Note: This story is fantasy in the most complete sense. Unrealistic proportions and stamina. A single man in a supernatural world full of invariably sexy, horny women. Love equated with lust, and love/lust at first sight. Think of it as less of a story, and more of a night dream, which like all dreams has its own rules, that for as long as you are dreaming, you accept on its own terms.

Critical feedback is fine, but if you’re going to be rude or demeaning, keep it to yourself. The usage of the words “cum/cummed/cumming” rather than “come/came/coming” is a deliberate stylistic choice.

All characters are 18+.

I apologize for the erratic rate of posting, but my inspiration comes in fits and starts. Enjoy!


Alexander retraced the steps he had walked so recently, back to Siobhan’s tor. As night deepened the sky from pale blue to dark blue to purple, his way became lit by the multicolored blossoms, still burning gently with a rainbow of flames that did not consume.

As he crested the hill, he looked around and saw no one. Then, from nowhere, a pair of lithe hands reached around his waist to fondle his dick, and he felt a womanly form press into him from behind. “I knew you would return,” Siobhan’s voice whispered to him, as he felt the heat and sweetness of her breath tickling his ear.

Alexander’s cock had jumped at her touch, and slowly began to rise as Siobhan toyed with it. Her fingers were deft as only those of a sorceress could be, tracing along throbbing veins, teasing him with the lightness of her touch. Precum dribbled freely from the tip of his cock, trickling in rivulets down his now fully erect shaft to lubricate her hands.

He groaned, feeling her lush tits and hard nipples against his back, and her damp slit slicking his buttock. Her touch now alternated between feathery softness and warm pressure, kneading and massaging his massive length and thickness, seeming to travel everywhere along it at once. He lolled his head back with lust, and Siobhan inclined her head to kiss the side of his neck.

His meat was throbbing frantically now, and her slow stroking began to include some lightning quick petting that tingled all along his manhood for an instant, before returning to the agonizingly pleasurable slowness. He was moaning incoherently, unaware of it. Siobhan purred, relishing her power over him, and Alexander remembered his sweet Melody, his kitten, and her twin, his Marie.

And then he was gushing, geysers of thick creamy cum spurting out in long ropes to land on the other side of the hillock, even as Siobhan milked him. She shuddered with lusty delight, feeling the orgasmic quivering of his cock and entire body, and her sharp moan was muffled by Alexander’s neck as her juices trailed down his buttock where her pussy was pressed.

As their breathing steadied once more, Siobhan released her hold of his cock and came around to face him. Where she had creamed onto his buttock, little rivulets of feminine pleasure trickled down the back of his leg in a slow meandering fashion.

Arching a saucy eyebrow and favoring him with an impish smile, she declared triumphantly, “You are mine, Alexander.”

In answer, he dipped his head to plant a light kiss on her lips. The surprise on her face was evident, but she recovered quickly and continued. “Now I have what I have long desired, a grail of enchantresses – the wand of a Man.” She trailed a finger up his semi-erect length. “Now come, my wand, for we have magicks to conjure.”

So saying, she led him to the three-meter-wide circle of smooth stone at the hillock’s highest point and bade him lay spread-eagled on his back. The stone was – soft, somehow, and seemed to pulse with an inner warmth. As he lay there, his arms stretched to the side and his legs spread in a V, Siobhan lowered her juicy cunt to his right wrist, and ground upon it, her slit barely parting for him as her dewy moisture slathered it.

“Mmmm,” she hummed delightedly, and then rose to do the same to his other wrist, and then both his ankles. Humping each of them, she spilt her myrrh upon him, her low moans rising ever so slightly.

Finally, she bent to kiss the engorged tip of his manhood, and suddenly her juices – on his wrists and ankles where she had anointed them – began to glow with a soft pink light interspersed with red and silver sparkles. And Alexander found he could no longer move his wrists and ankles, bound as surely as were they in chains. He smiled his crooked smile and waggled his eyebrows at her.

Siobhan laughed before she could stop herself. “No, Man, I shall master thee, and not thou me. Tonight, I brand thy wand as mine own.”

And having said thus, she lowered her pussy – glistening wetly in the light of flaming blossoms and her glowing blue pussy runes – to his cock, letting his turgid meat pry apart her tight lips. Impaling herself upon his rod, she straddled him as the last inch disappeared into her cunt, accompanied by a chorus of groans from both of them.

He bucked up into her even as she began to ride him. Her head bobbed, sending her long crimson topknot flying erratically, swishing as often as not along his torso. Her hair sent erotic tickling sensations racing across his muscular flesh, and he shivered even as his cock throbbed within her wet folds.

Her lust already whetted from humping his wrists and ankles, Siobhan was quickly lost to abandon, screaming out her pleasure. Her juices flowed freely, matting his dark pubic curls. The salacious ecstasy of her expression seemed obscene on her deceivingly-innocent baby face. It was too much for Alexander, and his jizz began to jet into Siobhan’s frantically spasming cunt.

But as copious as his cum was, Siobhan’s cream was even more plentiful, spilling out of her pussy almost like a waterfall, completely slathering his balls and groin and her inner thighs. Her every ecstatic bounce met his upward thrusts in a creamy squish, popping as she bounced back up. His bound wrists strained reflexively against his mystic bindings, aching to run along her glistening flesh.

But at last she was sated, slowly coming down from her high as the last of his cum oozed into her feminine depths.

“Oh, Goddess,” she panted. Alexander, similarly winded, grinned at her. She seemed not to know exactly where she was for a moment, so transported by rapture she had been. Then her green eyes focused once more, and the enchantress collected herself.

“A very powerful wand indeed,” Siobhan smirked at him. She stood up enough that her pussy released his dick with a slight pop, then she knelt beside him, and bent to examine his manhood. Taking him gently but possessively with her fingers, she nodded in satisfaction at the thickness of her cream which coated it.

She murmured an eldritch word, and began to trace her tongue up and down his shaft in strange patterns. Where she licked, the cream coating his dick followed her, swirling behind in the paths her tongue forged. Alexander moaned, still unable to move his arms or legs, at the mercy of Siobhan’s succulent tongue, as its warm moist tip left tingles along his throbbing meat.

Where Siobhan licked, the remains of her cream began to glow, a luminous silvery hue not unlike moonlight. They formed into the shapes of mystic sigils and runes of sensuous power, as traced by the sorceress’ tongue.

When she had finished, the signs decorated his entire length and girth, all gently glowing silver. She nodded again, pleased with her work, then turned a sultry gaze his way. He shivered at the sheer sex in her eyes, and their gazes locked as she bent her head down once again to lick his swollen purple glans.

Never taking her eyes off his, Siobhan parted her lovely pregnant lips to engulf the head, and waggled her eyebrows naughtily as she did so. Desire shuddered through him, and his eyes rolled back as Siobhan took more of him within her hot wet mouth.

She suckled him vigorously, her tongue twirling along his member within her mouth even as her lips sucked and slurped. Low moans escaped her throat. He thrashed involuntarily with euphoria, the veins of his dick throbbing violently within her silky wet mouth.

Alexander didn’t even try to hold back – his cum spewed out with the force of a thunderbolt into Siobhan’s throat, and her lusty groans were muffled by the spunk she swallowed. He squirted and squirted, and all the while she kept suckling and swallowing.

But at last, his passion was satisfied, and his cumming slowed, the ropes spurting from his dick less violent and plentiful. Siobhan released his member, and the last jets of his cum shot up into the air to land in the nearby grass. Siobhan turned a saucy gaze to him; she winked–

And suddenly electric thrills shot up his spine as the softly luminous silver runes on his manhood flared brightly, and his cumming, rather than coming to a stop, picked up once more, firing great blasts of creamy jizz high into the air, arcing in random directions with every throb. His cum rained onto the grass of Siobhan’s hill in thick globules, and with every jet of spunk that pulsed its way up his cock, the silver runes flared.

Alexander’s howls of animal delight filled the night, and yet his cumming did not stop. The silver sigils kept flaring, his dick kept pulsing, and his geyser of man seed continued undiminished.

And so he continued to cum until the witching hour, when Siobhan finally arched her brow, and the silver runes dimmed to a soft glow once more. A final spurt escaped his dick, and Alexander lay limp, magnificently exhausted, the lust within him turned to liquid. His head lolled back, his eyes closed, and his chest began to rise and fall with slow steady breaths.

Siobhan twisted her lip, and the sorcerous pink light binding his wrists and ankles vanished in an eruption of sparkles. Something in her heart leapt as she beheld her captive. “Sleep well, my wand,” she murmured, “for you have mighty magicks to perform on the morrow.”

She turned away, wondering why she still yearned for his touch. Then his deep whisper floated back to her. “Sleep with me.”

Surprised, the sorceress turned. Alexander’s eyes had fluttered open, and were looking at her with a warmth and gentler passion than what she had elicited earlier. His newly released arm crooked, beckoning her to his side.

Siobhan hesitated for a moment, but her longing won out. She lay in his arms, curled up to his side. The crook of his arm was her pillow, and her hand lay upon his chest, which quickly resumed his slow rise and fall.

Listening to him sleep, and wondering at what was in her heart, the enchantress soon followed him into slumber.

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