great idea

The private jet touched down on the Kennedy airport runway. The party on board could see the cars they would be using start across the tarmac. This was the way to travel. No waiting, no hassle just pure comforts and lots of service.

Peggy urged them to hurry as their tickets for Annie get your Gun were in one hour and nobody knew how heavy the traffic was or how slow it would be in this late winter storm.

They bundled up in their furs and made sure they had what they needed for the theater and for dinner. Everything else was going directly to the Trump penthouse where they were staying for the weekend.

Once inside their cars, they feasted on shrimp and lobster rolls and several other dainties as T.J. like to call any thing that wasn’t the size of a Texas steer. The miles into the city flew as if they didn’t matter. To the happy group of six, they didn’t matter. They were having too much fun.

This weekend was just what everyone needed the air already charged with possibilities. It had been several years since they had partied together and never in this style, .It would be interesting to see if they could recreate their younger wilder days.

The show was wonderful and the dinner later left them sated and tipsy from the wonderful wines and brandy. They were all ready to call it a night. The splendor of the Tower penthouse however worked its magic to wake them all up. It was magnificent. The six if you read the papers were considered to be in the top third of the richest people in the country, No one lived on this scale. They had all struggled to accumulate their cash and so they were too frugal to waste it on excessive show. They were like little kids let loose in a toy store as they explored. Soon all six naked as the day God made them were in the hot tub with more champagne and the air was fraught with the smell of sexual tension, a bittersweet sharp odor.

It’s hard to tell who started it, the sexual play. Soon everyone was involved, a finger here a tongue there. A breast being teased by someone other than the mate of the lady involved. It was mad, it was wonderful, and it was a hell of a lot of good clean old-fashioned sexual fun. Soon with the temperature of the group heated up, T.J. suggested they get comfortable inside, as it was warm and there was room for all . Naked and excited they followed their leader. He grabbed the first woman he reached and looking to Peggy for approval pushed her down on the floor and entered her in one swift move. All heard her gasp and then her whispered “Fuck me stud.”

Peggy reached for Terry’s hubby who looked like he was wondering what was happening, and gracefully kneeling took his rampart cock into her mouth. He sighed and relaxed. It would be all right. Jim his hands tangled in her long blond hair was soon fucking her mouth at a furious pace. Peggy was hard put to keep up with him and loving every moment .the others were watching, getting more excited and laying bets to see who came first. Jim, who had his huge cock in Peggy’s hungry mouth or T.J. who was buried up Terry’s pretty pussy, with his long slender fingers working on her sweet ass.

Peggy won by a mouthful. The rest of the group paired off and got friendly soon it was hard to tell who was doing what to which person. They hadn’t had this much fun since their 20′s. Once they had all had a few orgasms and were tired out, they wandered off to bed.

Later that night Peggy and T.J. after some hot marital sex got talking and wondered if this would continue all weekend or if remorse would set in and send them back to middle aged conventions. They would have felt a lot better if they could have heard the other couples or watched them.

They were all having sex of one sort or another. Most of them were in the once a week if lucky category and this night was being enjoyed for all its worth. Fact of the matter more than one couple were plotting how to make it happen again.

Breakfast was a very quiet affair until Mac, one of the newcomers having only married into the group short months before asked what they were going to do today to top yesterday. Penny his wife giggled and said she had a great idea. Write down sexual acts on paper. Put them in a bag and take turns drawing them out. Each person had to do what was on the slip or pay a penalty the group would pick. They all agreed and started writing.

There were three couple’s .Six people three men and three women, their hosts T.J. and Peggy their best friends Jim and Terry and Mac and Penny. Close in age and except for Mac all knew the sexual habits of the others. Peggy suggested breakfast and coffee before the fun got started, as they would all need the nourishment. The room service person was such a cutie they offered him Fifty bucks to let the women see his cock and give him an old-fashioned blowjob. He accepted and got a big surprise. All three women took turns and at twenty or so, it was probably the best blowjob he had ever had. They saved his come in a glass for a dare later. He left and they knew the room would get ever better service than normal once he got back to the kitchen.

While they ate, they thought of things to write down. The list grew longer and longer. The men were in heaven if they all did half the stuff that was written down, they would never get out of the room. This great escape plan was turning out to be one Hell of an idea.

First up once they formed teams were the women. They let Peggy pick and it said all three women had to get naked and play with themselves until they climaxed for the men. Peggy and the others laughed this was a winning situation knowing that great sex would follow for positive when they completed the dare.

The ladies started by undressing each other slowly. One at a time and each licked, sucked, and teased the one being undressed. This was more than the guys had ever hoped to see. Three hot women making love to each other. That’s what it was pure and simple female love. A blond, a brunette and a redhead and from the looks of them no one would have ever guessed all over 40 years of age. Tanned, sleek and toned enjoying the feel and taste of one another. Soon the guys pants around their ankles were stroking and enjoying the view as they encouraged the girls with cries of “Suck that pussy, oh yeah twist that nipple and such.” The smell of sex was everywhere and as the guys got closer to shooting their loads they moved in on the women and as if one mind shot their come all over all three. It was in their hair on their chests down and over their pussies. They were covered in come, this set their wives off and the loud moans and cries made it clear that they were all coming hard for their mates.

After a short time to recover they took a vote and determined a little sight seeing was in order while they recharged. Penny wanted to go skating at Rockefeller Plaza, the guys agreed and told the women if they would skate panty less they could be in charge for dinner. The ladies called down to the dress shop, ordered three skating outfits, and dressed for fun. Sans panties and in short skirts they were bound to be a hit.

They all agreed they would be cold, wet, and sore if anyone fell down but nobody did, and the spectators were left to wonder whom the daring beautiful older women were that day on the Plaza. Coming back to the Penthouse they were all charged and T.J. suggested putting the men’s name in a bag and letting the women pick to see who they would have sex with that afternoon. Everyone thought that was a great idea. T.J. ended up with Penny. Peggy ended up with Jim and that let Terry and Mac for each other. Jim had a better idea the husband’s would pick the sex act their mates would provide for the other guy. The women all agreed. T.J. who was proud of his wife’s ability to take a dildo or cock in both holes told Jim to get her favorite vibrator and stuff her pussy with it on high well he fucked her ass. He could see Peggy shiver at this thought and watched her mouth as she whispered thank you at him.

Now Mac who wanted Penny to perform oral sex and she would not on him, told T.J. to make her suck him off and swallow it. After that, she was to suck him hard again and then he should fuck her like a dog. Penny hated the doggie position thought it was too submissive. Jim grinned; “I defer to my lovely wife in this, there is nothing she will not do.” Mac if you have a fantasy now is the time. Mac whispered to Terry .She left and returned with a hairbrush and dressed in knee socks her skating skirt and a long shirt tucked in and her hair in a ponytail. She wiggled up to Mac

“. Sir, May I speak?”

“Yes” replied Mac. Teacher sent me to you because I was bad. She said you knew what I needed. This looked like fun everyone else sat down to watch. “ I do indeed little girl come here.” Replied Mac. He pulled out a chair and sat down. Assume the proper position. Terry lay across his knees and placed her hands on the floor. Now keep them there or I will double the punishment. “Yes Sir” whispered Terry.

Mac started rubbing his hands around and around her ass warming and loosing it up; occasionally slapping it lightly to get her used to the feel of him. He could feel his cock engorging already under his bad schoolgirl. Finally, he was ready, he pulled her panties down to below her knees and started spanking her. First one cheek, a loud smack rang out as the brush crashed into her round and wobbly ass, then the other just as she felt the pain of the first slap. She yelped and squirmed, and begged him to stop “ IT HURTS” she wept.

“Should of thought of that,” he snarled. He threw the brush down and finished her paddling with his warm large hand, counting swats alternating each side so she was uniformly red. Being redheaded, her skin pinked then reddened beautifully. Soon sobbing she was promising to do anything if he would quit

. He could see her juices pooled under him and dripping on the floor and the others engaged in light sex as they watched. “All right now your reward you good girl. You took your punishment so well I am going to make you happy now” He grabbed the lube, greased himself first and then her ass and gently placing his stiff cock against her smallest opening pushed.

He entered without a struggle. Obviously, from that and the gusty, sigh the lady let loose. She had done this before tonight. Mac had not and it was tough not to come at once when his head and the first 4 inches were inside. It was the tightest most wonderful thing he had ever felt.

“ Oh God Terry you’re wonderful” Terry giggled and said, “shut up and fuck me stud.” He did. They were so caught up he didn’t hear the applause as he stuck his fingers in her pussy shoved his cock in her ass deep and went for it. He could see his wife wide eyed watching him and knew she was wondering how long it would be before his cock was up her ass.

He grinned and mouthed tonight love. He saw her shiver rather in dread or desire he didn’t know and then he was coming and so was Terry. This display brought on orgasms around the room and mates grabbed each other and headed for the bedrooms. All group sex was currently put on hold. They still had until checkout tomorrow and T.J. cuddling Peggy said to her that if they didn’t do another thing together as a group this weekend had been perfect. Peggy agreed as she shimmied down to again take her husband’s beautiful cock into her hot and willing mouth. They had together and apart had more sex then in a usual month, Hell maybe two months. He moaned and further conversation was forgotten.

This was New York, however and after a rest, they hurried off to see some TV shows live, eat out at a beautiful restaurant and see the sights including the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building. When they returned to the Trump, everyone was so tired that they kissed each other good night and went to bed. Mac promising he had a windup for their weekend in mind they would remember the rest of their lives.

Morning started early with Mac routing them out of bed very early.

When they straggled into the front room, they were all surprised to find it contained four people unknown to them and that the people were naked.

“We are going to watch a live sex show “Mac said grinning “How do you like that for an eye opener?”

To stunned to speak but grinning like kids who just found the Christmas presents early they all sat where indicated. Peggy leaned over to whisper to T.J. there were animals present and she was hot to find out if they would be used in the show. The guys having been to Mexico had talked about animal sex but she had never seen it nor had the other women. T.J. didn’t know and upon being asked Mac would not tell.

We leave you to your fantasy to figure out what happened that day. They even video taped the performance, and when things slow down at home on the sexual front the group watch and remember what they learned from a group of paid performers. They of course all made the mile high club on the way home and all in all their winter great escape was one of the best trips they ever were on together or apart from their friends.

Copyright MGH December 21st 2002 All rights reserved

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