.” He said with a cheerful smile. I followed him in the dining room

I sat at the table.

“By the way, my name is Brag.” He said with a grin.

“Trad, Nice to meet you.” I answered shyly.

“So, Trad … Are you one of those silly wanderers who think they will find something magical of extraordinary in the forest?”

“No. I wasn’t planning to wander in the dark through the forest. I just needed to leave the village.” I understood that I said too much.

“Which village..? Basinia or Tansus?” Brag gave me the plate full of rabbit meat.

“I’m from Tansus.” I answered nervously and started eating. When I had the first bite, I nearly puked. I had never imagined that meat could be that bad. Brag noticed it and tried to defend himself.

“I know that I am a terrible cook. Actually, my wife died four years ago. She used to cook so the only thing I know is how to haunt.”

“I’m so sorry” I apologized. “So do you live alone?”

“Yes, but I’ve gotten used to solitude. I’m a forester and only human contact I have is with the clients who want to buy wood and with merchants who I want to buy food from. It was not any different in the old times. My wife and I lived alone and didn’t need anyone else. However, we had another room for our son who died when he was 3 … He suffered from a terrible disease.” That cheerful man suddenly transformed into a depressed person who suffered from terrible loneliness.

“I can’t even imagine what it feels like.” I said with terror in my eyes.

“I hope you never will.” He answered with a sad and ironical smile.

After minutes of silence he decided to change the topic.

“Trad, What do you do?”

“Ah … I’m just a peasant.”

He looked at me for awhile, stood up and took the empty plate. “You look tired. I think you should get a sleep.” I nodded and headed to my room. Before closing the door, I turned around and looked at the face of the lonely man. Desire to embrace and encourage him filled me but all I could do was to thank him.


Next day, when I woke up Brag had already been gone. I did not want to leave without saying goodbye. I decided to wait until he returned. Automatically, I started thinking about past events which totally changed my life. Jareh’s deep blue eyes came up to my mind and sadness filled me. He and I didn’t have a future. He would return to his duties and I would stay in my village, bringing water and dreaming about happier life. Even after that shocking event, I didn’t regret this small amount of time spent with Jareh. This was the only period of time when I was truly happy. Sir Jareh’s role was irreplaceable part of my life.

Fear of future changed the sadness and melancholy. I didn’t have any plans. Only thing seemed a bit realistic to me was to escape from forest and run to the big city where I could secretly leave with a ship. I didn’t have any other option.

In order to stop thinking about Jareh and help Brag, I decided to do housework and make a better meal from rabbit meat and some other ingredients. Having served as a servant for the king and his visitors, I learned a lot of things about cooking. At home, I was the one who was cooking for the family and I enjoyed it very much. It was like my hobby. Thus, I decided to return favor to Brag and help him with cooking and housework.

It was pretty exhausting but I really enjoyed the final result. House was much cleaner than before and hot meal was waiting for the big man.

After couple of hours, Brag finally returned. His confused smile while he entered the house made me laugh. He thanked me a lot. I could see how much he wanted to taste meal made by me. He quickly took the plate, his piece and sat at the table.

“Mm … This is so tasty” He moaned and asked me to join him. I gladly accepted proposal and started eating. I liked my own food too. I was very proud of myself and Brag seemed to enjoy the meal.

After the dinner, he went out in the garden to look after the plants. I was cleaning the table when I heard sound of horses. I was too benumbed to move, so I stood next to the table holding the plates.

I heard the men stopping near the house which made me even more frightened. Finally, I managed run to my bedroom and hide under the bed. I understood that men were talking with Brag because I easily noticed his deep voice. Nonetheless, Voices were too obscure for me, so all I could do was to lie on the floor in complete silence.

After couple of minutes, I heard the door’s creak. Fortunately, It was only Brag who entered the house. He started looking for me and I quickly climbed into the bed to hide my fear. He opened the door and entered my room. You could easily notice seriousness and feeling of pity in his eyes. He slowly opened his mouth.

“King is searching for a young peasant who, as they say, killed Sir Jareh – one of the most important people in our country. It is said that murder ran to the forest. His name is Trad Ornynyan.” I could see how all of the nerves on his body were tense while he was talking. “Trad, do you want to explain something to me?”

“It’s … me.” I answered with a low voice. I couldn’t look him in the eyes. I tried to look away but I noticed Brag holding the knife which made me even more terrified.

“So you, the boy who tried to play the innocent angel’s role, is the murderer of the knight?” He raised his voice. “You sneaked into my house playing the fucking saint and cooking me the fucking dishes. I talked to you about my family and my loss. You shamelessly used my kindness and stayed at my house, knowing that soldiers could come here at any time.” He pointed knife at me. I could understand his furious and angry tone. I needed to defend myself.

“I’m not the murderer.” I cried out weakly. “I’m not the one. I can’t be. I was just with him.”

“Then, what the fuck were you doing with him?”

“He … He fucked me.” Tears came down on my face. “I’m gay and he fucked me. We slept, I woke up and he had already been killed … I’m gay.”

I can’t explain what I was feeling at that moment. I was coming out, but it was the worst timing and condition for it. I stopped thinking and just confessed. I looked at Brag, who was all red, and waited for punishment with tears in my eyes. He slowly moved his knife aside. Silence filled the room for couple of minutes. Finally, he looked at me and whispered with a low voice.

“You can stay here for awhile. You can’t go out there. They will see you.” He turned around to leave me alone with myself.

“How do you know I’m telling the truth?” I don’t know why I said it.

“I knew you couldn’t have killed the man – Not the knight, not the slave.”


As expected, many things were changed after that day. We didn’t talk much. I continued to make the dinner and I even started looking after the garden. On the other hand, Brag continued to work. We didn’t talk about future plans and what I would do. He understood perfectly that it was too soon for me to leave.

One day, I entered Brag’s bedroom to call him for dinner and unexpectedly saw him completely naked, getting ready to change the clothes.

I knew that it was wrong, but I couldn’t look away. I kept staring at him showing off his body treasure. His body hair was just gorgeous. His furry chest, strong thighs and dark pubic hair perfectly fitted his body structure. His manhood was softened, but that didn’t manage to prevent me from getting stunned. His quite thick 4″ cock, beautifully hanging between his hairy thighs, was like a peak of his masculine beauty for me. Suddenly, I caught his furious look and quickly sneaked away.

I had been living with Brag for a week, when we finally had a frank talk. I was sitting at the table when he calmly sat next to me and looked in my eyes.

“What are you going to do? You should know that being with Jareh as his lover is a really dumb excuse. Even if you prove that you are not a killer, it will not affect the final result. You will be punished either for killing the knight, or for being gay.”

“I know that.” I murmured and tears filled my eyes. “But I am not able to change something. It happened and partially I don’t regret it. It was my first sexual experience and it was fucking beautiful. I wanted this to happen. I have needs which I tried to hide for my whole life.

“Please, stop!” Brag tried to ignore tears in my eyes. “Are you talking to me about sexual needs? I have not had sex for four years. There are some whore houses in the big city, but I can’t go there. It’s too much for me. Actually, it must be too much for every man but it isn’t unfortunately.”

I smiled and nodded in agreement. I looked at him and suddenly a crazy idea filled me. I filled his lips, demanding for kiss. I filled his body, demanding for touch. I filled his penis, demanding for action. Without a second thought, I quickly moved towards Brag and kissed him. He quickly reacted and pushed me away with his strong arms, stood up and furiously ran to his room. He was murmuring something, but the only thing I heard was “this is wrong”. I sat there breathless, stunned by my own action. I slowly stood up and went to my room. I tried not to be too nervous. Being too tired both physically and emotionally, I quickly managed to lull to sleep.

It was door’s creak that woke me up. I saw Brag standing next to the door, trembling and holding candle in his hand – only source of light in the room. To my surprise, he quickly blew out the candle and dropped it on the floor. I held my breath waiting for his next move. It was dark and I couldn’t see his face. He sat on the bed next to me, touched back of my head and pushed me towards me. I don’t know why but I tried to resist. It might have been instinctive action but I was too weak for him and quickly let him have me. He touched my lips with his fingers and passionately kissed me. I couldn’t see him because of the dark but I could swear he was smiling.

“What are you doing?” I asked with a confused smile.

“Didn’t you want this?”

“Yes, but … I thought you didn’t want it.”

“Oh, baby … you have no idea how much I wanted this.” He grinned.

I tried to say something but he stopped me with a gentle kiss. He slowly put his arms around my waist and started rubbing my shoulders and neck. I opened my mouth to free the way for his tongue. His tongue reached mine and I immediately felt my erection. I started sucking his lips like a crazy vampire. I put my arms around his shoulder and moved even closer. I started running my fingers through his hair which made him even crazier. He made me lie on my back, started running his fingers under shirt and pinching my nipples and continued kissing me.

I found somehow found power to make him lie on his back. I quickly sat on me and felt his boner. We took our clothes off and I started kissing and licking his body from nipples to his crotch. Brag started moaning and held my hair.

I got out of the bed and leaned down to fulfill my lover’s ultimate desire and face his cock. Considering the fact that I couldn’t see the size, I took it in my hands to somehow measure it. Result was unexpected because I was really amazed by the length and thickness of his beautiful manhood. I didn’t even think that after Jareh it was possible to amaze me. I started slowly stroking his dick and deeply sucked his huge balls.

“Do it, please! I’ve waited for so long.” He screamed like a crazy.

I grinned and continued my work. I touched his head with my tongue and started licking it. Taste of pre-cum tasted sweaty, a bit salty and extremely delicious. I knew he had enormous cock, so I decided to put it in my mouth inch by inch. With every inch, my mouth got fuller and soon his pubic hair was making it hard for me to breathe. I licked every part of hic cock which got him hornier and more excited. He wanted me to take it fully but it was damn hard. I took as much as I could and nearly choked. Brag understood that he was going to cum so he made me pull it out.

I needed a little rest but he suddenly lifted me and roughly threw me on the bed.

“Your ass is going to get exploded. Shit, I waited so long.”

“Please, just be gentle.” I begged.

He made me crouch on all four for him. He pushed one finger inside me and started slowly moving. This made me relax more and I told him I was ready for his manhood to enter me. He chuckled happily like a small child and starting stroking his own cock, getting it ready for action.

He put his hands on my ass cheeks and I understood that it was the signal. In seconds, I felt a thick object trying to enter me. Even though brag tried to prepare me, pain was enormous. He pushed his cock even more and made me scream like a little girl. Pain seemed to be unbearable and brag saw it. He leaned towards me and starting rubbing my shoulders, kissing and encouraging me. After a minute of hesitating, I decided to let him fully enter me.

Inch by inch, it hurt even more. I even thought that losing virginity was less painful. After minutes of struggling, Brag filled me with his hot dick. Having waited for awhile, he started slowly moving which made me feel better because pain was going away and astonishing feeling was filling me. Brag realized that I was less hesitant and he pushed in more powerfully. By each push, he was increasing the speed and the power. We were both moaning and gasping. Our bodies were touching each other and his sweat was going all over my body. I could feel thick cock, his furry chest, muscled thighs and skilled tongue which started licking my ear.

Because of me begging for more, he reached his maximal power and speed. His cock was traveling through my anus with ease, his balls were slapping my ass, he was gasping and breathed deeply.

“Oh, my … I’m going to cum!” Brag screamed.

As soon as I heard it, I started stroking my own cock and preparing for anal explosion. I felt his trembling cock swell and he shot his first load in my ass like a long-awaited rocket into space. Brag cried out and nearly lost control. I unloaded my own sperm and we both held each others’ hands in order to control ourselves. He lied on his back next to me, hardly breathing and unable to move. I hugged him and placed my head on his furry chest. I started running my finger through his fur and playing with his pink hard nipples. We both were tired and needed to rest after the action. I kissed him on his lips and prepared for sleeping. It was the first time after the death of Jareh that I was truly not afraid, secured by Brag’s strong arms.

I closed my eyes, embracing Brag, and suddenly heard the door’s creak. I opened my eyes, frightened to death, and saw a man holding the lamp and looking at me.

To be continued …

I was sitting around the kitchen counter the other day with Lila, my sexy, GILF girlfriend, and her best friend, Sandy. Both are 61 years old, in terrific shape, both blondes, both with lithe, limber and well preserved bodies, as they both work out religiously. Lila’s about 5-8, weighs a willowy 125 pounds, and Sandy’s a bit shorter, 5-5 or so, and a more solid, thicker 130 or so pounds.

They both drive me nuts, sexually, Lila of course, because I’m with her, but Sandy as well, though I’d never let that on to Lila, who I’d thought might not think kindly of me finding her best friend so hot. But this one day changed all that.

We were drinking wine, having a few laughs after the girls got back from their regular Monday night tennis game down at the local club, and just bullshitting. Somehow, and I swear it wasn’t me, the talk got around to sex. Now Lila and I have a rousing sex life, she’s very sexual for her age and seems to really enjoy me performing oral sex on her, and believe me, I love doing it. As is most older women’s wont, she doesn’t shave down there, and I find that superbly appealing, something just sexy about a full bush, gray hair and all.

Well, in the course of discussing things, Sandy, who’s been divorced for 10 years, let on she hadn’t had any in all that time. Nothing, nada, zilch. She rarely dated, didn’t seem to like men all that much owing to the bitter divorce, and just hadn’t found anyone worth bedding, or so she said. Lila knew of course, she is her best friend, but I was clueless.

“Yes, it’s been awhile, that’s for sure,” said Sandy, a bit tipsy by now, as I looked on in astonishment, and also checking out her incredible legs in her little white skirt, all supple, tanned and muscular beneath the usual sags and wrinkles of a woman her age.

“How…I mean…don’t you…uh…” I stammered.

“Well, I take care of myself, from time to time, but not all that much,” she sighed.

“Honestly, honey, I don’t know how you live without it, it would make me crazy!” Lila laughed, draining her glass and pouring us all more. “Not to brag or anything, but we, uh, go at it three, four times a week!”

Sandy looked at me, I swear, with a lusty look in her dark eyes, a little smile curling on her slightly wrinkled mouth.

“You’re lucky, Lila,” she said sadly. “I mean, I’ll be 62 in a few days, and I can’t believe I haven’t had…well anything since I was almost 52!”

We drank and chatted some more, me taking more and more notice of Sandy’s really hot body, her small but well turned tits in her little tight t-shirt, those tawny, sexy thighs and muscular calves bulging above her little white socks. I was in another world watching that, when I heard Lila say something I couldn’t believe.

“Well, Rob here is…well, he’s very good at ….at oral sex, he’s absolutely the best,” Lila said with a seductively low voice. “And…”

There was silence as we looked at Lila, our mouths hanging open.

“And…?” Sandy asked brightly.

“Yes, and?” I added.

Lila smiled. “Sandy, for your birthday, I’d like to give you the gift of one of the best orgasms you will ever have! Rob would be happy to perform oral sex on you, honey, you could use it, believe me!”

I was stunned. I looked at Lila, who was looking at me with the sexiest look I’ve ever seen, then at Sandy, who was blinking, looking back and forth at us both.

“I….I…I…” I babbled, not sure what to make of it all.

“Lila,” Sandy said slowly. “Are…are you sure about this? I mean, you’d let’d ask him…to you know…go DOWN on me?”

“I don’t think I’d have to ask him twice, honey, I always see the way he checks you out, your legs in particular!” Lila laughed.

“No, really, that’s not…not true, I mean…” I stammered, looking away.

“Oh, bullshit, you never fool me,” Lila laughed. “And it’s fine. This one time — and this one time only — I give you permission to sexually satisfy my best friend in the whole world with your talented tongue and mouth!”

“I…but…uh….when?” Sandy asked, seemingly more enchanted with the idea, a slight smile on her pretty face.

“No time like the present, honey,” Lila sighed.

“But we just played two hours of tennis, I’m…you know, a little sweaty and stuff!”

“Rob loves it when I’m sweaty and stuff,” Lila growled. “Don’t you darling?”

Truth is, yes, I do, I love the good, clean sweat-smell of a woman’s pussy after a workout, it drove me mad and makes me want to eat it all night long.

“Well, hell, then, let’s do it!” Sandy announced with enthusiasm. “If..if it’s OK with you, Rob…”

“He has no choice, darling, he does what I tell him to do,” Lila said with a giggle. “Truth is, I like it rough, I mean I like GIVING it rough, and most of the time when I want oral sex, I MAKE him give it to me, though he doesn’t put up much of a fuss! So get down and dirty, girlfriend, and use my man!”

“Now, girls, really, I don’t think…” I said as they stood up before me.

“You heard her,” Sandy growled, caught up in the dominant moment, grabbing me by the hair and pulling me off my stool to drag me to the living room. “It’s MY present, so get busy getting me off!”

Lila laughed as Sandy sat on the couch, spread her meaty, tanned legs and forced me to my knees before her. She none-too-gently encircled my face in her hot, hard thighs and locked her ankles, pulling my face into her moist pussy enclosed in a white panty, little tufts of hair exploding out the sides.

“Smell that pussy, stud,” she hissed, throbbing her thighs on me, making me moan in pain. “Hope you don’t mind the aroma!”

“He LOVES the aroma!” Lila laughed, sitting down next to Sandy and watching with wide-eyed astonishment as her best friend’s thighs chewed at my face and she ground her sweaty pussy into it. “I love your style, girl, give him your scent first!!!”

“Mmmm, and grinding is SO fucking hot!” Sandy hissed, cupping my head in her strong hands and punishing my face with her smelly pussy through her panties. “I think…I’m gonna cum…just …doing…THIS!!!”

“YOU GO GIRL!” Lila laughed.

And Sandy came, just like that, for the first time, with a man anyway, in 10 or more years, pushing her quim into my mouth and nose and just about crushing it flat. I didn’t have to do anything but kneel there with her thighs compressing my skull and her cunt busting into my lips and mouth until she came harder and harder before finally quieting down and easing the squeeze, letting me breathe.

“Pretty good for the first one, hon,” Lila sighed. “Now, get those panties out of the way and let him REALLY go to work on ya!”

She didn’t have to be told twice, quickly peeling off her panties and mischievously rubbing the smelly, wet crotch of them into my face, making me moan, the smell was exquisite, ripe and raw but heady and compelling. I looked into the matted, sweaty gray-blonde hair of her pussy and the puffy lips within, her little clit poking through the fur. She pointed and smiled.

“Get busy, boy,” she snarled. “Make me cum!”

I looked at Lila, who sighed, grabbed my head and forced it to Sandy’s hairy snatch. Sandy moaned loudly and encircled my head with those strong thighs again, holding me there, and my face invaded the wet patch and feasted on the lips inside.

She tasted and smelled great, and I lapped my tongue long and slow up the length of her wet cunt, parting the hair, feeling the oily lips around me. She screamed with pleasure as I ate her, thighs tight on my ears as I now ground my nose into her clit and stabbed into her hole rapidly and repeatedly with my tongue.

“FUCK!” she screamed, holding my head with one hand and running the other under her t-shirt to twist her big brown nipples. “His tongue, it’s SO FUCKING LONG!!! That’s right, tongue fuck me, stud, tongue fuck me!!!”

I did, over and over, Sandy’s thighs gripping me madly, her hips hunching up and down and back and forth until she exploded into my face, flooding my mouth with her copious woman cream, nearly drowning me in her fluid. Lila never came this hard or wet when I ate her, but then again, this was a woman who hadn’t been eaten in a decade, and she came furiously, just about busting my neck in the firm clench of her GILF thighs, until her orgasm abated and she let me go to sit back, panting, my face smeared with her goo.

“Fuck, Lila, fuck!” she hissed, pulling off her shirt and sitting bare-chested, her small but perky and slightly sagging tits all white and creamy on her tanned torso. “Goddam, this is the best gift ever!”

I smiled, and went to get the girls more wine, giving Sandy a little recovery time, returning with the glasses for the appreciative women. They sipped and chatted, Sandy in a near cum coma, hardly able to speak, Lila laughing and pointing out just how good a pussy eater I was.

“Oh, you don’t need to tell me that!” Sandy laughed, spreading her legs and looking at me. “But just to be sure, you better prove it again!!”

I smiled and dove in again, this time parting her furry lips in my fingers as she sat with legs wide apart, and dribbled that little, gorgeous, wet clit with my tongue, giving her my best oral, the same style that gets Lila off every time. I have the ability to really wiggle and lap my tongue very quickly, and lightly, the tip of my flashing tongue tickling Sandy’s engorged clit until she writhed before me, spilling her wine until Lila laughed and took it from her to allow her full focus. She came again, with a grunt and a squeal, bathing my face in her amazingly tasty woman cum. I lapped her to orgasm and then attached my mouth to her hairy hole and sucked out the last of her girly jism.

“Oh God..that was…so fucking incredible…” Sandy moaned. “Not sure…can take..much more…”

“Oh, just one more, honey,” Lila laughed. “Rob, give her a little dessert…you know, do what I love you to do to me..down below….”

I smiled and shrugged and put my face back into Sandy’s crotch, this time running my long tongue down her sensitive crack to nuzzle into her asshole! Sandy screamed with pleasure and opened her legs wider to let me rim her more and more deeply.


“Seriously?” Lila asked, incredulously. “Never? Baby, it’s my fave, you don’t know what you’re missing!!!”

I ate her hungry butt hole for five minutes, rubbing my nose into her slit, grinding her clit until she neared orgasm for the fourth time. Then I stopped and winked at Lila.

“Oh, he’s going deep, girl, REALLLLY deep!” she laughed. “On your knees, Sandy, kneel on the couch and let him in ALL the way!!!”

And she did, wiggling her sexy, creamy white ass with the most beautiful sags and wrinkles I have ever seen, and I dove inside, spreading her cheeks and just power fucking her tight, moist asshole with my tongue, pounding it hard, over and over.

“Do her clit, baby,” Lila groaned, fingering herself now under her tennis skirt, sitting back, legs spread as she watched. “Sandy, spread those hot cheeks for my man’s face!”

She groaned and did, spreading them wide, allowing me to totally invade her crack with my face and bury my mouth around her butt ring, plunging my tongue inside quicker and quicker. With my hands, I reached around her hips, spread her lips with one and madly diddled her tireless clit with the other, my fingers magically dancing around her tender nub until she screamed loudly.

“FUCK!!! You’re gonna make me cum again with your tongue UP MY ASSHOLE!!!!”

She did, coming hard, snapping her lush hips back into my face, slapping it with her pounding butt, the flesh of her cheeks splashing into my nose and mouth and probing tongue. She came harder then she’d cum before as I digitally got her off while pushing my mouth tight to her rectum and flutter fucking it with my long, anxious tongue. She came for a full minute, snapping and writhing, before settling down to a mere butt quiver, those deliciously wrinkled cheeks quaking around my mouth and face.

She finally pulled away, her pussy ultra sensitive now, and flopped to her back, moaning, smiling, laughing and delirious with happiness.

“Oh, honey, that was the BEST gift ever!” she sighed, sitting with her gorgeous legs spread, her pussy hair wet with her cum and my saliva, the hair glistening. “I can’t believe you gave it to me!”

She looked at Lila and smiled.

“that’s what friends are for, baby,” she said.

I stood up to take their glasses, and there in my jeans was my bulging hard on, a wet spot in front from the pre-cum all that oral on Sandy had made me leak. I looked at Sandy as I stood near her, and she looked at the bulge, smiling.

“Uh…” she said, looking at Lila.

“No way, honey, he eats your pussy and that’s that!” Lila laughed.

“Sure, honey, I understand,” Sandy said with a low growl. “But since it IS November and….”

“Christmas is coming, that what you want to say?” Lila roared.

“Oral sex, the gift that keeps on giving,” Sandy sighed with a sexy smile. “And I take it you won’t mind giving it?”

I laughed. And counted the days until Christmas….

Hey everyone, this is my first go at writing. I hope you enjoy the story, I certainly enjoyed writing it, and any feedback is greatly appreciated.


I’m Sam, a 20 year old gay currently at university. I always knew I was gay, attracted to men since forever, fascinated by their bodies and cocks. I was always horny as a teenager, couldn’t get enough of wanking to porn and my own fantasies involving footballers, pop stars and the like.

At 15 I lost my virginity to a classmate at school, we were good mates and it started off by jacking in front of each other, then jacking each other until the one day we did the deed. Was nothing amazing looking back, but at the time it was fantastic. For a year or so we continued to mess around with each other, eager for the pleasure each teenager craves until we parted ways as I went off to college.

I properly came out to my family at 16 before college, who were thankfully and all happy about it and things carried on more or less as normal. As we went through college, I played football, and no, not just to perv over the lads, I was actually good at it. I got on with everyone, the footy team got on with me and didn’t care I was gay, I used to be the butt of a lot of jokes, but it was all in good faith. Due to my sport, I had a lean frame, 6 foot tall with short brown hair, and started to get fairly hairy at 17 as it grew thick on my thighs and grew up my body from my cock.

I was not short of cocks at college, I wasn’t a man whore or anything, I had a boyfriend for a bit, but things didn’t work out. I slept with a few guys from college, all of them more than once. All the time I was horny and hungry for sex and cock. The feeling of a cock plunging into my backend was paradise, as was thrusting my cock into the hot arses of the lads.

As we all turned 18 and left college, we all went off to university across the country, to where I am today, which is where I eventually met Ryan.

When I moved into halls the partying began, all the flats around us used to throw parties where the majority us all got on and had a good time. It was a tyical uni group of people, partying, drinking and then the sex. People paired off and I got with a guy or two from bars and clubs, I was confident amongst men and would get lucky pretty often. I fitted in well with people and got on with them; I was (still am) easy going and always up for the pisstaking and laughter. Everyone knew I was gay, and accepted it.

At one of the parties, I saw Ryan for the first time. He was over the other side of the room flirting with a group of girls. Straight away I fancied the pants off him. He looked a bit smaller than me, maybe 5’9, but he was hot. He wore a tight short sleeved shirt, which framed his toned body perfectly and showed off his hot, hairy forearms, which has always been a massive turn on for me. His hair was short and brown and he had stubble, again another turn on for me.

From the moment I saw him I got turned on, he was perfect looking in my eyes, but he gave me butterflies in my stomach. Whenever I saw a hot guy before I would get horny, but never had I got butterflies, but boy, Ryan gave me butterflies. I had no idea why, but I could have just stood there and watcheed him. For a few weeks afterwards I kept dreaming and fantasising about him and even when I got with a guy, I couldn’t get Ryan out of my head and craved to see him again. Thankfully that chance came when we had a party with the flat next door and Ryan was friends with people there.

There was only 7 of us at the party, which I like as you can socialise a lot more. I made a bee-line for Ryan, probably a bit too enthusiastic, but hey I was excited to see him again. We chatted to each other about stuff in general, uni (he was studying Business Law and me Economics) and sport, as he was into football, but wasn’t in our team as he it clashed with cricket. We hit it off straight away, having a good time and a laugh. We all carried on drinking and got pretty drunk playing some drinking games and all ended up staying over in the same flat. Next morning, I got to see Ryan in just his black briefs which made me instantly hard. For an 18 year old, he was well developed. His legs were strong, muscley and hairy and the tight black briefs, along with his suntan made him look like a god. On his chest was a spattering of hair which ran down towards his stomach and got thicker from his belly button and down towards the waistband of his briefs. I had to turn away to hide the instant hard on I got as he walked back over towards us in the main room. He lay back on the sofa as I was on the floor and we just lay there, making small talk and we arranged to go out for a drink the next day.

We met for our drink the next day, just the two of us and got to know each other more over some beer. There was a lot in common between us and we continued to meet up every so often over the following weeks. I still couldn’t get him out of my head as he was so handsome and gorgeous; my dream man.

At one the parties, there was again only a small group of us. It was round our flat and there were 9 of us. The drinks were flowing a lot more this time and the drinking games got more adventurous and we ended up playing spin the bottle. Nothing much happened in this game at first. Just a few kisses with a few girls for me and one of the lads, but obviously I wanted to kiss Ryan. When Ryan had to kiss one of the other lads, Sean, it turned me on, but I also felt a strong pang of jealousy that Sean got to kiss Ryan. It also came out during the game that Ryan was a virgin, but none of us really batted an eyelid, apart from me, as it created dirty thoughts in my find. The game continued and to great excitement I was dared to not just kiss Ryan, but snog him for 30 seconds. He seemed a little reluctant but we did it, and boy was it hot. I leaned in and pressed my lips to his, trying to get my tongue inside and he relented and my tongue fell into his. We kissed and he even moved his hand to my face, and I did it back to him. As this happened, the others began to cheer and poke fun at Ryan, winding him up and he pulled out of the kiss. I was rock hard by the kiss and I needed relief. Ryan went bright red, but he didn’t seem upset and joined in with laughing and there was maybe even a little hint of enjoyment.

That game ended not long after our kiss, but we did start to play strip poker. I ended up losing most of my clothes rather fast, sitting in my briefs before anyone else was topless. The girls lost their tops and then Ryan did. I couldn’t wait for this as again I got to see his broad, hairy chest.

Most of us ended up in our underwear by which point people started to drift off to sleep. Me, Ryan and Sean stayed up longer chatting away about all sorts before Sean finally went to his room. Not long after, Ryan decided to go to bed, and as he was in my room, I decided to follow.

As he led the way to my room, I could see his peachy arse in his jeans which, for about the 100th time that night made me instantly hard and I desperately wanted to do something about it.

We walked into the room, and I decided to do something about my throbbing cock and I grabbed his muscled shoulders and spun him round. I gazed into his brown eyes and looked from his brown close cropped hair down his body, towards his crotch before leaning in and pressing my lips to his. He again resisted, but soon relented and my tongue fell into his mouth and I began to suck his tongue and snog his face off. He began to groan, and did not put up any resistance as I continued playing with his tongue and started to move my hand down the outside of his top, rubbing his nipples and rubbed downwards to get to the bottom and rub back inside up his skin. His body was very warm as I rubbed my hands through his treasure trail and played with his belly button before I moved up his body to his nipples which I tweaked between my fingers

As we continued to kiss, he began to squeeze my tight ass as I continually rubbed his nipples and body. I moved out from the kiss, to which he tried to move back towards. I held my finger up to stop him, which he took in his mouth and began to slowly suck my finger. I pulled out and told him ‘No, you stand there and let me do the work’.

I licked my way down his chest, down towards his belly button, which I stuck my tongue in and licked, tasting his manly, sweaty scent. My tongue moved down his trail to the waistband, but I again pulled out, teasing his body. Instead, I stood up and began kissing again, and rubbing the outside of his jeans with my hand, grabbing his rod of steal.

I continued kissing and rubbing for a bit as my cock began to drip, pre-cum, a hint that things needed to move on. I unbuckled his belt and jeans, letting them fall to the floor. His muscularly, hairy thighs were framed perfectly in his tight black briefs, before I yanked them down, allowing is 7′ rock hard cock in a nest of brown pubes to spring free.

I wasted no more time and took his whole cock in my mouth and down my throat and began to suck before releasing his cock. The taste was fabulous, musky and sweaty, the proper man taste I love. I tickled at his head with my tongue, then sucked his cock and I began to bob up and down before slowing and then taking it all in again, using my tongue to lick all round his shaft, giving him as much pleasure as possible. He was groaning and I looked up to his eyes and he was looking back down at me, pure ecstasy in his eyes and he received his first blow job. I picked up speed as he placed his hands on my head and he screamed he was going to cum, I tickled his balls and sucked as he released his sweet load down my throat, squirt after squirt as he moaned and screamed my name. I continued to suck as his cock softened and cum dribbled down my mouth, his cock slipped out, soft and dripping the remainder of his cum to the floor.

I stood up and began kissing again, as he said that it was my turn as his slipped his warm hands down into my briefs down below…

There are scenes of unprotected sex depicted in this story. In all cases it was between the main characters, who are in a committed, monogamous relationships and were tested. If you aren’t in the same kind of relationship, then you should always protect yourself and wear a condom.


Darrin sat on the edge of the chair, concerned that the head of his department had asked to meet with him. It had been over a month since he and Mitch had returned from their trip to Houston. They’d had a wonderful time while they were there, and Darrin had managed to get a little of the relaxation he so desperately needed. Since coming back, he had been focused on teaching his classes and his research. He was not aware of problems with either, but when the departmental secretary had contacted him to set up a meeting with the head of the department, it began to gnaw at him. He wasn’t certain what had happened, but he felt like a little a kid being sent to the principal’s office.

Darrin had flipped through one of the magazines in the seating area, reading the same paragraph four times as his case of nerves worsened. Finally the door opened, and Dr. Miller the department chairman, motioned Darrin into his office. Darrin perched on the edge of one of the conference table seats while the chairman retrieved a folder from his desk. Dropping the folder on the table he sat opposite Darrin, a small, insincere smile plastered across his face.

“Well, I’m sure you’re wondering why we’re meeting. It seems we have a little problem, and you were implicated in it.”

“Oh? What’s the problem,” said Darrin, trying not to fidget.

“Well, it seems you gave one of your colleagues a stack of DVD’s and there was homosexual pornography on a few of them. Now I’ve looked them over, and while I found the subject matter objectionable, I did not see anything illegal. So consider this a friendly warning. We want to maintain the university’s image, especially where your area is concerned. I’m sure you understand.”

Darrin tried to reconcile what he was being told, and the underlying comment as well. Considering his choices carefully, he began.

“First, I have to tell you, I would never have pornography on campus. I can’t imagine where these are from, but I can assure you, they aren’t mine. Second, I’m not sure I understand about ‘my area’. I don’t see the connection between my research and these allegations.”

“No, Darrin. Not your research. But you are representing you people.”

Darrin looked at him as he replayed what the chairman had just said, the pieces of the puzzle came together as he considered the comment. “No, sir. I am not the representative for all gay people on campus. The LGBTQ community is a mix of vastly differing personalities. It would be a tragic fallacy if someone considered me the spokesperson. Everyone’s views are unique, just like any other group of people.”

“Oh, of course, of course. I wouldn’t presume to think otherwise. But these images and videos are… explicit. We wouldn’t want the upper administration, or the campus newspaper, to discover that you had pornography in your office.”

As Darrin listened to the less than subtle accusation, his temper flared. He struggled with the implications, thinking through the department head’s comments, his anger becoming more inflamed with each passing second.

“Dr. Miller, I’d like to request you call campus police and have them search my office and university computer for porn. I’ve already said I do not have anything of that nature in my office, but you seem convinced otherwise, so I’d like to put it to rest. I’ll wait here in your office until they are finished.”

“Oh. No, umm, no, no. I don’t think we want to do that. It would involve the Dean, and we don’t want to do that. I do believe you, Darrin, but since you’re the only person who is homosexual in the department, one must assume…”

“I’m the only gay faculty who is open about it, but that doesn’t mean I’m the only one,” said Darrin, a mask of neutrality plastered across his face.

“Yes, yes, I’m sure that’s true. It must be a prank. Perhaps one of the students from that group you’re the advisor for thought it would be funny. I’m sure there is another explanation,” said Dr. Miller as he backpedaled as quickly as possible. That admission marked the end of their meeting as Miller fled the meeting, using the excuse of having a meeting across campus.

Darrin left the departmental office in a fury, stalking down the hallway for a confrontation with the person he knew had created this situation. He stopped at Boorman’s open doorway and hammered on the doorframe with his fist. Boorman jumped, the color draining from his face when he saw who was at the door.

Without a prelude Darrin tore into him. “Did you think it was going to be fucking funny? Or were you stupid enough to think some porn would get me fired. I’m sure the rumor will spread through this department like a wildfire, but so help me god I will get even with you, you little asshole.” Darrin said with a snarl.

Kevin stammered several times before managing to talk. “What’re you talking about? I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“You fucking asshole. I gave you a stack of blank DVD’s over a month ago when you whined you didn’t have any. There was nothing on them either. What did you do, copy some of your own porn onto them and then give them to Miller?”

Boorman’s eyes shifted, unwilling to meet Darrin’s eyes. His face deepened in color until his face was cherry red. He started to shake his head, but Darrin leaned across the desk and into his face.

“Watch your ass, Boorman, watch your ass!”

Turning, Darrin’s angry steps echoed down the hallway. Walking into his office, he slammed the door, the glass shuddering with the ferocity. Dropping himself into his chair, he sat trying to regain his composure, wondering why he had ever thought academia was a good career choice.


Trent slowly drifted awake, the house lit by the morning sunrise. He enjoyed the slow pace that marked their typical Sunday morning. He found it humorous that even though none of the other three were particularly religious, they all seemed to take Sunday morning off. He could feel Josh just inches away, but it was already too hot to sleep curled around each other, even in mid-May. He loved the attention Josh showered on him. Josh treated Trent with loving consideration; the depth of his compassion far outstripped his chronological age of twenty. Their arguments had become almost non-existent, although they still cornered off from time to time. The length of time they were angry with each other had shortened though, and make-up sex was pretty amazing.

Trent eased out of bed to relieve his full bladder, and immediately heard Max scramble from his bed. He braced himself, knowing what was coming, and soon enough he felt a wet nose shoved just below his nuts. In spite of himself, he jumped slightly, and then chuckled at the dog. He squatted down, rubbing Max’s favorite spots. After spending a few minutes with Max, he walked into the bathroom and succeeded in draining his bladder, but only after closing Max out of the room. When he opened the door, he found an unhappy red and white dog greeting him with ‘the look’. Trent chuckled, knowing Max wanted fed, as well as all the attention he could beg from Trent. With a yawn and a healthy scratch of his nuts, Trent moved into the kitchen and measured out Max’s morning food.

Trent watched for a minute, chuckling that he now understood the term ‘wolfing down your food’. With Max taken care of, Trent headed back to bed, crawled in and wrapped his arm around Josh.

“‘Bout time you got your butt back in bed,” said Josh in a rumbly voice.

“Well someone had to take care of your dog,” said Trent with a chuckle.

“Yeah, whatever. I think he likes you better than me.”

Josh smiled and draped his arm over Trent’s shoulders like a blanket. Josh began to caress Trent’s chest, enjoying the leisurely pace of their morning. Josh knew their first attempt at anal sex had largely been a disaster, especially for him since he’d had a tender ass for a week afterwards. Josh had enjoyed it with his first two boyfriends, and he wanted the same with Trent. But to say Trent was well endowed was an understatement, and Josh had intimate knowledge that sex with a cock of porn star dimensions was a very different experience when it was attached to your boyfriend.

Josh had been trying to ready himself, stretching his butt whenever he had a chance, which was largely during his daily shower. This morning he felt very relaxed. It would be hours before they would be expected at the house for lunch. As his desire grew, Josh curled tighter against Trent, enjoying the smooth skin of his back. As his cock hardened, poking against Trent, he heard.

“Well good morning, little Josh.”

Josh chuckled and rubbed his hard cock against Trent’s ass cheek. “He likes you. He thinks you have a cute ass.”

Trent laughed again. “He’s just a slut and not very picky.”


Trent froze, immediately knowing what Josh was going to say. He twisted in Josh’s arms so they were face to face, his cock slowly stiffening in spite of his misgiving about trying again. But Trent knew they had time to get Josh ready this time, and after Mitch’s talk with them he knew better what to do.

“Are you sure?” asked Trent as he considered the invitation.

Josh lips caressed Trent’s cheek as his fingertips traced a path across his face. “Yes, I am. I’m going to need you to help me get ready though.”

Trent pressed Josh back against the bed, his cock now hard as granite. He wanted Josh, he wanted them to make love, almost as much as he just wanted to fuck him. But this time he’d make sure Josh was ready, they would go slow and make sure no one was hurt when they were finished.

Trent curled his head lower, catching Josh’s nipple between his teeth as his hand slid down his lightly furred belly. His fingers burrowed through Josh’s thick pubes, gripping them between his fingers and tugging on them until Josh sighed. He continued to tongue and suck on Josh’s nipples, wetting the swirl of hair surrounding each one. His hand released the dark pubic hair and cupped Josh’s nuts. Between the gentle caresses on his sack and the attention Trent was giving his nipples, Josh’s cock was leaking a thin stream of precum. Trent released Josh, resulting in a groan of depravity, and pushed himself to one elbow.

“Roll over, Josh. I want room to work on that nice tight ass.”

Josh smiled and clambered to his hands and knees. Trent shoved their pillows under his pelvis, and Josh relaxed with his ass at the perfect angle for Trent’s tender explorations. Opening Josh’s crack, he could see the pink orifice that was his ultimate goal. Trent slid his face low, his tongue darting out and catching that sensitive piece of skin just under Josh’s nuts and slathering it with slit. Holding tight against Josh’s ass, he traced lower, running his tongue the length of Josh’s butt crack.

“Oh fuck! That feels so damn good,” said Josh as he panted for air.

Trent let out an almost silent chuckle, enjoying the reaction he was getting. He refocused, lapping up and down Josh’s crack until it was drenched with spit. Josh’s chest was flat against the mattress, his arms sprawled out, soft moans coming from between his lips as Trent sent wave after wave of passion through his body.

As Trent sensed the building passion that was assaulting Josh’s system, he dove in again, this time attacking Josh’s hole like a terrier after a rat. He wiggled his tongue against Josh’s tight pucker, licking and working over Josh’s hole until it began to loosen. Prying his cheeks further apart, Trent started ramming his tongue inside repeatedly causing Josh’s moans and cries of pleasure to escalate. Trent pulled back, watched Josh’s hole convulse and knew he was ready for the next step.

Trent grabbed the omnipresent bottle of lube and coated Josh’s hole. Sliding his finger through the gel, he coated it and then began pressing into Josh. With a sigh and a slight outward push, Josh’s ass swallowed his lover’s finger.

“Oh man, that feels amazing,” said Josh with a gasp.

Trent curled his finger, stroking the smooth lining of Josh’s ass. “Oh just wait, cutie. We haven’t got to the best part yet.”

Josh’s only response was a low groan.

Trent eased his finger out and drenched two fingers with more lube. Easing them into Josh, Trent methodically pressed them deeper, giving Josh time to adjust with each new intrusion. Several minutes later, Josh had two fingers buried inside his ass. He stroked them in and out, adding more lube continually. Keeping up his slow ascension, Trent worked his way to four fingers, and had Josh quivering on the bed beneath him.

Trent allowed his fingers to glide out of Josh, smiling at the sigh of pleasure coming from the young cowboy. Trent lay across Josh’s back and whispered. “You ready to get butt fucked, cowboy?”

“Yes fuck hell oh god fuck me,” said Josh in a torrent.

Trent planted a hot kiss on Josh’s neck, then moved back until he was kneeling behind his lover. He drenched his rock hard cock with lube and then pressed the head against Josh’s well-worked pucker. Grabbing Josh tightly, Trent pinned him against the pillow and started pushing inward. Josh’s ass relaxed in tiny increments until with a final twitch, Trent slid past the first gateway. Trent froze, denying his body the pleasure it sought as he froze in place, careful that Josh felt nothing but pleasure. Soon he felt the death grip on his cock lessen and Trent pushed forward again. Feeling the intense pressure as he breached the second portal, Trent slipped through, lodging himself inside Josh.

Josh’s body shuddered at the intrusion stretched to his limits, even with Trent’s amazing foreplay. “Oh god. Don’t move, let me get use to it first.”

Trent reached down, letting his fingers trail over Josh’s back and lightly furred ass. He enjoyed the sight of the muscular cowboy impaled by his thick cock, with still inches of dick to go. Trent began rocking back and forth, burying his cock deeper with each forward stroke. After several exquisite minutes, he felt the base of his cock surrounded by Josh’s ass. Trent pressed against Josh, burying the last fraction of an inch inside his man. His hands trailed over Josh, giving him time to adjust to the new sensations. Josh was panting and faintly flushed, but Trent couldn’t detect any of signs of pain. Josh panted hard, the feelings coursing through his body indescribable, turning his head he gave Trent a lust filled smile.

“God, that feels great. Go ahead; just start slow. Oh shit. It’s fucking mind blowing.”

Trent nodded in acknowledgment and began taking short strokes into Josh’s ass. As they made love, the minutes blurred together, and the amorous feelings blanketed them both. As Josh adjusted to Trent’s massive size, the feelings of pleasure intensified, until with a sudden jolt, Trent rammed into his prostate.

“Oh holy shit!” screamed Josh as his body convulsed. Trent had moved far past the gentle phase and was driving himself against Josh’s sweet spot. The continual collision had Josh lost in the beginning of his orgasm as his prostate swelled with impending ejaculation. Josh’s moans reached a fever pitch when Trent felt his ass seize around his cock. With a lust driven expression, Trent slapped Josh hard on the ass cheek.

“Fuck!” yelled Josh.

Josh’s body bucked, bringing Trent to his peak. With Josh’s last tremor of orgasm, Trent felt his own cum boiling out. Pinning Josh beneath him, he leaned forward and bit down on his shoulder, hard enough to elicit a squeal. Trent began pumping Josh’s gut full of cum, his pleasure cresting again and again as he felt the volleys of jizz filling Josh. With a lingering groan, the last of Trent’s seed oozed into Josh, and he collapsed across his lover.

Kissing the mark he had made on Josh’s neck, Trent chuckled a little as the two of them drifted in the cloud of lust. “Sorry, Josh. I guess I got carried away.”

Josh waved his hand weakly in the air. “It’s all good. Bite me, spank me, make me write bad checks.”

Trent laughed and moved back, feeling his softening cock begin to ease out of Josh, sighing as his cockhead slipped from inside. He watched as a thick white stream flowed from Josh’s ass. Josh groaned and moved slightly, then let out a wet sounding fart.

“Gross! Dude!” said Trent in disgust.

Josh chuckled and looked back at Trent. “Seriously? You expect to fuck me with that elephant trunk you call a dick for an hour and think air’s not going to be forced up there?”

Trent paused for a minute and then smacked Josh on the ass again. “Yes, I do,” said Trent with a laugh.

Their revelry was broken by the sound of a loud sniff. Both looked down in time to see Max walk close to them and sniff again. The dog gave them an offended look, and sneezed several times before walking back to his bed and lying down with his back to the two youngsters.

“I don’t think he was impressed,” said Josh with a giggle.


The couple had relaxed, enjoying the rest of their leisurely morning before sharing a shower to wash the smell of sex off them before going to the main house for lunch. They arrived to find Mitch and Darrin cavorting like kids, and Trent smiled at the insight that he and Josh were not the only ones to take advantage of the quiet morning.

As Darrin loaded the dishwasher, he glanced over and smiled at Trent. “Hey, I’m going to plant the peppers and tomatoes we started from seed this afternoon, did you want to help?”

“Sure! Is it time? It’s not too early?”

“Nope, we just need to work in some manure, stake them and get them ready for an Oklahoma summer,” said Darrin. Turning to the other two, he smiled. “You want to help us with the garden?”

“Ahh, no,” said Mitch with a unrepentant grin.

Josh looked back and forth, trying to find a way out of helping with the garden without offending Darrin and Trent. After a few minutes of watching Josh, Mitch took pity on him. “You don’t have to be together every second, Josh. Trent and Darrin will be just fine, and you and I can look at those damn goats and see where that one keeps getting out.”

Josh looked at Trent for confirmation and received a small smile and nod. With a sigh of relief, which garnered a chuckle from the others, Josh jumped up from the table and almost ran out the door to find the problem with the goat’s fence. Mitch soon followed; his black cowboy hat wedged onto his head and a grin plastered across his face.

Trent helped Darrin clean up the kitchen and happily followed him to the garden. He smiled at the rows of plants erupting from the ground. The early plants, like potatoes and onions, were already sturdy and tall, making the plants they had been hardening-off look weak and spindly. But Trent knew with some care they would be just fine.

They worked together to spread load after load of composed manure onto the newly tilled ground. By the time they had dumped the last wheelbarrow load onto the soil, they were both sweaty and covered in dust. Starting the tiller, Trent soon had all their compost carefully worked into the soil. He started helping Darrin, spacing out the tiny plants to what seemed to Trent to be extraordinary distances, but Darrin assured him that they would more than fill the gaps. As they nested the plants into the friable soil, they chatted like old friends. Darrin gave instructions only when needed, and Trent appreciated not being made to feel stupid. The sun had barely moved from its zenith when they were finished.

Darrin stood and wiped his hands on his jeans, looking over the garden. He put his arm over Trent’s shoulders and pulled him against his side, ruffling Trent’s hair as they looked over the results of their hard work. After a few minutes of quiet contemplation, Darrin playfully kicked Trent in the ass. “Good job! Why don’t you pick some lettuce and we’ll fix a big salad for dinner.”

Trent nodded, not trusting his voice as his old enemy surfaced. He wasn’t sure how much longer he wanted to chance hurting these men any more than he already would, but it wasn’t today, he had more time before he and the disaster that followed him changed their lives into chaos.


Darrin dragged through the door, glad that another exhausting week was behind him. With classes having started again and all their accompanying stresses, Darrin was glad to have a few moments of quiet to recover. Fortunately, Boorman seemed to have stopped the attacks against Darrin completely after the incident with the disks of pornography. But even without the sneaky confrontations, Darrin felt the pressure of needing to keep his image at work squeaky clean. The demands were piling up, to the point where he was considering talking to Mitch about quitting his university job and working on the ranch full time. He hadn’t mentioned it before because he was concerned about the ranch supporting the four of them.

He shoved Josh’s art supplies to one side and dropped his bag on the table with a hollow thud. He began unbuttoning his shirt, wanting to lose the trappings of academia as quickly as possible. Yanking it off, he tossed the shirt to the floor as he walked into the bedroom. He’d noticed Mitch intently working at his desk, but since Mitch had not acknowledged him, Darrin finished undressing. After yanking off his socks, Darrin walked over to Mitch in a pair of cerulean blue boxer briefs. Having shed the last vestiges of his job, Darrin reached down, scratched his nuts and then rested his hands on Mitch’s shoulders.

“It doesn’t look good.”

“Why? What’s wrong?” asked Darrin.

“It’s this damn drought. We had to buy hay because the pastures dried up last summer. That killed our bottom line. And the calves aren’t growing as well because the cows are giving less milk, and the grass that is left is crappy. Corn is so expensive it wouldn’t help to creepfeed them…” Mitch turned to look at Darrin with a sober look on his face. “We’ll be lucky to breakeven and keep the entire cow herd this year.”

Darrin saw the stricken look on Mitch’s face and knew his decision about quitting was already made. They were in this together, and they just hadn’t seen enough good years in the short time they had been on the ranch to compensate for a bad year. With an inward sigh, and a squeeze of Mitch’s shoulder, Darrin resigned himself to keeping his job. That was the end of the topic so far as Darrin was concerned, his family needed him, so that was what he would do.

They discussed options until the room began to dim and they realized it was getting late. Darrin reached over to turn off the desk lamp and saw an envelope with Josh’s handwriting on it. He picked it up and turned to Mitch.

“What’s this?”

“Oh, Josh mails his rent for the goat’s pastures. He says it’s more business-like. That’s this month’s I guess. It should also have the ranch’s cut from selling this year’s kid crop, so it might be enough for a steak dinner for all of us,” said Mitch with a chuckle.

Darrin smiled and opened the envelope as he slid out Josh’s official looking invoice a low whistle erupted from his lips.

“You might want to look at this, babe,” said Darrin as he handed the check to Mitch.

Mitch gave him a quizzical look and then took the check. He had stood immobile for several long moments before he looked at Darrin with shock on his face. “Holy shit! That’s enough to cover the whole winter feed bill. We’re suddenly solvent.”

Darrin chuckled at Mitch. “It also means you’re going to have to tell Josh his goats kept the ranch from going into the red.”

“Yeah, you’re right. Damn it!”

Darrin laughed softly and started chanting. “Goats, goats, goats, goats.”

“Oh shut the fuck up,” said Mitch as he turned to leave, a slight smile tugging at his lips.


Josh lay on the bed working on his sketches for class while Trent lounged on the opposite end. Trent was reading the latest sci-fi book he’d picked up, so he didn’t bother Josh with the noise of the television. He knew Josh was putting a lot of effort into his assignments. Josh really wanted to start a business of his own, and Trent thought he probably could do it. Later in life he’d tell Josh, but no time soon was he going to admit that he admired all the work Josh was willing to put in on a project. Trent didn’t consider himself driven; he thought he gave up fairly quickly on almost anything.

Josh had been sketching for several hours now, and Trent was starting to get curious about what he was doing. It wasn’t like he had never seen any of Josh’s work. He thought Josh was amazingly talented. Occasionally Josh had asked his opinion on different projects too, but Trent never felt he knew enough to talk about it. As he watched Josh, curiosity got the better of him, and he crawled around on the bed so he could see. Watching for a minute over Josh’s shoulder he saw a page covered with small designs, most looking goat-like.


“Yeah, I’m suppose to design a logo for a business, so I decided to do one for our goats,” said Josh.

“Our goats?” said Trent, his emotions suddenly in turmoil.

“Yeah, they’re ours,” said Josh. Looking up he smiled at Trent. “It was great to see Mitch eat crow. The goats did really well.”

“They’re browsers, the cows are grazers,” said Trent automatically.

Josh leaned over and kissed his cheek. “Yes, babe. I know. So they had something to eat while the cows were just getting hay. It didn’t hurt that we had a phenomenally high kidding percentage either.”

“Shh, don’t tell Mitch. He might barf up the crow he had to eat,” said Trent with a chuckle. Focusing again on Josh’s work, he saw that he was playing around with the different kinds of horns their goats had. Trent had always been amazed at the variety among the Spanish Goats. Reaching down, he pointed out one with spiraled horns.

“Him, I’ve always like his horns. I think that the best one.”

Josh chuckled and shook his head. “Yeah, I do too. But my teacher is an old white haired fart who makes us do a shit ton of sketches, or the asshole take off points.”

“That sounds fucking pointless.”

“Yeah, I think so too. But I only have a few more, and I’ll be done.”

“Cool,” said Trent as he watched Josh sketch. After a minute, he continued, “What then?”

Josh sighed. “I need to practice for my figure drawing class. I suck at drawing people. But I don’t exactly have a model here.”

“I’ll model for you,” said Trent.


“Sure! How hard could it be to lay still and let someone draw you?”

“Well…” Josh paused for several long moments and then got a crooked smile. “The models are nude.”


Josh watched Trent as the silence began to become awkward, both men started talking.

“Nevermind, it’s ok,” said Josh.

“Ok, it’s fine. It ain’t like you never saw it before,” said Trent with a shy look.

Josh paused, watching Trent’s face and saw only a charming smile. With a shake of his head, Josh decided to take Trent up on his offer.

“Ok, well you can lay on the bed. You have to keep from moving for 20 or 30 minutes, so you need to be comfortable,” said Josh. Looking back at Trent, he got a smirk on his face. “Need any help undressing?”

Trent laughed at the expression on Josh’s face. “Yeah, I bet you say that to all the boys.”

“Well, there is one guy—”

Trent punched Josh in the shoulder and scowled at him. “Yeah, yeah, you better never screw around on me, mister. Talk about hell having no fury.”

Josh laughed at his lover. “You’ve been reading them fancy books again, ain’t ya.”

“Oh shut your fuck’n pie hole,” said Trent as he quickly stripped and then lay across the bed. Josh helped him get comfortable and used a few of their lamps to get the lighting effects he’d seen in class. Once everything was set, Josh had to admit Trent was a handsome model. His body was slender while still showing muscle, a light furry patch had developed between his pecs, but otherwise his torso was smooth. The hair was much more pronounced on Trent’s legs, and Josh knew his ass, which was out of sight, had a nice coat of hair. But without a doubt his cock was the show-stopper. With Trent on his side, his flaccid cock lay across his leg and almost touched the bed. Josh had to laugh to himself. If he ever showed these sketches to anyone, they would think he had exaggerated the size.

Josh started to work and began drawing Trent. After finishing the first pose, Trent agreed to do another, followed by another until Josh finally called it quits.

“That’s enough, babe. Damn, that was great. You really helped! I owe you one!” said Josh.

Trent crawled across the bed, a sultry look in his eyes as the reached out and pawed at Josh’s crotch. “Oh, I think I’ll take payment now,” said Trent.

Josh smiled, knowing that his cock had been leaking the entire time he was sketching Trent, not a problem he had with the models in class. Pushing his sketchpad out of the way, Josh knelt on the floor in front of Trent and teased him with several false passes of his lips before finally giving him a soul-searing kiss.

Josh rolled Trent to his back and slithered onto the bed beside him with a lustful look on his face. Knowing what he wanted, Josh quickly sucked Trent’s soft cock into his mouth. He knew Trent would be erect in short order, but he relished the feeling of having the entire leviathan in his mouth before it expanded beyond what he could hold.

As it grew, Josh’s tongue explored Trent’s swelling cock, tasting and licking with enthusiasm. Josh felt Trent pawing at his pants, wanting access to Josh’s steel hard cock. Trent pulled Josh’s dick from the confines of his underwear, and then felt it sink into his hot mouth. Trent pressed down steadily until Josh could feel his lips against Josh’s pubic hair, his throbbing cock lodged in Trent’s throat.

Moving in slow motion, the pair explored each other members with tongue and mouth, their hands caressing and groping as the amorous feelings built. Josh wrapped his hand around Trent’s throbbing cock, licking it like the crème-filled treat it was. He curled the tip of his tongue and drilled against the underside of Trent’s cock head, enjoying the response he got from his partner.

Josh’s own needs were not ignored as Trent took him deep down his throat, time and time again. Josh recognized the feeling of urgency as his system tripped, semen racing outward as Trent continued to deep throat him. Josh tried to warn Trent of the impending flood.

“Coming! Fuck! Fuck! Fuuuucccckkk!” screamed Josh.

Trent pressed his face tight against Josh’s crotch, twisting his head, knowing that the sensations would drive Josh crazy. Trent had struggled with having oral sex with Josh at first. It had been a reminder of that part of his life when he was selling his body on the streets. Time at the ranch had gradually eliminated that though, and he attacked Josh’s suddenly spurting cock with enthusiasm, swallowing each blast.

As Josh’s orgasm subsided, Trent released his cock from the depths of his throat. With a smile plastered across his face, he sent his tongue exploring over the surface of Josh’s soaking wet cock. Trent soon had Josh trembling with each stroke of his tongue, until he was begging for Trent to stop. With a chuckle, Trent kissed Josh’s distended slit and released his captive.

“Oh holy hell. That felt amazing. You’ve ruined me to anyone else, ever,” said Josh.

“Yeah, you ain’t quite done yet, pardner,” said Trent in a cartoon-like western accent.

Josh smiled and pulled Trent’s monster back to his mouth, jacking its base as his tongue waltzed across the deep red cockhead. With only a few strategic movements, he had Trent balanced on the edge of orgasm. Josh released his cock with a pop and started rubbing it across his rough face. The sensations soon had Trent moaning a torrent of indecipherable words, but the meaning was clear. Josh was hitting all the best spots. With a final scream, Trent’s body locked in climax, the first explosion hitting Josh and leaving a creamy white stripe that traveled from Josh’s forehead to his chin. His tongue darted out to sample the lusty elixir from his lips, just as the second volley squirted across his hair and down his cheek.

Josh took the still exploding cock and smeared its juice over his lips and face, enjoying the smell and texture of his face covered with cum. He was so glad that Trent enjoyed a little kink in his sex too, unlike his previous boyfriend.

Trent tugged Josh around until they were face to face. They kissed tenderly, a strand of virulent cum trailing between their lips. Trent grunted out a contented bass, and caught the strand with his finger and sucked it clean. He leaned closer to Josh and started licking the semen from his face, pausing occasionally to share it with Josh. Time seemed to creep as they luxuriated in post-orgasmic bliss. Trent pulled back to look at Josh’s face and chuckled at the glistening visage before him.

Twisting on the bed, Trent retrieved his t-shirt. With it he wiped Josh’s face clean, planting a gentle kiss with each wipe of the soft cloth. Finished, he tossed the shirt to the floor and wrapped his arms around his lover.

“Anytime you need a model, just let me know,” whispered Trent.

“Hmm, I think I’m going to need lots and lots of practice.”

The two snuggled against each other. Josh curled around Trent, feeling very protective of him. Leaning down he whispered into his ear. “I love you, Trent”

He felt Trent tense within his arms, but he wasn’t expecting a reply. He carefully nuzzled his face against Trent’s neck. Josh drifted to sleep with the realization that Trent had relaxed against him.


Darrin stood looking at the imposing building that loomed before him. With each passing day, it was becoming more difficult to enter this edifice of academia. It’s very brick, glass and steel seemed to destroy a little more of Darrin’s soul with each passing day. But there was no one he could talk to about this, Dr. Ruck would never understand, she lived for her research. Mitch wasn’t a choice, he was stressed enough just making ends meet so they could keep their ranch. The goats had saved them this year, but if the drought became protracted next year could be worse.

Darrin steeled himself to yet another day of guarded conversation and contemplation of underlying motives. He’d promised himself that he wouldn’t let the necessity of working at the university weigh him down, but it had. Slowly shuffling to the gapping maw of the soul-sucking structure, Darrin felt a small hand run through his arm and then close a firm grip. Glancing over he saw Emma’s visage.

“Morning. How are you this morning?” said Darrin, trying to pull on his big boy pants.

“I need some coffee, and company.”

Darrin paused and studied his mentor’s face. Knowing she would weasel her way into the problem, but he didn’t feel this was her problem to solve. “I really have some things to take care of before class. Maybe later this afternoon.”

Darrin felt a slight tightening of her grip. “No, I think now would be perfect.”

Darrin sighed to himself, knowing there was no good way to get out of whatever Emma wanted to talk to him about. They walked to the student union with her hand laced through his arm until they were at the table, coffee in hand. Emma sat down across from him, inhaled the aroma of her cup and then smiled at Darrin.

“It’s good to sit with friends and enjoy a few quiet minutes. Isn’t it?” said Emma.

“Yes, Ma’am. It is nice to relax.”

Emma took a sip of her coffee and smiled warmly at Darrin. “You know you’re doing exceptionally well.”

“Thank you. I know I need to finish the article for—”

“Darrin. Shut up,” said Emma, an endearing smile on her face.

Darrin started, not sure of what to think.

“As I was saying… you’re doing exceptionally well. Now stop it before you kill yourself.”

Darrin looked at her, confusion etched across his face. “I’m concerned about my tenure decision coming up in two years. I know I have to have a bulletproof case. I’m sure you understand that.”

“Lord, child. You have written more papers than most of the tenured people since they got tenure,” said Emma, a tone of concern in her voice. “Are you happy?”

Darrin gave her a startled look. “Of course, I’ve got a very rewarding job at a prestigious university—”

Emma stopped him with a gesture. “No, not the bullshit answer. Are you happy? Is this job affecting your life? When’s the last time you and Mitch had sex?”

“Dr. Ruck, that’s really none of your business,” said Darrin, afraid he understood where this conversation was going, and not liking it.

“Which means not anytime recently,” she said with a frown. “Look, Darrin. I like you. I like your family. I don’t want you to burn out, which you are dangerously close to doing. You have to start protecting yourself and your personal life. We can’t afford to lose any competent people.”

“And it doesn’t hurt that I’m gay, even though it makes me a huge target for bigots in the building.”

“Suck it up. You aren’t going to get any pity on that front from the first woman in the College of Ag at this University. Do you think my life was much different than yours is now?”

Darrin sat stunned, the thought of Dr. Ruck being the focus of discrimination had never occurred to Darrin. He saw her simply as a successful senior faculty who was respected, and more than a little feared.

Darrin looked at her with a smile. “Actually there’s a big difference. I have a friend and ally that you didn’t.”

Emma started chuckling, then smiled at Darrin. “Not true. How do you think I know Bill Koch?”

Darrin’s mouth fell open that the curmudgeon of his graduate experience, and a staunch defender of him and Mitch had also been the defender of Emma at the beginning of her career. He listened to the deep alto giggle as Dr. Ruck leaned back, enjoying her coffee.


Darrin sat calmly at the kitchen table, watching Josh and Trent run around like some crazy fire drill. They were trying to get ready for Mitch’s 30th birthday, and they had volunteered to do all the work, Darrin only had to show up. After Dr. Ruck’s talk, Darrin had sat everyone down and explained what was going on with his job. He told them that he was going to be home more, but with some things they would still need to pitch in and help. So when the two boys came to him and said they wanted to plan the birthday party, Darrin was firmly in favor of it.

Looking around now, he wondered what the fuck he’d been thinking. The house was a complete wreck, the cake hadn’t arrived, the meal was just getting started, and guests would begin arriving soon. This was going to be a complete train wreck. Sighing, he moved to help them, and Trent appeared at his elbow.

“Go get dressed. And prepped for later,’ said Trent with a leer on his face.

“Hey, that’s none of your business!” said Darrin sharply.

“Well Josh and I are going to town after the party to give you some privacy. If you use it playing Xbox that’s your choice.”

Darrin started to object and rethought his decision. He did want some time alone with Mitch, and the boys spending the evening in town was a perfect excuse. It meant they could have some time together without watching how loud they were, which was a big plus in Darrin’s thinking. The occasion of Mitch’s 30th birthday certainly wasn’t a time for quiet. Besides, Emma was right, it had been far too long since they’d had time for more than a quickie. Darrin fully planned to get screwed long and hard tonight. Without another word, Darrin left the boys to their disaster area, and moved to the bedroom so he could get ready.

When Darrin heard the first knock on the door, he was finishing dressing himself. He threaded his belt through the loops and was buckling it when he walked into the living room, and stopped in amazement. The room was spotless, the decorations were up, and the table was set for the small group they had coming. Darrin turned from side to side, taking in all the work the boys had done. As he completed his circuit, he heard a snicker from the kitchen.

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