“Cassie! Over here.” Cassie looked to her left as she entered the big warehouse and spotted Belinda waving her down. She changed course and joined her friend. “Glad you could make it today. We’re almost ready to put the props up in the theater, this year’s production of Cyrano de Bergerac is going to be the best production we do all year!” Belinda said enthusiastically.

“You know I’d be here, when do I not show up?” Cassie replied.

“Just keep her away from the paint this time.” Dominic, one of the carpenters teased as he walked by. Cassie gave him a glare but he smiled.

“You can’t blame him for that, he was the one who had to clean up your spill.” Belinda reminded her.

“I know and I said I’m sorry. I didn’t realize the can was that heavy, it slipped through my fingers.” She tried to defend herself.

“Well, we’re in need of painters plus a little sewing for the costumes, we’ve got to make some last minute adjustments. Can you help?”

“You know I can.” Cassie said enthusiastically and they sat down together to let out Mr. Henderson’s pants. “He’s gotten so big so fast.”

“Rumor is he’s doing Henry the Eighth this summer down in Los Angeles and he’s taking no chances. He’s out to gain another hundred pounds.” Belinda reported.

“My God! He’s a fanatic, I couldn’t do that.” Cassie said. She was 18, young and pretty with the physical build of an active teenager so the idea of her gaining two hundred pounds to play a monarch was very funny to Belinda. “What’s so funny?” Cassie asked.

“Nothing dear. It’s just that when it comes to working in productions like these it’s about taking that extra step to ensure the best possible scene. Mr. Henderson is doing just that and he says when he’s done he’s going to lose it all, right back down to his weight before he got the part.” Cassie gasped. That was a lot of dedication and Cassie wondered if she had that kind of determination in her.

They went back to work on the seams of Mr. Henderson’s pants but she couldn’t help give the man furtive glances, watching him work and she noticed that despite his heavy weight, he was working hard. They weren’t doing rehearsals yet, this was all stage work but here he was, one of the main actors with real talent and he was working right alongside the stagehands.

Cassie admired that. She finished up with his pants then grabbed a paintbrush. Dominic appeared out of nowhere. “Keep a firm grip on that brush, girl.” He teased but disappeared before Cassie could shoot back a retort. Jim, the Art Director stepped over and showed her where to paint.

She endured some hooting and a few cheers but her lapse of judgment last weekend wasn’t going to keep her from helping out, she’d learned her lesson. She helped fill in a backdrop then stained some wood for Dominic over by the saw horses.

She didn’t want to do too much painting because she wasn’t dressed for it. She was planning on going to the mall to meet friends after work. Tommy was supposed to be there and she’d been trying to catch his eye for weeks so she’d dressed in a short flowery red skirt that showed a generous amount of leg. She coupled that with a white shirt that fit her snugly under the breasts to accentuate them. She’d hook him in and make him sorry he hadn’t noticed her earlier.

“Cassie.” She heard her name and turned to see Mr. Strauss, the woodworker calling for her.

“Yes Mr. Strauss?” She called out as she put her brush down. Mr. Strauss had been her shop instructor at school and she felt like she was stepping back into class instead of standing in a theater. She had graduated High School but she couldn’t help seeing Mr. Strauss as the authority figure.

“I’ve finished fixing up the stocks after the locking mechanism broke. I’ve repaired it but Lynn isn’t here to test it on. You’re about her height so if you wouldn’t mind, could I borrow you for a moment?” He said and she gave him a warm smile. She remembered not being very good at woodworking in school but he’d passed her with an A.

“I’d be glad to help.” She replied brightly. He gave her a smile and returned to his work. The stock was built sturdy, looking more functional than cosmetic. The wood was thick and strong with a base standing about four and a half feet high. On one end the hinges looked thick enough to lock a bank vault.

The scene called for Lynn to be locked in it and struggle to get out when the Spanish attacked but on her first try Lynn had broken the locking mechanism apart. Mr. Strauss had made it so that it would come apart easily and give some mental comfort to the poor girl but it couldn’t survive the stress so the Director had ordered a real locking mechanism with a stage hand whose sole purpose was to let her out if she cried foul.

Mr. Strauss joined four friends standing there admiring his handy work but they all gave time to smile at Cassie. “John. That is a fine piece of work. What are you going to do with it when the production is over?” Raymond the Assistant Director asked.

“No plans I’m afraid. It’s a very good piece so I suppose I’ll keep it but what use do I have for it?” Mr. Strauss replied.

“Use it on your students. Failing grades? Step up here.” Christian said. Cassie nearly blushed when she realized that she was calling him Christian after the part he was playing, she didn’t know his real name. The others all laughed and Mr. Strauss looked down to Cassie.

“If you’d please step up and put your arms and neck in the proper spots.” She did as she was told, having to bend over to fit. Mr. Strauss put the upper board down over her and locked it in place. “Notice the large button at the end of the board. It will pop the lock and free the girl instantly, no key necessary.” He said proudly.

“Anyone can use it.” Charles, an actor playing a count remarked.

“Except the girl.” Jason, one of the Carpenters pointed out as he walked up. He put his fist against Cassie’s then looked at her wrists. “The holes for her arms and neck are pretty small.”

“Yes. To save space I made the stock with the girl in mind. A man is too big to fit in the stocks but a girl is securely restrained.” Mr. Strauss said.

“Sexy.” Jason said looking at Cassie. She blushed slightly but was pretty sure it was hidden by her hair as it fell forward across her face. She should have put her hair up but she didn’t want to chance it becoming unruly before Tommy had seen her.

“I second that.” Nicholas, one of the Spanish soldiers said from behind her.

“What are you men staring at?” Belinda said as she came floating by. She stopped in front of Cassie. “You’re skirt’s a little short to be locked up like that. They can see your panties.” She warned.

“It’s okay.” Cassie replied. “If I don’t test the stocks Lynn could break it during a performance. We’re too close to opening night.” She pointed out.

“If you think that’s best.” Belinda said. Cassie could only think of Mr. Henderson and his sacrifices. So what if some guys could see her panties for a few minutes? Mr. Henderson was going to spend months working off that weight. Belinda looked up at the six men gathered round. “I’ll be watching you, no funny stuff.” She huffed then walked off.

The men watched her go and the conversation became more subdued. It was like the men were lost in their own thoughts and Cassie began to wonder just how long she was going to be stuck there. Suddenly Mr. Strauss seemed to come out of his thoughts. “Cassie, why don’t you try to get out of the stocks, as hard as you can. We’re going to withdraw for a bit so Belinda doesn’t think we’re taking advantage of the situation.” He said and she watched the six men walk off, all of them talking about stocks, restraint, pretty girls and flowery panties. She was wearing flowery panties and she knew they were talking about her panties. She felt her face flush hotly.

She began to struggle, trying to lift the beam off her but she heard the mechanism lock against her efforts, she tried slipping her hands through the openings but no matter how small she made her hands, they wouldn’t slip through. She was stuck. She wasn’t strong enough to lift the stocks off its base to turn it onto its side and she couldn’t reach the button.

“Okay Mr. Strauss. I can’t get out, it’s pretty solid.” She called out. Mr. Strauss came back over with Nicholas and Christian in tow.

“Solid enough?” Mr. Strauss asked.

“I think so.” Cassie said but Mr. Strauss started looking at the lock and hinge, keeping her locked up in the meantime. She watched him and wished she could just get out, especially after Christian walked behind her.

“I can see why they used these stocks.” Cassie felt Christian put his hand on her ass, a quick movement to cup her butt and by the time she could gasp in surprise Christian was moving innocently towards the front. When he came into view she could see the dark look in his eyes. “Cassie’s been a bad girl.”

“You mean the paint can?” Nicholas asked. Christian nodded.

“We should leave her locked up as punishment.” Christian said and some of the stage hands nearby laughed at hearing it. Cassie struggled a bit as she panicked but Mr. Strauss just stepped back and stared at the mechanisms as she struggled to see if they held.

“Do that again.” He commanded and she all too gladly struggled. She couldn’t get free and it was strange that she was really trying to get free while Mr. Strauss watched his stock to see if it worked right. “I think that’s a good idea. She needs to be punished.” He looked at her. “And she should do her best to get out of them. Nothing’s unfair but don’t try to lift stocks off the floor. It’s too heavy for you.”

She didn’t know what to say to that but Mr. Strauss didn’t give her a chance, turning on his heel and walking away, both companions in tow. She struggled for a bit but nothing had changed, she was a prisoner.

She couldn’t believe she was stuck like this, knowing her panties were showing made her feel vulnerable but it was Christian’s reaction that really sparked something inside her. If only Tommy would look at her that way. Boys were too fickle and stupid, it took them forever to see the hints and if they did, they came on too strong. She felt helpless and in a way it turned her on.

After some time had passed Belinda floated over to check on her. “How are you doing Hon? You want out?” Cassie glanced over to the guys huddle together talking quietly and occasionally sparing her glances. They’d been busy talking since she’d been locked up, giving up any pretext at working.

“I don’t think I’m doing any good like this anymore, am I?”

“Other than exciting every guy in the building?” Belinda asked.

“I didn’t mean to. I’m going to the mall after this and I just wanted Tommy to notice me. I wasn’t going to bend over at the mall.” Belinda eyed her. “Well maybe, if Tommy was the only one watching. But I want him to like me!” She said and Belinda gave her a pat.

“Let’s test the mechanism out, the boys have had their fun.” Belinda said as she pushed the button. The lock sprung loose and the upper beam unlatched but Belinda struggled a bit to get the beam up. Mr. Strauss rushed over to help.

“Are you having a problem lifting the weight or is the lock stuck?” He asked quickly, his attention focused on the mechanism in single minded determination.

“The lock is stuck I think.” Belinda said as she tried to lift once again.

“Hold the button down.” Mr. Strauss ordered and Belinda complied as he lifted the upper beam away. “It seems we’ve got a glitch.” He looked at Cassie. “Thank you for your help. I may need you later if that’s okay.” He said as Cassie quickly stepped back out of the contraption. She rubbed at her wrists then gave him a nervous smile.

She wanted to help but being stuck like that made her nervous. She’d been bombarded by thoughts and feelings. The more helpless she’d felt the more excited. Still, if Mr. Henderson could make sacrifices, so could she.

“Sure Mr. Strauss. There’s no one else who can do it anyways.” She looked around but it was already late afternoon and people were going home. She’d been locked up for over an hour. Cassie followed Belinda back over to the costumes and helped make some minor adjustments to a few costumes. “I can’t stay forever if I’m going to the mall.” She pointed out suddenly.

She was torn. She wanted Tommy to see her, but she didn’t want to let Jim down. “It’s all about boys at your age.” Belinda commented. “Just be careful what you wish for. You might get it.” They laughed at that as they kept working.

Cassie needed to darn Christian’s socks. The man was constantly moving and she took a glance in his direction. He was moving back from one cue mark to the next, memorizing distances so that he’d know just about how far he needed to go when he moved.

Mr. Strauss was working away at his locking mechanism, his face so close to it, Cassie was surprised he could see straight. She saw Dominic pack up his gear then leave for the day. Jim walked back over and put his hand on Cassie’s shoulder. “Hey, I don’t know when you were going to call it a night, most people have already left but I need that backdrop painted for Act II. Do you think you can stay and help?” He asked.

“I don’t know, I was planning on going to the mall.” Cassie admitted.

“I’m sorry to ask but I’d do it myself if I could. Brian has a soccer game starting in ten minutes. I’m going to be late as it is.” He looked worried, no one wanted to do the painting, not everyone had talent for the brush. Cassie really wanted to see Tommy but there was no guarantees he’d even notice her. They needed her here.

“Okay. I can do it.” Jim smiled brightly.

“Thanks Cassie, I knew I could count on you. You can leave the paint where it is, just put the top on and I’ll clean up in the morning. I’ve got to go.” He walked away quickly and Cassie noticed only four or five people remained in the place.

“Everyone’s going home for the day.” Cassie commented.

“Me included.” Belinda said as she glanced around. “If I go are you going to be safe with that stock?” Cassie saw the worried look on her face but smiled. A quick look told her that only Mr. Strauss and Nicholas were left.

“I should be fine. Mr. Strauss is here to protect me.” She pointed out. Belinda gave her a smile then put her things away.

“Call me if you need me Hon. I don’t want them getting any ideas.” Belinda offered.

“Thanks! But I doubt it’ll be a problem, just two guys and one of them is Mr. Strauss.” Cassie commented.

Cassie spared Mr. Strauss a glance but he was so busy working on his mechanism he didn’t seem to notice her watching. Nicholas was practicing lines and some fighting steps he’d use during the play. He looked funny working by himself. Cassie thought about the mall then shrugged, getting back to it.

She worked diligently, concentrating on getting it done quickly on the off chance she finished early and could still make it to the mall but by the time she was finished it was dark outside. She made ready to clean up despite Jim’s assurance he’d do it in the morning.

“Cassie, can I borrow you again?” Mr. Strauss asked, startling her out of her own thoughts. He was still at his stocks and been so quiet she’d assumed he’d gone home a while ago. Even Nicholas had stopped reciting lines and she’d thought she was alone.

“Sure Mr. Strauss.” She smiled at the idea of leaving the paints lying around to be kicked by someone else so she wouldn’t be the bumbler anymore. She waited for Mr. Strauss to motion her into the stocks then made sure her hair wasn’t going to get trapped by the descending upper beam. Mr. Strauss put the beam down and Cassie heard the stocks lock.

She tried to get comfortable while Mr. Strauss went back over the locking mechanism. He’d take his time and forget she was trapped knowing her luck. At least no one else was around to look at her panties. She saw Jason the stage hand appear, clipboard in hand taking notes on the far side of the work area. She hoped he didn’t see them and decide to come over for another view.

“What do you think Mr. Strauss?” Cassie asked, trying to hurry the process. She could barely make out his look of concentration from beneath her hair. She cursed herself for not putting it up in a ponytail. Tommy was going to miss out tonight after all.

“I think it’s finished, and fully functional to boot.” He said, tapping the lock then stepping back. “Now try to get out again.” He ordered. She jerked on the beam, pulled, pushed and wiggled.

“I don’t think so.” She said.

“That was half hearted Cassie, when I say fully functional I mean I could use it for criminals who’d desperately try to get away.” He walked all the way around her, as he got behind her she tried to close her legs tightly together hoping that was enough to hide her panties but knew it wasn’t. He passed by without a comment and she couldn’t see his face except when he reappeared in front. “I want you to give it your best shot. I want you to really struggle to free yourself.”

“But I’m trying, honest.” She admitted.

“No. You’re doing me a favor so you’re trying to be nice. Don’t be nice anymore, I want you to try to break it. Seeing you locked up this afternoon got me thinking. It made me think that the stocks would be a good way to punish bad little girls. Little girls that don’t do what they’re told.”

“You’re talking about me.” He nodded with a half smile on his face. “But I’m trying Mr. Strauss! Are you going to punish me?” Cassie said in a dead panic, her heart hammering in her chest. Mr. Strauss stayed eerily silent. “Please don’t punish me Mr. Strauss, I’ll try harder!” She pleaded.

“What have we here?” Nicholas asked as he entered the area holding two drinks in hands. He was watching Cassie, his eyes flicking behind her and she suddenly felt exposed. He handed Mr. Strauss one of the drinks and kept the other for himself. “I had to go across the street, the cafe is closed, everyone’s gone for the night. Raymond was stuck by a light, he’ll be here shortly.” Cassie felt her heart jump. Mr. Strauss had been alone and now there were four counting Jason who was still down at the far end counting.

“I think I’m going to spank Cassie here for what happened earlier. She drew unwanted attention to the stocks, God only knows what Belinda thinks of us now.” Mr. Strauss said. Cassie was overwhelmed. Her protector was the one turning out to be bad. “Of course Cassie, you could always escape the stocks like I instructed you to do.” He added.

She started banging against the restraints, fighting to get free until she was out of breath and her wrists hurt. “I can’t!” She yelled. “Now please, let me go. I want to go home.” She sounded pitiful but she was too scared to care at this point.

Jason heard the commotion and came over. “What’s going on?” He asked then suddenly appeared in front of Cassie. He looked into her face. Why wasn’t he hitting the button?

“Get me out of here Jason! Please!” She begged.

“Do we have a bad girl again?” Christian asked as he walked in with Raymond close behind. Both me were smiling, holding cold drinks in their hands and looking excited. “What has she done now.” He asked in mock exasperation.

“Take your pick.” Nicholas mentioned. “We have her where we want her, we can’t think of a reason to let her go.” He said.

“Interesting.” Charles said as he appeared from the other side. Cassie was now locked in stocks with six men surrounding her. There wasn’t another soul in screaming range. They’d all gone home long ago.

“Let me out of here.” She demanded with as much authority as she could muster. The men hooted with laughter or clapped.

“Listen to our girl giving orders, the sweet young thing.” Raymond said. “Look at that body, would you? Have you ever seen anything so inviting?” Her eyes went wide as he spoke. It wasn’t about her panties showing. They were going to do far worse.

We had known one another for about a year on that hot summers night, when I was just relaxing in the house, hanging out with Cathy and sitting in the garden drinking wine.

Six of us were due to start sharing a student house in the Autumn of 2003. We’d all met in halls, all got along and decided to not go for the more intimate house shares, the twos and threes, of some of our friends, but instead to rent a large, six bedroomed “party house” in the middle of the town. Certainly, we’d already had some parties by then in halls, not least the party of three that I’d had with Steve and his girlfriend in the kitchen in the spring. Cathy and I were already moved in, Steve was due the next day and the rest were to follow over the course of the summer. We were excited… our first house!

So, sitting in the garden with Cathy, it was just hitting dusk when Steve phoned and asked me what I was doing. Not much, I conceded, drinking and hanging out. I told him that I was excited for his moving in tomorrow, and that was when he told me that he had a slight problem: he hadn’t actually packed his stuff up from halls yet, as, and he thought he’d mentioned this, he’d been away with some lads from the rowing club for a few days and it had been a bit of a bender. I rolled my eyes. This was classic Steve: late to his own funeral. Deadlines were never met, he never turned up on time and now he hadn’t packed.

“Could you come and help, Michelle? Ask Cath as well?” he asked, pleadingly. I looked over at Cathy, who was flicking through a magazine with one hand and holding her wine glass with the other. I knew she had an early start working in the student one-stop shop and no way would she agree.

“Cath’s at work tomorrow.” I said. “And I’m not in the mood to come and pack up all your pants and socks.”

“Please Miche,” he pleaded again, “I will buy you a bottle of wine and you can drink it while we pack….?” He sounded pretty pathetic. I laughed, he knew that the promise of wine would get me over there, especially as I’d just drunk the better half of a bottle and my student budget didn’t allow for anymore.

“Okay, okay,” I said, “I’ll be over in twenty minutes.”

Walking along the river, it dawned on me how warm it actually was. People were spilling out onto the tow path from the bars along the way, and dragonflies buzzed over the reeds on the bank. It was a beautiful night to be alive. However, Steve’s room was on the 16th floor of a tower block. I didn’t remember much from GCSE Science, but I knew that heat rises and it was going to be hot up there. I sighed. Trust Steve to con me into this. It had better be bloody good wine.

It was, as I sadly could have guessed, terrible wine. A really sharp Chardonnay, which tasted like vinegar and actually made me recoil at the first sip.

“Fuck Steve! This is disgusting!” I said. It didn’t stop me taking another gulp though. “Blergh.” He laughed.

“Well you don’t have to drink it.”

“You know I do. It’s the only thing that will make this bearable.” The room was a pigsty. When he said he hadn’t packed he meant it. He hadn’t even picked his socks up from the last month by the looks of it. The door opened, and Ben walked in. He was another guy who lived on Steve’s corridor, similar age to Steve- about 23 or 24 to most of our 18 or 19- and he was carrying some cardboard boxes.

“You can have these, mate.” He said. I’d met Ben once or twice before, but couldn’t claim to know him. He wasn’t on my course or anything but he had been at the odd party. “You’re brave,” he added, addressing me, “moving in with this untidy bastard.” He grinned. “Michelle, isn’t it?” I nodded.

“You’ve met Michelle before.” Steve said, absent-mindedly, flicking through some CDs to put into one of the boxes. “She’s the one who had the threesome with me and Louise, I told you all about it.” I blushed scarlet. I wasn’t embarrassed by the threesome, but I was embarrassed that he was mentioning it so casually, like I had threesomes all the time.

“He’s such a gent, isn’t he?” Ben laughed. I giggled too, laughing seemed the best way to carry it off.

“Oh shut up,” Steve said, “she’s a firecracker, she doesn’t care.”

A good couple of hours passed, the wine was drunk and we’d packed most of the stuff up, and I slumped down on the bed. I had well had enough.

“Have you got any more wine, Steve?” I asked. He was slumped in the easy chair on the other side of the room, equally fed up with packing. We were both sweating with the heat, despite both being dressed in next to nothing- Steve just in shorts now, and me in a flimsy summer dress. He shook his head.

“Nope. No wine. But there are some bits of spirits in the kitchen.” I needed more drink if we were going to do more packing. I told Steve this. “Okay, let’s go and have a look then, you massive piss head.” I laughed. I wasn’t a huge drinker, but this was the most monotonous job in the world. It called for booze.

Ben was sitting in the kitchen, with a girl I’d never seen before. They were rolling up their own cigarettes and had the remnants of a bottle of Vodka on the table, as well as two glasses. They looked up as we entered through the swingdoor.

“Hey, how goes the packing?” Ben asked. I just rolled my eyes. Steve grinned

“Yeah, good. Getting my little work horse over was a good idea.” I rolled my eyes again. “What are you two up to?” Ben shook his head,

“Not much. Just having a drink. Do you two want one?” I nodded enthusiastically and Ben got up and went to the cupboard to get two more tumblers. “Michelle, this is Diane by the way. My girlfriend.” I nodded at her and she nodded back and smiled.

“I’ve seen you around, Michelle.” She began. “You do History with my friend Chloe.” I knew Chloe well.

“Ah right. You live in her halls do you?” She nodded.

“Yeah, roomates.” Now I thought of it I had once seen Diane, hanging around outside the main block of my subject, waiting for Chloe. She was a distinctive looking blonde, tall and busy, and so pale her skin almost looked translucent. Steve and I sat down and Ben poured the Vodka.

“So what’s the most daring thing you’ve ever done?” An hour had passed, all thoughts of packing had gone out of the window, and Ben was topping up Diane’s glass as I sank the last of my own Vodka. Diane considered it.

“I….” she was struggling for an answer. “I kissed a girl on new years eve once, in a game of truth or dare.” Steve chuckled.

“That’s rubbish. Come on. Even I’ve kissed another bloke in truth or dare.” Ben smirked at that.

“Have you? That’s not the image I have of you at all.” I laughed. Steve seemingly ignored the comment.

“And Michelle here can top that ten times over,” I kicked him under the table, he continued regardless, “she had a threesome with me and Louise a few months back.” Diane seemed shocked. Who else was he broadcasting this to?

“Which,” I began slightly drunkenly, “was clearly the biggest thrill of Steve’s sad little life as he won’t shut up about it.” Diane and Ben laughed and Steve scowled. He kicked me back under the table and I broke into giggles, which Steve quickly reciprocated.

“In fact,” Steve began, “I bet she’d initiate you into the world of girl on girl if you like.” I stopped giggling and wondered what Steve was up to. Had he got me here knowing that this might happen? Was this something him and Ben had cooked up together? I thought about it. I really fancied Steve, always had, and would definitely have sex with him tonight if he was up for it. I had thought that even as I was walking over to the flats. He was still with Louise, but I knew they had an open agreement about this kind of thing, and especially with me as he’d done it before. What about Ben and Diane? I was game if they were, to be honest. I could push this, especially since the threesome.

I’d become much bolder and had even gone to bed with Louise on her own, completely with Steve’s blessing, one night a few weeks ago. She’d initiated me into the ways of lesbianism after telling me all about her ex, who was a girl. We’d all been out and she’d just dropped it into conversation. I was a bit shocked to be honest. I knew, obviously that she liked girls, but I thought more in threesomes and as a side dish to guys, not just on their own. I had probed her more about it. As it turned out, Steve was the first boyfriend she’d ever had, until this point all her relationships had been with women. For some reason, this had really turned me on, and I told her so. Ever the little devil, she reached over and kissed me passionately, causing a few lads, including the ones we were out with, to whoop and cheer. She whispered hotly in my ear to meet me outside in five minutes. Flushed and with a wetness in my knickers, I nodded dumbly and downed the rest of my cocktail.

Once outside the club, I found her already there, smoking a cigarette. She dropped it as soon as she saw me walk out. Without speaking she pinned me against the wall and kissed me again. She tasted smoky and sexy. Her perfume- Chanel- wafted up from her chest and her long, blonde hair smelt of strawberries. I groaned with lust. What was going on? I didn’t fancy girls.

“You are so fucking sexy, Michelle.” she panted, breaking away from the kiss. Her hand shot between my legs, underneath my short skirt and into my black thong. She roughly pushed two fingers into me. “I’ve texted Steve and told him you’re coming back to my room.” I had no choice. Louise had made up her mind and I was going with her.

Once in her halls of residence we ran up the stairs, excited like a couple of school girls, laughing as we ran. She fumbled with her key and we fell onto the bed, snogging and groping and panting. She kicked the door shut and lifted her dress over her head. Stood before me in just her red bra and mismatching blue knickers, she was beautiful.

“Take your clothes off.” She urged. I pulled my own dress off and she discarded her own underwear as I unhooked my bra. She got onto the bed and pulled my thong off, revealing my bald pussy. She pushed me back onto the bed and kissed my neck. “I’m going to kiss every inch of your perfect body.” She whispered. I groaned, and she kissed down my neck towards my breasts. My nipples stood to attention and she stroked her whole hand over my left tit, onto my stomach. She was inches from my cunt, and it throbbed, longing to be touched. I put my hand on hers and guided it down. “All in good time.” She whispered.

I don’t know how long she spent touching and kissing me, but I know that as I laid on my back in the soft lamp light she put me through the agony and the ecstasy of ultimate desire. She licked and sucked and nibbled at my flesh, and I was covered in goose bumps as she worked her way along every inch of my skin, apart from my bald, dripping pussy. Eventually, after what seemed like hours, she positioned herself between my legs and I shivered with anticipation. She kissed my inner thighs and licked the hairless mound above my sex, making me moan in anticipation. And then finally, for just a second, her tongue touched my clit. Like a lizard poking out it’s pointy little tongue, she jabbed at it, and then stopped, moving back to my inner thighs. I cried out, thinking I could cum just from that brief touch. And then she suddenly went for it in earnest, lapping at my hard, erect clitoris, causing spasms in my vagina and sudden, immediate pleasure to course through my limbs. She slid two fingers inside of me, and then a third and suddenly I was orgasming around her fingers, against her tongue. She must have made me cum six or seven times in ten minutes, manipulating my cunt as only another woman could, knowing exactly when to lick and when to suck, when to be rough and when to be gentle.

Finally, after more than hour, it was Louise’s turn to be pleasured. She laid back on the bed and I sat, gazing at her.

“I’ve never been with a woman, other than during our threesome.” I said softly. She stroked my hair from my forehead.

“Just do what feels natural.” She said. “It will be amazing.” I breathed in, nervous, and decided to start just as she had with me, kissing her neck. She moaned with pleasure and I stroked her lovely skin. It was white and pale and flawless. It seemed to glow in the dim light of the room. She was truly beautiful. I told her. “You are too.” She said, her eyes closed, her body responding to my gentle touch. I cupped her large, firm left breast in my hand. It was amazing to touch another woman and be so turned on by it. I sucked her nipple into my mouth. I was nervous about licking her pussy, but at the same time desperate to begin. Unable to tease her the way she had teased me, I moved straight down to her wet, warm hole and parted the lips of her snatch. She wasn’t bald like me, but the light hair on it was blonde and soft. She smelt wonderful. I poked my tongue out and made contact with her big and hard clit. She groaned. I lapped at it as she had to mine and she seemed to be enjoying it. “Fuck it with your tongue.” She said. I penetrated the hole with my tongue and she cried out. I slid two fingers in and thrusted them in and out, whilst sucking her clit into my mouth. Warm wetness gushed out of her onto my fingers. I took that as a sign to continue and sucked and licked further. This went on for some minutes, all the while Louise thrashed around on the bed, crying out and moaning and yelping as her body came ever further toward orgasm. And then it happened, the unmistakable spasms of her beautiful little hot box around my mouth and hand. She screamed with pleasure as she came.

As she came down from her orgasm, I laid back down beside her, in a beautiful glow of pure sex. She kissed my ear and neck and then whispered,

“Get on all fours for me.” She got up and moving across the room, rummaged in a drawer before pulling out what was obviously a strap-on. I was, for some reason, shocked that she should have such a thing just knocking around, but strangely not surprised either. “I’m going to fuck your brains out.” I shivered with lust and somehow became more turned on as I watched this very womanly shaped girl hoist on straps and buckles that suddenly made her a beautiful chick with a dick. Her beautiful, full breasts looked all the more sensual above a long, hard cock, and I arranged myself on all fours, my back to her, my cunt open and ready. The cock went up inside her, so I knew that as she pounded me she would be pleasured herself. She pushed the head of the plastic phallus into me, and we both moaned in unison as its entire length filled me.

A wonderful advantage to being fucked by a woman with a strap-on that I had never considered was the fact that she could go on and on. I must have come five or ten times as she manipulated me into every position imaginable, and she came with me, long, sweaty, screaming orgasms that contorted her face and flushed her chest and breasts crimson. We finished with me on my back, her holding my ankles as far apart as they could go, our orgasms simultaneous, our cries joining together as we reached the absolute pinnacle of pleasure.

So, was I keen to fuck Diane? Yes. Definitely. Was I keen for what could potentially be a foursome on this hot night in the kitchen of the halls I was meant to be moving Steve out of? I was. I threw the Vodka down my throat, stood up and reached for Diane’s hand. She took it.

Ben and Steve were agog, as I lead her to the work surface, and remembering the threesome and my first experience with a girl, hoisted her up onto it.

“Are you into this?” I asked her. She seemed scared, but nodded. “Take your knickers off. Show me yourself.” She did as I asked and I gently parted her legs. I was surprised to see light ginger hair and wondered if the hair on her head was dyed. I glanced over at Ben and Steve. Ben already had a bulge in her trousers, and Steve was surveying the scene, a smile on his face, drinking his drink. He had planned this. I touched her and she closed her eyes, moaning softly. She was very wet. I knelt down and gently touched it with my tongue. She cried out, and I guessed that she was fairly inexperienced. I pushed my fingers into her very tight, but very, very wet hole and rubbed the soft nub of her clit with my thumb. This was exactly how Steve had manipulated my little cunt into cumming the first time we met and I imagined that he was probably pretty proud watching me use his technique. “Show me your tits.” I demanded. She pulled her dress off and, all inhibitions apparently lost, unhooked her bra. Her tits were huge, bigger than mine, bigger than Louise’s.

“Good God Ben, those are amazing.” Steve said, admiringly. Ben still looked shocked, but the bulge in his jeans was even bigger than it had been moments before. He nodded.

“They’re fantastic.” He gulped. “She loves it when I tit wank with them.” I sucked on her big, brown nipples and moved up to kiss her on her mouth.

“You’re so fucking beautiful.” I whispered. She trembled with lust. I finger-fucked her in rhythm with my words. “Your big tits are amazing and your tight little cunt is turning me on so much.” Ben and Steve both groaned and I noted that Ben was touching himself through his trousers, whilst Steve had simply unbuckled his belt and got his own cock out. He wanked it up and down in his hand. “I want you to go and suck on Steve’s big, fat cock.” I continued to her, still pumping my fingers in and out “and while you do I’m going to go and suck your boyfriend.” On hearing this, Ben unbuckled his own belt and both of us girls moved across the room to the two men, sat side by side on plastic kitchen chairs, cocks in their hands. As I walked I discarded my own dress and bra and stepped out of my knickers. I knelt down next to Diane and Ben grabbed out for my big knockers. I let him have a little grope and then engulfed him in my mouth.

The kitchen was silent for what must have been five long minutes as both me and Diane sucked and licked at the poles in front of us. Having seen Steve’s cock before, I knew that he was endowed with a short but very thick cock that had the wonderful advantage of stretching a girls cootch out as he banged you, but Ben’s penis was new to me. With pleasure I discovered that it was huge, the hugest one I had ever seen, the kind of prick that is sometimes called a schlong by giggling hen parties. It was nine or ten inches long and as thick as I could get the palm of my hand round. I deep throated it, choked on it, slobbered on it, and wanked it up and down with my hand when my jaw began to lock. Panting and sweating I suddenly remembered how hot it was on this top floor and the perspiration flooded out of me. Seeing how warm I was and sweating himself, Steve suddenly broke the silence and said,

“It’s too hot for this in here.” Diane and I both stopped our tasks and looked up at him. Ben too, turned to him as he spoke.

“What do you suggest we do?” I said, wiping the sweat from my forehead. “The window is as open as it will go.”

“Go down to the park over the road.” Steve said.

“The park!!” Ben exclaimed. “No way.”

“Me and Michelle fucked there a few weeks ago.” He said, “Didn’t we Miche? No one can see. And this is hell.” It was true, we had boned over in the park a few weekends back, when Louise was away and we’d been clubbing. It had been a long, slow fuck against a tree and I shivered at the memory.

“It is fucking hot in here.” Diane panted. And Ben grimaced.

“But it’s a public park.” He said.

“Honestly man, no one will come near us.” Steve said. “It’s…” he glances at his watch, “one in the morning. And I want to enjoy these pussies, not be thinking the ‘whole time, ‘this is horrible, there’s sweat running down my arse crack.” We all giggled. We had to concede some of the pleasure of this was being sucked away by the terrible heat.

Josie was running late of her netball game, so I had to drive her there as she got changed in the back of the car!

We chatted on the way as I tried my best to watch her undressing till I nearly went through a red light then I thought I’d better keep my eyes on the road.

We got there and Josie jumped up and said “Cheers babe can you pick me up in an hour and a half? “

“I’ll stay and watch if you don’t mind babe?”

“OK!” she said looking worried as she knows how like to check out the girls!

“It’s ok hun I won’t perv I promise!” I said smiling at her.

She smiled back kissed me and ran off to the girls already waiting on the court.

I parked up and I watched from the car as I managed to get parked right behind the court.

The girls were getting really hammered by this other team and I couldn’t help laughing as another goal went in and one of the girl’s glared at me as I laugh from the car!

I quickly stopped laughing, but it was too late within minutes all the girls on Josie’s team were looking my way, are they didn’t look happy!

I just ducked down in the seat and tried to hide.

The game finished and I waited for Josie, it seemed like ages so I decided to go looking for her.

Without even knowing I opened the door to the ladies changing room’s and most of the girl’s were naked or had towels on I quickly closed the door before I was seen, but I did get a good look of Britney and Lara’s tits!

I made my way back to the car and waited for Josie.

Josie got in the car and asked if I enjoyed the game?

I chuckled and said “yeah it was entertaining!”

“And what about the changing room show you saw as well” she laughed.

“Well that wasn’t my fault! I went looking for you and just open the door and there was Britney and Lara topless getting changed!”

“Well did you like the view” she said grinning at me.

“Well yeah it was nice, but I shut the door straight away.”

“Yeah I know they said”

“What they saw me! oh shit!” I said.

“Oh its ok they laughed about it, they said they it was a blast!”

“Really!” I said relieved and now I wanted to see them naked again!

“It’s really nice not having to drive home after a match, babe as I can have a quick drink with the girlies after the game.” Josie said as she lent over gave me a kiss on my cheek.

“Oh that’s why you took so long!” I said.

“Yeah we go straight to the bar and have a quick drink then go and shower after!”

“Oh that explains why everybody was still in the showers!”

Josie laughed “Well we have netball training tomorrow will you drop and off and pick me up again babe?”

“Sure I will princess, I’d do anything for you, you know that!”

“I know babe I love you.”

We kissed and made our way home.

The next day came and Josie was ready nice and early today, we got there and I got out this time and went with Josie to the court side as the girl’s arrived.

They did a few warm up’s and then had a run about trying new moves out for the next match.

I couldn’t help noticing how sexy they all looked in there netball gear. I was trying to hide my hard cock and rub it at the same time.

The girls all had a chat in the middle and then broke up into two teams and one team was short so they all shouted for me to join them, but with my cock hard I didn’t want to move until Britney and Lara grabbed me and pulled me on to the court, luckily I had managed to lose my hard cock in time.

They put me in defence and they started I didn’t really know what to do so I watched the girls and picked it up really quickly.

Lara was trying to shot but she never managed to score after about 10 minutes to game ended and we went off to the bar.

We got our drinks and sat down.

“Josie it’s a shame your Chris isn’t a girl as he was really good out there today!” They all laughed and agreed then spent the next 10 minutes on how they should turn me into a girl on the team which was a little uncomfortable!

They all head off for the showers and I headed back to the car. Before I got there Britney appeared out of nowhere and kissed me and pushed my back against the car, her hand went into my trousers and found my cock as she rubbed it she pulled them down and sucked on my cock, god it felt good but so wrong at the same time.

“Please Josie take your time in the showers” I said under my breath as Britney sucked me off with her wonderful mouth.

I groped at he tits as she sucked my cock and suddenly I saw Josie heading towards the car, but she was still a fair distance away so I grabbed Britney’s head and fucked her mouth fast and quickly filled her mouth with my cum and then I told her to hide as Josie was coming but she stood up and said I was a twat and walked off. Thank God Josie hadn’t seen us and she got in and we went home.

The next week went by and it was time of the next match, Lara phoned Josie and told if she knew anyone who could play as Katie had pulled out due to work!

Josie said she couldn’t think of anyone and Lara said she’d ring the others see if they could bring someone!

An hour later the phone went and Lara was chatting to Josie and she bust out laughing and then looked at me I had a bad feeling about this, had Britney said that she sucked me off?

Josie finished chatting and then went and washed up as if nothing happened so I relaxed and went back to watching TV, Josie joined me and we cuddled and then the door went. Josie answered it as I watched TV then I was grabbed from behind and a cloth of chloroform was put over my mouth and I passed out.

As it turned out the whole team had turned up so they could shave me bear and dress me as a girl to play in the game.

I woke up I was tied to the bed naked and with no body hair. I looked around and saw the whole netball team laughing and giggling looking at me. I looked down I saw my hard cock sticking up.

I closed my eyes and hoped it was all a dream. But then a mouth started to suck my cock to cheers from the others. I looked down and saw Kelly kneeling between my legs and her head bobbing up and down on my cock.

Lara walked in with a wig and a new team uniform, good thinking girls we don’t want him giving himself away during the game do we. Kelly looked up and smiled “don’t worry Lara I’m make sure his balls are drained!” as she rubbed my cock and then eased it into her pussy. Kim looked shocked at what she was seeing and Lara went over and stood behind her and put her hands under her top and cupped Kim’s small tits as Kim continued to watch on!

Sarah saw what was happening and dropped to her knees and lifted Kim’s skirt and then pulled her knickers down. Kim was now totally lost in desire she didn’t care who was touching her she just wanted and needed to cum!

Sarah stroked and kissed Kim’s legs and moved her hands inside and parted her legs wider, then brushed Kim’s pussy with her fingers. If it wasn’t for Lara holding her up behind her and playing with her small tits she would have collapsed on the floor, as her legs had gone as Sarah worked her tongue along Kim’s slit.

Kim came at once which made Lara smile and she kissed Kim.

Sarah continued to lick Kim out not wanting to stop so soon and she managed to make Kim cum at least 4 times before she was happy.

Kelly was now sitting on my face as Josie was now riding my cock. Josie sucked on Lara’s tits as Britney was sucking on Josie’s tits.

It was all too much for me and I erupted into Josie’s pussy. The girls cheered as I filled Josie’s pussy and now they cleaned me up and dressed me.

They untied my feet and then re-tied me as they slipped on my knickers and short netball skirt, then they did the other leg pulling them up and admiring there work, they put on some make up on me and the wig.

They untied my arms and sat me up but still kept tight hold of me so I didn’t escape. The padded bra was put on next and they all had a laugh by squeezing my fake boobs. My t-shirt was added next and I was done they stood me up and all gasped as they where all please with there work and then they took me to a mirror and even I was surprised.

“So you will play then?”

“NO WAY!!!” “I can’t leave the house looking like this!!” I panicked

“Its ok we’ll smuggle you into the car so you’re not seen and no one will recognise you at the game, after all how many of your mates watch netball?”

“Please Chris we need you!”

“OK but if they guess I’m a bloke I’m gone!”

“They won’t, you look ace Chris!” Britney said as she stroked my smooth leg.

It was nearly time to leave and the girls all started to strip off and get into there uniform,

Lara had told them all to not to tease me, as they didn’t want me hard again before the game and have to drained my balls again!

It didn’t take long before I was hard, and Lara was first to my hard cock and rubbed and then she sucked me off. Britney laughed as she said I looked like a chick with a dick!!

Which also set the others off but I didn’t care as Lara was sucking my cock so well.

I soon shot my load in her mouth and she happily swallowed the lot and got up with a big smile on her face please with her work.

We made our way to the court and played to game and we won 9-5 which was their first win of the season so the girls were well happy!

We all went to the bar and get some drinks the girls were all buying me drinks and before to long I was very drunk. Some guys were also in the bar and trying to chat up the girls without much luck until Lara went over and was talking to them for a bit and then they headed over. Lara got the girls to turn me over and right in the bar Nic pulled my knickers to the side to expose my arse and she lobbed up my bum hole and the guy shoved his bug hard cock into my arse as the girls all watched, even the girl behind the bar came over to watch as the guy fucked my arse!

Only the girls on the team knew I was a bloke and even the girls had there hands in there knickers and Lara had spotted the girl behind the bar and had her hand inside her knickers as she watched on.

The guy filled my arse and he was replaced by his mate he was bigger and felt really good as the cum made helped as it slide in and out nicely.

Britney was now naked and she was undressing Kim as Sarah was licking Josie’s pussy.

I moaned as I shot my load into my knickers!

The guy fucking me was now really going for it as he worked his big cock in me!

Britney was sitting on Kim’s face as she parted Kim’s leg she was expecting Britney to lick her out but Britney offered Kim’s pussy to another guy and Kim was shocked to feel a cock pushing into her tight virgin pussy, she tried to close her legs but Britney was ready for her and held them open and pushed her pussy down tighter on to Kim’s face.

Britney squeezed Kim’s small nipples and said “lick my pussy bitch.” Kim had no choice but to lick her pussy. Britney smiled as Kim did just that enjoying her ordeal, then she was rewarded by Britney rubbing her clit as the guy fucked her.

For the second time the guy fucking me came inside me and the cum dribbled out and down my legs as I looked around to see my Josie moaning away as Sarah ate her out as Kelly sucked and kissed on Josie tits! The girls then all made our way to the changing rooms and I was soon stripped naked and the girls where all over me grabbing and stroking my smooth naked body!

Lara slide her pussy down on to my hard cock and Kim sat on my face and I licked the guys cum from her pussy who had only cum in her minutes before!

Lara fucked me wildly and she soon came on my cock and then Sarah climbed on and rode my cock grinding her tight pussy down on my cock, Sarah reached forward and played with Kim’s tits as Kim came on my face!

Britney saw her chance and she quickly pushed her pussy on to my face and then also as a bonus she sucked on Sarah’s small tits.

I moaned and said I was going to cum and Sarah fucked me faster as I shoot my load into her pussy as she also came with the help of Britney rubbing her clit and sucking on her nipple’s. Sarah rolled off me and Josie licked and cleaned up my now softening cum covered cock as Britney clamped her thighs round my head as she came on my face.

Josie cleaned me up and she made sure she picked up my netball uniform as she led me to the car wrapped in a towel. As we traveled home Josie said the uniform will defiantly be out again!

Oh I hope so I thought to myself!

Scotty left the galley and headed for his room like an infantryman walking into a possible ambush. He was totally unsure of which emotion he felt the most, fear or excitement, as he hurried to his room. Each step he took he was reminded of the butt plug lodged deep in his ass channel. At last he arrived at his door. He waited a moment as if he could still reconsider, as if he had a choice in the matter. Resigned to his fate, he turned the handle and pushed his door open, expecting to see the man he knew only as the pilot.

The room was empty. There was no note, no sign that anyone had been here since he had left this afternoon.

Scotty stripped naked and sat on his bunk. Feeling like everything was okay and he was safe in his room, he still thought he should play it safe and do as the man had told him to do. Remembering the man’s voice, remembering the hardness that had glittered in his eyes- no this man expected to be obeyed- he sat naked and waiting.

His eyes were drawn toward his image in the mirror above his chest of drawers where he looked back at himself. He thought he looked sexy. He had messed his Beatle styled sandy hair when he had stripped, but it made him look a little wild. His blue eyes were in shadow; he couldn’t see their color, but the eye-shadow effect was very sexy. His lips looked full and were slightly parted. He moved the tip of his tongue to where he could just see it inside his mouth. He could see what he thought the pilot had seen in him.

He felt the plug as it pushed deeper into his ass. He wiggled his ass, liking the feel of it. Almost without thought he had his dick in his hand and was slow stroking it. He wondered what had happened with the pilot, wondered what the pilot would have done to him. What might have been demanded of him? Would he enjoy meeting those demands as much as he had enjoyed sucking the pilot’s dick? And then a most surprising thought, a thought that made him doubt all that he knew about himself. Could accommodate these demands good enough to make the man happy? This was the point where he had to face the fact that a part of him wanted to be the slut the pilot said he was.

Scotty was fascinated by the man, but at the same time he was frightened by him, by the pilot’s power over him. The man seemed to know where the boy’s sexual buttons were and how to push them. He began to think maybe he couldn’t let go like that again. He could feel the pull of his desire, the need he was feeling. Did a drug addict feel like this after his first taste of the needle, he wondered. Admitting to himself that he was scared, he thought his best bet might be to avoid contact with everyone until after the pilot’s boat had gone back toward shore. As long as he stayed where he was, here in his room, he was a naked sacrifice sitting on the altar, waiting for the knife.

Forced by fear of the pilot’s strength and his own weakness, Scotty decided to disobey the pilot’s command and leave his room. Quickly slipping on his pants and shoes, he pulled the door closed behind him and walked rapidly down the empty passageway toward the stern. Once outside he slowed his pace, waiting for his eyes to adjust to the darkness and then continued alone down the deck to the fantail of the ship. On the fantail he was far enough from the lights by the gangway that he could hide in the shadows and still see when the pilot went down to his boat.

The strong breeze coming in off the Pacific almost chilled him as it dried the sweat on his skin, but it also kept the stench from the nearby garbage drums bearable. Scotty was kneeling next to the rail hiding in the shadow of the aft locker, and watching the play of the lights from the boat below as it rose and fell with the large swells. Knowing that there was one pissed-off pilot looking for him somewhere made the young man grin but it was a rueful grin. There was a part of him that felt he was cheating himself out of a chance to find out what his life should be, maybe a chance to find out who he was. He remembered the sense of pride he had felt as he stared at his image in the mirror. He had looked like a hot, young, male prostitute, a sexual animal. He was learning a lot about sex, and so far he liked everything he was learning. It was hard to believe that less then thirty hours ago he had been a virgin.

In a very real sense he was hiding from his father’s values, or at least from having to measure up to his father’s expectations. He was hiding in the shadows waiting for the pilot to leave the ship because his dick was hard, his ass was working on the plug and he wanted to get off again. He was hiding from the man because he wanted to go to him. He wanted to feel his power, wanted to earn his approval, wanted to please him, and wanted to be his. That was why he was hiding, not from fear of what the pilot might do but rather a fear of what he, Scotty, might do. Fear of what he might become if he didn’t get a grip on himself. Fear that his father might find out someday. So he hid and waited.

One deck below where Scotty hid, the boatswain and pilot were saying their good-byes over a cold beer. Scotty was the subject under discussion. The pilot had already told his friend what he had did to the boy, how the boy had responded, and what he had planned to do next if he could have gotten back with him again. Now he would have to let others go where he wanted to be the first to go.

“James, you guys have a safe trip. Go easy of the boy and it will be better for everybody.” The pilot stood and shook hands with his friend and walked out onto the starboard passageway where he paused at the top of the gangplank had been rigged to let him go down the steps to the small harbor patrol boat below. Before he started down the steps he turned back to his friend. “I think he is a natural, it would be a shame to ruin him.” And he was gone.

Scotty heard their voices as they bid each other farewell, the pilot walked down the gangplank and soon thereafter the small boat turned toward shore. What was done was done.

He had no ideal what the pilot may have done, who he might have told, he could only hope that he understood it was not Scotty’s fault that he had to work late. One way or the other Scotty thought he had done the smart thing. He wanted nothing more now then to get to his room and get this plug out of his ass. While he held a fear that it would prove to be impossible, he wanted to do away with these new and frightening desires he was feeling. He wanted to get back to feeling like a man again.

Frenchy didn’t walk the pilot to the gangplank with the Boatswain. Instead he followed the boatswain’s orders and waited just inside the boatswain’s darkened room, holding the door ajar, listening for any sounds that might be Scotty coming back from work. While he waited he let his mind go back to the memories of other men he had seen turned into fuck toys over the years. He had been surprised when he had first seen Scotty last night, but he supposed you could never tell what kind of man you might have locked inside of you. A man might never know unless the right man found you and forced you to look inside and recognize who you were. He had waited for better than ten minutes before he heard the soft steps. They stopped just out of his sight around the corner at Scotty’s door. Silently, Frenchy stepped out into the passageway and eased his way down to the corner, where he waited to hear the door open.

Walking made the plug come alive in Scotty’s ass. For one thing it was big -at least six inches long- and it churned inside him with every step. His dick had been semi-hard all evening as he worked with the cook. To start with it was a very cramped space and the moving around of all those crates and boxes off the shelves and then putting them back after the count involved twisting, awkward positions, and heavy lifting. More than once he felt that he was going to shit the plug out as he strained to hold a crate while the cook counted the contents and wrote it down. It was almost like being fucked for two hours.

Sitting still back on the fantail had let his nerves settle a bit but walking back to his room had them going again. He was sporting a raging hard-on when he finally arrived at his door. He turned the knob and let the door swing in until it revealed his empty room to him.

Frenchy’s timing was perfect. Just as Scotty was peering into his room Frenchy stepped around the corner, his hand coming down on the boys back, pushing him through the doorway, across the small room, and into the metal bulkhead on the other side. “Scotty, we got to have ourselves a talk.” He muttered as he turned to shut and lock the door.

The action was not lost on Scotty, “what do you want? Why are you acting this way?”

Scotty wouldn’t have admitted it if he had been asked but deep inside he knew why Frenchy was here. He sat on his bunk hoping to better hide his erection, but it just drove the plug deeper. He felt a small seed of despair take root in his heart, but he couldn’t deny that he felt a tinge of excitement also. His dick strained against his pant’s leg.

Frenchy was enjoying the nervous tension the boy was displaying. Hell, Scottye was practically squirming. “Well” he began, “the pilot came by the boatswain’s room and told the two of us a story.” His eyes focused hard and direct on Scotty. “He said that you were a cum eating sissy boy. The pilot told us that you sucked his dick.”

OH god thought Scotty, oh my god! His mind went into panic mode. The pilot had fulfilled his threat! He had to think, he had to calm down and deal with this right now. That seed of despair suddenly sent out hundreds of tentacles, each one a cold snake of fear in his bowels, he was petrified with fear and shame. A silence, heavy with the accusations Frenchy had aired stretched until he could stand it no more. “He’s a liar if he said that about me.” Fright was plain in his voice, he was talking too loud, but he couldn’t stop. “Hell I just got off work. I was in the cooler below decks with the cook all evening.” Even as he shouted the words, he realized that he was lying, the plug in his ass and his hard dick proved he was lying. He still heard his own voice denying the truth he knew about himself. “I ain’t no queer, I ain’t no cocksucker.”

At this very opportune moment there was a knock at the door. Frenchy reached behind his back and opened the door, never taking his eyes from Scotty. The boatswain walked in and shut and locked the door behind him. The big man’s eyes fixed on Scotty like a hungry dog might eye a pork chop. “I see our bird has come back to her nest.”

Scotty recognized the gender change for what it was. The pilot had told both of them what had happened. Both of these men knew he had sucked a dick today. But no, that wasn’t right. They had been told he had done shit, but it was still his word against the pilot’s. The pilot could’ve lied. But why? Why would the pilot make up these stories about him? If he could just come up with a reason, any reason, it was after all his word against the pilot’s and the pilot was gone. With a small flickering of hope he started to talk to the boatswain.

“I just got off duty. I had to work late in the cooler, with the cook, taking inventory. Anyway I just opened my door when Frenchy here pushed me inside and he told me that the Pilot had said some pretty bad things about me. They are not true.”

The boatswain’s expression remained the same, but Frenchy smiled at Scotty. “Well, the pilot did say he gave you a butt plug. He said it was something to remind you of what you were, while it loosened your tight ass up for him to use later. You know where we might find that? I bet it’s in one of these drawers.” Frenchy pretended to search through the drawers until the boatswain stood up and pushed Frenchy aside.

“I think I know right where to look”. He picked Scotty up by one arm and started to slide his pants down his legs with his other hand. “I think it’s here in these drawers right here.”

Scotty started to yell but Frenchy clapped a hand over his mouth and silenced his efforts. Soon enough the truth was going to be revealed. Scotty stopped struggling. The boatswain’s hand reached into his pants. There was no underwear, and his fingers easily found the base plate of the plug. He pushed on the plug forcing a grunt from Scotty. “I guess we know who the liar is now; don’t we?” The boatswain left the plug alone and spun Scotty around to face him. “And we know who the cocksucking faggot is too, don’t we?”

Scotty had his eyes lowered in shame. He didn’t see the hand of the boatswain as it streaked out to slap against his head. He hit the painted metal wall and fell onto the bed struggling to get into a sitting position and drawing his knees against his chest.

Frenchy stepped forward and grabbed Scotty’s pants by their legs and pulled them the rest of the way off, leaving the boy naked. Scotty kept his eyes on the boatswain as though Frenchy didn’t exist. He knew who was calling the shots here tonight.

“I asked you a question. Maybe you didn’t understand. I asked if you were a cocksucking faggot or if the pilot was lying and you don’t know how that plug got in your asshole. Now which is it did the pilot lie, or are you a cocksucker?”

Scotty looked up at the towering figure of the man standing over him. His ears were ringing so loudly that he could barely hear himself speak the words. “I am a faggot cocksucker. I lied. The pilot told the truth about me.” He couldn’t look them in the eye he was so ashamed.

A smile spread across the boatswain’s face. “I think you better prove to us that you ain’t telling another lie.” The big man reached for his belt and unbuckled it, then he unbuttoned his jeans and let them fall to the floor around his feet. His dick was getting hard at the thought of what the next hour held in store for him. “Now prove to us that you’re a little cocksucker”.

Scotty looked up at the two men he had thought were his friends. The boatswain’s eyes burned hot with lust, fanned by the hot wind of his expectations. Frenchy’s eyes were softer, but there was no help for him there. Maybe there had never been any help for somebody like him. He had already learned that he was not the person he had thought he was. Maybe he needed to find out who was living in his head besides his father’s son. He decided to do what felt good to him and let the shit fall where it would. They had made the decision for him.

Frenchy stood still, in a state of surprised shock at how much empathy he felt for the boy.

The boatswain did not suffer these same self-doubts. “I said get your little sissy ass over here and get to sucking on my dick. If I have to tell you again I’m going to take my belt to you.”

The bullheadedness of the boatswain was not what was needed here, he only understood how to apply force to get what he wanted. The dayman knew that this required a gentler touch. Seeing the big man drawing his hand back for another hard slap against the kid’s head, Frenchy stopped him when he stepped between the big man and the boy. He sat down beside of the frightened boy.

Choosing a soft tone of voice, Frenchy tried a different tack. “Listen we are friends with the pilot. We were all sitting in the officer’s mess this morning when you did your dance and sucked your fingers when you finished. We all seen what you did. The pilot just wanted to break you in first, but we all know what you are. Now, why don’t you treat us like you did the pilot? Do what we say and nobody will ever hear a thing about it.”

Scotty looked at Frenchy. “Okay, I’ll do what you want me to. But you got to promise that it won’t get out to nobody but us three.”

Frenchy used his hand to gently turn the boy’s head toward him bringing them face to face. “But you are a little faggot cock sucker. At least you are for us right?” When Scotty nodded Frenchy continued “It’ll be our secret, we’ll keep it between the three of us.” The words spoken softly and earnestly seemed to have a calming impact on the boy. He began to pull himself together.

The boatswain had waited long enough. “Boy I honest to god don’t give a fuck about your personal problems. I want you on your knees with a mouthful of my dick right now and you better let me know that you’re doing your best ,or by God you gonna wish you had.”

Scotty got to his knees and turned to face the man. His eyes were red and blurred with tears when he looked up at the boatswain, but even in the shape they were in, his eyes told him that the boatswain meant business, he shivered. He wasn’t sure whether it was caused by fear or excitement. He dropped his gaze to the dick hanging before his face. This dick was nothing like the one he had sucked earlier today. Although the pilot’s dick had been big, it was still a normal dick. The boatswain’s dick was deformed. It was so thick that it looked like a large knob of some sort. It was a stout shaft thicker than a beer can, it was topped by a squat mushroom head. It was a battering ram fashioned from living flesh. The damn thing was as thick as it was long. He was going to have to really open wide to fit that thing in his mouth. Scotty placed his hands at the base of the thing and leaned in to it.

Frenchy watched as the boy’s mouth opened for the boatswain’s cock. His dick jumped in his pants when those lips slid right to the bottom of the shaft and nestled in the gray hair there. The pilot was right this kid was hot as hell. The young man was hollowing his cheeks with suction, gripping the dick with his lips as he slid his head up and down the short shaft. His eyes closed, but not tightly. They were closed like he was asleep, peaceful. Frenchy realized Scotty was enjoying himself. He had resisted at first but now he was sucking willingly.

Once Scotty stopped the struggle, he let go completely. He allowed himself to want to suck the cock. He knew that he wanted to suck it, but he was afraid of what would happen if he did. But all those conflicting thoughts and fears left him when Frenchy promised that it would stay a secret.

What little of the old Scotty that there was left, vanished when his willing lips met the hot flesh of the man’s dick. He absorbed the thing into his head giving as much pleasure to it as he could. It felt so right to have a dick in his mouth. It seemed to come naturally to him and he began to see himself in a different light. Not only was he a queer but it seemed he was good at it. He felt a strange sense of pride at his ability to please a man. The pilot had told him how good he was and he could see and feel that the boatswain thought that he was good at it too.

Scotty was a bit concerned when Frenchy started to fuck the plug in and out of his ass. His fears ebbed as he began to feel the sensations that the movement was causing. He started to feel totally possessed by the men as they used his head and ass for their pleasure. That feeling of excitement was a constant now, with him wanting to push back on the plug that was fucking so deliciously into his ass. The only thing that stopped him from urging them on was the dick in his mouth. He didn’t need to say anything his body was saying it all.

Frenchy fucked the plug slowly and smoothly in and out of the young man’s ass until he felt the boy start to push back when he was pushing in and following the plug backward with his body like he wanted to keep the thing in as deep as possible. That’s when he knew that Scotty was ready. Frenchy stopped playing with the kid’s asshole long enough to lube his cock.

Scotty continued to suck as the plug was pulled from his stretched asshole. He knew what was coming next and though he was frightened he was also eager to feel the cock enter his ass. The pilot had told him that it was going to be something he would come to crave. The pilot had been right about the sucking. He did like it. But he was still a bit apprehensive about getting fucked in the ass. The boatswain didn’t slow down a bit as Frenchy started to insert his hard greasy cock into the orderly’s asshole. It was not as uncomfortable as he had thought it might be. In fact it felt pretty good. Frenchy was a considerate lover for a guy who was forcing another man into having sex. But, he was doing his best to make the boy like what was happening.

Anna tugged furtively at the hem of her robe. Even as short as she was the white towelling barely covered her buttocks. Cindy, the donor of the robe, wore one equally short, but being six inches taller her bald pussy was on display with every step she took.

Behind them Will walked with Josephine and Isabella. The busty brunette and the Latina had found robes that reached mid thigh and so were comparatively decent. Josie moved with a certain delicacy made necessary by the criss-crossing red lines that Will’s canes had left across her buttocks, thighs and breasts. Will wore a similar robe, and kept an arm about each of the two girls.

“So getting whipped turns you on?” Isabella asked. The recent experiences in the dungeon were the topic of conversation. Josie nodded, half embarrassed.

“Yes, it was… it’s hard to describe.” She sounded puzzled, as if her responses to her abuse were a surprise even to herself. Will just smiled. A woman learning to discover the depths of her submissive nature was no shock to him.

“Reckon I’d like it?” The Latina’s question took Josie by surprise. She hesitated before speaking.

“I think you would. You like it when I bite your nipples and your ass; I think you’d like the cane and the ropes.” She turned to Will. “Wasn’t there something about an anal hook earlier?”

The man laughed. “Yes, Cindy did mention it. I like to rope the hook to your hair. Pulling it tight is very good for posture.”

“How big is the hook?”

“I use a ball tipped hook. The ball is about one-and-a-half inches in diameter.” Josie wriggled her hips, feeling the emerald based plug within her ass. The plug was larger than the hook Will described meaning the size wouldn’t be an issue. She giggled. After John’s cock, size wouldn’t be an issue for a lot of things.

The dining room approached, and Anna was pleased to see Lisa and Monica waiting for them outside. The blonde twins were accompanied by two raven haired beauties who were introduced as Michelle and Heather. Will grinned and kissed the cheeks of the two sets of twins.

“How’s it going Heather?” One of the girls smiled at him.

“It’s going well, you?” The man’s eye closed in a slow wink.

“It’s been going very well for me.” Heather looked at Josie and Isabella, looked more closely at Josie, and then she smirked.

“Had a rough day?” Josie blushed prettily. “Don’t worry; we’ve all fallen into Will’s evil clutches at one point.” She smirked again. “Most of us go back for seconds.” She circled the brunette lifting her robe to expose the weals. “Nice work Will.” He shrugged.

“It’s nothing.”

“I bet she wasn’t saying that at the time.” She twisted her fingers in Josie’s long hair, drawing her in to be kissed. “Michelle and I would enjoy the pleasure of your company later.” Slightly startled Josie barely hesitated before nodding. “Good, it’s a date.”

Isabella shook her head; a wry smile curved her lips, then. “Hey, it’s John.”

The group turned to see their host, John Prester, and his wife approaching. He was wearing more than they’d last seen him in, his powerful frame was bare to the waist, but a white tunic encircled his hips and hung to mid-thigh. He was shod with Grecian styled sandals, whose ties wrapped around his muscular calves. Sophia wore robes of a green fabric so sheer that she might as well have been nude, but the effect was far more sensuous than mere nudity could have been. Her long red her was tied back and braided through with golden ribbons. Gold and emeralds glistened on her earlobes and fingers. Golden spiked heels added four inches to her height.

“Johnnie!” Cindy sprinted to John, leaping into his arms. He caught her without the slightest discernable effort and returned her kisses with equal enthusiasm. “Johnnie, how about a quickie before dinner?” she asked plaintively, staring into his blue eyes with her own, grinding her bare pussy against his belly.

“I could never say no to a lady,” John grinned, ignoring his wife’s sotto voce, “not that you ever tried.” Supporting Cindy with one hand he lifted his tunic, exposing the member that all women present were intimately familiar with. Already hardening, he stroked it a couple of times before opening Cindy’s dripping slot with his fingers. With the head inside he let her weight fall onto it, sheathing his shaft in one motion. Cindy howled, attracting amused glances from the men and women filing by into the dining room. A couple stopped to watch, but only for a few minutes before moving on.

Neither Cindy nor John was interested in prolonging their fucking, and it wasn’t long before Cindy was panting her way to orgasm. When she sensed that John was drawing close she pushed on his chest. “No, wait, let me off.” John let her down and she took as much of his juice slick cock in her mouth as she could. With his hands in her hair she continued sucking until he growled, his cum filling her mouth as she rapidly swallowed.

She sat back on her heels, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. John looked down on her, a faintly inquisitive air in his raised eyebrow. “I didn’t want to waste anything, and you know I’m not crazy about leaking cum on my chair through dinner.” He tipped his head to the side, acknowledging her point and turned to the rest of the group as he rearranged his tunic over his softening cock.

“Let’s eat.”

With all the other features the Resort offered, it might have been forgiven if the food fell short of perfection. However John, like the previous owners, did not believe that for a minute. The chefs he employed were top quality, well paid, and also enjoyed the services of the staff and various appreciative customers. With that incentive program their work was always the very best.

Anna waved at her parents as they walked past. Martin and Yoko were sitting with the black couple that she had seen them with earlier in the day. Her mother giggled at something the other woman said then, noticing the wave responded with a blown kiss.

“How was it sweetie?” Anna stopped to talk as John led the others to a larger table.

“It was good mother.” She hesitated. “It wasn’t what I expected.”

“Better, worse?”

“Different.” Yoko reached out and drew her daughter closer.

“This is Judith and Tobias,” indicating the others. Both the man and the woman looked at her with undisguised lust, a look Anna was becoming familiar with. “Hey, cool it you two, she’s my daughter.”

Judith lightly licked her lips before she responded smiling. “Oh come on Yoko, if she wasn’t your daughter you’d be into her too.” Then she turned her dark eyes to the other woman. “Or maybe even though she is…”

Anna had never seen her mother flustered before. Yoko actually blushed. “It’s okay mom. Today I’ve watched sisters make love, sucked cock, eaten pussy, and been fucked in my pussy and ass. Finding out you fancy fucking your little girl is just another strange thing in a strange day.”

“John fucked your ass?” Judith inquired. “That’s a lot of cock for a little girl.” Feeling daring Anna turned, bending slightly and lifting her robe to expose the green gem nestled between the cheeks. Her mother gave an audible sigh, and then soft fingers caressed her buttocks. “Certainly looks like he did.” Judith concluded. Anna turned back, seeing her mother’s hands returning to the table.

“Does daddy want to fuck me too?” This time Martin turned red and started to cough as a bite of food went the wrong way. “Perhaps he’d like to fuck my ass while Tobias fucks my pussy?” The big black man just looked amused.

“That’s enough dear.” Yoko was firm. “We’ll discuss this later. Now are you going to sit with us, or with John and your new friends?”

Anna turned and looked, John, Sophia and the others had taken their places at a large table towards the centre of the room. There was a chair empty while her parents table would only really sit four comfortably. “I’ll see you later.”

She sat down between Sophia and Michelle. John was sitting between Sophia and Cindy, Will was sandwiched between Cindy and Isabella. Josie, Heather, Monica and Lisa filled the rest of the circle.

A waitress approached, her olive skinned body clad in a high cut spandex shorts and breast band combination whose white fabric covered little and concealed nothing.

“Wine?” she asked John. He nodded.

“Wine for everyone,” he looked around the table. “You can choose from chicken and salad, steak and salad or salad and salad.” He waited for the expected chuckles and continued. “Give Marie your orders so she can start earning the exorbitant amount I pay her.” The waitress poked out her tongue at the big man.

“I thought you paid me that for my sexy ass.” John grinned at her.

“I thought I got that for love.”

“Love? Love he says…” the woman shook her head laughing. She turned to take orders and without exception the table chose the steak, although the tastes ranged from rare to medium.

As Marie left to deliver her orders to the chefs John leaned back in his chair. Almost unconsciously he placed his hands behind his head and flexed. The muscles of his chest, shoulders and arms leapt to full definition. The girls oohed appropriately then turned to each other and started conversations. Sophia simply leant her glorious head against John’s shoulder, relaxing.

At length Anna turned to Sophia and asked a question that had come to her mind. “How did you two meet?” The conversations stopped as the other girls turned their faces to the couple.

Sophia looked at John then looked at Anna. “Well it’s not that interesting a story,” she began.

“Let’s hear it anyway.” Anna pressed on. Sophia giggled.

“Well if you must pry…”

“I must, I must.”

“I grew up in a rather prestigious family, near aristocracy in fact.” The girls looked at her, believing her story. She had the air of royalty about her. “Like so many families we regularly organised parties for special occasions, and even for not so special occasions.”

“We organised a birthday party for my older sister one night. Lots of preparations, food, wine, decorations, dancing till dawn in front of a live orchestra.”

“It was at that party that I met John for the first time.” She stroked the man’s muscular arm. “He was the captain of a ship at that time, older than me by a few years, I was very young.”

“My mother had invited him. I think she wanted to arrange a meeting between him and my sister, but he got waylaid by yours truly.”

“Laid is probably the right word.” John observed drily.

“Oh shut up you,” the redhead’s smile belied her words. “Alright then, we met, we were attracted to each other, we hooked up, the rest is history.”

“Hey,” Anna was still inquisitive. “How did it play out? We want details.”

“Well…” the redhead’s eyes closed as she brought back memories. “I still remember him walking into the room, coming down the stairs in his blue uniform, walking like he owned the place. He greeted my mother, kissed her cheek, and shook hands with my father… I found out later they had served in the Navy together, although only for a short time before my father retired.”

“He took a glass of wine, then walked up to me and said ‘don’t try to get away.’ I was shocked, to say the least, but aroused as well.”

“She said in return, ‘why sir, whatever would I be running from?’” John added.

“He took my hand and we danced, and danced, and danced.” Sophia’s eyes misted reminiscing. “He was a fabulous dancer… he still is… and I felt like a feather in his arms.”

“As we danced I just knew I had to have him. I knew about sex, my mother had told me all the details and I regular got myself off with my fingers, but I’d never known there could be such a hunger for a man… such a craving to be totally taken and possessed.” Sophia sighed.

“I took him back to my room. He knew what he wanted; I thought I knew what he wanted… I wasn’t quite correct.”

“We kissed for what felt like hours, his hands were all over me… and mine all over him. Somewhere along the way we went from being clothed to being naked, but to this day I can’t remember the exact sequence that led from to the other. My God, he was gorgeous.”

“She wasn’t too bad herself.” John added, earning a light punch in the arm from his wife.

“He laid me back on the bed, kissed his way down my body. His tongue felt so good on my breasts… and then when he started to eat my pussy…” Intimately familiar with John’s tongue her audience squirmed simultaneously.

“That was my first orgasm with another person, and it was better than any I’d had by myself.” Sophia stopped to calm her rapid breathing. “And he didn’t stop at one; he just kept licking me until I was completely exhausted.” She looked around the table.

“And then he rolled me over, bending me over the side of the bed.” There was a collective intake of breath. Everyone could see where this was leading. “He took a little bottle of scented oil out of his pocket, Sandalwood, I still get wet when I smell it. He wet his finger and started to rub it between my buttocks, against my anus. I tried to protest, to say that it was the wrong hole, but I was almost too weak to move and he was far stronger than me…”

“And you wanted it.” John said.

“I certainly wanted something,” Sophia agreed. “My body was exhausted but my lust hadn’t abated at all. All I wanted was John’s cock and I got it.”

“In your ass,” said Lisa.

“In my ass,” said Sophia. “He oiled up his cock, and then worked two fingers into my ass to prepare it. He pressed the head against my hole and just kept applying pressure until I relaxed and let him in. He came three times in my ass that night.” She stopped for another breather. “We were married three months later, and he didn’t fuck my cunt until then.” She smiled at the group. “I guess I was technically a virgin, just one with a well fucked throat and ass.”

Anna exhaled slowly. She had felt the heat between her legs build as her body responded to Sophia’s story. She pushed for another detail.

“When was your first woman?” Sophia shook her head again laughing.

“You want all my secrets don’t you?” She licked her lips contemplatively. “John had a couple of maids who kept house for him. You could say they provided a full service.”

“Details,” this from Monica, the blonde was flushed.

“Alright then,” Sophia sighed. “They were Chinese, small, very beautiful. Alike enough to be sisters, although John assured me they weren’t.”

“They weren’t,” John interjected.

“Shush dear, my story.” Sophia continued. “After John and I were married I moved in with him, and them too of course. There was a lot of tension in the house for a few weeks; they saw me as an interloper, cutting into their time with their master, John.”

“He was fucking them as well?” Lisa asked.

“Before we were married, absolutely,” Sophia pursed her lips. “After the wedding John assured me that he wasn’t, and I believed him.” She giggled. “He wouldn’t have had time to anyway. Once I moved in he seldom left the bedroom, and then usually because we were doing it on the table or the living room floor, I just couldn’t get enough of him, and I like to think that he couldn’t get enough of me.” John ran his fingers through her hair and she smiled at him.

“So they were jealous of you?” Isabella spoke in a dry tone.

“They were. I didn’t notice it to start with, but as time went on I noticed the tones they took when talking to me, the sudden silence when I entered the room, things like that. I asked John about it and he told me what the situation was. Knowing that I was sharing a house with two of my husband’s former lovers and that they were bitterly jealous of me… well let’s just say it wasn’t the highlight of my existence up till then. “

“How did you resolve it?” Josie asked.

“That took some time, although thinking back John had probably already worked it out but was waiting for me to come around to it. He wasn’t going to throw them out in the street, which was my first impulse, as he said they had nowhere else to go. Eventually I realised that to keep peace in the household I was going to have to share my husband with them.”

“Ooh, awkward.” Isabella spoke again.

“Yes, decidedly,” Sophia laughed. “John said that the only fair thing would be for them to become my lovers as well, that rather shocked my privileged sensibilities a bit but he talked me around to it. We called them into a meeting that afternoon, and John explained the changes that would be made. They looked at each other, then at John and me and nodded.”

“John ordered them to undress, which was pretty quick. It’s like their uniforms were made to come off easily. Then the older, Jiao was her name, knelt down at John’s feet and started sucking his cock. I almost lost it seeing that, but Shu was kneeling at me feet and she opened my robe and started teasing my pussy with her fingers and tongue. I gripped her head, and before long I was biting my lip not to scream. Those girls had terrific oral talent.”

“John was fucking Jiao as Shu and I kissed and caressed. After Jiao was finished he fucked Shu while Jiao and I pleased each other, and then he fucked me… right in front of them… in the ass. He just sat down on the chair, seated me on his cock, and pulled me onto him. I was spread wide open, and incredibly embarrassed to be seen like that… sure I loved anal but I didn’t want other people knowing I loved anal… but the two girls just came forward and ate my pussy while I was being ass-fucked. The orgasm was intense.” Sophia’s emerald eyes stared dreamily into space.

“Things changed for the better after that. The house was more relaxed and there were two people who could satisfy my needs when John was at sea.” She chuckled. “I was very needy when he was away.” She turned her eyes to Anna. “I also became very attracted to Asian girls. I loved fucking them and watching them get fucked.”

“What happened to them?” Josie asked.

“They grew older, found some good men, and got married.” Sophia shrugged. “We haven’t really kept in touch over the years.”

“Awesome story Sophie, but I’m getting tired holding these plates up.” Marie and another girl stood behind them, plate laden. “Do you want to eat?”

“Double entendre Marie?” Sophia asked, moving aside so her plate could be placed in front of her.

“You’ll find out later.” The girl smiled, her long tongue flicking over her lips.

“I look forward to it.” Laughter encircled the table.

Sorry this has taken so long to get posted. Life, the holidays, and a new lady kept interfering. Deon gets a lesson in making love, has some fun with Mary, his sister’s friend, and teaches Kyle it’s not nice to cheat. Hope you all enjoy it. No. 5 coming soon. Jb7


Deon had just finished setting the table for dinner when the doorbell rang. He smiled, anticipating the evening. He went to the front door and opened it, to welcome Bertie. She was dressed informally in slacks and a short sleeved buttoned summer bouse. She had a large tote bag with her.

“Come in; come in,” her urged her.

She smiled. “Eager; I like that. It bodes well for the evening.”

Her host grinned in reply, reaching for the bag. “I hope so. Before we start, there’s something I want to talk about with you.” He lifted the bag. “Bedroom?” She nodded. He pointed her toward the living room and carried the bag to its destination.

In a few seconds, he returned. “What can I get you to drink?” he asked her. “The woman who owns the house left some sherry and port, along with some scotch and bourbon. Unfortunately all I have as a mixer right now is water.”

“Sherry’s fine. Who owns the house? Is she on sabbatical?”

He opened a cabinet and took out a decanter and a couple of cordial glasses. “Yeah. A Dr. Hill, from the nursing school. I think someone told me she oversees the Community Nursing program. Over the summer, she said, she was contacted by one of her graduates who wants some help organizing a public health program staffed by nurse practitioners to serve the migrant camps in the southern part of the state.

“My sister is coming up to school in a few weeks, so we’re going to share the house. We have this until the first of the year. That’ll give us time to find a place to lease or buy.” Deon handed Bertie a glass and sat down next to her. He took a sip of his wine and looked at his guest.

“Bertie,” he started and hesitated. ” mhmm, I, uh, have a favor to ask of you. Under the circumstances, it sounds kind of strange, especially given our history, the contentious part and the more recent part.

“Until that afternoon in your office, I was, for all intents and purposes, still a virgin…”

“What?” Bertie exclaimed. “I find that…”

“Hard to believe? I understand, but it’s true. I told you about Astarte. She has been guiding me and procuring women for me, in a sense. And it’s been great. All I have to do is tell a woman I want to have sex with her, and she is immediately ready for me. But I have the feeling there is something I’m missing out on. Actually a couple of somethings, but there’s only one you can help me with tonight.

“Can you show me how to make love? Not just the screwing part, but the seduction and foreplay phases?” He had carefully worded his request to avoid expressing it so Astarte’s spell was activated.

“I have no idea how to get from ‘I’m glad to meet you,’ to ‘let’s get naked;’ and in bed, I know most of the basics, but not how to insure that my partner is having a good time. I can use Astarte’s spell to make that happen, but I would rather be able to make it happen myself. Can you, will you help me?” Just then a timer sounded in the kitchen.

“Ah, time for the biscuits to come out,” he said, and jumped up to leave.

Bertie stood up with him. “You made biscuits?” He nodded, looking at her puzzled. “I’m sorry for doubting you, but I don’t know many men your age who can fry an egg, let alone make biscuits. That is a very good first step in the skill set you want to learn. What else are we having this evening?”

“Broiled lamb chops, baked potato, garden salad, and crepes with brandied fruit sauce.”

“And you did it all?” He nodded. She walked up to him and reached up to kiss him. “There are a whole lot of women, older, to be sure, but not that old, who would take you to bed right now.”

She watched him pull out the biscuits and put them in the serving basket. “What can I do?”

“The salad’s in the fridge, and needs to be tossed with the dressing, on the door in the cruet with the red band around its neck.” He slipped the broiler pan into the oven and closed the door part way, then turned up the broiler.

“I have to apologize,” he said. “Dr. Hill doesn’t keep a wine cellar, and I didn’t get a chance to stop except at the grocery store. All I have to serve with dinner is beer.”

“Beer’s fi…wait! Where’s my bag? I brought a bottle of burgundy, figuring it would go with everything but fish.” She flashed him a smile. “And of course, it’ll help get us in the mood for our teaching session later.”

He grinned and walked up to her. “Thank you,” he said softly, leaning down to kiss her, parting her lips with his tongue.

Dinner was done; the kitchen cleaned up with many appreciative comments from Bertie on how lucky some woman was going to be. There had been an hour or so of cuddling, dancing, kissing and such in the living room afterwards as Bertie coached him in the fine art of making out.

There had been some exploration, over clothing, of each other’s more evident physical attributes, accompanied by moans and sighs from both of them. When Deon’s hand had slipped between her thighs to lightly grip her vulva, Bertie had suggested they retire to the bedroom.

Fingers fumbled, hands interfered, tongues intermingled, and feet got tangled as the May/December pair rushed to shed their clothing. Finally Bertie, with a laugh, cried, “Stop!” Deon stopped trying to pull her shirt over her head and looked at her, his face angst ridden. Seeing his expression, Bertie laughed again and pulled his face to hers to kiss him.

“Oh, Deon, my lovely boy. It’s just that we are trying so hard to get undressed, we’re getting in our own way, trying to hurry. Let me undress you first, then you can finish undressing me and then we can continue your training.”

Deon grinned and nodded, not trusting himself to speak plainly. Bertie unbuttoned the last button on his shirt and pushed it off his shoulders. She dropped to her knees and pulled off his loafers and socks, then removed his slacks. Looking up at his face, she reached for the waistband of his jockeys and slowly pulled them down over his hips.

Without looking, she reached for his phallus and pulled it to her lips, and gently kissed it, then ran her tongue over the glans. After another kiss, which involved engulfing the glans with her mouth, she rocked back on her heels and stood up. “Your turn,” she whispered, wrapping her arms around his neck.

Deon smiled and reached to finish unbuttoning her blouse. “Remember,” she said, “eager is good, but taking your time will heighten the anticipation and her arousal. Since you’ve gotten to this point, touching is encouraged, especially what might be called incidental touching, brushing the breasts with your arms or the back of your hand; pushing your hips into hers when you reach around to unfasten her brassiere; sliding your hands over her buttocks as you drop her top, and push off her slacks or panties. Mmm, that’s right.

“At this point everything is allowed; indeed, pretty much expected. Go ahead and explore her body, whether it’s your first time with her, or your twentieth. That’s nice, like that. Make her feel like it’s your first time together every time. She’ll let you know when it’s time to move forward.

“Unless she tells you or shows you she wants a firm or harder approach, gentle is the way to go. Not so lightly it tickles, but definitely a caress, a petting motion. Yesss. Like that. Feel my puss. See how wet I am? That is the signal I’m ready for penetration.” She led him to the bed and lay down beside him.

“If you know, or think, she is a virgin, then the best position to start with is the cowgirl, or woman on top. This lets her control the speed and pressure to beak her cherry. Otherwise, the missionary position is best for your first time together, especially if you’re planning to see her again. That position puts you face to face so you can see how she is responding to you.

“Come over me now. That’s good; now in…ahhh…yesss.” Bertie wrapped her legs around Deon’s hips and back and reached up to take his ear lobe between her teeth. “Now, Deon Davies, fuck me!”

When Deon began to move in her, she thrust her hips up to meet him. Fully aroused from his touches and caresses as she was instructing him, she had her first climax almost immediately. Her arms and legs clinched Deon so tightly he could barely move until her period of rigor passed and her limbs relaxed. As he resumed his pumping motion, she softly moaned, “Yesss. That’s good; slow now, for a bit.”

She turned her head slightly, capturing his lips for a full-on tongue wrestling kiss. Before they were done, her hips were thrusting back up to meet his, slamming against his pubes, coaxing him to pump harder and faster until, at last, she felt the explosion of his seed deep within her love canal, triggering her second orgasm.

Deon collapsed on her, supporting most of his weight on his elbows. He pushed his arms under her and held her to his chest as he caught his breath. Without withdrawing, he rolled off her, turning her on her side to face him. His hands slowly stroked her back and butt as they recovered. “Mmm,” she purred, “that feels nice.” She tucked her head under his chin and hugged him tightly. After a moment, he heard her sigh, then she spoke.

“If I were fifteen or twenty years younger, you’d be a definite danger to my marriage. I just hope you are as good at learning art history as you are learning how to make love.”

Deon gently pushed her on to her back and shifted his position to lie over her, and pushed his groin into her vulva. He lifted and pushed her legs so her knees rested on her breasts and her ankles were by his ears. Then he crossed his legs behind him and, lifting her, sat back. By the time he was sitting, he was erect, and slid into her quim. “Oooohhh mmmm, that was a nice surprise,” cooed Bertie.

Deon smiled and kissed her, grazing her lips with his tongue. “Bertie, I would never do anything to threaten your marriage, or endanger either it or your position at school. At the end of the first course I had with you, I would have cheerfully run you over with a large truck.” Bertie smiled, nodding. “But this last two weeks, especially tonight, have shown me what a beautiful person you are. In spite of the rocky start, you have been a warm, willing and generous partner. I’m going to ask Astarte to somehow shield you from her gift…”

Bertie put her fingers over his mouth. “No, don’t, please. I like it that I don’t have a choice with you, except to enjoy it or not. Being with you is the one place in my life where I don’t have to make decisions, where somebody else is in charge. Let me keep it. Please.”

Deon cocked his head to one side and looked at her, her face framed by her legs. After a few seconds, he grinned and nodded. “What will Fred say when you tell him I want to have you once a week until I get my Master’s degree?”

Bertie felt a sensation similar to an orgasmic spasm ripple up her vaginal sheath, and spread to her abdomen and breasts. “OMG!” she gasped, “what was that?”

Deon leaned forward to kiss her, letting her legs drop to encircle his hips. “That, Bertie dear, was a shiver of anticipation. Do you know your pussy just got wetter and hotter?” He slipped his tongue into her mouth and played tag with hers. “And I just got harder,” he said, pushing his hips forward.

Bertie threw her arms around his neck and pulled him to her. “Did anyone ever tell you,” she asked, capturing his lips with hers, “that you talk too fucking much?”

The next morning, over breakfast, they arranged for Bertie to spend Wednesday nights with Deon, at his house, until his sister, Sally, moved in, not expected until the weekend before classes started. “What will you tell Fred?” Deon asked.

Bertie looked at him with a smile. “What would happen to Fred’s new found potency if I tried to refuse you?” she countered.

“He’d probably lose it.”

“So, the cost for him to have sex with me, or anyone else, is that I spend one night a week with you, no questions asked. Certainly, none answered. My major concern is what happens if the administration finds out. You could cost me my job.”

“Don’t ask me how, because I don’t know, but Astarte will protect you. Either no one will ever know, or if someone does discover us, she will make it all go away. Trust me, it isn’t anything to worry about.” In his head, he heard a silver tinkling laugh, and felt a fleeting kiss on his cheek. Bertie wondered about the genesis of his smile.

In anticipation of his sister and Mary’s visit over the weekend, he had rearranged his work schedule. Friday, after class, he planned on doing some shopping for food, but thought he should eat first . He headed for the diner where he had first learned of Astarte’s gift. Donna was still working there.

“Hey, Deon. Haven’t seen you in a while. How’ve you been?”

“Pretty good, Donna; you?”

“It’s been better since Karen got rid of her brother. The new cook is a pretty nice guy. Another ex-con, but an alright guy. BTW, I spoke with that lady, Dr. Stein. I can start the week after classes start. She said if everything works out, I’ll be in the Near East Room, with you.”

“Great! It’ll be nice having a friend to work with. Especially a pretty one.”

Donna turned bright red at the compliment, something she was unused to. “Uhh, th… thank you, Deon. You don’t have…”

“I didn’t say it because I felt I had to, Donna; I said it because it’s true.”

She blushed again, and, this time, smiled. “What can I get you? Karen’s here, so order whatever you want; it’s on the house.”

“Well, since I doubt what I want is on the menu, I’ll have a double cheeseburger, fries and whatever diet cola you have.”

She looked at him, puzzled. “I’ll put it right in.” She walked to the service pass thru and ordered his burger and fries. In a minute, she was back to him with his soda. “What could you want from here that wouldn’t be on the menu?” she asked him, her brow furrowed. “Karen said anything you want.”

Deon looked directly at her, holding her eyes with his. “You, Donna. I want you. I want to pick you up after work Monday, take you to my place where we can have dinner and study a bit if you need to, and have you spend the night with me.”

“Deon, don’t joke like that. I don’t do that sort of thing, certainly not the first date.”

“I know that, Donna, but you will with me, won’t you?”

“I…I’ll come for dinner. I…I don’t know about the other.”

“Okay, Donna. Dinner and…maybe.” He smiled and took a sip of his soda. Just then, the service bell rang, announcing his burger and fries were ready. She was back in a minute.


“Monday, Donna. Dinner, study, and…we’ll see, okay?”

Against her every inclination, she heard herself agree. She was also feeling something new to her; her vagina was leaking fluid, and she felt like she needed to have an orgasm. A frequent self-pleasurer, she knew the feeling, but it usually occurred only after she had been petting her kitty for an extended period. Suddenly, she wished it were Monday.

Deon had just finished putting the groceries away when he heard a car pull into the driveway. The doorbell rang just as he opened the door, to a very pissed off sister. “Deon! Do you know what they are making everyone do? I have to spend tonight and tomorrow night in a dorm room with three other girls!”

“Sounds good to me,” he grinned. “You stay here and I’ll go take your place.”

Sally laughed, then, in a very disgruntled voice, said, “Be serious. We were supposed to be together this weekend. We were going to finish Mary’s deflowering.” She pouted. “And I wanted to explore some more, with you.”

“You should be done Sunday noon, to be picked up by one. I’ll bring you back here, and you can drive back home Monday morning. We can spend all of Sunday, and Monday until you leave, exploring. I can finish Mary while you’re in Orientation, and then you can do her while I do you. By the time you join us, she’ll be ready for some girl on girl attention.”

“I guess. Can you drive me to the dorm. I have to check in for supper. It sounds worse than high school. I thought they were going to treat us like adults.”

“They will. Not everyone is ready for that yet. Keep your mind open. You might make some friends to hang with between classes during the school year.”

“I know; it’s just…I wanted to be with you this weekend, to watch you and Mary, and to make love with you. By Sunday, we’ll all be too tired to poop, then what fun will we have?”

Deon put his arms around his sister. “I promise you we’ll have as much fun as you can stand. Okay?”

She stood up on her tiptoes to kiss him lightly on the mouth. “Okay, if you promise. Will Astarte see that you keep your word?” He grinned and nodded. “She better, or she and I are going to have words.”

Sally had been delivered to the Orientation staff, dinner had been cooked and eaten, the kitchen had been cleaned, and Deon and Mary were sitting side by side on the couch in the den, watching tv. His arm was around her shoulder. When the program they were watching went to commercial, he tightened his arm around her shoulder and lifted her chin with his other hand.

She grinned at him, and said, “I was beginning to think you had forgotten why I came up with Sally.”

“I didn’t forget; I was just giving you time to change your mind if you wanted. Do you want to go to the bedroom, or would you rather mess around a bit out here?”

“I’m about as sure a thing as you’ll ever meet. There’s nothing under this skirt except a half slip and me, but I’d still like to be convinced a little.” Deon smiled and started placing soft, feather light kisses all over her face, finally landing on her lips. She was laughing softly as he distributed his butterfly soft busses about her face. Breaking the kiss on her lips, he said, “You know, you have a pretty face. You shouldn’t hide it under these bangs.”

“You think so?” she asked, anxiously. “It’s Dad. He insists that he or Mom cut our hair, and the only way they know is this hokey bowl cut. When I get to Paris, I’ll go to a shoppe. You really think I’m cute?”

“No. I said pretty. What would happen if you went home Monday, with a different do?”

“As long as he doesn’t have to pay for it, he’d bluster a bit, but he’d have to accept it. Do you know someone who could cut it?”

Deon smiled at her, while in his head he was calling his favorite Egyptian goddess. “Astarte, can you do something for her?”

“What did you have in mind, Gideon? In spite of what you think, I’m not a miracle worker.”

“I know that. I was wondering about a more attractive haircut, and maybe a more flattering color, maybe a blonde, or just some blonde streaks as highlights.”

Astarte laughed. “I see what you want. These modern hairs styles are complicated, but I’m sure I can do what you’re suggesting. I’ll be right there.”

Deon was still looking at Mary, giving her the impression he was considering her question. “Yeah, I think I know someone. She’ll be right here.”

Mary’s shock showed on her face, and in the speed with which she stood up and looked around.

“Gideon, what the hell are you doing to me? You never said there’d be another woman joining us! I don’t mind about Sally; I’ve known forever she was in love with you.

“I figured if I could give her the chance to be with you, she’d help me get rid of my cherry.But I can’t do it with another woman; not even for you.”

“That’s okay, Mary. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. It’s my friend, Astarte. She’s gong to style and color your hair to enhance your beauty. All you have to do is relax and let it happen.”

“Who…what’s happening, Deon?” Mary asked, fear in her voice as the room filled with a soft glow, signifying Astarte’s arrival.

“Hello, Mary. We almost met last Friday, but you fell asleep before I arrived. Deon said you wanted your hair done. I can see why. The only woman who has ever looked good with that heavy of a bang was that jealous long nosed Neffi.

“I think what they call a pixie cut today would look good on you. We could shape it to emphasize your eyes, and add some color to lighten and freshen it up.”

Mary stared at the beautiful woman before her, dumbstruck. She turned to look at Gideon, who was trying very hard not to laugh at her. She looked a bit like a fish which had been thrown up on the beach, her mouth opening and closing as she sought the words to express her rapidly changing emotions.

“Uh, Mary, I’d like you to meet Astarte, a very special friend of mine. She made it possible for me to take Jordan the way I did and get even with G.W. and his friends for Chrissie.”

Just hearing his voice, its comforting deep resonance, was enough to calm Mary down so she could speak. “Who…who did you say? Astarte? Wasn’t she some sort of Persian queen or something?”

Astarte’s silver laugh rang out, as ever, clear as a bell. “At least the child has the right region and time. There may have been others with similar names, Mary child, but I am from the Egypt of pre-written-history, although my influence extended over the centuries to about thirty-five centuries ago. I was the Egyptian goddess of love and war. Dear Gideon can tell you the reason I am here, at a later time.

“Come, let us take care of your hair and create a make-up for you, unless you have some objections.”

Mary shook her head. “D…d. you know about make-up?” she asked, her voice trembling.

“I’ll tell you a secret,” Astarte whispered. “Even the gods and goddesses get pimples and other eruptions. Have you heard of the Norse god, Thor?” Mary nodded. “It is rumored that his ill temper was due to an everlasting boil which formed on the back of his sack of jewels, if you know what I mean.”

Mary nodded, with a small giggle. “I imagine that would hurt a bit. No wonder he was always angry, but I meant, since you’re so pretty, you wouldn’t need to use make up like we do today…”

“Thank you, dear. But there were times when the Egyptian courts resembled what Broadway performers call cattle calls, and if you didn’t stand out and catch someone’s attention, well…Even the goddesses needed all the help they could muster–whether it was make-up or a few well placed incantations. Now, let’s tend to your hair. Sit here,” she ordered, pointing to a kitchen chair.

An hour later, Deon could hardly believe his eyes. In place of the dowdy, dark haired girl with an ugly bowl cut for a hair do, standing naked before him was a young attractive woman with a multi colored pixie shag, with highlights ranging in color from deep red bronze to golden blonde. Her eyes had been highlighted with a mascara like substance dusted with lapis, while her cheeks and lips seemed to have been coated with a powdering of red ochre, highlighting her natural colors.

Some judiciously applied kohl paste and paste like talc was used to highlight her natural curves, giving her bust the appearance it was larger, while her hips and waist seemed to have shrunk. The overall effect was felt in his groin. “My god! Mary! I can’t believe it. You’re beautiful. There isn’t any other word.”

Mary blushed and laughed. “You don’t need to flatter me, Deon. I told you, I’m a sure thing tonight and tomorrow, but it is nice to know you approve.”

“Approve? Have you seen yourself? I wasn’t trying to flatter you. From my point of view, it’s a good thing we’re not going out; I’m not sure you’d be coming back with me. You could have your pick of any guy on campus.” He grabbed her hand and led her to his bedroom. The large dresser had a full width mirror. He placed her with her back facing the mirror, and ordered her to turn around.

Mary saw her reflection and gasped. With tears in her eyes, she turned and grabbed Deon. “Thank you,” she sobbed softly. “And you, too, Astarte. Thank you.” She pulled back to kiss Deon, slipping her tongue past his lips. “Now, unless you have something against making love to pretty girls, it’s time. When morning comes, I don’t want to be able to.”

He picked her up and carried her to the bed. He knee-walked to the center and laid her down, his lips meshed with hers. Without breaking the kiss, he started moving his lips over her skin, occasionally nibbling, sometimes nipping, sometimes licking, but always maintaining contact.

Mary, already aroused, felt the tension in her body increase as the pressure to orgasm built. Soon, her arms and legs were impossible to contain; they moved randomly, erratically, thrashing about. Her hips began to thrust up, off the bed. Her head, tossing from one side to the other. “OMG! Dee, now! I need you in me now!”

She grabbed his shoulders and pulled him over her, throwing her legs around his hips, lining up her quim with his prick, and pulled him into her. “Now,” she pleaded, “make love to me now.”

The night was everything Mary had wanted. By daybreak she had lost count of the number of orgasms she had had. All she knew was that she was deliciously tired and well satisfied. And had one more hole to breach.

“I know,” she said, “that you’ve probably spoiled me for any other man I’ll ever meet, but we have one last objective before we can sleep. Remember?”

“Mmhmm,” Deon muttered sleepily, in reply. “I still gotta do your bum. You sure you want to do that now?” he asked around a yawn. “Last time, you had to interrupt our morning wake up to have a BM; is that a regular time for you?”

“Mmm, not regular, but I frequently have to go when I wake up. Why?”

“You should go and try, then. If it’s near, it’ll just be easier and less painful if you’re pretty empty back there. We’re only designed to handle a day’s worth of waste, and I’m going to try to force a day or so’s equivalent back into you. If you’re full, it could get uncomfortable.”

“I see what you mean. Back in a few minutes.” She hopped out of bed and almost fell as her legs started to collapse. “Ooh, damn! That hurts!”

“What?” he laughed.

“Trying to straighten up after all that screwing. Stop laughing, it isn’t funny! Well, okay, it is, but stop anyway!” she laughed, limping out of the room.

A short time later, Mary lay on the bed, on her stomach, a pair of pillows supporting her hips, while Deon applied a generous amount of anal lube to the area in and around her rosebud. “Damn, Deon, I gotta tell you, this is freakin’ uncomfortable. Are you sure it’s necessary?”

“Yeah. I’m about done here, so I can show you.” He moved closer to her head and laid the two middle fingers of his right hand against the shaft of his condom covered cock. There was a significant amount of his shaft still visible.

“Oh, Christ!” moaned Mary, “you’re gonna kill me. Oh, well, let’s get it over with, then we can sleep and recover.”

“You’re sure? Nobody but you is holding this gun to your head.”

“Just do it, Dee. Please,” she pleaded. “Whether or not I like it, I want the experience, and I want it with someone I can trust.”

She had turned her head and buried her face in another pillow. She felt the bed move as Deon moved into position behind her. Then the searching head of his cock centered in her pucker. She moaned as she felt the pressure increase. Then yelped and groaned as it popped through the exterior ring of her anus.

The pressure and pain brought tears to her eyes. “OMG, Deon! Oh, shit! It hurts! Stop! Wait!” She attempted to move away from him, to relieve the pressure, but there was no place for her to move to get away. “Ooowwwww, shitfuck! Pull back a little, please!”

Deon pulled back a fraction of an inch, relieving the pressure a barely noticeable amount, but enough to let Mary catch her breath. “Push, like you’re having a BM,” he told her. He felt a small reduction in resistance and pushed forward, popping through the inner ring. He looked down at their juncture. About half of his eight plus inches were buried in her ass.

He pulled back again, until he felt her inner ring against his coronal ring, then lunged forward, eliciting a small scream of pain. “Bastard! What…” She stopped, feeling his pubes hit her bottom. “Ohh, unhhh; goddam. Oh, shit this hurts, but it also feels sorta good. Don’t move yet; just hold me for a minute. Fuck! I’m not sorry I had you do it, but I don’t think I’ll ever do it willingly again.”

“Some night, when you’ve had too much to drink at some party, there’ll be a couple of guys who convince you to go off with them, and they’ll share you in all your holes, finishing up by taking your pussy and ass at the same time. And, as much as it hurts, you’ll come harder than you ever have before.”

“No fuckin’ way that’ll happen,” she moaned. “Okay, start slowly, with short strokes, please.” Deon did as she asked. At the same time, he reached around and began to lightly massage her clit. “Ohhh, mmmmm; yessss, that feels good. Faster, longer, just fuck me now. Play with my clitty some more, too. That’s good.”

She began to thrust her hips back at him, soon, their hips were only a blur. Suddenly, Mary stopped with a wail, her body completely rigid, prone on the bed. Deon stopped moving, except for the hand between Mary’s legs. After several seconds, her hips began to move up and down, while her body seemed to be quivering all over.

Deon felt his own signals of impending climax, and withdrew from Mary’s ass. He quickly grabbed the least soiled part of the condom and stripped it off, tossing it in a trash can, close by. With a few quick strokes of his hand, his climax arrived, spewing his hot seed all over Mary’s back.

“What the fuck!” she laughed. “Why didn’t you leave it in the rubber? Now I need a shower before I can sleep.”

“You needed one anyway, and it was something I’ve always wanted to do. The women in the porn films seem to enjoy it so much. Not true, huh?”

“Well, it ‘was’ nice and warm, but otherwise, truthfully, it didn’t do much for me. Sorry.”

“Frankly, me neither, but this time will be better.”

“What do you mean, this time?”

“I’m going back in, bareback, right now,” he said, pushing his cock into her pucker.

She felt him breaching her back door with little or no resistance. “Deon, no…oh, god, oh… oh, oh, oh, oh, uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh ugh ah ahah ah ah ahahah, arhh arggh, arrrggghhh!” she screamed as she experienced her second anal climax, triggered by the feeling of Deon’s hot seed splattering against her dark walls.

Deon collapsed onto her back, spreading his earlier cum all over her. She sighed contentedly as she felt his weight settle on her. “Mmmm. Maybe all those girls weren’t wrong about anal. It was certainly better the second time around.”

“Yeah, but I doubt if it’ll ever be my favorite.”

“Me, neither, but, at least now I won’t be totally afraid to try that ungodly threesome you described, taking two men at once.”

“And you still have to try it in the missionary position.”

“You’re kidding! Aren’t you? No, I can see, you’re not. Oh, shit! Some other time!”

The young lovers fell asleep after sharing a shower, peculiarly characterized by an almost total lack of sex play. After the shower, they made their way to bed and slept for nearly an entire clock-around, not waking until early mid-evening. Mary agreed with Deon’s suggestion they go out for dinner. He took her to his favorite diner. Donna was off, but Karen was working the register, so he got his free meal, but paid for Mary’s lasagne.

After eating, Deon took Mary to the bar where he had met Amanda. The football team was there, celebrating a successful pre-season game with a near-by college of similar size. It didn’t take long for them to notice the pretty girl on the nerd’s arm. Amanda, standing near Kyle saw his attention stray from her.

When she saw the reason, and her date, she was assailed by conflicting emotions. She was jealous of Mary because Mary attracted so much attention, especially from the two men in whom she was invested, plus she was immediately attracted to Deon, remembering her experience a couple of weeks ago.

Kyle recognized Deon as the guy who had had the nerve to ask his date to dance. With just enough alcohol under his belt to impair his judgment, he figured it was time for some payback. He made his way to the couple where they were standing at the bar. “Hey there, pretty lady, how about you come dance with me. I’m sure your friend won’t mind, will you, buddy?”

Deon looked at Mary, who was looking a bit overwhelmed. “Mary, I want you to enjoy yourself, but I also want you to remember you are going home with me tonight. If you think things are getting too much for you to handle, I want you to call me. No matter where you are, I’ll hear you and come to your rescue.”

He turned to Kyle. “Of course not, Kyle. While you dance with Mary, I’ll dance with Mandy. I wanted to talk to her, anyhow.” Kyle frowned. He wasn’t sure he wanted this confident guy anywhere near his favorite sex toy.

Before he could react, Mary had taken his hand and started for the dance floor. Deon caught Mandy’s eye and beckoned her to meet him near the band. They danced to the rest of the song, an up-tempo number which didn’t involve a lot of contact. The next number was a slow, romantic song. Deon watched while Kyle lifted Mary and held her body against his as they moved around in a circle. He pulled Mandy into his arms and was surprised when she seemed to melt against his body, her hips pressed tightly against his.

“I’ve been thinking about you,” she whispered in his ear. “Only three more weeks to our date in the library.

“Is she your girl, or someone like me, someone you just found? I think Kyle is jealous. He thought there had been someone else that night, but couldn’t think of anytime or anybody; I was just hornier than usual when we got to his car.”

Deon watched as Kyle’s right hand slid down over Mary’s butt from where it held her waist. It stopped when it reached the bottom of her cheek, the fingers obviously pressed into the crack of her ass. She wiggled her hips and legs, trying to dislodge his hand. Deon maneuvered Mandy so they were soon dancing alongside Kyle and Mary.

In a low voice only Kyle and the girls could hear, he said, “Kyle, I want you to listen and believe me. If you don’t take your hand from Mary’s butt right now and set her down gently, your days playing football and fucking are finished.” Mary flashed him a smile of thanks.

Deon heard Astarte speaking in his head. When she was done, he looked at Mandy, then at Kyle. “Kyle, Mandy tells me you two are engaged. Is that right?” When the large tackle began to nod, Deon said, “Truth, now.”

“Naw,” said the large man, “I just did that so I could fuck her, ‘n’ she w’un’t fuck anyone else. I got a wife. My high school sweetheart. Her grades weren’t good enough to get into regular college. She’s a hairdresser at the mall.”

“She know about Mandy?”

“Fuck, no! You think I’m nuts? She’d cut my balls off if she thought there was someone else.”

“I think we should all go visit her. Or call her and have her meet us here. Which would you rather?” Just at that time a large crowd of younger teens came in, a mixed crowd, including his sister. Kyle saw them and paled. If his wife came and saw all the young girls and his teammates, she would know he had been cheating.

“Uhh, it’d be better if we go. I better call and make sure she’s home, and up to visitors.”

“No, we’ll just drop in. Mary and I will follow you. Mandy, whom do you want to ride with?”

“With you; I just realized, I don’t even know your name.”

Gideon smiled. “For now, you and Kyle can call me Master. I might change that later. For tonight, you, too, Mary” She laughed and nodded.

“Yes, Master,” she said, leaning on the title, with a small giggle.

“Go get your car, Kyle, and wait for me out front. I see someone I have to say hello to.” Kyle nodded and left through the back door. Deon had the girls go out the front, to his car, across the street. He made his way through the crowd of football players and orientees to his sister. He tapped her on the shoulder and called her name.

Sally turned around, amazed someone here would know her name. When she saw Deon, she yelled in surprise, with a smile a mile wide. Throwing her arms around his neck, she kissed him with an open mouth, to the delight of the surrounding crowd. Some of the football players recognized him as the guy with the choice fox they had seen earlier.

“Hey, Dude, leave some of the babes for us.”

“Hey, Mac, share the goods.”

“Save some of that for us, will ya?”

“What’s the shrimp got, anyway?”

Sally broke the kiss with her smile intact. “Where’s Mary? God, Dee, I’m having so much fun. I haven’t had any sleep since I left you, and I don’t think I’ll get any tonight. We’re supposed to visit one of the sororities for a pajama party. And…”

“I get the picture. Just take it easy. Have fun, but stay safe, okay?” he gave her a hug. “I have to run. Mary’s waiting for me outside with another couple. I’ll see you tomorrow.” He kissed her and silently asked Astarte to look after her.

Outside, he got in his car, joining Mary and Mandy. He saw Kyle in a car just ahead of him, and signaled he should get going. Kyle led them to an apartment building north of the campus, a few blocks beyond the museum where Deon worked. They found places to park and met at the entrance.

As Deon and the girls approached him, Kyle, in a plaintiff voice, asked, “Do we really need to do this, Master? She’s going to be awfully upset, me not calling first.”

Deon laughed. “Don’t worry about that; she’ll be delighted to see us all when we get there. It’s later, when she learns why we’re here, you should worry about. I want you to confess to her about feeling up my girl, Mary; leading Mandy on to the point of her wanting to get pregnant so you’d marry her sooner; and all the other cheerleaders you’ve been fucking.”

“She’ll rip my dick off, I swear!”

“I don’t think so. I have a proposition for her I think she’ll go for. Let’s go in, now, so you can face the music.”

Terri Woolhouse was a medium height, chestnut haired, green eyed, busty twenty-five year old. Moderately attractive, she would draw your eye if you saw her coming down the street, but would be quickly forgotten as soon as she was past you. Her most attractive feature was her green eyes. The most memorable was the d -sized bust on her size six frame.

To Deon’s delight, and Kyle’s embarrassment, she was wearing only one of Kyle’s tee-shirts when they walked in unannounced. “Kyle!” she screamed. “What the fuck are you doing here at this time of the week? And who in hell is this?” she yelled in a demanding tone.

“Hello,” replied Deon. “Kyle tells us you are his wife. I’d like to talk to you alone for a few minutes. Where can we go?”

Terri had a puzzled look on her face as she answered, “This way,” and led Deon to the bedroom. Several minutes later, when they came out, she looked even more puzzled. She walked up to her husband, tipped her head back to look him in the face, and asked, “Is what this guy tells me right, that you have something to confess?”

Kyle gave Deon a baleful look, but nodded. “Yeah, I…”

“I don’t need details. Just yes or no; you’ve been screwing around, doing the cheerleaders and anything else you can fit that pitiful dick into, right?”

Kyle nodded. “I knew when we got married you’d probably sniff out as many dumb bitches as you could find to dip that pitiful piece of meat into, and, if you had been smart and kept it from me, I wouldn’t have cared. But no, you had to bring it here and shove it in my face; so now, I have to do something about it.

” Well, sauce for the goose, as they say. Would one of you girls bring a chair from the kitchen?” She went to a bureau in the foyer and pulled open a drawer, from which she extracted some scarves. She directed Kyle to place the chair in front of the faux fireplace in the living room and to sit in it. When he was situated, she handed Deon two of the scarves and indicated he was to tie Kyle’s hands to the back uprights of the chair. She then kneeled and tied his feet to the front legs of the chair.

The Pleasuring of Granny. Part 2. (First-time, Anal, Mature,)

The Diary of a happy Man.

By: djinnrummy (Names have been changed for the usual reasons)

To Recap:

My name is Tim. I am not, nor have I ever been, married. I have never wanted to be married. I know and have known some very special women. They have shown me that there are a large number of women who, through no fault of their own, are stuck in a loveless or at least a sexless life and that they are expected to endure it because of their ages or ‘position’ in life. Quite a few of them do something about it when the right opportunity arises.

I consider myself to be one of the most fortunate of people on this planet. I was gifted with a six foot tall body, strong, healthy, and “un-ugly.” I am also blessed with a 10 inch long, 6 inch girth penis and the stamina and constitution of an Ox to use it. I am well aware that size isn’t everything, but, you can learn the rest of the requirements! I am addicted to females, I am besotted with breasts, and vaginas’ and I hope that never fades away. There are of course exceptions, but considering the size of the female population, I am happy with the remainder.

For the benefit of those who are easily confused, stamina and constitution have nothing to do with the possession of balls.

Part 2:

Date: 11th December 1965. (A date I shall never forget)

I came home from work to find Granny and my mother, whom I shall refer to as Pat from here on in, setting the table for dinner. This was a surprise as I had no idea that she was even in the country.

After the meal, and usual chit chat that goes with visits, Granny said that she had to get us all ‘on the same page’, so we settled down in what she liked to call the ‘drawing room’ and I call a living room, then all was made clear.

“Tim, there has been a lot going on behind your back these last few days and now is the time to get everything out and sorted. I’ve been thinking for a while now about Jean’s situation. You and I rattle around in this huge house, we hardly use any of it and Jean is desperately trying to keep a roof over her and her husband’s heads, well I can and will fix that. I’m wealthy, healthy, and you’ve gone a long way to making me happy. I don’t see why we can’t use what good fortune we’ve got to help someone else be happy as well.”

“Pat has some news as well and it was her telling me the news which made up my mind for me. I’ve decided to turn that unused second drawing room into a long-term care room for Jean’s husband, and then she can give up renting that hovel they’re living in and moves in here with us. It’s large enough to put two beds in there as well as all the furniture she’ll need. Before any of this can take place the three of us need to talk about our own situation.”

Pat then spoke up and told me that she had lost her job suddenly, details would come later, but she had asked Granny if she could come and stay until after Christmas then she could seek another post. Granny picked her up at the station and together they’d sorted out the details of the proposed new arrangements.

Pat then went to Granny and kissed her.

“Granny, I already know you two are screwing each other silly. Thanks to the remote for the drive gates, I actually arrived here one day about an hour before I announced myself, I heard a great deal and I’m green with envy! I never knew he preferred older women. I certainly never knew he could make a grown woman squeal like he did with you. I’m not his real mother, you don’t have to explain anything to me, but I give you fair warning, if I can bed him, I will.”

“Err, can I say something?”

“What?” “What?” From the two women who have been closest to me in my life.

“I know I’m only a sex object now, but there was a time not all that long ago when I thought of you as my mother and now I find that you are planning to have me in your bed, I’m getting an erection at the thought, I am to say the least, confused, but incredibly aroused.”

“Are you embarrassed?”


“Are you shocked?”

“No, why do you have to be in bed? I’m all for wherever, whenever and I’ll certainly encourage your ambitions.”

“Is that a promise?”

“Yes Pat, that’s a promise and as soon as this pow-wow is over I’ll be happy to honour it.”

We laughed and relaxed over a glass (or two) of wine and I found out that Pat was indeed going to be living here as she was to be the care assistant for Jean. I also learned that Jean had no inkling of any of this, but, as Granny pointed out Christmas was coming and it would be good to have a full and happy household at this time.

Granny said that tomorrow we had to plan the move of Jean and her husband. She then stood and smiled.

“I do believe I am tired out from such a busy day so if you will forgive me I’ll say goodnight and leave you two to talk!”

Talk? Ha! It wasn’t long before Pat had my jeans open and was hauling my erection out of my boxers.

She stared at what she’d got hold of and then looked me in the eyes and said:

“I knew you were going to be well hung, but I never thought I’d brought a horse up!”

She stood up, and started to remove her dress, revealing what a ripe body she possessed.

“Please, fuck me, now, here.”

She would never be able to wear any of those clothes again and once I’d got her breasts out of her bra’, I was lost. She really did have beautiful, full, firm breasts. She was obviously ready for sex, but she wasn’t ready for ten inches of swollen cock being shoved into her in one thrust and she squealed in much the same way as Granny does, we then settled down to some very enjoyable, inventive and athletic fucking.

After her second climax I confessed that my knees were getting sore and pulled out of her, she sighed and said that that would keep her happy until the morning and stood up. Big mistake, she was on her back on the table before she could blink with my face pressed into her sex. I sat on a dining chair at the end of the table with my arms wrapped around her thighs holding her tightly as I spent a very wet and noisy thirty minutes eating her pussy.

My cock was beginning to throb again so I stood up and inserted it into Pat’s soaking sex tunnel then slowly, very slowly, eased it into her until she once again had all of it inside her. I slid gently in and out of her, savouring each fantastic sensation of her vaginal muscles squeezing me as I did so. I could also caress her gorgeous breasts and nip her nipples as well as stroke her tummy.

Eventually the fingers of my right hand wandered down to her clitoris as my left hand continued to tease her erect nipples and soon she was panting and moaning, a glazed look in her eyes as she started to buck uncontrollably before emitting an enormous yell and clamped her legs around me as she climaxed.

I had been surprised by at the eagerness with which Pat got out of her clothes and asked me to please fuck her. I was certainly surprised that I didn’t feel at all guilty in doing it.

We called it a day at that point and crawled upstairs to our respective bedrooms, Granny was in mine!

I honestly didn’t have the energy to do much, but I needn’t have worried, Granny just masturbated me until I was semi-rigid then climbed on top of me, inserted my cock into her very moist sex tunnel, (she must have been diddling herself as she waited for me) and then leant forward to whisper “Isn’t Pat a noisy one? I’ll always know when you’re in her and that’s for sure!”

She then forced herself down my shaft and rode me, I really didn’t need to move, but the urge is strong and it wasn’t long before I was thrusting upwards to meet her coming down until she started moaning, I had to clamp my mouth on hers until she came. As she slowly subsided onto my chest she told me that if she’d met me when she was forty she’d have left her husband and to hell with the money. I think I was asleep when she left my bed.

I slept late the next day and came downstairs to the aroma of bacon and eggs, but said I had to pass as I was late for work. It was Granny’s week for surprises, she calmly informed me that she’d already rung in to tell my boss that I was having to take extended leave because of unexpected family problems and wouldn’t be returning for some considerable time which is when I found out just how much I was appreciated. Granny was told that if I didn’t return to work on the 28th of December, my employment would be terminated.

Before I could react to any of this Granny put a letter in my hand.

“Have your breakfast then go into the study and read that, then we talk!”

I did as she asked but I was not a happy chappy. Then I read the letter.

When Granny set out to surprise people she did not mess about. The letter was written by Granny’s solicitor informing me that a trust fund had been set up in my name for the sum of ‘One Million Pounds’ to be available to me on my 21st birthday. All I had to do was stay with Granny and look after her and the house until that time!

When I’d recovered my composure and went in search if her and found her with Pat on the back porch.

“Granny! What is going on? What’s all this about trust funds and a million pounds? What are you up to?”

The story finally emerged. Granny was not rich, she was astronomically wealthy. She had been lonely and alone after her husband died and then Jean, me and then Pat had arrived on the scene and her life started humming again. We never asked anything of her or from her, but we restarted her zest for life and especially in the area of sex. Apparently, she and Gerald had led a very busy sex life which included couples from the upper strata of society occasionally coming to their house for weekend orgies. All that stopped suddenly on Gerald’s death. Granny had decided to restart it except that this time the participants would not have to travel anywhere.

“Tim, you are now a man of leisure, with a house and grounds and a Harem to look after. Pat, have you ever slept with a woman?”

“OK, time for secrets to be aired, yes, twice, she blushed, once a long time ago, never to be repeated. Then not until last September, twice a week after that up to last week, always the same person.”

“What then?”

“Husband had been trying to get into my knickers, but his wife had beaten him to it by two months. We had regular sessions, Tuesdays and Fridays. It kept us both a little less tense. He used to go riding on those days, but one day he fell off his horse and came home early and caught us in the act. I got my marching orders and I think she got fucked, which is what we’d both been missing. Why?”

“We are going to be living in close company with each other for some time and I really do think we should be open about ourselves, Tim has fucked all three of us and Jean and I have had each other a fair number of times, I was wondering if that would give you any problems.”

“Granny, take me to your bedroom and let’s see how we get on, Tim fucked me silly yesterday and I’m still a little tender, a woman’s gentle ministrations is just what I need right now.”

I was left to mull over the days startling events. It was hedonism for me from now on.

Two hours later, sated and showered they returned to the kitchen for coffee and more ‘chat’ along the line of: ‘how fit and gorgeous Granny’s body was, how sore their vagina’s had been after last night’s debauchery’ and just how much she hadn’t known about having sex with another woman.

“Tim, you’ve never told me about any of your sexual conquests and I’ll bet Granny would like to learn what you got up to.”

“I never had any ‘conquests’, I couldn’t afford to take girls out so that possibility never arose.”

“You never had any sexual contact with girls?”

“That’s right”

“No it isn’t! I remember the time I caught Alice giving you a blow job!”

“She wasn’t giving me blow-job, she was trying to find out what a boy’s cock was like up really close, what it felt like and what happened if you did suck it. I think she was getting ready for a date with some boy from her school; I never got the chance to refuse and never really knew what was going on. I was only eleven!”

It was then that I realised that Pat was blushing again. Things started to drop into place, why I never got into any trouble over the incident, just told to pull my pyjamas up and get to sleep as she ushered Alice out of my bedroom with the promise of a very serious chat tomorrow, which never came.

“Pat! What did you do after you left my bedroom?”

Deep blush, “I took her to my room and got her tell me why she did what she did. She was being pressured by her school mates about discussing sex and experiences and she knew nothing, so she decided to use you to work it all out and you were right, there was a boy she was keen on, I think he’d seen his chance to score and he was leaning on her for a date.”

“We talked about sexual feelings and the dangers of unprotected sex and being pressured to ‘do it’ without a condom. I’m ashamed about what happened next, but there I was in bed with a very soft body along-side me. Even at thirteen she had an amazing figure and I hadn’t had any sexual activity for over four months because ‘he’d’ stopped showing any interest. Of course we know why now.”

I started out merely explaining to Alice that it was natural for her to feel the way she did but it would be a lot safer if she found another girl who had a similar situation and maybe they could find out about their sexual needs together. It is quite a common thing these days and could be good fun.”

I was guessing as I’d never done it with a woman myself!

Then I blew it, I asked her if she ever played with herself and she started to cry and said she’d tried but didn’t really know what to do, so never felt anything. I asked her if she’d like me to show her how it all worked and, if she did find a good girlfriend, what they needed to do. Of course she said yes and all I’m saying now is that she had her first orgasm and I had to stuff my knickers in my mouth to muffle the sound of mine! And before you ask we never had a repeat performance, but I think Alice didn’t waste any time finding, if you’ll forgive the pun, a bosom friend.”

“While were asking questions do you mind telling me why you prefer older women?”

“I don’t mind, I don’t prefer older women, I like them at all ages, it’s just that since I met Granny I’ve been in the seventh heaven. She likes me, she wanted sex, and I certainly did. It was presented to me on a plate; I certainly wasn’t going to turn it down. Granny taught me all I know, she’s also been the cause of getting my cock into two more, very desirable, and available, women. Why would I want to go looking for someone younger, even if I did have the stamina I certainly didn’t have the time or money.”

“Right, Time for lunch, we’ve got to get going if we want to go to Jean’s house and tell her what we want to do.”

“She already knows what I want to do!”

“Behave and set the table.”

We spent nearly three hours convincing Jean that her problems regarding her husbands care and well-being were over and that she would be amongst friends who would look after them both.

Granny had one final item to attend to; she told Jean that she didn’t want her to have any misunderstandings about moving in with us.

“I’m probably looking at ten to fifteen years of being fit and healthy, then things will start to deteriorate. I intend to see that I enjoy every minute of that time so that means a lot of sex. I know Tim will fuck me silly any chance he gets, but I’ve also enjoyed you and want to keep on doing so, I reckon Tim will be close behind me, if not in front, and believe me when I tell you that Pat can hold her own, or anybody else’s, when given the chance.”

“So, bottom line Jean. Are you prepared to come into a house of love and debauchery, there will be no half measures, sex on demand and you of course will be able to do your own demanding.”

We moved Jean and her husband in over the next few days and guess who got her in bed first, not me, Pat.

So I spent the night pleasuring Granny.

Date: March 1972

Jeans husband died following another stroke so the mood of the house was pretty low for two or three days. Things got back to normal when Jean came into the kitchen one morning in the nude and asked who would be first, I was, and she never did get breakfast, or lunch.

We had an idyllic life. All the sex and love you could handle, and although we were always together we never argued over anything.

We took holidays to warm countries in winter and loafed about our own house and grounds in summer especially round the pool, although the rule was still no sex outside the house, you never knew who might be watching.

Jean turned out to be a real sex fiend once she had no worries. One of her inventions was to conspire with Pat to put me through a bondage session every so often. The one I liked the most involved strapping me to a chair and then taking it in turns to arouse me, then mount me and ride me until I almost came, but then stop for a short while, before repeating the process until either they became so sore that they could no longer take my cock or I was unable to produce any more cum juice. Mind you, with all the fun I was having with soft bouncy breasts and erect nipples I wasn’t about to complain at the treatment I was receiving.

After they’d done that I was invited to take retribution, if I had the strength!

One day I had and I did and Jean learned all about anal sex. It took the whole of the day for her to experience a large chunk of me inside her anal canal, but I had been in no rush, I wanted her to really enjoy the experience and be amenable to more of the same. It became obvious that she most definitely was.

Another reason for the length of time was that I kept getting distracted by other bits of her body. I learned later that Granny had warned Jean that I would probably have her backside fairly soon because she was asking me not to do it to her as often anymore and she knew I’d got a taste for it now and I’d already said I couldn’t contemplate trying Pat in that way.

Date: June 1978

Granny and I did have sex almost every day, until she passed away at the far too early age of 73, after a heart attack following a fall from a bicycle. She had obviously loved me more than a little. She left the whole of her estate to me, her house alone was worth over six million on the open market, and there was a great deal of money plus other financial arrangements. I was a seriously wealthy man.

I would much rather that Granny was around, even if we’d never had another sexual encounter. She was the most wonderful person I ever knew and did more to shape me as a person than anyone else.

I moved into Granny’s bedroom and talked Pat into moving in with me. I was tired of having to go visiting either her or Jean whenever I felt in need of sex during the night, mind you, in view of the amount I got during the day it didn’t happen all that often. The end result was that Jean sometimes came and visited us.

When Pat moved in with Granny and me she’d written to Alice and made sure that she knew her new address, so she was beside herself with joy when she got a letter telling her that she was now living in Australia, was married, and had just given birth to a daughter, so Pat was now a grandmother.

The letter contained Alice’s telephone number. Pat rang Alice immediately and it took a long time to prise them apart. (The bill for that call was astronomical but it was worth every penny just to see the happy smile and gleam in her eyes). I knew that it would be no more than a few days before she was telling us that she wanted to go and see her daughter and grand-daughter. To celebrate the news, Jean and I took our new Granny to bed, so I am still happily pleasuring Granny.

I had gone out with Cindy a fair number of times. They were almost all concerts, art openings, lectures and operas. The relationship was Platonic with no sex or romance, she was tentatively engaged to the son of her father’s law partner who was in law school back east. Her mother was usually waiting for us to come home, I thought to make sure nothing was happening. On a few evenings, her mother would ask me in and we all talked about the program we had seen. Some evenings Cindy got tired and went to bed while we talked into the night. I rarely saw her father, only when I picked her up or a few times they invited me to dinner.

Summer came and I got a construction job on an expansion of the Interstate. It was outdoors and paid enough to get me back to school. I got a day off to move into a new apartment. I finished and went to the Market for something for dinner. I was reaching for a Frozen Pizza when I noticed someone reaching in beside me. It was Mrs. M, Cindy’s mother. I said hi, and asked her how Cindy was. She said she had gotten married last week and they had tried to find me to invite me. Then she said she couldn’t offer me any more than a fresh salad to go with the Pizza but did I want to come to have dinner at her house tonight.

When I got there, she asked me to open a bottle of wine and we had a few glasses and talked. The pizza was OK with the wine and salad. She cleared the table and said she would do the dishes later. I followed her into the kitchen and said I would help her now. We finished and she turned to me and said thanks. Then she raised up and kissed me. Our lips locked together as I gave her a hug.

The next thing I knew she had her arms around my neck, her tongue in my throat and was pressing me against the counter with her pelvis. I helped by grabbing her ass and pulling her closer as we kissed. Our tongues entwined. I put a hand on a breast, She put a hand at my crotch. She looked up at me and smiled, either in response to the lust on my face or the bulge swelling in her hand. She undid my pants and as I was sliding them down and stepping out of them, she reached under her skirt and pushed her panties down. We kissed again with her hand on my prick which she had pulled over my shorts.

With an “Oh Wow!” she pulled me down on the floor, hiked her skirt up and guided my cock into her cunt. I didn’t know how long she had been thinking about this but her cunt was already moist and I got in with little difficulty. She was looking straight into my eyes as I started to pump with long strokes. Then she was raising her ass off the floor, doubling the driving of my prick. “Oh! God! Great!” I felt her cunt grab by cock and spasm as she threw her head back. I wasn’t even close. I slowed down a bit and after she relaxed, I started in again. In a few moments she was arching up against me, driving her pussy against me. As she had another spasm, I came, flooding her with hot sperm.

We lay on the kitchen floor for a while, running our hands over each other and kissing. “Can we do it again?”

“Maybe some where more comfortable.”

We went up stairs to the master bedroom. I helped her remove her clothes and when I pulled off her bra, a firm pair of tits with large, pointy nipples sprung free. I said that she had certainly hid them well as I clamped my mouth on one. It responded quickly to my sucking and she was pushing them alternately into my mouth. We got the rest of my clothes off and settled on the master bed. When she grabbed hold of my pick it was already hard. I scooted up until it was even with her face and waved it in front of her mouth. She gave it quick kisses around the head and up and down the shaft. When she didn’t suck on it, I grabbed her by the hair and slid my cock along her lips trying to get it in. She pulled back and said that she hadn’t ever done this before. She did get the head between her lips and ran her tongue around the top and pulled away. I laid her back and put my face on her pussy. She tried to push me away.

“No one has done that to me before either.” I dove right in licking along the slick inside surfaces until she relaxed and then up, searching with my tongue for her clit. She started having small spasms as I continued licking and was then humping her pussy against my mouth.

” I want to feel you inside me.”

This time we went much more slowly, with her looking down as my cock moved into her cunt. I alternated between burying it to the hilt and rubbing the top and head against her clit. I explored every available spot. Her ass was moving to meet my thrusts. It felt like she was guiding my cock to the places she wanted it most. She started to come again and her pussy started milking me. Finally I slammed it in pushing it hard against the top of her cunt and we came almost together. She smiled at me and said it was the best sex she had ever had. She was the best I had had.

I had to go back to work the next week and then school started. I was a teaching assistant plus was on construction weekends. One day she came into the office where the students come for help and sat at my table. I asked which problems she was having trouble with and she said, “Well Professor it’s my sex life.” Then she said that her husband was out of town and she could offer me something better than Pizza for dinner on Thursday.

She was wearing a skirt and silk blouse that clearly showed her nipples and large tits. We talked during dinner but my mind was on something else. While clearing the table and doing the dishes I rubbed against her each time we got close. A grab at her ass revealed she was not wearing panties, and after a few squeezes of her tits, the nipples were standing out glaring through the shirt. We went back to the living room and sat on the sofa. We kissed for a while. She reached over and undid the button and fly on my pants, smiled at me and said she was ready this time. She pulled my dick out and after kisses around the head and along the shaft she proceed to put most of the head in her mouth. After running her tongue around it she started to suck it in. She would take about and inch and pull it out and the put it in an inch further. I felt the head reach the back of her mouth and when she pulled back she smiled up at me.

“How am I doing?”

” I don’t know what you’ve been practicing on but you are great.” The hardness of my cock emphasized the point.

On the next pass she got the head to her throat without even a gag. She started to slide it in and out and I arched up to meet her motion until I felt my come rising. I didn’t really want to come in her mouth.

“Now I want to fuck your hot pussy.”

We stood, I peeled off her shirt and skirt and moved behind her cupping her breasts in my hands and pinching her nipples. My cock was lying against the crack in her ass. I pusher her onto her knees on the sofa and knelt behind her. A couple of swipes along her pussy with my fingers suggested she was ready and I ran my cock up and down her pussy and finally started it in. After it was mostly in, I grabbed the cheeks of her ass and kneaded them and slapped them gently as I worked the rest of my cock in.

I was soon up against her ass. I thrust in with long strokes. There was a distinct smacking noise as the cheeks of her ass banged against me. I reached around and got one hand on her breast and a finger rubbing across her clit. She started meeting my thrusts with such vigor that I thought she might knock me over backwards, and finally her cunt ran ripples up and down my cock as she came.

We rested for a while and I must have fallen asleep. I was awakened by soft lips running over my soft cock. Then she had the whole thing in her mouth and tongued it until it’s rising size filled her and the rigid shaft slowly emerged from her wet lips. I rolled her onto her back and entered her again.

As I was leaving she said that she didn’t know when her husband would be out of town again and could she see me some afternoon. I said I could come by her house next Wednesday at noon.

When I got there she was wearing a bathrobe which she slid off as I shut the door behind me. She had on a pair of skimpy panties and a lacy bra that barely covered her nipples. She turned around a couple of times pushing out her tits and ass. She kissed me and grabbed my crotch and then went up the stairs, wiggling her ass seductively and smiling over her shoulder.

In the master bedroom she reached down, undid my pants and pushed them down around my ankles. She pushed me back on the bed and climbed up straddling my legs and took my rapidly rising cock into her mouth. She sucked me for a while but before I came, I pulled her up on top of me. I watched as she opened her pussy lips with one hand, grabbed my cock with the other and inserted it. I then watched the look on her face and the sway of her tits as she slowly lowered herself on my shaft. I left her to totally control the pace which started out slowly and gained momentum. She was rotating her ass in circles moving my cock around like stirring a pot. She came with several small spasms and as I started to meet her thrusts, a giant convulsion. Her body was burnished with sweat as she collapsed on to of me.

After a few minutes, I propped her up on her hands and knees and fucked her from behind. I reached around and rubbed my fingers over her clit. As I felt she was about to come, I got my finger all slick with juice from her cunt and slid the first joint into her ass She was trying to pull away. After she had calmed down a little, I slid another joint in then was sliding the length of my finger in and out of her ass. She was finally wiggling and pushing back. I pushed my cock back in her pussy to get it wet and then placed it against her sphincter and started pushing in. She pulled away and spun around till she was siting on the bed and said no. I grabbed her head roughly and shoved my cock into her mouth and said, “Suck bitch!” I kind of fucked her mouth slapping her occasionally, maybe harder than I intentioned, until I came. I held her head from pulling away as I filled her mouth until come was dripping out the sides. I pulled my cock out, wiped it over her face. I got ready to leave.

“Have your ass ready next time.” I walked home.

Next Wednesday she picked me up at the university and when we got to her house said that her husband was out of town so we didn’t have to rush. I took her up stairs, peeled off her clothes and laid her on the bed. I got a bunch of ties from her husbands rack and tied her spread eagle to the bed. I licked her tits and pussy until she was squirming and I thought she was about to come, I got up and walked to the door. She pleaded with me to come back and finisher her off. I went down stairs and got a beer from the refrigerator and had just popped the top when I heard a voice.

“So you’re the stud.” I saw an attractive woman about Mrs. M’s age standing just inside the door. She she said she was Diann, Carol’s best friend. “Where is she?” I moved over quickly and grabbed her by the wrist. She tried to pull away and I said to follow me and essentially dragged her up the stairs. I stepped behind her and thrust her through the bedroom door. She gasped as she saw Mrs. M. I shifted my grip to hold both arms just above the elbows. She struggled until realizing she could not get away.

“I have to go.”

“Carol needs your help. “

I skidded her over to the bed an then pusher her face down into Mrs. M’s pussy.

“She has been screaming she needs to come. You can start by licking this hot cunt.” Mrs. M tried to pull away and might have shredded the ties holding her but I grabbed her ankle and pushed our visitors face down further, holding her by the hair. I think she liked the idea because after a few tentative swipes with her tongue, she was licking away like she really enjoyed it. Then she had her fingers running up and down along the sides and pulling the lips back for easier access. Mrs. M was soon smiling and pushing her pussy against Diann’s face.

I pulled and pushed Dianna up until her knees were on the bed then hiked up her skirt to reveal a plump ass in lace panties. I pulled them off and lowered my mouth to her pussy, pushing the cheeks of her ass apart as she moved her legs further apart to give me better access. I licked her for a while as she continued on Mrs. M. I then pulled my pants off and soon had my prick buried to the hilt in Diann’s cunt. The rhythm was a little rough between my thrusting into her cunt and her trying to keep her tongue on Mrs. M, who was squirming.

Mrs. M came first, then Diann followed quickly by me shooting my load deep into her pussy. I pulled Diann up and pulled off the rest of her clothes, revealing large tits that had been in an industrial sized bra. I took her around to Mrs. M and said “Kiss her and tell her how much you enjoyed it.” As they kissed, I found some KY jelly in the bathroom and started applying it to Mrs. M’s ass and running my fingers into the little bud. Diann looked on in disbelief until I told Mrs. M to tell her what was going to happen.

“He is going to fuck me in my virgin ass.”

I undid the ties and propped her up on her hands and knees and told Diann to hold her. I slid my cock into her pussy for a few swipes and finally started it into her ass. The initial entrance went slowly and Mrs. M was shrieking. I was about to give up when the head slipped in. After a brief rest, I started in with more authority. Mrs. M had her face buried in Diann’s breasts and Diann had her hand on Mrs. M’s. I was sliding in a bit more freely and Mrs. M started moving her ass to meet my strokes. I reached around and found her clit. After a few more strokes and rubbing, she started to come. I pulled my hand back and started to slap her ass. Her body convulsed over my prick with each swat. By the time I came, there were big red marks on her ass. She collapsed on the bed.

I got up, took Diann by the hand, and led her into the bathroom where I had her wash my cock. Later the three of us lay on the bed with the girls on either side of me and our hands all over each others bodies. I leaned against the headboard, and pushed each girls face to my crotch and slowly regenerating cock. I was in heaven as they both licked up the sides. Mrs. M took the head into her mouth and then passed it over to Diann. She laid her lips over the head and then backed off and started talking. “I don’t really know what I’m doing. My husband doesn’t seem to be into oral sex. I wondered what it was all about.”

“Shut up and be a good little cock sucker. Get as much in your mouth as you can.” She was surprisingly good at it. After she had gotten accustomed to having it in her mouth she was sucking it in like she really enjoyed it. They took turns sucking until my cock got good and hard. I put them side by side on their backs with their legs up over their tits and alternated slamming my cock into them hard and deep. It was a little to frantic for great sex but they both came.

The next week was busy so I was not too disappointed when I didn’t get a call Wednesday. I went to a gallery opening on Friday and ran into Diann. she said that Mrs. M had gone to visit her daughter and that she had wanted to call but was unsure and didn’t know my number. Could she see me tomorrow while her husband was out of town?

I explained that I worked on weekends but gave her my number and address.

When I got home from work Saturday night, Diann was siting on the sofa in my apartment talking to my roommate Gene and drinking a glass of wine. She said she had just got there and Gene had told her to wait for me. Gene said she didn’t say what she wanted. I said she wanted to get fucked in the ass at which she got up and said she had to leave. I moved in front of her and grabbed her and gave her a kiss at which she responded by sucking my tongue down her throat. I stuck my hands on her ass down inside her skirt. She broke the kiss and said that she really shouldn’t do this and that she had to go, all the time rubbing her pussy against my crotch.

Gene came up behind her and she put her arms up as he pulled her shirt over her head. I grabbed her wrists and held her arms above her head. “Let me go! I don’t want to do this. I’ve never done this before. I hardly know you.” All the time she was wiggling her hips to help Gene get her skirt and panties off and lifted her feet as he pulled them away. He undid her bra and her large pale tits with big brown aureoles, spilled out . He grabbed them and pinched the nipples until they were hard and purple. As he shifted his attention to her pussy, she spread her legs to give him better access while rubbing her nipples against my shirt.

I pulled her arms down and placed her hands on my pants where she undid them and freed my almost hard prick. We went to the sofa where she sat between us with a cock in each hand. She alternated taking licking swipes at the head of each but finally settled down to suck on Gene, with her ass in my lap. I started sliding my fingers along her pussy and finally in. I was pulling moisture out and rubbing it around the outer lips. I finally got three fingers in and was sliding them in and out and over her clit. I tried to get some lubrication on her ass hole but there was not enough. I slapped her ass and got up and went to the kitchen to get some olive oil. By the time I got back she had Gene lying on the floor and she was guiding his prick into her cunt. He was running his hands over her swaying tits as she rode his big cock. I noticed that her chest was turning bright pink as she threw her head back and banged down on Gene while wailing that she was coming. She collapsed on him. After they had rested a minute, I got down behind her and started rubbing the oil over her ass hole. I inserted a finger.

“No, don’t do that. I have never done this before. Don’t hurt me.”

“It is extra virgin olive oil for your extra virgin ass.” I got my finger all the way in and let her get used to it. She relaxed quickly. I slowly removed it and replaced it with the head of my cock. She screamed a few times as the head was going in but finally relaxed for the rest. Her ass was tight but it didn’t take long before I was moving freely and she was moving back to meet my strokes. Finally I told Gene that she was ready and he scooted under her. Soon I could feel Genes cock sliding into her cunt. We fumbled around for a few minutes and finally settled into a rhythm. I was amazed how strong she was as she moved that big ass up and down trying to get as much cock as she could. I came shortlly followed by Diann, who collapsed on poor Gene. I was tired after my day at work and lay down on the floor and slept.

I awoke in a few hours and went to the bathroom to clean up and get ready for bed. As I passed Genes room she was straddling Gene on the bed with his cock in her mouth. She smiled up at me as I looked in.

On Tuesday Mrs. M called. “How dare you go out with my best friend while I was away. Who is Gene? Can you come over on Thursday?

I got to her house at 7 and said that we were going out. She said she couldn’t be seen out with me. I said that no one would recognize her. We went up stairs where I helped her get ready. We put on lots of makeup, put her hair up over her head, a short skirt and a tank type top. It barely contained her large tits and the nipples were outlined clearly, especially after I pinched them to make sure they would show. We went to a bar and grill down by the Interstate construction site. She walked from the parking lot sort of hunched over and hiding behind me. When we got to the door I slapped her on the ass and told her to stand up straight and show of those bit tits, then pushed her in the door. I think everyone had looked her over by the time we got to a table. We had fish and chips with some wine for Mrs. M, which she drank three glasses. By the time we were through the lights were turned down and some music was playing as the place filled up with the evening crowd.

It was just another Saturday afternoon for us. We had hot but quick sex when we woke up and after we showered we were lounging in the living room watching whatever on the tube. We had a nice buzz going from our gin and tonics and some nice pot.

Jane was all touchie feelie horney and I loved it. All she had on was a clingy cotton shift that barley covered her ample ass when she stood and left her completely open to my touches.

She had me as hard as a rock rubbing my cock through my jeans. We were teasing each other knowing full well things would end with her legs wrapped around my head and my face buried in her sweet cunt. After she came she would get me off any way I wanted. Usually in a 69 so I could eat het tasty cunt some more and lick her ass. I hoped to get her hot enough to let me fuck her in the ass. I knew it wasn’t anything she really liked but she knew it drove me so crazy she occasionally would do it for me. There wasn’t anything sexually I wouldn’t do for her but respected her limits and boundaries so always hinted but let her offer her ass first.

I was on my knees with her legs wrapped around my head under the hem of the dress when the doorbell rang. I would of let it ring but she insisted I see who it was as both our cars were in the driveway and whoever was there would know we were home.

So I stood and working my hard cock into some type of position that it didn’t hurt and show much, I hobbled to the door.

I opened it to my old friend Tom whose voice Jane recognized and hollered: “Hey Tommy, come in!”

Tom could see me struggle with my stance and looking close saw that my face was wet, laughed, embarrassed and said: “Oh, sorry, I’ll see you later.”

As he turned to leave Jane was leaning against the jam of the living room doorway saying: “Oh, no, come in, we haven’t seen you in so long.”

Now a little back story. Jane and I had been together a long time and had a wild rewarding sex life. We were both horn dogs before we got together and but had been monogamist since we got together. We almost had a threesome with a girl friend of hers but we could never all get together at the same time. In the afterglow of a good “sex in the afternoon” session which she loved we had talked a lot about our fantasies and the subject of me watching her suck someone else’s cock had come up and I did admit it would be hot. I could tell she was working hard not to let me know how bad she wanted some strange cock. We were both oral sluts and lived for it. She was almost like Linda Lovelace in Deep Throat she loved sucking cock so much. She even taught me how to lay back and fully enjoy someone making love to your cock with their mouth.

So here we were, both as hot as we could be and my good looking friend shows up. I was very unsure of where this would go but had a pretty good buzz on so didn’t object. I figured I maybe she would get even hornier, if that was even possible, and Tom would see it and leave.

Go figure! As soon as he sat down she was all flirty with him caressing his knee as she handed him the joint and asking why a guy as cute as he didn’t have a girlfriend.

It was getting pretty obvious where this was going, so I found a way to get her into the kitchen and pushed her into the counter. I rubbed up behind her so my cock rubbed up her nice ass crack. As I was kissing her neck I ran my fingers over her lips and when I pressed the middle one between her lips a little she ran her tongue over it.

“I bet you would like to suck Tom’s cock wouldn’t you, my little cock sucker. You want some strange don’t you?” I asked as I ran my other hand up the front of her dress and spread her nether lips to find her cunt dripping. Her nice little clit was sticking out begging to be touched.

As I pulled my cock out of my pants and pushed it up between her ass cheeks I continued working her over with my fingers.

“Say it, Janie; it will free you. You crave new cock don’t you? It’s OK, I still love you, but you need to say it out loud.” I tell her.

“Oh God, honey, I love you but some new cock would be so nice. Does Tom have a nice one? Have you ever seen it? You would tell me if you knew wouldn’t you?” She almost moaned. She was so consumed by her lust I had to hold her up.

“I have never seen Toms cock but I bet you won’t even care what it looks like once it is in your mouth. You are a cock sucker aren’t you? Say it!”

“Oh fuck yes, I love to suck cock. I will always love sucking yours and never leave you, but if you grant me this I will do anything. Please baby!”

“Will you let me eat Kelly’s sweet young pussy? Will you suck my cock while I do it?” I ask hoping.

“Yes, yes, anything.” She cries.

I slide down her body until I am kneeling and as I lift up the hem of her dress I spread her ass cheeks and kiss her ass hole. I lick it like a starving man.

“Will you let me fuck this sweet ass?” I push.

“Yes, anything!” She says freeing herself to lift me up and kneel in front of me. Then she opens my jeans and takes almost my entire cock into her wet mouth. “And I’ll suck you anytime, anywhere you want.”

“Fuck, you would do that anyway my sweet little cock sucker. I want extras. Promise me more.”

“Anything.” She says as I lift her to her feet and lead her back to the living room to find Tom looking like he is ready to leave.

“Bud, we have something to ask and whatever your answer it has to stay here between us. OK?” I ask.

He can see Jane is excited, her color flushed and she is sweating.

“OK” He says tentatively.

“You see Jane is a cock sucker and she lives for it. She needs new cock and as I love her, I would rather it be you than someone who won’t respect us after it is over. This is a onetime offer and we will never talk of it again. If you want this just take off your pants but if you are offended, please just leave and forgive us.” I say nervous as hell.

He looks as surprised as a man can be but he stands, opens his jeans, lowers them and steps out of them.

As he is seated I lift Jane’s dress over her head and find no resistance when I push her to her knees. It is then that he sees that I have my hard cock and balls hanging out of my fly.

As the love of my life settles in between my best friend’s legs, spreading them I can see that he is quickly getting hard. I expect Jane is happy with his cock as it looks to be a little bigger than mine. I wonder if this might have been a drunken high mistake but looking down past my throbbing cock to her ass spread open by her position, I really don’t care.

I quickly throw off my clothes and kneel behind her. My cock easily finds her open cunt begging for my entrance. I slide part way in and hear her grunt. As I look around her shoulder I can see her stroking Tom’s cock and balls while sucking him sloppily.

“She does know how to suck cock doesn’t she? She is without a doubt the best cock sucker I have ever met.” I say and immediately feel her cum just from hearing this.

“You like that my cock sucker? You like new cock don’t you? Well suck love, swallow it all down.” I say.

Thinking about how easily my cock slid into her cunt I look down at her spread ass again and wonder just how open her ass may be. I take my middle finger and run it into her cunt alongside my cock and work it around bringing another moan from her.

As I slide my wet finger up her sweaty ass crack I easily find her hot hole. Sometimes when we fuck or 69 I ask her to wink her anus for me and it excites me so much I cum.

As I run my finger tip around her anus she winks it for me knowing how hot it will make me.

“Oh, you nasty little bitch, do that for me, give it up for me!” I order.

In this position I only have a couple of inches of cock in her and she squeezes me as tight as she can, making my knees weak.

“Is my wife doing a good job on your cock bud? Has anyone ever sucked you so fucking nice?” I ask Tom but he has Jane’s head in his hands and his head thrown back with his eyes closed.

He doesn’t even open his eyes as he runs his fingers through her hair and says: “I don’t fucking believe we are doing this. Thank you both so much!”

“Enjoy it bud, it may be the only time.” I say and wonder why I wasn’t more definite in telling them both it would not happen again. What the fuck am I thinking?

I now have most of my middle finger in her ass and as good as it feels I know she will need some lube for what I want. I realize we had brought our toy bag into the living room. Inside there are a couple of vibrators, some cock rings and most important a couple of types of lube. I reach for my favorite Astroglide and my cock slides out of her cunt to run over her ass hole.

For the first time since we started this craziness she takes her mouth off his cock and says: “You just can’t wait can you love?”

I drop the lube by my knees and reach for her G&T and hold it for her to drink saying: “Here dear, this will make it seem like even a better idea.”

Tom comes out of his dream state as his cock is now bobbing around in the air. Missing the excellent blow job he was getting he asks: “What’s up, everything OK?”

“Relax bud, the cock sucking will continue after your cock sucker gets some nourishment. She will suck all that you have to give her until you both are satisfied.”

Looking at her I ask if she wants more of Tom’s cock and she can only nod yes. I freak them both out as I take her chin in my hand and kiss her, with tongue, a lot of tongue. It overwhelms my senses, I can smell her cunt leaking it’s heavenly juice, feel my cock around her ass, hear everyone’s heavy breathing and now I can taste Tom’s cock in Jane’s mouth.

Still kissing her I search her mouth with my tongue while I cup one of her nice hand sized tits. Her tits have stayed firm and have just the right amount of droop to make them simply caressable.

I release her lips and giving her a soft kiss say: “Suck him beautiful, I love you. Give him a blow job he will never forget.”

As she turns back to Tom he says: “Trust me folks, I am never going to forget this afternoon. Jane you suck like no one I have ever known.”

I can see just the corner of her mouth as she smiles and then opens her mouth to cover his cock head. She is without a doubt the best cock sucker I have ever known and maybe someday we will tell just how this came to be.

As Jane returns to pleasing our friend I open the lube and covering the first two fingers of my hand I run them over her ass hole. She pushes back to meet them and winks again for me. They easily slide in to the first knuckle and I work them in and almost out. Soon I am in to the second knuckle and finally as deep as my fingers can go. I like to play with a woman’s ass for a while but she likes me to enter her sooner.

“Now hon, fuck my ass now. Take it and make it yours.” She says, quickly returning to Tom’s cock.

This is what I want to hear as I squirt more lube in the cup of my hand and cover my cock with it. I am so hot I am afraid I will cum all over her sweet ass. I have been known to do just that when I pulled out of her cunt, just to watch it shoot and then lick it off.

I like watching my cum shoot out of my cock and wonder what Tom’s would look like. I know Jane will suck and swallow him dry so will have to continue to wonder.

I use the lube left on my hand to cover her asshole one more time as I ask: “You ready for this babe?”

She can only nod her head and hum what I expect is her form of yes. Tom is now watching to see the expression on her face as I enter her ass.

Every time I am at this moment just as my cock enters her tight ass I take it as a gift. When a lot of women suck your cock it is like a chore or something they do for you. Not with you. Jane does it for herself as much as the cock owner so I know it isn’t Tom she is sucking it is just a new cock. But when she lets me fuck her “in the butt” as she says, it is something she gives me.

Anal is the final frontier for many and I savor every time with whoever it is. But something is radically different this time with her. I usually hold my cock just as it enters her but this time she seems more open and not just because of the position. She pushes her hot ass back onto my cock until I am half inside her. She winks for me but when I am inside her it is more of a squeeze.

My knees shake now and I have to reach around her to support myself. It is moments before I realize I have my hands on Tom’s knees. Both of us realize it at the same time but neither of us move or say anything.

Jane doesn’t miss it and pushing her ass back some more I am balls deep in her ass and in heaven. I don’t realize it when she takes one of my hands to cup Tom’s balls.

“Just go with it boys, you won’t burst into flames. You are best friends sharing the love of one of your lives. Relax this is just good clean fun between friends who love each other. If you are lucky it will get dirtier. Now do we play on or do I stop?” She says.

Tom and I look at each other and just roll our eyes and I say: “Remember what I said about you never speaking of this? Well..”

“Oh, don’t worry about that, who would believe me anyway?” He said not wanting to miss out on the excellent blow job my wife was giving him.

So with his cock in Jane’s mouth and his balls in my hand he settled in and spread his legs as wide as possible. Jane went back to work sucking like the champ she is. I knew just how good he must feel and it thrilled me to be a part of it. I enjoy a lot of touching during oral sex and attention paid to my balls is a big part of my pleasure.

Jane and I had been very high more than once and as I knew she had some bisexual experience I felt comfortable confessing to her once during one of these times, or maybe more often, that I had some fantasies. I often fantasize about another man’s cock, in my mouth, shooting its load down my throat. I didn’t say anything about wanting to be fucked but because she knew my love of fucking her ass and she had even fucked me with a vibrator once, so, well I was a little concerned just how far this was going to go.

She often would lift up from sucking my cock and say: “Taste.” And kiss me swapping my precum with me so I was not surprised when she did it now. I was embarrassed she did it in front of Tom but as she didn’t give me much choice I let her fuck my mouth with her tongue. I loved the taste! I wanted more but was so afraid of what Tom would think I broke the kiss and moved to bite her on the neck. Not hard enough to leave a mark, but enough to let her know to slow down a bit.

Luckily he was in his head back, eyes closed position. But I figured fuck it, there was no turning back now so I reached over with my other hand and stroked his cock as Jane sucked on the crown. I knew she was painting it with her tongue and he would be cumming soon so I stroked him faster and deepened my fucking of her fine ass. This was the first time I felt that she was into me fucking her ass. She was meeting my thrusts and working my cock with her muscles like it was a hand.

Knowing that Tom and I were close and I had his shaft and sack covered by my hands I whispered into her ear: “Play with your clit my little cock sucker. You are going to make two men and yourself all cum. You are a fuck goddess. Fuck me, suck him, get yourself off too.

And it happened, I heard Tom say: “Oh fuck, oh God, don’t stop, oh my God!”

And as I felt his balls spasm I could feel the cum shoot up his urethra into her mouth and she started to cum herself. It felt like the house was shaking as she shook all over and squeezed my cock so hard it almost hurt. My balls were bouncing off her cunt and she reached one hand between our legs to hold them, I erupted.

“Oh my God Jane, do that, oh fuck me I love you!” I moaned as I shot hot cum deep into her guts until I couldn’t stand it anymore and had to grab the couch for support as I emptied my balls deep inside her.

It was a while before anyone of us moved or spoke. Jane was the first pushing my cock out of her ass and turning to lean back against the couch next to Tom’s leg.

Tom was quiet and just lay there in a post orgasmic state.

Not knowing what to do or say I blurted out something “about being right back” and went upstairs to wash. As I stood outside the shower feeling the temperature raise I wondered: Where do we go from here?

Hi there! It’s been a couple of years but I decided to see if I could still ride the proverbial bike… I hope you enjoy as much as I did…

I explored one of the fantasies I have remaining… going to a sex club and just letting loose to see what would happen…

I might have to do a few more before I get back into my groove…. feel free to offer feedback and ideas!

Thanks ever so much and please vote! :) Makes me ever so excited to do more when I see those little red H’s… and go back and listen to my old ones should you feel the urge!! :D

Thanks again…



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