Abby- We had been talking for hours, sitting on his bed as good friends do. Patrick and I have been friends since grade school- he used to tug on my pigtails and in return I’d chase him during tag. As we grew older, nothing could separate us. We were the best friends that everyone thought were dating. This lasted all through high school, and even during college. But things were never romantic with us..until now, as we sat in his apartment, on his cushioned bed like so many times before. Gradually an electric charge began to overtake me. I felt a burning desire to touch him. To reach out and feel that smooth face, and hard defined abs…maybe a bit more.

In a burst of sexual boldness, I crossed the small distance between us on the small bed and caught him up in a dominating kiss. I took the offense, pressing my soft, supple lips on his and I leaned him down on the bed. While kissing, I ran my hands across his body, feeling every feature, memorizing the feel of his skin on mine and his tongue running across my lips. I began to straddle him and as I pressed my hips into his, I could feel his bulge. Absolutely throbbing. I suppose that made me entitled to a bit of pride so I began getting even bolder. I tugged his shirt off and brought his hands to my covered breasts. As he grabbed the soft tissue, I kept up my grinding until the anticipation was too much to bear. I began to unbutton his pants.

As my nervous fingers fumbled with his jeans, his hands were sure and steady as he massaged my breasts. He began to lift up my shirt slowly, savoring the feeling as he ran his hands along my waist. Once my bra was off, he was even more adept at working me down, managing to get little moans in the back of my throat. In such ecstasy I almost forgot my job. This was HIS turn for pleasure. I was soon back to my job, sliding him out of those pants.

How could I help myself? I was always a bit of a tease. So when he was down to his boxers, I decided it couldn’t hurt if I traced my fingers lightly above the band. It drove him wild, just as expected. He tangled his hand in my hair and forcefully kissed me, wishing me to continue. When he was about to really go crazy, I gave in. Slowly I inched off his boxers, exposing a nice hard cock. Mmmh.

He was perfect. In every way of the word- I couldn’t even begin to describe how much the mere sight of him made me wild. I was so ready, so wet, so eager to do it that I had to pace myself. My will was strained as I began to touch him. Couldn’t we just skip this initial stuff and get to the fucking? No, Abby, this was his turn. This was Patrick’s turn to be pleasured. So I simply took his member in my hand and teased him a bit more by caressing him- lightly and slowly. Up and down I stroked, watching the expression on his face as he became more and more greedy. I decided to end his pain. Reaching down, I quickly licked his member. This fleeting licks soon turned into full on sucking, feeling his soft flesh against my cheeks and tongue as I gave him as much pleasure as I was capable of. He was about to burst within minutes

Patrick- I let out a quick gasp as her mouth enveloped my waiting cock, the cold air on my skin paired with her warm, wet mouth sent shivers of pleasure throughout my body. I could barely keep quiet as her tongue licked and swirled around my member, I ran my hand through her hair, then I began slowly moving my hips and guiding her head, down onto my cock. After a couple minutes I couldn’t control myself anymore, but I knew I wouldn’t let myself finish now. I pulled my cock out of her mouth with a little *pop* and picked her up and flipped her over. I went to her neck, kissing, licking and sucking my way slowly down her neck and chest. I ran my hands all over he amazing body, feeling up every curve and dip. I worked my way down to her belly and began to unbutton her pants

Abby- He was so sure, so confident with his motions; he had me on my back, legs spread and I didn’t even have time to think about his scent filling me or the feel of his shoulders under my fingertips as I waited for “it”. The big event. I watched as he pulled down my panties, and made that little face I love so much. His little “kid in a candy store” face that drove me wild. I could see the lust in his eyes and quickly, I reached in his bedside table, pulled out a condom and had him covered before you could say “Prevention”

That was it, everything lead up to now, and I watched his eyes and was met with a moment of pain- followed by a remaining sense of bliss. He was so hard, his cock absolutely pulsing with desire, much like I was as I began to move my hips against his, inching his member deeper into me. The feeling of sex- how can I describe it? The warm feel of each others skin, letting wave and wave of pleasure reverberate to your core. As he thrusted, and I moved with him, a rhythm developed. Every motion was timed, even our short breathing and occasional (maybe more than occasional for me) moans and gasps filled the air much like his throbbing member was filling me. I could see the pleasure in the way his eyes shone

I remember thinking “I wish this moment could last forever” but as most good things, it could not. We kept at it for as long as possible, trying different ways we’ve heard of- fast and rough, slow and passionate, doggie style, missionary- you name it we did it. Every change brought a new type of pleasure. Finally we could feel the intensity build and soon we were both climaxing.

Patrick- I woke up the next morning, instinctively reaching across the bundled sheets for her, to feel her smooth skin and caress her. Instead I found a piece of notebook paper with her neat, flowing cursive on it.


Good morning, you wonderful man. I couldn’t wake you this morning; you were too peaceful. I have to get to work, but I promise to be over at 4. I’ll buy some condoms too- be prepared to get our money’s worth.

Love always,


‘I could get used to this,’ thought Patrick.

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