Note: All characters at the time of this story are eighteen and above.


It was a bright warm in fact hot summer Texan Friday morning. The sun shone on the vast estate of Hunters sprawling over few hundred acres. The immense house stood like a mansion in middle of the green woodland approached by a curvy picturesque drive. In one of the twelve vast bedrooms twenty-two years old Allison sleepily opened her eyes still groggy and sleepy from the late night.

Allison [Allie-as her family and husband called her affectionately] had returned from her honeymoon last week to her parents’ house. Her husband of two months and childhood love had gone to serve in the war. Allison had adored Marcus since she was twelve years old and he was a senior in the school. As she grew the neighbourhood friendship turned into love and they married in a wonderful ceremony two months ago. Marcus planned to continue his law degree after he returned from duty. Marcus’ parents had now moved to west coast. Their wealth from computer and consultancy had grown steadily.

Their parents had booked them round the world first class trip lasting full two months Allison was a tallish dark blond haired extremely beautiful girl. Allison turned with a low moan still sleepy as she relived the dream she had all night. She dreamt Marcus making love to her all night. Allison felt the heat rising in her belly and she moaned loudly and rolled over on her belly burying her face in the soft pillow. Marcus had been insatiable and he had made love to his beautiful wife every day many times. There were occasions that he insisted on a quickie after they both had dressed for dinner before leaving the hotel. Allison had only made love to one man and it was her husband.

Allison felt her crotch getting wet. She almost could smell the heady aroma of sex as they both fed on each other’s lust all night. Allison missed Marcus and she missed his strong virile penis. Allison was scared of his large penis to begin with. Now she missed the brutish hugeness and the pleasure it could give her. Allison had insisted on measuring her husband’s cock both when flaccid and erect. She gulped with awe when it measured five inches when flaccid and well over eight inches when erect. Allie moaned again as her thoughts were so vivid that she could almost feel the heat of her husband’s cock. Marcus had a very thick penis and its girth made it look even more impressive. Allie smiled as she recalled how it filled her mouth when she tried to suck her husband’s large member. She could only take few inches before she gagged and the corners of her mouth strained to accommodate his girth. Allie’s right hand found its way almost of it volition as she relived the unbelievable feeling of her tight soft pussy stretching wide open to welcome her husband’s large penis. Allison nearly cried when she remembered Marcus hoped she was pregnant three days before he left. Allison did not have the heart to tell him she was on pill and had not stopped taking them. She stopped the pills from second day but knew even though Marcus took her incalculable times she was unlikely to become pregnant.

Allison forced her self to get out of the bed. She padded sleepily with her curly dark blond hair all mussed up across her enormous bedroom towards equally massive en suite bathroom. Allison was naked but for a brief white soft cotton panties which had a wet patch in front. If someone were there to see, he would have seen a five feet seven inches tall extremely beautiful woman of twenty-two years of age. Her dark blond hairs were flying everywhere and were long enough to reach well below her back. Her face even fresh out of bed was exquisitely beautiful. It was infact if anything looked more captivating as she was still lost in her thoughts and last remains of her sleep still lingered.

Her light blue eyes shone and her lips seemed to smile when she was not. Her most alluringly beautiful nose was the crown of her ravishing beauty. Allie’s beautiful neck flowed to her chest and two very large, heavy soft breasts. The heaviness and weight of her beautiful breasts made them droop and they could make any one catch their breath with their sheer beauty. Allison was not one of modern skin and bones beauty. Her full body flowed into her soft abdomen and moved to her rich curly growth of dark blond pubic hair which she maintained au naturale. Her smooth rounded full ass curved before merging with her thighs, which were round and full tapering to her healthy calves and two very pretty feet. Her small hands mussed her hair even more. She could taste the wine and beer in her mouth as she recalled the loud and wonderful time she had with her three brothers. They were very close and since she had returned they would spend all time with her. All three doted on her. Allison stood in front of the wall-to-wall mirror over the huge. Allison recalled the wild evening the four siblings had. Their parents had gone to visit their close friends who were throwing a party on the birth of their first grandchild and were expected to return on Monday afternoon. They were all good cooks and made a sumptuous dinner. Beer and wine flowed. She and her brothers were always very physical and sporty. She smiled as she thought of mock wrestling with her brothers and as they all three overpowered her and tickled her until she squealed and laughed helplessly and begged for mercy.

Her oldest brother was two years younger than her. Michael Hunter [Mike] had just turned twenty and stood six feet four inches tall. He had most handsome face reflecting the same kind of handsomeness that their father possessed with the addition of features from their divinely beautiful mother. His tall body was covered with broad heavy muscles making him look very powerful. He was a younger version of their father. His hair was thick curls of dark blond waves. Allison smiled as she recalled her brother’s jibes about her despondency now that her Marcus was away — ‘Allie if you need batteries there is a huge pile in supply room.’ Allison had laughed and punched him on his arm making no impression. He engulfed her in his arms and soon they were trying to wrestle like two young children.

Her two younger brothers were twins. Timothy [Tim] and Zachary [Zach] Hunter had just turned eighteen and were identical twins. They were nearly as tall as their older brother but had more lithe muscled build than Mike. They both had boyishly handsome faces that made women gasp with awe. They did not have the raw power of strength that Mike and their father exuded but showed a softer side to offset their powerfully muscled bodies. Their blond hair was wavy than curly. They loved the ground Allison walked on. Allie loved all three brothers.

She had felt very warm and sexy as they horsed around last night something that surprised her. She realised, not for the first time, how immensely manly and attractive her brothers were. They made her miss her husband even more. Her thoughts soon moved towards her memories of sweaty wild sex with Marcus and she groaned at the futility of her attempts to suppress her ever-present, insatiable rising lust.

Allison snatched a white cotton tee shirt that she wore last night and decided to go to gym to burn energy with a hope to quell her mounting lust. The gym could be approached from the back of the house and consisted an immense swimming pool in the middle, with various doors to other facilities. One large double door led to a fully equipped massive gym to one side, which housed every conceivable exercise equipment.

Another door from the other side of pool led to a large sauna complex. On it side there were series of open and cubicles of showers. Allison could hear the pounding of feet and shoutings and whoops as her brothers were playing basketball. The fourth side of the complex led to an indoor basketball court. Allie smiled and decided to join her brothers. She was amazed that three boys were not only up but had already made an energetic start to their day.

Allison swung open the door and saw her three brothers sweating madly dressed in shorts and sneakers as twins played against their older brother. All three whooped and stopped playing as they saw their fresh out of bed eldest sister.

Mike rushed towards his sister and his tall massive frame dwarfed her as he bent down to kiss her on her mouth to wish her good morning, ‘Allie join me. Twins are washing the floor with me at present.” Mike’s body was covered with sweat.

Twins too rushed and kissed their sister most affectionately on her mouth. Allison felt a now all too familiar rush of warmth and a strange feeling she could not pin point as she was surrounded by her three immensely tall, powerfully built tremendously handsome brothers. She mentally shook her head and smiled, “Beware you two troublemakers Mickey now has a champion partner.”

Tim and Zach laughed in a pretend derision, “Proof of a pudding is in its taste, sis.”

“Are you two calling my sister a pudding,” Mike laughed.

“If so then we will have to taste Allie,” twins refused to cow down. Allison felt three pairs of eyes look down at her and she felt all warm and fuzzy. She felt her knees buckle just a little as she smelled the masculine sweaty odour of her three brothers who were dropping sexual innuendoes since she had come three days ago. Allison felt she had to say something, “Shall we start Mike, otherwise these two upstarts will never learn a lesson.”

“Yeh! You want to bet about that,” Zach moved back towards the court dribbling the ball and teased her sister even more.

“Sure,” Allison felt genuine competitiveness raising its head as it had done all tha gone by years she played hard with her brothers and matched them in stamina and endurance if not in dexterity and finesse.

“The usual; losers do the bidding,” Tim laughed and ran back towards the court to join his twin brother. The sweat was running on their muscled chests.

Mike lightly punched Allison’s shoulder and replied for her, “OK, you two, bet is on.”

Soon the two teams were deep in game. Allie had lost some of her fitness over the luxurious two months of honeymoon and welcomed the sweaty hard fought game. Mike was playing really well and soon they overtook twins’ score.

Allie smiled teasingly, “Look how glum these two look, Mickey?” as she dribbled towards the basket. Mike whooped and stationed himself to receive if Allie was not free to make the basket. Twins mockingly growled at their sister as both circled around her and were inwardly impressed at her dribbling and stamina. Sweat was pouring from all three. Allison’s tee shirt was drenched with sweat and plastered over her two magnificent large breasts. Twins suddenly noticed as their sister’s large swaying breasts shook wildly with her each dribble. Allie was oblivious to the new intensity. Zach ran to cover his older brother so that Allie could not pass to him. Allison when she realised decided to play a dummy pass and go for basket herself. Tim narrowed the circle around Allison as Zach covered the angles of pass to Mike. Allison close to shooting circle pretended to pass, but swerved under Tim’s raised arm and jumped to make the basket.

Tim though expecting a dummy pass did not think his sister would use the height difference to run under his arms. He quickly turned, his thoughts still burning from the sight of his sister’s large shaking, his hand with a mind of its own reached for the large soft breast of his sister and firmly squeezed while she was in air trying the basket. Allie shrieked as her shot went amiss. Tim and Zach laughed. Soon Mike too joined. Allison shouted, “Not fair Timmy. That was not fair. Mickey it is a foul.”

Tim smile innocently, “Allie you jumped on to my hands what could I do.”

Allison punched Tim in his abdomen playfully, “OK! If you two want to play dirty then so be it.”

Now the game degenerated into playful fouls of all kinds. Twins tickled their sister and she reciprocated. In one skirmish as Allison was about to turn away Zach pulled her tees shirt up exposing her sweat covered large swaying breasts. There was a distinct cessation of movements as all her three brothers gazed at the most divinely beautiful forbidden sight of their sister’s breasts. Allison pulled her shirt down and laughed to dissipate the tension even she felt. She however felt elated and excited the effect her naked breasts had on her brothers.

Soon the intensity increased. Allie while Tim was going to make a basket pulled his shorts down exposing his bottom. Tim dropped the ball and Allison ran away towards opposite basket as Tim shouted warnings and pulled his shorts up. The game soon became childishly prank ridden. At one stage Zach had pulled his sister’s panties down deftly as she was trying to pass to Mike.

Allison in return put her hand from behind and grabbed Zach’s crotch and felt an electric shock run through her. She felt an enormous bulge that shook her equanimity. She giggled as Zach lost his footing and toppled over.

By now sweat was pouring like rivulets from all four of them. Allison’s tee shirt was drenched and was plastered over her marvellous over generously sized breasts and made them more alluring than if they were to be completely exposed. Eventually the score was tied and Mike declared the match closed. Allie raised her hands and jumped as if she had won and three pairs of eyes were drawn and glued to her large breasts shaking wildly. Mike folded her arms around his sister and kissed her on her open smiling mouth.

Soon Tim and Zach did the same. Allison kissed them back and felt the raw animal power oozing from all three. Tim suggested, “Shower time!”

Allie agreed and allowed herself to be herded by her brothers towards shower area. Allison started to move towards the cubicles but Tim, Zach and Mike held her back, “Allie teams do not shower separately. You should know that.”

Allison wanted to believe that her brothers were still teasing her, but there was a feeling growing deep inside her that she had never experienced before. She could see three most desirable giant of young men who obviously loved her and infact adored her. In fact she felt the same way towards her brothers. Nothing on this earth could diminish the tide of love she felt towards all three of her brothers.

She started to laugh and joked, “Mickey are we still bathing our baby brothers or have they learnt to clean their pee-pees themselves.” All three laughed as their sister made fun of the two giant teenaged brothers.

Zach turned towards the open shower area and turned the overhead huge shower on and pulled his shorts off dropping them on the floor. Tim deftly pulled the sweat-drenched tee shirt off his sister’s body exposing her pure white flawless skin. Zach drew a sharp breath as his unbelievably beautiful sister’s stood near naked but for the sweat drenched panties. Her rich furry pubic hair was visible through and on the side of her thin white panties. Allison felt a fire started to burn deep inside her pelvis and to remove the attention from her she rushed towards Zach and pulled his shorts down. It was her turn to be surprised as she saw a monster dangling from curly pubic hair of Zach’s crotch. Allison thought her little brother’s penis hung way down his thighs and was enormously thick. Her mouth fell slightly open and eyes were glued to slightly turgid giant.

She helplessly turned towards Mike who was kneeling to remove his shorts and then picked up all the strewn clothes to throw them in the basket. When he turned Allison was looking towards him. Time stood still as Allie saw his oldest of younger brothers turn and walk towards her. He supported an equally monster of a penis which had started to become hard and swayed like a baseball bat with each step. Mike’s cock seemed as long as her forearm. The girth of his cock appeared to imitate a beer-can even though it was far from fully hard. Allison gulped her own saliva as her mouth had dried and her tongue stuck to the roof of her mouth.

She barely noticed that Tim had walked back and pulled her panties down laughing madly. Allie was grateful for this diversion and she stepped out of her panties. Tim threw them towards Mike to add to the basket fro laundry. Allie as she was turning towards Tim saw her brother almost involuntarily lift her panties to his face and appeared to smell them before he quickly deposited them in the laundry basket. Allie felt her pussy had started to feel warm as it did whenever a chance or thought of having sex with Mark arose. She quickly turned towards Tim and her throat tightened again. Her third handsome giant of a brother stood in front of her smiling and her eyes disobeyed her mind and moved towards his groin where she saw the third monster penis of her family. Tim’s penis was replica of Zach and Mike.

In next few seconds her three brothers gathered close around Allison to get under the water spray from the overhead giant showerhead. Allison felt her brothers’ hands first tentatively then more purposefully started to caress her body to shower her. Allie without any further hesitation rubbed her tiny hands all over the huge muscular frames of her brothers to wash the sweat off their body. Mike moved away brought a fragrant shower gel soaked sponge, moved her sister out of the running shower. He started to soap Allison’s beautiful body. Mike rubbed the back of his sister’s neck gently as her twin brothers felt their sister’s hands all over their chest and abdomen.

Allison started to breathe hard as she used all her self-control to prevent herself looking at their groins and to fight the effect her brother’s gentle caressing hands were having on her mind. Mike’s hands moved toward her back in slow sinuous circles and inexorably moved towards her voluptuous bottom. She sucked in her breath as his soapy sponge caressed her ass cheeks languidly with vague pretensions of actually soaping her body. Mike offered the sponge to Tim who with equal care started to soap his sister’s front. Allison felt Mike’s hands all over her back with butterfly like soft touches. Her breathing was getting fast with strange feelings that she thought should not occupy her mind. They were all fruits of the same loin and were linked with the same blood and gene pool. She could not feel so strong even if all three were naked and in shower together. As Mike’s hands softly kissed his sister’s ass Tim moved the sponge over the slopes of his sister’s breath-takingly beautiful breasts. Allison felt as if she had been touched by static. Her breasts seemed to have gained life of their own. Her nipples became painfully turgid and stiff. Tim slowly moved the sponge with barely perceptible pressure over his sister’s beautiful nipples and then to the underside of her large soft breasts. Allison found her hands now more insistent and she rubbed them over Tim’s chest feeling his broad hairless muscled chest and firm tiny nipples.

Tim without any self-consciousness lifted his sister’s left breast up to soap the underside more thoroughly his palm rubbing against the sensitive large nipple. Allison felt as if she knees were about to buckle and her juices started to flow inside her pussy. She hoped by bringing her thighs together she would prevent a trickle down her thighs. Tim did the same to her right breast. He then allowed the two magnificent orbs of his sister’s breasts to fall back over her chest and he moved the sensual soaping towards Allie’s belly. Tim gradually moved towards his sister’s groin but steadfastly refused to go below the line made by the top of her pubic hair. Allison wanted to moan but clamped her lips. Mike’s hands were still making the skin of her back and bottom burn. Tim handed the sponge to Zach and continued the slow sinuous massage of her soap covered breasts and shoulders.

All the mocking, jeering had vanished. The four siblings had not uttered a word. Their breathing talked volumes as each realised a momentous shift that could happen if things progressed as they were. No one was sure who would stop or encourage the shift of the paradigm. The boundaries of the taboo were being pushed, it remained to be seen if they would break or the societal barriers would prove stronger.

Zach sat down and started to soap his sister’s thunder thighs with same love and devotion her other two brothers showed. Allison placed her one hand over Zach’s head and ran her fingers lovingly through his wavy hair. Zach covered every millimeter of his sister’s thighs and legs with his loving soft rub with the sponge. He lifted his sister’s one foot on his bent thigh and rubbed her foot and ankle including each toe and sole with spongy soap. Allison was now holding Tim tight her breasts were rubbing against her brother’s hard smooth belly.

Zach treated her both feet with same diligence and love. He looked up and saw her sister plant her feet wider than before and her thighs had opened and he could smell the wafting sweet scent form the wet blond pussy. He used the sponge to rub the wet pubic hair in slow cup and down motions making her sister gasp. Tim lowered her mouth without any awkwardness and kissed his sister’s slightly open mouth. Tim waited like a gentleman and soon he felt his sister’s lips press against his. Zach rubbed the sponge a bit more firmly rubbing kis sister’s pussy lips with each stroke. Allison who was burning already felt a familiar rush of heat from the nipples of her breasts rush down towards her belly. She felt a deep-seated pain in her pelvis, which heralded something Allison had thought, would not come to pass.

Allison was about to have her first orgasm in front of her three brothers. She moaned despite herself and found herself pressing her open mouth against her brother’s. As if inevitable their tongues darted towards each other mouth almost simultaneously and fought the most primitive battle of love as they swirled their tongues against one other’s. Zach on his upward stroke rubbed more firmly and Allie felt the pressure on her swollen clitoris and she climaxed. Her loud moan was muffled inside her brother’s mouth and her body shook unmistakably as all her three brothers engulfed her in their arms and Tim kept his mouth glued to his sister’s slack wide open mouth as she tried to submit to her orgasm with some dignity.

Many minutes lapsed before anyone moved. Mike kissed the top of his sister’s head and adroitly took the attention away from Allison, ‘Allie allow me to shampoo your hair.”

Allison was grateful and chirped as if having a shower with her brothers and an orgasm was all part of normal daily life, “It is my turn to wash my brothers.” She went to the shelf and loaded more s shower gel on the sponge and moved back. As she started to soap Tim Mike ran shampoo in his sister’s hair. His genuine ease and expertise surprised Allison. Tim allowed his sister to soap his broad back, chest and belly and soon Allison had to face what she was avoiding since laying her eyes on her brothers’ massive male members. Tim’s monstrous penis was nearly half erect and looked menacing but lovely. The apple sized dark pink glans merged with the shaft as thick as her forearm. The sheer girth and length made her husband’s impressive cock look much smaller. Allison accepted defeat and her fascination won over her embarrassment. She lovingly rubbed the soapy sponge in the thick curly pubic hair of her brother and then moved it all along the gargantuan shaft which was hardening with each passing moment. She could see the sheer size was inhuman. Allison soaped her teen-aged brother’s muscular lightly haired thighs and legs including his feet. As she got up Tim kissed her again and whispered, “I love you sis.” Allison lovingly caressed her brother’s face and smiled.

Allison then moved towards Zach and soon she was grappling with another monstrous penis. It was split image of her Tim as they both were in other physical details. Allie felt less conscious and she soaped the huge length carefully and realised her hand would not go around the shaft even when it was far from fully erect and hard.

Allie now turned towards her oldest brother and found him looking at her with overt love and admiration. His giant huge muscled chest was covered with dark blond hair between his pectorals. There was thing line of hair running down which merged with his thick growth of curly pubic hair and she saw the third monstrous penis. Mike’s cock was probably equally long if not a bit longer but the girth seemed a bit more as well. The difference could be her heightened imagination, Allie thought. She had her brother’s whole body glistening with soap as she had done with her twin brothers.

Mike put his arms around his sister and Allie almost melted inside her giant brother’s arms. Mike crushed his open mouth on to his sister’s open mouth. Allie felt her other two brothers come close and their hands ran all over her body. Allie’s mind screamed that this was moving too fast and in a direction that society and her parents would not allow. She was unable to utter a word. Her love for her brothers made the transition that much more difficult to resist. Allie’s tongue duelled with her brother’s as Mike seeked every corner of his sister’s sweet mouth. Allie found her hands moving towards the rapidly hardening monstrosity of her brother. Her tiny hand was dwarfed by the sheer size. She could just about manage to hold half the circumference and gently rubbed the soft smooth skin over the steel hard shaft.

Tim and Zach kissed the soapy back of their sister without a care about the taste of soap. The sweet taste of their sister’s skin was the reward. Allie moaned as one of the twins’ lips kissed her ass cheeks. She felt two hands gently spread her voluptuous ass cheeks and before her churning mind could register what was about to happen she felt her brother’s hot lips kiss the pink tight ring of her anus. Allie convulsed as if electrocute. Allie whispered, “No, please no.” Mike kissed his sister with insistence to suggest that it was fine.

Zach kissed the heavenly anal ring of his sister he had adored all his life. His tongue lashed out and licked the whole cleft of his sister’s ass with purpose that sent his sister’s mind in a whirlpool of conflicting emotions. Tim had insinuated his hands between his brother and sister’s bodies and found the forbidden treasure in form of his sister’s large overflowing breasts. He rubbed his hands and the nipples making Allie moan even louder. He gently squeezed both breasts every now and then finding her sister squirm with the sensory overload her three brothers were inflicting on her.

Zach had by now licked his sister’s soapy ass cleft clean and was trying to push his tongue inside the tight pulsating anal ring. Allie screamed softly inside her brother’s mouth. Mike moved his one hand down towards his sister’s groin and soon found the heavenly opening of his older sister’s wet leaking pussy. His finger traced the tight cleft of her cunt and soon found the hard sensitive clitoris. Allie almost jumped. Tim’s hands on her sensitive breasts, Zach’s tongue on her anus and Mike’s mouth on hers and his finger in her pussy eroded any pretensions to the contrary that this was pure unsanctioned incest and forbidden love by society, vanished.

Mike felt his steel hard penis lurch as the object of his desires [in fact all three desired their divinely beautiful voluptuous sister silently in secret all their teen lives] was in his arms at last, ‘Allie, shall we do it?” Mike wanted to make sure their sister was also at the same level where her three brothers were. All three waited in suspense as Allie struggled with her love, emotions, acquired sense of taboo, “Mickey, you are all so big!”

The hearts of Allie’s three brothers danced with joy. Their sister did not object to the lust that had been unleashed by default. Mike kissed his sister back and reassured her, “Allie we love you with all our being and always have.”

Allie suddenly understood the pent up passion her three brothers had stored for her. She moaned, “Mickey please be gentle. Don’t hurt me. You are all so huge.”

Tim and Zach moved away as Mike effortlessly lifted his sister with his hands under her voluptuous ass and moved towards the wide wooden bench in the middle of the open shower separating it from cubicles

Mike put his sister down and gently turned her around. Allie was softly bent forwards until palms of her stretched arms resting on the bench. She was now bent forward with her back horizontal. Zach quickly went on the other side of the bench and Allie saw with her lust filled eyes the gargantuan penis of his teenaged brother, who put his one foot on the bench bringing it close to his sister’s mouth.

Allie did not need any more encouragement. She opened her beautiful mouth and tried to engulf the enormous cock head of her little brother. Zach’s massive cock head filled her mouth stretching it to its fullest. Tim stood by her side and gently stroked the skin of her back. His other hand gently mauled her one and then other breast.

As she tried to accommodate her one brother’s cock head inside her mouth the cataclysmic moment arrived. Mike placed his monstrous penis at the soft pulsating entrance of his sister’s cunt. The time stood frozen as incestuous copulation chose to break all that is held sacrosanct and would change the relationship of four loving siblings forever. Allie tried to moan around the giant cock head of her little brother for his older brother to enter her gently but her overstuffed mouth strained as Zach tried to push another two inches inside the aching wide-open mouth of his elder sister.

Allie almost exploded as she felt the monstrous cock head of her brother dilate her soft pussy walls wide apart and nudge its way inside the forbidden sex channel of his sister. Mike closed his eyes with the overwhelming long awaited pleasure of feeling the heat of his sister’s pussy around his cock head. He savoured the moment as he felt the tight cuntal opening of his sister around his huge penis. He gently pushed inch after inch of his mammoth cock inside the pulsating snug soft sex passage of his sister’s cunt. Allie felt as if her cunt would burst with the tremendous pressure of her brother’s gargantuan cock.

She moaned around her other brother’s cock as she felt Mike push his monster cock massively thick inch after another inch. Allie felt her vagina stretch, as it had never done before. She felt her tender pussy would tear asunder if her brother pushed another inch inside but was surprised as he did and her cunt survived. Her eyes were shut tight as she struggled with the almost painful dilation of her cunt not used to her brother’s inhuman cock.

Mike savoured the feel of his sister’s soft cunt as he determinedly pushed his enormously thick and long cock inside to bury it to the hilt. He had waited for it so long. He could fell the tremors of his sister’s back muscle as she struggled with the strain of accommodating one of her brother in her cunt and another inside his mouth and both huge beyond belief.

Allie felt the feel of her brother’s groin on her buttocks and she felt a bursting pressure inside her cunt and she realised that her older of the three brothers had buried his monster cock inside her cunt. Allie felt elated despite the near painful entry she had to endure. Her cunt was leaking fluids like never before. Her body was dying to be ravaged. Allie would have been equally happy if her brother had chosen to take her with brutish force. Mike had chosen to introduce his sister to her brothers’ monstrosities in as gentle a manner was possible humanly.

Allie felt Zach stroke her face with love and wipe the tears Allie did not realise her eyes had produced as her brother’s monster member invaded her vagina making her feel a virgin. Mike slowly withdrew his stupendous penis painstakingly. Allie felt each millimeter as her cunt lost her brother’s massive cock and missed it. Allie thought she would die as she realised Mike had pulled the whole length out to the soft widely dilated cunt opening. Allie wanted desperately to feel the painful fullness again. Allie moaned wildly and tried to push her hips back towards her brother’s monstrous cock.

Tim started to firmly massage his sister’s breasts. Zach attempted to move his huge cock in and out of his sister’s tightly packed mouth. Mike pushed his colossal cock back inside his beautiful sister’s sweet pussy inch by inch making her appreciate the monstrosity that her brothers possessed.


Allie felt as if her head would explode so strong was the sensation of feeling her brother’s illicit incestuous monster penis filling her tight cunt to a painful bursting limit. The slow inward journey of Mike’s giant cock inside his sister’s body made him swoon. He was as overwhelmed by the lust, love and passion of fucking his unbelievably beautiful voluptuous sister as he was the first time he had sex and that too with a woman of his dreams he thought he could never get.

Allie moaned around her younger brother’s massive cock and tried to move her jam-packed mouth over the monstrosity. Her saliva dribbled from the corner of her mouth as her mouth salivated with the invasion of her brother’s huge cock. Zach moaned as he felt his sister’s warm saliva filled mouth tried to create some sucking motion around his cock head and two inches of gargantuan shaft. His loud moan made Allie open her eyes and look up. She saw her little brother’s face, eyes half closed, bathed in lust filled pleasure. Zach’s handsome face could not look more captivating to his sister. Allie grasped that the sibling love four shared is being elevated into realm of sharing of physical pleasure and thus would complete their unusual closeness. The broken social boundaries would leave nothing that four siblings could not share and use to express their love towards each other.

Mike was now pulling his steel hard cock which seemed to have gained an extra inch in length and girth and waited with his apple sized cock head obscenely stretching his sister’s soft snug cunt opening. Mike took a deep breath and filled his senses with the sweet smell emanating from his sister’s leaking wet cunt. Mike held his sister’s hips firmly and swung his strong hips forwards pistoning his monstrous erection in one long steady thrust making Allie emit a strangled shriek around her younger bother’s cock. Tim sat down on his bottom on the floor and took one of his sister’s dangling large breast in his mouth and grabbed the other in his large hand which could not contain the overflowing white soft breast he had been dying to touch.

Allie felt her brother’s lips clamp on his sensitive nipple, she felt the near painful stretch on the corners of her mouth as her other brother’s massive cock filled her obscenely wide open salivating mouth, her body let feverish, her loaned felt tight, her pussy convulsed waiting and wishing oldest of her brothers to fill her aching pussy. Mike plunged his massively thick inhumanly long cock in one strong thrust and buried to the hilt rubbing his coarse thick curly pubic hair on the soft skin of is sister’s soft, full ample ass cheeks. Allie moaned part in pain, part in lust brimming over. Mike without any wait pulled his long thick penis right out and lunges with his strong muscular hips again to bury it deep inside his sister’s convulsing, frothy, sweet fragrant cunt.

Allie felt her brother’s massive cock hit her cervix painfully and kept on distending her vaginal walls to a bursting limit. Her breasts felt on fire as Tim sucked on one and mauled the other. The added dimension of that all three giant men torturing her sexually were her brothers tipped Allie’s simmering lust of three days over. As his oldest brother thrust his monster penis once again, Tim bit firmly on her nipple and Zach pushed his giant cock another inch to make his sister gag. Allie exploded, “UUNNGG….OOONNHHH….NNGGGG”.

She moaned as her second orgasm tore through her body like a hurricane. She felt her mind went blank, her eyes bulged out first and then tight shut with the intensity of her orgasm bordering on pain. Mike kept his cock buried to the hilt inside his sister and allowed her to recover from her torrid orgasm.

Allie felt as if her body was being torn apart. This was an orgasm that surpassed all her earlier violent orgasms. She could not believe the intensity with which it hit her. She started to feel the steady fucking thrusts of her oldest brother once again and insistent pushing of her younger brother’s cock in her mouth.

Allie was being fucked with long strong steady thrusts. She started to try to fellate her younger brother’s monstrous cock. Zach started to push his hips to get in and out fucking movement from his sister’s mouth. Tim continued to torment his sister’s breasts and every now and then would pinch or rub her clitoris making her lust boil even more. Allie never knew sex could be this intense.

Allies began to gag with regular thrusts from her brother’s hips and his giant cock hit the back of her throat repeatedly. Her eyes started to fill and run with the strain of gagging. She loved the torture of her mouth as her loving brother chose to use it for his pleasure. She looked up and made contact with Zach’s eyes. The looks exchanged between sister and her younger brother was filled with love and Allie seemed to convey that Zach could continue to derive pleasure from her mouth as he pleased.

The shower room filled with the loud moans and gagging sounds from Allie added to those were sharp pistol shots like slapping sounds as each time Mike slammed his monster cock to the last millimeter deep inside his sister’s tortured cunt.

Allies felt another orgasm hurtling towards her. Her eyes were running and soon the tears found their way in to her beautiful nose. Zach almost exploded as he saw the most beautiful face of his sister covered with her saliva, tears and running nose. He found his lust tipping over and it herculean effort to control it.

Allie came again very soon moaning loudly whenever her gagging allowed her to. Her eyes and nose were running equally copiously. Allie smiled feebly at Zach, as her body was buffeted by powerful rapid thrusts from her oldest brother as Mike fucked her cunt with his monster cock using long fast thrusts. Allie felt she was coming non-stop. She did not realise that she had been fucked for now half an hour. Mike started to moan softly and let out a low grunt as he put an extra effort to shuttle his monstrously thick and long cock in and out of his sister’s very tight wet pussy. Tim mauled his sister’s both breasts and pinched her clitoris. Zach was now brutally fucking his older sister’s beautiful face covered with her saliva, tears, snot as he made her gag with each thrust.

For the set fifteen minutes the only sounds heard in that shower area were the moans of two brothers, defiling their sister’s face and cunt and gagging noises and moans of their sister thrown in the maelstrom of tumultuous lust and was trying to get to shore as her multiple orgasms hit her repeatedly with no respite.

Mike and Zach almost exploded together and without any warning. Allie heard a deep throated grunt and moan from both as if they were in pain and then felt the most brutal thrust yet from both as Mike slammed his giant cock painfully in his sister’s cunt and Zach thrust his gargantuan rapier penis inside Allie’s mouth. Both exploded in thick volcanic like eruptions of copious semen. The spurts from Zach’s cock filled Allie’s mouth choking her. Before she could swallow it regurgitated from her nose and corners of her mouth. Mike filled her bursting pussy with similar forceful eruptions of his virile, thick jets of cum.

Allie tried to swallow her younger brother’s cum as fast as she could and pushed her bursting cunt back on to her oldest brother’s erupting monster member and her fresh orgasm exploded right then. Allie’s brothers’ cock kept on spurting never ending jets of sweet, thick creamy white cum again and again in an apparent never ending ejaculation. Allie would soon realise her brothers’ potent penises did that every time.

Allie felt drained and tired as she felt Zach gently withdraw his saliva and snot soaked penis out of his sister’s tortured mouth. Allie felt Mike pull his inhumanly thick cock out making her cunt feel empty. Allie yelped as her brother’s massive cock head snapped against her tight vaginal opinion ring. Allie moaned, “UUMM..I have never felt like this before.” Mike moved to wards her sister’s face and Tim got up and was replaced by Zach. Allie could not help but notice with awe that Mike and Zach’s monster cocks were still steel hard. She had always believed that male cock would always wilt after cumming.

She smiled as Mike knelt on his knees and held his sister’s defiled out of this world beautiful face in his huge hands. Allie smiled, “Mickey, I nearly died.”

“Allie we have waited for this day for years. You have made us three so happy. We would have died with frustration of loving you without you ever knowing about it,” Mike whispered as he kissed the sweaty forehead of his sister.

“I love you so much,” Allie whispered in a choked voice as he felt the full force of her brothers’ love that extended well beyond the sibling love she had always basked under and taken it for granted.

Mike started to kiss his sister’s face with great devotion. Allie sighed with a new sensation of acceptance that pervaded her each fibber of this new relationship with her brothers. She felt her younger brother, Tim move behind her and place his massive penis at the entrance of cum and cunt juices filled cunt. Allie’s mouth was covered by her oldest brother’s mouth so she moved her hips back ever so slightly to give her nod to her younger brother. Mike licked and kissed her whole face. He did not mind that he was licking his brother’s cum and his sister’s snot from her beautiful face.

Allie giggled as her brother pushed his tongue inside her each nostril and licked it clean. Tim slowly impaled his sister’s cum filled cunt with more ease than his elder brother. Allie felt her cunt once again bursting as her little’s brother’s equally monstrous cock filled it to an unbelievable limit. Tim started a first slow and respectful pace as he fucked the cunt of his older sister he had coveted, dreamt about and masturbated over for years.

Mike had licked his sister defiled face clean and covered it with his saliva. Zach stood to his sister’s right and watched her soft sweet cunt with anticipation obscenely stretched to an impossible limit over his twin brother’s monster cock. Allie nodded towards oldest of her brothers to bring his monstrosity closer to his mouth. Tim started to fuck his mammoth cock in and out of her now well lubricated cum filled soft cunt with the enthusiasm of a teen aged boy waiting to fuck his sister for years. Allie moaned with a strange mix of discomfort, pain mixed with intense pleasure. Mike used her open mouth to nudge his gargantuan cock head inside his sister’s mouth. Zach stroked his sister’s convulsing back muscles and ample full ass flesh, gently squeezing her swaying large soft breasts.

Allie was once again thrown in the wild sea of mounting unchartered lust as Tim’s huge cock churned her pussy in to a burning cauldron of passion. The intensity was heightened by the fact that Allie’s loving brothers stoked the fire of her raging lust. It only took five minute of steady fucking by Tim to bring his sister to yet another orgasm. Mike allowed Allie to suck kis cock head as she pleased without moving his cock himself.

Tim increased his pace and force of thrusts his thighs slapping his sister’s ass with a resounding slapping sound. Allie moaned around her oldest brother’s cock, but for that she would have been screaming the house down. Tim steadily fucked his sister feeling the forbidden soft warmth of her cunt over his massively long and thick cock. Allie was cumming every five minutes as she felt her cunt hammered with pleasure filled torture by her little brother’s monster penis.

Zach felt spread his sister’s ass cheeks wide open to see his brother’s massive cock piston in and out. He kissed his sister’s back and top of her bottom. He licked his finger and placed it on the tiny pink anus. Allie gasped inside her painfully wide-open mouth stuffed with her brother’s monster cock head. Zach gradually and delicately pressed the pulp of his middle finger encouraging his sister’s tight virgin anus to open and accept his invading digit.

Allie felt her fresh orgasm burst open and her anus first clamped tight and then relaxed as her climax took its toll on her muscles. Zach found his finger inside the tight anal ring and he pushed it slowly until just short of knuckle. He could feel the shuttling cock of his twin brother. He felt his finger tip push solid contents of his sister’s back passage side as it moved in. Zach slowly pulled his finger out leaving the tip in and dropped a mouthful of saliva to lubricate its passage. Allie moaned and groaned as her one brother rammed his giant cock in her cunt and other sensuously fucked her virgin ass with his finger. Allie felt her fresh orgasm erupt and Zach used that moment to add his index finger to continue buggering his sister’s ass with his two thick fingers.

Allie was fucked non-stop for nearly forty minutes when Tim moaned loudly and slammed his massive cock with brutal force. Allie felt her cunt being ripped apart with each thrust. Allie exploded in a mind-bending orgasm as she felt her little brother bury himself to the hilt and his cock ejaculated huge thick jets of cum pulsating with each ejaculation. Zach wriggled his two fingers inside his sister’s rectum disturbing the solid contents raising the sensations arising from her bursting orgasming cunt and fingered ass.

Allie had never experienced a long chain of orgasms like this. The stamina of her brothers to fuck her untiringly amazed her. Her cunt now wished to be impaled more by their monster cocks. The discomfort of their penetration was compensated by the lust her brothers’ mammoth penises raised inside her. Tim kissed his sister’s back with affection. Allie was getting tired but was not sure if she should wait for Zach to decide if he also wanted to fuck her. She did not have to wait very long. Mike gently pulled his steel hard saliva drenched cock out and soon Tim offered his sister his still amazingly rock hard cum and cunt juices drenched cock fresh out of her cunt and smelled of heady sex.

Allie felt her youngest brother [Zach was born three minutes after Tim and was considered baby of the family] separate her ass and started to lick her anus with slow sensuous tongue movements. Allie had never been kissed there and the explosion of sensation her brother’s tongue and mouth had generated it seems her anus could drive her crazy with lust. Zach licked the whole crack between bottom of her cunt cleft across the anus. Zach included her cum filled cunt in his licking. Allie moaned and filled her mouth with her younger brother’s cum covered cock.

Zach took his time rimming his sister. Mike now stimulated his sister’s two magnificent large breasts as she sucked on the cock of their younger brother. Zach after ten minutes or so could feel his sister’s anus twitch and relax every time he tried to push the tip of his tongue inside. He could smell the typical of aroma of his sister’s rectum and taste the sweet taste that drove him crazy. Eventually he positioned himself behind the awe-inspiring full, voluptuous ass of his older sister. He placed his immensely thick cock and slowly pushed it inside her cum filled cunt making her moan around their brother’s cock.

Zach took it slow and hilted after very slow penetration to raise his sister’s anticipation. Mike played with his sister’s nipples and gently massaged her magnificent dangling and swaying orbs. Zach pulled his mammoth cock out and pushed it in very slowly until he felt his sister try to move her hips back to encourage him to go faster. Allie was now able to accommodate her brothers’ massive girth and length and she welcomed the initial pain of filling and stretching her cunt.

Zach started to fuck his sister with more earnest. The squelching sounds as his mammoth cock pistoned in and out of his sister’s very wet cum filled cunt heightened the lust of all four siblings. Zach fucked his sister for solid ten minutes with steady firm strokes using three-fourth of the length of his inhuman penis. Allie felt her lust rising rapidly and physical tiredness vanished. She moved her hips back to meet her brother’s marauding cock every time he shuttled it in. Allie was very close to her orgasm. She had now stopped wondering as to how could she survive incalculable number of orgasms each one stronger and more forceful than the first.

Zach suddenly stopped with his cock nearly at the entrance of his sister’s cunt and whispered, “Allie, can I take you in your ass, please?” Allie panicked. She was so close to her orgasm and wished to reach there desperately moreover, she had never been fucked in her ass. His brother’s fingers were the first violation of her virgin ass. Allie mumbled around her brother’s cock stuffed in her mouth and dumbly nodded imperceptibly. Allie knew her brothers would never do anything that they knew she would not like.

Zach removed his well lubricated with his cum and cunt juices monster cock and placed it at the incongruously tiny anal opening of his sister.


Allie felt her sexual excitement was augmented with trepidation borne out of her innate fear of her virgin tiny anus about to be violated by her little brother’s monster penis. Mike and Tim both stood close and stroked their sister’s beautiful flawless skin to mitigate her fear. Mike whispered, “Allie, relax your anus and try to push out and back when Zach pushes in.”

Allie nodded and tried to suck on the giant cock head of her other brother Tim, in her rapidly mounting anxiety. Zach started to push his huge cock head against the tiny tight seemingly unyielding anal ring of his older sister. Allie felt a huge hard fist pressing on her anus. She felt a dull persistent pressure. She started to breathe faster and almost hyperventilate. Zach despite his young age had buggered in-numerous times and was not fazed by the incongruity between his humungous cock and his sister’s tiny anal opening.

Zach pushed hard and persistently and felt his sister’s tight anal ring slowly but surely dilate. The dull pain started to sharpen and Allie gasped and lifted her face, letting her brother’s cock fall out of her slack open mouth.

“OOHH, Zach, it feels too big,” Allie moaned but there was no let up from her little brother and soon his persistence paid off. Zach felt his sister’s tight anal ring ace way and his huge cock head rushed in. Allie felt as if her anus had been torn apart. The pain was like multiple cuts by a knife. She let out a heart-rending scream filled with pain, “Zach, eet ees tooo beeeg. NOOOOO. YOU ARE HUURTEENG MEEE. Pleeeese take it OUTTT.AAHHH.”

Tim and Mike whispered sweet nothings and stroked their sister’s flushed troubled face. Allie’s beautiful face was screwed in the unbearable agony of the invasion of her virgin ass. Tim tightened his grip on his sister’s head as she tried to lift herself off his lap. Allie was firmly wedged between her twin brothers as the youngest continued to push one agonising inch of his gargantuan penis after another inside her now obscenely dilated, anus. The pain that her brother’s massive cock caused was nothing like Allie had ever felt. She could hardly compare this agony with the short sharp pain of the first penetration of Mark’s cock in her virgin pussy.

Allie wailed in pain as her breathing became ragged. Zach’s marauding monster kept on marching painful inch after pain inch steadily inside her tottered rectum. Allie thought the excruciating painful entry would never finish. She even in her agony could not help but notice that how long and thick her brother’s cock was. It seems ages had passed when Allie felt her brother’s coarse pubic hair brush against the soft skin of her ample full ass. Zach had managed to insert his cock short of the last three inches of tremendously thick root.

Allie was now crying unabashedly. Her tears ran down her cheeks. Her open slack mouth dribbled saliva on to her face and then over her brother’s groin. Her tears found way in to he beautiful nose and her nose started to run despite Allie’s sniffles. Tim found his sister’s face captivating and sexy.

Zach kept very still and allowed his sister to come down from the agony of first anal invasion. Allie’s wails turned in to soft sobs soon and then loud moans. Allie felt the sharp pain had lessened but not gone. The presence of her brother’s cock inside her tight virgin ass hurt less and less with each passing moment but was far from painless.

Allie felt silly crying like a child. She was aware of anal sex and had wondered if it was painful, now she knew. Allie was grateful that her little brother had given her time to adjust.

“Sorry Allie. I did not know it was your first time. I am really sorry to hurt you. Do you want me to stop?” Zach sounded contrite.

“I am sorry, but it did hurt real bad. I should be fine soon, wouldn’t I?” Allie sobbed an apology to her brothers and inquired like small child.

Mike quickly reassured her, “Allie it is the first time and then first penetration that hurts but soon Zach can move without hurting unlike the first time.”

“You guys seemed to have done this many times to other poor girls,” Allie tried to be humorous.

None of the boys made any comment except nod noncommittally.

Allie felt Tim’s hands lift her face and she supported herself by placing her hands on his thighs and soon her brother with utmost devotion was kissing her face. Tim licked all the tears, mucus and saliva with his tongue. Allie giggled as she felt her brother’s tongue dip inside her right nostril and licked the mucus away. Soon Tim did the same with her left nostril. Allie found her brother’s treatment of her nose sexually stimulating. Her brothers were far more sexually advanced than her it seemed. They were so confident and sure in everything they had done so far.

Zach was now slowly rocking his cock without moving it, “Allie do you think you are ready for me to try move in and out a bit?”

Allie nodded as her nose was still engulfed inside her brother’s mouth. Mike had filed his huge hands with his sister’s overflowing breasts. Zach gently pulled his cock out and was excited to see the unmistakable streaks of brown on his smooth white skin of his monster penis. The smell filled the senses of all four siblings. The boys found rectal aroma very stimulating and hoped their sister would too. Allie moaned but her pain was no worse as she felt the friction of her brother’s huge girth moved out of her dilated ass. She could smell her personal rectal odour and found it a turn on strangely, quite like her brothers making love to her nose.

Zach left his massive glans inside his sister’s anal ring and after few seconds slowly pushed his gargantuan cock in with great gentleness and care. Allie tensed expecting another wave of tearing pain and was pleasantly surprised that did not come about. The level of pain remained bearable. Allie felt more confident of her buggery as her brothers’ earlier reassurance was in fact right.

Zach slowly hilted, with his cock to the last millimeter of its inhuman length. He would repeatedly pull his cock out and push it back in a slow manner making his sister get used to her brother’s monster in her virgin tiny ass. Allie started to feel her anus was relaxing around her brother’s massive girth. She could feel the strange but stimulating feeling of her feces being moved around as her brother pushed his monstrously long cock deep inside the depths of his sister’s rectum.

Zach started to put more purpose in each inward stroke ever so imperceptibly. His one hand found his sister’s vagina and his fingers started to stimulate her cunt entrance and clitoris. Allie’s moans renewed as she suddenly found the near painful movement of her brother’s cock in and out of he impossibly anus generating a weird type of desire that made her cunt wet and she now wished her brother would continue to bugger her.

“Zach, you are not hurting me now,” moaned Allie in to her brother’s mouth as Tim kissed her open mouth.

Zach felt now he could give in to his urge to fuck his sister’s ass really well. He had to curb his lust and animal desire to ravage his sister’s voluptuous ass for some time. Allie felt her brother pull his monstrosity that was now glistening with a film of brown pulverised goo from her rectum and pistoned it in one long firm thrust. Allie whimpered even though it was not painful. Zach soon started to fuck his sister ass with long solid stroked using three-fourths of his inhuman length. The aroma of Allie’s rectum was all pervading enhancing the lust in all four siblings. Allie moaned loudly with each thrust from her brother’s giant cock that hilted with a loud slap sending ripples though her ample ass cheeks flesh.

Allie felt the now all tooo familiar heat of her impending orgasm, “Zach, please fuck me. I am going to cum. Zach please make me cum. Fuck my ass please.”

Zach happily upped the pace and seeing that her sister was in throes of anticipated release used full length of his powerful giant cock and slammed it to the hilt with each new thrust.


Allie’s whole body shook with her violent orgasm. Her back arched but she did her best to keep her ass pushed back to be invaded by her little brother’s massive member. Allie desperately seeked Tim’s cock and soon her mouth was stretched over her brother’s massive cock head. Allie tried to suck on it as if that would assuage the torrid fire of her first orgasm from violation of ass.

Zach began to fuck his sister ass with ever increasing faster and forceful lunges. His gargantuan cock fully greased with his sister’s rectal goo sped in and out with lightening speed. His groins slapped Allie’s ass with each stroke making her ass flesh ripple. He loved the sight of his shit covered huge cock shuttling in and out of his sister’s obscenely stretched anus, which was stretched into a thin rim around his inhuman girth. When his cock sped in it dragged the pink ring inwards and his cock seemed to be buried in the white soft skin of his sister’s divinely beautiful bottom now covered with splatters of brown fluid.

Zach kept the frightening pace of his sister’s ass fucking for well over forty minutes as she came four times screaming and moaning. Tim was feeling his balls tightening and Mike had been so engrossed with the sight of his brother’s cock speeding in and out of his sister’s shit splattered ass that he had been stroking his cock all along and was ready to cum any time he wished. Zach moaned loudly and slammed his cock with a brutal thrust and his cock erupted with violent jets of hot thick semen precipitating his sister’s yet another mind-bending orgasm. Tim felt the fluttering moans around his cock and he spurted taking his sister by surprise and she choked and the cum regurgitated through her nose. Her lack of coordinative as her body was buffeted by her orgasm allowed her brother’s erupting giant cock out of her mouth and Tim’s cock shot another thick huge volley of cum straight up the nose of his sister filling her both nostrils with his hot semen. Tim’s big jets of cum kept on spurting over Allie’s nose, cheeks, forehead and eyes as she herself struggled with her own orgasm. Zach’s monstrous cock was filling his sister’s bursting ass with his thick copious semen in never ending spurts.

Tim allowed his brother to come close to his sister as Mike stood stroking his mammoth cock right in front of his sister’s face covered within brother’s cum and her eyes closed in throes of ecstasy. He stroked his cock his huge hand barley covering the circumference. He spurted right over his sister’s forehead and continued to cover her beautiful face with his cum. He lifted her face with his other hand under her chin and spurted inside her beautiful nose filling her nostrils even more. All three froze for a long time as their lust discharged and their passion took time to simmer down.


Zach stood for ages with his eyes closed with his monster penis ensconced luxuriating in the soft warmth of his sister’s brutalised back passage as it spurted thick volleys of energy depleting thick cum deep inside Allison’s churning rectum. He waited almost for eternity before he opened his eyes and saw his older brother ejaculating all over his sister’s divinely beautiful ace. Zach felt at some subliminal level a feeling of déjà vu about it. He allowed many more minutes and as he felt her tired sister being held by their two brothers he slowly pulled his soiled massive cock out of his sister’s obscenely dilated anus. Allison winced as her brother pulled his giant penis out of her very raw and painful anal ring. She felt each inch of his inhuman length. She gave an involuntary yelp as her brother’s coronal ring tugged at her tender anal ring before disengaging. Zach immediately whispered, “Sorry, Allie,” making Allie smile even in pain at her loving doting brother’s concern for her.

Allison felt her kid brother’s giant hands on her voluptuous ass and soon she felt his lips all over its smooth white soft skin. Allison felt her brother’s tender kisses all over her ass cheeks and soon he was licking the fluid splattered all over their silky skin. Zack licked the heady mixture of his sister’s rectal goo and his cum and soon he was gravitating towards his sister’s still dilated, freshly defiled rectum. Allison giggled as she felt her brother’s tongue licking all over her tender anus. Zach lapped up all the white and brown cocktail of his cum and his sister’s rectal offering with glee. His nearly erect monstrosity lurched as he savoured the intoxicating mixture churned out of his sister’s rectum by his mammoth cock’s ferocious ass fucking. Once Zach was satisfied Allison’s ass was saliva drenched clean he kissed both ass cheeks as a token of thanks and watched his sister’s anus twitch and tighten to its original tiny self right before his eyes.

Mike and Tim helped their very tired elder sister on to the bench. Allison was still trying to get hold of her breathing. She had been fucked and buggered kneeling like a mare by her three younger brothers endowed like super stud stallions, perhaps even bigger. Her brothers flanked her and sat on either side. She saw Zach inching towards her his nearly fully erect monstrosity covered with a thick brown and white cream like coating. Allison without any hesitation or thought pulled her youngest brother placing her hands on his hips and soon was licking his soiled monster cock clean. Allison found, like Zach, the mixture intoxicating and she lapped it up with glee that surprised her.

Allison looked up after she had cleaned her brother’s soiled cock spit clean and gave him an angelic smile. Zach’s heart burst as he saw his sister’s cum covered face smile at him. He knelt in front of his sister and held her face tenderly in his huge hands and kissed it clean of all cum, mucus and saliva. Allison stole quick kisses whenever her brother’s lips came close to hers. Zach licked every millimeter of his sister’s divinely beautiful face clean. Allison waited with heavy breaths as her brother eventually came close to her beautiful nose. Zack licked his sister’s exquisitely beautiful nose clean of all cum and mucus and pushed his tongue in each beautiful delectable nostril to lick all the cum and mucus. Before long Allison’s face gleamed with Zach’s saliva. They both kissed with open mouth tasting mixture of tastes lingering on their tongues.

Mike declared that it was shower time. Zach quickly grabbed the honour of picking up his sister in his arms and the love and pride on his face melted Allison’s heart and she felt warmth of tears in her eyes. They marched inside the main house and boys took their sister in to Mike’s bedroom. The massive en suite was soon filled with laughter and banter as they all tried to monopolise Allison who in turn tried to wash each of her three giant brothers. The shower lasted all of one hour. Allison was dried with utmost gentle tenderness but all three could not resist the temptation to fondle her breasts or full ass every now and then. Allison reciprocated by softly rubbing her tiny hands all over her brothers’ monster cocks, which barely showed signs of softening. She could not help but marvel at the immensity of her brothers’ mammoth length and girth. Her hand could barely go around half the circumference even when their monster cocks were not fully hard. She thought like a little girl they can use them for baseball bats if they ever needed and giggled inside. Mike kissed his sister and whispered, “Allie, you have just thought something amusing.” Allie kissed her brother back and smiled noncommittally and was struck with uncanny telepathy that connected all four siblings.

It was getting close to two in afternoon. Three boys donned shorts and nothing else. Allison borrowed her brother’s tee shirt. All three looked at their sister with open love. lust and greed as she looked unbelievably beautiful in white cotton tee shirt finishing at her mid thighs. Allison blushed under the gaze of her three admiring brothers.

Mike and twins took control of lunch and they made sure Allison did nothing but sit on the kitchen work surface and watch. In an hour’s time as Allison and her brothers were on to their second beer the lunch was ready. All four ate with heart appetite. They talked of their childhood and tried to embarrass each other with anecdotes from school and various parties. Soon the discussion descended on their love lives. Allison’s brothers kept on bringing a long list of boys who could die to have one date with their sister.

Allison in turn could match a long list of girls dying to date her brothers. Allison tried to tease out the names of the girls who took her brothers virginity. She even pleaded to find out who were their present girlfriends. She could not hide her admiration at her brothers’ superhuman sexual prowess and manhood. All three smiled enigmatically, “Gentlemen never tell tales, Allie,” frustrating their sister’s endeavours to get information out of them.

Allison was quick to tell them that her husband was the only man until that day, ” Now I am an adulteress with three most handsome studs.” Her brothers were quick to dispel the adulteress tag, “Allie, I know it may be hypocritical but this is not cheating. We were destined to be close.” Allison knew deep inside that she felt no guilt as if this was not something society could touch. It was their personal world with its own rules and safety walls and it did not have any moral yardstick to deal with.

As Tim poured their third beer, Mike and Zach cleared the table and insisted that their sister should sit and do nothing. Allison complained that she felt lazy and tried to help and was stumped by Mike’s comment, with a most amusing smile on his face, “Allie, do not worry you would be soon working very hard. Is it not true boys?” Allison blushed madly at her brother’s innuendo and felt warmth and wetness between her thighs as Mike’s comment took control of her mind, ‘her brothers want to have more sex with her’.

Allison could only whisper hoarsely, “Mickey!! Can we? Again?”

Zach was quick to answer, “Sis only of you don’t want to. We all three have thought of this day and many more to come for many years.”

Allison felt dizzy once again. It was not beer but the rising lust that her brothers stoked with just a casual hint of having sex with her. Allison could never have thought she would be ready for more sex within three hours after nearly four hours of torrid sex with her three brothers. She knew she was.

Allison ran her tongue across her lips drying of excitement. Her nipples tingled and were becoming hard and erect. Her pussy juices started to wet the furry growth over her soft fragrant cunt lips. Her brothers finished in next ten minutes. Mike and Tim took one hand each of their sister and Zach pulled her chair back. Allison was escorted to the huge family room that was had wall to wall state of the art audio-visual system. All four siblings settled on the sofa with their beers after Tim set up a movie.

Mike effortlessly picked up Allison and put her in his lap making her giggle. Mike finished his beer in one big gulp. Allison was soon comfortable with Mike’s hands wrapped around her waist. Not surprisingly Tim had chosen a porn movie. The jokes and snide remarks at the artificial moans and groans were coming thick and fast. Allison remarked, “Do you guys know that none of these male actors have cock any where close to my brothers.”

Mike’s hands had travelled under Allison’s tee shirt and were over her large soft heavy braless dangling breasts. He ran the palms over his sister’s hardening nipples making her gasp softly. Allison was ready to be plundered by her brothers soon after the lunch but was still held back by her intrinsic hesitation of initiating sex with her own younger brothers.

Tim flicked the system off and covered his sister’s mouth with his own and soon their tongues were in fierce duel exchanging saliva. Mike’s hands became more insistent and started to massage his sister’s large heavy soft heavenly breasts with more purpose and force. Allison felt her head in whirl and she heard herself moan and whimper as she felt Zach hands spread her thighs and dip inside her panty less crotch. Zach felt the juices drenched pussy hair of his sister and soon his fingers found the soft cunt lips. Zach traced the pussy lips to the top and his finger tip was ready to torment his sister’s turgid hypersensitive clitoris. All three brothers felt proud as their sister emitted an involuntary long and loud moan to declare her rising lust.

Mike signalled to his brothers and stood up holding his older sister in his arms as if she weighed no more than a feather. Allison wrapped her arms around his brother’s massively muscled neck and buried her face in the skin of his neck and shoulder kissing it repeatedly. Allison had no recollection of how they all reached Mike’s bedroom. She only remembered standing on the bed as Mike lifted her tee shirt off her voluptuous frame. She barely noticed as her three brothers shucked their shorts off. As Mike threw his shots away Allison turned towards head end of the massive bed and saw Tim lying on his back with his mammoth cock standing mile high in the air. As if in trance Allison followed the intended thoughts of her brother as if she could read his mind. She positioned herself on her knees on either side of Tim’s hips and tried to adjust her weeping soft cunt opening above the monstrosity of her younger brother. She knelt forward and her wondrous large breasts hung enticingly above her brother’s chest. Tim held his giant cock steady as his sister moved her hips to adjust her pussy lips around his monster cock head. Allison sighed as she felt the hot silky steel hard cock made contact with her churning pussy. She bit on her lower lip as she felt the huge head spread her cunt lips wide apart and made its way inside her tight, soft cunt. Allison moaned with the heady mix of lust and intoxicating taste of illicit incestuous coupling.

“AAHHH…..TIMMY….YOU ARE SOOOO BEEEEG,” Allison moaned as she ground her hips down to engulf the impossible girth and length of her brother’s massive cock.

Tim’s let go of his cock once its head was lodged inside his sister’s tight soft cunt. he put his hands on her hips to help her descend down on his cock. Allison chewed on her lip to suppress her loud moans as she felt her cunt open wide open ands she felt a definite pain as Tim’s cock slowly sheathed itself inch after monstrously thick inch inside her pussy canal. Allison almost exploded by the time she felt the all but the last few inches of her brother’s huge cock force their way inside her. She could see the root of her brother’s cock, which was as big as his clenched fist, still outside threateningly. “God, my brothers are huge,” Allie screamed inside her head. Allison slowly lifted herself off her brother’s rock hard monster and pushed her pelvis down to impale her churning pussy once again short of the last three inches. Her cunt felt bursting full. She felt brave and reckless on her seventh descent and she allowed herself to use gravity and dropped down impaling herself on her brother’s monstrosity to the last millimeter of its massive girth.

Allison let out an involuntary scream of pain and lust mixed in odd combination. She glued her mouth on to her Tim’s as her brother sucked on her tongue to ease her discomfort. Tim ground his hips to relish the snug warmth of his sister’s sweet cunt around his cock. The feeling that he thought he would never be able to enjoy.

Mike was behind his sister’s upturned voluptuous as and he laid himself down on his front to allow him to kiss and lick Allison’s heavenly bottom. Allison swooned with sensory overload as she felt her brother’s lips all over her full ass cheeks. Allison felt her brother’s warm breath and saliva as he licked and kissed his way towards the sweet smelling fragrant anus of his sister. Allison moaned inside Tim’s mouth as she felt Mike’s tongue brush across her anus. Her hips lurched as she felt the unbelievable sensation of her brother’s tongue on her anal ring. Mike began to kiss and rim his sister’s anus with strong strokes of his tongue and Allison was grinding her hips on her other brother’s monster cock buried deep inside her obscenely stretched cunt.

Zach sat by the side of his siblings and pushed his hands between his sister and brother’s bodies to grab and massage his sister’s breasts. Allison started to moan non stop. Her mouth was ravaged by her brother kid Tim and her anus by older brother, Mike. Her hips ground to and fro over the huge root of her brother’s cock buried deep inside her cunt. Her clitoris rubbed almost painfully against the thick wiry pubic hair of her brother sending electric shockwaves through her body.

Allison was buffeted by the tidal waves of sensual stimulation as Mike rimmed her anus and Tim’s monster cock tortured her cunt and clitoris. Her mouth drooled uncontrollably inside Tim’s mouth, her breasts felt on fire as Zach hands tormented them sometime gently other times painfully. In no more than ten minutes Allison lifted her mouth off her brother’s and groaned throatily, “AAAHHH UUUNNNGGGHHH OOOHHHH I AMMM CCUUMMMMEEENNGG.”

All three brothers increased their efforts as their sister thrashed in the throes of her first orgasm of the afternoon. Allison moaned incessantly, “OOHHH PLEEESE MAKE ME CUM. I AM CUUMMEENGG.”

Allison’s climax tore through her body, her breasts ached and she wished Zach would rip them off her chest. Her belly ached with a pain that would not go away. Her anus felt on fire and she wanted Mike to chew it with his teeth to calm it down. Allison had never experienced anything like this. Her brothers somehow managed to give her another memorable orgasm. Allison arched her body as if in pain and then yelped as the zenith of her orgasm exploded in million painful shards and then flopped limply on her brother’s muscular chest.

Mike continued to rim his sister’s pulsating anus. He could not get enough of the heavenly flavour and smell that emanated from her delectable rectal passage. Tim caught Mike’s eye and Mike moved back. Tim firmly held his sister’s hips with his string huge hands and lifted her like a doll off his massive cock and slowly pulled her down to impale her cunt on his giant cock. Allison moaned loudly as she recovered from her orgasm and felt her cunt generating fresh passion and lust with each steady impalement by her brother’s monster penis.

She planted her palms on the bed on either side of her brother’s chest to hep him fuck her cunt with more ease. Zach once again attacked his sister’s dangling large soft breasts with renewed vigour making her moan anew. Soon Tim set up a steady pace and he moved his sister’s hips up and down as she felt each thrust dilating her cunt beyond imagination. Allison had never felt so full and deeply invaded as she had experienced that day with her brothers.

“Timmy fuck me, please,” Allison whimpered as she now started to move her hips on her own accord. Tim let go of his sister’s hips and held her from her soft waist. As Allison pushed down now her brother used his strong back to thrust upward impaling her cunt even deeper if that was possible. Allison felt another orgasm building up. Zach was now kissing her open slack mouth and massaged, mauled her breasts sometime painfully but always making her feel more filled with lust and passion.

Tim held his sister up and steadied her at a vantage height and used his powerful back and hips to fuck her cunt with rapid strong thrusts making her scream with surprise, “TTIMMMM AAAAHHHH FFUUUCCKKKK FFUUCCCKKK MEEE. I AM CUUMMEENNG. OOHH FFUCCKK.”

Tim continued to fuck his sister with merciless hard strokes slamming his monster cock with loud smacking sounds as she moaned and screamed declaring her impending orgasm. Tim suddenly pulled his sister down and pulled her on his body as she was once again taken by surprise. Allison panicked as her brother stopped thrusting in and out of her cunt with his painful monster cock when she was so close to another body wrecking orgasm. She desperately seeked her brother’s mouth and kissed him voraciously trying to suggest to him to fuck her more. Tim tightly held his sister close tot him.

Allison in the mind fog of her raging lust felt her other brother’s hands on her ass as they spread them apart. Allison felt Mike move behind her and soon she felt unmistakable touch of his huge cock head on the tight ring of her anus. Allison felt confused and did not know what to do. She was at some level scared that she would not be able to accommodate the monster cock her second brother at the same time her other brother’s giant cock was buried inside her cunt. At the same time she wanted her brothers to take her to her impending orgasm as soon as they could.

“Mickey please slowly…It will hurt?” Allison whimpered as she felt a constant pressure of a huge fist pressing against the tiny ring of her tight anus. Mike stroked his sister’s smooth silky skin to mitigate her apprehension, “Allie, just relax like before.”

Allison braced herself as she felt her brother Mike push his monster cock head firmly and steadily against her unyielding tight anal ring. “Allie, please push back as you would to push out a hard large turd.”

Mike’s suggestion was received by her sister who was now so enwrapped in the game of lust played out by her brothers that she was running in an automatic mode. She took a deep breath and pushed out and back as if actually defecating. It seemed nothing happened for a long time suddenly the room was filled with a sharp loud scream. Allison shook as if touched with an electric prod. her brother’s constant persistence had eventually dilated her tight anal ring and his massive cock head sped inside. Allison’s tight anus was around the sensitive coronal groove underneath Mike’s huge glans.

“TOOO BEEEGG. NOOOO. EET HUURRTSSS MICKEEEE,” wailed Allison as her tight anus was forced open to an impossible dimension for only the second time in her life. Tim kissed his sobbing sister. Mike determinedly pushed another inch after another inch inside his sister’s now obscenely stretched anus. Allison’s body shook as she sobbed and convulsed with the pain emanating from her tortured ass. Her anus felt on fire and sharp shards of pain shot incessantly as her brother’s monster cock invaded her rectum slowly but steadily and her anus engulfed another massive inch after another monstrous inch deep inside her warm full rectum.

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