group nudity

“…and from Nude Day Race 2012, this has been Anna Marshall reporting.” As the newest reporter for KUVK, Anna had grown accustomed to working weekends and getting the assignments no one else in the newsroom was willing to do. She was the person called upon to cover the fish kill at the local fish hatchery, the problem at the city waste facility, and now, the sea of naked runners lining up for the Nude Day Race.

“Good, now let’s try it again, topless,” Duke Madison suggested, flashing his rakish grin at her.

“You wish,” she said, noticing the way he was still filming, though the camera was pointed at her chest. Duke had been assigned to most of her in-field reporting jobs.

Easily fifteen years older than Anna, Duke had taught Anna the kinds of things journalism school would never teach her. Under his tutelage, she had learned how to play up her natural sex appeal without appearing sluttish. “I’m serious. You don’t have to get all the way naked. Just pull you shirt off your shoulders and I’ll shoot it as if you are.” Again, he flashed that rakish, devil-may-care grin that shot right through her. “I promise no one’s going to see anything. We’re just going to make them think you did it.”

“Damn it, Duke!” Anna said, glancing over her shoulder at the sea of naked butts loiter at the starting line. “You’re going to get me fired.”

“No, but I might get you noticed. Come on. Just hold your shirt down past your shoulders, that’s all you need to do.”

Anna was careful how she unbuttoned her blouse. It took four buttons before she could open the neckline enough to let it fall open. To complete the illusion, she pushed her bra straps down her arms. “Like this?” she asked, checking her front to make sure Duke wasn’t getting too much of a show. Her nipples were hard, but there wasn’t much she could do about that.

“Perfect,” he said, pulling the big Panasonic camera back up to his shoulder. “Now remember what I taught you about out-takes.”

“Right, swear,” she said, holding one hand over her chest as she held the microphone up with the other. “…and from Nude Day Race 2012, this is Anna Marshall flashing her titties.” The key with doing a prank out-take was sabotaging it enough that it would never make it on the air.

“Perfect,” Duke laughed, watching from around his camera as Anna pulled herself back together. “If I didn’t know better, I’d say you enjoyed this story.” His eyes were on her chest and the twin points of her stiff nipples.

“Weirdo,” she said, used to his lechery. Being surrounded by naked bodies had gotten to her.

“I’m weird? Why?”

“All those naked bodies over there and you want to stare at my tits?”

“You’re prettier,” he said, taking one last look at her chest before unshouldering the camera for the walk back to the news van. “Here’s what I find most remarkable, you never glanced down during your interviews.”

“Doesn’t mean I didn’t look,” Anna laughed. She had noticed every exposed dick, boob, and pussy. She had noticed how most had groomed their pubic hair, including a few who had been very creative. She had compared her body to the women she saw, pleased to notice she was firmer and better tanned than most. “Tough to keep the camera pointed at my face?” she teased.

“Tougher to make sure there weren’t surprises in the background,” Duke said. “That will be the tough part during post-production.”

Back in the studio, they made two cuts of their story. A shorter one for the evening newscast and a longer segment for the evening news when it was assumed most of the younger viewers would be in bed. Between each interview, Duke had left the camera taping as they walked through the crowd. The shot was from his hip, dick height for most guys. “Really?” Anna said.

“Are you complaining?”

“What a sausage-fest, you know?” she said as the mostly male participants moved past the camera, but she didn’t fast-forward past any of it. “Sort of makes you wonder what it’s like to edit a porn movie, doesn’t it?”

“Want to find out?”

“Yeah, right,” Anna laughed. Glancing away from the monitor to see the serious look on Duke’s face. “Really?”

He shrugged.

“You are shitting me.”

“Can you keep a secret?” he asked. She nodded. Working the controls, he pulled up a series of clips he had dumped into a separate file. As the cameraman, he had an obligation to shoot lots of background footage. Footage of barricades with signs warning people they were approaching the Nude Day Race. He had footage of clothed police officers and other generic shots that helped tell the story in pictures. But there was another series of clips, of a small group of fit guys getting ready for the race. Anna hadn’t noticed this group, they stood off to one side, farther away from the other people getting ready for the race. From the first few frames, she noticed how they looked different than the jumble of other people. They were in better shape, better hung than the other guys, and lacked tan lines. They joked and pointed looked at each other’s junk as they stretched and warmed up as if they were taking the race seriously.

“You know those guys?”

“They’re porn stars.”

“How do you know?” she asked, feeling foolish as soon as the question left her mouth. “I mean, how do you know them?”

“Because I’m going to shoot the rest of the movie this afternoon.”


“Says you.”

Duke suggested she should dress down for the shooting. She scrubbed off the extra layer of make-up she usually wore, pulled her blonde hair back in a ponytail, and wore Ray-Bans. It wasn’t often that she was recognized on the street, but sometimes it happened. In a t-shirt and ripped jeans, she looked more like a college student than a budding report for KUVK. “And expect them to hit on you,” Duke said as he drove to the shoot.

“I thought you said they were gay?”

“No, I said it was a gay shoot. The guys are straight, they just make more shooting gay porn.”

The filming site was out of town, at the edge of some woods. Along with the five actors, there was another guy who served as the producer, director, and second cameraman. There were two women on set. Mona was a skinny girl with the kind of reddish-purplish colored hair that comes from a bottle. The other woman, Wendy, looked as if she stepped out of picture from the 60′s. Wendy had long, straight brown hair, wore a leather halter top, Daisy Duke shorts and looked as if she was ready to flash a peace sign at any moment. When they got of Duke’s car, everyone greeted him warmly while their eyes were on Anna.

“Fresh meat?” Kent Wilson, the producer/director/second camera operator asked Duke, shaking Duke’s hand while his eyes gave Anna a once over.

“Just a curious friend,” Duke said before changing Anna’s name. “Grace Jones.”

“Yeah, if you’re ever going to get into the business, you’ll need to change that name,” Kent said, shaking Anna’s hand, too. There were introductions made to the five guys before Kent pulled a vial of Viagra and passed them around as if they were breath mints. After passing them out to the actors, he gave a pill to Mona and Wendy, popped one himself, and handed the bottle to Duke.

Duke popped one of the tiny blue pills before tapping one into Anna’s hand. He read the question on her face. “Kent’s convinced the shoot goes better if everyone’s horny.”

“Trust me, baby, it works for women, too,” Wendy said, smiling and stripping off her halter top.

“I’m not going to get naked,” Anna told Duke.

“You don’t have to. No one does,” he said. Anna nodded at Wendy. “Doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to get naked, just means you don’t have to. Besides, she’s a fluffer.”

Anna had heard that word and knew it meant Wendy’s job was to help the guys get hard and stay hard. With a word from Kent, the guys got naked while Kent described the action. “You’re done with the Nude Day Race and your heading back to your car or some such shit. Chuck? You’re the newbie. Everyone else? You’re horny as hell from running with that many guys. As soon as you’re away from everyone else, which is now, you’re ready to pop some wood and get down to it.”

“Am I shocked, surprised, or into it?” Chuck asked.

“Fuck, I don’t care, just as long as you get fucked by everyone, okay?”

“Yeah, sure,” Chuck said, pulling on half hard prick. Chuck was tall, skinny, and well built. His private parts were shaved completely clean.

“Shouldn’t we save our hard-ons?” one of the other guys asked.

“Yeah, good point,” Kent told him, picking up his camera. He nodded at Mona who pulled out a boom microphone and held it center stage as the five guys walked into the shot.

“Man, that was a great run,” said the blonde haired guy who had asked about saving hard-ons.

“Fucking hot as hell to see all those cocks flopping in the wind,” said a shorter guy with a military style buzz-cut.

“Damn, I’m ready to get off,” said another generic guy with bleach blonde hair and an Adonis-like physique. He pulled on his prick a few times.

“Keep doing that, we need some shots of that,” Kent said, kneeling. It was easy to tell he was zooming in on the man’s busy hands and rising prick.

“Oh fuck yeah!” said the one guy with long hair. He began pulling on his prick, too, attracting the attention of Kent’s camera.

“Wow, what are you guys doing?” Chuck asked.

“Come on, dude, don’t you want to get off?” asked Mr. Military Style Buzz-cut before he grabbed at Chuck’s prick.

“Wait,” Kent said, looking over his shoulder at Duke. “Are you getting this?”

“Yeah, boss, I got it. Keep going.”

Kent kept his focus on the growing cocks while Duke maintained a longer shot. Chuck did an unconvincing job at acting shocked and surprised before being pushed on his knees and told to suck dick. Any further resistance was gone from his as soon as he pulled the first hard cock between his lips along with any illusion that he was knew to the idea. Anna stared wide-eyed as she watched this good looking man attacking Mr. Military’s hard prick with a gusto she’d had never offered a man with her mouth. She stared, surprised at the difference between her style and a man’s style. Chuck was all business, licking, slurping, and sucking as if Mr. Military’s prick might hold the secrets to youth, happiness, and a world of untold riches. And when one of the two generic blondes stepped up with his hard-on, Chuck gave that man’s dick the same treatment. Anna was stunned.

“See something you like?” Wendy asked, her voice too soft to carry to the microphone Mona still held.

“He’s good at that, isn’t he?” Anna asked, turning her look at Wendy and receiving a second shock as she forgot Wendy had gotten topless.

“Dan? What the fuck is your issue?” Kent asked the tanned man standing off to one-side. “Can you get that hard, please?”

“I’m trying, boss,” Dan said, pulling on a prick that didn’t want to move past half staff.

“Wendy?” Kent asked.

“Sorry, I’m up,” she said, walking on to the set area. Kent and Duke kept shooting the action between the other four guys. “What’s up, baby?” Wendy asked, sliding up close to Dan. She pressed her bare chest against his thick bicep, grabbing his half-hard cock, and kissed him on the lips. Dan leaned into her kiss, sucking at her face with the sort of intimacy reserved for returning veterans. That’s all it took to generate the required change between his legs. His cock responded, growing to its full, impressive length and girth. He flashed Wendy a relieved grin and stepped up to the group of men so Chuck could suck his prick, too.

“Dan always needs help at the beginning,” Wendy said, moving back to Anna. “But once he’s hard, he’s a fucking machine. You’ll see.”

“Hey, do we need to keep these shoes on?” one of the guys asked. Kent said they didn’t. “You need us to go down on Chuck, too?” one of the blondes asked. Kent said they did. “Can we get a blanket?” Wendy pulled one out, walked back on set, and laid it on the grass before the men moved down. One of them started sucking Chuck’s hard cock.

“Doesn’t that ruin the continuity?” Anna asked Wendy.

“It’s porn, sweetie. No one cares about continuity.”

Kent and Duke moved in a circle around the five men, picking and choosing their shots and giving minor directions as they went. “Hand,” Duke said at one point and Chuck switched from rubbing a prick with his right hand to stroking it with his left hand as he sucked. When he turned his head to suck on the prick to his left, he switched hands again without being told. As Duke stood for an over-the-shoulder shot, Anna noticed the front of Duke’s pants. The man was as hard as any of the guys he was filming.

“Aw fuck, Duke, you keep getting in my shots,” Kent complained.

“What do you want me to do about it?”

“At least take off your pants so it looks like you belong,” Kent said.’

“Change your angle.”

“Fuck you.”

“Fuck you, Kent,” Duke said, stepping out of the shot. He wandered over to Anna. “You having a good time?”

“Looks as if you are,” she said, glancing at the lump in his pants before giving him a smirk.

“Goes double for you,” he said, giving her chest a lecherous gaze.

“You getting naked today?” Wendy asked him.

Anna grinned, picking up on Wendy’s question. “Yeah, Duke, you getting naked?”

Duke rubbed the front of his pants. “I wasn’t going to with you here,” he told Anna. “But sometimes I do, you got a problem with that?”

“Not at all.”

He gave her a long stare, catching her glancing down at him. “You get naked and I’ll get naked.”

“Why am I getting naked?”

“Because you want to,” he said, staring at her tits for another moment before his eyes made it back to hers. “Besides, it is Nude Day.”

“When everyone else does, I will, too,” Anna said.

“You shouldn’t have said that,” Wendy said, undoing her Daisy Duke shorts. “Hey Mona, get naked for the new chick, okay?”

“Yeah, okay,” Mona said, setting down her microphone boom and undressing as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

“What the fuck?” Kent asked, looking around to see the two naked women and Duke visiting with Anna.

“Anna said she’ll get naked if everyone else does,” Wendy told him.

“Well fucky-fuck-fuck,” Kent said, passing his camera to Dan. “Shoot them, okay?” He wasn’t wearing anything more than a t-shirt and shorts and a few moments later, he wasn’t wearing that, either. Built as well as any of his actors, Anna saw he was just as hard and just as gifted, too.

“Never say something like that on a porn set,” Duke grinned, passing his camera to the now naked Wendy. She stood behind Kent, but pointed the camera at the action between the men. Smiling, Duke started with his shorts, shucking them off to expose his own big hard-on. While Anna stared at his prick, he pulled off his shirt. “Your turn,” he said.

Anna didn’t have a choice. She wasn’t sure if it was the sex she had been witnessing, the sight of the good looking men hard and excited, or the effects of the Viagra, but she wasn’t going to let Duke get the best of her. She pulled off her clothes without ceremony as the guys on the set watched her as closely as Duke did. “There. Happy?” she asked.

“Mr. Happy is,” he said and she saw the way his hard prick bounced up and down several times.


“Guilty,” he said and left her for his camera.

“Damn, girlfriend, you’re smoking hot! Do you workout?” Wendy asked, moving next to her again.

“Yeah, I do,” Anna said, ignoring how Wendy was checking her out as eagerly as the men on set.

“Come on guys, so she’s naked. Can we do the shoot?”

“She’s hot as hell,” one of the blondes told Duke.

“Shut up and suck cock,” Duke growled.

“Sure,” the blonde said and wrapped his lips around Duke’s prick. Anna gasped, but no one seemed to care. Instead of pulling away, Duke aimed his camera down and filmed a couple moments of the blonde haired man sucking his prick.

“Is Duke gay?” she asked Wendy.

“Nah, he just doesn’t care. “He never shows his face on camera, but you’d be surprised how often his prick has made it on screen.”

“Chuck, you ready for us to get some fuck shots?”

“Yeah, boss, I took care of things before I got here.”

“Good man,” Kent said, looking over his shoulder to see Wendy bringing a tube of lube on set. “Let’s start with Brian, okay?”

“Can we start with Matt? He’s bigger.”

“Yeah, okay,” Kent said. Matt turned out to be one of the blondes and his prick was the longest and fattest of the bunch. Matt sat on blanket, rubbing his hard cock while Chuck used the lube to finger his ass. Once he was ready, he straddled Matt’s body, grabbed the other man’s prick, and rubbed it against his asshole. Kent got close to film it all and Anna moved closer for a better view. What she saw thrilled her. She watched as Chuck lowered his asshole down and around Matt’s big, hard cock. What make it hotter for her was seeing how hard Chuck’s cock throbbed as he slid down and around that big prick. Part of her felt jealous that Chuck was getting to feel that hard cock inside of him. She wanted it. But worse was seeing Chuck’s hard cock. Chuck was clearly in need, a need she wanted to provide to him. “Someone suck him, okay?” Kent asked and Anna nearly moved into view to do it.

The short, stocky, military looking guy got the honors. He leaned over, opened his mouth, and drew Chuck’s hard prick inside his mouth as Chuck moved up and down on the dick in his ass. “Wow, Brian, enough,” Chuck told Mr. Military.

“You going queer on us?” Brian asked, moving away to revel Chuck’s cock in greater need than before.

“Fuck you.”

“Maybe next time,” Brian said, grabbing Chuck’s prick and pumping on it.

“Hey, cut it out!” Chuck complained, trying to push his hand away.

“Stop fighting him,” Duke said, busy behind his camera. Anna noticed Duke’s cock looked in need, too.

“He’s going to make me come,” Chuck complained.

“Someone shove a dick in his mouth,” Kent said. The long haired guy fed his hard cock to him. Chuck groaned around the mouthful of cock, bounced up and down, and with Brian still pulling on his cock, Chuck came on himself.

“I’m telling you, he’s going gay on us,” Brian said, smirking at his accomplishment.

“Wendy, clean him up, please,” Duke said, pulling away and aiming his camera at Chuck sucking dick.

Wendy moved between the men, pushing her way between legs as needed to get to Chuck. Opening her mouth, she licked up the cum on Chuck’s body and finished by giving his still hard prick a couple deep licks. She checked him for any spots she missed and squirmed away.

“Okay, let’s get someone else up that butt,” Kent said.

Kent pulled away as the guys rearranged themselves. Duke stood back, too, moving close to Anna again, his eyes again on her chest. “She just licked him clean,” Anna said.

“Yeah, she does that.”

“And that’s okay?”

“Does it matter?”

“I just…”

“It’s a porn set, baby. Everyone here has gotten it on one way or another.”

“You don’t suck dick?” Wendy asked her.

“Sure I do,” Anna said, feeling herself blush for the first time. “I just… I don’t know…”

“Honey, everyone one of these guys have cum in my mouth at least a dozen times, including your boyfriend.”

“He’s not my boyfriend,” Anna corrected.

“Whatever,” Wendy said, smiling. “You can fluff the next one who needs it if you want.”

“No way.”

“Fuck, why not? When is the next time you’re going to suck porn star dick?”

“Hey Mona, you want some of this?” Kent asked the girl with the reddish-purplish hair.

“Fuck yeah,” she said, dropping to her knees in front of Kent. On set, the guys had moved around. A new man sat beneath Chuck as Chuck once more lowered his ass on the man’s dick. Duke did the close-ups while Kent shot the blowjobs Chuck gave while fucking. The entire time, Mona sucked Kent’s dick as if it was part of the shoot.

I watched her carefully as she struggled to make up her mind to strip naked. The camera had a direct, full-body shot of her as she stood next to the lounger. She was a quiet one the kind they say you need to watch out for and I believed it. Over the past two years, I had watched this woman lose about 20 pounds of fat while packing on an amazing 10 pounds of lean muscle. She was at my grunt-gym when it opened at 6am every morning. She rarely spoke to anyone unless she asked to work-in on a piece of equipment. The usual muscle heads hadn’t paid much attention to her that first year. Now, they watched her as she executed each rep of each set. Her muscles stood out, defined and pumped as she broke out into a sweat. Her form was perfect; she stopped herself if her form failed before she had reached her weight and rep goal. She’d back off, drink water and wait listening to whatever was playing on her CD player. She’d return, add more weight and go at it again. I knew she had a trainer; I didn’t know who he was.

The think the idea of competing had come to her when I hung the poster for the Turquoise State 1993 competition. I had noticed her reading the bulletin board casually over the two years but when that poster went up, she studied it. Turquoise State was a popular competition for newly minted bodybuilders. It was a local competition so there wasn’t the threat of some established and seasoned builder coming in and sweeping all the classes. This was a competition to get your feet wet. If she continued to work hard, got a decent posing routine, peaked at just the right time and got a decent tan, she had a good chance of at least taking one class. I knew all the female builders in the area and this newbie could give them some serious competition.

I’d opened Iron Athlete six years after my motorcycle accident had left me with one leg. I had made National levels in competition and was headed to World when a car pulling out in front of me on a rain-soaked night robbed me of my chance to ever realize my full dream. I wanted to exclusively train serious bodybuilders but the financial realities of running a gym soon showed me I had to open my doors to anyone with money and the desire to be in a no-frills environment. Looking at her across the room, I was pleased the open door policy gave everyone a place to start. With desire and a strong training ethic, anyone could build the body; the competing part was a whole different issue.

You have to be able to stand up in front of a room full of critical people in a tiny scrap of fabric and pose to show every muscle of your body to its best advantage. The tan and shaving ritual are another huge hurdle. Fortunately, living in Southern Arizona, sun was readily available. I’d had a finished terrace added to the flat roof of the gym so that nude sunbathing was available for those getting contest ready. Last Friday she had asked to be allowed to use the roof. I’d given her the key and gone up with her to show her the water source and how to get into the storage area to get a lounger. The roof is co-ed and I’m strict that no sexual contact is made or offered. She averted her eyes and had moved away from me when I talked about the “eye-ball all you want but no touchy stuff” policy. I’ve got cameras mounted for insurance purposes and to keep everyone honest and safe.

Wednesdays were typically quiet days most builders on split workout routines worked abs and then called it a day. I’d turned back towards the roof monitors after ringing up a protein drink and saw her lying flat face down; she was nude. Damn, I’d missed the strip…love to watch a woman remove her clothes. I’m not only a hard-core voyeur but an exhibitionist as are all of us who choose the physique sports. She had a great ass, tiny waist and broad shoulders accenting the nice flair of her back. No one else was on the roof; I’m sure she had planned her first tanning session with this in mind. We’ll see soon enough if she has the required amount of exhibitionism in her blood to enjoy showing off her nude physique.

Working in my office on some paperwork, I noticed two regulars hanging out at the counter. When I walked over I saw they were watching the screen. She was lying on her back, her legs slightly spread, her arms extending over her head. She was fully shaved, her mons looked almost childish but her lean hips and shapely breasts were surprisingly full for such a small body the nipples were large and lightly colored. She was all-woman.

“Hey Matt this new one has what it takes. Think she’s going to compete?” Franco asked as he turned away from the monitor.

“I think she might be considering it. She sure studies the Turquoise poster every time she comes in,” I stated stepping behind the counter.

“Who’s training her? She’s always alone but her workouts are too good to be guesswork. Has to be old school — look at her legs and back…yep, old school,” Franco remarked staring into the screen.

“Don’t know. But whoever it is they better have her working on her routine now or she won’t be ready in time,” I added.

“Well I’m going up for a closer look and to ah, oh yeah, sunbathe too,” Franco laughed as he headed to the stairs.

I watched the monitor closely as he opened the door to the roof. She didn’t move. I suppose she could have fallen asleep; I’d sure done that on more than one occasion. The warmth of the sun on tired, sore muscles soothed and lulled me into oblivion most days. She turned her head when Franco opened the door to the storage area.

“You can take mine I’m cooked for today,” she said as she sat up moving her legs off the side of the lounger.

“Hey you don’t have to leave on account of me,” Franco said turning around to face her directly. He had taken off his shorts and was standing within 2 feet of her. Franco was a complete nudist at heart and a shameless womanizer. Not only did he have a carefully sculpted physique, he had been blessed with a naturally long, full, thick cock and pendulous balls.

She looked at him without looking away but I couldn’t tell if she was blushing or embarrassed. She stood up pulled her towel off the chaise wrapping her body in one smooth motion. Slipping on her sandals she headed to the door. “Enjoy,” she said as the door shut quietly behind her.

As she left, I asked her if she needed the key to the posing room.

“Yes, but not yet. I’ll let you know. Bye Matt,” she added leaving quickly.

I had no idea she even knew my name. The sound of her voice was sexy, no accent whatsoever it would be hard to guess where she might be from.

I was a few minutes late opening on Thursday morning. Three men waited at the door; she was in her truck. When she saw me walk up to the door, she got out and came in as I held the door open for her.

“Matt, my trainer is coming in this morning about 7am; can we use the posing room?” She asked as I flipped on lights, opened the front shades and rummaged around in the drawer for the posing room key.

“Yeah, sure, no one is scheduled,” I replied to her back. She had already headed to the locker room. Well, I was going to know who her trainer was soon enough. I went in and checked the room. With no smudges on any of the mirrors and all of the lighting in order, the room was good to go.

She hammered her upper body through a grueling chest, delts and tricep workout in just over 50 minutes. Looking pumped and very sweaty, she kept glancing at the clock. At exactly 7am, as I live and breathe, Dale Granada, the 1990 Mr. Texas and runner up 1991, 1992 Mr. Universe opened the door and came in. She smiled and walked over to him showing him the posing room. Several of the meatheads nodded to Dale, he returned their nods with a smile. Ronnie, the current 1992 Mr. Arizona Natural walked up to Dale, they shook hands and spoke briefly. Ronnie walked into the posing room behind Dale. When the door shut a look of amazement flashed across the faces starring at the closed door. I walked up to the counter and switched the camera to the posing room. Ronnie was shaking hands with her then took off his T-shirt.

The next 15 minutes Dale put Ronnie through a dozen poses. She had stripped down to a tiny emerald green competitive-style bikini. Except for a lack of proper tanning, she looked great. Dale directed her into the basic poses, it was apparent she had been practicing because she hit 5 of the 12 perfectly the first time. I couldn’t hear what they were saying I watched her face as Dale turned and spoke directly to her. She nodded and without hesitation she slipped the straps from her shoulders and removed her suit. Dale dimmed the lights and had her repeat the 5 poses she had done flawlessly. Her muscles reflected perfectly in the muted lighting. Without a doubt it was her back, ass, and thighs that were built best. Chest was amazing in that she was toned and tight yet still had probably C-sized breasts with huge nipples that stood out hard and erect. Her waist looked to be about 18 inches and I’d guess her hips were about 28 inches. Looking at herself in the mirror she made small changes as I saw Dale talking to her. Showing no signs of modesty, I knew she was a member of our physique club….a born voyeur and exhibitionist.

I realized just how hard I was concentrating when Franco came up and slapped me on the back. “Well our girl got the best, didn’t she?” he said as he too stared into the monitor.

“She’s serious man. Damn, this one is serious,” Rudy added leaning in to watch the monitor as well.

“She don’t seem shy. Think she’s fucking him and that’s why he’s training her?” Jude asked joining the crowd at the front counter.

“Kate is his babe and I don’t see her allowing him no extra on the side — know what I mean,” Franco said not allowing his eyes to leave the monitor.

Ronnie was now posing with her. It looked as though they were working on a couple’s routine. Both nude, they could have represented the original Adam and Eve.

“Yeah, well Kate is a power-lifter she’s a woman alright but not like this one….it’s like an 18 wheeler against a sports car. Hell, he’s only human!” Jude laughed.

As they watched, Ronnie lowered her over his bent leg. She stretched out like a cat her legs naturally parted, her breasts were firm and splayed over her chest with shallow breathes she held the pose at least 30 seconds. As Ronnie started to assist her up in what was supposed to be a fluid motion, she slid off his thigh and fell onto the floor. She burst out laughing closed her eyes releasing her body into the floor. Ronnie got dressed as she raised herself off the floor. Dale gave her a piece of paper. She went over and picked up her towel wrapping her body. Grabbing her gym bag, stuffing the suit and the paper into the bag, Dale opened the door. Everyone scattered away from the monitor as first Ronnie then Dale exited the posing room. She headed to the locker room; Ronnie resumed his workout and Dale walked up to the front counter.

“Hey Matt good to see you,” Dale said extending his hand.

“Dale,” I nodded at my former training partner. “Good to see you. Didn’t know you were back in Arizona. Certainly didn’t know you were training our mystery woman.” I added leaning back on the counter.

“Mystery woman? Yeah, Kate and I had an introduction to women’s bodybuilding over at the No Holds Gym two years ago. We had 15 start and this one stuck it out. She wants to do the 93 Turquoise, looks like lightweight and couples” Dale stated. “She has to work on her tan and I gotta get Kate to help her with body hair so I was thinking I’d invite a few builders over to the house. Show her how hard-cores get tanned and slicked for competition. You want to join us? Ronnie and his woman are coming and I thought maybe a few of your men here would want to attend as well. We’ll cook up some chicken breasts and have tons of salad. You in?” Dale asked.

“Sounds great, I’ll get a few lined up. Where you living these days?” I asked.

Dale had been writing on a paper. He handed it to me and said, “Gotta meet Kate for a workout. Here are the directions. No need to bring anything we’ll have it all.”

Just as he walked out the door, she came out of the locker room wrapped in a towel her hair wet. She unlocked the door to the roof and went up the stairs. As I switched the camera to roof mode, she had dropped her towel, walked over to the storage closet and took out a lounger. No modesty at all she was parading around the roof buck naked.

Yes, I do believe our Mystery Woman has a large dose of exhibitionism in her, I thought to myself. I opened up the file drawer leafing through several files I pulled out her folder, Marisa Louise Termar, aged 28, lived only 3 miles from the gym, an RN, huh…..well….I like nurses something real earthy about a woman who gets up close and personal with complete strangers…bet she is an adrenaline junky too. Yep I was going to the gathering at Dale’s; it was about time I got to know this woman. My strength in competition had always been tanning and posing; I could help her win.

An hour later as she left I stopped her, “Marisa, isn’t it?” I asked. She nodded and flashed a beautiful smile.

“Dale told us about the gathering be great to see you there,” I said. Again she simply nodded and left. I watched as her truck pulled out of the parking lot. Yeah, the quiet ones, you always have to watch out for the quiet ones.

Friday morning she was working back and biceps then packed up her bag. As she left, she told me she’d be back to do a later evening leg routine. It was 7:30pm when she began her leg routine. I wandered over to the squat rack. “You ever try lying squats?” I asked.

She shook her head no and maintained a steady gaze. She had hazel eyes such a beautiful shade of green with flecks of yellow. I motioned her over to the lying squat machine. “How much you lifting on squats?” I asked

“200 pounds on Tuesday,” she replied quietly. I loaded the lying machine with 3-45 pound plates. “I think this will be easy for you go ahead and begin here. Lying squats get the hamstrings and tie-ins the best…..give you a very tight ass,” I chuckled. Damn she already had a tight ass!

I coached her into the proper position under the platform. Her gym shorts had fallen away from her inner thighs with no panties underneath I had a clear view of her shaved labia. She pushed the lever to release the weight. Breathing in she lowered the weight then blowing out she raised it with very little effort.

“Ok, now when you get it down, let it come all the way down. The knees aren’t as impacted in this lying position so you can get really low and explode up,” I explained adding an additional 90 pounds to the platform.

Focusing on the movement she again released the lever and steadied her feet. Breathing in she lowered the platform quickly then resting at the bottom she experimented with seeing how low she could allow the weight stack to drop. With a loud, determined outbreath she quickly moved the platform to its top position. She repeated this 9 more times. The last two reps had her sweating visibly and as she topped out the tenth and final rep she closed her eyes allowing her legs to spread wide open under the platform. I stood above her staring at her visibly erect nipples through her sweaty workout shirt.

When I looked up at her face she was looking into my eyes. Damn, busted! She smiled and I knew I’d been caught. “Good set,” I said moving away. “Now do two more sets and maybe add another 45. You’re lifting heavy so start thinking about a split routine to give yourself at least 4 hours between workouts on the same day.”

She did add another 45; she got her two sets of 10 completed. Her legs were trembling as she sat on a bench nearby to record her new moves. She moved on to lunges and then to calves. She looked dog tired as she walked into the locker room. Yep, split routines were the way she’d have to go……back and legs in one session was just too much. I’d ask to see her routine in the morning — just check to see how much she was doing.

I was closing up the gym about 9pm and knew a light bulb had burned out in the women’s locker room figured I’d change it now rather than wait till morning. I opened the door moving the ladder inside and went into the shower area sure enough two bulbs were out. When I entered the changing area, someone was asleep on the lounger. I flipped on the light; there, lying on her side was Marisa, sound asleep, covered only partially by her towel.

Her hair, still damp, was curling around her face; one hand lay on her right breast which was completely uncovered, such a luscious large nipple and a pale pink areola. Her breath was smooth, slow and steady; she was deeply asleep. Her left leg was bent at the knee, her legs spread the towel just barely covering her mons. I walked over gazing down at her then reached over and slowly pulled the towel off of her. She was clean-shaven her labia were clearly visible her clit was huge there was a slight glistening at her slit. The urge to touch her, to run my fingers down her smooth flat belly to push my finger inside her knowing she’d be warm, wet and tight was overwhelming. As I stared at her labia my hand poised above her pubic bone, she shifted. When I glanced at her face, she was looking at me. Her eyes heavy with sleep, she reached out took my hand placing it at her opening. Two fingers slid in easily; she groaned humping firmly into my hand. Mesmerized by the feel of her silky interior, I stroked her; her breathing became faster and more irregular. She reached down pressing my hand harder into her body grinding into my fingers.

“Oh yes, please,” Marissa whispered breathlessly. A loud, needful-moaning, she was moving faster into my now slippery wet hand her hips rising off the lounger then a sudden deep push. I felt her internal muscles milking my fingers rhythmic spasms continued for several minutes. Her eyes closed, a sheen of sweat covered her nude body my fingers remained deeply buried until finally she completely relaxed sinking into the lounger. I slowly removed my fingers watching her face as she stared up at me. “Thank you,” I said; she smiled at me, “Thank YOU!”

Adjusting my hard cock so I could walk, I said, “Let’s go into the posing room. I want to show you a move that will have everyone cheering.”

She rolled over dropping her feet to the floor. Nude, she followed me. The door to the posing room was unlocked. As we entered I hit the switch on the wall; the room was immediately bathed in bright lights. I stripped off my clothes being very aware she would see my prosthetic leg. As I turned toward her there was also no way to hide my hard cock.

She glanced down then looked up at me with a smile on her face, “Looks like your muscles stay hard all the time.”

I smiled at her comment then moved into a full frontal pose my chest muscled and ripped, my biceps hard, smooth mounds, my right leg was extended. I stuck all 12 poses perfectly. As I finished, my body had a light sheen of sweat covering it. Although not rigidly hard now my cock was hanging long over a full scrotum. Marissa’s eyes never left the mirror.

“The poses you need to work on are the frontal poses. You can’t be shy. This is where you show the pecs, arms, abs, waist and you want the illusion of length down your extended leg. You’re short that will work to your advantage because your muscles are bunched and heavy,” I said standing behind her looking in the mirror our eyes locked on each other.

“You’re a very sexy woman; you’ve worked hard. This is where you show everyone what you got; you’ve got it!” I said motioning her to follow my lead in a full frontal pose.

“Your breasts are a blessing they are full and luscious looking and your nipples are large and hard. The judges are mostly men and it will not be lost on them. They’ll want to concentrate on pec development but they’ll desperately want to suck the nipples they see poking out at them,” I said as we moved together into a slightly oblique frontal pose.

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