group lesbian sex

“You’re bad,” Lizzie charged, staring into Danielle’s green eyes. Danielle’s eye color would change from slate gray to a deep green, depending on her mood. Green meant she was horny; deep green? She was very horny.

“Me? Why am I the bad one?” Danielle charged back as her hand slipped up from Lizzie’s waist. When had Danielle’s hand moved inside her t-shirt? Danielle’s soft hand raked across her ribs.

“Stop it, that tickles,” Lizzie squealed, squirming beneath her touch.

“Does this tickle?”

Danielle shoved her hand beneath Lizzie’s bra, pushing the cup upwards and exposing the soft flesh to her fingers. The pinching, rolling technique Danielle used on her friend’s nipple made Lizzie’s knees weak. “I taught you how to do that.”

“I know,” Danielle said. “And it still works.”

When Danielle repeated the move with her other hand Lizzie felt trapped. She felt frozen in place with pleasure. Pinching her nipples felt good. Rolling them, as if twisting a knob felt better. Twisting and pinching in just the right way felt like heaven. Lizzie tried to teach the move to her boyfriends. But their big, clumsy fingers were too rough. Why couldn’t a man understand her thrill? Pinch tight enough to twist and no tighter, that’s all it took to make her weak in the knees and gasp with desire. She felt her breath hitch. “Stop it.”

“Why?” Danielle held her gaze and Lizzie felt doubly trapped. Danielle’s eyes were so green. Not dark green or deep green, but the bright green of colored contact lenses. Lizzie knew that color. If Lizzie were to touch Danielle’s chest, she’d find hard nipples. If she slipped her hand inside Danielle’s pants, Lizzie would find Danielle wet and needy. If she touched Danielle’s body, her willpower would evaporate like the first sprinkler spray on a hot sidewalk.

“Maybe I don’t want to do this anymore.” The last time they had been together was spring break. Attending different colleges felt strange. Lizzie missed Danielle. Not because of the sex. Because Danielle was her best friend and her partner in crime. Since they shared everything, it felt right they would share this, too.

“That’s not how it feels.”

Lizzie squirmed again as Danielle’s right hand slid across her ribs a second time. Fingertips running across sensitive ribs as if running across a piano keyboard. Danielle’s hand slipped around Lizzie’s narrow waist, slipping inside her shorts. Danielle did more than cup Lizzie’s bare ass. Her thumb tugged at the narrow strip of thong that nestled itself between her cheeks. When she pulled with her thumb, Lizzie felt her panties pressing against her pussy.

“I hate you,” Lizzie said. She pressed her narrow lips against Danielle’s fuller lips. Their tongues met as one of Lizzie’s hands found Danielle’s hard nipples and her other found the wet, slippery spot between her legs. They fell on Lizzie’s bed and made love. It felt as good as always. It felt better than Lizzie wanted. When it was over, Lizzie pushed a stray lock of curly red hair away from Danielle’s forehead and looked again into eyes now closer to gray than green. “If I didn’t know you better, I’d swear you were a lesbian.”

“Um, excuse me? Who ate pussy first?”

“Can I help it if you taste so good?”

“Ditto,” Danielle said, snuggling closer. Another kiss and grope threatened to turn into a second round of lovemaking. Lizzie glanced at the clock on her nightstand and pulled away. Picking from the pile of their clothes, she tossed the ones that belonged to Danielle at her friend.

“Get dressed lesbo. We’ve got to go.”

It had been two weeks after graduation before they went all the way. Sitting in the basement at Danielle’s house, they took turns sipping from the bottle of wine Lizzie had stolen from her parents. Danielle’s parents were two floors up, sleeping while their daughter and her best friend got drunk watching a marathon of Showtime’s “The Real L Word.” It had started as a drunken goof. Once it began, Lizzie had been the aggressor. They had made love that night. Three days later, Danielle had shown up at Lizzie’s house for a sleepover. Hidden in her bag was a bottle of wine she had stolen. “I think “The Real L Word” is on tonight,” she had said and Lizzie remembered how green her eyes had been.

They hadn’t needed wine the third time or any time after that. Comparing notes, they had spent the summer exploring each other’s bodies as carefully as an archeologist unearths a lost treasure. Together they unearthed the deepest mysteries of how their bodies work. They reunited for every break and both cried on their last night together at the end of Thanksgiving Break, Christmas Break and Spring Break.

On the way out the door, Lizzie stopped to swipe a couple of bottles of wine from her parents. “Just in case,” she said, handing one to Danielle.

“Think they have done it yet?” Danielle asked as they got into her car. Lizzie knew what Danielle meant. Tina and Christie had spent their first year of college as roommates. Conjecturing who else they knew that might go both ways had become a favorite game of theirs.

“I didn’t do it with my roommate, did you?”

“I’m just saying, that’s what happens when girls go to college, right?”

“What are you? A dude? That’s like every man’s fantasy,” Lizzie said. She laughed before pointing out, “We didn’t wait until college.”

Lizzie and Danielle had kept their little love affair a secret. They swore to be friends first and lovers second. When they conjectured about their friends, Tina and Christie were high on their list. “You know Christie only goes to church because her parents make her go.”

“What are you saying?”

“I think she’s hiding something,” Danielle said. “What church girl swears as much as her?”

“So because she swears like a sailor, she’s a freak?”

“You think sailors really swear that much?” Danielle asked. They both laughed at her silliness and were still smiling as Danielle pulled into the driveway of the single story ranch house that belonged to Tina’s parents. Taking advantage of their daughter being home for the summer to house-sit, Tina’s parents had left for a long weekend away. Standard parental unit rules applied; no parties, but a sleepover with a couple friends would be okay.

“My bitches!” Tina squealed, bursting out the front door of her house. Her blonde hair had gotten longer and blonder. Lizzie watched the way her big breasts bounced as she ran towards them. Freshman year at college had been good to Tina. She had lost her roll of baby fat and kept her boobs. She looked good.

Christie’s greeting carried her signature filth. “Fucking bitches!” Christie yelled, following behind Tina. Shortest of the bunch, Christie was petite and pretty. She kept her short, dark hair snipped in a pixie cut and her dark eyes smoldered sensuality. In a tight t-shirt and shorty-shorts, the only sign of Christie’s faith was the tiny silver cross around her neck. Lizzie realized Danielle was probably right; Christie was most likely to be a freak.

They spent what was left of the afternoon playing catch-up and telling college stories. “Tell them about that one guy,” Tina urged Christie. “Remember? The guy from the first semester.”

“Which one?” Christie asked. They howled and Lizzie found her opinion of Christie slipping closer to Danielle’s. Tina gave her friend more prompts before Christie nodded. “You mean the guy with the little dick!” More howls of laughter. “He wanted me to help him seduce his roommate.”

“Oh-my-God, did you?” Danielle asked.

“Ew. As if,” Christie said and Lizzie felt her internal pendulum swinging back in the other direction.

“So being gay is gross?” Danielle pressed.

“For guys it is,” Christie said and Lizzie caught the way Danielle looked at her.

“You saying you like watching me get changed?” Tina challenged. She was laughing as she asked.

“Still want to be my roommate next year if I say ‘yes?’” Christie said.

“Maybe,” was Tina’s response and Lizzie’s pendulum swung back. She knew they were joking, but joking around was how things had happened between her and Danielle. Tina left to use the bathroom.

“What was it like living with her?” Lizzie asked Christie.

“She’s fun. We’re still friends. I hated going to clubs with her and her big tits. That’s all guys ever seem to notice.”

“Yeah they do,” Danielle said, arching her back and shaking her oversized boobs. They were still laughing when Tina came back.

“What’s so funny?”

“The way guys like our big tits,” Danielle said.

“Not just guys,” Lizzie said. It was a slip. She didn’t mean to say it out loud. Seeing Danielle shaking her breasts had distracted her.

“Well steal my clothes and fuck me running for being small,” Christie said, still laughing.

“I’m just saying. I’ve seen how girls will look at her, too.” It was a crappy cover and Lizzie paid for it by being teased. She tried again to fix things. “I think you’re hot,” she told Christie. More laughter and teasing.

“I think your best friend goes both ways,” Tina told Danielle.

“You say that as if it’s a bad thing,” Danielle replied. The laughter in the room hitched for a moment from the serious look on her face and started back up again when Danielle started laughing.

It had been during Christmas break when Danielle had told Lizzie, “If I ever make love to another woman, I want to do it in front of someone else.”

“Me?” Lizzie had asked, snuggling closer to her friend. Danielle’s reply had confused her.

“You can be there, too. But I really want to do it in front of someone else. I want to ruin her. I want all of her friends to know she went gay and liked it.”

“But wouldn’t that mean her friends would know you had done the same thing?” Lizzie had asked, trying to reason out the thrill behind Danielle’s fantasy.

“Yeah, but I don’t care about her friends, just you.”

It had been a stray comment, hardly memorable among the wealth of other things said between Danielle and Lizzie. At the time, Lizzie had dismissed the comment as a different take on their common fear: what if someone caught them together? They didn’t believe their parents would understand and neither of them wanted to be branded among their friends as lesbians. But that stray comment returned home to Lizzie with crystal clarity as she laughed with her friends, hoping to cover her faux pas. Was tonight the night Danielle’s fantasy would come true?

There were stories to tell of other one-night-stands and week-long excursions into true lust. Along the way, pizza was ordered, wine bottles produced, and the TV turned on as much for light in the darkening living room as anything else. They laughed and talked in ways they would have never done back in high school. In the soft, bluish tinted glow of the TV a cocoon of camaraderie engulfed them as they began to tell the secrets best left for the darkness. The stories of men they had met became more explicit. “Remember that one guy?” Tina asked Christie. “The one you thought had a big nose?”

“Yeah! What was his deal? You saw him for like two weeks.”

“Because he knew how to use that nose,” Tina said. She drew blank stares and explained. “When he was going down on me, he’d use it, rubbing it against me. Damn that felt good.” More laughter.

“Tell them about your roommate,” Danielle told Lizzie.

“She used to masturbate like every night.”

“Mine too!” Tina squealed.

“Oh fuck you,” Christie said. “I might have done that like once. And trust me, you were way too drunk to know what I was doing.”

“Ah, but you did do it!” Danielle pointed out. She looked at Tina. “Tell the truth, did you ever do it while Christie was sleeping?”

“Maybe once or twice,” Tina admitted, her voice quiet and small.

“More like once or twice every fucking week!” Christie howled.

“What about you?” Tina challenged Danielle who had started the topic.

“I do it in the shower,” she said and everyone laughed.

“What about your roommate?” Tina asked.

“I never caught her doing it, but I know she had a vibrator because she left it sitting out one time.”

“Ooo, maybe she wanted you to find it!” Tina suggested.

“Maybe,” Danielle said. She gave Lizzie a look that Lizzie was sure was supposed to mean something, but Lizzie couldn’t reason out what. Was she supposed to keep the conversation going?

“I wonder if vibrators are really that much fun?” Lizzie asked.

“Ask Tina, she has one,” Christie said.

“Shut up!” Tina said, playfully slapping her friend’s bare leg. “I’ve never even taken that thing out of its package.”

“But you really have one?” Danielle asked. Lizzie wished she could see Danielle’s eyes better in the soft light of the TV. She was sure Danielle’s eyes would be bright green. “I want to see it.”

“You want to try it out?” Christie asked.

“On you,” Danielle shot back.

“Go get it,” Christie told her friend.

“You go get it. You know where it is,” Tina said. If it was a dare, Christie was up to it. As Christie left the room to play fetch, Tina explained how she had won it at a bachelorette party. When Christie returned with the toy, Tina seemed proud to demonstrate how it was still inside its original clamshell plastic package. She opened it. It came with a battery. After turning it on, she started giggling. “That’s intense.” She passed it to Lizzie who held it for a moment. Ignoring the urge to press it against her pussy, she passed it to Christie.

“Don’t give that fucker to me. She’s the one who wants to use it,” Christie said, nodding at Danielle.

“On you,” Danielle said, experimenting with twisting the dial on the end that made it buzz faster or slower.

“Don’t let fear hold you back,” Christie said.

The small living room to Tina’s house had two sofas on opposite walls facing each other with an empty space between them. A large, overstuffed chair faced the wall with the TV. The lack of a coffee table gave Tina’s dad room to recline and fully extend the foot rest of his favorite chair. Danielle and Lizzie had been sharing one couch while Tina and Christie used the other. The bottle of wine on Tina and Christie’s side of the room was nearly empty. Standing, Tina made room for Danielle to trade places. There was a moment of silence in the room as Tina stood waiting to see if it was all a joke or not. Lizzie felt the pensive charge to the room and wondered if they were about to break out into laughter or something else. Both happened as Danielle stood up and traded places with Tina.

“You don’t think I’ll do it,” the pretty redhead said as she plopped down on the sofa next to Christie.

“Go for it,” Christie laughed. She scooted towards the edge of the couch, parted her legs, and even pulled her short-shorts tighter against her pussy. The seam sandwiched her sex. Lizzie knew Danielle would do it. Twisting the toy on full blast, she watched as her best friend and lover pressed the buzzing business end of the toy between Christie’s legs. “Oh fuck that tickles!” Christie said. She tried to squirm away from the toy, but Danielle kept it pressed against her.

“Does it feel good?” Danielle asked.

“Stop it!” Christie squealed, climbing on the couch to get away from the toy. She was laughing and blushing at the same time. “Now it’s my turn,” Christie said. She grabbed Danielle’s wrist and pulled the toy away from her. “Spread’em, girlfriend.”

“Oh baby,” Danielle said, thrusting her hips up and down as if she was staring in a porn movie and making a mockery of the play. “Like that, baby. Do it.”

Lizzie watched with wide eyes as she laughed and giggled with the rest of the girls. She glanced at Tina, seeing her laughing, too. She caught Tina licking her lips. Was she enjoying this? They were playing. Lizzie knew the difference. But that didn’t stop it from getting to her. She had felt Danielle squirming against her fingers and knew how good it felt.

“Hey, why did you stop?” Danielle protested when Christie pulled the toy away. “It was just getting good.”

Christie ignored Danielle’s joke. It was a joke, wasn’t it? Lizzie wasn’t sure, but Danielle was still laughing so it had to be a joke. “Try it,” Christie said, leaning over to hand the toy to Tina.

“I think you’re supposed to do this part,” Tina said, handing the toy to Lizzie. As her friend had done, Tina parted her legs and pulled her shorts tight against her muffin. Lizzie glanced at Danielle. Was this okay? Should she really do this? She didn’t think anyone else saw the way Danielle nodded ever so slightly and smiled.

Lizzie rolled the toy across Tina’s crotch before pressing it into the seam of Tina’s shorts. She watched the pretty blonde with big tits. She saw the way Tina’s eyes fluttered from the sensation. She noticed the way Tina was slow to stop her. As if catching herself, Tina became a flurry of rushed activity.

“Okay, I should have taken that out of its package a long time ago,” she said, her face beet red. As she grabbed the toy away from Lizzie there was a moment when their eyes met. Lizzie saw the flash of lust in Tina’s blue eyes and it thrilled her. “Your turn!” Tina insisted. She pulled at Lizzie’s knee, parting her legs, and pressed the toy directly against Lizzie’s clitoris.

The sudden buzzing sensation was like an electric jump start to Lizzie’s entire body. She raised her hips to the toy, pressing against it. She knew she was already excited. Being last in line for the innocent sex play had caused her to feel a low grade sense of arousal like a low grade fever before the onset of the flu. Feeling the toy pressed against her clit transformed her body’s lazy thrill of excitement into an aching need for more. It was like Danielle’s fingers tugging, pinching, and pulling on her nipples in just the right way to turn her on. She gasped and froze in terror at her body’s reaction. Lizzie was a prisoner to the moment and didn’t want it to end. Seeing the hungry look in Danielle’s eyes didn’t help.

“I think she likes it,” Christie said. She was still smiling, but no longer laughing. There was a smoldering sensuality to the smirk she wore. That look of playfulness suggested she could tell Lizzie was trapped by her reaction and wanted to see it continued to its natural end.

“Look at how hard her nipples are!” Tina said, pointing at Lizzie’s chest.

“Keep going,” Danielle said. Was she talking to Tina when she said it? If she was then why was she staring at Lizzie? Did she expect Lizzie to let Tina make her have an orgasm?

“Okay,” Tina giggled. It was the sinister giggle of a prankster planting a tack on a chair. “Are you going to get off for us?”

“Yes,” Lizzie gasped. Her mouth seemed to be the only part of her body she could control. “If you don’t stop I will.”

“Do it!” cheered Christie. “Make her come!”

“Grab her titties,” coached Danielle. “She likes that!”

“Like this?” Tina asked. She pinched one of Lizzie’s hard nipples as if it was part of the practical joke and not catching Danielle’s words. Lizzie had and so did Christie.

“How do you know she likes that?” Christie asked. Danielle was let off the hook by the sudden passionate cries of Lizzie falling victim to her orgasm.

“Oh wow,” Tina said, pulling the toy away and turning it off. “That was hot.”

“How did you know she wanted Tina to grab her titties?” Christie asked again.

“What girl doesn’t like that when they’re about to get off?” Danielle replied. It felt like a safe cover to Lizzie and it looked as if Christie bought it. Even if she didn’t, Danielle distracted her with a prank of her own. Looking across the empty space between the sofas, she asked Tina, “So how’s it feel to be a lesbian?”

“Oh-my-God! I am not a lesbian!” Tina said. She looked horrified and looked to Christie for help.

“Don’t look at me. You’re the one who just gave another chick an orgasm.”

The surprised look on Tina’s face was priceless as she worked through what had just happened. “But you guys told me to do it.”

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