Chapter 8 – The Evening and the Morning were the Second Day

When we got upstairs, Helen and I got into the shower and quickly scrubbed each other clean after our exhilarating evening of love-feasting. Helen was quite a mess. Petra had splashed her with cum on her face and chest – some getting in her hair – and Clarence had dumped 2 large loads of boy-spunk in her womb, but we soon were clean and ready to make the rounds. We could already hear laughter and some moaning as we walked down the hall towards the bedrooms. There was a light on in our bedroom, so Helen went ahead to see what was afoot there.

Peeking into the Jeanine’s room, I observed Jeanine, Janey, and Honey Freezel naked on the bed. Janey was lying on her back with her knees bend and wide as Honey licking her pink clittie, simultaneously pumping a blue vibrator into Janey’s plump ass. Jeanine was propped on her elbow lying alongside Janey, kissing her and allowing Janey to suck her brown puffy nipples. Jeanine’s tits stuck straight out from her chest in perfect handful-sized cones. Her areola where a light brown and puffy, her nipples were puffy as well, creating a sexy puffy tiered nipple effect – like a little pink wedding cake of tasty tit flesh. Jeanine was fondling Janey’s perky, gelatinous B-cup breasts as Janey nursed on her tittties. Honey Freezel’s perfectly round ass was sticking up and waving in the air just begging for attention and I was tempted to savor the beautiful African woman’s charms again but decided to let the girls have their sweet lesbian moments to themselves.

Taking a look in my parent’s room, I found my brother Brian bend over at the waste bracing himself on the bed with his legs spread wide. My dad was standing behind him, his cock embedded deeply into his son’s ass. Brian’s balls were swinging in time to our dad’s pounding as the old man laid pipe to his oldest son’s rectum. Granny O was seated on the floor between Brian’s legs with a significant length of Brian’s cock between her lips. She had her skinny legs spread wide, her fleshy-lipped pussy spread open revealing the pink wet flesh of her old pussy, her fingers diddled and pulled on her erect clit. My parents had not seen Brian for some time so it looked like they were catching up with some quality family time. I thought about how nice it would be to slide under my dad’s legs and plant my lips on my mother’s wet cunt to complete the family reunion but I was curious as to what other goings on were going on. My cock twitched as I took a final look before moving down the hall.

In the spare bedroom Erika, Clarence and Charlie were getting busy. Erika was on all fours while Charlie drove his slim, long dick into her wet vulva, his cock shimmering with Erika’s abundantly juicy flow. Her beautifully tan-lined titties swung freely beneath her, the soft fluid sacks slapping together as they rotated in small centrifugal orbits driven by Charlie’s hammering assault, her tit-flesh stretched by their bulbous weight, nipples erect and proud. Clarence was holding his herculean cock at the base with both hands and leaning back, his pelvis thrust forward, feeding the titanic meat to Erika’s expert mouth. She nursed ravenously on the proffered dick head, alternately licking and sucking the blue-purple glans. Clarence was grinning from ear to ear as Erika did her best to pleasure the boy but her grossly stretched lips could barely accommodate his thick shaft. I watched for a few minutes as the 2 boys worked over my sister-in-law. After a few more dozen strokes, they slapped high fives like tag team wrestlers tagging out and switched places. Charlie positioned himself at Erika’s head, took hold of a handful of her lovely blonde hair and jammed about 6 inches of his erect tool into her mouth while Clarence knelt between Erika’s bend legs, readying his thick tool for entry. I definitely wanted to see this.

Spreading her labia with his fingers, Clarence pushed the first few inches of his dick into Erika’s well-worked and lubricated cunt. Erika groaned with pain over Charlie’s cock as Clarence pushed into my sister-in-law’s tight hole with his meat-wedge. She was visibly uncomfortable but did not let up servicing Charlie’s dick nor did she attempt to dislodge Clarence from herself. Clarence knew well enough that his enormous cock could damage a woman and I could see that he was being careful not to tear Erika’s perfect mature pussy. With earnest intent he slowly buried another centimeter of his phallus into her with each measured thrust. Erika grunted – Charlie’s dick still deeply embedded in her mouth. Grabbing a fistful of blonde hair in each hand, Charlie began to force his snake-like dick down Erika’s throat. She gagged momentarily but did not pull away.

“You OK, Erika?” Charlie asked politely. Erika nodded and tried to smile, tears running down her face and drool oozing from her mouth brought on by the gag reflex. Charlie again resumed his throat fucking. Furiously he slammed the king’s share of his dick down Erika’s throat half a dozen strokes at a time then pulled out to allow her to catch her breath. Meanwhile, Clarence was working up a solid rhythm on Erika’s pussy. It appeared that she had been stretched sufficiently to allow the boy to bury about two thirds of his thick meat into her ravaged vagina. Clarence was red faced and working himself towards another heroic orgasm but apparently he did not want to finish in Erika’s cunt. Pulling himself out of the beautiful blonde’s cunt, he placed his wet cock against her rubbery anus and pushed a few inches of dick into her behind. Needless to say, this got Erika’s immediate attention.

“Ouwiieee! Åh min kära gud!” she yelped in Swedish. “Du sliter arslet isär!” (Oh, my dear god! You’re tearing my ass apart!). But, again, she did not retreat from Clarence’s rear assault. She gripped the bed sheets in anguish as Clarence pushed a few more inches of dick-meat into her and painstakingly sawed away at her rectum. Charlie slapped his saliva coated cock hard into her face a few times, then, taking another handful of hair, lifted her face up and drove his cock back into her mouth. I knew that Erika sometimes liked it rough but these boys were bringing a new level of engagement to this Swedish beauty.

“Come on, Erika, suck it…, I need to cum down your throat…,” Charlie demanded and slapped her in the face a few times to emphasis his demands.

“Uh… Uh…Uh…,” grunted Clarence, then thrust his cock one last time into my sister-in-law’s tight bung and began to fill her rear end with his young spunk. Charlie didn’t miss a beat. He held Erika’s head with both hands and forced the entire length his dick into her esophagus. Erika choked and sputtered a few times, spewing Charlie’s white spunk.

“Come on, Erika… swallow it bitch!” Charlie demanded as he slapped her several more times.

Completely ravaged as she was, she tried to swallow his prodigious load but was unable to. Thick gooey strings of semen and saliva oozed from her gapping mouth as she opened as wide as she could and gasped for life-giving breath amongst the sticky goo. Finally spent, Charlie dislodged his snake and settled back on his heels, catching his own breath. Clarence tenderly massaged Erika’s perfect ass while she spat great gobs of milky white cum onto the bed sheets, still grasping to regain her normal breathing.

Erika was a mess. Her ass and cunt had been ravaged and stretched beyond reasonable expectation. Her throat had become another pussy for Charlie’s willowy, long dick. Whatever sperm she couldn’t swallow, she spat until finally she regained some composure.

“My, god, boys!” she exclaimed, “That was amazing…, I need my pussy licked.” Flopping onto her back, she spread her legs wide and bent her legs back over her head until her ankles rested on Clarence’s shoulders, her excellent, round ass pointing straight in the air, exposing her savaged pussy and ass. Charlie wasted no time. He spread her juicy red labia and began to make oral love to her battered vulva. My cock was hard as a stone after watching this erotic threesome. Now it was time I found my own little love nest.

I walked further down the hall to the master bedroom where Petra, Colleen McFarland, and my dear wife were engaged in their own little sexual soiree. Petra was lying on the bed with her tender little pink hard cock sticking straight up. My wife was lying on top of Petra with her full weigh in a 69 position, slathering all over her girly-dick and balls, intermittently jacking it. Petra’s face and torso were covered over by Helen’s abundant body fat, the top of her head barely visible but her face obviously planted squarely between Helen’s deep ass cleft. I assumed that Petra was busy lapping at her aunt’s red, fleshy cunt as Helen rode the young transsexual’s face. Old Colleen was lying near Helen’s head, her thick hairy and freckled stumpy legs parted, stuffing a sizable dick-shaped vibrator into her red thatched cunt. Now this was something I could sink my cock into.

“I can do a little better than that plastic cock, Colleen,” I offered. “Here, get this all slicked up for me.”

I pulled her face over to the edge of the bed and slipped my cock between her ready lips. Colleen inhaled half of my cock with the first gulp, her tongue thrashing over my tool, leaving copious amounts of slippery saliva over its entire length. While she hummed along happily fellating me, I gripped her stiff thimble-shaped nipples and pulled her heavy flesh pillows up off her chest. Colleen cooed with my dick in her mouth. I loved watching her huge kittens giggle so I pinched her nipples tightly in my fingers and slapped the heavy tit-sacks together, sending undulations and ripples over her fat abundant bosom.

I pulled my slippery meat from her mouth and flipping her over, getting her in a doggy position with her wide round ass hanging over the side of the bed. I ran my hands over her wide pulpy hips and back, enjoying the feel of her old, soft, fat skin, and gripped pockets of fat along her underarms, hips, and butt. I slipped a hand down into her warm, wet ass cleft and felt her juicy, hairy pussy, momentarily sliding my thumb into her puckered brown hole. I love big women’s bodies. I love the feel of the soft pliable flesh and the deep crevasses, the hanging bellies and the sagging weight of flopping tit-flesh, the undulating tissue of breasts, hips, and thighs when humping powerfully into their bodies, the distinctive slap of pelvis against rotund gluts, and the saggy, soft, cellulitic skin between ample thighs. Colleen had all of these attributes. There were other more beautiful and shapely women that I could have fucked that night, but just then, all I wanted was to fuck this fat old jolly gnome with all the lust I could muster.

I probed Colleen’s cunt with my fingers and felt her abundant juices. She wiggled and humped my hand as I inserted multiple fingers into her stout, meaty cunt. Her damp red pubic hair encircled her bright red labia, crowned her fat round pubis mound, extended up and around her anus, flared out of ass crack and feathered onto her full round cheeks, and mingled with the fine red hair on her freckled highs. Her fuck scent was strong and it intoxicated me. I wanted desperately to fuck her but I wanted to taste her as well, and finally decided on the later. Dropping to my knees, I parted her ass cheeks and filled my face with the strongly scented tissues of her pink, savory pussy. Her taste was as strong as her scent but this only made my cock throb even more. I sucked on the pouty lips and tender flesh of her hot cunt, hungrily lapping up her flow. I worked her stiff clittie with one thumb while I probed her rectum with the other. Her ass hole was loose enough to allow easy entry but I could feel her contracting her sphincter, beckoning my thumb to probe deeper, unwilling to let it go.

“Mmmm, Aye, laddie, lick old Colleen’s cunnie,” she moaned, “There’s a dear lad.”

My face was slick with her excitement as I licked the length of her slit from clit to bung and back again. I stabbed my tongue into her behind and tasted the sensual bitterness of her bowels. I was on fire and needed to squelch the burn. Rising up, I guided my solid erection to Colleen’s pussy hole and drove in with a steady purposeful thrust.

“Aye, yes… There ’tis…,” announced Colleen, “There’s a nice home for your lovely cock.”

Taking hold of her thick hips I began to bang Colleen’s old red cunt like a dog in heat. Her fat body jiggled like a bowl of gelatin as I hammered away at her, my pelvis slapping into her erotic gusto. My thumb and fingers explored her rectum.

Petra had extricated herself from under Helen’s large weighty body and got herself busy licking her aunt’s gaping pussy. Helen was on her back with her thick legs spread wide and in the air, as Petra sucked Helen’s hot hairy cunt, while she pumped a pink vibrator into Helen’s ass. My wife’s tits were splayed out over her chest, dripping from either side of her body, her great pink flabby tummy flattened and spread out like a fat reclining Buddha. Petra was a practiced cunt-licker and applied her best skills to fill her aunt’s needy sex. Helen alternately took one of her large saggy breasts to her lips, biting and sucking hard on her own excited brown nipples. Reaching under Colleen, Helen played with the older woman’s freckled jugs, driving her hand between the deep, fleshy cavern of her bosom, slapping them to make them quiver. She stroked Colleen’s face and inserted fingers into her mouth which Colleen sucked and licked greedily.

Fucking Colleen’s pussy was excellent but I knew I could have more and wanted it. Climbing up on the bed, I crouched down over her expansive ass and drove my dick into her shoot with one smooth powerful motion. As was her fashion, Colleen championed my attack on her ass.

“Oh… Ya…, Oueiii… Lord ‘ave mercy!” she yelped. “Fuck Colleen’s arse… Uh… Uh…” And fuck her ass I did – like a sailor on a six hour liberty.

Though I was enjoying plumbing Colleen’s ass, I got the notion that I could have all three of these women before blowing my nut. “Helen and Petra get up on all fours next to Colleen,” I ordered. They got the idea right away and quickly positioned themselves as requested. Petra slide next to Colleen and Helen knelt next to her on the far side. Both women pointed their behinds in the air and reached back to spread their rumps, exposing their brown holes. Little Petra’s behind was dwarfed by the other 2 large lady’s derrieres but it looked no less savory and inviting. Freeing myself from Colleen’s rectum, I positioned myself over Petra’s skinny smooth ass, found my target and drove my cock home.

“Ou!… Ah!…,” she yowled, “Uh… fuck, Uncle David!” Petra’s bung was very tight but elastic enough to take the girth of my stiff, hammering cock. While I sodomized her, Petra jacked her cock, her mouth open in a silent exclamation. Twenty or thirty strokes later, I retrieved my cock and shifted over to my wife’s waiting rear end. Though I had anal fucked Helen many, many times, I always enjoyed being inside her behind. As soon as I entered her, she began to push back on my dick, pumping and flexing her gluts, and contracting her sphincter muscles.

“Oh… David… ya… fuck that… fuck that…,” she begged as she waggled her fingers over her sensitive clit. My other two partners were keeping their fires burning by jacking themselves as well.

Through the rotation I went; 20 strokes in Colleen, 20 strokes for Petra, and 20 strokes for Helen. Round and round I cycled through my horde of ready, willing, and sumptuous ass holes. Colleen was working her pussy with a fever, so I lingered in her a while longer to help her reach her orgasm. When she came she grunted like her son, resonant and earthy. Not ladylike but to the point and fulfilling. I was getting closer to losing my nut as well. Climbing back into Petra’s ass I began to ream her in earnest. Helen milked her niece’s little titties while I thrashed her O-ring, racing toward the finish line.

“Ugh…, Ugh..,” I grunted, “Petra come here baby, let me cum in your mouth.”

Quickly the young sprint dislodged her ass from my cock, spun around, and opened her mouth like a hungry baby bird. Wanking my dick furiously, I pointed towards her available orifice. She looked so pretty, innocent, and slutty all at once, and the sight of her eager expectation drove me towards the top and toward the chasm of sexual release. Helen and Colleen had also positioned her face next to Petra’s, anxiously waiting for their fair share of fresh spunk. Determined to fulfill their carnal needs and mine, I spanked my cock with wild furry until finally, blessedly, the first thick rope of sperm shot from my glans and slashed on Petra’s face. Surprise by my unannounced ejaculation, she flinched but held her ground. Now I was spraying my other sex partners with subsequent streams of sticky white goop. One shot hit Colleen in the eye and another landed on Helen’s extended tongue. Five or six powerful bolts of sperm shot from my body with rocking convulsions. I was light headed from the intensity of my orgasm and struggling for breath, but so wonderfully satisfied. Each of the women took turns licking the last few dribbles of semen from my happy cock, savoring the proffered spunk, sharing it with each other in long, lurid tongue kisses. I sat back on my haunches and watched the women lick each other’s faces and breasts where the salty spunk had splashed.

Helen and Petra had not cum yet and I pointed this out to Colleen who was quick to own the task. She laid Helen and Petra side by side on their backs and started to work the vibrator into Helen’s wet and ready cunt while she sucked Petra’s dick. Exhausted, I flopped down on the bed and watched Colleen work her magic on the other women. Eventually, I drifted off to a satisfying sleep, listening to the droning sounds of satisfied moaning, sighing, and splendid lovemaking.


Chapter 9 – The Closing Festivities

The next morning I awoke to the wonderful sensation of someone giving me a blowjob. Not wanting to break the spell of the magical feeling I kept my eyes closed and let my senses bath in the warmth of the moment. Warm, wet lips were kissing and sucking gently at my glans, a warm, silky tongue languished on my balls and traveled the length of my cock, and engulfed fully half of it. What a superb way to start the new day.

Through the slits of my sleepy, half-opened eyes, I saw that Petra was the giver of this morning’s pre-breakfast treat. She was naked, her pretty face filled with my blood-engorged cock, her tongue working expertly over my grateful appendage. Petra was a lovely young man turned woman. When she was still fully male, I always found her extremely attractive, like her mother Erika – slender frame, smooth, mostly hairless body, blonde hair, high cheek bones, full and wide lips, delicate pale skin. She was a beautiful boy and this translated elegantly into the beautiful young lady she was now. It was easy it see how natural her transition to a passable transsexual woman could take place. Not only was she quite lovely, she was an excellent bed partner. Placing my hand on the back of her head, I forced her face down further onto my cock and thrust upward into her throat. She sputtered a bit but hummed happily as I fucked her face. Her little titties danced on her chest, gravity making them appear somewhat larger than their A-cup size. Her ass was pointed in the air and I caught glimpses of the wide cleft of her smooth pink ass. Her dick was fully erect and bobbed enticingly between her wide spread, slender thighs.

I dislodged my cock from the sweet sprite’s mouth, rolled over and got on all fours with my ass facing her. She quickly grabbed my dick in her soft hand and started to milk it enthusiastically. “Fuck me, Petra,” I demanded. Her tongue once again danced across my sack. She sucked my balls, each in turn, into her mouth and caressed them with her tongue. Then I felt her probing my ass, kissing my anus, inserting her tongue, and letting it dip into my rectum. “Fuck me Petra,” I demanded again. I felt her hands on my back as she positioned herself against my rear. She placed the head of her stiff pink cock at my opening and began to push. Her small hard penis entered me without difficulty, its girth being not much thicker than a man’s thumb and no more than 5 inches long. She took hold of my hips and fucked me with a rapid rhythm. Her breathing quickened steadily as she fucked her uncle and from experience I knew that she would work her way toward orgasm with energy. Moments later, I heard her squeal with delight as she popped her nut in my ass. She gripped me firmly as her pulsing little prick spewed her spunk into my bowels. I could feel each spurt as her dick contracted and spit its sticky gift into me. Exhausted, she fell across my back, kissing it as she caught her breath. Her warm little body felt good against mine. Turning around I sucked her shrinking prick and mopped up the remnants of her spend semen which was salty, sweet and fresh. She held my head as I washed her with my tongue, stroking my face tenderly in loving thanksgiving.

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