My wife Angie had been going to the gym for some time now. The results were paying off because she was looking sexier than ever!

Our sex life is awesome as well, she’s constantly teasing me about her new trainer she hired.

Unlike the other average Joes, Marcus was athletic, built, and black!

His usual attire is a right under armor shirt and loose athletic shorts. Angie is always saying his cock swirls around inside his shorts.

Knowing my fantasies, Angie is always teasing me. I always get a guy feeling that her workouts are more than just lifting weights. In bed she’s constantly teasing me. She says things like ” healed my pussy cum so hard” “his cock is so big, almost as thick as a beer can” Now that I could believe because her pussy feels like she’s been getting it destroyed!

I was having a slow week at work and Angie asked me if I would be interested in coming to the gum with her. I agreed, not only to work out but to see this trainer she’s been going to.

We showed up to the class but because it had snowed the gym was empty and no one else was signed up for the class.

As we were stretching prior to class, Angie pulled her shorts aside with a smile. She was wearing no underwear and her pussy was shaved smooth.

We started in and my gut feeling was becoming reality as Marcus kept using Angie as an example to show me exercises. He would get directly behind her and move up and down to show range of motion. As he moved away I couldn’t help but notice the “swinging ” Angie was talking about. This continued throughout the workout. I was so excited I could hardly contain my throbbing cock in my shorts.

With about 5 minutes left we got on the floor to cool down stretching. I was stretching Angie out just fine but he insisted I was doing it wrong. Marcus took her feet and pushed her legs back towards her head, as his cock was brushing against her pussy. He didn’t see but Angie’s pussy was fully exposed.

At this point I knew what was going on and what had been going on at her workout sessions.

As we were all sitting there on the floor finished Angie blurted out ” honey here’s that beer can cock” and grabbed his Vick through his shorts.

“You want to see our real cool down?”

Stunned, shocked, but completely turned on, I said YES!!!

We gathered our things and went to the office and locked the door.

The office wasn’t lit too well but I could see the sweat glistening on Angie’s body. As I stood there she kissed Marcus while she stroked his cock in her hand.

Angie peeled off her clothes and dropped to her knees, she started alternating sucking our cocks.

Marcus then laid down on his back and Angie mounted his cock. You could hear the suction of his cock in her pussy, a thick cream was building at the base of his cock as he was going balls deep in my wife. I was in awe, I asked Angie what I could do? She responded ” I haven’t been fucking you and that big dildo for nothing, put your cock in my pussy with his” With all the cream my cock slid right in. We were pumping her pussy in and out. I took some of that frothy cream lubed Angie’s ass and started fingering her hole, at this point she was full!

We got up and Marcus sat back on the couch and again Angie straddled him , this time facing me.

Angie told me to lick her pussy as her fucked her. I was so turned on licking her clit as his massive cock kept hitting me. Angie’s pussy was so full and Marcus’s balls were getting tight. I knew he was about to shoot his seed.

Angie said “honey you gotta see how much he cums, and I want you to clean me up!”

This must have sent Marcus over the edge because with a quick jerk or two he blew a massive load into her hole.

Without hesitation I dove in and licked her pussy and his cock. The cum wouldn’t stop flowing and I was cleaning it all up, her pussy was so used.

Marcus got up and pointed to Angie and said “I’ll see you at class Wednesday, the room is yours”

We fucked again, this time alone. My wife’s pussy was so used, so silky and smooth with his cum. What a fantasy come true.

Author’s Note:

This is the fifth installment of ‘Taken by The Wind’. If you haven’t already, I recommend reading the other chapters before reading this one. As with the previous installment, this is a long chapter. If you are looking for a quick read, I do not recommend this story.

I’d like to thank everyone who rated and commented on the previous chapters, I really appreciate all of the feedback. Now, I hope you all enjoy.


Chapter 5:

Karen’s arms were sore, her feet hurt, and people were pressing in from all sides. It was the second day of the second semester, and the campus bookstore was a circus. It’s conductor a severe middle-aged women with wire rimmed glasses and a permanent scowl, observing the mob of students distrustfully. Karen stepped forward as the line moved, finding herself next at cash. Her arms struggled to hold the pile of books she held, and made a note to herself to insist Adam take her next time she went shopping for her textbooks.

She paid for her purchases and retreated from the store, colliding with someone as she went through the door. It was a large someone, standing over six feet. Hazel eyes peered down at her and a smile of recognition lit up her face.

“Rob!” she exclaimed happily. She had been hoping to run into him for the previous two days.

“Hi,” he said, a smile curling the corners of his mouth.

They stepped away from the door and continued their conversation. Karen looked pretty, wearing a pair of black jeans and a royal blue blouse beneath her long black jacket.

“Lots of books,” he commented, looking at the bags that she held.

“English, Psychology, Philosophy, Accounting, and Management,” she said. “All of them have required texts.”

“That sucks,” Rob said. “Most of my Profs make up their own problem sets, if you can figure out their notes you don’t need to get the book.”

They continued their conversation, Rob avoiding the subject of Karen’s best friend. Courtney had been down ever since her fight with her mother, and the added stress of starting her hairstyling course was not helping. The only thing that seemed to brighten her mood was the mention of Rob’s name, but she was wary of contacting him. It was just nerves, something unusual for Courtney but something Karen had seen plenty of times with her other friends.

As they talked it became obvious Rob wanted to ask about her, but was resisting the impulse. Karen brought it up though, trying to play it cool but still excited to act as matchmaker. She had wanted to tell him sooner but had not seen him around before now.

“So Courtney lost her phone,” she said nonchalantly. “I don’t know if you tried to contact her, but if you did she didn’t get the message. I can give you her new number if you want.”

Her tone was neutral but her face betrayed her eagerness to have him accept the offer. Rob nearly laughed at the obviousness of Karen’s matchmaking, but was also elated. Courtney had not rejected him, either tacitly or directly. Jenna had been right after all. Rob felt silly, he felt like he should have contacted Karen in the first place. However, there was still some awkwardness between them. Their drunken tryst was not as easy to forget as either of them wished it would be.

Rob wondered if that was why Karen was pushing him and Courtney together. Maybe she hoped that if he had a girlfriend or just another person to desire it would be easier for them to keep their relationship platonic. By giving Rob and outlet for his romantic feelings, perhaps it would be easier for the two of them to be friends. He wanted that, and she seemed to as well. They had had a good thing going before they had chosen to get drunk together and act rashly.

It was working so far, this was the longest conversation they had shared since that night, and it was not dissimilar to the conversations that they had had before they had shared that experience.

“Uh, yeah. Thanks,” Rob replied.

He handed Karen his phone and she punched in the new number for him. Courtney’s father had been furious with her, but she had refused to tell him what had really happened to her phone. Instead she had told him that it had been stolen during the party. She was paying for the phone now, something made difficult now that she was not working. They were interrupted by the arrival of Rob’s friend Mitch, who materialised seemingly out of nowhere like some sort of specter.

He was tall and skinny, with a shaggy mane of died black hair. He was wearing a black t-shirt with a grey skull printed on it and a pair of black jeans. With his multiple piercings, sleeve tattoos, and carefully stylized hair he looked like a member of a punk band, but was also an incredibly talented computer programmer.

“Hey Kavanagh,” he said.

Mitch turned his eyes to Karen, looking her over openly through his stylishly large glasses.

“This is Karen, we were in accounting together,” Rob explained.

Mitch nodded to her in greeting. “Listen, we need to talk. There’s a problem with…”

The two began to talk. Something about programming, the words ‘algorithm’ and ‘app’ were mentioned a few times, and Karen slowly felt fazed out of the conversation.

“Here,” Karen said when they paused, handing Rob back his phone.

Mitch looked sheepish. “Sorry, kind of cut in there,” he said apologetically.

“No it’s fine,” Karen assured him. “I’d better go. Make sure to text her,” she told Rob pointedly. He wondered what she would do if he did not. Rob had never made Karen angry before and did not think he would like the results.

“Yeah, thanks,” he replied.

Karen departed, leaving Rob and Mitch standing together.

“Sorry man didn’t mean to do that. It’s just we’re so close to launch and I want to make sure everything’s right,” Mitch said.

They were building an app. Mitch was the primary programmer, Rob was the designer though helped with the code when he could, and their friend Kevin was the business end. He had met all of them last year. Before college had started he doubted he ever would have hung out with people like them, something he regretted.

“No worries,” Rob said.

“She’s a babe. Are you and her…?” Mitch asked.

Rob shook his head. “She’s got a boyfriend.”

Mitch laughed. “Shame. Would have asked her out myself. All the hot ones are spoken for.”

Not quite, Rob thought to himself as he looked down at his phone and thinking of Courtney. The two entered the bookstore and continued to talk as they got the books they needed. Rob only bought two, one for his calculus class and another for his programming class. That was where he knew Mitch from, he was taking computer science, and Rob was in engineering. Their classes overlapped quite a lot, though their friendship had started when Mitch had been pulled in on a business venture Rob and another friend of his, Kevin, was working on.

They talked as they waited in line, Rob giving answers to all of Mitch’s questions, and finally departed as they left the store. Rob drove home with his phone sitting heavy in his pocket, as though it were weighed down by the promises it held. He entered the empty house, both his parents went to work early and stayed late, and with Jane back in New York he was the only one in the dwelling. Rob went upstairs and did some homework, it was the only second day of the semester but he already had more than enough to do.

The phone sat beside his keyboard, its screen gleaming enticingly. Rob ignored it until his nervousness was exceeded by his curiosity. He was nervous, still filled with doubts. What if she didn’t respond? What if she did and she said she just wanted to be friends? If you don’t do it you’ll have ended it yourself. He told himself, hearing his grandfather in those words. Actually what his grandfather would have said was ‘Stop being a bloody coward boy, call the damn girl’. He went to Courtney’s name in his list of contacts and wrote a simple text message.

Rob: Hey, Karen told me u lost ur phone.

It wasn’t anything spectacular, but it was contact at least. His heart began to race the moment he pressed send. He put the phone down and waited for a response. It came quickly.

Courtney: It was stolen!!! Some asshole swiped it from my coat pocket! :@

See, it worked. He told himself, happiness flooding him. This started a back and forth dialogue that spanned the entire evening. Even through text she was fun to talk to, making good use of emoticons to portray tone. Rob ate dinner alone in his bedroom, but wasn’t really by himself. He was with Courtney, though she was way on the other side of town. They sent messages late into the night, Rob doing homework while they went back and forth. The conversation continued the next day, and the day after.

The messages became increasingly flirtatious, and Rob took care not to let anyone get a peek at their correspondence. She had a dirty mind, which he told her, to which she’d replied ‘I just have a sexy imagination ;) ’. Rob agreed with that completely. He and Jenna had corresponded endlessly during their first year of college, but none of it had been as titillating as the back and forth he had going with Courtney.

It was not all flirting though. Some of it was genuine conversation. Rob was getting to know her, and liked her more with every use of texting shorthand and smiley face icon. It was not until Thursday night that he heard her voice again. He was going through the code Mitch had sent him, bug checking. It was tedious work, and largely superfluous given Mitch’s perfectionism. But he was right, they had one shot at this, if the app was faulty they were screwed.

Rob sat back in his chair, scanning each line of code, admiring again Mitch’s ability to write so elegantly. He had been texting Courtney all day, nearly getting caught by Wayne while they had been eating lunch together. Wayne had been talking about his cousin who was in fourth year, apparently he would be moving out after the summer semester. Rob got the impression Wayne was trying to get Rob to move into the apartment with him to split the rent, but at the time he had been too distracted by the buzzing of his phone to really concentrate on the conversation.

Courtney was growing bolder, becoming outright blatant about what she wanted from him.

Courtney: I want u to _____ my ______ until I _____ .

She let him fill in the blanks, letting his own imagination interpret what exactly she wanted. He responded with ‘spank’ ‘ass’ and ‘behave’, but was too distracted to respond when she sent her reply. It took him a while to respond to her next text, and then his phone started buzzing. Rob looked over at it, seeing that he had an incoming call from Courtney. He paused for a second and then picked up.

“Uh, hello?” he said.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“Reading code,” he said.

She hummed sexily. “Sounds fun.”

“What about you?” he asked.

Courtney sighed contentedly. “Just relaxing. What are you wearing?” she asked him.

Rob laughed softly, sitting back in his chair.

“A pair of jeans and a t-shirt,” he told her.

“Hmm sexy,” she intoned playfully.

“What about you?” he asked.

“Guess,” she told him.

“Sweatpants and a t-shirt,” he told her.

“No panties?” she asked.

“I doubt it,” he said, turning away from his computer. “I know you too well.”

“Not that well. Guess again,” she said.

“Jeans and a t-shirt,” he said.

“Less,” she told him.

“Panties and a t-shirt,” he said.

She giggled sexily, “Less.”

Roy paused, “Panties?”

“Warmer,” she said.

“Nothing?” he suggested, a grin forming on his lips.

“Bingo,” she said.

Courtney moved and he heard water.

“You’re taking a bath,” he said.

“Two for two,” she said.

“Hard day?” he asked.

“Not really, Karen and I went to the gym. I’m sore but have no one to give me a massage,” she said. Rob could practically see her pouting on the other end.

Rob tried to imagine her sweaty and disheveled as she had filled up the tub. She sighed on the other end, sinking deeper into the water until she was just in above her shoulders.

“Talk to me Rob,” she said softly.

“Describe what you look like right now,” he told her.

She hummed. “I’m naked. My hair’s tied back in a bun so it won’t get wet. I’m in a bubble bath. I think my face is a bit flushed from the hot water.”

Rob closed his eyes, letting his imagination paint him a picture. He could see her, with her dark hair tied back, her neck exposed and elegant shoulders visible just above the surface of the water. She’d be holding her phone, probably grinning wickedly as she talked to him. Her eyes would be closed and head tilted back, resting against the back wall of the tub.

“You’re supposed to be doing the talking,” came Courtney’s voice, breaking him from his reverie.

“Are your Dad and Lauren home?” he asked.

“They’re downstairs,” she replied.

“Can they hear you?” he asked.

Courtney paused. “Not unless I get loud.”

“Put me on speaker,” he told her.

She did and the sound quality changed. He could hear every motion she made in the tub as she settled back in the water.

“You’re going to ruin your new phone taking it into the bath with you,” he scolded her playfully.

“I wanted to hear your voice,” she told him. She cupped a handful of water and let it tumble down her neck.

She sounded a touch self-conscious at those words, her bravado flagging just slightly.

“What did you want to hear from it?” he asked.

“Anything,” she replied truthfully. “You could read the phonebook.”

“Hmm, all I’ve got is code in front of me,” he said.

“Read it out,” she said.

Rob laughed. “Alright.”

He read out a few lines and heard Courtney moan.

“God, it gets me so hot when you talk dirty,” she said jokingly.

Rob laughed. “What else makes you hot?” he asked her.

“Hmm, you tell me,” she said.

“My voice,” he suggested.

“Maybe,” she replied evasively.

“My ‘sexy imagination’,” he guessed.

“Mine’s sexier,” she replied.

“I don’t know about that,” he said. “Mine’s painting a pretty good picture of what you look like right now, and it’s damn sexy.”

He could practically here her smile on the other end.

“What would you do to me if you could teleport here?” she asked.

Rob faltered slightly. “Uh.”

“I’ll get you started, shut your eyes,” she said. “You’re naked, I’m laying back in the tub, you’re standing beside it. Go.”

“I get in,” he said, keeping his eyes shut as he pictured it.

“How?” she asked.

“I step in behind you,” he said, “I lay back and you’re between my legs. You lay back with your head against my chest.”

“My hair might get wet,” she said jokingly.

“You wouldn’t care,” he told her. “I’m kissing your neck now.”

Neither really noticed that Rob had just switched into present tense. He was describing the fantasy he was painting in his mind. Courtney shut her eyes, picturing the same thing. His mouth would be by her left ear, like the phone, so her head would be resting on his right shoulder. Her father and stepmother were just down stairs, they’d have to be quiet if Rob were to sneak in.

Courtney hummed. “What are your hands doing?” she asked, her voice almost a whisper.

“My arms are around your waist, your hands are over mine,” he said in an equally soft tone.

Courtney could practically feel the embrace, his strong arms wrapping around her. She shifted unconsciously, her hands going to where his would be, feeling silly when she realised that of course nothing was there. She was hugging herself, imagining that it was him.

“Keep going,” Courtney requested softly.

“You bring my hands to your breasts,” he told her.

Courtney brought her own to the firm swells, cupping them. Her small hands failed to contain them the way his would have.

“I’m squeezing them,” he told her. She began to knead them with her own hands. “Now I’m teasing your nipples.”

Courtney did as he said, squeezing her own nipples, biting down on her lower lip. She pressed down on the stiffening buds until they were fully erect. The sensitive points sent shivers of pleasure through her as she imagined it was him, not her, doing the teasing.

“They’re so hard,” she breathed, losing herself in the fantasy.

“I pinch them,” he told her.

She did and gasped, a shiver of pleasure running through her.

“Harder,” he told her.

“They’ll hear me,” she whispered.

“I do it anyway,” he replied. His voice seemed to grow lower, heavier in some way.

Courtney did it again, this time squeezing down on them hard. Her moan was louder this time, the lustful tone making his cock stir in his jeans. He could visualize her in the tub, her dad and stepmother just down the stairs while she felt herself up at his instruction.

“I’m getting hard,” he told her. “It’s pressing against your back.”

Courtney could practically feel the heat of his thick shaft against her, pulsing with virility. She would do anything to have him there just then. To pull her out of the water, bend her over and take her. She’d brace herself on the sink and smother herself with a towel to keep quiet if she had had to. The graphic fantasy sent a quiver through her, the memory of how his cock had felt inside her running through her lust clouded mind for the hundredth time since their back and forth had begun.

“It’s so big,” she sighed.

“You’re turned on aren’t you?” he asked.

“Yes,” she replied.

“I take one of my hands and run it down your side,” he told her.

Courtney did as he said, her fingers running along her ribcage and following the path of her tattoo. She traced the familiar pattern blindly, having it memorized, her breathing deepening as she anticipated what was to come next. The touch was Rob’s, she never teased herself like this when she masturbated. Her goal was always to release the pressure, to ease the ache. Rob wound her up and then made her explode.

“You spread your legs,” he told her.

Courtney did as he said, parting her thighs.

“Wider,” he told her as though he were there.

Courtney smirked. “You can’t even see me, how do you know they aren’t spread wide enough?”

“Is your leg draped over the side of the tub?” he asked.

“No,” she replied.

“Then they aren’t wide enough,” he told her.

Courtney didn’t know why his unbending tone turned her on so much. Something about the confidence in his voice, the implied command, he was going to tell her how she was going to get off and she wanted him to. She spread her legs wider, draping a soapy leg over the side of the tub like he’d told her, opening her legs wide. Suds slid down her knee and along her calf, sliding along her ankle and dripping from her heel to the floor.

Rob heard her move, and could see her in the position he had described in his mind’s eye. Reclined in the tub, legs splayed, one hand still teasing her breast beneath the surface of the water.

“I bring my hand to the inside of your thigh,” he told her.

Courtney did as he said, running her hand along the smooth flesh. It was his hand, his touch. He was not there but he was controlling that hand, with his voice. She fought the temptation to bring her hand straight to her pussy, letting him tease her even though he was far away, because right now that hand was his to control.

“I pull at you nipple,” he told her.

Courtney whined when she did this, a sound of pleasure that made Rob’s cock twitch in his jeans. It felt like an electric jolt going through her body, making her push back against the imaginary Rob behind her.

“I bring my hand closer to your pussy, but I don’t touch it,” he told her.

Courtney did as he said. “Please,” she begged gently.

“Not yet, you have to wait,” he told her.

“Why?” she asked.

“Because you’ve been bad,” he told her.

A shudder went through Courtney’s spine. “I have. What did I do?”

“You’ve been sexting me all week,” he told her. “Getting me all horny but not giving me an outlet.”

His frustration was shared. Courtney had been bringing herself orgasms all week with fantasies of him, reliving the short amount of time they had shared together. The amount of times she had gotten off to the memory of him taking her from behind that second night together, the remembrance of the sheer lust and power he had put behind his motions was more than she would have ever admitted. Courtney briefly wondered if it was possible to masturbate too often.

“I’m a bad girl,” she told him, thinking of the naughty scenarios she had dreamed up over the past week, all featuring him.

“You’re a teasing girl,” he corrected. “Now you’re getting teased.”

“You can fuck me if you want,” she told him heatedly, rubbing her thigh obediently but desperately wishing to touch her pussy.

Rob’s growing erection twitched uncomfortably in his jeans.

“Not yet. I bring my hand closer, my fingers brush against it,” he told her.

Courtney did what he said, and Rob heard her soft moan as her fingers grazed the outer folds of her sex.

“I pull my hand away,” he told her.

Courtney whined her frustration but did as he said.

“You’re a prick,” she told him.

“You don’t mean that,” he replied confidently. “I roll your nipple between my fingers.”

Courtney did as he said, rolling the firm nubbin between her digits. She fought back a loud moan that threatened to escape her. Her heart beat quickly in her chest, she felt light headed, her daze intensifying the realism of her imaginings. They had to be quiet, her father and stepmother were downstairs. The risk of getting caught just made it better.

“I bring my hand to your pussy,” he told her.

Courtney sighed with relief as she at last got to bring her hand where she wanted it.

“I don’t move it,” he told her. “I just hold it there.”

“Please Rob,” she pleaded softly, squirming in the tub. She needed him to touch her. To let her touch herself, she corrected herself, her mind getting reality and fantasy confused for a moment.

“It’s alright, just wait,” he said gently. “We’ll get there. Be patient.”

Courtney laughed huskily. “I’m not a patient girl.”

“Then I’ll teach you,” he told her.

God he knew how to talk to her, the tone of his voice made her shudder. Courtney did as he said, fighting to not get ahead of him, holding herself back as though physically restrained. Rob could hear her breathing, the microphone picking up the lustful panting as she waited for him to let her move on. He could feel her straining against his words, his utterances acting like strings, following his instructions like a marionette.

“I start rubbing you gently, slow circles with the pads of two fingers,” he said.

Courtney bit her lower lip and did as he described, humming her approval of the motion. She tilted her head back and continued to massage her breast as she gently massaged the inner lips of her pussy. Her feet pointed forward, her toes curling pleasurably at the sensations of her fingers. Rob shifted in his chair, fighting the impulse to pull his cock out and start stroking.

“I tease at your entrance but don’t put them in,” he told her.

Courtney moaned softly, the tips of her fingers circling the opening of her vagina but staying outside. Her chest rose and fell with her heavy breathing, heard by Rob on the other end. The sound informed the mental image he had of her. Her soapy limb over the side of the tub, her legs spread wide as she teased her pussy and massaged her tit. In his mind’s eye Rob could see the flush on her cheeks, her brow knitted as she squeezed her eyes shut tight.

“How do you feel?” he asked her.

“Desperate,” she told him.

Rob laughed at the exasperation in her tone.

“I push them inside, as deep as I can get them,” he told her.

A squeak left Courtney as she did as he said, sinking two of her fingers deep in to her steaming sex. It gripped her tight, squeezing the penetrating digits snugly as she buried them inside of her completely.

“I start moving them, looking for you G-spot,” he told her.

Having this control over her was mind blowing, hearing her struggle to contain her moans as she fingered herself made Rob’s shaft pulse dangerously inside his jeans. A high gasp escaped her when she found the sensitive spot he had described. Courtney had to bite down hard on her lip to stop herself from crying out and alerting her parents downstairs to what she was doing. She could not stop now, she needed to finish.

“Did I find it?” he asked.

“Yes,” she moaned, her voice was rich with lust.

“I squeeze your nipple harder and start rubbing your G-spot,” he told her, “working my fingers in and out of you.”

Courtney did as he said. Her head tilted back as she fingered herself and tweaked her nipple hard enough that it was almost painful.

“How hard are you?” she asked suddenly.

“Hard enough,” he said, “but you don’t notice. You’re totally absorbed with what I’m doing to you.”

This was about her, not him. Somehow that made Courtney even more turned on. She could feel him behind her, manipulating her body, his rigid organ pressing against her back but remaining dormant. His body’s response to his vision of her at that moment remained under his control, just as she was losing hers to her vision of him.

“I start fingering you harder,” he said, the heat in his voice betraying his own arousal.

Courtney’s fingers began to move rapidly, brushing her G-spot as she did. Rob heard water sloshing around as her movements agitated the surface, little waves making the floating bubbles rock. Her breathing became labored, she sounded close. She was, but she held on, not wanting to let this end just yet. She needed more of this, to feel like this for a while longer. Her entire mind was being applied to this fantasy, her world centering on his voice.

“I push them in deep, massaging you G-spot,” he said.

Courtney’s fingers slid all the way inside, the pads of her fingers massaging the roof of her channel. An involuntary moan escaped her, sending a jolt through Rob’s spine. His cock was ready to tear out of his jeans. He was barely controlling himself, hanging on by a thread. He did not dare try and free the erection that had formed inside his pants, the slightest touch was sure to bring him off.

“I reach down with my other hand and start teasing your clit,” he told her.

“Yes,” she moaned.

“I don’t touch it directly, I circle it,” he told her.

She groaned her frustration but did as he said.

“I flick it across,” he told her.

Courtney followed his instruction and her hips bucked upward, the motion nearly causing the water to go over the edge.

“You’re close aren’t you?” he asked.

“Yes,” she replied breathlessly as she continued to finger herself and toy with her clit. She could not say more than one word at a time by this point.

“I rub your clit hard,” he told her. “And then bite down on your earlobe.”

Just imaging it would have set her off, but the extra stimulation he had allowed her sent Courtney far higher than she would have thought possible. Rob heard her ragged moan, heard the sloshing of the water as she humped her hand. Her ass squeaked against the bottom of the tub, the sound muffled by the water but still picked up by the phone’s microphone. Courtney’s pussy squeezed her fingers tight as she came, her back arching.

Her burgeoning breasts left the water, her mouth opening wide in a silent scream, suds trailing down the round swells. Her erect nipples pointed towards the ceiling as she squirmed and shook. Rob’s mind let him see all of this, even making it better as it let him imaging seeing the way her leg flexed around the side of the tub to give her the leverage for her thrusts, the way water beaded and trailed down the valley between her breasts, and imagine the way her body would be trembling against him if were actually there.

The cry became ragged breathing and the sound of sloshing water dissipated. Courtney’s breathing calmed on the other end, becoming more and more relaxed the longer he remained silent on the other end. When he was sure she had finished he spoke again.

“I pull my hands away,” he said, “and rub your stomach.”

Courtney did as he said, keeping her eyes shut as she savored the orgasmic bliss. She was shaking slightly, everything was hypersensitive and she felt unsteady.

“You bring your leg back into the water,” he told her.

Rob heard the gentle splash of her trembling limb being submerged once more.

“I kiss your shoulder and then get out of the tub,” he said.

“I don’t want you to go yet,” she protested weakly. She already felt painfully alone.

“I have to, you’re Dad heard you moaning. I have to get out of here or he’ll catch me,” Rob said.

“When will I see you again?” Courtney asked urgently, still caught up in the fantasy.

“The gym, tomorrow night,” he said.

“Okay,” she said.

Rob hung up the phone and was gone. Courtney breathed deeply, her head spinning from the orgasm and the heat. She stewed for a while longer, contemplating what had just happened. Deciding she had had enough she pulled the plug and let the water drain out, then turned on the shower to rinse the suds off, carefully washing her hair. Feeling happily exhausted she headed towards her bedroom, a towel wrapped around her body. She let it fall to the ground when she entered, fell naked into her bed and looked at her phone. She considered texting Rob to say goodnight, but decided against it.

That would just ruin the fantasy.

***Courtney peeled off the tank top, tossing the sweat soaked garment aside as she rushed to strip down. The flood of endorphins from the workout made her feel light, and incredibly horny. The sports bra came off next, her sweaty breasts spilling free, jiggling as they settled into place. Her nipples were rigid with her arousal, and she brushed her fingers across them. She bit her lower lip from the pleasure she got from the act.

Courtney stopped herself from teasing them, hooking her fingers in the waistband of her shorts and drawing them down her legs. The crotch was soaked with sweat and her arousal, and as she ran her fingers along her panties she found them to be in an even worse state. She was trembling with need, startled by it. She had never felt quite this way, certainly not without some actual foreplay. Courtney stepped out of her shorts and stripped off her sodden panties, tossing both into her gym bag.

Rob turned the knobs of the shower, getting it running before stepping beneath the stream. Having the shower room to himself was a luxury, and one he was grateful for. He ignored the turgid erection jutting out from his body, scrubbing the sweat from his skin, his mouth becoming salty as it washed perspiration over his tongue. He spat it out and tilted his head upward, the spray beating against his brow and running down his throat. It trailed down his powerful chest and over his rippled stomach.

Courtney turned away from the spray of water, letting it stream down her back, following the curvature of her spine. She fought the temptation to rub her pussy, saving the excitement for Rob. Courtney washed carefully, cheating a little when she washed the sweat from between her legs, a slight groan escaping her as she forced herself to behave.

Rob had been the subject of her fantasies all week, now she was to have the real thing, she could wait just a little longer. She scrubbed every crevice, cleaning herself, preparing herself. Courtney left the shower, her breathing heavy and her need reaching critical levels. Her breathing was coming in labored pants even though she had long since recovered from her workout.

Rob waited impatiently in the lobby, shifting his weight from foot to foot. Courtney appeared from around the corner, her hair freshly dried and loose around her shoulders. She was fully clothed, a jacket and a pair of jeans, but the way her eyes locked on his made his cock twitch in his own jeans. They walked quickly through the parking lot, not speaking as they rushed to the truck. They climbed in and pounced on each other, their lips meeting in a fiery kiss.

Rob’s hands cradled her head, drawing her into the lip lock. Contact at last, after fearing that this would never happen again, after fantasizing and admiring, they were once again together at last. Courtney’s breath was shaky, her fingers trembling as she ran them through his damp hair. The wet sounds of their mouths moving together and their muffled moans of lust filled the cab of the truck. Rob’s hand went under her jacket, pressing against the round swell of her breast over her shirt, making Courtney gasp against his lips as he cupped it in his large hand.

Courtney’s breast settled in his grip, the warmth of his palm bleeding through the soft cotton of her t-shirt. Her hand went between them, pressing against the bulge in his jeans. Rob grunted against her when she squeezed his cock through the denim, his hand pressing more firmly against the back of her head. Their lips mashed together, their tongues chasing each other desperately, their hearts racing and breathing heavy. Rob pulled away, making Courtney groan in frustration.

“We can’t do it here,” he said.

Courtney thought for a moment.

“The old car wash,” she said. “The parking lot will be deserted.”

Rob nodded and fired up the engine. The brief drive gave them both a moment to breath and for their pent up desire to reach precarious levels. Rob had barely parked behind the dilapidated structure of Al’s Car Spa before Courtney was on him. Her mouth pressed against his, her hands grabbed him by the collar and pulled him forward to her. Using this hold she pulled him with her as she turned, letting Rob settle between her legs as she reclined back in the passenger seat.

Rob’s hands went to the fly of Courtney’s jeans. His fumbling fingers struggled to undo the button. He grunted victoriously when the troublesome fastener was undone and drew her zipper down. Courtney gasped when Rob shoved his hand into her jeans and beneath her panties. They slid along her slippery pussy lips, spreading the nectar of her arousal along the folds of her sex. They kissed deeply as Rob gently dragged his fingers across Courtney’s labia, allowing them to take brief trips up to the hard bud of her clit.

Courtney whimpered excitedly when he did this, her hips shifting against his hand in gentle rocking motions. She kept her legs spread wide, granting Rob full access to her pussy. He teased her clit, circling it with his middle finger before sliding down the length of her pink slit to massage the inner folds of her sex. He circled the entrance teasingly before bringing them back up to stimulate her clit once more. His fingers became slick with the juices of her arousal, and Courtney moaned shakily against his lips as his persistent teasing sent shivers of pleasure up her spine.

Rob’s fingers made their downward pass, running around the edge of her opening before sliding them inside as if they had been drawn into a maelstrom. They went deep, two long fingers burrowing inside of her, making Courtney cry out softly against his mouth. Rob pressed his lips against her throat, tasting her flesh as he drew his fingers in and out of her wet pussy. Courtney gripped the back of his head, holding his mouth to her throat as he fingered her, her fingers curling around his hair.

As the fingers of one hand squirmed inside of her, Rob slid the other beneath her shirt. Courtney felt his hand sliding along her flank. It was warm and the palm rough compared to her soft skin. His fingers curled upward, pressing against the anterior wall of her channel, searching out her G-spot as he worked them in and out. She stiffened when he found it, a sharp exhalation of breath telling him his hunt had been successful.

Courtney felt a jolt of pleasure run through her as he began to massage the sensitive spot, her eyes shutting pleasurably as she resigned herself to his ministrations. Rob got off on getting her off. He had always been that way with Jenna too. Something about making Courtney lose control sated a deep hunger inside of him. Feeling her squirm pleasurably at his touch, hearing her gasp and moan as he manipulated her body, the sensation of her fingers tightening around his hair as he brought his hand higher and over her breast, that was what excited Rob.

Rob squeezed her breast through her bra, finding her stiff nipple pressing through the cup. He circled it with his thumb, but it was not enough. Courtney felt him reach around her, his hand following the band of her bra until it came to the clasp. He struggled a little to get it undone but eventually managed to, and the restrictive garment grew slack around her ribcage. Rob’s hand returned to her breast, going beneath the cup and sliding over her bare skin.

His fingers dimpled the firm flesh, the pressure he applied to the swell warping its shape. Courtney’s erect nipple pressed into his palm as he massaged her breast and fingered her. He teased the exposed flesh of her neck with kisses, occasionally coming up for a soul tasting kiss. Courtney was becoming overwhelmed by the methodic stimulation of her most sensitive areas, and when Rob squeezed her nipple she nearly came.

“Rob,” she gasped.

“It’s alright,” he told her reassuringly. “Go ahead.”


Courtney was not sure what she was protesting against. Her own pleasure? The way he made her feel? Whatever it was she did not have the ability to articulate it. Her eye squeezed shut tightly, bracing herself against the overwhelming pleasure she felt. Rob continued to finger her and brought his thumb to her clit, applying pressure to the sensitive bud. He rubbed it mercilessly, making Courtney moan loud and finally relinquish what little control she still had over herself.

She came violently, her whole body seizing up. Courtney yanked at Rob’s hair, making him wince in discomfort as she drew him close and exploded around his fingers. Her pussy constricted around his wily digits, his palm and her panties were flooded with her juices as her orgasm ripped through her. Her spine curled, causing her chest to jut outward and mash her breast against his groping hand. The nipple bored into his palm, hard as diamond as she declared her pleasure with a cry of complete and utter lust.

Courtney relaxed her hold on his hair, letting him draw back and kiss her as she continued to tremble and shake. She looked disoriented, confused as to where she was as her body continued to quake with aftershocks. Her breathing was shaky as they kissed, slowly returning to normal as she came back to reality and began to kiss him back fully. Rob’s fingers remained inside the warmth of her channel, making her gasp with small movements.

Courtney drew back from the kiss. “You’re turn.”

She pushed him away from her gently and he sat back on the center seat while she kicked off her boots and pulled off her jeans. Naked from the waist down she straddled him, the insides of her calves rubbing against the rough denim of his jeans. Her eyes burned with hunger as she pushed against his shoulder, holding him back as she reached down and undid his fly one handed. Courtney’s hand slid beneath the waistband of his boxers, her fingers sliding through his pubic hair before curling around the semi-erect cock inside.

Courtney drew it out and began to stroke his shaft wordlessly. They stared into each other’s eyes as she brought him to full mast. Her soft hand glided along the length of his shaft, his pre-cum oozing from the slit. She spread it liberally, her palm becoming sticky with the viscous fluid, her eyes mesmerizing him. It was her turn to take charge, her turn to show him that she could deliver him more pleasure than he could ever imagine. To make him feel the way she did about him.

Courtney had never sought to do this before. Most of her partners had taken their pleasure and were finished, leaving her to take what scraps she could. Rob approached sex like it was his duty to make her feel as good as possible, as many times as possible. She wanted to do the same for him. Courtney leaned forward, her eyes closing as she kissed him. It was surprisingly gentle, and it possessed a degree of tenderness that had so far been absent.

Courtney was not sure what she was feeling, but it made her shake and it made her frightened. She nearly pulled back but Rob held her, returning the kiss with equal affection. She suddenly felt an urge to cry, which mortified her. Courtney pulled back, feeling briefly angry at Rob for reasons she did not understand. He looked at her with confusion, which made her want to slap him. His hand came to the side of her face, holding her gently when she wished he would just get it over with.

That he would show what he truly was. That he would confirm every doubt she had. But the gesture was genuine, his concern and care for her real. In that moment, if she had told him she wanted to stop he would not have argued. Somehow that knowledge made her relax, and Rob saw the warmth return to her eyes as she came forward and kissed him once again. There was a new element to the tenderness, a level of confidence he had not felt before.

It did not last long, Courtney could not sustain it for long just yet. That she was even capable of feeling this way for Rob after such a short time was terrifying for her, but she could not stop herself. It was different, it was exciting and beautiful, frightening and terrible. She did not know what it was, but the intensity of it made everything heightened.

“You have a condom right?” she asked softly, needing to keep going or she would panic again, or she would ruin everything.

Rob nodded and produced one from his pocket. She tore the packet open and Rob watched as she slid it over his length. She drew her fist along it, smoothing it out and making sure it was secure before she raised herself up from his lap and nestled the helm of it against her entrance. She lowered herself down, going slow to feel every inch as it filled her fully. The turgid organ pressed against the sensitive walls of her channel, stretching her to make itself fit inside.

By the time she had taken all of him Courtney’s breath was thick with lust. Her legs flexed, raising herself, his cock dragging against the walls of her channel, until just the head was still inside. Courtney’s eyes burned bright with hunger and something else, they stayed locked on Rob’s as she lowered herself back down. She exhaled pleasurably as she settled back in his lap, and then rose again. Courtney’s hands went to his shoulders, bracing herself as she began to ride him.

By controlling her internal muscles she was able to squeeze his shaft as she ascended, making Rob’s eyes glaze over with lust. She kissed him again, still riding him, her mouth melding to his as she felt a confusing mix of emotions. Courtney pulled away again, her breathing growing labored as she flexed the already sore muscles of her legs to bring herself up and down his shaft. Then something terrible happened, an orgasm started building up inside of her.

Courtney was angry with herself, she fought against her pleasure, with every fibre of her being she fought it, but the harder she fought the more intense it became. This was for him, not for her. Rob saw her struggling, and he saw the distress in her face. He kissed her lips, thinking he understood the cause. His hands went to her waist, gripping them and he began to thrust upward, matching them with thrusts of his own, easing her passage to her climax.

Courtney gasped, a sound of pleasure mixed with dread. He stopped suddenly, feeling her grow still above him.

“What’s wrong?” he asked her.

Courtney looked completely ashamed of herself, like she was close to tears. She was horrified, this had never happened to her before. Why was it happening now? All she had to do was fuck him. It was sex, it was physical. For God’s sake, she was good at physical. This should be easy. This was what she was good at. But emotions were bleeding into the act, emotions that did not belong, emotions that were ruining everything.

Rob tried to console her, he tried rubbing her back comfortingly, kissing her cheek tenderly, but everything he tried just seemed to upset her further. He was the cause, somehow he was the cause. Getting the hint Rob stopped touching her, taking his hands off of her. She seemed to relax slightly, and they stayed in silence for a few long moments, Rob hardly daring to breath. When she had steadied herself Courtney breathed in and let out a shaky breath.

“Sorry,” she said. “Just a little sore from the workout.”

“Courtney, are you alright? If you need to stop…” Rob began worriedly.

The compassion in his tone made her ashamed.

“No,” she said hurriedly. “I just needed a break. Sorry.”

“We can swap…”

Courtney interrupted again. “No. I need to do this, okay?”

There was a degree of urgency to her tone, the source of which Rob did not understand, but he wisely chose not to press her to elaborate. Courtney remained still until her need to cum receded, and then tried again. She shut her eyes and drew herself upward, squeezing her internal muscles. Rob sighed pleasurably from the sensation, the sound helped Courtney relax. She was not sure what it was she had just experienced, but she was putting it behind her.

Her hands slid over his shoulders and pressed against the back of his neck, drawing him into another kiss. Rob kissed her hungrily as she moved on top of him, her hips working in a circular motion at the bottom of each thrust, stirring him inside of her before she rose once more. Her kissing became aggressive, challenging Rob. Their tongues dueled as she rode him, and Rob felt his need to cum begin to rise.

Courtney let everything drift away, concentrating on her motions, on her breathing, on managing her own excitement. The fear was bubbling beneath the surface but it was well buried now, and her confidence returned. She undulated sexily in his lap, the two joined at the sexes, her lips sealed over his. She held the back of his head with one hand and braced herself on his shoulder with the other, kissing him furiously as she rode him madly.

Courtney’s body slapped against his, his full length filling her to capacity before being drawn out once more. Her legs burned but she rode him with endless energy. The windows fogged up from the heat of their copulation, and sweat ran down the insides of Courtney’s thighs. It beaded on her brow and dampened her upper lip, her hair swaying wildly as she drove herself up and down on his rigid member. She drove down, rocking her hips, grinding against him as she shrugged off her jacket and pulled her shirt over her head, throwing it and the already unbound bra to the passenger seat.

Rob’s eyes widened at the sight before him, from the image of the lust filled creature before him. Courtney was entirely exposed to him now, and was giving him everything she could. It was getting harder and harder to hold back, harder to keep going. Perspiration gleamed on her stomach and between her bouncing breasts, the shuddering orbs gleaming as she sought to bring Rob his orgasm. Rob had never felt such pleasure, such unfiltered lust being thrown at him.

“Cum Rob,” she pleaded breathlessly, her voice exhausted but filled with desire.

Moments later Courtney felt his hands grasp her by the waist and heard a rumbling begin somewhere deep in his chest. The rumbling became a groan and she felt Rob stiffen beneath her. His face took on that expression of relief, his eyes shut as his seed surged from his body. At last Courtney let go of the last thread of control she still had over herself and felt an unbearable climax crash over her. They cried out together as they came in harmony, their bodies seizing together, joined in a union of lust.

For Rob it felt as though his body was pulsing, the sensation centered around his throbbing manhood as it continued to spew his cum into the condom. The walls of her pussy constricted around the pumping member, urging more from him. Rob came for what felt like a solid minute, the sort of climax that he had no control over. He gripped Courtney’s waist and all control was stripped from him, feeling the bliss she had brought him with her body and lust.

Courtney’s climax ended before Rob’s, and she felt him pushing up against her as she grew limp above him. She rocked her hips, grinding against him tiredly until the twitching she felt from the organ inside her ceased. At last she was satisfied, the deep desire to bring him this moment had been realised. She felt Rob’s hands glide along her bare back absently. He hugged her to him, holding onto her as though she were more precious than anything in the world.

Courtney was surprised to find she did not pull away. Instead she let the feeling of contentment the embrace brought consume her. They stayed like that until Rob’s erection began to recede. Courtney dismounted and Rob removed the condom, tying off the end and finding a plastic bag to throw it in until he could put it in the garbage. She noted the volume of semen, amazed that it had all been for her. She felt cheated somehow, as though her body should be holding it, not the latex balloon.

The notion passed, it was impossible of course. She would have to go on the pill for that to happen, and it would take time for it to take effect anyway. Courtney redressed, and the two sat side by side in the cab of the truck. Courtney began to draw a pattern out on the fogged up window. Rob watched, it looked like a heart and he smiled at the cuteness of the gesture. She grinned at him saucily and drew a long protrusion from the top of the heart, turning it into a set of male genitalia.

Rob gave a snort of laughter and Courtney added more detail, showing streams of what had to be cum shooting from its head and curls of pubic hair attached to the scrotum.

“You’re so immature,” Rob said, laughing.

Courtney rubbed her mosaic off of the window.

“Shut up, you love it,” she said with her trademark grin.

She was back to normal and more somehow.

Rob found she seemed more real in some way he did not quite understand. Rather than exhaust himself from trying to understand it he fired up the engine and blasted heat on the windshield to clear it. He drove her home, enjoying her singing to the radio as they went. He dropped her off at the end of her driveway. Courtney leaned over to him and kissed him, sliding her tongue in between her lips and almost igniting a new inferno before pulling away. Rob looked disappointed and Courtney smirked.

“Gym tomorrow?” she asked.

“Yeah, we’ll do cardio,” he said.

“Good,” she said as she hopped out. “You’re stamina’s shit,” she joked.

Rob laughed. “Meet you there at six!” he called as she shut the door.

She waved and he pulled a U-turn, driving down the road and disappearing into the darkness. Courtney walked up to the house, hopping over the single step leading to the porch and unlocked the door before stepping into the warmth of home. She removed her coat, hanging it over the hook before untying her boots and leaving them behind as she ascended the stairs on sore legs.

***”Get up… Miss Maclean,” he added, remembering his role.

Courtney did as he said obediently, she was enjoying this tremendously. By taking on the role of the sleazy boss Rob was acting more selfishly, something Courtney wished he would do more often. Rob could sometimes be too devoted to her pleasure. It made her feel greedy, and a host of other emotions she still had not gotten to terms with but had developed a better ability to control.

“Was that good Sir?” she asked.

“Yes, Miss Maclean. You’re doing very well. Now bend over the table,” he instructed her.

Courtney cocked an eyebrow at him but did as he said, bending over at the waist at the kitchen table. Her skirt rode up slightly, the backs of her stocking clad thighs exposed to Rob’s gaze. Rob stepped out of his jeans and retrieved the condom contained in their pocket before walking in behind Courtney. She braced her weight on her forearms, her breasts pressing against the table top. Rob grabbed hold of her hips and pushed his hard cock against her ass.

His hands went over the shapely buttocks the skirt hid from sight, squeezing them gently. Courtney whimpered softly, eyeing him from over her shoulder as he squeezed her ass. He knelt down behind her and ran his hands along the backs of her thighs, the nylon stockings smooth beneath his palms. He pushed her knees apart and Courtney shifted, pressing more of her weight against the table as she widened her stance.

Rob kissed the inside of her knee, his hands going up under her skirt. They went over her bare thighs and to her panties. They were black to match the stockings, but of a conservative style. Their lack of ornamentation somehow made them sexier. He squeezed the ass they contained, his mouth pressing against the exposed flesh of her inner thigh just above her stocking. Rob bunched up her skirt around her waist and kissed the one place Courtney had not expected him to.

Her pussy.

Courtney gasped. “Impatient today, Sir?” she asked.

“We don’t have a lot of time, Miss Maclean,” he replied.

She did not mind. She liked it. Rob seemed to be losing some of his restraint with her, which excited Courtney greatly. She took it as a sign that he was comfortable with her, that he took as much pleasure in being with her as she did in being with him. Rob kissed the damp patch that had formed at her crotch, squeezing the firm cheeks of her ass. He grabbed them by the waistband and drew them down her legs, leaving them wrapped around her knees.

Rob’s thumbs pressed against the meaty joint of her thighs and buttocks, prying the flesh apart and opening her drooling pussy to him. His head tilted upward and his tongue ran along the glistening folds of her sex. Courtney moaned, her hand going behind her and pressing against Rob’s head as he lapped at her pussy. His hands spread her wide and his tongue delved inside of her, the taste of her arousal flowing freely onto his wriggling organ.

Courtney felt his hands shift and spread her ass cheeks. He held her open with one hand while using the thumb of the other to tease her little rosebud. She gasped at the act and her hold on his hair tightened. Rob had noticed her favorable responses to having her anus toyed with and had begun implementing it more and more. Her juices trailed down his chin as he ate her out hungrily with her wiggling back against his probing tongue.

Rob’s protruding organ was deep inside her hot channel, his face buried between her legs while she writhed on top of the table. He could not wait anymore, but he had one last thing he wanted to try. His slid his tongue out from her and along her perineum, and placed a solitary kiss on her anus. Courtney jolted but relaxed when Rob’s mouth pressed against her tailbone next. Rob stood and ripped the condom open, and Courtney watched as he put it on.

He would not need to wear one for much longer. She had gone on the pill shortly after they had started seeing each other regularly. Courtney had not told him this, for reasons she could not explain. By telling him she would be planning for a future, something she had trouble doing. It was easier to take everything moment by moment, to keep forward momentum without really looking in that direction. It had worked so far, she was happier than she could ever remember being with anyone.

Rob pressed the head of his cock against her entrance. Her waist was level with his, and her channel was very slippery from the oral sex he had performed on her. When Rob pushed forward he slid in easily, and Courtney cried out as he buried his entire length into her with one violent thrust. Rob held it inside her, feeling her body stretched around his. This position allowed for maximum depth of penetration, meaning that the helm of Rob’s pulsing organ brushed against her cervix.

“My God Sir, you have a big cock,” Courtney gasped.

Rob could not help it, he laughed. Courtney joined him, the two of them laughing stupidly with his shaft buried fully inside her.

“Yes Miss Maclean, the Missus quite enjoys it,” he told her, adopting the same ‘boss’ voice he’d had earlier.

“Hmm,” Courtney sighed. “I bet she does.”

Rob took hold of her hips and began to thrust into her, making Courtney ‘oh’ with every thrust as his cockhead brushed against her cervix. It did not hurt, but it definitely could have if he had been even a touch longer. Courtney had never felt this before. She had never had a guy so deep inside of her. Rob fucked her in full, long strokes, his entire length sawing in and out of her. His body slapped softly against hers as he built to a steady rhythm, his hands kneading her rippling ass cheeks.

It was the sort of steady, merciless fucking Courtney had grown accustomed to, the kind that led her to mind bending climaxes and had her trembling weakly when Rob had finally finished. She had grown used to it in some ways, and had learned to accept the pleasure she was getting rather than fight against it. She had been embarrassed by the effect he had had on her at first, and her initial reaction had been to fight it. Rob’s hips continued to impact her, and she flattened her torso against the tabletop.

Courtney stretched her arms forward and curled her hands around the edge of the table. She was in a good place, a place where she was riding the razor’s edge between control and powerlessness. When Rob pressed his thumb against her anus and pushed it inside, she lost that control. Rob had not expected her to react as violently as she did. She came hard, bellowing her lust in a violent cry of utter bliss. She gripped the table hard enough to leave marks where her nails dug into the wood.

Courtney’s pussy clamped down around him, seizing his shaft in its grasp as she gushed around his cock. She clamped down around his cock, her juices trailing down the insides of her trembling thighs as her orgasm continued to crash over her. When she had started to come down Rob resumed the motions of his hips, and Courtney felt herself going back up again. The depth of penetration and the girth of his cock guaranteed that every sensitive recess she had was being stimulated, and all of them seemed to have hair triggers attached to them.

Courtney came again, and again. Her body wracked by a steady stream of climaxes that he had started with a simple application of pressure with his thumb. The digit stayed locked in her vicelike rectum, that was until he came as well. Courtney had never felt something quite like it. He threw his weight at her. The table shifted beneath her from the impact, its legs dragging loudly along the linoleum floor as he let out a guttural groan and began to cum.

Rob was as deep inside of her as he could possibly get, his cock was as bulged out and erect as it could possibly be, and in that moment Courtney knew what it was to be full. His organ twitched inside of her, violent jets of cum that were sure to have impacted her cervix had he not been wearing the condom. As it was he ground against her, squeezing her waist tight as he came for her at last. She lay exhausted on top of the table while he filled the condom with his seed.

When he had finished Rob slumped over her, breathing tiredly. His chest heaving as a pleasant tiredness washed over him. The usual sense of satisfaction that he always felt with Courtney submerged him and he withdrew from her reluctantly.

“Sir, I have to say. Fucking your way to the bottom never felt so good,” Courtney said.

Rob laughed as he staggered to retrieve his jeans. Then there was a noise, a door opening. Rob scrambled, hopping into his jeans and frantically pulling them up. Courtney whirled around, pulling her panties back up and smoothing her skirt out.

“Courtney?” her stepmother Lauren’s voice came.

Rob pulled up his fly and scrambled to fasten his belt.

“Uh, we’re in here,” Courtney called back.

Rob had just slid the end of his belt back into the belt loops and fixed his shirt. His heart was hammering as Lauren entered the kitchen.

“Oh hello,” Lauren said. “Is that your truck parked outside then?”

“Lauren, this is Rob. Rob, this is my stepmom Lauren,” she told him.

“Nice to meet you, ma’am,” Rob said. Ma’am? Rob thought to himself. Where did that come from?

He had reverted to his father’s style of politeness. Born and bred in privilege the man had a few old fashioned mannerisms that he had passed onto his son.

“Lauren will be fine,” she told him kindly.

Rob shifted uncomfortably, “Yes m—” he caught himself, “Lauren,” he finished.

“I didn’t know you were having company over,” Lauren said to Courtney.

“Oh, Rob’s just dropping me off from my interview at the brewery,” Courtney explained.

She hoped Lauren wouldn’t notice the flush of her cheeks. Courtney could feel her juices drying on the insides of her thighs, the same juices drying on Rob’s cock. Wait, no that was incorrect, they would be drying on the condom… Where was the condom? Courtney looked at Rob, who was standing awkwardly, speaking to her stepmother.

“Oh , you know Karen?” Lauren said as she put away the bags of groceries she had purchased on her way home. Her office had been sent home early, the result of a power problem that made her customer support job impossible.

“Yeah, that’s how I know Courtney actually,” Rob said. “She introduced us.”

He spoke distractedly, shifting uncomfortably. Courtney gazed at him and then realized the cause of his discomfort. He had stuffed his still semi-hard cock back into his jeans, with the condom still attached. The entire load he had just blown would be leaking out into his boxers as they spoke.

“Yeah, she invited him to my New Year’s party. Remember when we found Wayne sleeping in the bathroom,” Courtney said, emphasizing the last word.

Rob looked at her. “Oh, right.”

Lauren scowled. “Yes. I know all about that party. I really question some of the people you hang out with Courtney, if they steal from you like that.”

“Um, excuse me. I have to use the washroom,” Rob said politely.

He rushed to the bathroom, never so happy to have a lasting hard-on while speaking to someone’s parent in his life. Some cum had leaked out but not enough to be too troublesome. He flushed the condom down the toilet and wiped himself off with toilet paper, hoping the smell of it would not be too strong. After he had cleaned up he rejoined Courtney and Lauren in the kitchen, it was decided that he would stay for dinner, a prospect that horrified both him and Courtney.

“We have plenty to eat, and after being so helpful you deserve a nice meal,” Lauren insisted.

So, Courtney and Rob were shooed to the living room while Lauren prepared dinner. After changing into a more casual pair of jeans and t-shirt Courtney joined Rob as he sat nervously in the living room. Courtney struggled not to laugh too loudly as they sat together on the couch, while Rob remained horrified by what had almost happened. Winston lay between them, creating a natural barrier of chastity.

“What would have been worse for her to walk in on? The blowjob, you eating me out, or the fucking?” she pondered quietly.

“You’re evil,” Rob said disbelieving their luck. “I can’t believe we were so careless.”

“Oh come on, we couldn’t have predicted that she’d come home early,” she replied, making kissy faces at Winston. “Everything worked out didn’t it?” she said in a baby voice to the confused pug, “Yes it did,” she said, scratching his ears to his approval.

There was a crunch of gravel and Winston began to bark, hopping from the couch and charging towards the door. Courtney’s father was home from work. Rob gulped nervously and glanced at Courtney who looked equally nervous. She got up, intercepting her father before he entered the living room.

“Hi Daddy,” she said. Her voice seemed to go up a half octave, making her sound younger.

“Hello sweetheart,” came a deep bass voice.

Jesus Christ, he sounds huge. Rob thought nervously, rubbing his sweaty palms against his jeans. He had been incredibly nervous to meet Jenna’s father as well, but he had had time to prepare. This was just happening without warning. Courtney hugged her father and scolded Winston as he jumped up and down, vying for attention.

“Uh, Daddy,” she said nervously. “I have a friend over.”

“Oh, is she joining us for dinner,” Rob heard him reply.

“Um, yeah. It’s a he, Daddy,” Courtney replied.

Her father’s bushy eyebrows rose. “Really?” he asked skeptically.

“Yeah, you know Rob? The guy who drove me to my interview today?” Courtney asked.

The conversation continued, Courtney trying to say things that would make her father inclined to like Rob while he took off his work boots and heavy winter jacket. Rob could hear the rumbling voice from the living room, though they were speaking softly and he could not make out the words. I should introduce myself, Rob thought, I shouldn’t be hiding like a coward. So he took a breath and braced himself for the worst. He got up from the couch and entered the small hallway leading to the door.

He was a man of average height, stocky with big arms and shoulders. His dark curly hair was receding slightly at the temples and was flecked with grey. His dark eyes turned on Rob, and he rose from his seated position on the first stair.

“Hello, sir. I’m Rob. Rob Kavanagh,” Rob said in greeting. He held out his hand.

Courtney’s father appraised him for a moment, his eyes distrustful. He gripped Rob’s hand and shook it, squeezing slightly harder than necessary but Rob didn’t show any reaction.

“Jim Maclean,” he told him.

He let go of Rob’s hand and turned back to Courtney.

“What’s for dinner?” he asked.

Jim mostly ignored Rob after that, and he was unsure if that a good or bad thing. He talked to Courtney and barely even looked at Rob. Jim joined his wife in the kitchen while Courtney and Rob sat back down in the living room. Courtney was smiling.

“He likes you,” she said.

“What? How can you tell?” he asked.

“He would have told you to go home if he hadn’t,” she said.

Rob relaxed. “He seemed basically indifferent.”

“I told him you’re a friend,” Courtney explained. “He’s not in full protective mode just yet.”

Great, Rob thought, that was him friendly. I wonder what he’s like when he’s trying to be intimidating. Rob was rarely intimidated by other men, older or younger, but Jim Maclean had an edge to him that he had only seen in diluted form in Courtney.

“Courtney! Get your and your friend’s tush in here, it’s time to eat,” Jim shouted from the kitchen.

The two got up and Courtney led Rob to the kitchen table, the same table where about an hour earlier she had been bent over getting fucked by Rob. Dinner started off awkwardly, Courtney recounted what had happened at her interview. Jim cursed her luck in colorful language, earning himself a reprimand from Lauren.

Rob was not used to family dinners apart from special occasions, his parents came home late and at different times so dinner was always a ‘fend for yourself’ scenario. It was clear that at the Maclean residence they ate as a family every night.

“What about you Rob, what do you do?” Jim asked.

“I’m in school right now,” Rob said. “I’m not working. I worked at Fletcher’s last summer and saved up.”

Courtney looked surprised. Fletcher’s hired summer students to work as labourers. It was very hard work, infamous around town, but paid extremely well. Jim seemed pleased at what he was hearing.

“What are you taking?” he asked.

“Electrical Engineering with a minor in Computer Science,” Rob replied.

Jim cocked his eyebrows, “Techy guy, huh?”

“Rob’s building an app,” Courtney interjected.

“An app?” Jim asked.

“An application, like a small piece of software that works on a phone,” Rob explained.

Jim nodded. “What does it do?”

Rob ran through it, describing what exactly him, Mitch, Kevin were building. It was an aggregator of multiple social networks, a sort of ‘one-stop shop’ that combined many different user profiles and accounts. There was more to it, like the built in social networking aspect of the app itself, particularly in the chat component which allowed for a great deal of privacy and utility, but Rob did not care to elaborate too far.

“So, people pay to use it?” Jim asked.

“No,” Rob replied. “It’ll be free to use. Ad revenue will fund it and will be how we make our money. We’re also looking at a ‘freemium’ option, where people pay to unlock extra features if they want.”

“And what did you do for it?” he asked.

“I came up with the concept and the design of the interface. That was the hardest part of my job because when you’re trying to combine so many things into one it tends to become cumbersome,” Rob kept going, surprised to see that Jim was actually interested in this.

Not too many people were. His father thought it was an idiotic venture, citing the fact that the market for such apps was saturated, but then again his father had not wanted him to be an engineer at all. Rob was supposed to have gone to school for accounting and then get an MBA, which he would have despised but was something his father had had his heart set on. They had fought bitterly about it and now any time Rob mentioned school or anything to do with it they quarrelled.

Jim asked a great deal of questions, proving to have a shrewd mind even if he did not fully understand the industry. Rob answered them effectively, and soon the two of them were dominating the dinner conversation. Courtney was unusually quiet throughout the meal, watching in amusement as Rob charmed her father. She helped Lauren clear away the dishes while the conversation between the two of them continued.

Eventually it was time for Rob to leave, and Jim followed him to the door.

“You’ve got a good head on your shoulders Rob. I think you and your friends will do well,” he told him.

“Thank you sir,” Rob replied.

“Jim, Rob. Call me Jim,” he insisted.

Rob grinned. “Yes, Jim.”

“Leaving?” Courtney asked, appearing at her father’s side.

“Uh, yeah,” Rob said. “Thank you for dinner, it was great.”

“Goodnight,” Courtney said.

“Goodnight,” Jim said.

Rob said goodbye and left, Jim closing the door behind him.

“You’re dating him?” Jim asked Courtney.

“What?” Courtney replied, “No, Daddy. He’s just…”

Her father grinned. “Right, a friend. He’s a good friend to have, I like him.”

Courtney looked away shyly. Her father had never liked a guy she had brought home to meet him, the fact that he approved of Rob when she was so uncertain about what her relationship with him was did not help to make her any less confused about what they were to each other. Only time would tell if Rob was really such a great guy.

***”Hello,” Rob said.

“Good day at school?” she asked.

“Yes,” he replied. “Good day at work?”

“It was okay,” she replied, turning her attention back to her book.

She read novels obsessively; reading was her primary source of entertainment.

“Is Dad home?” he asked.

“He’s in his office,” his mother told him.

Rob nodded and went up to his room to dump off his stuff before taking Courtney’s resume and walking back downstairs. The house had four levels, the basement, ground level, the first floor, and a second that contained the bedrooms. His father’s office and the study were on the first floor along with a workout room for his parent’s.

Rob walked past the open door of the study, seeing his mother pouring more of the amber fluid into her glass from a crystal decanter. Must have been a rougher day than she had let on. Rob reached the end of the hallway, knocking on the heavy oak door and waiting for a response.

“Come in,” came his father’s voice.

Rob entered, Courtney’s resume in hand. The room was lined with bookshelves on either wall, a large project table sat in the middle of the room. His father sat at his desk on the far side of the room, the window at his back. He held up a finger as Rob approached.

“That’s unacceptable Dale,” he said into his hands free.

A man who Rob assumed to be Dale responded.

“Well, if you can’t do your job Dale, then I’ll find someone else to be head of building maintenance. Either you get the problem fixed, or you’ll find yourself back mopping floors. Goodnight,” his father concluded curtly and hung up the phone.

“Fucking incompetent,” his father muttered, scribbling something into one of his many notebooks.

“What do you want, Robert?” his father asked.

“I have a friend looking for a job, but nobody is hiring,” Rob explained. “She’s in school so she can only work nights and on the weekends, but she needs a job.”

“Is that her resume?” his father asked, gesturing to Rob to hand it to him.

Rob passed it over and his father’s eyes scanned over it.

“No education,” his father murmured. “Cosmetology?” he said, giving Rob a look.

“I know her through someone at school,” Rob explained impatiently. “If you can’t help—”

“Yes, I can help Robert,” his father said. “But first I need something from you.”

Rob would have refused. He did not barter favors with his father, but this was for Courtney.

“What?” he asked.

“I want you to meet with someone for me,” he said. “I want you to talk to them.”

“About what?” Rob asked.

“Advice, a new friendship, anything they like really. I’m displeased about the quality of ‘friends’ you seem to be making,” his father said gesturing to Courtney’s resume as evidence to his claim.

Rob clenched his jaw irritably. His father had arranged these meetings with several of his ‘friends’ before he had entered school. It was always the same, all warning him about how difficult engineering was, discouraging him from that path in favor of the one his father wanted for him. Rob could not understand what his father was playing at. He had long since lost that fight. Rob was midway through his second year, whether his father cared for it or not.

“Alright,” Rob said after a long pause.

“I’ll set up a meeting,” his father said happily. “It may be a while before they’re available.”

“And Courtney?” Rob asked.

“Yes, yes. I’ll find something for her to do,” his father replied.

Rob turned and began to walk towards the door.

“What do we say Robert?” his father asked.

Rob stopped, biting his tongue.

“Thank you, sir,” Rob replied.

“You’re welcome,” his father replied.

Courtney was delighted a few days later when she got a call from Grace Plus, a high end salon the wife of a friend of Rob’s father owned. She would be at the bottom of the totem pole, sweeping up hair, working the cash register, and other cleanup, but it was related to what she wanted to do for a living. It was far too tempting for her to pass up, so despite her reservations of taking favors, she accepted the job, resolving to work as hard as possible to prove that she belonged there.

***Rob began to tease her clit with his thumb, rolling the stiff bud with the tip of his knowledgeable appendage, sending ripples through the already squirming girl beneath him. Courtney pushed back up against his hand, her body ready to explode at any moment. He made her feel so sexy, so desirable, and so beautiful. His gift had been so thoughtful, he had treated her with such respect, and now he was going to make her cum for what she was sure would not be the only time that night.

Rob felt the rumbling inside her before the climax hit. Her mouth tore away from his as a cry of pleasure was ripped from her throat. Courtney’s eyes squeezed shut, her mouth opening wide as she bellowed her pleasure to the room. Rob’s hand was flooded with her juices, her pussy convulsed around his fingers as she drove her hips up against his hand spastically. Courtney’s heart was racing, her body shuddering uncontrollably as she was overwhelmed by an intense euphoria.

A smile spread over her lips as the initial spike of her orgasm receded and she began the trembling phase, little jolts of pleasure carrying up through her spine, pulses of bliss that came from her center. She lay back, breathing heavily, grinning happily as endorphins flooded her system. Rob kissed her neck lightly, slowly drawing his glistening fingers in and out of her sodden cunt. He drew back and looked down into her joyful face.

“You’re so beautiful,” he told her.

Courtney felt something different stir inside her, something she still could not formulate into words, but something she was beginning to be able to identify internally. A deep affection, one that transcended her other emotions, one that would make her willing to take risks and sacrifice a great deal: love. Courtney looked into Rob’s eyes, the rush of emotion engulfing her dizzied mind, and she pulled him into a deeply passionate kiss.

She held onto him, embracing him with her arms and legs, holding him to her as she kissed him with everything she had. Rob’s body responded, to the lust, to the affection, to the love implied by the gesture. Courtney felt his erection poke her and she pushed up against his shoulder, making him roll onto his back. Her lips remained locked to his, nearly trembling at the intensity of what she felt for him. Terrified but no longer caring, she began to let herself love him.

Courtney needed him. She couldn’t wait any longer. Before she pushed it back down, before she hid it away again, she needed to be with him while she was being honest with herself. Courtney grabbed the waistband of his boxers and pulled them down his legs, his rigid manhood jutting proudly towards the ceiling. She straddled his waist and locked lips with him once more, overwhelming Rob with her intensity.

Courtney had caught up emotionally, and perhaps was now surpassing him. She took hold of his cock, pushing aside the thin strip of material covering her pussy and pressing the head against her entrance.

But Rob stopped her.

Her eyes turned to his, burning with lust and love, needing him now more than she ever had previously.

“The condom,” Rob said.

“Don’t need it,” she replied with a grin. “I’m safe. I’m on the pill. Happy Valentine’s Day.”

Rob barely had time to process that information before Courtney lowered herself down on his swollen turgescence. It should not have felt that different without the condom, but there was a sense of closeness, like the last barrier between them had been broken. Courtney’s eyes shut pleasurably as she slowly took more of him inside her, her channel was slick and took each inch of him greedily until she bottomed out at last.

Maybe it was just in her head, but Courtney felt like she could feel the beat of his heart through his shaft as it stretched the walls of her pussy. She held him inside her, rocking gently, moving her hips in gentle circular motions, stirring him inside of her. Courtney came forward to resume the impassioned kiss she had pulled him into earlier, and then began to move. Rob had never felt such a thing, she was focused, every movement perfectly timed and in sync with his desires.

Courtney drew upward, his shaft gleaming with the wetness of her sex, and then pushed back to engulf his pulsing manhood once more. Her channel squeezed around him and she ascended once more, going higher than she had before, and then relaxed around him as she came back down. Courtney moved her hips in circular motions at the bottom of her thrust, making Rob breathe shakily against her lips. She felt so in tune with his desires, like she now knew exactly what to do to him, just like he always did with her.

She rode him, tirelessly, excitement and intense joy spurring her onward. Courtney was in control of every part of her body, everything working at her command. She drew herself up, bracing her hands on his shoulders as she increased her range of motion. Courtney’s channel constricted around his shaft, and gripped him as she drew upward until she held just the head inside of her. His bare shaft glistened and slowly disappeared between her pussy lips once more as she lowered herself back down.

Courtney did this repeatedly, working her hips, rocking them, oscillating them. Rob shut his eyes, becoming absorbed in the sensation of being inside her. He did not fight the pressure as it built up, and judging by her breathing Courtney was close as well. She rode him harder, bouncing up and down, the friction inside of her driving Rob to the brink. His hands wrapped around her waist and he gripped her tight. Courtney slammed her hips down and held him inside her as he gave her his load.

“Courtney,” he gasped. He lunged upward, his cock gaining a few extra millimeters of penetration as he came. The first shot came out hard, and Courtney groaned as she felt it splatter against her cervix. The hot substances bathed her insides, the pulsing of his cock and his jagged thrusting pushed her over the precipice. She slumped over him and came hard, gripping his shoulders tight as she exploded around his spewing manhood.

“Rob!” she groaned. Her channel squeezed his pumping cock, drawing out more of his precious seed. His bloated organ continued to twitch as he filled her greedy cunt with his cum, the hot substance flowing out from his balls and into her quivering sex. After a few more jagged thrusts Rob became still, panting beneath Courtney as she continued to vibrate on top of him.

When her climax ended her body grew slack above his. Her head rested against his shoulder and she breathed heavily. Courtney could feel his erection receding and his semen flowing out between her distended labia. She felt wet and sticky between her legs, and also deeply satisfied. Rob wrapped an arm around her and ran his hand along her back. Courtney sank into the embrace, accepting the display of affection without her usual discomfort, instead she relished it.

Rob held her, growing soft until his wilted cock slid out of her. His other hand joined in the gentle caresses, rubbing her lower back while the other massaged her shoulder blades. Courtney kissed Rob gently, running her hand through his hair affectionately. Their tongues slid along one another lazily, the two luxuriating in the presence of the other as they basked in their post-orgasmic glow. Rob bit down on Courtney’s lower lip playfully, making her giggle and retreat from him. He stole another peck before speaking again.

“Do you want to see something cool?” he asked.

“I dunno, I’m kind of digging your bedroom right now,” Courtney replied languidly.

“Trust me, you’ll like this,” he told her.

Courtney rolled off of him, her curiosity piqued.

“Did you bring your iPod?” he asked her.

“Yeah,” she replied, “it’s in my purse.”

“Grab it,” he said as he pulled his boxers back on.

“Should I get redressed?” Courtney asked. She was still wearing her panties and bra.

“No, just get the iPod,” he told her.

She did and then followed him as he left the room. Their bare feet were chilled by the hardwood floor of the hallway, and padded softly against it as they went down two flights of stairs. Courtney followed Rob around a corner and down another hallway. How big is this place? Courtney wondered to herself. Rob led her down another set of stairs and passed a rec room. That was not what he was interested in however, and he led her down another hallway.

He went through a door and turned on a light, Courtney gasped with delight as they stepped inside. It was a huge bathroom. A drop in tub dominated the far side of the room, it was an undermount design. It was a large rectangular shape, and as Courtney drew closer she spotted the jets.

“My parents got the bathroom redone a few years ago, my mom insisted on having a Jacuzzi tub,” he explained.

It was a beautiful space, grey tile floor, marble countertops, the bathtub and the stand alone shower in the corner. There was a door leading somewhere Courtney wasn’t sure of.

“Pick something to listen to,” Rob told her.

Courtney thought about her choice, looking for something soothing to go with the bath. Rob did not recognize what it was, some sort of psychedelic rock that worked perfectly. The filled the tub and then Rob turned to Courtney. He approached her and motioned for her to turn around. Courtney grinned as he undid the clasp of her bra, and held it up disobediently. He laughed and pulled it away, her breasts spilling free at last.

There was some squeezing and some giggling as Rob pulled her panties down her legs. Courtney used the elastic in her hair to tie it into a bun before following a stripped down Rob into the bathtub. There was plenty of room for the two of them but Courtney decided to lie back against him. Rob turned on the jets and the two sat together, the water massaging them. He wrapped his arms around her waist and held her close as they reclined together.

Rob felt Courtney’s hands go over his, holding them. He remembered the night a month earlier when she had called him. He felt her relax against him as the water churned around them, the scent of whatever shampoo she used filling his nose. She was into the water up to her shoulders, her throat exposed. Rob rubbed her stomach with one hand, small circles. Courtney hummed pleasurably and turned her head to the side, as if offering her throat to his mouth.

Rob pressed his lips to the exposed flesh and brought his hand up to her breast. Courtney inhaled excitedly, her eyes closed as she felt him massaging her breast beneath the surface of the water. His other hand continued to rub her toned stomach before sliding down along her thighs. She opened them, resting them over Rob’s as he squeezed her limb. She squirmed against his touch, pushing back against his swelling manhood.

“Horny again?” he asked.

Courtney laughed softly. “Like you’re not,” she replied.

Rob bit down on her shoulder gently, making her whimper with excitement. He kissed the spot gently and continued to squeeze her breast. Courtney’s memory of the fantasy that night a month earlier seemed to bleed into what Rob was doing right now, but this time she didn’t need his voice to get her off. It was his hands touching her now, his fingers teasing her nipples, his mouth kissing her neck and toying with her earlobe.

Rob’s hand pulled at the inside of her thigh and she spread her legs wider, the space of the tub more than adequate. His hand slid along the smooth flesh, approaching her pussy but not going to it. Just like he had said he would do that night in January. He continued to tease her breast, squeezing at her stiff nipple, rolling it between his fingers.

“Do you want me to touch you Courtney?” he asked her.

“Yes,” she breathed. Her words were almost inaudible.

“What?” he asked. He kissed her behind the ear teasingly, making Courtney moan.

“Please touch me Rob,” she groaned.

Rob gave her what she wanted, his hand going to her center. She gasped as his fingers moved in circles along her labia, rubbing the sensitive flesh as he kneaded her breast. Courtney squirmed pleasurably against him as he rubbed her, the motion of her ass against his groin causing blood to be redirected to his semi-erect cock. She felt this and began to do it intentionally, the sensation of his body’s response to her serving to excite her further and move even more, a self-sustaining circle of lust.

Rob’s member grew stiff against her and his rubbing of her pussy became more intense as his own lust increased. He pushed his hips against her, his erection sandwiched between the two of them, sliding between their bodies.

“Put it in,” Courtney said. Her voice was rich with lust.

Rob lifted her, her buoyancy aiding in the process of getting her positioned above his turgid manhood. The head of his cock pushed past her entrance and Courtney slid down his length until the entire length of swollen organ was inside her. Rob pulled her against him, using his hold on her breast to pull her back against his chest. Her legs were spread wide over his, his entire length spearing her, pulsing inside her. Rob teased her breast with one hand and then did something that made her gasp with the other.

Its fingers found her clit. Filled up with his length and laying back against him Rob began to tease Courtney’s clit with his fingers. He circled it slowly, working it with his middle finger methodically. He squeezed her nipple and dragged his finger across the stiff bud of her clit.

“You’re going to cum, aren’t you?” he asked her.

Courtney was too far gone to respond, she squirmed in his lap, causing his swollen organ to rub against the walls of her pussy. This only intensified her need. Rob slowly and methodically teased her clit, letting her motions carry her to her climax. It was not a particularly hard one; she inhaled deep and held the breath. Her pussy squeezed around him and she squeezed his forearm tight as it rippled through her. Courtney exhaled raggedly when it came to an end and her body relaxed against his once more.

Rob was back to teasing her clit before long, sending jolts of pleasure up her body as he did. It did not take long before she came again, the same sort of orgasm, long and quiet. Peaceful bliss. Courtney wasn’t sure how many times Rob got her off, but it took longer and longer between spikes for her to become desensitized enough for him to touch her clit once again. Eventually she was in a fog of sleepy pleasure, Rob’s hips rocking against her as he teased her clit once again.

He did something different this time, and her lust filled brain was not prepared for it. Just as she was about to go off again he stopped. She had tensed in anticipation, her hand gripping his forearm tight. When her hold relaxed he resumed the gentle circling. He edged her for a long time, bringing her close but denying her release. Courtney was writhing against him, desperate for the orgasm her oversexed body demanded.

Courtney was practically shaking against him with her need, with how close she was but not far enough. She did not ask for him to finish it, though her every motion betrayed that desire. When he finally gave her release it was sheer ecstasy. Courtney nearly screamed, her cry echoing off the tiled walls of the bathroom. Her body shook against his violently, her hand became a vice around his arm as her chest thrust forward, pushing her breast into his hand.

Courtney’s pussy convulsed around Rob’s rigid member, squeezing it in a crazy rhythm as she was assaulted by the longest orgasm she had ever had. It went on and on, a continuous series of tremors and convulsions that she could not stop. Her head lolled back and she came dangerously close to passing out before the intensity of it died down enough to allow her to gain some control over herself once more. She continued shaking for a long time after that, her pussy squeezing Rob’s cock weakly.

Courtney breathed exhaustedly against him and he returned his hands to her waist, holding her as she recovered. The water continued to massage them, and Courtney dozed against Rob as she returned to the real world. It took a long time, and he’d softened inside her somewhat by the time she stirred once again. Rob admired her stamina, and took one of her breasts in either hand. He squeezed them gently, teasing the stiff nipples that capped off each of the firm swells.

Courtney shifted against him, rocking her hips back to meet his gentle motions, his flagging erection returning to its full glory. Rob could not wait any longer, he pushed Courtney forward and she braced her hands on the edge of the tub. Now on all fours in front of him, Courtney braced herself for what came next. Rob grabbed her by the waist and drew back, the head of his cock perched at her entrance before he drove his hips forward once more, making Courtney gasp as he buried himself inside her with one smooth motion.

Courtney’s ass was below the water, but her upper body was above it in this position. Rob shoved his swollen member into her, fucking her hard as he drove towards his release. Courtney gripped the corner of the tub tight, the agitation of the water’s surface becoming tumultuous as Rob rammed his cock into her. The wet sounds of his body impacting hers filled the bathroom, joined by both their lustful moans and exhalations as Rob took her.

He squeezed her breasts, kneading them and tugging at their sensitive nipples as he tore into her from behind. Courtney felt an orgasm rising, the mercilessness of his fucking commanding it from her body. She loved it when he took her like this, when his calm had been stripped away and he had completely lost his control, it was Rob at his most pure and it excited her in ways she couldn’t fully comprehend.

Rob stood, pulling Courtney with him. Dripping with water she braced her wet palms against the cool tile wall in front of her. He held her hips tight and drove into her wildly, her breasts bouncing crazily beneath her as his bulk collided with her body over and over. Rob reached upward, grabbing her by the shoulders and using them to leverage his thrusts, the intense friction of his naked cock thundering in and out of Courtney’s channel forcing him towards his climax.

Courtney came, the assault becoming too much. Rob lunged forward, causing her to reel forward onto the balls of her feet as he joined her in climax. Her legs trembled beneath her as her orgasm overcame her, making her unsteady as Rob’s cock blasted her insides with cum. He groaned almost painfully as he came inside of her, withdrawing and stroking the rest out with his hand.

Courtney felt the hot cords of his cum land on her lower back and ass, crisscrossing her lower body before Rob slammed his still hard cock back inside her pussy. He bucked savagely against her a few times, a few last trickles of cum flowing into her trembling sex until he had no more. Rob slid out of her and sat unsteadily on the side of the tub, the cool tile that surrounded the basin feeling ice cold after the warmth of the water. Courtney stayed standing on trembling legs, looking over her shoulder at her lower body.

It was a mess, Rob’s cum was splattered across her lower back, and ropes clung to the swells of her buttocks. The wanton image sent a slight tremor through her.

“Do you want to take a shower?” he asked after a moment of quiet.

Courtney looked at him. “Jesus Christ Rob.”

They both laughed tiredly but did take the shower as Rob suggested, though they were too tired for anything more than a kissing and touching. Courtney let Rob wash her hair with the shampoo his mother used, the process was intensely intimate, his touch caring and gentle. It always surprised Courtney that Rob was capable of such intense lust when he was so affectionate at times like this. She supposed it was because of her, she brought that out in him, he trusted her enough to show that side of himself to her.

It was late. The gym I usually went to after work was closed, so I made my way across town to a branch I had never been to before but knew was open twenty-four hours. My workouts had been sluggish and I didn’t really feel up to it, but I was obligated. I’d paid for the membership after all. I changed into my workout clothes at the office and biked through traffic to the village, getting my heart-rate going. When I arrived at the gym, it was all but deserted. After stretching, I hopped on one of the treadmills and began to run.

For some reason, I was sensually charged tonight. It had been awhile since I had had sex. From my vantage point on the treadmill, I had a direct view of a man around my age who was climbing a Stairmaster. I couldn’t see his face, but his legs and ass were on full display as he labored on the machine. His shorts were short enough to show the shape and muscularity of his legs. Watching him exercise was motivation for me; suddenly, I began running faster and faster; I increased the incline on the treadmill to higher and higher settings. I seemed to be using my work-out to replicate in some fashion the experience of sex. The final push, the last leg of my run, would be orgasmic.

As I cooled down on the machine, I watched the man in the shorts stretch out on the mats. In the mirror, I could see that he was handsome, with a strong chin and full-lips. He wasn’t facing me, which helped facilitate my gawking. I admired his chest, the muscles of his arms and wondered what he looked like naked. A friend of his, who was leaving the gym came over to say goodbye and I eavesdropped on his conversation. Not only was he sexy, but he seemed like a nice guy, too. I felt a bit pervy, but I couldn’t help picturing him and his friend together, naked . . . in my bed.

God, girl! I told myself. Get it together! I had come here to do a quick work-out, not to get laid, not to gawk. Mercifully, my “friend” disappeared, his work-out over. After a quick stretch, I looked around for the locker room to take a quick shower. Since I wasn’t familiar with the layout of this gym, it took me awhile to find the locker room. I went into one of the shower stalls and began to soap down. Again, my imagination got the better of me. I massaged soap into my breasts and watched my nipples harden. I lathered up my legs and felt my fingers graze the lubricated sides of my vagina. I was astonishingly wet. I hadn’t even realized it. I actually bent over my pussy to look at it, as if to say, *really?* I began to touch myself — gently. There were no curtains on the stall, but there was nobody around, either.

I had gotten a Brazilian wax about a week ago, and I was completely, deliciously smooth. It was the first time I had gotten all of the hair taken off. I must have been particularly frisky that day. Usually, I restrict my waxer to a small landing strip. I actually *like* a bit of pubic hair; it seems to define the area. But in this last session at the salon, my waxer asked me if I wanted to take it all off, and I said yes. Impulsive. I remembered thinking, *yes.* I didn’t have a boyfriend and no one would see it but me, but I wanted to look like a porn star. I wanted my pussy to be as smooth as the back of my hand, as smooth as my legs.

What was I doing? I brought myself out of this reverie and turned off the water in my shower and toweled down. Since I was the only one in the locker room, I ditched the towel when I went into the steam room. I don’t know why I went into the steam room. I had already taken a shower. I would later wonder about this decision, but suffice it to say I was following my impulses.

I have trouble realizing sometimes when I am horny, and this was one of those nights. I simply didn’t realize how bad I wanted it, how much I wanted to show off my body, to have someone feast their eyes upon me, to be touched, to be drilled hard with a big dick. I was too inhibited to allow these thoughts to be fully articulated in my brain. Instead, I simply sat in the steam room, naked, letting myself sweat out my horniness, and closing my eyes as I again imagined the naked body of my erstwhile gym “friend.” I was wet beyond belief.

When the door to the steam room opened, I couldn’t see through the mist who was joining me. Normally, I would have been a bit embarrassed to have been found simply lounging in my birthday suit; the stranger viewing me could have been someone as old as my mother, for instance. Tonight I was indifferent. The steam was a shroud. Whoever it was couldn’t easily see me anyway.

Imagine my surprise, as I sat there, fully nude, my freshly and completely shaven pussy on display, as my companion in the steam room emitted a sneeze. Now, you might say, what’s the big deal about a sneeze? Nothing, on its own, but this sneeze was distinctly *male.* In fact, there was no mistaking it. After the sneeze, my companion cleared his throat. Also, the steam was beginning to dissipate and his form had become clearer: broad shoulders, slim frame. This was a man. Not only that, but a fully naked man. I was both mortified and outraged. What was a man doing in the ladies locker room? I would have confronted him, but it suddenly occurred to me that perhaps *I* was in the men’s locker room. I hugged my legs to my chest and prayed that this dude, whoever he was, would leave before the steam dissolved altogether and I was exposed.

I continued to keep a discreet eye on him. I was sitting slightly higher than him and slightly behind him, too, so that I viewed him from above and in profile.

To my alarm, it became increasingly clear that I was sharing a steam room with the guy who I had been earlier fantasizing about while on the treadmill. Just my luck! Why hadn’t I at least worn a towel?

He sat with his head leaned back against the wall and with his arms at his sides. His eyes were closed and he seemed almost to be meditating. I couldn’t resist studying him. His arms were thick and muscular and his chest was beautiful, with hair covering his pectoral muscles, lightly covering his well-defined abs and leading, out of sight, to a patch between his thighs. His whole body was perfectly proportioned. I kept wondering if he could hear me breathing. Perhaps, if he ended up seeing me, he would just assume I was a man and glance away.

At the same time that I was trying to protect my modesty, I was absorbing every sumptuous, muscular inch of my gym companion’s body. I was unable to resist. My heart began pounding even faster than it had when I’d been exercising. I couldn’t move, but I could feel my pussy getting wet. I tried to crane my neck, but I still couldn’t see what my friend had between his legs. Until, that is, something — I don’t know what — happened. His eyes closed, my unwitting companion must have been thinking happy thoughts indeed. There was something stirring between those powerful legs of his; first a glimpse of head, and then the full length of his shaft rising to attention. I had to dig my nails into the skin of my legs to keep from emitting a sound when I saw it. As thick as my wrist! At least, it appeared so. Long, and proud, like something brilliant and boastful entering a room, his penis just stood there, fully erect, while its owner took his steam bath motionless, his eyes still shut.

At last, he moved, and I almost died. While I was fixated on his meaty phallus, I hadn’t noticed how much the steam in the room had dissipated. If he but turned, there would be no way for him to miss me. Instead, he began to rub his thick, muscular legs, as if he was giving himself a sports massage. He kneaded the muscles with his fists and then rubbed the length of his legs with his palms. When he came up the side of his ass, his penis flopped back into view and, with one hand, he reached out and began to caress it.

Was I really seeing what I was seeing? Again, I was mortified and at the same time completely transfixed. Never in my life had I wanted so badly to take someone’s dick in my mouth. My jaw practically ached from the yearning. I wanted to run my tongue over the veiny, throbbing length of his shaft and swallow it whole, over and over again. I wanted him to fuck my face. I wanted, more than anything I’ve ever wanted, to feel the fast hot stream of cum slide down my throat in spasm after spasm.

I wanted to do everything dirty I had ever done, and more. I swear, if he had expressed an interest in fucking me in the ass at that moment, I wouldn’t have hesitated. I wouldn’t have denied him anything. It was perverse. I wanted to be obliterated by a stranger, by his size and his scent, his muscular arms and his massive, straining tool.

I didn’t even get the chance. Thinking better of himself, my companion waited for his penis to deflate a little, did a little stretch, and left the room.

The spell broken, I wasn’t quite sure what to do. I couldn’t simply go out with him, into the locker room and change clothes. I would have to wait him out, I supposed. I stood against the wall near the glass door and watched as he began to shower across the room. Taking a seat on the bench, I looked down to admire again the novelty of a completely bare pussy. It looked so . . . so wrong to me, so daring, so naughty. My pussy lips were protruding in a way that I had only ever see in porn, certainly not on myself. I had always been used to hair down there. It was almost as though this was someone else’s pussy. I put my hand to it. It was like I was touching someone else’s vagina.

Across the way, my companion was taking his time with his shower. I greedily eyed him through the glass as he washed down his legs. Every time he bent over, I could see the pendulous tip of his penis, the heavily-hanging balls that stretched like a soft, fleshy curtain above them, lowered between the beautiful cleft of his ass.

With his back to me, I could watch without fear of discovery. I began to pinch my nipples with my left hand, making them hard. My right hand was vigorously, uncontrollably massaging my pussy. I was brutal with myself. With both legs up and spread, I began to masturbate with a ferocity I didn’t even know I had. Pussy juice was dribbling out of my cunt, down the sides of my asshole. I used it as lubricant for my other hand to play with my asshole, first one finger in, then two; with the other hand rubbing my clit so hard I was afraid I would rub it off. I was so absorbed that I didn’t even notice that the shower had stopped running, my companion disappeared. All I could think about was pleasuring my cunt, delivering myself to a screaming orgasm.


I gasped. The door to the steam room had swung open.

“I’m so sorry! I . . . I didn’t know anyone was in here. I . . . Excuse me.”

I could have melted, my humiliation was so complete. With one hand practically buried in my vagina and the other fondling my asshole, I couldn’t exactly say, *wait, I can explain!* Nor could I swiftly extricate myself from the position I was in. He was standing in the doorway, hovering over me in his underwear, a pair of black briefs that bulged with the bundled up shaft I’d earlier gorged my eyes on.

I hugged my legs to my chest. “Is this . . .?”

“The men’s locker room?” he said. “I think it is. I’m so sorry. Could you do me a favor and hand me those sandals over there?”

They were right behind me. I reached over with one hand, while using the other to stay decent. I don’t know why I even bothered at this point.

He took the sandals and was about to leave. “My name’s Greg, by the way.” He held out his hand and smiled.

I was relieved. Grateful. He wasn’t going to be rude, or outraged, or even comment. “Amy,” I said, meekly.

“Amy, it’s . . . well, it’s really nice to meet you.” He made to leave again, but he turned back. “You, uh . . . you weren’t just . . . Never mind.”

Confronted, I began to babble. “Masturbating? Um, yes! Yes, actually! I was! But I don’t normally! I mean, I do sometimes, of course, everybody does. Masturbate, I mean. What I don’t do is, I don’t normally go into public steam rooms and . . . and you know! I swear to you I have never done this before. I . . . I don’t know what came over me.”

“It’s okay, please,” he said gently. “You don’t have to explain. I mean, for chrissake, I do it all the time.”

Shocked, I turned to him. “What?”

He was bewildered. “Huh?”

“You do it all the time?”

“Well, not all time, of course.”

“But you do it? In steam rooms?”

“No! No, never!” He laughed. “I was talking about masturbation.”

“Oh, Masturbation.”

“Yeah,” he said. “Only that.”

“I see.”

“Weird word.”

“What is?” I said.


We both stared at each other, as if we had both become simultaneously aware of the absurdity of the situation. Me, naked, with my knees against my boobs. Him, holding a pair of sandals while the length of his dick strained visibly against the edge of his tiny briefs.

Suddenly, he dropped the sandals. I raised my arms and pulled his briefs down, freeing his cock, his gorgeous cock, and feeding it to myself like a popsicle. I got to my knees in front of him and held onto his ass while he fucked my face. It was over quickly. “Oh God!” he moaned. I pushed him away and grabbed his pole with my fist and milked it manually. He came copiously over my face, my hair. I ran my tongue to the edge of my mouth and caught a dribble of cum and swallowed it.

“Some workout,” he said, breathing heavily.

“Watch the door for me,” I ordered him.

In the locker room, I toweled his cum from my face and dressed quickly, while he stood guard at the door, making sure nobody entered or exited while I changed. When I left, we didn’t exchange a word.

It’s Nick again. I recently found out I’m Bisexual. I discovered it by having two guys, Butch and Steve, catching me watch them have sex in the gym shower after hours one night. Since then I’ve been their little fuck toy every Wednesday night after our work out.

I’m 5’11″, tan, and in good shape. Steve is 6’6″, blonde, slender and athletic and Butch is also 6’6″ with red hair and the body of a professional body-builder (which he was).

One night after our Wednesday work out, we all headed to the showers to clean up and get to business fucking me.

Butch said to me with a kid’s grin, “Are you ready for a surprise, Nick?”

“What kind of surprise?,” I replied, somewhat puzzled.

“I won’t say until you’re sure you want it”, Butch said, his boyish grin getting bigger.

“I’m curious now”, I said, “I want to see this surprise.”

Steve led me over to one of the shower stations. They were the kind of showers the stood on metal columns in the shower room, each had four heads. He wrapped my hands around the column and Butch slapped handcuffs on my wrists so quickly that I didn’t even see it coming. I ended up on my hands and knees just to stay comfortable.

“What the fuck is this?!” I demanded to know.

“Get ready for your surprise, Bitch!”, Steve and Butch said in unison, with a glee in their voices that told they knew what was coming.

I was nervous, I’d never been trapped like this before. I looked over sand saw Butch sit down on the floor and spread his legs. Steve knelt down and proceeded to suck Butch’s monster cock. Despite my predicament, I couldn’t help getting a hard on watching those two studs going at it.

That’s when I noticed someone walking into the shower room. He was about 6’3″, his skin was as black as night and had a slight glistening quality to it. He had a smooth, bald head with hazel eyes. He was muscular, like a football player and completely naked. His cock was even more massive than Butch’s oversized tool. I had a feeling that this was my surprise.

“Adrian my man, what’s up?” Butch shouted.

“I’m here for my birthday present, and it looks like ya’ll didn’t even bother wrapping him up!” he yelled back.

“We’re just saving you some time,” Butch replied.

“I’m gonna love working this bitch over,” Adrian said gleefully.

He knelt down behind me and pushed the head of his cock against my anus. I was scared now, there was no way that was going into my ass without any lube. He pressed a little harder and I could feel my asshole give a little, painfully.

“I’m gonna fuck the shit out of you boy,” Adrian told me.

“Go ahead and fuck him now!” Butch cried with an evil joy.

“Yeah, fuck him he likes it rough,” Steve added, in between stroking Butch’s cock with his mouth.

Adrian pushed a little harder. I gasped at the thought of taking this black god fucking me dry. My asshole gave a little more and it hurt a little more.

That’s when he pulled away. He stood up next to me and presented his cock to me. He started slapping my face with that thick, uncut monster. It felt heavy as it pounded against my face.

“I can’t fuck you until you suck my cock Bitch!” Adrian demanded.

I opened my mouth and Adrian shoved his cock in to the hilt. I gagged as he held it at the back of my throat for a few seconds (that felt like minutes). He pulled out a little and then started slowly pumping my mouth as he grabbed my hair and used it as a handle to force my head back and forth to meet his strokes. The head of his cock always rested for a second deep in the back of my throat at the end of his stroke.

I had trouble breathing, it hurt when he pulled my hair, and I loved it! Butch and Steve had never fucked me like this.

Adrian started slapping my ass. It stung as he made contact repeatedly.

“Suck it Bitch!” he yelled.

I groaned as he pushed his cock deeper into my mouth.

Adrian started talking, I didn’t catch everything, but it was usually him telling me to suck his cock and telling me how much of bitch I was. He also continued spanking me with increasing force.

Adrian picked up the pace while he was fucking my mouth. He grabbed both sides of my head and pounded my face harder as his breathing picked up. I knew what was coming, he was going to shoot a load from that massive cock deep into my mouth. I couldn’t wait.

He started groaning and I could feel his dick twitch as he approached his climax. Finally, with one last groan, he pushed his cock deep in my throat as it started to shoot jets of cum down my throat. I loved the feel of that hot liquid forcing its way down my throat. There was so much that it gushed out of the side of my mouth and he finished pumping my mouth. I could hear Adrians groans and wails echo eerily in the ceramic shower room.

“Did you like that?” Adrian asked.

“Yes,” I said in a low meek tone.

“Are you sure motherfucker?!” Adrian screamed, “I can’t fucking here you!”

I nodded yes.

“If you liked it, I would have heard you scared, white ass!” Adrian continued as he slapped me.

“You had better pipe up,” Butch said, “He doesn’t like to feel unappreciated.”

“It was great! I love your cock and I want more,” I finally piped up with force.

“That’s more like it,” Adrian said as he knelt behind me.

I could see him lubing his cock up, then he reached a finger down to my ass to apply some grease. He rubbed my anus with his big index finger and finally pushed it all the way in. My ass gave way easily as he started finger-fucking my ass.

“I’m gonna like this tight ass boys!” Adrian said to our audience.

Butch had Steve flat on his back with his legs high in the air and was fucking him now. Steve was moaning while Butch pounded him hard. I knew how good Butch was and could tell Steve loved what Butch was giving him. I watched Butch’s cock slide in and out.

Adrian finally pulled his finger out and pressed his cock against my anus. It felt huge as he pushed his head in. I wiggled my ass around his cock-head and hear Adrian moan with pleasure. He pushed in more, inch by inch, slowly until he had the entire thing in my ass. It felt like it was going to shoot into my abdomen it was so big.

“Yeah, boy!” Adrian howled, “That is a tight ass!”

He started pumping my ass and went into a quick pace within seconds. He made sure to his entire length moved through my ass as he sped up. My shoulder was being beat into the shower column as he started fucking me hard, fast, and wild. He switched between moaning and making sure to tell me I was his bitch.

I looked over and Butch was still working Steve over. Pumping him fast and hard. Adrian grabbed my neck and held me in place as his ferocious fuck job continued. I was groaning and wiggling my ass around that huge, wonderful shaft. It seemed like his pace continued to pick up, even though it didn’t seem possible. He was a beast driving into my ass with a wild abandon. It was pain and ecstasy at the same time.

I glanced over and saw Butch and Steve stand up and walk to either side of my face and starting jerking off. Butch came first, exploding with white hot bullets of cum that splattered on my face and even hit Steve’s cock and belly. I reached over with my mouth and licked his head as the last jets of cum spurted slowly out of his cock and onto my chin. That’s when I felt Steve’s load hit my ear as I turned to face him. Ropes of thick cum splattered onto my face like a joyous milky shower. I licked up as much as I could as he slapped my mouth and chin with his depleted dick.

Adrian started fucking me harder at the sight of this and I was moaning loudly as I could feel my cock approaching it’s climax. Adrian’s cock was like a trigger as it pressed deep into my ass. I moaned and yelled as Adrian continued to assault my ass. My cock finally let go and dribbled cum right out onto the floor. I wanted to let go completely, but I had no control until Adrian drove his cock into me with so much force that it pushed me down off of my knees and my head hit the shower column. My cock let go and shot its whole load in about two or three spurts. I couldn’t believe he was able to do that as I fell chest first onto the floor.

Adrian didn’t stop fucking me either. He pressed his chest against my back and kept fucking. He started getting faster and shallower with his strokes. I knew he was ready to cum he finally let go with one last push deep into my ass and let go another massive load. It felt like he shot a hot stream through my body as his cock twitched and spurted in my ass.

Adrian rolled off of me. He was covered in sweat and his cock still looked hard.

“Damn, he’s the best fuck I’ve ever had,” he said.

“We told you so,” Butch added, “I take it we’ll see you next week?”

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