It wasn’t intentional. It was never supposed to happen. We’d known each other for eight years give or take. Certainly there was the friendly flirting and maybe, if I’m being completely honest, some of it skirted the razor’s line between appropriate and inappropriate; but the line was always there, the unspoken limit of where either of us was willing to take it.

I suppose that one venture into the taboo land would have been forgivable. But the line was obliterated; it was deconstructed in a way that would never allow for repair. I say that because it wasn’t simply crossed; we didn’t just stumble past the line, only to retreat to our previously safe ground, shocked and ashamed with ourselves at the realization of where we were suddenly standing. It was crossed with intent, whatever paltry hesitation shown by either of us was dismissed without a second thought; the overwhelming allures of our furtive affair clouding our minds and fueling our passion.

I suppose that’s why I’m committing this to the page, just my own pathetic attempt at justification and forgiveness. No, justification is wrong. There is no justification for what we did, for what I did. I guess I’m hoping that if I can put it down in print, not muddling it like I will when I confess in the spoken word, maybe then it will be a touch clearer and if there is any forgiveness to be found, this will help me earn it. Enough of my blathering; let my sordid confessions begin…

It was a sweltering July night. We’d thrown our annual summer party. There had been food and drink all day long and into the night. The pool was occupied starting at 10am until the last person gave it up for the night and left, which was usually well after midnight. It was about 11:30 and the bonfire was roaring. It didn’t matter if the temperature was already in the mid 80′s and humid; when we partied, we had a raging fire. Terri had opened a cooler to find the Sam Adam’s were out.

“Don’t worry,” I called out to her, “I’ll be back in a few with more. We have another couple of cases in the fridge in the garage.” I turned and walked away, a fresh trickle of sweat retreating from my auburn ponytail, down my neck and back, disappearing into my black tank top. Opening the garage door I flicked the lights on and walked to the refrigerator in back. I took out two twelve packs of Sam’s and set them on the counter to the right of the fridge. As I shut the door, the lights went out.

“Shit,” I barked into sudden blackness. Gathering my bearings I turned to grab the beer, planning to make my way through the well known garage in the darkness. As my hands came to rest on the beer, I felt two strong hands grip my waist.

“Aiyeee,” I yelped in surprise, guessing as my heart rate started to slow that my husband must have been the one to douse the lights in an effort to surprise me.

Gripping his wrists I turned to face him. “You could give a girl a heart attack that way,” I softly scolded him. He didn’t answer right away. My heart rate again began to climb as I realized the wrists I was gripping were familiar, but certainly not my husbands.

“You looked so good all day. It felt great to have you on my shoulders earlier in the pool,” returned the deep and silky voice of my cousin-in-law Roy. After lunch we had a game of chicken in the pool. The only caveat was that couples couldn’t be teams. Roy and I had kicked ass, toppling all the other couples until it was my husband Jim, and his partner Kara, one of our neighbors. It was a good battle. Kara inadvertently ripped my bikini top off in the beginning of the bout, but we had the last laugh when I dumped her from Jim’s shoulders.

“Roy, what are you doing?” I asked as he drew me towards him. He was standing so close I could feel his warm, beer scented breath on my face. My hands were still on his wrists and his hands were still locked on my waist, holding firm the small area of exposed skin between my tank top and my shorts.

“Your skin was like silk on my shoulders,” he muttered, pulling me tight against him.

I could feel his hard erection between us, pressing into me as he held me tightly against his body.

“Roy, I think you had a little too much sun today,” I replied, my lips so close to his I could almost taste him. My knees were starting to buckle under the intense sensuality of the moment. I knew it was wrong, that our history of risqué flirting was on the brink of becoming something else, but it felt so good.

“Tell me to stop Kirsten,” he said, a second before I felt his mouth on mine. This wasn’t a “happy birthday” kiss, which could maybe graze the lips when planted near the front of your cheek. This was a passionate, lust driven assault on my lips. I felt his tongue enter my mouth, forcefully seeking my own to duel with, and I gave it to him. As we kissed he undid the button on my cut-off shorts, allowing them to slide down to my ankles.

“Roy…I…please…” I moaned as his hands roamed my exposed ass.

“You what Kirsten? Please what?” he teased, his hands delicately kneading the globes of my ass.

“This is wrong,” I panted, wanting him to stop, and praying that he wouldn’t, “we can’t…”

“We can,” he insisted, his hands leaving me to unzip his own shorts.

In the darkness of the garage my lust grew enflamed. This Adonis like specimen of a man was standing before me, slowly stroking his steel like cock, tempting me with it.

“Put it away Roy…this is wrong and you know it…” I falsely pleaded. Standing before him with my shorts pooled around my ankles, and my tank top bunched just below my breasts I felt like a cheating whore, and it felt exhilarating.

Roy stepped in close again, his throbbing cock sandwiched between us, pressing into my exposed stomach. His strong hands again found my ass, pulling me against him.

“Just say the word Kirsten…just say no…”

“Roy I can’t,” I gasped breathlessly, “I just can’t…”

“You can’t what Kirsten?” he asked as his mouth found my neck, his tongue dabbing at the trickles of sweat.

I knew as the words left my mouth I was crossing that final line; that I had one last chance to do what was right, to be the better person, and I failed.

“I can’t say no…” I moaned.

As the words passed my lips he spun me around. I felt his left hand at my thong, sliding it aside as his right guided his member to my dripping sex. I was so wet that he slid right in, burying his full length into me in one strong push.

“Oh Roy!” I gasped as he entered me; my breath forced from my lungs by the pleasure of a dick that wasn’t my husbands.

His cock wasn’t as long as Jim’s, but it was thicker, and I felt every bit of it as he pushed himself into me fully. Roy grabbed my waist and began thrusting into me at a feverish pace. The sound of our sweaty skin slapping together mingled with our barely stifled grunts and moans created a sexual symphony of desire that, to this day, makes me wet when I think of it.

Reaching between my legs I found his heavy sack as it slapped against me. I massaged him gently as he plunged into me over and over. “I’m cumming,” I gasped after only a couple of minutes, “Oh fuck I’m cumming…”

Leaning into me he ran his hands under my tank top, pushing my bikini off my tits. I don’t know if it had ever come up before, or if maybe Jim had said something to him at some point, but Roy seemed to know the secret to getting me off again in a hurry. Whenever Jim wants to me to cum real hard, he takes me from behind until I orgasm. When I do, he takes hold of my breasts and rubs my nipples. When I cum they become ultra sensitive; to the point that Jim has made me cum simply by rubbing them after I orgasm with no vaginal stimulation at all. Somehow Roy seemed to know this, or else he got very lucky.

Grabbing my tank top I pulled it towards my mouth in an effort to give myself something to bite down on while trying not to scream in ecstasy. Through gritted teeth I moaned, hoping no one could hear me. “Cuuummmiiing,” was all I could manage before I began to see stars in front of my closed eyes.

Roy slid his member from my dripping pussy. I felt him guide it between my ass cheeks, instantly fearful he was going to try and slide it into my ass. With the proper amount of priming, I love a good ass fucking as much as the next girl. Anal orgasms can be more powerful than a pussy cum; but coming off of two mind altering orgasms and no anal foreplay was not the time for me to try and take a poke in the ass. My fears were instantly relieved when I heard him grunt and felt the splash of his hot seed on my exposed back.

With a gentle slap on my ass Roy said, “Don’t take too long, Terri still wants her Sam’s and we don’t want anyone looking for us.”

Then he was gone and I was alone in the dark, with my shorts around my ankles, and my cousin-in-law’s semen dripping down my back towards my ass crack. I had just cheated on my husband with his cousin, and I didn’t know how I felt. Well, to be fair, I knew, but I didn’t understand. I felt free. I felt like slut. I felt like a terrible wife. I felt like it was a one time thing. I prayed it would happen again, and soon. I wished it had never happened, and wished it was still happening.

Coming to my senses I pulled up my shorts. Pulling down my shirt I fled the scene of my infidelity and retreated to the sanctity of our house to clean myself up, and to work up an alibi in the event anyone asked why I was gone so long.

Within five minutes I was cleaned and walking back to the fire with the desired Sam Adam’s, armed with my excuse. It turned out it wasn’t needed; no one had even realized I was gone. Spying Roy on the other side of the fire, he gave me his devilish smile, and tipped his beer in my direction before returning his attention to the gorgeous blonde standing with him. My heart briefly stuttered in anxiety, certain everyone here knew we had fucked not ten minutes ago; I was wrong. The party raged on, I was in the clear. Putting the Sam’s in the cooler I snapped one open and sat in the shadows on the outskirts of the fire. Draining half the beer I thought, “What the hell have you done?”

The sunlight coming through the blinds was a flashlight from God searching for my adulterous soul, I was certain of this. I stumbled from bed with a glance at my alarm clock. It read 8:30 am; I had no clue how long I had been asleep for, but it wasn’t long enough. My head was throbbing; not solely from the copious amount of beer I had drank, but also with the heaviness of what I had done the night before with Roy. I knew I had to face the music and come clean on my indiscretion, but first I needed orange juice, and lots of it. I stumbled down the upstairs hallway wearing only Jim’s Margaritaville t-shirt; it barely falls below my ass and always results in an amazing bout of sex with Jim whenever he sees me in it. Sadly I don’t recall putting it on, going to bed, or having sex with Jim.

Staggering to the cabinet in the kitchen I reached up for a cup, exposing my ass to the world. Thankfully all of the guests from the previous evening had found their way home or at least out of our home, or so I thought.

“That’s a wonderful sight,” spoke Roy’s voice from behind me, “your boobs in the pool yesterday, and your ass in the kitchen today. Turn around so I can complete the peeping trifecta!”

I spun so quickly I sent the plastic cup sailing across the open space between us, happy I had wanted juice instead of coffee. “Cripes Roy, you scared the shit out of me,” I snarled with more anger than a simple scare deserved. Stepping behind the center island I demanded, “Where the hell is Jim?”

“He’s in the yard scoping out the clean up, want me to get him?”

“Why are you here?” I demanded, his mischievous smile draining most of the venom from my tone.

“After the night I had I wasn’t going to drive home, so I crashed on the couch a few hours ago,” he answered as he stooped to pick up my cup. “You were pretty exhausted last night and must have fallen asleep by the fire around 1am or so. Jim brought you in and put you to bed, and we finally chased everyone out of here by 3 or so. We both were wired, so we played some Black Ops until we were ready to pass out around 5am.”

I am incredibly envious of Jim and Roy’s ability to party hard, sleep little, and show no signs of it the next day. They probably each drank two or three times as much as I did, and they only got about three hours of sleep, yet they were up and wide eyed scoping out the clean up already. Me, I had closer to seven and half hours of sleep, and felt like I had ten pounds of cotton balls jammed into my head.

“Hey honey,” Jim said as he entered the kitchen, “I was just talking with Roy and figured we could all use some breakfast before we start cleaning up. I was gonna grab some breakfast sandwiches from Dunkin’s, sound good?”

He sidled up to me and drew me into his arms and kissed me. God I love this man, I thought. “Yeah, can you grab a gallon or two of coffee too?” I asked, holding him as he held me.

Jim handed Roy forty bucks, “Grab six sandwiches and four extra large coffees, she’ll have to kill two of them before she can face the day. But don’t worry about the clean up, it’s not too bad. Roy and I will take care of it. You got the day off.”

Kissing him I said, “I need a hot shower too. I smell like chlorine and sweat.”

“You smell like heaven to me babe,” he said letting me go. Patting me on the bare ass he turned to Roy and said, “Come with me and let me know what you think about something.”

Before following Jim, Roy handed me my cup and fired his trademark wink at me, melting the last bit of anger for him I had. Yet there was still a knot in my stomach. The previous night’s adultery hung over my head like an impending thunderstorm from hell, but I was confident that my marriage was strong enough to survive. I poured myself a glass of orange juice then padded off to the shower, happy to know that my life would soon be on track back to normal. How wrong I was.

Returning to my bedroom, I went to the master bath and started the shower. I knew a near scalding shower would be the first step towards righting my day. Entering my bedroom, I selected my outfit for the day: a short pair of grey sweat shorts and a navy v-neck tank top. Underneath I would wear my emerald green bikini, Jim’s favorite. I knew I’d be sun bathing and swimming before the day was over. I peeled off my night shirt and went to the hallway closet to get a towel; tossing it over the shower curtain bar my heart nearly leapt from my chest at the sound of Roy’s voice.

“Again with the ass, when are you gonna show me the goods?”

Startled I pulled the towel down and held it in front of my naked body defensively. “What the fuck is wrong with you?” I barked at him as I tried to cover myself with the towel, “and where the hell is Jim, I thought you were going for breakfast?”

“Someone got a little rowdy last night,” he said stepping into the bathroom, “the fence at the back of the yard is damaged, and so is the side of the shed. Jim went to Home Depot to get what we need to fix it, then to get breakfast. I told him I’d give him a hand and start in the yard.”

He unbuttoned his Hawaiian shirt and dropped it on the floor as he approached me. Stopping in front of me at arms length he stepped out of his sneakers, dropped his shorts and boxers to his ankles and stepped out of them towards me. Grabbing my towel in his left hand he gently pulled it away and piled it with his shorts, I didn’t resist. Standing in front of him naked, a tremor ran through me. Not from fear, but from anticipation. I knew in that moment that the idea of our tryst being a one time affair was nothing more than a fleeting whimsy of my own creation. Our history of flirtation and dancing on the uncrossable line had produced a store house filled with embers of desire; a store house that was about to erupt in the flames of unbridled lust.

Roy took me in his arms and brought us a step closer to the shower. I could feel his semi erect member against my inner thigh, and hoped that it wouldn’t be long before I felt it deep within me again.

“How long until Jim is back,” I growled huskily, my right hand now stroking his growing cock.

“The quickest I would expect him back would be an hour and a half,” he replied before his mouth fell to my breasts, nibbling my hard nipples.

Stepping back from him I entered the shower, and went to my knees. I didn’t have to wait two seconds before his thick cock was bobbing in front of my waiting lips. Gripping his shaft with my right hand I was shocked to realize that when he was fully erect I couldn’t get my fingers to touch. I stroked him gently a few times before my desire to tease him was overcome by my own need to taste him. Licking my lips, I formed an O with them and slid his dick into my mouth until my chin met his balls. He stretched my jaw, but I wanted to be sure that this would be a blow job he would never forget. Swirling my tongue around his cock I began bobbing my head while working him with my hand.

“Oh Kirsten, that’s too much…I’m gonna bust a nut already,” he pleaded with me as I devoured his thick cock. I gave him a blow job unlike any I’d ever given before, fighting through the ache in my jaw. Within minutes I could feel his cock tensing as his imminent eruption drew closer. Sensing the time was right I removed my mouth with an audible pop and slid my hand rapidly along his saliva slickened shaft. With a roar he came, painting my tits with spurt after spurt of his warm and sticky semen.

“Holy shit,” was all Roy could manage as he braced himself against the shower walls. “Kirsten that was unreal,” he gasped. Smiling at him from my knees I slowly jerked his softening cock in the hopes of bringing it back to life.

“How quickly can you get hard again,” I asked, hoping my desire to get him off with my mouth didn’t spoil my chance at feeling him impale me with his thick cock.

“Give me five or ten minutes,” he replied guiding me up from my knees. Taking the shower pouf, he began the process of washing me. The feeling of someone other than Jim doing this was both dangerously erotic, and gut wrenchingly awful at the same time. It was then that I seemed to understand that the more I partook in these taboo carnal offerings the less power the guilt would have, and this dismayed me some; but not enough to stop.

His strong calloused hands gently worked my skin, removing the scent of the previous day. I lost myself in the gentle cleansing, my lust momentarily sated by the pampering I was getting. I felt a shiver run down my spine as his fingers worked my hair into lather and massaged my scalp. I moaned as he slid his hand between the cheeks of my ass, delicately washing me while softly poking at my back door. His hands roamed freely over my body, washing every curve and leaving not and inch untouched. I felt giddy with forbidden pleasure as he guided me back into the hot spray of the shower to rinse my hair and body of the bubbly dress he had covered me in. My excitement returned as my naked body was slowly revealed to him. Despite the warmth of the water cascading down my body, my nipples grew hard in anticipation.

Standing under the spray with my eyes closed I ran my hands down his chest, savoring the feel of his rippled six pack. Passing through his pubic hair I found his dick to be hard and ready. With both hands I stroked him, delighting in the feel of his thick cock in my hands, reveling in the adrenaline rush our affair was providing.

Roy reached past me and shut off the shower. I could feel the sexual tension rising. The heat and wetness between my legs grew as the moment of satisfaction drew closer. He toweled me off, then himself. I took his hand and led him to my bed; to our bed, my and Jim’s bed. I crawled to the middle in the most feline and erotic way I could, arching my body and stretching my limbs in an effort to excite him more.

Jason had been depressed for three months when he asked to stay with his cousin Duncan. The actual boundary of his depression was as likely three years as three months but with the fluidity that emotions can ebb and flow the numbers were immaterial.

As soon as Jason got there he felt better.

Jason and Duncan had grown up together, cousins born only months apart, they were best friends much of their youths, and had only lost that closeness after University. From time to time they made efforts to see each other and meet lovers, wives and eventually Duncan’s children.

The moment Shelby, Duncan’s first born, was placed in his arms Jason loved her.

Years passed and life got busier for both of them, but much more successful for Duncan. Jason had terrible luck and began to avoid Duncan and his wonderful life. Occasionally, in good times, Jason would come around and spend time with Duncan and his family, and spending time with Shelby was great, but in the end Jason would drift away saddened by his lack and Duncan’s gain.

A failed marriage brought Jason to his lowest point. He struggled to find meaning in an affectionless union and when he asked her to leave he felt dejected by how easy she found it to do so.

A long time passed and then in despair Jason went to a therapist who diagnosed him as depressive.

Now with some medication and a reason why he felt so awful Jason tried to dig his way back. Eventually he thought to ask Duncan for help. Duncan agreed that should Jason move in for a while to get his feet under him again.

Jason was so relieved that Duncan accepted, Jason’s pride in no danger beaten down as it was.

The family embraced Jason like a long lost dog. They hugged him and gushed over him and Jason felt a pang of guilt as he enjoyed hugging the now grown and beautiful Shelby.

Shelby was eighteen and preparing to go off to university and she was a sexy young woman. Jason recalled some great times he had had with young women in his first year of university and the mingling of those memories and how attractive Shelby was had him trembling with passion by the time she ended her hug with him.

Jason was able to gain control of himself, but he basked in the glow of the family for the evening, yet he never quite shook the powerful desire than had awakened in him for his second cousin. His depression had left him with no libido for some time and this first glimpse of arousal after so long without had him quite flustered.

Jason settled in and began rebuilding his life. Jason brokered a deal with himself to get at least three hours of work done a day. It wasn’t much, but he needed to agree to that much just so he wouldn’t sink into an emotional pit once more. Jason worked from home as a document translator. His French was superb as his ex-wife was from Quebec. Jason worked away in his room and tried to stay sane.

There were six of them living in the house, Duncan, his wife Nen, Shelby and her two younger siblings Derrick and Evan who were eleven and fourteen. The house was rarely quiet, but every one of them had some sort of extracurricular activities that they engaged in, so they were never all there, but usually one of them was. By the end of the week Jason was getting a bit claustrophobic.

In the evening Jason took to sitting in the dark on the little balcony he had overlooking the family pool and kid’s clubhouse. He would sit quietly up there and work on being happy, to varying degrees of success.

In was on one of these evening when he had been out there a long time when Shelby and a young man came out into the pool area. They splashed around and Jason got quite engaged in watching his nubile young cousin frolic in her tiny bikini.

Shelby was a sweet girl, with a great, positive attitude. She was bright and effervescent and as fit as a fiddle. Her body was tight and perky and suited her personality perfectly. Jason was getting horny just watching her in the shimmering light on the pool that spilled out from the back porch light.

She and her friend were playful and giggly, but it was clear that he was more interested in her than she was in him. He was obviously trying to get into her pants, but she was resisting cutely. Not teasing him, but trying to discourage him gently.

“C’mon Shelb, feel how hard I am.”

“Thanks, but no.”

“No? No?! That isn’t fair, you’re the one getting me so hard.”

“Getting you hard is one thing, getting you off is something else. My little brothers swim in this pool. And one of my family could come home any minute.”

“Then stop making me wait, and do it quickly.”

“Yeah, it doesn’t take you long.”

“What? Come on, I was excited, I’ll do better this time.”

“I said no.”

“Shelby. Look, let me get you off then, that will be fair right? I’ll go down on you. Tit for tat.” The kid moved in close to her, pressing her to the pool’s side and kissed her on the mouth. Jason leaned forward to see if she were resisting and she wasn’t. Her legs wrapped around him and her arms caressed his face as she kissed him back.

The two of them were about ten feet from Jason, four or so feet down, five out, leaning onto the wall that ran along the left side of the pool. From where Jason was he could have stood on the rail and jumped into the pool. The boys did it regularly. The two kissing kids might see him at any time.

And yet he didn’t move, Jason was transfixed by his little cousin’s sexy body and her seductive make-out right in front of him. Where their bodies disappeared below the water Jason could only make out foreshortened limbs thrashing around with the ripples on the surface of the water, but above the waterline the boy’s hands cupped her breasts and their mouth’s devoured one another.

The boy tried to get inside her top but she pushed his hands away.

“What if someone’s home?” Shelby whispered, but Jason could still hear her.

“We were inside for half an hour or more. Somebody would have moved.”

“My cousin can be pretty quiet…”

They turned and looked at the house, she looked right at where Jason was sitting almost invisible in the gloom. The two cousins made eye contact and Jason just looked back, pinned by her beautiful eyes. The kid looked around seeing no-one. Shelby smiled looking at Jason. It was a smile for herself, not for him, it barely moved her soft lips, but her eyes lit up with some secret joy at seeing Jason.

“He isn’t here. Come on.”

Shelby pushed him back and kissed him on the mouth quickly then heaved out of the water backwards, to sit on the edge of the pool, her legs wide.

“Okay, but I’m first this time.”

Then Shelby lay back on the cement of the pool pad and pulled her bottoms off revealing her pussy to both the eagerly watching men. As she placed the wet material close to the edge of the pool, within reach, she looked back up at Jason and smiled again. A tiny, tight lipped smile that spoke of shyness and guilt, but pleasure too.

Shelby’s pussy had a light coating of hair on it, well groomed and short enough to see through, her lips pale under the darker hair. She scooched her butt forward and opened her legs wider giving the boy access to her sex.

It was an embarrassing but necessary position to allow him room to get his head between her thighs but Shelby looked ashamed and she looked up some more at Jason, placing one hand on the kid’s head and pressing him into her pussy.

She began to gasp as his mouth tasted her lips and she held eye contact with her much older cousin, her brows squeezed together in a questioning face, her mouth an “oh” of pleasure.

Jason was almost the exact age of her father, and he had no idea why she was letting him watch her like this, but he was loving it and he stood up to show her he was honouring her gift.

Opening his house-coat Jason pulled out his hard cock from his pajama bottoms and he began to masturbate for Shelby. She smiled gratefully. She seemed relieved that he was not angry with her. Shelby began to use one hand to squeeze her breasts through her bathing suit top, her ragged breathe loud in the rare quiet of the house.

Writhing under the kid’s apparently expert ministrations Shelby moaned and her flat stomach tensed and undulated as she thrust her hips out at the kid’s mouth. Watching Jason’s cock she licked her lips and pulled her bikini top aside revealing her hard pink nipples. Tugging on her hard points of flesh Shelby teased herself and thrust her cunt up to the boy’s face, clearly getting close to an orgasm. She lifted her legs high and wide exposing more of herself to Jason who stood jacking off over her.

The kid began to shove his finger in and out of her slit and Shelby whimpered and sighed as her body urged her over the edge of her orgasm.

The kid took his other hand from the edge of the pool and grabbed her breast and kneaded it, making her tense up and curl in over him, her body shuddering over the brink of her bliss. A long low moan oozed out of her throat and Shelby went rigid as she climaxed on the pool edge.

There was a frozen eternity while Shelby remained still, her body quivering slightly, then she gasped a ragged breath and started to shake violently, her body quaking with passion as she climaxed, her face a frozen mask of extremity, the adorable features mature and innocent all at once.

Jason stroked himself hard, up and down, watching his cousin’s daughter orgasm below him. She gasped again, then again and then she started to breath regularly, her heaving chest bright red and blotchy from her climax.

Shelby flopped back onto the cement, her lithe frame splayed out and shuddering with little currents of electric pleasure. The hand that had held the kid to her opening was now stroking his hair as he kissed all around her pussy without touching her sensitive clit.

Tremors shook her every so often and she looked up at Jason and smiled gratefully, as if he were the one who has gone down on her.

When the kid had kissed her skin as far as he could reach from in the water he jumped out, cascading water all along her feverish body cooling her and making her gasp. They kissed hard for a few moments him pressing down onto her from above.

Jason sat back down out of sight and continued to jack off, but slower and more restrained. Banking the fire in his loins so as to see what came next.

Shelby pushed the guy off and scrambled up. “Wait there.” She whispered and ran, naked save for her bikini top which was pushed off her small breasts, to a deck chair, an upright, not a lounger. She brought it over to the guy and sat him in it angled so that he was below Jason looking the other way. They were still close to the water and could jump in if need be, but she had given Jason a perfect view to watch her suck the kid’s cock, which she proceeded to do.

Pulling his trunks down he sat in the chair and Shelby knelt before him happily. She took his cock in her hand and looked up into his eyes and licked his knob. He groaned loudly and Shelby glanced past his head into Jason’s eyes where he now stood once more above them, his cock in plain view to her past the boy’s head.

Shelby began to hungrily suck the kids cock. She clearly loved doing so, her lips caressed his knob and she took him into her mouth licking and suckling him seductively, but not teasingly. She sucked with intent. She was there to get him off, not play around.

The dude stroked her cheek and hair while she drooled over his cock and Jason stood above stroking himself to the same rhythm that Shelby sucked.

Jason was in his early forties and depressed, so the kid got off before Jason.

Shelby stroked the kid with both hands and suckled his knob while the kid grunted in a high helpless voice as his cum jetting into her mouth, filling her face with sperm as she swallowed as quickly as his load flowed into her.

When he could take no more the kid slumped back in the chair and Shelby let his cock flop out of her mouth. She licked her lips and stroked him gently easing him back from his passion. She kissed his balls, seeming to thank them for her treat and then sat back on her haunches and pinned Jason with her eyes, holding the stare for a moment and then shivering.

Shaking like someone waking from a daydream Shelby said, “Go get dressed, leave the trunks in my bathroom. I’m going to clean up out here.”

“Okay. Thanks Shelby. You’re the best.”

“Yeah yeah. ” she said sounding falsely weary of his bullshit.

The kid scampered naked into the house, trailing wet footprints and drops of water, his still hard cock bobbing out in front.

Shelby meanwhile stood up and stepped up on the deck chair, her face now half way up the open rails of the balcony. Reaching through the wide gap she took hold of Jason’s cock and pulled it to her mouth.

Taking him in her warmth, enveloping his hot, dry shaft, she soothed the skin chaffed from prolonged masturbation.

Her mouth was wet and warm and full of saliva and sperm, the warm thick mix seductive and unseemly. With the same intent, focused and seductive quality Shelby sucked Jason through the slats of the balcony and tickled his balls with her hands.

Reaching over the railing Jason stroked her hair and then her cheek, feeling where his cock filled her face. He humped into her mouth over and over, his balls tight and ready to spill into her. She ran her tongue all over his knob and along his shaft milking him for his cum.

Giving in to the sordid sleaze of fucking a girl he had known all her life he shot his load over her tongue bathing her mouth in his jism. Jets of sperm sprayed her mouth and he gripped the railing in both hands holding on for dear life.

At last his climax ended and Shelby squeezed every drop from his tool then kissed his tip and climbed down.

The young woman pulled on her bottoms and adjusted her top to cover her breasts and she put the chair back where it had been. Looking around to make sure all was well she looked up at Jason standing on his balcony with his open robe showing his softened member she smiled and said very quietly “Goodnight Jason.”

And slipped inside.

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