After fucking each other silly during their first coupling Bobby Chandler and April Brubaker made slow and sensuous love three more times that night. The morning sunlight was peeking through the blinds as they finished satisfying each other.

Mrs. Brubaker stood by the bed smiling down at a still deliriously contented Bobby, cum running down both thighs. She scooped up a handful and slowly licked it off her hand. “Been a while,” she said after swallowing Bobby’s seed.

Bobby looked at her, eyes still glazed over from their last lustful encounter. “Huh?”

April scooped up some more of his cum and said, “Been a while, a long while, since I’ve had this much cock sauce to play with.”

Bobby slowly climbed out of bed and kissed her lightly, the not so unpleasant taste of his fertile discharge lying heavy on her lips. April hugged him and, for a moment, considered pulling him down into the bed for another round of unbridled lust but, decided against it.

“I hate to tell you this,” she began, “but, you need to go home.”

Bobby bent down and took a nipple into his mouth, sucking and licking until it hardened, before he asked her, “Why?”

“My Herman will be coming home soon,” she told him. “If he’s nothing else, he’s very punctual.”

Bobby kissed her again, his semi-rigid cock rubbing against her stomach. “You said you wanted him to show you weren’t his anymore. What better way could he find out than to catch us in bed together?”

“I’m not ready for a full-fledged confrontation right now,” April said as she reluctantly pushed him away. “I want to watch his reaction when he sees the marks on me. It might go a little easier if he doesn’t know who put them there.”

Bobby went into the living room to find his clothes. “Damn,” he said to himself as April Brubaker stood naked, watching him get dressed. “I wish I could fuck that woman forever and a day.”

Finished dressing, he went to the door. Before he could get it open, she caught up with him and gently grabbed his arm. Bobby turned around and they embraced again. “You didn’t do this just so you could make your husband jealous, did you?” he asked just before they swapped tongues in a long, soulful kiss.

Mrs. Brubaker laughed lightly and then she winked. “Come and see me in a couple of days and you’ll find out,” she told him.

Bobby waited until April had stepped far enough aside so she wouldn’t be seen from the street, opened the door, stepped outside and closed it behind him. He whistled a happy tune all the way home

“And just where have you been all night long,” Grandma Lilly asked him the moment he stepped inside his house.

Bobby smiled, his face flushed and glowing from the memory of last night. He hugged his grandmother and attempted to kiss her.

As soon as she got a whiff of the aroma that permeated the air around them, Lillian Chandler gently pushed him away from her.

“Get away,” she said as she wrinkled her nose. “Go take a shower. You smell like pussy.”

“Glad to see you’re feeling so much better,” Bobby muttered as he entered the bathroom, took off his clothes and tossed them into the hamper. He turned on the water and adjusted the temperature to his liking before stepping inside, closing the curtain and grabbing the soap.

Bobby stood motionless for a few seconds, enjoying the refreshing sensation he always got by sticking his head into the spraying water and letting it cascade down his face before he began scrubbing himself with the soap and a shower sponge.

Finished with his upper body, Bobby Chandler began to wash his groin area. He spread his legs so he could clean around his nut sack and then set the sponge aside so he could wash his cock. Two strokes of his meaty rod plus the arousing memories of his night with April Brubaker made his tool grow considerably. He had just started on his third slow stroke when the shower curtain began to open. He turned around just in time to see his grandmother step inside and close the curtain. She was as naked as he was.

Bobby shuddered mightily as his cock grew to its full size the moment Grandma Lilly replaced his hand with hers. She used one hand to pull his foreskin back and the other hand to wash the head and under the crown. She pulled him forward a bit so the water would hit directly on his hard pole before she backed him up and applied more soap to his pole of man flesh and began to stroke it lightly.

“You can never get this thing too clean,” she said as his foreskin slid up over the head and back again.

Bobby groaned and tried to fuck her fist. Grandma Lilly stroked him a couple more times and then removed her hand from his trembling rod. “Not so fast, Buster,” she told him. It’s time for you to return the favor.

Bobby Chandler took the offered soap and sponge and immediately began scrubbing his grandmother’s breasts. After several minutes of kneading, poking and prodding, Grandma Lilly spoke. “There’s other parts of my body that need washing besides just my tits,” she said.

Bobby, as if awakening from a dream, mumbled a quick, “Sorry,” and began working his way down her stomach and across her bushy mound.

Grandma Lilly leaned back and sighed as the palm of her grandson’s right hand slid heavily over her clitoris. She jerked involuntarily when Bobby slid a finger inside her love hole. She whimpered her approval when he inserted another finger and pushed them in deeply, withdrew about halfway and shoved them back into her honey hole.

The burning fire in Grandma Lilly’s groin grew hotter than the fires of Hades when the heel of Bobby’s hand pressed against her man in the boat after each withdrawal of his fingers. Her breathing became erratic and labored. Her eyelids closed tightly as her orgasm overtook her.

Lillian Chandler cried out when her legs grew weak and her knees buckled. Bobby wrapped his free arm around his grandmother’s waist and pulled her close, supporting her sagging body until she could recover.

When Grandma Lilly had regained her strength she stepped out of the shower, turned back toward Bobby. “I think we’re clean enough,” she said as she grabbed a towel from the rack and began drying herself. “Turn off the water and meet me in my bedroom.” Naked and without shame, she left the bathroom and her grandson behind.

Bobby turned off the shower and, after drying himself, left the bathroom, his hard cock pointing the way to his grandmother’s bed.

Bobby climbed onto the bed and lay down on his side, facing Grandma Lilly’s prostrate body. He gently grabbed a shoulder and helped her to roll over so that his massive erection was trying to insert itself between her butt cheeks.

He began licking and kissing the nape of her neck, occasionally moving up the sides of her neck to suck on her earlobes. Grandma Lilly turned to face him and pressed her lips to his. Their tongues met and, in a frenzied struggle, Grandma Lilly’s tongue was triumphant as it invaded Bobby’s mouth. Still, their oral digits collided, enmeshing each other in their lustful, immoral battle for supremacy.

Almost at the same time, they gasped when Bobby took control and sucked her tongue deep into his mouth. After a few moments of intense sexual unity, Bobby released his hold on his grandmother’s tongue, allowing it to retreat as his found its way between her lips. On and on they went, swapping tongues and spit, as their lust reached new heights.

Bobby reluctantly broke contact. He wanted more. He wanted to taste every inch of his grandmother’s skin that he could reach. He kissed her cheeks. He kissed behind her ears. He kissed her nose and initiated a brief bout of tongue sushi before kissing down her chest and on to her breasts.

Grandma Lilly bowed her back in an effort to press her tit flesh even closer to his fiery lips and his scalding tongue. Bobby circled each breast with his kisses before he lifted them, one at a time and kissed the underside and led his tongue on an agonizingly slow journey along the creases where her mummeries met her chest. He then pressed her breasts together and sucked both nipples into his mouth at the same time, prompting her to moan and say, “You make me feel soooo good, Bobby, when you do that. I feel like I’m about to cum.”

He, himself, was getting close to that magical moment where all consciousness was concentrated at one central location; his penis. So involved was he in pleasuring his grandmother, Bobby hadn’t noticed that he was humping the bed covers while he was kissing, licking and sucking on Grandma Lilly’s tits.

Bobby rose up on his knees as his tongue went in search of her navel. He gave it a slow, torturous reaming before he continued his journey across the vast expanse of her bushy mound.

Grandma Lilly grunted loudly when his tongue made contact with her slowly extending clit. She grabbed him by his ears and pulled his face into her sex. “Goddammit, Bobby,” she gasped. You sure know your way around a pussy.”

Bobby Chandler spread his grandmother’s outer lips apart and inserted his tongue between them. Her juices already flowing, fairly poured from her sexual orifice as he began sawing his oral digit in and out of her blazing hot receptacle.

“Fuck me with your tongue!” Grandma Lilly cried out over and over again. “Fuck me hard.”

He went slow and then fast, alternating the speed of his slavering tongue at random, curling it on the backstrokes in order to get at the upper part of her sweet, hot cunt. Then his tongue would stiffen and the invasion would begin all over again.

Bobby’s grandmother screamed out her passion as she lost control of her thought processes and shot her legs straight up into the air, flailing them wildly about. He stopped tongue-fucking her cunt and raised his head. Her eyes had rolled back in their sockets until the pupils were no longer showing.

“Don’t stop!” cried Grandma Lilly. “I’m almost there!” She pulled even harder on his ears until Bobby began to wonder if she wanted his whole head inside her clenching, pulsating hole.

Bobby resumed his homage to Grandma Lilly’s cavern of sexual yearning, licking the entire length of her slit several times before he sucked her clit into his mouth. He drew his lips over his teeth and nibbled on her shiny nubbin of pleasure then, held it captive while he tortured it with the tip of his tongue, wagging it back and forth across the sensitive end.

Lillian Chandler lowered her legs and began pounding her heels into Bobby’s back. Bobby slid his middle finger between her lips and deep inside her quim. Again, she lifted her legs until her toes pointed to the ceiling and she cried out sharply when Bobby took his finger out of her vagina and inserted it into her wrinkled brown hole.

“I’m cumming!” she said, her voice rising in timbre as her body shuddered and shivered from the intensity of it all. Her feet remained high up in the air as her clenching asshole threatened to break his finger off inside her. Finally, her legs fell back to the bed. Her trembling stopped but, her breathing was still ragged and uneven.

“You do this to me every time,” Grandma Lilly told Bobby.

“What’s that?” Bobby asked as he crawled up beside her.

Grandma Lilly smiled and caressed his cheek. “You get me wetter than any man has ever done. When you make love to me, it almost feels like the Mississippi River is flowing out of my vagina and down my legs.”

Bobby, his visage brightened considerably by his grandmother’s remarks, kissed her lightly on the forehead. “You thought anything more about letting me put it in your ass?” he asked her.

“I don’t know, Bobby,” Grandma Lilly replied. “You’re pretty big. I’m afraid you might split me in two.”

“From what I’ve read and seen on the internet,” Bobby said, “it don’t take long to get used to it.”

Grandma Lilly went silent for a while as if she were considering the risks. “A deal is a deal,” she told him. “Have you fulfilled your end of the bargain?”

Bobby Chandler laughed; a low, guttural sound that seemed to emanate from somewhere deep inside himself. “Where do you think I was all last night?” he asked.

“I know you came home smelling like pussy,” she said. “But, can you prove it?”

Bobby reached for the phonebook, looked up the Brubaker’s number and dialed it.

“Hello?” Mrs. Brubaker answered.

“April?” Bobby asked. He pushed a button so that they would be on speaker phone.

“Yes. Who’s this?”

“It’s Bobby, Mrs. Brubaker. Bobby Chandler.”

“Oh, yes. Bobby.” She said, her voice turned husky with desire.

“Mrs. Brubaker. . .”

“Please,” she said. “Call me April.”

“April, has your husband come home yet?”

“No,” she answered. “You getting horny already? You want to come over so soon?”

“April, I never would have left if you hadn’t told me your husband was coming home soon.”

“Well, he won’t be,” April Brubaker told him. “Not soon and not for quite a while.”

“What happened?”

“He got in a wreck with that whore he’s been seeing. He’s in St. Mark’s with two broken legs and who knows what’s broken inside. Then I hope they throw him in jail and throw away the key.”

“I’m sorry, April,” Bobby told her. “I really am.”

“Well, I’m not,” she commented. “The bastard got just what he deserved, driving drunk like he did.”

“Does that mean I can come see you again tonight?”

“I would like to, Bobby but, I need a bit of rest. You fairly well wore me out last night and this morning. How about we make it tomorrow night? My pussy’s so sore, I can hardly bare to wipe it when I get through peeing.”

“Sounds good to me, April,” Bobby told her. “Tomorrow night, it is. But, if you need a ride anywhere before then, you call me. Okay?

“Okay, Bobby. I’ll keep that in mind. In the meantime, you keep your dick hard for me.”

The two of them said their goodbye’s and hung up the phone.

Grandma Lilly’s eyes were wide with amazement. “You actually did it!” she exclaimed. “Wait ’til your mother hears the news.”

“What news?” Louise Chandler asked as she stood in the open doorway, staring at the two lovers.

“How long you been standing there?” Grandma Lilly asked.

“Just got here,” Bobby’s mother said. She looked at Bobby and then at Grandma Lilly. “What’s going on, anyway?” she asked.

“Your baby boy,” Lillian began; putting strong emphasis on the words ‘baby’ and ‘boy’. “has already gotten himself some nooky from your Miss High and Mighty.”

Louise Chandler’s eyes opened wide in surprise. “I can’t believe she folded so easily,” she said.

Bobby remained silent. He was feeling strangely loyal to this woman whose life had apparently been in turmoil for more years than she would probably want to admit.

Louise looked back at her son. “What happened, honey?” she asked him.

Bobby simply shrugged his shoulders and simply said, “We did it. A couple of times.”

Louise stepped over to the bed where her son was now sitting, his semi-rigid cock pointing downward to the floor, and knelt between his legs. She grabbed his cock and kissed it on the head. She looked up at him, a devilish smile on her face.

“Tell momma all about it,” she said just before she opened her lips wide and slid them down to the base of his now hardening dick.

Bobby, his mind already reeling with the sinful pleasure his own mother was providing him, grunted and then cleared his throat. “It all started when I saw her stranded over by the new…” A lightning bolt of incestuous desire shot through him when she began fondling his balls causing him to suck in a great amount of air. “The new subdivision.

“I gave her a ride to the grocery store and back. It just. . .ju. . . just st. . .started snowballing from there.”

No matter how hard she tried nor how much she pleaded, Louise Chandler could get no more out of him. The only thing he added to the conversation was, “At least you don’t have to degrade yourself by letting fat ol’ Herman Brubaker get in your pants.”

Louise Chandler pulled her face off her son’s dick long enough to say, “Thank you,” and resumed her tenacious slurping of hid hard as steel rod. She added the thrill of her hand wrapped around his fresh young stalk and began stroking it as well.

Grandma Lilly moved off the bed, walked around it and knelt down behind her daughter-in-law. She reached around Louise and filled both hands with her tits, cupping them, kneading them and toying with the nipples.

“I love you, Louise,” she said as she began sucking on an earlobe.

Louise, grunted an unintelligible reply, and once again pulled her mouth away from Bobby’s dick. As she stood up, Grandma Lilly’s hands dropped to her sides. Louise then turned around and bent slightly at the waist.

“Hold your dick up,” she told her son. “Hold it up and guide it into my aching pussy.”

Bobby did as he had been told, pointed his penis towards his own mother and watched intently as she spread her legs and backed up to him.

When his mother’s pussy was within an inch or two of making contact with his cock, Bobby lined it up with her open, yawning quim and waited impatiently. In a move that seemed like it took hours to complete, Bobby felt the head of his yearning, burning piece of man flesh slide past his mother’s wrinkled, blood-engorged lips and on into her vagina.

Louise, on fire with desire, kept backing up on to her son’s weapon of massive enjoyment until her hips were pressing against his groin. She clamped her legs tightly around his and sat up in his lap.

“Give it to me,” she told her son. “Give me the best that you’ve got.”

She lifted herself up, allowing all but the head of Bobby’s penis to slide out of her juicy hole. Just as his mother was beginning her downward slide, Bobby arched his back and shoved his cock upwards, causing the both of them to emit a mighty grunt. The two heated bodies slapped loudly against each other. The resulting sound resonated about the room, bouncing off the walls and doors over and over again, followed by another and another and another as mother and son rutted against each other.

Grandma Lilly felt a tad rejected, but was happy to see the two people she loved the most enjoying themselves as they worked their way to mutual orgasms. Finally, she saw her chance.

Back around the bed she went, climbed up and lay down next to her son and daughter-in-law, reached around them and burrowed her hand between Louise Chandler’s legs.

Grandma Lilly’s middle finger quickly found Louise’s clitoris and began a delicate massage of her over-excited appendage. With her other hand between her own legs, doing the same thing to herself that she was doing to her daughter-in-law, she was, once again, a part of the action.

For Louise, Grandma Lilly’s hand between her legs was the catalyst she needed to put herself over the edge. With a resounding cry, her hips slapped down against Bobby’s groin one last time. She held herself in that position as her orgasm overtook her. The intensity of her eruption was such that she could not remain still. She was grinding against her son as if she had an itch that only he could scratch. She sat on his great erection, moving from side to side, forward and then backward, screaming her release as the walls of her vagina undulated along the length of Bobby’s cock.

Bobby wasn’t far behind his mother. The methodic massaging of his steel-hard appendage made his balls churn. Suddenly, they contracted, sending that inevitable flow of his white, thick protein shake up her vaginal chute towards her fertile uterus.

Five times, Louise could feel Bobby’s cock jerking and spraying copious amounts of his fertile, viscous discharge into her fuck chute. Several more times after that, she could feel his wonderful baby-making organ twitching inside her as it dribbled out its remaining fluids.

Grandma Lilly, seeing and feeling her family members working their way through their orgasms, began frigging herself, more desperately than ever and much faster than she would have thought possible. Not long after her grandson’s unusually stoic display of his passion, Lillian Chandler’s body went stiff, her hyper-sensitive clitoris sending multiple lightning bolts of energy throughout her body as she whimpered and cried from the intensity of it all.

The three of them, mother, son and grandmother, remained where they were, unmoving as their breathing slowly returned to normal. Bobby’s once stiff member shrunk until his mother’s still lightly spasming vaginal muscles could no longer hold it inside her.

Louise Chandler was the first to move. She stood, cupped her sperm-filled pussy in her hand and trotted toward the bathroom. Bobby lay back on the bed, his face in line with Lillian’s still inflamed clit. He gave it a tentative lick but, he was lightly rebuffed.

“Not now,” Grandma Lilly told him. “It’s still too sensitive.”

Several minutes later, Bobby’s mother returned from the bathroom, a towel in her hands. “I’ve got to get to the funeral home,” she announced as she finished drying herself off. “Need to make the final arrangements for Hank’s funeral.”

“Are you in a hurry?” Bobby asked.

Louise laid the towel on the bed. “No great big hurry,” she replied. “Why?”

“I just thought that we could all go. . .” he said. Afterwards, we could go out for hamburgers. My treat.”

Bobby’s mother opened her dresser drawer and fished out some underwear; a plain white bra and matching cotton full back panties. “If you both hurry,” she said as she stepped into her panties and pulled them up and over her hips. Lillian arose from the bed and helped Louise with her bra.

About a half hour later, the three of them were walking out the door toward Louise’s car. Two hours later and the funeral arrangements had been made. All three of them were crying as they exited the funeral home.

“Would anybody mind if I called Donna and invited her to go with us?” she asked as they approached the car. “I’m sure she’s going stir crazy having to stay all alone in that motel room. Air conditioner won’t be fixed for a couple more days.”

Bobby and his grandmother readily agreed that Louise’s idea was just fine with them, although for entirely different reasons. Grandma Lilly was feeling sorry for her daughter-in-law’s friend. Bobby’s reason for saying yes was of a more prurient nature.

“Agreed, then,” Louise said. She hugged her son. “And because I’m bringing Donna, it’ll be my treat.”

Bobby’s mother drove them over to the motel where her friend was staying, got out of the car and knocked on Donna’s door. Donna opened it and Louise went inside. Several moments later they exited the room with Bobby’s mother looking a bit more frazzled than when she entered.

Louise sat back down in the driver’s seat opposite her mother-in-law and Donna opened the back door and slid in beside Bobby. “What a pleasant surprise.” She remarked as she moved a bit closer to her friend’s son than he expected.

Donna placed her hand on Bobby’s leg, gave it a gentle squeeze and looked him in the eye. “A very pleasant surprise, indeed,” she said.

“Settle down, Donna,” Louise Chandler said jokingly over her shoulder. I don’t want you raping my son right in front of me and his grandmother.”

Donna put her hand over the bulge in Bobby’s pants and rubbed it back and forth, causing his cock to grow even larger. “Then find a quiet, out of the way to park,” she joked back. “And you and Grandma Lilly can take a walk if you don’t want to watch.”

Bobby’s penis was in constant motion, twitching and flexing beneath Donna’s roving hand, threatening to explode at any time.

Lillian Chandler turned in her seat, looked directly at Bobby’s cock and smiled. “We wouldn’t just watch,” she said with an exaggerated wink. “We’d want to join in.” She was still smiling as she turned back around.

Louise pulled into the parking lot at Burger King, found a parking space close to the door and turned the key off.

“I can’t go inside there,” Bobby said. “Not with my dick trying to poke a hole in my pants.”

“He’s right, you know,” said Granma Lilly. “Why don’t we go through the drive-thru and get ourselves on home.”

Bobby’s mother turned around to look at her son. Donna’s hand was still busy stroking his cock through his pants. “Okay,” she said and then added, “Looks like you two will be eating something besides burgers and fries.”

“Fur burger,” Bobby said with a nervous laugh. “And hair pie.”

“I’ve got a nice, juicy clam,” Donna said. “I’ll trade it for some tube steak and some cock sauce.”

All four of them laughed as Louise Chandler backed up and drove to the drive-thru.

All the way home, Louise and her mother-in-law were teasing Bobby and Donna.

“If he don’t eat it all, let me have the leftovers,” Bobby’s mother said.

“Save some of that cock sauce for me,” Grandma Lilly said. “I’ve got a clam of my own I’d like to spread some of it on.”

The four of them entered the Chandler house in a good mood, intent on having some fun time together.

“Honey, I’m home!” Louise announced loudly, just before she burst into tears. She sunk to the floor in a heap and began sobbing uncontrollably.

“I forgot.” Bobby’s mother cried. “I forgot.”

Bobby, Donna and Grandma Lilly rushed to her side and helped her to the sofa. “There, there,” Grandma Lilly said as she brushed some hair from her daughter-in-law’s face.

“It’s okay,” Bobby told her. “We understand.”

“But, I’ve spoiled our fun,” she said. “I didn’t mean to break down like this.”

“It has to come out some time,” her friend told her. “It’s better to get it out in the open than to hold it in.”

“Tell you what,” Grandma Lilly began. “Let’s get you to your bed. I think we can come up with a suitable sedative.”

Bobby and his grandmother helped Louise to her feet, led her into her bedroom, with her friend, Donna, following close behind. She laid down on her back, her breasts still heaving from the pent-up grief that had finally come to the surface.

Six pairs of hands undressed her. Grandma Lilly began working on Louise’s blouse while Bobby undid the snap and the zipper on her skirt. Donna removed her friend’s shoes.

After unbuttoning the blouse, Grandma Lilly quickly removed her daughter-in-law’s bra. Donna helped Bobby remove his mother’s skirt and half-slip before peeling her nylons down her legs. Bobby hurriedly slid his mother’s panties down her legs and over her feet before tossing them to the floor.

Grandma Lilly helped Louise to roll over onto her stomach and then began lightly massaging her shoulders and back while Bobby kneaded his mother’s buttocks and thighs. Donna made herself useful by massaging Louise’s calves and her feet.

Louise Chandler’s breathing slowly began to even out. She closed her eyes and completely lost herself in the feeling the attention of these three were giving her.

“Ummmm,” she moaned contentedly, over and over again. Finally, she turned over, opened her eyes and said, “I need someone to hold me.

Grandma Lilly lay down beside her son’s wife and took her into her arms. Face to face, they were, with tears in their eyes as they silently shared each other’s grief.

Donna took Bobby by the hand and led him out of the room. “Let them grieve alone,” she said. “It’ll be good for them.

They moved into the living room and sat together on the sofa. For the first time, Donna could read the grief behind his eyes. She held his head in her hands.

“You poor thing, you,” she said as she planted kiss after kiss on and around his face. “You need some consoling, too. Don’t you?”

Donna kissed and licked the tears that were now running like a river down Bobby’s cheeks. She pulled him to her until his face was buried in the valley between her breasts. His tears were soon soaking her blouse as her hands roamed up and down his back.

“I miss him,” Bobby sobbed.

“I know,” she cooed. “I know.”

Bobby’s tears finally subsided, he pulled his head back from her grip. Her nipples, hard and erect, were poking and prodding at the wet material. In spite of his grief, he found himself becoming very aroused. The bulge in his pants lengthened as his arousal increased until he had a full blown hard on.

Bobby began to fondle her left breast. He could feel the nipple hardening even more than it already was. He pinched it lightly through her blouse.

“Oh, Bobby,” Donna moaned as her hand covered the lump in his pants. “I’m here for you. Anything you want. Anything.” She removed her hand from his cock, grabbed her blouse at the bottom and pulled it up and over her head, revealing her naked breasts in full detail.

Bobby immediately sucked a nipple into his mouth as he kneaded her other tit. The touch of his tongue on her distended rubber-like point made her shiver. Donna made a sharp hissing sound as she sucked air into her lungs through her clenched teeth. Bobby reached for the button at the side of Donna’s skirt. She stopped him before he could get it undone.

“Not now, Bobby,” she told him as she began to unfasten his belt. “Right now, I want to please you. I want you to forget for a while and let me comfort you.” She unsnapped his pants and pulled the zipper down.

Bobby lifted his hips and watched Donna as she pulled them and his shorts down his legs and over his feet. She tossed them behind her.

Donna went to her knees in front of her friend’s son and began stroking his thighs. She planted several kisses on the head of his aching, yearning cock before she urged him to spread his legs.

Bobby leaned back, slid his hips to the edge of the sofa and closed his eyes; hoping that not knowing what Donna was going to do next would heighten his pleasure that much more.

Her hot breath fanning over his increasingly sensitive flesh caused his passion to rise higher and higher. Moving torturously slow, Donna licked the creases where his thighs met his groin, dragging her tongue lightly across the bottom of his nut sack each time she changed sides.

Bobby grabbed his cock and began pumping slowly. Donna held his hand still as she looked up at him and told him in a low, sultry voice, “Not right now, Bobby. I want this to be something you’ll remember forever.” Bobby removed his hand from his dick and let it fall to the side.

Donna moved up a bit and began tracing the tip of her tongue along the upper edges of his hairy groin.

“Unnnnnngh,” Bobby moaned as he clenched his eyelids even tighter.

“That’s it,” Donna cooed. “Just lay back and enjoy yourself while I take care of you.”

Bobby’s cock jerked with hurried anticipation as he visualized what he hoped was soon to come. By the time he felt Donna’s hand circle the shaft of his hard instrument and felt her lips slide down over the head, all of his conscious thought was centered on one thing and one thing only — his cock.

Donna, pleased that she could give her friend’s son temporary amnesia, continued her assault on his brick-hard cock. She pulled his foreskin down and away from the head and impaled her face upon his massive rod until her lips met her slowly twisting hand, pulled back up the long shaft, paused and prepared herself for another downward slide.

Bobby moaned again and humped her fist and mouth when Donna ran the middle finger of her other hand up and down his ass crack. He was on the verge of spilling his load when she squeezed the base of his big tool until the feeling had passed.

“Why?” he asked mournfully.

Donna pulled her face off his cock just long enough to say, “I’ve got something special in mind for you.” She resumed her oral ministrations; allowing him to, once again, slip back into s world where all feelings, all sensations and every movement were concentrated on and around his pulsing piece of man meat. The next time she felt his cock begin to swell, she slid her finger in her mouth alongside his dick for some lubrication.

His cock swelled again. She took her hand away from his big tool. He arched his back and shoved his cock all the way into her mouth and into her throat. Donna quickly took her finger from her mouth, placed the tip against his wrinkled brown hole and shoved it in to the last knuckle.

The loudness of his animalistic cries filled the room to overflowing. His nuts tightened and spasmed. He tried to shove his mighty sword even further down her throat. Barely able to control her gag reflex, Donna breathed laboriously through her nose as she swallowed.

She swallowed again. His cock expended inside her mouth and throat, threatening to cut off her air supply. Donna fought the urge to back away. She swallowed a third time. That’s when Bobby erupted.

A long, thick rope of cum quickly made its way into her stomach. Donna backed off a bit so she could be sure and get a taste of his marvelous cock sauce. After the second and the third spurts of his viscous white fluids, she quickly backed completely off his jerking, spitting hose and let the last three issuances slam into her face.

Bobby lay on the sofa with his butt cheeks still hanging off the edge, recovering from what he was sure was the greatest blowjob that he would ever receive in his life. His entire body felt “wasted.” He couldn’t move. His mother’s friend had taken all his energy.

Donna, still on her knees between Bobby’s legs with his sperm dripping onto her breasts, used her hand to slide her remaining facial decorations into her mouth. Then, one at a time, she sucked each finger clean. Bobby, now partially recovered, leaned forward and began massaging Donna’s slime covered tits.

“That’s it, sweetie,” she cooed. “Donna loves getting a cum rub.”

Bobby stood, his hands still on her boobs, and helped her to stand also. He squeezed her left tit, bent slightly and pulled her nipple into his mouth. It didn’t bother him that he was tasting his own splooge. He just wanted to do a bit of gnawing on that rubbery protrusion. He wanted to keep her passion high while he recovered enough to get hard again. “Then, I’m gonna fuck her six ways from Sunday,” he said to himself.

Donna moaned, a low, guttural sound, at the initial contact of Bobby’s tongue against her nipple. Instinctively, she put her hand on the back of his head and pulled his face into her excited mammary. “Let’s go to your room,” she told him. “We’ll be more comfortable doing this on your bed.”

One look into his mother’s room, on the way to his, told a bittersweet story of love and sorrow. The sudden realization that her husband was not coming back home had torn through Louise Chandler like a stampeding herd of cattle.

When Bobby and Donna left the room, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law were crying together as they held each other tightly.

Now, on the way back by, they saw the two women still holding on to each other while in peaceful slumber; Grandma Lilly still fully clothed and Bobby’s mother as naked as when they had exited the room.

Approaching the doorway to Bobby’s room, Donna undid her skirt and let it drop to the floor. A pair of bright red, lace-covered boy shorts was her only remaining piece of clothing she had on. She lay down in the middle of the bed, her legs bent at the knees and spread wide, stretching the fabric of her panties against her pussy.

Bobby could see her bulging lips as they strained against the crotch. There was a clear line — more like a furrow, if you will — between those lips.

“Camel Toe,” he said.

“What’s that?” Donna asked.

Bobby pointed toward her panty-covered slit. “A camel toe,” he told her. “I’ve seen them in photos posted on the internet but, this is the first one I’ve seen in person.”

Donna drug the middle finger of her right hand through the indentation caused by the boy shorts being stretched so tightly over her snatch. “You like?”

Suddenly, Bobby’s mouth was dry; too dry to speak. He licked his lips and grinned widely. “Y-Y-Y-yes,” he stuttered. “D-D-D-Damn right, I like.”

Donna beckoned him with her finger. “Then come up here and show me how much.”

Bobby took off his shirt and eagerly crawled between her legs. He immediately covered her panty-covered snatch with his mouth and began nibbling lightly on those fleshy lips.

Donna periodically humped his face as her pleasure quickly built to a fever pitch. Her high-pitched moaning was sweet music to his ears. For several years, Donna had been one of his favorite fantasy fucks during his masturbatory sessions. And, now, here she was, splayed out before him, begging to be fucked.

Bobby eased his fingers under the waistband of Donna’s boy shorts and slowly eased them off her hips and down her legs. Donna, one foot still in a leg hole, kicked them off and on to the floor. He continued to lick her juicing pussy, enjoying the taste of her essence as her vaginal cavity leaked her womanly fluids onto his tongue and face.

Bobby wrapped his arms around the outside of her thighs and in over her mound. Trapping Donna’s hooded clit between his thumbs, he applied light pressure as he pushed the hood up, thereby exposing more of her clitoris to his own lips and tongue.

Donna, her passion and desire growing by leaps and bounds, lay quivering before him. All sensation; all consciousness was centered in that one area of her body. She jerked and twitched with each swipe of Bobby’s tongue, softly calling out his name. Her hips and mound were like high performance pistons, causing her quim to bump against his face as she held him in position.

Donna’s enlarged, blood engorged clit was almost fully exposed, even after he moved his hands up to her breasts and began to lightly scrape her extended nipples with the palms of his hands.

Donna’s first orgasm of the night was quick, but powerful and came almost without warning. She squeezed her hips together as she shoved her pussy into Bobby’s face and held it there for several long, quivering moments.

Bobby continued his sucking and licking despite her urgent pleading. Her protestations grew weaker and weaker and eventually became non-existent as she felt herself building up to another climax. She held him tightly by his ears as her pussy and his face struggled to become one with each other. One more time, her hips bumped against the comforter-covered bed, almost instantly propelling her sex back up against her friend’s son’s face. Again, her pussy and his face tried to meld themselves together as she lay with her hips lifted high.

Donna’s vocal reaction was loud and long. She expelled voluminous amounts of air through her nose and mouth while calling out his name repeatedly in rapid-fire fashion. Finally, she let go of his ears and slowly lowered her buttocks back down onto the bed.

“Goddamn,” she exclaimed. “I never thought any man could eat pussy that fucking good.”

Bobby gave her little time to recuperate. He urged Donna over and into a kneeling position, reached into the drawer in his nightstand and grabbed a nearly empty bottle of Vaseline.

Now kneeling behind her, Bobby used his index finger to scoop up a glob of the greasy lubricant and, while spreading her ass cheeks, applied a liberal amount on and around her hole.

“So,” Donna moaned happily. She wiggled her ass seductively. “You gonna fuck me in the ass, eh?”

Bobby didn’t say anything. He just dug out some more of the petroleum jelly and covered the head of his aching, yearning cock. He placed the jar on the nightstand and kneeled down behind his mother’s friend and occasional sex partner.

Bobby edged forward until the tapered end of his cock head was touching her rosebud. He met measured resistance on his first attempt at skewering her rectal cavity with his hard, veiny tool. His second effort yielded very little results. He could feel the wrinkled brown hole relax a bit as the tapered end of his anxious, throbbing sword barely penetrated her shit hole. However, on his third try, Donna was able to relax herself enough so that the entire head popped in.

Before Bobby could thrust any further inside her nasty bowels, her anal ring clamped down on his long, hard invader just below the crown.

Bobby tried, without much success, to push in even deeper. He let out a frustrated sigh and was about to give up when Donna wiggled her hips and pushed back at him, capturing, perhaps, another half inch or so of his human sausage stick.

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