hair pulling

She was still looking at the floor when he cupped her chin and they made eye contact. She broke away from her thoughts and he spoke softly that the day was far from over. That there was time to show her how much she meant to him. She was everything that was important and she had kept her own wants and curiosities side-lined. She gave him a questioning look but it was ignored. He reached down and clipped her two cuffs together in front of her. Using her newly tethered wrists, he pulled her up onto her feet and standing up he turned the chair 180 degrees and bent her over the back so her wrists were now level with the seat cushion. A cable tie from the cuffs to a leg of the chair quickly immobilized her and she immediately felt pressure on the sopping wet knickers still wedged in her pussy. Her ankles were shoved apart roughly by the sides of his shoe; she would have bruises for days. Her bare foot height meant the chair back was now digging into her stomach and she was glad the boned nature of her dress meant she had neither eaten nor drunk great quantities tonight. She felt him move lower behind her, the hem of her dress being lifted off the floor. Her sight was taken as the skirts covered her upper body coming to rest over her stretched arms and hands. The air she breathed quickly warmed and she knew she would soon become light headed. The warmth from his body behind her disappeared and she now struggled with her bonds.

She was all too aware now that the barn was lit from the inside and she was surrounded by glass walls and her backside was on display to any late night strollers. She had mentioned to him in the past of her passing curiosity at being “exhibited”. As shame engulfed her mind, her body betrayed her as her desire ratcheted up a gear. Where was he? She had no senses available to her; everything had been dulled by the several layers of fabric superheating her head and torso. A thwack was the first she knew of the paddle that assaulted her. It landed directly on the marks from earlier that day. Her body jolted, she lost her footing and she winded herself on the back of the chair. She righted herself, dug her feet in and braced for the next one. It didn’t come. What the hell was he doing? She heard a camera shutter go off. Oh, that was what he was doing. The next blow landed as before and a squeal left her lips. He walked back to her and caressed her smooth arse. Disorientated now, she couldn’t connect the thoughts that the camera shutter had gone again, but he was still next to her. His hands followed her contours from her ankles, up her calves, the back of her knees, the backs and insides of her thighs. His fingers skimmed her lower lips and she pushed back against his touch, wanting much more than he was giving. He dipped his head and licked gently at her opening. Purposely avoiding her clit, he knew she hadn’t come for at least 72 hours and she was now impaling herself on the chair back to get closer to his tongue.

She was breathing hard now and feeling mildly light headed. She was physically hot and perspiration beaded over her chest and face. A blast of intoxicating air and light engulfed her senses, he was stood astride the chair in front of her, his trousers undone and his cock in her face. As soon as she had drawn breath it was taken away as he gripped her hair and fucked her mouth and throat, causing her to gag and cough. Saliva began to drip from the side of her mouth as she struggled to breathe and swallow in time with his thrusts. He lasted longer than he had this afternoon and she knew her throat would be raw tomorrow. He pulled out, gripping his shaft and pumping quickly he emptied his load over her face. She felt the warm liquid on her eyelids, cheeks and lips. Gravity let it flow as far as her chin and neck before the trails went cold. She tentatively licked her lips and tried to open her eyes. The lids were reluctant to open and so she waited. She was given his now semi hard cock to clean with her tongue. Her saliva had covered his balls and so she lapped at them until he was satisfied they were clean.

The snip of plastic released her wrists and he helped her stand up and he guided her to a second chair. A damp cloth was wiped across her eyes but her face was left as a reminder of who she belonged to. The residue was now drying and beginning to crack on her neck. She was so wet and frustrated now. Sarah had begun to feel the knickers moving down inside her a she had walked from one chair to the other. If she thought she might rest, she was wrong.

He presented her with a blindfold; she was expected to deprive herself of her main sense. He smiled at her as her world went black once more. He scooped her up over his shoulder and she was plonked down on a hard surface. About three feet wide, the table supported her from her hips to her neck only. Her cuffs were separated and attached separately to wooden columns under the staircase. Her legs were roped at the ankle into a V shape and also attached to columns supporting the mezzanine level. She was exposed as she could possibly be.

A cold sharpness ran down the inside of her right leg. She shuddered and was warned not to wriggle, blood on her dress would not wash out. The point reached the crease of her leg. It followed her outer lips towards her anus. She held her breath as the cold stopped and waited at her entrance. She felt pressure from the blade and screamed when she was impaled with no warning. Her brain did not recognise the switch of implements and her voice sounded not her own a she begged him to stop. She felt the cold inside her and a trickle of icy water from the frozen dildo ran down towards the table top. She sobbed, trying not to move. The cold started moving in and out and the trickle soon became a flood. Her cries echoed the four corners of the room. A warmth filled her, but it was only the cold being removed.

She felt the “snick” of fabric as the knife broke the tension across her heaving chest, the fabric practically tore itself to the waist and the knife followed downwards. The tear lost momentum when it reached the skirt and he then used his hands to complete the splitting of the dress. It was ruined. Her crying had subsided somewhat, the tears cutting through the dried cum on her face. Now exposed, her torso felt cold but her nipples had hardened long before. His body weight pressed her into the table as he licked each nipple, disappointed that his previous bite marks had disappeared. He sucked each nipple harder until she sucked in a breath. She lifted her hips off the table, trying to rub herself against him. The slap on the inside of her thigh did nothing to diminish her efforts. He moved off her and she felt the fallen fabric pulled under its own weight to the floor.

Then it began, slowly at first, the tails of the flogger were practically caressing her skin. He worked from her ankle down to her thigh and then up the other leg. Each circuit gradually increased in intensity making her squirm. As the blows fell harder the tails wrapped around her limbs leaving a long line of stinging welts.

He had help of course. Couldn’t have hidden the toy bag from her by himself. It had been planned carefully. Two sets of invites with drastically different start times. She had only been privy to the first. He was in the down time now, warming her up for the after party. He had removed his jacket a while ago, his sleeves now rolled up and another button undone. He was warm from his efforts and could do with a break. He looked at his watch and asked her if she wanted some water. He smiled as he looked at her red striped legs. Her wetness was seeping out of her and her voice had returned, trying to entice him into ending her frustration. He left her to fetch some water for both of them, walking via the door and beckoning his first two guests into the barn.

She froze as she heard the door and the familiar voices. Oh sweet Jesus, what was he doing. She heard the mundane greetings and the enquiries of the journey. It was another couple they knew well on the scene. Social friends up till now. Dinner, drinks and good conversation were never going to be quite the same again. She heard him say that water was required and that his arm could do with a break! Three sets of footsteps came closer. The male guest, Bill, walked towards her head and knelt to give her water. The trickle of liquid opened her mouth and the stream became faster. She couldn’t take all that she was being given. It overflowed her mouth, running into her nose, causing her to cough. Cool unfamiliar hands smoothed the welts on her legs. Fingernails scratched lightly causing her to jack her hips off the table. Bill had moved away from her head and permission was given for him to resume were her husband had left off.

The flogger struck her torso, below her breasts and the pace was unrelenting. She rolled left and right trying to change where the impact would land. The tails flicked round her sides and marked her back. Her sighs, squeaks and cries had got louder and it was decided that maybe she was getting a little too vocal. The same fingernails returned to her mound, skirting around her clit and stroking the entrance to her pussy. Two fingers entered her, the flogger struck her right breast and she inhaled sharply and pushing her hips up against the hand. The tails landed on her left breast. The fingers snagged the wet knickers inside her and pulled them slowly out. She writhed beneath his fingers. Bill started pumping two fingers into Sarah, bringing her so close but left her hanging.

He had watched his friends take over briefly but was ready to join in again. Bill’s girlfriend, Della had discarded her outer clothing and positioned herself by Sarah’s head. Sarah smelled the other woman in front of her face. The tails were still raining down on her now hyper sensitive breasts and nipples. The next time she cried out, her mouth was filled by a Della’s nipple. This was a first for her. Her concentration was divided between the sharp stings to her upper body and the new soft and yielding flesh being fed to her. Behind her blindfold, she closed her eyes and traced the nipple and areola with her tongue. She licked in concentric circles towards the nipple, knowing only to give what she enjoyed receiving. She sucked hard, the vacuum pulling the nipple into the roof of her mouth. The distended flesh was both pushed against the roof of her mouth put also stroked with her tongue at the same time. The moan left Della’s lips and encouraged by the noise she continued. She was oblivious to the end of the flogging until the clover clamps were unceremoniously snapped onto her now swollen nipples. She cried out, releasing Della’s nipple only to have it replaced with the other one. As she suckled and licked, Bill returned to kiss his girlfriend and tug gently at the chain between the clover clamps. The two of them were moaning, one from pleasure, and the other from pain. The boyfriend gave a swift yank on the chain releasing Della from her. The wet knickers were shoved in her mouth.

There aren’t many things in this world that are more beautiful than the Oregon coastline. Living near the ocean has a certain appeal to me. Living just a 30-40 minute walk up the beach from Jenny makes the many miles that I am away from home seem much more tolerable. Over the past few months Jenny and I have grown closer and as a result we have been spending more and more time together lately.

One Sunday morning not long ago; I decided to take a walk northward along the beach toward Jenny’s house. It’s a breath taking journey flanked by rock cliffs, over varying terrain and some of the cleanest sands in the great northwest. I was hoping that Jenny would be home since I hadn’t spoken to her for a couple days. It was a beautiful day and I had nothing else going on, so I figured what the hell.

Despite being sunny and clear it was a little windy, a typical September day for the most part. My walk was pleasant and uneventful. As I approached Jenny’s house I was greeted briefly by the smell of Cinnamon before it was quickly whisked away by a coastal breeze. As I got closer, I heard music. Jenny’s doors and windows were open and there was a small transistor radio leaning against the window sill was playing classic rock songs.

I could hear what sounded like a mixer as I stepped up onto her deck and tapped lightly on the white wooden screen door. Anybody home, I asked peering through the screen. I heard Jenny’s sexy voice answer back, telling me to come on in. As I stepped inside the first thing to get my attention was Jenny’s sexy ass. She was bent over pulling a fresh sheet of snicker doodles from the oven and placing them on the top of the stove.

From the looks of things Jenny had been baking for quite a while. There were all sorts of tasty treats already sitting around the kitchen cooling and the makings for many more on her kitchen table. One side of Jenny’s country style chopping block top table was lined with, nuts, spices, and extracts while the center all the way over to one edge was covered with a heavy layer of baker’s flour. She had been very busy it seemed.

Jenny was wearing a very tight pair of red cotton shorts and a thin white cotton tank top. Her cute little athletic shorts clung snugly to her firm round buttocks and tucked nicely up into her camel-toes. There wasn’t a panty line in sight since Jen never wears any. As she turned to face me and stood upright it quickly became clear she wasn’t wearing a bra either. Her awesome breasts quickly caught my eye as always.

Her semi-erect nipples poked impressively against the thin fabric of her top and the outlines of her pale pink areoles were faintly visible. Jenny wrapped her arms around me jumping into my arms as she gave me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. I reached down and gently cupped her firm round ass cheeks as we embraced. We rubbed noses briefly and kissed passionately as we said a lengthy hunger filled hello.

I lowered Jenny slowly as she dragged her hands from my shoulders down over my chest. When her feet hit the floor Jenny began to slowly unbutton my shirt, kissing the freshly exposed skin of my chest as she went. Her fingers pushed back the sides of my un-buttoned shirt and her warm wet tongue wiggled teasingly over my nipples. I moaned softly as I then watched Jenny kiss her way slowly down over my abdomen.

Jenny continued her wet teasing descent and came to a stop kneeling in front of me. She swirled her tongue around my navel as her fingers worked to undo the button on my cutoff denim shorts. Jenny then stood upright and kissed me on the lips as she slid my shirt down off the back of my shoulders and cast it aside. With a giggle and a naughty grin Jenny again knelt in front of me.

I felt her hands moving gently upward along the back of my thighs from just behind my knees to the cheeks of my ass. Her fingers slipped under the leg openings of my shorts and across my ass cheeks. My cock began to harden from the sensations of her tender caresses and my shorts began to bulge. Jenny kissed the front of my thighs looking up at me playfully with her sexy hazel colored eyes.

She slipped her hot wet tongue playfully under the front side of my left leg opening and wiggled it slowly against my full freshly shaven balls. You see; Jenny isn’t the only one who doesn’t like to wear underclothes. Without speaking a word Jenny unzipped my shorts and tugged them seductively down to around my ankles. My growing cock sprang free slapping her firmly against the side of the cheek.

Jenny smiled as she took my balls in the palm of one hand and slid the fingers on her other hand slowly down along the length of my thick shaft from the swollen pink head to the smooth thick base. She kissed the head and then ran her tongue slowly down the underside of my shaft, stopping long enough to briefly swab my hanging balls before licking her way teasingly back up toward the throbbing tip.

I moaned softly as Jenny’s tightly clinched fingers tugged upward along my shaft milking a large droplet of sweet clear pre-cum to the tip, which she very erotically let drip slowly onto her outstretched tongue. Jenny savored the taste of my pre-cum for a moment before closing her eyes and moaning with approval. She licked her full sexy lips and squeezed her left breast with her right hand. Her nipples were now quite hard and very visible.

My cock was fully erect and twitching with anticipation when Jenny slid the head between her wet inviting lips and stroked the underside of her tongue from left to right over my opening. I slid my fingers through her long blonde hair and pushed it over to one side so that I could watch her as she began to suck my hard throbbing cock deeper into her warm talented mouth. I moaned with pleasure and began to thrust softly against her pretty face.

Soon Jenny’s head was bobbing hungrily up and down on my cock. I watched intently as her cheeks puffed out with her downward bobs and then sucked in as she pulled back. Her lips made a wet sucking and slurping sound against my cock and her warm saliva trickled down along my shaft. Her lips even made a subtle popping sound when she lifted her head to take a deep breath or swirl her tongue around the head.

I reached down on one of Jenny’s breath gathering departures and tugged off her tank top. Her awesome tits settled nicely as I threw her shirt into the other room. She had a pair of big creamy white globes that were only eclipsed in beauty by her perfectly round pink nipples. Her tightly puckered areoles were the size of fifty cent pieces and the tips were full and firm like gumdrops, but twice as sweet.

She pressed her naked tits firmly against my thighs as she resumed sucking my cock. Jenny had me ready to go in no time. My cock was hard, thick and wet and my balls were churning when jenny unexpectedly jumped up and giggled.

“That should hold you for a while”, she laughed. I was standing there naked, hard and very horny with a surprised look on my face when Jenny playfully laughed and turned toward the stove.

I grabbed her left wrist with one hand as she walked away and dragged a white shaker style chair into the center of the room with my other hand. Jenny fought my tug at her wrist for the sake of play. She was laughing the entire time as I sat down on the chair and placed her face down, over my knees, across my naked lap for a little lover’s revenge. Her hard nipples and soft tits rubbed against my thighs as I worked to secure her flailing arms.

Jenny covered her ass with her hands, palm side up until I grabbed her right wrist and folded her arms behind her back. I told her laughingly that she was a bad girl and gave her firm slap on the ass. She yelped and giggled, her legs jumped half-heartedly with every ensuing swat of my open hand. After about a dozen playful slaps to her shapely ass Jenny began to relax and even seemed to almost enjoy the sting of my spirited swats.

Our relationship was very fresh and we were still exploring each other sexually. Jenny finally relaxed her arms so I began to softly caress her hot ass through her tight shorts. I worked my hand gently over her buttocks and down the backside of her thighs. She gasped softly and parted her legs slightly as my open hand began to creep back up along the inside of her thighs toward her swollen mound.

I was caressing the inside of her upper thighs and her buttocks when my hand brushed against the cotton clad bulge of her pussy. Her crotch was damp to my touch. A closer look revealed a large wet spot on her shorts. Squirming just a little, Jenny blushed slightly as I pressed my hand squarely over it. Was she embarrassed at my discovery or merely responding to my touch? I wondered.

There is only one way to find out, I thought to myself. Without saying a word I slipped my fingers beneath the waistband of her shorts and tugged them down over her ass. Her naked cheeks, now a little pink, wiggled softly as I pushed her shorts all the way down to her knees. Jenny began wiggling her legs and soon managed to work her shorts down around her ankles before pulling one leg out and kicking them aside with the other leg.

With both of us now naked it was time to resume our exciting play. I ran my hand slowly down the crack of Jenny’s naked ass until my fingers brushed over her moist meaty lips and grazed her swollen clit. Jenny moaned softly and looked back at me with a hunger in her eyes that I had never seen before. My hard wet throbbing cock pressed firmly against her side of her waist.

Jenny’s sweet wet lips parted, her eyebrows raised and her pelvis tilted slightly as I slid my middle finger deep into her wetness. Jenny gasped with delight as I began to work it softly inside her. She opened her legs as far as she could to give me better access to her dripping twat. I felt like Pooh giggling softly with my paw deep in the honey pot as I fingered her hot tight hole. In and out my finger, then fingers, slid in perfect rhythm.

Her pussy was warm and wet and pulsing noticeably around my probing fingers. I pulled them slowly from her snatch and dragged them upward over the puckered pink ring of her anus, smearing her thick clear juices with a circular motion onto and around her forbidden dimple, as well as the narrow ribbon of tender flesh that separates her steamy wet twat from her tight inviting ass.

Seemingly eager for the feel of finger in her behind Jenny Postured back against my teasing hand. This was something new! I pulled my hand away quickly and gave Jenny a much firmer slap to her bare ass cheek, sending a much stronger impulse through her body. Jenny yelped slightly, there was no giggle this time. I followed the first strike with another even harder open handed slap to her opposite ass cheek.

Jenny gasped with every powerful stinging strike of my open hand against her naked behind that followed. She kept her hands down at her sides and only whimpered slightly as I continued to explore the thin line between her tolerance for pain and her undeniable hunger for pleasure. Jenny’s body shuddered in my lap and her rapidly reddening ass cheeks twitched against my palm between swats.

A combination of Jenny’s broken breathing, her moans and the glistening juices that trailed down the inside of her sexy thighs told me that I had indeed obtained a proper balance. Her pussy was soaked and her nipples were full and ripe by the time I finally stopped. I caressed her tender red ass cheeks, still glowing from the contact with my hand and fingered her wetness one last time before I let her up.

Together we were pushing the envelope. I was beginning to enjoy the sense of power that I received from striking her bare ass at will, but ironically it was the amount of trust she had in me to allow me the privilege of striking her sexy ass that I found to be the most erotic and stimulating. We were both very hot and ready to go by the time we stood up and I took her into my arms. She trembled with pleasure as I pulled her warm naked body close.

My hard cock poked against Jenny’s tummy and throbbed between us as I held her tight. She was wobbling at the knees and seemed a little groggy. There was a however, still a tenderness to her touch and that familiar crack in her voice as she whispered.

“Make love to me baby.” she softly cooed in my ear. I smiled back and softly kissed the top of her head as I caressed the right side of her face with the back of my left hand.

Both of us remained silent as I turned her body until she was facing away from me, put my hand between her shoulder blades and gently pushed her forward and down over the cluttered table. Very gently Jenny settled down onto her elbows against the table top and sighed as my hands slid lightly downward along her spine and outward over the flair of her well rounded hips. She tossed her head back as I began trailing soft wet butterfly kisses down her back then squatted behind her.

With my hands moving from her hips around to the front of her upper thighs, I leaned forward and gently kissed her well-rouged ass. Jenny moaned softly as my lips began to lovingly caress the very flesh that my hands had welted just moments earlier. Kneeling behind her I began to kiss the back of her thighs from just above her knees all the way up to that crease that forms along the bottom edge of her buttocks.

I briefly nuzzled the moist crack of her ass and flicked my warm wet tongue against her hard swollen clit. Jenny pushed her ass back against my face, a subtle, yet direct hint that she wanted more. Eager to oblige her I moved my hands slowly from the front of her thighs around to her buttocks. With my fingers framing the small of her back, I used my thumbs to lift and separate the cheeks of her hot sexy ass.

Just the sight of Jenny’s freshly shaven and wet double stacked pleasure orifices almost made me cum. The addictive bouquet of her hot wet snatch coupled with the sweet tangy taste of her juices against my tongue had me throbbing uncontrollably. I pressed my face firmly between her cheeks as Jenny collapsed abruptly atop the table. Her gorgeous 36C breasts sank softly into the enormous ring of finely ground flour.

Jenny seemed very oblivious to the flour that now covered almost her entire abdomen and pushed well up between her tits. She was focusing entirely on the sensation of my hungry tongue against her swollen clit. I licked it and teased it. I mouthed it softly and sucked on it hard, I even raked my teeth slowly over it. I could have probably taken Jenny’s pulse as her clit throbbed unmistakably against my probing tongue.

I ran my outstretched tongue slowly upward along the edge of her pink wet seam, licked between her meaty lips and swollen mound, then slowly ran it down along the other side, stopping after every revolution to stimulate her hard fully exposed clit with a healthy flick. I worked it with my tongue gently to the left, then gently to the right before circling it slowly the hot wet tip. I then pressed it hard against her pelvis with my chin as I plunged my tongue deep inside her.

In no time at all Jenny was dripping wet. I just couldn’t resist sinking my finger inside her hot wet twat and swirling it gently around, circling her soft tender cervix with my fingertip. Jenny moved her hips with approval and purred as I began slowly working my finger in and out as I teased at her puckered pink ring with the tip of my tongue. What I did to her next seemed to take her totally by surprise and even closer to the edge.

Pulling my well lubricated finger from Jenny’s hot wet socket, I placed it to her asshole and slowly smeared her thick creamy juices around the tightly puckered perimeter of her virgin orifice; much like some adolescent bimbo would apply cherry flavored lip gloss to her kisser at her school locker between classes. My eager lover moaned with approval and quivered with desire when I stood up behind her.

I sucked briefly on my index finger to wet it down and then proceeded to give Jenny a three-fingered double stuff that literally made her eyes water. I wiggled my index finger slowly into her hot tight ass, stopping only briefly as my finger breached the ring of her quivering sphincter. I then slipped my second and third fingers into her steamy snatch.

In no time at all the fleshy webbing between my fingers was pounding hard against the narrow ribbon of tender pink flesh that separated her inviting fuck holes.

With one finger reaming her ass and two shoved deep into her cunt, I whisked wildly at Jenny’s hard wet clit with my pinky. Consumed with pleasure and desire she flailed wildly atop the table moaning, writhing and sucking for air. Her firm round ass cheeks tightening uncontrollably, sandwiching my hand as my fingers slammed in and out of both her holes, her thick meaty lips tugged at them as I pulled back my arm.

Without any warning I pulled my hand quickly from between her cheeks, pried them apart and pressed my face deep between them. Her ass was still gaping and her pussy lips were still fluttering as I knelt behind her again and slipped my tongue into her hot throbbing twat. I tugged at her right ass cheek with one hand and stroked my thick hard cock with the other as I began feverishly working on her swollen clit.

I swabbed my tongue upward over her nubbin letting the tip slip between her pussy lips just deep enough for a taste of her rapidly pooling fluids. I flicked her clit from side to side, pressed it against her pelvic bone with the underside of my tongue and circled it slowly. Her swollen pearl was hard and throbbing when I finally gave it a wet gentle kiss, then pressed my lips squarely over it and sucked it firmly back against my teeth.

In no time at all Jenny was grunting and moaning wildly. She was postured like a kitten on a scratching post, her arms were outstretched, her fingers were clinching the far edge of the table and her hot sexy was high ass in the air as I licked her from behind.

“Oh fuck! You’re going to make me cum.” warned Jenny in a low sultry voice as she thrust her ass back hard against my face.

Answering her would have meant pulling my tongue from her steamy twat, something I wasn’t ready to do yet. I pulled her back against my lips, plunged my tongue even deeper into her sweet wet cylinder and wiggled my face between her ass cheeks. Instantly Jenny’s breathing became very erratic and her thighs began to tremble. I sensed that she was close so I positioned myself to take her there.

With her orgasm rapidly approaching, Jenny rocked her wet sexy ass up and down against my face smearing her wetness over my face. She began to release a series of pleasure filled yelps from between her parted lips. Yelps that grew rapidly in frequency and increased in volume as she ground her bulging clit against my chin. She was almost there and I knew it was time to push her over the edge.

I pulled my tongue from her dripping hole, puckered my lips and pressed them firmly over her throbbing clit. I clamped my teeth squarely over it like a pit bull on a pull toy and sucked it long and hard. Jenny tightened the grip that her left hand had on the far edge of the table as she reached back with her right hand and wrenched a handful of my hair. She shoved my face deep between her soggy thighs wanting more.

Her entire body began to convulse and she flopped helplessly atop the table. She let out a long gut wrenching scream as she came that eventually settled into a pleasure filled whine. There is nothing in this world that I have found which can remotely rival the unmistakable feel of a woman’s pussy pulsing against your face when she cums, or the alluring scent and the tasty reward that soon follows.

Jenny was motionless atop the table except for the rapid heaving of her diaphragm as she tried desperately to catch her breath. I stood up behind her again placing one hand on the small of her back. I grabbed the base of my thick hard cock with my other hand and aligned it with the meaty wet lips of her slightly gaping twat. Her juices were beaded on my whiskers and dripping from her still pulsing clit when I entered her.

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