I hope that both men and women who read this article do find something useful within it. This is a strong topic for some and I do hope you prepare yourself for the details within before reading the article. Only adults over the age of 18 are allowed to read this article. Please enjoy, vote, and feel free to comment. I look forward to your feedback!

This article is mainly from the aspect of the couple being male with female but even if that is not the case you might gain something from the article.

Anal is the most longed for forms of sex yet the most unwanted. Contradiction in terms you are thinking? Maybe so, but alas it is true.

A really high percentage of all men I have ever known and/or discussed sex with has expressed either their love for anal or their longing to find a woman that will allow them to try.

An equally high percentage of women that I have spoken to regret having anal sex or dread it when it happens. And generally seem to only do it to hold onto the man in their life to keep him from wandering or maybe just feel it is their duty to please their mate.

Although it would appear that the majority of women don’t care for anal while the men love it. I have seen a few cases of ladies that love anal while some men find anal sex with women to be unattractive and a turn off.

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First of all people should understand that anal can be and usually is very painful especially if it is not done often. The thicker the cock the more painful it can be.

One of the most important things to remember is sex is more enjoyable for most people with lots of foreplay. Foreplay comes in many forms from licking to tickling etc. Anything that can be done prior to penetration that feels erotic and makes your desire level rise could be seen as foreplay.

I would recommend a minimum of 20 minutes of foreplay for women depending on her sensitivity and her partner’s ability to accomplish bringing her to the edge and back for an overpowering orgasm she will never forget.

If you can rock a woman’s world with the ultimate orgasm before you begin things will be much easier for you and much more pleasurable for her. You should be using your foreplay time to prepare your partner for anal later.

The basics have to include lube and preferably natural juices from your partner and yourself. Pre-cum is an excellent lube if he can produce enough to cover his cock.

No offense ladies but just because you are wet doesn’t mean it’s a good wet. There is wet from being turned on and all but when you cum it has a different texture. It is thicker and allows for a nice smooth less painful entry if you can cum enough for him to use this as lube.

And let me tell you gentlemen something about using other forms of natural lube such as spitting or some form of saliva. Spitting may work for you but mostly it doesn’t work for the ladies/men that receive.

There are many types of oils/lubes available that you can purchase for many uses but you must be considerate when you use these. Not all of them feel natural and most dry out so to speak fairly fast.

Lube is good for getting you in but what about after? Friction causes drying out or off however you look at it and then it becomes painful sometimes. Keep the lube handy so you can re-apply often.

Now that all sounded very technical didn’t it? So lets try to put that together in a sort of how to section here.

We are skipping the how you get to the bedroom with the hugging and kissing and all and getting to the actual business at hand.

Make sure she is comfortable and in an easy access position like doggy for instance. The tricky part of anal is getting in her without too much pain. The more pain she has the harder achieving your goal is.

If you use enough lube and preparation you should be able to do this part with little trouble. You should place the head of your cock to the rim of her hole. Don’t just shove it in that just makes it hurt. Let her be the one to do the work at this point.

She should slowly and at a pace she is comfortable with ease the cock in her. Doggy works well for this because you can hold steady while she pushes into you applying just the pressure she needs to inch your cock into her.

You might re-apply lube from time to time until she is ready for you to fill her up and fuck her. Take your time you have as long as you need. Work on your stamina! Remember that pussy juices are the best. If you reach around and get your fingers/hand wet with her pussy you are bound to stimulate her which has an effect on the position of your cock. Make sure you hold your place though.

Just enough pressure to keep your cock where it is and let her continue to push back into you. You can use one hand in her pussy while the other on her hip, thigh, or shoulder to pull her into you.

Working the head in and almost out but not all the way out is a good way to get deeper with less pain. In a short time you should find yourself enjoying anal.

If she is still in pain you should try giving her pussy and/or nipples much needed affection. Kissing is a very good distraction as well. Keep it wet and keep her cumming and you should both love this adventure.

If you have any questions and or comments feel free to post them in the comments section and/or send me a feedback note. I try to respond to everyone good or bad. I hope you enjoy your playing this out. Please vote! Thank you.

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